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The Israel lobby, also known as the Zionist lobby, are individuals and groups seeking to influence the United States government to better serve Israel's interests. The largest pro-Israel lobbying group is Christians United for Israel with over seven million members.<>] The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is a leading organization within the lobby, speaking on behalf of a coalition of pro-Israel American Jewish groups. see why Israel can kill innocent children with American taxpayer money 1- Because the God of Money of our World is a Jew who supports and lives in Israel. For more details, click on the following link. 2- Because See how innocent children are killed by the most powerful Israeli using American bombs at Al Jazeera Arabic Live at if you do not do something such as going on the street and telling your government which is controlled by the Jews to stop killing the Gaza people and stop the Israeli War and send food to the starving people of Gaza. If you can not do it then forward this message with the above two links to at least 4 of your friends and ask them to forward it to 4 of their friends so that the world will know that the new mass murderers are the Jews of the world . It is ironic that the Holocaust servicers (the Jews) are creating a new Holocaust against the Philistines in Gaza. if you do not do this also then you do not have a HART


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Posted on Aug 09, 2023

Call me Customer care +919038-818232:..://.:(complaint office)...


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Ashok Kumar

Posted on Aug 13, 2022

I bought 1.5T Haier inverter AC. I was supposed to get 5meter copper wire installation kit for this AC, whereas while delivering company provided 3 meter installation kit. This resulted me to buy copper wire from the authorised Installation agency of the company which charged me exorbitantly for the same pipe. (as per the installation report) Installation agency has not provided me the bill for the same. However later multiple requests, it has sent report on WhatsApp without mentioning specification brand of the item used for installation. It mentioned installation done, whereas it has not been completed as it has not fixed the copper and drainage pipe on the wall. However, claimed to get installation charges for which were free for the said 4star 1.5 Haier AC as per scheme prevailing at the time of purchase.(as per available screenshot). For these things multiple complaints has been sent Croma and Haier. Non of the company paying heed to the issue, instead calling and wasting time. This same AC showed F4 error on 4th August, 2022 soon after installation on 13 July 2022, as result of faulty installation and non-fixing copper and drainage pipes on the wall. I have given sufficient time to both companies and to myself. However, all in vain. Haier is closing the complaints unliterally without giving service to customer, on inquiring customer care. It is bing told that customer address not found as complaint/ service call is closed or rejected. This happened multiple times. Therefore, i am giving this complaint to consumer Form for further redressal.


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Posted on Aug 31, 2020

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Isaac Suresh Kumar Tsapa

Posted on Aug 30, 2020

Dear Sir/ Madam, I have ordered for woman dress material from online portal on 08.08.2020. Till date the seller has not dispatched the products and his phone no diplayed on the page is switched off. Kindly help in recovering the amount which I paid online Rs 2,269.54/- website :https: Order Id : 8116 Ordered Date : 08.08.2020 Amount paid : Rs 2,269.54 Kindly help in recovering the money. Thank you With Regards Suresh Kumar 9494229038


Posted on Dec 25, 2019

Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601


Posted on Dec 25, 2019

Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601Sahifab customer care number 06295741601


Posted on Aug 24, 2015

Mr.Shyam sabastian have cheated me very badly by making in trap. Now he is shifted to E-commerce portal. Waste fellow cheated me that I will be getting many prizes and 3 to 4 lakshs of money and he made me to shop for 30,000/- then he left the company and joined in Deals brunch online Pvt ltd.There also he cheated me I have paid around 1 lakh rupees for shopping and furthur asking me to pay another 20,000/- to get my 8 lakh rupees winning prize... And one more person involved in this.His name is Rohit mehata-08376826569. They want to cheat me but i escaped from them countrybrutes..and fraudluders..I requet you to get back my money about 70-80 % and I am very thankful to you in this case. Shyam sabastian ph no:09582125713,01165152435

Stella Jenny Machado

Posted on Aug 16, 2015

The big bazar shopping mall at Koramangala is selling expired items (Food and edible items) even after bringing to thier notice, they are still continuing to sell the expired items at discounted to prizes and cheating thier valued customers. Hence please take a serious note of this and take appropriate action against them. Thanks & Regards Stella Machado

Rajiv Kumar

Posted on Aug 03, 2015

pantaloons is charging vat on discounted price , mrp (inclusive of all taxes)- discount on sale say 20%+ vat @5%. they are cheating their customers as it is double taxation of vat. i had with me the bill & mrp tags.


Posted on Jul 09, 2015

i bought a capri from vmart srinagar.i wore it after a few days and as i wore it ,its stiches came off and it had holes at many places.i told vmart to get it replaced but they say we exchange within 7 days.if i would have known that it is a defective product i would have wore it on the first day only but to my bad luck i wore it after few days.and secondly my complaint was not of exchange but defective product.please look into the matter


Posted on Jun 19, 2015


sanju kumar

Posted on Jun 18, 2015

Hello sir mera pf clear nahi ho raha hai. pata nahi kya bat hai. maine teen bar form bhara hai. phir bhi deri kar rahe hai v2 retail patna wale.Ac n.DL/cpm 2634200040105 ....please sir jald karwa de .18 month ho gaya hai kaam chhore hue mujhe sir.... HO..v2 retail mahipal pur.


Posted on Jun 07, 2015

I have bought a voltas air conditioner from capital electronics kanchrapara on 26/5/ delivery on 27/5/15.but no one came for installation till 7/6/15.they keep on saying tomorrow company will give a call for installation.


Posted on Jun 01, 2015

I ordered Micromax Canvas HD A116 Battery with Express Shipping COST 350 Rs(paid as 340Rs+10 shopclus bucks),to my brother,Rajahmundry city ongc colony adress. order no:50112927 on 8th MAY. order should deilivered 17 th may through Professional courier. but till now i din't get it. SHOPCLES website status updated as Delivered. I called customer care as well sent several mails but no use.they said courier partner given them stutus as deilivered so it is delivered..and updated thier website ststus as DELIVERED not listning my complaint.FIRST THEY taken compliant and said it will be resolved in 48 hours.Till now so many 48 hours passed.Finally i asked for POD(Proof of delivery-shipment signature trail) then they said it will take 7 wokring this is 10 th working day still they didnot send POD.and not resonding to mails.i spent till now 130 rupees by calling shopclues customer care number. Please tell me how to take action on this SHOPCLUES fraud


Posted on Apr 30, 2015

sir, i have purchase a smart TV from Reliance digital in Dimond plaza mall.they told me there is a offer of 5% cash back if we use SBI Debit card. but i have not receive my cash back.and the comp not cooperate me.The bill details are Tin (VAT) 19443212046 tin (CST) 19443212248 Tax Reg No AARCR1718EST002

Rahul yadav

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

Dear sir i am working from this organisation 1/01/2012 to 18/09/2013 resing for job this date.

Rashmita Sharma

Posted on Apr 20, 2015

I went to Big Bazaar situated at Esplanade Kolkata on 18/4/2015 and brought a jeans worth 1500 but when I tried it at home i found it was damaged. So, I went to Big Bazaar again on 20/4/2015 to exchange it, but instead of exchanging it the staff at consumer help desk started misbehaving. I am feeling totally cheated as I have spent 1500 rupees to buy a damaged cloth. Sir, please help me to secure my right.


Posted on Apr 11, 2015


vipin kumar

Posted on Apr 10, 2015

Citylife gorabazar kokata cheat with me plese help me.thank you


Posted on Mar 17, 2015

please my pf no MH-MAL-93836/6341 NOT open last statuse ,not proper gauid so please reply

Ritesh pandey

Posted on Mar 08, 2015

Token gum ho jane pr paisa

Sekhar Kumar Pahari

Posted on Feb 25, 2015

I had Given Money to Great Eastern Shoping Mall for a Washing Machine Against a Invoice No last 5 digit-16752 on Dt 21.02.2015. Without giving the del. Dt. When Asked they told to deliver on 24/02/2015. I told them that it is needed on 24.02.15.But they failed to deliver the date and not informed me and told product had not been delivered on that date to them. If it is mandatory to write the delivery date. They told on 25/02/2015 that I can go to consumer court if i wish. Delivery is their part. They don't give the date. What I will do now. I want a action against it. It is one kind of Cheating to customer. Please guide me what i will do?


Posted on Feb 24, 2015

Big Bazaar shopping mall is offering THE GREAT EXCHANGE OFFER. As per their claim, customers can deposit their old items and can get exchange coupons of different denominations. When they purchase items in their Shopping Mail, depending on items, they get 12.5% of 25% Additonal Discount. But actually, they are giving 10% or less in Additional Discount instead of promised 12.5% and less than 20% instead of promised 25% and there by cheating customers. When enquired, they are now telling it is not ADDITIONAL 12.5% but UP TO 12.5%. This way, they are making fraudulent profits which need to be stopped with forthwith.

kulwinder singh

Posted on Feb 22, 2015

I had bought a pair of Reebok shoes during sale time from Reebok Store in Promenade Mall in Vasant Vihar. It was for Rs. 7000 and I got it for Rs 4199 after discount on 29 Jan, 2015. The paste of the sole came off within a week and I returned the shoes on 17 Feb, 2015. On 22 Feb, 2015, I got a call from the Reebok store that my claim for replacement has been passed. I chose the same shoes but now they asked me for extra 2800 rupees because the sale is over. I feel cheated because I bought shoes during the sale and It is not my fault if the sole came off. Please help.

Rishabh Sanghvi

Posted on Feb 16, 2015

Dear Sir/Madame i went to forum shopping mall on elgin road on 13/02/2015 to shop at a store called tommy hillfiger. i bought 2 tshirts for children at a 40% discount.on the MRP they gave me 40% discout and then added VAT @ 5%. how can tax be added on MRP after giving discoutn.i have the bill with me do let me know when i can scan and mail the same to you. all shops are resorting to this practice where they say 40% discount plus vat applicable.i feel i was charged extra as no sort off tax whatsoever can be charged over MRP.i would request you to kindly advice and look into these mall who are cheating customers.

Subhayon Deb Mondal

Posted on Feb 05, 2015

Sir, I have purchased a AC form the Reliance Digital Axis mall Outlet on 25th JAN 2015 (CIN NO-U01100MH1999PLC120563)(SL NO-185457) with a ongoing discount scheme but at the time of delivery they a provided a unsealed product of Samsung in a carton of LG ...& forcing to take the delivery when we contacted to store manager ..we have clearly mentioned that we will not take any delivery of any unseled product & asked to provide a fresh copy or any other slimier product..but very unfortunately they are ignoring to take any step & also unwilling to cancel the purchase..& forcing to take the same & behaving very rude indeed... Product Details----SAMSUNG SPLIT AC Model No-AR18HC5TSNC Warranty -3 yesrs Subhayon Deb Mondal 8017132222


Posted on Feb 05, 2015

Date: 4 February 2015 at 21:48 Subject: Harassment of senior citizen unnecessarily by the cash in charge SUKHEN at your NEW TOWN SQUARE, RAJARHAT, SPENSERS SHOPPING MALL .....regarding To: Ref:- Bill No 18334 , Time:- 08:26:15 , Cashier Code:10016198 Date 04/02/2015 Dear Sir/Madam, I had purchased one KEYUR NS IB CLR SET TAWA KADAI FP from the counter where the sales in charge said this has an offer of Rs 1254 when the print price is Rs 2000 . I took the set to the billing boySUKHEN who charged Rs 2000 instead of Rs 1254 (Offer price) I had a glance on the bill and said that please check it as you have not charged as per offer price to correct it and refund the balance amount of Rs 746 . He send the packer boy to call some one probably your manager. I had to wait more than half an hour when no body turned and then I asked to return the set and refund Rs 2000 which was paid by me through debit card. by the time he updated a

Rajeev Kumar

Posted on Jan 29, 2015

Complaint against Getta Fashions, 2nd floor,Diamond plaza, Jessor road, We have purchased some cloths from said shop and they have given two coupons of Rs. 1000/- now when we wanted to redeemed the said coupon, they are saying that this coupon is valid for winter session cloths, but nothing written over the coupon and nor the sales executive told any things, and in fact we have purchased saari only.. pls help

surendra rajput

Posted on Jan 21, 2015

panasonic smart pones t31 i am give me so problem is mobile touch panel faulty in so service center pahucha ab vo service center baia mobile nhi de raha he

Purushottam Chandra

Posted on Jan 14, 2015

The sewing just below the jip came out on the first use in the jeans purchased on 01.01.2015 @Rs 1980.00 from Jainam, Raipur. The Jainam, refused to entertain on the pretex it being manufacturer's mistake. I am interested in refund or replacement. Please suggest what to do ?


Posted on Jan 03, 2015

yesterday i bought some clothes from central mall and they charged me vat on the selling price, as i know about the vat it is to be charged on the (selling price - cost price) i.e. the value that is to be added by the company but they charged me on the selling price at flat 5% which is wrong. so i want to register a complaint against them.


Posted on Dec 31, 2014

I have booked and paid Rs 2000 of total price Rs 3500 for one Razai set in RAJASTHALI TEXTILE, JAIPUR on Dec 18, 2014 during my tour to Jaipur in Dec 2014. I have purchased the above mentioned set as they told that i dont have to carry that items with me to kolkata and the delivery will be free of cost. i have to pay just Rs 1500 to the delivery man. I have collected the bill where it is clearly written that due amt is Rs 1500. But today, one delivry man called over mobile and ask me to keep ready total price of Rs. 1700 (extra Rs 200 which is may be the delivery charges). Why should i pay the extra amount nowhere mentioned by them about the extra charge.

soni saxena

Posted on Dec 30, 2014

my oder no is 31324995 this product name is mandira saadi saadi in a big hole so plz returan this product


Posted on Dec 16, 2014

Hyper City is selling duplicate Besan which has something mixed in it, which is spoiling the food preparation and is also injurious to health. I had purchased this from Hyper City outlet in Viviana Mall, Thane (W)

Arun S R

Posted on Dec 10, 2014

Bigbazar Kachiduga is selling items whose expiry date is over at off prices. It is very commonly seen in biscuits and dates. 3months before expired items are being sold to public. Even for children's nutrition foods,they are doing so. In buy one get one free offers of 2.5litre mirinda cans they didn't even print the MRP. On dates even the expiry date mentioned is removed because of long duration of expirey date. Pls stop this in happening again as it adversely affects health of a number of people including new born.. I need compensation for the cheatings by big bazaar,Kachiguda . Also in buy 1,get one free offers.

Kalyan Kumar Laha

Posted on Dec 10, 2014

On 10/12/2014 a person wearing Big Bazar uniform came and said senior citizens offer is going on therefore some products are given in cheaper price .So we booked a LG Washing machine cost Rs 5400/-.That person assure us that he will give the machine then but did not turn up. Hence I called Big Bazzar Retailer Shop Esplanade they said there is no such offer.My point of complain is about how come he with a big bazzar paper where the I booked written is with that fraud man, he is using name of a trustworthy company so I booked it otherwise I would not have booked. Please help me. I have logged a complain in near police station also.

Bandana Das

Posted on Dec 04, 2014

I gave advanced 800 Rs to the shop keeper & got recieve on 18-Oct-2014 in Srinagar. The shop keeper agreed to send the coat via courior, but he did not send till now & he is not receiving our phone call even for last 2/3 weeks. As a tourist we are cheated in Sirinagar. The shop details - Indian Art Palace, Dealers in - Kashmir Art & Crafts, Nehru Park, Dal Lake, Srinagar - 190001, Kashmir, Regd No. 054240. Order no - 2637. Shop Keeper is Ashraf - Ph : 8803615987 Please help us.


Posted on Dec 02, 2014


Jayantha M

Posted on Nov 26, 2014

Dear Sir/ Madam, I have purchased 2 "OPP" brand New Cellphone from Sangeetha Whitefield Main Road, Bangalore-66 on 21st of Nov 2014. Sales person informed us Internal Memory is 4 GB. Once I reached home i have try to download App from Google Play, It was showing error msg as " Insufficient Storage". Then I ahve checked my Internal Memory was only 2 GB.I have requested to Sangeetha to replace the cellphone with Higher end phone and they are not accepting. Now our Mobile and Bills, Accessories are with Sangeetha. Kindly help us. Regards, Jayantha M


Posted on Nov 25, 2014

i purchased a golden harvest policy from tanisq but as RBI guidelines they supposed return my deposited money with interest but since august i am running behind them but they unable give me the same. last 12/11/2014 they took passbook from me and gave a receipt and asked me to come 25th for refund. but today they said that nothing has come from their corporate office. i don't know how many times i need to go their office for 4200 ruppees...who will give petrol price of my car.... i want action from your side with compensation. Address of the shop: TANISQ 121 Dickenson Road Bangalore. contact no. 9880599600(Narayan)

Rajesh Chaurasia

Posted on Nov 17, 2014

Regarding Vodafone Telecom unnecessary down loading charges without intimation. Sir I have suffering from unnecessary charges, without intimation or warn. When I asked to Vodafone Customer case representative, They only told me that You are downloading some services, that's why your account balance is this, but I am damn sure about that I have not taken any services or not downloading any thing. I have also check my mobile but I have not found any downloading in downloading page or not got any messages from mobile company. So Sir I requested to you that please help my from this types of fraud cases. I want to return my money back. Thank you.

T.G.Vijay kumar

Posted on Nov 10, 2014

I have been working for last 8years in apparel company and suddenly I got the mail saying that you have to resign from duty and services with one month notice after that I keep on chasing to my hr team for my salary,pf, gratuity,f&f and there was no response from there end since from last 1year I keep on chasing on mails and phone calls so kindly suggest .

Subhrangsu Gupta

Posted on Oct 02, 2014

INOX Rajarhat has charged Rs.280 for 2 Coke glasses for 650 ml each from me on 1st Oct 14. While the market cost is Rs.35 for 600 ml, it is charging exorbitantly and forcibly because outside beverage is not allowed. I would like to know how the same Coke becomes so expensive, equivalent to that in a 5 Star Hotel in a Movie Theatre. Are they really paying taxes to the Govt or simply making money by befooling customers, whereas they are noy providing any exceptional services for the food and beverages being sold at the INOX. So why the high prices. I feel it is plain thievery. Please take some steps against these companies who are unnecessarily looting the customers and are somehow responsible for price rise.


Posted on Sep 19, 2014

Dear sir I have joined a lucky draw contest organized by mahima big bazzar, bilaspur, which was offered by the mahima big bazar on purchase of commodities above rupees 1000/- each time. On coupon "assured gift for every coupon" was mentioned. The date of draw was 15th august 2014. They have collected my phone number and address in there part of coupon. As i didnt get any information since one month after draw. i did telephonically contacted the firm at the only mentioned number on the bill 07752-426373. A person picked the phone told me that the awards of draw were distributed and the assured gifts were also given to consumer who contacted by themself untill 10 sep 2014. i felt cheated as he was telling me that after 10sep 2014 i am not eligible for any assured gift.He also said either you have two coupon or fifty coupon you are not eligible for a gift.He was not ready to tell his name and said it is better if i will be no more their customer.There was no such last date on coupon


Posted on Sep 10, 2014

Don't Buy @Shopclues... Cheap Third class road side material ShopClues return id: order number: I need my refund n take back ur product. Bad smell coming from the products n looks like a scrap. If i dnt like the quality of the product i dnt bare that. Cheap third class material u delivered to me. I have nt seen such a scrap in online shopping. So refund immediately and take back ur product Photo: Don't Buy @Shopclues... Cheap Third class road side material ShopClues return id: order number: I need my refund n take back ur product. Bad smell coming from the products n looks like a scrap. If i dnt like the quality of the product i dnt bare that. Cheap third class material u delivered to me. I have nt seen such a scrap in online shopping. So refund immediately and take back ur product. return id : 426277


Posted on Sep 05, 2014


suresh sharma

Posted on Aug 22, 2014

I have Received a call from Shopit4me No. was 011-48289350,011-48289450,011-48289350 and 011-46459350. The executive name was Mr. Robin. He told me about his contest and tries to convince me for participating in contest. The Participating charge was Rs. 9998 and regarding this transaction the company will give a holiday voucher as per his commitment. But I regret her offer but he continuously call to me for the same that’s why I have made the transaction via Crdit card dated 28.03.2014 at 3:45 PM. After 05 Days I have received the voucher. After some days once again he call me back and your Point 85 Shopping 50000/- 03/04/2014 30000/- NEFT and 04/04/2014 TRANSFER 19999/- products against this transaction like Natural Diamond 6 Pcs worth Rs.60,000, 2 Nos Men’s Shoes, Lady night wear, Inalsa Mr. Robin tell me kindly send me your documents (e.g. - voter ID card, Pan Card etc.) for verification for the contest. Same day I have sent all relevant documents to the company mail id sales@shopit

Ranjitha k p

Posted on Aug 21, 2014

I need the compensation of the dress material which cost Rs 1500 that has damage on it and they are not willing to pay for it.

Shailesh Dhakate

Posted on Aug 19, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, Here with want to lodge complaint against where in i had purchased 3 Koutons Men Assorted Shirtring had received to me on 7-Aug-2014, But different brand, Qulality, Looking very old and dirty Thats Why i send it back from First Flingh courier (Tracking No M991M0015551) on 9-Aug-2014, from that date i continously followup with the company toll number & Team, But There is no Positive responce from their end, Kidnly look into this matter, & i want my money back, thanking you

Nilesh Shetty

Posted on Aug 15, 2014

Hi team, I have bought 1 trouser and 2 shirts from Mulund Shoppers stop on discount during July'14 sale. I noticed that shop is cheating public. Normally on MRP price is VAT is already included. What Shoppers Stop does is after discount amount is deducted they charge VAT on entire balance MRP amount after deducting the discount.They should charge the additional VAT amount only on the discount amount not on entire balance MRP. For e.g. If I bought goods worth 10000 at 10% discount Shoppers Stop is charging additional VAT on 9000 instead of 1000. Could you pls take this issue with the as they are cheating common public.

Nazar ali bhanwadiya

Posted on Jun 22, 2014

shown original dress and sold another one looks duplicate. in sort item was not that which shown..

Dipak Patel

Posted on Jun 09, 2014

Selling of expiry date products by Reliance Fresh , Nadiad, District : Kheda , Gujarat

Moloy Kr Roychowdhury

Posted on Jun 09, 2014

Sir, I had booked an air cooler make Symphony @ Rs 8990.00 by paying cash with the promises from M/S Reliance Digital Barrackpore that product will be delivered either on 02 or 03 May. I keep on waiting to receive the item,no such product deliverd to me, I met concern store manager on 9th May at 12:43 pm, seeking refund. He promised to refund me the fund within 15 days. Till date and time no such refund made to me. Please help me. With regatrds

Abdul Jabbar Khan

Posted on Jun 05, 2014

Sir, Last Sunday I bought some balloon pockets from Trichy Femina Shopping Mall. The total 7 Baloon in one pocket Rs 15/-. Amount is less only. But in that pocket out 7 ballons 5 ballons are defective. My son continuously crying for the ballon, that day I really upset. Please take action against them


Posted on Jun 04, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, Le Marche store in South Point Mall, Phase 5, Gurgaon has not honoured gift voucher for RS 750 sent to ma as part of their consumer loyalty programme on 29 March 2014, despite my repeated requet mails to them. They have also closed their loyalty programme, lapsing about 2000+ points without any notice to any consumer, including me. Please help me . Thanks and regards.My reminder mail is appended-Dear Sir / Madam, Please refer trailing mails since 19 May 2014,regarding dishonouring of the voucher for RS 750 by your Le Marche store in South Point Mall, Gurgaon and revert at the earliest. I have not received any reply from you. I am copying this communication to the Consumer Redressal Forum. In case I do not receive a response from you at the earliest, I shall be constrained to take up the matter through them and seek all compensation from you, besides the value of the voucher issued to me through my cell number and redemption of my loyalty point.

Colonel Girish Kumar Sharma

Posted on May 28, 2014

Dear Sir/ Madam, Please see my repeated mail to Le Marche Store( Premium Grocery and Food Store). They have lapsed my Loyalty points as well as Shopping Voucher9 RS 750) without any advance notice to me and are not responding despite repeated reminders. -Please refer trailing mails since 19 May 2014,regarding dishonouring of the voucher for RS 750 by your Le Marche store in South Point Mall, Gurgaon and revert at the earliest. I have not received any reply from you.I am copying this communication to the Consumer Redressal Forum. In case I do not receive a response from you at the earliest, I shall be constrained to take up the matter through them and seek all compensation from you, besides the value of the voucher issued to me through my cell number and redemption of my loyalty point.

anil kumar

Posted on May 21, 2014

I purchased lava phone from a shop in gurgaon which damaged after 3 months and I went service centre 4 times to repair that at last comany declared phone dead and proved send me retailer to take anothrr phone for that damaged phone retailer told that the model is no longer available and I was forced to purchased another model of same company and denied for change of I had to pay higer price than market price and took another phone. Now same thing has happened with this model and I am wasting my time while moving to servive centre and retailer for changing phone again and again. The retailer is denying for refund of money and is demanding higher price if I want to change brand and asking me to pay extra tax and alsocharging higer price.kindly help me

riya das

Posted on May 17, 2014

today i went to kathline shop srtuates in cc2 newtiwn,to buy a mineral water bottle.the sales boy give me a kinley 1ltr bottle whose mrp is rs 18 but he said it cost rs 25. because the bottle is sold from a shopping mall. i want to know is it legal to charge extra cost because of this reason?if not pls take necessary action against it


Posted on Apr 21, 2014

I purchased Phone (Samsung Galaxy Trend) from Deja-Vu- Trends online on 17th February 2014. I have already paid the payment Rs. 6767/- from Credit card on same day. After 1 month when I not recieve my product Then I cancle the oreder through Customer Care on 10th March 2014, and still I am not recieve my money as yet. I am little frustrate from this company. I am daily trying to get information from there side but no body can help me for this. Dear Sir, I request you to please help me. My Order Details is as below. [image: Deja-Vu Trends] Hello, Mr. SANTOSH RAI Thank you for your order from Deja-Vu Trends. Once your package ships we will send an email with a link to track your order. If you have any questions about your order please contact us at or call us at 1800 3000 1177 Monday – Saturday, 10 am – 8 pm IST. Your order confirmation is below. Thank you again for your business. Your Order #100009819 (placed on 17 February 2014 13:02:24 IST)Billing Information:Payment Method: Mr. SANTOSH RAI INTERGLOBE ENTERPRISES LTD. Block-2B, Third Floor, DLF Corporate Park DLF City, Phase-3 Gurgaon, Haryana, 122001 India T: 9711070295 EBS Payment Gateway Shipping Information:Shipping Method: Mr. SANTOSH RAI INTERGLOBE ENTERPRISES LTD. Block-2B, Third Floor, DLF Corporate Park DLF City, Phase-3 Gurgaon, Haryana, 122001 India T: 9711070295 Free Shipping – Free ItemSkuQtySubtotal*Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392(Midnight black)*Galaxy Trend S7392-(Midnight black)1Rs. 6,015.11 Subtotal Rs. 6,015.11 Shipping & Handling Rs. 0.00*Grand Total (Excl.Tax)**Rs. 6,015.11* VAT 12.5% (12.5%) Rs. 751.89 Tax Rs. 751.89*Grand Total (Incl.Tax)**Rs. 6,767.00* Thank you again, *Deja-Vu Trends* On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 2:11 AM, Deja-Vu Trends Customer Support wrote:

Anuradha Singh

Posted on Apr 11, 2014

I have brought 5 pair of kurtas from "Ibadat" 2nd floor, MGF Metropolitan Mall, MG road, Gurgaon Haryana -122001 on 29-Apr-14. Before making the final payments for the kurta, I did ask the store manager about the quality if clothes and what if anything goes wrong..the manager convincingly told me that "anything happened to the clothes in 6 months we will refund the amount"..One of the Kurta( referred as the Blue Kurta hereafter) which I wore just once, had issue as detailed below: I have washed the kurta for the first time on 2nd Mar-14 and After one hand wash the blue, the arm pit area got faded and when I went to the shop manager( on 3rd Mar -14) along with the copy of the bill and explained him the problem , he told me that this is not his problem as no other portion of the cloth has this problem. After requesting him to refund the money several times at least for the kurta for which the print is faded( blue kurta), he refused to either refund or replace the kurta. We also talked to the store keeper( the owner), he told me that it is the PH level/Hormonal problem in my body which has led to fading of the cloth and he will not be refunding any money for this kurta. However with lot of discussion, he refunded the money for 2 other kurtas brought from him, which were new and was not being wore by me. Apart from that the behavior of both the store manger and owner was very much discouraging and very adamant.


Posted on Apr 08, 2014

I have visited at Phonix Shopping Mall, Kanpur Road, Lucknow on 08.04.2014 at about 2.00pm. I have purchase food items from Aryans, a food Plaza Counter of Phonix Mall. Alongwith Food items, I have purchase a cold drink pet pack of 500ml MRP of Rs. 30.00, but the shopkeeper charges Rs. 35.00 plus VAT charges, Service Charges etc. (Total value of Cold drink charged Rs. 41.41 including 12.5(VAT) + 1.5 (SAT) + 4.944 (S.TAX) % instead of Rs. 30.00. When we asked to shopkeeper, they reply we are charging about our system and given me a Cash Memo No. 495 dated 08.04.2014 at 16:38 PM. The TIN No. of shop is 09650000979 and cell no. is 9415500056. Please redress my complaint with shopkeeper and advice him to not over charging of other customers.

Mohd. Shakibul Haq

Posted on Mar 28, 2014

My PF no is PF/KDV/13484/11410. I submitted my pf form in May 2012 in my previous company Shoppers Stop ltd. but not received my amount yet. When i checked with mumbai pf office they told me that your pf amount already settled. when i investigated this issue, i found that amount has been credited in other person saving account. From last one year i am chasing with Mumbai Kandivali office (Mr. R K Sharma, Mr. H.M. RAUT and Mr P U KULKARNI)and Delhi head office(Mr R K KHAKA) but nobody updating my pf status. I submitted all the required documents in mumbai office. Its really disappointing for me that i have not received my more then 5year hard money in my hand. I request you please investigate this issue and help me to get my pf amount as soon as possible.

Udaya Sankar Acharya

Posted on Mar 01, 2014

To The Consumer Redressal Forum Sub: Registering complain against no response on an order No:877386396006835 place on net with Sound Monk, shop no-120,Reporter’s Bungalow, S.V.Road, Andheri(w) Sir, The above cited order was confirmed over mail by the organization on 17.02.2014. But their executive over phone (9987806410) informed me about the nonavailability of the product and instead suggested me to buy some other model, which, I was not interested. In this case, I am entitled to get back my total money (RS10180) as soon as possible without any deduction as it was not my fault. I have furnished my bank account details to the same executive through SMS as well in the five different mails I had sent to the company. Till date I have not received the money and for the last eight days their executive, whenever, contacted by me over phone(9987806410) giving me only one reply that, money had been refunded and within 24hrs it would be reflected in my account. Nothing had happened. I am yet

Ajitesh Singh

Posted on Feb 12, 2014

I bought sony vaio f15319 from croma aundh on 15/1/14(INVOICE NO. SLF02A011020066822). They told me that the laptop will cost me Rs65000 along with some free accessories. But when I checked the bill the laptop cost was Rs63957 and I was charged for three accessories(1 Croma 4 port usb hub and 2 targus wired optical mouse) which were supposed to be free. So basically they tricked me into buying these accessories by mentioning the cost of laptop Rs 65000 which was supposed to be Rs 63957 which were supposed to be free. It has been nearly a month their customer care just gives me the complaint no. and no reply comes from them from 10-20 days.

Vinod Patel

Posted on Jan 31, 2014

I had purchased merchandise from United colors of Benitton (UCB)worth Rs 16000 before Discount (50%). UCB is Charging Extra VAT on MRP .

Shweta Laddha

Posted on Jan 24, 2014

In discount season, every shopping centre is charging VAT on discounted price [MRP-Discount amount]. However, MRP written already shows that it is inclusive of all taxes. Hence we, consumers are ending up paying VAT twice on the same amount. When i question about this at cash counter at raghuleela mall [central], they said they got a government instructions about this. Please help.

Mohan Abraham

Posted on Jan 06, 2014

I have been a reguler customer of big bazar,Ambala cant. During the diwali season, there was a silver coin scheme.I had made purchases worth Rs.50000/- and was elegible for silver coins 0f around 50 grams. when I approached the store for redemption,I was told that scheme period was over.The financial loss suffered by me is more than Rs.5000/-.I had approached the store through oral and written communication but no satisfactory solution has been put forward. I humbly request the honourable forum to take up the matter so that genuine customers are not cheated by big corporations through manipulative and misguided tactics.I humbly pray to address my concern at he earliest. Regards, Mohan Abraham


Posted on Dec 25, 2013

Promised discount not given bu Clarks footwear, We have purchased 2 pairs of shoes on 22/12/13 at 17.54.05 & 18.54.05 in one visit to Clark store at lifestyle Gurgaon UG 35 Metropolis mall MG Road Gurgaon Ph 0124 4077603, recipt no 979, Tr 2185 & recipt no 978, Tr 2184, They had promised to give 25% off on 2nd pair, but after we purchased the 2nd pair, they refused to give discount giving reason that bills are different, they purchase was made in single visit and with in 15 min of each other, This is amounting to is not responding to complaint

jigar dattani

Posted on Dec 19, 2013

i have purchased some goods from big bazar kolkata-700013 today at 7.30 . After coming to home i noticed that billed has been overcharged for 3 items of 13 item taken . CleanMAte Toilet cleaner 2qty offer price 52/- actually charge 72/- difference rs40/- itc yippe noddle 1qty mrp 10 actually charged 12/- difference 2/- When i called the store in there local no. they told me to come with the goods and bills . The problem is that for the mistake of big bazar billing department for 3 item of 13 item i have to carry it and then they will provide me billing reversal. My home is 15 km from the Store outlet and just for rs45 over billed i have to spend 50rs for coming and going again to outlet. After that i called the helpline desk at 18002002255 today which didnt even gave a complain no. even 35 min of talk and they finally disconnected. Does a complain require 35 min to get registered??? And even then i dint got the complain no.

jigar dattani

Posted on Dec 18, 2013

I have purchased some goods from big bazar kolkata-700013 today at 7.30 . After coming to home i noticed that billed has been overcharged for 3 items of 13 item taken . CleanMAte Toilet cleaner 2qty offer price 52/- actually charge 72/- difference rs40/- itc yippe noddle 1qty mrp 10 actually charged 12/- difference 2/- When i called the store in there local no. they told me to come with the goods and bills . The problem is that for the mistake of big bazar billing department for 3 item of 13 item i have to carry it and then they will provide me billing reversal. My home is 15 km from the Store outlet and just for rs45 over billed i have to spend 50rs for coming and going again to outlet. After that i called the helpline desk at 18002002255 today which didnt even gave a complain no. even 35 min of talk and they finally disconnected. Does a complain require 35 min to get registered??? And even then i dint got the complain no.


Posted on Dec 05, 2013


Ranjan Banerjee

Posted on Nov 04, 2013

yesterday i and my family went to vishal megha mart for shopping their the staffs of vishal behaved to bad and insulted and even got to do physical hazard with me so please i request u to take some steps against their behavior thankyou.


Posted on Nov 02, 2013


rajib mohan chatterjee

Posted on Oct 09, 2013

That my wife Sharad Kanya Chatterjee(nee Das) had purchased a number of furniture from your showroom at Mani Square at Kolkata ,which included a Kitchen Chimney. The said chimney was delivered along with other furniture at our flat in DLF , New Town,Kolkata. You were supposed to send one individual to install the said chimney today at our DLF flat which also happen to be the day we had our GRIHAPRAVESH. That my wife received a call from your representative ( phone number 9804809675. ) at around 1pm asking for directions for my flat, and the same was provided. That thereafter we got busy with the pujas and during such time we could not attend the phone calls. After the pujas were over my wife found a number of missed calls from your employee’s number on her cell phone and when she reverted, your employee was initially rude asking why my wife was not picking up the phone and then suddenly started threatening and abusing my wife using foul and unparliamentarily language.

Abhay Jain

Posted on Oct 07, 2013

On 6 October 2013, I went to pizza hut in Forum Mall Bangalore. They charged me 75 rupee for a glass of Fanta cold drink. The same amount of Fanta cold drink is sold in bottle for 15 rupees. Fanta cold drink is poduced by Coca-Cola company and not by Pizza hut, how can they charge customers as high as 5 times the price printed by coca-cola company. They will not let consumers bring their own cold drink inside Pizza hut premises and charge them 5 times. They may be allowed to charge any price for pizza and other stuff manufactured by them, but they have no right to charge me 5 times for a product which they dont even own.

Ashwiti Malviya

Posted on Sep 26, 2013

we bought prestige cook ware on 14th sept. 2013 and the cookware is scracted badly in single used. we have not used extensivily. The warranty card says that its metal spoon friendly so we used. But now when we have gone to Total mall Mahadevpura they said that they cant help us at all niether replace nor repair. This is really a bad experince of buying the prestige product which is of very expensive.

Rajni Rawat

Posted on Sep 26, 2013

Horrible service and ill treatment to the customers. Bought a dress material for 2100/- and the color spreaded in first wear that too it was not even washed. The color was spread while the dress was worn by me when it got little wet while washing hands. It was not a cheap dress for the color to get spread while wearing it. When complained about the same, the shopkeeper refused to take the responsibility. The material and even the chudidhar material had a problem and it does not worth 2100. Such Shopkeepers prove that Indian retail is full of cheaters and It is just not about the money but accepting and taking the responsibility of the under quality product sold. I would suggest not to deal with Sukan ever. Shop Address: Shop No.53, Natraj Market, S.V Road, Malad West, Mumbai


Posted on Sep 25, 2013

sir,i am worked 2 years ago in gujralsons. i go there in several time for my own pf but no action. pf dept says amount not deposited. and director of gujralsons says already deposited. they all play with me like a football


Posted on Aug 31, 2013

On 21st August ,I purchased a costly jewellery(WHICH IS COST 2380.00Rs.)from SALT LAKE BIG BAZAR,Sector-3,kolkata-700107.At the purchasing time they told us the item is a very quality item and it has warranty of 6 months.So,we demanded the warranty card,but they assured us the bill is the warranty card of the item.But within only 6 day the item got defected.Today,on 31st August we went to Big Bazar to change the product.But each and every item's quality are same,so we demanded the cash back,But they completely refused. So I request to take necessary step to return the purchasing amount of the product from big bazar as soon as possible


Posted on Aug 29, 2013

Sir, I had purchased 3 watches from Just in vogue ( Central Mall - Nashik ) on 14 May 2013. One of the watch was faulty and not showing the write time and the belt color was faded. While selling the watch they said the watch is having Gun metal belt and they had given guarantee for color. While selling the watch the seller had committed that the watch belt is scratch proof and its a foreign branch called Kenneth Cole ( Style no IKC3981 ) black color. Within one months time span the color got faded and the watch was not showing the write time. After every one week the watch was showing 1 min time ahead. I had immediately shown the watch to retailer and he had taken the watch and committed that he will take it up with Service centre. I had submitted the watch on 2 July 2013 and I had been given a receipt for submitting the watch for repair. Now till date they have not communicated anything to me and not giving me proper answer. So request you to please guide me in said concern. Regards, Amit 98237 25105

Ameesha Vora

Posted on Aug 02, 2013

I have had a nightmarish experience at westside, hughes road. I had picked up clothes from the ongoing sale period and headed to the billing counter. When trying to pay, they found the tags on the clothes were wrong. When i tried to tell the management to sort out the issue and stop labelling the clothes wrong, they accuse me of changing the tags (as if it’s even possible). It’s a brilliant excuse to come up for your shortcomings. And after that, the way the staff behaved is inexcusable. They tell me to honestly confess that i changed the tags as if i am some hardened criminal or a cheat. When you try talking rationally to them, they just want to yell "all tags changed" repeatedly in front of the entire store. When you just give up on them and try to leave, they will follow you to baggage claim and tell the watchman "Make sure you check properly and don't let such people enter." Is this the way they talk to customers? I take it as a blow to my dignity. I have never been so insulted

Rajni Rawat

Posted on Aug 02, 2013

Horrible service and ill treatment to the customers. Bought a dress material for 2100/- and the color spreaded in first wear that too it was not even washed. The color was spread while the dress was worn by me when it got little wet while washing hands. It was not a cheap dress for the color to get spread while wearing it. When complained about the same, the shopkeeper refused to take the responsibility. The material and even the chudidhar material had a problem and it does not worth 2100. Such Shopkeepers prove that Indian retail is full of cheaters and It is just not about the money but accepting and taking the responsibility of the under quality product sold. I would suggest not to deal with Sukan ever.

dominic jose

Posted on Jul 12, 2013

i would like to make a complaint against the foodcourt in the forum mAll in hosur main road.Centigrade is a exclusive store for cool drinks and other beverages in the food court . here the price of the cool drinks exceed the maximum retail price labeled on the bottle.

vijay ravasa

Posted on Jun 20, 2013

hello sir/maidam i have been a victim of false claim made by growels 101 mall kandivili east. thay had introduce a scheme calld Growels ++ .the scheme is about collecting points by shopping in the mall and after collecting the same you can encash it in way of cash vouchers of various shops + movie tickets or sum other stuff. now when i have collected the required points and went to encash them i was not given the cash vouchers of shops and they have been asking me to come at some other time due to unavailability & THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FROM PAST 6months and fooled simultaneously.they are not giving me the vouchers. have even mailed the complain to the required person but they are not responding.every time i call they say they will do the need full in few hours, but no results. i request you to kindly look into the matter and help me out of this harassment.

Vineet Gupta

Posted on Jun 08, 2013

Dear Sir, i visited Crown Interiorz Mall in Faridabad, Haryana 2 weeks back. I bought a 500ml mineral water bottle from Mac Donald counter on ground floor, they are selling Icecream, etc on Ground Floor. They have charged INR 80 for this bottle where as MRP on the bottle was INR 20 only. Since my 1 year old kid was very tirsty we went ahead to buy and bring it to the notice of Government Autoroties. I would request your intervention to stop this wrong practice. Regards Vineet Gupta

Gopal Krishan Gautam

Posted on May 17, 2013

I Have purchase sports shoes from Sree Leathers (King Enterprises) Gurgaon on 08/05/2013 and break stitching after using 1 or 1/2 hours and there were some other defects already. Please help. Gopal Krishan Gautam 9811800294

Satendra Singh Rana Rana

Posted on May 11, 2013

I have been cheated by Hometown, Part of Future Group and earlier a part of Pantaloon Retail. I was shopping at ‘Hometown’ retail store at Vashi Raguleela Mall last year where I was introduced with their in-house Design & Build Service for home interior development. I expressed my desire for a visit and their impetus on total costing estimate. Hometown team showed extreme eagerness to visit my place, later asked for INR 16,000 payment on the first visit site itself and told me that if project is not finalised that this money would be refunded. Thereafter I was called to Thane Hometown branch and asked to buy furniture, hardware etc. On asking what is the actual plan or the budget etc, the Hometown team kept dodging queries and kept insisting to buy products first. I insisted that without knowing the budget or the actual interior design plans how we can start spending, on this Hometown stopped communicating and now not answering to my calls or emails. I bought one flat at Kharghar and

Dinesh Kumar M Achath

Posted on Apr 25, 2013

I purchased aPanasonic desk phone from STAPLES ,near Jayadeva circle on Bannerghatta road on 14th April. 10 days after i found that unit is not functioning. the entire display disappeared in spite of full battery charge. I brought this to STAPLEs shop but they were not willing to even listen to the complaint and they asked me to go to the Panasonic customer care cente, > i wanted either STAPLE replace the old instrument with a new one or they should arrange to get it rectifed . staples declined to do both. i now seek the services of Conumser redressal forum

Sudheesh S

Posted on Apr 10, 2013

An additional fee of RS.25 per head is colected as maintanence fee of 3D galsses in Cinemax, Oberon Mall,Kochi.It is undestandable to collect a caution deposit and charge the customer in case of any damage, but instead even after returning without any damage they keep the amount as maintanenece fee. the ticket fee itself ranges from 100 to 300 depending on timing, still they charge an additonal Rs.25 for 3D glass.Having returned the item without any damage , its only fair that the customer is refunded the amount ,just like any amount collected as caution deposit. We request your good office to kindly look into this matter as we felt it as an exploitation of the consumer since the consumer is not informed about this additional charge during booking of ticket.


Posted on Apr 08, 2013

Purhcased samsung mobile form Gomobile laxmi nagar, they promised that fip cover is free gift but they have not given me till now when evr we go they give excuses to me , help in fixing it

Sanjay Sisodia

Posted on Mar 02, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Sanjay Sisodia, I’ve purchase an electronic item ‘hot plater’ from Vishal Mega Mart, Sector -14, Gurgaon on 24.02.2013 with other goods. At exit gate, I gave him bill for checking & went to went to take my bag from counter on entry gate. I ask about my bill, he asked me that he drop bill in the carton of hot plater with its warranty docs. But I check at home, there was no bill in that. On 28.02.2023, I went to Vishal Mega Mart to change the item Hot Plater with Bad sheet, they have changed bad sheet only & reply we can’t change hot plater because it’s an electronic item, I meet to store manager, he clearly told me I can’t change, I asked him why you not told me at the time of purchasing that electronic item will not change, He reply, Its mentioned on the back of bill. I told him that your security office not given me the bill. After a request again & again by me, they had not change, After show the time & date of payment of my credit card slip by which I paid the bill, I ask duplicate bill, He reply me that duplicate bill can provide you on same day only. So my complaint is, That they’ve not give me my bill & told me lie that bill is in the cartoon of your hot plater. It was mentioned in the bill that electronic item will not change, how I know about this without bill. They had not changed my hot placer while I asked him that I’ll purchase another electronic item form your store against this. So you are requested to look into the matter. Regards, Sanjay Sisodia (mob. – 9990003469) Corporate Sec., Legal & Insurance Krishna Maruti Ltd. 40 KM, Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Vill.-Narsinghpur, Gurgaon Haryana, 122001 (India)