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I took admission in school of management studies national institute of technology rourkela they send and reminder of admission i paid the fees of 1.5 lakh rupees after few days I ask to withdraw my admission and DR.RAjeev panda said my money will be refunded with 10 to 15% of deduction and i mailed to the email Ids provided by him I called him twice and he said its slow process money you will get the money . I withdraw my admission before commencement of course and didnt even attend single class and left all the insitite official groups .after 3 months I am calling them now they are telling you should have mailed n took permission from academic after and now they are doing drama of initiating new process and telling only 17000 will be refunded .why are they lying and eating my money if we look at other insitute everyne has given money back .and if they say you should have read institute guidelines it written after commencement course then fees will be forefeited but if course has not commenced and everything mailed after seeking permission I withdraw admission how can they take my money and start lying now.I really need help in this case I am tiered of calling this people transfering my issue several times and giving this kind of ultimatum. my name -janhavi bhoir ,8780259388,


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I have Sumbitted 10000 fee although college has mentione non refundable though i want refund but they are not refunding so iwant refund College name : St Andrews of Institute And Management Haryana


Posted on Jul 14, 2021

Dear Sirs, We had availed Management quota Engineering admission for my twin daughters at Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology, Kuthambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600124 on 15th Sep 2021, by paying Rs 1,40,500 for each and for twin daughters by submitting all original certificates, we had paid Rs 2,41,000/- remitting in Punjab Nationl Bank in the name of Senthil Andavar Trust as advised by the Institute. Due to unforeseen circumstances we couldn't continue the admission, but had to cancel the admission and submitted the written cancellation form and sent email to the institute on 30th October 2020. Since we were native of Bangalore and due to work transfer we planned to relocate to Chennai sought admission in Chennai, as said due COVID-19, transfer couldnt be confirmed rethought was worked for Govt quota Free seat admission in Bangalore as we our children studied for 9 years in Bangalore and eligible for Govt Free seat. The Institute dodged, for 60 days and didnt provide the original certificate so lost the opportunity to register with Originals at CET, Bangalore before 13th Nov 2020. Finally we got the original certificate from RIT, Chennai on 30th Nov 2021, with which we couldn't avail free seat in Karnataka. Till date for the last 10 months the college fees of Rs, 2,81,000 is unpaid by RIT, Chennai. a) More than 54 times i had visited the Institute but no concrete response. b) Wrote Email to the RIT management but no response Kindly support couldnt take Free seat admision and didnt

Suman Bhattacharya

Posted on May 19, 2021

The case concerns a provisional admission sought for my daughter into the B Pharm course at Sister Nivedita University (New Town, Kolkata- 700156, West Bengal) for session 2020-21, for which I paid ₹30,000 on 17/06/2020 to their admission department. When the payment was made, the admission office categorically told us that the nature of admission is provisional, and the fee paid would be refunded with a nominal deduction as an administrative fee should the student decides not to take admission for any reason. It was formally communicated to the institution in September 2020 that it would not be possible for my daughter to take admission due to some personal circumstances. Subsequently, the university staff assured us that the refund would be initiated by October 2020. Unfortunately, even after almost a year, the institution have not made the refund. During this period, I have made several phone calls, email reminders, and a personal visit to the university campus office, to enquire about the status of the refund. I have been told by the accounts office that the decision to make the refund rests with the higher management authority and they are helpless in this regard. It is a difficult time (with the pandemic) that affected my financial situation and withholding the money has created hardship for me. Please advise.

Ganesh Prabhu

Posted on Mar 02, 2021

EDIFY school Goa where my girls were studying and have now taken a transfer to move to another school way back in April 2020. The deposit money had still not been refunded to the parents, and its been almost a year now since the parents have been chasing the school to initiate refund. Absolutely unprofessional, since we the parents have always paid the deposit on time and now EDIFY seems to be taking the parents for a ride. Can someone advise the next course pls ....

Anuja kapse

Posted on Feb 21, 2021

I have taken admission in iibs banglore for pgdm 2020 and have paid the Registration fees that is 50000/- and after that due to some personal problem I had to cancel my admission. I have cancelled my admission within the last date and requested for the refund but it's been 9 months institute has not refunded me a single peny. As per the AICTE norm they should refund me the full amount within 7 days of cancellation but non of the person from the Institute is responding and proceeding my refund. Please help me to get all this to the authority and to take my money back

Chandra Bhan Singh

Posted on Feb 09, 2021

My daughter has done her B.Tecch (Mech. Engg.) in 2007-2011 batch from United College of Engg. & Research, Naini, Allahabad. College was got deposited Rs. 10,000/- as hostel caution money (refundable) from my daughter. After lapse of almost 10 years, college is reluctant to refund that caution money to my daughter. I have written so many e-mail and talked over mobile to college but all is vain. You are requested to take up the matter with the authorities of concerned college and arrange to get refunded the caution money.


Posted on Dec 29, 2020

My daughter is studying in SR. KG (RAINBOW INTERNATIONAL PRESCHOOL, DOMBIVALI(EAST). MAHARASHTRA. I HAVE PAID 12,500 Rs. fees ., because of the pandemic I am not able to pay the remaining fees of school. then school stopped my kid's virtual classes. When I asked for the fee receipt which I have paid till now, the school is not ready to give the receipt .. Before two years also my daughter was hurt and her face was bleeding in school premises ..When I asked for the CCTV footage from School, they didn't show us the footage and made excuses.


Posted on Dec 19, 2020

Sir, It is to submit that my son Mohd Ahad Uzran has been taken admission in Hidayah Junior College Santosh Nagar Branch for the course of regular MPC, due to Covid-19, online classes are going on, and the college authority is collecting Rupees 25000/- (Twenty Five Thousand ) including books material, for the financial year 2020-21, In this regard i am here to complaint regarding collecting of too much fees, and I request you sir to please take action against the HIDAYAH JUNIOR COLLEGE SANTOSH NAGAR BRANCH HYDERABAD, T.S. THANKING YOU SIR.


Posted on Dec 14, 2020

Hi, I have completed diploma in 2000-2001. Now i have completed B-tech and need my Diploma TC to get my B tech certificate I had requested my diploma collage to issue TC. Based on the request they have issues TC and they have mentioned year 2020-21 ( Year of requesting TC) rather than mentioning my last year of exam/passing year of Diploma which is 2000-2001 as school leaving year. Now B-tech collage has refused to accept my TC where leaving year is mentioned as 2020-21 where as collage is refusing to issue TC by writing 2000-2001 as leaving year Pls suggest how to get solution to above Regards Shrikant

Davinder Singh

Posted on Nov 23, 2020

Dear sir/ madam, Greetings! My name is Devinder Singh father of Sagar Mehra. I am writing to you since my son had taken admission in BCA in IKGPTU, MOHALI CAMPUS-1 ( C-102/B, Phase 7, Industrial Area, Sector 73, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140308) and paid a fee of Rs.19725 on Oct. 5, 2020. But lately the college authority told me that due to less number of students, they are canceling my son's admission and asked us to get his admission in some other college and told us that the fee will be refunded back in a few days. so my son took admission in other college i.e. Gian Jyoti Institute of management and technology, Mohali (Sector-54, Phase 2, Mohali, Chandigarh, 160055), which is also affiliated to the same university and was recommended by IKGPTU, Mohali Campus' staff and both the colleges are in contact with each other. Now the thing is i havent received the refund yet from IKGPTU, Mohali. Even after submitting an application to the campus and continuosly contacting them, they are just delaying the payment. On the other hand the other college is asking us to pay full fee otherwise my son's admission will be cancelled from there. I can not pay the fee until the refund can be received from IKGPTU, Mohali Campus due to financial constraints. Please look into the matter and help us . Regards: Devinder Singh, 7508641519


Posted on Nov 21, 2020

Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings!! This is manoj kumar beura father of Dibyansh kumar Beura ,inform you that , my son previous school MOTHERS PRIDE ,GURGAON (DLF- PHASE-4 ,NEAR GALLERIA MARKET ) AND now school shifted to sec-40 ,Gurgaon not refunding Rs25000/- which has been taken by school from us .As discussed with school authority they are supposed to give Jun-19 but the said month amount has not paid and then only new new date are shared to me for refund and also a mail communication also going on and still now amount has not been refunded yet despite of follow up of last 16 months .Also ,i have raised a legal notice to school on dt-15-jan-20 and still school not bother about this legal proceedings and doing monopoly.Seeking your help and support to get back my money of Rs25000/- .Please do the needful and help. Regards Manoj M-08860502868


Posted on Nov 03, 2020

Sir I have enrolled for PhD in Indian Institute Of technology, Guwahati. I attended only 2 classes and then did not continued further. I have asked for deregistration via mail and refund. However even after mailing multiple times , the institute is not replying. my roll number : Roll No:206106008

Vijay Kumar

Posted on Nov 02, 2020

Hi, I have paid 15K INR to Octa networks and they promised to provide IT training. However, they have taken money from me and are not refunding nor they are providing any training. This is a fake institute and one of the student in our batch has also paid 35K but didnt receive any training. They are not returning our calls and have bluntly asked us to complain. Please investigate as they are running business and taking money from the students, I also believe that all the google reviews are fake as well.

Akanksha Barik

Posted on Oct 28, 2020

Sir, I had registered in Presidency University, Bengaluru to pursue MBA & paid registration fees amounting Rs 15,000.00 (Rupees Fifteen thousand only) on 15th April 2020. Later I decided not to pursue my study in the said university & informed the same to the university authorities for refund on 23rd July 2020. University authorities asked to submit the required documents to initiate the refund process on 30th July 2020 which I complied on 12th august 2020. Then I gave a reminder mail on 12th September and got a reply mail on 14th September that the authorities informed had processed the request for refund and would update the status. Consequent upon not getting any response after a month I gave another mail on 18th October 2020 and got no reply. Further, I inform you that the cocerned department is not receiving the phone also. Therefore, I request your good self to pass necessary insructuction to the University authorities for refund soon. Sincerely yours, Akanksha Barik

Akhil Khurana

Posted on Oct 26, 2020

Sir I am akhil it's a complaint against institute Alchemist india . They charged us more fees and bullied us in lockdown to forcefully pay the fees ..somehow we managed to pay their fees but now they blocked our accounts and they promised to give classes till 31 March 2020 and they are also charging 20000 and 15000 from other Students as well please help us please it's a humble request ...we are in depression as exam is on 13 Nov and we cannot download pdf as they blocked us.. Regards - akhil 8076131861

Sachin Arora

Posted on Oct 03, 2020

This complain is regarding Amity International School Sector 44 Noida. I want to bring this to the notice of Noida DM that school is not following the guidelines issued by you during Covid. They are pressurising the parents to pay whole fees( which includes school infra fees, ie. AC usage fees, Building development charges, sports fees, ground fees, etc etc) on the name of composite fees. When the parents are asking for the composite fees breakup, school is not ready to provide the same to parents. many parents have lodged written complaint to school principle but there is no response from her. They are just avoiding any written communication and giving a call to every parents and pressurising them to pay the whole composite fees without using those services. This is a real harrasment. Now they have came to a limit that they have hold the results of those kids who have not paid the composite fees. Many times parents have told to school that they are ready to pay tution fees but school is pressurising to pay full composite fees without utilising those services. Please look into this matter urgently as their are around 400 parents who are suffering due to this.


Posted on Sep 20, 2020

Most respected Sir, This mail is in connection with the online distance education programme of NMIMS for PGDM - HR (Post Graduate Diploma Management - Human Resources). My children viz. Miss Gayle Dweltz having ID No. 77120458466 and Miss Deveney Dweltz having ID No. 77120984720 had enrolled for admission to this course in July 2020. Accordingly, fees payment was made as follows: 1) Miss Deveney Dweltz - Order No. 1594272065369, CC Avenue Reference # 109897784944 for Rs. 20000/- only was made on 09.07.2020 at 10:58:06 hrs by Debit Card - RuPay, Customer IP:, Bank Ref #: ATM624, Instrument No. 019110805 2) Miss Gayle Dweltz - Order No. 1594350938602, CC Avenue Reference# 109898596266 for Rs. 20000/- only was made on 10.07.2020 at 08:49:06 hrs by Debit Card - RuPay, Customer IP:, Bank Ref# ATM292. Instrument No. 019208003 However, despite providing all these above mentioned details to the NMIMS faculty, they have been continuously mentally harassing and torturing us initially claiming that the payment has not been received. I therefore, requested my bank to clear out this doubt, which they did and informed me that the payment has been made successfully. Unfortunately, the NMIMS faculty was still not convinced and thereafter started insisting that the payment has been reversed back to my account. On clarification with the bank and updating of the bank pass book, no such statement has been recorded of payment reversed. Your honor, the bank statement was also forwarded to NMIMS, but to no avail. Despite trying to convince the NMIMS faculty that the payment has been made successfully and there is no reversal of payment, they have deactivated the Student ID of my children due to non-payment of fees. The person contacting us is Mr. Suraj Mishra, Contact No. +918929801773. Your honor, as on 20.09.2020, my children have been logged out of this education programme. If required, my bank can be contacted for clarifications as follows: Name of Bank: Citizen Credit Co-operative Bank Ltd., Byculla Branch, Mumbai, Branch Telephone Nos. 02223719862, 02223726815. Your honor, your strong intervention is requested in this matter since the future of my children's education is as stake as there has been no refund of the fees at all and debarring of my children unjustly from this programme. Out of desperation, I was compelled to forward this email to you your honor. My contact No. is +919819036678 and requesting your kind intervention in this matter. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, Ricardo Dweltz


Posted on Sep 14, 2020

Dear Sir My son , Mr. Madhusudan Yadav was a student of PGP program of 2020-22 at IIM Lucknow. He deposited Rs. 3,95,000/- to this institute as fees for 1st trimester. This fees includes infrastructure fees of 1,15,000/- too. But my son constrained to withdraw from IIM L due to poor financial position and securing admission at FMS Delhi. My son has requested through several mails to IIML for refund of fees after deducting proportionate amount as he has attended the classes only for 29 days. But IIML is not refunding the amount. As I am old and retired from private company and my son was only the earning member of my family so the above amount has lot of meaning for me in my old days and this corona time. I request you to kindly consider my case on a humane basis and arrange refund the max possible amount (paid 3,95,000/-) after deducting proportionate charges. Also, this very situation was created due to inordinate delay in the admission process of FMS; a Govt. college. I shall be highly obliged to you for this benevolence. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours faithfully, Gorakh Prasad Yadav F/O Madhusudan Yadav ex-PGP IIML

sharad nair

Posted on Sep 07, 2020

REFUND OF FEES REG ADMISSION NO. 18SLAM102/ Enrolment no. 18021020302 ================================================ My son SHARAD NAIR Took admission in Galgotia University , Greater Noida, U.P. through ICRI, New Delhi for 3 years BBA Aviation degree course and paid first year fee ICRI,New Delhi (i.e. 50,000/- by cash and balance by NEFT from BANK OF BARODA (as educational loan) . after completion of first year, university claimed 2nd year fee of INR 1,15,000/- and the same was paid by Bank of baroda , New Delhi through NEFT directly IN galgotia university Bank Account and BOB itself informed them by email. After making the payment My son approached the galgotia university for continuing his second year classes and they asked him to submit bank statement and proof of payment and for not giving the statement of account from BOB, they cancelled his admission. I belong to a middle class family and arranged educational loan from the bank.. In view of the CANCELLATION OF ADMISSION , I request the honorable committee of the Consumer redressal Forum to intervene the matter for getting refund from GALGOTIA UNIVERSITY enabling me to pay back the EDUCATIONAL LOAN AMOUNT to BANK OF BARODA. Ravi Nair B-542B, MAJLIS PARK, GALI NO.5, AZADPUR , DELHI 110033, INDIA TEL: 8800966900/ 7827238935 EMAIL:

Rohit varma

Posted on Aug 31, 2020

Airline refunding customer care number +91 8389980562.. Refund realeted any question just review. All problem solving here ask me any question just review.

Shareen Patni

Posted on Aug 14, 2020

Hello Sir/Madam I am a student of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and i had given exam in feb 2020 but in my online result one  TOC (Transfer Of Credit) subject was not added i.e Environmental Science, for which i called them and emailed them continuously day and night for about 10-15 days as soon as the results was declared, but i did not get a proper response from them. And finally i received a mail after 15 days saying that the TOC subject i.e Environmental Science, which i had applied for, is rejected. How can they reject a subject, when they had already confirmed my admission along with the TOC subject. My admission was confirmed on 24/1/2020 and they reject a subject on 14/8/2020, how can they reject after confirmation of admission and after the result? I request you to help me with this issue as I will lose my admissions for this year  as i have already applied thinking that they will update my result. I want to file a case against NIOS because this is not acceptable that they confirm my application with TOC subjects and then reject my TOC subject. I am attaching my confirmed admission form wherein you'll find the TOC subjects accepted by them. I am hoping to get justice on my case. Do contact me for further proceedings. Thanking You Shareen Patni


Posted on Jul 06, 2020

I m final year student of Parul university, waghodia, gujarat. And my Institute is demanding fees of whole semester till 7/07/2020 that is by tomorrow which was earlier 12/07 /2020 , installment facility is also given but via axis bank credit card only Above of all we have online internal exam from 13/07/2020 and we are not allowed to give that if we don't submit the whole semester fees that is 38000 by tomorrow, not only me but my whole class is suffering from this . And here in parul university late fee charge is also high that is 500 for 15 days. Plz sir /ma'am we need your help

Jay Menon

Posted on Jun 22, 2020

I am in my final year of engineering at NMIMS MPSTME, Mumbai and due to the COVID situation, every educational activity in our country has been halted. This is just one of the activities that have been halted. Rest includes the economic aspect, which is undoubtedly the backbone. People are forced to stay at homes to curb the spread and eventually it affects their income. As a united country, everyone is doing their part to support each other mentally and financially but recently I received an email regarding my fees for this year. When I enrolled in this college I did know that the fees were exorbitant with respect to other colleges and received good practical knowledge but this year is different. While everyone is struggling to make a penny for their family and trying to survive, the institution can't act inhumanely by asking for a sum of 3 Lakhs INR to be paid by 30 June 2020 without any kind of installment scheme. Is this how you treat your students? When I checked with the actual amount which had to be paid if the COVID crisis hadn't popped up, I was shocked since it was around 2.5 Lakh INR. They not only hiked the fee, they are even forcing us to pay this huge sum within a week. I do not want my final year to be spoiled by this act and I am definitely not just speaking for myself. There have been voices blooming against this tyranny but our management does not care to reply to our emails that raise genuine concern. All we know is that by with every day passing after 30 June, we will be fined Rs 100 per day. Finally, it is more about the burden our college is putting on our parents who are doing their every bit to see us get graduated from a reputed university. Is this the kind of relaxation we are being provided when the times are tough? I urge the concerned authorities to look into this matter and provide a feasible solution. I hope this message makes a difference.


Posted on Jun 22, 2020

I am in my final year of engineering at NMIMS MPSTME, Mumbai and due to the COVID situation, every educational activity in our country has been halted. This is just one of the activities that have been halted. Rest includes the economic aspect, which is undoubtedly the backbone. People are forced to stay at homes to curb the spread and eventually it affects their income. As a united country, everyone is doing their part to support each other mentally and financially but recently I received an email regarding my fees for this year. When I enrolled in this college I did know that the fees were exorbitant with respect to other colleges and received good practical knowledge but this year is different. While everyone is struggling to make a penny for their family and trying to survive, the institution can't act inhumanely by asking for a sum of 3 Lakhs INR to be paid by 30 June 2020 without any kind of installment scheme. Is this how you treat your students? When I checked with the actual amount which had to be paid if the COVID crisis hadn't popped up, I was shocked since it was around 2.5 Lakh INR. They not only hiked the fee, they are even forcing us to pay this huge sum within a week. I do not want my final year to be spoiled by this act and I am definitely not just speaking for myself. There have been voices blooming against this tyranny but our management does not care to reply to our emails that raise genuine concern. All we know is that by with every day passing after 30 June, we will be fined Rs 100 per day. Finally, it is more about the burden our college is putting on our parents who are doing their every bit to see us get graduated from a reputed university. Is this the kind of relaxation we are being provided when the times are tough? I urge the concerned authorities to look into this matter and provide a feasible solution. I hope this message makes a difference.

Kuldeep Singh

Posted on May 05, 2020

Res[pected Sir/ Madam I Kuldeep Singh (Asst. Professor ) Sri Sai College of Pharmacy, Manawala, Amritsar, Punjab. We have not been paid by the college since December 2019. I have not received any salary for the last six months.

Nandakumar Chandrasekaran

Posted on Apr 16, 2020

My son has been studying 3rd standard in one of the famous school at Pallavaram, Chennai. School management has kept demand for payment of I Term fee in advance in this month for the next calendar year classes. No time for extension of payment date as next classes will commence from June 2020. Though many of them are suffering in financial crunch due to Covid 19 virus threat, school management wants fees in well in advance. I want to address this issue behalf of all suffering people to overcome the issue. Please guide us the ways to handle it peacefully with school management.

Harmeen Virmani

Posted on Apr 09, 2020

Institute Website : I joined batch on 5th January in GLOBAL TEACHERS ACADEMY, Green Park and I was told that it was fresh batch but it wasn't still I didn't say anything as I already gave the fee. I belong to a middle class family where we can afford to waste our money. I have the paid fees of coaching through my savings. On 12th March all the institutes were shut due to COVID-19. I understand that during this situation institutes were so i didn't expect much but requested him to mail the notes even I was ready to travel to collect the notes but Mishra Sir denied when I asked him he said speak to your teacher when I spoke to our English teacher she replied on whatsapp speak to Mishra but no help was provided. As an aspirant, I cannot waste my one month. This year UGC NET is very important for me as I have left my job for this paper. I cannot compromise with my carrier so I joined online course. When asked him to atleast refund my half the fees he denied for that as well. I do understand that this is the time of crisis but I can't compromise my hard earn. now i spent the money on double things and he still to ready to provide anything then what is the point to join the course. I want my money. Mishra has no sense to talk he talked to me twice very rudely we have given him money we have the right to question things. I have fee receipt, payment transaction number, call recording and messages.

priyanka gupta

Posted on Jan 15, 2020

NIMBS- a private institute in mumbai took 30k for an PG dimploma couse in marketing for a distance couse from madurai kamraj university on 29th/10/2018 , for past 1.5yrs I am chasing them to refund my money they promised since they claim to refuse the affiliation now and any hope for exams


Posted on Nov 17, 2019

registered and paid fees of RS. 20650 for training course of digital marketing on 20th July. Their counsellor promised me that the training program is excellent but no proper classes had happened and after 2 months the course was ended abruptly. They cheated with me, took the full money and no benefit received from the program. My money got wasted and I need refund for my money.

Ankit ahuja

Posted on Nov 14, 2019

Many schools are open on 14 and 15 november 2019 and they are denying the district magistrate order to shut school for two days to prevent children against pollution.

Dr. Umesh Sharma

Posted on May 19, 2017

Respected Sir-This is Dr. Umesh Sharma in Mathematics Department; I have resigned and no dues on 26/04/2016 properly from Global Institute of Technology & Management Gurgaon, Haryana, But my salary does not release in certain time period. I talked the chairmen of institute but he told me that you should talk account manager or director. I ring many times to the phone of account officer but there are no responses. I talked to director about my salary they extended date day by day. I need my salary urgent for my family but I am getting so nervous and feel mentally harassment from the management

Tenzin Lodoe

Posted on May 19, 2017

dear sir/madam. i just checked my epfo balance my pf was not credited between june-dec 2016. why is that so? kindly acknowledge my grievance at earliest. my UAN no. 100473966659

bishal gupta

Posted on May 18, 2017

The institute did not provide me the promised no. classes after taking money


Posted on May 11, 2017

sir i am persuing btech from kcc institute of technology and management from greater noida my fees are pending which i'll pay when bank will provide me loan but my college is threting me not to issue admit card for my semester exam.What should i do sir plzz help.. its about my career

varun prakash saxena

Posted on Aug 27, 2015

I) Complain of corruption against Shri Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University,Vidhyanagari, churu-jhunjhunu road, churela, Dist-Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan-333001. who is demanding Rs 1.9 lacs (other than the fee) and forced to register four more new scholar students in Ph.D. to conduct final Ph.D. thesis viva and coercion to file FIR against the undersigned II) Denial for conduction of Ph.D. viva of the undersigned for last 2.5 Years resulting in loss of academic career and causing mental harassment


Posted on Aug 26, 2015

Sir/Madam, I have been working as a Data Entry Operator in Khariar Autonomous College, Khariar District-Nuapada state-Odisha since July 2010. But still I am not availing the EPF from this College where as rest of the Staff members are getting EPF regularly. Please Sir/Madam give suggestion what should I do to avail EPF?


Posted on Aug 26, 2015

Bright brains academy. (Uttam nagar) Highly disappointed with the management as well as treatment received for just taking trial. Would never prefer anyone to take classes from such fake institutions. Amongst worst institute's list.


Posted on Aug 25, 2015

I have completed M.Sc. in Chemistry in 2012 from Acharya Prafulla Chandra College, New Barrackpore affiliated to West Bengal State University. I have not got my certificate yet. Now, I'm working as an assistant teacher in a Higher Secondary school and enjoying Honours graduate pay scale. To get PG pay scale, I need to submit my Master degree certificate.


Posted on Aug 24, 2015


Posted on Aug 24, 2015

Shafiyulla Shareef

Posted on Aug 23, 2015



Posted on Aug 23, 2015

Sir/Madam, I have withdrawn my MCA seat in University Of Hyderabad (HCU). Under the rules they said that the amount Rs 33,000 which i deposited during document verification will be refundable with in 30days. Its been 2 months till now but yet they hadn't refunded it. Kindly help me.

raveesh kumar

Posted on Aug 21, 2015

i got fee waiver seat in uptu. i m student of g.l.bajaj institute of technology and management college code is 192. my college charge me 36000 per year as fee. as per uptu norms there will be no fee who got fee waiver please tell me what i can take legal step against the college.


Posted on Aug 21, 2015

shaikh idris aleemoddin

Posted on Aug 17, 2015

I am Ex student of one of college in Pune. My college do not giving to me security deposit.What can I do please help me.


Posted on Aug 17, 2015

I am mother of a student studying in MKT'S Madhyamik school eng medium kannamwar in std 8th this school has a fee of amount rs 8450 yearly that includes comp as wellas lab fees but is not providing any such facilities despite of regular notices from parents pls help us as soon as possible as

K. Suresh

Posted on Aug 16, 2015

My son, Shashank Suresh took provisional admission at KLE Society's Law College, Bangalore on July 9, 2015, We paid the admission fee of Rs. 70,000/- for the first year BA LLB course. Since he got admission in some other college, we asked them to refund the fee after deducting administrative charges. But they flatly refused. We followed up with them for refund of fees over phone as well sent them an email also. But they have not refunded the fees so far, His registration no. is KLELAW3414 We request you to please take up this case and help us in getting back our hard-earned money. Yours faithfully, K. Suresh Email:

Phuleswari Narzary

Posted on Aug 15, 2015

With due respect, I would like to intimate you about the current withheld result. The NIOS is barred the candidate into complete darkness. He is completely desperate and panic. Then NIOS is fully responsible for that. I regret to intimate you about the withheld result of Vivek Narzary though he was appeared on every subject on Apr 2015 dedicatedly. On re-evaluation also NIOS declared on withheld results. I request to interfere for the result to investigate legally. The subject cannot be shown as absence completely. Three subjects had shown withheld how? I request special verification on this regards forward the issue to investigation agency. Roll No- 010164143002, Name- VIVEK NARZARY, Mother's Name: PHULESWARI NARZARY Centre No-20147, Address for Theory Exam-J.E.S.COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, D.NO-14163, CHINAMUSHIDIWADA, PENDURTHY, VISAKHAPATNAM ANDHRA PRADESH 530051. Sr. Secondary- Intimation-Hall Ticket for Apr-May 2015 Exams

Phuleswari Narzary

Posted on Aug 12, 2015

Result is withheld though Roll No- 010164143002, Name- VIVEK NARZARY, Mother's Name- PHULESWARI NARZARY Centre No-20147, Address for Theory Exam-J.E.S.COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, D.NO-14163, CHINAMUSHIDIWADA, PENDURTHY, VISAKHAPATNAM ANDHRA PRADESH 530051. Sr. Secondary- Intimation-Hall Ticket for Apr-May 2015 Exams. The NIOS declared non update result without mark of either failure or pass though request re-evaluate. I request honorable committee of the Consumer redressal forum to interfere the result declared by NIOS to provide the justice to innocent student. Million are being cheated by NIOS. It smells clear conspiracy. I have ringed up and made correspondence with NIOS Director of Head quarter Delhi, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam but no fruit has been received.

Atul Gujar

Posted on Aug 12, 2015

Respected Sir/Mam, I am Atul Gujar. I want to bring to your notice that flora institute of technolgy is not doing admissions as per rules. They are accepting fees less than the fees decided by shikshan shulka samiti and they are confirming admissions. You can check their website where in fee structure link they have mentioned fees for Post Graduate courses. Fee for computer networks is 80000/- they have mentioned but in reality shikshan shulka samiti has decided their fees as 99,000/- I have taken admission to computer networks and internet security course by paying 80000/- fees but later when i went for cancellation of admission they told me our fees is 102000/- rupees and you need to pay that much fees for cancellation as per DTE rules. Now, my question is if DTE allows paying of partial fees at the time of admission then why DTE has made such rule to pay full fees for cancellation of admission.


Posted on Aug 12, 2015

Hey guys this to inform that Career launcher Rudrapur and Haldwani Uttarakhand are really very bad with bad faculties which are bluffing students and director of the center is not providing all the facilities and books to students of cl moreover classroom infrastructure shits.The director of the center is filling his pockets with lakhs of money per month and is playing with the career of upstart.This is a total shame on Career launcher for such an services which violates its brand value. Kindly circulate this post as this should be remedied and director should be taken with serious action by career launcher authorities kindly take strict action against him as possible.I urge all the students who knows the role of a coaching institute and faculties in shaping ones career stop fooling kids and provide them with needy facilities and stop filling money with your own filthy pockets.


Posted on Aug 12, 2015

Hey guys this to inform that Career launcher Rudrapur and Haldwani Uttarakhand are really very bad with bad faculties which are bluffing students and director of the center is not providing all the facilities and books to students of cl moreover classroom infrastructure shits.The director of the center is filling his pockets with lakhs of money per month and is playing with the career of upstart.This is a total shame on Career launcher for such an services which violates its brand value. Kindly circulate this post as this should be remedied and director should be taken with serious action by career launcher authorities kindly take strict action against him as possible.I urge all the students who knows the role of a coaching institute and faculties in shaping ones career stop fooling kids and provide them with needy facilities and stop filling money with your own filthy pockets.

Mrunal khadode

Posted on Aug 10, 2015

Hy ths is mrunal i wnt to complaint about momentum coaching classes in nagpur, they make student fool & momentum teaching is too bad n poor, they take admission only for money, its 1.5 lakh i wnt to leave that institute & they can't giving my feels,


Posted on Aug 07, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I am from Tamilnadu State, Dindigul District-624208. I was studying a post graduate degree programme (M.E Aeronautical Engineering) at Regional Center of Anna University-TamilNadu. I have paid Rs,44,2210/- p.a towards various facility that the technical institute should have. But in that institution lack of Staff members, No Laboratory, no computers, no internet facility, no placement activities, and no class rooms. Due to above said cause i have been affected severely. But they have collected the fees toward that insufficient facilities. I need a Legal Advice to take action against that institution.


Posted on Aug 06, 2015

Request for Refund of Rs. 2000/- was made in prescribed Format But Till Date Nither Payment is Received in Bank A/c Nor By Cheque. Please Conform the Status of Refund. Candidate Detail's Name :- Ritu Gautam Challan No. :- 506664 Roll No. :- 353462 Course :- BSTC (GEN.) Amount :- 2000/- Father Name :- Mahaveer Gautam Bank Name :- ICICI Banak Branch :- Mathura Gate Bharatpur Branch Code :- 6856 Challan date of Deposit :- 28-05- 2013 Candidate Bank Name : Punjab National Bank A/c Holder Name : Kum Ritu Gautam A/c No. : 7339001500006136 Branch Address: Mahoo Khas. Hindon, District Karoli, Rajasthan IFSC Code : PUNB0733900

KN Thakur

Posted on Aug 02, 2015



Posted on Aug 01, 2015

I want to complain against NIT Rourkela due to extra fee.

Avinash Vasant Sansare

Posted on Jul 31, 2015

My son is studying in 4th year engineering college in Vidyalankar Institute of Technology , Wadala . For OBC students the college has kept limit of 4,50,000 anuual Income to get concession in fees , but Government has fixed this limit upto 6,00,000 from May 2013 . My income is 5,28,000 per annual . But the college is not accepting the concession . Please advice me , what i can do in this case ?

Rajan Lamba

Posted on Jul 31, 2015


Posted on Jul 29, 2015

Today July 29,2015 the parents had an interaction orientation called by IIT, Hyderabad. When I raised the question about the damaged hostel at Ordance Factory, Hyderabad, the Director challenged me by stating that he would be in a position to move my ward to another IIT institute if he is not comfortable in the hostel. I felt like it was both a threat and discrimination because 2 month ago it was promised that the new campus would be ready and the 1st year students would be accommodated in that campus but when I brought up that point he said that our children have to adjust as he had adjusted in 1961/ 1959 etc. and also instead of being open and honest he criticized the media stating that we should not believe THE HINDU as well as The Times of India and was rude in saying that Chennai IIT has monkeys, and other IITs have Leopards etc. which really was uncalled for. We as parents already feel like being threatened and discriminated

Dr Satish Sharma

Posted on Jul 29, 2015

Sir I have sent a complaint in your e mail i.e.


Posted on Jul 29, 2015

Dear sir/madam My name is vishal our yellamma dasappa institute of technology(ydit)kanakapur road raghuvana halli banglore-62 college has taken college fees from students 28000 it is highest fees taken engineering college in Bangalore actually I'm admission for final many private colleges getting 13000only but my college is getting cet fees+college fees 60000 round up in one bill sir pls all students request for you please take a serious action about ydit PLS TAKE A SERIOUS ACTION


Posted on Jul 28, 2015

We completed our MBA in 2012 - 2014.we are yet to receive our semester wise mark sheets for all the four semester. There is no proper response from the college management. It is becoming a major issue for most of us while applying for jobs in corporate companies. We request you to kindly look into this at the earliest. College Address: Professional Group of Institutions, K.N. Puram, Coimbatore - Trichy Road, Palladam Taluk - 641 662 Phone no: 04255 - 278033, 278044 E-Mail:

bhavikkumar bhandari

Posted on Jul 28, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I had taken admission in NITIE (National Institute of Industrial Engineering),Mumbai on 16th Jun 2014 and had paid fees Rs.4,19,000. It runs a program equivalent to MBA. However, I got admission in other college and had withdrawn my admission on 28 June,2014.I had just attended institute for just 4-5 days. NITIE has just refunded Rs. 28000.Moreover, NITIE has not filled all seats and around 15 % seats are vacant yet. I request you to give me advice what should i do to get my money back.

jagat singh

Posted on Jul 27, 2015

Respected Sir,My B.A final year exam marksheet not given to me by M.D.University Rohtak,I am visit on 21.07.2015 M.D.U ,But no response anyone .So plz help me this case.


Posted on Jul 23, 2015


Rasidul Saikh

Posted on Jul 23, 2015

Info Unive cheated my rs. 25000/ in the name of training fee to get confirmed job at HP. All the students are being cheated by same way.

Syamjith S Pillai

Posted on Jul 23, 2015

Hi Sir, My name is SYAMJITH S PILLAI and i am an ex candidate in NIIT IFBI Cochin branch from June 2012 batch.I passed out from there after i had some health diagnosed problems,so that i went to abroad.But at that time my Branch head told,he can sent my certificate to my home address.But he didn't sent it.Now the branch is closed and i cant touch with any employees from there.I contact to current IFBI branch in Ravipuram,Cochin,kerala,they told they don't konw any thing about the past candidates.After i wrote lot of mails and contact NIIT IFBI different branches including HO,RO and Customer care.They told one complaint to "",I sent a lot mails with mention in details of my problem.they are no reply at least a single mail.I want my certificate back and i spent around 62000 INR for this course.they want only business,no perfect service. there customer care no. also working for only new business.they are not considering ex student problems. So kindly do the needful


Posted on Jul 21, 2015

Dear Sir,Mera College Ka Name Hai Karimpur Pannadevi College. is College me Agar Schoolarship ke liye Attested karne jau to unlog Bohot Dat te hai, Ignore karte hai or Abuse karte hai. Un Staff ka name hai Satyen Bag. Plese Sir Esa na kare iske liye Boliye.College Phone & Fax:- 03471255158.


Posted on Jul 20, 2015

Pratik kheria

Posted on Jul 20, 2015

I had been given wrong and fake information before I was enrolling with this institute and now since I have enrolled they are turning their back and not supporting and agreeing to their said commitments. I am a working professional and belongs to a middle class family to support my career and to grow in my personal and professional life I picked up this studies. While I was enrolling for this I had clearly asked and confirmed about my future plans I want to place myself overseas for my betterment and the institute person confirmed me that I can continue my studies being anywhere in the world since this is a distance education to support all working professional without stopping the individuals growth they said they will provide examination center from wherever I want based on which I enrolled for this program and now when last week I called the institute lady to know on how things can be shaped she refused that they said any such things m feeling stuck now I will request you to pl hel

Renjith Joseph

Posted on Jul 17, 2015

Respected Sir, I'm Renjith Joseph from cochin, before 6 month i joined a Graduate Diploma In Business Administration from Ariston School of Business Studies, Cochin. Corporate Office 2nd Floor-Jack's Castle Building KK Road',Kaloor-17 Ernakulam Kerala- India Ph: 0484-3190414/15/16 Mob : +91 902 070 2200 they are offering Under graduate programme on Fast Track option and i opted the same, now i completed my 1st year exam done the payment of Rs.10,000/- and attended the examination and submitted my Exam paper. and i got the information from them the result will publish with in 2 weeks, after the two weeks i contacted them no reply and nobody not picking the call also. later i contacted them through mail, i got the reply , will publish with in 1 week...and the one week also over but no i would like make a complaint against those people who cheated me and i want to refund the amount. so i'm looking forward your prestigious help and all.


Posted on Jul 17, 2015

Sir/madam With most due respect and honour I would like to draw your attention to my grevience regarding to documents related with my BCA course from Punjab technical university under distance education programme from a Learning centre 1103 sofdot high-tech education institute which is an authorised learning centre of PTU located at South -ex part 1. My admission year is 2009 and passed out year is 2013 . Sir I was refused to provide character certificate from my learning centre which is mandatory and required for taking admission for further studies at different universities. I've approached several times with the staffs and administrative head requesting them to provide character certificate for my further studies . I'm deeply in pain and my career for higher studies will be affected due to discrimination met out by the staffs towards me ,as I belong to North East state from Manipur . However my other classmates belonging to different states were provided without any issue and


Posted on Jul 16, 2015

Respected Sir, I joined REVIT MEP Course in Super Soft, Domlur.They fixed 9500 as Fee for that Course. I paid 5000 for this month. But i am not satisfied that class in weekly twice. But they didnt inform before, in the same they didnt show any material for that course and classes is not clearly. Just showing that icons in revit.I was stucked in that institute and paid money also not worthy. They didnt provide any ID card but took my 2 Passport size photo, respect isnt given my admin.Is this any option to get back my money thro' filing consumer case.


Posted on Jul 16, 2015

Dear sir I have applied for Executive MBA from KSOU online distance learring and paid full fee for the course in April 2015. Till date they have not providing blackboard (live classes, informations) facility for which we are paying as well. I feel I'm not getting full benefits for the fee which I paid. When I ask them for this issue the answer is same, blackboard is down will be up soon. But till date its not up! Help me with this issue.

Saumya MK

Posted on Jul 15, 2015

Sir, I am a BCA student and I have completed my course on March 31st 2015 from IDE (LSC)and the final year exam are to be held on August 17th. I have appeared for MCA entrance and the admission for MCA will start soon. As my exams are not yet over and the results will be published next year only I will lose my 1 year. All other regular scheme students can move on with there carrier where its not possible with me. Meanwhile when I tried to contact Kerala university, LSC,IDE and LBS no one is attending the calls. Sir Kindly do something so that I can also join MCA Course this year without wasting 1 year. I hope this will be an eyeopener.

Neeraj Yadav

Posted on Jul 14, 2015

I have submitted fee for my Child on 13/09/2014 for academic session 2015-16. but due to my job circumstances i asked for refund of fees in Feb 2015 when admissions were still going on & school has offered that seat to some other student. They have refunded me Rs 68500 by cheque on 13 march 2015.and have deducted Rs 40000/- out of Rs 108500/- saying this is processing fees. I don't understand what is this processing fees , my child has not gone to school a single day, as session starts from April, also when they have offered that seat to other student then how can they deny for refund to me. District education authorities has ordered to refund full fees but School is not adhering to DEO orders.

maneeta singh

Posted on Jul 12, 2015

I've join a cbse school april 2015 befor joining addminister told me submit 12000/or all original document for security but I was not able for submit the 12000/- so i 've submit my document. They have n't given appointmant lettre & they have taken my signature on a job agriment. They have oppoint me for PRT Art teacher but they have given me higher classes. Joining time they have not told me transport charges. But I face so much dificulty in that I have given resignation with in a month after joining they are not giving my document or my salary & saying me submit 12000/ according school rules then they will give my document & salary. I have workd 25- 27 days according my salary some thing 9000/ I have earn but they have cut 1100/ some thing for transport now 8000/ some thing left now they are saying me submit 4000/ more then we will give your document according to rules but I have no money at that time and I can't join any other job without document so plz help me

Sudhir Kumar

Posted on Jul 07, 2015

Respected Sir/Ma'am My younger brother has completed his 10th standard this year from CBSE PATNA,he wants to get admission in,sr. Sec. School Dwarka, sec-6,which is nearby our residence but that school is not ready to take admission of him and for this they are giving lame reasons to us.Principal of that school is denying us by saying that they don't take admissions of the children of Madhu vihar but as far as I am concerned most of the students of Madhu vihar are studying there.Firstly, they asked for the counter signature on TC then my father went to CBSE PATNA office then they said that now this provision has been removed from CBSE rules and they issued one letter and gave it to my father and now when we are showing them that letter they are saying that we don't follow CBSE rules and we have our own rules and we have audio clips as a proof of their statements. The name of the Principal is Ritu Puri.

Rajat dasgupta

Posted on Jul 07, 2015


Posted on Jul 04, 2015

Shaikh Anwar

Posted on Jul 01, 2015

Dear Sir/ Madam. I, Shaikh Anwar, father of Master Shaikh Khizar, Grade VIIIth C, who is studying in the Glendale International Academy, has following complaint. I received a call from the School, Glendale International Academy, last week that I need to collect my son, Shaikh Khizar, from the school as he is suspensed. on asking what is the problem the receptionist said they dont know. I rushed to the school & met Discipline in charge Mrs. Aparna Tiwari. She informed me that my son, Shaikh Khizar, has entered into a fight with Mr. Samarth two days back so we have issued the suspension letter to your child and announced it in the assembly. I asked why you have not informed he immdtly, they said sorry & It was a mistake. I requested to share details of incident but they are not giving. Last year the school didnt helped my elder son, Shaikh Safdar, XI Com, who was harassed and ragged. The Vice Principal spread bad rumors abt him. I changed his school but its getting worse Please help sir.


Posted on Jul 01, 2015

The tuition fees in bangalore is too high compared to other cities ..especially for cet coaching and other I joined my sisters for giraffe and akash ...giraffe changed 53000 and akash nearly 90000...With scholarship. ..giraffe cheated me ...I gave 53000 cheque n we withdraw her from tuition and they agreed to surrender cheque if we pay 15000 ...I paid but they told they can't return cheque n in a paper they signed n gave they wil not produce cheque ..but even after taking 10000 ....After few days they produced our cheque in bank and due to no balance .It was bounced. ..moreover there are 85 students per batch


Posted on Jul 01, 2015

The tuition fees in bangalore is too high compared to other cities ..especially for cet coaching and other I joined my sisters for giraffe and akash ...giraffe changed 53000 and akash nearly 90000...With scholarship. ..giraffe cheated me ...I gave 53000 cheque n we withdraw her from tuition and they agreed to surrender cheque if we pay 15000 ...I paid but they told they can't return cheque n in a paper they signed n gave they wil not produce cheque ..but even after taking 10000 ....After few days they produced our cheque in bank and due to no balance .It was bounced. ..moreover there are 85 students per batch

Tejas sharma

Posted on Jun 30, 2015

I am a student of mech engg in ITM UNIVERSITY GURGAON .I had done my industrial training in caparo maruti and i had proof also but my college is showing me fail in it .Iasked reason for it bu they pass remarks for me and make fun of me by sayinf jinda lash or garbage.


Posted on Jun 30, 2015

सेवा मे श्रीमान महोदय हमने २०१४-अप्रेल मे बाह मे पी.जी.डी.सी.ए. मे अडेमिशन लिया था जिस की पुरि फीस हम जमा कर चुके है ओर आज जुन २०१५ होगयी है मगर ना तो हमरे पेपर हुए ओर नाही कोई क्लस लगी इन्होने हमरी एक साल खरब की है हम स्कूल सेअपने एक साल खारब करने का हर्जाना चाहते है ओर स्कूल के खिलाफ सक्त से सक्त कर्यवाही हो जिस से किसी को का जीवन खरब नाहो

anamika verma

Posted on Jun 27, 2015

Naraina cllg w/o affilation take admession and from 2 yr they r nt conducting exam

Ikramul Haque

Posted on Jun 26, 2015

Dear Puja, As Mahindra Finance document verification they have reported to received fake Graduation marks sheet which you have provided me. Due to which they have rejected my document and deciding to terminate from company. There is kindly request to look after my issue as soon as possible So that I can save my job. Student Details given bellow:- Institution name :- ETHICS INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGY. Name :- Ikramul Haque University name :- Shridhar University Pilani Rajasthan Enrollment No :- J10BSMAT00024213 Session :- 2010 to 2013 Branch :- Mathematics Thanks & Regards. Ikramukl Haque

j. madhuri kumar

Posted on Jun 26, 2015

School is asking fees of may and June 2015 but I want to take tc they are asking for Rs. 11000 fees of march April, may and june

jairaj parab

Posted on Jun 26, 2015

Sir, i had applied in institution name malik sandal institute of art & architecture. i had paid 20,000/- as registration fees of DTE and some other fees. but i got failed in entrance exam. now if i ask for refund they are not giving me. if i am not taking admission there, than what kind of registration they are charging for me.Please help me need that money for taking admission somewhere else.


Posted on Jun 26, 2015

Sir, I have been been working in N.G.F.College of Engg. &Technology since 15july2008, with the first day of the college. My appointment letter was issued by them which contains that I'll have 2give prior notice similarly the mgmt. Will also give me notice if thay want me to leave the job. Bt the principal, who tried to harrass me has now made me a phone call on 2 may 2015 n said nt to come for one week.n now he has mafe me to terminate. I m given nt even a singal notice in my work period n I gave 100-99pers. Result all the when I refused to leav the job he told me to give 3months leave application. That I have given.he is nt giving my experience ceryificate also.kindly tell me how I can manage this issue. I want to tackle all the isses.iknow he is the bloody cheat &thee are many loopholes in the college mgmt.kindly help me in this issue


Posted on Jun 25, 2015

sir i have joined in in jan2015 and paid a fee of 56,000 and later got admitted in my preferred college on march2015.then i went to my mtech college to cancel my seat and get back my certificates.the college was neither returning my certificates nor refunding my fee.please suggest any procedure to get my certificates.please respond asap.pleasee...

priya pandey

Posted on Jun 25, 2015

Sir, Company name : Barkatullah university state : Madhya pradesh City : Bhopal Name : Priya Pandey Course : MBA Batch : 2012-14 My migration certificate is rejected because i dont have my mba 4th sem marksheet but i am the student of 2012-14 batch but still i am not getting my marksheet but i want my migration in that case what will i do plz provide me your proper guidence so i can get my migration or provide mba 4th sem marksheet as soon as possible,i have already waste my one year(2014-15) & i dont want to waste my 2015-16 so plz plz plz provide my mba 4th sem marksheet 2012-14 batch. WAIT FOR YOUR RESPONSE,plz help me as soon as possible so i can take addmission without any problem

Manish kumar

Posted on Jun 23, 2015

I have filled Itm university exam fee online debit card four times 1000 total 4000 payment faliure showing amount deduct from account and kept by university and they are not refunding back

Gopal Bhattacharya

Posted on Jun 23, 2015

I had taken admission in Jetking Bidhan Nagar center, they are not giving my fees back as I cannot continue the course, the receipt no is BN-1516-000459 date 31st May 2015


Posted on Jun 23, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I had taken admission in NITIE (National Institute of Industrial Engineering),Mumbai on 16th Jun 2014 and had paid fees Rs.4,19,000. It runs a program equivalent to MBA. However, I got admission in other college and had withdrawn my admission on 28 June,2014.I had just attended institute for just 4-5 days. NITIE has just refunded Rs. 28000.Moreover, NITIE has not filled all seats and around 15 % seats are vacant yet. I request you to give me advice what should i do to get my money back.

Anoop Nadh

Posted on Jun 22, 2015

Dear sir, This mail I am writing for my brother Mr Midhun lal , he is a Bsc Polimer chemistry student of Govt.collage attingal under Kerala university Kerala India. Due to some health issues he can't continue his studies from his fourth semester(second year). After one year he again applied for the continuity but the HOD is not ready to give the admission. Some of his classmates were mischief makers he perceive that Midun Lal under themselves custody so that may affect the collages daily activity so and so.. But he is purely innocent and ready to continue his fifth semester classes. From this event what are the precations we have to taken. Please write to me I will get back to u.


Posted on Jun 22, 2015

Dear sir/Madam I am Ravi s/o sh charan singh.I was a student of 10th class from Govt.high school kanhai village gurgaon.I am passed the 10th class from Board of Secondary Education Haryana Bhiwani but my original marksheet not recieved to me. I have called the board for my original marksheet and he says me you will pay the fees 200 and we sent you to duplicate markesheet But i have pay the extra 100 rupees because of sent my marksheet with in a week.But still after two week gone but my marksheet not recieved to me.My roll no is 2212422036 sept 2013 session.Please help me.

Harvinder Kaur

Posted on Jun 18, 2015

I resigned from Pancesia Public School Jalalabad (W) Distt. Fazilka in Nov-2013. I request for PF given to me. School Management fill the form but still now i do not get my PF amount. I request many time but in vain.Kindly grant my PF Amount.

Rishabh Kaushik

Posted on Jun 18, 2015

I am 2009-2011 Batch passout from Galgotias Business school & I have not received my security money back till date.

Dr.Vinay V Bedre

Posted on Jun 18, 2015

I am kept outside of Academics since 9 months illegally ,even after university enquiry i am not allowed to attend college,I am expecting compensation of my reversible and irreversible loss

Neeraj Yadav

Posted on Jun 17, 2015

Fraud in name of Admission fees by Blue Bells Public School, Sec 10, Gurgaon I have sent mail to consumer Redressal forum on 28 April but no revert received. Even Gurgaon District Consumer court is not accepting this case. please help


Posted on Jun 15, 2015

I had completed my F.y it from B.N.N COLLEGE in 2014-2015. Now i want to move to other college for that i require my T.C. But my college authority is not issueing me a T.C. Saying that our seat will be vacant so that you have to pay S.Y & T.Y fees. Than only we will issue you a T.C. But the fees amount is 40.000 and also a teaching system is not good in college. My father is just a loom worker. From where we will bring that much of money. We don't have a rights to go anywhere for study. Sir please tell me what i want to do now.

Nitesh Sharma

Posted on Jun 15, 2015

Our college is not refunding the amount of our security (15000) which we had submitted at the time of admission. Its been 4 years that we have completed our course but they are not returning the amount.

yashundhra parmar

Posted on Jun 15, 2015

I have joined ducat Gwalior 11 Feb 2015 for 6 month duration course of .net and ducat teaches me 2 months 15 days and then ducat india left the from 30 April and I have submit the one time payment fee 6500

yogendra kapkoti

Posted on Jun 09, 2015

sir,in my college at the day of admission our college marketing general manager did lot of false promises regarding our college and academics.they take extra amount on the name of books,corporate suit and tab but they not provided complete book bank and the quality of suit is very cheap as compare to our deposite money. so, please give me proper knowledge regarding my rights.

Rani Kapadia

Posted on Jun 04, 2015

My ex employer Indus International School, Pune is not providing the UAN no. for my EPF. I am lodging a complaint agains them.


Posted on Jun 04, 2015

I am one of the student of T.I.M.E. I feel sorry in saying that for the basic requirements too , I have to complaint to T.I.M.E JODHPUR & JAIPUR branch again and again. 1. No punctuality : The very first batch of the day 7 to 9 am starts half an hour late daily. This has been the case since the very first day of coaching , has been more the a month. I expect that such kind of professional institute to respect time of its students. 2. AIR CONDITIONER : I really can't believe that A.C are not working properly rather the staff of T.I.M.E JODHPUR doesn't not even switch off the tubelights , air conditioners & fans. A.C are not in working conditions and its next to impossible to study in such a situation. Kindly fix it in a day or two. 3. English Faculty : The Englsih faculties are not good at all. The teacher who takes Grammar class especially never respects a cross question from the students. I feel sorry to say that he doesn't welcome the queries and problems of the students.

Voice of People

Posted on Jun 04, 2015

shubham kumar gupta

Posted on Jun 04, 2015

sir I took admission in 1st year (CSE) in a college of Kolkata previous year but due to bad condition of mine I cancelled the admission and gave an application to the institute for refund of my fee.the institute told me that they will refund my fee in 7 to 8 months but now they are not upto their promise and not willing to give my tutuion fee. the name of the institute is CAMELLIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY KOLKATA institute-(033)22121007/1009/2218/2285 name of fee coordinator:Nilanjan Basu Sir, I am from a middle class family so please help me in my problem to get my total amout of 94000 Rs. of my tution fee.i will be very thankful hope you will care in my matter.

milind Nirkhe

Posted on May 30, 2015

symbiosis center for distance learning failed to provide any placement assistance as they promise for their courses


Posted on May 28, 2015

Hardeep Singh Dhillon

Posted on May 27, 2015

Biased Recruitment I want to compalint against Maharishi Markandeshwar University Sadopur (Ambala) Haryana Established under Haryana Govt. Act No. 29 of 2010 and approved by the UGC vide letter No. F.8-8/2011 (CPP-1/PU) dated 8 July 2011 about biased recruitment in Dec 2014 FOR (Jan 2015 to May 2015 session). A large no of candidates come to give interview in ECE Deptt but all of them wer7e not interviewed and i was one of them. Some candidates were interviewed and were recruited. It was a biased act from the concerned authority who were not able to interview all candidates. Kindly take strict action against the responsible authorities. So that in future this may not happen again. Thankyou HARDEEP SINGH DHILLON A.P ECE Department


Posted on May 27, 2015

sir i am worked in mahatma gandhi matriculation school parandapalli - pochampalli. in 01-08-2007 to 30-04-2012. in management not paying for epf amount in office i asked many time to clear it give my epf amount but not responsible for school sides and office side also so please help me


Posted on May 27, 2015

This is to bring to your kind perusal that while joining the course Analytics I, Rounak Saboo had already mentioned that I did not have opted for Mathematics in my Class XII as one of the subject. Also while joining the course I had been given an option to attend either Live classes or Virtual classes , the same will depend upon me .The timings of the classes were suppose to be from 5-7 p.m. But after joining the course the situation is altogether has come to a different phase and I have been denied to be provided with all the above mentioned terms. I have been repeatedly pleading you for looking into the matter but since there is no response to my request I would thereby like to get my fees back along with all the expenses incurred by me. I would be highly obliged if you look into the matter and do the needful as soon as possible.

kirtika gupta

Posted on May 27, 2015

Respected Sir/ Madam, my examination fees has not been refunded yet because in my revaluation paper fees alreay deposited and revaluation result has not been declare by university and new seession examination fees declared for enrollment,and rajasthan university declare notification in newspaper for refunded fee of new seesion if marks increased and student pass and same with me, my marks increased in revalution but new seession whole fees RS 1690 in mcom (abst)final 2014 not refunded yet.SO many letters reguarding application and examination receipt has been deposited by me in rajasthan university...please sir take an action for complaint and reward me my fees....

Srutee Darshana

Posted on May 24, 2015

Appin Technology Lab, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha center is a fraud. The counselor has taken Rs.150000 for the sake of giving a job with 100% assurance but now after 6 months she is telling that go to police station or wherever you want and do whatever you can, I will not return the money nor will i give you a job. Please help me, its all about my career and my life.

Karn Singh Fouzdar

Posted on May 22, 2015



Posted on May 21, 2015

They have hired me for 1000 per hour charge for completion of subject.After completion payment is not done and they are not recieving call or responding my message.even they blocked me. institute-engineers institute of india delhi branch gwalior name of employer R K Rajesh(director eii delhi)

vishal mahajan

Posted on May 21, 2015

sir...i have complaint against of sharp institute,rajasthan

Bhagyashree Sharma

Posted on May 20, 2015

I have submitted 4100 Rs for Mahila Supervisor exam to Knowledge Infinity Academy in Nov 2014. They said that "Full fees will refund if not selected". But I have not get selected and they are not refunding my fee amount. Please help me.


Posted on May 20, 2015

Reply to Complaint by : Komaljit Kaur Posted On: 2015-04-17 13:24:08 Sir, I had done a Diploma in Operation Theatre Course in July August 2011 from Punjab Medical Institute of Nursing & Hospital Trust (P.G. Medical Academy / P.G. Academy) c/o, Gurudwara Sahib Bhai Budha Singh Ji, G. T. Road, Suranussi, Jalandhar-27, Punjab. Phone number : 9876902730, 9876902720. Till now they are not giving my diploma mark-sheet & certificate. I have requested lots of time. They always give us some excuse & send us back. But they are giving me my diploma. They always say university is not sending it to them. Sir Ji, i am suffering a lot. Please help me to get my documents from them. As per your request, Your Duplicate Certificate is issued by the University & It can be collected from the Study Center. Thank you & Sorry for the Inconvenience.

Deepak Kumar

Posted on May 20, 2015

Cancellation of admission after one year without giving any reason.

Sonal Muthu

Posted on May 18, 2015

I have been cheated by an institute called Kiara in Delhi. A girl name Jyoti contacted me to do admission in National University and then the the MD of that University was arrested for selling degrees. Now she has taken 13 thousand rupees and not returning back. She finally said she will enrol me in Shobbit University and misguided me stating that Shobbit is Delhi UGC registered. Today after reading the blogs online i came to know its a University from UP and it has no UGC approval for distance. She has cheated me and is not reaady to return my money back. Infact she's stating on the phone that "yes we sell degrees and i wont return your money infact i will erase all your records" go to any UGC or Police complaint centers and they cant do anything. Please help me i am in trauma because of this. Contact Details of the institute: G-68A, (L.G.F), Near Balaji Estate, Kalkaji, New Delhi-110019 Tel : 011- 41032233 E-mail : W

Aman kumar

Posted on May 18, 2015

I have apply computer science from gurukul institute yamuna nagar near fountain choak. But they can't conduct my exam and only say me that ur exam will be in november month when november was out thn say me ur exam at june maximum 3 or 4 years has gone . Plz tell me what i do ?

Maheshwaran. S

Posted on May 18, 2015

I worked in SVS Educational Institutions from Aug 1st 2011 to Dec 31st 2013. I have submitted my pf closure form 2 months later. But yet i didnt get my pf amount. I had made many attempts to get it. I have asked them several times till to this day there is no proper response from the management. Kindly do the needful

soniyo maurya

Posted on May 17, 2015

MICROTEK COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY Maldahiya, varanasi Asking for second year fee even though we haven't appeared in 1st yr final examination yet........It's very disappointing as they have imposed late fine of rupees 100 per day from 25th may onwards... We should be given at least 2 months time to submit the same..... It Our humble request please take some effective steps towards this. Thank you


Posted on May 16, 2015

sir iam studying mtech in SPR Engg college,ankushapur,telanagana.i was short listed for a govt job.but my college is not giving my certificates for certification verification in the college is not having professors and sufficient facilities to teaching lessons .it is having a just a small the permission is given to this college? it is spoiling students careers.there is no teaching to the students and dont have principals and hods.this institute is having only two members of staff.plz remove accredation for such type of colleges

Prakhar Singh

Posted on May 14, 2015

Respected Sir, I took admission in University Institute Of Technology, The University Of Burdwan, West Bengal previous year on 30th July,2014 but due to certain circumstances I had to cancel my admission.Branch allotted was Electrical Engineering I cancelled the admission on 20th August, 2014.I paid the admission fee of Rs.34050. The officials told that they will refund the admission fees by December, 2014 after deducting some amount, but its been nearly a year but they didn't refund the fees. I tried to contact them many times but no proper reply is given by them.They have not refunded a single rupee. Sir, please help me in this regard. I had cancelled the admission before the starting of the first semester classes. I belong to a middle class family and I am in need of money. Please do take some action. I would be gratefull to you.


Posted on May 13, 2015

Hello, I took admission at iipm institute at chattarpur in delhi in june last year for MBA. They said they offer full degree Later i came to know that they are approved..So went their for refund of my fees but they denied and said we can not refund your fees as it against our rules..I have submitted their 200000 rupees..I have went their many times but they are not responding well.. Plz help me Sir.. Regards Kapil

kamal shah

Posted on May 13, 2015

i,kamal shah,had applied for admission of junior k.g.for my daughter aneira shah,in bombay scottish mahim[w].but i got regret letter,as being in 1 kilometer radius ,and being a girl child i should have got preference for admission,but school authority are not ready to speak,and did not allow to enter the school on what base the admission are being issued?its blench of r.t.e.norms

Sridhar Biswal

Posted on May 12, 2015

Dear Sir/Mam,I took admissions and wrote exam for Bcom course at Nobel institute, the exam we wrote last year April 2014 but till the institute is not giving final year result and certificate,I got information that University (KSOU) has already cleared our result but our institute is playing with us.kindly take a serious action against then and solve our pproblems.Thank you


Posted on May 11, 2015


Babita Yadav

Posted on May 08, 2015

I am a student of REAL LIFE GROUP OF EDUCATION EAST DELHI. I enrolled for Headstart course on 2011. this course was for 3 Years which was suppose to end on 2013. They have taken the total amount of Rs 25,000.00 and all payments cleared by 2011. After numerous requests they have taken exams on July 2013 and STILL NOT GIVEN ME MY DEGREE / CERTIFICATE. Every other day I am calling this institute and they are giving new stories and Demand another Rs. 5000/- rupees.sir i am a girl my holl carrier are spoiled PLEASE HELP ME. I NEED TO SUBMIT THAT DEGREE/CERTIFICATE FOR MY UPMCOMING INTERVIEWS AND EDUCATIONS .

Semanti Mukherjee

Posted on May 08, 2015

I am a student of Kaikhali CMC Ltd. I enrolled for Headstart course on 30/10/2013. this course was for 6months which was suppose to end on 30/4/2014. They have taken the total amount of Rs10,337.00 and all payments cleared by 23/4/2014. After numerous requests they have taken exams on January 2015 and STILL NOT GIVEN ME MY CERTIFICATE. Every other day I am calling this institute and they are giving new stories. PLEASE HELP ME. I NEED TO SUBMIT THAT CERTIFICATE FOR MY UMCOMING INTERVIEWS AND EXAMS.

Vikash Panday

Posted on May 06, 2015

Dear Sir, CMC Ltd. Camac Street, Kolkata, is cheating the innocent students through offer of job contract agreement on 100/- stamp paper, charging for this contract of Rs. 134832/- but they are not doing the proper commitment as written, most of student are waiting for their job including me but they have one answer we are looking for best opportunities for you, my training have finished in january 15 but still form last 4 month for job, they have no any responce regarding the same. my father is Officer Incharge in PCS Uttar Pradesh Police they told me that CMC have cheated you please contact with Legal approach what should be done against CMC LTD. on basis of their Contract, So, I requested you to please assist me how action should be taken my me, I will eagerly waiting for your reply regarding the same, Sir please they are cheating the lots of innocent student on basis of their false contract

Gauri Kothare

Posted on May 05, 2015

GAURI INFOTECH Affiliated to YCMOU Established by Govt. of Maha. 354/A2,Rasta Peth Opp. K.E.M. Hospital, Pune-11. This is institute. I join here AUTOCAD(course period 2 mths n fees:3800/-) on 03/03/15. Mr. & Mrs.Waghmare handling this institute, take whole fees at starting n partially completed portion in 1 mth n say to me ur portion is completed now, faculty also leave institute n went in 1n1/2 mth without intimating me. they give me AUTOCAD Certificate of period 03/03/15 to 03/04/15 i.e. 1 mths instead of 2 mths.

Hirak Halder

Posted on May 04, 2015

Diganta Sen

Posted on May 04, 2015

I filled up a form in wbssc website.My money was deducted before I got a submitting the application fee I have not got anyregn no and I was unable to give the exam.I called in their offfice and they told me after some day my money will be refunded but its been 4 month i have not got my money back.

stuti dey

Posted on May 03, 2015

I snt my cv to for a job of a teacher/administrator.A man,Prakash Tewari of tk money frm me Rs.2250/-for gvn me the same.All trans dtl is with me. I called him back, it was absolutely fake.If u askd all detail me pls contact me. Sir pls help me to get back the money and obligedso far- trans id-15041716380493y8615,dt.17-04-15,tm04:39:13,merchant id-630980529525789,trans auth code-969204,trans ref no.510711049403

Mona kasliwal

Posted on May 02, 2015

Respected Sir/Mam, I am persuing from DAVV university indore,This university has a record of poor result or fraudulent checking,as copies are not checked properl,marks are not alloted as seen at the time of revaluation,But nothing happened at the end.I am a bright student secured well marks in 12th,also appeared for all over india competitive examsand selected for MBA in B-school but because of this fraudulent activities in university,i got supplementries 19 marks out of 85.I am really depressed with this fraud. I Request you to take strict action against this as it is very important for the future of many students.It will be very helpful for students.I will also help you in getting proofs against university. Mona Kasliwal 9039518580

ajit singh shekhawat

Posted on May 01, 2015

DEAR SIR, Please help me to get my B.ed marksheet(2008-09).Now you people are my last hope at least I will get help from you. I completed my b.ed in 2009.its already more than 5 years. continuously I visited college / university, every time they are giving new date and new reasons for not giving my marksheet. REG.NO-08GYD05091. NAME-AJIT SINGH SHEKHAWAT YRS-2008-09. COLLEGE-ST.STEPHENS COLLEGE. Many times I wrote letter to VC AND REGISTRAR and sent it to them through registry post also, but neither they had given any reply nor given any support to me. Many times I tried to contact them through mail and i sent them mail also, but neither they replied nor given any guidance. I received a letter from registrar on 11th march 2015, with that letter also ,I have visited many times to pariksha bhavan,but they are also not listening.whenever I go there they tell come tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Already my 5 years are wasted,lost many job opportunities . plz consi

Prakash Mahapatra

Posted on Apr 30, 2015

Sir I had applied for CGMAT-2015, an entrance examination of C.M. Medical College. I had send a DD of 2500 along with application form, still I didn't get any confirmation about my application. Neither I have been issued my application no. because I downloaded the form online. When I am calling them they are disconnecting the call not even listening to my problem. I would be thankful to you if you help me.

Prof. Vitthal Gore

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

My two children are studying in 2 and 7 standard receptively. The Methodist English Medium School, Madalapur, Udgir, Dist. Latur.School forced me to pay Rs.16000/- capitation fee and did not issue me any receipt. I wrote collectively with other parents for this but school did not reply till date. School did not teach syllabus completely.Hence i asked capitation fee back and TC of my children. Since syllabus is not completed for two consecutive years, i did not pay fee for one academic year. Now the school is not issuing Transfer Certificates and Marks Memos for both and forcing me to pay Tuition fee and asking me to forget about the receipt for capitation fee. Expecting your guidance in this respect and suggest me a solution. Thank YOu.

Neeraj Yadav

Posted on Apr 28, 2015

Blue Bells Public School, Sector 10, Gurgaon has taken admissions for Session 2015-16 in September 2014. I have also submitted fee for my Child on 13/09/2014. but due my job circumstances i asked for refund of fees in Feb 2015 when admissions are still going on & they can easily offer the seat to some other student. But to my dismay School authorities has deducted Rs 40000/- out of Rs 108500/- saying this is processing fees. Principal says this is management decision, Vice-Chairmen denied to meet saying decision is final. Request you to please take necessary action and order school authorities to refund my amount in Full.


Posted on Apr 28, 2015

Sir, I am Arpan. I take admission in pgdm course at KIAMS (2011-13).I am not getting my degree because i got my cgpa 2.2 out of 4 without F but academic norms are cgpa 2.4 with 1 F (fail one subject).In 2012-14 batch rule change cgpa 2.2 no f get a degree. Please sir give a guide to me I have cleared all subjects but due to the fact that I doesn't touch the base line settled by academic I am not able to get any job even after spending two precious years and having spent aprroximately 10 lacs. And additional 2 years as an consequence impact. Thanks & Regards

khalid bin shams

Posted on Apr 25, 2015

I Sri khalid bin shams Son of Shri shams ul hai resident of 138/40 masjid wali gali majra post office majra dehradun mobile number 9808300876 wish to seek information as under sir i have completed my MBA from Saharanpur Institute Of Advanced studies ,UPTU LUCKNOW in year 2012, roll number 0963670007 and enrollment number 096367094059 .Sir i am in need of my degree but i m no getting it ,as per the rule university will not entertain single student and will give the degree to the college only.but college is not showing any intrest .So please help me in this regard as i required degree for doing job .as there are degree of 40 students and the college is saying that we cannot bear the expensis .so please help me in getting my degree thanking you khalid bin shams

aksha maru

Posted on Apr 25, 2015

This complaint is against university of Mumbai. Law department.

upsc candidate

Posted on Apr 25, 2015

want to seek refund from a coaching institute

M K Krishnan

Posted on Apr 20, 2015

My nephew M Syam Moahan discontinued the B Tech Biotechnology course after attending 4 months because his mother is a mental patient and his presence was very much required to take care mother's health and mental condition. Then he was forced to leave the course in the month of Deceember 2014. On behalf of him, I requested to give TC, original certificates and refund of total fee paid as per UGC rule. In the month of March 2015, th institute returned TC and original certificates but did not refund any money. As my ward has to join degree course at his native place, I requested to do justice by refunding the fee so that he can continue his education. About Rs. One lakh eighteen thousand two hundred (Rs. 118200/-) has been paid to D Y Patil Insitue of Biotechnology and Bio Informatics Institue, Thattewade, Pune for his 1st year admission. All original receipts are submitted to the Institue with the request for TC. I have copies of all fee paid to the institute. I request you to kindly do justice to me and intervene this issue and get the fee refunded from the institute. I shall be ready to produce the necessary document in this regard.

Binay Sharma

Posted on Apr 19, 2015

Complaint Against West Bengal State University for not issuing the Degree Cetificate for Bachelor in Science 2011 passouts

Richa Khanchandani

Posted on Apr 19, 2015

Hi Team, I completed my MBA in 2012 from Lachoo Memorial college of Science & Technology, Jodhpur.My roll no# 10MLMXX684 and Enrollment no# 10M2LMXXF4XT684, but did not get the MBA degree yet after 3 years even after follow ups with them, I did not get any response from the college. Even my 4th semester mark sheet were not provided by the college hence I get it personally from RTU, Kota after 2 years. This is really harassing me, I want this college to be shut down when they can't even manage the administration. Even other batch of the college facing the same issue with college. Please take a strict action against them and get my MBA degree from. Regards, Richa Khanchandani MBA (Batch - 2010-12)

Koushik Goswamy

Posted on Apr 19, 2015

I have got an opportunity to work as a SAP PP Faculty in Futuresoft Gariahat Branch. Unfortunately after completing the classes they are now refuse to pay my remuneration of sum of Rs. 10000/-. Now when I called to their person they are just delay my payment without any reasons.

saroj rani

Posted on Apr 18, 2015

nidhi w/o jagmohan is daughter of proprietor of school i.e. raj kanta (prop of new era's high school , 1352 urban vihar ludhiana she has her pf account in india as pn/25160/37 from last 7 year but she has been living in abu dhabi from last 10 years her passport and visa are proof her ph no. is 00971502026644

Vimal prakash

Posted on Apr 18, 2015

I Want refund of my fees I submitted to kcc institute of technology and management greater Noida on 13/08/2013 when I asked to refund my fees they said come to next session and get admission but fees is not refunded please sir I am belongs to poor family I want full refund of my fees

Komaljit Kaur

Posted on Apr 17, 2015

Sir, I had done a Diploma in Operation Theatre Course in July August 2011 from Punjab Medical Institute of Nursing & Hospital Trust (P.G. Medical Academy / P.G. Academy) c/o, Gurudwara Sahib Bhai Budha Singh Ji, G. T. Road, Suranussi, Jalandhar-27, Punjab. Phone number : 9876902730, 9876902720. Till now they are not giving my diploma mark-sheet & certificate. I have requested lots of time. They always give us some excuse & send us back. But they are giving me my diploma. They always say university is not sending it to them. Sir Ji, i am suffering a lot. Please help me to get my documents from them.


Posted on Apr 17, 2015

I am a student of the college. iipm, but my institution don't able to provide a legal mba degree, so please help me

anjita dahiya

Posted on Apr 16, 2015

the school where I was working did not give me any prior notice and appointed another teacher. they did not inform me even. they are not paying my March salary. please help me out as they have not terminated my contract and they have to give me two months notice.

swapnil kumar chowhan

Posted on Apr 14, 2015

Sir i got an problem regarding my carrier, my college is not registered or affliated under pharmacy council of India(PCI) due to which iam unable to get any kind of pharma field jobs and even its not posible for me to set a medical shop because colege is not registered under PCI.after many requests also the colege ia not at all responding to get the PCI i request to file a complain against such coleges and make them closed or make them get registerd so that the future students wont suffer like me..govt made a rule that PCI recognisation is necessary to became a pharmacist, then why the colleges are still running in India without this PCI certification, there are much auch colleges all over india due to which some thousands of students are suffering, i request to take action aginst such colleges and make our future to get a new light...

bikram chand parida

Posted on Apr 12, 2015

respected sir i am doing bsc it from punjab tecnical university since 2010 last year in nov 2014 i have appeared in 5th sem exam but still my exam result is pending.the university didnot show my result,on asking they said that i had not deposited the examination fees. but i already deposited the fees in time before appearing the exam for which i was issued the admit card they are playing with me. my carrier is going to be destroyed please help me out. next month 6th sem exam is there for which fees already deposited but they are not issuing me the admit card.they said my roll no does not exists. how is it possible sir, as i have already completed my 4th sem please help me out

vipul patel

Posted on Apr 11, 2015

i my study in saffrony institute of technology in mehsana so, our college taken 52000 fees after 4 month it will be increase and taken 65000 and we all student pay but actual problem is this our fees increase in 4th semester so he Coercion to take fees difference in 3rd semester and as well as not give good facility lab and it is important for our it field my means computer system is very bad...please help me


Posted on Apr 11, 2015

I had worked for a private tution classes in Rajkot,Gujarat for teaching students.The tutions management is not providing me with my Remuneration and does the same thing with every teacher.Kindly help me out for taking such fraud classes out of the society.


Posted on Apr 11, 2015

Hide student details Mr. ROHITMUKHERJEE . - Suspended Lead ID : 404169 Category : Indian Admission type : Regular Student ID : 2012003767 Prospectus No : Client Name : MITSDE & ADTU Online Gender : M Enrolled date : 30-Dec-2012 Course : PGD + MBA in Project Management Mobile : 9836854819 Course last date : 30-Dec-2016 Specialization : NA DOB : 01-Aug-1986 Add. Specialization : NA Address : 3/32 RABINDRA NAGAR,BEHALA,KOLKATA-700060(NEAR RABINDRA NAGAR POST OFFICE), India, Bengal, Kolkata, 700060 Phone : NA Receipts Sr. No Challan No. Payment mode Instrument No. Amount Receipt Created Challan Generated 1 23970 DD 643599 44000.00 INR Sumeet Tayde 30-Dec-2012 03:14:10 PM Sumeet Tayde 31-Dec-2012 10:00:29 PM 2 24252 DD 643599 -44000.00 INR Sumeet Tayde 18-Jan-2013 04:29:58 PM Sumeet Tayde 18-Jan-2013 04:30:10 PM 3 26716 Counter Slip 643599 44000.00 INR Sumeet Tayde 26-Mar-2013 01:15:53 PM Sumeet Tayde 26-Mar-2013 01:15:57 PM Total: 44000

Ramu pandurangan

Posted on Apr 11, 2015

I had paid Rs.50,000 for my child admission in nursery in GIIS,Chinchwad,Pune as 20,000 as refund and 30,000 as caution deposit. In March 2015, I had informed the school for the cancellation but school management is not cooperating for the refund of Rs.50,000 and informing that they will pay only 20,000 Kindly help/advice


Posted on Apr 10, 2015

On 31/7/14, I had deposited a registration refund application form through mail, which was supplied to me by APG through mail, as I had earlier deposited Rs.10000/- with APG University for seeking admission to MBA stream for my daughter and I was informed that in case you are not interested to seek admission in the event of selection of your child in other educational institution, we will refund the registration charges of Rs.10000/- deposited by you. But despite the fact that university management forwarded me refund application form and I applied for refund on 31/7/2014 through my mail, but despite repeated telephonic conversation university authorities are behaving in indifferent manner stating that we will release the same in two months, three months and it is now more than 8-9 months that I have not received the refund till date. please look into the matter.


Posted on Apr 09, 2015

Sir, I have worked in Camellia Institute of Technology (Camellia Education and Manpower Development Trust, Badu Road, Digberia, Madhyamgram, Kolkata-700 129) from 17th October 2008 to 20th November 2014 as Associate Professor in Department of Physics. The tenure of work is more than 6 years. As per their release letter dated on 20/11/2014 the total amount of salary still not disbursed to me, aggregating Rs. 1,05,853 (August differential amount Rs. 28,869 + September differential amount Rs. 28,869 + October differential amount Rs. 28,869 + November differential amount Rs. 19,246). This salary amount due as per appointment letter, revision of pay scale and last up-gradation to pay scale of Associate Professor (Scale 37400-67000 AGP 8000 Gross: Rs. 57738). As per norms I am entitled to receive gratuity for 6 years uninterrupted service. The gratuity is Rs 1,61,869. Please take necessary steps so that I can get my remaining salary and gratuity.

pardeep kumar

Posted on Apr 09, 2015

sir, me all diploma DMC not provided for me.and may diploma is clear jan,2013. please sir solve me problem.

Soumen Das

Posted on Apr 06, 2015

Respected Sir/Mam, My name is Soumen Das. I've a franchisee of Guru Correspondence College(Distance Learning Provider) which is located at 5 Bentinck Street, Kol-1.Still I've submitted the amount 3,13,000 against 30 candidates; but yet I did not get most documents.I am waiting for many months for the document but no response came from the institute, also they baited me. And I called to the concerned person and they give me several dates. Sir this amount of money is very important to me please help me.

brijesh singh

Posted on Apr 06, 2015

respected ma'am, i am a pass out student of desh bhagat engineering college batch( 2009-13) mechanical department. i am applying several times for security fees (6000) but till date their is not any action will we taken by the accounts department . they blame university for this work name - Brijesh Singh uni.

Lovely Kumari

Posted on Apr 01, 2015

I am the student of Central University of Jharkhand Semester 4t(2nd yr) wherein certain problem are arising out of the course running in our college.The course in which i am studying is not affiliated and the university admistration is threatning us to change our courses in one of the existing course of the college.The university is also charging fees according to the courses (4 yr Integrated B.A.B.SC/B.Ed) which is not affiliated. No facilities is available with regard to the lab in which we are paying 5000 bucks every semester. Thanking you, Lovely

Manish Devidas Ghetia

Posted on Mar 31, 2015

My daughter school president commited sucide and school was shut down.Now I want TC from school as my kid has taken admission in another school. Thus,


Posted on Mar 31, 2015

There is an institute called Hari technologies opposite home town in marthahalli. I joined for selenium and paid 8500 rupees. It is 45 days course. I attended only 4 days and because the trainer was very rude I asked for a refund. The Md said that he will transfer the amount to my bank account. So I gave my account details. Its been more than 10 days. He is not picking my calls and there is no proper response. Pls solve this. I need the money

Sangeeta Deb

Posted on Mar 30, 2015

I have applied on 3.5.2014 to FIITJEE-Kolkata centre for refund of excess money of Rs 2300, but till date I have not get back the money. Candidate name : Digvijay Deb Enrolment no : 1152711350207


Posted on Mar 30, 2015

Dear sir I joined private school as a teacher from july 2014 but 30th march 2015 they dismissed me Without giving me my salary from january 2015 Where i complaint


Posted on Mar 29, 2015

I suraj kumar passed out my intermediate From st xaviers international school dhanbad.i haven't got my caution money after giving the application on 4 nov .till now i haven't get back cll from school .my enrollment number 1161 ....phn num 9525589782


Posted on Mar 26, 2015

Hello Sir, i joined ECC india, ameerpet on 23/02/15. with the 10yrs excellence profile, they offered 2 courses for 6000. beforing joining they said that they have good experienced faculty to teach the students. but its a fraud, the faculty here are no way concern to teach profession.they are learning from youtube or some source and trying to explain. trainers who couldnt prepare a schematic procedure to teach the students, how can they teach us. a trainer has left unnoticed from institue for which i had to wait for a week. by today 26th of march'15 i shld complete my course. i please them to start the next course for an interview behalf. but they asked for due amount. which was not subjected or mentioned in clause. as the batch has to start from 30th of march, i plead them to give demo for 2days. to attend an interview. but they forced me to pay the rest. kindly advice. i dint get valued education nor any help from this institute. i lost my 4500 just in vain. will be thankful.

Savina j p

Posted on Mar 25, 2015

I am working as a lecturer in the diploma college. and my basic pay is 9000Rs. And our institution deducting PF amount is around 800Rs by my side. And other(institution) side money aslo by forcabley taking 800 by my side only. From last two years they are cheating to all employers in the institution. Last month I questioned. So My PF they are cancelled. And they showed as I left the college. Even though I am working there only and they are giving salary check. Please sort out our problem. Because of management, all employees are suffering lot. Thanking you.

Cosmos Castle International School

Posted on Mar 23, 2015

We are a CBSE school based in Ahmedabad, We had entrusted Getitinfomedia with making our website with the condition that it be completed and delivered within a month, which they ha assured us that it would be done. We paid the full anount of Rs. 57000/- immediately in advance. It has been over a year and they have still not completed the website. We are a CBSE Govt registered school and having a website is mandatory where we have to upload all our school information, details and reports which is regularly monitored by the Central Govt. We did have an earlier site which after tying up with Getit company we had allowed to lapse and so were unable to update. I cant even begin to describe the losses we have faced both by admissions, reputation and financially due to a non functioning site, and I hold Getitinfomedia company purely responsible for the same. I request you to help me get the refund and compensation for damages caused due their negligence.


Posted on Mar 22, 2015

dear sir, my cerificates are burned. iam studid in nellore at zed carriar. how can i got the original set of 03years BCA course and kindly help in this . and iam having original with mebut the numbers and morks are burned in fire accidenet this is for your kindinforamtion. thanks and regards hariprasad.g 9951391589

Satyendra singh

Posted on Mar 20, 2015

i have not received an amount of rupees 20000 from my college Maharshi Sobhari Engineering & Technology NH 2 Kosi Kalan, Uttar Pradesh 281403 Mobile no. 09286437146

v.bhaskar raju

Posted on Mar 19, 2015

dear sir, my name is bhaskar raju, i have written B.A 2nd year degree examinations in distance mode,(andhra university)last year december.but my exam results was not announced.they put my reg. no "The following's results will be announced later" another 17 different areas students results was also not released when we contact andhra university people about our results they are not responding. they simply told your exam papers are missing pay exam fee again and write exams again like that.we may waste another 6 months bacause of their negligence. so please help us in this issue please sir,thanking you


Posted on Mar 19, 2015

Respected Sir/Madam, In P.T.Lee CHENGALVARAYA NAICKER POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE (A Government Aided Institution Estd:1939-Managed by P.T.Lee CHENGALVARAYA NAICKER TRUST) there are more than 40 employees working under SELF SUPPORTING SCHEME but trust is not registered for Employee Provident Fund deduction. It is my utmost request to you, kindly take some strict action to stop the unethical practice of this trust. COLLEGE is located at : P.T.Lee CHENGALVARAYA NAICKER TRUST NO.3 4, E.V.K. SAMPATH SALAI, VEPERY, CHENNAI-600 007 PHONE NO.044-2532 2675, 2643 3090.

Pavan walde

Posted on Mar 19, 2015

As a citizen of nagpur hingna taluka, I request to accept my complaint regarding RTE that the Rular area school are not available in the online application.The last date of application has been changing by the maharashtra government but the schools who are accepting offline RTE form are not considering the last date for RTE application changed by maharashtra government' I & most people faced the same problem from SOS school wanadongri hingna block,Please do someting for this so that the peoples of rular area also make use of this facility,i hope you will definately look after on this.


Posted on Mar 18, 2015

r i enrolled in 2010-2014 btech EEE branch in Ganga Institute of Technology and Management .when i taken the admission they said they provide 100% placement to the student.but till now the are running fake placement drives and no once is placed all placed in papers they are making fun of education and aicte norms. Till now my caution fees is not reunded .i want from aicte that they refund my course fee with 12% rate of interest because i have taken loan and its essential for me to get the job and if not possible than i do.


Posted on Mar 16, 2015

My wife is pursuing Ph.D from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar. She took admission in Dec 2012. At the time of admission the annual fee as mentioned in the brochure was Rs. 5000 and there was no information regarding increase in fee in future. But as per new notification in March 2015, university has increased the fee from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 12000 annually for new as well as old batches. How the university could increase fee for previously running batches? Also this too much hike in fee is a burden over old as well as new students. Kindly suggest what could be done.

mohammed anas

Posted on Mar 16, 2015

Sir im a B E first year student at srinivas instution of technology. After first semester im dropping my course. But from college they are not issuing my 10 ,12 certificates. They are asking full fees . i dont have that much money to pay . what should i do sir. is there any thing that i can do legally to get my certificates without paying money. plz help sir..

Pritom sen

Posted on Mar 15, 2015

I am pritom sen,studying in mechanical engg. few days ago a man name bikash mallick (ph no:9250014369)called me and told he gives a job in ashok leyland company thats why i have to pay 2500rs which is refundable...and he continuous disturbed me,then i deposited this 2500.abd i uploaded all my educational certificate on this perticular mail id..and take a interview on phone...after that one message has come in my mail,that i have to paid another 7000 rs for accomodation and security purpose..than i deny it..after that bikash mallick threatened me if i dont deposit those 7000 rs he send my all educational certificate in black listed..then rebuke me...this was happened with my 2 other friends sir,please sir help me..


Posted on Mar 15, 2015

i apply for distance education EXECUTIVE MBA 1year program in Karnataka state open university. My consular Mr. Danil form UTS (universal training solutions pvt. ltd. pune Bavdhan.) he told me i am eligible for this course and take admission fee of Rs16500 at 21 jan 2015. after 10 day he saying UGC rules are chang so they are unable to register my admission. so my admission was cancelled.. then i told them to refund my fee payment. he didn't tell me correct procedure to refund. he only say on call "we return your fees soon in this week. evertime same answer . after 1 month on 23 feb when i go to UTS Office to ask him to why fees not refund yet. that time he told me different process. Now he is avoiding to giving my fees. and not receive my calls. plz tell me what should i do. sumit pandit


Posted on Mar 13, 2015

have joined training of software development on 9 march 2015...I submitted 5000 fees was 25000..on 12 the march 2015 I said that I don't want to continue my training so pls refund my amount...BT company didn't refund my money and said its not on rule and registration fees is not refundable and they said registration fee is not refundable ...kindly help me

Shruti Bajaj

Posted on Mar 12, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I am a 4th semester Post Graduate student at MIT Institute of Design, Pune pursuing a 2.5years program in Retail & Exhibition Design. Since the last one year, there is no specialized faculty/professors in the discipline. The course structure has been altered without prior information to the students of our batch and certain important courses removed. I am in my final semester, ready to leave for internship, however, I have not had enough inputs/specialized learning from this program, as I should have had, during my time here. It is my request that strict action is taken to ensure that competent faculty are there to teach the courses in the institute. And in the absence of the same, new student intake should not be taken. I request you to address my grievance soon. Kindly ensure that the 'Retail & Exhibition Design' discipline does not take more student intake in UG & PG programs,without competent faculty & enough in numbers to teach 5 batches of students.

praveen rai

Posted on Mar 11, 2015

Sir ,mera nam praveen rai hai.Mai 2013 me Saroj institute of technology and management,lucknow,uttar pradesh se in mechanical me Pass out hua,Meri degree nahi di ja rahi hai .jishaki mujhe bahut jarurat hai.Mujhe preshan kiya ja rha hai,college wale kah rahe hai tumhara 700 dues hai .jab ki mere koi dues nahi hai 800 college me jayada jama kiya hai ,mere pas proof bhi hai .but college wale kah rahe hai chairmen jab tak confirmation nahi denga tab tak nahi di jayegi.confiramation kab aayegi koi date nahi de rahe hai .plz sir meri degree dilane ki kripa kigiye

Subhash Chandra Mandal

Posted on Mar 11, 2015

Kidzee Nayabad is not returning back the admission amount of Rs 5000 by cheque on 03/02/15. Due to some inconsistent rules set by the school I decided to admit my son, Abhinn Mandal to another Kidzee (Kidzee - Balia) which is also near to my place but the previous school Kidzee Nayabad where my son studied completed his Nursery class and was going to be readmitted for Jr Kg but for some rules and timing mismatch we decided not to ahead with the admission but the Nayabad Kidzee is now not returning the amount saying they are helpless in this regard.


Posted on Mar 10, 2015

we have taken the franchisee of v ica in 2010 for gariahat & baguiati centre we have been misguided by tirthakar sanyal & Narendra shyamsukha they told us if u r not able to do business then your deposit will be refunded back now 4 years have been passed away still not refunded i want my money back along with interest and request you to close the ica centre they have made this pattern to fool others and forefeit the money

s.arun prasath kumar

Posted on Mar 10, 2015

Dear sirs,I am studied in CBM COLLEGE KOVAIPUDUR COIMBATORE during academic year 1996-1999 BA ECONOMICS (ROLL NO 9621C0003) I discontinued my college on 1998 due to my personal reasons.By the time i did not apply for my HIGHER SECONDARY MARK SHEET andTRANSFER CERTIFICATE,Now 2015 I approached the college they did not give me proper answer.I DID NOT HAVE ANY PROOF REGARDING MY STUDIES ON association THAT COLLEGE,I nominated STUDENT ASSOCIATION SECRETARY on 1997-1998 .I am ready to pay any liabilities or penalties. Can i able to get my to and mark sheet for continue my studies please kindly help me THANKING YOU

Gunja Sonal

Posted on Mar 10, 2015

I had deposited 155000 in Shikshantar School, Gurgaon for my wards admission. Now I want to with draw the admission before the beginning of the academic session. The school is only refunding 20% of the total amount. Is there any policy for the same?Pls help.


Posted on Mar 10, 2015


Manoj S T

Posted on Mar 09, 2015

Respected Sir, I took admission for MBA Information Systems, in Annamali University Distant Education Program in September 2014. The admission was taken from Annamali University Study Centre Trivandrum, Kerala. It was informed by the admission manager that, I will be receiving my books within 15 days of admission via India Post. Now, its Feb 2015 ( six months after taking admission). I didn't receive a single response from the University, regarding study materials. I did make hundreds of calls to admission centre and University Office. The officers are saying that, printing papers are over and they are in doubt that, whether I will get books or not. I also did sent a FAX, mails to university but still no response. I never saw such an irresponsible University. My exams are scheduled on May 2015 ( 2 months from now). Right now, the situations is that, I have to study 1 year course in 2 months. I don't know, whom to contact, the university is cheating student by taking money from us


Posted on Mar 09, 2015

I have worked with coching institute for 2 months but institute owner still pay my sallary....pls help me

Bhimasen Sahu

Posted on Mar 07, 2015

Kumar Shailesh Tripathi

Posted on Mar 06, 2015

I have worked for private Institutions for 07 years. As there was exploitations hence I resigned. The Institutions has withheld my two months of salary and denied giving any benefit of employment.Please guide.

Khem Chand

Posted on Mar 06, 2015

Against:-Ducat,Noida I paid Rs17000 to learn Java but when i entered there Java teacher told me i'm not eligible to learn Java because i'm from commerce background so i had to migrate to their PHP course which is of Rs13000, now i have completed my PHP course but they ain't refunding my amount left (Rs 4000). They are saying you have to do any course from us if you want to use this money else this money would be counted as your PHP course fees.They told me we won't refund money but the problem was arisen beacuse of them if they would have told me before collecting payment that i'm not elible for JAVA then i would not have paid the amonut. Please help me i want my money back.

devender singhroha

Posted on Mar 05, 2015

i am not get my degree from college r.k.s.d college of pharmacy kaithal(haryana).i am complet my degree in 2009 but not get the degree till date.when i am ask to college they sayes that ask to university and when ask to university they sayes that ask to sir what can i do plese help me

Atul jain

Posted on Mar 04, 2015

1300 regn. Fee charged by a private coaching institute called as center in lajpat nagar saying that refundable but later on refused saying that provide mob. Numbers of some other students so that they can befool them also.

Dr. Pranjali Wagh

Posted on Mar 04, 2015

WLCI college pune not refunding fees after cheating for a course.

Manish Badhiye

Posted on Mar 03, 2015

complaint against shri gulabrao deokar college ,jalgaon then dont even return my access college fee even i pass out degree since last more than 2 year and every time they told me reason for that.

vivek kumar

Posted on Mar 02, 2015

i have passed out the MScIT on july 2010 from ICET institute sec-34 chandigarh, since then i am waiting for my degree . since that year i am going to institute and every time they are just saying after few days i will get my degree . but now it is getting worse day by day. Due to this i am unable to apply for jobs. kindly help me

Ramakrishna Buddha

Posted on Mar 02, 2015

My name is B. Ramakrishna and I have registered for an Integrated MBA ( 8 semester) course with Assam Down Town University( and also paid all fees at the time of admission and have also written 3,4,5 Semesters. My Registration number is 2012003935. I am being harassed to the core and not being allowed to appear for the 6th semester and have admission under suspension without any valid reason. I have been calling different people, writing emails and raising tickets on their online website but without any solution since last 7 months. Request you to please help me in this regard as not only I am loosing time but also Rs. 80,000/- fees paid lump sum at the time of admission. Kindly help. Thanks -Ramakrishna Buddha Ph: 9986501010 From: Ramakrishna Buddha Sent: 24 February 2015 13:22 To: '' Subject: FW: FW: Approval case. HI: Can somebody please help with the below. Thanks -Ramakrishna.


Posted on Feb 28, 2015



Posted on Feb 27, 2015

i am payal goyani. i study in assam down town university . my exam form will be not fill up. i all requirement fill full of university like all document submit and exam fees also fill. university not answer to my email and not receive a call . SO PLEASE HELP ME my Registration Number: 2012001036 name: payal goyani Course: PGDBA+MBA CONTACT NUM. 7878224220

Jaya Das

Posted on Feb 27, 2015

I had paid Rs.18000/- in April 2014 as admission cum 1st yr fees for MBA(distance mode)under Vinaya Missions University to Global Educations, Y-24, Lower Basement, Green Park Main, New Delhi-110016, Contact no. of the company(Rahul)-9136472358/9717326633. Global Educations is authorized training partner of VMU and they were to be my contact centre for study materials, exams,etc. Till date I have not got admission/registration. No service has been provided till date. Now they are not receiving my calls even. I want my money back.


Posted on Feb 26, 2015

I am doing CA as well as M.Com in ksou.from May 3 I have ipcc exam and from may 6 I hav's getting clash so I requested to change the dates but are not agree with our thought..And ksou members are not in way to respond to our problems at all..please help me by providing 8 and 10 clashing date please change this after May 11.

Sunny Gupta

Posted on Feb 26, 2015

My wife took admission in a educational institute with name Spark, bhandarkar road, pune.They took 40000rs as fee for clinical research course and promised her for a Job. But after few classes they started making excuse and they are not picking up our phone. Please help. Their phone number is 07387700962, 9049986158.

Vineet Bhalla

Posted on Feb 26, 2015

My daughter took admission in IGDTUW, Kashmere Gate but withdrawn the same within a weeks time. The total fee deposited was Rs.65000/- but the University refunded only Rs.5000/-. It is requested to direct the University Registrar to refund the amount after deduction of their processing charges, since the candidate did not attend the college beyond 02 days and thus did not avail the services of the educational institution.


Posted on Feb 25, 2015

Hi ! I have passed my MBA Finance from Jaipur National University in the year 2013, but till date I have not received my degree, even I have not received any call from JNU... Please help me... Regards Neeraj 9868470834


Posted on Feb 23, 2015


Surya Kanta Mondal

Posted on Feb 23, 2015

I have completed 2nd year B.Sc.Math from M.S. University and given examination for 3rd year as well in the year 2012 but they are not giving me the result . My study centre is Crecent Academy (Berhampore,West Bengal), it is a sub centre. Now a days I am not able to search their details in University website. The study centre is now closed . I have paid all the fees . I have the receipt with me. Request you to help me to get the result it will be very helpful for me.

Dhanesh Murali

Posted on Feb 21, 2015

Bhavika Goel

Posted on Feb 21, 2015

Sir we have given exams for MBA (MDU distance) from Alethia institute Gurgaon)Institute is shut down from Jan 2013 and we are chasing them for our degrees from two years.but all the contact numbers ,details ,public account are false and not working.we are worried that our 3 years will be lost due to their fraud.

Karan Singh

Posted on Feb 19, 2015

Anik Sheth

Posted on Feb 17, 2015

Inurture Education, Bangalore tied up with KSOU for a degree course in Fergusson College, Pune. Degrees not received even after 2 years of graduation. No digestable response from the insitute.

govind singh

Posted on Feb 16, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, My sister Mamta Singh was passed Intermediate examination(10+2) in year 2012. Her 12th certificates are yet to be delivered by the the Akabarpur Inter College Akabarpur Kanpur Dehat (College). The result published in Apr 12 was showing as "C". When we approached college for exact cause of "C" and its remedial action. The college authority refused to share any information with us. My sister went to college many times for resolving this issue and want of her 12th certificates so as to she can pursue graduation and apply for jobs. She asked college authorities for showing her marks in gadget but college authority misbehaved with her and suggested to forget her 12th certificate and its better to go for re-admission in the same class. Which was not possible for her. Neither college initiated any action nor ready to shares any information in respect of my sister 12th certificates, for which she worked hard and spent too much money. The matter was closed unactioned by colleg

Sukhveer Singh

Posted on Feb 16, 2015

SERI/NWAC is making fake promises to the students and charging very high fee from the candidates against the useless degree certificates which are merely a piece of paper containing your name and marks. The certificates are not valid for admission into various universities. Even i have heard that they are issuing the certificates without taking the examination. When a complaint was made to them that the Mewar University is not accepting the Senior Secondary Diploma provided by SERI/NWAC they sent a mail including an affidavit to be sent to them along with all the documents for the refund of fee. And after around a month of sending them the affidavit and documents they sent me my documents back to me saying that the admission can not be cancelled now. Kindly beware of these frauds as your diploma certificate provided by SERI/NWAC is useless.

Simar gill

Posted on Feb 14, 2015

I am a student of "rayat and bahra institute of enng. And tech",distt-mohali, is affiliated to Punjab Technical University(PTU) I appeared for my re-appear exam of f 3rd semester..but when the result was declared..I was marked absent in the final gazette.. My PTU roll no-1149094 Batch(2011-2015) Branch( science an engg.)

Pradeep Shetve

Posted on Feb 09, 2015

I have taken admission at Dombivli center, I have given cheque of 6th Feb 2014 I already discussed with Mrs. Shaban, Before deposit cheque in bank please call me for confirmation, Also I was calling to Mrs. Shabana she was on leave last week. She deposit cheque on 7th Feb 2014 without confirmation. So I got charges Rs.394 I ask her so she told me why you write date 6th Feb 2014. I need you co- operation


Posted on Feb 09, 2015

Deepmala Kushwaha

Posted on Feb 09, 2015

Dear Sir/Madam, I have been student of Bundelkhand university as Researcher(P.HD) In Department of Forensic Science and Criminolgy since 2007 to 2010.I submitted my final on thesis 3 October 2010. from that time I continuously following them like playing Office Office game.Now its almost going 5 year .It doesn't happend every single weekend ,when me and my father does not visit University. Account of this am suffering from sever depression and BP problem .Now I am become completely lost and mentally disturb. Sir you are my last hope.Thanks, , Best Regard , Deepmala Kushwaha


Posted on Feb 06, 2015

P.F. deduction is very high. I pay Rs. 2500 every month for a salary of Rs. 30000/-. Moreover my school, SKV Vidhyaashram is also deducting Rs. 1750/- as they are ready to pay only Rs. 750/- as their part of contribution and the rest ie., Rs. 1750 is also being deducted from my salary. It is the same for my peers too. This month they have deducted Rs. 6300/- which includes my current months PF contribution and the arrears for the SEPT, OCT & NOV. They are yet to give my PF number as well. Please guide me in this regard.

Abhishek kumar

Posted on Feb 06, 2015

Hii!! My name is Abhishek kumar and i have to complaint about the not refunding of admission and hostel fee by choudhary devi lal college panniwala motta ,sirsa. Sir, i have take admission firstly at devi lal college sirsa which is affiliated to guru jambeswar university ,Hisar but when i got admission in the guru jambeswar university hisar then i cancelled my admission at devi lal college sirsa and at that time they said that the fees will be refunded within 2 months but after 6 months they didn't refund my fees of admission and hostel too so kindly help me in refunding my fees. Thankyou

Amit Kumar Singh

Posted on Feb 05, 2015

Complaint against an institute FLEET OCEAN MARITIME ACADEMY running by Mr Jasbeer Singh Vashist in Pune Maharastra , not providing on-board training after completing the pre-ship training despite of making full payment.This institute is making fool of students by providing a sponsor letter at the time of admission and saying soon after completing the pre-ship training in their Pune campus they will be sent for on-board training on a ship and will be paid stipend as well. My brother-in-law "Kundan Kumar" has taken admission in June 2013 batch and completed the required pre-ship training in December 2013 but till now he has not been sent for on-board training.We paid the full payment to the institute which is about INR 750000 but not getting any on-board also not refunding course fee. Moreover they have taken the original passport. I had sent an detailed email to your id with all the documents.Please help us.


Posted on Feb 04, 2015

I had joined PSC of MADE EASY, DELHI for GATE 2015. They had to send the whole study packages in two modules.After receiving the first module, still I have not received the second one on the same mailing address.I have mailed many times to institute.They replied that the second module has been delivered.


Posted on Feb 03, 2015

This is to inform you that Ajk college of arts & science,palakkad main road,navakkarai,coimbatore-641105 is not a reputed institution to work with.The management is cheating the teaching staffs.Once i asked my educational certificates for the purpose of verification they demanded 3 months salary & took rupees 40500 from me & they assured me that they will return the money after submitting my certificates but they haven't returned the money & thrown me out of job without any notice.I kindly request to take nesessary action against ajk college of arts & science & help me to get my 40500 rupees back from them please consider this complaints & help me & other victims of that AJK college.

Akash Kumar

Posted on Feb 02, 2015

A Private Engineering college named Premier Institute of Technology,Pipariya(Khamariya,Kundam Road,Jabalpur-482005(MP)is running only for collecting Scholarship amounts on behalf of illegally admitted sutdents. They show the name of those students who actually does not exist. To fulfill the paper for admission, they manage certificates, generates illegal documents, open illegal accounts in PNB Branch at Jabalpur with illegal documents and false signature,etc. They have main motto to get the scholarship amount from MP Govt. on behalf of students. All these things can be inspected by surprise visit by competent and honest authority. Its secretary, chairman, Vice-Chairman, Director and Principal are making money and staffs are not being given their genuene salary from last 5 months. I request to pay a surprise visit and know the facts. Faculties and Office Staffs are being crushed/cheated by the management. Pl take immediate action for the welfare of staffs. thanks & regards.

Saurabh Kashyap

Posted on Feb 01, 2015

Dear Sir, I am a distance education student of Punjab Technical University. I had completed MCA-LE through the Institute of BIG LEAD TECHNOLOGIES, C-92, WAZIR PUR INDUSTRIAL AREA,, RING ROAD, NEAR ALL HEAVENS New Delhi September 2010 year. My Role number is 821282014.I have not got IIIrd, IVth and Vth Semester Marksheet of my Post graduation MCA-LE. I am having lot of problems due to this. I am not able to get admission in any further advance courses nor I am able to get any job. It is spoiling my career. I have told several times to the insitute of BIG LEAD TECHNOLOGIES, C-92, WAZIR PUR INDUSTRIAL AREA,, RING ROAD, NEAR ALL HEAVENS New Delhi This Institute Are already Close BIG LEAD TECHNOLOGIES, C-92, WAZIR PUR INDUSTRIAL AREA,, RING ROAD, NEAR ALL HEAVENS New Delhi RC Name - VICE Roll No. - 821282014 Name - Saurabh Kashyap Course - MCA-LE (S05) LC Code - 1282 Examination Type REP Passing Session S10 This is Pending for September 2010 till dat. Semester -3, Semester -4, Semester -5


Posted on Jan 31, 2015

My name is Sandipkumar Bhaskar Mohrir studying in College Of Computer Science & Information Technology Latur & YCMOU Nashik Study Center Latur.sir i am MBA Second Year Student in this college having registration no-2011017001796403 Mr.Suhas S Pawar This Person Has Done partiality While Giving an internal marks In MBA Second Year Education & this person has wasted my 2 & half year more while taking and education Of MBA Post Graduate Degree. this is my college's staff contact no 09923099666.plz call to my college and tell them to give the internal marks as quick as possible or take necessary big action against this person Mr.Suhas S Pawar Of COCSIT MBA Study Center Ambejogai Road Latur-413531 Maharashtra India

abhijeet kumar

Posted on Jan 29, 2015

My name is abhijeet kumar studying in vivekananda institute of technology bhubaneshwar odissa.sir i am mechanical student in this college having registration no-1001338257 at bput rourkela university.sir my 3rd sem dbms lab results marks shows f college send the fail marks to bput university at 2012 and now at 2014 i am passed out from my college and my college does not send my marks to bput and not helping me to publish the result as soon as possible.this is my college's staff contact no 09861394846.plz call to my college and tell them to send my marks or take necessary action.

Pawan Kharbanda

Posted on Jan 28, 2015

​I had got my daughter's admission enrolled to G.D. Goenka Public School, Sec-48, Gurgaon for 2015-16 session. I had paid amount of INR 78750 in August 2014. This includes the Admission fee (INR 45000) & first quarter fee (INR 33750). In Jan 2015; due to financial hit back I had requested the school to cancel my daughter's admission and refund the deposited amount. Even after sending two reminder emails separate to inital email; i hadn't got any response from them. When i called up their number; they denied to reply on my email & told me that i am not entitled for any refund. Somehow I managed to meet the school's administrative employee & he agreed to refund me the first quarter's fee i.e INR 33750; however he is denying to refund the admission fee which is INR 45000. How can i get my admission fee refund as school staff isn't cooperative & responding to email.


Posted on Jan 26, 2015

I am doing MCA through ADTU ASSAM DOWN TOWN UNIVERSITY I have paid 57000Rs of my fees only 9000Rs remained they are saying that total I have to 74000Rs how to take action against them.sometimes their website not working. Calls cannot be done to student support numbers they are not taking calls.councellors ignores the calls and talks rudely

Pardeep singh

Posted on Jan 25, 2015

sir im study in genesis institude of dental &research ferozpur .the complaint about collegeis that they want me to paid the internet wifi charges of Rs15000 but this sevice im not using because we are day schollar .and every fee regard my study ihave paid but now they are asking me to paid unnecessary wifi charges that im not using .so please help me my roll no is 14056 name pardeep singh belong to SC catagory


Posted on Jan 23, 2015



Posted on Jan 23, 2015

I completed my Course From IFBI, a unit of NIIT in the month of May, 2013. But till the time I didn not receivded my certificate of PGDBO. I called serveral time at IFBI and the responsible person Mr. Monika Dudy on his personal No. for my help but she is rolling on me for the last 6 months. Each time she is on leave or some time their building burnt and all records get damaged in fire accident. My salary has been stopped by out HR manager due to non submission of my certificate for the month of Dec., 2014 and Jan., 2014. I requested to Mr. Monika that if I will not submit my certificate till 20th January, 2014 then My Februray's salary will also be stopped. But she is not responsding me and continuously non-fulling her commitments. I shame on IFBI staff, whose can not halp students after getting their high fees.


Posted on Jan 22, 2015

I'm trying to get back my security money of Rs 10000/-, from GIMT Institute, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi -76 from last 2 years. Chairman and the institute gives no response after so many times I have visited there to get back money. They just say that you will get or may not. Chairman Mr Sushil Kumar seems to be vanished form the picture, so sir please advice me some way to make a serious complaint against him or to the institute. Please its a kind request to you.


Posted on Jan 22, 2015

Sir,i had paid my migration fees and duplicate marksheet fees through online and the receipts is to be attached with the application of migration and duplicate marksheet. but i have not received any receipt from IOBank, chennai. afterthat i personally go to the DRMGR medical university,CHENNAI and inspect the matter and they reply that they had not received any payment through online.after that i mail to IObank,GUINDY,channai they acknowledged all the iam liable to received back. please help me

Amit kumar

Posted on Jan 20, 2015

hi SIr, I have enrolled in SAP ABAP,Nov'14. they had commited to complete this corse in Jan'15 and also taken the whole amount at the time of admission but still they have not given any class. Please help on this.

Abhishek Mehta

Posted on Jan 20, 2015

Name of University- University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES, Dehradun) Name of Student - Abhishek Mehta Enrollment Number- 500029894 Course Name- B. Tech in Computer Science Engineering CCVT My son Abhishek Mehta got admission in UPES on 30.7.2013 and joined classes on 31.7.2013 to 13.8.2013 and I paid all the fee which includes hostel fee, course fee, Industrial tour Fee, academic computing fee, course security deposit group medical insurance and PDP at the time of admission. But my son got admission in some other college in our hometown and we decided to leave the course within 14 days and informed the college authorities to refund my money back after completing all the formalities (No Dues Certificate). But the University refunded me Rs. 1,50,750/- on 3.10.2013 and deducted the full course fee of Rs. 1,01,00/- along with PDP fee of Rs. 7500/- which my son did not even attend. And also University authorities had told that only Rs. 1000/- will be deducted at the time of r


Posted on Jan 20, 2015

BSC Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd. PHONE NO-011 22484910/11/12/13....AND-09871600302/301....didn't send me BANK PO MATERIALS AFTER PAYMENT OF INR.-4400.............with in one month and THEY ARE GIVING ME WRONG PARCEL NO ...OF INDIA POST.........CD021075565IN.........i have cheched this consignment number from CHIEF POST MASTER GENERAL BIHAR....they say that with this consignment no. they they no items to deliver ..........AND BSC Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd. only replying that we have send it to you.........SO PLZ..SIR DO THE JUSTICE....AS SOON AS POSSIBLE


Posted on Jan 17, 2015

Respected Sir, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ananthapur, AP is already conducted by PG distance mode M.Com (Commerce) exams 2012 - 2014 Batch up to Jan-2014 (1st Year) & 07.07.2014 (Final year) but results are not released as on 17.01.2015 I am lot of loss for the management decision due to not released of results. And exams conduct college management also irresponsibility answer saying to the students and UG (MPC) distance mode lateral entry memos also not issued for the batch of 2009-10. Hence, it is requested to pursue SKU Distance PG & UG Results and save to students life please. Thanking you sir.


Posted on Jan 17, 2015

Respected Sir, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ananthapur, AP is already conducted by PG distance mode exams 2012 - 2014 Batch. But results are not released on 17.01.2015. I am lot of loss to the college irresponsibility of students. and UG distance mode memos also not issued to 2009-10 batch. Hence, it is requested to pursue SKU Distance PG & UG Results and save to students life please. Thanking you sir.

Anand Kishore Verma

Posted on Jan 16, 2015

I went to get a Transfer Certificate Noida on 29th dec 14, as I have got transferred to Bangalore, The school asked me to pay the fees till March 15, which I eventually had to do. Then they told that school is closed due to cold wave till 5th and principal Tandon will come on 5th. I gave a written application and told them to give the TC to my friend (whose daughter also studies in same school). I asked if they needed something else from me, vice principal Ghosh told that "nothing else is required". Now for couple of days they told me that they needed the original birth certificate of my son, or else they will not give the TC due to which my son is not going to the school here in Bangalore as they are asking for the TC. Please help me . School - Rockwood School Address - B -67,sector - 33, Noida, My son's name is Ayush Verma of class 5.

Subhash Subramanian

Posted on Jan 14, 2015

On 26th November I had taken an admission for my wife in Brilliant Computech for the course MS-CIT. It was a surprise from my to my wife for the course. My wife is a teacher, due to the tight schedule of my wife she's unable to attend the course. The form for the course was filled by me. They said the form will not be processed without the signature of my wife and they also need her pan card number for processing it. When I discussed with my wife she was not happy with my idea of surprise as she doesn't have time for it. After November'14 till date I thought may be she can pull out some time for the course but in vain. And finally when we went to the training centre, we narrated all the story and requested for a refund, they just turned down the request saying they do not have a refund policy. Since this story is genuine I told them since they've not even processed the form further from their end they can consider for the refund? But they again just bluntly refused for the refund.

Sanjana Ghosh

Posted on Jan 13, 2015

Kumar Keshav chandra

Posted on Jan 13, 2015

Sir edupristine has cheated me . They promised me of cfa schweser book but now after payment they are not delivering that books


Posted on Jan 11, 2015

Dear Sir, I Anand Srivastava student of NIIT Gariahat branch would like to bring your attention that I have took the admission in October 2012 for GNIIT(GNIM) but my course is not completed yet,they didn't take a single exam till now. Jyoti das Gupta( Consular) had given me false commitment that in course GNIIT,PDE is included but after addmission they had insisted me to pay 10674/- rs extra.I was not enrolled for PDE but they had enroled me without my concent. When I was asking to refund my PDE money they don't respond. So request you to look at this matter on urgent basis. I dont want to continue this course so help me to refund my total money. Student Id- S131105500267 Reg.No- R131105500396 Extra enrolment without my concent. Student Id- S131105500269, Reg.No- R131105500832.

barkha tiwari

Posted on Jan 10, 2015

Sir,I am a student of Govt p.g college bina affiliated to drm hari singh gaur university,sagar,m.p.I am final year student of (computer application)..The university is not declaring results on time,after one one year the results are being declared by the university.this is my 5th sem going on and the result of 3rd sem has been declared now.The july-dec 2013 3rd sem result has been declared on 10 january 2015.And tbe result is also out of our expectation,very poor result.We hvnt expected too down result..i got only 58% in my 3rd sem where i was expecting 75%..This is not the first time when this happend,but in our 1st & 2nd sem too university declared the results too late and too poor..We thought next time some improvement might be done in the checking bt nothing happened..Now we cant sit quietly.its high time now.sir plzz help me as soon as possible otherwise my aggregate will go down.And this is not the matter of a single student many students are deppresed by the result.

shivank jaiswal

Posted on Jan 09, 2015

Sir,i am student of govt pg college bina affiliated to Dr.harisingh gaur sagar university.I am doing B.B.A (hons.).i would hv completed my bba hons this year bt i couldnt do so bcoz of the late declaration of the result by the university and most importantly bcoz of the lack of information as not making the students aware of any rules regarding the examinations.Sir,actually i got atkt twice in my 1st sem exam & the result of 1st sem atkt was declared when i had already given my 5th & 6th sem exams.Now i am cleared in my 1st sem atkt bt the university is denying to disclose my 5th & 6th sem result & saying to give the 5th & 6th sem exms again bcoz that time i was not cleared in my 1 sem when i had given the further exams.Nw they passed a rule that no one will be allowed to give the further sems until they are not cleared in their previous sems exams bt before there was neither any rule regarding this nor the students hv made aware of this plz help me my future and money is on stake


Posted on Jan 08, 2015

Few teachers in DVS Education College, Gwalior,(email: are not living in MP from so many years, still these teachers are on the list of college and are still serving for the college. They are physically not present in MP but still getting monthly salary with some adjustments with Principal and other college staffs. How they can be physically present in two states at the same time and earning in other states for jobs which need their physical presence?

sukhvinder kumar

Posted on Jan 07, 2015

Dear Sir/Mam. I am sukhvinder kumar. i have done graduation from iase university rajsthan. but they froud with me and many students. i applied a rti to the dec the told me iase university not permited for the distance education out of the state and that only valid for campus study only but the university run his studey center out of the state and thay told to students this university is valid for state govt jobs and center govt jobs. but the university is not valid. i also want to admission in ignou university in the msw they ask me that university is not valid for the admission. Please tell me what i do for this. please solve me my problem. Thank you. Regards: Sukhvinder kumar

saif kasmani

Posted on Jan 06, 2015

Took admission at niit on 25/6/12 for gniit course. Made full one time payment within 3 days as we were violated and said tht if we pay within 3days we will get MTS data card for 3yrs subscription for free and other gifts like fastrack watch.nothing has been given till date.this was just to force us to pay full amount together.there was a rule tht if someone comes for admission he/she should give eligibility test was not taken and was told that you are already eligible (i am a commerce student).after the admission started the lectures which were quite non-understandable bcoz the faculties were the ex-students with no experience.ive gone for the subjects like RDBMS ,NETWORKING,C# ,SQL only, which is nearly around 1st semister (there are total 5 sems).this bring me out nothing.i continued going lectures in between a gap of 2-3 months.but the poor teaching skill was unbearable.till date i hav not given any of the semister exams.thr are around 18approx subjects.i demand for refund.


Posted on Jan 05, 2015

I had given an application for granting transcripts for PG DIPLOMA course from Karnataka state open university(KSOU)Transcripts r required to send to universities abroad.I payed Rs 8000 for 2 transcripts. The KSOU authority sent only PHOTOCOPIED marksheet SIGNED BY REGISTRAR.I recvd it after 2 months and only 1 single copy.Those documents are NOT transcripts.They are plain photocopies signed by registrar which is not acceptable abroad. Now,I have asked them for a refund. But they are asking me to send everything back and after that they will refund Rs 8000. I have wasted so much time and money and at the end I am not receiving the right documents and also no assurance that the money is going to be refunded. Only to send the signature on my marksheet they took 2 months. I cannot trust them that they will refund my money! If i send those signed docs I wont be having any proof with me! Please help..I have emailed & spoken to the registrar and Vice chancellor PA. I do not see any hopes.


Posted on Jan 02, 2015

Mr. Rajeev Rajput is head there. He has taken a sum of Rs. 35000 from me to give me a graduation degree BA form Sunrise University Ajmer. He asked me to give the degree in 30 days. Its been 2 months he was saying give me 2 3 days. Now his all the contact no.s are off. His fellows are saying that I am dialing a wrong no. Please help me in getting my money back.


Posted on Jan 02, 2015

I registered up for cat'14 user id 4323235 on Aug,22 but due to some technical problem that was not considered an i got my money back on Oct'01. cat announced a correction date on Oct'10 and i did the payment on Oct'10 at 12:56:36 P.M. and that was successfully received by cat because in my application form the status of payment was written successful.(Transaction no. ASMP3513724655). I was able to download my admit card and i did. after some day got a mail from cat help desk that due to our technical problem we could not received your money, you have to make another payment for appear in examination. I didn't and could not appear in examination but still i didn't get my money back. I talked to cat help desk they said that we have refund your money,transaction no. (MSMP3498332554). I have checked my bank details but this transaction no.MSMP 3498332554 does not exist, there is no debit and credit in my account by this transaction no.


Posted on Jan 01, 2015

complaint against NIMTT.I have admitted in m.phil course in Botany in 2011 at NIMTT, Kolkata under Manav bharati University, H.P. I have gave the examination in Feb-2012.I have not got any result from NIMTT or university.Then the department of NIMTT changed my university for same course under CMJ University, Meghalaya. I have gave in this university for same course in Feb-2013. still now i have not got any result from any university. My friend Arnab Das also gave the examination at the same time and have not got the result in MBU at NIMTT, Kolkata. so he appeared to alipur court and gave the judgement against NIMTT. case No-cc/446/2014 on 27/12/2014. so now what can i do?

Ashish Gangwar

Posted on Dec 31, 2014

I did a transaction for paying the registration fees of GATE 2015 which is going to be conducted by IIT Kanpur. Reference number of transaction is 11533768IG00BNBSL1 of Rs.1500 from SBI bank on 14th October, 2014. The transaction was unsuccessful, but money was deducted from my account. Same happened with many of my friends, but they got their money back. I do not get back my money. Official website of GATE 2015 was showing that for unsuccessful transaction, money will be returned back to the account. Please redress my problem as soon as possible as I am not in a good financial condition.


Posted on Dec 30, 2014

I worked as a high school teacher from june 2007 to may 2014 in Stella maris high school, vidyanagar, tiptur, tumkur district, karnataka and i got EPF facility form june 2009 to may 2014.I resign the job in june 2014 and enquired in EPF office tumkur about my Epf balance they said during 2012-13 your amount is not put. Now iam seeing very less amount in my account. I called to the institution but they are not responding properly so what shall i do now please help me.

Mayukh Panda

Posted on Dec 30, 2014

sir myself Mayukh Panda a graduate of mechanical engineering this year previously registerd my cv to the some month one phone came to me from and they told me to pay 1650 rs for the registration and after registering they will give a good job to me.then i reach a cyber cafe to pay online fees.suddenly they tell to me that i have to pay 3200 rs for conformation of jobs.on that time i was totally confused and finally they convince me and i gave 3200 rs.after giving the amount they did't call me for the job for 2 month.then last week they again call me by saying that they will return my money and told me to reach nearest atm.Then i reach atm and suddenly they gave me a account number and told me to transfer 3250 rs to that account.i was so confused sir yhat i did't understand their policy and suddenly 3250 rs ducted from my account.sir the no from which they called me is"7428925705"and the account number they have given to me is"6070940020941935".sir please

roshan roja

Posted on Dec 29, 2014

one college in tamilnadu offered me seat for mtech and collected fee and later i know the course is not recognised now they are not ready to refund amount

Nageswararao Adapala

Posted on Dec 28, 2014

Need to Raise a Complaint against CMS Computer Institute, Paradise Branch, Secunderabad

Prabir Kumar Chatterjee

Posted on Dec 27, 2014

I have applied for UGC NET Examination December,2014 for Assistant Professor, which will be held on 28.12.2014. My Roll No. is 12870734, Subject: Computer Science and Applications (Code-87), Centre applied: University of Calcutta (Code-12). i.e., my co-ordinating Institution is the University of Calcutta. But when I am searching the Centre wise seating allotment for NET Examination (through '', then 'news and announcements' then 'UGC NET Examination, December, 2014' then 'Centre wise allottment for the NET Examination, December, 2014' shows "The file is damaged and could not be repaired". That is, loaded file can not be opened. Who will be responsible for that? Is the University of Calcutta can take the responsibility for the damaged file? Why they loaded the damaged file through the internet? Please take necessary action as required. I can't appear the Examination for that irresponsibily of Calcutta University. Please inform me what action should be taken for this irresponsibilty or damaged file entry in the internet which should not be used to Examination candidates.

komal meena

Posted on Dec 26, 2014

sir i have joined mothers education hub institution without demo class and in 1st class i have submitted 6000rs. but after 1st class i didn't like their study tricks so i told them to refund my fee but they denied so sir please give me information about the time period for which a institute refunds fee to student . these 6000 really means to me so please tell me the time limit like 20 days or whatever . thanku sir

mayank sharma

Posted on Dec 25, 2014

Mayank sharma CS 2nd year 2013 agra FET agra college Sir mera admission cancell ho geya fees refund nehi ker rehai hai. fees slip kho geyi hai fees slip mai entry hai 40000/- sir help me fee refund.


Posted on Dec 25, 2014

Indian Intitute of computer Education Frod case Pls give me full refund

Dipali Katdare

Posted on Dec 22, 2014

I have taken admission by attending demo lecture given by Mrs Shama but she has left. Now center has palnned one more demo lecture but I do not want any relation with this training center as I have already wasted 3 weeks in this.So I want full refund.


Posted on Dec 21, 2014

Dear Sir I was registered my self in Moral Institute of Prof Studies, Indore for Executive MBA course by distance learning program with KSOU (Karnatka State of Open University) in the year June 2012. I have paid RsRs. 33550/- (Thirty Three Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty Only) to Moral Institute of Prof Studies till date (Through Cash and Cheque), but I have not recieved any acknowledgement of the payments which were made through cheques. Kindly help me for recover the same amount from Moral Institute of prof. studies, Indore.

Purnima Bannerjee

Posted on Dec 19, 2014

Dear Sir, I would like to bring up a fact to your notice. My child studies in Hartley Public School. Every year at the onset of a new session as per school norms, we are required to collect text books and exercise copies for your children from within the school campus. The catch is, the school charges us anywhere from Rs.5 to Rs.25 for each and evry text book over and above their actual MRP. That means, if the MRP of a book is Rs.20, we have to pay Rs.25/ Rs.30 for that book. I personally feel that it's a very unethical for an educational instituition to do this. Instead of giving concessions/ rebates on education and school stationaries we are being charged extra and that too above the MRP! Moreover, just to ensure that their business is hampered in no way, the school never gives out any booklist so that we can buy the books from book stores. Requesting your urgent intervention in this matter. This year also the book distribution process has begun in the school

Shreya Mintri

Posted on Dec 19, 2014

I have been cheated on exam fees and improper functioning of the institution. they have taken exam and not submitted it to the authorities.

rahul sen

Posted on Dec 12, 2014

pls send my duplikat marsit i am stdent diploma in civil engeerg sison-2009-2010 eiilm univarsity


Posted on Dec 10, 2014

i was a student of galgotias college of engineering and technology(2009-13).our college demanded 45000 rupees to provide degree as well as final year marksheet.A petition was filed against them last year after which they were ready to give marksheet for free from june 2014.I visited my college a week back (3 december)they denied again and are asking for 23000 now.many of my classmates who visited earlier got it for free.this is completely illegal.I don't belong to a rich background and infact I was not even placed from college inspite of having good academics.No other college demand for money after completion of course.they provide it for free.I request you to kindly look into the matter as soon as posssible as i have my IBPS interview in january.


Posted on Dec 10, 2014

i worked in this company as hr manager the company, when i joined this company i was not informed about any salary deduction , i was promised salary of res 32000.00per month for three months i am been paid only 23000.00. by bein hr manager i recived a complaint from a Female employee that women harassment is been made.when i took this complaint to the management they said me to cover the complaint . pf for every employee is not been paid when i asked to pay as per law i was terminated by the company with any notice and they are claiming rs 17460.00 from me. this company deducts esi from incentives. i kindly request you to solve this problem and make sure i am been paid my due anount of rs74160.00 with regards l.lakshmanan 9698558585

Atul Ranjit Singh

Posted on Dec 10, 2014

Please naam ki educational institutions h jo students ko jhute packages beach k paise nikal rahi h...mujse 6000 liya h but ab refund nhi kar rahi h...unke executive call receive nhi kar rahe h...please do something ye fake logo ki institution h...


Posted on Dec 10, 2014

I am doing MCA from IGNOU, they takes the fees of exam and re-registration without declaring the previous result, even that also we have completed our all semesters, now i had applied for revaluation before two three months and result not declared till yet and that paper is scheduled on 12/12/2014, then how can i give that when i send a mail to concern person he is not replying, they are spoiling our career. Pls help

manish saini

Posted on Dec 08, 2014

Hello sir/mam I have taken admission in zad institute of it and managent in 2012 and paid fees on time but now they are saying that ur admission was canclled and they are even not returning my fees. Plss help me

Durgesh madhaw

Posted on Dec 08, 2014

Suryadatta institute of managemnt pune.. Im suffer from not refund money from provition admissionby aicte rules of india

Amal K Venugopal

Posted on Dec 03, 2014

sir, I am amal from Kerala, this is not a complaint against any institution, but this is a request. I joined diploma in civil engineering in a government college here in evening batch. now I can't continue this course because some financial problems. I need my certificates that I submitted to collage at the time of tha admission. Please help me sir,

manik shah

Posted on Dec 03, 2014

I Did My B.Sc Multimedia from Sikkam Manipal University of Health, Medical & Technological Sciences during 2003-2006 with registration No. 720310656. I have applied in Central University Jammu for the post of LDC after clear written examination, Type test and Interview, they are asking me for UGC approval regarding study Center, correspondence/distance Mode for State universities. I had submit all approvals of DEC regarding study center and Institute recognition of SMU and Government of India notification No 44f 18-15/93-TD. V/TS.IV dated 01-03-1995. I also submit reply from UGC regarding Study Center. But now after six months the authority of Central University does not give any reply of my selection in Central University as a LDC. It is therefore, I requested You to kindly look into the matter and please help me in getting my Job.


Posted on Dec 02, 2014


Amit Agarwal

Posted on Dec 02, 2014



Posted on Dec 01, 2014

sir private collage more given to student university fees to the more fees conducted collage in ponugati madhavarao law collage

dr anand babu

Posted on Dec 01, 2014

To the concerned I have passed my bachelor of physiotherapy conducted by Dr c.v.raman intuition of science, technology ,commerce and management ,and the exam conducted by gg univirsity bilaspur , in distance education mode on 2006/2007 I have received provisional certificate and yet to receive original B.P.T degree certificate. I have enclosed my mark sheet , provisional certificate and dd sbi bank of rs 400,DD no 070179.. scence iam waiting for my original certificate from Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya my Roll no 60603d02162, enrolment no gpu/pm/373 pls do the need full

jyoti jainwal

Posted on Dec 01, 2014

MIT distance learning institute has take fees for PGDHRM and made our admission in DHRM on request of cancellation they are not ready to refund the fees amount.

Umang Agarwal

Posted on Dec 01, 2014

Refund of excess fee Rs. 70,000-00 charged by IIPM

Debashree paul

Posted on Nov 30, 2014

I beg to state that i have booked a seat in techno india university with rs. One lakh in cse course but due to some unavoidable reasons i cancelled the seat before taking admission into the institution. I gave the a cancellation letter dated 06.08.14 followed by two reminders. I also visited the institution several times but they were not showing any interest to Refund money. I belong to a middle class family and one lakh means to me a lott. I need the money . Please look into the matter.

Francis Adhisayam G

Posted on Nov 30, 2014

I resigned my job in the month of September 2013 and I applied for PF climbing in the month of May 2014. I have not received my PF amount yet. Kindly credit my PF amount as early as possible.

Syed Inayath Ulla

Posted on Nov 29, 2014

Hi I m a retired govt official. My son Mr Syed Faraz Siddique was trying to get a mtech seat through Cet but since in the second he was not allotted a seat in Cet for structural engineering we got little anxiety and paid 1 lakhs to vijaya vittala institute of technology. Immediately in next 2 days my son got govt seat in Cet so we opted for govt seat and tried to immediately cancel the management seat but the chairman of the college didn't even allow us to sit in the chamber. Please help me in getting back my fees.


Posted on Nov 28, 2014

i m study in vaish college bhiwani.then in exam time we are suffering from very disipline matter all teacher not strickly action then all student are paper equaly done by cheating. so i u inform that in vaish college bhiwani some student not done exam by disterbance other student. please check the examination time . mostly cheating in PG study. my exam start 1 Dec. so please take urgently action and resolved this matter as soon as possible.

Gautami Kanungo

Posted on Nov 26, 2014

Respected sir I repeatedly submitted application for refunding of fees to CIT college from September 2011 to till date but they are continuously delaying in to put any kind of effort of refunding it back. I have been harassed mentally continuously by them. So I request you to kindly take serious action against them. Sincerely Gautam Kanungo

Daniel Charlesworth

Posted on Nov 25, 2014

Hi, I have been a part of the Avalon Aviation Academy since August 2011. I had enrolled for the BBA in Aviation Course through Karnataka State University, we have been facing a lot of issues at the center time and again stating that the fees keep on increasing. Every time it increases just a week before the examinations, recently they have asked for Rs. 1124/mark sheet for the last 5 mark sheets of the semester even after paying Rs. 9524/semester as the KSOU exam fee, the total cost of the institute fee is 3.58lac, its getting really frustrating as its becoming impossible to pay the revised fee each time, do advice.

taranjit kaur sethi

Posted on Nov 21, 2014

the pf officer Mr.Laxman Mulgoankar is not completing my pf form since past 15 months. Every time he says next week and my school says they cannot do anything about this.


Posted on Nov 21, 2014

Itm university not refunding 33000/ fee paid in Dec.2013 for part time Phd in Computer Science & requested to refund before start of Programme on 16.01.2014. Inspite of instructions & circular sent by UGC on my request. Consumer Forum expressed that as per instruction from S/C Educational institutions not in their jurisdiction

Dilip Kumar

Posted on Nov 21, 2014

I was student of LL.B evening (3 years)In the 5th Semester Result my roll no was 51544839 and class roll no was 1513 in MDU Rohtak Law Department. In the 5th Semester in Subject Code 583 I was awarded 15 marks by the Professor Sh. Satpal but while sending the award to MDU clerical mistake zero marks was sent to MDU. Due to this error I am running pillar to post but I am feeling helpless. Kindly help me. I am harassed by MDU University and now I am not able to apply for any job where Law Graduate is required. My Registration number is 95-VCR-19. I contacted Law department and Controllar of Examination. One employee of MDU dealing Law department denies my request to ractify the marks after consultaion with controller of examination. I have heard that some case like me are rectified by them. But they are doing it arbitrary. Kindly help me.


Posted on Nov 21, 2014

Charged 58880 rs for b.ed in one time. not ready to refund

vinod kumar sondhi

Posted on Nov 20, 2014

COMPLAINT AGAIST GALGOTIA UNIVERSITY, GREATER NOIDA, UTTAR PRADESH FOR NOT REFUNDING FEES Rs.87000/- Sir, I got my daughter admitted on 07th July, 2014 for BBA Progam- 3 years course and deposited Rs.87000/- fees. I was assured in case of withdrawal of admission till 31.07.2014 I would be refunded full fee. On 21st July, 2014 I submitted withdrawal application as my daughter got admission in another institute BIT NOIDA for BBA Program. I was asked to collect the refund fee cheque of Rs. 87000/- in 1st week of September. Since 1st week of September till 17th November, I had visited the University office several times, and on every occasion I was asked to come next time with different reason stated, like concern person is on leave, signatory is out of India, etc. I was mentally harassed and made sit for several hours on every occasion. Finally on 18th November they have given me the cheque of Rs.87000/- but the date of the cheque is 31.03.2015. The concern clerk is stating that you ar


Posted on Nov 18, 2014

I am a M.Tech student of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University,Anantapur. In this university exam fee for a semester is 700 rupees, Recounting fee is 100 rupees. But to get hard copy of exam papers we should pay 1500 per a subject and TO MAKE CHALLENGE REEVALUATION WE SHOULD PAY 10000 PER SUBJECT. This is really unfortunate, the aim of the university is no student apply for CHALLENGE REEVALUATION. Now the correction of the JNTU Anantapur Board is very bad, why because if we write exam very well but you may be failed, that's what happening in JNTUA University. I want to fight against my University.This kind of activity makes no value for education. In future no one should face this problem, so please help me to fight against JNTU ANANTAPUR University.

students of college

Posted on Nov 18, 2014

on behalf of brainware college of professional studies's student we are bound to inform that we are bing mentally harresed by our honorable teachers. it is very unfortunate and sad to Inform that we belong to backward and illiterate family background. the teachers are list bother about classes at the same time they refuse to offer any help when we are in need. and also threat us that we are not capable of not getting good grade in our examination.

Dhruve K Khokhara

Posted on Nov 16, 2014

16/11/2014 Dear sir, I had paid Rs. 20000 as admission fee in S S COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Udaipur but couldn't join the college for academics so i requested for refund but the college management is not responding. Please do something I had paid draft in favor of S S COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING on dated 17/06/2011 of uco bank No. 436890. Please I request you to refund my money sir now I am studying in Gandhinagar in same course and I have to pay my 4th semester fees so please i kindly request you to please take legal action against them and refund me my money. Yours faithfully DHRUVE K KHOKHARA

mir tariq

Posted on Nov 16, 2014

Sir,I have applied for MBA in AEME Bangalore in 2012..I paid 2lakhs for first year ..after some mont our faculty resined ,when we contacted director and other heads they keep on giving excuses.,then they told us to prepare for 1st semester exams.we keep on preparing for exams..after that university announced date sheet, after next week our college heads told us exam dates are postponed , And they continuously keep on telling us the same excuse for four five months..and when we contacted the university (gulbarga university)heads,,they replied that they have not payed the registration fee, when we contacted director of our college only excuses were there...we lost 1 and half year because of that aeme college including our fee and other expenses, after that they promised me that they will refund my fee,,then they paid 45000 only,,and promised me that they will refund rest..after thet there was no response..even they closed college,,and also changed their numbers,,now how can I get my fe.

Avishek Chakraborty

Posted on Nov 15, 2014

Respected Sir, this is to inform you regarding the change in the mark of my B.Sc IT 6th semester May/June 2014 exam. During the online result publishment date - 07/08/14 I have cleared all my subjects and in the paper BSIT-63 I have got 40 mark in University exam and 22 mark for IA in total 62. But when I rechecked my result on NIIT as well as Online date - 13/10/14 I was put absent for BSIT 63 exam held on 07/06/14 and showing only 22 mark for IA only. But I was present for all of exams. I have my hall ticket with invigilator sign and NIIT has attendance sheet.I have submitted complaint as a hard copy and i have submitted my complaint online in but they did not taken any action about it.Please take necessary action as soon as possible.


Posted on Nov 14, 2014



Posted on Nov 14, 2014

Partha Banerjee

Posted on Nov 13, 2014

Hi, I was having a keen interest in Law but as I was in service so the colleges at Pune refuses to take me then I Google and found a consultant i.e. WAY 2 CARRIER and they called me for admission at Jaipur law college and they told me that I need not to attain any classes and just need to come for the exam in April so I paid a fee of 20000 Rs through DD out of 30000 Rs but after that they didn't send me any letter from the college regarding admission confirmation not about any fee receipts so after writing and calling them hundred time I decided to cancel my admission and after writing this they send me a email and a hard copy from university regarding confirmation of my admission but the paper has no university stamp nor its in their letter head so I asked them to return my money and cancelled my admission and since then they are not picking my call neither they are replying my email I am very much upset please help me......thanks. Partha Banerjee. 9762017676.


Posted on Nov 11, 2014

Hi, My name is Cijo Jose. I made gate payment for few of my friends on 26-09-2014 , 29-09-14, 7-10-14 using my visa debit card 4048-3450-0075-4965. But after the payment was approved , it showed a page " 403 forbidden " , instead of the application form / receipt. A total of Rs.4500 (4 x 750 , 1 x 1500) was spent on gate registration website (, all of them failed. Amount was taken from my account , but payment was incomplete. When I made payment repeatedly , I got the Application form/receipt. But I haven't still got my refund. In GATE brochure , it is said that refunds will be made after 3 days of transaction. But its been over a month and I haven't got the money. A total of Rs.4537.96 is debitted from my account to gate site including bank commissions(12.64 + 6.33 + 6.33 + 6.33 + 6.33) IIT kanpur , organizing institute of GATE 2015 has not yet refunded my money. Total Amount needed : Rs.4537.96

pradeep kumar prasad

Posted on Nov 11, 2014

I have taken admission in pgdm in one of the instituted of noida but that instituted is not able to take classes due to Colleg registration and told will refund the fee but have not refunded all amount only 55% they have refuned rest they are always telling new date to come and again keep on running to college Please help me to get my fee refunded


Posted on Nov 10, 2014

The Director Consumer Forum Gurgaon-122002 Subject-To refund of counseling fee(Rs 25000) from INDRAPRASTH INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS GURGAON. Dear Sir/Mam, I am Shivendra Pratap Singh,attend the counseling for admission in INDRAPRASTH INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS(BEHIND AAPNO GHAR , DELHI-JAIPUR NATIONAL HIGHWAY NH-8, SECTOR-77 , GURGAON-122004 , HARYANA.) on 07 july 2014. At the time of counselling they have asked Rs. 25000 which would to be refundable within 15 days as they have promised. But they have been avoiding me for last five months as i had given the application for refund of same on 10 july 2014. So, i requested to take stern action against them/Institute. Thanking you Your Sincerely 10 Nov 2014 Shivendra Pratap Singh

Omkar Chandrakant Logade

Posted on Nov 08, 2014

I had joined a class for competetive exam and paid full fees there.But the class has not taught one full subject and not giving me the refund.Now what to do.Where to file complaint?

P Sricharan Reddy

Posted on Oct 31, 2014

i've paid an admission fee in a b-school but couldn't join the school for academics so i requested for refund but the college management is not responding

Bharti Kashyap

Posted on Oct 31, 2014

Complaint Regarding giving Fake Degree,of some another unknown affiliated university by IIPM institute of Chandigarh.

ch srinivas rao

Posted on Oct 30, 2014

I joined the HN global solution s ameerpet hyderabad on 1/10/2014 for Netbackup clasess I paid the total fee 12000=00 rupees after payment of fee they are postponing the classes and i daily fallow up institute saying that faculty is not available , after 25 th day i asked the institute to return back the my fee but they refused to return back the paid fee and not taking the class also. I have only evidence of fee receipt. Please help me on this issue.


Posted on Oct 29, 2014

Sir, My son filed a petition before the consumer court palakkad,CC 157/14. He remmited exam fees and other fees in Periyar Uni But his provisional Certificate has not been issued yet.Pray-to issue PC and compensation. This case cannot be considered because student is not a consumer. According to rule undue delay in declaration of exam result is obviously deficency in service.Please give direction whether any possibility to consider this complaint. please give me advice


Posted on Oct 28, 2014

Non-refund of excess fee Rs. 70,000-00 charged by IIPM, Delhi.


Posted on Oct 24, 2014

I amKrishna mol k k.was a student of 3 and half years general nursing&midwifery training course during the perioud from 20-10-08 to 02-06-12 under priyadarshi school of nursing rajamundry ,533105,suviseshapuram,east Godavari district,AP,ph.08832479430,08832437664. I appeared the final examination vide hall ticket no.09070306 and declared passed in all subjects.But received only the mark sheets but not received diploma certificate.several requests and reminder they are not corporate .thier reply is that college authority not received for the same from dme(director of medical education.A.P nurses &midwives council,Hydrabad).and i paid all tution fees and passed all the authorty not given that on till time . I have with all solid proofs like mark sheets and college director give letter on their own letter pad and mentioned that diploma certificate not handed over to candidate (for submitting to dme)sir kindly do the necessary steps. Regards Krishna mol K K

Mahadeo Kumar

Posted on Oct 24, 2014

respected sir/mam I want to know about my semester exam result from SMU. sir,i am given my exam 4 times of same paper but i got equally marks everytime and i got fail in my subject since 1st semester. so sir please help me to do better in my life.

Avijit Roy

Posted on Oct 23, 2014

Dear sir/ Madam, First of all please forgive to hide my details. I was working as Registration Officer MAGLA KAMLA HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL, SRINAGAR SIWAN-841226 BIHAR science October 2013 to August 2014. My company treats employees as a slave. They always recruit different and new people form different area and after some months they try to disturbed and encourage them for forceful resignation, not only that they block their outstanding intentionally with a lame excuse. All of my colleagues bear these things only for our future because we need a certificate from them to make a move. already one of my senior couldn't get his certificate and spoiled his life. that's why i don't want to tell my name. I've been in this company for long time & science the very beginning they are deducting 10% amount from our salary for PPF account ( From all Temporary Staff & From Permanent Staff They deduct EPF) . This process was from last 10 or more because this college was established

karan singla

Posted on Oct 21, 2014

I Karan Singla S/o Sh. Rakesh Kumar Singla want to say that I have done job as an A.P in Mechanical Engineering in your institute from Jan 2013 to April 2013. I have already submit my No Dues & relieved from my duties. But my Salary & Security & Experience Letter is still pending. I have already told number of times about the same. I waited for a long time. I have very short of money these days & very much requirement of money.

Manisha Madhava

Posted on Oct 18, 2014

I traveled from Bangalore to Brussels on 30th September, 205 by Eitihad airways. My baggage was misplaced by the airlines and returned to me only after two days, during which the airlines offered me no support. Not only did I end up buying things, I also lost on on imprtantat opportunities and suffered harassment in a foreign country.When I claimed damages, the company offered me a measly sum of 120$, much less than purchases that I made. What can I do now?


Posted on Oct 15, 2014

fraud institute


Posted on Oct 14, 2014


ankush saini

Posted on Oct 13, 2014

sir i had taken admission in swami devi dyal dental college and hospital situated in barwala district near panchkula in haryana on date 1st of september 2014 and paid them fees of 411000 rs including everything of a/c hostel , university charges and etc, other than this amount i had paid them 1 lac rs donation as without this donation they were not giving admission, so total i paid them an amount of 513000 rs in cash in their hand, i attended college for 3 days ( 2nd sept- to - 4th sept) then due to some family problem's i took back my admission and even my name was not there in register and counselling was to be conducted on 10th september 2014 but i left college on 5th of september itself and wrote an application regarding cancellation of my admission and returning back my money and documents on 6th and in application they forced me to write that "they had paid me the whole amount and not a single rupee of my is with them " and if i dont write this then they wont refund me anything , after that they said that they will return me only 50 % of amount and not full ,and said that if you want to take refund you will be given only this much amount , if you want to take , take otherwise can leave the campus we wont return a single Rs to you , so they gave us 350000 on so much requesting, and even they didnt return my all documents they kept my 12th passing certificate, character certificate, and migration certificate and on asking documents they denied they had not taken my documents, sir i am an airforce serving person's son and i request you to please help me getting my money and documents, i will be very thankful to you.

Anindita Desarkar

Posted on Oct 11, 2014

I had inducted in MSC CS(2012-2013) course in SMU DE university on the mail assurance that this course is UGC recognized. But as per UGC website this is not recognized and university is not replying to any queries of mine. The course fee is 30000+ which has been fully paid. I had joined the course on Sept 2012 and it took approx 1.5 years of course completion. Not only it took away my valuable time but also ultimately this course will not help in any career progression activities in academic line as this is not UGC recognized. Even SMUDE has discontinued the course from 2013 and didn't inform the students. I had sent several mails to the registrar, VC etc but none replied back. Before joining the course I had mailed the institute asking for the course recognition and I was informed that this is DEC recognized which is also under UGC. I want a refund of the course fee from SMU DE also I was unable to take up any course during the tenure and it delayed my career by 1.5 years also.

shubhra bhargava

Posted on Oct 09, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, This is Shubhra Bhargava, a graduate from KLE's SNC (Rajajinagar), in Bsc. FAD. I would like let you know that even after completing my graduation from the above mentioned college, I still do not have the degree certificate. For same I would like to let you know the reason- I had given my examination for the 2nd year in 2004, for which I received mark sheet only by 2009. The reason which was given by the college was that mark sheet got lost on the way while being carried from the University to the college. Due to the above I could not apply for my degree certificate on time. And now when one of my family member is trying to approach for applying it through Tatkal, college is not co-operating in same as they are missing documents again! I request you to please let me know how education ministry can help me getting my degree certificate as college is not helping me. Thanks in advance Regards Shubhra Bhargava


Posted on Oct 01, 2014

Sir I joined diploma in aerobic instructor course in tharabai edu instution in chennai by paying Rs17150 on 19.10.2013 but the university cancelled the course due to insufficient number of students for that particular course,the university advised me to collect the amount i paid from the institution where i paid the fee ( thara bai educational instutitional)but the institution is blaming the university telling that they did not yet return the money .It is almost a year that neither of them are returning my money back, because of which my one year of education is being delayed.kindly help me to get my money back I was also provided with an identity number and my reff no for paying the fee is 8A 13008

Ravindra kumar

Posted on Sep 29, 2014

Dear sir, my sister has completed B.ed in 2013-14 from "SHREE BANKE VIHARI GIRLS TEACHER TRAINING COLLAGE,DEEG". My sister's roll nu. is 1256095. My sister's practical marks are very poor whenever she is ragular student of that collage but other some studants were not a ragular student those practical marks are very strong ex.140-145 out of 150 and internal marks are 18-19 out of 20 but theory marks of those studants are poor, these students gave some money for high marks. The collage adminstration dimmonded approx Rs. 20000 to provided HIGH high marks in practical and internals and Rs. 6100 to dresses and stastionary but we are not afoard it. No labs in this collage exp. Psyco lab. Every student b.ed has completed Rs. 50000 to 75000 every year in S.B.V.G.T.T. COLLAGE,DEEG and S.B.T.T. COLLAGE, DEEG Both collage managment is same sir,please investigate it soon replied me

S R Anwar

Posted on Sep 28, 2014 is refusing to return back certificates,due to delay in payment of reimbursment fees by the state govt.I have submitted a letter to the college which was signed by Dy Collector of Minority Affairs to return back certificates(10 to p.g certificates).The college has been assured by DY Collector,that their amount will be released shortly as soon as they receive funds from govt.Fee reimbursment has already been sanctioned by the govt in the name of student.I request you kindly advise me,if they still refuses to release my daughter`s certificates.To whom should I approach and what action could be taken.

Gaurav Jindal

Posted on Sep 26, 2014

I have complaint on behalf of my daughter (3 yrs old)against Pre-school/Day care (Budding Minds, sector 48). She started going to the school and after 3 days only she got fever. She started compalint that teacher scrold her and she denied to go to school. Doctor also mentioned that fever is because of fear only. The school not ready to accept the compalint and not returning the rs.9000 fee that I paid.

sanjoli agarwal

Posted on Sep 26, 2014

My name is sanjoli agarwal.I am doing msc(it) from biyani girls college,jaipur.My course is of 2 years but our exam is not be at proper date in which cause my course has become of 3 years.In 1 years,only our exam of 1st semester is to be completed and my exam date of 2 semester has not come.Kindly i request you to take action against my college so that our exam could be at proper date and my course could be completed in 2 years in place of 3 years.

Shanjan Sudan

Posted on Sep 26, 2014

My name is Shanjan & my registration no. Is07YCC08016. The problem started in 2009 when i skipped exams of IV semester & also did not paid my examination fees but my college mgt. told me that i can take IV sem exams with VI sem exams next year in 2010 so i took exams as per their instructions. I filled exam form for Vth sem. & result did not came, but when i went to the unversity they gave my marks orally but when after giving my IV & VI sem exams & result again did not came online i again went to university & then they told me that when i have not attended IVth sem.exams how can i write Vth sem. Exams, now because of this issue after 4 years of completion of my graduation result is still stuck and i am jobless & in deep trouble. Could you please help me in getting my marks card. I have all the documents that shows i have attended all the exams & i also cleared it as told by University officials after my complaint. I need an urgent solution to this situation. Please help me out.

Aamir Baig

Posted on Sep 23, 2014

My name is Aamir I baig I had taken admission in eMBA in 2012 session in MIT UTS Global education (ADTU), Pune. Sir, I have appeared for first semester examinations and submitted all assignments & project reports and all required documents my student code is 2012002499. I have received mark sheet for only 1st Semester examination when I tried applying for Second semester(Final) semester I was facing issues in submission of exam form. I have addressed this issue to teh Exam department(1800-266-8051) multiple times as given in screen shot but they never address.I have paid the fees and now they are not allowing me to apply for the Final examination. there are many other complaints running on there name as a FAKE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE. I request you to please take serious action agains them. There contact details are :020-4901-5959/5901


Posted on Sep 23, 2014

I did job in a small private school.I did job 3 months.and my 3 months salary they didn't pay yet.


Posted on Sep 23, 2014

I did job as a teacher in a private school.but they didn't not pay any amount to me

Sayantan Dey

Posted on Sep 22, 2014

I am pursuing B.Tech. in Civil Engineering (final year) from Seacom Engineering College. I have paid my college fees, in spite of that no classes, no labs and Library facilities are being meted to me....Please do something...As i am in the final year of my college, no campusing notices are being put out and now a days no classes are being held and there is no proper Lab Facilities....

Vishal Digra

Posted on Sep 22, 2014

Dear Sir, My name is Vishal digra I had taken admission in MBA in 2008 session. Sir, I have appeared for all semester examinations and submitted all assignments & project reports and all Viva Voice at Jammu study center (IICE Academy, Green belt park, Gandhinagar, Jammu) Study center code is 04257. Sir, I have received mark sheet for only 2ND Semester examination of which held in July 2009. Regd No : 08-JLDE-9533 DMC No : 006690 R. NO 087415 Date of declaration of result 23.11.2009 That I have reached Maharishi Dayanand University many times for results but all waste. Sir many times I have write in university official website but again no response. Please help me sir, I want to know results and to complete my MBA. Please advice and do the needful I shall be very thankful to you.

Swapnil verma

Posted on Sep 22, 2014

Respected Sir, my name is swapnil verma. I take admission in uptu college RAJ KUMAR GOEL INSTITUTE AND Technology in this year 2014 by counseling. I submit 15000/- at counseling and 165650/-at the time of admission to RKGIT college on 30/07/2014 by DD (DD NO.210872 & 210873 from ICICI Bank)in mechanical branch in open gen. seat, but due to open admission in KIET College i got admission in KIET (Gzb) Branch Mechanical. just because of this i withdraw admission from rkgit on 04/08/2104 when i talk to mr. vipul in administration for refunding fee they are not for refund fee. Till today i have not received any amount of fee. When i said forcefully then agree for 86650/- only but this amount is also not received till today. If any possibilities for refund fee then sir help me so that i can take fee from college. i am always thankful to you. regards SKS CHAUHAN MOB. NO. 9953011816 (family friend and care taker of swapnil)

ajay noronha

Posted on Sep 20, 2014

samundra institute of maritime studies.


Posted on Sep 17, 2014

Respected Sir, My name is Sayeesh. I have registered in CMJ university for pursuing my Phd in July 2012. I have paid an amount of Rs 67000 towards first year fees in July 2012. My Reg No: is 80187212100637 . For the past one year I have been hearing the verdicts given to the university controversies. But recently the Meghalaya Govt also proposed for the dissolution of the university and the degrees will be no longer valid. I have been trying to the university phone numbers mentioned in their websites. But none of them responded not even a single time for the past one year.hence I request you to please refund my money as I paid that amount by taking loan. My email id is

Sramana Patra

Posted on Sep 13, 2014

Our college Hooghly engineering and technology college (code-176) fee structure are sameas other good quality college in west bengal but they do not provide any on campus .WBUT sometimes visit this college but college management provides money to them to reamin silent and they go back without taking any necessary action

Sramana Patra

Posted on Sep 13, 2014

our college is Hooghly Engineering and technology college affiliated in wbut and aicte in west bengal. Every year huge number of students get backlog since 2010 but college authority do not take any necessary action to improve. There is no facility for book bank in library. college canteen,toilets,lab facility ,class room facilty all are very poor condition .Not only that in lab there is no good instruments. Students are suffering badly.Please take necessary action for not to give affiliation for this college .College code (176) under WBUT and AICTE

santosh kumar dash

Posted on Sep 13, 2014



Posted on Sep 11, 2014

I have appeared in PGDCA exam. june 2012 throuh AISECT (sector-6,bhilai) the university was IGNOU. The AISECT decleared me passed with A Grade but the instution (AISECT)is not providing me the certificate form IGNOU which I have given. inspit of IGNOU certificate The AISECT is providing me the false certificate of Dr CV Raman university Chhattisgarh. which is not acceptable in my organisation (where I am working)i.e. Steel authority of india limited-Bhilai Steel Plant. A Govt. of india enterprize. The AISECT is not providing setesfectory explanitation regarding the false diploma of CV Raman university. kindly register my complaint regarding of misconduct above stated AISECT SECTOR 6 A MARKET BHILAI

Ratnadeep Mukherjee

Posted on Sep 11, 2014

i took admission in a institution named IQST ( situated in maidan, everest house) and the course was for 4 months and the course fee was 22000 but now its 10th month is going. now as they failed to give me the course at their promised time i don't want to take the course after this long time. as i didn't attain a single class of my course i claimed my money back but they are behaving very rude and they are forcing me to take the course. at the end i am helpless and i need the support of law. i hope consumer forum will surely help me out from this problem. regards, Ratnadeep Mukherjee

Anil Choudhary

Posted on Sep 08, 2014

I was doing MCA from ICFAI university, My concern is that I have not able to complete MCA within the registration period( 7 years). But now I am serious and continue with the same, but University is trying to refuse to do the re-registration. But at the time of registration, they have mention in the prospectus that student will get registration(DeNova Registration) for 2 to 4 years. Please let me what we can do in such cases. Now I am want to continue with the MCA programm, but university doesn't allow the same.

anirban das

Posted on Sep 04, 2014

Institute of engineering&management,bhuwaneshwar,orissa Complaint Details: paid amount 25000/ to IEMS,bhuwaneshwar,orissa for admission in mtech at RKDF university(Bhopal,MP) on 27.01.2014.but still not get any kind of service from this i come to know from RKDF university,IEMS is a fraud institute as university provides me a copy of its(IEMS) unauthorization.

Somvir Soni

Posted on Sep 03, 2014

Dear Sir/ Madam I have completed my M.Ed from Yaduvanshi College of Education Mohindergarh Haryana under Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak in this year. The prescribed fees for M.Ed is Rs 48000/- but the above college has taken Rs 100000 from me and now they are asking me for Rs 2000 for giving marksheets. The chairperson Mr karn singh told me that we can take any fees. If you want your marksheets then submit Rs 2000 otherwise do whatever you want to do. Sir/Madam please do the needful and suggest me the way I can get my marksheet. Awaiting a positive step from your end. Thanking you in anticipation.

n mahipal reddy

Posted on Sep 03, 2014

we 16 members cheated by a educational institute they took money from us but they didnt give projects for us that institute name is pico soft technologies from hyderabad

E shravan kumar

Posted on Sep 03, 2014

we 16 members cheated by a educational institute they took money from us but they didnt give projects for us that institute name is pico soft technologies from hyderabad

Rahul Shrivastava

Posted on Aug 31, 2014

National Institute of Entrpreneurship is a Management college in Noida, which provided wrong information about being under UGC. I had applied for the admission in the college but unfortunately my loan was not sanctioned and hence could not proceed for the admission process. However as a procedure i had submitted rupees 30,000. Now the college has refused to refund the money. Kindly Help.


Posted on Aug 29, 2014

Respected sir , this is to inform u that i Chitanya Prakash Wasankar of sai nagar shegaon dist. Buldhana Maharashtra took admition in IMPERIAL College of Enggenering and research wagili pune for BE FIRST YEAR on 26 July 2014 and after 11 AUG 2014 i go there to cancel my admition but the institution said that they will not refund my tution fees and only security and sir this is not a rule bcause yet also i have not joined that institute so sir plz send them a leagal notice to refund my tution fees that is 95000 rs sir plz help me i m a middle clas student


Posted on Aug 29, 2014

Respected sir , this is to inform u that i Chitanya Prakash Wasankar of sai nagar shegaon dist. Buldhana Maharashtra took admition in JSPM College of Enggenering and research wagili pune for BE FIRST YEAR on 26 July 2014 and after 11 AUG 2014 i go there to cancel my admition but the institution said that they will not refund my tution fees and only security and sir this is not a rule bcause yet also i have not joined that institute so sir plz send them a leagal notice to refund my tution fees that is 95000 rs sir plz help me i m a middle clas student

Ranvir Dubey

Posted on Aug 28, 2014

Dear Concern, I have done MBA from national institute of Retail & management on that time it is approved by maharashtra govt. but now it has not valid certificates.The whole staff is fraud.Specialy the Director Mr.Rohit Dar he is a fake person .The institute is not genuine and the accrediations are not registered.So it is request for all professionals dont ever persue any courses from NIR&M .They have 3 branches in INDIA.Need to take a action and do the investigation asap

Manjusha Singh

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

An engineering college in Chhattisgarh - MMCT Raipur has taken 500/- as registration fee for a national conference which was supposed to be held on 29th march 2014. Conference did not held, money is also not returned, e-mail is also not replied, phone calling is also unsatisfactory. they give various reasons.

Sumit gupta

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

I have passed my MBS course but not yet received degree. I have submitted my 2nd sem marksheet after repassing it but the same has not contained grading, due to which HITT instutute send it to VIIT delhi for correction. But still I have not got my 2nd sem marksheet returned and degree too


Posted on Aug 26, 2014

Dear Team, Below mentioned institute cheated me by saying that will be awarded Mphil degree from Himalayan University which is newly established .For this they charged 30.000 rs which is paid in 2013 sept but till now no one is responding to my calls , no emails,no information about exams,guide etc.Pls do teach lesson and help me out to get my money back. Many Thanks Dayananda Admission Coordinator IndiaEduTech School of Integrated Learning #207 ,2nd Floor SCO 445-446 Sector 35-C Chandigarh UT-160 022 .India Ph. 0172 5084903 , 3024734


Posted on Aug 26, 2014

I paid rs 5000 advance for the course ICCA IN CLOUD COMPUTING at IIHT KADAVANTHARA KOCHI in jan 3 2014.They said me to join the course within 10 months after completing my degree.But this IIHT centre seem to be closed and they didn't provide the course or repay me.When i called the IIHT main centre they did not responded.

Raajesh jha

Posted on Aug 25, 2014

KSBM Institute,Bombay cheated me with the MBA degree,where as he collected all the money for Strategic Management. Now no body is responding.

Mohit kumar

Posted on Aug 24, 2014

Respected sir , this is to inform u that i mohit kumar of meerut took admition in jss acadmey of technical education on 22 aug 2014 and after next day i go there to cancel my admition but the institution said that they will not refund my tution fees and only security and sir this is not a rule bcause yet also i have not joined that institute so sir plz send them a leagal notice to refund my tution fees that is 96000 rs sir plz help me i m a middle clas student

manoj singh panwar

Posted on Aug 23, 2014

sir, my wife joined mothers coaching on 12 aug 14, and deposit rs 10000, but after few days she felt that that coaching feculty is not studing well, so she want to the director to refund coaching fees on 21 august 2014, but the director refused to refund, so pls guide me what should we do and where we have to complaint,


Posted on Aug 23, 2014

I’ve joined Reliance Aims in seshadripuram bangalore at august 2013 for Advance diploma in animation film making course. They have not provided any proper classes. There are no proper faculty till today.They have changed many faculties. They have not taught me any thing properly. Institute will not open regularly. When I go for classes the institute will be closed some times. Till now I have paid 50,000 Rs. So I request you to refund my money from reliance AIMS.

Mr. Adimulam Mudaliyar

Posted on Aug 22, 2014

This refers to below trail mail and attachment- the same is self-explanatory. I tried and approached several offices and ministries but nobody is responding and reverting on this. I feel like handicap now and helpless. I beg your urgent attention and kind action to save my child career and life. We all are literally in deep tension because of this issue with us. Management Team of Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering & Technology, Thirupachur- 631203, Thiruvallur, Tamilnadu is playing with us and literally harassing us. They have blocked my email id and neither responding to my mail nor interested to issue the required (most Urgent) documents of my son. In fact- they are trying to get additional money without no valid reasons. Respected Sir/ Madam, we are simply middle class family- where we should go and approach for our problems. I am sorry for sending this mail directly to you. Since there is no response / no feedback/ no action form past one month- I though sending this mail with lost hope that


Posted on Aug 18, 2014

I’ve joined Reliance Aims in seshadripuram bangalore at august 2013 for Advance diploma in animation film making course. They have not provided any proper classes. There are no proper faculty till today.They have changed many faculties. They have not taught me any thing properly. Institute will not open regularly. When I go for classes the institute will be closed some times. Till now I have paid 50,000 Rs. So I request you to refund my money from reliance AIMS.

Pawan Singh

Posted on Aug 14, 2014

My sister did B.Com Course from EIILM University in 2012 by Distrance Mode through Gurukul Institute of Management and Training which having office in Rohini Sector - 7 and Noida Sector - 15. My sister paid 30000 Rs. for her B.Com Course. Last year she got the Marksheet but after cross check with some Govt Deptt. we found these marksheet is not valid and She did not get the certificate yet. When we asked to the owner of Institute, he assured us that after 15 August, Certificate will be released and assured that there is no issue of EIILM University. But now he is not picking our phone... he blocked our number. My sister career is in dark due to this fraud done by Gurukul Institute of Management & Training. Please here in line the owner detail - Name - Abhimanyu Mob. - 8882844555 Add - Head Office C 9/7, SECTOR- 7, ROHINI NEW DELHI- 110085 Ph: 09312144555, 011- 47008408 Fax: 011- 47008408 E-Mail: Branch Office 2nd Floor, Above Bata Showroom Bhag

shailendra kumar sandey

Posted on Aug 14, 2014

Mai dr c.v.raman university me mechanical department me lect. Tha mai apna regin kiya lekin university mera work experience nahi de rahe hai.

Sanjeet Kumar

Posted on Aug 07, 2014

Sir, I am the student of BSC ACADEMY. boring road..i took admission there for master course on 9th july 2014..Due to some personal issue i have started my regular class after 20th july..Now i have requested branch manager to transfer my batch from boring road to bsc academy Jagdeopath. He want Rs 2000 as transfer fee.But i talked to head branch i.e. bsc academy delhi..he told that there is no transfer fee..but as bsc academy patna branch is frenchaiji..they have their own rule..Sir my question is that admission fee is Rs10000.. but to transfer batch he take 2000..which is not up to the least 500 should be there or no fee. Sir please try to solve out my problem


Posted on Aug 05, 2014

I have relieved from an educational institution on march 2014 properly after serving 14 years.They deducted pf from 01/11/2003. deducted Pf from 01/11/2003 onwards and fulfilled I have completed withdrawal formalities by july.But they didnot forward my PF papers so far to the pf office despite numerous requests from my side.What can be done?

Sumanta Mukherjee

Posted on Aug 01, 2014

in the month of January I have registered with the advance Rs. 5000. My Registration no. is BN -1314-0270 in Kolkata Bidhan Nagar Branch. Till now I have not got a call from your end. Now I got a job so it’s not possible to admit. So please arrange some necessary action so that I will get refund of my advance money i.e Rs. 5000. The welcome mail has been attached for your reference. I have contacted many times with written application but they are not taking any action.


Posted on Aug 01, 2014

I've completed the B.Sc. Phy degree from Bishop Heber College this May. In regards of my higher studies, I have applied for the Transfer, conduct, Course completion certificates. For which the institution have charged a fee of Rs.200-T.C, Rs.25/certificate. Also, The institution failed to give the transcript of the grades obtained into equivalent marks & issue the provisional certificate{needed for further admissions} and demanding a fee of Rs.200/Certificate. In addition, in terms of graduation ceremony a fee of Rs.700 have already been paid and the institution announces a sum of Rs.400 is to be paid for this purpose. I'm in seek of guidance regarding this excess extraction of money by the institution disregarding the policy resisted to them for fee collection.

Praison M Shaju

Posted on Jul 31, 2014

Sir, Me and my friend applied for the B.Sc programs at JSS University Mysore. We visit the website and download application form( and broucher( We also paid the DD of 500 On JSS fee account and send the all enclosures as they said. In the broucher they said that the 80% of admission is through a rank list that prepared by the PUC II year mark and the entrance test, and also said that the date for the entrance test will notify in the web site. But till now they didn’t notify the date. I also send mail to know the entrance test but they didn’t replied. When I contacted the university today they said that the admission is completed and there is no entrance test and the admission is done directly. Because of this irresponsible I lost my one Academic year. Sir what I want to do now. Hope you can


Posted on Jul 30, 2014

I joined for engineering in 2010 in management quote. i dropped out from engineering when my admission got cancelled because i failed for 3 years. According to VTU, i need to re-apply for new admission again because of failing for 3 years. since i find engineering hard to cope up with, i decided to dropout. But when i went to college to collect my certificate, college is not giving my certificate back. Please help me to get my certificates back, and is there any rule giving college management permission to hold certificates, if the student joined in management quote. regards

Ankita Keshari

Posted on Jul 26, 2014

Sir/mam My self Ankita keshari, I have completed B.Pharm from Mahatma Gandhi institute of pharmacy Lucknow, Kanpur road junab ganj, in batch 2008-2012, and I didn't get my security money yet that is 10,000 Rs. I have requested many times but they are not responding.Please help me.


Posted on Jul 26, 2014

Sir, I am Student of Karthikeyan School of Nursing 2009 pass out. I could not able to Register in Chennai TamilNadu Medical Council. There are telling passed out Not Declared till Now. Because of that we are able to go for Government jobs. So please do the Need full to send the pass out immediately. Take action Against the Institutes and Do the needful Ragards T.Suguna passout of 2009 Batch Karthikeyan School of Nursing Nagappatinam TamilNadu

Kapu Sanjay

Posted on Jul 25, 2014

The institution is not refunding the fees after just 5 days and classes is to start after two or three weeks.please take action seriously.


Posted on Jul 22, 2014

my complaint regarding toucher by principal

Raghupati G. Bhatt

Posted on Jul 17, 2014

I was approached by IPS (INSTITUTE FOR PRAMEDICAL STUSIES for Ph.D. registration. I was told that I would get PH.d. FROM cmj university. It was functioning then. I paid 10000 and I got registration from CMJ. Later I was told to pay the fees, I paid total One lakh thirty thousand and sent my thesis to IPS in Meerut.I got receipts from them but CMJ turned into a fraud. I requested IPS to return my money but they went on telling me that they would try getting Ph.D. from CMJ. When CMJ was closed and was under JUdicial enquiry these people sent me the thesis acceptance letter. I sent them many Emails but they are not responding. First I was approached by one Meenakshi and then Priya Sharma was talking to me . Finally it was Kumar Gaurav and Ritu Kumar who flatly refused to give my money back. Now almost two years have passed, The Institute's address is 37 Shiv Sarovar Colony, Near Radha GOvind Vivah Mandap, Bank Colony, Garh Road, Meerut.


Posted on Jul 11, 2014

Re: "ICFAI Enrolment No. 161100218347" This is reference to above Enrolment No., I Sanjay Lal Jaiswara hereby states that I got enrolled for MBA from ICFAI University on February' 2012. While registration I was assured that they will going to provide placement for successful candidate on completion of course. I have got mail from their Sales Executive and he had also forwarded me attachment for the same before the registration to MBA course. Now after two years I have completed MBA (Finance) in May'2014 and that too in due time and in first attempt. Then I have asked for their placement assistance and now they are telling that they do not provide any placement though in their website Placement Section is there and I have got the mail attachment which I got before registration to course.

Sunita Yadav

Posted on Jul 09, 2014

Subject: Complain about Sikkim Manipal University Dear Sir, My self Sunita from Mumbai I enrolled for the course of MBA from Sikkim Manipal University. I cleared my first semester but when i enrolled for Semester - II in 23rd May 2014 but till date 9th of July my admission still not confirmed. And today I got the mail from university and they are saying if my center coordinator will not send them DD scan copy of fees then they will reject my form. And Goregaon CPCareer Center coordinator name of Mamta keep telling me this .. She already sent them scan copy of DD ?? I am completely hopeless ? Please Help Regards, Sunita Yadav


Posted on Jul 09, 2014

Respected Sir ; I have a complaint against DAKSH IT SERVICE ,NOIDA 1.) I visited this center on Feb. 2014 to appear in a certification exam(1Z0-858) . I paid the fees for this certification and Daksh IT service gave the receipt but it was in favor of CosMos Infotech Solution . 2.) After my query about why giving me bill receipt in favor of COSMOS INFOTECH SOLUTION in place of DAKSH IT SERVICE , it’s owner (Mr Sunil) told me that formally DAKSH IT service is COSMOS Infotech solution . 3.) Mr. Sunil told me that when I will be prepared for this exam ,I shall intimate him and he will provide me exam slot/coupon . 4.) I contacted Mr. Sunil on 5th June 2014 and intimate him that I am ready for the exam so kindly provide me exam slot/coupon . 5.) Now since more than 1 month ,Mr. sunil/Daksh IT service ,neither providing me exam slot/coupon nor refunding my money and not talking with me . This center has been cheated with a lot of students and wish to take my money back .


Posted on Jul 07, 2014

I am a student of Dr. Bhim Rao ambedkar University, Agra. I have appeared for my B. Com final year examination in March 2013 in which I got passed. Now it is about 1 year long but still I have not get my marksheet & degree for my further use. I have tried to ask from the college staff but they are not respondig. Please help as soon as possible.

sushanta meher

Posted on Jul 07, 2014

I had enrolled for BCA course at Yuvodaya College of Advance Technology (YCAT), Balangir (ODISHA) under Sambalpur University for the Academic Session 2009-2011. My Registration Number was 09BCA022. After appearing my Final year Exams in 2011, I had a few back papers. I have cleared all the Back Papers in the subsequent Supplementary Exams and all my Practical Exams are also cleared. This I have confirmed by visiting the Sambalpur University after being suggested from my College Principal. Inspite of enormous efforts by my College Principal and self, the University is not awarding me my BCA Degree certificate. Hence, I’m unable to pursue any further education or apply for any job. Furthermore, I have already lost 3 valuable years in this process.

Puneet Bachchan

Posted on Jul 02, 2014

I m a student pursuing my diploma in visual effects from Zica Mira Road. Now the institution have started acting weird and not allowing to enter the institution as they dont have sufficient computers. kindly look into the matter. Regards Puneet

Nitin Kumar

Posted on Jun 30, 2014

I have completed my in 2012 but the college is not releasing the security money which is equal to Rs.10000/-.Pls suggest me how can i submit an appeal in consumer forum as i have send the applivation to college.


Posted on Jun 30, 2014

I took admission for BBA course at IIPM at Bhopal –MP. we realized that the institute was a fraudulent they have no affiliation from any government approved bodies like AICTE or UGC I appeared 5th sem exm while 6th sem not finalized ,further i paid 4.50 lacs for entire course,Today IIPM Bhopal closed last 1 month our future is in dark,i contact their HO delhi they also keep mum,no body in college whom we approached.How i make complaint?

Srishti Monga

Posted on Jun 29, 2014

HI, i registered my self in south delhi polytechnic for women lajpat nagar for a degree programme where they said they have their courses recognized from PTU and did not let me enter any class until my first installment cheque was clear, afterwards i came to know that there recognition is still pending and actually they are not going to get it anyhow as i spoke to the university people. i left the college, wrote them no. of applications did several calls but there is no response yet. plz help me as my INR 20000 are stuck there . plz help

Sumit Tirkey

Posted on Jun 28, 2014

Sir, I am Sumit Tirkey S/O Mr. M.Tirkey. I have registered my name at Rungta College of engg. & technology, near Nandanvan Raipur. Dated 31/07/2012. But due to some problem I was unable to continue my studies in that college. So I gave an application to withdrew my name from institute dated 4-8-2012. As I have completed the formalities by that time so i wanted my fees to be refunded but the college never replied to my application. Please help me out of this problem as Rs 32200 counts very much to me and my family. I will be very thankful to you. Yours faithfully Sumit Tirkey 9479032666

Gaurav singh

Posted on Jun 23, 2014

Dear sir, My self gaurav singh.I have done MBA from Galgotia college Greater noida in 2010.still after 4 years i hvnt received my caution money of Rs 10000.i have been to college 20 times but every time they have a single excuse that chairman sign is left off n he is not here. Please guide me how i can take my caution money.I am ready for legal action also.I am a qualified LLB also. Hoping for a guidance from your side. Regards Gaurav singh 9717883765


Posted on Jun 21, 2014

I have joined in Avalon Aviation Academy in january 2013. They assured to placed us in airline industry within or after the six months course completion and they collect Inr 60,000 as coursefees. Still now they did not offer me any job or certificate for the course i have studied. Please take action on the academy and help me to get the certificate.

Sonal Sharma

Posted on Jun 19, 2014

I have a complaint against fraud done to me by a private institute Metropolitan School of Management,(, Noida. The institute is not affiliated to UGC and is claiming to provide degree from Jodhpur University Rajasthan which is illegal according to UGC norms. I have deposited Rs. 3.32 lakhs and have left institute in December 2013 ( joined August 2013). The institute has refused to make any refund of amount. Kindly help me in getting the refund of Rs. 3.53 lakhs.

ashish kumar

Posted on Jun 18, 2014

Now when I am asking for my result they are telling me you are not provided migration certificate at that time thus university has not issued your mark sheet and certificate. when I told that why d’nt you informed me at the time of admission they are saying it was not demanded by university and when I am saying how the university has taken my admission and examination without migration they have no answer for it. Sir I am very frustrated from them I lost my year and money I have already given 50000rs and I want my money back. Please suggest me what action can I take against them. I hope you will take a proper action against them. Thanking you 9891429749

Rahul Kaushik

Posted on Jun 17, 2014

Few days ago I took admission in a Civil Services Coaching Institute and paid the fee in advance through a Bank DD. But due to some reason I do not want to join the institute now and want the amount that I paid as fee back, but the institute has asked me for 30 days to take any decision regarding refund of the fee that I paid there. I haven't joined a single class of the fresh batch to begin on June 21, 2014. Kindly give me the suitable guidelines regarding what can be done now in this case and take the right decision.

talib wani

Posted on Jun 15, 2014

I had taken admission in noida international university by checking all its details on their website... There admission office is far away from university. When i reached at their office they told me to deposit some amount atleast 30000 for admission so that we will keep your seat reserved.. I deposited 30000. But after visiting university on very next day i found it is under construction... Only a single block was ready nothing else... I immediately went back to admission office and said them that everything on your website is fake, there is nothing constructed yet... So i told them to cancel my admission... They asked me that your admission will get cancelled by mailig us on our e-mail address and we will refund your fee by a cheque after one month at your postal address... I e-mail my all details to them nxt day but i didnt get my amount back till now.. They now dnt take call and also not replying.. Its a story of august 2012 and now its 2014... They are not doing anything... Name:- talib tariq wani S/o:- tariq ahmed wani Phone:-9622113537 R/o:- gund adal kote banihAl jammu and kashmir... Fee receipt no:- 9337 Boolet no:- 187 Prf no:- 29735

Nitesh Chaharia

Posted on Jun 13, 2014

PF deducted by the company and not deposited with PF Authorities. Grievance registered with PF department but no positive result so far.

Gunjan Choudhary

Posted on Jun 12, 2014

I have recently got the admission of my Daughter in Nursery Class in Thakur International School, Kandiwali (W), Mumbai. At the time of admission I was not having any address in Mumbai as I was planning to shift from Udaipur to Mumbai. The admissions in the school opened in October and I was required to pay all fees including conveyance fee at the time at that time only. I was not having address in the Mumbai that time so i have given address of my relative as suggest by school admission deptt. They told me that later on I can change the bus stop. On the date of starting the school 1-4-14 when I requested to change the bus stop it has been told to me that my bus stop will be changed but I will not get refund of the difference of the charges between these two stop. I have given request even before using/starting a single day of conveyance service. I have been kept waiting by school administration again and again to talk and then they finally said I will not get any refund


Posted on Jun 11, 2014

Dear Sir/Mam, I am writing this application on behalf of my sister who have passed B.A. from SHRI RAGHUKUL, MAHAVIDHYALAYA, BAKALPUR,kheragarh ,agra Affiliated to Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University - Agra ,Uttar Pradesh Phone: 05613- 232167 .More than one year,i am going to receive TC,MC,MARK SHEET and other provisional certificate but not yet provided by them.Each time when i contact them( Education Center ) for this gives me different stories for this delay.At present my sister,s career is in risk and dark shadow.My sister,s PG COLLEGE is asking to submit her B.A. certificate which she highlighted about her study during PG COLLEGE admission form.Please do needful in this regard or advise me the steps to go ahead to get her rights. Thanking You Your,s Truly Ram Sewak Singh

Shweta Soni

Posted on Jun 10, 2014

Sir I deposited for online mock test for sbi po exam and since 5-6 days they are not providing any sbi po paper for which I had paid. I request also to please allot sbi po test paper and then also there is no any response and action regarding these please help me to resolve these matter. There website address is

Cecil Augustine

Posted on Jun 10, 2014

I took admission for MBA course at National Institution of Human Resource Management at Bhubaneswar –Orissa. Off late we realized that the institute was a fraudulent one and no affiliation was obtained from any government approved bodies like AICTE. The chairman and directors were already booked by Orissa police related to many forgeries in the state.We approached CBI at Bhubaneswar. CBI raided the institute on 12.3.1996, properties were seized and the institute was closed. At the same time I filed a case in Orissa consumer court vide case no CD no .1 of 1999 for getting compensation against our career loss. After 10 years of proceedings, we got a order in our favor from THE STATE CONSUMER REDRESSAL COMMISSION, ORISSA, CUTTAK TO PAY A COMPENSATION OF 2 LACK PER INDIVIDUAL VIDE ORDER NO.11 DT 20.3.2006. (COPY ATTACHED) But sorry to mention that even after 8 years Orissa Police could not execute this order. we request the honorable to execute this order at the earliest with interest


Posted on Jun 10, 2014

My son Rohit.M studied MBA(HR)in your institution in 2012-13 and his original Certificate received recently. He had deposited caution deposit of Rs.10000/- at the time of MBA first semester admission. It is requested to please return the amount immediately which is very grateful to you.

Shrey Kashyap

Posted on Jun 10, 2014

Sir, I had appeared for rajasthan pre engineering test and after clearing the exam i took admission in Mahatma Gandhi engineering college Jaipur through the first counseling. After second counseling i withdrew my name from RPET and demanded refund of fees but they straight away refused to do so which is against the norms of rajasthan pre engineering test. So please kindly look into this matter and take suitable action.


Posted on Jun 10, 2014

Gurgaon District Consumer Dispute Forum,Vikas Sadan,Gurgaon Subject-Request for Refund of Full fees of Rs.3,50,000 by S.S. College(S.S.Group of Colleges)Sir,I would like to bring to your notice that I have deposted Rs.55000(for Franchisee)& 10 B.Ed students Admission Fees Rs.2,95,000 during JUNE-JULY,2013 in S.S.COLLEGE HDFC BANK A/C 00902000024809 through my Netbanking.But College not given me proper service.Many time college working-cum-Chairmen Mr.Sunil Waliya contact for refund my Full Fees in my A/C,he not responce at all.So,you are request to S.S.GROUP OF COLLEGES,GURGAON to refund my hard earned money Full Fee of Rs.3,50,000 without any loss of time of the Fees deposited by me.With Regard's Your Sencerely,Md Taslim_Ul Haque Moh Idgah PO Dehri on Sone Dist Rohtas(Bihar)PIN-821307


Posted on Jun 10, 2014


Paushali Dasgupta

Posted on Jun 09, 2014

I had paid Rs. 4044 for CLAT-2014 using my Andhra Bank debit card and have documents to supplement that. But according to them they haven't received the money. I didn't get my admit card and was unable to appear for the examination. They haven't responded to my mails regarding refund neither have they received my calls. Due to this my one year's preparation was wasted also the money I had spent for purchasing the study materials were of no value. It was an unnecessary harassment all due to their fault. I have no account of the money I had paid for the examination!


Posted on Jun 07, 2014

In 2009, 2nd year of my degree i have applied for fee-reimbursement and govt. granted the same. But by that time i had to pay fee for that year as my college pressured me to. Even after i got fee- reimbursement(money was taken by the college directly from the bank) they did not return my money. its been more than 5 yrs now. please help me to get back my money. I have all the proofs of my payment to the college and also the details of reimbursement.


Posted on Jun 06, 2014

Ambala Distt.Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Old SDM Office Building, Near D.C. Office, AMBALA CITY-134003. (Haryana) Subject ;- Request for Refund of FULL FEES of Rs.19350/- by Dr. B.R.Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar (Punjab). Sir, I would like to bring to your kind notice that I have deposited Rs.19350/- (Nineteen Thousand Three Hundred and Fifty only) for admission in M.Sc.(Math) vide Receipt No.44412 dated 14-06-2013 in Dr. B.R.Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar (Punjab). Only Security Amount of Rs.4500 has been refunded so far the remaining amount of Rs.14850/- is yet to be refunded. 2. Therefore, you are requested to direct the Director/Registrar of the Dr. B.R.Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar to refund my hard earned money full fee of Rs.14850/- without any loss of time of the fees deposited by me as. With Regards, Yours Sincerely, (Somya Jain), 361, Circular Road, Model Town, AMBALA CITY-134002. Haryana

lokesh bhandari

Posted on Jun 03, 2014

I am writing on behalf of my daughter Anisha Bhandari, who has got addimission in the Nursery of Tapovan VIdayala in Bhyander vide form No. 303 dated November 23, 2013. We have also deposited a fees of Rs.11,500/- vide receipt no. 675 dated December 14, 2013. I had been transferred from my office Mumbai Office to Jodhpur Office (Rajasthan) vide a transfer letter dated on April 30, 2014 and had join Jodhpur office on May 2, 2014, due to which Anisha has to move to Jodhpur with me. I had request the school many times for refund of the fees, and send many mail, but till know nor i had reced. any reply. Regards, Lokesh

Vikash pandey

Posted on Jun 02, 2014

Sir,mene bhopal m post office ki coaching excellence institute m join kri and 2700 rs jma 2 din baad mujhe coaching pasand nhi aayi tb mene fees refund k liye 1 month k baad bhi fees refund krne s mna kr diya..

Suresh Sharma

Posted on Jun 02, 2014

Hi Following letter was posted on helpdesk of CLAT-2014 on results debacle:Dear Sir/Madam,I am a guardian of one of CLAT-2014 U/g entrance exam. candidates. As per the official 'Final CLAT brochure.pdf', under table 'Important Dates', page no. 78, you have provided following details : Item 6. Date of Declaration of Results : 31st May 2014 (Saturday)Item 9. Commencement of counseling period for first 2500 candidates : 1st June 2014 (Sunday)At the bottom of the same page you have mentioned followings: If any of the proposed dates falls on a public holiday (non-banking day) or in case of any emergencies, the next working day will be reckoned as the due date. Prima-facie, it appears that you are very well aware that you are going to publish the result on a late weak end and you are keeping the door open for enrollment for counseling as 'start date', if some one furnishes the required amount of Rs. 1 lakh thru' online or offline payment mode.To me this appears to be a

isha padhy

Posted on May 28, 2014

I am Isha Padhy. I was working as a faculty at MITS College, Rayagada, Odisha from the year 2008 to 2011 feb. While leaving college I had submitted all my clearance form including my EPF closure.Yet I haven't received my money because they haven't send the clearance form to the EPF office. My epf number is 10067/a/074.They are just mentally harrasing me as i am staying at hyderabad and i cannot regularly attend the college.Please help me out. I am losing my patience.

Umang Agarwal

Posted on May 25, 2014

I have taken admission in IIPM, , Satbari, New Delhi for MBA course. At that time IIPM confirm the fee Rs. 6,26,000-00 and charged me Rs, 6,96,000-00. Thus IIPM charged me excess fee Rs. 70,000-00. In this regard I have sent a registered letter yo Mr. Prasoon S. Majoomdar, Dean on 28.2.2014. But till date they have not given any reply to me. I have also sent the above letter thru. E.Mail to Me. I have also sent the above letter thru. E.Mail to Mr. Majumdar as advised by them.

Mohd Asim

Posted on May 23, 2014

Dear sir, I have done B.C.A from a private centre named Govindam Business school and institute based on MDU university Rohtak. Director of centre (Vivek Narula), CEO (Ashok Narula)and Chair man (G.S.Arora) are totaly careless. They dont giving me my second semester mark sheet from last year 2013 i continuously asking about mark sheet but they reply wait two or three month, But now i am not getting any response from owner side about my mark sheet. And now I have left three jobs offer because of them. Dear sir , please do some against them. And tell me also what should I do. I am waiting your positive response. Thanks. Govindam bussiness school Contact Govindam Business School Address : 514, Industrial Estate Patparganj, (Near Anand Vihar Metro Station, Opposite East Delhi Mall), Delhi 110092 Tel : 9312510111, 9313130101 , 9311990606 Placements & Internship 011-22160666, 09311330404 Website : E-mail :

Mohd Asim

Posted on May 23, 2014

Dear sir, I am was doing B.C.A from a private centre named Govindam Business school institute based on MDU university Rohtak. Director of centre (Vivek Narula), CEO (Ashok Narula)and Chair man (G.S.Arora) are totaly careless. They dont giving me my second semester mark sheet from last year 2013 i continuously asking about mark sheet but they reply wait two or three month, But now i am not getting any response from owner side about my mark sheet. And now I have left three jobs offer because of them. Dear sir , please do some against them. And tell me also what should I do. I am waiting your positive response. Thanks.

pravesh singh

Posted on May 22, 2014

Dear sir, I am doing b.a final from a private centre named srs institute based on mdu university Rohtak. Owner of centre (praveen& ashok) are totaly careless. They dont giving me any guide about start of addmission total fee of addmission recived by both owner from me. But in middle and last of year I am not getting any responce from owner side about classes and exam. And now I have left my one exam because of them. Even they did not take my cal. Dear sir , pls do some against them. And tell me ols what should I do. I am waiting your positive responce. Thnks.

Mudit Joshi

Posted on May 21, 2014

Dear Concerns, For your briefing i got enrolled with ICFAI university for Ms.Finance course in the year 2007,due to some personal reasons i was not able to persue the course and contacted the Indore center of university several times but i was given lame replies.In the year 2011 i came to know that the course i got enrolled for was discontinued and also the center was moved to bhopal (200 km from indore). I started sending communication to every possible contact of university. Today i have received a replay from them that they do not refund the fees. I am feeling cheated and would like to initiate legal action against the ICFAI university. Please help and suggest me to get the refund of Rs.68000 which i had paid to them. Details: Institute ICFAI University Address: Jagannath Bari Road,Bidurkarta Chowmuhani, Agartala-799001,Tripura(W). Phone no:0381-2319507 Mail

Hari om shanti

Posted on May 18, 2014

Sir I have taken addmission in naryana coaching classes dwarka Delhi but Due to their Hostel facility i haven' attended Nor any classes neither hostel facility and as well submitted a form of leaving coaching on the day of or da after Addmission taken and requested for refund and from that very day they are making some reasons for not returning my amount That i have subbmited of amount of 24000 ruppess and from last 7 months they are making the some reason and the amount is not refunded yet since then my personal money has been spended for enquring about my refund as well i was not able to spend my money to profitable extent so i m in big loos from mental physical and economical condition

avinash kumar

Posted on May 15, 2014

Dear sir,we are software service providing company,in patna we are working for school automation management system to implement software in to the CBSE affiliated school,e.g gyan niketan school is our client school is using our software around one year,they clear ower monthly contarct payment 37,848 for the month of novemebr,december 2013,and january 2014.february,march,april month payment they are not giving and ower service is continuing till date.according to our work to get ower payment from gyan niketan school,kindly suggest.what is legal procedure to get back ower payment.


Posted on May 13, 2014

I had taken admission in MSW Course at Lakhya Instituted Rohni Delhi, last year in September 2013, i took admission to conduct course through distance mode, Institute promise me to provide admission in Globel Open university later on after 1 month they told me my admission transfer into Shridhar university when I came to know that this university offer only regular mode then I enquire with institute than they told me they also provide distance mode and after 1 month they call me and ask to collect Marksheet, I surprise because I had not gave any examination. now when i asked institute to refund my fees then every time they gave a new date to visit, now 8 month pass but I do not get any my fee . a i have submitted counselling fee of Rs 28,000/- and another amount of Rs 20,000/- i.e. total sum of Rs 48,000/- and the institute is not refunding it, so please guide and help me in taking my fee back.


Posted on May 13, 2014

I had taken admission in BBA Course at SRMCEM, Lucknow last year in 30th july 2013, i took admission before the start of the session and had cancelled my admission after 2 days as i had just paid the fee and haven't completed any further process of submitting form therefore my name was not written in the admission register due to which i wasn't eligible to occupy seat in the classroom. now when i asked college to refund my fees then every time they gave a new date to visit college, now an year has passed away and now they are telling me that "your fees will not be refunded as u have occupied a seat in the classroom" As AICTE didn't say to refund fee if a seat occupied by a student remains vacant throughout the year, a i have submitted counselling fee of Rs 28,000/- and another amount of Rs 20,000/- i.e. total sum of Rs 48,000/- and the institute is not refunding it, so please guide and help me in taking my fee back.

md qamar khan

Posted on May 09, 2014

dear sir/mam my self md qamar khan and last year i complete my h.s exam but due to my financial problem i cant have to take a admission in any colledge on that time.but after one year,i hope to continue my study again,but this time i take a successfully admission in SBIHM institude in saltlake.but write now my father suffuring in blood cancer at a last stage and for that reason i cant study further,and then when i m requested with my colledge for refund my money,they directly told that they cant give me any amount of money, it my beg requested to you that please help me,we are very poor person do something better for me plz plz please...

Riyas t.v

Posted on May 07, 2014

Cirtificate Dear Sir, I have passed correspondent MBA in Madurai Kamaraj University through Malabar educational center in 2013 February. I have received Two year mark list and more than one year waiting for consolidated mark list and provisional certificate and not yet provided by them.Each time when i contact them( Education Center ) for this gives me differend stories for this delay.At present my job in risk that my management asking to submit my MBA cirtificate which i highlighted about my study during interview. Please do needful in this regard or advise me the steps to go ahead to get my rights.


Posted on May 07, 2014


Nitisha Rai

Posted on May 06, 2014

Cental Academy Girish Park took money from me Rs 45000 for B.ed admission but its almost two years there is no response from their side.their address is79/1 B, Girish Park North, Beadon Street, Kolkata - 700006

trishula chettri

Posted on May 05, 2014

I am a student of Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management, which is located in salt lake sector 5 . It provides coures under Punjab Technical University. I am in BBA course. Our 6th semester exams were on Nov '13. We appeared in our exams but in our results we were marked absent in 2 subjects.Now neither college nor university is taking responsibility for this.They are saying we have to giv exams again.In our admit cards subjects were printed wrong.We said about it to college but at the time they said it is ok there wil be no problem.Now out of 7 students in our class 6 of us have been marked absent.Please look into this matter our futures are at stake.They also haven't given us our marksheet for 4th&5th semesters til now.We are students of session 2010-2013.Please look into this matter it would be very helpful.It would be injustice if we had to give our exams again.Also during exams we had signed a supplementary sheet for attendance but now they say that they can't find it.

abhishek kaushik

Posted on Apr 30, 2014

subject- complaint regardind marksheet i did my MBA from institute of business management and research ( IBMR ) gurgaon haryana in 2009-11 batch till now i did't get my marksheet as well as college has committed ( sap certificates ,pgdm certificates ,french language certificates ) it's been three years i didn't get my marksheets i took a loan from bank as well for that i am paying the emi of rs-10000 par month i am not able to switch my current organitation as well not geting my promotion i have to work on the same packlage which is i am geting same from past almost three years. i am getting frustrated so plz do the need full.

Sheo Prasad Tiwari

Posted on Apr 29, 2014

I paid advance to Techno India amounting to Rs 10000 for my ward admission but the seat was duly surrendered and it was duly informed to the college authority as well. But the same has been not refunded till date.After repeated approaches the management is not paying any heed to my request. Kindly help me out. I am in urgent need of funds.

Yuvaraja M

Posted on Apr 28, 2014

Halo sir My Name Is yuvaraja M i was joined MBA Since 2006 But i was discontinued due to not getting Eligibility for 2nd year.So i was discontinue after 2 year i was go college and ask for my Degree Marks card but they are telling the Pay Rs,70,000/- then only they are giving Original Marks .Kindly give me any suggestion

swayam kumar

Posted on Apr 27, 2014

Hi, Please try to help me as the institute makes me fool.They announced my result and mark failed in subjects and even i am not a poor student.I told the course administrator several times about the exam questions pattern that the questions were out of the syllabus and she(shweta) keep telling me to remind the questions instead of doing any query.I want my money back as they are doing fraud business.Please do something ASAP.

Dipti Chatterjee

Posted on Apr 26, 2014

My son was admitted at M G University, Kolkata Gallery, Behala for LLM course by giving a course fee 37000/- by cashwith documents and migration certificate. The University's Kolkata gallery told that it is a regular course, they took money often under different pretext,there was not a teacher, when my son attended the institution, they called on a teacher and sometime they pretended to call on a teacher, they did not provide any book, note, study materials, university kolkata gallery has no library. In the advertisement it was published that 100% students pass in the examination, many regular teachers are there etc but they often take money. Mr. Joy and other clerks made mobile calls to my son and they applied coercion and intimidation, they sent mail and often demanded for money. Before the result out of 1st semester, they again took money from my son and thus I have paid nearly Rs.1.00 lac with some receipts and without some receipts. they did not give hard copy of result, only in


Posted on Apr 23, 2014


Gouranga Majumder

Posted on Apr 21, 2014

I have registered in Fly High Academy & Collage for distance B.A. course, in year of 2011. I have completed 1st year From EIILM University. Then teacher of Fly High Academy Suggest me to change the University from EIILM to Shobhit University. I also agree with him , because he told me EIILM University Was closed. Now this Institute chit with me, from the month of September 2013. Aprox 8300 Rupees. I get a mobile & a email address from the institute, because he or she was told me to Submit My Documents on this email address. I have to write down the email address & phone noumber--- Email- Mobile No. 9804465693 Please help me sir Otherwise I will Loss My Education years. Thank You for co-Operation Gouranga Majumder

seema shukla

Posted on Apr 19, 2014

I joined an institution called DDA affiliated by MDU Rohtak for mba in 2012 since then till now i havent recieved any semester marksheet recently i have given my last semester exam. When i asked for my results they said you havent attended one of your exam thats the reason your all marksheet is on hold. they asked for 1000 rs for one paper for reappearing in exam i have paid them still didnt get my result. again in last semester when 2 days left they asked us to submit practical papers of 500 pages. When we asked them how we will do it They said that we have spoken to the examiner and they are saying you can pay 2000 and you dont have to submit practical. somehow they aggred for 1000 . otherwise they were sayin that they eont give us time nor marks. please help me? Since then i called The college dean almost everyday but he always says we are working on it pleae help


Posted on Apr 17, 2014

sir i submitted 10000rs in briliant concept coaching centre in gwalior but coaching centre didnt taught as they said i studied only one subject for 1 month and the duration of course was 2yrs with total amount 18000rs. i requested him to return my fess but he refused. sir please help me regarding this problem

naveen sharma

Posted on Apr 17, 2014

dear sir, due to mdu unversity my carrair one year total waste. 1 week ago my result declared. and my result status Absent. and mdu person told me that you need to give exam again and fillup you examination form again. but that's not my fault i gave my exam in dec. 2103. and now my result showing absent. sir, 1 year ago my this physic exam paper 2 hour and 30 min late. and our all classmate result fail because examinor gave us only 30 for exam. and mdu that fault publish also in newpaper that time they told that mdu give you some grass marks. but all classmates fail. now in second attempt my result showing late. and now one help me. sir, at that time i'm not able to any competition exam. sir, plz help me i don't want to waste my another time period.

Baishakhi Chatterjee

Posted on Apr 08, 2014

This is to intimate that three teaching staff Khurut youth Computer Training Centre, An Institute of Directorate of Youth Services, Government of West Bengal, are not providing me training before completion of the entire course. I am a student of course certificate In Information Technology Application. Course fees: Rs. 2000/-, I have submitted Rs. 1800/- during admission. Address of the center: 263, Netaji Subhas Road, Howrah, West Bengal, Pin - 711101,


Posted on Apr 08, 2014

sir I have join SITM collage at lucknow in 2012 there I have done my 1 year and then left before the final results of 1 st year they have submitted the 2 year fee I left that collage before the satting of new session of 2 year they have said that those student who will left the collage they will get there fee back but they did not refunded my fee back plez tell me what to do and hoe to get m fee back

Manmeet Singh

Posted on Apr 07, 2014

I enrolled in correspondence MBA program of IIPM around 1 year back and paid 40000 rs in 3 installments, but till now i have not sit in any of the exams, the time i enrolled there were some documents issue's but later i called IIPM and sent email to inform that now i have all the documents available with me to peruse the MBA but there is no communication at all from the IIPM side.I would request someone to call on my Mobile number - 9176328505 and request you to please process the refund of the money(40000) i paid to IIPM for my MBA. Please find attached my payment receipts. I will wait for your response on priority. No one in Chennai center and Delhi center is helping as in even no respond to the call. Dean - Alekh , Rajesh , Mukesh, Archana I am so frustrated calling them repeatedly asking for refund or at least to confirmation on admission by no one is helping. No one is ready to take the responsibility to help me out on this.


Posted on Apr 07, 2014



Posted on Apr 03, 2014

something one yaer before we send Rs.11500 for course deploma in mechanical engineering from EIMT (ethitic institute of managment swaroop nagar near saraswati vidya mandir kanpur)but this institute is note send any resistration or exam related paper and required 25000 one not paid any fees after this masege and isaid for refound my many and Damages claim in 2 semester and ONE YEAR lose but the institute said i don't refound

Prabir Nanda

Posted on Apr 02, 2014

Respected Sir, Name - GOUTAM NASKAR Institution Name - DREAM Address - Diamond Harbour, Uttar Gazipur, Naya Para, Dist - South 24 Parganas, Pin - 743331 Contract No - 07602814321 H.S. Exam 18-03-2013 and 26-03-2013 on the 3600 money was, but did not call for me to test. I want to know if he'll let the time. But today, and some did not. I ask you to return the money says the money will not be refunded. Regards Prabir Nanda


Posted on Apr 02, 2014

I had worked in an institution for 1 yr and they deducted the pf amount but when i went to claim for it they says that there is some case going on for their pf. and also they do not have a proper account number of my pf secure in the pf department. i am waiting for my pf since 2 years. please let me know the future actions to be taken. thankyou

Deepak Mudliar

Posted on Apr 01, 2014

My word taken admission in AISSMS College of Engineeing Pune after submitting Rs 86837/- on 29.06.2013. We cancelled admission on 17.07.2013 before finishing the counselling & starting the classes. But college refuse to refund the fees.


Posted on Mar 25, 2014


Rizvan Ahmad

Posted on Mar 25, 2014

this institute is total fake & fraud no suitable infrastructure is there and the institute is provide fake degree from Bundelkhand University at just 45 days without any registration and institute have not registered any where....


Posted on Mar 25, 2014

college not providing marksheets & degree as well certificates. from past 2.5 years

Dr. Kavya

Posted on Mar 24, 2014

hi, while applying for an pg entrance exam conducted by NBE, the fee (4250) for the same was deducted twice and by their own claim this has happened to almost 70% of applicants due to a glitch in website. its been 3months and despite numerous calls they only seem to postpone the issue and not even bothering to take our details (such as application no. etc) I've emails with multiple reminders as proof of should I go about to complain in redressal forum ?

Sai Durga Prasad G

Posted on Mar 21, 2014

I am using Vodafone postpaid mobile connection in Feb bill they charged Rs.99 for downloading "shotformat_dwnlp_9 " even I don't knw wt is this but charged me Rs.99 Please take an action

Rachit Saxena

Posted on Mar 18, 2014

College not refunding fee, even when no class has been attended and admission not sought


Posted on Mar 07, 2014

academic education problem

M Naga Malleswara Rao

Posted on Mar 06, 2014

Cheated by an CEO of Courses offered Institute in Vizag.

Samson R N

Posted on Mar 06, 2014

Subject : Delay & indifferent treatment from the school in refunding the admission fee paid Complaint : I took admission for my daughter ,Aurel .R , to Nursery by submitting the application form bearing the no. 274 & paying a fee of Rs.10,000 on 28th Jan 2013.My daughter was going to be 2 Years 5 Months as on June 30th 2013 , short by month to be admitted to Nursery.I discussed this with the School Principal Ms.Himakiran on 23rd March 2013 & informed her that I would like to cancel the admission of my kid & request a refund of the same as the academic year had not yet started. I received a call from the School Principal on Monday 25th March asking me to write a mail to their mail id “” requesting the cancellation of admission & a refund of the admission fee.I sent the mail on 26th March 2013.On 2nd April 2013 I received an email confirmation from the school principal that I would receive the refund.It has been over a year now & haven't received.

deepak gupta

Posted on Mar 06, 2014

While accepting form of nursery admission no registration no was given in writing although provided over phone only later. But the same was manupulated by school management.

Samson R N

Posted on Mar 04, 2014

Subject : Delay & indifferent treatment from the Orchids International school,Jalahalli in refunding the admission fee paid Complaint : I paid the admission fee of Rs.10000 for my daughter Aurel.R to Nursery on 28th Jan 2013. But later after discussing with the Principal realized that my daughter doesn't meet the age criteria & had to cancel her admission.I gave my written request for cancellation of admission & refund of admission fee to the School on 26th March 2013. On 2nd April 2013 , the School's principal Ms.Himakiran responded to me saying I would be given the refund. It is now close to one year & I haven't received a refund & have not got a response to my follow up emails. I request assistance from this forum in getting the refund from school. Thanks & Regards Samson R N

Mayukh Roy

Posted on Mar 04, 2014

I am taken admisation in IIPM kolkata in 2010.Still i dont get my MBA degree and they conduct one semster exsam.Till now rest of the exsame not conducted. Please sugest me how to slove this.I am take loan for my MBA.

Neyas Ahmed

Posted on Mar 03, 2014

I like to inform u that i found St.Mary's College is conducting degree in fire and safety i joined but they are start course and are not ready to refund my amount which i paid (12750)

kamalkant gautam

Posted on Feb 27, 2014

Dear sir I have paid Rs 7500 in ICA institute which is located in rohini sector 7,i have taken 1 year course but after registeration i suffered from financial problem,so i requested them to change my 1 year course to 6 month course.but they could not help me to change the course. They told me to contact Ica institute head office located in kolkata.but they also refuse me to change the course. Please sir help me to change my course from 1 year to 6 month. Regards Kamalkant gautam

Sk Tawsif Hossain

Posted on Feb 21, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I took admission in MDU (Maharshi Dayanand University ROHTAK)for Bachelor of Interior designing (distance education) in December 2012. COMBINEi is the study centre of MDU in Kolkata. I paid Rs 18,954 to COMBINEi (not MDU) for 1st year program. Admission granted but not any study material sent in the same month. Then COMBINEi told the fees will be refunded in two months as the University Civil Writ Petition pending. It has been more than a year COMBINEi keep on deferring dates of refunding the fees. All the other candidates have got their fees refunded except me. Today I again visited there and again they are saying refund can not be done before March2014. They have ruined my carrier. I have lost more than a year for only & only COMBINEi's negligence. Please help me out getting my refund.

Shrey Bhanot

Posted on Feb 17, 2014

I had taken admission in ITM University, Gurgaon on 06.07.13 and withdrew adm on 30.07.13 before their last dt of adm. They refused to refund my money with a obj that seat was not filled whereas i have proof that seat was filled and they have malafied intentions in not refunding my money. Even AICTE had instructed them to refund my money. And Ministry of Education had written them to take legal action. Even then, they are malafied and dare in not refunding my money. regds shrey Bhanot

Ashish Singhal

Posted on Feb 14, 2014

This is regarding the denial to refund the advance paid to Anurag Agarwal Institute of Public Speaking. I did not make them the balance payment and did not attend any class because i found that the claims made by them were misleading. This has been upheld by Advertisement Council of India and Quality Council of India.

s j somayajulu

Posted on Feb 13, 2014

Sir, i have a complaint aganist narayana institute in vishakapatnam. I have joined my son in class 11 science cbse s. Avishek but he refuse to study their, so i have requested them to cancel his registration . They agreed to do so by saying that i will get INR Of 17000 back but after cancellation i got only 10000 and they were so irresponsible. i have told them about 7000 many times , i have called them but i didnt get any positive response from them. Evertime of my call they were giving me a stupid excus. So, sir please help me out.

s j somayajulu

Posted on Feb 13, 2014

Sir, i have a complaint aganist narayana institution in vishakapatnam. I have to INR 17000 as a refund but i got only 10000 they are not giving 7000 back..i tried of asking..please help me out

swapnil sharma

Posted on Feb 10, 2014

Dear Sir, I have my complaint against 'Paradigm IAS academy' a institute for IAS training.I have submitted INR 40,000 fees for UPSC coaching but they haven't provided the coaching upto the mark.Kindly help me over this matter.

Ujjala Sharma

Posted on Feb 09, 2014

I have been cheated by GIFT, AJC Bose Road Center. I was assured of direct 3rd semestar letaral entry and as such I paid my 3 three years course fee during the first year itself. Now when the third senester has started i am being asked to start all over again from 1st semester. Y did the institute waste my life one and half year's time by providing false promises of lateral entry. I came to kolkata from guwahati and belong to a lower middle class family? can anyone justify the institute playing with one year of a students life. Plus the expenses that i am going to pay for the extra one half year? I have no onje to help, please advise or guiede me as i cannot allow such fraud institute to play with others life like they have done with me.

Rishu Kumar

Posted on Feb 09, 2014

Complain against College for not refunding caution money

Rajesh kumar

Posted on Feb 08, 2014

sir, i have jonied in ICL group collage in B.Tech., at 2011. in his chairman & and marketing manager are called in your annual fee of our college in Rs.50, 000.but know in 2014 his called in your last sem. fee at 41,750. it is cheating and misbehave with his only money oriented college.please help me. Thanyou

nikhat nisar shaikh

Posted on Feb 08, 2014

i m doing my iata frm akbar travels paid all my fees but jus 10000 was pending. d firm is telling me to pay 300extra as late fees n given me a reciept of jus 10000 evn though i paid 10300 rs.and i was not evn informed me abt d last date of fees payment. kindly help me out. i had to pay jus 10000 but still d notice read i hav to pay 15000. so dey must be cheating many students as we pay fees in installmnt. kindly help me out to gt d fees reciept of 10300 or get a refund of 300 rs


Posted on Feb 07, 2014

hi, i wanna tell u something about a school which is in sri karanpur it's name is surya mdern senior secondry topic is i know a girl her name is deepansha sharma she passed her 10th class in2010 then she took addmission in gud shepherd public school sri ganganagar in 11th on her anual exam she had fail in 11th in 2011..datas shows that she passed 11th from surya modern in sri can one person do this??is it possible??i know how she passed from surya school bacause when she coldnt passd by gud sheprd school(sri ganganagar) she contected with surya modern schools principal..he give fake addmision to her and also he gave fake maarchsheet of 11th and thereafter girl passed 12th in 2013..please do something it's a fraud.

Sangeeta Singh

Posted on Feb 07, 2014

I have fillup the KVS PRT Music Exam on last year & Exam date was on 16th Dec.13 at Venue (KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA NO.2 APS COLONY GURGAON ROAD NEW DELHI-110010) but due to some KVS reason exam was cancelled & after that I when I took regular follow-up with KVS team, no one can reply properly. So, now i want to cliam my amount which i submitted at time of applied for the post of music teahcer in KVS exam. So, kinldy help me on this issue. Thanks & Regard Sangeet Singh 9899636511

arth sharma

Posted on Jan 30, 2014

There is a illegal playschool in 809 sector 22b Gurgaon


Posted on Jan 28, 2014

I want to file a complaint against the institue for negligence and not giving what was promised while joining the institue. even after 2 years the course is still pending and no certficate is issued.


Posted on Jan 28, 2014


Somil Sahu

Posted on Jan 27, 2014

I had ordered PCPO home kit available online on IFBI portal on 25th of Dec 2013 by paying a sum of Rs 1650 plus taxes. But I havent received the kit even after 1 month. No body from iFBI is giving proper answers. Kindly help.

Sanjeev Gupta

Posted on Jan 27, 2014

Pathways school, Gurgaon has not credited the admissions fee (non-refundable) even when the student has not attended the school for a single day. National Consumer court has ruled that educational institutions should refund the fees if the student has not attended the school or college. School has offered a sabbatical in lieu of the refund but that was not accepted by us. The funds are pending till date.


Posted on Jan 26, 2014

Hoping for a favorable Reply soon? PFA proofs Contact No & email-id of owner of TASMAC college :-9823024904, Thanks & Best Regards, akash verma Roll no:-GPBL-P/Oct09/01 we will be highly Grateful & Thankful to you for Helping poor in need! we want JUSTICE to be done


Posted on Jan 26, 2014

Respected Sir, Most respectfully I want to say that i have been cheated by Tasmac college which is in Pune & was neither AICTE nor UGC approved nor provided placement Hence suffering from Huge Financial,Monetary losses! Almost approximately 7 Lakhs wasted in those 2 years at college campus(College Fees+Hostel Fees+Tuition Fees+Books+Projects+Food+Transporation+etc) since past 3 years I am Jobless because according to Indian Government(Law)my college is Unrecognised:- i.e. neither AICTE nor UGC approved due to which yet I am suffering As I belong to a poor Family & was the only Last Hope of my old parents & college destroyed my innocent Life(miserable Future),cheated me a lot as I told you that I wasted 7Lakhs(Proof of all receipts I have,if you want I can show you anytime) so I Just want Compensation which should be atleast 75% of the money Invested unnecessarily(Wastage) Just wanted COMPENSATION for the Huge Loss which i am still suffering since past 5 years

arth sharma

Posted on Jan 25, 2014

There is illegal abc playschool 809 sector 22b Gurgaon they r having illegal electricity n tax

Alpesh Patel

Posted on Jan 25, 2014

I have taken admission in "National Istitute of Managemnet (NIM)" dated on 18 Aug 2008. but after ome time I came to know that institute is closed. I started taking follow up from institute, I mailed them to regarding my query. But there was no response from institute i have authorised admission letter & fees recipt of institute. Now came to know that institute has re-open & i want my fees back with interest. Address: National Institute of Management 201 Nirman Estate, Link Road, Malad West , Mumbai 400064 Tel No . 022 42660207 & 022 65836662 / 3 Customer Support No. - 02232155011


Posted on Jan 18, 2014


Keshav Kumar

Posted on Jan 16, 2014

Regarding PF (A/c No.-TN/MAS/22600/4809) not credited in my account Dear Sir/Madam, I have worked in a company (Office: Brilliant Tutorials, 50C, Kalu Sarai, Near Hauz Khas Terminal, New Delhi-16, Ph: 26537392-95) till 3 years from March 14, 2008 to October 19, 2010. In this company my PF (A/c No.- TN/MAS/22600/4809) has been deducted. I had submitted the PF in the month of June 2011 but still my PF has been not credited in my account. When I talk to this company, they do not respond positively. Could you help me regarding this PF credit? Regards, Keshav Kumar New Delhi Mob: 9555918837

Suraj Rana

Posted on Jan 16, 2014

I fineshed my BA in MGU university(behalf of A1 Institute badarpur and Advanced Institute of Management - Mahatma Gandhi University, Nehru Place, Delhi) in 2013. I received only my 2 years marks sheets ,but till now I didn't receive my 3rd year and consolidated marks sheet(3years in 1 sheet)and as per

Ranjeet N. Bihare

Posted on Jan 14, 2014

I have taken admission in frameboxx institute branch malad, my course was for 4 months, and now the sixth month is running, they have not completed 1/2 portion yet, sisnce 1 month they are troubling me with my lectures and wasting my time, they provide me a teacher who dont have even basic knowledge of subject, i complaint to their manager before 20 days but they are not doing anything, they are just giving me dates and dates but not starting my lectures, I pay their fees by my salary, and it does not worth. Please help me, i want to file a case against them. please help me sir/madam, please help.

Ranjeet N. Bihare

Posted on Jan 14, 2014

I have taken admission in frameboxx institute branch malad, my course was for 4 months, and now the sixth month is running, they have not completed 1/2 portion yet, sisnce 1 month they are troubling me with my lectures and wasting my time, they provide me a teacher who dont have even basic knowledge of subject, i complaint to their manager before 20 days but they are not doing anything, they are just giving me dates and dates but not starting my lectures, I pay their fees by my salary, and it does not worth. Please help me, i want to file a case against them. please help me sir/madam, please help.


Posted on Jan 14, 2014

i did mba from institute of business management and research ( IBMR ) gurgaon in 2009-11 but till now i did'nt recive my marksheet. so i am facing lot of problems. in my job as well as in my personal life.

Dip Narayan Mukherjee

Posted on Jan 12, 2014

I have done my Btech from Bengal Institute of Teshnology and Management,Santiniketan(an Institution under Camellia Group).During Admission they took a refundable amount of Rs.5000 which was supposed to be refunded on completion of the degree.Along with that an amount of Rs.3000(which is also refundable) was charged for Book Bank Deposit later when classes started.Hence together I will be receiving Rs.8000 from the institution which I was supposed to get on 2010 i.e the year of my degree completion.I have the clearence certificate xerox copy with me. Now as per college I have submitted the Clearece certificate/No Objection certificate,also visited the college 2 times,but still they are not giving me a positive feedback on refunding the aforesaid amount.I have also talked with the Camellia Group Office at Trust House,Kolkata and they are saying that they have not received any request from college,hence cant help me.I am stuck now and require Consumer Forum Help for the same.

Dr. Rakesh B, Dubey

Posted on Jan 12, 2014

Respected Sir, I had taken admission in panchakarma dept. of Muniyal Institute Of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences, Manipal , Karnataka on 19 – September -2013. I had paid them fees for the 1st year Rs.5,00,000 (five lakh rupees only) vide cheque no._559530 dated_19/09/2013 drawn on ING Vysya Bank ( Fee receipt no.556 dated_19/09/2013). However, owing to personal reasons I had cancelled admission on 3 –October-2013. They gave me back my original documents on 12- November-2013, however till now they have not refunded my fees. From the day of cancellation they are telling me that fees would be refunded when another admission takes place on that seat. In good faith I believed them and kept on following up with them for the refund of fees. But from the month of December onwards, they have started ignoring my calls. They keep on passing my call from accounts department to the Dean of the college. No one is committing me as to when will I get the fees back On account of these recent developments, I have started losing hope of receving back the fees. The college does not feel interested in giving back my money. I come from a middle class family and rupees Five Lakhs mean a lot to us. Therefore, I am a approaching your esteemed institution to help us in getting the refund of fees from the college. We believe without your intervention we would not be able to get back the refund. Therefore, I request you to kindly look into the matter and do the needful. Regards, Dr. Rakesh Dube 09699119282 Eskon Heights, 601 Om Nagar, Ambadi Road Vasai (w) Dist- Thane 401 202 Maharashtra.


Posted on Jan 10, 2014


mayank mittal

Posted on Jan 09, 2014

i have sumbmit fees 29500 for complete diploma engineering from niibmt education institute delhi in 2013 but they are give no responce for complete my education or returne my fees ,please kindly give suggestion for action against toward this froud institute...thanks


Posted on Jan 09, 2014 THIS IS REGARDING THE SAME.I was a batchmate along with the same student during the year 2008.i later got admission in sir j.j college of architecture.i was only given a refund of rs.7000 in cheque.after repeat attempt i was denied refund.its due to the efforts of our fellowmate that this issue has taken a start after 5 years.kindly help.


Posted on Jan 08, 2014

Today I received my balance one month payment from Mr.Chiranjeevi of KVR Edcational Services, Chennai. Hence I withdraw my complaint lodged against this institution. Sorry for the incovenience caused. Thanking you Yours Truly M.Mohanam 08.01.2014


Posted on Jan 08, 2014

I took Home Tuition for 2(Oct-Nov & Nov - Dec 2013) months to a Student at Ayyappanthangal, Chennai, through Mr.Chiranjeevi (Mob:918015223344, 917299912939) of KVR Educational Services, Chennai.Mr.Chiranjeevi collected advance payments from the Parents for the respective two months. But he paid me only for one month. Even after delay of more than 20 days he is dodging to make the payment. He replies that he is not having money. He engaged another Tuition Master to that student from this month. Request intervention to get me the payment for the balance one month. Thanking you Yours Trly M.Mohanam 08.0.2014


Posted on Jan 07, 2014

Dear Sir, I have registered my daughter in MOUNT LITERA ZEE SCHOOL,MOHAN NAGAR(GHAZIABAD)for class-I and after interaction with my daughter the school confirmed the admission for the session starts from April-2013,I have deposited the fee of 52900/-on 30-oct-2012. But for some unavoidable reasons/Circumstances we forced to decide, not to admit our daughter in this school and I have requested the school verbally several times in the month of NOV.12,to refund the fee but unfortunately the school did not respond positively then I given the written request for the same but the school refused to return even a single paisa. However the session was not yet started and still have 4months to start the session but the school did not consider my request and said that its part of their policy not to refund any such amount. I strongly feel that this is not correct to eat my hard earn money in this manner. And I have all the rights to take decisions for the future of my daughter. Sir, I knew th

Niraj Gupta

Posted on Dec 31, 2013

i want to file a complain against a college fraudulent.

amit dhara

Posted on Dec 28, 2013

Dear sir/madam,I am amit dhara,a student.In 2013,I admission Ghanashyam Hemalata Institute of Technology and Management ,puri,Odisha by ojee.But for my illness i never go to, i want to get back my admission fee.After admission i contact to the collage for fee this time they told me they want little time.but now they refused to give the fee.

Ch V Rajkumar

Posted on Dec 27, 2013

I have to get 35,000 salary from the institute, its been 5 months i left the college, but ididn't got the salary, when ever i asking for the salary, they are telling that we dont have money and also i got the cheques but there is no use of those two times they bounced. what i have to do to get my salary. Please suggest any advice

Tapan Chatterjee

Posted on Dec 27, 2013

My daughter participated in a scholarship examination in Sept. 2012 and has obtained 23rd Rank and 91%and was suppose to receive a cash prise of Rs. 10000/- along with a medal and a certificate, my daughter has received medal & certificate but not the cash prize. Whenever we contact they give same lame excuses. I would now request you office to kindly interfere in this matter and see that my daughter gets the prize money as early as possible. thanking you Tapan Chatterjee 9932315151 8972146500

Gaurav Burman

Posted on Dec 26, 2013

Respected Sir, My name is Gaurav Burman I applied for MBA admission in Guru Correspondence College which is located at Bentinck Street in 29 sep 2013.i submitted the fees which was 14000 but i did not get any books & other document.I am waiting for 3 months for the document & books.but no response came from the institute so i called to the concerned person and they give me several dates.Sir this amount of money is very important to me please help me sir.


Posted on Dec 24, 2013

Complaint against Mr.Sunil Secretary of Sunrise English School, their are not giving my salary 1 month(Sep-2013) these 3months give a reason for tomorrow or day after tomorrow like this but not giving my salary amount of Rs.5,000/- Please resole this problem.


Posted on Dec 20, 2013


shivani sharma

Posted on Dec 19, 2013

Respected Sir, My name is shivani sharma I applied for m. pharm. admission in UIPS kurukshetra university in 22 july 2013 in all india catagory( total no of seats was 3) i submitted the fees which was 80000 but i got admission in another university at low course fees and i vacated my seat before the last date of councelling and did not attend any class. It is wriiten in the prospectus that if your seat so vacated is not filled till last date of councelling your fees will not be refunded. but my own friend admitted on next day. I was waiting for 4 months for the refundment of the fees but no response came from the institute so i called to the concerned professor and he said that your fees will not be refunded because we filled the other seats but not yours. as i vacated the seat so all the seats were vacant than how could they said that your seat was not filled. Sir i belong to a poor family and this huge amount of mony is very important to me please help me sir.


Posted on Dec 15, 2013

Dear Sir, I take admission in DIAS Institute,Bahadurgarh For B.ED course from M.D.U Rohtak,I told that i have done B.A. in (BJMC)Before taken admission. But After take admission in B.ED,the Institute Teacher said that you have taken additional subject in B.A. for B.ED and doing B.A. Again because in B.ED course mass communication Sub. is not offered By universty. Institute give not any information about this. I submit 35000 Rupees to the Institute for registration(10000) & tution fees (25000). Sir this institute cheat me & if i do B.Ed. then i again hard work for passing B.A. with additional Subject so now i can not do B.Ed. Now i said to the institute plz refund me fees But they denied & told the fees is not refundable at any please note my complaint and take necessary action thanks & regards

Dr. Mrinal Kanti Guha

Posted on Dec 12, 2013

The management of Brainware engineering College has committed to pay my salary by writing a letter and also calling me at campus but now it is harassing me and do not want to the salary etc. kindly help me out in this matter.

Sachin Kumar

Posted on Dec 06, 2013

Dear Sir/Mam My name is Sachin and I m just a middle class man for whom even a single rs matters. I was working in Rajasthan but a few days ago transffered to Mumbai, first I decided that I wont be taking my family with me to mumbai so shifted them back to my native town Gharaunda- Distt Karnal, on 23rd sept I went to PARTH PUBLIC SCHOOL, GHARAUNDA for the admission of my two kids one in 2nd class and one in nursury class at about 11:30 am, the billed amount for the admission was Rs.30140(including registeration fees) which I paid and they we came back home at about 1 o'clock. But after a few hours I gets a call from my boss saying that as per company policy it is mandatory to bring the family along with me to mumbai, so after long thoughts we decided to move to mumbai so next early morning I left for mumbai and my wife went to the school at about 10:30 just to explain the situation to them and to get the refund also, but the trouble started from here first they said that according to the cbse rules they cannot refund the money as it is already deposited in the bank, we even said that you can deduct the registeration amonut as it is non refundable but no use they clearly refused to give us the refund and more over the principal and their staff misbehaved also with my wife, they even said that we will through you out and we will ask the security to restrict you to coming to school and to be quite true i m feeling very lucky that my kids didnt went to that school as in which school teachers dont know how to respect others what they will teach to the childrens So now the principal is clearing refusing to give us the refund, it can be a small amount for them but for me its a big one and it will help me a lot So here I just want to know that what are cbse rules are we eligable to get the refund amount or not . Or as per the principle of that school she says that they are not responsible to give the money back it means that school or cbse board is only responsible for snaching money, I m really sorry to use such harsh words but I m deeply hurt. Looking for a positive and quick response. The receipt of the admission is also attached herewith School name-Parth public school Registeration no-530340 Address- G.T Road, Gharaunda Distt- Karnal Regards Sachin

Sandeep Kumar

Posted on Dec 04, 2013

COMPLAINT Sandeep Kumar, H.No.318/1, Sector 38A, Chandigarh-160036 Ph: 9878469343, email: Vs Mr. Anand Shekhar/ Mr. Ram Kumar Rajput/ Mr. Randhir Singh Imperial Institute of Management Science & Research, E-48, Sector 3, Near Sector 16 metro station Noida. Dear Sir’s, This is to bring to your kind notice that I had taken an admission in BBA Degree course from EILLM University Sikkim through distance education in Imperial Institute of Management Science & Research institute, from for a consideration of money paid through cheque No. 010551 dates 19th Jan 2013 of amount Rs 18250/- from ICICI Bank and NEFT Funds Transfer dated 27th April 2013 of amount Rs. 36,250/- from HDFC Bank, vide your Cash Memo/Receipt/Invoice No, 317 dated 19th Jan 2013. Since the University is unable to provide documents and also approved the refund of the student fee so my student fee is still pending on Imperial Institute of Management Science & Research. I have reported the above matter to


Posted on Dec 04, 2013

This is in reference to the admission of Ms SHREYA GOYAL in ITM-Raipur. she was admitted to the institute for the Academic year 2013-14 for BBA-I year. But she cancelled the admission due to her admission being confirmed in a college in Mumbai for her desired program of Event Management. ITM - Raipur assured us that we will get back the amount of Rs. 15000/- on account of cancellation. But we have not received the same till date. I had a conversation with Saket Mahawar (Executive Marketing) who blatantly says that the university is suffering from Financial Crisis and no one knows that when the amount will be refunded to us. I was shocked by the above response and it seemed that ITM university is working with fraudulent motives which I could infer from the way I had a talk with him. It seems that ITM is planning to cash in the interest oppurtunity of the funds of such studentS.

Girish Prabhakara

Posted on Nov 28, 2013

I have paid Rs. 5000 as Caution Deposit which is Refundable. I took TC for my son in April 2013 and Submitted application form along with Original and Photo Copy of Receipt to the School authorities who promised that I will be getting Refund by End of May 2013. There was no response from School till End of June and in July had a call them and again they said it will be for sure come in July/August. No response till end of August and finally had to visit the school only to get an answer that they have misplaced my application and wants new one. After much discussion, I agreed to provide photocopy which I had with me through scan and send email on 3rd September 2013 and still now I have not received the Refund. I have only email which I sent on 3 Sept 2013 as evidence, but I didn't take any acknowledgement when I submitted my application in April 2013. Can I file a complaint against the school? Best Regards.


Posted on Nov 25, 2013

I am a Training faculty & have not been paid my dues amounting to Rs 21,000 by a Training Company at Pune. Can I file a complaint for redress for recovery of my dues via the Consumer Forum?


Posted on Nov 22, 2013

Respected Sir, My name is CH. Satyanarayana and am a central govt employee....working as a driver... My daughter CH. Bhavani has studied in Narayana Dental college located in Nellore...and had her convocation around a month back. She has paid all her fees till 4 years through bank loan since am a government employee and cannot afford to make such huge payments, i paid all the fees through DD via educational loan....and the last year (4th year) receipt is clearly stated as last and final payment... Now, now the college says pay 2 lacs and take the certificates...all big shots have paid and taken their certificates and my daughter says, "I do not want to enter professional with this first corruption" kindly...pls help Now the Narayana Dental college authorities are openly stating this 2 lacs amount as black money and they will not give any receipt for this amount and also will take only cash and not in any other form...and when the student has met the Accounts incharge Mr. Vijay

Subodh Chandra Rabha

Posted on Nov 19, 2013

Dear sir, I would like to get an advice regarding my admission in one of the study centres. I paid full amount to the study centre but i did not even receive neither certificate nor money return. He has been postponing every now and then. He is not at all picking my calls nor replying any mails or sms. I really don't know what to be done regarding this. In case if i file the case, do i need to pay money or not. Please advise me.

pritpal kaur

Posted on Nov 18, 2013

why we cant admit ur child in ews category in border area's we dont have good schools near badarpur area.... And school like manav rachna has denied to take addmission in ews category...

Omveer Malik

Posted on Nov 16, 2013

Medvarsity Apollo Hospital is running a course called PGDHOM with 100% placement with their own hospital and for this they are charging 165000. I took admission in February 2012 started attending classed with NIIT Emperia, their educational partner and completed in March 2013. In April 2013, they called us for a contact program in Hyderabad for one week. They provided us a diploma certificate but no placement. Now, from April 2013 to till date I am mailing and asking these people for placement, but they are not responding. They did not provide placement to any one in my batch. We spent our hard earned money with them. They lured us with the name of placement with Apollo Hospital.

Chitra Vasudevan

Posted on Nov 12, 2013

My Daughter Deeksha was a student of BillyBear School in Class KG I and II and in the month of September 2012 she left the school and the I was asked to wait for the refundable deposit and school uniform charges to be given. Its been a month now, even after several phones/emails reminders the same has not been credited into my account. I have already sent the school reminder/notices to close this issue or else I would be forced to register a complaint in consumer redressal forum. I now want to register a complaint.


Posted on Nov 10, 2013

Sir,I have complaint against Jaipur national university regarding non receipt of refundable amount after cancellation of admission of my ward Saransh Sharma through e mail on 07-11-2013 but till date i've not received any reply from your end.details enclosed in mail. Pl. help me. Your kind cooperation shall be highly appreciated Thanking you

Sumeet Bhatia

Posted on Oct 31, 2013

Dear Sir, I want to bring into your notice the following incident with FORE School of Management, Delhi. I tried apply to Part time MBA through online and made the payment of Rs. 1650 in lieu of admission form by credit card. The transaction some how was not successful but the money was debited from credit card. I confirmed with the institute regarding this matter but they told me not to make another payment. But till date they have not responded back on the same and the admission process was also not initiated. I tried to call and sent various mails but the institute has never responded back. Kindly look into the matter and track this with the institute. Kindly find below the detailed mail which I sent to the institute for your reference: Dear Sir, I completed the application for 3 year part time PGDM program and paid amount 1650/- through credit card, but I got the error after the payment was made. The amount has already been debited from the card. Kindly confirm the receipt of the amount. Following are the details: Form No.: 12712 Name of the candidate: Sumeet Bhatia Payment mode : Credit card Kindly help on this. Regards, Sumeet Bhatia


Posted on Oct 30, 2013

sir , I am a B.Ed. student of stete Hariyana .I admission Maharshi Dayannd University , Vaish college of Education sec - 2012-13 through Admission Point . her govt. regd. no. -S/1L/80196 . but i have not receive my result . I paid total fees through admission point . i request to you please try to solve my problem .


Posted on Oct 30, 2013

We had taken admission for our son akshat in year 2013-14and paid fees in advance to NCFE , Kagadaspura , Bangalore. After inquiring further about school - we wished to cancel admission - however they deducted 65,000 out of 119,000 INR


Posted on Oct 26, 2013

Sir I am passed Bed in Rao Mool Chand collage of Education Khatoti khurd, Narnaul, mohinder Garh haryana year 2012. But passed certifiact not givion & demand 1000 rupes with any restion .Exm. roll no. 1240134392& Class Roll No 45


Posted on Oct 23, 2013

This complaint is in continuation to my yesterday's email wherein i had not mentioned the name of the Dean of COEM (College of Event Management) - Mr.Bruce and the one who speaks very rudely is Ms.Rucha who is Mr.Bruce's wife (i learnt about this recently). She speaks to parrents as though they are running a money minting institute. This college collects a huge amount as admission fees and does not allow the students to attend the class or meet the Dean or superior untill full fees are paid i.e full two years fees in advance. They teach nothing but earn through students by sending them in the name of event management to other offices and ask the students to roam and distribute the invitations belonging to other offices and sell the tickets. After paying so much amount, students are sitting at home being frustrated with this cooligiri work. We request your help in this matter URGENTLY. This institution is not fit to be an educational institution. They have mentioned so many cources without conducting the same. Please look into this.


Posted on Oct 22, 2013

THIS COMPLAINT IS ABOUT COEM-PUNE (College of Event Management, PUne). They are cheating parents and students by their false brochure contents and website. They have mentioned various courses and faculties which are bogus. My daughter took admission for Mass Communication and Media but to our dissappointment; they are only doing events and that asking students to roam from one end to the other selling tickets, distributing invitations etc., They collect two years fees in advance and speak rudely to parents. They also collect Rs.100/- from students if they are 5 minutes late. Nothing is taught as per their promise. All parents and students are frustrated. I have paid 3 lacs as they refues to refund Rs.1.75 Lacs paid during admission when requested well in advance before the college could start. As there was no choice, i had to do further payments or else students are insulted in front of others. Please help.


Posted on Oct 22, 2013

I have taken admission for my son in Jr.Kg. in saraswati mandir school, Matunga, but i got admission in a school near my home, St. Michel, Mahim so apply to cancel admission of saraswati mandir, they accept the application in july, and called us in Oct 2013, but at this stage school secretary is denied to give refund,

Reshma Suhanda

Posted on Oct 20, 2013

Sir/Madam, I took admission in B-ed (Snehavardhak Mandal Shaikshanik Trust,college of education,Talegaon Dhanade.)course in husband got the transfer in hyderbad. this was the reason i left the course.They kept all my original certificates and asking for full fees amount for giving documents back.please help me is there any rule to get my documents back


Posted on Oct 19, 2013



Posted on Oct 18, 2013

Dear Sir, We have been ripped off our hard-earned money to the tune of Rs10,000/- by INDIAN INSTITUTE OF LOGISTICS.. on the 29th of June, 2013. receipt number 4040.. This institute kept us in the dark regarding their negative aspects like educational loan which was ree


Posted on Oct 14, 2013

Reimbursement of college fee and hostel fee paid

Puja Ligade

Posted on Oct 11, 2013

Hello, I have requested a refund of Rs2,000 from Dahad Institute which they agreed to give, but I never got the money The refund was the amount I paid for the course which never started It has been over a month I am following up with them Dahad Institue cell numbers are Mobile: 9960099120/21/22 Landline: 020-27485675 Mobile: 9960099123/124

Tapasi Chanda

Posted on Oct 04, 2013

The Pathfinder Educational Centre had promised a sum of Rs.10000 as cash reward to my son for excelling in a Talent Search Exam conducted by them.On 20.06.2012 they gave a cheque of Rs.2500.After that they didn't gave the rest of the award.Contacting their authorities were of no help as they kept on making false promises.


Posted on Oct 03, 2013

i whant to cancle my admission in noble group of institusion in mba, my trasty & hod whas not cancle my addmision.i give application to cancle my addmision abouv23/08/2013 but he whas not accept my application so you have help me plezz. i expect you help me thank you


Posted on Sep 30, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I Navneet Singh joined the IBMR-IBS college in 2009. I have cleared all the 3 semesters but in 4th semester, my marks cards shows absent instead of giving exams. I re-appeared in the examinations and cleared in all the exams. I am requesting the college to provide me my mark sheets and degree certificates but college is not providing me my documents. I have been to college but they keep on saying that the concerned person is not in the college. Its been 4-5 times I have requested to give my documents but not getting any favourable response, I have spent given approximate 5 lakh rupees for my MBA but still I have not got my results. I need to submit my documents in my company ASAp otherwise i may loose my job. College Contact number - +91 9036313131 / 7795852804 Please can request you to take some action and help me in getting my all documents. I will very thankful to you. Thanks Navneet Singh 7815050400

navneet kaur

Posted on Sep 25, 2013

Delhi university has not provided me mark-sheet resulting in cancellation of admission in IGNOU. i have to deposit Rs.1400 for obtaining marksheet from DU. Please let met know in which consumer form i may submit complaint for redressal


Posted on Sep 21, 2013

Hi, I am Rajan, I would like to complain about a fraud institute – Teami at Bangalore run by one Mr. Arvind. They provide various courses including PG in event management at Bangalore. One of my friends enrolled for her event management course in Bangalore,at the time of admission she was told that the course is certified by EMDI, which is one of the best institute for the event management courses in India. They shared EMDI’s faculty list and course content and used their branding in campus, brochure, etc… but after completing the course they provided their own diploma without reflecting any association with EMDI. When we called EMDI head office in Mumbai, they were surprised to know this and informed us that EMDI offered event management courses in Bangalore through Teami but they are not associated in anyway now as Teami was found using mal practices & misrepresenting EMDI. Beware of Teami and please verify all details before enrolling for any of their courses.

prempratap ramlakhan kori

Posted on Sep 18, 2013

dear sir, i have taken addmission in NATION INSTITUTE OF SECURITIES MARKET ENROLMENT NO 1300011354 REGISTRATION NONISM-201200002249. I DEPOSITED RS 1250 ON 28/08/2013 .EXAM WAS ON13/09/2013 at andheri(MCX-SX). WHEN I WAS ENTER FOR EXAM THEY SAID THAT YOU CAN't give exam bcoz you have not uploaded you photo on site AND they have not allowed to give exam. i said i will upload my photo then you give me exam date and time but they still not given. please help me


Posted on Sep 17, 2013


Neha Agrawal

Posted on Sep 12, 2013

NCFE Early Foundation is not refunding the caution deposit after I cancelled admission of my son. The cancellation was done before the start of the session and I did not availed any of their services at all. Even the admission formalities were not completed by the school. They are not refunding the amount. There is no reason for them to withhold this money. I paid the admission fees of Rs 1,20,000/- through DD No - 464362, Bank - SBI dated 16/03/2013. They have given a receipt for the same. I cancelled the admission by April end formally. They refunded only the fees amount of Rs 55,000 and have held back Rs 65,000/- for no reason. The staff / receptionist will not even respond to my calls , nor even fix the appointment with higher authorities. The Personal Relations officer sometimes talks but of no help. School website :

Ashutosh Wahi

Posted on Sep 10, 2013

I have paid Rs 6000/- for references fee Service Tax Including For providing me 'n' number of job interviews till i get placed and most of the interviews will be top MNC's&CRO's.there is 100% job assurance as given to me by clinbiotech a chenai based consultancy 3 and half months back but till date i have got no job interview by them neither they are picking up my calls nor refunding my 6000/- ruppes for there services.Please suggest and help.

Bhasker Rao

Posted on Sep 08, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to bring to your attention the following: My children had studied in New Horizon Gurukul School, Marathahalli, as per details below 1. K B SAI HITHARTH, Admission No. 811123, studied in class V and VI during 2011-12 and 2012-13 2. K B SAI AVIKSHITH, Admission No. 811124, studied in class III and IV during 2011-12 and 2012-13 I had paid 1st term fees of Rs. 55800/- for 2013-14 for both my kids, on 10th April 2013. I have applied for Transfer Certificates for both my children on 28th May 2013, and have obtained the same. The school academic year begins in June 2013. I had approached the Principal and the Accounts office as well, requesting a refund of the fees paid. I also reached out to their Chairman. There has been no response. I request the consumer forum's intervention to this issue, and facilitate refund of the fees paid. Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks Bhasker Rao +91 782 905 7900

Sagar Mane

Posted on Sep 07, 2013

Respected Sir, With reference to consumer redressal forum I got your mail ID. I need your help and opinion about complaint against class. I joined the class Magnus Education Center, Kothrud, Pune for abroad education and also paid the class for Toefl tution as well as for admission couselling. Now they are not taking the toefl tution and also not dealing with admission counselling. Their service is so bad and unable to proceed for class, so I claimed to refund my total fees which I have paid but not utilised their services. Now class owner refuses to refund the money. Please help me on this matter I am the middle class person. I earned money and given to class for my great aspiration to do higher education but failed to do so. Please help me, how to overcome with this problem? Needed firm support to fight against class. Thank You!

Umadas K

Posted on Aug 29, 2013

This is a complaint against ANTS Animation School. I have enrolled for a course with this school for 'Maya Specialist' in 2008, but not yet completed the course, as the centre has closed without any notice. On their advise I left the job also which I was doing. I need to get back my money paid as course fee.

sujit shil

Posted on Aug 28, 2013

plz consumar halp me.i face big problem.


Posted on Aug 25, 2013

Hi, My name is --shabana I want to complain against S.E.D.A.I(Simoco Educational Development & Application Initiative) because this is institute who had cheated me. I m the student of this institute i have taken admission in SAP B1 (One of the faculty suggested me to take admission in B1,which is Techno-functional ,where i was interested in ABAP (which was technical)).At the time of Admission they had promised me that they will give me placement ,Professional designed resume,classes for interview tips and live project many more for this they asked me to pay Rs35,000 but i have money 1 time so they had given discount of Rs 2,000.But after one & half month they said it is only for Functional if you want to continue with technical you need to pay more Rs15,000 .I said its not possible for me because i m not working because of this course at that time i asked them will i get job doing only functional course they said yes if not we will place you in our company.The course was started fro


Posted on Aug 25, 2013

Sir/madam i took admission in vag infotech at south part one an institute a year back in b.ed course and they alloted me to cmj university meghalaya.During the course i went through many doubts and raise many questions but all the time these ppl would say that they are in official private collaboration with this university even though when it was clealry stated that the unversity dont run any center n all but these ppl with all there tricks started asking for the fees payement and all now when the time is to get my marksheet and degree the ugc has dissolute the university and said to b a fraud also mentioned that whatever institute or university should return the full amount but these ppl r not refunding our amount and speaking thrash,being a student my year has already gone n now what i only wish is to have my money back as soon as possible so that i can take admission somewhere sir/madam u request for an early helppp...

Bhawna Semwal

Posted on Aug 19, 2013

High Technologies Solutions 17, Kapil Vihar, 2nd Floor, opp. metro pillar No. 351, opp. Gulab Sweets, Near Kohat Enclave Metro Station, Pitampura, New Delhi-110034 Mobile : - 09311962325 Support Email : This institute is fake and does not guarantee anything which they had promised at the begining. They just know how to fool around students. Please revert back.


Posted on Aug 19, 2013

High Technologies Solutions 17, Kapil Vihar, 2nd Floor, opp. metro pillar No. 351, opp. Gulab Sweets, Near Kohat Enclave Metro Station, Pitampura, New Delhi-110034 Mobile : - 09311962325 Support Email : The worst educational institute i have ever been to.The above institution is not giving us proper services which they had promised us to give at the time of paying fees.They are fraud and they dont even care for our syllabus.Even the fee structure is not fixed as they charge different fee from different students.

Purvashi Mahajan

Posted on Aug 17, 2013

High Technologies Solutions 17, Kapil Vihar, 2nd Floor, opp. metro pillar No. 351, opp. Gulab Sweets, Near Kohat Enclave Metro Station, Pitampura, New Delhi-110034 Mobile : - 09311962325 Support Email : The above institution is not giving us that level of training which they had promised us to give at the time of paying fees.They are so money minded that they are playing with our careers and they dont even care for our syllabus..For eg: If some student does not go to class with a genuine excuse , they deny to provide any class for the same. Please take some action as soon as possible


Posted on Aug 17, 2013

hi i m devender yadav ..i took admssion in manav rachna college of enjineering ,faridabad..on 31 july 2013 ....they told me that i can apply for refund till 15th...but in attttending my physical counselling at kurushetra i failed to reach on time to take refund... and on 15th it was that organistion is not refunding a single rupee i have paid 95,000 .i must get the it is govt issue that physical counselling was on 14th august my no is 9990477896 ..plz reply to me the possibility..i want my refund atleast after deduction of a month fee i.e 15,000

surender bishnoi

Posted on Aug 11, 2013

I admitted my son in narayana education institute for a crash course but the institute has not provided the service which they have published and told at the time of admission. So I discontinued the course and asked for refund as they did not conducted proper classes and non of class test they have conducted where as they promised to conducted every day class test and intimate the progress to parents.


Posted on Aug 09, 2013


Suhail Ahmed

Posted on Aug 02, 2013

Respected Sir, I've made a complaint against my college ' The Oxford College of Business Management ' HSR Layout, Bangalore a few minutes before. I have another complaint too i didnt mention in the previous message because of few space. Another complaint is that once we students have been issued a college identity card from the college and they asked us to pay Rs.1000 for that piece of card. And when we students demanded for the bill as our parents are not believing that for a small piece of identity card it cost Rs.1000 what they've replied was 'No we cant give you the bill for that '. Also we did not get the bill for the donation payed to the college while joining, they only gave bill for the fee. Our college as its name its a 'college of bussiness ' , they are not running it as a service they are running for profit. Please help us out. Sincerely, Suhail ( Please dont reveal my name)

Suhail Ahmed

Posted on Aug 02, 2013

Respected sir , I am a 3rd year student of The Oxford College of Business Management college at HSR layout, Bangalore. Our college has agreed for a Rs25000 per annum fee at the time of joining and we've been paying Rs.25000 till the 2nd year. But this year all of a sudden they increased Rs.10000 more which made the fee Rs.35000. When I enquired at the fee counter about this what they said was ' It is the decision of management we cant do anything' . Today in the news paper i found the same incident about another colg and the educational minister was saying that ' The college have no right to collect extra fees like this '. I request you to help we students out of this. And please dont reveal my name. Sincerely, Suhail Ahmed

Dimpy Suri

Posted on Aug 01, 2013

Its a case of non refundment by a coaching institute by the name of CONCEPTS GLOBAL EDUCATION,7301,1st floor,DLF PHASE 4,GURGAON .I have with me the receipt of 25000 which i paid them and there was another 5000 i paid as transport charges but after attending 4 odd classes my son was not comfortable,both by their teaching methods as well as the atmosphere there and we decided to deenroll him. We requested for a refund to seema jain who runs the institute and she was very sweet and said she would try to convince my son but in case he still doesn't want to come here we will refund.Now after umpteen requests and personel meetings also she's not ready to refund and after our filing an FIR on the 9th of july with the sushant lok police stn. she's handed us a slip in which she says she's ready to pay us back Rs.80000 out of the Rs.50,000 that we had paid her.I do sincierly hope that there's someone to teach these teaching institutions also a good lesson for the kind of fraud they play .

Manish Kumar

Posted on Aug 01, 2013

It is to request the concerned authorities about the worse conditions of institutional canteen in our school. I am a student of KV KESHAV PURAM and we are facing such problems from a vast period of time. They sell the manufactured goods at really a high price as compared to the MRP prices printed. this is quite a serious matter for all the students and frequent steps must be taken. THANK YOU!

Rathva umeshkumar

Posted on Jul 25, 2013

i received less fees refund from university from what i was to receive.


Posted on Jul 11, 2013

On 19.11.2012, I visited A-school for getting admission for LKG std for my kid Dakshin Sundar in A-school, Nehru Street, Madipakkam. As per confirmation from school management on seat availability, I paid Rs. 18800 for admission and administrative fee on the same day. His Roll No. is 6482. In the month of may, I understand from a school employee in madipakkam branch that the school premises in going to change from the present location. Hence I contacted the Admin person for clarification. The authority confirmed the same and adviced me to wait till may month to know about the new location. But I didnt any written communication from school. Hence I requested for refund of my total amount. But A-school has not properly responded to my request and asking me to wait abruptly till "end of first semester"(the meaning of this phrase is not explained in mail).

Col Vivek Jaswal

Posted on Jul 11, 2013

Non refund of fee deposit by Janki Devi Public School, Lokhandwala, Mumbai 400053 even after repeated requests and explanations

Sangita Deepak Gupta

Posted on Jul 06, 2013

I want to file a complaint regarding Admission of my child as even after filling admission forms in the 3 schools my child have not received admission in any of the schools .And I am trying from last 3 months to meet the Principal of the schools Peon’s are not allowing me to meet them in-personne. Please it’s a humble request from a parent to take a quick action and do the needful so that my child’s year should not get wasted. Following are the names of the schools: 1. A.M.Kewalramani Premier High School (Sion (E)). 2. Little Angels High School (Sion (E)). 3. St.Josheps High School (Wadala (E)).

Sagar Mane

Posted on Jun 22, 2013

I need your help and opinion about complaint agaist class. I joined the class Magnus Education Center, Kothrud, Pune for abroad education and also paid the class for Toefl tution as well as for admission couselling. Now they are not taking the toefl tution and also not dealing with admission counselling, So I claimed to refund my total fees which I have paid but not utilised their services but class owner refuses to refund the money. Please help me on this matter I am the middle class person. I earned money and given to class for my great aspiration to do higher education but failed to do so. Please help me, how to overcome with this problem? Needed firm support to fight agaisnt class.

Priyanka Kapila

Posted on Jun 15, 2013

I joined Radcliffe school Allahabad as a manager on 25th feb 2011, and resigned on 31st march 2013,i have been continuously dropping mails,sms,and calling (to Head Office which is in Delhi) to find out the status of my PF,last month salary and other employment benefits,since then i have not yet received a single response.They did not even gave the PF withdrawal form,i approached EPFO Lucknow and found out that the company has just opened the accounts no slip has been issued from EPFO to the company. kindly help out to get my payment.

Sumit Ahuja

Posted on Jun 14, 2013

I got my daughter Mahek Ahuja admitted to VIBGYOR (Electronics City) school in October 2012 and have paid 16,000 as Annual fees for Academic year 2013-2014. Due to personal reasons my daughter would be unable to attend VIBGYOR this year and i requested for the paid annual fees to be refunded.However after having made multiple calls and visits to the school there is no response from the school School details are as follows Survey No.45/1 & 112, Village-Vittasandra, Begur, Hobli, Bengaluru South Taluka. Bengaluru - 560068. 080-33280500 +91 9379 420 500 +91 7259 833 426 +91 7259 833 427 Please let me know if you need any other details in this regard

Amit Kumar Mittal

Posted on Jun 06, 2013

I am student of MBA at Sikkim Manipal University-Distance Education through ZAD Institute, Gurgaon. I was not able to give one exam of my Second semester due to my personal reasons. I submitted the fees for re-appear on 3rd Dec, 2011. Center didnt submitted my form till 3rd Nov, 2012. One day before exam date, I gotta call from center head (Yogesh Hooda) that Exam is cancelled. Exam for Rohtak center was cancelled and he conveyed me wrong message. after that they again submit my form and exam was on 31st Jan, 2013. But this time I am not able to give exam as i was not in town. isubmitted the form again in Feb for exams which are going to happen in April, but again they havent submitted the form. I go to center and called number of times and they assure me that my form will be filled. 6th June 2013 is last date of submitting the form and they are not submitting my form. Due to this center, my degree is late by 1 year. This center is not authorised by SMU still they accept admissions.

Nupur Rudra

Posted on May 24, 2013

I would like to register a complaint against SRM University,Tamil Nadu. My son appeared in its admission test in 2011. After successfully qualifying in the the admission test my son was admitted in the course of B.Tech Aerospace Engineering(UG-Full time) of SRM University in the year of 2011-12. His Registrtion No. in the university is 1191110054,dated 11th July and his student IDNo. was 127589.But on medical ground and due to lack of proper hostel infrastructure during that period he was compelled to leave the course.I already requested the SRM University authority for the refund of my son's tuiton,hostel and book fees in my letters dated 8/9/11 to 5/2/13.But till now I have received only Rs.1,80,000 and Rs.1,49,300 are still remaining.But till now I have not received any information from the university regarding the same.I therefore request for taking up the issue with the SRM University authority for early redressal of the gross injustice meted out to me.

shashi pal

Posted on May 24, 2013

i am student of hp university under roll no 6304.i got the supply in hbp 404which not satisfatory i write many letter to universiy under rti but no result given to me.plz give to information to u.i shall be thankful to u act of kindness

shashi pal

Posted on May 24, 2013

i am student of hp university under roll no 6304.i got the supply in hbp 404which not satisfatory i write many letter to universiy under rti but no result given to me.plz give to information to u.i shall be thankful to u act of kindness

Sandeep Sharma

Posted on May 23, 2013

We deposited Rs. 48,500 against the admission fee of our child to some pvt school located into Gurgaon, Sector 9. But due to some personal reasons our child could not able to join the school. Now, when we request the schoold administration for Fee refund, they only refunded us Rs. 5000(Security amount). Since out of 48500, Rs. 5000 is too less, iwe would request Consumer court to help us in getting the money back.


Posted on May 22, 2013

ORDER DETAILS: BHUA0341R854J0341, Order Received: Mar 15,2013 Total Amount : INR (Indian Rupees) 714.00 SBI BANK Account Holder:AMIT KUMAR Billing Address : (As entered by the Customer) 134 MAHI HOSTEL JNU NEW DELHI-110067 Customer's Phone Number : 9650965778 Customer's E-mail ID :, Regards, CCAvenue Customer Service Sir, I have made a payment on 15th March 2013 through Internet banking. But due to some reason this payment was not done successfully and the money has been debited from my account to the account of BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY. And again I have made payment through ATM card for the same application number for the entrance exam of BHU. It's already two months have been passed and I did not get any confirmation regarding this nor I have got my money back. Sir, I have also sent an email on the Email Id of( on dated 19th April 2013. But still I did not get any confirmation regarding return of my money back. So, It's a humble request to you please take some action so that I can get my money back.For this kind act I will be very obliged to you. Thanking You Md Moshabbir Alam Mob No. 9650965778


Posted on May 22, 2013

ORDER DETAILS: BHUC0445c737J0445, Order Received: Mar 15,2013 Total Amount : INR (Indian Rupees) 357.00 SBI BANK Account Holder:AMIT KUMAR Billing Address : (As entered by the Customer) 134 MAHI HOSTEL JNU NEW DELHI-110067 Customer's Phone Number : 9650965778 Customer's E-mail ID :, Regards, CCAvenue Customer Service Sir, I have made a payment on 15th March 2013 through Internet banking. But due to some reason this payment was not done successfully and the money has been debited from my account to the account of BANARAS HINDU UNIVERSITY. And again I have made payment through ATM card for the same application number to the entrance exam of BHU. But It's already more than two months have been passed and I did not get my money back. I have sent an email to The BHU ON This EMAIL ID (help@ucanapply) on April 19, 2013 but after passing more than two months neither I have got any reply nor I have got my money back. So, It's a humble request to you please take some action regarding this. So, that I can get my money back. For this kind act I will be very obliged to you. Thanking You AMIT KUMAR Mob. No. 9650965778


Posted on May 20, 2013

It's a shame on professor Arindham chaudhari who claims to educate candidates about management when the management of his institute is at stake. Constant reminders by the employees regarding salary delay has done no good to him. I worked in this institute for 7 months and i haven't received salary for 4 months. The H.r,the head all of them don;t answer my plea. The scenario at the office is that all previous employees have left. But IIPM has succeeded in tricking many people back in job. After all i could do at my end I look forward to the media for it's help because Professor Arindham chaudhari in his article dated March 13,2013 in The economic times claims that there are no salary delay issues which is a big lie.Please help me because I am not alone in this mess there are many more employees out there who are facing many problems in their lives because of this havoc created by Professor Arindham chaudhari and it's administration.You will be helping those hundereds of employees.

Pradeep Agrawal

Posted on May 17, 2013

I am Pradeep Agrawal. I enrolled in Climb first Institute (Vashi centre) on 10/03/2013 For TOEFL coaching and paid INR 6000/- On the same day from My ICICI Debit Card. On 17th March I had given a mock test to diagnose my gray areas But I didnot get the result or score card yet till date. They promised me to start my lecture on Weekends but when I went for class on 24th March there were no student or faculty, I was informed that there is shortage of faculty nowadays so you will get a call from head office about your class schedule. In March I had called them several times to schedule my lectures but there was no schedule for me. Since last month Vashi office staff contact number and Head office Number was not connecting. When I went there on Tuesday (07/05/2013) at 19.00 in the evening and found that office has been closed down, and premises have been set for fresh lease/rent. I enquired to nearby offices and one Security person of TimeofIndia office informed me about their frauds and s


Posted on May 14, 2013

I have sent a notice to the institute, but no reply was made. Here is the Copy of Application: To, The Director/Admn. Officer, Vajiram & Ravi [ Institute for I.A.S. Examination] Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi. Subject- Regarding supplementary fee (Rs 28000/-) for GS 2012 batch. Sir, We are the student of the GS-Prelims cum Mains 2012 batch of your institute. In your Admission guidelines it was clearly mentioned that this course is for prelims cum mains and accordingly the whole fee (Rs 60,000/-) has been submitted at the time of admission (October 2012). So why we have to pay extra fee for the revised Mains syllabus since we have already paid the whole fee for the mains also at the time of enrollment. Also in your admission guidelines it was only mentioned about non refundable of the fees not about the supplementary fee if any change done in the syllabus. Also no any prior intimation was given at the time of admission regarding the same.

himanshu khanna

Posted on May 13, 2013

I had taken admission to bse pgdsm course in decmber 2011 As stated in the course brochure this PGDSM course was of one year duration, with two semester exams. The first semester exams were to be conducted in June 2012 & Second semester in December 2012 and for god knows what reasons exams were postponed . institute never gave a valid reason for the postponement & just told there was some problem with IGNOU. I have already wasted one whole year with the institute and don’t want to waste another year waiting for the exams which they are saying will be held in June 2013 and there is no guarantee to that. why I should waste further months just because of the irregularities I want full refund of the amount Rs. 50000 - which I had made towards the course fee. Before admissions I was told that you would provide contact classes, video classes, industry visits, internship, live trading classes, international visits etc, and nothing have been done till now.


Posted on May 09, 2013

The complaint is against APTECH EDUCATIONAL CENTER 2ND FLOOR, NO.241, 3RD STAGE, 3RD PHASE,7TH CROSS, 6TH BLOCK, BANASHANKARI, OPP. KAMAKYA THEATRE, BANGALORE - 560085, KARNATAKA, INDIA. Ph: 9448454376, I had Enrolled For PHP,MySql Course for rs 12,00,000. in the above said centre but their unprofessional training and unethical behaviour for not training properly and giving placement properly i kindly request to address this issue & Refund my fees 12,00,000.


Posted on May 09, 2013

I had admitted my son in Rainbow Academy(KIDZEE)Howrah against the fess of Rs. 11000(Approx.) in lower nursery,but he did not attend a single class as he was accordingly admitted in South Point School. I informed this to the authority of KIDZEE, Howrah and prayed for refund of fees. They denied to refund any amount as my son was already admitted at their institution. This is for your information and necessary action to get the money back as i had deposited.


Posted on May 08, 2013

Sir, there is some error in my JEE main results. It is not my result. They have done some mistake in uploading. Also they didnt informed about the OMR scan copy and now they are not willing to show that to me. According to the results i am scoring 84/360 and worst in maths 1/120. I expecte around 168 with which i am eligible for JEE advanced. Please sir help me out of this situatio because i am not able to contact them as helpine nos. are of no use. Sir please help me its about my future

Chetan dutt sharma

Posted on May 06, 2013

my name is chetan. i was the student of HCL CDC. At the time of addmission the told me after the completion of course they provide me internship in IT companies.And i completed my course in april 2011 but i have not any type of internship at the side of them. and they always said to me wait for right time. but i don't know when the right time comes for me. thanks & regards chetan dutt sharma 9582122208

Anuj Maurya

Posted on Apr 02, 2013

N.S. Technology rajendrapuram meerut, Fraud technology..this institute have not refund my money(20000) from last one year..from this institution i was placed in bangalore..this institute took 20000RS from each student..and bangalore company was fraud...please help me as soon as possible


Posted on Apr 01, 2013

My son was studying in Standard II in Tagore Internation School, Vasant Vihar. I applied for TC on 30th March indicating reasons of not continuing in their school, however, they have forced me to pay Tuition fee for 2 months into the next class in lieu of giving me the TC. They quoted the school rule stated in Almanac that 2 months notice should be provided or fee must be paid in lieu of the notice period. The reason for the rule as explained by the office staff was that sudden withdrawl would lead to vacancy due to which the school will suffer. My case is that I have withdrawn my son at short notice due to issues beyond my control (my husband is in Indian Army and has a transferable job), and the withdrawal has taken place at the end of the academic session which will not impact the school as they have several students lined up for admissions. Please let me know what legal recourse do I have.


Posted on Mar 29, 2013

Not received the cts cheque till now though from khepa branch (4812) I come to know that college cheque already issued on 21.01.2013. Do I need to send requisition form ?

Gaurav Singh

Posted on Mar 21, 2013

Refer to my daughter “Yasvi “ advance fees paid at Bachpan Play school at DP block ,Pitam Pura,New Delhi on 25.02.12 for the m/o March- May’13 after discussion that they even take care 1.5 yr old child , I thought of taking admission in Bachpan Play school. and allow my daughter to start w.e.f 01.03.12 on trail basis and deposit three month advance fee.( But on the very first day school faculty not able to handle our child & after than we approach branch for refund our advance fees on very next day. But they refuse us ,We have discuss this issue no. of times with Pitam Pura branch Incharge Mr. Bharat , but he refused to clear our dues As he claims once fees is received can’t be refund. We have send 14th Reminder from our side & number of time courier send at Corporate branch , but still no action taken place.


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Posted on Mar 12, 2013

dear sir i want to file the case against m/s maharaja agarsen college institute of technology, rohini, delhi


Posted on Mar 10, 2013

i had submitted tution fee of rs 15,0000 in subharti university for admission on 7-10-2012. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I had submitted the application for cancellation of my candidature for on 09-10-2012. But now instead of givivg many reminder, subharti university-meerut is not refunding my fee.


Posted on Feb 27, 2013

Please meet up in person to discuss the details as these cant be written .

Lata Mugada

Posted on Feb 25, 2013

This is to bring to your notice that Climbfirst which has headquarters in Mumbai has made false promises to me and has taken 40,000 INR and are not agreeing to refund the money. Following is the sequence of events that happened between Climbfirst and I. On Oct 23rd 2012, I have put up a request on Climb first portal requesting for information on GMAT course. Samuel Endigiri, who is the HR head at Climbfirst approached me on phone and apprised me about Climbfirst. On Nov 10th '12, I dropped a note to Samuel Endigiri stating that I intend to take GMAT by Dec 15th '12 and whether Climbfirst can equip me with the required knowledge. Samuel responded within 15 minutes that Climbfirst can help me out in the situation and I should contact Aniruddh Shinde on 7738364503. I immediately contacted Aniruddh on the above mentioned number and following was committed to me by Aniruddh Shinde. An IIT/IIM faculty would conduct home tution for me. Course will be restructured to suit my training require

Thivya Mlar

Posted on Feb 25, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I paid amount RS,34,400(receipt No:KM469324) on 15.2.2011 against the course fee for DoT NET at NIIT,No,143b,2nd Floor,5th Block,60 Feet Road, Koramangala, Bangalore. Due to my health condition I was not able to stay in Bangalore and start a course. Even I didn't attend single day class. I decided to withdraw my course and went to NIIT, they asked me to write a request letter mentioning for refunding course fee. At that time they told ,will send a cheque to my address within two weeks time. After that I had communicated so many times still now, they are not giving proper response. I am suffering financially lot and don't have people to help me. Please help me sir and get my money from them. NIIT contact number is 080-30275355.Contact person: Vijaya. Thanks, Thivya Malar.

Bijou Joseph louis

Posted on Feb 06, 2013

Dear Sir/ Madam, I am a kidney patient and using medicines for Blood pressure. I have registered with Santa Monica Eranakulam (0484 - 44140900) for the Migration to Canada on 07/10/2010. But, unfortunately, I only got 5.5 Score in the IELTS Examination. I could not attend IELTS Exam once more. Moreover, My financial capability was also reduced because of my treatment. I informed Santa Monica about it and also requested to repay the amount (9000),before three months. Now, they informed me they can only give me 50% of the amount of the amount (4500) to me. So, You are pleased to take my petition and find a solution to get the Full amount that I paid to Santa Monica. I am attaching herewith the copy of receipts. Thanking You, Faithfully Your's, Bijou Joseph Louis, C/o Veliyil house, Vadackal, Alappuzha. Mob: 9745717967.

rajnu david

Posted on Jan 11, 2013

Last 2-3 years this man who limps from one leg and has a ladies voice named SANMUGAM working in the B.Sc Examination Section of the Madras University has spoiled my career and life. Everytime i meet him he arrogantly asks me to give my number where he can call after a week which never does. In this period of time i have lost my job 2 times and had extreme financial crunch to go and meet this SHANMUGAM guy to get my work done. He always bluntly says “when i told you after one week why are asking me again,what is this ? “. I am very much distressed and have lost faith in the working of this great university.Please some one take heed of this matter and explain SHANMUGAM not to behave badly with needy people and have some sense of pity on people who come to him with great hope and expectations. this man is so callous to people’s request and speaks very rudely someday someone might do suicide. Poeple someone.Please my humble request.


Posted on Jan 03, 2013

my complaint is against climb first india portal chembur branch. i paid rs.25000 to them for a tiss course. they barely taught me anything and have taken a far less amount from other students. they openly challenged me to go to a consumer court and said no one would be able to do anything to them. please help me out!


Posted on Dec 24, 2012

PAID FEES Rs.2,20,000/- on cancelling admission they refund Rs.10,000/-only


Posted on Dec 05, 2012

dear sir, SITE college, singrauli is not giving the examination form, because principal wants the donation. show how could i fill the examination form.its my complain for say to the give examination form to me, if i will not filled the examination form than i will go to the consumer forum or court

Ms Deepamar annaswami

Posted on Nov 26, 2012

I joined the Smt Kapila Khandvala College of Education, Santacruz , Mumbai, as an Assistant Professor in place of Ms Smita Gupta who took leave for her Doctoral studies under the FIP plan of UGC. I joined the institution on 18th Dec 2010 and my post was approved by UGC upto 31st March 2012, for which the salary was given. However a copy of the letter of the approval by UGC has not been given to me. As per the UGC Circular C1/Cir/(UGC doc)282011, F. No. 1-7-2008 (policy file)WRO/11th plan, my tenure was further extended upto 30th Sept 2012 The college paid me salary for April 2012, but there is delay and gaps in correspondence between the college and UGC as a result of which my salary upto Sept 2012 has still not been disbursed. I have been trying to run from pillar to post for my own Salary. Being the only earning member this is causing me immense trauma. Several calls to the UGC Pune have been met with no fruitful response. I feel dejected by the treatment meted out to me

K Subash REddy

Posted on Nov 07, 2012

we have been cheated by a school which was newly opened last year, we would like to get the fee returned along with compensation for mental and physical agony. To whom and how to approach to take aciton

m y akhoon

Posted on Oct 15, 2012

i was given admission in MCA in kashmir university.later they cancelled my admission.i had deposited fees of 1.5 lakhs.they are not refunding it .help


Posted on Oct 14, 2012

Non refund of fees by ITM University on withdrawl of admission from B.Tech course in Computer Science Engg.The request for withdrawl has been done on 4/8/12 ,i.e., before the last date of admission by the ITM university(16/8/2012)

Dharam Pal Tanwar

Posted on Oct 07, 2012

My son whose particulars are given below has applied for the central sector scheme for scholarship for college and university students-2010.He fulfills all the criteria prescribed by the CBSE but he has not been given scholarship till now. I have requested the authority many times but every time they asked to give the bank details. The bank details were sent so many times but they didn't update the information. His name was not even included in the supplementary list uploaded recently. Until or unless it is not updated on the website the renewal cannot be made. NAME: Sunit Tanwar REG NO.: CSSS-10/006610 MARKS OBTAINED: 409/500(science) Email id: Name of course( in which studying):B.Tech Name of institution:IIT Ropar Punjab Category:OBC(non creamy layer) My net salary (excluding the arrears for the years 2006-2008 )of the year 2009-2010 is Rs 4.02lacs in/c interests etc which is far less than Rs 4.5lacs per year.

mohit Sharma

Posted on Sep 14, 2012

GLOBAL LINK SERVICES , mumbai This is consultancy for jobs in abroad and for higher education before being registered with them.They told me the 10000 INR is refundable if i''m not happy with them.i have same thin in written. they were charging processing fee of 2 lac but for some family reasons i didnt want to continue and thought to back out as my mother is heart patient and she has to go for operation at any time so i need money so i talk to them to refund me registration fee but now they saying it is non- refundable as i can not go for my personal reasons It is only refundable if they do not process my case in the stipulated time. i just want my money back as i need collect the money for my mother''s operation ,so please suggest me what should i do now..!! can i file the case against them ?


Posted on Sep 07, 2012

SAVE TEACHERS ON ‘TEACHERS DAY’ RESPECTED SIR, The country is celebrating the Teachers Day in the fond memory of one of great presidents as well as a visionary teacher of our country. It was he who had officially earned respect for teachers by becoming the President of our country. After him an other great personality and a visionary teacher became the President of our country; Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. During his tenure the Rashtrapati bhawan turned in to another classroom where students and teachers from all over the country could come and have detailed interaction with him. Once more, in honorable Pranab Mukharjee’s form, the country has got the privilege of getting another teacher to hold the highest position; The President of India. Sir, but every thing is not so good for other teache


Posted on Aug 27, 2012


Dayal singh

Posted on Aug 10, 2012

My self Dayal singh & my enrolment no is 050270103516.i have passed the senior secondary exams of 2012, but i didnot received markseet from till the time, i request to the NIOS many time but they didn't give any response thats why my one year is destroyed bcs all colleges was closed the addmission, so please tak a legal action against him Dayal singh Village aklimpur Gurgaon Mob 9711536047


Posted on Aug 09, 2012