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Posted on Apr 22, 2024

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Posted on Apr 01, 2024

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Posted on Nov 26, 2023

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Posted on Aug 09, 2023

Call me Customer care +919038-818232:..://.:(complaint office)...


Posted on May 13, 2022

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Posted on Mar 29, 2022

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Posted on Feb 27, 2022

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Posted on Feb 24, 2022

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Posted on Jan 28, 2022

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Posted on Dec 12, 2021

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Posted on Oct 29, 2021

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Posted on Oct 14, 2021

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Posted on Sep 18, 2021

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Posted on Sep 07, 2021

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Santosh Bhagwan Jawalkar

Posted on Aug 01, 2021

Dear Team, This is to bring to your kind attention that i am following for the refund of my money for the last More than one month from day 2nd with country club hospitality & holiday limited India and have only got acknowledgement(s) with no action on the ground. I made the complete payment of Rs 35,350/- in 24 Jun2021 in the form of EMIs through my HDFC Bank Credit Card but due lots of fake promises & every time new story from Contry club sale person, so had requested the company immediately to Refund my Money & cancel my membership and refund me my money but it never happened . I hope this platform helps me in getting back my hard earned money from country club India. Regards Santosh Jawalkar Cancellation reasons are given below:- hope you not required if we cancel in your committed Cool period time but some are below a) I have purchased this scheme / membership with Rs. 35350 and Sr. consultant Mr. Janardan Kaushal , Emp ID :- CVPUFC3139 told me that this is the highest discount that I have got from the Country Club but the same scheme/ membership was offered to me with 35350 only. Also offered below benefits , Original cost as per sale person Rs. 1.25 Lacs Other Offer As below 1." Dmart Voucher Rs.2000 per voucher 4 Times = Rs. 8000 " 2." SPA Voucher Rs.6000 without any condition 3. No any hidden additional Cost over and above of membership & accommodation 4.Jungle Safari free during Bandipur vacation 5. Additional Stay 6 night 7 days two times means 14 Night without any additional cost. 6. Also promise my big son 16 year old to stay with you without any charges. 7. For food 40 % discount in own property & other locations also some discounted rate. without any condition 7. Each person birthday & Anniversary calibration in country club every year. for next 5 Years 8. During calibration Free cake from the country club and 1500 Gift vouchers every Time you can use without any condition. 8.1 Every year 5 Calibration 4 birthday & 1 anniversary = 5 * 5 Cake every year Total 30 Cakes Approx. 500 Cost 30 * 500 = Total Rs. 15,000/- 8.2 Every year 5 Celebration 4 birthday & 1 anniversary = Rs. 1500 Food Gift Voucher every year Total 30 Food Gift Voucher each Rs. 1500 Cost 30 * 500 = Total Rs. 45,000/- 9. AMC Cost Rs 6000 per year As per offer but you commit if you pay in one time 50% , Rs.15,000/- if pay in one time and additional discount form your Rs. 3000 , So Final Cost For 5 Year AMC you committed Rs. 12000/- 10. If we stay in country club without using a holiday package & voucher we need to pay only Rs.499/- GST Only for family 11. As on date i have not received any membership card and voucher as on date from country club 12. Also Mr. Janardhan did not show me any agreement and I did not sign any agreement. also not explain any agreement conditions with me.


Posted on Jun 26, 2021

Dear Team, This is to bring to your kind attention that i am following for the refund of my money for the last 2.5 years with country club india and have only got acknowledgement(s) with no action on the ground. I made the complete payment of Rs 65,000/- in Feb 2018 in the form of EMIs through my Husband's Credit Card but due to my daughter's ill health , i was unable to use any service and had requested the company immediately to cancel my membership and refund me my money but it never happened . I hope this platform helps me in getting back my hard earned money from country club india. Regards Rachna Goyal

Vikas Pratap shahi

Posted on Mar 09, 2021

I applied for membership of Club Holizone on 01/03/2020. I paid Rs. 39750 as a membership fees in advance .I asked their representative of surat sales office to cancel my membership and initiate the process of refund. I was informed by them that they have forwarded the matter to higher authorities and I will be notified by customer care regarding the cancellation. Since then there has been no communication from their side. I also mailed their customer support asking for the same but they informed me that I am not eligible for refund stating that cooling period is over. "As per the point (e) from Declaration & Undertaking - The “HCRIPL” shall refund the Money if member is withdrew/cancelled within 10(ten) Days (‘’Cooling period”)." Since I asked for cancellation just after 2 days of being member of the club, I was eligible for refund. But I did not get any response from them since the said mail. I was constantly trying to contact their customer care numbers but all in vain. Please guide me how to proceed further in this matter.

Ashish Gajera

Posted on Sep 17, 2020

I applied for membership of Club Holizone on 01/03/2020. I paid Rs. 25,000 as a membership fees in advance and started paying Rs. 30,000 as EMI for the remaining fees. On 03/03/2020, I asked their representative of surat sales office to cancel my membership and initiate the process of refund. I was informed by them that they have forwarded the matter to higher authorities and I will be notified by customer care regarding the cancellation. Since then there has been no communication from their side. I also mailed their customer support asking for the same but they informed me that I am not eligible for refund stating that cooling period is over. "As per the point (e) from Declaration & Undertaking - The “HCRIPL” shall refund the Money if member is withdrew/cancelled within 10(ten) Days (‘’Cooling period”)." Since I asked for cancellation just after 2 days of being member of the club, I was eligible for refund. But I did not get any response from them since the said mail. I was constantly trying to contact their customer care numbers but all in vain. Please guide me how to proceed further in this matter.

Sunny Singh

Posted on Sep 07, 2020

Clubs customer care number +918389980562////+916289957210...

Sunny Singh

Posted on Aug 31, 2020

Airline refunding customer care number +91 8389980562.. Refund realeted any question just review. All problem solving here ask me any question just review.

Rohit varma

Posted on Aug 31, 2020

Airline refunding customer care number +91 9330443584.. Refund realeted any question just review. All problem solving here ask me any question just review.

Kamlesh Jain

Posted on Jun 04, 2020

I have purchased holiday membership with sterling holidays. The sales Person has offered me holiday membership for 25 years at a offer price of Rs. 75000. He has offered me to pay Rs. 25000 as initial payment and rest of amount with 2 Installment of Rs. 25000 Each. After making payment i have received the letter of member ship along with the cost of membership for Rs. 299740.00. In letter they have mentioned payment made by me & rest of the payment required to be made by me for membership. I have contact to the company regarding this but they told me sales person who sold me the membership left the job. I have requested the company either returned my money or provide the membership on the price as committed by the sales person. but the company has not respond. i have mailed the company in this regard but they ignored my all communication and not replied me. I request you to kindly look into the matter and plz tell te company to refund the amount. My Membership ID with company is 1225317.


Posted on Aug 24, 2015

Dear, I was cheated by country Club (city centre-2 Kolkata).What ever they were offer during taking membership not provided. I communicate with mail around 1.5 months but they were not interested to refund my amount or Committed facilities. I have a payment detail and mail communicating detail. Please help to refund my hardship INR20000 amount and punishment to such a fraud company. I also such review on google about this organization there are lots of people found by this help me.

Surekha Singh

Posted on Aug 20, 2015

I was taken for ride by Country Vactations who intially promised me to give me pots at thier ventures at low rates and now denying the same. Plz help me as they are not even responding to my calls mails and all sort of communications.

Riya Mukherjee

Posted on Aug 07, 2015

Respected Sir, We have taken membership (no-CVKK37FS188326) of Country Vacation India on 29/11/2014, by paying Rs 23000/-. They have comitted to provide 14 days holiday within two years and fitness club for one year. But now when We are asking for 2 night 3 days booking on 20th October 2015 they are telling that we are not eligible for this booking. Again they are telling that we have to pay another 9000/- rupees for service tax for two room. Before hand also several time We have asked them for holiday booking, they fail to provide. We never went off to there fitness club and can't avail any facility from them. They are located at City Center two and continuously making customer a big full. They are really a fraud organisation. Please help us such that we can avail our holidays or get back our hard earn money. Thanking you. Regards, Riya Mukherjee


Posted on Jun 09, 2015

Hi, I had booked holiday plan for Rs.15000/- from on 26.04.2015 but afterwards due to personal and financial reasons, I wished to cancel the plan. To my shock, they replied that no refund can be given on booking amt as 7 days look up period is over. With a very heavy heart I could have harldy digested this, & gave letter to cancel the plan to avoid ECS further payment, they rudely replied that the same cannot be done & you will have to pay the balance amount of the plan, Otherwise we will take legal action on you & spoil your CIBIL record. Dear Sir/Madam i have already lost Rs.15000/- (without enjoying a single day holiday, since my account is not activated till date) & above that they are forcing me on phone to pay the balance amount or face dire consequences. I have come to you with a last hope that I duly get my refund back and the plan is effectively closed. Please, help me & show me the way, I am very depressed over this matter.

Sanjay Kumar Sinha

Posted on Apr 20, 2015

I am really trapped with beautiful presentations of picturesque of various hotels/ resorts and promises of their sales team alongwith Branch Manager. I am really shocked to observe the vital points were missing in the offer letter during late evening of the same date. Since then ( more than 15 days gone ) not a single responsible personnel is reverting to my calls / mails. Further to my apathy their management level official i.e Director & Vice President too not attending the calls or mails.

sanjay sahoo

Posted on Apr 14, 2015

Mukul Sarkar

Posted on Apr 01, 2015

mail@consumerredressal.comHi, I am Mukul Sarkar from Kolkata. On Jan 7, 2014 We became victims of false hope at Country Club's City Centre-1, Kolkata Branch. We were promised of 3 years vacations (6 nights per year, including car rental) by paying Rs.30000/=. We did so, but did not get so. Mr. Debendra Dubey said that we can cancel our membership if we wish but still the company has not given us any solid promise about the cancellation but gave a vague message that we can do so. We returned the membership card but has not received any response yet. We are completely at a loss. We repeatedly send them reminder mails to stop the EMI process so that we do not need to pay any further instalment of the total money (We have already paid 3 instalments). We are now completely feeling cheated. The LAW is above all. Susmita Sarkar Mukul Sarkar 8961262620

arti pandey

Posted on Mar 26, 2015

I have been entraped by M/s Country Vacations having office at 337, Imperial Court, Opp Kalidas Appartment, Dharampeth, Nagpur-440010 :07126602006 Head Office 6-3-1219/a, 2nd floor, Country Club Kool,Begumpet Hyderabad-500016 the companys sales reprsentative Mr. Pankaj,Mobile No.7387593583 has cheated me by swiping hdfc debit card no.5129670502573137 for Rs.15,000/- on 14.03.2015 at Dharampeth Office, Nagpur, they have forced to get me entered into an agreement which was neither be allowed to read carefully nor be understood. After reading the documents at our home we realized that their all promises made are unreal. They have cleverly activated membership No.CVNP1CLUB197072 on 24.03.2015. NOw, I understand from various sources that this company is cheating a lot of citizens by non-refund, non-cancellation of membership. I have requested them to cancel my membership and asked for refund for which they denied. Kindly help in this issue to get my hard earned money back as being a housewife I cannot afford such a huge loss. on behalf of the other victims. I request you to look into this and oblige. Arti Pandey

Kamaldeep Jindal

Posted on Feb 15, 2015

I purchased club Mahindra red studio membership from sector-35, Chandigarh . At the time of purchase the dealing person said that if I don't want to keep the membership in future , they will sell it immediately and the gifts will remain with you without cutting any cost. So I got trusted and bought the membership . But now when I don't want to keep the membership as I have not used any vacations , they are not even want to listen to me. The branch is denying to refund my money back. So I need help of the consumer forum.

Arun Bahl

Posted on Feb 09, 2015

We have been cheated by country club in tune of Rs 185000

Partha Mukherjee

Posted on Jan 09, 2015

I get membership at Love&Earn club. Membership cost Rs.800.00 dated 08-01-2015.But they are not provide any service. Phone no.of this club is 7044616204. Now they are cheating me. Please take necessary action. They are daily advertise at ANANDABAZER PATRIKA.


Posted on Jan 03, 2015

Fix Deposit of Rs.40000/- in TALWALKAR GYM, VIRAR(EAST), MAHARASTRA, which is already matured in last Feb-2014. But still now the Gym authority has not paid my matured amount of Rs.40000.


Posted on Dec 30, 2014

Tapas Mukherjee

Posted on Dec 18, 2014

On 26th Aug'13, my wife and myself, purchased a membership of Country Club worth Rs.1,10,000/.We are aged couple and due to health reasons, we could not avail any benefit from this Club. In Dec'13 ,I received an email from Country Vacation stating that I should pay an annual maintenance charges of Rs.8,000/.I replied ,as we are unable to continue our membership any further, thus, requested for a refund of my money paid(1,10,000/).They replied ,that they cannot help us. After many persuasions, finally we met Mr. Mishra and other Club officials on 9thApr.'14, at their Kolkata Head office. They assured Discontinuation of our membership , and refund of the money in 7 days. They emailed on 18th April, stating that they cannot refund, and we can sell the membership, if we want, and every 3 days, they are sending email asking us to pay Rs8,989/.We humbly request youto look into the matter, so thatwe can recover our saidamount of Rs.1,10,000/.Kindly allow us for a meeting & submit documents


Posted on Dec 14, 2014


Vikas bhateja

Posted on Dec 09, 2014

Ajay Walia

Posted on Dec 07, 2014

1. Sharman Hospitality (Clarens Elite), E3/14, DLF-I, Gurgaon, Processed for credit card payment beforehand - misused the card number that I had given on verbal commitment. My mistake in this - trusting your employee on verbal commitment. 2. False promises including details of discounts 3. No confirmation in writing despite asking details of membership 4. Polite & good sales conversations while making he sales - until credit card info/slip is not provided, but no conversations/support thereafter. 5. False commitment that the payment will not be processed before next day but it still did 6. False promise that the payment will be reversed 7. MD responded to look after this issue but nothing happened - people have stopped responding.

Shaheen Mehta

Posted on Nov 07, 2014

Harassment by Club Mahindra! Due to space constraints i cannot put in all the granular details here. Need your assistance in getting this resolved at the earliest. They have cheated and duped me.


Posted on Nov 03, 2014

I have been going to Burn gym, Sector 11, Panchkula for 3 years. My mother paid for a "massage package". She wasn't given a receipt even after asking the staff repeatedly. 15 days later, the gym declared with a notice that the massage services will not be continued after 10 September 2014. This caused chaos with the bookings and whenever my mother booked a massage, it was cancelled. The gym failed to provide the services my mother paid for and didn't give a refund even though they have a record of it in their system. I recently renewed my membership. I faced a lot of trouble getting the receipt. I had paid the money in advance, and the receipt that they gave me was backdated. I had to get through a lot of trouble getting the corrected receipt. I was even insulted by one of their staff members for asking for my receipt again n again. My mother and I have faced harassment and insult at a gym where we were regular clients. I was refused a refund when I asked for it. I need a refund.

Chiranjeet Karmakar

Posted on Oct 13, 2014

  Subject:  Money Fraud committed by Country Club and Vacations.     I CHIRANJEET KARMAKAR and SUSHMITA GUHA KARMAKAR (my wife) jointly took membership in Country Vacations on 28th Sep 2014. ( Membership No. CVBG1CLUB30LB184588 )   The membership is total worth Rs.325000 .The membership selling executive name: Mrs.Annapurna and Manoj asked us to pay initial down payment money of Rs.65000 the same day and told us that this Rs.65000 would be converted into 24 months 0% EMI, Which has not happened till date.   Also, they asked us to pay the balance amount of Rs.260000 after end of 3 years from the day of purchase of Membership .However When I received the membership papers at home it is mentioned there that I would have to pay the balance amount within 45 days which is completely different from what they have initially promised and this type of conduct is completely worng.   I tried calling their customer service numbers which were provided to me but the numbers (04044610000/100


Posted on Oct 01, 2014

sir, Before one month a club which name radhika club in noida promise to me for a job. i deposite 15000 in account no -31778298591(sbi) then they deemand more money now i am not intrested in this club they don't return my money so please help me i want my money retun .the club name-Radhika and contact no-09654649226

Birendra Rana

Posted on Sep 18, 2014

I took Zestbreaks membership in 2010 paying Rs. 1,05,100. It was sold to me on two points which have turned out to be false. One is that members are previledged to book any resort of their choice even 48 hrs in advance. But on multiple occasions I did not get confirmation despite requesting at least 1 week in advance. The second promise was of adding 2 new resorts every year to the club. Only one resort has been added so far and Zest has stated that it has no plans to add any more for reasons best known to them. Due to unavailability, I am forced to take vacations in non Zest resorts and as a result till date I have accumulated nights which are about to expire. Zest has almost stopped entertaining complaints and queries regarding membership. Zest is silent on my request for membership cancellation on the grounds of false promises made to me. With high hopes I approach your esteemed forum to get my whole membership amount refund. Best regards, Birendra Rana

Sagnik Sengupta

Posted on Aug 13, 2014

I have purchased a Red Sterling Membership (1209665) in March'14 by paying a down payment of Rs.36383 and balance in 12 EMI's of Rs.27287. I have not availed a single day holiday as of now, wanted to know what is the process to surrender the membership and get my refund as when I enquired with Sterling they bluntly denied that you cannot surrender or get refund. Is there any process through consumer redressal or consumer court to get the refund by surrendering teh membership as I am not satisfied with teh services and dont want to continue with the membership. PLEASE HELP ME IN THIS

Ashish Singh

Posted on Jul 31, 2014

I had made payment of approx. Rs. 28,850/- as Down-payment in the month of Dec'13 fpr membership and Rs. 22,176/- as 4 installments in the month of Apr'14, which completes 25% of Membership amount. As per commitment of company's executive and also mentioned in trailing mail, I didn't get any benefit till date, instead of several calls from their call-center agents to pay more installments to get those benefits for which I am eligible after paying 25% of membership fees. I want to get refund of my deposited amount till date because I am not confident in investing more money in your scheme after this incident.


Posted on Jun 01, 2014

sir,I have enrolled my self in club membership of Sterling Holidays.I was promised booking as n when required, I requested for the booking on 15 to 17 august but I was denied saying itis full.I asked /emailed them stating if I am not getting booking 3 months prior then it is of no use and I requested for the cancellation and return the amount paid.I have sent emails to their website but no reply is received.You are requested to guide me in the matter pl.

Ravindra Deshpande.

Posted on May 21, 2014

Paras Jain, Till today,I have not received club card & original receipts for my payment.This has been delayed too much.We do not know why its getting delayed.We wants to join daily activities in Amanora Center, Country Club,but we r not getting any responce after giving you sevaral calls/reminders & putting us in lots of frustration.Do not take us as granted. Revert back ASP. Ravindra. 8605090499. Above email sent to country club pune on there email till date no responce.I have already paid Rupees 50,000 to them via my citybank credit card during last December 2013.This is FYI & Immidiate action.

Chandrashekhar C S

Posted on May 07, 2014

Hi, we have taken holiday vacation club membership from Future vacations, Jayanagar, Bangalore. we have changed our mind after going through the contract agreement copy and decided to cancel the membership. immediately in the next day we have sent mail for cancellation but they have denied to give the refund bcoz we have not given in writing as per the agreement. pl help. thaks chandrashekhar

Vishnu chaitanya challa

Posted on May 05, 2014

I have recently took country club membership of pune and later I discovered them to be false statements. Also I want to cancel my membership and to get back my money for which the team is not responding. There is no service specifically given by club except printing a plastic card on my name, but they are reluctant to pay the money back. Also I feel there is some issue in while they took my signature. Also the team is not ready to payback the money even though the customer hasn't used any service. It is even said set out as guideline in 'AIRDA' that any customer can ask for termination of membership and return of his money. Even the staff of country club pune have agreed that the staff who has sold me the membership is found to be fraud. So, Requesting you to help me in this regard.

Rajeshvar Nere

Posted on Apr 07, 2014

Country vacations forced me to take Country Club vacations for 160,000/- out of which I paid 40,000/- by debit card, later I came to know from internet that they are fraud company and are not providing any services and not keeping any promises. They mentioned that there will be club soon near my area (Aundh Pune), but it was a false commitment. I called/mailed them asking for cancellation and refund of money. They said they can not refund - as they do not have any refund policy. I lost my 40,000/- to Country vacations. Please help me to get my money back. Country Vacations Pune Address: Asif Pasha, COUNTRY CLUB, 308-309,level-3,Connaught place, Bund Garden Road,Pune-411001,

Amey Kudalkar

Posted on Feb 28, 2014

I took Talwalkar gym membership in March 2012 under 20000 Rs. refundable Deposit skim. and agreement was completed in March 2013. I notified them in writing in may 2013 that i don't want to continue membership please refund my deposit. now almost a year and i didn't got my money back. whenever i try to reach out to them either their phone is not reachable or they will not pick up. and if i go to their office they say its under process and we will call you back in a week. I am following up since last May no proper response. their are many members who are waiting for these checks. I want to file a complaint against Talwalkars for all these inconvenience and false skim. To get my money back with interest.


Posted on Feb 22, 2014

I was approached by Mr.Pratap Paul, Business Dev. Officer of COUNTRY CLUB in July’ 2011 with a proposal to take LIFE MEMBERSHIP of COUNTRY CLUB. I was informed that the CLUB would have all the facilities of swimming pool, auditorium, Health Club, Conference Hall, Gym, indoor games like Badminton, Billiard, table tennis, restaurant etc. etc. I was also assured that there will be various Cultural Programs throughout the year,specifically on NEW YEARS EVE, CHRISTMAS, DEWALI, HOLI etc. As per the Leaflet given to me during discussion, The CLUB with various facilities were to come up in 4 storied building at CK 27, KASBA, Kolkata. I was offered the LIFE MEMBERSHIP on payment of Rs.35,000/- by Cheques. The MEMBERSHIP was confirmed by COUNTRY CLUB by letter dated 23.11.2011 and the Membership No. was allotted as CCKOL4ZING5S304. Till date there is no club at Kasba except one GYM with minimum facilities. Whenever contacted they did not have any reply. every year they ask for payment.

Saee Sanjay Bare

Posted on Feb 11, 2014

Membership cancellation

Vaibhav Chicholikar

Posted on Feb 05, 2014

hi, I want to log case against couple of country club employees for duping, deceiving and lieing for taking their membership on 26th Jan by false and fake promises. They have taken Rs 1 lacs from me.

sangeeta samal

Posted on Jan 31, 2014

We had very bad experience that we are fooled by Country Vacation (I) Ltd. This month 5th January 2013 I got a call from unknown agency saying you have been selected as lucky draw winner and won 3 surprise gifts (Kitchen set, 1week holiday vacation & beauty parlor discount coupons). Agent (BUDDHADEV) has assured to send message about their office detail when I asked about the company name and requested to come to their office if we have following option 1. We should come with your spouse & collect your gifts. 2. We should attend maximum 1 hour session/presentation. Finally we got message of their office landmark (Salt Lake City Centre-1, block-C (3rd floor) shop no-303 We went their with my spouse to attend that presentation & An agent by name Rahul Gupta called us, and there one more Lady name is Sajda with phone no 8013664739 gave us an outstanding speech in one big room by which we all were flying on clouds & also the room is fully loud noise with music, they gave us a separate

Ashok Kumar

Posted on Jan 26, 2014

County Vacation cheated me RS 60,000 on 14 November 2013. False promises by sales executives of Country Vacation and they swapped extra amount from my credit card. Now they are not providing any facility which they told us at the time of presentation. Please help me out from this fake country vacation membership. Thanks


Posted on Jan 24, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam, I had purchased a LIFE membership from JODHPUR GYMKHANA CLUB( 09414149526) with the membership# being L /K/1501 for Rs.51000/-. After purchasing the membership, I realized that whatever they promised /CLAIMED ON THE WEBSITE/ IN THE APPLICATION FORM before purchase they did not honour that. So I requested for the refund. They agreed and asked to send the card, which I sent back thro speed post, duly rcvd Feb /Mar 2013 by them. They promised me full refund within 15 days. But despite many follow ups, they did not honour that promise. They used to give some excuse or other. Can I request you to help me to get the justice in this case? I have also submitted a complaint form your website.


Posted on Jan 24, 2014


Dheeraj Mangotra

Posted on Jan 22, 2014

Country Club, Bangalore organized New Year Party on 31st Dec 2013. I bought 4 tickets for the party from for Rs2000 each. Although it was unlimited F&B (food and beverage) event as mentioned in the ads, the food and drinks were over by 10PM and due to the arguments between consumers and organizers, Police was called in and the event ended. The party was supposed to continue to 1AM. No one from the management was available at the venue to address the issue. I complained to Country Club consumer cell asking for a refund. They agree that the event was a big mismanagement but they won't be doing any refund because the event was outsourced to a third-party and Country Club only rented its space to the organizer. It was never mentioned in the ads and event was projected as Country Club event. Country Club need to realize that it was a mistake at their end and they need to apologize for it. Can I put a complaint against Country Club?


Posted on Nov 21, 2013

Dear Sir, I has received a call from this no. 08552941273 (Prince) and 09742698361 (Nikhil Chandani) they call me for join fun and dationg club and payment rs. 7199/- after payment not received any phone Nikhil Chandani account no. is 61372190038974, Karunya Nagar, Ifsc Code-sybn0006137 sir please help me they both cheated me.


Posted on Nov 17, 2013

This is Ramaiah Vuyyuru, Recently joined country vacations in Hyderabad ( KPHB) branch. I joined the billionaire membership with the payment of Rs 2,20000/-. Marketing executive ( Atees, Md Farooq) promised me that they will deliver all the promised things within a month. Joined Date: 18th Sep 2012. But till now i did not receive the below things within a month. The Promised things: 157 yards of site with free registration. 10 gm of gold. Tab worth of 26-30K Cards vacations 30 years membership life time. After 10 years, vacation Vouchers etc... After several follow ups with the customer care department, i received 8 gms of gold coins out of promised 10 gms and a Tab worth of 7k and remaining amount (20k) was told will be compensated in the form of sodexo coupons and with free registration later. I had walked into KPHB branch (Country vacations) office during these 4 months period around 20 times but no one responded to me. Even I have checked with country club himayat nagar branch the

Sunil Bhole

Posted on Oct 05, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam, I was told mt country club (Anand Kandralkar) from pune that I will get a package of 7 weeks of holiday package which can be utilized by staying in any of their properties over a period of 5 years. Along with this, I was offered a free membership of country club. All this for Rs. 50,000. However, when I planned a tour and asked them about hotel availability, I was told by them that I have only membership of Country club and nothing other than that. Country Club fails all the commitments which they made during purchase. Even for getting my membership number and card, I had to put more than 10 emails along with repetitive calling. I was also told that they have a club in Vashi which I can utilize some time since it is nearer for me. But later it was understood that there is only a office of country club and nothing else. All my money is wasted without a single rupee use. I want my refund, if not fully then atleast a part of it. My membership number is CVPU37CLUB143757.

Sanjay Nigam

Posted on Sep 30, 2013

I contacted Country Vacations branch of Belgaum on 27/02/2013 for obtaining Life Time Country Vacations International Holiday Club membership. A advance of Rs86,000 was was taken by Belgaum office of Country Club India Ltd on 27/2/2013 in very late evening, with a promise that the 'Documentation' for Club membership will be completed next day. Next day I was asked to sign 'Papers'for membership which has completely different terms and conditions, than that was explained / promised me on the previous day (while collecting the cheque for membership charges). I refused to sign any document / affidavit and demanded my money back. Despite repeated phone calls, letters and emails the company did not respond, and on 17/7/13 I served them a legal notice to which they have not responded yet.

Sanjeev Gupta

Posted on Sep 04, 2013

Dear Sir/Madam I purchased membership from Club Group of Hotel on June 2012 Faridabad office at Crown Interior mall. Corporate office :- Ski & Snow Resorts Pvt. Ltd,1006, Viswadeep Tower,10th Floor, District Centre,Janakpuri New Delhi - 110058.Tel No.: 011 - 25616679, I am trying to reach this company for last 10 days. over call ,Email and Website. No replies at all. Faridabad office is closed. I see complete fraud now in booking this package.Need your support to get my money back from this company Thanks and Regards Sanjeev +91981064825


Posted on Sep 02, 2013

Hi yesterday i have purchased Karjur 500gm from Dmart Vijayanagar Bangalore actually MRP is 65.00 but they have billed me 68.60 so i want to complaint on them for cheating me.

ajay kumar

Posted on Sep 01, 2013

Expired bear sale by licker shop dayal bagh near suraj kund when police was cord on shop they cord expired bear in large quantity

Roshni Khanna

Posted on Sep 01, 2013

Complaint against Rude Lounge Bandra. We had to pay an excess of Rs. 1260 in the bill. The staff had not informed us of the terms and conditions of free items, and we were held liable. Over and above we were ill-treated by their managers. This is not what we expect in a service industry.!

prakash nahata

Posted on Jul 16, 2013

at the time of membership(no 565110 by name of Yash fibres and packers) i have not been informed certain rules(like we have to avail minimum 3 days holidays at a time)and i have availed lot of time 1 day or 2 day holiday in the past i am member since 2007 now club denying this and insisting on minimum 3 days which is not acceptable to me why these rules were not explained to me at the time of enrollment why you have not taken my sign on such unrealistic seems that club wants to just hares its members so they could not avail there 7 days a year by doing all these kindly help me on this matter.


Posted on Jul 01, 2013

Hello Sir, I was misguided by country club india where I was forced to get membership of there club by paying 98000 INR, Now I am sending emails to there support address but Its getting bonced back. I took there membership from phoenix mall in Pune. How to get my money back.

jagdish thakker

Posted on Jun 26, 2013

sir, I have taken club Mahindra membership in 2001 I have paid approx. 230000 but when ever I call club Mahindra they was not able to give me confirm reservation I have tried even two month prior but club Mahindra was not able for confirmation then I have stopped annual maintenance charges now my position is I am not able to use. if I wish to use then I have to pay all outstanding bills which I have not used because of no confirm booking I have visited many times and wrote many times for refund but club is not ready for refund or waive maintenance charges says not advisable because if you go for surrender u will get max 10 thousand refund we will deduct all dues with interest please help me in this matter thanks regards jagdish thakker

Neha Bakshi

Posted on Jun 03, 2013

I made a booking at Sterling Resorts, Lonavala from 3rd June to 9th June. We are generally provided Kitchen facility along with the room. At the lonavala resort, no kitchen facility was provided and also no prior intimation of the same was given to us. As a result, my parents who are in the senior citizen category will have to eat outside food all 6 days which does not suit their health requirements. On discussion with the hotel management team, they do not have any solution to the problem. In addition to this, they have charged the entire 6 days charges in advance, which was also not informed to us at the time of making the bookings

Piyush C Shah

Posted on May 15, 2013

This is regarding the booking with Hotel Carlton(Kerela) dated 20th May to 23rd May. We were 5 families travelling together but due to the sudden death of my father, we have to cancel our trip. The rest of the group are going for the trip. I had sent my fathers death certificate evidencing the reason for our cancellation, but the hotels management our refusing to grant us a refund. We request Your Honour to consider our complaint and take the necessary action at the earliest. We will be pleased to furnish any document in consideration to our above mentioned complaint. I hope that the genuineness of the situation is conveyed to Your Honour. Sincere Regards- Piyush C Shah


Posted on May 11, 2013

Here I have explained my issue in cancelling the Country Vacation membership in brief and what the worst situation I and my wife faced from the date of joining to this seven months period. I am Mithilesh Kumar joint Country Vacation on 06-05-2013 having Member ship. joint from country club Vacation in Aundh,Pune with a Sum Amount of Rs. 85,000/- Five years Vacation plan. They explained about the Country club ( mind wash me ) and its benefits, during the time they brief explain about the country vacations mbership .They said they are having EMI 18 months policy to pay the amount without interest that they have tie up with the bank so no issue in the EMI . Based on those false statements I accepted the Vacations membership. They told that Rs 5000/- you have to pay now, rest you can pay in EMI of 4400/- for 18 months, But they came at home and swiped 85000/- from my credit card, when I asked them they said, we will convert into EMI. They are denying to refund

Dharmendra Singh

Posted on Apr 09, 2013

Hi I have taken country club membership against paying INR 1.4 Lac INR now it is almost 2 months and i am continuously following them up for the service but not getting any proper reply from their side . when i am saying to cancel my membership and refund my amount they are not doing the same . I haven't used their services not even for single time .

suresh Kumar rathi

Posted on Mar 28, 2013

I had purchased countryclub inida memebership for 10yrs on jan 5,2013 and paid 20,000 as part payment. I have following since then to get proper response and now CCIL is refusing to refund me. Send several mails to CCIL call center ID, tired to raise complaint ovr phone as well but neither able to raise complaint nor getting resolution


Posted on Mar 18, 2013

This complaint is to restore my Club mahindra membership Bearing # 39057

Swati Sulabh

Posted on Dec 25, 2012

I got a call from Country Club 2009, that I have won a free gift voucher of 6 nights 7 days for free accommodation. And then I went to their office at Sahara Mall, Gurgaon. At their office we were shown presentation and explained benefits of membership. The photo of the location and decoration was also shown by them. They offered us 30 year Membership Scheme. According to this scheme, we get the vacation & we will get certain benefits. We paid 1,50,000 for this membership. For more than 3 years now, we have been inquiring, by when they would have they club open in Gurgaon for us. They have never given any firm date. e have paid annual charges for last 3 years. We have never take any vacation, nor visited any of their club facility. We feel cheated by Country Club. For past few month we have been requesting them to cancel our membership and make the refund. Recently they have replied that they will not make any refund. We want our money back.


Posted on Dec 19, 2012

This is with respect to Country club, who sell club membership. I bought a long term plan in mind 2006 and as part of the plan, Country Vacations was offering a free plot at Tumkur (outskirts of Bangalore) as well. While we made the entire holiday plan payment of Rs ~ Rs1 lakhs and also paid the necessary fee to Country club , the said Company is yet to register the plot. From 2007 onwards I have called the all the country club touch points Bangalore for a refund. Have made numerous calls to the local contacts and have resulted in no action. The customer service personnel do not get back on any of the complaints raised . I am in a situation wherein inspite of paying all the money at one shot & a long wait of 7 years there has been no result. As a middle class consumer - I am deeply frustrated on account this. I need to get my money back with interest for all the pain I have gone through..


Posted on Nov 12, 2012

Country vacations forced me to take Country Club vacations for 160,000/- I paid 40,000/- by debit card, later I came to know from internet that they are fraud company and are not providing any services. I called/mailed them asking for cancellation and refund of money. They said they can not refund - as they do not have any refund policy. I lost my 40,000/- to Country vacations. Please help me to get my money back. Country Vacations Pune Address: COUNTRY VACATIONS off.308/309,Connaught place , Bund garden road, opp.Tata management centre, pune 411001 020-66499523


Posted on Oct 09, 2012

Sir ! I've taken a auto loan of rupees 2 lacs from HDFC BANK LTD. My loan A/C no.18520870 on date: 22.09.12 I've received a legal notice ref. no.SP/HDFC BANK LTD/LND/12/3639 from the bank through india post SP no. ED 71523072 4IN mentioned that I've 6849/- rupees pending in my loan. pay the amount within seven days of receiving of the notice otherwise your car will be picked by the bank or you may send to the jail under sec. 420/406. but I've no dues left from the bank and i am paying my installments regularly since I've taken the loan from the bank. Since I've received the notice i am in deep mental stress & have taken several leaves from my office to sort out the problem from my end.I received a threatening call to pay the amount otherwise the bank will pick my car. I've found that I am harassed by the bank. so please help me out to give justice to me.waiting for your anticipation. regards narender