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Dear Sir/Madam,

I undersigned customer of TATA Photon plus, residing in Thane west near suraj water park , like to inform you that,
I have a Tata Photon plus modem and using since last 1 years, initially modem speed was good but since last 3 months i'm facing problem in getting speed because of OVERLODED site said my Engineer.

On 15 th August I made complaint regarding DAMAGE of my CDMA Photon plus Device but no body has called up and any Engineer visited to my Place.
I himself rushed to Authorised Service centre in Thane and office (Installation &Replacement dept.) but nobody ready to sort my problem.
For repairing the authorized service doesn’t have Spare parts and engineer to repair and denied to give O.D letter for replacement of my Photn Plus Device /modem,
They asked for autorised person mail for replacement under warranty period. Whole the day got waisted to get modem/Device.
I called up Navi Mumbai head office/Nodal officer/Appellate authority on 16th August 18, 2010 but not a single concerned person responed on working hours.
I called up my Thane Area manager Mr.Deepak nadir, he also helpless to give proper solution, its shows DISGUTING service by TATA Communication dept.

What the use of buying Tata Photn plus modem since nobody ready to give and entertain to cutomer.
Actually problem is that there is no link between TATA COMMUNICATION Dept and Authorized service centre (Adonis service centre,Thane,Mumbai Mr.Arvind) because of which we customer face problem and waisting time to put leave from office and run behind such and Service provider.

This shows FOOL and CHEATING with customer, once customer buys Product they have to Run behind such Service providers.

Finally I’m FADEUP from TATA photon service and forcefully I’m planning to put raise complaint to Mumbai/Thane police and Consumer Forum for making FOOL and CHEAT with Customers.

Forcefully I have to Buy another company Modem to do my work in place since I’m very much disturbed by TATA Teleservice in my routine work.

Request to TTML to REFUND my Photo plus device money back since company failed to provide Prompt and proper services.

Request to all concerned Authorities to take necessary strict action against such big reputed companies those are Cheating with consumer/customers and earning money.

Hope to have favorable response from consumer forum/Police and Tata consumer redressal .

My Particulars of PHOTON Plus connection & Invoice details:

TATA Photon account No.:975687976
Tata Indicom No: 09223914330
Tariff Plan : HSIA freedom &Night plan
Photon model : Epivalley
Photon model ESN NO: 40A8B39
DEL NO: 9223914330
Cost of Modem (I paid) : Rs. 4500.00

Thanking you,

Truly yours, 

From: mithin jain
dear sir humre mo. se teen dino se roz 5 rupees cut ho rahe hai aor ye sms ataa hai ki

{hi!your subscription for daily cricket service has renewed @rs5/1 unsubsctibe,dial 155223 (toll free)}

but is no. me call bhi nahi hota jis se hum ise band kar sake aor teen baar hum ne company me bhi call kiya tha but 2call me vaha se mam ne kaha ki aap ka amount wapash mil jayga but vo bhi nahi mila aor next day phir yahi sms aa gya phir aaj mene last manoj ji se baat ki to unhone kaha ki server down hai aap phir 3 houhr baad call kare fir hum ne kaha sir hum tin dino se yahi kar rahe hai roz aap ka server down ho jata hai phir hum ne un se kaha ki hume consumer forum me complain kar rahe hai ise liye hum ab aap ke paas aye hai. 


I have talked to vodafone customer retention department related to the porting of my number to the other subscriber. they replied me that we will give:
1. 200 local min free
2. 100 local sms free
3. my std call charges will be dropped down from 1.5 rs to .5 rs.

Out of the three offer they have only credited 200 min free. after a long debate they agreed just to credit 100 sms free but now they are not ready to drop down my std call charges as well as they r not ready to send me any confirmation that such kind of offers are activated in my account. when I ask one of there customer executive to send me the confirmation he told me that he is not authorised to do so. so please help me how do i proceed. please reply me as soon as possible.





I had bought a Tikona Wi-Bro Connection on 19th Jan 2010 and paid a amount 0f Rs 2450/- using my credit card.

Since the day the connection was installed it didn't work and connection use to drop at regular intervals.

I registered many complaints and 4-5 times technician visited my place but the issue was resolved.

I wrote a email to Nodal Officer Tikona but he didn't respond,after waiting for 2 days I escalated the case and forwarded the same email to Appellate Officer to which he respond but no action was taken and the connection stopped working at all.

After losing all my patience I disconnected the connection and asked for full money refund as Tikona was unable to provide me service to which they declined and they are only providing me a refund of Rs 662/- only as they are claiming a data usage of 30 GB.

I was using a 1 MBPS connection which means I was getting 1/8 download speed i.e. 128 kbps and they are claiming that I have a data usage of 29914.921 MB in those days which is absolutely incorrect.They are providing false information on the pretext of not providing a refund.

I want a full money refund from Tikona at any cost.

I would be obliged if you could please help me resolve this concern.

I have only used the connection from 19th Jan 2010 -5th Feb 2010 and PFA the list of complaints in between those dates.



Prateek Jain

Home #080-25446863


Dear Sir,


My phone number is 9883044468 Deducted Rs 30/- on 23.03.2011 with out information & complain was not registered though repeated request was made in reliance smart consumer care (*333).Lastly I spoke to Mussarat today (Customer Care No. 9883098830) she confirmed me that due to techinical problem from their end it happened. She confirm me the balance of Rs. 10/- only could be refunded , she refunded me Rs. 10/- on 24.03.2011, but the balnce amount of Rs. 20/- is not refunded to me.


Please help me in this matter, because i belongs to a middle class family and this is a big amount for me.


Once again request please arrange to refund me the balance amount of Rs. 20/- at your earliest.



Thanks & Regards.



From: sarwan kumar
Subject: Illegal forced subscription by Airtel for friendz chat service and amount deduction from phone balance

With utmost annoyance I am forced to logde a consumer grief complaint against my mobile service provider "Airtel".
Airtel activated friends chat service in my Dads phone bearing phone number 9996174363 without his knowledge. ...

Let me tell you how the activation was unethical, forced and illegal. On 13 june 2011 at 07:00 Pm, my dad received a phone call from an unknown number 5432162464675 and a girl's voice appeared on the phone who said " are yaar, awaaz sunai nahin de rahi, wapas call karna" and she hung up. My dad heard this and he gave the phone to me and asked me who she is. I didn't know any girl who call and speak like that. I checked the received call number and it looked like an ISD number and I thought it could be one of my friends from abroad. So I called back on this number immediately at 07:06 Pm. My phone call was immediately picked up on the other side and an IVR voice( automated recorded voice) was heard which said "all the girls are busy. please wait to speak to the girl of your choice". I immediately understood that it is some kind of fraud and scam and I disconnected the phone immediately within 7 seconds. I was immediately deducted Rs.2 from my phone balance. I told my dad let us forget it without knowing that its my own mobile service provider who was involved in such a call.

We forgot about it but to my surprise I started getting calls from same number (54321 series) in the night when we were sleeping and early in the morning when we are still sleeping. It was so much of harrasment to be disturbed and get up in night and see ca 


From: Amit Agarwal
This is a complaint regarding TATA Photon. I had purchased a tata photon connection in the month of FEB 2011 in Mumbai. I then shifted to Ghaziabad in the month of March 2011. Ghaziabad is a part of Delhi NCR region and as per TATA photon website the connectivity should be 3.1 MBPS in NCR. But this is not the case. I raised complaints no. of time and once they send one engineer also. The enginner sent the feedback that connectivity is really bad at my place. Then Network team told that they are expanding their infrastructure. So if they do not have infrastructure in place I think they cannnot cheat consumers with false information on their website. I asked for my money refund and the refused to do that.

After some time I again raised complaints to Nodal as well appellate authority but they said that engineer would visit and they would charge Rs 150 for that. As a consumer, I can say it is service providers duty to resolve the issues with their network. Why consumer should pay this amount.I have all the emails available to support my case.

I am really disappointed with the way TATA Photon is cheating consumers and making money in a wrong way. I hope consumer redressal forum would help me and take strict action against TATA photon.


From: Prabhaharan N
Dear Sir,
I have taken a Tata Photon Broad Band Connection in July 2011 (No. 9243375432), after few days connection got disconnected, when I enquired with the cutomer care, they reported me that my address proof verification is pending. After one week later, I received the call from address verfication team, that verification was done and our representative met your brother, we want to confirm your brothers name and address. Infact I dont have any brothers. I replied, I have no brother.. its a wrong information. Very next day connection got disconnected. I was writing so many mails to them to repay the intial deposit I paid (Rs. 1600) after deducting the proportionate rent. No one responded. I thought it was gone. Now i received a legal letter, saying that the amount outstanding of Rs. 840 has to be paid along with interest @ 24% plus legal charges 500. How I should proceed further, please advice me or give your suggestions. Whether I should pay and Defend them or I already wrote several mail to adjust with deposit and refund the balance, that supporting is enough. 


 From: Ranjith Ramakrishnan
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a TATA DOCOMO 3G E-Stick customer for the past 6 months and bought this 3G e-stick by paying Rs. 2000 for the device and selecting a Postpaid Plan of 3.6 MBPS (estick) and my plan is 10GB unlimited @ Rs.1250 per month on which i was entitled for a Rs.400 discount for 6 months as per my 3G internet plan. The E-stick was purchased from the TATA DOCOMO office located near Marine Drive, Cochin (Ernakulam), Kerala..

From the day one when i purchased this TATA DOCOMO E-stick i have been facing several issues and i have had several losses of time, money and education since i had to keep on begging them to correct my issues which i have been facing and the end result was that they never bothered to help me out with my queries and never cared to reply to any of my e-mails which i have been sending them.

And now, since October 2011 i have been facing with a new problem from my internet connection and that is, I am entitled to 10GB of data free download at a speed of 3.6MBPS and after the usage of 10GB my internet connection speed goes down to 124KBPS and the monthly post paid bill plan is Rs.1250. But since OCTOBER 2011 which is the month on which my monthly discount of Rs.400 came to an end, and since OCTOBER 2011 after my free download data crosses exactly 5GB the speed comes down to 124 KBPS, Please note that as per my actual billing plan i should be able to download 10GB of data monthly at 3.6MBPS, but since OCTOBER 2011 i can only download 5GB of data at 3.6MBPS and after 5GB of data download my internet connection speed comes down to 124KBPS. I have sent a number of email and raised a lot of complaints against this with the TATA DOCOMO Customer Service but they try to


 From: anuj sharma
i have been using this airtel number 9896832133 for more than past three years and i faced the situations of cheat and unreasonable deduction from my account several times .sometime a VAS is activated by them without my consent and sometime balance is deducted if i have more than hundred rupees in my account.latest is the incident of yesterday i.e 04/11/2011 ,i activated one message pack of rs.29,internet pack of rs.98 with 1GB data and one month validity and one recharge of rs.110 in which i got rs.110 talktime.i got confirmation message for all these instantly and in addition to it there was a balance amount of rs.35 in my account till last night .all the services were working properly. But today evening when i made a call on some number and then saw my account balance i was shocked it was rs 2.04 .then i called up costumer care but they hung up.infact i tried to contact for one hour but every time they hung up my call. So then i decided to teach these cheaters and fraud a lesson .i've facing these malpractises for past three year from airtel .plz provide redressal to my grieviances with proper compensation.
Anuj sharma


From: Phani Kumar Rallabandi
This is regarding Airtel landline payments. I have made two payments in the month of Sep as below and payment done on Sep-02-2011 for 1034.68 is not reflecting in their records which is to be resolved.
1. 1st payment was done on 02/09/2011. Using ICICI online bill pay for
INR1034.68 paid. Transaction id SB2611786. other details as shown by ICICI Bank
is BIL/250027038/Aug11stmt/

15627398982 97
2. 2nd payment was done on 03/09/2011 using Airtel self ( using my ICICI credit card. Transaction id is 74678721248068378430132. this payment is reflected in airtel records.

I have raised several complaint tickets calling their helpdesk (Ticket numbers are 6675908, 6132134, 4544034, 5115780) and airtel has been closing these tickets without solving the same. Since they have not resolved my issue. can you help.



 From: Satya Prakash
The complaint is regarding the Broadband connection and fixed landline connection at my residence, K-501, HiBird, Niho Scottish Garden, Ahinsa Khand-II, Indirapuram - 201 310. UP.

The connection was established in July and it worked fine till 24th August, 2011. Bill for the period from 2nd July, 2011 was generated and was paid vide cheque on 25th Aug, 2011. Suddenly after 25th Aug, 2011, the broadband service was deactivated, without giving any reasons thereof. A complaint in this regard was launched to the helpline on 29th Aug, 2011 and was assured that the complaint shall be resolved by 5th Sept, 2011. When the connection was not restored by 5th Sept, 2011, again a complaint was lodged and the complaint was escalated to the nodal officer. Again after the stipulated time given, nothing happened, the complaint was escalated to Appellate officer. In the meantime, I received several calls from several people from Airtel (both from Okhla office as well as Gurgaon office) saying somebody will visit and the connection shall be restored, which never happened.

After getting frustrated by their attitude and deficiency in services, I requested for a disconnection of the broadband services and converting the “unlimited BB” plan to only fixed line plan. It was also requested that before switching over to landline only plan, I also requested them to update me on the plan to which I am being shifted.

Again I started getting calls that do not go for disconnection of services and the connection shall be restored. Again nothing happened! Then In finally wrote to them to disconnect the services, which they never did.

After two months, in Oct end/ Nov, 2011, I started getting calls from Airtel t


From: romil seth
I undersigned customer of TATA Docomo
Doggle no.—7206275079

Im no.---352223040052500




A/C NO 978604007

Dealer —
True value Hub

residing in AMBALA CANTT , like to inform you that,
I have a Tata DOCOMO 3G connection and using since JAN 2011, and after 1st bill I am always facing the problem from their billing section .
I had left Ambala Cantt on 14 Feb.2011 for my duties in Rajasthan , i had a break journey in Bhatinda (Punjab) when i had opened my TATA DOCOMO DEVICE INTIALLLY IT WORKED ON 2G NETWORK for about 10 mins then it started showing insert sim .
On 15 Feb. I had reached to SURATGARH (RAJASTHAN), still the device was not working I had asked my father to write a mail from his email ID i.e regarding this problem faced with the device (email attached). But the device was not working neither on 2G or 3G network for aprox 15 days ,then i had to sent back to AMBALA CANTT for the correction then i got back the device in second week of Mar it started working in 2G network of IDEA.
I was using this device in 2G Network(in IDEA NETWORK as TATA NETWORK WAS NOT AVAILABLE) and the speed was not good i had called up the coustomer care regarding this they said they will check it .
After receiving bill i came to know that i was charged with ROAMING CHARGES I then made a call to coustomer care regarding this they told me about these charges as u will have to pay as u were using this on 2g network . Then I told them when I was sold this device by TRUE VAL 


From: Jins Thomas
Dear Sir,

I have been using idea prepaid mobile connection for the last 4 years with no. 9961220680. Yesterday (27/10/2011) I recharged my account for Rs. 147/- through internet banking (SBT - Elappara). and a message received from your part (IZ - IdeaWeb) as " Dear customer, Thank you for making payment of Rs. 147.00 on the Idea Cellular website, it is being updated in your account".

But unfortunately the amount is not credited still now in my account. Several times I tried for discussing this matter with customer care officer . But he only hold the line with an advertisement. Today morning I tried for connecting your customer care center. But every time it is busy.

In this scenario, you may pls take necessary action.



I have been a loyal Airtel customer for the past 4 yrs. I have been using the Airtel corporate connection with the phone number – 9731313334 with a rental plan of Rs. 199. For the past 3 years the outstanding bill ranges in between Rs 800- 1500 (maximum), however  Airtel has billed me an abnormal amount of Rs. 14, 000 and even after repeated follow with several agents, Sr. Managers and their legal escalation team “Nodal Team”, they have kept ignoring me and have done nothing to help me.

In spite of my repeated follow up in the past 3 months with them and the promises to get back to me with revised justified bill, they have not taken any action. Please find my complain number – 32739183 which was sent to me as a message (SMS) by Pavitra, who promised that  Mr. Nadeem would get back to me within 3.30 pm by 5th May 2011, but nobody contacted me so far and did not hear from them.

Hence, considering a loyal Airtel customer for the last 4 yrs. and paying the entire bill amount regularly in due time, I request you to take some action against it and help me with this concern.  I require your cordial assistance from your end to sort out this huge amount bill and also request to contact competent authority of Airtel in this regard. Please keep me informed the status of my complain in my above address.

Thanking you,
Yours Faithfully

Arindam Sarkar.

House no. 40, Manjunath  Layout
2nd Cross,  Arekere, Mico Layout
Bangalore – 560076


From: Sam Deboo
I am having pre-paid sim card from BPL Mobile 98215 36713 since year 2001.
For more than 3 years, they have been charging me Rs.20 per month for Loop to Loop service which I did not opt for. I have contacted their helpline as well as their BPL galleries several times to stop this deduction as mine is prepaid sim but they did not stop charging from my balance every month.
On top of it they have put a caller tune on my mobile without my authorising for it and are charging Rs.30 per month for caller tune. I went to their gallery at Mahim and requested them to remove the caller tune which was done next day and within two days another caller tune was installed and was charged Rs.30.
I am truly fed up with this kind of treatment to the customer and I requested to port out to Vodafone on 16th September 2011 which was turned down by BPL for the reasons best known to them. Again I had ported out on 6th Oct 2011 which was again turned down on 8th Oct 2011. I have again ported out on 28th Oct 2011 and this time, they have called me saying that I cannot port out due to some obligations which is just known to them but myself.
Sir, I am living in complete mental torture as I do not wish to continue with their service but I am forced to continue with them for the best known to them. I am a senior citizen age 67 and I demand severe compensation for treating the customers like me, in sadistic manner.
I have tried to convince them that I did not opt for any scheme in the past unless they have forced upon me without my knowledge and I truly request your goodselves to bring this to the notice of general public so that people think twice before going for BPL or LOOP (LOOT!!).
I could have discarded this sim but the 


I am Subrata Dutta holding a vodafone number 8017530775. Please go through your server, you will get all the details about it and harassment done by your customer cares and Vodafone Stores at Barasat and Dumdum centre. I am too tire to tell the detail of the complaint again again. In brief : Though the sim was not used by me for several days but not more than 6 months as your stipulated time the Sim card was recharged on 17th July2011 with an amount Rs.222 and Rs. 51 simultaneously and it was used by me henceforth smoothly upto 20th July night. Suddenly on 21st July morning the mobile showed Sim Registration failed. I contacted your Customer Care 3 times, they only misguided me and advised me to go to Vodafone Store. I went to Vodafone store far away from my home absenting myself  in my office jobs on 21st July at 1.30PM and got only future assurance that they would solve the matter within 24 hours. No result or action done. I again contacted your customer care and again went to another Vodafone store at Dum Dum on 24th July at 4.30 pm as per their advice again. The executive Mr Joy there  emailed writing something to your higher authority and assured me the feedback would be communicated to me within 48 hours. But all are in vain. Your company and its staff only cheated my recharge voucher Rs. 222 & Rs.51 and some valuable times from my daily routine and returned only inhuman harassment. Please look after the matter by activating the SIM as it accessed the recharge voucher Rs.222 and Rs.51on 17th July,2011 and most of the amount  still remains there.



Thanking you, Waiting for your quick response.                                                                 


                                                                                                                                       Subrata Kumar Dutta



                                                                                                                                      308 Main road West,

                                                                                                                                      New Barrackpore, W.B.





It has been 2 months now that Airtel has not solved my below mentioned
inspite of repeated calls and mails.

The name on which my WI-FI connection is Dhruv Shah and my landline
number 02242648167

The airtel customer care executives have been harassing my mother from
quite some time now for the payment of bill.
I have paid an advance payment Rs. 6990/- for a period of 10 months
and as per the scheme we get 2 mnths extra for the same
The expiry date mentioned is 28/09/2011

But still everyday Airtel disconnects my service for no rhyme or
reason. I have been calling every alternate day ot Airtel for
resolving this issue but in vain. I have spoken to Atika- The
Escalation Manager, Nayaz Pasha - The Escalation Supervisor and many
more executives for resolving this issue. I have sent 'n' number of
mails to the concerned department for the same. I have been trying to
call the Nodal Officer- Mr. Sanjay Bhutani but in vain. It has led to
a mental torture now for me and my parents.


 Dear Sir
I regret to inform you that I have received a Msg from you today at 14.16 asking me to remit immediate cash payment of Rs 1363/- towards Bill payment of my Landline conn No: 044 42035205,  whereas the cheque (No:491743 dt 14.7.2011) payment was already debited from my ICICI Bank account on 18.7.2011 itself.
Apart from that your Msg received by me today at 14.16 hrs ,mentioned as " The cheque no: 491743 for Rs 1363/- dtd 14.7.11 is invalid as the Stale Cheque. Kindly pay by cash / DD immediately to enjoy continued services"
I didn't understand the logic behind it. Please check up from your accounts dept. for the credit of the same.
Please note that your Broadband connection was not working (2mbps) from 26.6.2011 to 1.7.2011 and the rental charges can not be paid for that.



Dear Sir,



I Rakesh Bajaj C/o Bajaj Plastics Address F-287 sector 3 industrial Area bawana Delhi 110039 My MTNL Land Line No 27762201 and 27762202

This is to bring to notice that our two phones mentioned above have been dad over a month despite repeated complaints. Complaint no 2 and 3 and  current complaint against phone no 27762201 Complaint no 578 and 27762202 Complaint no 591 dated 08.05.2011 we paid bill properly against above phone no but MTNL not solve the problem due to this reason my business is suffering heavily 

I want to complaint against MTNL Bawana Industrial Area in Consumer Redressal cell How can I do complaint against Bawana  MTNL could you help us.


I hope you will help us.




Rakesh Bajaj


Dear Sir,

This is with reference to my repetatively complain to Vodafone about the wrong charges incurred in my bill. In the month of 07th June 2011, I have activated unlimited Internet (Godrej 111) plan of Rs. 199/-, then I have confirmed VMC setting from Vodafone store and Vodafone customer care and I have also confirmed the above charges from the same. In between I have also receive 4 to 5 calls from Vodafone customer care about crossing the credit limit of Rs. 2500/- at that time I had asked about my plan and charges, But they told me that it will be diducted from your bill. Now, I have received a bill of amount Rs. 5137/- among that they have charged Rs. 4369/- of  Vodafone Live & internet service. I am compailing to Vodafone care and concern officers but they are not responding my complain. please look in to the matter and do needful.   


Pipaliya Manish





I am C.Bhagyanathan, Asst. Professor, Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore


I had purchased the vodofone data card on 09.05.2011, Its no is 9047016422, by paying Rs.1700/- for instrument, Rs.550/- as deposit, which can be refended from fourth bill and fifth bill at Thirumalai Agencies, Vellakinar, thudiyalur, Coimbatore


I had got two complaints


1. vodophone datacard not working properly

2. gets disconnected more frequently

3. most of the times not connected

4. two weeks before they called me and asked to pay Rs.20000/- stating it has crossed the limits, but in the bill it was minimum charges

5. They had not gave the bill yet for data card etc.,


Till now i had called many times to customer care and Vellakinar vodofone office, but there was no response and problem had not been solved yet..


In this connection i request you to interfere and solve my problem, when the problem is brought to customer care they are blamming mini store (thirumalai agencies) and vice versa


Thanking you



 From: Srivatsa M

I am an (or rather, was) Airtel customer and my number is 9972096615.
I am writing this mail to inform you that my grievance has still not been adequately addressed.
I did receive a call from the Airtel nodal officer who finally heard me out after I had written to their appellate and nodal officer, and after writing to the Consumer Forum.
The officer who called is Mr. Syed Asif.
After listening to my problems, he promised to look into my grievance at the earliest, and also promised to consider an adequate compensation for the acute trouble i was put through between June 13~17 on account of suspension of outgoing services to my number.
But, after a few minutes, all I got was a mail with standard wordings mentioning that they were apologetic that I was put through all the trouble. The only thing they mentioned was that they were waiving a late payment penalty of Rs. 228.
My point was that since I was anyway trying to pay on time, I was anyway not liable to pay any penalty, so there is no meaning in this waiver.

After this, when i pointed out to Mr. Asif that what he has promised over phone and what was mentioned in the mail were different, they have gotten back to evasive tactics.
Each time I write to the nodal officer/appellate, I get a standard response asking me to wait 3 days for a response.

I ask you one thing:
When a customer gets late with his/her payment, the company has put in place a system where it charges a late payment penalty to the customer.
If there is a mistake (plus carelessness, callous attitude towards customer communication, etc) on the part of the company, is a customer not fair in asking for a compensation commensurate wit


From: bhupi kumar
Dear sir.

i can complaint on 23.06.2011 by mail and in office of jhansi (uttar pradesh) but there is no response from bsnl.

plz solved my problem as soon as possible.

i can also send previous conplaint information.


DearSir 23.06.2011

My mobile no is 9532914630, I can recharge the tariff plan of Rs 500 (unlimited talk) on 15.06.2011 the plan is loaded & activated. After 3 days the plan cannot work i can complaint to custmer care executive on 18.06.2011, he insured me that plan working within 24 hours. After 24 hours the plan not be activated i can again & again complaint to custmer care but there is no response. After some days they told me that the plan is not be activated on your mobile and system cannot loaded that tariff plan in your mobile on 15.06.2011. i have message for that thing and the plan is activated for 3 days, for that regard i can submitted the complaint application to GM on 10.06.2011 and 23.06.2011.

I can request you pursuing my complaint, solved it as soon as possible and activated the tariff plan or refund my money.

Thank u


From: Sweta Yadav
The name on which my WI-FI connection is Dhruv Shah and my landline
number 02242648167

The airtel customer care executives have been harassing my mother from
quite some time now for the payment of bill.
I have the copies of receipt in which it is clearly mentioned
that we have paid an advance payment Rs. 6990/- for a period of 10
months and as per the scheme we get 2 mnths extra for the same
The expiry date mentioned is 28/09/2011

But still everyday Airtel disconnects my service for no rhyme or reason. I have been calling every alternate day ot Airtel for resolving this issue but in vain. I have spoken to Atika- The Escalation Manager, Nayaz Pasha - The Escalation Supervisor and many more executives for resolving this issue. I have sent 'n' number of mails to the concerned department for the same. I have been trying to call the Nodal Officer- Mr. Sanjay Bhutani but in vain. It has led to a mental torture now for me and my parents.


Prakash Ashara
Respected Sir,
I purchased Visiontek(Airtel) 82GH 3G USB modem 7.2MBPS, where I was committed 3G unlimited utilisation free for one month on 1-7-2011,Friday from Om Mobiles, Khatrivad, Rajkot. Saturday, I asked how to activate and I was instructed, which in turn activated my sim card. Also, I was told to send 3G activation message, which I did and tried to use but didnot get any speed though tried till evening; in turn I was told to visit Airtel office to get the speed set with the sim card. Sunday, I kept trying again for the usage but wasted my time. Again Monday, I called, I was told 3G service of airtel was to be launched yet and was told to talk Mr.Dharmendra; who was the most rude person to talk to and he said I never told you that you will get 3G, which shocked me surprisingly. He said it will be 2G, which again has no speed; so useless.
Now, while I visited website of Visiontek(whose product airtel packs and sells marking it as 7.2MBPS), I got another surprise and shock that Visiontek is making the particular product with 3.6MBPS !! While called Mr.Dharmendra-the sales person again, he said that I say that it is 7.2MBPS, though the manufacturer of the product say it is 3.6MBPS!! Again, the rude behaviour too.
Prakash Ashara


From: Imran Mohmmed
I was moving from bangalore to kolkata. I wanted airtel to shift my broadband connection and landline number 080-41144285.I called customer care and asked for the procedure.They told me i could shift by keep my landline number and broadband connection for 1 month by paying a fee of Rs500 and after i have reached i should submit documents and give request for my present address,they will shift my connection.On 19th may they made me go to double road 1st,then they told me to go to jaynagar and then they told me to give a request at bannerghatta airtel head office.I went and wasted 2 hrs but paid outstanding amount and safe custody charges for 1 month somehow.My safe custody ended on 23rd june and as agreed i called customer care to shift my broadband connection and my landline number to my present address,they refused me.I complained and nothing happened.I complained to their nodal officer and he also refused to help me.They have wasted like two weeks and still i havent got any response.I also told them that if they provide me with my same broadband connection then we can sort it out but they wont listen to me.I dont know what to do.Please help !


Dear Sir,

I had purchesed on Vodafone mobile broadband USB stick from a retailer on 12th March '11 at Rs.1799.There was one month free usage, during that period only the device worked somewhat OK but after that it is hardly working, it is very slow and the connection breaks at every 1 minitue most of the tim for which I am loosing money on internet usage and usage of electricity.

i am unable to work for which  i am loosing money because I do job through internet and my earning is through internet only.

My purchease details are  : Mobile broadband no : 8697400603

          Date of Purchese      : 12.03.2011
                                        IMEI Sr. No              :  35959203072850
                                        Name of  retailer       : Link World,Tegoria, Kol-157

I had informed Vodafone several time by phone and by visiting Vodafone Store at Saltlake,Their people visited twice but could not repair it properly.

Now I want refund of my money with inetrest thereof with cost of Internet and additional cost of Usage electricity.

Please help me in this regard,I will be obliged




Dear Sir,

my self vishal khanna having a reliance post paid no 9311186234.

science last 6 months i was trying to change my billing address

in this regards i have already complete all formalties like copy of my id proof, photo & address proof

are already submitted in reliance web world punjabi bagh delhi

but he has a poor services does not change my address on the bill

every time make a stiker of new address and paste in on the bill envelop and send it.

i always told him to change it on bill but they cant why no ans????????????? 


Now I am totally depressed about this kind of service.  Please help me for the same.
This is my Bad Experience with reliance web world pujabi bagh delhi that i am facing this kind of problems since last 6 Months and i am not getting proper Peaceful reply.
its created Mentally Tension, Since Last 6 Months Its issue Pain for me and Given Mantle harassment each time & every Day. My Valuable Time has also wasted and created Chaos due to This kind of poor service
I am expecting from reliance web world punjabi bagh delhi with  Compensation.

Vishal Khanna


 From: R.Venugopal Venugopal
The following is the mail communication with the airtel who is my service
provider for both land lne and mobile nos and broad band.

First of all i wish to bring forwarde that it is very difficult for a consumer
to address their complaint in the simplest and easiest form - to make a
complaaint one has to wait for nearly 10 min. on line - payable- then collect a
no and wait again if no response is got same thicng has to be repeated. The
e-mail messages often soesn't fetch good result as it can be seen from the date
and time of replies i have enclosed here after.

While tried to contact their chennai office on 3840038400 and 044-42039583 the
result is the same. the operator couldnot be contacted try again later. And no
e-mail ID ir official website containing their home page or contact nosor mail
ID's is not at all available.

kindly advise what to do for the type of torture they give. My business gets

Thanking you,

Truly yours,



dear sir,
I had purchased an MBROWSE MTS data card as on date 14/04/2011 its no. is 8104120022 As it is not working from the purchasing date.
I hade already lodge the complaint yesterday and they give me the complaint no.apr/50861 and also told me that they will cal me but
upto today no any call come up. As i had again lodge the complaint today also and they again give me the same satisfaction.
But no any solutions have been provided from your side. This is the bad face of the company image. Your customer care service
will not be able to give me solution.I need the reply as soon as possible with the proper solution.




                        I would like you to know that your organization is doing a good job of cheating customers of their money. I have had a relationship with Tikona since December, but the service quality has been absolutely pathetic. I pay for a 512kbps plan but I know for a fact that the speed is much slower than that. I had a BSNL broadband connection for over 2 years and the speed was only 256kbps, but the browsing and download speed were definitely the faster than Tikona’s, even though I pay an additional amount of money for a faster internet connection now. When I got this connection in the month of December, I was promised free antivirus installation, but no one followed through with the promise. The cabling was also not done correctly. The cabling on the terrace was in the pathway of other residents who use the terrace for an early morning walk. I called up Tikona about 6 times requesting for antivirus software installation and for changing the location of the cable on the terrace. A customer service rep would pick up the call and promise me that a service tech would be sent, but there definitely was no follow through. After waiting and calling for about 8 weeks, I finally decided not to pay until this issue was fixed. Finally a collection agent showed up at my door and I told him about the problem. He collected the payment and promised to fix the problem within 2 days but no one showed up. I kept calling customer service for altering the location of the cables and no one just bothered to respond. I again decided not to make a payment until the problem was fixed. Just like the previous month a collection agent had the guts to show up at my door step. I refused to pay and asked him to fix the cabling and install the antivirus. Finally after about 3 months someone came to my place to fix the problems. I paid the monthly bill in cash on the same day, but I continued to receive rude calls from your collection agents for about 12 more days. I called up the collection agent who came to my house to collect the money who said that it will take about 4/5 days for the system to be updated, but it was well over 7 days and the nature of the calls were getting worse as days progressed. Finally I decided to register a case of theft against the collection agent and requested for his name and address. He asked me to get in touch with his manager (Mr.Ganesh) who said that he will fix the problem within 2 days. But the calls continued to come in for about 7 more days. Finally the calls stopped coming in and I was at peace. In the month of March I started getting reminder calls for bill payment from the 22nd even though the last date for making a payment was the 2nd of April. I finally dropped a cheque at ICICI bank(cheque number-227747 -Rs.690), Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai on the 28th of March. The cheque was encashed on 6th of April. The reminder calls that started on 22nd of March became collection calls and I continue to

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