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From: Gayathri Vijayaraghavan
Hi team,

I ordered a furniture from Hometown from Marathalli, bangalore on 10-07-2010. They said they dont have the stock right now and promised will deliver the same within a month. I paid a partial amount of 25% of the cost of the product. Later after 15 days they called from Hometown stating the product has come and they asked me to come immediately and pay the rest of the amount. I went and paid the full amount and they promised to deliver the product within 48 hours. But there was no response even after 3 days. We called up and they said they dont know and its a call center. I had to call them atleast 10 times a day to track its status. They never really bothered to respond or give a call back. Atlast i went directly to Hometown and spoke to the store manager Mr.Sreekanth. He made all false promises and said he will make sure that the product will be delivered the very next day. Again lame excuses... Rainin, no delivery vehicle all unethical approach. I need a solution for this. I wonder if any company would allow its customers to purchase the product without payment and use it for 2 months???? If that cant be done how can the play and lure with customers money without delivering the product???? I hope the consumer laws will pretect the sort of mishaps.


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         sub:complaint against purchase of bed from big bazar

       I had purchased a double bed from furniture bazar on
16/10/2008.The bed has got a backrest and a platform for matress made
up of 3 separate & detachable pieces of particle boards. While the
particle boards were removed for cleaning purposes, one corner of a
particle board was broken. Although my bed was under warranty period i
had to make several phone calls to the manager and convince him to
replace it. Finally it was replaced. this procedure took almost 1 to 2
months.service given after purchase is very poor.
                   After 7 to 8 months the same board which was
replaced broke in two pieces while i was fast asleep.It came as a
shock to me.this time my bed was not under warranty period .i called
them up but again no one was ready to listen to me.i had to argue with
them. we had to call them repeatedly to enquire regarding the status
of our complaint.Finally the manager at big bazaar,nagpur told us that
all the three boards will be replaced and we were told to pay the
price of three boards.What i feel is that when the problem is with one
board why pay for all the three??We have provided all the details
reagding our purchase
                 Address-Home solutions retail (India)ltd,
                              Landmark towers,3rd floor
                              Ramdaspeth.Wardha Road
                              Telephone no-0712-6631442
                Bill no-    27880291240
                Item code-205000001714081
                Date of purchsae-16/10/2008
                Maximum retail price-13400 INR
                Discount given-4400 INR
                Net amount-9000 INR
                                                     I kindly request
you to take the necessary action as soon as possible.
                                                              Thanking you

Mr.Rajeeva P.Padhye
                                                              55 Vidya Vihar
                                                              Rana Pratap Nagar


 From: Mohammed Shaheer

I had been to MANTRI SQUARE at Malleshwaram on 30th May 2010 at around 4.00 pm. As I entered the lower basement, I was searching for Parking. I had taken an Innova to Mantri Mall and they have specific parking there as we cannot park huge cars on the hydraulic parking system. When I came down from the upper basement, I took a left and was searching for a parking space and again took a left. THERE WERE NO ATTENDANTS AT THAT PLACE AT ALL. Suudenly I realised that my bumper had crashed into something that was on the ground. I quickly got down to see that My Vehicle had banged into a covering of the drainage that was kept open and there were no signs of danger on it. I have taken pictures of the spot and my vehicle and can send that as an attachment if a valid e-mail address is given. I went to the parking management team and told them the problem and they were also just listening but not doing anything, and instead they were blaming me for not having seen it. From Inside of an innova, things are not seen easily and that too specially in a turning and without a danger sign. It totally the mistake of the management of the Mall and not mine because if they leave a drainage open, they need to atleast keep a board there so that nobody else goes and bangs into it.

 From: Dr. Shruthi Nagaraja

I am bringing to your notice the happening on 16/5/10 at 11:30 at FAB INDIA jayanagar bangalore.
On mother’s day dated 9/5/10 at 6:00 pm, I had purchased 2 kurtas as gift invoiced TIN/CST no: 29900137451.For which there was an exchange opportunity within 7 days. On Thursday dated 13/5/10, I had been to FAB INDIA jayanagar for getting clothes exchanged because of ill fitting. The manager incharge a lady alleged that the clothes were used as it was bit crumpled and denied exchange advising us to get it pressed.
Though it was hurting our dignity and principles we got it pressed and went back on Sunday 16/5/10 at 11:30. We requested for exchange of both the kurtas she again responded that there are many people who purchase and bring it back after usage. Further she expressed that there are people who purchase elsewhere and put the tag and bring clothes for exchange which led to heated discussions. When we requested her to give higher authorities number she declined, denying our customer rights.We had requested her to allow us to show the quality of clothes similar to it or less than that so that we are true we never used that cloth as alleged by her. While doing so a cloth was available which was much dirtier than the cloth in question which she answered that the cloth was for discount. When requested for display for such discount sale she expressed that because of shortage of space such thing is not displayed.
We have been a regular customer of Fab India both at Garuda mall & New Bel road India. We were hurt by her accusations of returning clothes after usage.Such kind of accusations and defamation are unbecoming of her managerial skills and business ethics.
We have requested he



Baskin Robbins Team,

I happened to visit the Baskin Robbins store in Esteem Mall, Bangalore, yesterday evening [which is around 5 kms from my residence, taking me 20 minutes through Bangalore's riotous traffic !] to purchase their scoops.  I had availed of a scheme which was promoted by Baskin Robbins [through Phoenix Advertising] by which where I purchased two of their scoops / sundaes, I would be offered free of cost two scoops / sundaes of the same or lesser value upon production of the offer coupon which was provided.  This scheme was tagged along with the offer for the pizzas from Domino's.  I had purchased both these schemes for a sum of INR 500.  While the services from Domino's have been excellent, the same cannot be said of that of Baskin Robbins. 

I went to the store and was about to place the order for my ice-creams along with the free scoops / sundaes offer.  I produced the coupon only, which was part of the sheet containing the remaining coupons and a certain privilege customer number.  The person at the Baskin Robbins counter brusquely / bluntly refused to acknowledge the coupon unless I produced before him the entire sheet - which I was not carrying at the time of my purchase.  Nowhere in the coupon sheet has it been mentioned that the entire sheet has to be produced before the Baskin Robbins counter. 

I was not informed about the need for the entire coupon sheet.  More importantly, when I requested the person at the counter to provide the contact details of a senior person so this issue could be sorted out, he rudely said he could not provide the contacts. 

I returned home empty handed with my notion re-inforced that branded retail chains are more of fluff than of substance, quality and customer satisfaction - the latter three only restricted to their websites and publicity material. 

As you would be aware, bad customer service would be the worst marketing tool that a company can employ.  The damage has been done and it is requested that such instances are not repeated for the good of your own market share / presence in India.  Of course, I would not be entering a Baskin Robbins store any more - I have already availed tremendously from the scheme from Domino's. 


Kindly respond to my e-mail. 

From a disgruntled customer,






Hi Sir,

My name is Prabha Prasad and i am residing in Sringar in Bangalore.

Subject :Money debited twice from my account which was supposed to be once.

Yesterday dated 09th May 2010 ,I had been to the "MANTRI MALL" in Malleshwaram at the evening time.I had placed an order for some eatable which costed me 153 RS (inclusive of tax) for 1 quantity. I used the HDFC card (not credit card)to pay the bill. When the bill for 153 RS was swiped by the cashier,there happen to be a problem ,wherein the Paper got stuck in the Swiping machine,and the cashier used the other swiping machine ,inserted new set of paper ,and swiped it again.After i repeatedy told him, that the amount has already been swiped,he never gave an ear to me and said its not debited.I have received two messages to my mobile which say that the amount has been debited twice.I have preserved those messages for your reference.I have the bill made by the cashier and i would even furnish the details of the cashier below.To confirm it again , I took a "MINI STATEMENT", where in the transaction shows the amount for RS 153 is being debited twice.I am addressing this issue to you as it is a case of cheating and i firmly believe you would help me in this regard.I would want to claim the compensation for the injustice caused.I would request you to send the next step of action to the following email id ( in addition to the above email id (




2020 JOHN J (as in the bill)








 From: Vikas Garg

Dear Sir/ Mam,

Just to bring into your notice, unaccepted practice of restaurant owner in the area, where the mentioned Restaurant has charged 47 Rs.each for 600 ML Thumsup bottle on 16th May'10. He has served Pet bottles on the tables, and no pricing is available on Menu card. After asking about the same, he replied - "Hum to duniya to aise hi bechte hai, kisi ne to kuch nahi kaha".

Sir/ Mam, just to request you, kindly take necessary action against the Restaurant, to stop such undue practice.

Attached is the bill for the same

Address - Rampal's China Everest - Shop no. 3, Shantidwar Bldg. Shantivan, Borivali (E), Mumbai - 66.
Tel - 9819049331/ 9969427200

Thanks & Regards





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