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From: Balesh jain

Fraud by Octagon Builders and promoters p ltd . They ahave taken our money of 2 lakhs and promised us to allot a flet on 2006 but it is not feasible. They are a fraud and duped our money.
Please Help us the Octagon builders and promoters p LTD is a big Fraud




From: Chetan Aggarwal
Dear Sir,

1) We have booked flat in MVL Coral, Bhiwadi. Builder's name and address is :

MVL Limited
Millennium Plaza, Tower-A
Ground Floor Sushant Lok, Sector-27
Gurgaon-122 002

Booking details are:

a) Booking No: BK/0097
b) Booking Dt: 12/07/2006
c) Avenue : 3
d) wings : A
e) Floor : 5th Floor
f) Unit No. : 506
g) Size (in Sqft): 1350

2) Builder buyer agreement was signed on 2nd August,2007. As per builder buyer agreement, flat was to be delivered within 36 months from the date of signing of agreement. Flat has not been delivered till date.

3) Additional amount in lieu of service tax has been demanded by MVL from October,2010 onwards. This amount was no where mentioned in builder buyer agreement. Even if it was demanded as per Govt. of India regulations, it will be injustice for customer to bear it when builder fails to deliver the flat within stipulated time.

4) Last time, we visited the site was on 17-03-2012 after a gap of 6 months. We did not notice any additional progress in Avenue 3. Delay in construction at site is also evident from the fact that construction linked last 4 installments are demanded after a gap of almost one year each by MVL.

5) We have paid all our construction link installments till date. We have already paid Rs. 22,22,875/- (almost 90% of the total payment of Rs. 25,52,295/-) to MVL.

6) At the time of booking, we have chosen MVL coral for its beautiful site layout with provision of covered car parking at the ground floor of each avenue. Actual construction at site indicates c  

From: Srikanth Batchali
We have purchased 406sq yards of land out of that in 150 sq yards 860 sft independent house was constructed by the builder rest 256 sq yards left as open space. We took loan from LIC even we are paying loan from past one year. Property is on our name, electricity bills, water bills every thing is in our name. Now there was a proposed road and land dispute for 106 sq yards which he dint informed with us before. Builder dint even given us possession letter and he is collecting rent. We withhold some money for that 106 sq yards now builder is forcing us for settlement and to pay the rest amount by convincing us that there was no road and no dispute. He is planning to through whole loss on us. Can you please suggest us is possession letter is necessary from builder to occupy our house? is there any way to get rent from him. Can u please suggest us how to handover property from him. 


On 21 Jan 12, an advertisement appeared in Times of India and The Hindu newspaper regarding booking of flats sponsored by AMARPRAKASH,Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamilnadu project name as ROYAL CASTLE near PALLAVRAM. The launching days offers the customer concession of Rs. 200/- per sqr ft. I have booked a flat by paying Rs. 50,000/- on 25 Jan 12. Due to my personal problems I opted cancellation of flat in Mar 12. The AMARPRAKASH PVT Ltd has deducted a sum of Rs. 25,000/- stating that we deduct the amount in case of cancellation of flat whereas no work/construction is yet taken place on the site. The construction was to be completed by the year ending 30 Dec 13. It is not understood that when in the advertisement is was not mentioned that money will be deducted in case of refund by buyer why there is deduction as the rate of flat is increased by Rs. 200000/-. Please do needful 

Dear Sir,
I am seeking refund from a builder who misrepresented information by
- Presenting a text of agreement which he changed later, due to which I cannot sign
- Agreeing to a plan of the apartment which he did not get approval from authorities
I have proof of above communicated in email attachments based on which I made the payment of 9 lakhs. Also there is ample proof that we have tried to get the refund through amicable means by giving ample time. I will now be issuing a notice to him intimating consumer court action.

Where I am requesting help is to know the consumer court process
1. Does an amount of 9 lakh allow for faster process or priority or matter being handled at a better level (I know that there are levels like city, state etc.)
2. Once I give the written complaint to consumer court personally, will they give an acknowledgement immediately to me?
3. What is the maximum they will take to send the notice to the Builder?
4. What is the maximum or fixed time they ask the builder to refund me?
Basically I would like to know all timelines by which consumer court takes the stipulated steps.
5. What interest does consumer court currently prescribe in case it orders the builder to refund me?

If there is a standard document regarding this procedure, forwarding the same from your side will also greatly help.
Thank you.
Best Regards 


 From: Vaibhav Bhardwaj
Dear Sir,
I have pending possession of flat from Omaxe Lts at Rudrapur. Possession being delayed by over two years and now I am in front of M/S Omaxe at consumer court from last six months. I need to know:
1. what time is needed to settle case
2. Any thing which can be done like paasing ruling from state court to spped the case up.



 Good Day Sir,

I am a allottee in the subject Mall at Panchkula. The project was started in 2004-2005 and was to be completed by 2007. I had booked one 500 sq ft showroom in the mall.
The payments were done as per stipulated time frame and closer to the date of the opening of the Mall, whole payment was made (All by Cheques / Drafts).
The Mall management in their brochures had stated that the Mall will be home to some of the big names in the Retail industry which will increase the foot fall of the mall. Keeping that in view I had put in my hard earned saving in this project, so that i can earn some rental income from this.

Its been long 4 years since the Mall has come into existence and till date the management have not given me the possession or even the possession letter.
They are asking for the balance due payments for the maintenance of the mall. When the Mall is not running and less than 5 % shops are occupied, how can Mall management not issue possession letter and ask for maintenance. They have never informed us of the situation in the mall and any future course of action.

Can I approach the consumer redressal forum for this and get Justice.

Thanks and Kind Regards


 From: Sukhbir Singh
I went into collaboration with Mr. R. K. Jain of Veera Builders in Safadrajung Encalve for my plot No. A-1/8 also in Safadarjung Encalve, New Delhi. The deal was that he would build four flats with equal FAR and out these I was to be given two flats on second and third floor along with the complete terrace. There was to be a separate garage block with servant quaters for each flat. The entire building was to built on stilts which was to be used only for parking purpose as per scantioned plans.

The builder has cheated me with following : -

1 ) The builder has not provided me seravnt quater with third floor and thus in actual this s shortfall in the FAR for the third floor.

2) He has sold rear half of the stilt area meant for parking only after making it like office block.

3) He has kept the garage with himself though as per collaboration agreement he was to build four flats with four servant quaters only.

4) The quality and quantity of materials used in the building are also not as per agreement.


 From: devendra modi
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have booked a flat by taking loan from bank. I have submitted all the documents to banker as asked by them for sanctioning the loan.

I have received intimation letter from the builder to give payment of first installment with due date 16.12.2010. I informed the banker aboout this intimation letter. He told that there are some pendency from the builder to sanction your loan. I mailed to the builder on 03.12.2010 and asked them to submit the documents required by their tie-up bankers.

But, builder imposed interest on late payment charges,as this is not my mistake. Now, he is going to impose interest on the interest of late payment charges. MY FIRST QUESTION IS THAT THIS IS NOT MY FAULT TO SUBMIT THE DOCUMENTS TO THE BANKER. SO, WHY THIS INTEREST HAD IMPOSED ON ME? MY SECOND QUESTION IS THAT WHETHER BUILDER CAN TAKE INTEREST ON INTEREST AMOUNT?

2. Builder had imposed interest on late payment charges for its Fifth installment amount, which i have already submitted the payment before due date. But, builder told me that as per decision taken by our Senior Management, all the payments will be first adjusted towards interst, Tax's and then towards installement amount. MY QUESTION IS THAT WHETHER SUCH KIND OF DECISION CAN BE TAKEN BY BUILDER WITHOUT ANY CONFIRMATION.

You are kindly requsted to justify me as i have made so many communications to the builder, but they are not clearly able to clarify this issue.



Dear Sir,

Pl look into my below complaint against Developer:

Sunworld,Corp Office: A4, Ground Floor, Sec 4, Noida 201301  Tel: 0120-4780100

Project Name: Sunworld Vanalika,Sec 107(opp sec 47), NOIDA



This email is regarding my Flat booking at Sunworld Vanalika, 3BHK,No.T9/1103,Sector 107(opp.sec 47),NOIDA.Pl note following:

aa) I had booked the above mentioned unit in Sunworld Vanalika Project through their Channel Partners(Exle Estates,sec 18, NOIDA).

Pl note the Directors of  Exle estates  Mr. Sanjeev Gupta is also one of the 5 directors of Sunworld group.

When I booked the unit I explained   them  that I am serving in Merchant Navy and sometimes the payment might get delayed.The Director of Excel Estate Mr. Hridey and GM Exle Estate Ensured me that you don’t have to worry and  they agreed to issue me a Letter stating “ we had received  the sum of Rs. 1 lac as BOOKING AMOUNT  from Rajeev Shishodia for Flat . No. 1103 in Tower no. T9 on 22nd July 2011 and the remaining  booking amount Rs. 376998/- will be given by Mr. Rajeev Shishodia by 06th Sept 2011.The Booking will not be cancelled in case of delay but we will charge the interest as per the clause”.

bb)In sept 2011, I had posted  the cheques from Shanghai,China.But initially they claimed they didn’t received the cheques.

Finally when I went to Sunworld office (in March 1st week 2012) ,A-4,Ground Floor,Sec 4,DND Road,NOIDA 201301.I asked their Junior officer to show me my file.The cheques were  there in the file.Finally they agreed that cheques were received but were received late.So they cancelled the Unit,

I had send many emails and reminders from abroad for  not to cancel  the Unit .I also informed from abroad that in case cheques are not received the amount/Cash  can be collected immediately from my father, But they said on telephone since the unit is cancelled , so nothing can be done now.

cc) I think ,Since the price has appreciated in the area ,so the builder want to cancel my unit and wants  to allot my unit at higher  rate to someone else.

dd) I went to Exle estate office and Sunworld office few times in March 2012  but the problem isn’t solved .

ee) The following are the directors of Sunworld group:

-         Mr. Dinesh Goel-----9811160088

-         Mr. Sanjeev Gupta----9810119822

ff) The allotment letter was issued to me on 25/07/2011 .

gg) I had called the Builder and agent many a times from abroad not to cancel the unit.I had send them  many emails and also informed them in case cheques are not received they can collect the money alternately and immediately from my father.But they repeatedly said –“unit is cancelled and  nothing can be done now”.

It is for sure they deliberately cancelled the unit as the price has increased.

      Kindly arrange to resolve the matter.

hh) Pl note i had also send complaint through your website:, but i mistakenly choose Suncity Developer I/O Sunworld(Sunworld Vanalika).

ii) I am attaching the allotment letter, Reciepts, Copy of cheques,Letter of Gaurantee of non cancellation .

Thanks and best regards,

Rajeev Shishodia,





I have purchased a flat from one of renown builders  in Hyderabad, in February 2011 by doing a sale agreement and paid around about 10 lakhs rupees.

10 days after the sale agreement was done, the land came into an dispute. WAQF board in Hyderabad, filed a case against builder and 16 other companies that this land belongs to them. The builder is saying he has bought land from APIIC(Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation) which is a Government Authority, in an open auction.


Immediately after this case was raised, Court has given orders to stop doing Registrations for flats.

I didn’t paid next set of installments as land was in dispute, and I was waiting for this to get over.


However builder is repeatedly calling me and asking for payment. I told him that if land is in dispute how you can expect payment from me?

He has sent letters to me, where he claims that I need to give him interest of around about 2 lakhs rupees as I didn’t made payment on time.

I am being pressurized to start bank loan, so that builder gets all money (90%) from bank.

I am worried to start loan as if tomorrow this goes into dispute, I may not get the flat but could still end up paying EMIs to bank.

I personally met VP of the construction company and he said that you have following options:


1. Go for cancellation and pay them 10%  of total flat cost which is Rs. 7 lakhs (he can reduce to 5 lakhs), as mentioned in sales agreement. When I said if your land is in dispute the termination clause of paying this much amount should not be valid, he said no this is valid and you can file a court case if you want.


2. Release money from bank in next 10 days, so  he will waive of interest amount (since payment was not made on time from my side, for what he has sent letters to me).


I need your help and suggestion, what I can do in this case. I don’t want to invest more in the flat which is already running into dispute.

Is it a way I can get all of my money back from builder and cancel the deal.





I have booked for a site by paying Rs 100000 with Max worth Realty,I have been informed that they have tie up with bank and they will make arrangement for Loan and this is a BMRDA Approved site,but they failed to provide the loan , on my enquiry they said we are working on the same, but later on they telephoned and informed me that the person as left the organisation along with the bank letters, then I requested for Refund on 4th of June 2011, they gave a post dated cheque dtd 28th June for Rs 50,000 and dtd 5th July Rs 50,000, first cheque returned back twice due to insufficient of funds, and 2nd cheque also returned back due to insufficient of funds , please advice in this issue ( I have been paying bank interest for Rs 100,000 till date, and I visited there office several times)

Thanks in advance

Mohan Basavaraj


Hello sir


This mail is in regard of following detailed flat :-

·  Builder Name - SRS

·  Flat Address - SRS Residency, Sec. 88, Faridabad

·  Flat Number - B1/01/88/103

I booked this flat in 2008, this flat was supposed to be completed in 2010 July (max). there is one CLP (Construction link Plan ) loan is running on this flat which I am paying since the time of booking regularly.


I was regular in submitting the demand of builder, but at the same time I wanted to get loan from other bank as the rate of interest of the current bank (Deutche home finance) is very high. But no bank was entertaining me till I do not get the possession of the flat. Since possession is near now ( as per builder is saying) I planned to take a full amount loan and pay it at once, this is why I was avoiding to take further loan from my current bank. 


More to it, I was in an impression that builder directly communicate with bank to take the demand, I ignored the demands of SRS because I wanted to take loan from other bank, however I knew that I need to pay the interest to SRS also if I delay to pay the demands, but I was ready to afford that.


Now without actually informing me, SRS has cancelled the booking of my flat. When I talked to them, they are asking for renewal amount of Rs. 4 lakhs, which will be a huge burden.


Please assist me what steps I can follow and how can avoid such a burden.


Thanks & Regards


 From: Darshan Suri
I had booked a plot at vatika infotech city jaipur and till date have paid 90% of the payment amount. The vatika group has not yet given the possession of my plot and they neither have the intension to do so. I am senior citizen and have invested my hard earned saving with vatika group. I request the like minded people to join hands and request the company to pay back our money with interest.


I have booked for a site by paying Rs 100000 with Max worth Realty,I have been informed that they have tie up with bank and they will make arrangement for Loan and this is a BMRDA Approved site,but they failed to provide the loan , on my enquiry they said we are working on the same, but later on they telephoned and informed me that the person as left the organisation along with the bank letters, then I requested for Refund on 4th of June 2011, they gave a post dated cheque dtd 28th June for Rs 50,000 and dtd 5th July Rs 50,000, first cheque returned back twice due to insufficient of funds, and 2nd cheque also returned back due to insufficient of funds , please advice in this issue ( I have been paying bank interest for Rs 100,000 till date, and I visited there office several times)

Thanks in advance

Mohan Basavaraj


 From: Vikas Agnihotri
I have purchased a flat G-209 on 16-Apr-2008 in Ittina Mahavir Apartments,Bangalore and they have not completed the construction till today. As per the agreement they had to complete the construction
and hand over the flat to me by AUGUST 2008.
I have paid the 95% of the cost of flat at the time of purchase that is Rs 23,75,000. Only 5%(Rs1,25,000) is pending which is suppose to be paid at the time of possesion.
They have not completed the construction of my flat as well as permanent power is not there.Lifts are not yet installed which is a must to stay in apartment.
They make false promises when contacted over phone and mobile.
In there agreement they have mentioned a fine of 21% per annum if the flat is not delivered on time,for the delay.
I want the possesion of my flat and the fine amount ( aprroximating to Rs 10,00000).


From: Ramadurai Balasubramanian

We have purchased B-6 G2,Janapriya First avenue apartment,Nelamangala-562123 and registered on 17th April,2010.While occupying, we have given the list of deficiencies thro' e-mail as well as in person thro' a hard copy to General Manager.

The major deficiency of water oozing in the wall of the living room was not attended. The water entered from the floor of the toilet of the first floor flat No.B-6 106.This problem had caused growth of fungus on the wall of the living room with stinking smell. The structure of the wall was deteriorating day by day.

In this respect, we have sent one more email to GM with photos on 20.08.2010.We have contacted him over phone also. We did not get any kind of assistance from the company.

Under such circumstance, we left with no other option but to make arrangement for rectification of the defect Hence we have arranged a contractor to rectify the defect in the bathroom of B-6 106.

This information was passed on to the Janapriya First Avenue owners welfare Association. The secretary of the association informed vice chairman and got hisconcurrence also in this regard. We also talked to him over phone in this regard on 23.09.2010 morning.

On excavation of the bath room of B-6 106, it was found that there was a big gap of 1” between the skirting black tiles and the flooring white tiles. Also, the floor below the tiles contained only clay and mud and there was no solid plastering or concrete below the flooring tiles.

The clay and mud were fully wet with the leaky water and hence the clay with mud was replaced with fresh mud and clay. The top portion of the clay and mud was filled with a thin 




Respected sir
Myself nitin Jain living in c-402, sps-2 appartment, opposite I.M.E. collage, Sahibabad-201005, disstt. Ghaziabad.
I purchase and booked the flat from samiah international builder pvt. Ltd. On august 10, 2008 under return rent scheme.. According to my possession letter builder has to delivered the flat on April 2010 there is a six month gress period till October 2010 after that builder has to pay five rupees penalty per square feet per month till possession .
Unfortunately samiah international builder unable give possession on time and even he is not paying any penalty to me, before that also whatever cheque given by company to me under return rent scheme so many time cheque bounced. They change the construction plan so many time also.
Now in this condition when I asked to samiah builder (Mr. Sagir khan) to cancelled my flat and return my money. The exact word which Mr. Sagir khan used to me on phone and also with another customer, I’m sharing with you.
He says to me and gives harassment
1. Who you are, even you cannot enter in the samiah office.
2. Whatever you wants to do, do it. I’ll not give the possession of flat to you and your money will not be returned even if you cancelled the flat.
3. You booked an only 11 lac rupees flat and you think that you are the boss of the samiah.
4. You can go legally with police and do whatever you want. Your credit note and your flat will be cancelled. Samiah will not give you anything. Collect all customers and make the union also.
5. You become a builder.
6. you’re nothing
in this condition I’m unable to continue any relationship with samiah builder pvt. Ltd. So that I have humble request to 



first name : surrindra
last name : mehta
email : ,
mobile : 9871107673 , 9810297673
date : 30th Sep 2010
place : faridabad
Invested with M/s Alka India Pvt Ltd, new delhi , on 21March2007
For a residential plot measuring 150 sq.yds in their proposed
Tridev City at Haridwar by way of two cheques of rs.75,000/- each
Vide their recpt nos. 1982 dt 07/04/2007 , 3090 dt 01/06/2007
But since their project did not meet the govt’s approval inspite of their various
Letters from time to time informing us of the Bhoomi Pujan ceremony
To be held in the intervening period , we observed that they did not get
The neceassry approvals to start the project and ,therefore, in December 2009
We asked them to cancel our booking and return our instalments paid thus far
Amounting to rs.1,50,000/- .
On 18th Dec2009 , we were given a postdated cheque for rs.1,86,450/- to be
encashed on 01/06/2010 . the above amt includes interest for the period
18/12/2009 to 01/06/2010.
In last week of June2010 , Mr.Sanjiv of M/s Alka India ,Pitampura ,
called me to advise To delay encashment of the cheque due to
paucity of funds in their bank acct.
Subsequently, I wrote to them regarding the same and when I did not get any response from them ,
I went to their above office on 19july2010 and met both Mr.Sanjiv and Mr.G.Bakshi , general mgr .
They assured me and then gave me a letter in writing stating that the payment
would be made by 31st July2010.
Again on no information from them regarding the new pay order from them,
when I con


From: Selva kumar

Dear Sir,

I am from Hosur, Tamilnadu and I had purchased land & house from a builder by name Mr.Sampath
Nagaraj and the land is located in KCC Nagar, Bagalur road in Hosur. The builder Mr.Sampath Nagaraj will
constuct the house as per clients requirement.

My land is a corner plot. Couple of months back few persons have occupied the land in front of my house
and they were fighting with my builder stating that he has occupied their land and hence they have made
a fencing for their land and blocked our road.

When I enquired our builder he has told me that he will sort out the problem. But the problem has become
more serious because one of the persons has already started the house construction on the road itself.

I do not know what to do.

Please give me a good solution immediately


mobile - 09940745240


From: Hanumant Thorat

Hanumant Krishna Throat.
Near Mari Aai Temple,
Gothivali Gaon, Rabale
Navi Mumbai 400 701
Phone No 9892298641, 9892704948

DEMOLISHED HOUSES Want House from Builder or RS 464000/- With Interest & any Compensation.

The reason why I am writing this letter to you. Is you are the person who believes
in chages & revolation. I had tried approaching to each and every person in the
official department but have not received any action from them.

In RABALE there is GOTHIVALI village. In village near to MARI AAI Temple
Builders have constructed various houses. All these houses were decleared as unofficial
by CIDCO CO. on 21st and 22nd May 2009 and were demolished.

They have not given any type of noticeand without intimation we all were on the road.

Total no of society were 142which had 1059 houses. The houses were purchased by
Middle Class people by taking loans, securing their gold ornaments, some have invested
life time savings. All the people have contract with landlords for 40:60 ratio.

Considering all those facility every one had purchased houses over there.

When we come to know that land belongs to CIDCO & NOOCILE CO. And we discussed with
Land Lords & Builders. They informed us that companieshad a contract of 30 Year's
which is now over. Even ifth



Dear Sir,

I bought the flat under construction in 2007 July, promised me possession in

"November 2009", they just reached 4th floor slab of this 15 floor building. As per agreement, I am entitled to get 18%  penalty monthly and or even I am entitled to get 18% interest for the paid amounts from the date of payments if possession is not given by February end 2010. I never delayed any payment from my side. 


When I sent a notice on this, they sent me 3 options, 1 was buying back the flat from me with a small premium and I accepted that offer. They issued the cheque for the amount but the cheque got returned due to insufficient funds.  Now they promised me a near term for the payment but I don't think I will get it.  So I am sending them before 30 days from the cheque return date  a legal notice asking them to pay the amount within 15 days. Otherwise I will go for prosecution as per 138/Negotiable instruments act.


What do you think about my case. I dont want to disclose the name of my developer now, who is very new to this. They have only one completed project and 5 projects under constructions (all tall buildings surrounding to cochin kerala)


I will tell you the name after the date of my payment if they dont make the payment.




Kabeer kakkidi

+9715054 99 608




Date : 23rd April, 2010
Vice Chairman
Delhi Development Authority
Vikas Sadan

Respected Sir,
I am in receipt of letter No.F.L.483(3452)/06/NP/LN 2083 dtd 19th March, 2010 duly signed by Mr. D.K. Gupta, Director/LIG (H), in reply to my above RTI application informing me that the Honourable Lt. Governor of Delhi has been pleased to restore the said allotment, but I regret to inform you that uptill now I have not received any Demand-cum-allotment letter from the concerned Deptt. after two and half months.

I have been communicating with Mr. D.K. Gupta regularly to know the status of the allotment letter, but I am getting a reply that the file is still lying with Finance Deptt. for their action. I Could not understand why the DDA’s Finance Deptt, will not able to forward the file to the next Department for further action it will not take more than a week to move the files, currently the Delhi Govt. have issued a circular that no Govt. Officials can keep the file more than 7 days without any reason, then why it has taken more than two and half months. I have been communicating with you and other various Deptt. of DDA for the last 4 years to re-instate the said flat and at last it was okayed by the Honourable Lt. Governor of Delhi to reinstate the said flat in the month of February 2010.

Also I have requested to the concerned Deptt. to allot the flat in the following geographical area:-

 From: soni gowda

respected sir.,
since 2005 we are facing so many problems that we can't explain.I can send u photos and videos that i have taken of our apartment. the problems are
1.Society is not registered
2.major water problem drinking water is mixing with borwell water that means leakage in the tank.
3.Major leakage in Terrace and in whole building.due the Illegal Mobile towers not 1 or 2 there are 4 towers.
4.leakage in the lift and it is very bad condition.
Thats not finished there are so many big and small problems.
And builder as kept some gunda type people to shut our mouth and to collect maintainece force fully.
so we kindly request u to visit for an Inspection of our apartment.
we think that there will some action u will take sooner.


From: Rajan Khakhar

Dear Sir,

I had bought a flat in Kandivali (E) in resale (when the building was under construction). So, my sale agreement was tri-party agreement between the seller, builder and me.

In the first sale agreement, it was mentioned that the builder will provide shopping plaza for the building. In my agreement, there is no mention of the change of plan of not providing the shopping plaza. Surprizingly when my agreement was executed, the land which was enmarked for shopping plaza was already given on lease (or sold, I am not sure) to one company which has made it as their corporate office.

I checked with the seller subsequently, who told me that he was not aware of any of such thing and builder had not informed him in this regards.

I feel I am cheated by the builder by not providing the facility mentioned in the agreement.

I request your suggestion / openion in this regards, if this matter can be taken up in consumer forum.

Thank you.
Best regards


 From: Rahmat Siddiqui

I had purchased a flat at Agarwal Peace Heaven, Kaul’s Heritage City, Bhabhola Naka, Vasai – West, from Agarwal Builders - Andheri (City Life Developers) Agarwal Golden Chamber, Fun Republic Road, Plot No.13/A, Behind Balaji Telefilms, Off. New Link Road, Andheri (west), Te.No.022-61480000 in the month of June' 2008. All the payments were made to the Builders for flat along with the maintaninence charges, Municipal water connection charges, Meter connection chares etc.

Almost 2 years have been gone but still our wing has not got municipal water connection & even we are not getting Municipal water. The builder is supplying tanker water to us for last two years. The quality of water is very much poor, but we don’t have any alternative option, and we have to use that. We have made the payment in advance for Municipal water connection to builders almost two years back, but still the builders is saying the work is in progess. Even till today the society is not handed over to us. Because of this poor quality of water, many times my family members & children got infected and i have to hospitalize them.
Even in my building the lift is not working properly, most of the times it is not working. The qulaity of Lift is not good. Even the qlality of generator provided by builder for lift is not good.Most of the time generator is not working, almost two months back the generator was not working for 10 days continously. In vasai there is power cutoff for 5 to 6 hours a day, we have to face the problem because many time the generator is not working. Even today i.e.29th June 2010 the generator is not working.

Even the construction quality of the builder is very much poor, I have a leakage problem to t


 From: Malti Mahendra Pancholy

Hello madam/sir here is malti pancholy I am single lady. I purchased land in 2008. I paid all money to the society but they are not providing me any supported document to me and giving hard time to me, I paid them all money by check and i have receipt with me now society try to avoid it and society's admin is not working properly and I think they sale land to only wodow ladies i need you guide-line please help me. I am not citizen of india i do not know the rules and regulation in india.


 From: Greta Anil

I had bought a house 2 years back. Last year when the first rains came Ihad water pouring inside my house as it was the top floor flat and this was happening due the lapse of the Builder, which he admitted and send someone for repair.

What repair he did I have no idea but the problem still persits and yesterday again when the first rains came the house was like a hut pouring from the top.

I need your help in getting this fixed by the builder as I hve spent lacs of rupees in this flat and to have it pouring like this is very disturbing. On contacting the builder he and his repair man both are out of two for some days now.

I feel that this is just toget away from the expenses and forcing us to spend as we cannot have water pouring like this as it is spoiling not only the bed roomfurniture but also the expensive paint that we have done.

Request you ]r urgent help.

 From: Ambrish Gupta
Dear Sir/Madam,
This is in regards to a booking of 2 plots from a Gurgaon based developer, PAL Infrastructure & Developers Pvt. Ltd., at one of their projects in Neemrana (pre-launch), during the month of September 2006.
Since then, there had been no progress in the project and finally requested for cancellation of the bookings, on 10th February, 2009.
At the time of cancellation request, the developer provided me with 10 Post dated Cheques of Yes Bank, starting from January 2010 to March 2010, as refund against my booking amount.
But, in the month of December, 2009, I recieved a letter from the developer intimating that their Bank Account in Yes Bank, no longer exists and so informed me to re-issue new cheques. Since then they have not issued me any cheque, saying they don't have funds available with them, inspite of pursuing with them almost on daily basis.
Request you to look into this matter and let me know what can be done in this case.
Expecting a prompt expert opinion.



From: Lakshminarayanan Srinivasan

I purchased a flat in Bangalore from Balaji Builder and registered on 30th April 2010. As per the agreement the Building will be ready to Occupy by March 2010 and with a grace period of 2 months. Now we are in July 2010 and there is no near view to get the Occupance certificate. Builder said he will pay the Penalty of Rs.6/sft and there is no commitment on that now. Builder has taken 100% payment and not maintaining his words and not maintaining the quality. We could not see any transperancy with the builder.

We are loosing money on paying EMI and rent. I request to suggest and looking forward for the further action on this. 


Sub : Faulty car parking allotted for flat 505, Arihant Harmony, Ahinsa Khand II, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad
Dear Sir

Covered car parking in stilt was purchased based on assurance by M/s Arihant at the time of booking of flat that the same would have sufficient space for the big car. Full payment was made to M/s Arihant for the same. However, the parking allotted after possession has no sufficient space and no turning radius due to only 7 feet clear width between two concrete columns. In fact it should not be the parking area because it is adjacent to electrical panels . Following may please be noted:

1. All allotted car parking in stilt do not have same width. Most of them do have normal parking width of 10 feet but the parking allotted to me has 7 feet width between two columns.
2. The cost of car parking was same for all purchasers. However, M/s Arihant has allotted car parking as per their own wish i.e. more spacious & good parking to influential persons. There was discrimination while allotting the car parking.

In view of above, the car parking in stilt allotted to me is not acceptable in any circumstances.


 From: Amal Raj


I live in Malaprabha block in National Games Village. Suddenly they have raised the maintenance charge for the bachelors who live here. The maintenance charge for Family is 1200 and for bachelors is 3000. I feel this is unfair. How can i go about this ?


 From: Vijay Vader

I have booked flat in Vasant Lawns complex of Sheth Builders at Thane (w). I have made 100% payment against which builder had promised me to give a soft possession of the flat so that I can start interior work. Now he is refusing to give me this possession unless I give DD equivalent to 2.5 % of the sale value towards anticipated service charges. DD also has to be on builder's anme as per his demand. When I agreed for the same ; he again informed me that I should not draw the DD because they would now possible advise me to draw the DD --again onthe name of Sheth Builders only- with an additional amount of to include the possible VAT also. i am yet to receive final communication from Sheth Builders in this regard. But their tactics seem to delay the hand over of the flat in spite of 100% payamnet from side. In fact the had promised possession in 2009 March when I had booked the flat in 2007 Sep.

Could u pls advise me as to how should proceed in this matter ?


Vijay Vader
Flat no D-401
Pratik Co op Hsg Soc Ltd, Near Samata Nagar, Kusumagraj Road
Tanne (w )

 From: Sanjoy Chatterjee

Sir i have purchased a 2BHK flat from Satyam Enterprises, Address- (shop no.5,millenium business park,sector 2,mahape Navi Mumbai-400710) proprietors Mr Narayan Bhai (9819704376) and Lalji Ambavi Patel.
Property was purchased in November 2009 and final possession was given in January 2010. The flat was used only from April 2010. Post usage a heavy water seepage started from the bathroom walls . The builder was called upon and requested to repair the damage which out of poor civil work. Thus far builder has not repaired and reluctant as per agreement clause post possession they are not responsible.
Regrettably none of the builder vouch or put quality stamp on the property which can only be deciphered post possession..
My question if damage arises out of poor construction or defective construction as a purchaser can we raise to consumer court for redressal after possession. How do we do that ?


From: Rajarshi Panigrahi
Dear Madam/Sir,

We had booked a flat with Alpine Housing Development Corporation Ltd. in the year 2007 in their project-Alpine Viva (Whitefield). Builder had promised us the possession of the flat by July 2008. However, the possession has not happened yet (till May 2010). Builder is not willing to talk to us. The construction has literally stopped and the structure looks the same since last 1 year. We are depressed and disgusted. Like me, there are so many people who have taken loans to buy our dream home. I am paying an EMI of Rs. 19,838 every month since 2007. It is very difficult for me to pay this EMI. As i dont want to become a defaulter either to the bank or government, i am paying the EMI with out getting any kind of tax benefits or getting my own home which is my right. Please help us. We need your intervention desperately.

Thanks & regards,

Rajarshi Panigrahi



Dear Sir,

I bought a new flat one year back from builder by paying near Rs.35
Lakhs.Out of Rs.20 Lakhs are loan thrw Bank of India.

Within 1 year itself falt is having complete water leakage and builder
is not ready to resolve the issues.Is the same case can I able to file
through consumer court Mumbai 


From: Ashok Narayanapur

I booked the site with builder about 5 years ago by making 25% of site value and have signed sale agreement also. Layout was not developed and it was told that the registration will be done after lay out is developed. Layout has been developed. But still developer has not registered the site. He has deferred registration by given some reasons that land is not yet settled with land owner. And he pushing it since more than three years. About a month ago I came to know that site has been registered to someone within their office. I am trying follow up him. But he is unavailable in office and in phone also.Can this grievance be redressed and settled?





Dear Sir,

My complaint is given herewith for your kind perusal and needful action please

I was made an agreement with a builder M/s.Horizon Builders & developers , Guruvayoor on 04/04/

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