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From: sreeja salvi

I have booked a cab on 19-Aug 2010 for early in morning for pick up from my office in the evening at 6.30. The reference number is : AVA79445. I got a message that Meru cabs will send the driver details and cab details 1/2 hour before departure time & they call me up at 6.30 & tell that they cant arrange a cab. this has happened with me many times earlier to this also. When you call up in the evening they they you they are fully booked & inspite of making an advance they end up saying we are fully book. in fact i feel they don't want short distance bookings & this was also confirmed by one of the driver from Meru. earlier also once i was trying to book a can from nerul - chembur & was told that they dont have any car availabe & latter on when i went to get a cab on palm beach road they was a meru cab there & the driver informed that he was waiting for nearly 1 hr there & he did not get any booking .

meru claims to be number one is service but my experience says something else


From: Shaji Vayaveetil
On 7th April-2011 morning around 9.45 AM, I booked a Meru cab online for a pick up at 7.00 PM to go to City Railway Station. I received a confirmation (Ref No: 4472605) by SMS . As per the SMS, I received cab details ( Cab No: KA03D3530 , Subscriber: JALENDRA KUMAR, Cell 9741053454) around 6.30 PM. The driver didn’t call me on time and I was worried and made call at 7.00 PM and received the mobile phone switched off message. I called the Merucab customer service and explained my plight and told them I had to catch the train at 8.55 PM. They refused to send another cab and said there’s no cab in the area and would take another 45 minutes for another cab in that area.
I knew that was a ploy to refuse the service as it was a short distance. I immediately called Meru cab again to book a cab to airport immediately and they promptly said I would get it in another 20 mins. I received an SMS for the booking at 7:16 PM (Cab No KA53A1268, Subscriber KARNAL ,Cell: 8105887380). We dragged four suitcases to half a kilometer from the apartment to the Brigade Millenium junction. I put my family in one auto and myself and luggage on another auto. While I was in the auto , just about 2-3 kms away from auto stand, I received a call from the cab driver KARNAL that he’s at the apartment gate. I told him I didn’t want the cab.
I reached the railway station at 8.35 PM but my family had not yet reached there. The second auto in which my family was travelling went to fill the petrol and they reached 10 mins after. My family and I had to run with the luggage to the platform number 9 to board the train.
Had I been refused the service while booking, I would have made alternate arrangement and didn’t have to go through the physic 


From: Bhooshan Kapadnis

I have booked a cab(Meru) from Airoli to International Airport(Santacruz) on 29-Aug-2010 for 30-Aug-2010 at Morning 5:30 Am. My service req. No AS1A23158. I got SMS saying that Taxi details will be provided before 30 Min.prior to pickup time.
Next day morning I didn't got SMS hence i called your person she said within 15 Mins will arrange. but after 10 mins I got call from your end that Taxi Not available hence i have to arrange my own.It was very suprising for me becoz due to heavy rain and in morning 5 am who will get Taxi.
My booking was for International Airport hence i should reach before 3 hrs from my departure time.
Hence i called again then they given me Car No.MH01JA5358 Mr.Tiwari, whom i called he refused to come becoz he was in Thane or Mulund.hence i got lot of trouble, i arranged at my own got delayed for 30 mins.
Website you have mentioned Meru- unconditional reliability, always.
It is this promise of reliability that drives us at Meru Cabs to endeavour to provide the most efficient services every time to our customers.

I commmunicted with them by mail but they are not responding to my mail.
Please help me.
Thanks & Regards,


From: Raghavendra R

Sub: Complaint Against Chevrolet Tavera Vehicle for using a White
Board number as a taxi.

As mentioned in the subject I want to file a complaint against Tavera
Vehicle no KA-05-MB-4977.

I Raghav R, resident of vijay Nagar, Bangalore.

I and my family wanted to visit Tirupati temple(Andhra Pradesh) and
Vellore Temple(Tamil Nadu), I contacted one of the travel agent to
provide a tavera vehicle for rent.

The Travel Agent name KESHAV his contact no is 9964088999, said he
will send a Tavera vehicle which is Yellow board , and for which I
need to pay permit tax of Rs-2300 for Andhra Pradesh and Rs-650 for
tamil nadu and per Km Rs-7.

I agreed for the same and asked him to send the vehicle on 4th Aug
morning to my house.

But on 4th Aug the Tavera Vehicle has arrived front of my house but
with white board, when I asked about the same the driver said last
night the yellow board vehicle has not arrived so he got the white
board vehicle. We were getting late, so I dint discuss much about this
to driver(Name: Devraj, Mobile No:9980585905). We visited to tirupati
and vellore from 4th Aug 2010 to 6th Aug-2010.

After returning back to Bangalore on 6th Early morning, I paid the amount.

Later I came to know from my friend that for white board vehicle there
won't be any Tax permit and also cannot be used as a Taxi. When I
asked the same the travel agent and driver says they paid the permit
amount of Rs-2900.

I also came to know from the driver that he will be visiting the
tirupati thrice in a week.

So I kindly request to take the action

 From: Deepak Solanki

Dear sir,

This is regarding a complaint against Meru Cabs, Bangalore. I have booked a cab on 2-June-2010 for early in morning of 3-June-2010. The reference number is : AH2A21192. I got a massage that Meru cabs will send the driver details and cab details 1/2 hour before departure time from my home (6 :00 AM, 3-June-2010). I received a message on 3-June-2010 early in morning that "cab : KA03D4232, Driver : Umesh V, with his mobile number.I was waiting for cab up to 5:50 AM but cab did not come. I called to meru cabs and asked for cab. They replied that " The driver is not picking the phone and kept it in switched off mode" I filed a complaint in meru cab complaint department and still waiting for reply. Every time they say we we will get back to you.


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