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Posted On: 2018-12-10 21:02:43
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Customer care+91 6207418025,,9163974276

Posted On: 2018-12-06 08:38:54
Online shopping customer care helpline number+916207418025,9163974276,9163967541 Online shopping customer care helpline number+916207418025,9163974276,9163967541 Online shopping customer care helpline number+916207418025,9163974276,9163967541 Online shopping customer care helpline number+916207418025,9163974276,9163967541 Online shopping customer care helpline number+916207418025,9163974276,9163967541 Online shopping customer care helpline number+916207418025,9163974276,9163967541 Online shopping customer care helpline number+916207418025,9163974276,9163967541

Japjeet Singh

Posted On: 2018-12-05 03:06:40
We received broken and damaged bag at the time of check out and as per the DGCA rules, airline had to pay and bear for the cost of damaged baggage or provide a replacement baggage. However, airline denied for any refund. They are issuing a travel voucher valid for 3 months which is completely unacceptable and is of no use of mine. Airline agent (ALAN) at Dehradun airport was very rude and was continuously arguing in a harsh way and insulting in front of everyone available at the airport. I demand a refund of Rs 2000 and strong action against that airline agent. Indigo Airlines PNR - TB9WWY Passenger Name - Amarjit Singh Travelling from Kolkata-Lucknow-Dehradun.

Parveen Kumar

Posted On: 2018-11-29 21:15:29
I was trying to book a flight from your website of , while at the final process of payment i selected payment mode as UPI. I got message on UPI BHIM app of payment, i clicked and payment done from UPI. But at your website, i saw message as 'Error'. The flight was not booked and my amount was deducted of rs 3393 via transection id 833221978971. I will be very greatful to you if you fasten the process of refunding my amount.

Sudershan Kumar Sharma

Posted On: 2018-11-27 16:57:27
Booked 2 Return flight tickets thru. goibibo .com of Kuwait Airline from New to Paris via Kuwait City. While returning from Paris by KU168 we were told at Kuwait that our flight KU383 22:30 has cancelled. After a long discussion we were provided with accommodation and food until next flight no. KU381 next day 18:55 23rd November. on reaching my destination I called customer care of airline and asked for compensation which they refused. Please advice


Posted On: 2018-11-23 19:54:49
Dear Sir, I have booked a Air Ticket from Ranchi to Bangalore on 05.11.2018 for 5 members at Rs 18870/= through Clear trip agency. (trip id: 181105330940) Booking failed but money deducted. Received a immediate message that money will be refunded with in 24 hours. (message attached). In spite of my repeated reminders over phone and mail NO refund is received till date. The mail communication is appended below for your reference. Kindly guide me to proceed against the agency and claiming compensation. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, ABP Kingston.

Shalini Sharma

Posted On: 2018-11-23 16:50:23
Kindly note that due to cancellation of spicejet flight no. SG3325 dated 18-Nov-2018 (PNR T7FC3C), we are not able to reach our destination i.e New Delhi on 18-May-18. For this cancellation of air tickets, we are incurring a total loss around Rs. 12,000/- and so much mental agony and severe pain lapses in my operated spine, now I am spending money in medical treatment as well. For this loss spicejet is fully responsible. I am in correspondence with spicejet nodal and appellate office. He gave me response to take Rs 1,000 voucher as a kind gesture. I wrote him back to compensate all my money and for metal agony, but still waiting there response. Now they stopped replying my mails. They did not consider my problems in a human nature. No proper help or communication received from Spicejet. Pls help to minimize my loss.

club factory customer care 8292001973

Posted On: 2018-11-17 19:01:31
Club factory customer care 8292001973 Club factory customer care 8969938494 Club factory customer care 8292001973 Club factory customer care 8969938494 Club factory customer care 8292001973 Club factory customer care 8969938494 Club factory customer care 8292001973 Club factory customer care 8969938494


Posted On: 2018-11-12 10:53:51
my flight SG939 from srinagar to delhi was cancelled due bad weather (dense fog)and i had a connecting train (bangalore Rajdhani)from delhi to bangalore on the same day at 21:00 hrs which i missed (second AC). can i fer back the refund for 04 adults. please help.Imtiaz


Posted On: 2018-11-11 22:50:05
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Axis Bank

Posted On: 2018-11-11 05:22:57
Club factory customer care number 09733393134/09631701548 24×7 horse👌👌👌👌 Club factory customer care number 09733393134/09631701548 24×7 horse👌👌👌👌 Club factory customer care number 09733393134/09631701548 24×7 horse👌👌👌👌 Club factory customer care number 09733393134/09631701548 24×7 horse👌👌👌👌 Club factory customer care number 09733393134/09631701548 24×7 horse👌👌👌👌 Club factory customer care number 09733393134/09631701548 24×7 horse👌👌👌👌 Club factory customer care number 09733393134/09631701548 24×7 horse👌👌👌👌 Club factory customer care number 09733393134/09631701548 24×7 horse👌👌👌👌 Club factory customer care number 09733393134/09631701548 24×7 horse👌👌👌👌 Club factory customer care number 09733393134/09631701548 24×7 horse👌👌👌👌 Club factory customer care number 09733393134/09631701548 24×7 horse👌👌👌👌 Club factory customer care number 09733393134/09631701548 24×7 horse👌👌👌👌 Club factory customer care number 09733393134/09631701548 24×7 horse👌👌👌

Siidhartha choudhury

Posted On: 2018-11-04 13:30:56
Hello I had a booking with air Asia on 20th oct from Pune to Calcutta. The flight was scheduled to leave from Pune at 22.50pm. But I received a message at 13pm that the flight will be delayed by 2.50hr. The flight will now be depart on 21st oct at 1.45am. I called air Asia spoke to them 1 hours spoke to Rashmi who lied to me then spoke to Waseem whom I explained that my onward journey from Calcutta is booked which is non refundable and I will lose rs 7000 for no fault of mine. He said he will call back by 6pm to book another flight with a different airline but he never called. I had to go by the delayed flight lost money for the prev booking for my on ward journey and did another arrangement which costed me more rs 7000. I filled up a eform. Received a call from Shruti where she said will check. I inform that I need compensation as it wasn’t my fault. PFB the reply I receive where they have escalated and have taken care of things but didn’t mentioned any thing about the compensati


Posted On: 2018-11-03 10:03:06
Club factory customer care helpline number 6205834061

Rahul sarma

Posted On: 2018-11-01 15:28:11
Uber helpline number 9006014210

Omkar Joshi

Posted On: 2018-10-31 19:36:17
Complaint regarding GoAir. Hi Team, I had contacted the customer support team of GoAir regarding a recent booking of mine (PNR: BETLVB). I need to change the passenger details since the same has been erronously populated during the booking process. Mentioned below are the details of the passengers that need to be added in place of the existing passengers - Mr. Omkar Vinay Joshi, Age 33 Ms. Jalpa Mandlia, Age 33 I called the airlines and one of their customer executives, Mr. Makarand denied any help in this regard with a rude response. The resolution shared was to cancel existing tickets and rebook them which will cost me an additional expenditure of INR 6k. We wanted to talk to with his superiors regarding the same, however he denied transferring the line to his manager. Kindly take note and let us know the actions taken to solve the issue.

Aniket desai

Posted On: 2018-10-30 21:13:13
Customer care helpline number 24×7 available contact customer support 917352754317 // O7352754317Customer care helpline number 24×7 available contact customer support 917352754317 // O7352754317

R. Ananda kumar

Posted On: 2018-10-29 21:11:51
Saithyamangalam cc. I am mookkanour center in charge please contact sir.tamil language speaking

Minal Kulkarni

Posted On: 2018-10-26 11:36:44
I had booked Air India ticket (AI)(on line) from Indore to Mumbai for traveling on 11.04. 2018 through the website of authorised agency of AI viz. M/s Balmer Lawrie (BL).GDS PNR: ATRLAZ Ticket No.0985300173508. I had booked the ticket for Rs.4,786. I cancelled (CANCELLATION CONFIRMATION // Ref#357638) on 10.04.2018 over the phone through the same agency, since the flight on 11.04.2018 was delayed for more than one hour. As per the policy of AI, I should get full refund of Rs 4,786 since their flight was late. I have followed up the matter with BL for four times by emails and many a times over phone.I met in person in the office of BL. I referred the matter to TrafficServices Western Region of AI also who has also not responded to me. Still the amount Rs 4,786 has not been refunded to me. The Forum may decide the matter and help me in getting Rs 4,786, with the compounded interest @12%p.a since 10.04.2018 from defaulters along with the compensation of Rs 25,000 towards mental harassment

aasav s shah

Posted On: 2018-10-23 13:53:56
I have planned a trip to jaisalmer through spice jet company. Pnr details are - Pnr z97dnp & pnr r628yy. While booking, their executive informed me that i have to pay either rs.250 or rs.150 per seat at the time of selection. However he did not mention that seats can be selected free at airport. So i had to pay rs.1350 *2 = 2700 for 9 seats for ahmedabad to jaisalmer and return. This is poor service and i feel that company like spice jet cheat the customer merely for rs.150 per seat even though it can be made available free to customer. Hence i request to refund me back rs.2700 charged from me unethically by spicejet.


Posted On: 2018-10-20 14:39:57
Club factory customer care helpline number 6205834061==8873065004


Posted On: 2018-10-17 19:50:07
I had booked a flight ticket in for indigo airlines for the 29th of october and i for some reason had to reschedule the flight, for which they demanded 6,300/- and zero refund if i want to cancel the flight. please help me get my money back.

Chandrasekhar Azad

Posted On: 2018-10-13 18:38:13
Flight departure time:14:45,Total fare:INR 13,713.00 1)I have entered terminal by 13:30, and reached on counter no 54 by 13:45. from there I was sent for baggage scanning.I understand that scanning is important but as my check in closes at 14:00,why priority was not given to me? 2)I requested agent on counter no.54 at Chennai domestic airport to allow me as I have emergency(my grand mother is expired and I have to go).They were rude enough not to allow. 3)I was said by agent on counter no.54 that all seats are full on flight. I have a valid ticket and I am not yet boarded,how can all seats be full?Do you sell tickets at higher price due to Festive season? 4)I was said by agent on counter no.54 to check for next flight available on same day, when asked for any extra charges,they said it would be managed on same ticket price. When checked on Indigo customer care counter, they said we do not have seats on any flight today and if booked I need to pay INR 28000 . I am looted here,pleasehel

rashmi gupta

Posted On: 2018-10-13 11:15:30
the airline, spice jet served as coke that expired 4 months back! an expired coke is deadly and lethal! this could've been very harmful for the kids

Sanjay Kumar

Posted On: 2018-10-11 15:30:02
Drapino Customer Care Helpline Number.08220979751/09523154890.Assistence Maneger Sanjay Kumar.08220979751/09523154890.Call 24*7 Any Questions Any Transaction Details.08220979751/09523154890..Drapino Customer Care Helpline Number.08220979751/09523154890.Assistence Maneger Sanjay Kumar.08220979751/09523154890.Call 24*7 Any Questions Any Transaction Details.08220979751/09523154890..Drapino Customer Care Helpline Number.08220979751/09523154890.Assistence Maneger Sanjay Kumar.08220979751/09523154890.Call 24*7 Any Questions Any Transaction Details.08220979751/09523154890..Drapino Customer Care Helpline Number.08220979751/09523154890.Assistence Maneger Sanjay Kumar.08220979751/09523154890.Call 24*7 Any Questions Any Transaction Details.08220979751/09523154890..Drapino Customer Care Helpline Number.08220979751/09523154890.Assistence Maneger Sanjay Kumar.08220979751/09523154890.Call 24*7 Any Questions Any Transaction Details.08220979751/09523154890..Drapino Customer Care Helpline Number.

Charchit Gaur

Posted On: 2018-10-09 09:59:05
I book a flight from new delhi to Imphal for 10/10/2018. The flight had the layover of 35 minutes in Guwahati. But suddenly on 9/10/2018 i.e. today I got a message that my journey from new delhi to Guwahati is on 10/10/2018 and from guwahati to Imphal is on 11/10/2018. The booking site goibibo and Air India are not responding to this uninformed change. I need to reach to Imphal on 10/10/2018 and this has caused utter inconvenience

Saurabh Bhargava

Posted On: 2018-10-07 21:28:32
Dear Concern, Pls provide me GST invoice with bifurcation of CGST and SGST. Guest Name :- Saurabh Bhargava  Company Name :- SREI EQUIPMENT FINANCE LTD  GST NO.:- 27AAKCS3431L1Z2 Address:- Pune Check In Date :- 19.09.18 at 11 PM Check Out :- 20.09.18 at 5.30 AM Regards  Saurabh Bhargava  9982063999


Posted On: 2018-09-22 11:51:44
Not allowed boarding in AI flight 863 Dt 26.08.2018. schedule departure was 13.00 Myself with my wife reported 12.24 at Delhi Airport Air India counter. They allowed boarding pass to me only against ticket No.0982126272644 and refused to my wife bearing ticket No.0982126272642 due to one trolley bag. I request them to manage 2 seats in next AI flight, they told me to book another ticket for that. According to AI ruling in case the passenger reported after closure of the counter but before departure of the flight would be permitted to roll over on no show charge of Rs.3000 but for that also Managers’ remark is required but no manager was available at the counter. Finally, we booked ticket in AI 26.08.2018 (18.00) by spending Rs.18434 for the same journey.


Posted On: 2018-09-19 23:42:45
Niveraa customer care helpline number 6207150670// Niveraa customer care helpline number 6207150670 Niveraa customer care helpline number 6207150670

Aparna Dixit

Posted On: 2018-09-18 22:12:03
I had a air India Bombay to Delhi flight for 19th September 7:05am-9 10 am and after that I had to tarvel from new Delhi to Bagdogra Air India flight September 19,11 10 am.the airlines cancelled the Bombay-delhi flight and put in some other flight which was departing at 8 am and landing at 10 15 am,now because of this I would not have been able to board the Bagdogra flight,I got the flight cancelled and booked another flight from jet airways for 4500 RS which was approx 1500 RS extra from the previous Air India flight I had booked,Air India agreed to issue the refund but after 3 hours they called and informed the Delhi to Bagdogra flight is also delayed by 2 hours and will now depart at 1 10 pm from Delhi,they don't have prior flight to Bagdogra,now in this my jet airways flight booking went useless,money got wasted,and further bookings from Bagdogra are also affected as I am traveling to bhutan from there, airlines didn't inform on time,I want a compensation

sanjeet singh bakshi

Posted On: 2018-09-17 16:02:22

Niveraa CUSTOMER CARE 9733393134

Posted On: 2018-09-13 20:33:26
Niveraa customer care helpline number 9733393134/8582894970 24×7 hours niveraa customer care helpline number 9733393134/8582894970 24×7 hours

Ajmer singh

Posted On: 2018-09-13 12:57:34
Dear sir Sir mera jo cilender de kar Gye hai woh 200 gm Kam diya hai Maine bola tha dusra cilender dedo to clear mana kar diya ye hi milega aapko complent kar do sir iska kuchh Kiya Jay

Raza kui

Posted On: 2018-09-08 07:53:59
Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "care ".number "09337591300. 07779968587 Club "factory "customer "

Rekha ray

Posted On: 2018-09-03 12:38:34
6370462487 82982388616370462487 6370462487 8298238861

P V R S Prakasa Rao

Posted On: 2018-08-31 22:47:41
We boooked tickets to Raipur for 16.08.2018 in indigo airlines 6E334, we had checked and handed over the baggage to the counter and taken boarding passes. Then we had reported on time at boarding gates and they have closed the gates before schedule time and we missed flight. There was a deficiency of service as they have not ensured us to board the flight as we had checked well in time but due to lack of co ordination among them we misssed the flight. Becasue of that our time, energy and money was wasted and we had underwent our entire schedule went hay wire. We have lodged a compliant and they have replied it is our duty to board the flight and they do not have any responsibility though they have taken our luggage at the check in counters. Other airlines staff are helping them to board teh flight and indigo is different its appears and they did no even apologise for the inconvenience and they are defedening their acts. After the flight left they had handedover the offloaded lugg

Niveraa customer service 9470424784

Posted On: 2018-08-29 09:35:41
Niveraa Customer Care number 9470424784/7364858464 Online shopping payment problem solving Toll-free number 9470424784/7364858464 /6294576565 Customer service representative Customer care number 6294576565/9470424784 .Niveraa Customer Care number 9470424784/7364858464 Online shopping payment problem solving Toll-free number 9470424784/7364858464 /6294576565 Customer service representative Customer care number 6294576565/9470424784 Niveraa Customer Care number 9470424784/7364858464 Online shopping payment problem solving Toll-free number 9470424784/7364858464 /6294576565 Customer service representative Customer care number 6294576565/9470424784 .Niveraa Customer Care number 9470424784/7364858464 Online shopping payment problem solving Toll-free number 9470424784/7364858464 /6294576565 Customer service representative Customer care number 6294576565/9470424784 .

Niveraa customer care 9470424784

Posted On: 2018-08-27 11:28:35
Niveraa customer care number 9470724784 /niveraa. Com 764858464/6294576565 Customer service helpline number 9470424784 Niveraa customer care number 9470724784 /niveraa. Com 764858464/6294576565 Customer service helpline number 9470424784 Niveraa customer care number 9470724784 /niveraa. Com 764858464/6294576565 Customer service helpline number 9470424784 Niveraa customer care number 9470724784 /niveraa. Com 764858464/6294576565 Customer service helpline number 9470424784 Niveraa customer care number 9470724784 /niveraa. Com 764858464/6294576565 Customer service helpline number 9470424784 Niveraa customer care number 9470724784 /niveraa. Com 764858464/6294576565 Customer service helpline number 9470424784 Niveraa customer care number 9470724784 /niveraa. Com 764858464/6294576565 Customer service helpline number 9470424784 Niveraa customer care number 9470724784 /niveraa. Com 764858464/6294576565 Customer service helpline number 94704247

Niveraa customer service 9470424784,6294576565

Posted On: 2018-08-27 08:15:28
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Deepak Aggarwal

Posted On: 2018-08-26 08:35:08
I flew Mumbai to Hubli, PNR -P7DKMS, the crew damaged my checked in bag, photos taken and complaint registered.. A business traveller suffered with the carelessness of unethical behaviour at the spot and now after lot of follow ups with the office, there is no resolution to compensate for my expensive bag.. They say its not in the policy, then who governs the wrong doing of your team. This is highly ridiculous on part of SpiceJet to manage the customer relationship - I highly recommend NOT TO FLY this airline.

Akbar F Khokhar

Posted On: 2018-08-24 21:52:28
Have lost my bag in air india flight i was travelling on 21st august at 23.40hrs from dubai i have complain in india my complain no is 34899


Posted On: 2018-08-22 16:44:23
Kindly note that due to cancellation of Indigo flight no. 6E-154 dated 14-May-2018 (PNR ZY7RSY), we are not able to reach our destination i.e New Delhi on 14-May-18. We have booked connecting flight @7am on 14-May-18 via Spicejet (SG9831) which we were not able to catch. Due to cancellation of Indigo flight we have cancelled all our future plans (air ticket to Dharmashala, hotel bookings etc).For the cancellation of air tickets and hotel bookings, we are incurring a total loss of Rs. 47,988/- (after receiving cancellation amount difference).For this loss Indigo is fully responsible. First of all we have received sms on 13-May-2018 @11.53 pm. when we had already in the Uber Cab travelling to the airport. After reaching airport,we had not received any help or any guidance to reach our destination on time. We were waiting with our small 6 year old kid and my parents who are senior citizen on the airport till 3.00 am.No proper help or communication from to minimize my loss.

Premjeet Sougrakpam

Posted On: 2018-08-21 06:35:25
Immoral, illega, unethical charge by air india. web ref YRWEW Sir, My wife, with two kids ( 2 and 6 years old) is travelling from Kolkata to Delhi on 24th and from Delhi to JFK on 25th of August. I requested that can we directly board from Delhi, instead of Kolkata. There is a flight change in Kolkata and we are giving up 3 seats from Kolkata to Delhi ( 3 seats), which Air India can sell to other passengers. We are a loyal passenger of Air India. However, they were charging me 250 $ per passenger. What is this ? Charge for giving up addtional threee seats ?? Sir, I can't understand this. All I requested is to board from Delhi and skip the Kolkata to Delhi, Which in turn make three more lucrative sales to other passengers. Instead I'm being robbed of this unreasonalble amount. And the help desk staffs were very rude and not coperating like, we can not do anything, we are not responsible if u cant not board at Delhi. They were threateing me kind of. Kindly intevene Thanks Premjeet

kajol kardam

Posted On: 2018-08-17 20:08:55
I was trying to book round-trip flight tickets using from Delhi to Hyderabad. But when I tried paying the transaction failed and I was asked to pay again. I had done payment again. But even that transaction failed. Then after some time, I got mail that transaction was successful and tickets have been booked. Amount of Rs 8209 has been deducted twice and tickets have been provided once. Since the transaction was failing multiple times so I had booked tickets from another portal. Trip ID : 565867758798111146 Trip ID : 565867758798111145 Now I don't want tickets and I need a refund of Rs16,418 Attaching the tickets booked from another portal.

Bhanu Prakash Inani

Posted On: 2018-08-16 11:13:16
I had booked two return tickets for Indore to Kochi on Cleartrip Portal Trip ID 180730114530. This was on Indigo Airlines. Due to heavy rains the flights are cancelled. Today I got them cancelled, and to my surprise I have been debited Rs 12000/- as airlines charges in addition to Rs 1200 as portal charges for no fault of mine. I want to lodge a serious complaint of cheating against both - Cleartrip & Indigo both.. Please help

Vinay Surapur

Posted On: 2018-08-14 16:16:34
Wheel chair assistance not provided as requested resulted in sever knee pain and surgery to my mother in law. Followed up several times to airline with no acceptance on compensation. PNR: Z1R2YB, GOAIR

Shikhar Dalmia

Posted On: 2018-08-11 13:13:08
I had made a resrvation for travel from udairpur to patna on their website for 31.08.2018. Before completeing the booking i took a snapshot of the date and travel time and flight detail. On completeing the reservation the ticket received was with udaipur to delhin on 31.08.2018 and delhin patna on 01.09.2018. Attached is the snapshot from their website which was taken. A senior ctizen is travelling and its not practical for her to take a one day halt. I made several complaints with goibibo but they refuse to accept the mistake. I have requested them either refund the money or change the date back. But they have turned deaf ears. We as consumers are faced with such fraudulent companies who after making a mistae refuse to even accept or do anything.

Hanspal Hardeep /Hanspal Indra

Posted On: 2018-08-10 11:42:16
Our Tickets have been booked by American Airlines from Mumbai to Paris by Jet Airways 124 on 6th Nov 2018. It is requested to confirm our Ticket with seats allotment and send us the Record Locator. our Tickets nos are 0012102697299-00 & 0012102697301-02

Zahid Anwar

Posted On: 2018-08-09 02:49:48
Dear Sir, I have booked ticket for two person on 8/8/2018 through of GoAir at the cost INR 4,595. Date of journey is 21/8/2018. My PNR is YCBDVN and booking ID is NF22697138187453. Due to some urgent work our plan have been changed and I contacted to customer care of makemytrip and GoAir for reschedule the plan for 27/8/2018. As per customer care, my total paid amount INR 4,595 would adjusted against the penalty charge and I will not get any compensation against paid amount. Even If I cancel the booked ticket then they will not refund any amount due to the penalty of cancellation/reschedule charge is same as what I have paid. I am very surprise to know that the charge of penalty for cancellation or reschedule as same as the fare of ticket. You know that how we earn money by work hard. I am not in condition to lose hard earned money. kindly suggest me the procedure for refund/reschedule amount. I will be highly obliged to you. Thanks


Posted On: 2018-08-06 23:28:01
Respected Sir, I had a confirmed airline ticket in Jet Airways for myself and my two kids for 5th August 2018 from Kochi to Doha. I changed the tickets to 12th August 2018 paying an additional amount total of 15855 INR from my Qatar credit card on 2nd August 2018. In addition to this amount Jet Airways Delhi office deducted 5160 INR twice from my credit card thus making a total of 10320 INR in addition to the 15855 INR i paid. When i informed Jet Airways customer care, they asked me to mail at and told me my money will be refunded within 48 hours. Its 4 days now and there is no response from Jet Airways. I am really concerned due to the irrespobsible, adamant and ignorant response from the Jet Airways customer care and office staff.Hence i humbly request you to look into this matter and help me in getting my refund at the earliest.The PNR of my ticket is QFEVJJ.It was a staff called Pooja in customer care who did my ticket change on 2nd August 2 Thanks, Lidiya Aby


Posted On: 2018-07-30 18:05:20
Ticket booked and purchased on line from Happy Easy Go- - E-Ticket Order ID 574679378127104075. The Travel date 13th Jul 2018- from Cochin to Bangalore -INDIGO -6E 349 Ticket PNR WYSBUI and Bangalore to Cochin travel date 18th July INDIGO - 6E 413 , Ticket PNR WYSBUI .Tickets purchased online from HAPPY GO EASY . On 18th at Bangalore Airport - INDIGO staff informed no return ticket by PNR PNR WYSBUI , is booked and they denied boarding pass . I had to buy new ticket on spot for Rs 5842. I filed complaint on 19th Jul 2018 by their site They replied will sove in 2 days. But no response so far. I have demanded a Total compensation of Rs 10,842, if settled in 2 days. Please take action for refund


Posted On: 2018-07-28 17:09:32
booked ticket from Bangalore to Surat on 25/07/2018 & from Surat to Bangalore on 29/07/2018, by paying Rs. 8198 for my son Vivin V Nair who is coming here for treatment after injury. Ticket Booking No. QMBUGS - Air Asia Travel person : Vivin Nair 25/07/2018 Flight No. I5 1476 Bangalore Surat 29/07/2018 flight No. I5 1475 Surat Bangalore A message received that flight on 29th July cancelled and reprotected on 30th. Vivin to reach Bangalore on 30 itself. Therefore asked to adjust in another flight on 29th July. But the executive denied that and told that only thing possible is to travel on 30th. Then we told to cancel his ticket on 29th only. The matter reconfirmed 5 times that flight from Surat to Bangalore only to be cancelled. Vivin reached Bangalore airport on 25/07/2018, but he was denied boarding stating that his ticket is cancelled. We have called the airliner who informed that it is who admitted the mistake and assured to board him on same flight but did not done that


Posted On: 2018-07-25 14:33:52
Dear Sir/Madam, My daughter Ms Selvapriys Murali traveled from Chennai to Sydney on 19-7-18 by AI143/302. At Sydney, she was shocked to find that one of her checked-in baggage was missing. She raised a complaint in the airport by filling out a form. She was promised that they would deliver it at her address within 48 hours. I informed this to a friend of mine in Air India and through his contacts it was confirmed that the baggage was in Sydney on 22-7-18. The reason for misplacement was the wrong entry of the Ref No as SYDAF11317 instead of SYDAI11317. With this input, when she contacted the airport people, initially they denied that it was found. Upon mentioning that it was traced by us, they then agreed that it was there and she identified it perfectly. When she rang them again today, after 5 days, they abruptly told her that she should come in person to collect it. What should she do? She is worried a lot as she is all alone and quite new there. She is spending unnecessarily. SOS.

Eswar Kumar Kilari

Posted On: 2018-07-25 14:12:36
I have booked SpiceJet from hyderabad to Visakhapatnam for 25-07-2018 through FlightXP site. While booking the ticket the was entered wrongly as Swath Kumar Kilari instead of Eswar Kumar Kilari. It is purely a typographical or spell mistake. When I contcted the spice jet customer care. They did not responded properly and did not considered for correction in the name. I request you to help me in this regard to get back my money. Thanking you Regards Eswar Kumar

Somashekar Doraiswamy

Posted On: 2018-07-24 07:54:43
My mother was refrained to board the flight until I had to book a return ticket to her. She holds a Malaysian "Long Term Social Visit Pass" with which she can stay & enter Malaysia multiple times until that visa is valid. Tried to explain this to the field executive over there & even customer support guys, but they are not able to understand. They seems to be least bothered about the situation. My mother was ill-treated because of the airlines limited knowledge on the type of visa she holds. Because of this she panicked and went through a trauma. She is also diabetic and what if something bad would have happened to her during this situation?

avinash pandita

Posted On: 2018-07-20 18:26:38
pgofficerchq To: , , Cc: , , GM(OPS), CHQ 20 Jul. at 5:44 pm Sir, Kindly refer mail dated 20 July 2018, From Shri Avinash Pandita​, addressed to the Chairman, AAI. The subject matter does not pertain to Airports Authority of India (AAI) however we are forwarding your grievance/complaint to Air India. The complaint/grievances stand disposed of from Operation department. Regards, PGO,CHQ AAI,New Delhi From: Chairman, AAI Sent: 20 July 2018 16:36 To: pgofficerchq Subject: FW: RE: Regarding your query with Paytm Care (Reference No.: 72495377) From: avinash pandita [] Sent: Friday, July 20, 2018 4:30 PM To: Paytm Care;; Cc:; Subject: Re: RE: Regarding your query with Paytm Care (Reference No.: 72


Posted On: 2018-07-16 17:39:53
I booked a ticket on goibibo website (PNR LFRMOM). Before booking the ticket i called the exicutive of go ibibo and ensured that there is a students baggage allowance of 40 kg. The name of the executive is Kevin. As per his instructions i booked a ticket and i did not get any allowance rather 30 kg only. I reported this issue with the customer support in less than 30 minutes of booking. That customer support agent told me it can be resolved by updating the VISA COPY, PASSPORT COPY AND ADMISSION LETTER. I mailed it to them and the next day they are saying that the airline declines my baggage allowance. I called the airline and they clearly told that i would have got this offer if i would have done it though their website or yathra website of students universe website. I am denied with this offer only just because i booked it through goibibo. I am sure (100%) that i had clicked the students fare before booking the ticket. It took almost 4 days to escalate the issue to the respective te

Club Factory customer care helpline number 6204982929

Posted On: 2018-07-15 06:55:26
Clu customer care helpline number 9068573534....7739018491 Club Factory customer care helpline number 9068573534....7739018491 Club Factory customer care helpline number 9068573534,...7739018491 Club Factory customer care helpline number 9068573534,...7739018491


Posted On: 2018-07-03 20:38:19
Hi, I cancelled my round ticket from mumbai to hong kong on 12 june 2018. the cancellation was done online. I received a mail from cleartrip that the balance money will be refund into the bank account in 5-7 working days. But 25 days have passed by no definite answer is received till date and I am yet to receive the refund money. have been calling since last 20 days to know where the problem is but every time a different person on the line falsely assures of response in 2 days. I have even forwarded the Bank Credit card statement showing the debits as per their instruction from the day of booking cancellation. I contacted the bank as well, but they do not have any information about the refund money. Can you please help me to check where the money is being held up. I hence request the refund to be made as soon as possible with out any further delay. I am really disappointed with clear trip services. The trip ID is 18042566766

Sofiya Nazneen

Posted On: 2018-07-02 15:04:30
I have no words to describe the way Clear trip customer care has handled my case and penalized me for something which is not my fault, i booked the ticket on clear trip and it didn't allow me to proceed without the surname and I just keyed in "NIL" as the customer care was unavailable to take call. Now niether KLM air Lines nor Clear trip is offering a helping a hand, instead trying to put nlame on each other and asking me to cancel the non nonrefundable ticket and re book a new ticket. Which company doesn't have a credit and reissue policy, especially when travel date is not immediate.


Posted On: 2018-06-30 20:40:06
Booked ticket is not cancelled properly in time and at last all fault is made on my side.


Posted On: 2018-06-30 09:06:20
Sir,I booked a ticket for Air India from Delhi to Jabalpur for 28.6.2018 through Make My Trip.On 28.6.2018 when I was waiting for the boarding at Gate42 of Terminal 3,there was an announcement that the Flight No.AI9617, has been cancelled due to bad weather at Jabalpur. We were asked to go back and the alternate flight was provided the next day which ultimately left at 18.00 hours on 29.6.2018 after 26 hours of the original flight. Please guide me what to do as I was travelling alone and I was humiliated and harassed by Air India.


Posted On: 2018-06-28 10:10:26

Nemish Sanghvi

Posted On: 2018-06-25 20:11:57
This is regards to a mishap which took place on our holiday to Hong Kong. We were robbed off for 10,000 HK Dollars and 900 USA Dollars during our flight. This incident took place on 9W 076 on 14th June at 0115 hours. We were 3 Passengers travelling for our annual holiday :- Nemish Sanghvi - Male 41 yrs Ekta Sanghvi - Female 36 yrs Teesya Sanghvi - Female 9 years We entered the flight and kept the hand bag on the over head compartment and went to sleep. The flight took off and lights were put off and most of the passengers went to sleep. At around 7 am we were served Breakfast and around 10.10 hrs the flight landed in Hong Kong. When we entered our room we realised it was missing. 10,000 HKK dollars were robbed and my 1000 USD was replaced with One dollar notes


Posted On: 2018-06-23 20:17:29
This is a serious concern as one of my friend Sarika Gupta was supposed to fly with SpiceJet - SG-158 from Mumbai to Delhi, today She was hardly 2 minutes late and was not allowed to on-board , She requested to the staff authorities a lot but they were too rude and unhelpful, leaving the passenger (Sarika and her 8 yeras old girl) helpless and in trouble.Being along and new to airport and city she is too terrified to hold the situation All that spicejet staff is asking now is Rs15000 for next flight, which is around 9 pm today, which is too high!! This is a total unacceptable and irresponsible behavior from SpiceJet and needs an immediate escalation from responsible staff, if any. Along with the response, I am also looking forward for the refund and other compensation for the emotional harassment of the lady by Spicejet


Posted On: 2018-06-18 13:04:19
my suit case was damaged due to mishandlingdelivery loading/un loading by AIR INDIA 473 on 13 Jun 18 .complaint lodged AS ONE WHEEL FOUND MISSING.please take action against officer for responsible.Request refund cost of VIP SAFARI

Dhamdeep Singh

Posted On: 2018-06-18 01:03:45
Go Air line Bagdogra to Delhi Date 12/6/18 Three passenger were deboard from plane and assured that they will get alternate flight ticket but they have not make any arrangements and neither refund the money. Dhamdeep Singh

Sandeep Agarwal

Posted On: 2018-06-15 14:28:45
Sir,I Mr. Sandeep Agarwal have booked a flight ticket from IBIBO.COM APPLICATION. FROM KOLKATA TO MUMBAI , Flight was on 12 /06 /2018 THE BOOKING FILE IS ATTACHED WITH THIS EMAIL. I have not receieved Rs.1200 for the offer given during booking of the ticket that if i pay by my Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card , Credit Card number being 4166 4415 0216 9004.Than there would be Rs.1200 cash back in my Credit Card or you can say was a waiver, When i make a payment through Kotak Credit Card. So i made a payment of Rs.8044 /- by my Kotak Mahindra Credit Card. Whereas i was suppose to get Rs.1200 /-cashback on my Credit Card. But i could see only Rs.3274 has been refunded. You think we are fool for a cancellation we will pay you Rs.5000/- Where is the Cash back. Dont think customers are fool and you can cheat and play around with customers . That ' s not possible Sir. You have Charged and deducted , All cancellation according to Airfare Rules and Regulation.You hav deducted more than 5000.

Janaki Ayyar

Posted On: 2018-06-15 13:49:46
Dear Sirs, We had made the above booking as early as 16th March 2018, with particular intent of getting the best competitive pricing. However, to our utter dismay, you have gone and cancelled the flight and asking us to book in any other alternate flight. You have announced this cancellation on 11th June, after nearly 3 months and almost nearer to the date of travel. Now, as the date of travel is closer, there is no possibility of getting very competitive pricing. However, as we have to undertake the travel, we searched and finally were able to get booking at a higher price. The details of the booking are as follows: 16.03.2018 - Spice Jet - BOM - IXE (PNR - N6RJ9C & NFRE6E) - Rs. 3834 + 2185 = Rs.6019 After cancellation by you, rebooking, 11.06.2018 - Jet Air - BOM - IXE (PNR - NZZNOX) - Rs. 9420 Even though, you have refunded the full fare, we had to incur additional expenses due to your arbitrary cancellation. Hence kindly arrange to reimburse the addl expenses of Rs.3401/

Sohal Vikram Mahadevia

Posted On: 2018-06-10 13:47:53
These guys of jet airways overcharged me 150 USD for baggage and make my trip selling such of their non sense type if tickets when an extra bag is 150 USD they charged me per kg strictly invite of me telling them 100 times at check in send also Inspite of me complaining here to both many many times and they refusing my claim. So now I come to u for justice Shut down both these companies or order them to pay 10 times penalty. Sohal  9820817751.


Posted On: 2018-06-10 11:48:24
I booked a flight through goibibo from Dehradun to Delhi pnr WBFRFG and bearing flight number SG946 and a connecting flight from Delhi to Bhubaneswar pnr DGC7VQ and bearing flight no 6E2211. I was informed in the airport on scheduled date and time by the spicejet that the flight SG946 was rescheduled at 5:00am on the same date but i did not get the information early by them moreover goibibo misinformed about the departure of the flight SG946 on same morning that flight was on time.Due to their highhandedness I have gone through mental harassment as well as financial loss for which i may be sufficiently compensated.

Vaibhav Mehta

Posted On: 2018-06-08 23:30:28
Sringar is burning, spice jet is making profit. Dear sir Good evening, Hope you are well there I had booked spice jet for srinagar to Ahmedabad. I am vaibhav mehta & i had booked tickets with Spice jet through with pnr no X8G9X. Due to recent bad developements at srinagar I had cancelled my tickets as my tour operator had cancelled for Srinagar. No one will send close relatives to sringar in this situation. I had contacted on phone & email about cancellation charges & there is no free cancellation policy specifically for this segment @ sringar at Spice Jet. Other airlines had given all customers free cancellation. Indigo where I was flying from Ahmedabad to stomach had given me free cancellation looking at situation. This is not acceptable to me that spice jet is making profit in this situation also from all who are cancelling tickets in this situation. I wish to take this issue with yourself kind self ,aviation ministry. Pl help me & guide how to take

sonal sharma

Posted On: 2018-06-06 17:16:29
AI 191, pnr Z90MW. I am Indian female scientist working at BARC, Mumbai. Me and my family had a flight of air india AI 191 at 9 pm from Delhi airport terminal 3 to mumbai on 26th may 2018. Flight was delayed by one hour. We reached airindia counter at 8:15pm. We were not allowed to check in and board the flight in spite of flight being late. Mr Vijay Gupta, asked the counter person to close the counter sayingthat we are late and counter was closed at 8pm. We told that flight is late and requested to allow us checkin. But in vain. Mr Vijay Gupta started shouting at us. We requested to adjust us in some other flight but no one helped us. Refund of our ticket was also not provided. We had to stay in Delhi for 3days and booked another ticket of indigo on 29th May. I have written mail to airindia many times but no one responded. I need refund and compensation.

Samarth Nagpal

Posted On: 2018-06-04 00:49:58
Hi we have cancelled our tickets of Spicejet Airlines form Delhi to Bagdogra return.We have cancelled our tickets only 15 mins prior to our booking flights due to some reason.We have got the refund of INR 1000 approx against our booking of 17900 and the travel date is 3 months after the booking date.Since these are domestic flights we were charged more than 90 percent of our fare.This is a mere loot and very disgusting on the part of airlines


Posted On: 2018-06-02 04:26:44
Good Evening, Hello sir, Today morning I was informed that my flight(AirAisa Hyderbad to Ranchi) on 09-June-2018 is cancelled giving reason as 'AirAisa route from Hyderabad to Ranchi is suspended'. They are not ready to give any alternate flight option. Also, they informed this less than 14 days before travel. This has caused me lot of inconvenience in my travel plan, Also If I book a ticket now with other airline it would cost me double the amount. Regards Junaid


Posted On: 2018-06-02 04:26:01
Good Evening, Hello sir, Today morning I was informed that my flight(AirAisa Hyderbad to Ranchi) on 09-June-2018 is cancelled giving reason as 'AirAisa route from Hyderabad to Ranchi is suspended'. They are not ready to give any alternate flight option. Also, they informed this less than 14 days before travel. This has caused me lot of inconvenience in my travel plan, Also If I book a ticket now with other airline it would cost me double the amount. Regards Junaid

Ananya Mukherjee

Posted On: 2018-05-31 15:48:39
Regarding baggage lost by Jet Airways - Jet flight 362 on the 13th of May, 2018. I checked in for a flight that was supposed to take off at 5.30pm, however Jet continued to delay the flight and ultimately cancelled it at 2.30 am. We stayed in the airport for over 12 hours. After the cancellation, our boarding passes were taken and we were told to wait for our baggage. After 2 hours of waiting we requested the staff to let us leave and go back to our homes and pick up the baggage the next day since it still had not come. They agreed, however the next day there was no sign of the baggage. I have been calling and emailing Jet for the last 18 days but they have not compensated me, told me where my bag is. The bag contained expensive clothes, shoes and a sleep apnea machine that costs over 1 lakh. This machine is necessary for regulating my breathing and is missing due to the negligence of Jet airways. Please help me take strict action against them, to compensate me or return my bag.

Iyyapasamy T

Posted On: 2018-05-30 15:44:47
Dear sir , I booked flight ticket from chennai to Coimbatore PNR:AWTD59 travel date :09/04/2017 for Rs.17,696 but the flight has been cancelled and it has been mentioned the amount will be refunded but still the amount not refunded.i called customer care so many times and fed up. Kindly help me in getting back my amount herewith I attached the air ticket.And I'm ready to register complaint against the aircarnival airlines if in need.

Aniket Hareshwar Raut

Posted On: 2018-05-29 11:08:03
I had SpiceJet flight 160 from Bombay to Delhi at 06:00am today on 29/05/2018 which has been delayed and due to the delay my flight from Delhi to Leh was missed (IndiGo flight 653).Now they are not giving any compensation .Please help regarding this.

Avinash Kumar

Posted On: 2018-05-27 21:59:57
Goibibo customer care number6200461303...7508785792.... 24x7.. Hrs..


Posted On: 2018-05-22 17:09:53
I had booked flight on 13 Aprl 2018 hyderabad to tirupathi and back scheduled on 24th april 2018 through makemytrip - through Trujet. Trujet on 23rd apr 2018 informed me that flights have been cancelled and they will refund the full amount. When I contacted Trujet office they informed me that makemytrip will refund the full amount to me as they had initiated refund process. But till date both these organisations are not responding to my request of refund. Makemytrip portal shows only 2000 as my eligible refund where I paid 19881. Also the portal shows that the time is over for claiming refund. For no fault of mine I am suffering loss of Rs 19881. Due to cancellations of flights by Trujet on 24th Apr, rescheduing had cost me extra of 12000. I request you to take up the matter and see that I get full refund along with my additional charges. I hope at least through this medium I will get justice

Sandeep Dubey

Posted On: 2018-05-15 13:52:45
Lost luggage ref number - 9W498809 - jet airways 14 may Singapoore bangalore flight Hi > > It was really pathetic to know I have lost my luggage though it was loaded in Singapoore-Bangalore flight 9W0025 on 14 th may. > > I need to have my luggage by EOD delivered my house as it’s have important documents and other material. > > It’s really unprofessional execution of jet airways causing issues and suffering haunting all my travel activity and Jet airways responsible for same. > > Jet airways to give response and closure by today to be handled on priority. I am not getting any proper response. > > Regards > Sandeep Dubey > Cell: 9148880579

Prasanth Raja Gnansekaran

Posted On: 2018-05-14 14:23:06
Airlines : Indigo Booking Reference : WGR8SD Origin City : Bangkok (BKK) Destination City : Bangalore with changeover at Kolkata (CCU) Our Family members(5-adults and 1-Kid ) have taken Indigo Airline flight form Bangkok to Bangalore on 23/04/2018(change over at kolkata) and made check-in for 8(each weighing differently) baggage at Bangkok airport. When we reached kolkata, we found that one of our baggage i.e. Blue American tourister (out of 8) hadn't reached kolkata and was still at Bangkok. Airport official at kolkata taken an complaint on this and assured that my baggage would reach with in 10 hrs to my residential address. But yet to receive my baggage and had contacted Indigo customer care multiple times, but there was no proper updates on my missed baggage. Finally on 7th May 2018, they declared my baggage as lost and willing to give 20USD/kg. As per airlines the lost baggage weighted just 11 kg, but it was actually 19Kg and contained more other valuables.

Rahul Kumar

Posted On: 2018-05-07 11:00:08
Club factory customer care helpline number 8294087640

kuldeep singh

Posted On: 2018-05-03 15:58:35
sir i studying in Airport Avaiton Academy Coaching from jodhpur (Raj.) The academy had promised to give me a job within 6 months. For which they had ₹ 100000 from me. This was going to get me the CSA job at the airport. Now it is neither giving me my money nor giving me a job. He also had a guaranteed permanent job and also said that his coaching is related to Make in India.

rajiv ranjan

Posted On: 2018-05-01 14:47:39
Club factory customer care helpline number 9938068073,8294087640

Vaidehi Ayyar

Posted On: 2018-04-27 17:07:59
SUBJECT: Complaint with respect to: PNR: WNAVLY Flight: 9W2967 Date: 13 Dec 2018 From: BOM to RPR This complaint is regarding my booking for 4 tickets from Mumbai to Raipur, booked, details given above. Issue: I planned to book 4 tickets from Mumbai to Raipur, for 7th December 2018, but booked the tickets for 13th December 2018 By Mistake. The amount equaled to 16572. When I asked Jet Airways customer care for rescheduling the date, the rescheduling charges as stated by the customer care was almost 4200 per passenger!! This worked out to almost 18000!!! Is this logical????? They said the airline has put these charges! When I asked the customer service staff to provide correct charges, he insisted that he will help me, with refund and rescheduling, but coolly tells me the charges are more than the charges of my tickets!! No. 1, WHY would a customer be asked to pay 18000 for rescheduling, when we booked for 17000?? Cheating, fraudulent charges!

praveen kumar

Posted On: 2018-04-24 09:31:20
I am a frequent traveler with indigo.i was supposed to board this flight Booking ID: 180417275980 and PNR: DKQUWR yesterday. I was on time still indigo people at airport dint let me check-in by saying I am late by 2 minutes...though I am sureiwas not..i was there only, they themselves started misguiding me asking to go to other counter and suddenly told me now it's closed. and now they are lying like anything. I was going Bangkok n it was really important and urgent though they made me miss both the flights.. this is so very pathetic.this is not the way indigo treats their customers. this is the 3rd time in this month they have done wrong, last week on Thursday also they have done this and on next flight, they have lost my luggage too. indigo is such an inconsiderate and irresponsible airline that they do these sort of thing every now and then still they carry that gumption to misbehave n demean their customers. DISAPPOINTING

r s ganguly

Posted On: 2018-04-23 17:15:12
Attn- Nodal officer Mr Siddharth Biswakarma Indigo airlines Dear Sir, Attn- Nodal officer Mr Siddharth Biswakarma dt-07.03.18 Dear Sir, With great regret I am submitting the following facts for your information and for taking recourse. I have booked a ticket in your airline on 22nd Nov 17 for a journey of my mother in law Mrs Dipalee Banerjee from kolkata to Delhi for the journey on 25th February18 vide PNR no ZJVE8E at a cost of Rs 3769 vide your flight no-6E6616 departure at 13.05. from Kolkata. On 24th Feb night I called to customer service of indigo, considering her age to provide a wheel chair with proper assistance, the customer care executive in first instance told me that there is no inventory 25th Feb, you plan her visit to next flight then only he can arrange wheel chail facilities for her. I have requested him explaining the practical difficulties due to her age and he ultimately assured me and confirmed that the intimation has been sent to Kolkata A

Umesh Mahtani

Posted On: 2018-04-23 14:04:05
I was travelling from Dehradun to Goa on 21st April 2018 and the flight booked was from Dehradun to Delhi by Jet Airways and onward Delhi to Goa by Air Asia. One day before the travel date Air Asia cancelled the Delhi to Goa flight which forced me to purchase an expensive ticket for the Delhi Goa sector. Air Asia gave me an option of an earlier flight which I could not catch as my flight to Delhi would not arrive in time.

prateek deo

Posted On: 2018-04-23 13:53:37
WORST ONLINE AIR TICKETING COMPANY ...BEWARE ... HAPPY EASY GO MPORTANT NOTICE : DO NOT BOOK AIR TICKET VIA #HappyEasyGo Theres a HORRIBLE air ticket company floating on the internet with the name HAPPYEASY GO ( , also promoted by I was trying to book a air ticket through their site My payment got thru our bank , and i got a message by them that the amount has been deducted .and then when the confirmation message of the ticket was going to happen on Happyesygo site , it crashed and said öops " After calling up the help line of HappyEasy go , they bluntly and rudely answer bank 'we dont have your money "... now wheres the money. #HappyEasyGo after contacting my bank says its debited, for which i got the SMS on my registered mobile.. and i had entered the Visa check OTP also. i have received a settlement copy from my bank

Vikas Singh

Posted On: 2018-04-22 23:22:30
Dear Sir , My self Vikas Singh MY PNR With AIR India YTW6J and Date of Journey 23.04.2018 From Chennai to Allahabad , Today I have make a call to AIR India Customer Care Executive to ask for the details accordingly but he has misbehave and have give pressure on me . They are cheating with Customer . I want to take legal action against AIR India and Customer Care Executive Mr. Akash .

Jigar Dave

Posted On: 2018-04-20 08:46:22
Dear Sir/Madam, I hope you are well. I would like to draw your attention towards the unpleasant and not so kind experience that my Father had recently while flying to U.S.A from Ahmedabad. We have booked a ticket for my Father Mr. Bhanuprasad Chhotalal Dave who is 77 years old and having difficulty walking, hearing and lifting via Air India flight No. AI985 from Ahmedabad to Newark via airline PNR AI JE4TPM( E-Ticket number 098-5353749948. He was scheduled to fly via Mumbai. At Mumbai airport he was denied Wheelchair facility and he was compelled to walk to the air craft by Air India Staff. IF this is not enough at Newark air port he was left by the staff at the baggage collecting facility in Wheel chair and made to lift and carry two large bags (23 kgs each) and to walk outside ALL BY HIMSELF by AIR AINDIA staff. At least as an INDIAN we do not expect and deserves this kind of service-respect to our Parents? Can you please investigate this and let me know the outcome? I hope to


Posted On: 2018-04-18 17:15:56
Dear Sir/Madam, This is with respect to my below query regarding the cancellation of my ticket as I am not doing well with my health and my doctor has suggested me not to fly on which I have been following up almost since ages in order to know the process. It is quite strange that how a big organization like GoAir is working that they do not even respond to the emails sent to them and this is really shocking as a user will at least expect response from you guys. They only sent me an acknowledgement and since then there have been no response at all. In addition to this, I have already called the GoAir Customer care number and their response was not suggesting as if they are Customer Care rather they are just there to answer the call and direct the people to your emailing system (which is of no use as no one ever bothers to respond), as per them (Customer care) they do not take care or help with refund processes and only way to get the response is via your email system.


Posted On: 2018-04-14 14:20:43
Dear Sir, I have booked a ticket through before a few days. My booking ID is 560792307897605800. After booking, they rang me up and told me that my ticket was not booked and I will be refunded the full amount. Til now many days have passed. They are sending me mails mentioning false assurances but not refunding me the amount. The amount is Rs 4332. I request you to please look into the matter. Thanking You, Kousik Biswas 8794837610

Yogesh Kumar Agarwal

Posted On: 2018-04-02 15:13:12
I have booked for my wife 55 years old travelling alone ticket from Bhuj to Delhi (9W 988) on 2nd april 18 Flight starts from Bhuj at 8 AM and reach Mumbai at 9.40 AM and connecting flight no 9W331 starts from 10.00AM ,Two boarding pass were given at Bhuj airport upto Delhi. At Mumbai airport no has one guided my wife about connecting flight which is about to fly to Delhi within 20 minutes of arrival of flight from Bhuj. She was alone and got upset and Jet airways ground staff not cooperate her . Two other persons have also missed the Delhi flight on same day .My question is when four boarding passed has been given to passengers then how the connecting flight has been allowed to depart and no help has been provided to passengers at airport .airline persons should bring the passengers to board the Delhi flight or inform them accordingly . When airline is not able to fly the passengers from Bhuj to Delhi in time why they issued tickets from Bhuj to Delhi necessary to harassed the pas

Muzaffar Rashid

Posted On: 2018-04-01 14:20:35
I have booked a ticket on happyeasygo on 4th of march. The date of journey was 10th of march. Today is 1st april they not issued my Ticket and the date of journey is over but amount was deducted from my account which they have not refunded yet.

Ayushi Nigam

Posted On: 2018-03-30 12:14:24
Hello, I've lost my luggage with indigo airlines on 28th March 2018. It contained my pancard, driving license, passport, MacBook charger, Hard disk, books, clothes and few gold/diamond jewelry . For the past 2 days I'm calling them but I'm just getting an answer that we are trying and will be responding in an hour. But it's been so long but no action has been taken. Please help me finding out my luggage.

Dipak kumar

Posted On: 2018-03-27 12:42:46
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Posted On: 2018-03-21 14:38:28
On 16th Feb 2018 , I planned my Journey from Bangalore to Hongkong and Vice Versa.I booked tickets through Indigo from Bangalore to Mumbai initial time of that flight was 9:30 PM , but it got delayed and departed around 12:00 AM midnight.My connecting flight from Mumbai to Hongkong was at 2:00AM through Air india.I explored other options like try Go airways which was about to depart by 10:00 PM but unfortunately there was no seats in that.As it was international flight so calculated the time , if i would have boarded indigo then i would have reached mumbai around 1:30 AM due to which it would have almost impossible to board Hongkong flight , so i decided not to board indigo and aborted my journey.I requested Air India to cancel my flight and they did it.As a result i got half of the booked amount. I really struggling to get the refund amount from Indigo , as coz of flight delay i had to suffer huge loss.My returning flight from Mumbai to Bangalore was through AirIndia.

Varnika Mishra

Posted On: 2018-03-20 12:54:57
We booked flight from Mumbai-Colombo from 10-14 March through Indigo. Due to 10 days emergency declared on 6 March in Sri Lanka , we cancelled our ticket. I was expecting fee waiver cancellation like other airlines were doing from 6-16th March. Jet Airways too announced that while their services to Sri Lanka will be operational, they are waiving penalties for date and flight changes, refunds, no-shows and fare differences on confirmed tickets issued for flights to and from Colombo between 6-16 March, 2018. We were unfortunate that we booked Indigo flight! Want full refund!

devraj singh chauhan

Posted On: 2018-03-15 18:00:58
respected sir/madam we went to paris on 22 feb2018 from delhi was a connecting flight from delhi to bengaluru by jet airlines and bengaluru to paris by air france. at paris airport we didn't received our baggages. i filed complaint with air france. air france assured us to deliver the next day and because europe is too cold they told us to spend 200 euros for clothing and essentials.we did it accordingly.but now i am unable to claim the money they promised us.almost 22 days have been passed but our bags are still missing.they closed our complaint without doing anything.i opened new complaint with air france but they are not respondinag. Jet airlines also not taking the responsibility,please do the needfull at the earliest.

Bhavin Patel

Posted On: 2018-03-14 15:53:04
Complain regarding Mental and Physical harrasement to me and my family including 2 kids and wasting our time at Mumbai Airport


Posted On: 2018-03-07 10:53:43
Refer PNR - WHLM9F 1) Booked on 22 August 2017. 2) As on date Air Ticket price jaipur Kolkata Sector is Rs. 3500/-. 4) After 6 months airlines now cancelling the flight without any unforseen reason simply stating that due Operational requirement. 5) Airlines are requested to arrange the Ticket of any airlines of the same date of Journey of my PNR mentioned above.


Posted On: 2018-03-05 21:35:38
Sir/Madam, I booked Air India ticket tonight for 4 member of our family. By mistake i booked return ticket with wrong date. When I contacted AI they said that reschedule or cancellation charge will be Rs.16000 for 4 person. This is exorbitantly high and i do not get any printed charge of reschedule / cancellation charge online. Is there any regulation on this charge or AI can decide the charges as they wish?. Pl help

Anurag Mishra

Posted On: 2018-02-20 00:11:43
sir mai ticket book kar raha tha Easymytrip se but mera paisa Kat gaya aur ticket ka mail bhi nahi aaya phir maine dubara ticket book kiya lekin kuch der baad pahle waala ticket ka mail bhi aa gaya. ab mere paas ek hi flight ki do ticket hai mai chahta hu ki mera ek ticket cancel kar diya jaaye aur mera pura paisa refund kiya jaaye. EMT39808005 EMT39809961 EMT39808005 KO CANCEL KIYA JAAYE Thanks

Noble Mathew

Posted On: 2018-02-18 15:11:34
Dear Sir, Its with immense regret to the service provider against which this message is been drafted, I have booked a flight from Chennai to Cochin for the flight Go Air G8-686 with booking ID:NF22997129085478 the fare for the same has been changed due to addition of a zero cancellation amount which was 229 that changed the fare to a new amount but was later not mentioned in the invoice. Later after directly cancellation of the Flight due to personal emergencies well before 6 days. Make my trips refund amount for me is Zero where as airline has promised me about a refund of Rs. 1458.00 which they had mentioned me to claim it from make my trip where as make my trip is restraining me from getting any amount for this booking done By charging additional amount even after paying back there convenience fee amount of 540 which is there charges for the booking. Please get me to get the refund of Rs. 1458 as promised from the Go Air airline for the Cancellation Done.

Umang Sitani

Posted On: 2018-02-17 17:57:58
delaY of flight number 6E679 for more than 4 hours .Not providing proper facility to passengers not making any proper arrangement for food and the staff was so rude and not compensating the passrngers.

Najmu Sakib Malik

Posted On: 2018-02-17 10:02:15
Extremely irresponsible and worst airlines I have ever seen !! Flight departs when its status shows "now boarding" I have the best memories with red hot airline !! SPICEJET BAN THIS STUPID SPICEJET AIRLINES I boarded Spicejet flight no. SG 937 from Delhi to Srinagar on 15th of February flight timing was 10:25 am. So I reached 50 minutes before as I had to come from a long way. I got my boarding pass and went in. Had something as I was damn hungry, and then to washroom. When I rushed towards boarding gate I realised i dropped my wallet somewhere so i again went back searching for it. In the mean time I kept an eye on display screens for flight status. When i rushed towards gate for boarding they said flight has gone. I searched on the nearby screens and it showed "NOW BOARDING ". I was highly shocked to know and I pleaded and asked them that it's urgent. I can't explain rudeness and carelessness of the airlines employees. I didn't hear any announcements or final calls.


Posted On: 2018-02-16 17:41:45
Respected Sir/Madam Consumer Redressal I made a air ticket booking on 11/02/18(Booking Id: 549866209596806479) by using HAPPYEASYGO.COM, which provides online service to book the air tickets. I paid Rs.26560 for booking.But after few minutes booking is cancelled by provider and it is being told to me that my money will be refunded within 24 Hr. Now it is more than 4 days i did not received my money back even after repeated reminder(can be seen in trailing mails). in each reply, they are telling that it will be refunded, but no action till now. Request is to please look into the matter as i am not able to make further transaction due to lac of money.

Ashish Sethi

Posted On: 2018-02-05 14:30:04
This mail in regards to refund of my amount of booking from air asia from Delhi to Bali. As flight got cancelled due to Volcanic eruption in Bali. Here are the flight details. Delhi to Bali: PNR: HHVJVC Date of journey: Nov 27, 2017 Amount Paid: Rs.19,596 Bali to Delhi: PNR: VPC1VA Date of journey: Dec 04, 2017 Amount Paid: Rs.20,888 They provided my the credit-shell in Air Asia account, But I need my money in my account, As cancellation is not my mistake and not done from my end. But the customer care executive is saying, I am not able to get my money back, they told me you need to fly from air asia anyhow, other wise money is going to waste, This is hard cash money which i paid. According to me this is also an example of Fraud. Please look in to this issue.


Posted On: 2018-02-05 11:17:07
I booked air tickets for my family from Abudhabi to Trivandrum in Airindia express web site, but recently i got a call from their representaive telling that that ticket price was wrong and i need to pay 206 Dhirhams additionally for their technical mistake.

Rajeev Maheshwari

Posted On: 2018-01-28 12:08:55
From: RAJEEV MAHESHWARI Date: 27 December 2017 at 22:27 Subject: Refund of Cancelled Ticket To: Dear Manager Good evening Please refer my booking. I have cancelled my ticket with GoAir. I am still waiting refund of DEL-A'BAD & A'BAD- DELHI sector dt 06th Dec and 10th Dec 2017 Please do the needful and confirm of balance payment without any further delay Thanks and regards Rajeev Maheshwari Maya Garden City, Block A-5 /Apartment 701, 7th Floor Chandigarh Ambala Highway ZIRAKPUR - 140603, Distt Mohali, Punjab Mobile +91 81949 00489


Posted On: 2018-01-27 20:11:15
I was supposed to fly from Mumbai to Amsterdam, but because of the denied boarding I couldn’t reach my final destination as planned. Now following is what happened with me. My flight was from Mumbai, India to Amsterdam, Netherlands via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines I travelled from Mumbai to Istanbul (no problem here). When I was boarding to flight Istanbul to Netherlands, airlines officials (the ones who checks the boarding pass before boarding the flight) told me that I could not board the flight because my visa was issued by Poland and I need to go to Poland first.

Vilayat Alicom

Posted On: 2018-01-23 23:23:27
I was booking a Goair ticket from Delhi to Leh but by some mistake instead the flight was booked from Leh to Delhi. With in minutes I contacted their customer support. But they said the system cant help that I have to cancel or reschedule it. I asked the customer care representative to reschedule the destination and source for the same date but he said I have to pay more Rs.5600. While my previous booking was of Rs. 2733/.. on Every site the flight ticket was showing for 6199. They were charging me RS.2522 for rescheduling. For a simple mistake. To err is human. But they were charging too much. I saide they can take Rs. 700 for resheduling as a penalty! But they refused! The PNR is CZVE5Y for goair. I called them within 5minustes. As soon as I find the mistake!


Posted On: 2018-01-23 22:45:45
Dear Sir/Madam, An Air Ticket No. 0712119242634 booked for Lusaka from New Delhi vide Addis Ababa dated 17-01-2018 on Ethiopian Airlines. Due to outbreak of Cholera in Zambia, request for cancellation and refund was made through email and telephonically on 10-01-2018 but the Ethiopian Airlines - DEL CTO i.e. STIC Travels Pvt. Ltd.(GSA) straightaway turned down the request saying that the ticket was non-refundable whereas it was no where mentioned on the ticket booked. Repeated requests were made both through email and over the mobile number given on the Ethiopian Airlines' website but nothing positive came to the fore. Booking the ticket on Ethiopian Airlines and lackadaisical approach demonstrated by the local GSA resulted into mental trauma and harassment. You are requested to please intervene, look into the matter and assist us in getting a reasonable claim and teaching them a lesson so that they shouldn’t behave like this in future.

Manmohan Singh

Posted On: 2018-01-18 08:29:01
BIGGEST SCAMMERS on Earth !! I booked 4 tickets from Phuket to Bangkok on Jan 8, 2018 and paid $290. I got a second invoice asking for the balance '45 %' amount ! I immediately sent a CANCELLATION request within 4 minutes of my 'bookings' and got a 'copy' & 'paste' reply that my refund will be processed in 60-70 days after deduction of $200 to 250 ! I wrote them that as per their refund policy :, cancellations done within 15 minutes will be processed for full refund as they do not charge any processing fee for cancellations. I told them that I will report their scamming to Law Enforcement Agencies and will post my experience online. I was asked to not threaten them. Since, we have returned from our trip (booked directly with Airline), I will not stop exposing them until I get back my each penny from them ! What is more alarming on their site is that their payment accepting method is NOT ENCRYPTED one ! They even tried to take out


Posted On: 2018-01-15 10:54:47
My PNR of spice jet is T5F34V, My son gender is Male but in spice jet ticket his gender shows female. I have called many times to rectify his gender to Male but they denied. Then I mailed spice jet with documents of my son birth certificate, but problems not resolved yet. So please do needful thanking you.


Posted On: 2018-01-09 21:51:43
I booked TRIVANDRUM to SINGAPORE tickets for me and my family and dependents for a vacation trip. The booking was made well in advance on 10Nov2017 for the travel during 09Feb2018 to 16Feb2018. However, today i got an SMS from airlines that the tickets are being cancelled by airlines. We are working employees and needs many approvals and NOC from respective departments to travel to abroad. Also, i booked stay in singapore and triggered applying for VISA with my agent recently. Just because of cancellation of bookings from airline I and my family with dependents are in deep trouble. On enquiring airline it is denying to pay complete refund and provide compensation towards alternative dates. I request this redressal forum to take it forward for providing proper resolution to me. Please note that this trip was the most awaited trip to my old age parents and is connected with many emotions for my parents.

Chetan Shah

Posted On: 2018-01-09 18:40:19
Issue: Flight Cancelled at Last Hour of departure. No option provided for accommodation. No alternate flight arranged by Airline. No refund till date for already booked ticket. My booking details: - Booking number/PNR: GWYT4N. - Name: Chetan Shah - Air Asia Flight: I5-735 - Scheduled Departure: 22:40 02-Jan-2018[Delhi-Pune] Flight was cancelled from Air Asia at the last hour. No alternate flights/accommodation was provided. Forcibly I had to book next available flight(Indigo 6E-769). Booking reference: VKGBKE. This flight cost me: Rs. 14929/-. Per DGCA norms on cancellation(CAR, Section 3, Series M, Part IV), I am expecting following: - Full refund for my cancelled Air Asia flight(I5-735)[Rs. 5361/-] - Compensation for my Indigo flight(6E-769)[Rs. 14929/-] Had escalated the matter with Nodal officer Air Asia(case reference: 01326659) on 02-Jan-2018 11:55 PM. No response so far. Please help!!

atulesh podh

Posted On: 2018-01-09 01:03:34
i booked a flight ticket on dated 7/01/18 in goibibo from kiev to delhi. my flight is airarabia .amount of 30048 also deducted from my account . but until i havent recieved any email from goibibo .and flight is on 13 . they dont even contacting me .so i kindly request you to make some action on it. MY NUMBER IS +380730143004 UKRIANE

Trevor Vaz Barreto

Posted On: 2017-12-30 14:13:48
I had booked a return flight from Goa to Bangkok for 249.66 dollars. soon after i paid the amount,they told me that that it is a booking amount and I need to pay another 45% to get the ticket. I was shocked ,so i applied for cancellation and refund. As per their refund policy I can cancel and demand refund within a week so i did exactly that, however they refuse to refund my money back. I think they are online scamsters and have cheated lot of indian travellers how do i recover my money back please advice and investigate the matter so that they can be caught and innocent people saved from losses


Posted On: 2017-12-29 22:53:17
I tried to book flight at Vistara Airlines website and selected Paytm as the payment mode for the amount of Rs. 4,524/- and had sufficient balance in Paytm Account. Payment status as in Paytm passbook is "Success". But Vistara initially issued ticket with Seat No., Passenger Name, Meal Preference everything is confirmed at the time of booking and later when I logged into my Vistara Account after few hours to print the ticket, I couldn't see the same booking and customer service executive said there is no such booking. Vistara has cancelled my confirmed ticket and removed its trail from my Vistara Account and No Refund of Money till date, No response to complaint raised through e-mail, website, facebook, telcon.

Vijayakannan S

Posted On: 2017-12-21 20:36:00
I was not issued ticket either by mail or SMS. When I called to highlighted about my case to customer care their response was very cold and asked me for evidences from my bank credit card record as a proof that amount has been deducted in my card and paid to GoAir, they wanted me to prove that I have called customer care number prior to my travel date to check about my reservation when they confirmed that no booking was done against my name, ticket details were neither delivered by SMS or email. My PNR was shared with me later only after I had completed my travel through alternate airlines. I have also attached the boarding passes of as proof of my travel on the same dates in an alternate airlines, because GoAir didn't deliver my ticket on time and also confirmed that there was no booking made against my name despite multiple followup. After sharing all the required evidence with them like Card stmt, mobile stmt, alternate airlines boarding pass, I still struggling for my refund.

Gaurav Agarwal

Posted On: 2017-12-18 16:09:55
Dear Sir, Please note that I recently booked tickets by Vistara Airlines for my family travel from Delhi to Pune on 24th Dec and was shocked that they charged for an 10 months old infant for Rs. 2593 without seat.The Booking ID is O8MWJV and Ticket Number is 228 2401158178. Please look into the same. Regards, Gaurav Agarwal +91 9663806111

Nidhish Bhatia

Posted On: 2017-12-13 16:26:48
I have booked a ticket from Cincinnati to Chicago and later on from Chicago to New Delhi as connecting flight for 01.07.17.After checking the passport details from myself and ticket in her computer system the concerning executive lady refuse to board in flight due no reservation confirmation from Air India. She said to me that I was show at their previous booking before cancellation & Air India has not given any information regarding cancellation of previous booking to them and also no communication regarding new booking for 01.07.17.At last I have lost my flight for that day and also an important meeting in India.It was physically and mentally harassment of myself (passenger) due to completely negligence of Air India.Lastly I took a decision to return back to hotel and also rescheduled my ticket with date changed directly from Chicago to New Delhi from 01.07.17 to 02.07.17.Now,it's my humble request to you that kindly looks into the matter and take necessary action against Air India.

Akash Lohchab

Posted On: 2017-12-13 11:57:50
Dear Sir/Madam, I had to book a flight from Delhi to Pune but unfortunately booked from Pune to Delhi instead. On discussing with AirAsia Nodal officer, they asked me to book a new ticket for same date with AirAsia and share new flight PNR with them so that they can refund the previous ticket charges based on new ticket with AirAsia on the same day.I booked another AirAsia flight for the same day eventhough it was very costly and shared the new PNR with nodal officer but they refund the amount in my AirAsia membership account with 2 months expiry date. So that i have to book 3rd flight unnecessarily with Air Asia within 2 months to avail the amount otherwise the amount will expire after 3 months. Now 1 flight made me to book 3 AirAsia flight. AirAsia nodal officer cheated by asking to book a new flight saying to credit the full amount to my account. Kindly assist me to get the refund of amount in my bank account instead in AirAsia wallet amount.Thank you. Best Regards, Akash Lohchab

Suchitra Kumar Biswas

Posted On: 2017-12-11 16:31:03


Posted On: 2017-12-08 11:12:33
Consequent upon cancellation of GoAir flight from Ranchi to Bangalore scheduled on 16/12/2017, I opted for full refund of the amount. Accordingly, i got an invoice vide No. 2005024158R4P72P dated 23/11/2017 from the Airline through e-mail showing refund of Rs.4,155/-. But the agency i.e CLEARTRIP through I booked the ticket refunded only Rs.1,875/- after deuducting cancellation charges as applicable in normal cancellation.When the ticket has been cancelled due to cancellation of the flight how the agency can charge the fee when the Airline has not charges any fee ? This is very much unfair and illegal. Therefore, my request is to give necessary instructions to the CLEARTRIP for full refund of the amount against trip ID 17091795694 and the agency may be penalised in order to avoid such incidents in future.

Kanishk Malhotra

Posted On: 2017-12-06 23:02:38
Dear Sir /Ma'am I was traveling from delhi to paris with the interconnecting flight at Bombay At delhi airport there was Power bank in my luggage and it was missed as a security chexk and was passed to Bombay Airport witboit being removed from tbe bag At Bombay Airport it was noticed that the bag contains power bank and was removed well before time from the bag and after reaching Paris airport bag was misplaced by airways Despite contacting them many times they were not able to trace my luggage and due to them i have faced lot of problems and have caused lot of inconvenience Hope you will look into this matter Airline : Jet Airways

Sanjeev Kumar

Posted On: 2017-11-30 13:12:26
Sanjeev Kumar and his family (wife & kid) were harrased very badly and finally denied boarding by Gulf Air ground staff at New Delhi airport for Flight No GF 135 on 14 Aug 2017. They were travelling on tourist visa to Frankfurt. He had all the required documents with valid visa and had reached airport well within time for boarding. Gulf air ground staff saw their visa, ticket and then started asking random questions nowhere required for boarding an international flight. When Sanjeev raised voice against this harassment, the ground staff manhandled and even abused them. He tried contacting gulf air customer centre, but no one picked phone. Finally, he had to book another ticket on Emirates on the same day and he was able to travel with family with same set of documents. We constantly tried to contact Gulf air customer support for compensation but they provided very delayed response with false excuses. We even made complaint with DGCA,but havnt recevied any response till now. Please help


Posted On: 2017-11-29 15:47:27
I wan redress of Complaint regarding reimbursement of additional charges incurred and compensation from Jet Airways India Ltd due delayed flight.

A K Singh Gangwar

Posted On: 2017-11-21 14:49:56
Air Vistara not responding to refund money on medical background. Details below Dear Ms Sushmita Tiwari I am available on my mobile 9999738955 for talk. Pl call me or give your direct no so that I can call you. Regards A K Singh Gangwar From: Custrelations [] Sent: Monday, November 20, 2017 5:03 PM To: Awadhesh Gangwar [SRF-FCB-SCB-B] Subject: Re:Re:FW: Refund against Medical Background Dear Customer, Greetings from Vistara. With regards to your mail,we sincerely apologise for the inconvenient caused to you. Please be advised that we wish to connect with you on this issue. Please suggest a suitable time between 0900-1800 hrs Monday to Friday. We value your association with us and we are sorry for this delay. Looking forward to hear from you. Regards Sushmita Tewari Customer Relations TATA SIA Airlines Limited W: 24*7 Helpdesk Number:- 928 922 8888, +91 9958962222 On 20/11/2017, 14:18:

Sachin Sood

Posted On: 2017-11-20 13:17:18
I booked a british airline flight with Goomo Trip ID F-VM79T6ALE from Delhi to Winnipeg for October 24 2017 and for some family problems I cancelled my trip. So I approach for cancellation. There is mentioned on the website a cancellation fee 3000 (airline fee) + 200 (goomo fee). When I call goomo customer care then they told me there will be airline cancellation fee Rs.3000+goomo fee Rs. 200 + convenience charges Rs.399 + GST 5%. From which convenience charges Rs.399 + GST 5%, I did not see anywhere at the time of booking. So I need my amount which was deducted in excess as cancellation charges which were not declared by Goomo at the time of booking.

Priyank Jain

Posted On: 2017-11-19 18:29:59
I paid amount rs 11314 for my return flight on 14-02-2018 & 15-02-2018,through My PNR Reference number is X8M85M Spice Jet Flight SG823 Surat to Delhi..& A6HVFP Spice Jet Flight SG474 Delhi to Surat...I wanted to book this for 14th Nov 2017 (departure) and 15th Nov 2017 (return). However today when my uncle went at the Surat Airport; it showed that vouchers are wrongly booked (unintentionally) for 14th Feb 2018 (departure) and 15th Feb 2018(return). By the time the error for realized; it was too late for them to board any flight today; hence they opted to take a train for the airline says they can only offer me a refund of Rs 1100 (total) against Rs 11314 (paid by me). Their travel date is still too far; This for a genuine error and its not fair to charge so huge for a mistake caused. At the end we all are humans and we all make mistakes.Please help me.

Akhil Pokle

Posted On: 2017-11-16 11:42:55
I paid amount rs 2882 for my flight on 15-11-2017,through My Reference number is 151171381543 Go Air Flight G8-384@21:55 on Sun 03 Dec 17 from Mumbai to Goa is pnr BYYZ2K... just after booking i tried to cancel my ticked as i mistakenly booked for 3rd dec rather than 10 dec... now i need to cancel my ticket but there is 0 refund... as airline cancellation charges alone are 2950 plus 400 as yatra cancellation charges.. im trying to cancel my booking 25 days prior flight .I will not get single penny if i cancel my ticket. this is really cheating for customers..

Sajeev C

Posted On: 2017-11-14 14:53:37
Sir, I was travelled with my family (Me, My wife Athira Saji C, My sons Allen Saji C & Amish Saji C) from Silchar (Assam) to Chennai by Air India Flight (Flight No: AI-754 & AI-765) on 02-09-2017 with 6 nos of Check In baggage including 32 inch Samsung LED TV. But from Chennai Air Port I got only 5 check in baggage, the LED TV was not received. Then I complained to Mr.Arun Lal, the Air India person available in the arriving hall. Accordingly he booked my complaint (Complaint No: 57516-MAAAI) and he told that Air India will send the delayed baggage to my address. After 21 days I got an e-mail from Air India, that they could not able to trace the missing luggage so they send one PPQ form (Passenger Property Questionnaire )for settlement. Accordingly I filled up the PPQ form and send to them with all supporting documents on 27-09-2017. After that till date there is no response from Air India. So I kindly requesting here for your kind intervention for the early and justified settlement pls


Posted On: 2017-11-13 13:13:13
Hello Sir, My Brother Suresh Ghag was travelling from DXB to BOM on 29th October 2017. While in the arrival baggage checking of Air India Airlines team by mishandling his 43 inch LED TV was broken it. I sent mail them and taken follow up with them. They have asked me to submit all required evidences and documentation. However, Yet they haven't taken any compensation actions on it. I tried to reach on their given contact number, nut no response. How can I get compensation from them.


Posted On: 2017-11-02 13:08:12
Dear Sir/Madam, We had booked flight no HM 261 vide Reservation Code No. EBZRTL departure dated 13th October 2017. The name of the passengers are:- AJIT AMINBHAVI SHILPA AMINBHAVI SUYASH AMINBHAVI The flight was poised to depart at 5.25 am from Mumbai and land at Mahe at 8.20 am on 13th October 2017 but due to technical default the flight could not leave on time Instead as per the revised timing confirmed by your team it was rescheduled to depart at 15.55 pm on 13th October 2017 a delay of almost 10.30 hrs Bcoz of this delay we missed our Cat Cocos ferry which was slated to depart from Victoria Terminal at 10. am in the morning for Praslin .They have denied me refund of SCR 1926.90. which I have spent to book this ferry. Also as per the revised departure we landed at around 8 pm in the evening at Mahe Airport . We had to reach Praslin at any cost so we had no option but to take your domestic flight from Mahe to Praslin for which I incurred SCR 2955. I have a proper receipt for

Srinivas M Jamkhandi

Posted On: 2017-11-02 10:51:09
I had booked an airticket from Delhi to Bangalore online through airindia on July 2, 2017. After transaction, an amount of 9000 plus was debitted from my SB account at SBI (Rajajinagar Branch) but I could not get the air ticket. Now SBI confirms that the money has been transferred to Air India and pass book also shows it. But AirIndia denied having received it. My several complaints to AirIndia has no effect. My money of Rs. 9000 plus is locked with Air India. Hence complaint with this Honourable Court for getting my money back.

Dr Vinod Immidisetty

Posted On: 2017-10-25 11:15:43
Dear Sir, I belong to Sector 65, Gurgaon and want to complain to the consumer forum against, Jet Airways and Vistara for harassing me by not resolving my problem and rather trying to sell me further tickets and asking me modification charges which is twice the booked ticket price. They are harassing me by passing the buck and no one taking my request and resolving. Yatra says it is the airways which has to resolve and airways says Yatra has to resolve. Yesterday on Yatra website by mistake I booked tickets on wrong dates due to getting confused but I came to know within 10 minutes that by mistake I booked on wrong dates. I informed Yatra toll free customer care, Jet Airways, Vistara within one hour. My total ticket cost is Rs 3,948/- charges by Yatra for to and fro journey from Delhi to Chandigarh. I ask your kind self that when I came to know in 10 minutes that the dates were wrong and informed the authorities why are they harassing me? This can happen with anyone.

Tapish Agarwal

Posted On: 2017-10-24 19:25:03
I booked a ticket with Ethiopian airlines TLV-ADD-DEL-ADD-TLV. I have completed the part TLV-ADD-DEL and now Ethiopian airlines has cancelled the DEL-ADD flight that I had booked. The alternate flight that they are offering me will make me wait 9h45mins in ADD which is not acceptable to me. So I want refund of my ticket cost (atleast half of it)

Sidharth Singh

Posted On: 2017-10-22 00:37:04
Denied boarding for flight from Delhi to Hong Kong on 02 Oct, at the last moment after getting all clearances from immigration and Jet Airways staff also issued boarding pass. They told me that there is inconsistency when I was entering the flight, However, as per immigration officials there was not any inconsistent information, neither any inconsistency was pointed out by the Jet Airways staff while issuing boarding pass which was issued to me 2.5 hrs before the flight was to take off. Further, I wasn't allowed to cancel the return ticket as they suggested if I cancel then automatically my return flight would be cancelled. However, I took another flight for HKG, but when I was returning back from HKG and asked Jet Airways staff to issue boarding pass then they again denied saying that you didn't board the Jet flight while flying to HKG, so you can't board the return flight of the same ticket. Therefore, I have to book a new ticket again and both the tickets issued at much higher price


Posted On: 2017-10-17 21:00:14
Edwin Misquitta and Zenita Misquitta Yari Road,Versova, Mumbai 061 Dear Hon. C.M.Saheb, I and my wife both senior citizen eere to travel byIndigo Airlines to flyback from Chennai to Mumbai on 25/9/17.Due to major Cyclonic and flood in Mumbai on 19/9/17 we could not to Chennai therefore our return was not impossible.Alert given by C.M. for 48hrs not to travel Our devotion and Pilgrimage was upset. We could also seen heavy rush at the Airport on New channel 9, Entire Mumbai was in chaos. traffic standstil. We tried to reach Airport but had to return half way. We could not fly, after two days we went to Air India office and got our tickets postponed to 9-11-17 . How can we come back from Chennai, when we could not reach chennai.Uur Flight tickets from Chennai to Mumbai was dated 25/9/17. We called Indigo, I went to Indigo counter myself explained by difficulties but of no avail, the Customers service did not sovle. We asked for REFUND OF RS. 5,400.00 FLATLY REFUSED.We should die but fl


Posted On: 2017-10-17 20:47:08
Edwin Misquitta and Zenita Misquitta Yari Road,Versova, Mumbai 061 Dear Hon. C.M.Saheb, I and my wife both senior citizen had booked the ticket with Indigo Airlines to flyback from Chennai to Mumbai on 25/9/17. I had booked AirIndia to go to Chennai from Mumbai dt. 20/9/17. We were to go to our Lady of Vallanani for devotion and Pilgrimage. On 19th Mumbai ws hit by Cyclone, to the climatic problem on19/9/17 Mumbai was hit cyclone , Traffic , Alert was given by the Chief Minister to remain indoor for 2 days, We could also seen heavy rush at the Airport on New channel 9, Entire Mumbai was flooded and chaos. We tried to reach Airport but had to return half way. We could not fly, after two days we went to Air India office and got our tickets postponed to 9-11-17 . Since we could not fly or go from Mumbai how can we come back from Chennai, when our Flight tickets from Chennai to Mumbai was dated 25/9/17. We called the call centre of Indigo but of no avail, the Customers service unfavourable

Md Samir Aktar

Posted On: 2017-10-17 12:52:28
Dear Sir, Hope i could get a faster resolution from your end. Details of the issue: On 29/08/2017 i had to board the flight from bangalore to bhubaneshwar at 3.40pm. Pnr no: j8w2xv. Unfortunately i reported to the check in counter at 3.04 i had 36 mins time to board the flight but the officials said no. I have called and checked with indigo but they said since you have reported late you were not allowed as the counter closes 45 mins before the departure. My question is if this is case why this is not followed strictly, still i can see even they are allowing a passenger even if less than 30 mins left. They are saying in some cases they are allowing, then as such they could have allowed me too. If they are allowing means i had also possibilities of boarding the flight. Now they are arguing with their policy but i can see the policy violates some time. It was my hard income and they simply took and when i beg for the refund, but they are not interested for the refund Regards, Samir

Avneet Singh

Posted On: 2017-10-12 23:27:22
My vistara flight to Delhi from Bangalore time was at 8:50 and I reached the airport at 8:30 to collect boarding pass , but they refuse to give that , and flight departure at 8:45 which is not the correct time because if that I didn't able to get the boarding pass and gate get closed before the time. I suffer that and it cost me to book another flight ticket . If I didn't get refund the amount of my ticket then I will take legal action against the airline company.


Posted On: 2017-10-11 11:48:37
I have complaint and emails to customer care noddal office but no resolution found.I travelled from srinager to delhi on 16 th sep PNR- OEHYJX. passanger name - nazeema.They told me they will give compensation amount 2000 rs. now I have shared all details but still not recieved any resolution. now i will file case to consumer court for harrasment.


Posted On: 2017-09-30 12:00:43
With reference to booking of fight ticket, Booking date- 26-Sep-17, Booking ID: NF72696104920403, PNR no. YCPG6A (SPICEJET), booked through Make My Trip app, traveling on 5-Nov-17 from Kolkata to Delhi, there has been a mistake on recording passenger name. In ticket it is mentioned as Mrs Indrani Gayen (Female), whereas it should be Mr. SUBRATA GAYEN (Male). I had also booked ticket to travel on 2-Nov-17 from Delhi to Kolkata via MMT app just before above mentioned ticket which is completely correct. I have written email to MMT & SPICEJET to change the name on 26-Sep-17, however they are denying to help me and ask me to cancel the ticket with cancellation charges of Rs. 2550/- out of total paid amount of Rs. 3323/-. Requesting to help me.

Dorothy Lalthamawi Songate

Posted On: 2017-09-28 21:46:22
Greetings! I used to work for Air India Express for over xxxxxxxxxxxx+ years. Since I'd quit my job because my father is diagnosed with cancer,so I claimed for my PF but because I am from Haflong, Assam and we don't have Aadhar Card they said they cannot do anything about it. Please advise what can be done in this situation.

Anil Sharma

Posted On: 2017-09-11 21:41:18
I have repeatedly found that Airlines like Indigo charge fulll amount whilst booking flights, still negotiate with you again 200-1000 bugs at the time of boarding. I am to take a flight 6E-861 to Kolkata on 12th morning 6 am. Even at 9 pm on 11th every seat is either occupied or available at additional premium. This is completely unfair and cruel to passengers who booked timely and in advance. They are being treated unfairly. I am sure if I go and shout tomorrow , I might get a good seat, but this is a continuous process. I want to sue Indigo for the same .

Happy Thanksgiving images

Posted On: 2017-09-05 21:10:17
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Aditya Harkauli

Posted On: 2017-08-31 15:50:42
I have been levied a cancelation charge by Indigo for a ticket that was canceled for Amritsar - Delhi sector. The airline doesnt offer any scope for negotiation of cancelation charges at the time of booking. This is a restrictive trade practise in my view. The ticket was canceled on account of the recent law and order problems in Punjab & Haryana. I had planned to travel from Delhi to Amritsar by train [Shatabdi] but the train was canceled. Hence I had to cancel the return journey as well - which was booked on Indigo PNR BEH7RQ

Poonam Sondhi

Posted On: 2017-08-27 22:29:22
I have been unable to get my compensaton for the international Air India flight delay for more than 24 hours.

abhishek kumar

Posted On: 2017-08-18 11:42:41
Its been 2 months since the refund of Rs 7000 was initialised by goair for the flight that got cancelled. But I haven't received the money till now. their customer care don't respond. I have mailed & send message on facebook. I have started looking for legal actions to be taken against go air !!


Posted On: 2017-08-17 19:43:25


Posted On: 2017-08-15 14:09:44
I had booked a ticket with Ref. # WZLKTW from Lucknow to Pune travel date July 8, 2017. The ticket was booked on May 30, 2017. They cancelled my ticket on July 7, 2017 because of flight cancellation. This amount has not been credit in my account till August 15th. In the initial few follow ups, they asked me to provide bank account details while showing inability to return the amount on the Credit Card used at the time of booking. When I call at customer care, they just say that it has been transferred and no sign of this amount in my account. My bank also says that there is no amount transferred in my account. There is no response on email as well after repetitive follow ups on Appreciate if refund can be processed at earliest.


Posted On: 2017-08-14 15:01:20
i booked 11 tickets for chennai on 6 of aug. via make my trip. by mistake i mentioned wrong name rajiv pal instead of raju pal . i complained in hand in evening on 6 of aug. i got respond from make my trip customer care on 10 of aug. they gave after 4 days later reply and gave reason sever down. now indigo customer care person told me that you mistake why you didn't do complaint on same day. they told plz you are cancel your ticket, and it chargble 2250 . there is no policy for for rename. my concern to all i did do mistake and follow from first day of booking so why i bear so kind of charge. no one listen me and no one solved my problem every one want money our profit and passenger loss. why and how i mange this stupid thing. this my number 9009793469. plz resolved my problem before journey

Hena Amber

Posted On: 2017-08-14 11:24:46
BOHMHL IS MY PNR NUMBER. My flight was fir 16th aug 2017. But due to there own reason they cancelled our flight on 13th july 2017. Till now we are suffering and there is no refund from airline into our bank account. We are sending mails phone and every means but there is no response from airline. We are feddup with this behaviour of them. We have mailed them our bank statement called them several times but there is no response. Please help on this matter.

harshit sheth

Posted On: 2017-08-12 12:41:53
Never book international flight tickets through yatra!!! (2017 ) I have booked a ticket through yatra from New York to Mumbai (return ).My first booking was of travelling from New York 30th July to Mumbai and returning on 25th august. They sent me Official E ticket with the PNR JPSWYG confirming my booking and deducted money from my account. My booking was canceled at the last moment with the money being deducted from my account which left me completely stranded. I am an international student traveling to Mumbai for some medical reason. Because of this cancelation I had to book another ticket from 1st august from New York (jfk) and returning on 7th September Because the prices went up insanely for those dates. There is no one to help out. There is no one taking responsibility of this. The complain option on the website of yatra never work it always shows error and the Yatra helpline is useless because the people behind the phone have no authority in fact they questioned me that “why d

Chandra Sekhar

Posted On: 2017-08-11 22:17:29
I have booked ticket from Hyd to Mumbai in could not travel.Aiarline 'iNDIGO' is already refunded the amount how ever the travel agency is transferring the refund. Please help how can I lodge complaint and get refund Thanks, Chandra


Posted On: 2017-08-08 22:43:29
lease proceed the refund for the booking I'd No. BET3117338570 Airline PNR 02T4SP Cancellation Request No. 163156


Posted On: 2017-08-03 19:14:56
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Posted On: 2017-08-01 23:01:26
I had Booked a ticket from Trivandrum to Delhi for the flight on 1/8/17.Flight no-AI 264.So I reached airport in time.I have been told that the flight is cancelled.But there was no information to me. This has caused lot of inconvenience to me like financial loss,loss of class,loss of valuable time,lack of recognition as a valuable customer etc-

Abhishek Somani

Posted On: 2017-07-31 12:09:09
Hello all, I have booked a flight from Delhi international airport through QATAR airways before July 7th for travel date after 7th. According to recent news, I understood that passengers are eligible UDF tax refund if travel date is after July 7th. However, Qatar airways says that booking date should also be after July 7th. The news article says otherwise. Can someone please help me


Posted On: 2017-07-26 07:40:59
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meera karthikeyan

Posted On: 2017-07-25 11:34:53

Ananay Mehta

Posted On: 2017-07-10 15:35:54
The matter arose out of travel of the Complainant from Sweden to New Delhi, the journey,was booked on British Airways Flight, but the Complainant was not allowed to board the flight, on the ground that he did not have appropriate visa (schengen visa type D) though the Complainant had schengen visa type C. He had to undergo considerable additional expenditure and personal inconvenience and could return to Delhi after a delay of one day.

Aniket Kumar Singh

Posted On: 2017-07-09 22:12:25
Hi, Goto, search a flight from Bangalore to Ranchi. Select Go air flight which goes to Ranchi via patna. Check fare rules on the right side. It will show that its refundable and cancellation charges per person per sector is around 2250 for the airline plus 300 for yatra. I have booked same flight in october from Bangalore to Ranchi, but when I am going to cancel it, the cancellation charges just doubles. Yatra is cheating people by asking for more cancellation charges then shown at the time of booking. This is fraud and should be stopped immideately. my Yatra id is, and I want to cancel my ticket due to emergency but these people are charging wrong and double amount. Please sue them


Posted On: 2017-07-06 19:18:26


Posted On: 2017-07-05 12:49:46
We had booked through AIR CARNIVAL Airlines a Coimbatore based Airline company from Chennai to CBE on 29th march 2017, and Date of Journey 9th APril 2017.AMount is Rs.17,250 We got a message on 2nd April stating that Flight Cancelled. We sent a mail several times and no reply. We Lodged a Complaint with Tamil Nadu CM Cell land just yesterday we got a call saying that AIR CARNIVAL had closed down its operations and MD is Absconding.Employees not paid their Salary. Like me many passengers were affected. We also made a Complaint with CIVIL AVIATION MINISTER Mr.Ashok Gajapathi Raju and no reply from him till now. I request to Take up the matter with DGCA and PM and refund our Money.Name of MD is IS Nathan who is running a Business still in Coimbatore. He can be easily traced by TN Police.


Posted On: 2017-07-04 12:25:20
I had booked my 4 Nos travel ticket. flight tickets from Kochi to New Delhi i.e. through Spicejet (SG-K5H5GF) Dt 22/6/2017 Time 7.00 pm I have connecting flight Air India (A-1964) from Jaddha(UAE) to Kochi (INDIA). The timing of air india is delay for technical reason this flight arrive to Kochi Indian time at 4.30 PM & ,now my sister has already communicate from your counter for waiting me along with my sister & mother father. Now all are arrive to your counter at dot 6.40 as per mention the ticket your counter parents has requsted to enter the flight but your counter staff is says we are not to permited for enter the flighjt due to you are 30 minute late from mention the ticket time as per I talk to your staff for request to pls allow me but all are not support says he your ticket is not show so we are not to allow enter this flight.then again I request say any other fliht in arrnge the seat for going to delhi but not to arrange .So Iam request to you pls refund my payment

Gaurav Jain

Posted On: 2017-06-29 10:55:19
I booked the tickets for five passanger new delhi to jaipur amount is rs7070, before cancelling i talked in clear trip and asked total deduction she said 1120rs but deducted rs5950 trip id 17062528020 pnr no B7QGFF they deducted 1250rs please assist i want my all deduction amount


Posted On: 2017-06-27 04:30:34
I have booked the ticket for Air India 28th July for 11.05 AM -13.10.PM because as per international itinerary i am landing at 8:40 AM but due to some bug in the yatra websitesite, it booked for Vistara Airlines with PNR (PNR: VT47CG) for 6:04 AM and Reference Number - 270678338369. As soon as i got confirmation email ,i called your customer care but it was out of support hours. Hence I immediately cancelled within 10 minutes but got refunded only Rs 3197 out of Rs.7987. Immediately i book again with Air India flight and it went through. Please take appropriate action and refund my full amount.


Posted On: 2017-06-20 15:16:58
I had booked my travel ticket through I purchased flight tickets from Rajahmundry to New Delhi i.e. through Spicejet (SG-1602) from Rajahmundry to Hyderabad and connecting flight Air India (AI-541) from Hyderabad to New Delhi for 16.06.2017 vide Booking ID NF 72929102574366. The timing of Spicejet at Rajahmundry was 11.50 (11.50 12.55 hrs) and Air India at Hyderabad was 16.15 hrs (16.15 hrs to 18.25 hrs) with a layover at HYD for 3 hrs 20 mins. But due to some technical issue, the Spicejet airline got delayed as it took off from Rajahmundry at 14.15 hrs and landed at Hyderabad Airport at around 15.20 hrs. I got down and collected my baggage and went to Air India counter for collecting my boarding pass to New Delhi. I was informed by the AI authorities that the counter has been closed and had to book ticket for another flight. Since this was the peak season, the fare was also very exorbitant and with no option left, I had to book another flight of Air India.

Sachin Manav

Posted On: 2017-06-17 20:20:46
i am working with go air last 6 years, my PF dedication last 2 years,04 years my not dedication.


Posted On: 2017-06-15 12:51:54
i m one of the agent of yatriadda. they are cheaters and the staff was very dumb untrained. rare pickup our calls and when we ask about our problem there is only one answer"sir wait. please help me

Ryan Paul

Posted On: 2017-06-14 09:54:12
Hello,my name is Rohit Paul.I took admission in AirWorld Aviation Institute for a 45 days course in Aviation from feb 14.But the course got extended to 3 months.The institute promised placement and also classes by airlines professionals but later it was proved that the lecturers were all hired from local spoken english classes.The final placement that they conducted was also fake.They hired people who claims to be the HR of Indigo but later when we enquired we found no one by that name is an employee of INDIGO.They also asked to pay 85000/- as bribe to get into the job but they never provided it.Please help me

Arun Kumar Singh

Posted On: 2017-06-06 17:32:50
Booked Air Ticket from New Delhi to Kathmandu but Boarding pass not provided by Mr. Narendra due to non availability of Passport of xxxxxxxxxxxx members. As per nepal embassy it is not mandatory for nepal. I was having Driving License and Aadhar Card.I have asked to yhe nepal embassy also and they told any of the proof issued by Govt of India having Photograph on that is acceptable.

Sagar ka

Posted On: 2017-06-05 21:48:36
Sir we have booked ticket in the name of mr sagar ka Yatra ref no.0406730325810 & same passenger name ref no.0406722325433 as there is errors in booking from your side you have booked two times & deducted the amount 2 times the message received today so we request you to kindly refund one ticket amount when I contact Yatra & indigo they are not giving response they are saying cancellation will be charged so kindly look into thSir we have booked ticket in the name of mr sagar ka Yatra ref no.0406730325810 & same passenger name ref no.0406722325433 as there is errors in booking from your side you have booked two times & deducted the amount 2 times the message received today so we request you to kindly refund one ticket amount & secondly in my ticket baggage is hand baggage so kindly tell me what is the procedures to change to book luggage also e matter as why we book 2 ticket with same name & same flight & same destination in 2 minutes difference

Raviprakash Singh

Posted On: 2017-06-04 00:11:27
Hello, ** Following email send to corporate office , till to date no notification received ** The email is regarding the PIR (Property Irregularity Report ) on 26.03.2017. Firstly , I thank Ethiopian airlines for putting such a sincere effort in getting by baggage delivered at Ahmedabad airport with the following details : - Name : Raviprakash Singh - Flight name : 9W647 - Ahmedabad landing time : 14:40 hrs. - Baggage tag : 9W507543 I have some basic questions that have intimidated me and I am not going to push for getting answers from Ethiopian corporate office too. Here are my basic questions : - 1 ) I had put claim for my compensation of INR 12750 , due to delay of my baggage ate home. I had to buy suit , clothes , shoes ,etc will all bills due to delay of 5 days of baggage , Who will pay for delay ? 2 ) I had to travel 56 Km ( to and Fro ) to collect Baggage from airport. No conveyance etc was paid. Who will bear the cost for the conveyance? Request your intervention. Rgs,Ravee

Jayee Patil Sonwane

Posted On: 2017-05-25 15:50:07
I have booked ticket form Mumbai to Kochi and den i have to book return ticket, as price were hikig within a min in hurry i again booked ticket from Mumbai to Kochi. and just after the payment I realised my mistake that instead of return ticket i have booked the same ticket on return date. I cancel the ticket with 10 min. and my loss was half of the ticket price. How ridiculous is it... there should be time slabs for cancellation policy.. min. amount should be for some slabs after a certain period like 24 hrs or 48 hrs u have another slab and last should be the 50% slab. here the airlines are fooling the customers and directly deducting half of the ticket. my money should be refunded by deducting min. charges not half of the ticket price. what are these charges for? when even I haven't taken any service from the airline neither traveled, then why are the 50 % charges for not doing any thing. I request the Spice Jet to refund my amount.


Posted On: 2017-05-24 22:57:31
Dear sir/ma'am, This is to bring to your kind notice that there are few of your employees who share the list of passengers and their personal info outside for their own motive. I have been the main sufferer where my travel details along with my phone number and email I'd was shared with someone outside. This is very confidential info which should not be given openly. I want you to address this problem immediately. If something happens to me next time I shall Sue your airline for breach of confidentiality. If required I shall share the names of one person who is involved in this racket. Regards


Posted On: 2017-05-06 11:06:10
i have booked my international flight from make my trip to Indego Airline on 23rd April and ask for reschedule my return flight from 15th may to 8th May but Indego charging 13000INR only for flight reschedule moreover response very poor for both make my trip as well Indego hence i would recmond all international flier and NRI never uses services of Indego and make my trip.


Posted On: 2017-05-05 14:23:04
I had done booking from in spicejet flight no.SG 254 on 3 may 2017. We boarded the flight from ccu at 5:00 pm and at 9.30 pm the flight captain announced that due to congestion at delhi airport and short of fuel we were diverted to jaipur. Upon reaching jaipur and after refueling we again took off to delhi and on rech ing delhi the aircraft did not land but from just 20 ft above the runway it took off again and taking us back again to jaipur. The flight captain did not tell what happened.after some time he just announced that due to bad weather we did not land at delhi. We were at jaipur at 11pm .the flight staff took us out of the aircraft and told us to either take the refund of the flight ticket or take a bus or wait for the flight to take us back to delhi. Some of the people went to delhi on bus. Some of us remained and waited for the flight. Firstly they said flight will take of after 2 hours but didnot. We were provide with tea and biscuit at 4 in the morning with no


Posted On: 2017-04-28 12:50:35
Air pegasus had cancelled the flights from Kochi to Bangalore on 21st Aug 16 and didn't refund the cost. I had been following up with MMT for my PNR Y7F4F4 but they have failed to get the refund from the Airlines and asked the consumers to contact Air Pegasus directly. Since then I have written multiple emails to their escalation contact but they no response at all. I need my refund need help.

Amit Kumar Sinha

Posted On: 2017-04-26 09:06:24
We reached the airport at 5:18 for a 6:00 AM flight. We had done web checkin and had hand baggages. We were not issued boarding pass. We confirmed from security personnel at 5:25 AM that boarding gates have not opened yet. BUt still we were not given boarding passes and ultimately we could not take the flight. The flight departed at 6:04 AM and final boarding happened till the last minute. Can I claim refund for my ticket fare?

Jaikishan Garg

Posted On: 2017-04-21 12:20:39
Made on line booking by for 3 persons by air from Delhi to Jodhpur and back. Payment also made through bank transfer. No further details received about above booking . Ticket No 1498401.Spoken to customer care also but no help. Should I cancell the above booking ?

Rohan Mandavkar

Posted On: 2017-04-18 10:26:09
I booked a ticket from, & then wanted to cancel the same after 2 days, musafir refused to cancelled the ticket then i cancelled the same directly from airlines, now charging cancellation fees which they refused to do also they are charging unnecessary processing fees and other charges, pleases help in this matter to get the full refund.

Rajesh Gandhi

Posted On: 2017-04-11 16:03:47
I had some complaints that I need to put across to the management, as down the line, nobody gave a satisfactory reply. Please note that my 2nd rescheduled ticket for 30th Dec was also canceled( 1st was on 31st Dec). Details attached. This was informed upon reaching the airport and only option was 1st January 2017. Only Atlas Jet flight was canceled out of the 50 flights (see attached Ataturk Airport screenshots) that took off during that period. The reason given was Bad Weather, which is totally WRONG, as can be seen in the attached screenshots of the airport displays. There was no offer to provide us with any accommodation or meals and this was told to me by Mr. Barish, the Atlas Global airport duty manager. Only after escalating the matter to the Ataturk Airport duty manager, the hotel accommodation was provided. But that too with fixed limited meal options which were not suitable for our vegetarian family. Your Rights of Passengers pamphlet mentions that the compensation am

MJ Raja

Posted On: 2017-04-05 17:32:56
Dear Sir/Madam, Greetings! I had booked air tickets from Spice Jet counter from their airport counter to go to Madurai via Chennai from Kolkata in December 12, 2016 by bank debit card. But unfortunately the airline cancelled the flight stating a severe storm had struck Chennai and thus all passengers were asked to cancel their tickets from their boarding pass issuing counter. I cancelled the tickets as I was instructed and was told that the money would be refunded within three working days to the bank account from which the money was paid. Despite repeated reminders over telephone and email communications with the Spice Jet airline officials, they have not yet refunded the amount till this date. It is therefore, I am requesting you to intervene so that I get back my money with interest. I have all documents with me to support my claim. Looking forward to your kind help and support. With thanks and regards Mr. M. J. Raja Customer

Ashish Maheshwari

Posted On: 2017-03-29 17:21:02
I booked a flight from JET AIRWAYS website. I canceled those tickets. However, I didn't receive the refund amount till now in my bank account. I already wrote emails and tried to contact. And I didn't get the proper response. Kindly look into the matter. I did contact my bank and they have no information. Kindly provide with the document which states that transaction has been made to refund the amount to my bank account. I totally feel cheated by your company. It's going to be 2 months. This is so irritating and shows how irresponsible you are in taking customers matters. Such a shame! Please find the PDF files in the attachment. Booking Reference (PNR) - BVWXZM Auth Code/Transaction ID: 201612201607551 eTicket# - 589 21 2621 1611 Customer name- Ashish Maheshwari Date of journey- 26.02.2017 Return ticket date- 10.03.2017 From Delhi to Bangkok (to and fro) Date of cancellation- 09.02.2017 Refund Receipt Number- 5890482703008

Aswathy Honeylal

Posted On: 2017-03-26 11:50:56
Sir/ Madam My name is Aswathy Honeylal and I had booked a flight from Bangalore to Paris on 8th March via, KU 354 from BLR to KWI and KU 167 from KWI to CDG. Date of travel is 28th March, 2017 (Tuesday) at 5.20am scheduled departure. Blr to Kuwait was scheduled at 5.20am, arriving at 7.30am, and Kuwait to Paris at 9.20am. Kuwait Airways has preponed Kuwait to Paris by 3.5 hours so that KU 167 will depart at 6am. I was not even informed by Kuwait Airways, nor the travel agent (Yatra) in India was aware of the change in schedule. I got to know about the schedule change when I was trying to do a web check in in Kuwait Airways website. I was not even informed of this change, nor given options by the airline. As of now, Kuwait Airways customer care has informed me that they will give me full refund, but with less than 48 hours to my travel, all flight costs are over the roof, with no other alternate options provided by the airlines.

Geogy Andrew

Posted On: 2017-03-25 20:07:22
I had booked tickets for myself and Family on Jet Airways as follows:August2017 for four passengers,PNR XMWGRP: DXB-TRV on 31st July 2017 and return on 30th August 2017.The sector Dubai-Trivandrum was cancelled by the airline. The flights were rescheduled and booked all of us through Mumbai. I did contact your call center and the lady was very helpful, I did request to rebook on Emirates as I wanted to travel direct but the staff mentioned that there was no interline agreement with Emirates and I was rebooked on Fly Dubai as I had no other option. Today while browsing your website I came to know that there is an interline agreement with Emirates.The Airline should have rebooked me on a flight which had all inflight services as Jet Airways. I had booked exit row seats for myself and family as I have knee problem and need extra leg space. In fly Dubai I have to shell out extra cash for meals, seats and entertainment, which is totally not acceptable.

Chaya mukund

Posted On: 2017-03-23 21:37:45
We were booked on Jetairways-Air Seychelles to South Africa on 18 Dec 2016. However, my husband was diagnosed with cancer before travel. We are asking reimbursement of at least the tax amount as it was a non-refundable ticket.

Govind Bhat abhyankar

Posted On: 2017-03-22 18:18:19
I had a prebooked INDIGO Air ticket mumbai to bangalore on 14 march.Since i was getting error messges in printing boarding pass myself ,I contacted the Airline for the same. First they told me your ticket is cancleed.When i told i have not cancelled (100%),then they send me boarding pass by mail.But when i reached airport they wouldnot allow me to board. They went on messing around telling me 100 reasons an solutions ? After a lot of argument They gave me ticket of 4 hour later flight,but i had to pay n buy ticket.So my old ticket money is gone,underwent so much shame when i was made to stand by when everybody was boarding. I want to claim compensation for all this.pls guide me.

Nitin Soni

Posted On: 2017-03-19 15:59:39
Dear Officers, Subject - Case against Air India (Flying return) : Concern frequent flyer no -134716862. I tried to book a ticket for 26th March 2017 from Indore to Mumbai for my Father from air india website on 31st December 2016 using miles accured in/transferred from American Express inti my account which was set for expiration on 31st Dec 2016 mid night but the ticket haven't been booked as the website was not responding at payment step. I tried the transaction multiple times for closely 3 hours but it wasn't succeed.On Further discussion with AirIndia over emails they informed that the flight is not booked since my account status is 'Primary' and hence i can book only for myself, however i shared my past booking where i was allowed to book the ticket for my spouse as well. Despite sharing the past details of booking, AIR India is not crediting back the expired miles. Kindly assist to get this issue resolved. Regards, Nitin Soni.

P. Harsha Bhargavi

Posted On: 2017-03-05 20:55:46
compliant on spicejet airlines by cheating the customers and creating lot of mental pressure in not asking the customers with proper input details while booking and finally making them to cancel the ticket and rebook at the counter. the staff of the airlines are not ready to assist the customer with proper information at the moment of checkin and causing lot of pain to customer by both physically and mentally. the airline staff shouting at the customer very badly, insulting them by degrading at the time of check in. the issue happened in Jaipur airport while travelling from jaipur to hyderabad with PNR-R56DFV on 4th march, 2017


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Posted On: 2017-02-17 18:57:02
My scheduled departure was on 1st Feb 7:45am ,I reached airport at around 6:55 am. Managing my way through the queue I straight away went to the Go Air counter where Go Air staff was busy in talking to each other.When I asked for the boarding pass they denied saying you are late.I asked them how can you close the counter before 50 mins,they said sir you talk with the accomodation counter.I went to the accomodation counter they said sir you reached late.I told them I reached at check in cxounter at 6:55 but your staff wasted my time by sending me here and there,then they again sent me to the check in counter where they said,Sir now its not possible we have closed the gates,baggage has been checked in you will have to pay Rs 3200 to get on to tomorrows flight. I don understand if I reached counter 50 mins before why was I denied boarding and the Go Air kept repeating flight is on time but it actually departed at 8:55 am.I contacted customer care And even went upto appellate no result


Posted On: 2017-02-15 20:56:41
Re: : BOM/CC/300117/3422564 -Fwd: Reference ID: 170121-013919 Jetairways ne Mujhe Ek hi flight k liye 2 times charge kiyaa... Bahot baat Ki Maine but jet airways nahi sunrahaa... Mujhe jetairways k against me case register karnaa he.... Chor he saalaa jetairways...

Sumant Pargaonkar

Posted On: 2017-02-10 13:46:12
According to my booking, my family and I were supposed to reach Bangalore (our hometown) by 20:10 on 31-01-2017. We had been on a trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands for 5 Days/ 4 Nights and as per our itinerary we had to be back home i.e. Bangalore on 31-01-2017 to resume my work from 01-02-2017. As on 28-01-2017, I received a mail from Spicejet informing me that the 14:45 IXZ to MAA flight had been cancelled due to Airport closure. Spicejet provided us with an itinerary that would take us to Bangalore on 01-02-2017 i.e. a day late than desired. With around 10 hours of lay-over and absolutely no fault of mine, I had to make my own arrangements for accommodation of my family for the overnight stay in Chennai. It was brought to my notice by one of the Airport Authorities in Chennai that according to the norms [CAR Series 'M' Part IV Para 3.6.1] of Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), I am entitled to a compensation and facilities free of charge at the airport by the Airline.

Anjum Rizvi

Posted On: 2017-01-31 16:18:19
My parents were going to travel from Spicejet SG 181 from Srinagar to Delhi via Jammu. My parents had an appointment with doctor in Delhi. Airline cancelled flight giving bad weather at Jammu as a reason. All other flights with Jammu as destination or interim destination took off. Also, weather at Jammu was not bad.Flight was cancelled one week earlier also. Strict action should be taken against such airlines making people suffer because of their own issues.


Posted On: 2017-01-28 01:29:59
Flight missed due to mismanagement and lack of cooperation from the airlines authority - indigo


Posted On: 2017-01-25 19:24:10
Booked Jet airways tkt from cochin to Chandigarh on 7/01/17, journey date 05/04/17. Cancelled tkt on 10/1/17.Booking charge Rs 6700+tax,cancellation refund only Rs 741. Is it airline fuel charge also deducted? Jet cancellation fee mentioned in their site is Rs4000 only, but deducting Rs 6000. what can i do ?

Biswajit Bhowmik

Posted On: 2017-01-19 22:31:49
I have booked two ticket from on date 21/12/2017. for my father in law & mother in law they both are senior citizen.But unfortunately they have cancel my father in law ticket without informing they are not refund our money.Even after father in law and my mother in law suffering lot of troubles.So request your help. and plz call me so i can share more details. Regards. Biswajit Bhowmik.

Praveen N

Posted On: 2017-01-17 19:48:15
I'm Praveen Nanjundaia, from india and presently working for Ibra college of technology. I travelled in AIR INDIA flight on 1st Jan 2017 from bangalore-mumbai in AI 610 flight and Mumbai to Muscat in AI 985 flight. When I arrived in muscat I didn't get my baggage. When contacted muscat airport personal gave reference number as MCTAI10961. I got my luggage on 6th of jan 2017. When I asked for compensation they said I have to collect in ruwi office and I didn't go there as it was friday and office closed. The compensation they are offering only 16 rials that too they are not given now. I suffered a lot due to this delay and all eateries were spoiled. I contacted air india office in ruwi ( to send the compensation. They are not responding to my mail. please instruct them to give compensation of 100 rials for all my sufferings Eticket Number is 0982119301995C1 and C2 Thanks and regards

Gana Lakshminarayanan

Posted On: 2017-01-16 17:12:35
On 4th October, I had made booked flight from Delhi to Coimbatore for 1 Feb 2017 as per PNR LB3VFQ using credit card no. **** **** **** 6104 for Rs 3,9239 Due to rescheduling of the flights, I had requested for full refund of the amount. Infact, I had to buy fresh air tickets from other airline at higher price. Spicejet claim that the refund was made on 24 Dec. But the Bank says they have not received it. I am helpless as both are passing the buck to each other. Please intervene and help in getting the refund.

Sreeja S Nair

Posted On: 2017-01-15 11:46:19
I along with a group of 11 ladies and 03 children were to fly from Trivandrum to Cochin at 0600am on 27 Dec 2016 by Air India flight AI466. After all the departure formalities were completed at 0640am the flight was announced as cancelled for the Trivandrum-Cochin leg. The airline merely agreed to refund our tickets and did not even offer to drop us back to the city from the airport. Reservations had been made for a bus at Cochin and a non-refundable amount of Rs8500/- paid towards the same. The group also lost Rs.3200 towards the railway ticket cancellation for the return journey the same day. In addition to the financial loss AI should also compensate for the trauma caused to each member of the group.

Subhodip Kanjilal

Posted On: 2017-01-09 20:38:06
I was on a trip to Bangkok by SpiceJet flight SG83 from Kolkata airport. I checked in my luggage and on arrival at Subarnabhumi Bangkok airport I found that my luggage (a rucksack) was not at all present. We were 7 in a group and all of my fellow had there luggage while mine was missing. I lodged a complain at the bangkok airport. I made whole of my Thailand trip without my bag and on last day I enquired the Bangkok airport about my bag and they said my bag is at Kolkata airport. On arrival at Kolkata airport SpiceJet people told me that the don't know anything about my bag. They even didn't lodged a complaint. After 15 days still now I didn't get my bag back and they didn't compensate me anything.

Avinash Tomar

Posted On: 2017-01-09 20:01:06
Need help to register the complaint against booking wrong airline ticket online by


Posted On: 2017-01-06 19:56:36

Subhodip Kanjilal

Posted On: 2017-01-06 17:57:36
Hi Sir, On 29th Dec 2016 I took the SpiceJet flight SG83 for Bangkok airport. I checked in my luggage (a rucksack bag) but on arrival at Subarnabhumi, Bangkok airport I found that my bag is missing. I immediately lodged a complain at the airport. They provided me a contract number for enquiring about the status of the bag. I made my whole Thailand trip without my belongings. But on the day of returning I enquired the Bangkok airport about my bag and they said my bag is at Kolkata airport itself. But on arrival at Kolkata airport on 4th Jan SpiceJet authorities said they don't know about my bag. They rudely behaved with us and didn't lodged complaint that night. I lodged a complaint next day and they said I have to wait for 48 hrs for any update. I waited but they didn't replied me. What should I do?

Jayabharath Reddy

Posted On: 2017-01-04 16:11:42
Dear Sir, I traveled from Dammam to Bangalore via Hyderabad in JET Airways flight & in domestic flight change on 25th Dec morning, I handed over my luggage & after arrival in Bangalore it went missing where Jet Airways registered complaint and said my luggage will be delivered to my home address as it has traced in Hyderabad and will sent in next flight.After 10 days passed, they're still saying it is under tracing and even not showed any interest in updating me. I request your help in dealing with this case as the worth in that luggage including bag is around 90000. Request your support & help.


Posted On: 2016-12-29 20:15:12
Me and my wife who was 8months pregnant were to travel on 16th Dec on Indigo flight to Raipur from Bangalore. After doing checkin and security on time, during boarding at 4:40am, the staff pulled me out for physical check up and boarded my wife.The staff was lethargic in the process and delayed in process cost me to miss my flight with my wife on board. On request, they refused to cooperate and told my wife they plan on rescheduling flight for me and cannot let her de board. To me they said, my wife refused to get down and wanted to travel instead. The staff miss behaved and refused to cancel or re-schedule my flight on the day and asked for fresh ticket payment for next day. When prompted, the refused to provide ticket saying it was unavialable. Also, they did not send the luggage and dumped it in corner and did not inform me on that till i claimed it. I had to book online ticket at price of 28000 as luggage had all medical certificates of wife. Airline is refusing to refund amount.

Avinash Pandita

Posted On: 2016-12-29 00:04:33

joseph reddy

Posted On: 2016-12-28 00:26:55
I booked flight ticket from delhi to vijayawada on 29 th morning flight air india. i want cansal that ticket. this is my trasaction id 5101504458. this is my mail id this is my mobile number 9963331199. when i called air india they told me, through irctc only it ll cansal, pleast contact irctc travel agent . i am trying past 2 hours to till now they did not picked my call . even i mailed to irctc i did not get any reply from them . please tell me what id o travel date is 29 th december 2016. i want know the refund amount and when they ll pay


Posted On: 2016-12-26 13:48:20
Dear Sir/Mam, We have complaint against Make My Trip Application for giving us wrong information about sending me the wrong adderess of airport at mumbai. i have reached at the given time 2.40 of indigo 6E 803 and the given adderess in make my trip application is chatrapati shivaji international airport mumbai but one of the officer has stopped me in the entry gate and he tells that your flight is from other airport is the domestic airpot from santacruze at immidiate time i go for santacruze domestic airport but there i missed the flight of indigo. the main reason of missing the flight is giving the incorrect or incomplete adderess of the airport. so i claim for refunding my money of air ticket and the problems regardig the travelling.


Posted On: 2016-12-23 07:10:26
Sir, I have booked a flight ticket via Air Asia from Visakhapatnam to banglore And while payment, I chose CC avenue as payment gateway.. And my transaction was completed through bank of Baroda debit card.. But in the flight ticket, it was showing the payment is due! No proper response from AirAsia also! I want to refund my money What's the legal process I can do?


Posted On: 2016-12-21 12:50:59
I was booking flight dated 26.01.2017 from goa to delhi. Booking date 28.11.2016 but due some reasons was not booked. I called air asia they said no transaction or booking is made but the debited the amount rs. 9573 from my account, and said to speak to my bank for this on 12.12.2016 my bank said that the amount was sent to the merchant then i called again the air asia for the same then they confirmed yes the booking was made and said that it is duplicate booking for which the cancelled my second booking and said that the amount will be refunded within 5 working days. But no refund was made later when i called them again they said it is under process and take 7 working days not 5 working days. Now the given time period is lapsed and now again they are saying it will take 7 more working days. PNR NO. AFBZVP DATE OF TRAVEL 26.01.2017 NAME- ANIKET SHRESTHA & ARPITA ASTHANA AMOUNT TO BE REFUNDED -9434/- please help in getting my money back as it is more than 20 days and due to this paymen

surya snata das

Posted On: 2016-12-18 23:30:50
hello, i want to file a case against an airline for not cediting my refund since 60 days.i have called them several times and sent them mail but all the time they are just giving me the same response that it will be done but till yet no refund so far.i am facing harrasmment and lot of inconvinience .now i want to appraoch them legally.i havent received a single call nor an email stating that even why there is a delay.i have done whatever i can .i want to take them to the court for falsely stating the refund time period and also for not dealing with their passengers compliant timely.please help me how to approch the case.the refund amount is around 27000 . thankyou

Harish Prarath

Posted On: 2016-12-15 18:52:16

Ritu Rani

Posted On: 2016-12-13 09:20:31
Sir/Ma'am My flight with spicejet SG107 from delhi to chennai was diverted to hyderabad on Dec 12,2016 and delayed for two days (14 Dec,2016) due to full bookings due to bad weather. we haven't been given any food or accomodation by spicejet. behavior is worst. No proper information or announcement made about the procedure to chose from options given by them. PNR no. R9HW9G SG107 SG 3706

Prashant Joshi

Posted On: 2016-12-12 19:54:18
I booked a flight from Delhi to Nagpur and on 11th evening I received the message from Dmindigo that IndiGo: MR PRASHANT JOSHI IndiGo flt. 6E894 from DEL to NAG on 12Dec16 is cancelled. To explore alternate flts or to process refund,log on to and click on PLAN B or check your email. Inconvenience is regretted.On clicking plan B system is showing your email/last name not matching. After some time I received another message that IndiGo: Dear IndiGo Customer - Get online or get in line. Web check-in now! Just carry a print of your boarding pass and drop your bags at bag drop counters or proceed straight to gates. Galaxy Note 7 and E-cigarettes are prohibited from carriage. Power banks are allowed only as hand baggage. Wish you a pleasant flight. I called the customer helpline no but nobody is responding and on writing email the automated reply received that it might take some time to reply. My concern is if the flight cancelled what are the alternate arrang


Posted On: 2016-12-09 16:27:46
While in the arrival baggage checking of Spice jet Airlines team by mishandling my 43 inch LED TV was broken it was happen on 22/Nov/2016.Yet they haven't taken any compensation actions on it.They have given me Baggage Irregularity Report.PNR no:SC13WQ. Whenever I contact them they appreciates my patience only how can I get compensation from them.

bijayalaxmi priyadarsinee

Posted On: 2016-12-06 23:49:57
Today I booked the round trip tickets from Bangalore to Bhubaneswara. I paid the amount of Rs5600 through Debit card. It got successfully booked. But after 10 mins I got the message that the bookings got cancelled. Then how I can it be possible When I have not cancelled the tickets. PNR : EH7V9R I from 1 hr I am trying to contact the given no, but that is busy and tried to send mail, but got the mail that "The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly." So please take necessary actions ASAP. thank you.

Shivangi Nigam

Posted On: 2016-12-05 21:13:18
I booked a ticket with Indigo airlines 90 days in advance costing me around 5430 INR now while cancelling the booking 66 days in advance they are charging me 4650 INR(Cancel Change Fees + Tax + Convenience fee) which is just not justifiable to charge a customer who is cancelling something 2 months in advance how can a company charge you for something that huge which the customer has not even used and is informing the airlines so well in advance. I also think they should change this policy of their which is making all the customers suffer so much of no reason perhaps something more sensible.

rajul shrivastava

Posted On: 2016-12-02 19:06:08
I had made a booking from for a Ranchi - Delhi (Dep: 8pm) flight on 2 December for 2 passengers. This Indigo flight got cancelled and I am getting a full refund. But I had also made a booking through Yatra for Spice Jet from Delhi to Goa for 5 passengers including the two passengers mentioned above. Due to Indigo cancellation, we had to cancel Spice Jet as well but Spice Jet will not refund money for one way as it since it was a promotional fare, one way tickets cannot be cancelled. Due to this arrangement I had to book addtional tickets which has costed me an additional INR33,000.


Posted On: 2016-11-28 12:48:16
Dear Madam / Sir, With great pain and trauma I have to inform you that my flight tickets were booked for Patna with my name Name Anand Bijeta, My wife Priyanka Kumari and my 10 year old child Abhigyan for Indigo Flight from New Delhi to Patna on 27th of November -2016 at 3:45 pm. The ticket was confirmed on my wive's email ID and Phone Number 9905025433. We reached the Terminal 1 of Demoestic Flights at IGIA at 2:40 pm. It can be confirmed from CISF Inspector Mr. Neeraj Singh and the CCTV camera. We went straight to the D10 Counter as per the direction of the INDIGO staff. At D10 counter mrs. Jaspreet was sitting there, who politely asked us to stand in Que. and don't worry about the boarding pass as we are in on time. It took us 30 mts to reach Jaspreet on the counter as she was entreating the direct passengers who were paying high ticket prices for late booking for available seats. At this moment at 3:15 she completely denied us the boarding pass and become

sioli mathew

Posted On: 2016-11-25 20:18:26
I purchased online airline ticket from akber travels through their mobile app... but up way sector cancelled by flight company so I compelled to cancel return tickets...4 ref.AK160015772..pls take necessary steps to refund my amount as soon as possible..

Supriya Nair

Posted On: 2016-11-21 18:21:11
I had booked tickets for 9pax from Delhi to Srinar and back for the 10th of Oct'16 and 14th of October 2016 via travel easy site. The airlines was Indigo and Spicejet. Due to the surgical strikes and the Curfew thereon in Kashmir we had to cancel our trip. Cancellation request was made to airline on the 29th Sept and 7th Oct'16 both at the airlines as well as Travel easy site. Airlines refunded the cancellation amount within a day to the travel agent . The travel easy officials confirmed via mail that the refund amount received by then after deduction of their service charges will be refunded to me with 24 to 72 hrs. A refund of approx Rs46136/- is pending with Travel Easy (an online travel agent) since two months. Regular follow up is being done but they are yet to give me a proper reply neither verbally nor in written. Kindly resolve my issue at the earliest please as I am thorougly harrassed doing follow ups via mail and telephone

Amit Kumar

Posted On: 2016-11-12 23:19:56
I booked a flight from, for 2 persons from CHANDIGARH to VADODARA, travel date 23-11-2016. After entering details of persons, on the web page on right hand side column, total fare mentioned was Rs.11416 and YOU PAY phrase was written above it, but when I made the payment, an amount of Rs 11866 was deducted, which was Rs 450 more, which has shown in the previous page. The plea they gave me that Rs 450 was mentioned on the next page as an online processing fee. My pleas is why online processing charges is not mentioned in total amount and why YOU PAY phrase has been written above it where Rs 11416 was mentioned on the web page. If once they have shown total amount Rs 11416 "You PAY" and then on next web page they changed it to Rs 11866, which anybody could skip to read. Customer care guy told me that this could be a web designing issue and he bluntly refused to refund me Rs 450 which they charged extra without my consent.

Dr Jayanta Kumar Chakraborty

Posted On: 2016-11-03 09:37:28
I had a bad experience in Hongkong airport on 13th and 20th august, 2016 regarding wheel assitanceas well as improper meal in HKG to Torrento and Vancouver to HKG flight on 13th and 20th aug, 2016. I have contacted Cathay pacific . They have offered me 75usd and later on two up gradation voucher ,which can be used in the airport departure time provided if seat is available. That means if seat is available only i can use.Cathay pacific Ref: 01281015 06/10/2016 Our Ref: 01268008 03/10/2016 Dear Mr Chakraborty Thank you for your time on the telephone this morning. It was a pleasure to speak to you, and helped me understand the situation better. I note that our previous response did not satisfy your concerns and I apologise for making you feel even more disappointed. We care about the dignity and comfort of passengers requiring special assistance and endeavor to make their travel experience as relaxed as possible. I am sorry we were unable to provide you the wheelchair

Rita Wilson

Posted On: 2016-10-26 17:45:55

Ravichandra Venkateshwaralu

Posted On: 2016-10-24 19:11:34
Hi, Had booked ticket with Air Pegasus airlines with Confirmation number 6XB4JM, the flight was cancelled and had requested for refund of the booking amount, its been close to 2 months and still have not received the refund from this Airlines.


Posted On: 2016-10-20 07:19:45
My yatra reference ID is.1910621198577 I have made a payment of Rs.9066/- for flight from Mumbai to Delhi on 13th January 2017, yesterday at 10.22pm. Amount has been deducted from my bank account and still I have not received the confirmed PNR no. or confirmed ticket. CONTACTED GO AIRWAYS as well but they are saying no booking showing to them with the following reference ID. Secondly, I am calling YATRA customer support from last 5 hour wasted Rs.200 on the same and they guys just kept the phone on hold for more than 200 min. Worst system I have ever faced. Need your reply too the soonest.

soumen paine

Posted On: 2016-10-17 21:15:06
sir, i have cancelled go air ticet on 28 sep for mumbai port blair sector. PNR number C4LN1U. the refun amount not credited to my account .. pls do needful....

Ravikaran Yadav

Posted On: 2016-10-16 15:13:36
Dear Sir,I was to travel to Bengaluru by AI803 16th Oct16. I reached T-3at ND before 5 A.M. and was in queue for boarding pass at 5 depart at 6:15 A.M. I was left stranded in queue,check-in closed due to lacklustre AI staff Losses- Approx Rs. 20000 + valuable study of 2 days+ mental tension संदर्भ संख्या / Reference Number : WB-DDEL161016020 स्थान / Location : Delhi फीडबैक प्रकार / Feedback Type : Other श्रेणी / Category : Delay / Cancellations उप श्रेणी / Sub Category : Delay/Cancellation उड़ान प्रकार / Flight Type : DOM उड़ान संख्या / Flight No. : AI803 टिकट संख्या / Ticket No. : H2RF1 विषय वस्तु / Content : for BLR, I was in queue for check-in at counter since 5 A.M. I kept waiting for my turn but the sloppiness at the counter, no announcement regarding early flt, no urgency by AI staff for check-in and sending me to this and that counter led to missing my flt.came to know the working of PSU airline and its reason for dying in market, will always avoid AI if option.

aditi narayani

Posted On: 2016-10-10 22:27:19

Shivraj Swami

Posted On: 2016-10-05 10:20:11
Dear Sir, I am following up with travel agent for refund of cancelled airline tickets from last two months but he is always giving false commitments and not responding properly. Please help us in this regard. Agent Details - Ankur Tours, Mr. Vikas mb-7529999000,


Posted On: 2016-10-03 19:27:28
Me and my family suffered terrible mental agony due to non-delivery of our checked-in baggage by SPICE JET during our trip from Mumbai to Madurai via Chennai and ultimately to RAMESWARAM by taxi from Madurai. The Airline made several promises and excuses for non compliance of promises to deliver the bag. Finally we received the baggage after 28 hours past our our arrival. When the question was raised with the Airline, they force me to accept Rs 500 voucher for next trip, which I shall never again do with this carrier.I spent almost Rs 3,800 to buy new cloths and other consumables for me and my family as we were in pilgrimage to Rameswaram and must not wear soiled cloths to do the religious rites and special apparels were also required. I am working in Saudi Arabia and came solely to do this holy and religious rites and has since returned to Saudi Arabia on 30 September, 2016. I had the nightmare incidence on the 15 and 16 September, 2016. I pray to your lordship to help me.


Posted On: 2016-10-03 18:59:03
Flight:Jet Konnect 9W-2782 Departure:15:50,Sat 01-Oct :Bangalore,In(Bangaluru Arpt -BLR) Arrival:17:00,Sat 01Oct:Mangalore,IN(Bajpe -IXE) Class:Economy Name:Mr.Kolkebail Jeevan Shetty ,Airline PNR:WOIIRX CRS PNR:BEHJDH Ticket No.5891087897738 The above Flight was over booked and the airlines sold the seats at a very abnormally high price. In order to accommodate highly paid passengers the confirmed ticket of mine has been denied boarding pass in the pretext of reporting at the counter late by 5 minutes. In fact I was present in front of the counter 1 hour before and the staff at the counter has been instructed over phone to do a small drama and denied a boarding pass to me in the pretext of late reporting by 5 minutes . The flight departure is 15.50, where as I have reported at 15;00, and the concerned staff at the counter scribbled on my ticket as 15.10. You are therefore requested to take an appropriate action against the airlines and inform me the developments

Chandrashekhar Rao

Posted On: 2016-10-01 11:39:22
Dear Sir, I have booked an air ticket for Bangalore to Mumbai sector for 28/10/2016 through website on 30/09/2016. While booking only after checking the availability of ticket with the Airlines, my credit card was debited for Rs.2178.00 and the ticket was booked having their confirmation ID : 300916JZGDN4XS4 Indigo Flight 6E756. Subsequently I have received a email informing that my itinerary has been rejected due to non-availability of the ticket and my amount will be refunded. My request is how this cancellation has been done by the Airlines since I have been issued a ticket only after verifying the availability of ticket with the Airlines and only after accepting the payment via my Credit Card. Hence request to reinstate my original booking. Thanks n Regards

anil sethi

Posted On: 2016-09-29 11:02:25
I had travelled by AIR INDIA on 6th sept by flight no AI332 from delhi Bangkok.from that day onwards mt baggage is missing and till date almost 24 days have passed no information being shared by AIR INDIA egading my missing bag.i had to suffer mentally ane monteioraly since I had stayed for 6 nights without any clothes medicenes etc etc.

Ajay C Joshi

Posted On: 2016-09-23 11:21:48
Air tickets booked through Makemytrip in indigo airlines but modifications request by me was not honoured as exceptional approval which I suppose every company has for their clients.

Siddhanta Biswas

Posted On: 2016-09-19 15:37:31
Well today i had booked 3 airline tickets, from the mobile app, on the go air flight 1103 scheduled on 11th october 2016 from new delhi (del) to kolkata (ccu). The passengers names are as follows:- 1.Mr. Sukanta Biswas [PhoneNO.- +918902494762] 2.Ms. Rinku Biswas 3.Ms. Tanaya Biswas Intially the pnr no had been generated in my mobile app but i couldn't retrieve the pnr (boooking reference no.) since the app had stopped working. I have'nt yet received a confirmation email nor a SMS to the above mentioned mobile number . I would like to get an email verification of the required flight ticket and also an SMS confirmation Thank you.


Posted On: 2016-08-23 13:32:36
I have made a request to Spicejet Airlines over phone on 23.08.2016 for cancellation of my connected flight scheduled on 23.08.2016 from Chennai to Visakhapatnam SG-502. But they state way refused to cancel the ticket being the connected flight. Since I have missed my flight No. SG-608 from Kochi to Chennai on 23.08.2016, Therefore I requested to cancel my connected flight from Chennai and refund the remaining amount, so that at least refunded amount can relief me from my great loss. Accordingly to their policy effect from 07.04.2016 cancellation can be done up to 2 hrs prior to the scheduled departure time.

Aditya Agarwal

Posted On: 2016-08-20 17:54:01
Due to a glitch on the Lufthansa's website, I was unable to pay for the desired tickets and had to book the more expensive tickets on a different flight. When I informed the customer care about the issue, they asked me to not to cancel the ticket (ticket cancellation was free of cost for the first 24 hours) till the time I got a reply from the e-sales office of Lufthansa based in Gurgaon. The e-sales office replied only after the 24hour period and refused to adjust the amount (Rs. 2.97 lac paid for 6 tickets) while making the re-booking and asked me to arrange Rs.3 lac to book the new tickets. In the given situation I was forced keep my booking unchanged while I requested them to provide me a solution. I even wrote to their Corporate office in Germany but got a reply only after more than a month. In the end, I was forced to spend an extra Rs.1.35 lac to modify my tickets. The Corporate office acknowledged my complaint but did not offer any solution in their mail dated 13th July 2016.

Sahil Paul

Posted On: 2016-08-19 15:49:15
We booked a round trip from Delhi to Kolkata with Vistara Airlines for 6 passengers. The Airlines cancelled its flight from Kolkata to Delhi running on 19th July, 2016. Since the cancellation was done from the airlines we became eligible for a full refund for the return flight. We availed the flight from Delhi to Kolkata but are still waiting for the refund of our return flight that was scheduled for 19th of July. Today is 19th of August and the Airlines has still not refunded our money back which amounts to aprox. 19,000n for 6 passengers. Everytime I call the customer care they promise me a period of 7 working days. Its been a month now and it seems the company is unwilling to return my money. What shall I do? I can't believe such a reputed company is behaving this way.

Deepak arora

Posted On: 2016-08-18 23:06:12
I booked 3 ticket from Hyderabad to Delhi in spice jet airline sg-126 on 18/8/16 my flight time is 9:30 pm departure but when I reached the airport I have recive a msg from airline flight delay 40 min after it again msg for 1 hrs 15 min. After again a msg for for 2 hrs 35 min late now the departure est time 00:55 I have a child of 3 yrs old she is not well. I want to know who is the responsibility person for my harrassment there is no one from airline person


Posted On: 2016-08-16 23:17:07
i am sravana from hyderabad got selection letter in the name of spice jet and the person name was abhimanu rai senior manager,said to pay 9950/-rs and after interview it wil be refundable i paid on august 4 2016 now he is not responding plz take action on that.that money is also not mine i have taken from another person ,,plz take action on him,.......sravana-8143690204


Posted On: 2016-08-13 08:34:19
I booked 4 air ticket through cleartrip . com for travel from bangalore to madurai and return to bangalore (air Peagasus). th flight was canceelled and i got a message on my e mail id that full refund wiil be processed within 7 days this message was se3nt to me on 29th July 2016. No action is seen, toatal silence3 is maintained by cleartrip. com. i reminded on 11 th August 2016. iwas told that within 24 to 28 hours . cleartrip will respo9nd. but till today 13 th August 2016 no no response is received . advice further action . or should i resort to legal option.


Posted On: 2016-08-02 17:10:11
Dear Sir, I had booked 3 confirmed tickets from Mumbai to Udaipur for 27th August 2016 on carrier Spice Jet 3 months in advance by making full payment at that time. It was a direct flight no. SG422 Mumbai to Udaipur with PNR number PF7TFE. Spice Jet suddenly cancelled the flight 3 days back even after taking full payment from me 2 months ago. On top of that, I just asked them to make an alternate arrangement for me to reach Udaipur on 27th August by a direct flight which they are refusing. They replied that they don't have any flights on 27th August from Mumbai to Udaipur. I provided them an option to compensate INR 9,000/- to book 3 tickets on an alternate flight on carrier indigo on 27th August. They refused to provide that refund & compensation also to book 3 tickets in spite of canceling confirmed tickets I would like to request your assistance to penalize Spice Jet. I would like to request a compensation so that i can book an alternate flights as i am facing huge loss

Manisha Rao

Posted On: 2016-08-01 19:06:12
Detained at Frankfurt airport, denied boarding, ill-treated and made to stay an extra night without compensation

Sudhansu Baral

Posted On: 2016-08-01 17:14:22
I was suppose to travell on 29th July 2016 for Business Trip from Bangalore to Hyderbad , with the below ticket details . PNR No - EKYKLKEticket No - 5899162734439Flight Time -9.15 AMHow ever Due to heavy rain , Traffic & also met with road accident I reached Airport at 8.40 AM . I have already done Web check in advance .Still I was not allowed to board the Flight . Reason mentioned by your people was that I was late I should report 45 mintus earlier , & at 8.40 AM , boarding gate closed .But in Jet airwaysboarding pass it is clearly mentioned that boarding gate close 25 minutes before departure . Also Jetairways half of the staff members are ready to allow me , while half of the members are not ready .There was a arrgument between internal staff members , which continues till 9 A. M . After that they told its already late . Because of staff members knowlege gap , I have to suffer , Also they didn`t provide me alternative flight , Neither arrange for refund of Money also

Rajeev Jain

Posted On: 2016-07-31 16:29:08
Hi, My name is Rajeev Jain and I was travelling by Jet airways on 3rd July 2016 from Indore to Delhi by flight no 9W0792. One of my check in bags was found missing at Delhi and i have lodged a missing bag complaint with Mr. Gaurav Masih from Jet airways at Delhi airport - complaint no is 9W609907. While i was promised that my bag would be traced in the next 24 hours, it has been 4 weeks now and i have not received any reponse from Jet airways. I have been writing to them at for the past 4 weeks trying to follow up on my missing luggage. However, the only reply i keep getting from them is that they are still trying Moreover, their call centre employees are also trying to mislead by saying that they will make somebody Senior from Jet airways call me up - but no one has bothered to reach me on this matter Because i had my clothes, accessories, toileteries in that bag, I had to shop the very next day worth Rs. 12736 to go to office - am in possession of the expenses bills (can be provided upon request) Besides, my bag was carrying goods worth Rs. 90,000 like clothing, blazers, perfumes, shoes, accesories The bag itself was an American Tourister bag worth Rs.10,000 Would like Jet airways to compensate the afore mentioned amount to me if they are not able to trace the same - they are clearly trying to duck this compensation and therefore not bothering to revert to my relentless calls and emails I have gone thru major mental harrassment because of their negligence and indifferent attitude Would appreciate appropriate intervention from the Consumer Complaint Forum Rgds, Rajeev Jain 9630087750 / 9987559101 email :

Rahul Kumar

Posted On: 2016-07-28 20:31:17
I traveled from Calicut (CCJ) to Lucknow (LKO) on 10-07-2016, through Jet Airways with transit through Mumbai and New Delhi. The PNR is WLEWNV. My baggae was damaged when it was delivered to me at Lucknow. With lot of effort, I catch hold of an official of Jet Airways at the airport and raised by grievances. To my dismay, instead of trying to resolve the issue, he started ridiculing me infront of all gathered, saying that, the quality of my baggage is poor and hence it got damaged. Adding fule to fire, he again ridiculed me to when I requested to show his ID card with a very vulgar gesture of unbottoning his shirt. I have takenup this issue with the Jet Airways authorities and their appelate authorities on several occassions, but all my efforts went in vain. I am totally depressed with the way the airline has handled my grievances and intend to approach DGCA/CDRF for an early resolution of my grievances. Rahul Kumar K - 8943190800

Charagi Mohan Krishen

Posted On: 2016-07-15 16:12:51
On 02/11/16 I booked two return international tickets from Delhi to Sydney Australia for 19/03/16 and return on 10/08/16 through travel agent Welcome Travels Nehru Place New Delhi of China Southern Airlines. In between airlines extended the duration of journey from 15 to 39 hours which does not suit because of the old age and got the return tickets cancelled. Only 50% cost of return journey was refunded. On asking the concerned airlines why 50% cost was refunded they did not gave any suitable reason, as such request for the balance amount of refund.Thanks


Posted On: 2016-06-24 17:54:13
I traveled to Athens from Mumbai in Eithaad Air(booking ref no. EY ISLERP) in biz class for leisure trip. On my return from Athens (EY 90)to Mumbai on 8th June via Abu Dhabi,I get to know that 3 of my bags (tag numbers EY 500927, EY 500916 &.EY 500935)go missing and not arrived at Mumbai airport. On contacting Mumbai airport authorities, I was assured that the same will be arriving in the next flight from Abu Dhabi or latest by the next day. I was asked to complete missing baggage formalities and was generated the File ref no.BOM9W88239. Since then, after in numerous follow ups and calls,I have managed to receive only 2 bags on12th June and there is still no information about my 3rd bag (EY 500935) I am highly disappointed, and fail to understand the fact, how such an act of negligence is appreciated at such a famed name,Why do I have to waste my time and efforts in follow ups with Etihad & Jet Airways when it is Airlines responsibility to trace and get the baggage back

Barkha Kariwala

Posted On: 2016-06-21 14:30:21
I,Barkha Kariwala was travelling from Bagdogra airport to Mumbai vis Delhi with my five year old baby girl, Soumyaa Kariwala. Our tickets Pnr no. was U2TB3L. I purchased the ticket for Rs. 23,948. We reached Delhi and went for security chck immediately for ou r next flight.Aftersome refreshments I sat infront of door no. 5B with my child as still there was over an hour for our flight. Twice I asked the ground staff whrn should we board and they told me that there was still time and they will call us. At 7:35 I asked again if the flight was late as no call was made. The two male staff sarcatically told me now you have come, the flight has already left. I was taken aback. Travelling alone with a small child and I know no one thereI had to plead to them for help. Spicejet my boarding pass and made an entry and told me to leave. After much pleading I had to pay Rs.6824 for fresh tickets. I want justice. What can a passenger do if this kind of thing happens. We hav to pay again??

Krishna Lal Das

Posted On: 2016-06-18 10:44:02


Posted On: 2016-06-11 14:33:18
Dear sir / mam This is Rupil dev lamsar, I booked the airplane tickets from hdfc credit card and get the ticket of jetairways by redeeming the Jpmiles ... We have two ticket journey 2 june for delhi to jodhpur And 15 june for jodhpur to delhi On June 2nd my wife travelled and also taken two way return ticket for my baby they charged 2870 rs for infant (both sides) they gave the print of ticket at IGI Airport delhi But unfortunately my wife misplaced the combined ticket in which infant is added. We had conversation with jet airways customer care but they are saying that you infant is not added in the ticket ... If infant is not added in ticket then how the infant travelled when I have boarding pass copy of my baby... So please take actions for this .. PNR NO. IS : RUYQVO

Pradeep kumar Aggarwal

Posted On: 2016-06-05 21:57:44
my complaint regarding charging excees fair & refund of excess amount for Indigo flight booking ref no Q87LVC is not properly attended fair not properly addressed by Mr. Himanshu AT 21;50 dated 05jun2016 & phone is disconnected after a long hold.


Posted On: 2016-05-31 15:05:48

Karan Joshi

Posted On: 2016-05-28 12:57:36
My wife's passport was damaged by the airline staff at the check in counter at Mumbai International Airport on 27/05/2016 T2 while we were boarding for SQ-421 to Singapore and then to Auckland. The damage to passport was done while the check in process at the check in counter. Following are the series of events of the day. The negligence has caused me the entire trip to New Zealand and caused me great hardship and mental disturbance. I have the entire series of events written along with the names of the staff. I want justice in this case.


Posted On: 2016-05-24 19:27:54
Points accumalated for miles flown (as per 5 emails from airline Jet airways) = 6086. Now airline shows online that points only 2000+. Requesting resubmit documents. Had to cancel air booking.

Ashish pandey

Posted On: 2016-05-20 13:53:15
Dear sir /madam this is to bring to your notice that I had booked two tkts from allahabad to Delhi for 19 may. Schedule departure was 2.30 pm and I also booked conceding tkt for jaipur by indigo departing at 8.10 pm. Air india flight which was scheduled to land in delhi at 4.20 pm got delayed and landed in delhi at 7.00 pm. I rushed to the indigo counter 8 kms away in another building. I reached their counter at 7.30 pm. And indigo flight had closed. As a result I was denied boarding pass by indigo. I was forced to spend the night at delhi and then continued my jaipur journey by train in 20th morning. All reoutes were confirmed. Because if the delay of air india flight to delhi I missed indigo flight. I request air india to pay me for my missed air tkts, lical taxi charges to and from hotel in delhi and hotel charges amounting to Rs. 12000 approx. Please consider this as my notice to air india for the above payment. My tkt nos are 098-1724483159 &160. Pls mail back and oblige a.s.a.p.

Gaurav Devpura

Posted On: 2016-05-15 23:31:13
I have booked a return flight from udaipur to delhi on 12th may vide pnr GB6RKA at spicejet airlines as i have to attend an meeting. But to delay in flight timings i was not able to reach meeting at scheduled time. Due to this i have been suffered allot and my cost of return flight is just a waste. I request you to kindly compensate me by refunding the ticket fares. Thank you..

Salil gupta

Posted On: 2016-05-14 10:28:27
Traveling to Amritsar from Amritsar on 14 Th may 2016 spice jet flight SG 438. It is being delayed without prior information and no message has been received for the same. Totally disturbed the travel plan. Had to leave the special meeting. I am disturbed and sought refund of ticket instantly so that I can catch another aircraft. Staff is totally negligent and speaks lies about the change in schedule.

Aksah Kumar

Posted On: 2016-05-13 23:34:18
Hi This is in regards with one of the ticket booking forum sites named 'ClearTrip'. I am here to detail about the money loss in transactions as well as non refund of my hard earned money. Details : 1. Travel One : Date :22/04/2016 Vendor Site : ClearTrip ( Amount :4242 Complaint Reference Nos : 16042237822 I tried booking the tickets but the it did not proceed further from bank details gathering page. My Money got deducted from my account. The card used was of Bank of Broda. I also have bank statement to prove it. But no tickets was booked with this very transaction. 2. Travel Two: Date :02/01/2016 Vendor Site : ClearTrip ( Amount :3192 Complaint Reference Nos : 15122431382 I did cancel the ticket and was expecting my refundable amount in 5 working days, which I did not received till date. I made multiple calls and requests for the same. Its clear case of cheating and mental harassment.

Nalin Popat

Posted On: 2016-05-05 12:22:11
On Apr 26, 2016 2:56 PM, "Nalin Popat" wrote: Dear sir, Sorry to disturb you but it is now high time we are facing this problem and yesterday again i face the problem. My Name is Nalin Popat from Gujarat, Rajkot City,I have online booked one ticket for my son who is studying at dehradun, fligjt was from Dehradun-Ahmedabad, all online procedure complited and amount also deducted from my account. Fare fully paid also i got the massage from my bank also.but couldn't get any ticket confirmation. Thereafter i try and contect Spicejet office and explain my problem,they rudely behave and told me it's networking problem, it's happen.After my very humble request to bag for complain they registerd my complain My complain no is 385549 and executive on line was Gaueav Sharma, but they said me again you go to bank and give me reference no of transition, i Request them i have bank massage, he said we cannot return your money till you provide your transection no. Sir i am


Posted On: 2016-05-01 15:54:31
Sir, I am a student of class 10, passenger of spice jet during my journey Hyderabad to Agartala(PNRH7JLKZ) is offended to say you that my baggage had lost during the journey. The luggage was samsonite red hard top briefcase which contained many of my new clothes,shoes,some cash,original documents ,camera & keys of my room. I am offended with the spice jet staffs who misplaced or lost my baggage from high security zone. The workers of your airline are very irresponsible too. When I called at your customer care they were not responding properly and spontaneously. Thereby I felt that your airline services are the worst in India. So I therefore pray to you kindly give me compensation Rs.1 lakh for loss of my valuables & harassment also. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, Agnitapas debroy, Contact no.9862033319 or 9436500904

vikas kunde

Posted On: 2016-04-30 19:29:25
hello sir i have done cancellation of my air ticket PNR X4MEMI. for the past 2 months they assures me that the amount will revert in your bank account in 10 working days . but for the past 2 months they are not giving my money . when i call aur mail they just tell me that in 10 working days it will come in your account please solve my problem i have mail conversations also.

satish kumar tokhi

Posted On: 2016-04-20 10:42:18


Posted On: 2016-04-18 22:54:59
Missing of Flight: I was to take return flight by spicejet on 28th March 2016 by SG 368 commencing boarding at 19.05 hrs. However I missed the flight in-spite of checking in at 6.00 pm. I have following grievances: I was waiting at Gate no.4. However, the flight took off from Gate no.1. And to add on, there was no communication from your airline's side, apart from telephone calls which was made to me by a staff member at 19.50 hrs, which is too late as the boarding was to start on 19.05 hrs and I wasn't able to pick up the call standing at Gate no. 4's queuing for boarding.. There wasn't even a single message from your airlines nor did anybody show up to make the announcement at Gate No. 4. During the correspondence I came to know Airline have changed Gate last minute & agree to refund Rs. 367.00, which is not acceptable to me as I requested airlines to reimburse the expenses made by me for no fault of mine.

Elsa Babu

Posted On: 2016-04-17 08:49:45
I had booked a Jet airways ticket for my father BABU SEBASTIAN M through Akbar travels in Flight No :2612 from cochin to banglore for 17-04-2016. (E-ticket No:5892209594233). When we approached approached airport today it was informed to us that the flight is cancelled and message is sent to mobile numbers. Is this the right way to inform cancellation??Arent they supposed to call all passengers via phone or put a mail?I had similar cancellation experience where in Spicejet called me and informed the cancellation prior. Due to this ruthless act from Jetairways, i had to cancel the connection flight from bangalore to belgaum also since the time doesnt match.Kindly do the needful to raise a complaint as the whole process has causedme unnecessary money loss and time loss.

manish mantravadi

Posted On: 2016-04-06 00:33:18

Gopal krishna

Posted On: 2016-03-30 17:43:45
on 19/03/2016 jet airways counter at igi airport delhi deducted amount rs 15590 towards flight for lucknow from delhi, but they neither provided me ticket nor refund of amnt.

Shrawan Kharkia

Posted On: 2016-03-28 14:59:22
My flight Air India 766 from chennai to Kolkata was delayed for more than 6 hours and I was stuck at the airport with my wife and 4 year old daughter. I am highly disappointed by the support provided by AI during this delay. I was to attend a function in kolkata on Dec17th evening which I could not due to this delay.

Alok Kumar

Posted On: 2016-03-22 11:34:52

Rohit Lakhera

Posted On: 2016-03-21 10:46:57
Spicejet PNR- E1UI4Y from JBP to HYD- Airline has cancelled this flight and didnot even bothered to inform passengers. its pathetic and disappointing. We were following up with airline every month ever since tickets are booked and we were assured about its confirm status until Feb'2016, Today on March 21st, I again tried to confirm status and now rep. telling me flights are cancelled, GOVT should take strict action about such willful acts of airlines which puts passengers in lost situation, now we dont have any trains reservation no others means to travel as we were completely dependent on booked tickets in spicejet airline pnr- E1UI4Y. Irony is, we were never informed about the cancellation. I proactively tried to follow up and understood the situation. Spicejet should be punished and fined for such irresponsible action, and I would like to file some kind of penalty on this Airline, Do guide me, is consumer forum would be helpful.

Megha Goyal

Posted On: 2016-03-01 18:23:30
On 28-Feb-2016, we had vistara flight from goa to delhi at 2:25PM and as per their policy we have reached airport on 1:33 PM and at the counter on 1:40 PM but their we 2 pessangers before me due to which my turn came at 1:44 PM and they didnt issued me the boarding pass due to which i have missed my flight and later paid 15 per ticket to spicejet to travel to delhi

Puneet Dua

Posted On: 2016-02-27 21:26:39
Wrong communication and Different charges for date change at 5 different times for same day. 1st Time Date change charges communicated Rs. 5100 for date 31st Jan. Date was changed in Airlines systems. 2nd Time Date change charges communicated Rs. 6200 (when contacted on 31st Morning) for date 31st Jan. 3rd Time Date change charges communicated Rs. 6800 (when contacted on 31st Morning) for date 31st Jan. 4th Time Date change charges communicated Rs. 6200 (when contacted on 31st Morning) for date 31st Jan. At the end I was charged Rs. 6800. I called repeatedly to clarify the charges issue and in turn got into issue.


Posted On: 2016-02-24 07:15:10
Iwas suppose to travel from Kolkkata to Jaipur by flight no 6E-238 at 5;20 a.m.I reached the counter at 4:30 but the officals denied saying that I am late for my flight. Pls note that I had already done my web check in and was carrying my boarding pass. My lugggae was already security checked. But by no means they allowed me to board the flight.Instead they charged exorbitant amount of 3876/- for re bookingmy ticket in the next flight. Iguess there flight was overbooked which caused such a mess because inspite being on time I wasn't allowed to board the flight. Indigo had caused lot of mental and economic stress.Indigo showed highly unethical and non cooperative behaviour. Ground officials were too rude , instead of providing any solution to me, they were insisiting me to re book the flight.That obviously means that there flight was over booked and they cant accomodate me in Flight 6E 238. I request you to kindly do justice with me. A lot of harrasament and economic stress has been c

Santosh Kumar Singh

Posted On: 2016-02-23 12:41:28
Sir i had cut one flight ticket from then i cancelled it as per rules the entire tax portion is to be refunded back to customer. But this didint happen with VIA. com they have refunded half the amount saying 400 rupees is for VIA charges. I kept telling them that it is tax portion and it is not your money. it has be refunded back as is.if they claim it also they have to give me a receipt of service charge or else it is nothing but black money.


Posted On: 2016-02-18 17:38:28
I Vishal Jain has booked a flight for Mumbai DelhiFrankfurt dated 01 st December . The flight ticket itenary is attached for your reference . The flight from Mumbai to Delhi got delayed and later cancelled . Due to which I missed my flight from Delhi to Frankfurt . I was been taken on another Air India flight from Mumbai to Delhi and I reached at around 4.30pm in Delhi. I waited the whole day at the Delhi Airport but no one gave a proper reply . Every one present from the Air India team were just shifting me from one place at the Airport to another place in the Airport . Finally I was given a ticket to fly from Delhi to Frankfurt at early next Day( 2 nd December )morning 6.30 am Lufthansa flight . The whole day I was not provided with Accommodation or any food at the Airport which I think is the moral responsibility of the Airlines. I was supposed to check in at the hotel Excelsior in Frankfurt on 1 st December but unfortunately I did not reached on that day . I ha

Padmanabhan Ramar

Posted On: 2016-02-17 13:09:09
Sir, I cancelled my air ticket of Mumbai to Bangalore of SPICEJET airline on 11-06-2015, PNR No:T8UYFW. They are not yet refunded the money to my account. Some how, due to other work, I did not tracked. Regarding this I send a mail to the customer relations mail on 12-02-2016, but no reply from them. Today I called their customer relations,the executive replied me that that time they are not able refund to my account. Then I asked him that I provided my mobile no and mail id, why you did not informed through that. Almost it passed 8 months, need your help to get this money with interest. Thanks & Regards Dr. R. Padmanabhan


Posted On: 2016-02-16 15:07:19
Dear Sir I have booked a flight ticket few months back at JetAirways through a travel agent. Ticket was full refundable in case of cancellation. But now the airlines have refunded the amount after deducting a huge amount which is not as per it's JetPrivilage Program. So I hereby seek your help to sort this matter and kindly help me in getting full refund from the airlines. I have followed them up many times through customer care and writing them in E-mail, but I didn't received any kind of response or cooperation from them. Details are as follows: Mumbai to Raipur 26th November 2015 Ticket No: 9648000020 Airline PNR: KSEHDL Flight No.: 9W-2121 Airlines: Jet Airways Passenger Name: Yeshwanth Parasmal JetAirways Frequent Flyer Number: 137952920 Travel Agent Name: Skylink Tours and Travels, Raipur Request you to kindly help me. Thanks Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal M: 9893120992 Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Anshu Baid

Posted On: 2016-02-14 05:57:30
I was on time in the airport. First the indigo personnel guided me to the wrong station. Then didn't allow me to board the flight. I had to buy a new ticket. Repeated requests were denied. Further I was misguided and sent to the airport manager where he suggested that he could do nothing. This caused a lot of harassment.


Posted On: 2016-02-06 10:51:01


Posted On: 2016-01-25 17:24:08
The Airline had preponed the Flight of my daughter from London to Delhi. Neither the Airline nor the Booking agent informed my daughter either by mail nor on the Cell No given about any change in Schedule/ preponing of the Flight. She was compelled to Purchase a New Ticket at much higher Price. What is the Maximum Compensation given by a Cosumer Forum/ CONSUMER State Commission/ National Commission in such like cases.


Posted On: 2016-01-21 22:07:41
Dear Sir, This is to inform you that we have booked a ticket thru clear trip id no. 15111320204 dt. 10-12-2015 and later it was cancelled by us 10-12-2015t.Despite repeated followup with the concerned agent on their e mail and customer care We have not received the refund of cancelled ticket it is more than one month has passed. We are providing the details below. Pls get it refunded in the account from which it was air india PNR NO-jexw1/jexwq TICKET NO- 098-9393735735/098-9393735736 NAME OF PASSENGER- ANEESH KUMAR FROM- DELHI TO COCHIN /COCHIN TO DELHI Kindly do the needful at thje earliest. With Regards ANEESH KUMAR


Posted On: 2016-01-21 05:08:20
I had booked 3 tickets from Kingfisher airlines in September 2012. The tickets were booked from Kingfisher website for BOM-IXC sector. The airline purposely advertised a low rate of Rs 2700 per person and that was a trap. In October 2012 the airline went bankrupt and closed all operations. There is no refund against the money charged while booking. From several such complaints against Kingfisher it is evident that the company was cheating the public and DGCA is helpless in providing refunds. Am I eligible to seek compensation from a bankrupt company? Should I proceed to consumer court to get my money back?

Aparna Bera

Posted On: 2016-01-14 23:16:53
Harrasemt at Bangalore Airport on 26th Nov-ar, due to negligence /non cooperation of staff work i had to pay INR 1200. Please assist,


Posted On: 2016-01-04 14:15:47

Rajendra Prasad Devrani

Posted On: 2016-01-02 22:01:15


Posted On: 2016-01-02 11:42:20
reference number with spicejet : CR/376612/2015. SPICEJET PNR : PNR:- AEV2JB I have made payments for the luggage for my friends mother and mother in law.How ever the airline asked the passengers to make payment in the chennai airport.The customers paid once again in the airport.i highlighted to the airline and they highlighting that passengers should sign and send the hand written letter and id proof.i paid through credit card the intial payment.since they once again collected payment in cash.Asked them to refund to credit card were the intial payment has done.They keep repeating the same procedures.

Ahamed Ameen P

Posted On: 2015-12-31 13:33:38
This is to report a tragic situation my sister and family had faced on 30th Dec 2015 at Cochin International Airport, Kerala. They were returning to Muscat after vacation and have booked ticket for Air India express:IX-443(COK-MCT)scheduled to depart at 7:55 AM on 30th Dec. 2015.As per the ticket issued by Air India authorized ,total baggage allowance was 30Kg check-in + 7Kg Cabin.So they were carrying 9 baggage weighing total 172Kg(8Kg less than check-in baggage allowance)and a single cabin baggage less than 5Kg (instead of 6 baggage of total weight42 Kg).On 30th Dec they reached airport at around 5:30AM,and stood in the queue and received Boarding pass.After weighing the baggage the airline staff at the check-in counter informed that baggage allowance is only 20 Kg per person,can't allow 30Kg as mentioned in the ticket.Also informed that they are not responsible for the mistake in Ticket.They forced them to remove 2 baggage of 52Kg which include food for 2 year baby and medicines


Posted On: 2015-12-07 10:24:29


Posted On: 2015-11-29 10:12:58
Spicejet is refusing to refund the modification charges due to a medical emergency (dengue) My follow-up question is obvious WHY???? You expect passengers to travel irrespective of their health condition!! There were deaths reported in NCR & Gurgaon due to dengue. In spite of the seriousness of the issue your co. is denying to help customers out!! I would like to take this higher up in your management and also customer complaints forum. So please let me know how i do that. NOBODY CALLED ME WITH AN UPDATE. ALL YOU DID IS SENT AN E-MAIL... PNR-S4BWUI


Posted On: 2015-11-25 20:59:21
Cash Rs 4500 missing from luggage. Flight AI 967,22.11.15, Chennai to Trivandrum. Passenger Name : Ms K Sivaranjini, Boarding pass NO 62 Seat No 18D

Shashank Maheshwari

Posted On: 2015-11-23 17:03:01
I Have boarded Spice jet flight SG160 (PNR: DCYPNK) to Delhi from Mumbai on 5th Nov'15 which was scheduled to depart at 6:05 am same day but at night at 2:30 Spice Jet computerized call received & its communicate me that my flight has been postpone to 10:00 am...i am surprised that flight cant be taken off till 11:30 am. After landed in Delhi i was standing at belt to collect my luggage & as i picked; i found it was damaged & become scrap..& for the same i went to spice Jet counter to claim it, attendant told me you have to fill the complaint & investigation team will revert my in 7 days...but till date no one contacted me. I ask her to call senior person & no one came to help me out they make excuses always. Pls help me to resolve the matter.

Dr Abhijit Gangopadhyay

Posted On: 2015-11-23 08:45:58
I was making a web booking thorough Jet Airways on line portal for my travel - BOM - CCU - BOM on November 19, 2015 through my SBI credit card. After the payment, I got an error message indicating due system error no ticket was issued. Though payment was made to Jet Airways no ticket was issued.I could not any response from the Jet Airways after repeated contact and the amount of 12, 343 was not reversed to my credit account.

rashid khalid

Posted On: 2015-11-20 23:55:12
Complaint against oman air & missbehaviour of its crew - Date 30.10.2015 Flight no WY143 muscat to milan . Compaint no 31367 & 31437. During the flight a crew fall water on me & instead of sorry abused me and said fuckoff bastard . Complaint to oman air 100s of times . Once in a week they reply I asked them I want to talk to their senior . They took my number but still no call no replies. Fedup with oman air . They realy dont need customers feedback so why they ask . The crew who fall water & abused me name miss tripti , code no 93534 . I gave oman air all the details but no response. I want oman air to take action against its crew and make sure they resolve customers complaint on time

Purvish Shah

Posted On: 2015-11-18 12:36:58
Grievance against Goibibo, travel agency. They misleaded me for my refund amount, airline has already refunded me my cancellation amount while GOigigo says we have not recieved the amount. I have got all proofs of airline refund to the agency accounts

azim momin

Posted On: 2015-10-30 22:01:39
this complaint belong to GO AIR as per their ad on all travel sites that GO AIR is offering lowest fare from 29 october to 1st november 2015 & travel period from 23rd november to 16th december 2015 as per their promo fly smart go i have receive number of bookings for flight ticket which was so high on their respective website i have face lots of mental pressure mental agony from clients because of GO AIR fake marketing strategy i request honble consumer forum to take strict action against GO AIR.


Posted On: 2015-10-28 20:29:27
Sir I am using relience cdma postpaid Sim which fixed plan 900magic in which includes unlimited national calling and 1.5 GB no is activating 20/10/2015, in after 6 days my outgoing call blocked and bill is generated 2729 rs, I m calling customer care regarding this he saying please pay the total bill then I start your survice. Please help me sir.

Amit Srivastava

Posted On: 2015-10-28 12:44:00
SpiceJet has stolen my Baggage Complain # S2997320


Posted On: 2015-10-23 13:12:49


Posted On: 2015-10-23 13:12:02

Mohit Sarda

Posted On: 2015-10-23 10:20:40
Dear Sir, I had a booked a Spicejet Flight No SG-917 through GoIBIBO travelling from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad,PNR : PF479B travelling date: 16/11/2014. The flight was cancelled by the airlines itself and they were supposed to refund me the complete amount.I kept trying for the refund but have not been successful in it. So I thought to Sue to Airlines now as its been already One Year since they haven't refunded the amount. Kindly take my case into notice and respond me back as soon as possible with the best solution. With regards Mohit Sarda

Ch.Ramesh Babu

Posted On: 2015-10-20 23:54:29
I have booked 3 flight tickets from Thiruvananthapuram to Hyderabad online on 6-10-2015 throughmakemytrip site for performing journey on 9-10-2015. Tickets booking ID is NF7201351120187. An amount of Rs 13,767/- debited from bank account but received transaction failed. Airline PNR number was not allotted. Then I spoke to customer care, who checked and said sorry and informed that full amount will be refunded and advised to go for fresh booking. Hence, I did the same. But, only Rs 12,330/- was refunded. then I lodged complaint with make my trip and its ID 151007059951. In response messages are received up to 16-10-2015 that refund is under processing, but the amount is not being refunded. Now, they are not responding. I request you to arrange to refund the balance amount since there is no fault of me in booking ticket. More over airline PNR is not generated. Travel Insurance certificate was not issued for which recovery was affected. please arrange to refund the balanceamont

S Swayamsiddha

Posted On: 2015-10-18 11:15:01
I had booked a ticket from spice jet airlines on 28th july,2015 for the departure date of 25th october,2015. The airlines cancelled my ticket and is providing me an very unsuitable alternate of morning flight which I will be unable to travel in as I am traveling alone from vizag to bangalore. They are giving me full refund option which is absurd as I wont get any airlines at the rate in which I had booked the ticket earlier. They are not resolving this issue and not providing a suitable alternate as well. Kindly Help.

Sayak Patra

Posted On: 2015-10-16 18:53:29
This is to inform you that i booked a ticket from Kolkata to Chennai in the name of Mr.Sayak Patra but by mistake ticket booked in the name of Ms.Sayak Patra, on that time i called Air India Executive Mr. Gyananad Singh but they are not co-ordinate me, he totally refused and told me i can't help. i don't understand why are they not co-operate me ? it's just a human error and nothing else and why are they create issue ? just for a silly mistake happened by default Ms.Sayak Patra instead of Mr. Sayak Patra, i just request them rectify Mr.Sayak Patra not Ms.Sayak Patra. but they are not reply properly in mail or phone. I requested to them continue basis but they are harrase a Passenger just for a Human Error, it's not tolerable from Air India. please help me out


Posted On: 2015-10-15 17:27:11

Sushant Gosain

Posted On: 2015-10-12 17:54:21
I didn't got my refund from the last one month

Leena Karekar

Posted On: 2015-10-06 18:22:20
I had done a booking thru jet airways of Rs.2551/- same is reflecting on the statement, same is debited twice to my credit card statement , but the booking has not gone thru. When I had contacted jetairways call center they said it will be reversed within few days however same has not being done, please look into the matter and revert urgently.urgently. Txn date is 04/09/2015


Posted On: 2015-09-28 16:55:05
Dear Team, Recently I have travelled from New Delhi to Port Blair on vacation but Air India services made it an worst experience Sharing you some of problems due to which we suffered physically, mentally & monetary. It was the worst while travelling From Delhi to Port Blair (separate mail sent Dated 16/09/2015) and ridiculous while travelling back to Delhi from Port Blair. On 10th of September while travelling back from port blair, I have checked-out from Hotel and reached airport, after Check-in, I was Informed that flight is delayed, after waiting 2 Hours, announced that flight is cancelled, and it took an hour to recollect the baggage. There was my Hotel Booked in Delhi and Flight was Booked further for the next day morning (Due to the cancellation same day, Hotel forfeited the payment, (Rs. 5800/-) and airline charged Rs. 2000/-) There was total mess on the counter, and after struggling an hour I have given a paper showing the name of the hotel "Island Pride" for boar

Gehendra Sharma

Posted On: 2015-09-25 10:11:28
I had booked a flight to and from Delhi to Kathmandu for October in April. Now spicejet says it more operates that flight and has cancelled the ticket. It refused to make any alternate arrangement and neither did it pay any interest for the money it holded for months. Is this careless acyt justified? I would be more than happy if spicejet is penalised for such unjustified deeds.


Posted On: 2015-09-23 18:30:48
I BOOKED AIR TICKET THROUGH "EasyGo Trip" on 31.7.2015 from NEW DELHI TO CHENNAI FOR 11.08.2015 UNDER REF No: ET 64485 AND MY ACCOUNT WAS DEBITED WITH RS.3929.00 BUT NEXT DAY I RECEIVED A MESSAGE THAT THE BOOKING HAS BEEN REJECTED DUE TO FARE CHANGE. I TOOK UP THE MATTER WITH"EasyGo Trip"who promised to refund my money back within 10 days.Then I mailed a request to refund my money back. Now more than 52 days have passed I have not received my money back.The company is not ready to refund me my money .This is clear cheating Sir. I request your good self to kindly help me and arrange to get me my money back. Thanks and Regards, AJAY SUHAG 9560129955, 9868126317 MAIL ID:

Arpan Sarkar

Posted On: 2015-09-21 14:47:32
I had booked tickets on Jet Airways flight number 9W 624 (21st September) from Kolkata to Mumbai for my mother, brother and aunt. My mother is a cancer patient and we had booked tickets for taking her to Mumbai for a surgery. Due to road blockade we reached the checkin counter 15 minutes after scheduled time. There was still 30 minutes for the flight to take off. However, we were denied from boarding the flight. Not only that, the airport staff misbehaved and were not even ready to talk. We virtually begged before the duty officers showing them the medical treatment documents and explaining them the urgency of the travel. This not only resulted in financial burden but also extreme mental harassment and a impact on the patient. We demand strict and immediate action against the airline and due compensation for the harassment.

Mrs Mamta Verma

Posted On: 2015-09-19 18:43:47
1. Self and my daughter were booked by Air India Flight 469 from Raipur to Delhi on 22 May 2015.However,the flight was unduly delayed by a staggering 6 hrs,because of which we missed our connecting Go Air flight G8-185 from Delhi to Jammu which was scheduled to depart at 1320 hrs from Delhi,three hrs after the scheduled arrival time of AI-469 on the same day. 2. Despite my complaint to Air India claiming for loss incurred to us on account of the Airfare from Delhi to Jammu,no action has been taken by them for over three months despite assuring that the matter is being looked into.My Air India complaint Reference No is WB-DRPR070615002. 3. I want to claim the Air Fare(Go Air) from Delhi to Jammu and damages on account of Extreme Mental and Physical Harassment and Grave Insecurity caused to me and my 3-1/2 year old daughter who were left to fend for themselves in an unknown and unsafe city like Delhi and had to take night bus to Jammu compromising safety of self & daughter

Amit Keshri

Posted On: 2015-09-09 16:22:57

Rizwan Shaikh

Posted On: 2015-09-08 19:28:00


Posted On: 2015-08-21 01:39:10

E Rajesh

Posted On: 2015-08-19 21:18:55
sir I tried to book jet airways from chennai to new Delhi on 17th & 18th of July but transection failed due to some problem but amount deducted from my account. I talked to customer care for confirmation they told wait for another 30 min if you won't get any confirmation of ticket in your mobile go for another booking. I did same way for 5 times at 5th time I got message that your ticket booked. since then I m calling customer care they are telling it ll credit in 48hrs but nothing happen. I have given all details whatever they asked but no response. I request you to kindly look after this. thanking you


Posted On: 2015-08-13 13:31:39
Dear Sir/madame, I had booked tickets with Jet Airways for travel on 25 Apr 2015 and 02 May 2015 between sectors Delhi and Thiruvananthapuram vide PNR OZKWNF and eTicket No 5892116786715 which subsequently was cancelled on web by me on 09 Apr 2015. On speaking to your toll free assistance for umpteen times and corresponding to them through e-mails, I was always told that the amount of refund will be credited to my account in some time frame of 10/15/7 working days' time. Till date no refund has been made. May I request you to guide me to do the needful. The airlines has been behaving in a total lackadaisical manner giving all possible reasons of amount credited to my bankers & given me some ARN to check from my bankers which also has been done with no refund. Thanking you.


Posted On: 2015-08-08 14:42:08
Complaint against Indigo airlines for denied boarding to 8 passengers on 26-4-2015 on their flight from Delhi to Dubai

harsh agarwal

Posted On: 2015-08-07 11:10:21
hi i need to complaint against regarding my refund . Its been 2 months i tried every possible way to take my refund but could not get it . The company is telling from last 2 months that we have reversed the amount and with response to that i have forwarded my 2months bank statement . so now i am left with complaint option .


Posted On: 2015-08-05 11:03:24
Dear Sir I had booked a Spice jet flight on 28th August vide Confirmation Number (PNR): IDG1MH to Chennai for my family of four for an onward flight from Chennai to Bangkok the same day at 10.25 pm. When I booked the ticket the departure from Kochi was at 5.55 pm and arrival at 7.20 pm, which was sufficient for me to catch the Bangkok flight. Now they have changed the time to 6.55 pm and when I approached for cancellation or change to morning flight, they said cancellation charge or change charge of around 6000 Rs will be applicable for no fault of mine. Please help in securing me a redressal on the above. Trailing mail depicts the full picture. Regards Rajesh George Managing Director Classic Omega Auto (P) Ltd., Guruvayur Road, Punkunnam, Trichur, Kerala Tel: 0487-2389994. Fax : 0487-2385414 Mobile: +91 94470 - 84494 Email:


Posted On: 2015-08-03 19:15:14
Sir I book go air flight for jul31,2015. When I reach airport they said that your payment has not been done by U. Balance has been deducted from my account. I also contact with go air customer care now they are saying that payment was received from you. I have an e-mail of air ticket & citrus payment (the secure online transfer agency)

Ch Joseph Martin

Posted On: 2015-07-21 22:09:59
I booked two spicejet airlines tickets hyderabad to rajahmundry on 06 april 2015.I got message transaction failed/declined but Rs5,374/- debited from my account.Later i contacted to spice jet custmer care several times nearly 30 times i was talk with them.they said the amount will be credited within 10 working days to my account.still i did n't get my money.How can i legally proceed and get my money.

Smaranika Sikdar

Posted On: 2015-07-17 16:10:16

namrata modi

Posted On: 2015-07-17 15:30:43
I am trying to book a ticket from spice jet mobile app for 1st sept, 2015 travelling date and returning on 7th sept, 2015. It is showing no flights available for any of the dates in august and sept. This is all cheating that Spice jet is doing with the customers. A complain should be filed against this company. Its a fraud.


Posted On: 2015-07-17 10:41:49
My bag that was in the Air India flight-AI 102 from Delhi to Mumbai came broken. The handle was completely missing and the Air India team took a complaint and refused to pay up. The Manager for Baggage services, Mrs Prasad at Mumbai clearly says they cannot fix this and will not be held liable. Inspite of me having a damage report that was given to me by their ground staff team at Mumbai T2, this is the pathetic feedback I get from Air India. I'm sure they are probably eating up the amount due to passengers like me and show it in their system as case closed.

Aru Beri

Posted On: 2015-07-16 23:23:00
I am writing this in reference to my lost baggage. I fly with AirIndia flight AI 126 on 11 July, 2015 from Chicago to New Delhi (11 July, 2015 1:30 PM - 12 July, 2015, 2:25 P.M). On reaching IGI Airport at New Delhi I was informed that my luggage have been not loaded from Chicago in the flight because of some technical issues at Chicago (ORD) airport. Thereafter, I was informed to fill in lost baggage form which I did at Delhi Airport. I was provided with a receipt that contained the following details : File Reference : DELAI71185. Now, 4 days have passed and I have no clue about my bag. Everytime on calling Air-India at New Delhi Airport either they don't attend the call or they ask me to call at Air-India at Amritsar Airport. They are not picking up our calls. In this scenario, I would urge you to kindly seek into the matter and provide me with my luggage at the earliest. We are getting harassed in this way. Looking forward to hearing from you


Posted On: 2015-07-14 17:56:53
On arrival at Bangalore airport, I found the baggage lock to be broken, items dislodged and a portion of the bag was torn, around 4"x4", rendering the bag completely unusable. The ground crew of SpiceJet was clueless and kept me waiting 45 mins to take complaint. Complaint # 29814. Kolkata to Bangalore flight. SpiceJet take cheapness to a new level.

Reshma M R

Posted On: 2015-07-08 18:13:21
I travelled on flight SG - 1068 from Cochin to Hyderabad on Spicejet at 08.40 pm. When I reached here at 10.30 pm I was not able to find a baggage out of the 2 I gave. Its being 3 days since I have logged on a complaint - there is no resolution till now. I have medicines and some money in my bag. I urgently need an resolution for this.

Nishant Sinha

Posted On: 2015-07-07 10:29:49
Spice jet is providing wrong information regarding the refund of amount Rs.14, 094 against the cancellation of my flight(PNR-Y35QHL), which has yet not been received in my spouse Citi bank account through which the original transaction has been done. I have sent across an email to them but there is no response from their end till now. This is very disappointing to see that such a big airlines is not refunding back the amount and circulating wrong information that the amount has been refunded back to the account on 2nd July'15. For which, I have also shared the bank statement copy through which the transaction has been made on their asking, however, still there is no response from spicejet's end.

Rachit lakhmani

Posted On: 2015-07-03 17:01:14

mayank bhatnagar

Posted On: 2015-07-01 06:58:39
Shivani Saxena & Mayank Bhatnagar V/s Air India Issue: Negligence of Air India and missed the connecting flight which result the appellant had to paid additional expense to purchase the new tickets and harassment That applicant purchased the two air India tickets Dated on Dec 25 2014 from New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport to Toronto Pearson International Airport; the flight was a connecting flight as per Air India ties with Air Canada. The appellant paid the full amount INR Rs 152742.00 of tickets by credit card to air India confirmation number Y49JG Flight itinerary AI115 DEL-LHR & Air India Flight 7309 LHR-YYZ That appellant took the air India flight with his wife dated on Dec 30 2014 as per above mentioned schedule from New Delhi to Heathrow Airport London and further he had to take the connecting flight form Heathrow to Pearson Toronto. According to ticket itinerary this flight supposed to be arrived at time 11:05 am dated on (Dec 30, 2015) bu

Neepika Khan

Posted On: 2015-06-30 14:40:11
We booked round trip with Spicejet From June12 toJune 20,2015.On june 12 ,2015 when we reached airport spicejet representatives denied us boarding on our booked flight. They changed our flight from SG1212 to SG876. They did not provide us seat on our booked flight SG1212 and gave an excuse that it was overbooked.On asking how can a flight be overbooked , they did not have an answer. Further the next flight given to us SG876 was delayed for 6 hours. We had to wait on airport for almost 10 hopurs. We missed our connecting bus to punjab We spent the whole day of June 13, 2015 travelling , all thanks to spicejet. Actually they sold our tickets on SG1212 to other customers on higher prices. Now when we demand and inquiry and action into this matter, They are not showing much interset in resolving it. Spicejet is not compensating ud for the troubles caused to us. They have caused us acute mental distress, anxiety and physical exertion.We seek your kind help in resolving this issue.

Rajat Baral

Posted On: 2015-06-29 11:49:28
We have purchased the following tickets through make my trip. However, just before the departure day, spicejet cancelled both the flights and sent us sms regarding the same. Till date we haven't got refund for the same. Kolkata(CCU) Bangalore (BLR) Spicejet Sat, 13 December 14, 07:25 hrs Sat, 13 December 14, 09:55 hrs SG-521 Cabin: Economy Bangalore - Kolkata | Sun, 14 December 14, 17:55 hrs Spicejet Sun, 14 December 14, 17:55 hrs Sun, 14 December 14, 20:25 hrs SG-524 Cabin: Economy

Siddhartha Sankar debroy

Posted On: 2015-06-23 17:07:14
They don't allow me to check-in before 40minutes from hyderabad to agartala on 20.06.15

Spandan Kumar

Posted On: 2015-06-22 16:34:07
I encurred a failed transaction on the spicejet website while booking the ticket with pnr GCIDGX. Total of 23054+1400 was debited from my account but the ticket was not booked. I have contacted the bank and spicejet. Spicejet have given me the complaint no. 355297. I have repeatedly contacted yhe customer care of spicejet. But with no result. I have both the transaction id of the transactions. I have provided the same to spicejet but they are not doing any thing. They initially provided me another complaint no but somedays back they told me that the case has been closed and they gave me this new complaont no. Pls advice what to do.

Amrut Joshi

Posted On: 2015-06-17 12:05:23

Amrut Joshi

Posted On: 2015-06-17 12:03:16

Amrut Joshi

Posted On: 2015-06-17 12:01:27


Posted On: 2015-06-16 22:38:48
Dear Sir / Madam, I had booked ticket on 20-May-2015, 9:58PM @ spiceJet Airline, anyhow ticket not got due to some technical fault. Afterwards I made call to customer care and got a reference number [SpiceJet-CR/349429/2015] @ 10:27PM, he said it will credit to my account (credit card) within 5 working days. With several reminders & phone calls I have till date not received it. The amount is Rs.4559.00 Kindly look into it.

Sapna Panchal

Posted On: 2015-06-07 16:14:13
I have a complaint about go air.I booked a ticket from pune to delhi.Because of my exam dates,I had to change the flight and paid penalty charges.The money was deducted twice out of my a/c.Instead of refunding the amount,they made me paid another Rs 1079 to board the flight.Even after raising my concern to them,my money was not refunded.I paid Rs(4369+1650+1650+1069) all total.Can anybody please help me get my money back.I want to take my complaint further

Vishal Mehrotra

Posted On: 2015-05-30 17:03:03
I booked the Air Ticket from Delhi to KOlkata through EasyGo Trip ( but due to fare change, they replied that booking is rejected and amount will be refunded back. The whole thing happened at 10th May, 2015. I have taken follow-ups after 4 working days for my money, they haven't replied on that. Please find below the whole communication : **************************************************************************************** Easygotrip Rejection Refund No C:627. The booking amount is Rs.4322 /- Their support mail-ID and contact number are as follows : & +91 8080144002

pratima majumder

Posted On: 2015-05-30 10:40:37
I am 76 yrs old I booked a ticket from ahmedabad to kolkatafor31.5.2015.the flight was a stop over at Delhi and reach kol on 1 st august there was no mention of this in the information the agent make my trip refuses to make changes. No proper information was provided they refuse to make necessary changes. Rescheduling charges are more than the cost of ticket.

Vikas Yadav

Posted On: 2015-05-26 18:22:25
I had booked a spice jet flight from Indore to Delhi, wed 24 dec 2014 flight no SG2724 which was cancelled by spice jet without prior msg or warning at the last moment. first they did not even process my cancellation for refund until 21 March. Finally they did take my request for a refund but they have not refunded my money after five months now. I have written to them four times and have made several calls regarding this respect but they don't seem to respond. I am deeply troubled by all this.


Posted On: 2015-05-21 21:37:21
Makemytrip Pvt. Ltd. has not refunded the cancellation amount of Rs.38,272/- against Booking ID NN2302210818158 inspite of vigorous follow up.

Smt kiran Lehar

Posted On: 2015-05-21 14:59:54
i booked the indigo airlines ticket on 16.4.15 for 1/7/2015 and return on 4/7/2015 and due to unavoidable reasons cancelled on 17/5/2015,amt paid 6036/- and refund only 1792/- which is very less. I want to know the breakup of the deductions.please clarify and give the balance of refund.

Shri Ashok Lehar

Posted On: 2015-05-21 14:46:56
excess deduction of money for cancelled tickets

Arvind Batra

Posted On: 2015-05-21 12:14:27
Malaysian airlines has cheated us by making our return ticket invalid and we need to book additional ticket for return journey.


Posted On: 2015-05-20 18:50:14
Goibibo team, i have heard big advertisements and names for you. Me and my family have been booking almost all our bookings from you. Yest you guys have cheated on me. I booked a ticket PNR YDMWY, it got booked for a wrong date due to some internet issues and within a minute I called goibbo and they promised for a full refund. It was March 09, 2015 and till this date I have not got any refund. The customer care IVR has no option to talk with executives for any past trips. Everytime I write to Goibibo for this complaint, they keep on lingering on this issue and keep giving false promises that by next week we will provide you refund and so on. They keep saying that they are awaiting money from airlines, why should a customer bear such issues, I booked a ticket from Goibibo and not from the airline. Goibibo is answerable to me. You guys have to return my money, why should I wait till you dont get a refund. What if you dont get refund throughout the life?

Bhaskar prasad vaisy

Posted On: 2015-05-19 23:26:18
I waspurchased spicejet air ticket pnr no. x5v17p dt. 02/ 09 2014 from kolkata to chennai on 23/06/2015 in favour of my son Anirudha Bhaskar .When I checked the pnr no. it shows that your ticket has been cancelled without any reason i was not cancelled the said ticket My son is a student please help me >but spicejet rule said if flight is cancel then 90 minutes or more ,you will be refund the monet or resheduled


Posted On: 2015-05-16 17:20:15
Spice Jet Airlines - PNR: S9WQ5D (Booking ID: NF2202251800520) cancellation ammount. I have cancelled the tickets because the flight is preponed by 45min. As per my schedule I cannot catch this flight. I have paid 53,398 to by the tickets, but they refunded me 33,613. Remaining amount they deducted as cancellation fee. They told me that prepone / postpone of flight is not beyond 120min hence they can not return full amount.


Posted On: 2015-05-16 15:20:09
I am coming from Jetta to Mumbai & Mumbai to Chennai 11.05.2015 ( airindia flight ) I have Recd my bagg mumbai ( jetta to mumbai ) and i put bagg in Luggage in mumbai But i not recd the luggage in chennai, sames time i have complaint in airindia luggage, and also email Please arrange to give my luggage.

Gayathri Jayaraman

Posted On: 2015-05-15 00:29:15
I traveled from Chennai to Jaipur via Delhi on 4th May 2015 by Indigo Airlines-Flight 6E-244.Booking reference:ZBN8WD.What happened to me in the flight is absolutely disastrous and might have costed my health and life.Around 5.30p.m,I requested the air hostess to fill my bottle with cold water.After 25 minutes, she brought back my thermos MUG me with HOT BOILING WATER and did not even bother to inform me about it. I opened and poured the water directly into the mouth.My entire tongue & mouth got burnt.I developed blisters. 10 days after the incident I still cannot eat or talk properly. Ms Harshita and Ms Kiran@Jaipur airport said that they would register the complaint and would notify me within few hours. But no response so far.I planned Jaipur trip 2 months in advance to attend my best friends wedding.But Indigo collapsed everything with their careless service.I could not enjoy wedding, could not eat food.Even 10 days later, I am unable to eat.Irreversible damage to my taste buds.

TG Ramaswamy

Posted On: 2015-05-14 13:04:42
Complaint summary I had booked a confirmed ticket (Return) from Delhi to Kathmandu and Kathmandu to Delhi vide PNR D994JD online through Goibibo on 24 Nov.2014. I had paid Rs. 10,817/- through my credit card. As I am a retired man of 63 years old I wanted to save money in travelling so I had booked a ticket to New Delhi from Mumbai by Rajdhani express to travel on 21 January, 2015 so that I reach New Delhi on 22nd Jan. 2015 morning and I can catch the flight No SG45 departing from Delhi Airport at 05-15 PM. On 17 January 2015 I received a SMS text from Spice jet for providing meal services which I had not opted for. On 21st January, 2015 when my train had already moved from Mumbai Central and nearing to Palghar Station at around 17.59 hrs I got another text message SMS in my mobile informing that flight SG 45 for 22 Jan. 2015 is cancelled. The Text message is reproduced below for your information:- "Dear Spice Jet customer (PNRD994JD): Your flight SG45 dated 22 Jan 15 from Delhi to


Posted On: 2015-05-11 11:59:38
Sir, I tried to book to and fro air ticket from Mumbai-Delhi for Nov. 07-Nov 14, 2015 thru website Amount (Rs. 24229/=) has already got debited online from our ICICI bank savings account for the forward and return tickets from Air India, but no tickets were generated. I have been calling innumerable number of times, the booking company at their no. given on website 09555980666 and have also email them at but there is no response from them. You are requested to kindly help me in the matter either to get tickets or refund from the company at the earliest.


Posted On: 2015-05-06 19:48:56
My SpiceJet flight from Jaipur to Delhi on 03-May-2015 with PNR number SG2624 was cancelled due to operational reasons.I had asked for a refund and I was assured by one of the spicejet customer service agents that I will receive the refund immediately.It has been over 2 weeks and I have not yet received the refund money. I have been trying to reach out customer care executives but the service is really poor. Everytime i have been put on hold or disconnected without any clarity on the refund amount. Considering the quality of service provided by the airlines, I would ensure not to travel by Spice Jet ever and also recommend all my personal and professional contacts to beware of spicejet frauds. I was also having a connected flight from delhi to lucknow on the same day. I was about to attend an important metting at Lucknow which I missed because of you. Also no alternate arrangement was provided by your airline so that I could have reached Delhi .


Posted On: 2015-05-04 23:13:45
Sir. I have booked TWo Flight Ticket to travell from Coimbatore to Chennai on 23/10/2014 in INDIGO Filght Service .Flight No 6E 363 PNR Q42J4F. Booking rference FMN16BPVJ6F.On 21/10/2014, out of TWo Tickets, I have cancelled one Ticket,CAnCELLATION pnr IS NY2JB.Till date Indigo has not refunded the cacellation ticket fare amounting to RS 4,500. Kindly help me to have refund amount

K.Venkata Ramana

Posted On: 2015-05-01 18:48:38
Dear sir, My Spice jet SG-322 on10.01.2015 and the my PNR No:K6NRPM has cancelled by Spice Jet only not my self and i paid the amount of Rs 10956.00 for (Guawhati to Chennai ) still it is not credited in my account already more than 3 months are gone in this view i request you to please refund my total amount of Rs 10956.00 Immediately which i have to paid to you . Please do the needful urgently. Thanks and Regards, K.Venkata Ramana, 8415924520. 8415945324.


Posted On: 2015-05-01 18:25:45
Ticket Booking no. HGGG6K dated 15th April 2015 which I cancelled, till date I have not received the refund amount from Kindly help me in this regard. Its almost getting 2months now. Ticket booked in the name of Mr.NELSON JOHN.

Shirish Chaurasia

Posted On: 2015-04-24 19:09:56
Our candidate name Mr. Parshuram Ghadi has been stopped by Staff of Indigo Airline, these indigo people not allowed him to go to immigration counter also, they only behaving as they are the authorized person and acting as they are immigration Office. Reason to stop: Candidate has received Visa from the Oman company which has some error on the visa, regarding that company has given Under Taking letter explaining that this is the same candidate's visa has been issued who is traveling to Oman, also the contact number of company's person mentioned on the Under Taking Letter so he can travel. If the person has all the documents with him then why this indigo staff not allowing to travel. Even they have taken the ticket of the person too.

Hareshkumar Modi

Posted On: 2015-04-21 19:01:56
I had booked my GUWAHATI to AHMEDABAD ticket for 12th April with SPICEJET and my pnr is GYEMHA but due to sudden change in SPICEJET schedule on dated 10th April they informed that now I cannot board 12th April flight so I have to prepone my journey on date 11th April and left my tour in between. When I reached to GUWAHATI Airport for check in , the spicejet officer told me that I will get only non reclined sheets and if I want 2nd Row I have to pay Rs 3000/-. I was compelled to pay the same , as my child was not well. When spicejet officer issued me the Boarding Passes the seat no were 12F, 1c, 3E, 3F. Even after paying 3000 we all have to travel in different seats.Now when boarded in SG 276, I faced very bad service of crew staff

Sundar Dayal Govander

Posted On: 2015-04-13 14:37:23
Refund not yet received even after following up from last 55 days


Posted On: 2015-04-03 16:50:44
Gentle Reminder I have submitted my complaint Regarding Return Air Ticket Refund from Makemytrip on 30.03.2015, but till now I have not received any acknowledgement from your end Should I submit my complaint once again ? Expecting your Reply Warm Regards S.V SREENIVAS PRASAD


Posted On: 2015-03-30 13:30:38
I have booked to & fro Air Ticket from Bangalalore to Delhi and back for my Brother's family through Make Mytrip one month in advance and without my reqeust or their intimation they have cancelled the Return ticket which was of 08.03.2015. This we came to know throuhg the Indigo Airlines and when contacted Makemytrip they asked to book fresh ticket and to travell and to send the Ticket and boarding pass scan copy for refund. But till date they have not refunded the full amount and just for email new new person are replying and asking for time this is purely intenational cheating and money making I request to help in this regard. I have all the documents with me and correspondence in this regard S.V.SREENIVAS PRASAD

Sagar Arora

Posted On: 2015-03-24 23:39:57
I had booked flight in September 2014 for travel in April 2015. Now just 5 days before, they have cancelled the flight from CHD to Srinagar and back. As per policy they have to arrange for an alternate flight. But they are saying they don''t have any flights from chd to srinagar till 15th April and I will have to pay 24000 rs extra. Or I shall take flight from Amritsar to Srinagar. This is totally fraud as they book tickets in bulk and then cancel the flights or ask people to reschedule their flights costing them more money. Please take action against this and pass this on to DGCA. Thanks

Inderpreet Saini

Posted On: 2015-03-23 17:17:12
Dear Sir, I had booked a flight on 5th March 2015 from Delhi->Mumbai->Dubai by the booking id TUANRNLXS for 8th March 2015 from for my aunt(Amandeep Kaur). But due to some immigration document related issues, she had to cancel the flight and could not travel. We even got a confirmation document from the Jetways Airlines regarding the cancellation and were informed that the refund would be made to the account from which booking was done. I have been raising tickets and sending mails since then but no response from these guys. I am really frustrated with this kind of customer support service. Could you please help me on this? Thanks and Regards, Inderpreet Saini.

R D Choudhury

Posted On: 2015-03-21 13:14:53
Cfm Tkt XiBGRR1SG/2SG NDLS-Aurangabad & back Dep dts 5/2/15 & 8/2/15 FT SG171 & 173 cancelled.Refunded only Rs 9206 against Rs 16482/- thru Comfy Travels. Explain reasons.

Deepak Rampal

Posted On: 2015-03-20 15:28:19
Sir, I had travelled to Mumbai Dated 9th Dec, 2014 and lost my baggage in the airline Spice Jet SG 443 from Amritsar - Mumbai.It was an Americal tourister strolley bag with all necessary daily items in it. The same had been communicated to the airline the same day and they had offered only 1500- against settlement although the value of the goods inc. bag were more than 20K. Sir/Madam, I wish also to communicate having called/mailed them many times, they are not responding in any authentic way. Last time when I asked about legal pursuiance, they closed my case asking to go for it. Kindly help me to get my baggage claim as well as the agony/harassment I have gone through this series of procedure. Regards Deepak Rampal 9871616664


Posted On: 2015-03-18 16:30:26
Its been 1 month and goibibo is not refunding my money, they sent email to me saying it has been sent to bank, but when checked with bank there is no amount received.I am waiting from two weeks post that email and more than 1 month after cancellation. This is high time and no other airline portal takes so much time. In all your email they are asking me to wait for 5-7 days. Once again please help me in getting my refund from them for which I had sent and complained almost 10-15 times. BookingID: NSGA1S2WL and NSGOEFCFE Goibibo service request ID : 214752 Amount: 4219 & 4219

siddhartha shivam

Posted On: 2015-03-15 20:35:46
I had booked a ticket along with a co-passenger in flight no. AI 445 for travel on 05.03.2015 from New Delhi to Leh. However, I was not allowed to board the flight even after issuance of boardiing pass citing the reason that I was too late to board the flight. It is pertinent to mention here that the staff at the boarding desk was a new joinee who was not well trained and he took a lot of time to issue the boarding pass (nearly half an hour from 4.55 to 5.37) without issuing the baggage slip. Hew took another 10 mins to issue the baggage slip and paste the sticker on the baggage after which our baggages were taken inside for departure.Further, the flight departure time mentioned on the ticket was 6.25 and the boarding time was 5.55. I along with Adyasha reached at 6.00 AM at gate 36 of Terminal 3 of IGI airport after going through the security checks. However, we were not allowed to board and no reimbursement/rescheduling of ticket was done.In this regard i hv nt recvd respon frm AI.

vishal sahal

Posted On: 2015-03-15 00:08:29
Please note that I have cxld my ticket for sector BKK-CCU on 22Dec 2014 and applied for the redund. After comming india i checked again with your customer care executive on 02Feb 2015 but the refund was not been done in my credit card account. I have been told that it will be done in 48-72 hrs. Again after some days i called and than i have been told it will be done in a month. Any after one month was over which was on 02 March 2015 i have called nearly 20 times and everytime your executive saying me your refund is in process and it will take 48-72 hrs. Today on 14March I called up your executive and had a talk with MR MAHESH KUMAR and today he again saying me it will take a week time for refund. When I told him to give to any senior person who can see the situation he denied saying the call cannot be given. All these things have forced me to take an action against SPICE JET in consumer court and being a very good relation with one of my friend in INDIA TV with whom i will discuss this

Shirin chinikamwala

Posted On: 2015-03-13 09:51:23
My son Ammar Z C was travelling from bangalore to pune on Indigo flight 6E 408 on 9th March 2015 at 5.35 am. We had checked in the prior night and collected the boarding passes at 4.50 am from the indigo counter. At 5.10 am I get to know that the flight has left and my son is sent back from the gate saying he was late for the flight. He had to purchase fresh tickets and fly to pune on the 3.00 pm flight where he missed his exams and day at school. Where can I file a complaint for this . Pls help. I think they have conveniently off loaded some passengers due to excessive bookings. Pls help. Also 2 days later my husband flew the same flight to pune and a passenger boarded the air craft at 5.35 am after which the flight took off. So why this trouble for such young passengers? Is it because they are novices and they can be trampled upon under twisted laws?

N. Singh

Posted On: 2015-03-10 10:08:45
SpiceJet PNR R7NHYM, Ticket agreement indicates that a change fee of 2000 INR per person per flight will be applied if flight is rescheduled. I paid 8000 INR as change fee to reschedule my flight tickets. I had to reschedule again and they charged me 16000 INR as they said it had to be rescheduled twice. How ridiculous that they are charging me double for the same thing?


Posted On: 2015-03-05 17:26:50
Mr. Naresh Goyal Ji & Team Jet Airways Mumbai Sub: Careless staff in Jet Airways at Delhi & Srinagar Baggage Ref.No: SXR9W10238 Respected Sir, Respectfully I Beg to state that I have booked a flight for my son ( 15 years but he is short size)to srinagar on 22.Feb.2015 in 9W usual I drop them at Delhi Airport & waiting for him to get the Boarding pass but some of jet airways staff refuse to give them Boarding pass & ask me to pay more Rs 1973 extra charges because my son is small kid & jet airways provide staff till my son enter in plan... I think all is Ok & I leave the Airport after approx 15 km passing I received a call from from lady from jet airways that your sons baggage went to other plane please don't worry you will get it next day... i say Ok... I call my family in srinagar & they bring the cloths approx Rs 5400/= because you know that kashmir is cold this time... & it is necessary to get the cloths... From 22.Feb.2015 till today I called the Jet airways in D

Syed Ifthekar Firdosi

Posted On: 2015-03-04 13:22:50
I wanted an amendment in the Name, because while booking I had missed the last name. I tried reaching Customer Care but there is absolutely no support from Spicejet Customer care team, I have written multiple emails to & as well. Please consider this as my complaint and take necessary action, please let me know the process to take legal action against the services.


Posted On: 2015-03-02 11:34:14
Dear sir, I had booked my flight from Dubai to Cochin through spicejet (PNR:J9KJ8Q) on 14th Nov 2014 and had to cancel it on 25th january as the flight was rescheduled by more than 90 minutes. As promised by Spicejet i should get a full refund by 30 days. It has been more than 30 days now and in spite of sending many emails and phone calls, i have not received the refund yet. Please look into the matter. Thank you. Right

Krishna Mohan Chaudhary

Posted On: 2015-03-02 10:52:58
I had booked a spice jet ticket from mumbai to bagdogra with hop in Delhi for the 2nd of March from My booking id is NF2202649549252 and the aircraft pnr number was given as DCQE7U.But when i got to the mumbai airport in the wee hours today morning. im informed by the spice jet authorities that there is no flight from delhi to bagdogra and that they have informed about it through a sms which I havent received. Although I did not receive a sms is it fair on airlines part to inform customers that their flight is cancelled and not make alternate arrangement through alternate routes. I had a tough time at the airport requesting them to get me an alternaate route. they finally agreed to put me on kolkata flight via bangalore today and than again kolkata to bagdogra tomorrow. Due to unprofessional approach of the airlines authorities I am reaching bagdogra tomorrow 1300 hours instead of 1200 hrs today. Also the airlines did not care to take care of my accomodation in Kolkat

Kaushik Mukherjee

Posted On: 2015-03-02 07:48:08
Sir, Myself Kaushik Mukherjee.I beg to state that i am sufferer of spicejet airlines. Near about july 2014 i bought two tickets for my mother and father for chennai from kolkata, roundtrip from 11 feb 2015 to 14feb 2015 and both the tickets i had bought from Pnr no is VDN35U and B2PC7F. On January 24, spicejet sent a message that the flighy had been cancelled. And go for refund or new journey ticket. And i go for refund and apply on 25 January 2015. But toady is 2nd of march but no such money of refund has not deposited to my bank account. Please take an action. Thank you.

krishan kumar

Posted On: 2015-02-28 00:20:33
sir i have booked airticket from spicejet in sep 2015for my family trip in feb2015 but due to non operational flight of spicejet i have cancelled my ticket in dec2015 but after various reminder regular follow ups i dont get my refund amountBooking ID NF2203644794308. sir do something about my refund and raise peoples voice towards spice jet refund policy which hamper various people financial position


Posted On: 2015-02-20 15:05:14
I booked an air-ticket online through, for my wife Mrs. Sumita Sen - Booking ref NF 2202946447886 - PNR No. NER33B for Spicejet flight SG-819 to travel from Kolkata-Mumbai on 25th Dec 2014. I was informed by on 14th Dec that this flight was cancelled by Spicejet. Consequently, I had to immediately purchase another ticket (Booking ref NF2201039790703)through on Indigo flight at double the cost. I have repeatedly sent about 8 reminders to for refund of Spicejet fare but no avail. I also have escalated the case to their Management Representative Ms. Geeta Eral (Head - Customer Relations) but she has not bothered to contact me with any detail on the situation. Kindly help to get me a refund of my spicejet ticket and also the differential fare I had to pay extra on another airline due to the resulting cancellation.

Mohammad Saleem Kullay

Posted On: 2015-02-20 14:13:15
Sir I have booked an eticket from air india app. the booking was from Srinagar To Jammu vide PNR no:JY8Z8 on AI 822, which was scheduled on 19/02/2015 at 2:25. But due to heavy snowfall all flights got cancelled including mine. We waited for 4 hours at the airport and the DEPARTURE board shows my flight status as CANCELLED, there I reported at the AI counter and they told me that all flights got cancelled due to bad weather conditions (Heavy Snowfall). Now I request them to refund my full amount (RS6025) for the same, but they are playing games and do not respond on any customer care number. please help me out of this mess.


Posted On: 2015-02-19 22:31:37


Posted On: 2015-02-19 22:28:39

Saptarshi Chaudhuri

Posted On: 2015-02-18 21:53:56
This complaint is regarding Spicejet airlines.We were travelling to chennai from kolkata on 12th of this month for my mother's liver transplant surgery,for which it was utmost necessary to catch that 4:20PM flight.After we reached the airport,the concerned official issued the boarding pass but denied us to board the flight citing reasons that they dont have enough time to check medical documents.we had the 'fit to fly' certificate but they just misbehaved and didn't allow us to board.We let the official talk to our doctors but he just continued to misbehave and said words like'let the patient die here,still we will not allow'.Naturaly refund was not made.Before ticketing online,I called them for help but customer care didnt receive after even trying for 30min. Anyways After all this we even complained to their customer service by mail with every details but still they are just not wanting to take any action as if its common for customers to listen to abusive words from their company.

Fathima Beevi

Posted On: 2015-02-17 19:26:42
I booked my ticket from Madurai to Chennai with Spice Jet in November for travel in December. Flight got cancelled from Spice Jet on 5th December 2014 and I have not received refund. I have called them several times and written e-mails but in vain. I have not received my refund so far. It has been more than 2 months, it is frustrating.

Rishabh Varshney

Posted On: 2015-02-15 23:39:09
I had my flight from New Delhi to Lucknow on 14 Feb 2015 (AI 811). For boarding, I was going to T-3 but just to confirm, i called up the Air India customer care number (011-24624075) n inquired for departure terminal. The female exec. said that departure terminal for my flight was 1-D. I asked her to cross check it once again as i was doubtful of Air India to depart from 1-D but she confidently asked me redirect to 1D from on-my-way to T3. On her advice, I reached 1-D just to find no Air India departure terminal there. Airport officials at 1D asked me to rush to T3. I again called up AI CC exec. n this time the female exec. confirmed T3 as my departure terminal. This unnecessary to-n-fro travel to 1-D terminal wasted more than 45 minutes. I reached T3 but realized that boarding for the flight had closed 5 minutes back. I told the officials everything that had happened and requested them to let me board the flight but they paid no heed and instead displayed rude behavior, especially the

Aarya Nahar

Posted On: 2015-02-15 14:40:48
I had travelled on 11th Feb from Guangzhou to New Delhi, out of 4 luggage one of our luggage was left in China. on arrival at Delhi we were informed that our bag is coming with next flight in the evening and was confirmed by Airline that luggage will be delivered to our home in Indore on the very next day. NOW it is 15th Feb and till now bag is not received and airline is putting blame on there vendor. As per airline baggage is in transit. Am not sure why airline has to take 5 days to deliver from New Delhi to Indore and still not received any compensation as well as luggage...Need some serious guidance to SUE airline and pay for the mistake so that they dont repeat with other co-passengers.

Maumita Saha

Posted On: 2015-02-10 12:09:28

John Sangtam

Posted On: 2015-02-09 22:06:07
My SpiceJet flight ticket SG 894/SG 219 dated 6th Jan 2915 from Guwahati-Delhi-Pune has been cancelled by the dealers concern for reason known to them.However, ticket price amount has not been refunded so far in spite of their positive assurance. Your kind legal intervention will be highly solicited.

hithendra mylanahalli shivaranrappa

Posted On: 2015-02-09 13:53:14
I traveled in air India on 31st Jan from Bangalore to Naritha japan via Delhi in air india Still date I have not received my baggage

Lazar Puthiry

Posted On: 2015-02-07 09:20:39
I have cancelled ticket (go air) on 22nd Jan 2015. My booking reference is GFUSPC. My ticket is for Mum-Kochi-Mum. Departure date is 26th Jan. & Return 29th Jan. 2015. Problem : I am yet to get the refund of my cancelled ticket.


Posted On: 2015-02-03 12:51:12
Unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions on 14-10-2014, the flight no.AI 247 to Katmandu was cancelled by Air India and the PNR No.JV3QF was entirely cancelled for both ways and the ticket was purchased online through ibibo Group Private Limited, 4th Floor,Peart Towers,51,Sector 32,Gurgaon, Haryana-122002.During this period several time I have corespondence with you but there is no result Kindly kake necessary action This is my humble request. My Address is given below, R-9/2 Srinagor East P.O. Panchasayar Kolkata-700094 Ph.No.09433605938 (M) Land: 033 24329683

Sasanka Neog

Posted On: 2015-02-01 00:27:40
I had booked 2 round trip tickets for Chennai to Port Blair in Kingfisher airlines on Sep-2012 and my travel date was Mar-2013. But that flight was cancelled and kingfisher airlines didn't refund back my amount Rs 9790. The PNR Number of the ticket is MEHRRR and ticket numbers are: 0902473098315 & 0902473098316 Please let me know the procedure to file complaint against Kingfisher Airlines.


Posted On: 2015-01-31 20:06:43
I have booked return airfare from Delhi-Chennai by spice jet flight in Jan 2015 with total fare of Rs 7740 made through Internet banking with PNR number C9RUSQ But due to some difficulties I could not travel and cancelled both ways ticket in December 2014 itself.I was informed by Spicejet after deducting cancellation charges Rs 3588 a balance amount of Rs 4142 is credited to my account against C9RUSQ.However I am unable to use this balance credit for fresh booking even after two months.It is not possible to contact SPICEJET number anytime as all numbers are unable to e contacted anytime

Dr Riazahmed Syed

Posted On: 2015-01-28 17:30:53
I boarded Oman Air from Saudi Arabia, Jeddah on that fateful day, the 8th January 2015 (pnr NZAATS). I was going to attend an important medical conference to chair the session on 9th January, 10 am in India. On human error, the flight from Jeddah to MCT was delayed (WY0676) for more than 1 1/2 hrs with no clear instructions for us for late its arrival at Jeddah airport and I reached MCT to miss my onward journey to India (WY251 to Chennai) as the connecting flight took off by the time I reached MCT. I was left out in muscat with no clothes and no baggage and I was taken to a hotel with no compensation to buy my utility things for my stay there. Despite my repeated plea, none paid any heeds to my call. The next day evening , I was boarded into Gulfair flight (GF565 & 68)to Bahrain and to chennai. In this, I lost one day, missed my conference attendance getting bad remark and had mental and physical distress and so I must be compensated by Oman air.

Amit Bhatta

Posted On: 2015-01-27 16:40:25
Booking ID: NN230386645965 I had booked my tickets from Mumbai to Dubai and back with this Booking ID. I changed my dates of travel from 2/02/15 to 18/02/15 and return dates from 8/02/15 to 28/02/15 on 25th January, 2015 around midnight. The concerned call centre executive who had handled my call was Mr. Amarpreet Singh with mail id He said that the change in fare along with all applicable taxes is Rs.7480/- and guided me through the make payment link and we made the necessary payments and transaction showed as successful. Following which he told me that I would receive an e-mail with the changed ticket details in next 6 hours. After 36 hours and several phones calls I have still had not received my changed ticket. Then executive Ms. Ruma on 26th January,2015 tells us that there has been an error in the calculation of the changed amount and now I have to pay more.Why should I pay for the mistake of their executive.I want action to be taken against them

Himanshu Saxena

Posted On: 2015-01-25 21:26:10
I am looking for the refund since past 3 months and I got the response from Make my trip that Air India has to change the status to refund and the same was cancelled by Air India Staff at Pune Air Port and stamped the seal for stating full refund and asked me to send the copy to make my trip. when I sent the same to Make my trip they stated ( response trail mail attached)that Air India says its flown sector . on account of that I am not able to get my money back..

Kartik Sharma

Posted On: 2015-01-22 16:59:07
I booked Spicejet ticket in Oct with travel date as 27th Jan 2015 and return date as 22nd Feb 2015. I got a mail from spicejet for my flight cancellation on 28th Nov 2014. It is 22nd Jan 2015 but still i have not received my refund. PNR Number: N9YZVG Kindly let me know what i should do next or how can i file a case against spicejet.


Posted On: 2015-01-22 10:32:26
I booked two tickets from Ahmedabad to mumbai for 28 jan on soon as the payment was made,spicejet reset the page itself, no pnr was generated. But my bank account shows that amount is debited. I do not have neither tickets nor the money now. Helpline. Nos of spicejet are not receiving what should i do?

Sree Kumar Madakkavil

Posted On: 2015-01-19 16:17:02
I had booked a Spice jet ticket from Kolkata to Kochi for 31-Dec-14 and return by the same flight on 12-Jan-15 on 26-Aug-14 for Rs 22,425for me, my wife and child. I got an intimation on 14-Dec-14 that the flight from Kolkat to Kochi has been cancelled. I tried to call the Customer Support numbers provided by the airline but i couldn't connect to them. I went to the Kolkata Airport counter of Spice jet and enquired about the cancellation of the ticket and enquired about the confirmation of the Kochi - Kolkata flight. The representtaive informed that as of date the flight is operational and can't be confirmed. On hearing so and the situation of Spice jet flights i cancelled both the onward and return flights. I got a refund of Rs 20,425 for cancelling the tickets. I had to book Indigo flights at Rs. 46,974 . I had requested Spicejet to buy seperate ticket for me or pay me the additional amount of Rs. 28000 including transpotation charges for booking the Indigo ticket at the last moment

Anjani Tummala

Posted On: 2015-01-17 13:21:47

Mohit Khandelwal

Posted On: 2015-01-16 17:33:11
Mobile Number : 8013380872, 7278392406 My main A/c balance is getting deducted as and when i am recharging, be it of Minimum top-up of Rs 10/-, and making my balance below Rs. 1 /-. When i am going to register my complaint via 198 (Customer Helpline No.) they are asking me to wait and after few seconds they cut the line. This has happened for many number of times. Now I am really fetup with this nuisance. This is not only happening with my number but with other numbers also which i and my brothers are using. Please take necessary action and sort out this problem.

Goutam Konar

Posted On: 2015-01-16 15:47:40
booked to and fro ticket bearing PNR NO TE685E on dated TUE 02 SEP, 2014 cancelled by spicejet received message on 24/12/2014 than I opted for refund but till date not received refund. Plz tell what we should do if spicejet fails to refund.if there is govt agency where we should make complaint.

Lawrence Goems

Posted On: 2015-01-14 15:35:05
I have booked two tickets on 25th October 2014 from Kolkata to Bangalore on 10th January 2015 SG529 PNR Y9HPWW. I cancelled the tickets due to on going crisis with spicejet in December on 19th December. I have been regularly calling customer care of make my trip and conferencing with Spicejet customer care. I was told on 2nd January that the amount will be reflecting within 24-48 hours as on 2nd Jan. I have called again today 14th Jan 2015 and was told the same thing by an executive named Pranav who disconnected call. He neither gave me the reference number neither did he connect me to his supervisor or anybody higher. I have not received my refund yet. I am in deep financial crisis as i need money for my mother's treatment. Please assist in getting my refund

Lawrence Gomes

Posted On: 2015-01-14 15:07:52
I have booked two tickets on 25th October 2014 from Kolkata to Bangalore on 10th January 2015 SG529. I cancelled the tickets due to on going crisis with spicejet in December on 19th December. I have been regularly calling customer care of make my trip and conferencing with Spicejet customer care. I was told on 2nd January that the amount will be reflecting within 24-48 hours as on 2nd Jan. I have called again today 14th Jan 2015 and was told the same thing by an executive named Pranav who disconnected call. He neither gave me the reference number neither did he connect me to his supervisor or anybody higher. I have not received my refund yet. I am in deep financial crisis as i need money for my mother's treatment. Please assist in getting my refund


Posted On: 2015-01-14 12:09:59
Hi My PNR no was X5E9HS and my travel date was 24 december 2014. Spice jet cancelled my flight from delhi to lucknow on 14 december due to operational issue. now it is more than a month they still not given the refund. Kindly help. Regards Saurabh 08122567049...

Bhumika Mishra

Posted On: 2015-01-08 20:17:22
I had booked two AirAsia ticket on 29th of November from Bangalore to Chennai for 20 December. On 4th of December I got a message from the airline stating that the flight went non-operational. On 8th of December Make my trip told me if I will cancel the ticket I will get my whole refund back from the airline so I cancelled the ticket. On 12th December airline people called and said we are joining your flight with the other flight but by that time there was a change in plan so we requested them not to join it and give our money back. later they told us we will get back the money after the date of journey gets over i.e. 20 December but nothing happened and since then we called the airline so many times and the only answer we are getting is WE DONT KNOW MAM WHY IT IS GETTING LATE, if they are only saying this what we are supposed to do then, almost a month is over and we dont have any idea. so many mails we have dropped but we are not getting the answer.

Saravanakrishnan V

Posted On: 2015-01-08 18:26:12
I have booked to and fro in spicejet airlines in the month of November itself i booked for travelling on December 17 2014. On the travelling day flight got postponed by 5 hours. Then i reached Bangalore airport by 11.00 am. The spicejet counter has put a board saying spiceject shut down. The employee cancelled the ticket and said the refund is processed but till today i have not received by refund from them. Also because of late intimation and i have to book travel to kolkata same day by another flight which pushed me in financial stress and booked air ticket to Kolkata to and fro for 32,000. I have taken all this money as education loan from bank as i am doing executive program in IIM C.


Posted On: 2015-01-08 17:34:18
Cheated by indigo air lines


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anju bansal

Posted On: 2015-01-06 11:39:04
We had booked tickets from Kolkata to Udaipur for the 23/12/14 flight booking ref no :AI/Y2XTZ Kolkata to delhi flight AI 021 DEP 10:00 ARR 12:10 delhi to Udaipur flight AI471 DEP 16:00 ARR 17:10 (layover of 4 hrs ) But our kol del flight was delyayed by 2 hrs and delhi Udaipur was preponed by 2 hrs As we landed in delhi at 14:00 hrs our connecting flight departed without us though our boarding passes had been issued in Kolkata itself. How can a connecting flight depart without passengers when the former flight has not arrived . Due to no fault of ours are reservation at our Udaipur hotel at Hilltop was charged and we incurred a loss of an amount of Rs 20,000 as we reached Udaipur on the 24th dec'14 at 7:00 pm. The mental harassment occurred is unaccountable as there was no one to guide us we had to run around in delhi airport for our luggage. There was no management by air india staff who were very rude and uncooperative. I demand compensation from Air india

neelam sharma

Posted On: 2015-01-06 00:57:35
Costumer name-neelam sharma Pnr nbr-YB2PVD Debit card nbr- 5196200037741088 DOT-2/12/2014 Mumbai to delhi Date of cancellation-30/11/2014 Since we got the ticket cancelled v have been to airpot 5 times from tht stall were v got the ticket booking but the main disappointing thing was when evr I went no one was supporting at all nt evn givn the correct info to me.. they made fool of us evry tm... nd there behaviour was so rude nd annoying they misbehaved with us every time specific name( rayan) he Harrased us like thing nd ill personaly complaining regarding him to ur head office.


Posted On: 2015-01-04 04:28:13
Dear One and All, THIS EMAIL WAS SENT TO THE NODAL OFFICER @ GO AIR AIRLINES. Dear Mr.Jehagir Mehta Sir with great regret I am writing this email to bring to light the HIGH-HANDEDNESS AND UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR OF YOUR AIRLINES GROUND STAFF AT THE JAIPUR AIRPORT. I would firstly like to take you through to the situation at hand briefly. Firstly the Bagging Screening Counter was changed at the very last hour, thus causing a lot of chaos and confusion and only a 'SINGLE BELT WAS FUNCTIONAL.' Secondly after the cumbersome Screening of my baggage i was made to wait for almost an hour for my Check-in as again only one counter was operational with barely two staff's, the second counter was opened after almost when half the crowd was filtered away. Also it wasn't notified that the second counter is operational, hence this again led to wastage of time as very few of us knew about it.I was lucky to have reached the second counter with the help of a fellow passenger. Thirdly when i reach


Posted On: 2015-01-03 15:56:07
I had booked three tickets on spicejet flight Delhi to Mumbai for the 21st Dec 2014 (PNR: I46P8C & J1RFML) through make mytrip. I have booked my tickets on April 2014 and for change of destination & date I have approached make my trip in November. They have asked me to do the modification directly with Spicejet. As per their suggestion I have paid additional charges for modifications and booked ticket for 21st Dec & 11th Jan. On 21st Dec family travelled to Mumbai with same ticket with out any problem but now I came to know my kids return ticket was cancelled without any confirmation with me. When I complained to customer support they not ready to listen and they started blaming on me & they were very rude. When I asked why only kids ticket got cancelled and why not wife's ticket then they do not had any answer.when fact is till Dec 22nd ticket was not at all cancelled. when I requested to correct their mistakes they abused me and asked me to buy new tickets.


Posted On: 2015-01-03 15:42:10
I had booked three tickets on spicejet flight Delhi to Mumbai for the 21st Dec 2014 (PNR: I46P8C & J1RFML) through make mytrip. I have booked my tickets on April 2014 and for change of destination & date I have approached make my trip in November. They have asked me to do the modification directly with Spicejet. As per their suggestion I have paid additional charges for modifications and booked ticket on 21st Dec from delhi to Mumbai and return ticket on 11th Jan that is Mumbai to delhi. Airline provided two PNR that is one for my wife and second one for two kids(6 year old & 2 year old). After modifying I have informed make mytrip and as per their suggestion updated in their makemytrip website. On 21st Dec family travelled to Mumbai with same ticket with out any problem but now I came to know my kids return ticket was cancelled. When I contacted MMT(make my trip) they said Spicejet was cancelled the ticket so I approached Spicejet then I came to know on 23rd December make my trip

Sundar Padmanabhan

Posted On: 2015-01-03 13:07:44
My Spicejet flight from Bangalore to Mumbai was cancelled on the day of my travel 16Dec. I was informed earlier in the day that my flight would be delayed by an hour. Later when I got to the airport, I was informed that the flight was cancelled. I had to stay over at the airport all night and take an earlier morning flight the next day. I paid much more for the flight ticket and am yet to recieve the refund for my cancelled flight. Seeking compensation for the trouble I had to go through and my losses. *. Had to pay significantly more for my new ticket to mumbai *. I lost one night hotel stay in Mumbai. *. stay all night at the airport for the early morning flight. Truly frustrated, Sundar P

Nikhil Asopa

Posted On: 2015-01-02 14:02:54
I was served non veg meal on British Airways flight flying business class hurting my relegious belief. The airline refused to compensate even though they accepted their mistake.

N K Viswanthan

Posted On: 2014-12-31 21:54:53
I had booked three tickets on spicejet flight Hyd to Delhi for the 19th of Dec 2014 (PNR: WYJLJD). The airlines tanked and they were cancelling many flights, even on 17th we got no sms or email from the airlines. By 17th, we cancelled spicejet and booked on indigo for the 19th. We had to pay Rs 10,000 more (refund for cancelled tickets was 16678 and the new set was 26922/-). Repeat emails to cust nonrelations & two nodal officers by names of Ms Preetha and Mr Kamal go unanswered. I want spicejet to reimburse the extra we had to shell out for new tickets.

Pooja Lakhanpal Sanjeev

Posted On: 2014-12-31 13:31:51

Priyanka Agrawal

Posted On: 2014-12-31 13:29:22
I had booked a flight from Delhi to Bangalore that will make me reach to Bangalore 90 minutes before my connecting flight to Kochi where I have to attend the wedding of a close friend. SPiceJet has randomly changed the time because of which I have only 30 minutes before the connecting flight time which I think is not enough to go through security check. When I emailed it to SpiceJet saying in case I miss my connecting flight, they will have to recover my cost for the next flight to Kochi, SpiceJet replied back showing no accountability. Now the prices have gone up for other airlines for me to book another ticket from Delhi to Bangalore. I am losing trust in SpiceJet and moreover it is a lot of mental stress and waste of time. I hope someone will do something about it. Next time for sure I will not be booking spicejet.

Ashish Kumar

Posted On: 2014-12-29 12:18:27
The e-ticket booked is having the same name twice. I didn't entered it twice but the company is showing some log sheet and blaming me that it was all my mistake. Actually that day the site was not responding well due to sale going on. Booking ID: NF2204439007069

saket pandey

Posted On: 2014-12-29 10:04:17
dear sir /madam, 1. pls ref to PNR number HKCWHH BY WHICH I SAKET PANDEY WAS SUPPOSE TO GO AT 6.25 AM AND GET BACK BY 7 .20 PM inspite of cheeking in at 5.24 AM on 24 and getting to ur boarding office at 0600 am i was not allowed to board and was to forced new ticket for 9.50 am flight ( costed me rs 15600 and after that this flight keept on getting late and finally left delhi at 2 pm which made all my interviews null and void, on return on as promised 8.55am flight took of again after 12pm and reached beyond 2 pm again wasted whole day , 2. my point is you have not allowed me even 5 min grace time when u were fully aware at i have cheeked in in time and got delayed only by 4-5 in security cheek u refused and forced me to buy fresh ticket with promise at the time of purchase a ticket that was on 24 at 7 am Fully aware of fog conditions of delhi that aircraft will reach indore before 1am, which was not kept in any way hence i lost chnace of attending interview even after spendin


Posted On: 2014-12-28 18:45:19

DVLN Sastry

Posted On: 2014-12-23 19:12:08
Sir, spice jet has cancelled the air servicse on 29th November 2014 from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad SG917 and my trip id is 1411088471. but the fare was not refunded till date. The customer care number is not working, writen mail to the Nodal officer but my efforts are in vain pls help me out


Posted On: 2014-12-22 20:51:25
i have repeatedly contacted Air Asia for a refund which was adequately promised over the phone several times, its been over a month and still no refund..pls help

Shrushti Deshmukh

Posted On: 2014-12-22 12:46:22
I had booked a ticket with spicejet to fly from Mumbai to Rajamundry via Hyderabad on 17th Dec,14. I was going to my native place to attend my cousin wedding, and I was carrying the sarees of the bride. On 17th i came to airport only to find that spice jet flight has been cancelled....I had to go to the wedding anyhow as i was carrying the saree with..i purchased ticket and reached vijaywada and further thereon to my native which costed me a whopping 35000/- instead on Rs.9000 which i had already bought spice jet ticket. If the flights were cancelled spicejet should have atlease send email or sms informing the same ....why did they do the booking when the flights were being cancelled

Mohan Kannanthodath

Posted On: 2014-12-21 08:43:12
Dear Sir, I travelled yesterday, 20th Dec 2014, night 22.40 flight on Indigo flight 6E - 562, from Trivandrum to Bangalore. I had extra baggage and had to pay Rs 1000, which I paid using my SCB credit card. The payment went through and I had signed and given them the merchant copy of the slip. The flight staff insisted that I give them all the details of my credit card for their internal purposes. They wanted my credit card number, CVV, expiration date etc I resisted saying that its against the privacy policy of using a credit card. With these details, since anyways they have my name already anyone can purchase anything on the internet. All the staff at Indigo Trivandrum ganged up and pressurised me to give in the details. I had to fly that night, hence obliged to it. I would like my CC details to be erased in their internal database and appease me satisfactorily for the mental harassment and torture last night at the airport Rgds, Mohan Kannanthodath

Mr. Venusstarshine Pamthied

Posted On: 2014-12-20 21:01:04
I bought a ticket for my niece from spicejet airline on the 8th October 2014, who is scheduled to fly from Chennai to Guwahati on the 22nd December 2014.Her flight is SG 321 with PNR A5B5VP. My booking ref. no is 012803280831 and the amount of money paid for the fare is Rs. 8234.Though the flight has been cancelled by the airline my money has not been refunded till now. Kindly help me to get my money back, and spicejet should be taught a lesson!

John Packiaraj

Posted On: 2014-12-20 20:45:19
I had booked the ticket (from Chennai to London) through makemytrip in Jet Airways. I started my journey as scheduled (October 22, 2014) from Chennai together with the boarding pass to fly onward from Mumbai to London. I was stopped by the ground staff of jet airways in Mumbai and asked to offload as I was infected with conjunctivitis. Subsequently, I received a mail from makemytrip, to confirm the cancellation of my journey. The physician explained the reason to stop my travel and I agreed too. The ground staff of Jetairways in Mumbai did not even answer me to know if there is return ticket to Chennai. It was painful to know that one of the ground staff challenged me that I can not travel to Chennai. Finally I booked ticket in goindigo and reached Chennai.Next day, I called the customer care of Makemytrip and they promised to give me an alternative ticket to travel on 26/10/14 and promised to get back to me but they never did. I booked a ticket in Qatar Airways and reached London.


Posted On: 2014-12-18 13:31:14
I have booked on spicejet for the holidays from chennai to varanasi and return for my family of 6 members which has cost a huge amount of Rs 90000 through Now with enquiry from spicejet, they say yatra has to refund the money. Yatra is saying that they didnt yet receive the refund from spicejet. I had to rebook with souring prices recently. What is the status of refund money by spice jet/ yatra? Have anyone got refund? inform atleast it will give hope. I have not received the refund even after 10days of cancellation

Naishal Topiwala

Posted On: 2014-12-17 11:44:34
SpiceJet customer care is inhumane these days in crisis. I am flying in SG 109 from BOM to IXB on 19th december 2014. I have my less than 2 year kid flying along with me. I am trying to reach for cancellation/refund/normally operating status of my flight. All customer care numbers are unreachable and no one is responding on email. Written to Nodal officer as well as Appellate authority of SpiceJet. I am expecting no respponse. i am running out of time because i have to arrange alternate option and it is dangerous with 2 year kid to get in mess. Please help the case.

Anjani Kumar Singh

Posted On: 2014-12-17 10:59:52
I had booked a return flight from Bangalore to Goa for travel on 13th Dec. I was given flight to go to Goa on 13th but my return flight was cancelled and i was sent a message just 3 hours prior to the checkin time. I kept trying to reach numbers given in the message for more than 2.5 hours then i was connected to spice jet agent by one of the goibibo agent. Spice jet agent(Anshu) gave me couple of alternate options. He asked me to take a flight after 2 days but i couldn't do that because i had important meeting on 16th Dec. I even asked for connecting flight but agent was offering me to go to delhi on 16th afternoon and stay there and catch another flight to bangalore on 17th Dec and i am sure these kind of offers will not be acceptable for anyone and agent himself accepted that. I requested to connect me to supervisor but agent refused to do that and said he is given instruction not to transfer the call to supervisor. He disconnected the call saying he provided available options.

Roy Dsouza

Posted On: 2014-12-16 20:30:07
SpiceJet flight number SG403 on 31-Dec-14 from VTZ to BOM against the PNR ND9LTX has been cancelled by spicejet, it's been 7 days as of today, and I have not yet received my refund. They are not responding to any of my calls. This is the Booking ID NSGND9LTX dated Nov. 13, 2014, 8:18 p.m. from Rs 17,974 is the amount to be refunded. Need help in receiving the refund amount.

Ayush Khetan

Posted On: 2014-12-16 11:20:35
I have booked a spicejet flight SG 401 from mumbai to hyderabad. The flight was sheduled to depart on 7:45 am 16th December 2014 but it first got delayed by 2hrs and was scheduled to depart at 10 but after checking in and security the flight was delayed and there was no time given bu the airline as to when the flight will depart. The reason given by the airline manager after 3hours was airline has no money to fuel the aircraft! Then why is this airline even allowed to operate! I missed a very important meeting also i had to cancel my further cancel my hotel bookings. The airline staff was rude and not ready to to give proper information! I want a refund . I want a 100% flight refund and a refund of my return flight fare which i had to cancel,atleast. This is the minimum i expect, because missing that importanr client meeting has hurt my business revenue.

Arpita Paul

Posted On: 2014-12-15 20:09:02
I booked spicejet airlines.SG 524 got cancelled i got the message! but no information regarding refund..I want my money back full 100%


Posted On: 2014-12-15 12:26:20


Posted On: 2014-12-14 21:35:36

Arun Chaudhary

Posted On: 2014-12-14 10:33:49
I had booked ticket for myself & my wife - booking date - 27 August from Mumbai to Port Blair for travel date of 8 Dec 2014. Following are detail: PNR: ZBJDXQ Name: Arun Chaudhary & Jyoti Chaudhary Date of Travel: 8th Dec 2014 Booking Date: 27th Aug, 2014 On 4th Dec i had been informed by Spicejet via sms & mail that flight from Mumbai to Port Blair (Via Chennai) had been cancelled & spicejet suggested for alternate flight to book. Subsequently I checked with SpiceJet customer care, there were no alternate flight available to Portblair on either 7th Dec., 8th Dec or 9th December. In such situation as my plan for travel to Port Blair was fixed, I cancelled the spicejet ticket & had to book flight from another airline (GoAir) & Paid Rs.20,000 (Spicejet Ticket Price: Rs.12000, GoAir Ticket Price: Rs. 32000) more for the same ticket. I request to compensate me for the heavy price i paid for booking on another airline at last moment due to last moment cancellation by SpiceJet.

Rashmi Nair

Posted On: 2014-12-13 12:03:35
PNR -C4KSTC, had booked a round trip cochin to Delhi on 20/12/14 and return on 3/01/15. Upon logging to print ticket I see the alert on cancellation of my connecting flight from Hyderabad to Delhi (SG 108), despite repeated query mails and phone calls I've not been able to reach them except for automated mails asking me to rebook on my own!! I believe the airline is responsible to make alternate arrangements in case of cancellations of flight or atleast reimburse the fare amount. Please Help Urgently since I have exactly 7 days remaining


Posted On: 2014-12-10 16:30:39
Tickets booked well in advance for 3 persons for Rs 20K with Spicejet. Suddenly they cancel the flight and I am forced to buy tickets from an alternate flight for Rs 30.5K. Difference of Rs 10.5K must be reimbursed by Spicejet.

Aditya Aghi

Posted On: 2014-12-10 13:55:45
I have booked spice jet ticket from Hyderabad to chandigarh for 24th december 2014 on 14th November 2014. On 12th december 2014, I have recieved the message that my flight has been cancelled. Since then I have been trying hard to reach the customer care but no response. Please help.

Samir Bihari

Posted On: 2014-12-09 13:09:32
I have earlier booked a flight from Visakhapatnam - Bangalore for 13th December on 28th November . Confirmation Number (PNR): D88RKG. But yesterday I got a mail mentioning that flight has been cancelled and call customer care for getting re-booked on an alternate flight . I have been calling since yesterday but I am not getting any response . Every time its not getting connected and also if sometime its getting connected then I am being put on hold for endless time without getting any response. Now I frustrated and disgusted with the service which have been provided by spicejet to me .Can you please look into this on URGENT basis and let me know how to proceed with this situation and let me know how you can accommodate me to reach bangalore on 13th Dec ?? This is the mail which i have sent to Spicejet . But since last 6 days they are not responding and not even i can reach their contact numbers given in the ticket. Can you please help me in getting justice.


Posted On: 2014-12-08 10:00:05
I booked flights through Kingfisher airlines in 2012 round the trip from kochi - Lakshadweep. which costed me around 40000INR. I was given a call on last muinute that our flight was cancelled and when we requested them to book with a different airline they refused. They haven't refunded my money yet, I have been calling and emailing them still no response.


Posted On: 2014-12-03 13:45:59
On 21.052014 I had purchased air ticket for flight no AI773 for return journey for my daughter Debopriya Ghosh &son in law Tanay Talukder fortheir return journey from KOLKATA to MUMBAI on 27thAUG14 at 19.40 (Ticket no 098-5224880752&0985224880753) and for onward journey from MUMBAI to FRANKFURT(FRA) on 28thAUG14 at 3.00 by flight no LH-757 (2207433095697&2207433095698) and further journey to DALLAS(DFW) by flt no LH-438.. AI rescheduled flt AI773 ,passengers had requested AI authority to make necessary arrangement to enable them to board said LH-757 from MUMBAI but no response from AI authority .Finding no other alternative I have purchased air ticket from SPICE JET LTD at a cost of RS 21110/ and asked for reimbursement of difference of fare from AIR INDIA Several correspondences were made with them but no result .Ai authority has agreed to refund only full fare of Rs9114/ against my demand of Rs21110/. I feel as a national carrier they can not cause of my agony as well

Charles Cheng Meo Huang

Posted On: 2014-11-29 17:46:05
Due to China Eastern airlines flight delay from kolkata, India on the 5 July for 3 hours, my connecting flight at Kunming airport was missed due to the airlines fault. My itinerary was from Kolkata to Taiwan via Kunming on the 5 July and then from Taiwan to Shanghai on the 13 July. As there was no connecting flight on the 5 July to Taiwan, the airlines had to put me up at a hotel and I had to stay put at the hotel at Kunming for more than 24 hours. As a result, the China custom did not grant me the 24 hours temporary entry permit and had my China visa stamped which was meant for my travel from Taiwan to Shanghai on the 13 July.This restricted my travel to Shanghai on the 13 July and as a result I had to stay back in Taiwan and rescheduled my flight from Taiwan to Kolkata. I am seeking compensation on the followings: 1. The airfare paid by me for the destination not traveled from Taiwan to Shanghai and from Shanghai to Kunming and 2. The cost of the china visa.


Posted On: 2014-11-28 12:16:56
Sir i have booked ticket from spicejet on 27 nov 14 from chennai to srinagar but i have not got any confirmation message.plz send itenerary .my dob31 mar 1986

T.K. Padmanabhan Nair

Posted On: 2014-11-25 13:17:25
Dear Sir I booked an Air India Express ticket a couple of days ago for myself and my wife. Unfortuntely once booked I realised that both are coming on one PNR and in case of any change I may have to make on one, I might end up losing on both. Since there is not advantage or concessions given for booking two together, I thought it was not fair that this comes with one PNR. So contacted Air india Express and asked them to help and they said I will have to cancel which will make me to lose 35% of the basic rate. This i feel is rather rude and absurd. I wish the consumer protection to step in and assist with redressal of this undue pressure put on to me. Hope to hear from you instantly. Regards Padmanabhan Nair

Dewraj Sitpal

Posted On: 2014-11-25 11:16:31
1. I booked ticket on 04 Oct 2014 as per following details:-(a) Passenger name: Vikramraj Sitpal (b) Mobile no.:8124492804 (c) mail: (d) Indigo flight no.: 6E- 432 (e) Airline PNR no.:M37P3V (f) From: Chennai (g)To: Mumbai (h)Travel date: 06 Oct 2014 (i)Yatra Booking Reference no.:04101457614 (j)Fare: Rs. 9960/- 2. Immediately after booking I realised that the journey can be performed by availing concessional fare of Armed Forces as I am serving Indian Air Force officer. I tried booking the concessional ticket twice before cancelling the full fare ticket already booked. The site displayed that the passenger details can not be changed. Hence, I cancelled the full fare ticket and then booked concessional fare ticket vide airline booking reference no. W4M3MV by paying fare of Rs. 6310/-. My son travelled on this concessional ticket in the same flight. The refund of Rs 9960- Rs 1500 is still awaited.Only Rs 234 has been refunded.

Abhishek Goswami

Posted On: 2014-11-08 23:41:06
This is agaings Makemy trip online site. I booked a ticket on 21st october from the site for 25thoctober evening from PUNE to Kolkata with booking id NF2201338237983. For some reasons i had to cancel the booking a sum of 7800 rs was cut as cancellation fees. Their customer support service didnt pick up any of my calls later on they replied to my mails. They mentioned they will refund me the rest of the amount am supposed to get which is RS.5713 by 6th of november. But am yet to receive that amount. so please look into this matter. Thank you

Lakshmi Ramesh

Posted On: 2014-10-31 17:28:26
I booked three tickets from, the transaction shows successful, but ticket was generated, as per CC of Flywidus, the rate was revised within seconds, so ticket won't be delivered, but the amount will be refunded.Payment ID: 12648616. The amount is not credited to my till date, it was done on 27th Oct.

Mrs Pratima Ganeriwala

Posted On: 2014-10-29 12:35:55
I travelled to new York on 7th august 2014 from kolkata in Emirates (business class and wheel chair). Both my baggages were delayed by 3 days due to which I had to face so many trouble in USA. All necessary complaints had been done in writing to Emirates. I got few responses earlier but from 25 days no response from there side for the compensation. I have suffered loses of Rs 5 lacs and above (not to mention by mental and physical loss). This is the 1st time I am complaining in consumer forum so I don't know the actual procedure. All necessary proofs and documents are with me and I want my expenses and losses back. Kindly help and guide me regarding this. Regards and thanks, Pratima Ganeriwala


Posted On: 2014-10-18 11:27:10
I am not getting my refund from the easygotrip booking portal inspire of receiving a message from them. message received from easygotrip: Dear Sir As per your mail we checked with your amount the amount has been captured ticket not Generated . and as per your mail and telephonic conversation your amount of Rs 12600/- will be Refunded to your Account has per Bank procedure for which it may take 72 hours to get in your account. Please Note that your Easygotrip Refund Ref No. is B-279. I have send 2 email reminder and try to contact on their help line number (08080144002), but no response. Pl help me.

Hameedullah Marazi

Posted On: 2014-10-14 19:11:22
.I had my Train Reservation from Rampur to Jammu on 14th October 2014 but the train 13151 Jammu Tawi Express which was running 7 hours beyond schedule .My Air Flight from Jammu PNR .1A..4SESH8 Air India AI 821 Arrival time 14 PM on 14th October .I had no alternative but to get my Air Ticket cancelled because I was sure not to reach to Jammu before 1PM on 14th October .But my agent tells me that the cancellation charges are Rupees 1800 .How the customers are being taken far granted by the Air.Lines and their agents.If Jammu Srinagar road remains closed for a single day ,they charge any amount they like for the air tickets and when I have a genuine reason to cancell my ticket even 24 hours before ,I am still asked to pay about half of the price of the air ticket as cancellation charges .Is there no consumer protection for the people who opt to travel by air ?Please look into the matter and do justice to me in this matter .


Posted On: 2014-10-09 13:25:26
Complaint agst Spicejet: Customer Relation Unique no Cr/318762/2014 I Chanchal Aggarwal booked roud trip from Delhi-Dharamshala on 02.09.14 in the name of Chanchal Aggarwal & Nishtha Aggarwal for the journey from 23.06.14 to 27.06.14 on sale. An amount of Rs 4202 was debited from my ICICI ank vide ref no 000641599067. Immediately after payment the session was out. When I contacted spicejet for itinerary they informed me that my booking is not confirmed and money was refunded to my account. Now I cannot got booking for that amount paid earlier. When I gone through their systems & procedure tere they has mentioned that on making the payment the itinerary will be sent to your mail. The transaction was completed and I want my ticket confirmation for that trip. I wrote severally to their customer care & ombudsman but they are salient regarding the procedures. please help me out and provide me compensation in case of their failure to provide the booking. With Regards CA Chanchal Aggarwal Mob 9999413513

shah manoj

Posted On: 2014-10-08 21:45:05
From : Manoj B. Shah, Plot No. 842/2, Sector 7C, Gandhinagar-382 007, Date : 4-9-2014. Contact No. 079-23227484 9724715965 To, Customer Care Officer, Lufthansa International Airlines, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai. Sub :- Loss of 2 luggage during transit from Mumbai to Canada. Air Ticket No. 220-5227538319 (Xerox copy enclosed) Name of passenger : Swar Shah Respected Sir, My son, Swar Shah had travelled from Mumbai to Frankfurt London Torrento on dtd. 2/09/2014 and he had handed over his 2 luggage to Lufthansa International Airlines and they promised to deliver the same at Torrento (Canada) Airport. But on reaching the destination, my son has not received his luggage. He had lodged a complaint with Torrento Airport (Air Canada Office) vide Complaint No. YY2AC42662. But he received one luggage after six days in a broken condition with many items missing. The reference No. of my complaint lod

chanchal bhattacharya

Posted On: 2014-10-05 18:22:51
My baggage was misplaced by Indigo airlines, even after several complaints they have not given any explanation verbally or by mail.I have demanded ticket refund because of the harassment and several hours delay in getting my baggage, no response as such. Chanchal Bhattacharya Dt: 29.09.2014 BLR-BBI 6E 491 Seat: 11C Tracer File No: BBI/6E/491 PNR: ZBIWRQ Main Luggage: SEQ-0019 case reference number is CRN-276899-H2R4H5

Nitin Chand

Posted On: 2014-10-04 12:12:42
TO JET AIRLINE - I had booked the return tickets to travel from Pune to Dehradun on 26/07/2014, (Trip ID - 14072611680), well in advance, considering your discounted schemes at that time, travel dates being 23rd Dec, 2014 (onward) and 3rd Jan, 2015 (return). The details are furnished as below: Onward Journey (23rd December, 2014) Boarding from Pune at - 15:15 and alighting at Delhi at 17:30 LAYOVER :40 minutes Boarding from Delhi at 18:10 and alighting at Dehradun at 19:05 Return Journey (3rd January, 2015) Boarding from Dehradun at 15:45 and alighting at delhi at 16:35 LAYOVER: 40 minutes Boarding from Delhi at 17:15 and alighting at Pune at 19:15 The total cost of the journey came out to be Rs. 22,905, which was immediately paid through my net banking account. On 11/08/2014 a SMS from your side informs me that the DEL-DED segment had been cancelled. The message read as follows: "Trip ID 14072611680 Your DEL-DED segment has been cancelled: PNR Y4K7CF, flight s2-363...


Posted On: 2014-10-02 13:17:52
sir, Myself Monalisa Bhakat ,wants to say I have cancelled my indigo flight reservation ticket on 15.09.14 having the details: PNR No- BEYKWR DOJ-01.10.14 From -Srinagar to Jammu But I have not got my balance return but when I contacted the customer care number they are saying that we have already processed your balance on your account. For this I am attaching the details of my Ticket as well as my Bank Updated PassBook to them. But they claimed that they have sent money. But my bank details did not show that. So kindly look after this matter & help me to get my money. Regards, Monalisa Bhakat Mo-08420734161

kumar aditya

Posted On: 2014-10-01 14:24:56
i booked ticket from air india on 1/10/2014 ticket was not booked but they deducted my 40000Rs .when called on the number given on their website they kept me on hold for about 1 hr and did not give satisfactory answer they told me that my money will be refunded within 48 hrs but they were not ready to give surity for ticket at that time.irequested to block the ticket till then.but they denied.i want to complain that why they can keep money with them when there is no surity from there side .it is a big amount how can any one book other ticket without money.

Manav Jolly

Posted On: 2014-09-27 23:42:02
We had flight bookings on Spicejet for Srinagar, for 2nd October and return on 8th October. After the DGCA directives we got the tickets cancelled. But, the refund issued to us is only 40% of the amount paid initially for the tickets. This is highly unfair on the behalf of spice jet as the directions state that no cancellation should he charged for passengers who wish yo cancel their trip. Also, we have 2 small kids and its very unlikely for us to travel with them with the risk of an epidemic outbreak.

Oinam Nandakeshwar Singh

Posted On: 2014-09-18 23:16:27
On the 8th Sept., 2014 I booked a flight ticket online through for a round trip journey on the 19th Sept. from Imphal to Guwahati and from Guwahati to Imphal on the 21st Sept. But, I requested to cancel the flight on the 21st Sept. and on the 17th Sept. I got an email for the confirmation of my cancellation. I had doubt that the company cancelled both the flights, so I made an enquiry and one customer executive told me that only the flight for the 21st Sept. has been cancelled. Again on the 18th Sept. I got an email informing that both the flights have been cancelled and for that I have been charged as penalty a sum of Rs. 3500 out of Rs. 5872 which I paid through netbanking while I booked the flights. So, my request is that makes me a problem, the company had cancelled my flight which do not want to cancel. For this the company has to pay compensation to me. Please help me in this regard.

Tirtha Kalyan Bhattacharya

Posted On: 2014-09-10 23:16:07
I booked an international flight ticket from on 10 July, 2014. It was an Etihad Airways flight from Kolkata to Manchester and was dated 9 Sep 2014. The Ticket Number is 6075268772399 and the Trip ID as provided by is 14071012429. The ticket Cost INR 33,850. I was assured FULL REFUND UPON CANCELLATION by the Cleartrip website, and I hence proceeded to cancel said ticket on 2 Sep 2014. After cancellation, I was sent an email assuring me that my money would be deposited into my account. However, I did not receive any money. Upon calling up Cleartrip Customer Care, I was informed that the ticket I bought was "Not Refundable on Cancellation" and that I was to receive NO MONEY AT ALL. I think this is dishonest because the flight came up in the search which I made specifically for refundable flights, and the fact that the ticket is non-refundable was mentioned nowhere in the website or even in the ticket. I can provide documents. Please Help!

Arnab Chatterjee

Posted On: 2014-08-21 14:20:20
This is inform you that on 10th aug I purchased the AIR AISIA ticket as per PNR no. ( R85VFV ) given above and same day I made request for cancellation due to unavoidable reasons . But I was told that the deduction will be huge : Rs. 1740 per passenger against base fare of Rs. 2590 . I paid total 9300 for 3 tickets and refund will be around 3600 , which is a big loss . Most air Asia fliers are from small to middle income families who cannot afford to pay such high cancellation charges . for eg , I will hesitate 100 % to book Air Asia next time now that I know cancellation can be a huge loss . I the airline persists such policy , I can assure you from experience that many budget fliers will avoid the airline once they experience such huge loss . Many may not even write a response like me because they may not be fluent in English , but they will not fly again . AND EVEN AFTER REGISTERING 4 COMPLAINTS ONLINE SINCE 10TH AUG , AIR ASIA AFTER 10 DAYS SENT MAIL THAT THEY WILL NOT REFUND !


Posted On: 2014-08-18 16:34:00
Convenience fee charged by all airlines is cheating and is not transparent and contest same


Posted On: 2014-08-13 16:15:21
I have booked my tickets from Gwalior to Bangalore by Air India. This includes connecting flight (Gwalior to Delhi and Delhi to Bangalore). Gwalior to Delhi flight got cancelled by Air India. When i am asking for compensation they are denying. I have booked flights in higher rates from Gwalior to Bangalore. But they are telling i need to go to Delhi by my own transportation.

shiv Lal meena

Posted On: 2014-07-30 20:27:49
actually I have cancle go air flight ticket on 22.06.2014 flight no g8/394 Jaipur to Mumbai my NPR no.QCPZZ3 Not yet refund my money max.time limit refund 15 days I wait last 30 days but not refund

Abira Roy

Posted On: 2014-07-20 07:27:21
I am Flying Returns Member (Membership No: 133445844) from April 2013. It has been almost 1.5 years and still have NOT received the membership card. I had called multiple times also and every time I am told that it will be sent soon. Despite of several calls and emails to Air India, till date no resolution is provided and no one from Air India side seems to have any bottom-line responsibility to resolve such long standing customer issue.

Suryanka Kalra

Posted On: 2014-07-11 23:32:25
I had booked my cousin ticket with the following details on 14 May 2017 Name of airline- Go Airline Date of travel 9 August 2014 From Delhi to Nagpur Flight no GB 141 Agent booking the flight : Uniglobe Pawansut Travels Booking reference TFS25V Goair cancelled the flight from Delhi to Nagpur. I am offered a full refund however my cousin is arriving from Italy at 2 pm that night and go air was the convenient flight with baggage allowance. Since the cancellation is due to no fault of ours I requested Goair to arrange for the international baggage allowance allowed on your flight for Indigo airlines 5.45 am flight so that i can cancel thr ticket and book that one accordingly.However i have not received any response from Goair. It is highly unprofessional to leave passengers stranded like this. Hence, i request you to register my complaint against Goair

Puja Srivastava

Posted On: 2014-07-09 12:05:09
Hi, The two Kingfisher flights IT205 (12th Jan 2013) and IT214 (20th Jan 2013) got cancelled for which I never got a refund. The entire amount of Rs. 21885 seems to have been forfeited by the Kingfisher Airlines. Please accept my complaint against the Airlines and help me recover my hard-earned money. Thanks and Regards, Puja Srivastava 9871485621

Prashant K Gunjan

Posted On: 2014-07-03 17:58:07
Hi, This regards to PNR no 8P68KQ, Go Air. On 11th July, I have booked ticket for my relative Vaibhav in Go Airline though your call centre. Travel date was 12th June, from New Delhi to Patna for 5.10 pm flight. While making payment, on your IVR, after completing all proceeds, suddenly get the message that there is technical error. But amount was debited from my SBI Credit Card. Same I have informed to call centre guy. First they asked me to check my bank for the transaction. When checked my bank has confirmed that transaction has happened. My Bank has informed that Go Air has claimed the money on 12th June and transaction no is 044338 and Amount Rs 6501 Same I informed to GO Air customer care desk. and Since than I am doing follow-up with them but they have failed to give any information. I have shared my monthly statement with GO air, and had word with their Floor Manager Mr Amit and Mr. Pravin. and written to there all e-mail id like feedback, refund and nodal officer.

venugopal mk

Posted On: 2014-07-03 10:28:37

Vaikunth Prabhu

Posted On: 2014-07-01 13:30:24
Subject: RE: FLIGHT CANCELLED BY AIR INDIA BUT PENALTY TO PASSENGER TKT.NO.0985267599297 I had booked a ticket from Delhi to Mumbai through IRCTC portal . How ever the flight was cancelled by air india and i had to book another ticket to return to mumbai. Now i have been charged Rs.1829/00 as cancellation charges though it was not my fault that the flight was cancelled. I had approached the Air India counter at delhi. They said i would get full refund and marked the same on my cancelled ticket but from the agent whihc in this case is IRCTC. Now both IRCTC and Air India is playing football with my conplaint and neither is giving the refund. Kindly do the needful

Umang Trivedi

Posted On: 2014-06-24 23:16:34
Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to lodge a complaint against Indigo Airlines. I had booked 3 tickets and wanted to cancel 1 out of them. When I tried cancelling, all the 3 tickets got cancelled without any warning. When I called call center they told that I should have called the call center for this. However, this is no where mentioned on their website or ticket. Hence, this is hiding crucial information from customer leading to loss. I have lost Rs 19,000 because of this. I request you to kindly help me file a case against Indigo Airlines and get compensated.

Herman Nazareth

Posted On: 2014-06-24 23:02:45
I boarded a Jet Airways Flt 9W521 on 22/06/14 from Jeddah to Mumbai. During my baggage checkin my baggage allowance was exceeded by 2 kgs (payment token can be provided if required) which I promptly paid. On arrival at Mumbai, after nearly waiting for about an hour after the baggage started arriving on the carousel, there were no signs of my baggage. On checking with the Airline staff at Mumbai, I was only then told that my baggage had not arrived and that it was offloaded at Jeddah prior the plane took off. To add to it there was only one ground staff attending to the passengers whose baggages did not arrive too. As per IATA rules the Airline did not even compensate me to make provisions till I could avail of my belonging in my baggage. The above amounts to deficiency in service and as such I should be adequately compensated, appreciate if you could kindly take up the matter with Jet Airways and keep me advised of the developments. Thanking you in advance.

Rahul Talwar

Posted On: 2014-06-23 15:58:22
I am filing this complaint against Kingfisher Airlines. I have booked my return flight from Bangalore - Jammu for 2 passengers date 1st November 2012 under PNR GNONRC And Ticket Numbers are: Ticket No.(s) 0902472856065 0902472968213 Ticket No.(s) 0902472856066 0902472968218 Flight got cancelled by Kingfisher Airlines and no alternate flight was accomodated to us and we have been promised of full refund due to flight non operations. Since then i am following up with the company for my refund on all tickets through phone as well as email( toll free number (1 800 200 9000) and Land Line Number (+91 20 2729 3030)& 07798917590)/ email id's:';;; however i have not received my refund yet and moreover i have been paying interest @36% on my credit card swipe for more than 2 years now. Please help me to get my hard earned money refunded to my account. Details of card Swipe: Date - 23/06/2012 :ICICI Bank Credit Card Transaction Reference : 75503722177002104333691for Rs. 21,906.00 Plus travel date change Charges levied on 07/08/2012 @ 1993+1993+950+950= 5886 under ref number 75134832221130112646075 under ICICI Bank Credit card transaction dated : Best regards, Rahul Talwar

chetan jain

Posted On: 2014-06-16 12:46:09
Hello,my name is chetan Jain, I travelled from Mumbai to b'lore on 14th may and I received my luggage with broken lock. I complained with spicejet, and I was promised that the luggage will be repaired and returned back in a day or 2. It's been around 4 weeks but I haven't received my luggage. I mailed it to the nodal officer, and there was no reply. I then mailed the appellate officer, and i got a call from spicejet again, I have been told that same company lock is not available and they will return my luggage back without the lock, and they will compensate INR 1000 against the damage. The luggage is a big size hard case AMERICAN TOURISTER make. The luggage will be of no use without the lock. Now the airline is not responding, and they have no other option. my luggage is still with spicejet. Now I know that spicejet will not resolve and return my luggage. i am planning to file a case against spicejet in the consumer court. i hope the problem is resolved soon. Referenceno:CR/297351/2014

Dr. Asit Datta

Posted On: 2014-06-13 15:36:36
During my return from USA under a Jet ticket (PNR: EBCZOV). .Because of the sudden cancellation (which was not informed to me, and it was not weather related) of UA 234 (CLE-EWR) on 5th Jan, 2014, United rebooked me at a later flight from CLE to DCA to EWR, and then EWR to BOM on a United flight (UA 48) on 5th Jan, scheduled to depart at 9.15 PM. The flight was cancelled and I had to make my own hotel arrangement at 3 AM and had to get my own transportation to go to the hotel. Following morning, they rebooked me on UA 9742 (EWR-BOM) and AI 776 (BOM-CCU). However, after arriving at BOM, AI denied my reservation, and I had to purchase ticket separately to fly from Mumbai to Kolkata, although I had already ticket for that. I have gone through terrible ordeal in this process and also financial losses. So I claimed full reimbursement of the expenses I had made from Jet Airways, with all documents. They refused to pay. I have been waiting for a long time with no outcome in sight.

Jaswinder Singh Pahwa

Posted On: 2014-05-17 17:05:24
I traveled from Chandigarh to Mumbai via Jet airways flight 9W467 on 8th March 2014. Reaching mumbai I was told baggage is not traceable but will surely be traced and delivered. I even stated the staff that since there are valuables (jewellery) in make up kit of my wife as we were returning from a family function & was assured that it would be delivered. After few days I simply receive email stating bag is not traceable & are providing me compensation @ rs 450/- kg. It is horrifying that I have lost my valuables from hard earned money & I'm receiving email towards compensation. Please guide me for the same as I want to pursue the matter so that others don't suffer.

Rashmi Agrawal

Posted On: 2014-05-13 12:45:16
Jet airways canceeled a flight which I booked 3 months in advace from Raipur - Hyd - Bangalore scheduled at 3:00 pm. They have currently rescheduled it from Raipur - Bombay - Hyderabad - Bangalore at 9:00 AM in morning and a travel time of 9 hours instead of 4 hours. The two options they are offering are 1) Raipur-Bombay-Bangalore at 9:00 AM I can't board that early due to prior commitment 2) refund of original ticket price 3 months ago I either want a refund at current price(so I can make a new booking)/rescheduling with my preferential timings (original booking schedule)irrelevant of the airlines


Posted On: 2014-05-05 21:12:53
Hello, Greetings .I have been put into a lot of difficulty by Oman Air and hence would like to submit my complaint .I need the format to submit my redressal petition.

Peter Gibson

Posted On: 2014-04-18 10:47:24
I was unable to get through on the telephone number provided by Jetairways for customer relations 022 61212300. I was kept waiting for 15 mins in one call and more than 18 mins in another call and never managed to speak to a person. Peter Gibson


Posted On: 2014-04-08 15:18:10
I have booked the flight ticket online, but that fare was wrongly posted by "easygotrip" people. The money transaction was completed, and deducted from my bank account. Kindly do the needful on refund amount.


Posted On: 2014-04-05 18:05:23
Had Issued 4 Confirmed Tickets on Saudi Arabian Airline,They Denied Boarding stating Name Format is incorrect

Ajeesh Damodaran

Posted On: 2014-03-27 10:21:22
I want to file a complaint against Emirates Airlines for the discomfort caused to me during my flight (Johannesburg-Dubai-Bangalore on 22nd /23rd Feb). The flight was late and I was not informed this in advance, even after knowing 12 hours in advance they were not prepared for the situation. I was forced to wait in Dubai airport for 19hours with only 2 meal vouchers. Hotel/Lounge access was also denied. I was also stuck in Johannesburg airport for 6hours. Staff in Dubai were rude and racially preferring other passengers. I had initially asked for a compensation of 1000 Euros from Emirates which they denied. I want to now file a case and demand 1.5 million INR for the discomfort, harassment, mental agony, physical torture, waste of time and money they caused me. I have back problem and has a disc prolapse surgery in 2007. I wanted to know the procedure to file a case for compensation. Kindly guide me.

T.Unni Krishnan

Posted On: 2014-03-24 16:02:41
: Non-Refund of Kingfisher Airlines ticket vide PNR NO :BLXUAA & IQXUXT OF RS 20,935/- reg:- ort Blair Airport for Port Blair to Chennai & Chennai to Port Blair sector on 07th September,2012 & 3rd June,2012 .But on both the days the Flight was not operated .The detail of Ticket are given below: SlN Name of passenger PNR NO Ticket No Date of journey Sector Amount 1. T.Unni Krishnan BLXUAA 0902173080944 07April,2012 IXZ toMAA 4,127/- 2. Yasmeen Razik BLXUAA 0902173080945 07April,2012 IXZ toMAA 4,127/- 3. Aditya Krishnan BLXUAA 0902173080946 07April,2012 IXZ toMAA 300/- 4. T.Unni Krishnan IQXUXT 0902173080948 03June,2012 MAA toIXZ 4,127/- 5 Yasmeen Razik IQXUXT 0902173080949 03June,2012 MAA toIXZ 4,127/- 6. Aditya Krishnan IQXUXT 0902173080950 03June,2012 MAA toIXZ 4,127/- TOTAL 20,935/- Now till date the total Amount of Rs 20,935/-(Rupees Twenty Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Five Only) was not refunded. I have much urgent of money because my Grand Mother is admitted in the Hospital.


Posted On: 2014-03-24 13:47:44
I made an air india return flight booking from Bom to Blr on 22nd Jan 2014 online. due to some problem ticket was not generated. I was told by the customer care on 25th Feb that the ticket was not booked and I would not be able to travel. I asked to cancel my booking and refund my full amount, which the customer care agreed on phone and suggested to write to e-commerce. Meanwhile I made some alternate arrangements for travel. Next day they sent me a mail stating that the tkt had been confirmed and I asked them to cancel as I would not travel. After a few phone calls and mails exchanged, I got a mail in response to my detailed mail for full refund that it was being processed and the amount would be refunded. After a few days I got only the partial refund instead of full refund. I, then sent a mail asking for reasons, it was not replied. I can forward you all the correspondence if required. Booking details: Web Reference: AIBE11004385 Booking Reference: JHHQM Date: Wed 22Jan 14

Mahender Kumar

Posted On: 2014-03-19 23:17:27
I had booked Spice Jet ticket from BLR to DEL on Feb 27 for 21.05 Hrs for April 8th flight date; today Mar 19th SpiceJet has written to me stating that "due to the introduction of our new summer schedule" they are changing the flight time to 18.45 Hrs i.e., preponed by 2Hrs and 20 Minutes. I have planned my trip and booked my tickets accordingly, now if i have to cancel and buy tickets on another airline for departure after 21.00 hrs, the tickets are INR 6000 more costly. Questions: (1) What is my rederessal with SpiceJet? Is there a forum like DGCA or Consumer forum that can provide me relief? (2) Can i not get Spice to pay the INR 6000 over and above refunding my full money so i can go and book another ticket in another airline hat is departing after 21:00 hrs? thanks,

Megha Kabra

Posted On: 2014-03-16 16:53:17
airline company offering discounts on early booking got my interest in booking the tickets online I had booked two tickets on owned by (Seven Seaz Vacations Pvt. Ltd) on 14th march at 5.01pm for 2 passengers on flight 9W-316 and have also received a sms saying my request is confirmed .after 2 hours the same company called me to say flight cannot accomadate u with this low cost after deducting my credit card . they are asking me to pay 5000 extra for the same tickets .they have not even refunded my money . becoz whenever i call them they say this ticket is in refund status. i need help against this please .

Netram Sahu

Posted On: 2014-03-11 16:30:43
I had booked two confirmed ticket of Airline through Akbar Travel. My flight take off timining was 11 am on 4 dec 2014 and i reached there at 10:00 am around. They booked only one sit and they didn't book sit for second confirmed ticket. At that time they said that they will refund full amount for second ticket. I had claimed for refund amount in Akber travels they told me that i have to submit stamp copy from Airline. Then i visited to airline at myrine drive and they told me that for full refund i have to contact to duty manager and when i visited to domestic airport they told me that i have to contaced to air line costumer service for full refund, then i contacted to air line customer service. But they are saying that i had visited their at 10:19am, so they can't refund full and for this i have to contacted to Akber Travel. Again i contaced to akber travel and they are not refunding full amount withough stamp copy of Airline. I need you help so please help me.


Posted On: 2014-03-11 15:58:50

Anish K Raj

Posted On: 2014-03-10 22:57:51
Please help me to take legal action against Lufthansa airlines for delaying my baggage for 5 days. I am sending detailed complaint through your mail.

Swarjit Das

Posted On: 2014-02-28 15:14:00
Hi, While booking ticket in Indigo flight, my name was wrongly printed due to my fault- (the surname became wrong). The airline T&C before booking itself says, names cannot be changed. I have written to airline for reconsideration & address the issue as exceptional case since a. the travel is in June and ticket booked now b. within 24hrs of booking we have realized the mistake and raised complain. The mistake is "Swarjit Mazumder" should be "Swarjit Das", surname. Could this be considered under any circumstances. I have some mails records to Indigo and my travel ticket with me. Best Regards Swarjit Das +91 9686655008

Amandeep Maini

Posted On: 2014-02-26 20:57:02
I booked a return ticket at from Delhi to Bhubaneshwar on 22/01/2014 for a charge of Rs. 6181 for journey date 26/02/2014 to 27/02/2014. I got confirmed pnr status of return flight but pnr for onward flight was unconfirmed at that point. I had not been instructed by the company on what should be done if a ticket is unconfirmed on booking. Neither was there any communication that the ticket is still unconfirmed. When I checked my pnr status on 25/02/2104 it was still unconfirmed. I called the customer care helpline and the executive over there said that since your ticket was unconfirmed at that point and due to large fare difference between ticket price and current price they will not confirm my ticket. I had a very important planned engagement in Bhubaneswar for which I booked the tickets well in advance but due to lack of communication from the company I had to suffer mental trauma. I was left with no other option but to cancel my trip. Booking reference# 220114130397

abhishek acharya

Posted On: 2014-02-18 11:12:55
Hi, I had booked indigo flight from Raipur to Bangalore (PNR D1TFTP) in Oct 2013 for three adults and one child. I paid the charges using American express credit card (amount 14000 INR) and using Indigo vouchers (amount 16000 INR). I cancelled one ticket for one passenger from this itinerary (pnr G366PW). At the time of cancelling, I was informed that 6500 INR would be refunded to my credit card account. I followed up on the cancellation in Nov and again in Dec and each time I was promised by call center executive that amount will be refunded soon in my credit card account. On 18th Jan 2014, when I called indigo customer care to follow up on payment, I was informed that there will not be any refund since payment was made using mix of voucher and cash/credit card. This process is quite unreasonable, since I paid about 14k INR using my credit card, the required amount must be refunded. Request you to take up this matter with the Airline.

Sandeep Raghuvanshi

Posted On: 2014-02-17 11:06:55
i had traveled on Jet Konnect Flight No 9W 7035 on 22 Dec 2013 from Mumbai (BOM) Bhopal (BHO); along with my wife and daughter for my grandmothers funeral. I had paid an hefty amount of over 40000/- for this tickets as it was important for me to attend the funeral. However, flight got delayed by over 4 hours citing reason as bad weather. Their was no communication made to me informing delay before the actual time of flight departure i.e. 5.30 am in the morning. For the entire 4 hours delay, no one from your staff gave reasonable answers for the delay. In-fact,passengers had to show agitation by gathering around the boarding gate so that jet team could listen to us. Their was no support service offered by Jet staff not to mentioned they being rude I had booked the 5.30 am flight being very costlier so that i could reach in time. Otherwise; i could have booked your alternate flight to indore and reached BPL well before. I am seeking refund of airticket amount.

Vithal G Chapke

Posted On: 2014-02-12 15:55:49
I travelled from Sydney to Mumbai via Delhi on 11th Jan 14 by AI 301 flight.( ticket no 0984144698291)one bag did not arrive on belt No 14.I collected the after long waitof 40hrs. When asked for taxi fare they denied my expenses of Rs 1200/ As per Air India baggage delay I should have got compensation of Rs 3000

Vikas Dilawari

Posted On: 2014-02-12 13:32:09
I had a confirmed airticket for Mum- hyd section and despite being on time I was not issued a boarding flight as the flight was over booked. I had to cancel my entire trip and I was paid a compensation of Rs 3000 as per DGCA guidelines which is not acceptable despite Jet Airways acknowledging its their mistake


Posted On: 2014-02-02 18:18:34
HI, Myself and my wife travelled through Jet Airways in the month of Jan'13 from Mumbai to Bhubaneswar to attend a marriage. After we went out of the Bhubaneswar airport, we noticed in the taxi that one of my bags lock was broken and my Tommy Hilfiger watch, my Kodak camera and my Satya Paul belt was stolen which was in total was for Rs. 25000/- The watch was given to me as a gift by my wife on my marriage and it was brand new hence more than money it had more of emotional values to me. I immediately called up the call centre and informed them of the incident. The person on the phone told me that they will check the CCTV footage and will find out who had done this heinous act. After that I have written almost 25 emails to them but they are just indifferent towards the grievance. They have not even tried to do anything other than just saying a "sorry". They have been simply protecting the culprits and didn't pull up the CCTV recording at all as they knew that will pose them to difficult


Posted On: 2014-01-31 18:50:14
Booking showed refundable before booking, non-refundable afterwards.. Trip ID: 1312302323 was agent

M. Ray

Posted On: 2014-01-23 20:45:57
Air ticket when cancelled how many times penalty is charged if a flight is taking break one or two times on the way. I cancelled ticket from kolkata to chandigarh supposed to take break at delhi when cancelled they took penalty 4 times i.e Rs.1800x4=7200 for kolkata to delhi, delhi to chandigarh and the same when back. I cant agree with this because i purchased ticket upto chandigarh why i should give penalty for its taking break. I want to know rules and regulation regarding this. My airticket was of jet airways


Posted On: 2014-01-14 19:39:17
This is with reference to the flights cancelled or diverted on 06.01.014 due to bad weather/fog in Delhi. I have my trip scheduled from Hyderabad to Delhi on the same day, but due to bad Weather my flight Indigo - 6E-306 was diverted to land in Ahmadabad. Now during this time we have called Aeroflot and explained them about this, they have asked for the delay certificate and we produced it .We were provided with accommodation for that day by Indigo and were given another flight to reach Delhi next day. Once after reaching Delhi when I tried to meet Aeroflot, None was available to meet in person and when I called they replied me saying we don't have any good "relation" with Indigo so either you ask Indigo to arrange a transport for you or Re book a new flight. I have explained the same to Aeroflot call center and they issued me a Virtual coupon in mail which I cannot understand and none of the Aeroflot ground staff were available to help me. I have lost my total money of around 43000


Posted On: 2014-01-14 16:41:30
I booked a ticket in IndiGo Airlines Booking Reference No U3VLSV. Paid through Net Banking. The amount was debited to my bank account but the ticket has not been issued. Got an indifferent and unprofessional response from the call centre person (Fazal) who refused to issue the ticket despite receiving payment from me nor was he willing to escalate to a superior. I have had problems with IndiGo booking in the past and find it surprising and in contrast to their other services.

Ritesh Parmanandka

Posted On: 2014-01-12 15:27:42
The undersigned, is the member of Kingfisher Airlines.They had frequent flyer programme called King Club.In that we can redeem points for free travels.The membership no.10153415.Suddenly they stopped working from few months.I have more than 50000 points with them.We have requested them to transfer it in my another airlines account or to give cash of it many many times.They r not listing at all.For to accumulate points we have spend money on their airlines.The main office is in Banglore.1 point is equal to Rs1.50/- So,I request u kindly solve my matter as earliest & send the reply

senthil nathan

Posted On: 2014-01-03 18:25:16
i have booked a ticket with air asia airlines,i had triple vessel block in my heart and my docter advised me not to travel.on my health ground i request airasia airlines to cancell my ticket .They have cancelled my ticket on my request and sent me advise to avail the cancelled ticket amount by using the user name and password given to me.since iam advised not to travel by my docter i have booked a ticket in my friend who is going travel by air to get credit amount of my cancelled ticket amount.but though i had booked the ticket through my username passward the airasia airlines has not deducted the credit amount and asked to pay the full ticket amount.then i have paid the full i should get my cancelled ticket amount,i cant travel because of my health condition,airasia airlines asked me to avail the credit amount before 04/01/ i whant solution to get back my cancelled ticket amount.i whant your help in this regard

Navin Kumar Gupta

Posted On: 2014-01-01 20:35:44
My expensive items have been stolen from my luggage (which was locked). I have raised complain in the Emirates forum, however they have not given me any solution yet. They were supposed to get back to me in a months time. However it has been 2 months they have not get back to me. I have also sent several reminders (around 5 times) to them but not response from their end. I have raised my complain on 7th November 2013. I did not expect this kind of behaviour from such a reputed aisrlines. Can you please look into this and get my stuffs back from them asap.

Virinder Miya

Posted On: 2013-12-27 12:34:41
Persistant stonewalling or refund on tickets cancelled about 5 months ago, through

Rajeev Kapoor

Posted On: 2013-12-24 15:20:29
I took a flight from Delhi to Bangalore on 16th December on Go Air Flight G8 115. On reaching Bangalore I found that the Lock on the suitcase was broken and the Suitcase was damaged. Even some of the valuables were missing from the Suitcase.I was promised by Mr. Crooke (Duty Officer) that as per the system of the Go Air they will respond to me within 72 Hours. Today being the 5th day I called up the number given by Mr. Crooke and to my surprise the call was picked up by Ms. Ranjana and was conveyed to me that being today Mr. Crooke is on Sick leave she will get back to me in hours time after checking the status. When I didnt received any call from Ms Ranjana , I called her up after 3 Hours but to my surprise she said as Mr. Crooke is on Leave and because he was dealing your case , the response will be given by the same person only. I was really surprised with the unprofessional response from Ms. Ranjana because according to me I was dealing with Go Air and not with an Individual.


Posted On: 2013-12-20 17:46:15
Dear Sir/Madam Re:Refund of Booking ID: NF2204128767799 I have booked a flight from Mumbai to Kolkata through Make My Trip on 3rd of Oct 2013, then followed by two time rescheduling attempt on 17th Oct 2013. which failed , so finally we cancelled the ticket. I have been consistently escalating the issue of refund since Oct 2013 but they are not refunding one transaction of 1250. I have written them several times and called them N no. of times but no response they always tell me that they have already refunded the amount but it has not been credited in my account as on date i.e. why I have attached both the statement my Bank & Credit Card statement were you can verify that they have only credit two transaction and one transaction of 1250 is due I am forwarding the latest Bank account statement and credit card statement were I have received the money. Transaction details are as following: Payment Made 3rd Oct 2013 Make My Trip :6888 (By Central Bank of India Credit Card) 16

Shakti Gurha

Posted On: 2013-12-17 13:21:06
Complaint against Expedia India P Limited 22 Floor,Tower 5C,DLF Cyber City,Gurgaon122001 (travel agent) and Oman Air (the airlines) There was a change of itinerary from airlines side and I had to book another ticket at higher cost. The airlines refused to give full refund and deducted Rs. 3465 as cancellation charges. Difference in ticket cost is Rs. 9,812. Expedia Itinerary Number: 1752508492

Ananjan Chaudhury

Posted On: 2013-12-03 13:34:14
I had booked a two way ticket to Bangkok from Calcutta by Air Asia. I had planned a trip for my family commencing on 6th Dec 2013 and return on 12th Dec 2013. My booking id is D6TVYF. Additional details of the flight are as below Departure: FD 2672 on 6th Dec Arrival: FD 2671 on 12th Dec Attachment: Ticket details Due to unstable and volatile political scenario I requested Air Asia Airline to cancel my bookings and make a refund on humanitarian grounds but in spite of my repeated requests, Air Asia did not bother to even attempt to help leave alone making a refund. International news channels like BBC and CNN are also following the recent developments closely and several tourist advisories have warned tourists regarding present situation that things are turning from worse to worst. Due to such an unfortunate circumstance, I had called the Air Asia customer care center and requested them to help me on humanitarian grounds and cancel and refund my tickets. In spite of calling time and

Anindya Sengupta

Posted On: 2013-12-03 12:15:36
Please note that I have purchased an air ticket for my daughter Ms. Suyasha Sengupta by Indigo Airlinesfrom Delhi to Kolkata & back. Booking reference number F36CMX. On November 26, 2013 the date of journey was revised from Dec 7 to Dec 3, an amount of Rs. 3739 was deducted from my credit card ( reference no. 00330756003 dated Nov. 26, Citibank Approval number 515313). At the time of purchase the Customer care executive mentioned that the payment will be updated shortly as there is some issues & he will email the revised ticket. After two time consuming follow up till now the ticket showing payment due. My daughter is travelling alone & will have money to pay. I feel both of us are harassed by the ineptness of Indigo Air Lines & this is not acceptable.

Tushar Agrawal

Posted On: 2013-11-19 23:14:30
Sir, the complaint is regarding the Spice Jet flight. They didn't allow me to board the flight scheduled from Delhi to Kathmandu at the time when I was to attend my Diwali festival after such a long period.I travelled all the way from mUMBAI TO DELHI TO BOARD THE FLIGHT BUT They didn't allow me. When i returned home i submitted them the proof of their mistakes after realising which they said sorry & refunded the ticket amount. When i gave them the request for compensation, they just refused each time. The deatails of the complaint & coomunication with the co, has been sent on for you reference. Please guide me accordingly & help me for compensation.

prabhat chaturvedi

Posted On: 2013-11-15 13:26:05
Dear sir a connecting flight was booked from BAGDOGRA airport to Ranchi via kolkata in AI 722 and AI 9785 for 10 October 2013 vide pnr no J5m4q for mrs uzma Prabhat chaturvedi f/32 and miss mantasha Chaturvedi f/6. Earlier a msg was conveyed from Air India at about 1000 hrs on 10 October that flight no AI 722 is delayed by 40 min and rescheduled at 1520hrs in p lace of 1440 hrs. I personally contacted with Bagdogra , Kolkata and Chennai Air India office that Will it be comfortable for female passenger to complete journey in short time. They gave me assurances that its their duty to give required assistance at Kolkata airport I was in contact with mr David at BAGDOGRA airport of Air India. Flight preceded at 1715 hrs and landed at appx 1810 hrs at kolkata airport before that the connecting flight AI9785 was flew. Where as no support was provided by Air India duty manager Kolkata and build up pressure for cancellation of tkt from Kolkata to Ranchi. Mrs uzma and miss mantasha both wer


Posted On: 2013-11-08 22:31:59

Colonel Rajesh RN

Posted On: 2013-11-07 19:13:38
I had booked a ticket through the website of Indigo Airlines and cancelled the same through the same website. I got the report about the cancellation also. When I enquire for my refund, the customer relations state that the ticket has not got cancelled. I have the print of the webpage. How to go about further? Please guide.

Julie Correia

Posted On: 2013-11-06 13:44:48
I booked two tickets for my parents for 6th Nov from Goa to Mumbai by SpiceJet. I had called the call centre and requested for a wheelchair as my mother is sick. the airline took the request and confirmed. They reached the airport and the airline staff are telling her why you need the wheelchair it is close by. Who the hell are they to decide???????????when I have specifically asked for a wheelchair obviously she would be sick. No one wants a free ride on a wheelchair. I then called the call centre they tell me you need to inform the airhostesses in Mumbai and if there is they will arrange......I want an explanatio from spicejet and a written apology from the airline.

Hirok Bhattacharyya

Posted On: 2013-11-01 13:20:11
We had purchased 2 tkts(6 pax) online for the flights to Jammu to kolkata of Kingfisher airlines. But due to sudden stoppage of flights we could not avail the flights and KF has not refunded our money. We had written lot of emails to them and talked over phone but they did not return the money. It is almost more than 1 year have been passed. Kindly guide us how can u help me as a lot of money has been blocked unnecesarily

ashwin joglekar

Posted On: 2013-10-22 16:01:37
Ticket for PNR U9F2PT/E1HVHY in name of Vaishali Joglekar for Port Blair Chennai Mumbai sector on Spice Jet for 13th November was booked through Sai Ganesh Travels sub agent for HInd Musafir on 26th July Please note for cancellation for this PNR we have been asked to pay/charge INR 2500 by Agent Hind Musafir /Sai Ganesh Travel as Nominal Cancellation Charges which is totally unfair on total ticket cost of INR 11000 . I Checked with Spice Jet help desk and there are no charges by SPICE JET for this cancellation and there was no such notice given to us while booking. Spice Jet Help desk is unable to help as they have no control over agents charging such fees Please assist , When contacted there is no positive response from Hind Musafir agency


Posted On: 2013-10-22 10:21:20


Posted On: 2013-10-18 14:02:56
We book an e-ticket from for travelling on 8-Oct-2013 by Air India flight from Delhi to Jabalpur at 12.15PM,the departure time was rescheduled for 1.30pm and we got and SMS from goibibo that "Dear customer,there is a schedule change in your flight AI9617 from DEL to DEL.It will now depart at 1.30pm on 10/08/2013.Tuesday."and the SMS was wrongly written as DEL to DEL (the correct was DEL to JLR) due this wrong SMS security officer did not allow us to enter the terminal and we missed our flight.We have already made a complaint to goibibo and waiting for their response.We had a loss of Rs7800 and booked another ticket which costed Rs13500/=.We missed our important family function at Jabalpur.We request your kind intervention in this regard.our contact details are Sameer Kumar Mob 09650024171,email,address Flat301,retech Apartment,Sec-21C,Part-3rd,Faridabad,Haryana,121001, you can visit and get contact details of the customer support.

amit chauhan

Posted On: 2013-10-18 11:59:39
We are being taking for a ride by the makemytrip people. I had done a booking for kingfisher airlines from Delhi 28th Nov 2012 to Guwahati and return on 3rd dec from Kingfisher through Make My Trip . However 2-3 days before my journey I got the mail stating that flight has been cancelled. I asked for help from Make my trip to arrange trip but they did not help and I had to book my tickets at higher price. I was told that my refund would be there by Dec end 2012. And since then I have been chasing them regarding my refund but all in vain. I have contacted them numerous time but they are not even giving me any answers. I am really frustrated and irritated with their responses. I know the status of Kingfisher airlines.. However it also responsibility of makemyTrip , as the tickets were booked through them Also I have read that they have started giving refund so when I contacted them after hold of 20 mins or so . My call got disconnected. Not sure what to do ? The details are as follows

Sana Malkani

Posted On: 2013-10-15 11:42:19
Dear Sir/ Madam, More than a year ago we booked tickets of Kingfisher Airlines through Make My Trip. Soon after, Kingfisher Airlines closed down and our flights were cancelled. Ever since, we have been following up with Make My Trip for the refund; but to this date we have not received anything. Recently, I read an article in The Economic Times (dated October 9, 2013) which said that many travel portals including Make My Trip have started issuing refunds to passengers booked on KF Airlines. I immediately called and emailed Make My Trip to check when I would receive my refund but it was all in vain. No indication was given of when the refund would be given or even if it would be given at all. I am writing here as a last resort. We booked 5 tickets amounting to Rs. 30,000 which has been blocked for over a year. Please help us out. Thanks, Sana Malkani

K gowri Shankar

Posted On: 2013-10-14 08:21:57
This is Gowri Shankar( Associate Director-HDFC Bank Ltd ) had a painful experience by travelling with your airways.This is the second time it is happening in the past I have lost my connecting train. I would like to take this to social media and consumer forum as Spice jet has taken ride of all the travelers for granted. On 10th Oct I booked my ticket to Hyderabad through as I need to go for an important business deal for 2 Mn USD FCNR deposit . I booked for SG1261 flight starting from Chennai @ 11 Am And reaches Hyderabad to 12.10 PM. Based on this I booked my return ticket to Chennai by Indigo 6 E 383 as I need to attend an important meeting next day. After 1 hr of booking, I got a message your flight is being reschedule to SG 3309 and will start by 15.25 PM. I was really unhappy and lateron realized the makemytrip is charging higher for SG1261 than the SG 3309 trip. Inspite of knowing the fact that flight is cancelled they are selling the maximum fare tickets. I reached the airport around 2 PM and I waited at the Chennai airport. At around 3.15 pm just 10 min before the right boarding time, they announced that flight is delayed because of late arrival of the incoming flight. At 3.40 PM, they made an announcement for boarding at H4. Then the shocker came that the flight will go via Bangalore. We booked for a non stop flight, without being apologetic, they made just an announcement at the last min. Like me few more passenger fought with the official. The official told that the flight will land hyd by 5.15 PM as it hardly take 20 min to reach Bangalore. He convinced us to board the flight. I boarded the flight and after so many delay the flight took off at 4.30 Pm and reached Bangalore by 5 pm. After reaching Bangalore, they did the transit security check up for 1 hr in the flight. Every passenger got upset and they felt uncomfortable. They took off the flight at around 6 Pm and landed the hyd Airport at 7.10 PM. When I reached the baggage counter it was around 7.20 Pm and by that time they have made announcement for my return flight. I realized I landed hyd to board the return Chennai flight. I went and complained to floor manager Mr Alphonsa after 20 min of waiting and repeated request to the floor exceutive. He requested to give a written complain. I have given the written complain also no ; 32305. I have not received any mails or apology from you people and I have to raise it up to the consumer forum and airport authority of India for all the inconvenience caused to me. What I Lost ?? 1. Spice jet is very well aware of the problem, but still did all the diversion tactics in the last moment, so that travelers couldnt say anything about it. 2. Spicejet made as travel in via Bangalore, when we booked for non stop travel. We are charged for non stop travel fare. 3. Spice jet authoirities didnt even mention about the arrival time of Hyd, they communicated wrongly as 5 .15 PM, if they would have told they truth I would have atleast cancelled my both the tickets and saved some money. 4. I couldnt attend the meeting as per the scheduled plan. Its a business loss to me and also to the bank as the deal was post pone after dusara holidays. 5. Its waste of time , money and effort. As I need to again go to Hyderabad because of the delayed effort. 6. More than I underwent a mental agony and torture by spice jet. All spice jet employ kept as in dark with no clarity of communication. 7. I realized that spice jet very well know that the flight has some problem but kept everybody in dark, if they would have initially told about the problem I would have cancelled my trip and saved the money. 8. Apart from mental torture and irritation I have incurred Monetary I have lost Rs 12422. As the business meeting didnt happen I have to personally incur the loss. Spice Jet Chen - Hyd 5769 Indigo Hyd - Chen 6653 Total Loss 12422 9. I want spicejet to own the responsibility and I want a proper compensation for all the mental torture and every penny loss to me as it was so painful experience for me to digest.

rajeev takyar

Posted On: 2013-09-20 09:54:04
sir, i bought a tkt with jetairways in april 2013.with a return booked on 4th of june 2013 i had to leave for paris on 30th of may 2013 .my siter duly called jetairways to cancel the booking since i was entitled to change my date 2 times free of cost .pls find enclosed my tel bill with jets call centre agent in paris made a booking for me on the 2nd of sept 2013 for travel on the 11th of september 2013.i call jetairways callcentre on the 10th of september they tell me my ticket is not valid.since i was a no show on the 4th of june 2013 and that somehow i have used the 2nd part of the ticket(train between bruxelles and paris)even with repeated pleading with them many times they say it is yr fault.i had a business meeting on the 11th of september which i had to cancel out.till today i am stuck in delhi spending money and losing money everyday due to no fault of mine.i have gone to jetairways citycentre 3 times in connaught place they say they r waiting for reply.pls adv me what

kamna kapoor

Posted On: 2013-08-24 18:25:49
sir,I have forgottan my shaulin jetconnect flight no.s2 4607 on23 aug.2013my seat no is25D please check and send to my address

Rajiv Thakkar

Posted On: 2013-08-12 15:13:26
I had done a booking [PNR HSKTG] for Air India Flight AI661 for Sept 7, 2013 [sector Mumbai  Goa, 15:00 hrs] on June 14, 2013. I called the AI customer helpline [18001801407] for changing the flight from AI661 to AI984 [sector Mumbai  Goa, 5:15 hrs Sept 7, 2013]. The Gentleman changed the flight timings as requested and on inquiring did not suggest any additional payment for the change. On July 23, 2013, I was issued new [PNR YSQHS] for Air India Flight AI661 for Sept 7, 2013 [sector Mumbai  Goa, 15:00 hrs]. The reason being the ticket was cancelled by Air India for non-payment of penalty charges. On the call on June 14, 2013 I was not informed about any charges and this has been confirmed by Amrinder a supervisor in the call centre at Chennai [18001801407] that it was a mistake on part of the agent who made the changes on June 14, 2013 that he did not inform. The Airline is blaming the booking agent [Makemytrip] for opting for refund of the ticket instead of open for use

raxit padariya

Posted On: 2013-08-09 21:23:56
This is raxit padariya and rita gurung. We travelling from kathmandu to ahmedabad via delhi on 27th july 2013. when we reached ahmedabad we will not get our luggage , airline people told us that we not have your luggage its missing some were in delhi ,you will get your luggage to you place by tomorrow evening . but i not get my luggage on that date so i call them and ask for my luggage, they told me that we found your luggage and we will send your luggage soon, i wait for another 1 day but still i not get my luggage, so i ask him a compensation for delayed my luggage more then 24 hrs. they people not response any thing , after so many mail from my side they told me that we will not provide you any compensation because u not having any return ticket, your will get delayed luggage compensation only if u have a return ticket, please help me regarding this.

a k gupta

Posted On: 2013-07-19 18:04:56

Amit Shrestha

Posted On: 2013-07-09 10:54:22
Hello, On June 29 2013, I flew with Spicejet flight SG45 from Delhi to Kathmandu. I checked in my baggage, and was given a baggage tag as well. But when I arrived in Kathmandu, my baggage was missing. I filled a complaint form (Property Irregularity Report), and was told that they would try to trace the baggage and deliver back to me. Today, it has been 9 days already, and I have not heard from Spicejet. I have been calling the ground staffs in Spicejet Kathmandu branch, and emailing the Spicejet Customer Service Delhi. However, none seem to be enthusiast about finding my baggage. I have a Dolpo trekking expedition planned for mid-August, for 2 months. And I had all my camping, trekking gears and expensive camera gears in the baggage. I also paid for the extra 5 kilograms for checked baggage. Clearly, the value of my gears are far greater than what Spicejet compensates according to their policy. I am willing to take legal action against them. Please help me. Amit

Rakesh Raghuvanshi

Posted On: 2013-07-07 22:27:22
Sir I booked Jet Airways flight 827/S2-4601 Delhi to Tirupati on 18/02/2013. Jet 827 was delayed because of late arrival of jet 822 from Hyderabad,the incoming flight. Consequently jet 827 arrived late at Hyderabad and without waiting for connecting passengers from delhi by jet 827 the flight S2-4601 left for Tirupati ,leaving us stranded at Hyderabad. The attitude of jet airways staff at Hyderabad was very much indifferent as they were least bothered to help us and were only blaming their counterparts at Delhi instead of endorsing us in the other flight to Tirupati. We contacted Mr.Vishwanath the Jet Airways Airport Manager at Hyderabad .He also expressed least interest to help us reach our destination. I was accompanying my wife. I was shocked and very much disturbed to know from Mr Vishwanath that they can only send us upto Chennai and from Chennai we have to make our own arrangement for our booked destination with jet airways to Tirupati. Sensing inhuman attitude of jet airways w

Manish Shah

Posted On: 2013-07-01 14:26:13
My Ticket # 7062873482472 and PNR#6VG6K8. Issuing agent: Akbar Travels . Confirmed Tickets were issued in my name KQ 203 BOM NBO DCKQ*6VG6K8 KQ 510 NBO ACC DCKQ*6VG6K8 I travelled Bombay to Nairobi as per schedule. Airline Staff at Nairobi Airport did not allow me to Board the Aircraft for flight # KQ 510 on 11 Dec, inspite I was holding valid ticket. Your check-In Counter Staff informed my ticket was cancelled.I had planned my meetings with customers in Accra, so I had to purchase Fresh Business Class Ticket. I complained to Akbar Travels (Agent), who wrote letter to Kenya Airlines. Kenya Airlines letter states Our investigations confirm that your booking from Nairobi to Accra did get cancelled due to a an unfortunate system glitch. But they are not ready to refund the Fresh Ticket money collected from me. This is unfair. Please help me in getting refund from Kenya Airways.

Ajay Buti

Posted On: 2013-06-22 10:51:30
Jetairways lost my luggage a month ago and is not responding. I had provided them the list of items and can produce all the receipts.


Posted On: 2013-06-07 18:06:43

Anshuman Misri

Posted On: 2013-06-05 12:29:18
Hi I had booked a kingfisher flight with PNR: kwsypr.I have not recived any refund till date. I tried calling ,emailing and everything no one will reply please help me. ticket number : 0902473043063 price: 14,881 IssueID : 570024 : deference number : 0900470516315 ticket number : 0902473043063 PNR: kwsypr Thanks, Anshuman 9886883337

Udaykumar Naik

Posted On: 2013-05-09 12:19:08
I had a plan to fly to Kathmandu with my family. Before booking flight ticket, I did check instruction of Bureau of Immigration, India under link Where in they clearly mentioned all member may not be require passport/voter card. ). However, the other family members must have some proof of their identity with photograph and their relationship as a family viz., CGHS Card, Ration Card, Driving License. Now SpiceJet is not allowing my wife to travel. Then while booking how does booking portal allow to book, at least portal should warn before booking.

Ankur Kundaria

Posted On: 2013-05-09 10:13:27
harassment by Spicejet staff at Goa Airport while travelling from Goa to Mumbai. they went to Goa to spend some quality time with each other as they were celebrating their wedding anniversary. While travelling from Mumbai to Goa they didnt had any problem but from Goa to Mumbai when they reached the airport half an hour before the departure time they both were asked for ID card which my father was having but my mother was not having at the time. They requested a lot to allow them as the flight time was nearing and my father was already carrying the I-Card but they didnt listen and started asking them to go from one counter to another. my Mom and DAD are Senior Citizen even then also they were forced to go from one counter to another because of which they were very frustrated. Later when again request and heated argument they were allowed to go in. But when they reached the Gate the staff over there told them that the Door is closed and nothing can done now with reason as NO SHOW

Farrukh Parvez

Posted On: 2013-05-06 11:14:02
We have a situation where we reported on time to the airport got ourselves checked in booked our luggage too and then waithed for the Spice Jet flight 2356 from delhi to allahabad. while we were waiting we saw that the status of the fight was changed to Delayed and the new time was 1500 instead of the scheduled time of 1410 hrs.That is when we decided to have some refreshments and and went to the food court area and at 1440hrs went down to gate No 10 to board the flight only to be informed that the flight had departed and that it was a NO SHOW and our baggage was retunred to us.I asked if tehre wold be any refund and I was informed that since it was case of gate no show there was no question of refund. I was also informed that mandatory announcements were made prior to the flights departure.We then had to purcahse fresh tickets on Go Air to Lucknow for the nest day as the Allahabad flight was full.

Abhishek Dubey

Posted On: 2013-05-02 01:24:30
Sir/Madam, I booked flight tickets on Jetconnect website from Ahmedabad to Bhopal through its official website.I provided required details and paid the price but later I found that I was charged for third party insurance per passenger even without asking the consumer while booking.While booking the ticket the website keeps the option "Yes" as preselected on user behalf which is unethical as they presumed the request of service by themselves through this fraudulent manner.This should be addressed as daily thousands of passengers must be suffering because of this and company is making money by such cheap measure. They also charged convenience fees for using website as ode of booking ticket which is outrageous when flight tickets are soaring sky high. Request you to guide me and address my complaint with the company.


Posted On: 2013-04-27 14:51:42
I had booked a flight ticket online for my cousin in JETKONNECT for an amount of Rs 5653(PNR DCVKNP, PUNE to DEL, 24 Apr 13) The ticket was cancelled ca day prior to journey. Though the cancellation charge was clearly shown as Rs.1820, when added up the amount surprisingly became 3640 ( twice 1820). The airline also added se covenience fee of Rs 105 and Rs 90 as service tax. Thereby deducting an amount of 3835/-. All my effort to contact the call center or nodal officer has been unsuccessful. Nowhere in the fare conditions it is mentioned that only 50% of the refundable amount will be returned., and the rest will go to JET.

Srinivas Vinay Nirikhi

Posted On: 2013-04-20 02:02:18
I booked the ticket in GO Air airlines and cancelled the same. till date the amount is not refunded and due date is already crossed. PNR # 6DCMA3 PNR#1PPRHD. whenever we call the call center they say send an e-mail to always wrong information has been provided. everytime they say that it will be credited in 7 business days. its more that 15days. They do not respond the call properly and make us on hold for 20-25 minutes.


Posted On: 2013-04-15 12:02:39

Kshemendra Gupte

Posted On: 2013-03-11 10:29:02
I have booked 3 Tickets from Kingfisher Airlines from Delhi To Mumbai on 19th Sep, 2012, the booking cancelled from Kingfisher Airlines below mail received from Kingfisher Airlines(On Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 4:55 PM, Kingfisher Airlines wrote: Dear Guest, FLIGHT IT 304 DEL BOM IS CANCELLED.FOR REAL TIME FLIGHT STATUS UPDATES AND SCHEDULE TIMINGS,LOG ON TO WWW.FLYKINGFISHER.COM Regards, Kingfisher Airlines) Till today i have not received Rs. 14199/- of my booking amount.

Neha Patwari

Posted On: 2013-03-07 22:47:05
Airline: Spicejet Passenger: Neha Raj Patwari, Anish Jindal Date: 19-Jan-2013 From, to: Varanasi to Mumbai Flight: SG 119 PNR: TIJRCL Lost Baggage: SG 0775590393 Description: The bag that went missing contained my bridal attire, brand new expensive sarees and salwar suits, vanity bag, imitation jewellery, gifts, practically everything that I had bought for my wedding. Goods worth over a lac rupees. The compensation offered is merely INR 3000, which I have not received yet. I want a compensation that matches the loss I have incurred. It is not only a great monetary loss but also a huge sentimental assault as the lost luggage contained my wedding attire and my entire trousseau!

shweta kabra

Posted On: 2013-02-13 21:07:35
We were travelling by Air India flight no. AI 730 from Guwahati to Calcutta and by AI 618 from Calcutta to Mumbai. We had checked in 3 baggage at Guwahati for through check in but we recieved only two baggages at Mumbai. The Luggage had Essential stuff like toiletries worth 2,000/- and costly things like watches worth 15,000/- , clothes worth 10,000/- , footwear worth 3,000/- , other things worth 5,000/-. The Air India executive is not taking any responsibilities and not giving any compensation till 3 weeks are over. Whereas as per there policy they are suppose to pay Rs 2000/- for immediate requirement like toiletries etc.


Posted On: 2013-02-08 08:57:55
Dear Sir, We have booked the tickets from singapore to mumbai direct flight . but when we got the boarding at that time they changed the flight schedule to singapore - channai- mumbai and for that we had a train to vadodara,gujarat at 5 pm but as the flight was late we were not able to catch the same . we had to take a cab and came to vadodara at the cost of 10,000 rs. kindly grant the compensation for the same . the airlines was AIRINDIA Regards,


Posted On: 2013-02-06 19:44:05
DELHI MUMBAI BY AIRINDIA ON 24 MARCH 2 PERSONS AMOUNT DEBITED RS.15323/- INSTEAD OF RS.9002/- Inbox x rachana solanki 7:46 PM (23 hours ago) to travel, me Dear sir I have booked 2 tickets for Delhi to Mumbai through your portal at about 6.30 p.m. details are as under . My credit card is debited Rs.15323/- instead of Rs.9002/- please look in to the matter urgently and arrange to repay me difference of Rs. 6321/- and credit the same in my credit card A/c and advise me on my mobile no. 9769725911 . I have already talk to your helpline personnel and according to him it is a technical problem. I am expecting timely positive response from your side. I have already received ticket confirmation from you. Please let me know the current position urgently. Rachana Solanki. Thank you for booking your flight tickets. Following are your flight details: Passenger Name Mrs Rachana Prakash Solanki Miss Prarthana Prakash Solanki Passenger Types 1 Adult, 1 Ch

ved brat jha

Posted On: 2013-01-07 14:53:07
Hi, I booked a flight for two passengers with Kingisher Airlines from Delhi to Pune for 1st December 2012 which got cancelled due to their airline issues. The total amount to be refunded is INR 9466 which is yet not refunded even after more than 14 business working days as they said. Cancelation notification was received on 20th Nov'12 and refund is still pending. I had a talk with their representative several times and they always grant 14 more days due to some payment gateway closure. My PNR number is DMGQTX and ticket# 0902473094387 . Kindly look into the issue and do the needful as it has been almost two months that my money is not refunded . Prompt action in this regard will be highly appreciated.


Posted On: 2012-12-30 20:21:15
my parent were to travel from muscat to chennai by air india flight AI908 yesterday(29.12.2012).but due to flight technical error the airline has given accomodation to all the 80 passengers. my parent have also missed the domestic flight in spice jet for chennai to madurai dated today morning. now the airline did not give proper response to the passengers. they are all still in the hotel without knowing the flight to chennai.please advise me to sue against air india for its carelessness and the inconvenience caused to my parent and the all passengers. my old aged parent are in mental depression and they want to sue the airline and get the compensation for the flight delay.please advise me


Posted On: 2012-11-28 23:46:09
I had booked a flight with Kingisher Airlines from Bangalore to Chandigarh for 9th November 2012 and from Chandigarh to Bangalore for 18 November 2012 which got cancelled due to their airline issues. The total amount to be refunded is Rs. (5,409 + 10,085) = Rs. 15,494 which is yet not refunded even after more than 14 business working days as they said. My refund process had started on 30 Oct 2012 but they kept delaying the refund and now their number is not reachable. My PNR num for both the flights are DIDEYQ and OEGXAT. Kindly look into the issue and do the needful as it is almost been a month that my money is not refunded . Prompt action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Parneet Kaur

Posted On: 2012-11-28 23:45:15
I booked two Kingfisher flights: 1) 9th November,2012 having PNR number COLYCM and flight fare INR 5409 2) 20th November,2012 having PNR number KGEQDN and flight fare INR 5105 Both the flights were cancelled by Kingfisher in mid-October and I was promised to be refunded full amount within 14 business days. But despite of extensive follow-up on Customer Care,I have still not got the refund. To add to agony,Kingfisher Customer Care number 18002009000 is unavailable now and I am unable to get in touch with any of the representatives. Please do the needful so that I can get my full amount refund of 5409+5105= INR 10514

Shailja Raj

Posted On: 2012-11-22 22:13:09
Phone:09431171611 Sir, I booked JetLite S24842 flight from Kolkata to Coimbatore on 17th November at 3:55 PM,Airline PNR-BEUNVI.When I reached check-in counter to get the boarding pass,the staff closed the counter and they didnot provided me the Boarding pass.I asked them again & again to provide the same but they refused.When I tried talking to the Airport Officials,they didnot responded me properly and said to take the other flight by paying the full amount,which was of high price.As mentioned,I can check-in 40 minutes before the departure of the flight and I was there on time.Scheduled Departure was 3:55PM & I was at the counter at 3:00PM.According to the rules,I was on the counter 55 minutes before the departure of the flight and they should provide me the Boarding pass.They wasted my time and during this,the flight took-off and I was left with no option rather than taking the other flight.You are requested to look into the matter & allow the compensation. Regards Shailja Raj

Kunj R Sheth

Posted On: 2012-07-14 17:51:26
I lost my bag while travelling on flight 9W2105 (Jet Airways) on 4th April 2012 from mumbai to bangalore. On arrival at the blore airport, i could not find my baggage. So I filed a complaint for it , I was told that if not found within 14 days it would declared as lost and thus liable for compensation. Since than i have been following up regularly with the baggage dept but they are saying there is no contact number of the claims department. They have just given me one email of claims department where they are not even replying to my mails. There is no person taken responsibility with whom i can speak regarding the claim.It has been more than 3 months since I lost my bag and I am not getting any response from Jet Airways.

ivan couto

Posted On: 2012-06-14 16:56:43
whilst travelling from bangalore to mumbai on GoAir, they have an auction scheme. I bid a Blackberry 8330 for Rs.6000/- because the marked price was mentioned as Rs.12,000/. I was not shown the model despite asking for it. After paying an advance of Rs.500/- was informed dat the model would be available at the airport counter. On approaching the counter, was informed that it would be couriered to me. On receipt I know find that the cell is a very old and outdated model and currently priced at less than Rs.3000, where as I was informed the value at Rs.12,000/-. This is blatant cheating, misinforming and misleading the customer. Please advise action to be taken.

Sundar Parthasarathy

Posted On: 2012-06-04 14:15:27
On 2nd June 2010, I travelled from MAA to BOM by Indigo's 6E-432 (Bkg. Ref. IGEDCC). My complaint is that i was charged extra money (Rs 50/-) for issuing a printed ticket. This extra payment was extracted fromPre, as I had booked an e-ticket on the Internet and I needed a printed ticket from the airline's ticket window at the airport - because a printed ticket is needed to be shown as a bonafide travel document to gain entry into the airport. How can the airline charge extra for providing a printed ticket (the travel document) for which they have already collected the fare? Hw can we check this unfair practice and protect the interest of the citizens? Thanking you, Yours Truly Sundar Parthasarathy

Shobhan Sen

Posted On: 2012-05-21 20:32:42
I traveled by Air India flight no AI9772 from Silchar to Guwahati on 21.5.12 with tickets booked through In their website the permissible baggage is clearly mentioned as 25 kg which turned out to be 15 kg as per Air India norms in the airport (as communicated by Air India staff). since I was carrying mandatory items I had to pay the excess baggage to the tune of Rs. 2550 extra as I was misled by I feel cheated since it is the obligation of the booking agent (whoever it may be) to clearly and correctly state the baggage allowance. I therefore seek compensation from Kindly provide me with the advice to approach the correct appellate for the same. With regards, Shobhan Sen Mobile 94350 75731 Guwahati, Assam


Posted On: 2012-05-11 17:28:23
Name : sandeep kumar Email : Phone : 9250037237 Pnr : vf3zcl Feebback type : Complaints Subject : Others Feedback : dear sir/madam, i fly by flight no 6e 177 delhi to mumbai dated 05 may 2012 i also asked to travel agent for vgml meals the agent charges me rs 220/=- i surprised to see your airhostage give me one nut packets which cost as per menu rs 100/= + soft drinks rs 50/= total amount rs 150/= the lady airhostage denied to give any services. you are requsted to retrun rs 70/- it is not a questiong of money this is honesty or dishonesty when i pay rs 220/ why you give us rs 150/= refresment. thanking you, yours faithfully sandeep kumar 9250037237

S Raghavan Kadambi

Posted On: 2012-05-11 11:57:41
Dear Sir. I wish to introduce myself as S .Raghavan Kadambi who booked a return ticket from Bangalore -New delhi- Bangalore I wish to further state that the booking was made well in in advance onward journey on 14/04/2012 & return journey on 30/04/2012. On 20/03/12,i received a message stating all the bookings have been cancelled ,so as usual I visited the makemy trip office on residency road & complained about the episode,however they were hostile & directed me to contact the customer service toll free no & lodge the complaint for refund.,so Sir I have lodged the complaint on 24/03/2012 & consequently called different persons on tollfree nos but yeilded no result .The trail email is evidently speaking of the inefficiency to resolve the issue.Ultimately,the customer has to face the brunt of makemyyrip mistakes.I am the most aggrieved customer.kindly helpme to file petitiom before consumer court. With regards S Raghavan kadambi 9841493622
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