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Naresh Kumar Yadav

Posted On: 2016-02-06 05:33:03
I have purchased a shop on first floor of Universal the pavilion sec 70A Gurgaon on December 2010 1. Location showed to me by agent sagal estate was on main road where as project is far behind 2 even now project is not started 3 not paying 10'5 lakhs which was taken


Posted On: 2016-02-05 14:10:15
I had booked 3 BHK Unit No.B-4/202 in Avalon Rosewood, Bhiwadi Project. After booking and making payment of 40% i.e. Rs.17,63,582/-, I came to know through advertisements that Avalon has launched a new scheme 30:40:30 in PLP Plan. Immediately, after that, I had made several requests verbally/ written to convert my Unit from CLP to PLP. But they were not considering my requests. Thereafter, unfortunately, I came across the news that their Project is illegal & unapproved. Immediately since then, I have been making requests to cancel my Unit and refund my full amount paid against this Unit asap. But nothing has happened till yet. Meanwhile, after my cancellation request, I got a mail from Avalon that they had considered my request from changing the plan from CLP to PLP. But denying for cancelling the Unit. Since I am not satisfied with the Project, as such, I would like to quit. Hence, it is my humble request to kindly help me getting my Unit cancelled & getting my money back.

Virendra Bisht

Posted On: 2016-02-04 21:59:10
I have brough house in AVJ high (7/11/2012) and have paid most of Amount but after 3 years there is no response. Initially there AVJ Mr. Samir (9891990228) assurance. that loan will be repaid with in 18th month if now delivery. But there is no updated. I have visited there office three time met with Ved- 85060184 & Harwinder 8506802323. They helped me lot and tried to get updated but there is no update as of now. I tried to call many time and seek appointment with Mohit (8510047007). There is no updated to refund or passion of flat

Abhijit R D

Posted On: 2016-02-04 20:13:42
I had booked a 3 BHK flat at Provident Sunworth Bangalore (total cost Rs 40,26,238) by paying an amount of Rs 8,37,865. One of my family members unfortunately required medical treatment hence i requested them to cancel the flat booking in July 2015. They said they would deduct a ridiculous amount of Rs 4,71,531 from the downpayment and return the remaining Rs 3,66,334 within one month. The flat construction itself has not been completed and yet they cut such a huge amount. Since I was in dire need of the amount I agreed to the same. Now even after 7 months, hundreds of mails and enquires they haven't returned my money. They don't respond to queries in their office or respond to my mails. It been a nightmarish experience. They are totally unprofessional and unethical and have no concerns regarding customer. My flat construction had just began when I submitted my cancellation request and yet they take customers for a ride. Request advice regarding dealing with such behaviour.


Posted On: 2016-02-03 16:40:39
Dear Sir, I had booked flat in SRS Pearl floor sector 87, Faridabad, till date I have not got the possession. The project is delayed 7 (appx.) years delayed. Project is ready to possession but has not giving the same due to he has charged Rs 97000 interest for Rs.160000. he had demanded but I had not paid due to project approval was delayed 2 (appx.) years. Now he is forcefully not giving the possession to me for the interest amount. Also he is not settling delayed penalty Rs 5/- per sq ft, after 3 years delayed, as per seller byer agreements. He has also changes original building G +2 stories to G+3 stories. He also changes the original floor specifications & area as well as respectively cost 16,50,000 to 19,20,000 without our information. There are no park at present but he has already recovered the Rs.97000. for park facing. He not issuing the possession and charging delay holding charges as per his wish. I am paying this amount through LIC Housing finance. So that I am unable to


Posted On: 2016-02-03 16:39:30
Dear Sir, I had booked flat in SRS Pearl floor sector 87, Faridabad, till date I have not got the possession. The project is delayed 7 (appx.) years delayed. Project is ready to possession but has not giving the same due to he has charged Rs 97000 interest for Rs.160000. he had demanded but I had not paid due to project approval was delayed 2 (appx.) years. Now he is forcefully not giving the possession to me for the interest amount. Also he is not settling delayed penalty Rs 5/- per sq ft, after 3 years delayed, as per seller byer agreements. He has also changes original building G +2 stories to G+3 stories. He also changes the original floor specifications & area as well as respectively cost 16,50,000 to 19,20,000 without our information. There are no park at present but he has already recovered the Rs.97000. for park facing. He not issuing the possession and charging delay holding charges as per his wish. I am paying this amount through LIC Housing finance. So that I am unable to

Vibhas Raina

Posted On: 2016-02-03 16:33:58
I purchased a flat in Gurgaon sec-82 in resale.The BBA mentions the delayed penality would be paid to the buyer.However, Builder is refusing to pay delayed penality stating it is not applicable to second buyer.There is no mention of this in my BBA.Kindly suggest, can i take the builder to court for violating the terms of the BBA.


Posted On: 2016-02-03 15:09:48
LARICA ESTATES LIMITED, 7, Red Cross Place, 4th Floor, Kolkata 700001 had booked a flat in June 2012 without getting any approvals. Original project abandoned. Transferred to other project. Still project not yet started. Although money returned after 43 months but not paying any Interest. The motive of the promoter was fraud and cheating. They have intentionaly taken money to earn interest free of cost. We are asking them to pay Interest Rs.180000.00 but they are not paying.

Gorav Sethi

Posted On: 2016-02-02 18:14:29
Dear Sir/Madam, I have purchased a flat in RG Residency and in month of september 2015 they offered the customer that customer can surrender the flat and builder will give back the money with 12% interest till oct. on the principal amount and amount will be remitted to the customer in jan month. But as on date they are not giving us any satisfactory reply by when they can give us the money back. I am sending them the mails but they are not responding. My hard earned money is with them and i am paying Rs 800/-per day interest on the loan amount. Please help to get my money back with interest amount.


Posted On: 2016-02-02 17:41:19
I had booked 3 BHK Unit No.B-4/202 in Avalon Rosewood, Bhiwadi Project. After booking and making payment of 40% i.e. Rs.17,63,582/-, I came to know through advertisements that Avalon has launched a new scheme 30:40:30 in PLP Plan. Immediately, after that, I had made several requests verbally/ written to convert my Unit from CLP to PLP. But they were not considering my requests. Thereafter, unfortunately, I came across the news that their Project is illegal & unapproved. Immediately since then, I have been making requests to cancel my Unit and refund my full amount paid against this Unit asap. But nothing has happened till yet. Meanwhile, after my cancellation request, I got a mail from Avalon that they had considered my request from changing the plan from CLP to PLP. But denying for cancelling the Unit. Since I am not satisfied with the Project, as such, I would like to quit. Hence, it is my humble request to kindly help me getting my Unit cancelled & getting my money back.

Vijaysagar Singh

Posted On: 2016-02-01 06:49:17
I purchased the house in March 2014 from Vinay Unique Gardens in Virar under 20/80 scheme. While talking the house they promised to pay the pri-emi till the time I get the possession of the house.They promised to to give the possession of the house by January 2016. They send me a 100% completion of work done from the architect. And now they are saying they will not be paying the pri-emi charges. Now I will have to start paying the full EMI to the bank at the same time they are not giving me the possession of the house saying that they have not got the OC certificate yet. They are saying that they are expecting OC certificate by May or June of this year in the mean while I will have to continue paying the EMI every month. I was been told that the EMI will only begin after the possession of the house is given. I thought after getting 100% work competition certificate builder will give us the possession of the house. That is how the builders explained me.


Posted On: 2016-01-31 21:15:38
I have booked a flat in year 2010 by Kristal builders Trivandrum ,they have said that they will deliver in 2012 but still the building is not completed and I am paying the interest please guide me


Posted On: 2016-01-31 13:04:11
I have given the token amount Rs. 10000 to book a plot in Nature Nest of Young India Developers situated at Bibinagar, Hyderabad. Post verification with my lawyer it was observed that the title of this venture is not clear. When I approached the Rajendra Reddy who is the MD of the company for refund of the token amount is avoiding me always.

Ajay Kumar

Posted On: 2016-01-31 11:56:04
I have booked a flat in Prateek grand city project through their chanel partner M/S SAMS REAL ESTATE in February 2014. At time of booking m/s SAMS gave me an email regarding credit note that they will reimburse me an amount @ 100 rs /sqft after getting their commission from Builder (M/S Prateek Group). But even after passing 02 years they are not responding and now they are asking hard copy of credit note which one they never gave to me. second basic rate mentioned in booking form was @ 3440 rs/sqft signed by me & SAMS but when i got final papers basic rate was mentioned @ 3550 rs/sqft.

pawan kumar sharma

Posted On: 2016-01-30 17:16:04
Complaint regarding fraud by Earth Infrastructure Limited in purchase a studio apartment in Project Earth Titanium City Tech Zone Greater NOida.

poonam sudam chiplunkar

Posted On: 2016-01-30 00:49:10
builder is not giving my money back it is 75000 i am in need please help on urgent basis


Posted On: 2016-01-27 20:52:06
Need address to file complaint against Era/Adel Landmarks Ltd for not providing possession of llotted Aopartment No. J-104 in their Cosmo City-1 project in Sector-103, Gurgaon SP BHATIA

Ashok Kumar Singh

Posted On: 2016-01-27 17:20:26
I booked a flat No. K9/1603 with Amrapali Golf Homes, Greater Noida West. At the time of Booking, their chanel parter has informed me that this tower is having Ground + 20th Floor. Accordingly I booked on 16th Floor and almost 80% payment is made. Now when I visited the site, it was informed that it is only of 16th Floor, thus, I was placed on top floor which I never expected at the time of booking. Amrapali has also taken a NOC from me that in future they may increase the No of floors beyond 20th floor which was also not done. The builder may please be warned for such type of act & hiding information from the clients. They may also be advised to give me a similar flat in same building on atleast 4 floor down i.e. 12th floor.

Pramod R. Bokde

Posted On: 2016-01-27 17:20:06
I purchased a plot whose NA/TP was already done. I planned to built a home on my plot. I started construction and it is finished also. But still there is no Electrical connection. The lay-out owner has not provided the facility of Electrical connection upto my plot nor he put DP (Distribution pole) nor transformer in our lay-out. I am facing lot many problems in completing my remaining work. When contacted to lay-out owner (Mr. Ramesh Ladhave) is not ready to talk on that matter and avoiding me from last 2 years. He even do not talk properly with me. It is the responsibility of lay-out owner to complete the electrification work in the layout. But still it is not done from last 3 years instead of NA/TP.Kindly suggest any solution. Thank you.

swaminath dhavane

Posted On: 2016-01-25 18:50:55
i was using reliance net service.Service was down by provider for more than 8 days. We raised complaints for same. But they did not resolve.Finally we cancelled connection. Now in bill we are not getting waiver as problem was from their side. They give threatening calls for collecting money. This time i need justice.Please help.

shashikant singh

Posted On: 2016-01-25 16:32:33
I have buy a flat in 2011,with giving position in Dec,2012. but till now they have not handover the flat to me. Khayti construction ltd,Patna. They have change the office address with notification to customer.we are not able to trace them.they are not lifting the cell phone. pls advice


Posted On: 2016-01-25 15:50:25

Piyush Saxena

Posted On: 2016-01-25 11:51:33
Hi, I am owner of flat T-6,503, Unitech Horizon, Greater Noida. My flat had a seepage problem which was notified to the Unitech Horizon - Maintenance Ltd. Inspite of repeated complaints the issue is not resolved. Ecverytime they confirm that the issue is resolved but when I go to check it, the seepage is still there. Due to this I am unable to rent out my flat for last one year. I have paid all the maintenance on time so far however they are not providing any service. My loss so far is 1. Loss of Rental : 14,000 * 12 = 1,64,000 2. Loss on Electricity Rental : 500 * 12 = 6,000 3. 4 trips from Jaipur to Greater Noida costing : 5000 * 4 = 20,000 4. Exertion and mental trauma. Please advise what action can be taken against Unitech and how can I recover the loss. Thanks, Piyush Saxena +91-9650501144


Posted On: 2016-01-24 01:24:49
builder is asking for vat and service tax for a completed project.Builder already applied for completion certification or occupancy certificate Guwahati Municipal Development Authority by themselves declaring that the project is completed.

shekhar gupta

Posted On: 2016-01-22 15:46:36
i booked the flat nearly 4 year ago but due to delay in construction i surrender the property 2 month ago Now i am asking my money back builder is not giving the money also not replying properly. please please help me to get my money back to me

Lipika Banerjee

Posted On: 2016-01-22 14:39:33
Sadguru developer in Bansdroni is not refunding Rs 11lakhs and 2 thousand . He is sitting with the money for more than a year and does not intend to refund.


Posted On: 2016-01-21 15:21:32
I was sold plot with improper approvals and the total amount is paid in full on 28th April 2014.Amount paid is 4.35 lakhs for 400 square yards. Seller is not registering plot in my name nor he is returning the amount. Right now not even picking up the phone. Can I file a case in cosumer court for selling plot without proper approvals. I have all the proofs of bank transfers and agreement given by him.

Amit kumar

Posted On: 2016-01-21 06:27:37
Dear Sir/Madam, I purchased a plot from the company called Tree Home projects pvt ltd. which was located in 805, Suneja tower 2, janak puri district center where they had been plotting in neemrana-behror, rajasthan in may 2014. . some times later i got to know that they are doing fraud plotting as they do not have any land in that area. I got to know all this details when i did personally visited on the site with my relationist and friends. With me, my relationist and my friends has also booked a plot where a given intial amount of rs. 28000:35000:35000:35000 for 4 plot for all of us. Later when we got to know about all this issue then we asked for our money back but as of now then did not pay our such amount. they given us check after deducting 20% but that was bounced for all of us. it s humble request to you that kindly take a desire action against them as they are totally fraud. Pls find the details below. Chetan Sharma ( builder ) - 9711182413 Thanks Amit - 9818777127


Posted On: 2016-01-20 23:00:22
Builder has not provided occupancy certificate, lift and Cauvery water as per the agreement. More than 1 year has completed but still he is not providing the facilities..we struggling to stay without lift..

Manju Kapoor/Lalit Kapoor

Posted On: 2016-01-20 17:31:02
We have booked a three BHK flat in Unitech Project, Tower G1 unihomes Phase 2 in Sector 117 in Noida in November, 2011. However, till date the construction has not started and we are not even kept informed by the company about the status of construction/reasons for delay. If the company could provide us the reasonable time as to when the construction would be started would be of satisfaction.

Yogesh Gupta

Posted On: 2016-01-19 14:23:26
Ansal celebrity suites society is illegally charging shifting in and shifting out charges of 2000 from tenants , those who come to live on rent.

Amit Sharma

Posted On: 2016-01-19 12:26:30
I had booked my flat in a project of SARV AWAS name as "ARAVALI GARDEN" on 31/05/2013. Builder has singed builder buyer agreement but no progress on ground level. Even construction not started yet only space is fenced nothing else. Unit No : 2d-503 I have paid 10% of total cost of flat. Builder has changed their office without any communication. Somehow i have found out the office but when i ask them for update builder use to say "construction will start this month or next month" but no progress on construction. Please help me in this to get my money back or construction startup so that i can get my own house ASAP. I am bearing interset of my money additionally paying house rent also. Thanks Manish

ganesh ghube

Posted On: 2016-01-18 14:34:58
I have did notery document with WS developers, Per agreement he did not fulfilled possession date hence I want to file case against him.

Ashish Bhanu

Posted On: 2016-01-16 19:15:09
over 3 years delay & still Flat Possession not given by Unitech in Uniworld Garden Project Sector117 , Noida, Unitech Not responding.

Karan Goel

Posted On: 2016-01-15 11:09:04


Posted On: 2016-01-14 19:38:15
hi I booked a flats here on ground floor 48b regal homes,aman city kharar distt.mohali.I got passion on dec 14 after that nearly 8-9 month builder comes with paint brush and put lines for parking even infront of our flat. already we paid more amount as compare to other floor, its ground+2 building so where I can get justice we have only 18 flats total and ground floor only 3 family living are we don't want to indulge any fight that already done by above floor owners so plz advice us where to complained

tamal biswas

Posted On: 2016-01-14 18:53:28
I booked a plot in installment basis on 2012 but still now i not got my plot.

Sukhbir Singh

Posted On: 2016-01-13 21:59:00
I had booked my flat in a project of SARV AWAS name as "ARAVALI GARDEN" on 31/05/2013. Builder has singed builder buyer agreement but no progress on ground level. Even construction not started yet only space is fenced nothing else. Unit No : 2d-503 I have paid 10% of total cost of flat. Builder has changed their office without any communication. Somehow i have found out the office but when i ask them for update builder use to say "construction will start this month or next month" but no progress on construction. Please help me in this to get my money back or construction startup so that i can get my own house ASAP. I am bearing interset of my money additionally paying house rent also. Thanks


Posted On: 2016-01-13 15:41:45
Dear Sir / Madam we want to lauch complan against Our builder, as per law he has to form a society .he has already taken fees from our membres,kindly suggest us what to do in such situation

Anuradha Jha

Posted On: 2016-01-13 13:09:07
Builder neither transferring the land nor refunding the money

rudragouda patil

Posted On: 2016-01-13 10:25:51

Rajat Sethi

Posted On: 2016-01-12 15:01:13
I have booked a flat in Spire South Sector 68 Gurgaon in 2011 and Builder Buyer Agreement was executed on 12th June 2012. As per the agreement the possession of the flat was to be handed over in 3 years 6 months including 6 months of grace period but the project is far from completion. After almost 18 months the construction at the site has resumed but the builder is not giving any satisfactory response. I have taken loan for the flat and I am paying EMI on the same. As per the builder buyer agreement the builder is liable to pay compensation after lapse of 3 years and 6 months from the date of execution of the agreement. Please help me in getting compensated for the delay.

Pankaj Gaur

Posted On: 2016-01-10 16:49:36


Posted On: 2016-01-09 11:51:37
BUILDER-LODHA GROUP i) the Deed of Cancellation has been done on 6-07-205, Index-2 ,Sr. No-4803/2015 , Regn -63m between Lodha High Rise Builders Pvt Ltd And Vivek Guliani & Ruchika Guliani , for the Flat 0804 , Casa Lakeside situated in Lakeshore Green on 8th Floor in Dombivili , agreement dated- 24th March14, registered with Sub Registrar Assurance of Kalyan ON 22-04-2014 under Sr. No: KLN4-2098-2014 . II) Also the Service Tax / M-VAT approx. Rs.2,50,000/-+ has been deposited to Lodha High Rise Builders Pvt Ltd based on the Demand Note raised by Lodha. III) Request for refund of the Service Tax deposited by Lodha on my behalf has been rejected by Lodha (the Service Tax / MVAT deposited to Govt Department on my behalf). IV) Since the Service Tax has been deposited by Lodha Group to Govt of India , the same can be refunded to Lodha Group Only. iv) I have been following with Lodha since Aug15 now refused to refund.I want a file complaint in Consumer Court.


Posted On: 2016-01-09 09:34:47

shahid khatri

Posted On: 2016-01-07 19:23:48
Dear sir/madam hamari jaga kabza ki gahi hai nadeem ladkhawala na kiya hai plot address cst no f/292 35 road old khar (w) sir meri request hai ki aap please help kare nahi to koi bhi project ki permision nahi da nadeem lakdawala ki first company hicons developer and second compony hiland aur me aap logo ko email karta hu important document thanks

Vinod Kumar Goel

Posted On: 2016-01-07 15:46:20
Dear Sir/Madam, I booked a residential plot in Vatika builder township at Sector 83, Gurgaon. At the time of conveyance deed, builder demanded 1% extra(around 1,76,000 Rs) which i was forced to pay because i was in need of Registry to start the construction of my house. Now my registry has been done and i would like to complaint about it to get my extra money back. I also complained at CM window and had a meeting with STP Gurgaon. But there was no outcome as STP also said that you have earlier agreed to pay this 1%. STP agreed to send my view further. As an end consumer, this amount is very huge and i do not understand why i need to pay for this. The builder buyer agreement also does not mention about these charges. I do not have money to file the court case so i am registering my complaint here. I request you to kindly look into this and advice accordingly. Thanks Vinod Kumar Goel M 9899252390

Jayakumar Sundaram

Posted On: 2016-01-07 14:18:03
Tata Housing has collected Rs30000 from me for flat at Vasind ref. SGRIVASIND153259 dated 04-Nov-2015. The Vasind site is not developed as per what they have advertised. Many facts were hidden. When we visited the site my family does not like the site the way it is today. The entire site looks like a barren land and jungle. Only 15% of site is done. At that moment there were environmental clearance issues also. Tata had earlier refunded money for who had booked. We paid by the name of TATA hoping that everything will be alright. But it is not so. We approached TATA office at Fort. They now talk very roughly. We also approached MD Mr. Brotin Banerjee. He handed over the issue to Dr. Mohanty of Tatacare. Tatacare does not care. Tatacare has not replied also. We want our money back. It is okay if they keep 5 to 10% money for administrative purposes. But it is not fair to keep money when the site is not yet developed as per advertisement. This should been told upfront. I have legal photos.

Ajaya Kumar Sahu

Posted On: 2016-01-07 07:43:55

Deepak Bhatia

Posted On: 2016-01-05 20:47:03
I have gone through your business site and we are around 11 owners who have purchased flats on a re-development CHS at Kandivali (west), Mahavir Nagar. all of us done the registration of the said flats and the same time builder promised that flats will be handed over on June 2015, its been 3 years now construction has stopped and builder is not getting the Commencement Certificate to start the construction. The CHS is 8 floors, the builder has constructed on 5 slabs, could you advise what are options we have in order for the builder to get the CC and re-start the construction, if he is still not getting the CC, could you advise what other options we have. If he is getting the CC and starting the construction, what should we be looking for further (what other documents we should demand from builder to get, to make the building legal, so that there is no delay in getting the OC from legal authorities)

Mohd H Abbas

Posted On: 2016-01-05 18:50:33
This complaint is against LURA PROPERTIES, who took 38K from us for providing us an assured service of 90 days wherein they would sell our property in electronic city within the period of 90days, but they never even brought a client. As per the assured service if the property isnt sold then they would refund our entire amount after deducting the service charges(which wasnt provided at all in our case) now after the 90 days period is over they arent answering our calls or emails and havent refunded our amount.

Surajit Das

Posted On: 2016-01-05 14:47:19

Ramana Rao

Posted On: 2016-01-05 11:57:51
I had booked a flat with Unitech realty group on their society Uniworld Gardens -2 in Sohna Road Gurgaon. The full and final payment for this unit has been paid by me to Unitech in the middle of Sep 2015. Since then the personnel (site and office) of Unitech are making me run form pillar to post but not handing over the flat to me. Mental agony apart I am having to bear huge financial loss due to the delay and the we don't care attitude of Unitech. My mails to them do not get answered and the site personnel keep advancing the possession dates.

Shree Krishan Singhal

Posted On: 2016-01-05 11:45:27
Dear Sir/Madam I booked a 2 BHK flat in Balaji kalash, Sector 12, at 1st floor, Phase 2, Adai village, New panvel, Mumbai in Oct 2011. I was also paid 20% cost of the house. They afre not registering this flat. The builder name is balaji builders and contact person is Bablu Gupta 9969132366. The size of the flat is 909 sqft. He is not registering my flat for the last 4 years.Is it possible to get the refund with interest? Regards Col S K Singhal 9823440848


Posted On: 2016-01-04 15:30:57
Dear sir,I given a advance amount of Rs 1 lack to purchase a residential land in Aishwarya garden Best city in Thattanchavadi area at Karuppur Salem.I send the amount through NEFT Transfer to the company account number, but i cancelled the booking within one month because that land was not approved one. The M.D of the company has accepted to return my advance amount of Rs 75,000 by issuing two cheques of Rs 50,000 and 25,000. But the first cheque of Rs 50,000 was bounced on last week and he is not giving proper response for that what can i do further sir i am in need of your suggestion please.

Sandeep Rathore

Posted On: 2016-01-04 11:14:14
I have purchased two plots for me & One plot for My mother in City of Valencia, Nardaha, Near Vidhansabha, Raipur for construction of house. City of Valencia at Nardaha Village Raipur. As per the broacher, It was claimed as 2nd largest ECO FRIENDLY Project in Central India. Lots of basic amenities Roads, Drainage, Electricity, Water Supply, Garden etc. not developed even after more than four years. Other than this some exclusive amenities mentioned in their broachers are not developed. We are under agreement for the Purchase of Plots Nos. 192, 193 & 194 in Sector 3, in City of Valencia, Village Nardaha, Raipur. Agreement was done in January 2011 and after that completion of payment of Instalments, registry of plots done on 23.07.2012 and 25.09.2012. I have sent the notice to City of Valencia through my Advocate, but they are not responding. It is the clear fraud case with us.I have copies of broachers, Notice, Registry etc.. I want to claim my compensation through consumer court.


Posted On: 2016-01-03 22:35:31
Dear Sir/Madam, We have been waiting for more than 4 years for our units in Woodstock project of Unitech, Nirvana Country and still not much progress. Unitech has not been taking this seriously and not speeding up the work. When we go to site, the contractor just says that until he is paid by Unitech, he is not going to resume the work. This has been happening for months now. We are not been responded with any satisfactory actions from mid and higher management of Unitech. We are now in panic state if we will ever get our units, even after paying >90%, paying heavy EMIs and rents as well. Can you help advise/help in such case? Thanks much

Gagan Saxena

Posted On: 2016-01-03 22:30:29
I have been cheated by M/s Adel Landmarks Ltd. having it's reg. office at: B-29,Ground Floor,New Friends Colony(West),New Delhi-110065 head office at: B-24,Sector-3,Noida-201301 (CIN No: U45203DL2005PLC134375) by taking my hard earned money(Rs.14,50,923) as booking/registration amount for their unlicensed project named Cosmocity-2 in Sector 103, Gurgaon with assurance & promise to construct/handover a 3BHK residential flat measuring 1886 sq.ft. by 2014.However,I received a letter of Discontinuance of my booking ref. CSM/103/T2-1104 in their project in Jul'14 and company is ready to refund the full amount paid along with interest (on the basis of submission of all of the Original payment receipts) and thereafter issued post dated cheques of Axis Bank Sector 18 Noida branch which all got dishonoured due to 'Closed Account'. They have not only violated Sec. 12(1B) & Regulation 3 of the SEBI Act but also committed offences under Sec.138,141&142 of Negotiable Instr.Act. I plea 4 justice

M. T. Khan

Posted On: 2016-01-02 13:42:36
Dear Sir / Madam, Project name "Vivaanta" Kolkata at NH6, Ankurhati, Howrah 711302. Booking amount of RS 5,00,000/- paid on 24 Dec 2012 and so far no development has taken place. The project belongs to GCJ Group and they keep giving false promises. Understand they are a member of CREDAI Bengal. Seems to us that they have no intentions to build the project and keep postponing the date of commencement of the project. Kindly intervene. Many thanks and best regards, Capt. M. T. Khan

Reena Barraud

Posted On: 2015-12-31 10:00:38
We had purchased a 1000sq Yard plot from OSB buildtech in their project in Kotputli called "Kot Farm" in 2007 and till date we have not got possession of the property. We have paid 95% towards the property. We have been contacting the builder for a very long time and each time we call them, they say that the property is in its final stage and would be handed over in 2-3 months time. This has been their reply for the past 8 years. We have visited the site more than 4 time in the last 8 years and the project is far from competition. We have just filed a State Consumer Forum case against the builder at the Jaipur State court. I am looking for other buyers who have also been cheated by OSB builders in their Kot farm project and are still waiting for possession. If you too would like to file a case against the OSB builders, Please contact me at the earliest at 9891549753 - Reena

Sashi Kanta Samal

Posted On: 2015-12-30 16:03:33
Dear Sir, I am a native of Odisha presently working at Faridabad. I purchased two plots in MFC 1 project, Cuttack ( plot no 1168 and 1198) from one builder M/s Maa Tarini Estcon Pvt Ltd, 69 Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar in 2007 & 2009. Although I received registration papers from the builder, but mutations of the said plots can't be done as the buider sold me disputed plots keeping me in dark. It's almost 8 years now, neither builder has settled the dispute nor given me the possession of the plots. I have also deposited money for mutation and construction of boundaries in their office but nothing has been done till date. It is my humble request to look into the complaint and help me in sorting out the matter. Thanks and regards Sashi kanta Samal Faridabad , Haryana Mobile: 08527907260


Posted On: 2015-12-29 16:49:43
I booked Flat in Nisarg Harmony at Koproli Panvel-Raigad(Maharashrtra) from M/S Amrit Developer. As required by bulider I submited 2 Lac Rupees 20% Booking amt at his office in Dec-2012. but builder has not delivered flat to us till Jun-2014. so I Cancelled my booking and request for my money. builder has agreed for this and refund me within 3 Month. After three Month I Call him but my money not refund. also many times I follow-ups with builder but he ignore it. After last month Nov-2015 bulider has refund me 25,000/- Rs. only. also he told us pending 1,95,000/- Rupees give to us within 1 Month. But till Date (29.12.2015) I have not refund my Money. please Help me.

Prasad Saval

Posted On: 2015-12-29 16:44:22
I had book room in karm Infrastructure & for some reason i have cancelled it but the company does not paid my amount yet... kindly guide the same ..

Raju Halder

Posted On: 2015-12-29 12:31:02
Respected Sir/Madam, My uncle named Sri Kalyan Kumar Banerjee agreed an agreement with Alchemist Infra Realty Limited Regd. Office: 723, DLF Tower'A', Jasola District Centre, New Delhi on dated 23/05/2012 with Allotment No.AIRL/ RXX0080515 for amount of Rs. 105000/- for three years that is upto 23/05/2015. And now they are refusing to made us the payment. Since last 6 months whenever we are visiting their branch office in golpark(gariahat), Kolkata, they ignore us and say to come some another time. At that time they submitted the original copy of the certificate in the name of giving us the money and gave us received copy. And now they are saying forcibly that we have to invest that amount in their another plan or the money will be forfeited which is just impossible to us. We belongs to a middle class family and the particular amount means us a lot and we need that money urgent. Now we have only one hope and that is you. Please do justice for us. Thank You.

Sheena Joseph

Posted On: 2015-12-28 21:59:39
My parents who are elderly have purchased a resale flat in Dehu Road from a individual seller. After they moved to the flat they discovered that there were major issues in the flat - the toilet was dysfunctional and not usable. These problems were not disclosed to us before the purchase of the flat. It seems the repair of the toilet as it is a multi-storey apartment, would require a huge amount of money. Please advice on how we can go about this it was the sellers responsibility to disclose problems as well as rectify these before sale. Can we file a case in the consumer court for the same.

Rajesh kaushik

Posted On: 2015-12-28 19:39:32
Invested money in jaypee greens almost 3 years demand raised no work in progress despite of several visit and correspondance..on request for refund of money they say they will deduct 10% of amowith interesunt paid..I want my principal

vikesh rani

Posted On: 2015-12-28 16:28:08
sie I was allotted a plot by HUDA Gurgaon in Feb 2005 but was offerred possession in 2015. I have been penalised about rs 6 lac as interest on delayed payment but actual delay was on part of HUDA. I want reilef on this subject.

manish Bansal

Posted On: 2015-12-28 14:40:58
Sir, I purchase a flat in Gurgaon sector 82, Universal Aura in the year 2010. I am asking builder about tentative possession date for my flat from last months. But he respond diplomatically, that is not the answer. Can you please help me that what I can do in this?.

Prabal Mazumdar

Posted On: 2015-12-28 14:19:10
Our builder has not obtained the completion certificate and abondoned after selling his portion citing that we the landowner occupied the primises before he could obtain the CC. He has also not issued the occupancy certificate. He says that since we occupied before CC it is no more his duty to obtain the CC. What option do we have in case we want to apply for mutution. The owner is a 80+ lady who is helpless and unable to counter the builder who is not meeting in person or giving any advice as to what to be done. Please help


Posted On: 2015-12-26 12:45:11

Surender Ruhil

Posted On: 2015-12-08 16:27:50
LEGAL NOTICE Under the instructions from and on behalf of my client Sh. Surender Ruhil S/o Sh. Hari Singh Ruhil R/o E-207, Satisar Apartments, Plot No.6, Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075, I hereby serve upon you with the following legal notice: 1. That you and my client entered into a Agreement regarding residential No. A-2102, Tower-A, Pioneer Park, located in Sector-61, Gurgaon and you also intimate my client through a Intimation for Possession dated 03.08.2015 vide Reference No. PP/345. 2. That as per the clause no.9.5 of Buyers Agreement it is clearly mentioned that if you failed to hand over the possession of the said flat in the stipulated time period of 12 months, in that event you shall give discount @ Rs.5 per square feet for 12 months on said plot on ground of delay in possession and as project is delayed by more than 33 months. Therefore you are liable to adjust Rs.198,000.00 ( @ Rs. 5 for 1200 Sq. ft. for 33 months) against the demand and intimation for possessio

somnath roy

Posted On: 2015-12-08 13:56:51
Resolve my issue that they are holding my money. which was extra in the name of EDC .Now ignoring and giving different excuses for bal. payment Somnath roy K-1003 , PRINCESS PARK (BPTP) SEC-86 , FARIDABAD , HARYANA

Kamal Krishna Das

Posted On: 2015-12-07 11:58:14
Builder is charging extra money from flat buyer for allotment of car parking at stilt/ open common area


Posted On: 2015-12-07 09:41:22
I have purchased a 2BHK flat of HDFC Bank approved (Project approval P918320) and we believe on Bank like HDFC. The flat was registered on 22/10/2014 and I am paying the Bank loan instalment regularly. HDFC is not checking legal paper properly. We, Customer are suffering and got trapped by these Promoter.Mr Sariful Shek (Pan noBOIPS3931P) and Mr Sambhu Nath Das (Pan noADQPD6430L), who had formed M/s Janma Bhumi Construction(Pan noAAIFJ8406D) and other construction company also. They involved such various construction company and not giving Building Completion Certificate(CC) & no drinking water. And these Promoters are marketing showing such HDFC Bank approvals. We are residing at HDFC Ltd approved project flat with our small kids and family member and the flat has no drinking water facility, no maintenance. And Promoters like Mr Sariful Shek and Mr Sambhu Nath Das have money power and man power. We are totally helpless. My kids, family member and myself are frequently suffering on

Taranjit Singh

Posted On: 2015-12-04 21:02:57
A broker in Aundh Pune took five thousand rupees as token money from us on the pretext of renting a flat to us...The next morning he took us to meet the owner and the owner listed some of his requirements like advance 11 months Post date cheques etc and we decided not to pursue the flat. We told them within half an hour or so of that meeting. But now the broker is neither giving us the token money back saying the owner is refusing to do so, nor is he giving us the contact number of the owner. Please help!

Mahesh Chand Arya

Posted On: 2015-12-04 11:51:15
I have booked a flat in Supertech Basera affordable project on 4th March 2015 against amount of Rs. 64350/-. The draw has happened but my name didnt come in the draw. According to the rules i should get a refund of Rs. 64350/-. But now the builder is not giving my hard earned money back. So, I kindly request the concerned authorities to look into this matter as lot of other people are also suffering.

Walter Pinto

Posted On: 2015-12-01 15:46:31
Our tenant is absconding without paying Rs. 6,60,000 as outstanding rent. I would like to understand if I can evict him stuff and lodge a police complaint since the police is dragging its feet in Mumbai. What other recourse do I have since I do not want to approach the court for a long battle. Rent is outstanding for the past 12 months and the tenant is giving various excuses for non payment. Also for the last one month he has absconded from the property and is not attending to phone calls or messages. Please advise.

Carlton sequeira

Posted On: 2015-12-01 11:47:14
To The respected authorities, I am writing this email on behalf of my father who is an Sr citizen . Do guide us in what steps need to be taken We had invested 8 lakhs rs in one of the flats whom the builder had had promised to construct we do have all the necessary stamp papers for the same as well but since it as been over more than 5 yrs and there as been no progress in his work so we had decided to ask for our money back after contiunious request he as returned 2 lakhs rs only. The rest of 6 lakhs is still due father as been calling him for the same and he only makes false promises that he is going to give the money back in few days every time from the past 1.5 yrs is the same ....since my parents can't do any more running around ..its high time we need to get back what belongs to us ... So please guide what should be the next step we should take With regards Carlton sequeira


Posted On: 2015-11-30 16:56:11


Posted On: 2015-11-30 14:05:59
Dear Sir, I have bought a property in Gurgaon through Uday Homz (A real estate Broker). the Broker promised me to give a discount of Rs 3.5Lc and gave a credit note. I have made all payment to the builder but I have not recieved the amount as per the credit note from Uday Homz. Can I take a legal action against Uday Homz on basis of a credit note? Thanks, Varun

Pranay Agarwal

Posted On: 2015-11-29 18:19:49
I have booked a flat through NOIDA FORTUNE ESTATE , NOIDA in 27 Dec 2014 in Amrapali Leisre Park Noida Extension. Noida Fortune committed me they will provide 100Rs Credit note for my booking. But they failed for that. After that after a long chase they have adjusted the 100 Rs amount in my total flat cost after 2 Month. Due to that BUILDER loan disbursement was delayed. Now Builder charged around 90000 Rs Interest Amount on this delay .... But during all Perios Noida Fortune gave me committment that there will be no interest amount will be charge. Now I have make a around 20 Mails followups but they are not responding.. Personal Meetings they gave me assurence but still no response ... This case is pending since last 10 Months. I have all Mails communications. Videos for our conversations. Now please suggest.. This is completely NOIDA FORTUNE FAULT and they have accepted also .. But they are not resolving and responding on mails.


Posted On: 2015-11-26 22:06:15


Posted On: 2015-11-26 16:25:34
I need your Advise to get back my invested amount from one of local area builder in mumbai. Person who had collected a fund for a year on interest basis, for building construction in a year 2011; in return he had given us 1 BHK/flats in writing on MOU with post dated cheques. After a year he requested to extend/revised for one more year for 2012. Now, from last 2 years he is just giving us different excuses for delaying return payment. What are the option to recover amount?

Chandrakant Pandey

Posted On: 2015-11-26 12:59:17
I have taken a newly constructed flat in serampore,got the posseision on 28th May 2014.Till now now electricity meter not came and we are are paying @9 Rs per unit for electricity connection provided by builder.Although we have submitted the meter installation charges to builder and meter security deposit at west bengal electricity board.Now Builder asking for extra money(17000) from each flat owner for transfermer untill we pay 17000Rs ,he will not allow WBSEDCL to provide new meter connection. Please suggest how we intitate

sujoy chatterjee

Posted On: 2015-11-25 14:03:47
I have cancelled booking of a flat in Ajnara Le Garden in Noida Extension. As per Builder's agreement, invested money shall be returned within 90 days after deducting 10%. Its now more than 120 days and builder is in no mood to return the money. Every time I enquire, they give a tentative date of 15 days ahead, but the date has never come. Please suggest me how should I proceed in this case. If legal action is required from my side, how to go ahead with that. Please guide me.

sohan deshlahara

Posted On: 2015-11-24 16:14:36
12 month delay house pucession


Posted On: 2015-11-22 17:45:57
Clubtown Residency a residential complex situated at 57/3 mm feeder road,kol-56,Rathtala was dvlpd by A B Nirvan Builders Pvt Ltd on 203.86 cottahs comprising of 260 flats.It was handed over to residents in 2009.At the time of booking, it was promised that residents will gt an uptown mall & multiplex adjacent to their complex and also they will gt access to BT Road via this multiplex area,they had also given advt. for the same.On this ground they had charged fancy prices from prospective buyers.However, they ended up building another complex Clubtown Heights on the location which was earmarked for mall & multiplex.Hence huge notional loss to Clubtown Residency flat owners.Since beginning our Clubtown Residency complex has 2 entrance/exit gates.One of them leading to BT Road via the multiplex area (now Clubtown Heights ).Now the developers are trying to block the BT road side gate by making temple. It is high risky as they have left only 1 gate accessible to the residents.Plz tk action.

R S bangar

Posted On: 2015-11-22 13:36:47
UK homes alloted plot no 110 size 350sq.yards dated 29/05/2012. at Capital Green on Zirakpur -patiala highway ,banur and distt. Mohali i have made 20% payment .now the company not giving any plot and recently the companyis abconding . pl. advice what should be my line of action. regards


Posted On: 2015-11-22 11:59:11
BUILDER NAME ; Orchid Infrastructure Developers Pvt. Ltd., Global Arcade, Level 2, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon, INDIA 122002 Board: +91-124-4590000, Fax: +91-124-4590009 COMPLAINT: i) Orchid Infrastructure Developers Pvt Ltd charged Holding Charges amount Rs. 1,27,551 /- & Maintenance charges amount Rs. 16,741/- on account of delay of possession by me while the Builder was not ready for Registration the Flat . ii) The Flat repair confirmation was pending, list attached. iii) Occupancy certificate was not provided. iv) No confirmation on repair after many reminders. mail attached. RELIEF: Refund of the holding charges am a service class person, due to this,I had suffered from both sides i.e Paid rent due to delay & delay charges asked by OIDPL .Without occupancy certificate and repair work , It would not have been possible for me to take physical possession. mails reflecting followup from my side, still OIDPL charged me extra for holding chargees.

rajiv bhatnagar

Posted On: 2015-11-19 10:01:34
Ansal API has not refunded my legal dues of the surrendered property inspite of followups and visits to their office of over 3lac due.


Posted On: 2015-11-18 16:27:14
I want to file a case against Patel Realty India Ltd. Head office Mumbai). They were launching a housing project Smondo4 in Patel Neotown, Bangalore for which they had taken booking amount from the customers in Nov2013 with the launch in Jan2014 and possession promised in June2016. But till now they have not launched the project. After cancellation of the unit we are struggling to even get back our booking amount. The builder does not bother to pick the call and if they do they start abusing us. Need urgent help from consumer forum to get back our money.

Kavita Vengurlekar

Posted On: 2015-11-18 14:27:26
One of the association named Sankalp Homes and myself went into an agreement to construct a flat . We have been associated with each other since Dec 2006. Till date they have not delivered our flat inspite of the fact that full money had been given for the construction.

bharmal husen ismaeel

Posted On: 2015-11-17 22:34:16
as per terms and conditions between property dealer and me i should have received my discount (against plot purchasing) promised by dealer at least 6 months back. but the dealer kept me waiting and gave me a new promise every time i approached him. after so much of wait finally the dealer is ready to pay my due. i have lost so much of my time and energy. i have credit note provided by dealer. discount amount is mentioned in the credit note. however dealer says there is mistake in the letter and do not agree to pay full amount mentioned in the credit note provided by his company. it also has cost me half day leave in the negotiation. inform me can a case be filed against the dealer?

Uttam Kumar

Posted On: 2015-11-17 14:19:28

Deepak Gupta

Posted On: 2015-11-14 14:39:33
Complain for Illegal construction done by the promoter at the Parking Area of the building

Banoj Kishore Mohapatra

Posted On: 2015-11-13 17:27:56
Iam Banoj Kishore Mohapatra had invested Rs 508740 with Green India Infra projects limited to get a 3 BHK flat(F-201) in their Green Jasmine Project at Sunderpada.Since 2 years their owners are grilled in chit fund scam and the construction work fully stopped,But,their real estate director Mr Debasis Padhy is roaming free and not responding to us.Kindly see my money is back and already I have lodged a complaint against them at CBI SP,Bhubaneswar.

Sam Bhadur

Posted On: 2015-11-13 15:00:29

vujas jjyj

Posted On: 2015-11-12 17:30:56
1212fa sdfj asd;fjas a;sdjf

Padmanabhan S V

Posted On: 2015-11-12 13:44:33
The Builder of my cottage, which was completed in February 2009, is refusing to execute the Conveyance Deed in favour of our Society formed in March 2009. This is in violation of one of the clauses in the agreement by each owner with the Builder. How do I / the Society proceed? Please advise. Thanks.

Kaushik Banerjee

Posted On: 2015-11-10 16:18:23
Dear Sir, Sub : Complaint against K.B.Associate,Developer of premises No- 13, Bhattacharjee Para Lane, Kolkata-700 036.-Reg. I ,Sri Kaushik Banerjee Son of Sri Monojit Banerjee,residing at No.12/5, Bhattacharjee Para Lane, Kolkata-700 036,Police station Baranagar,Dist. North 24 Pgs.West Bengal,purchased Ground Floor,North west side at Premises No.13,Bhattacharjee Para Lane,Kolkata-700 036,police station-Baranagar,measuring super built up area of more or less 1590 square feet, Together with right in common with other similar purchaser or owners Similar rights to enjoy and possess all common roads,passages,open spaces, Staircases,landings rights and previleges appertaining thereto. Further, on request of the developer I have paid full amount including Registration charges and the same has been registered on 13.06.2008 With the assurences that the incomplete premises belongs to me will Be completed. On good faith I have paid full sum as per the agreement And requested for completion of my flat as early as possible as per the Drawing,specification described in the agreement. But till date despite My repeated reminders,request nothing has been done, In absence of Completion I am unable to comply for Mutation and not able to use For my family. I have also been debarred from using common facilities and not allowing to install electricity connection in my flat. Under this circumstances I would request your intervention and rescue Me from the above condition.

manish hagat

Posted On: 2015-11-10 11:47:53
there is breach of agreement by developer named as Suparas which are operating in Bhiwadi and the project name is Cygnet Town secto 69,there layout is not approved after

Akshardham Extention Society

Posted On: 2015-11-08 12:24:33
Respected Sir Akshardham Extention is an Approved Colony and around 85 Families are Living here. As Per Map Provided By MDA, this Colony is Covered by Boundary from All Sides, But Builder has not Created Boundary Wall in North Side of Colony and trying to Joint Adjoining Unapproved area With this Approved Colony as Well Selling plots at False Commitment that this all area is same and Approved. From Open Area due to Non Creation of Boundary Wall theft has been done in many homes and moreover Electricity Transformer Once stolen by Thieves for which FIR is with Daurala Police Station. Electricity Dept People also Asking to Create Boundary Wall as Per Process so that Security can be done for Govt Assets.Even After that, 3 Attempts done By Thieves to Steel Transformer. For Last 1 Year We are in Process of Discussion with Builder Mr Vikas Jain of M/s Deva Associates D-100, Saket Meerut but nothing is being done on this front, moreover Construction started in Adjoining Unapproved Area.

Narayanan K

Posted On: 2015-11-07 23:17:51
I booked a flat at Marg Swarnabhoomi(SEZ)( in ECR in 2011. The project is by Marg properties( I booked a 758 sq.ft flat in Maha Utsav, one of their residential projects. Due to issues in getting approval and also due to lack of funds few residential projects(Maha Utsav, Aayush and Four Seasons) were first stopped and later completely dropped. After the cancellation of the project, the company made fake promises of returning money asap but failed to do so. In reference to the agreement, the total value of the flat including covered car parking was Rs.14, 18, 850/- Out of which I've paid 42.621%, i.e, Rs. 6, 04, 733/- Now they are not returning my money! Please help me in getting back my money.

Radha Hari

Posted On: 2015-11-07 07:00:30
I bought and registered my apartment in Bangalore.But now I come to know that the Occupation Certificate is conditional and a PIL case pending in the court.How to force the builder to clear the case or can the apartment association go and solve the case and get clean OC.please advise

Parvinder Kumar

Posted On: 2015-11-06 17:02:32
I buy a plot of 117 sq yrd in neemrana in neemrana gateway project of KALAZINA CONSULTANT LIMITED, IRISH TOWER TECH PARK, SOHANA ROAD GURGAON, HARYANA, in April 2013. The company payment plan was that 50 % pay at booking & pay 50% after 2 years at possession after development of the project. I have buy the plot at resale through company at April 2013 but the project was launched at August 2012. But now after 3 years and two months company is not giving any possession of the plot, I am ready to give up the balance 50% amount. I call the company reps for Enquiry but they are not respond at call, after many tries they attend the call and sey that they will give possession after two months. At every call they sey same thing. Company give me booking letter , allotment letter and cash receipts of Rs 214000. So I request to help me for this. Thanks in Anticipation.


Posted On: 2015-11-05 15:00:55
i purchased a flat from Metaling India p ltdestates wherein promoter has told us clearly that they will delivery the flat complete in all respect with 3 and half year but its almst more than 5 years project is not completed even 90% and now thepromoters are telling they dont have funds to complete the project .We had already given 100% to promoters for the same

Uttam Kumar

Posted On: 2015-11-05 11:45:05
Mr. sageer khan of Samiah international builders, booked my flat in garden city Hapur. this project is over delayed or closed due to some problem . i have Paid this builder Rs. 6.82 Lakh. he is not refunding my money.

Kamta Prasad Yadav

Posted On: 2015-11-05 10:49:03
Dear Sir/Mam, maine year 2013 me maine Rajeev Bhonsle (Raj Vatika) builder ke dwara 1 independent home book karaya tha, unhone kaha tha ki makan 1 saal me banakar de denge, aaj 2015 ho gaya ye saal bhi jane wala hai lekin unhone makan banakar abhi tak nahi diya hai, ab main kya karun. builder ko kahta hoon toh vo din-tarikh sunata hai ki iss tarikh tak, iss mahine tak, ye sab sun-sun kar main thak gaya hoon, ab main iske khilaf case karna chahta hoon. atah mujhe proper suggesion dijiye taki main kuch kar sakoon. Thanks Regards K P

Rajinder Kumar

Posted On: 2015-11-04 14:09:44
I had purchased a flat of 1755 Sft @ Rs 2600/- Per sft,in Atharva Complex of Raheja Builders in Sector 109 in Gurgaon. Purchase agreement on 20th Dec 2007 for flat no H 205. The flat was to be delivered by Dec 2010 . I made all the payments as per the schedule. The construction of the flat was delayed by more than 4 years. The final payment notice for the last installment was received by me on 20th Nov 2014 for payment of Rs 6.15 Lakhs. I made the payment of this amount on 22nd Dec 2014. Till date the flat has not been registered in my name and neither it has been handed over to me as mentioned in the final payment notice. Instead the builder has now sent a fresh demand of Rs 9.09 Lakhs towards increase in the floor area Rs 4.56 lakhs and Rs 2.59 Lakhs towards VAT and miscellaneous charges. This demand is totally illegal as there is no increase in area. It is only to extract money from the helpless buyers. Vat was levied from 2014. Responsibility lies on builder for delay.

Veena Aggarwal

Posted On: 2015-11-04 13:55:13
I had purchased a flat of 2251 Sft @ Rs 2600/- Per sft,in Atharva Complex of Raheja Builders in Sector 109 in Gurgaon. I entered into purchase agreement on 18th Jan 2008. The flat was to be delivered by Dec 2010 . I made all the payments as per the schedule. The construction of the flat was delayed by more than 4 years. The final payment notice for the last installment was received by me on 24th May 2014 for payment of Rs 11.02 Lakhs including stamp duty of Rs 3.22 Lakhs. I made the payment of this amount on 23rd June 2014. Till date the flat has not been registered in my name and neither it has been handed over to me as mentioned in the final payment notice. Instead the builder has now sent a fresh demand of Rs 8.08 Lakhs towards increase in the floor area Rs 4.91 lakhs and Rs 3.17 Lakhs towards VAT. This demand is totally illegal as there is no increase in area. It is only to extract money from the helpless buyers. Vat was levied from 2014. Responsibility lies on builder for delay.


Posted On: 2015-11-04 11:29:29

Padmanabhan S V

Posted On: 2015-11-03 19:27:39
Our Retirement Township for senior citizens is being managed by its own Society formed in March 2009. The Builder has been evading transfer of common areas and facilities / execute Conveyance Deed by setting conditions not part of the agreement with the owners. Is there a provision for Deemed Conveyance in Telangana? If not, what is your advice to expedite the transfer of title to the Society? Thanks.


Posted On: 2015-11-03 15:20:15
Orchid Infrastructure Developers Pvt. Ltd., Global Arcade, Level 2, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon, Complaint: i)Many Reminders through email & phone for registration of the Flat M 394 FF to Orchid Infrastructure Developers Pvt Ltd , but not a single response from the representative of BUILDER. ii) Registration Money Rs. 728500/- on hold since 25th July15 due to Builders Issue with Govt Authority. iii) Bank Guarantee Rs.2, 75, 861/- on hold , demanded by builder . iv)I have paid amount Rs. 2301 /- against delay of payment for 4 days approx. on account of delay in Loan disbursement , although I have provided necessary documents indicating that I am taking Home loan against the mentioned property. Relief : i)I need either Registration of the mentioned Flat should be completed within A MONTH OR interest@ 18% charged from me for the complete duration starting from 25th July15 ii)If Circle rate increases , then the difference amount should be paid by builder. rgds vivek guliani


Posted On: 2015-11-03 14:58:34
Dear Sir , Complaint About:i)Registration Money Rs.728500/-on hold since 25 July15dueto Orchid ISSUE with Govt Authority. ii)Bank Guarantee Rs.2,75, 861/-on hold,demanded by builder . iii)I have paid amount Rs. 2301 /- against delay of payment for 4 days approx. on account of delay in Loan disbursement , although I have provided necessary documents indicating that I am taking Home loan against the mentioned property. iv)Many Reminders through email & phone for registration of the Flat M 394 FF to Orchid Infrastructure Developers Pvt Ltd , but not a single response from the representative of Orchid Infrastructure Developers Pvt Ltd. Relief : i)I need either Registration of the mentioned Flat be completed ASAP with respect to same charged interest ( Interest charged from me by OIDPL Builder ) for the complete duration starting from 25th July15. ii)If Circle rate increases then the difference amount should be paid by Global Arcade, Level 2, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon, INDIA

sandeep yadav

Posted On: 2015-11-03 14:06:01
Sir, i have booked a plot of land in Neemrana Gateways by KLAZINA CONSULTANTS LTD.I was alloted a plot under regn no-0913-003...unit no alloted is 92 in Block A in Sep 2013.Also i was given a written buyback with 15% p.a return after 2 years.Now builder is not offering in same project as they didnt get clearance and is instead offering in another project at some other location which is not specified yet. When i asked regarding buyback and returning my money , they refused to accept the application as they claim they cant do it before April 2016 and also they will take 90 days after i submit the application which means i will not get payment before july 2016. Sir , this is complete harassment of builder as they first fail to deliver the project they took money for and now tthey are forcing customers to buy in new projectd as the exit option is not available. Sir ,Plz do needful in this regard....


Posted On: 2015-11-03 13:37:16
I purchased a plot in 2013. The layout is approved by Nelamangala pradhikara. The layout is having 1st release , during registration process the developer told us he is going to get 2nd relesae within 6months. But now after more than 2 years still not got 2nd release. Because of that i am not able to take any loan from bank and not able to constuct house or any government khatha . I am periodically reminding the developer for release document. I took the plot in Sri Sai Brundavan Layout. The developer details is Diamond Properties ,#68, Boomika Nilaya, Byraveswaranagara, Nelamangala, Sondekoppa Circle, Bangalore - 562 123

Archana Aggarwal

Posted On: 2015-11-03 11:19:15
SarvAwas - FRAUD took deposits in 2012 and the project has not been even started till date. When we ask for refund they say it : a) They will deduct 10% b) Come to office and apply for refund c) Refund will take 6 months

yogesh kumar upadhyay

Posted On: 2015-11-02 19:15:33
vatika india next gurgaon was supposed to give flat possession in 2013 but till date no status

binod agarwal

Posted On: 2015-11-02 15:04:06
I have booked the flat in panvel through Omkar Krupa Builders and developers, after 2 years he returns the money because Cidco does not give permission to do construction ,He has plots near for construction ,He could do booking in that flats but market rate of flats has risen therefore doesnot sell the flats to us in old rates,Due to his fault now cannot book flat presently as prices has risen very high


Posted On: 2015-11-02 09:03:18
i buy flat 1810 sq.ft. in sbp homes phase 3 kharar in 2011.i paid said amounts about 85% offlat aggrement the possession date is clause they have to pay interest if late,but they havenot paid and not give possession till me


Posted On: 2015-10-31 15:45:24
Builder,Apolo Infra projects,Bhubaneswar took Full Advance including Service Tax,against Court Regd.Agreement but could not carry on the Project.On Demand of Refund with Interest for 3 years,Part Payment Refunded in phases due to Crime Branch- EOW counselling.Need the Refund with Interest


Posted On: 2015-10-31 09:45:48
I have booked a flat in BPTP Park elite floors sector-75 Faridabad in June-2010. My flat no. is P3-05-Second floor. BPTP has committed a possession of flat in 24 months. But till now it has been more than 40 months BPTP has not able to offer its possession. I want to lodge a legal complaint against BPTP in this regards. I have already made almost 85% of full payment of flat to BPTP. Can u plz do needful in this regards.


Posted On: 2015-10-31 08:40:23

ajay kumar gupta

Posted On: 2015-10-28 14:56:47
The original sale deed of my flat kept by builder against the VAT requierment. The VAT requierment raised on june 2015 but the sale deed was executed on oct 2013. this sale deed was executed after clear all the payment given as per demand by builder. The property was financed by the bank and the sale deed should be submitted to the bank directly from builder. but builder asked the money for 4.5% VAT then only he will provide the sale deed. What is the liabilities of the VAT to consumers?

Subhankar Mukheerjee

Posted On: 2015-10-28 13:05:25
For construction of one room in the ground floor, one room with bathroom, kitchen-dinning and finishing in all respect a petty local contractor was engaged in mid September 2014. 70% job has been done as on 28.10.2015. Contract amount is Rs. 5,00,000. 90% payment has already been made out of total contract value 5,00,000/-. Agreement was made in a white sheet signed by both of us with job details . Constant hammering to him is of little use. He has kept his mobile switched off for ever. Since he is due to get Rs. 10,000 he is reluctant to do the job. I do not know how many years it will take to complete the job. I am in utter distress. My family members cannot shift here at 65A/6 Swinhoe Lane without windows, grills, drainage etc.What legal action can be taken to address my problem? I also want compensation from the contractor. Please suggest me further course of action.regards


Posted On: 2015-10-28 03:12:00
Dear Sir, I made an agreement with M/S Omaxe Limited on 10-Feb-11 for a land (plot) to be allotted in 24 months, at a cost of Rs. 1,225,000.00. As per the agreement, in the event of Omaxe failing to allot the plot as contemplated within a period of 24 months or is unable to make allotment of the plot in terms of the agreement for other reasons whatsoever, then I was entitled to a refund amount of Rs. 19,25,000.00/- (Nineteen Lacs Twenty Five Thousand Only). And in the event Omaxe fails to allot the plot within time period aforesaid or mutually extended period, I was having an option either to accept the allotment or sell the plot back to the First Party for a total value of Rs. 19,25,000.00/-. This amount was non-negotiable and as per agreement was meant to be paid by Omaxe to me within 30 days of exercise of such option by me. This option was available to me on expiry of 24 months (from the date of agreement). IMP: As per agreement if the ALLOTTMENT is made at a belated date than

Anjana Venkateshwar Rao

Posted On: 2015-10-27 19:44:39

sushant dhumak

Posted On: 2015-10-27 11:12:37
This is with regards to discrepancy in carpet area of my flat purchased in OVO project by Lushlife builders in Undri, Pune. I purchased the property and did the Registration in Jan 2015 at the Registrar office in Haveli - 12 I have already paid 95% of the total flat cost and was promised possession in Aug 2015 On 27th June 2015, we visited our flat to measure the dimension of rooms for the interior design, on measuring the entire flat we came to know that the actual carpet area (77.11 m2) is lesser than the carpet area mentioned in the agreement (81.04 m2) We repeatedly mailed them requesting to justify us fairly and also met the builder 3-4 times but have not received any positive response. Finally, we filed a complaint against builder in Legal Metrology Department on 18/07/2015. The department officers came and measured the flat on 27/08/2015 and found that the flat carpet area is less by 4.037 m2 Hence, the department did a panchnama and sealed our flat. And also sent a notice

Jeetendra Singh

Posted On: 2015-10-25 09:48:22
I have booked 2BHK flat in Treasure Fantacy Indore by Kalani builders (EWDPL) in year 2012, where date of possession was mentioned as November 2013. However till date project is not completed and since buider has availed full amount of term loan under sub-vention scheme on behalf of me from HDFC Bank. Hence am paying interest on full term loan amount since November 2013. Builder is not making any communication despite of several reminders and HDFC Bank is also not supporting consumer and charging interest from me despite of commitment at earler that interest will be charged to Builder till date of possession. Please suggest legal action Property details: A35-104 2BHK-960 sqfeet Treasure fantacy, rangwasa, cat rau road, Indore,M.P Bank Name : HDFC Bank


Posted On: 2015-10-24 17:22:29
Against Builder - Klazina Consultatnts Limted. Project: Neemrana Gateway Regn No.: 0812-071 Unit No. Alloted: 1 in Block C2 I was alloted a plot of land upon payment of 50% of plot value in Feb / Mar 2013, wherein I was given a written buyback with 15% p.a. return after 2 years. Now builder is not offering plot in same project as they didnt get clearances and is instead offering in another project which 3-4 kms farther from the project. Even in that they are not disclosing the price. When I asked regarding buyback and returning my money, they refused to accept the application as they claim they cant do it before April 2015 and also they will take 90 Days after I submit the application..Which means I will not get payment before July 2016. THis is complete harassment of builder as they 1st fail to deliver the project they took money for and now they are forcing customers to buy in new project as the exit option is not available. Need your help.

Amit Vibhuti

Posted On: 2015-10-23 21:41:19
I bought a flat from SLV builders. The builder initially promised for one year care. Whether in-house or common area, there are plenty of work pending and builder is absconding just after 6 month. No one picks the phone. Feeling cheated. All residents (72 flats) are fed up. Very unprofessional attitude.


Posted On: 2015-10-23 14:48:08
Dear Sir, I have booked 1 BHK flat in Sarv Awas Housing Bhiwadi Pvt Ltd in May-2013. Two year completed till date but no progress at site. They have failed to even get approval of plants from the competent authorities. Now I want my money back from M/s Sarv Awas Housing Bhiwadi Pvt Ltd. When I asked to M/s Sarv Awas Housing Pvt Ltd for refund my money M/s Sarv Awas told me that they will not refund my momey this is not acceptable becasue no progress on Project is fault of M/s Sarv Awas. Now I want only my money back from M/s Sarv Awas Housing Bhiwadi Pvt Ltd with interest of 20%. Sir, please help me and guide me to get my money back from M/s Sarv Awas Housing Bhiwadi Pvt. ltd Thanks & Regards

Sumit Gulati

Posted On: 2015-10-20 13:51:18
Against Builder - Klazina Consultatnts Limted. Project: Neemrana Gateway Regn No.: 0213-017 Unit No. Alloted: 248 in Block C2 I was alloted a plot of land upon payment of 50% of plot value in Feb / Mar 2013, wherein I was given a written buyback with 15% p.a. return after 2 years. Now builder is not offering plot in same project as they didnt get clearances and is instead offering in another project which 3-4 kms farther from the project. Even in that they are not disclosing the price. When I asked regarding buyback and returning my money, they refused to accept the application as they claim they cant do it before April 2015 and also they will take 90 Days after I submit the application..Which means I will not get payment before July 2016. THis is complete harassment of builder as they 1st fail to deliver the project they took money for and now they are forcing customers to buy in new project as the exit option is not available. Need your help.

Hemant Kumar Mishra

Posted On: 2015-10-19 19:58:37
I purchased a flat in 2010 in resale and the builder was ERA Landmarks Limited (now Adel Landmarks). The original owner paid 3 installments. After that I paid all the installments without any delay. Now 100 % payment has been done to the builder, the last payment was submitted in May 2014. Now the builder is saying that they still do not have the license so they are not able to handover the project legally to me. Thus I cannot go for the registry since the builder has not received clearance from all the authorities. Also the builder has completely changed the layout of the flat without any consent from me and has increased the area. They have also taken maintenance charges from me even when the project is not yet ready. Please guide me what possible action can be taken against the builder.


Posted On: 2015-10-19 17:27:44

vikas sharma

Posted On: 2015-10-17 12:28:28
I booked a flat in amrapali in noida extension and gave 10% booking amount which was around 5lakh 34 thousand and then I had to cancel my flat as I had to go outside of station. No agreement was signed by this time , no home loan was processed. Now it's 6 months and I am waiting for refund amount. I want to know how much percentage , builder can deduct from booking amount. Please guide me.

Subhankar Mukherjee

Posted On: 2015-10-16 16:52:39
For construction of one room in the ground floor, 1 room with bathroom,kitchen dinning and finishing in all respect a petty local contractor Nirmal Sapui was engaged in mid September 2014. 30% job has been done as of today. Contract amount is Rs. 5,00,000. Agreement was made in a white sheet signed by both of us narrating all details. Payment was made in cheques and sometimes in cash. Documents are with me. constant hammering to him is of little use.He has kept his mobile switched off for ever. Since he is due to get Rs. 30,000 out of Rs. 5,00,000/- he is reluctant to do the job. Once in a blue moon his labourers turn up to carry a little bit of job. I do not know how many years it will take to complete the job. I am in utter distress. windows in the room and grills in the verandah is to be fitted. i What legal action can be taken for compensation and doing the entire residual job by him. Please suggest me further course of action. Regards, Subhankar 65A/6 Swinhoe Lane, kol 42

krunal jain

Posted On: 2015-10-16 16:13:19
How to determine the claim amount for any dispute regarding possession of house addressing to the consumer forum

Santosh Kumar Kedia

Posted On: 2015-10-16 12:40:32
I have booked a flat in Enkay Garden sold by Enkay Castles, as per agreement they had to given the possession till Feb 2015. but now they are not reply about possession.

Arvind Bhardwaj

Posted On: 2015-10-16 10:50:29
I had invested in 2000 sq ft commercial space in ABW Infrastructure Ltd project called Gateway Towers at Badarpur, Haryana in 2010 on 12 % assured return basis with monthly cheques issued in my name. The builder has stopped issuing cheques since March 2015 and after great effort they issued me cheques for September and October ( still due). One cheque of September has bounced and fate of October cheques shall be known after depositing. Also the Builder did not deposit any TDS for 2014-2015 in spite of deducting it before issuing the cheques. They do not reply to emails and any kind of communication and provide no answer for previous pending cheques and future cheques or about the pending cheques. Also the Project hasnt moved an inch in the last 5 years.


Posted On: 2015-10-15 14:55:30
Fraudulent claim for possession of plots for defence colony. Further no refund of capital even after 5 years by Sainik co-op housing society jammu

Rajesh Gopalakrishnan

Posted On: 2015-10-13 17:29:48
Customer code : 116477 We have been booked at BPTP - Park Elite Floor 180Sqyd and the same we got allotted E42/10. initial booking amounts has been paid , after we have not received any updates from their end. one more demand they raised, but we denied first you confirm the status then only we process the payment. later 2 years , we got re-allotment letter which under construction of Rs. 50 lakhs. if we not accepted , then they will process for Refund with 9% interest between 90-120 days . due to some medical issues , we were submitted on 24th Nov 2014 with refund documents / applications. BPTP supposed to release the payment on or before march-15. but till now they not released. Every month we visiting their office, but we getting same reply " Next Month you will get money" we also heard that , they dont have money, most of the employees are left. Please help us to get refund from BPTP. it will great-full to us

Annapurna Samanta

Posted On: 2015-10-12 13:29:46
Dear Sir/Madam, We had booked a duplex house from a private builder(in Bhubaneswar) in October 2012. He promised us to deliver it by September 2013. But till now they are not delivering us our house. They are keep on delaying it. We are really very fed up and tensed from daily follow up with them. We are feeling helpless now. Could you please help us in this regard? Regards, Annapurna


Posted On: 2015-10-11 17:38:09
Builder is not maintaining the seepage and damage to the walls, nor is he allowing us to repair our flats internally. He is asking exorbitant maintenance charges, and will allow us to repair only after paying his maintenance demand. He wants maintenance and there is no maintenance of Kanishka Towers for damages to the wall and rotting of the shaft area. He is not allowing painters, masons, and plumbers hired by us to conduct the renovation at our house. We humbly seek your intervention.

Sahab Singh

Posted On: 2015-10-11 16:46:03
Hi Sir, This year in January, I was searching a some residential plot in Gurgaon, during my search I came across a property dealer in Bhondsi, his office is located near Ryan International school, with Name Balaji properties. At that time he showed us a property near Ryan International, He also showed some copy of registry of the land claiming land is free from any dispute and could easily be registered to Buyer. We don't have very good knowledge in real state, so we just trusted him and booked the plot giving him the booking money(30 percent of the Plot cost) and took the time to pay rest in a month. we somehow arranged balanced money to buy the plot, then we asked the property dealer for the final payment and plot registry. At that time, he said registry can't be done because current DM has been transferred , so registry could be possible only after new DM take the place. He said make the final payment and he will provide some agreement on a stamp paper. We had a doubt then and tho

Prashant Kshrsagar

Posted On: 2015-10-11 00:09:16
We purchased flat from a builder in 2010. We came to live there in 2012. This year one our builders partner(not part of agreement)now served us notice saying that he had some MOU with our builder by which he is liable to get some money. He served us court notice saying that why we shouldn't be added as third party? Pleases let us know what to do. Should we ask builder to help us though his lawyer or should we appoint our own lawyer and reply in court.

sunita jain

Posted On: 2015-10-10 21:53:48

Tejas Dongre

Posted On: 2015-10-10 20:01:21
Complaint against builder/ developer for not providing NOC even after paying NOC charges.

Suraj Kumar Patel

Posted On: 2015-10-10 14:07:26
Dear Sir, My newly purchased home's wall is cracking which was handed over by contractor by last Nov.14. Now refused for repair, How can I complain this. regards Suraj Kumar Patel

Gulshan Kumar

Posted On: 2015-10-08 18:17:20
Dear Sir/Madam, I have booked a plot of 120Sq. yard offered by Klazina consultants,gurgaon in March 2013 under its Project "Neemrana Gateway". I have done initial 50% payment in 2013 as per company guidelines. But in Aug'2015 I received a letter from Company that we are offering registry in next few months. After having discussion with some of my friends, I visited the company office and come to know that company is not offering registry on same location earlier shown to us in 2013. Also, I request them to kindly accept my Buyback application so that I can get my money return back after 2.5 year with 15% interest annually but they told me that they will not accept my application as they are offering registry and there is law for 3 months prior and after of registry, they are having rights to not accept any buy back application. Kindly help me and let me know about this rule and guide me how to get my money back from this fraud company. Regards, Gulshan


Posted On: 2015-10-08 13:02:58
Hello, This is regarding plotted development in Bangalore near Kogilu. We had booked a plot after visiting the site based on paper advertisements. Once we booked the plot and entered into a sale agreement with the land owner on 1st Nov 2014. After the sale agreement, we came to know that there are still legal cases going on and a stay order has been issued against any land ownership transfer etc on the land. Accordingly the developer agreed to return the money and has issued cheques for the requisit amount, but there is no money in his bank accounts and he has been requesting us to wait for some more time. Its already a year now, since we booked the plots but no money has come back from the land owner. In these circumstances, what legal options do we have ? Please guide us on how to go further and to recover our hard earned money. Regards, Madhukar

Rahul Nagar

Posted On: 2015-10-08 10:16:42
Booked Apartment in Pune & cancelled after 10 months. Even after 20 months of cancellation builder not paying money back. What option I do have to take against builders. Suggestions in this case would really be of great help.


Posted On: 2015-10-07 14:26:25
flat owner Udai Bhan Singh Mobile:09969109130 not returning security deposit Rs100000.00.I have vacated the flat in the same condition as taken 1.5 years back with agreement.

Samir Kumar Chatterjee

Posted On: 2015-10-05 12:18:20
Dear Sir, Pls consider the following points as 1. I've booked a flat in IREO project -The Corridors on dated 22/03/2013. The builder has changed the Basic rate from Rs8750 to 9200 per sq. ft. It has made our signatures on blank application form. Hence, it's not giving it's scanned copy to us. It has not made 90 m road near the apartment location and used price escalation norms. Hence, I want to cancel the allotment. My father is very ill with cardio problem. My financial condition is very poor now. I, therefore, request you to please help me to return back my hard cash money of Rs40,00,623 with an interest of 11% p.a. with regards, Samir Kumar Chatterjee Mobile-+91-9211070527 Unit#CD-B5-02-203 in IREO-The Corridors

Santosh Kumar

Posted On: 2015-10-04 16:43:38
This is in reference of Unit No: A-603 which booked by me in Aditya Urban Home Project in Park Town, NH24, Ghaziabad through their channel partner Investor Clinic on wrong confirmation that subvention will remain valid till possession of Unit. I have requested Builder for cancelling the Unit immediately & refund of my deposited amount Rs 135306 to Builder which I have made by 13th FEB 2015 on understanding of subvention plan will remain valid till possession But for Cancelling the Unit, Aditya Builder has said to bring NOC from their Channel Partner Investor Clinic (IC) which logically is their responsibility but I brought from them in 8 months after lot of follow-up though IC was not agree to even give it initially.Now Builder is saying that my refund will be process only after my Unit get sold & will be refunded after 10% deduction.This is highly illogical.Due to this, I am bearing heavy financial losses & request your help me to get the refund with penalty & interest


Posted On: 2015-10-03 15:00:42
Promoter Mrinal Sarkar, giving my father life threat after his faulty construction is pointed out to him for rectification. We gave him legal notice. He threatened that he will disregard our agreement (we are the landowner) and have sold all flats to third party, though we are entitled to 4 flats as per Supplementary Agreement (which promoter unilaterally cancelled, after failing to hand us over the first due flat on Aug 15). As per agreement he cannot give possession to third party before land owner, but he has already given possession to a third party, and booked our proportions of flats to other third parties. Lawyers are worried that as my father does not have political and local goon support, the law may not be of help, as Mrinal sarkar is giving us life threat openly.

Amit Nagrath

Posted On: 2015-10-03 13:10:57
Dear Sir, I have entered into an agreement with UNIVERSAL BUILDWELL PVT. LTD on 06th Nov 2012 for their Residential project called Universal Greens, sector 85 Faridabad. Tower D Unit Number D 602 admeasuring 1978 sq. ft. vide App No. 1218. By December 2012, I have paid an amount of Rs 19,58,651 to the builder through cheque payments. Construction of my Tower has not even started since last 3 years. When I am asking for refund of my money with interest, Builder is not paying back and giving me excuses to refund my money. Request you to take consideration of this matter and get it sorted so that I can get my hard earned money back with Interest. Regards Amit Nagrath M 09910330113

Ranu Srivastava

Posted On: 2015-10-02 16:50:37
I booked a flat with Omaxe Developer in Greater Noida in 2008 & same was supposed to delivered in 3 years time but till date developper in not delivering the flat.Now since I am moving out of country I asked them to settle my dues and give me delay penalty as on date.After months of followup builder is just playing around and assuring that flat will be delivered in next few years and they can not give the delay penalty,settle dues as its their policy to delay construction but not pay any delay amount,Below is the letter Ive given the builder few months back and their customer service is totally denying any delay penalty/or near term possession after 7 years of construction linked payments Ive done to them I am planning a legal action & look to hire a lawyer who have handled specifically in such cases with Omaxe developer


Posted On: 2015-10-01 19:55:13


Posted On: 2015-10-01 08:57:55


Posted On: 2015-09-30 10:55:50
I have paid full amount for purchasing a plot at debrupayan housing estate in Sodepur. Even after 4 months they are not registering the plot and all promises made during purchase are not kept. They changed the plot location , Plot is much below the road level,company sales ppl providing false promises and is not giving any visibility for resigstration date and charges.

Arindam Basu and Soma Basu

Posted On: 2015-09-29 16:06:58
promoter harassing us and created pressure to pay service tax first(not mentioned in Sale agreement)otherwise he is unable to do registration.


Posted On: 2015-09-29 13:11:12
I have booked flat in sahara city homes in GWALIOR in year 2012.They give me promise project will complete in next three years.Till project work not started.Till date they are not giving response for same. Booking Cancelled But Refund Not Recd. What can I do legally.

Vikram Yadav

Posted On: 2015-09-29 11:40:29
Sir/Madam, I booked one BHK flat in MVL ltd project The Palm Bhiwadi Rajasthan in Nov 2013 and till date I have paid Rs 6 Lac. They always given the fake commitment that we are going to start the construction but till date they have not started.Few days back I got the email from Central Execise deptt Bhiwadi Rajasthan that this company has not submitted the services tax collected from the customer and they told that company stop this project and refund the money to the customers. After inquired about the same came to know that they shown excise deptt fake refund. I approached the Company Gurgaon Office for refund they totally denied and called some bouncers threat me. This is to request you please help me to get back my hard money from the builder.

Akshardham Extention

Posted On: 2015-09-27 15:49:14
Hi This is to Bring Notice that Akshardham Extention is an Approved Colony and 85 Families are Living here. As Per Map Provided By MDA, this Colony is Covered by Boundary from All Sides, But Builder has not Created Boundary Wall in North Side of Colony and trying to Joint Adjoining Unapproved area With this Approved Colony as Well Selling plots at False Commitment that this all area is same and Approved. From Open Area due to Non Creation of Boundary Wall theft has been done in many homes and moreover Electricity Transformer Once stolen by Thieves for which FIr is with Daurala Police Station. Electricity Dept People also Asking to Create Boundary Wall as Per Process so that Security can be done for Govt Assets.Even After that 3 Attempts done By Thieves to Steel Transformer. For Last 1 Year We are in Process of Discussion with Builder Mr Vikas Jain of M/s Deva Associates Saket Meerut but nothing is being done on this front, moreover Construction started in Adjoining Un Approved Area.

Satish Patel

Posted On: 2015-09-27 11:19:15
I have booked flat in April 2013. During new scheme opening. I have paid 5 lakh through cheque. I want to cancel flate. How to proceed. What to do if builder not refund the amount

Saurabh Kishore

Posted On: 2015-09-25 17:58:46
Nitesh Estate Limited is not refunding my booking amount on cancellation of booking due to Builder's inability to meet the commitment and extremely slow progress on the project. As per the booking form they are required to return the money within 30 days of cancellation. It has been more than 6 months even after repeated reminders and legal notice they haven't refunded the money. I am looking of refund of my Rs 3 lakh booking amount along with interest and compensation from the builder.

Ratnesh Singh

Posted On: 2015-09-24 12:05:01
My complaint is against A L D INFRATECH PVT LTD. I have invested money in there buy back scheme Of their H.O.M.E.PROJECT in Neemrana in July 2014 for 1 year. My postdated cheque was supposed to be honored on 20th august 2015. The BOP in between kept on saying that sir please wait for some time more. To which I kept on waiting, but last month when i presented that cheque for payment, it was bounced due to Stop Payment. Now no one is responding to my calls. Kindly take strict action against the builder.

Benny Stephan

Posted On: 2015-09-22 17:22:26
Hi, I would like to register a complaint against Pacl India Ltd for not registering the land as promised after 3 years from the policy start date and also for not being able to refund the returns.

Pamela Misra

Posted On: 2015-09-22 12:59:27

Suresh kumar

Posted On: 2015-09-22 08:50:56
I was planning to buy a house and approached the builder called raj valli residency. Made agreement to buy a house in first floor. I paid him 750000 INR in different interval. Later on he proposed me to take house in 2nd floor which I refused. I told him to cancel the deal and return the money as well. Also I cancelled my bank loan as well. Later he approached me again saying that he is ready to give house which is located in first floor. Since I lost the confidence with this builder and bank loan also cancelled I am not in a position to accept his offer. Now he is not.returning my money and it is more than a year. Kindly advise how do I get my money back from him. Kindly help me.

Tc arora

Posted On: 2015-09-18 16:34:23
I have been cheated.I have paid all the money to buy a land from the property dealer but dealer declined to give either the land booked nor giving me my money

sanjay bhatnagar

Posted On: 2015-09-17 10:54:03
have bought a flat in Unitech Cascade Greater Noida, Tower 2. The possession was due in 2007 but till date they have not given it and on inquiring from last 3 year, they are saying that it is going to take another 1 yr as there is some issue with the contractor. I want some help here if somebody can guide. Why should the buyer be impacted if Unitech has some issue with the contractor. And also how can the builder start new projects if they are not completing the older ones. Now saying that unitech money position is not good, so what we can say, Only three tower are left for possession, but i am not getting satisfactory answer. They have taken 95% payment from last four years back.. because all the tower has completed except three towers. Rgds

Mousumi som

Posted On: 2015-09-15 13:06:08
Respected sir , the problem is that the land lord has locked the room where i used to stay from 2010. There are valuable things in the room which is locked by him .also he is not returning back the advance money .sir can i get any help from you.i also went to police station against this matter no action was taken

Miheer Brahme

Posted On: 2015-09-14 16:44:10
FRAUD BY SAAGA INFRA PROJECTS AND INDIAHOMES I had approached Indiahomes in second half of 2012 for buying a flat in Malad / Goregaon viccinity and was presented with a detailed report regarding Shivshakti Enclave by Saaga Infra Projects. This was was supposed to be a redevelopment project and bookings were open in Prelaunch stage. India homes representatives (Mr Prashant Zodge 7738075796 & Mr Mitesh 7738086094) arranged a site visit and then negotiations with the developer thereafter. Personnel from both - the developer and India homes followed up for payments and the flat was booked in 100% white transaction (Flat E-101).To my surprise both Indiahomes and Saaga Infra Projects refused to let me know updated status just avoiding my calls or requests for a refund. The site office has since been closed and even the main office of the developer has shifted once. Mr. Uday Surve - a supposedly reputed name in the industry has refused to meet even once. For action contact

Aditya Jaiswal

Posted On: 2015-09-14 14:32:35
I had booked a flat on 14th October 2013 with M/s Dreamz GK, Bangalore in their project at Dreamz GK Swadesh, whitefield.The said project was supposed to be completed within 22 months.Since it did not take off till April 2015, the booking was cancelled on 25th April 2015.They issued us a post dated (10.09.2015) cheque drwan on Bank of India, Bangalore Branch, in June citing 90 working days as per the terms of the clause in the agreement/MOU.The aforesaid cheque was presented on 10.09.2015 but was dishonoured due to insufficient funds as mentioned by the presenting bank(SBI).An amount of Rs228/- had also been deducted from my account. Accordingly I sent a notice under Section 138 of NI act 1881 under registered post with acknowledgement which was received by them on 31.09.2015. M/s Dreamz GK have not replied to my mails or to my letters/ notice served to them. I shall be sending by e-mail the details of the same for your kind perusal & further necessary action, please. Thanks & regards

Bharat purbey

Posted On: 2015-09-14 09:30:33
I have lodged a complain in consumer forum,patna against a builder.After serving notice to builder he was not present on two dates.on next two dates court is saying that file of this complain is missing. court is sarching the file.I have to say that Builder is of criminal back ground.he has taken Rs.18.40lacs from me for a flat but he is not giving me flat he is demanding extra money(10 lacs).pl.suggest me what I have to do. .

Saurabh Bhargava

Posted On: 2015-09-12 14:54:03
I had purchased a flat in Supertech Capetown from an original owner in Jan'14. This project was launched in 2010 with a commited possession date of Dec 2012. However builder has delayed the project for the reasons well known to Supertech only. Now I have got a pre possession letter asking for a hefty 3.13 Lack as escalation charges and other charges like Labour welfare etc. I havent defaulted on my payments. So these charges are illegal. Please advise further course of action.

vinay kurunkar

Posted On: 2015-09-12 09:44:29
Builder and developer waived off all charges including stamp duty reg and vat during advance booking 2 years back , now when agreement is to be done for under construction flat he say stamp duty reg and vat has to be paid by me Pl suggest .

Sandeep P

Posted On: 2015-09-08 18:38:14
I have booked luxuries flat under project Oxford Olympia (Jai Ganesh Services) with all amenities in Wakad, Pune - 411057. As per an agreement the procession suppose to be give in Dec-14 but still we have not receive any update from builder side. However, the PCMC also not given any completion letter as there are four wings and half of them near to complete. The builder keep giving false promises and said you can shift to flat without procession letter and the completion letter will get near to year 2017. Could you please check and take an action on same as we all are staying on rent currently and facing heaving problems in monetary terms as we are paying bank interest also and heavy EMIs also. Please find their contact details: Jai Ganesh services (Builder): +91-8552011919 E-mail: Thanks, Sandeep P 9970524260


Posted On: 2015-09-08 18:20:11
I took sub contract from a company THREE STAR INFRA TEL INDIA PVT LTD. Project is HFCL - RELIANCE TOWER CIVIL WORK. I completed my project with given time. I submitted bill on September 2013 yet he didn't paid my bills. He saying silly reasons and extending the days. please help me in this matter.


Posted On: 2015-09-07 17:35:52
we had booked an Aqua Village in Vedic Realty by depositing Rs 27,45,120 as booking Amount. Since they are not inserting the Service Tax Paid in the Sale Ageement & not giving tangible solutions for Depositing TDS as pr Rule we have cancelled the Booking . But they are not refunding th e Booking Amount paid through Chques. Please help us P.K.Chatterjee & Jaideep Chatterjee


Posted On: 2015-09-07 12:46:45
Respected Sir, Please refer the mail, I dropped under legal advice thread.

abdus salam

Posted On: 2015-09-06 23:48:07
My complaint is against BOP PROJECT PRIVATE LIMITED[BAYAWEAVER]. I have invested money in there buy back scheme Of their H.O.M.E.PROJECT in lucknow in july 2014 for 1 year. My post dated cheque was supposed to be honoured on 10th august 2015. The BOP in between kept on saying that sir please wait for sometime more. To which I kept on waiting, but last month when i presented that cheque for payment, it was bounced due to insufficient fund. Now no one is responding to my calls. Kindly take strict action against the builder. i now came to know that many more person r cheated same way by this company though they invested crores of rupees in advertising their fraudulent project launch in august 24 in lucknow,kindly join me if any other person affected by them. call me on my contact no 9838642354. my name dr abdus salam faizabad. we will fight them legally togteher.

Prasun Banerjee

Posted On: 2015-09-05 12:24:22
Promoter is not co-operate to repair some construction defect like dam in wall, here line crack, plaster missing in wall and window junction, tiles in bathroom are not fitted properly etc. The problem was arise before my registration (29/12/2014). I was informed him several times and he & his manager comes here for observation. But he committed again and again. I want to give him a letter and I recorded our telephonic discussion since few days. Please guide me for solve my problem. If there is any legal way then please inform me. Looking for your co-operation.

Savio Fernandes

Posted On: 2015-09-04 16:08:26
I am a resident and was living with my family along with my Aunty, at a Co-op Hsg Society in mumbai. My Aunt as the owner and member in the society AND had made her nomination in my favour as the sole nominee on the 11Th April, 2006. This nomination was placed in the meeting of the, then MC of the society held on 3rd June, 2006 for being recorded in its minutes. This was acknowledged by the then secretary and recorded in the nomination register . This acknowledged copy of the nomination with society seal was dated 8Th June, 2006 . My Aunty, expired on 1st April, 2015. I submitted my application for transfer of flat accordingly, with full set of supporting documents on 1st June, 2015., and duly was acknowledged by the secretary. Till date over three months have passed and the MC is not informing me anything. The MC committee had been harassing the members in the past and we jointly protested, and they are now taking their revenge by not transferring the flat. Please advise

ved prakash sharma

Posted On: 2015-09-04 11:50:15
i have 2 studio apartment in tulsi residency goverdhan mathura (305-A and 306-A) i have booked in 2012 but still there no progress as such in my some financial issuees they are not even refund my money


Posted On: 2015-09-03 20:31:02
Dear Sir i had pay Rs 100000/- (Rupees One Lakh) to DREAMS POWER REAL ESTATE & MARKETING Pvt Ltd.BHUBANESWAR ON JULY 2013 for purchase of land. But they are unable to give the said land and till now not refund my money.The owner cum MD is SMRUTIRANJAN MOHANTY contact no- 8895263510 and office adress is - plot no -317/D , main road, laxmisagar, bhubaneswar, odisha, pin- 751006. kindly help me and resolve my problem.

Melissa Menezes

Posted On: 2015-09-03 19:00:09
Hicons builders have cheated tenants of above building, they first signed MOFA, now they are givng SRA flats. Also they have broken, removedall drainage pipes to harass old senior citizens, all sewage collects in 2 ffeet water at windows, forming a lake and river ,seeping into the old walls of the building, tenants suffer malaria , dengue, please help, we are staying in GUTTERPATTI, not even JHOPADpatti. He will kill the tenants like this.

GVS Sai Prasad

Posted On: 2015-09-03 16:52:10
Myself with my friend Mr. BS Rao applied for a 3 BHK + SQ flat In ABW's new residential project in Sector 76, Gurgaon vide application dated, 15th December 2012 along with earnest money rs. 6 Lakhs Again deposited Rs. 6 Lakhs on 16th May 2013 for change over to 2 BHK + S flat. Subsequently, we cancelled our application vide letter dated, 2nd September, 2013 and asked for refund of Rs. 12 Lakhs. We have not been allotted any flat nor signed any agreement . However, ABW has not refunded Rs. 12 Lakhs till date in spite several letters and visits to their corporate office , IFFCO Chowk , Gurgaon.

Dr P Duttagupta

Posted On: 2015-09-02 12:41:07
I had taken Policies07C082318072,07C092352893,07D08455689 from Rose Vallet Real Estate & Construction Ltd got matured( value ~2 L) during last Nov'15 >no response from their office or agent even after submission of original certificate for getting amount badly require for my children education.

Shalini Singh

Posted On: 2015-09-02 11:08:51
Hi, I rented the above house on 1st Aug 2015 at a rent of 18000 and same amount security. We wanted to vacate the house with 1 month notice as we did not like the behaviour of the owners who reside on 1st floor. But they are saying that they will not return the security amount to us as we are leaving after just 1 month and it will be a loss for them. The rent agreement clearly mentions that we can leave the rented property with 1 month's notice period. Also they are asking us to find another tenant for them (according to their conditions) only then they will return the security to us. We gave a brokerage of 15 days to the property dealer for finding us this property but even he says that leaving before 6 months will not refund the security. Please help us in this regard. We have a copy of the rent agreement as well.

Mahendra Parekh

Posted On: 2015-09-02 08:07:52
last twelve year builder nor chief promoter has occupation certificate nor issued share certificate.please advice how to proceed


Posted On: 2015-08-31 22:59:30
This is about our new flat no 201 @ 249 Nayabad bought from Builder Concord Construction. One year delayed possesion given of flat in June 2015 and even now multiple work pending in common area / flat which is affecting daily habitation. Coowner is my father Mr Khokan Das who is a 63 old yrs senior citizen & dialysis patient .He is having extreme difficulty in coping up with this stress specially as response from builder is extremely poor. No association or society formed by Builder yet though the same was mentioned in Deed of conveyance . As a result building is not being maintained properly causing us great inconvinience. Builder is not turning up for any meeting arranged by the Flat buyers.They are not even reachable on phone at times of dire requirement. Requesting intervention in - 1. Completing asap all pending work in premise 249. Nayabad & Flat 201 . 2. Immediate formation of maintainence body for proper upkeep of premise & equal distribution of cost among all flat owners.

Manish Mishra

Posted On: 2015-08-31 14:51:26
Satra Properties Easter Heights Project, and Dealer Indiabulls Distribution Limited, are delayinh the registration process, initial amount 35 laks already paid.

Rakesh Kumar Sharma

Posted On: 2015-08-30 22:19:57
Amrapali group has booked a flat in its AMRAPALI PRINCELY ESTATE SECTOR 76 NOIDA NO C-605 IN C BLOCK WITH A PLC FOR Front/road facing flat. The brochure circulated and shown at the time of booking shows this flat as front/ facing a huge park whereas at the time of possesion it turned out as a flat facing a graveyard/kabragah. Builder and its staff has not responded to several request for change of this flat but each time asking for remaing payment, now complete payment has been made but flat has not been changed by the builder. Now when we are selling this flat for change again the builder has charged a huge sum as transfer charges. Builder has not shown any interest in registering the flat in our name instead he has charged more money for transfer of flat. We want complete refund of PLC charged for not fullfiling the promise, transfer charges illegally taken and complete interest paid by us towards bank interest

Sandeep Peshwe

Posted On: 2015-08-30 20:32:57
Real estate company - Prachi Enviro managed by Vijay Ghate and Amit Barse- had taken huge money for 11 guntha ( 11000 sq ft ) land in Ambegoan ( dist : Talegoan , Pune ). They had NOT hand over land nor they are willing to give money back. I am following for 2 years. Pls suggest what is the right steps and contact details in Pune

Goutam Roy

Posted On: 2015-08-30 00:58:39
This is to inform you that an agreement was signed between developer Mrs. Lata Mitra of MLA Construction,25/Thakurtala Road,kol-8 and me to purchase a flat on 3rd floor at KMC premises no. P346 in Vidyasagar Sarani, Kolkata - 700008 , dt.5th Nov.2014 and I deposited ₹ 100000(one lakh) to purchase the flat. According to agreement the developer agreed to supply the necessary documents for Bank loan. But the developer failed to supply the necessary documents. So I have given her an intimation about my unwillingness to purchase the said Flat due to her non co- operation with me and I request her to return the deposited amount. The developer has been harassing me since January'15 by giving several days to return the amount but failed. I was informed her several times and co- operated with her but she neglected. So , I request you to help me to solve the above mentioned matter as early as possible. Do needful. Thanks & Regards, Goutam Roy, Kolkata - 700008 Mobile- 9163122994


Posted On: 2015-08-29 00:05:07
i am writing on behalf of all investors at shubh prathmesh building. The developer Uday surve has duped us and now is absconding. His company saaga infra is shut . There are court cases and police cases against him. Do not invest your hard earned money with this fraud developer. Kindly remove all listings from all ecommerce sites

Shashikant Bhosure

Posted On: 2015-08-27 20:07:35
Dear Sir, I book a flat in Sep 2010 in Ionic Eco city, Still there is no construnction & builder is not giving my money refund.The Director wihout our concern sold the project to Crystal Homcorn & now againt crytal homcorn asking money without any progress in project & refusing to give refund. There are 1000 to 1200 customer & paid money from 250,000 to 10,00,000 to builder . Please advise us to get our money from builder


Posted On: 2015-08-27 11:59:42
Hi , I have purchased a Flat in Noida Extension through favista Real state company few years back and they promised me to give me some credit note amount but till date they are not ready to give me my money. Vikas the person who did the deal are not ready to concern my case and handle the case to other guy harjhot singh, He is also not picking my call. Please Guys, don't look for any such fraud promise by this Real state company FAVISTA which is run by some IITians...I am going to Haryana Consumer court for registering Complaint against favista at 4th sept Friday as its register office in Gurgoan. I am looking for your help Thanks kapil Gupta 8285530244


Posted On: 2015-08-26 16:33:05
Dear Sir Madam, I undersigned Pramila , I have booked flat of 2BHK at Virar West ( Dist - Palghar , Maharashtra )in Project called IONIC ECO CITY in 2012 they issued me allotment letter against my booking , and promised possession in 2014 In September 2014 they have handover this project to other developer / builder called CRYSTAL HOMECON PVT LTD without any prior notice or any information to investors. In 2015 this new party demanding more money and less area. Some of people are not ready to pay extra money and hence they want refund but this builder is give 6/8 PDC chq for refund. Cheques have already bounce, and builder have stop payment for already issued cheques, please suggest where to file complain in this matter. Regards, Pramila

Vivian DAlmeida

Posted On: 2015-08-22 17:22:58
Delay from builder in giving possession. The promised date when i booked the flat in Neptune Swaraj Ambivili(Mumbai) was 2012 but the agreement dint mention it. Now its been 5 years and still no definite completion assurance. Need help in taking legal action against the builder


Posted On: 2015-08-22 15:00:50
Hike in property price want refund

Harsimran Singh

Posted On: 2015-08-21 16:16:42
We have a flat in Bangalore in Hoysala Corpus. Below are the points on which we need your advice: Point 1 : They have delayed the project by more than two years. As per the agreement they are liable to pay us compensation for the delay. Point 2: They are not responding to our emails and when I personally went to Bangalore from Delhi to meet the management , none of them willing to meet me and address the issue. ( below are my follow up emails) . I met someone who clearly told me they will not give any compensation but they not wiling to give this in writing. Point3: Now they are offering us the possession and want us to get the registration. Kindly let me know how to take this forward. Our hard earned money is invested in this flat and builder is not taking any responsibility. Request for your help. I am based in Gurgoan and let me know incase you need more information on this. You can call me in 8447842228

Rony Saha

Posted On: 2015-08-21 11:12:48
Developer construct the entire G+3 standalone building deviating KMC sanctioned plan and illegally constructed commercial shops at ground floor and part construction in the roof. Now, builder is not getting CC from KMC and forcing us to pay the final installment and possession. Kindly help me.

thirumalaidasan k

Posted On: 2015-08-20 17:49:59

Salil Shrivastava

Posted On: 2015-08-20 16:32:38
Sahara City Homes Lucknow, Flat No. 602, Wing C-5, Sahara has committed for possession in Jan-2014, no possession till date. No reply to various e-mails communication. No reply on date of possession, Not paying penalty as committed in the Jan-2013 letter.

S Rajasekar

Posted On: 2015-08-18 16:38:01
Sir/ Madam, I have booked a flat at Grand Bay a project by Gemini Housing, Parakh Agro Industries, Pune-Solapur road, Manjrir, Pune. I have been tol that my posession would be ready by June'15, but till now ( Aug'15) I have no communication from th builder about the posession, I wrote many mails to the bulider abut no response. I tried to meet the Managing Director of Gemini Housing, he aid the delay is due to govt approval, but they are not giving in writting. I would like to claim penalty as agreed in the agreement. Can you please help me to adress the my issue. Thanking you S. Rajasekat


Posted On: 2015-08-18 16:20:54
complient againest owner of sproothy developers

Rishi Yagnik

Posted On: 2015-08-17 20:38:03
My name is Rishi Yagnik, bought a flat in Monarch Greesnscapes in April 2014 from Monarch Universal Private Limited, since then builder is not allowing us to register our are absconding and recovery agent is coming forward to leave our allotment on flats. This is the case with 100 end users, we are seeking government help to resolve this issue.

Dr Quazi Toufique

Posted On: 2015-08-16 21:26:18
I booked a flat in 2012 in Project Imperial Park in Central Kolkata with a promise to possession by end 2012.However till date its not handed over and there has been vague responses from KGN(Builder).I brought this through marketing agent 'Somani Realtors". Also since there was delay in getting my loan I was forced to give interest @10% to the initial owner of the flat with whom I entered into agreement along with the builder. Now I have paid 90% as per plan but no possession as of date.Builder had failed two deliver dates.Also quality of construction and materials is very poor. What are my legal options? What are my options to make them penalize for the 3+ yrs delay(no clause in initial agreement). Please help Warm regards Dr.Quazi 9831142288


Posted On: 2015-08-15 05:47:08
I bought a 2BHK flat from sugam homes/N K relators, kolkata and pad him all amount on feb. 2015 but till date he refuse to registry of my property.

Sunil Boddapati

Posted On: 2015-08-14 10:19:01
I booked a flat in Nitesh Estates British Columbia sometime in about Oct/Nov 2014. I totally paid 5, 76, 000/-. I was allotted a flat on the 15th floor. In Feb 2015, i was told that they didn't get approvals for 15 floors in that block and so they couldn't allocate me that flat. I then withdrew my application as I wanted a topmost floor flat only. When I asked for the refund, they pointed me to a clause in the booking form that mentions that in case of withdrawals, the money is refunded in 6 months or sale of the flat (later of the two). Please note that the flat itself doesn't exist and so sale of such a flat doesn't arise. 6 months have elapsed since the date of my withdrawal of my application. And yet, Nitesh Estates has not only not refunded the money, they have also been very unprofessional (and as a matter of fact very rude) in handling the case. The only person I can talk to (apart from emails which have a standard response that the concerned department has been notified and tha

k. Indra Sena Reddy

Posted On: 2015-08-12 19:18:34
I Brought a plot in Hyderabad. The Plot sold for me, was later sold to another party with out my knowledge. That means a single plot was registered to 2 persons. The one who brought the plot after me constructed house in that land. Now i want recovery from the person who sold me the plot, as he registered the same to another person.


Posted On: 2015-08-12 11:07:05

chirantan kumar patra

Posted On: 2015-08-10 15:19:52
i have deposited application fees of RS.1,50,000to Bengal Shapoorji housing development private limited for shukhobristi,phase 4,3BHK apartment and my application 120520 & DD No:989468,dated 08.01.15 drawn from uco bank.It was on lottery my name was not on the lucky draw lottery they told us they will credit my application money direcly on my bank account on 13.07.2015.but till date i have not received my when i m calling them they are telling they will send me a draft.but i am not yet received my draft.thanking you.waiting for your quick response.kindly do the needful and oblige.


Posted On: 2015-08-09 16:03:42
Purchased a plot from parsvanath developers but he has not been developed colony as per broture no security no electricity or over head tank for plot owner. what shoud i do?

Pushkar Sapra

Posted On: 2015-08-08 17:08:20

Jhumjhumi Ganguly

Posted On: 2015-08-06 23:56:10
vibgyor housing company is not returning my booking money of my flat on cancellation of the flat. last two years they are harrassing us for refund of 1 lac rs.


Posted On: 2015-08-06 14:09:46
we have booked a flat 5 years ago and paid the whole amount 5 years ago still the builder has not started the construction

Piyush Visen

Posted On: 2015-08-05 22:13:45
Dear Sir,I have Booked one 3 BHK Flat measuring 1640 sq Ft in July,2012 with Assotech Nest,Tower F,Crossing Republic,Ghaziabad.Its Been 3 Years I am Still Waiting for my Flat possession.Construction of same is also Stopped since past 1 Year.I have Visited Several times at Builder Office.Marked more than 10 mails 7 called Several times.Builder is not reverting & Giving any answer.I would Request you to Kindly look into my case & Help me to get my hard Earn Money Returned with interest & Penalty asap.I have Almost made 75 % Funding to Builder .Regards Piyush Visen-9871112350

Harish Choudhary

Posted On: 2015-08-04 22:05:38


Posted On: 2015-08-02 12:16:45
Deficiency in Services Hi, I have booked flat no R7-Sector -A-1006 in Life republic township located in hinjewadi. KOLTE-PATIL I-VEN TOWNSHIP (PUNE) LTD. SURVEY NO.74, MARUNJI, HINJEWADI-MARUNJI-KARSARSAI ROAD, TALUKA MULSHI, PUNE 411057 after getting possession I observed that finishing quality is not good and even tiles are not fitted correctly, I am following up with them since last 2 months but there is no response from them and no repair has been done so far. I have sent the send the details along with Photograph. Please escalate this to higher authority and suggest for the actions. thanks santosh 9545519619

dhananjai singh

Posted On: 2015-08-01 13:26:08
I book a flat in suparaz homz bhiwadi,and pay 300600/-booking amount,Iwas cancle my booking but builder not refund my mony.

saurabh mishra

Posted On: 2015-07-31 19:22:11
I Invested Morya Homes builders & developer Panvel Rs.26100-for buying property in panvel but builder absconding. Who is not refunding my 26,100 Rupees? Now office closed builder name Ravindra Dhumal also Sumit mhamunkar. Please help me.


Posted On: 2015-07-31 10:36:01
I have purchased a flat and completed registration on 3rd April 2013. I have paid full amount per agreement deeds. The developer is not providing me project completion certificate and thus mutation is pending. The developer is asking for more money outside agreement.I need your intervention to get mutation completed.

Rama Mohana Rao

Posted On: 2015-07-30 18:28:02

omprakash majoka

Posted On: 2015-07-30 14:47:25

Deepak Pandya

Posted On: 2015-07-29 17:16:16


Posted On: 2015-07-26 16:04:14
Dear Sir, I have given 1,50,000/- as an booking the BANANI FLAT, through SHRI BHUMI REALTY PVT.LTD, 127/C/6, JAMES LONG SARANI, KOL-700008, BROKER MR, AMIT DAS has taken those advances through cheque/cash as attached, after 2 years he told he has left his job, his phone no 08820063733, last 7 days he has given Mr. Malahar number 09163664824, he has talked to me & told he will speak final on 25th but now he has switched of his phone, I am sending all detail as attached. I have taken bank loan, during 3 years I am giving interest to bank. Now I want to return back my money with compound interest, pl advice what to be done, probably they have changed their name by below. Sribhumi Meghamalar by Vertex Realtors Thakur Pukur, Kolkata Pl. help me how I can return my money. Thanks & regards P.K.GHOSH

Sharib Akhtar

Posted On: 2015-07-26 13:57:06
Haven't seen a callous and pathetic builder like them, at least in Bangalore. Go and see the plight of residents of VSPL Divine Yeshwanthpur. There are no occupancy certificate, no water line, lift work still going, rooftop cracking and rain water seeping in on and people are residing there for almost a year now. They promised compensation for delay in occupancy which they failed to honour. Parking is a real mess with entrance completely broken and slabs bulging out and hitting the front of your car, every time you take it out/in. Now another nail in the coffin is that they leased out front end of the building to a Hotel and these hotel guys are going to use parking lot as Gas and Oil storage. Where are building safety rules and in the brochure it was never mentioned in the first place Those who are praising VSPL or planning to buy from them, please validate with resident of VSPL Divine as how they are suffering and then make a decision.


Posted On: 2015-07-24 18:13:03


Posted On: 2015-07-24 16:17:46
Dear sir I and my brother booked room at kalyan w in chawl one bhk two room in may 2012 I have also paid 50% amount as per builder guidlinse. but steel he is not giving me roam possion and also showing new consuctrion on his site. I am tired. When i am demanding my money back he asking take 20 days post dated cheque about 50000/- and which will be bounce in future. Kindly, help me to move from this situation.

Sushant Dutta

Posted On: 2015-07-23 12:11:37
Dear Sir / Ma'm, I am Sushant Dutta, R/o House No. 486, Sector-29, Faridabad-121008, Haryana. I bought approx. 9 months back a flat in SRS Pearl Floors, Sector-87, tower P-6 Flat No. 2B from the first allottee in resale. From last 7 months now SRS people are just making fool of us and continuously replying one thing only that call us after 20 days call us after 1 month. This thing is repeatedly done by them. We are so much fedup. If we would have delayed in payment they would charge late payment interest of 18 or 24 % like this. And ours is so much hard earned money. Paying rents and home loans and still not got the possession. Everytime they say one thing only that occupation certificate if not been given by Chandigarh authorities. So please see what can be done as we are very much frustrated by these cheaters. We have been stuck in a position from which we can not come out. Thanks n Regards Sushant Dutta +919643708270


Posted On: 2015-07-22 18:36:19
Our sincere request to the builder (Vikram Structures Pvt. Limited, hereafter mentioned as VSPL) is to provide all the facilities as committed and provide a safe environment for us to live with our families. Incomplete Work: Though VSPL has promised to hand over the apartment with all the facilities by Sep 2014, even today, the following facilities are not provided. 1) Cauvery Water Connection (we still use bore water) 2) Elevator (the residential apartment has 3 floors) 3) Proper sanitary conditions (waste disposal, cleaning etc) 4) Water proofing of the west side wall 5) Car Parking Many of the flats are already occupied. The occupancy certificate is not given by the builder till now. There is no explanation on this delay. Threats to Safety of Residents: Further, the most serious issue is that the ground floor commercial space is now being allocated for a hotel and in the basement arrangements are being made for storage and gas station. VSPL has promised us that the basement wil


Posted On: 2015-07-21 02:18:07
A R MUNEER AHMED (Advocate ) KHAITAN & CO. LAW FIRM KHAITAN & CO. LEGAL FIRM DELHI ,NOIDA & All India OFFICES Ref: MSR/VSL/Legal/2374/46 Dated: 29.06.2015 To,CEO M/s Supertech Ltd. Mr. R.K AroraSupertech Limited1114, Hemkunt Chamber 89,Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019 (India)Ph.: +91-11-41619836& GL Khera, Deepak Vohra, Suman Kumar, CRMSupertech LimitedSupertech HouseB 28-29, Sec-58,Noida - 201307, IndiaToll Free: 1800 103 7676Fax: +91-120-4669991 Further to my Client"s Srikant Mudiganti (CRN No. 1041871) & Booling Allotment No. ( 3024451 ) booked his house in D-202, Supertech Ecociti, Sector 137, Noida Expressway, Sectro 137 as allotted on 6th April 2011 (attached allottment letter) & to your - Supertech"s reply and letter dated 24-06-2015, we do hereby serve upon you the following Legal Court Notice : 1. That my Client Srikant Mudiganti has booked his house R01700D0202, D 202, Supertech Ecociti, Sector 137, Noida 201301 on 6th Of april 2011 & till date the Possession and Registration of his house/flat has not been done by you M/s Supertech ltd. Being in more than 3 years delay in possession (actual delivery possession date as per Allotment letter being April 2012) Supertech limited has unlawfully refunded the loan money along with the part of my Client"s money to LICHFL in Nov 2014 just before the possession of the projects neared possession thus doing a cheating and fraud under IPC Section 420 and 406, and non - performance and violation of Consumer protection Act 1986. 2. After refunding the loan amount to LICHFL, along with my Client"s part contribution to you, Supertech has sold my Client"s allotted house as per allotment and agreement, Supertech has sold my Client Srikant Mudiganti"s house D-202, Supertech to some other Customer illegally and as a criminal offence to some other Customer at triple the actual booking price at time of allotment, thus again Supertech would be prosecuted under Section IPC 420 & Section IPC 406 OF cheating and fraud to its Customer Srikant Mudiganti ( CRN 1041871 ) 3. As per TPA Clause and contractual agreement the builder (in this Case Supertech) must not refund any money to banking institute at any stage and Customer who has been paying EMIs to his bank (in this case LICHFL) should not be bypassed as per the Indian Court of law, any discrepancies between the banking institute and its customer must be resolved between bank and the cutsomer itself through a moratorium period or through otherways, any intervention of builder in terms of paying back the loan amount with Customer"s money included must be and would be treated as breach in Contractual agreement and Non perfromance of TPA by the builder (Supertech in this case) and it would be clearly marked as huge hidden business inetrest for the builder and bribing to LCIHFL for achieveing this, thus the builder Supertech would be prosecuted under the IPC Section 420, Section IPC 406 and Violation of Consumer Act 1986 thus suing the Builder Supertech for its Civil and Criminal offence of cheating,forgery and Fraud. 4. M/S Supertech is hereby advised to immediately recover the damages and loss done to my Client Srikant Mudiganti ( CRN 1041871) through the following forms and settle the matter "Out of Court " amicably before this case is filed to honorable HIGH Court and Supreme Court of India in fast track process of appeasement to sort out the forgery and fraud and relieve my Client Srikant Mudiganti (CRN 1041871, D 202, Supertech Ecociti, Sector 137,Noida,20301) 4.1 a) Handing over the flat/house of my Client Srikant Mudiganti R01700D0202, D 202, Supertech Ecociti, Sector 137, Noida 201301 on immediate effect and getting it registered and possession provided with immediate effect. b) Paying my Customer Srikant Mudiganti immediately the Delay in Possesssion with interest of daily 24 % from April 2012 till date on a compounding basis. c) Paying back all the EMIs paid by my Customer to LICHFL worth Rs 6,48,000 with interest od daily 24 % on a compounding basis from April 2012 onwards till date, as a penalty and damage control cost born by my Customer Srikant Mudiganti in forms of Rents, delays in possession, closure of loan account by LICHFL due to delay in possession by Supertech for 3 years and LICHFL treating this as Unsecured loan) d) Paying my Customer Srikant Mudiganti current market value of his flat R01700D0202, D 202, Supertech Ecociti, Sector 137, Noida 201301 on an immediate basis as a legal prosecution and its penalty for illegally selling my Customer"s flat to some other customer although keeping 95 % of payment done by my Customer & LICHFL (and my Customer paying EMIs worth Rs 6,48,000 to LCIHFL over the 3 plus years) and holding the entire money for 3 plus long years in form of delay in possession and inspite of already my Customer Srikant Mudiganti allotted the flat in April, 6, 2011 and then delaying the possession and registeration and then illegally & unlwafully selling my Customer"s allotted and booked house D 202, to some other Customer without my Client Srikant Mudiganti"s consent. e) Penalty clause amount under the "Mental and Physical agony and harassment caused by the builder M/s Supertech for thr Fraud, Forgey and Cheating to my Client Srikant Mudiganti Rs 3,50,000 f) Legal expenses incurred during the entire process as on date right from begining of the legal process which is born by my Client which is now being taken forward to the High Court and Supreme Court of India Rs 3,50,000 Note : The hard copy of this High Court Legal Notice would be sent across shortly to all the regitstered and Corporate offices of Supertech and its stakeholders, any delay in response and relief to my Client would lead to the matter being taken to High Court and Supreme court and serious prosecution there-of against the builder M/s Supertech as per the Indian Court of Law and IPC. Thus in totality M/s Supertech has to pay a sum of (a), (b),(c) (d), (e) & (f) within 4 working days to our Custome/Client r Srikant Mudiganti faling which this matter would be taken to MEDIA AND DAILY NEWSPAPERS & to Highest Levels of both civil and criminal courts against Supertech including one under section 406 & 420 of IPC by holding Supertech Solely esponsible for the costs and consequences thereof. M/s Khaitan & Khaitan Co (Law Firm associates) Advocates Delhi & All India Offices 404,Sai Encalce, Sector 137, (Near Metro Station) Noida, 201301 Email : Mob : +91 9845712075, +91 8749076250

anil rana

Posted On: 2015-07-19 11:53:45 respected sir i have purchased sare saamag property in lal kuan ghaziabad in spring view floor in 2012 at the time of booking builder have sale 9045 sq feet in three bhk and time of possession was 2 years +offering 5% additional discount on next demand and 5 rs per feet penalty on late possession ,now builder have extended area into 1045 without our permission and not given the possession and discount till now when we are requested for possession and discount they told your time started from approval of project and thats is grace period and your discount will be released by saamag he is another organization even project name is still sare saamag ,i have stop the payment same as my discounted price ,now sare have claimed interest on that and given notes to cancel by flat on behalf of sare saamag realty pvt ltd pl help what to do now ANIL RANA s k 12 shastri nagar ghaziabad ph 9990577505

harprit singh

Posted On: 2015-07-17 23:46:19
I am looking forward to launch complaint and get relief from builder and broker in Gurgaon. I am working with central govt. health dept. I have booked a shop in upcoming commercial project. when approached to builder Tapsaya group 70 grandwalk project in sector 70 gurgaon, he referred to their channel partner Homeseek realtors, MGF Megacity mall MG road Gurgaon. After negotiation booking was done through the channel partner in Jan 2015. money was immediately deposited. 1st installment was also given as per schedule. however, while making further installments i realized that their is change in the deal and higher money is being asked. After this i had to chase the broker very frequently. in fact i was forced to come to Delhi from my official trip spending lot of money. but all efforts have gone wasted. I have recently written to builder to intervene and sought out the issue but builder put interest and send me recently received precancellation notice letter.

Joydeb Ghosh

Posted On: 2015-07-16 17:54:35
My builder gave me position 1.5 yrs back. No Lift facility , security facility,electric meter. He is not picking up calls and not available at site also.


Posted On: 2015-07-14 21:22:00
I have booked a 1 BHK flat in Sarawas Housing Pvt Ltd in Bhiwadi in October 2013. But builder has not yet started the construction nor they have taken any building plan approval. IS Sarvawas a Fraud and scamster please advice

suit v shetye

Posted On: 2015-07-14 14:24:10

Devendrasing R. Deore

Posted On: 2015-07-14 11:51:55
Complaint against Builders

Manoj Kumar

Posted On: 2015-07-13 16:51:42


Posted On: 2015-07-13 12:47:20
My complaint is against Suparas Homz Pvt. Ltd. I have invested money in there buy back scheme @ 20% in March 2014 for 1 year. My post dated cheque was supposed to be honoured on 1st april 2015. The broker in between kept on saying that sir please wait for sometime more. To which I kept on waiting, but last month when i presented that cheque for payment, it was bounced due to insufficient fund. Now no one is responding to my calls. Kindly take strict action against the builder.

Apoorva Chitravanshi

Posted On: 2015-07-13 12:47:03
1. They are asking more money under the head of increased area, whereas the area has not been increased. 2. They mentioned in agreement that they will give penalty amount if they won't be able to hand over flat within desired time period; now they are denying. 3. Its mentioned in the agreement that the final installment would be paid when the flat possesion will be given to the owners. Now they are asking for the amount before hand. 4. The layout plan said that there will be water pool in front of the building surrounded by park now they are planning for a new tower in that area. 5. The builder are not handing over us any clearence certificate be it from Fire safety dept or development authority.


Posted On: 2015-07-11 16:05:52
Dear sir I need help to file court case against to HUDA, Gurgaon. I am resident of Gurgaon.i am from middle class father purchase plot in sector-1 ptaudi gurgaon.but there is no electricity and water supply and huda charge possession interest on plot Emi. and Huda offer possession of my plot and also pass my plot building my house is in under construction. when i am apply for electricity and water connection then both sdo says i am not able to give you connection and he used abuse language,all govt. officer want money behalf of connection. i dont have money to give bribe all this govt. employee(for exam.-in huda,electricity and water connection dept.) i don`t have enough money to hire a advocate. i dont have any way to do anything. so please help me sir i am depends on you sir my expectation to u sir please help.. Thanks & Regard Pawan kumar

Sunil Sharma

Posted On: 2015-07-10 20:07:40
Goka engineering pvt ltd builder and developer not returning money on cancellation of plot

Sanjay Ghosh

Posted On: 2015-07-10 17:04:22
I booked 01 flat in VIBGYOR housing ltd two years back on Jun 2013 and paid 2,41,000.00. As per agreement the flat was to hand over to me in Jun 2015. But now they neither have handed over any flat nor even started the construction of flat. Now they are telling to cancel the agreement but not ready to refund my money along with two years of interest on my deposited money. Please help

Piyush Kr Porwal

Posted On: 2015-07-10 11:13:59
Amrapali builders not refund my money Rs.300000/- after 6 months , I booked flat in dream valley project H8 701 on dec-2014, due wrong commitment done by broker investor clinic I cancelled my booking on jan-2015, But now builders fortified my entire amount Rs.300000/- I not refund my money. Please help me

Sachin Jain

Posted On: 2015-07-10 11:02:19
We have applied for the Woodstock Floor unit no.108 FF Nirvana country by Unitech Ltd. in Aug.2009 and paid 95% of total cost of Rs. 73,50,000 by May, 2010. The tImeline for possession was 18 months from agreement I.e. Feb.2011. More than 4 years of delay has taken place but Unitech is not serious in completion and handing over possession of flat. We are loosing badly on rent almost 30,000-35,000 per month. Please help us in taking up with M/ s Unitech to pay for the delay in possession of flat and make them commit a firm date of possession. Thanks

chandra prabha

Posted On: 2015-07-09 22:16:30
my husband registered for HIG plots in INDIRA AWAS ranghbhoomi purnea in 2003. in 2008 my husband dead then i am unable to responsiblity. I would like to request you please help. how to postion the land in INDIRA AWAS HIG plots.

kuldip singh

Posted On: 2015-07-09 13:34:40
The said building Simran valley view apartments is leaking terribly. it is a very new building. all the owners have been complaining to the builder of this building but all invain. he is only giving assurances for the past one year. All flats electricals are damaged, gardens not done, seapage moisture on the walls, septic tank not cleared, common areas paint peeling off due to leakage, common area window water coming in, no proper water proofing done.electrical and plumbing issues. outside of the building paint drops not cleaned. water pump proper connection not given. under ground water tank cover rusted. Building identity not there. small opening window to the terrace/roof does not have a closure due to which the rain water is coming in, no proper drainage pipes on the roof.


Posted On: 2015-07-08 23:10:07


Posted On: 2015-07-08 16:59:01

anuruddh singh

Posted On: 2015-07-07 19:43:42
I was allotted plot in gomtinagar extension in sector 1 under ex-serviceman quota in 2005.later it was changed to 6/943 in sector 6.but now lucknow development authority is saying it is not able to take land so they are cancelling my property and giving money with bank interest which is an injustice to the rate of plots have increased so much.its not possible for me to take another plot. even there are many previous judgements of courts regarding this in which court has directed LDA to give plots at some other place in same rate instead of returning is very long period of 10 years of wait so i must get my plot.

Mahadev Lonari

Posted On: 2015-07-06 21:58:28
I have sold my house to Mr. Devidas for 19 lacs, but he paid only 90 k cash and 12.80 lacs through loan, but he is not paying balance amount Almost one year lost after deal Pls. Help me to recover my balance amount Regards Mahadev (9619178219)

Pavan Kumar P

Posted On: 2015-07-06 09:33:30
Bought flat from the share of Land owner, constructed by Akhil Indo, its nearing 2 years now, Apartment is not yet completed and we have not received occupancy certificate, after sending two notices to office, he has come in the month of january and promised to complete the pending works in 2 months time. Until now he has not done anything. Now i came to know that he is not having any office to contact him and he is not answering anyone calls and replying to the texts sent to him. How should we address this issue, he mortgage property is not been released yet, All the owners have pooled in money to get the House numbers to get registered. please help us in thie regards. Best regards Pavan K P

Parag Kale

Posted On: 2015-07-05 18:26:45
I had purchased a land in Pirangut Pune. Agreement was done somewhere in 2009-2010. Site has been completed. For possession and to take indivisual 7/12 the builder is asking me to pay fees Rs. 10000 for each document which will be unaccounted (no bill). Reason he is giving for that is they need to pay official bribe for getting these documents. I need support from consumer forum to get the required important documents.

kamal bhalla

Posted On: 2015-07-05 07:20:05
i booked flat with builder sh.Tushar Chamaria,Trans India Developers ltd. R-2 commerce house,M G Road,Fancy Bazar,Guwhati-781001,phone no.09864022751/9435140577 i booked flat in 24/12/2011 i paid rs. 21 lalhs till now and builder promised to give flat in march,2015 but now builder says delay by one year means in 2016 stillhe is not providing exact date he is palying tactics i want my money refund with panel intrset pls help me kamal bhalla mobile-9428332131

Hetal Presswala

Posted On: 2015-07-04 19:56:43
Lodha is fooling around on each project, my flay delayed by 2.5 year. I wrote a email to promoters but no improvement

dhiraj singh

Posted On: 2015-07-04 19:33:15
Booked Plot with 90% down payment in 2007 with Parasvnath Builder for Indore project. Till date work of my sector M even ground breaking not done . Project is stopped with in 2year of launch and even complete project land shown in broucher is not in their procession. Builder not listening and asking to go to court if i wish


Posted On: 2015-07-04 12:17:33
We recently bought a flat at Loharuka Green Heights KOLKATA. As per agreement we were supposed to get the flat registered by their appointed lawyer. Now that we want to get our flat registered, Loharuka Group is demanding Rs. 50000 as cash payment without giving any receipt for the the said amount. When we asked the developer to submit their demand in writing they refused to do so and are insisting that we pay the cash without receipt.


Posted On: 2015-07-03 23:42:05
issue with the builder of the flats. committed amenities are not given even after 1year of possesion

John F Williams

Posted On: 2015-07-02 18:24:27

sachin kisan sodewale

Posted On: 2015-07-01 16:59:10
Dear Sir, This case is against " Morya Homes by Morya Homes Builders & Developers Location: Panvel, Mumbai Navi Panvel" who is not refunding my 50,000 Rupees help me..builder name Ravi Dhumal & his friend Sumit More. Many more people invest money this project but he is not available builder site address & not pickup phone


Posted On: 2015-07-01 14:16:19
Hi, Its about 2 years i have booked a 2 bhk flat in MVL The Palms Bhiwadi... but no construction start yet as i have already paid 35% of the total cost i.e. aprox 7 lacks. The builder only giving fake commitments and many stupid reasons for delay.

Ravi Kumar

Posted On: 2015-06-30 23:46:28
Hi Sir, I booked one flat in navi mumbai panvel, 3.5 year back but still no process in development and everytime bauilder is saying to wait. icalled more than 100 times but they are not picking the phone and also they are not returning my money after cancellation. please help me i need your help.

Swapnil Sadashiv Maheshmale

Posted On: 2015-06-30 15:05:54
I was staying at D2-1002, Uttam townscape.Vishrantwadi, Pune-411006. on rent of Rs 16500 per month & deposit of Rs 60000. while vacating the flat owner had detail observation and gave me cheque of rs. 59000 saying rs 1000 deducted for repair. when i deposited this cheque in bank this cheque got bounced, i received nothing. Now flat owner saying the maintenance is rs. 14000 and you have to pay me that amount otherwise you will get a single rupee. what should i do now.

Debartai Mukherjee

Posted On: 2015-06-30 14:15:56
I bought a flat i 2010 september but that time the flat is not registered. Now the promoter and landlord denied to registry the flat or if they register the flat they claimed 1 lakhs only for sign the agreement. Some other people threaten my mother for the claim amount. please take some necessary action as early as possible.i am going the police station they refer consumer forum.please help us.

Rahul Bansal

Posted On: 2015-06-30 11:04:50
I purchased one unit in Bestech Ananda in sec 81. There is one revnue road and third party plot in the complex and bestech didn't cited this same in brochure.

santosh shelar

Posted On: 2015-06-29 14:46:48
Dear Sir, This case is against "Prop-tiger" real estate agency in pune who is not refunding my Rs.20,000/- paid as discount coupon for services & rate negotiation.I cancelled flat due to poor services,now "Prop-tiger" is refusing me to refund my hard eared money. Kindly help me to get my money back.There might be several cases who is affwcted by this real estate agency. Thanking you Santosh shelar

Nilesh Sawant

Posted On: 2015-06-27 14:59:06
Invested Rs.25000-for buying property in panvel-but builder absconding.even my three relatives/friends Saurabh Mishra,Balakrishna Alle,Nivedita Potdar also invested 25000 each. Now office closed-I have receipt, and documents-Please help me..builder name Ravindra Dhumal. also Sumit mhamunkar.Morya builders Panvel

shashank jain

Posted On: 2015-06-26 19:36:51
Hi,I have book the Plot in 2012 the Indore in the Green view Premium which is owned by the Sarthak Group and I have paid the full amount 591000 in the three installment and when I approched to the builder for the Registry he is saying that registry is not possible because plot is mordgage


Posted On: 2015-06-26 12:29:41
As per the clause agreed with Supertech penalty of Rs. 5/ sqft/month will be paid by supertech. but they are saying that as you had missed the due date forpayment demand letter then dealy clause will not be valid. Delay in possession by Supertech: .As per the clause mentioned and agreed with M/s Supertech. Supertech has to give possession on April 2013. So, adjustment of Rs 5/- per month/per sqft to be paid by Supertech . i.e. Adjustment= 26 months X 5/- X 930 sqft= 120900/- amount needs to be adjusted in my outstanding amount.

Kishore Tendulkar

Posted On: 2015-06-26 10:54:45
Builder #name: Manoj Dattaram Mhatre (RIDDHI SIDDHI BUILDER & DEVELOPERS). This builder is fake. He made a above 450 Cr fraud and run away from Mumbai. We went to PSI Kle Manpada police station, Kalyan Dcp Mahedra shinde. Thane Crime Branch ACP Rajendra Shelke to support us. If you want to this builder to be punished give us support. Office Add: Office No 13/14/15, 1st Floor, Shree Malang Road, Kalyan East, Thane - 421301. Site add.: Serve no. 103, Hissa no. 02, Nevali Gaon, Tal: Ambernath, Tal: Thane.

Kishore Tendulkar

Posted On: 2015-06-26 10:45:40
I purchase 2bhk in chawl from Riddhi-Siddhi Homes Builders & Developers in 6.00 lacs in 30 months EMI scheme. For that I gave him 2.25 lacks down payment. At the time of EMI, I found that Riddhi-Siddhi Homes Builders & Developers is totally fraud. He close all his offices & switch off all his mobiles & landlines. Also most of the people filed a case against him in Manpada Police Station, Dombivali - East. So please look into this matter

Bishnu Mohan Parhi

Posted On: 2015-06-25 23:06:17
I along with Dinobondhu Das, Sudeb Laha, Amar Dutta and Chandan Halder had booked 4 flats from a promoter Himadri Shekhar Saha. I booked my flat on 12th July 2010 at 12 Dhakuria Station Lane. He had promised to handover my flat within 18 months. He has handed me agreement and had taken full payment. But till now he has not handed me the flat. He is not keeping any contact with us and we are not able to find him. When we are visiting his house his family members are not talking with us and asking to leave us.


Posted On: 2015-06-25 19:51:53
Fraud & cheater Raju Sulire Director of Mandar Housing Pvt. Ltd, Mandar MB Tower,Mandar Mahavir Residency, Mandar Heights, Mandar Shivam Sankul in Nalasopara West, Mandar Avenue F. partners of these companies fought and company is closed down. All partner are trying to collect the money and run. So clients are at issue. Raju sulire had cheated buyers by selling flats to multiple buyers. I have also cheated by Raju chor. Beware of Raju chor.


Posted On: 2015-06-25 19:35:44
Eight months back I planned to buy a plot near chennai.I saw a advertisement from real estate organization.So I approached them and they also showed me a land and explained me the details.So I also thought it as good to buy it and they wanted to to pay the advance amount of Rupees 1 lakh for booking the plot.So I payed the amount 1 lakh to them.After few days,they asked me for another 1 lakh for buying the registration document.So totally I have given 2 lakhs to them.While nearing the registration date,the real estate person called me and told that the land I have booked is not available for sale,and asked me to buy another land,which is not that good.So I told them that I dont want that new land and asked to return the money.Still now,they have not returned the complete amount.They have returned only 93 thousand in the form of 43 thousand as registration document and 50 thousand cash they transferred into my account.Please let me know,What I need to do to collect the remaining amount.

Nilesh Suresh Shinde

Posted On: 2015-06-25 19:08:12
We have taken a flat on rent from Mr. Ravindra Sable in the month of April 15, Deposit paid was Rs 20,000 rent Rs 7000/- has started from 10th of April then we informed verbally to him about the leaving of flat on 20th of Jun that we are about to leave the flat from 27th of Jun, 2015 he said he will deduct the sum of Rs 14000 from our deposit which is two month rent. we asked him to deduct the sum of Rs 7000 only i.e. rent from 10th of jun, 2015 to 10th of Jul, 2015. he is not listening to us, requesting you to help us.

Pinkesh Singh

Posted On: 2015-06-25 12:02:33
i want file a case against builder United Group have launched a plot Project in Noida sector 165 by the name Vatika Enclave in November, 2012 Initially they was delaying in hand over of Basic Facility & but now we are surprised that they sold us a land which is already notified by the noida authority for acquisition for development of industrial Corridor now all the investor in vatika enclave lost his/her hard earn money of the life & noida authority destroy home of two person because only two person built home and any partner are and all the four partner of united group Are Cheating the public below are the information about builder Vijay Kumar S/o Shri Brij Mohan R/o N-145, Narain Nagar, N-Block, Gali No. 4, Lakshmi Nagar, Delhi-110092, Mobile no. 9136417600 i need help on this please help me out

Amitava Roy

Posted On: 2015-06-24 16:04:14
Builder delaying flat. I want compensation


Posted On: 2015-06-22 11:05:49


Posted On: 2015-06-21 22:45:56
This is to inform you that I have booked a 2BHK flat in a residential project named South Green City by the builder DK Infraprojects Pvt Ltd in Amtala area of Kolkata in 2013. The possession was expected in March,15. I have paid Rs 116,000 in 2013 as deposit which was the pre requisite for allotment letter. However, despite paying the amount, I have not received allotment letter. There is no construction started in the project. When I have requested for refunds, they are not refunding us. They have stopped picking up my phone calls. Please advise what shall I do now.

Shashikant Shinde

Posted On: 2015-06-20 21:34:02
Invested Rs.1Lack-for buying property in panvel-but builder closed-I have receipt, and documents-Please help me..builder name Ravi Dhumal..morya builder panvel


Posted On: 2015-06-20 13:33:41
I had booked a flat to Saino(I) Project Private limited in 2013 by paying an advance money of 8 lakhs out of total consideration money 51 lakhs.Last of all I cancelled the flat on 29th dec 2013 as my mother suffereing from a severe disease cancer.They are supposed to return back the full money within 1 month after the date of cancellation but after several follw up they paid by partail payment 7 lakhs but now for the balance 1 lakh they are not confirming anything.Even they are not picking up our phone inspite of several sms to them that we need the money as my mother is suffereing from cancer. I beg your kind help in this matter otherwise I won't be abale to save my mother.

Mithun Nath

Posted On: 2015-06-19 09:42:02
The name of the company is Naskar Land Developer Pvt Ltd. They are selling lands on EMI basis. After paying 35% of the total amount, they are giving Agreement for Sale and rest amount should have to pay by 36 monthly installments. We have taken two plots and we have paid 35% of total value of each plot and they have given Agreement for Sale. And we also paid 4 installments for both the land. The problem is when we asking them to show our plot, they are saying that they can not, they can show us only after 48 months. We paid the installments on 10/06/2015 and deposited all 7 cheques in their ICICI account. All cheques have been cleared but they are saying that they did not get, the clearance is not showing in their statement. The lands are not registered in company's name and they are collecting money by showing land. Few lands are there which are on behalf on directors name but not in company's name, and auth capital is Rs.3Lac, How this company is authorized to do so? Please help us


Posted On: 2015-06-18 12:03:25
Dear Sir, The Coy. has duped me of Rs. 150000 by adopting treacherous tactics. I paid rs 468000 in the year 2012 as the buyback plan of neemarana gateway project of this coy. But on feb 2015 they have taken all my originals and kept me waiting for 90 days but on 7 may 2015 gave just rs 491238 and deducted rs 150000 on the asking of NOC from the agent. The NOC has been given but now they are saying do whatever you want issue is over? please help to retrieval of rs 150000 .

Mohammad Zulfeequar Alam

Posted On: 2015-06-16 18:34:34
Dear Sir, I wolud like to inform you that I had booked the 200 sq gaz plots in Roza Jalalpur, Noida, Ghaziabad, U.P. to a property dealer in February, 2014. I gave him 600,000/- Rupees as a booking amount by bank transfer. At the time of booking he said that if the plots will not be according your choice, I will return your amount with in one month. After booking the plots I found that the dealer is selling one plot to many people and he is sub agent not a registerd dealer, due to these reason I asked him to return my money , he promised many times but could not return it. Now he is not receiving my phone and even not replying my emails and sms. He gave me the one signed stamp paper to write that he has taken the 600000/- INR for the plot. I have his stamp paper agreement, email communications, whats app messages, typed broucher and bank transfer details. Now I need my money. Please advise and help to get money back from him. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks.

Mohammad Zulfeequar Alam

Posted On: 2015-06-16 02:25:27
Dear Sir, I wolud like to inform you that I had booked the 200 sq gaz plots in Roza Jalalpur, Noida, Ghaziabad to a propert dealer in February, 2014. I gave him 600,000/- Rupees as a booking amount by bank transfer. At the time of booking he said that if the plots will not be according your choice, I will return your amount with in one month. After booking I found that the dealer is selling one plot to many people and he is sub agent not due to these reason I asked him to return my money he promised many times but could not return it. Now he is not receiving phone and replying my emails and smms. He gave me the one signed stamp paper to write that he has taken the 600000/- INR for the plot. Now I need my money, Please advise and help me what to do to recover my booking amount. I have his stamp paper agreement, email communications, whats app messages, typed broucher and bank transfer details. Looking forward to hearing from you soon to solve the problem.

Amit singh

Posted On: 2015-06-15 21:20:19
For over an year we have been taking with Indus towers for the removal of installed tower on the roof top of our flat. As the site has been inspected by there engineers and confirmed that building structure is getting damaged due to continuous vibration of equipment and they agreed on complete removal by 31st August 2015. Today (15-06-2015) when Indus engineer case to install new and heavier equipment and on objection the promoter who has an agreement with Indus tower came at the site and started abusing and harassing my mother. I would like to take women harassment case against promoter.

Anuranjan Prakash

Posted On: 2015-06-15 02:51:04
I had bght a flat in resale, in Gardenia Aims Glory, sector-46, Noida by raising a huge loan from Bank. This prject was strted in the year 2008 and was supposed to give posesion in 2012. 95% had already been paid and rest 5% was to be paid while posesion. Before buying the flat,they confirmed, will be giving the possession in June 2014, at the best. Now in June 2015, the Builder has sent me demand of the rest 5% asking me to pay within 1 month, otherwise intt will be charged @18%. They have mentioned that now they will only provide me the keys in next 2-3 months and still registry is not possible, because of some NGT issues. They further said that registry of about 200 projects is withheld due to this issue n they are not sure how long this issue will persist (may be 2-3 years or may be more). I cannot even let out my flat in the absence of the flat registered in my name. After handing over the keys, they wl be chrging huge maintnance fee. How huge intt n mntnce cost will be born by me

Abhishek Sharma

Posted On: 2015-06-13 16:50:04
In Jan.2008 we have booked a 2 BHK flat (Unit No. A3/304) in project "KLJ Greens" located in Delhi NCR at Sector-77, Faridabad (Haryana) built by KLJ Developers Pvt. Ltd. and our Customer ID assigned by KLJ is FBD77-678. We have been assured by KLJ to handover possession of the flat within 36 months from the date of booking but due to considerable delay on part of KLJ the possession is offered in May 2015 i.e. total delay of four and half years approx. from date of actual possession. KLJ has sent an possession letter dtd. 16.05.15 stating some unrealistic and illegal demands and we submitted our reply by email & regd. post vide letter dtd 26.05.2015 stating our grievances and requested KLJ to withdraw its unrealistic & illegal demand of Rs. 26.04 lacs (appox.) and to issue a fresh demand note after adjusting our claims based on facts & figures provided vide our letter dtd. 26.05.15. We haven't got any reply from KLJ till date. Please help.

vishwas jayawantrao kale

Posted On: 2015-06-13 09:22:53
I have purchased a flat in Chakan in the name of my son. Builder is from Pune. In January builder asked to remit balance 10% amount including maintenance + service charges, water charges + service charges. In contract we have to pay deposit against 3 year maintenance. Is service charges are payable upfront for entire period? Water charges is not a part of contract. Still demand is raised that also including service tax. I have wrote a letter to builder seeking explanation. It is not replied but in last week they called & asked me once again to remit the full amount as per demand letter to avail the possession. Please advise on the issue. Thanks & regards,

Rajendra Darekar

Posted On: 2015-06-13 00:12:56
Neo City - Project By Pristine Jalan and Mapple - Neo City - Possession Delayed by 4 Years Product: 2 BHK Flat Company: Neo City - Project By Pristine Jalan and Mapple Location: Site Address: Gat No. 735, Behind Jain College, Next to Lexicon International School, Wagholi, Pune - 411 027 PUNE, MAHARASHTRA, 412207, IN URL: Category: Building, Construction Punes reputed builders Pristine Jalan and Mapple are playing with midle class who are dreaming for their dream home. Site launched in 2011 and still consumers are waiting for flat possession in Phase 1 According to Neo City sales information, they have sold @ 1000 flats in this project. Builders have completed skeleton of building so fast, almost 3 years back and recoved 80 to 90 % payment from consumers. And stopped the construction and moved on another project. 3 - 4 years delay from the committed date is beyond the limit. Common middle class families can not afford the loss which incurring due to the delay


Posted On: 2015-06-12 17:04:11
Raju Sulire is fraud and cheater director of Mandar Housing Prv. Ltd. The Royal Spa Llp, MB Tower, Mandar Mahavir Residency, Mandar Heights, Mandar Shivam Sankul, Mandar Avenue F, Om Mandar Avenue. If you are inverster don't buy property here. I have been invested here in 2011 and now partners of this company fought and company closed down. So clients are at issue. Also he has done double triple registration on same flat. Raju sulire preparing to scape after collecting money from mumbai. And back to the money fraud Raju is threatening to kill. for more detail: His Admin Office Mandar Housing Pvt. Ltd. 105/8 Charbhuja Apt.Kharodi Naka, Agashi Road,Boling Road, Virar West.Raju Sulire (Dir) 9987832364 / 8308810348 / 9833249231 Branch Office 27, Ground Floor, Ganjawala Shoping Centre,Near Chamunda Circle,Borivali (W)

Atul Dahiya

Posted On: 2015-06-12 11:15:31
I have book a flat in Supertech Hill Town Sector 2 Sohna through Times Pro Consltanat in gurgaon and he assure me to give good discount on the deal but after booking he just provide me a credit note and now not answering my call and not available in his office also whenever i visit his office in gurgaon. I request you to kindly look into this matter and help me in this matter.


Posted On: 2015-06-10 21:24:01
I paid Shriram Properties Pvt Ltd. Basulla Street, T.Nagar, Chennai 600017 Rs.10000/- on 19/4/2015 as booking advance for a flat at their Shriram TempleBells Guduvancherry Chennai. Due to financial difficulties, I had to withdraw from the project and asked refund on 27/4/2015. I contacted them in person, through mail many times and written request and there is no response from them till date even after 2 months. Please help me get refund of Rs.10000/-.

Bijender Kumar Moudgil

Posted On: 2015-06-10 11:48:56
Book commercial shop on 31.03.2014 in sector 102 Gurgaon and paid Amount Rs.601460. Morethen 1 year laps company did not issue any allotment letter till date. you are requested to pls registered a complaint against them.

Imran Momin

Posted On: 2015-06-09 17:45:29
Dear Sir/ Madam, I have purchased a flat and as per the contract, I am not liable to pay the past dues before my purchase date and I will pay the property tax only " from the date of purchase". However, I got the first property tax demand receipt from the department and the builder has done something wrong with the property tax authorities. The amount in the property tax demand includes the past dues also which actually the builder is suppose to pay. Even though it is clearly mentioned in the contract that I am liable to pay the property tax only after the date of my purchase, the builder is asking me to pay the past dues which actually he is suppose to pay. I have sent you 2-3 emails to you regarding this matter but have not received any response. Please advice what shall I do. Awaiting your valuable response Imran 99700 126 34


Posted On: 2015-06-09 13:06:19
'Assotech Limited' is not ready pay any compensation/interest of amount I paid against Flat No 014( NEST Tower G) which I booked on 21 Jan 2012, yet construction is not started and my possession date is 30.06.2015 . Even 'Assotech Limited' not ready to pay my paid amount before 3-4 months.

Rohit kumar

Posted On: 2015-06-09 12:31:50
I have booked a 2bhk flat in Meadows vista ph-2 in Value infracon india pvt ltd on june 2014.HDFC sanction me home loan of Rs 20,50,000/- and calculate monthly Emi is 18218/-,HDFC bank issued a DD of Rs 20,50,000 in Favour of builder an builder give me NO EMI TILL POSSESSION PLAN, In this plan all terms and condition are mentioned i.e The plan valid upto 19th months from the date of first emi was starting , My first EMI was starting on JULY 2014.Builder ensure me that All 19 Months EMIs pay by them and after 19th months they will close the home loan and give me NOC from HDFC bank,But till date my 3 EMIs are not paid i.e Mar, April and May 2015. I regularly follow up with the builder to remind the dues clear,Builder ensure me that all dues will be clear by some days,still Emis are not paid. Hdfc bank was regularly remind me through mail and phone calls to clear the dues. My CIBIL is also effected,Please suggest me what i am do. Regards Rohit kumar 9971139201

swadhin kumar bansari

Posted On: 2015-06-07 15:15:15
Sir i have taken a flat in durgapur sparkling project.they have already taken 28 lakhs n give us possision after 2 years n now they are not providing any aminityes written in the agreement paper.swimning pool,24*7 electricity and water,garden,basket ball ground,ac jim,even water supply.they arent giving i have stopped the other installment cheaks.the other 40families are suffring from same problem n the builder is not doing registration ..we are more than 40families and we want either aminities and registration or our money back.

Gaurav Pokhriyal

Posted On: 2015-06-07 11:17:55
I have not received my assured return amount which i suppose to get in the month of april 2015, against my property in Cosmic corporate park 2 sec 140. I have tried to communicate to builder through phone and emails but didnt get any response. Please help

Ashutosh Kumar Shukla

Posted On: 2015-06-06 19:02:23
We have purchased flat 2BHK flat from Kalp Group in there project of Kalp Nisarg in Badlapur. After taking procession there is complain of inferior quality of tiles used, leakages in washroom area and due to leakage wall colour has come down. Also amenities/plan shown in booklet is not completely ignored. I have written and visited them many times but no action is taken. We have made 100% payment but still procession letter is not given to us. Request you to please support in getting the justice.

Manish Sharma

Posted On: 2015-06-06 17:08:38
This is to bring to your notice that we have been cheated by Mr. Raju Sulire of Mandar Realtors as investor to him. We have invested in his company ( Mandar Realtors ) in Dec 2012 and Nov 2013 with the aggregate principal amout of Rs. 40 lacs. This was invested with an arrangement of monthly returns 4 % of the total amount from the date of MOU that has been signed and a buy back of the flat between us. It is now over 2 years and we have not got any returns form this COMPANY and our principals are also stuck with them We therefore request people not be entrap by him. We also wish to connect to those investor and home buyer who have invested with him to take up the case together by filing official complaint against this company and Mr. Raju Sulire and Avinash Dhole. Appreciate your support on the same. Defaulter Detail Name : - M/S Mandar Realtors Person Name :- Name :- Raju Sidhya Sulire Address :- Office Number 105, First Floor, Charbhuja Apartments, Kharodi Naka, Bolinji, Virar ( W

Arup Kumar Das

Posted On: 2015-06-05 14:41:15
We had purchased a office space of 750 sq ft on 2nd Floor of Universal Sqaure from Universal Group India. The property name is Universal Square and our unit no. is 221. The project was launched 5 years back and still the construction is not in full swing. They had taken 30% amount soon after the booking and have also given demand for two more installments. I do not see the project has a end timeline and neither any plan to complete. I would request you to help me to get my money back. I have been following up with the staff but never get any concrete answer of project completion. They do not share any project status. I have been very cautious in paying as I do not see any commitment. However I have alreday paid around Rs 17 Lakhs. I am a salaried person and do not have such risk taking ability to see a 3 year project lingering on for last 5 years and has no light to see nor do I know of any plans of future. The corporate office address of the builder is as below: Universal Trade Tower 8th Floor, Sector-49, Gurgaon Sohna Road, Gurgaon - 122 018 (Haryana), India Tel : +91-124-4734444 Fax : +91-124-4734455/66 Email: .

Suman Datta

Posted On: 2015-06-05 13:48:38
My builder( Builder's Point, Prop- Jahiruddin) has been harassing me for last two months and he is not handing over my flat(at Behala)after registry.

Imran Momin

Posted On: 2015-06-04 17:03:28
Dear Sir/ Madam, I have a query to be asked. I have purchased a flat and it was mentioned in the contract that I will pay the property tax " from the date of purchase". However, I got the first property tax demand receipt from the department and it is mentioned that i will have to pay the past dues also which are before the date of my purchase. I think the builder has done bribed the tax authorities and transfered the past tax due to my name even though it is clearly mentioned in the contract that I will be liable to pay the tax only after the date of my purchase. Please advice what shall I do. Awaiting your valuable response Imran

Sowmya Prasad

Posted On: 2015-06-04 15:30:08
Hello Sir, I had bought an under construction apartment of Rs 28.5 lakh in Sep 2011 from M/s Sanjana Build- Tech. ( Sanjana Serenity) The possession was in 2013 Feb. When my self & my father vistied in Jan-13 , it was a shocker for us and after seeing flat my father died next day due to heart attack( (Pathetic condition). After i could not able to visit because of mental trauma and work pressure. Till Jan-2014 I have made payments as per the schedule thru home loan from can fin homes. I made payment of 90% asking them to complete my apartment first.Now it is May 2015 and the apartment is not yet finished. They have completed other apartments in the building.The builder has done the registration to others except few and now he is not responding to calls and not even meeting with me. I have a mail saying if it is delayed Rs 8000 per month will be reimbursed. Now I am paying full EMI to Bank, I am having my own doubt that builder would have sold my flat to others. I want to somehow get


Posted On: 2015-06-04 05:30:50
I had booked 1 BHK flat on Feb 2014 in Adani Shantigram on SG road Ahmedabad in a subvention scheme 15:85. I have been told by their marketing agent that after down payment of 15%, no payment is required till 24 months or possession date (whichever comes first). I do not have possession date confirmed by builder and before 24 months of subvention period end, I got email from bank to start paying PEMI effective May-2015 that gave only 15 months of subvention period. The PEMI interest till Jan 2015 was paid by the developers , and then after they have stopped paying the PEMi. Bank has already started recovering PEMI from my linked bank account. Please suggest what can be done here to recover PEMI of complete 24 months of subvention duration.

Chandrapal Singh

Posted On: 2015-06-03 19:23:42
I purchased 2 plots from m/s Gruhlaxmi Builder and Land Developer in year 2007 and paid full amount. Now builder is not registering the plots on my name. I have come to know that he has sold whole layout to other person. I have only agreement with builder. What should i do now? I have lodged a FIR with PS and crime branch but nothing has been done till now.

Ranbir kaur

Posted On: 2015-06-02 17:08:31
Sir I have applied for a flat with an advance payment of Rs. 5.0 lacs in Gurgaon with M/s Supertech Ltd. There sales manager Mr Abhishek Jaiswal told me that instead of flat cost there will be other charges around 6 lacks. But on allotment they charged extra charges of Rs.15 lac. which is beyond my pocket and then I emailed for the refund of my money. The refund process has been started since 12 March 2015 but till today i have not got any refund. I met DC Gurgaon on 7th May,2015 and they(DC) called company's people there and they assured refund will be given within one week. I also talked to Mr Guneet Singh Sodhi of the company's G.M. but till today no response have been given. I have written more than 20 emails to the company. The company is using my 5 lacs since Feb'2015. Kindly instruct the company to refund my entire amount with interest from Feb'2015 onwards. SOME OF MOB. NOS. OF COMPANY IS: Mr.Guneet Singh Sodhi, G.M. (7838787863) regards,

Vikas Anand

Posted On: 2015-06-01 21:52:58
Dear Sir, I Had invested in pre launch offer of project 'Good Morning' by Mega Fortune developers in 2012 by paying the booking amount of 15% of 2 BHK flat. 3 yrs have passed and the project has still not got the approval and about 6months back i had asked to return my booking amoutn with interest (as mentioned in the agreement) but am still waiting for the money to be returned and the builder is dodging my phone and keeps his phone switched off and doesnt attend the call. kindly advise thank you


Posted On: 2015-06-01 16:31:02
Project is not complete from last 8 years people get cheated by M/S Tuli Builder please do some help

Hitesh Modi

Posted On: 2015-05-31 10:03:29
Dear Sir/M'am, With this message, i am conveying my complaint regarding the property I bought in Mumbai. I have purchased Pre-Launch property in August 2011 through a Builder. The property was supposed to be ready by 2013 but as on today even work not started. It was re-development property and there is a dispute between builder and old tenants so the property work never initiated. I have been requesting builder to give my payment back, which i have paid though Bank so i have all payment proof. Builder has agreed to pay me my money back with interest. But, Since one year , he is not paying me any amount. I have been chasing him over phone and personally almost every week since last one year but he always says i will pay but never paid a single penny. I am looking forward to your positive response/help and will share more specific details of the deals. Please advise. Thanks Hitesh Modi


Posted On: 2015-05-28 22:51:14
Don't buy this properties. partners of these companies fought. All partner are trying to collect the money and run. They have 200 or 300 bank balance so clients are at issue. The Royal Spa Llp Mandar housing prv ltd Mandar MB Tower Mandar Mahavir Garden Mandar Mahavir Residency Mandar Heights Mandar Shivam Sankul Om Mandar Avenue director of these companies is raju sulire. He is fraud and cheater. I have purchased a flat in 2011 with mandar housing prv ltd. and paid Rs. 6.25 Lac cheque and cash. And a flat position in one year was promised but after one year i surrendered it due to no progress and stated that it is Illegal land. and also more than 100 peoples are in the same way as I have. After requesting him multiple times he issued post dated cheques which was bounced. Now back to the money he is threatening to kill. Help please, my email:

Pooja Khanna

Posted On: 2015-05-28 22:08:13
The act of fraud done on the property taken in Virar. The token of 1,75,000 paid and the house is yet not constructed. The amount been paid in the month of April 2012 and yet the room is not constructed. I need someone to please help to know what's need to be done in regards of getting the money back or the house to be legal way government cidco approved flat. They are ready to provide the house property in Virar which is actually not Cidco approved. Can someone help.


Posted On: 2015-05-28 21:07:48
not refunding money after cancelltion of booking

Rashmi Saxena

Posted On: 2015-05-28 16:29:50
Sir, I bought a plot in Camellia Garden-II, Bhiwadi project from M-Tech builders, Delhi in the year 2005. We made an initial payment of 1.75 lakhs through cheque. Till date there is no intimation from the builder regarding the project while he is enjoying our hard-earned money. Our efforts to reach out to them have been futile so far. With great hope, we are now approaching consumer forum. Kindly advise us how to go about it so that we can recover our money with interest. Thanks ad regards, Rashmi Saxena

sudha Vemuri

Posted On: 2015-05-27 20:41:31
Good morning, I am NRI who booked flat with Aliens group in 2010 and was promised to get the flat in 2012. Nothing has happened till date. Now the builder is asking me to wait till 2018 or I can get ready flat at double the price. I requested for refund and he says he would refund in instalments only the principal and the instalments would start dec 2016 and don't know how long. Recently the MD was arrested also for the fraud he has committed for 100 crores. What is my next action, I would like to get my money back with bank interest in single shot. Thanks, Sudha

Heera chand

Posted On: 2015-05-27 18:07:19
Complaint against landlord


Posted On: 2015-05-26 17:39:04
I had given a complaint and reminder against Grandtech builders Pattom Trivandrum for not giving my villa at Kaniyapuram even after 6 years even though the aggrement was to hand over after 18 months. But no action taken yet and I would like to know whether you cannot move in this case or I should approch any other authority to reddressal my grevences.

rajeev chopra

Posted On: 2015-05-25 23:51:39
sir i had booked 2bhk plus study with orris greenbay homes at yammuna expressway 2013 I had paid 40% of the total amount including excavation charges last august 2014 till date they have not started the projects every time they are giving me the excuses when I asked to return my money ther are sayng they will deduct the 10% of the total value plus any other amount they paid to the broker please help me its my hard earned money as i am from middle class family thanking you in anticipation regards rajeev chopra 9871896262


Posted On: 2015-05-25 20:35:50
The Royal Spa Llp director raju sulire is fraud and cheater. After fraud and cheating with mandar housing prv ltd Mandar MB Tower Mandar Mahavir Garden Mandar Mahavir Residency Mandar Heights Mandar Shivam Sankul He has moved here Each and every partner is trying to collect the money and run. so clients are at issue.

Nitin Gala

Posted On: 2015-05-25 16:42:16
I had booked a 2 BHK flat in A wing flat 301 of MARVEL ARCO project being built by Marvel Realtors. It is located behind Amanora Mall in Magarpatta, Hadapsar.The builder had written commitment of giving the possession by Dec 2013. However, builder has not given the possession yet. I am compelled to stay in the rented flat since 2013 and want the builder to pay for the rent I have paid since Jan 2014. There is a provision of a clause of refund with 9% simple interest in the agreement but I do not want the refund. Please advise how to go about it. The builder has verbally promised to deliver the flat by end of 2015.

Prasunjit Sarkar

Posted On: 2015-05-21 09:13:43


Posted On: 2015-05-20 20:52:48
Sir, Purchase a II floor flat from M/s.Sri Devi constructions, Alagiri Street,MGR nagar, Chennai during 2010.(Now renamed as AK constructions, Pallikaranai, chennai.Since purchase water leaking from roof at least in 3 locations.

slm adinarayana

Posted On: 2015-05-19 02:00:27
We have purchased flat ( 1 year old)from NPS CONSTRUCTIONS , That builder given a promise to complete all the pending works while collecting money but after collected that its not showing his face also and he given poor quality items and 180 feets(depth) bore , now we are not getting water (we are all in deep trouble), we have to effort almost 200000 for new bore , we went to builder place asked about the bore and rest of the works but he was given the answer saying that we already sold out my flats thats it, get out from this place and he was used abused words also.

Rachna sinha shamsi

Posted On: 2015-05-18 16:00:48
I have buy house from Aarvanss Infrastructure Pvt Ltd in his project Royal residency in Ghaziabad but due 2 some issue same have been cancel as per company they says the return the advance money which i have deposit at time of booking with in 90 days but now not getting proper response company ceo level person say i am waiting for your notice. please help as we are sifted from delhi now current location is kolkata

B.R. Chakraborty

Posted On: 2015-05-18 14:05:32

Anil Kumar Yadav

Posted On: 2015-05-18 11:12:29
I have booked a plot in Gurutek, Rewari. Now developer is asking for taking possession but he has not made Sewage treatment plant. He is asking for 3 years advance Maintenance charges and IFMS. He is asking for Holding Payment also. Please suggest can a builder give possession before providing common facilities.

P Jayakaran

Posted On: 2015-05-17 22:45:15


Posted On: 2015-05-17 14:33:43
Dear Sir/ Madam, I have paid for a property in Mira Road to a builder - M/S Square Infra Arch (Mira Road), in May'14. I paid advance payment for the property in cheques and the rest is to be paid post possession. However, the builder has not provided with the date of completion of the project and has also not initiated any steps for the registration of the property. Post multiple follow-ups with him; requesting him to refund the money with interest in case he is not interested in registering; he gave me a part payment cheques in Jan'15. All these cheques bounced when I deposited them into my account. Now the builder is not available in his office nor is available on phone or messages. He seems to have run away with the money and there are many people like me facing a similar issue. Bouncing of cheques is a criminal offence and the builder doesn't seem to care much about it and I am now worried that he will not re-pay the money. Requesting your help and way forward. Kind Regards,

jugraj k sheth

Posted On: 2015-05-17 12:20:10

anil rana

Posted On: 2015-05-15 12:11:19
respected sir i have purchased sare saamag property in lal kuan ghaziabad in spring view floor in 2012 at the time of booking builder have sale 9045 sq feet in three bhk and time of possession was 2 years +offering 5% additional discount on next demand and 5 rs per feet penalty on late possession ,now builder have extended area into 1045 without our permission and not given the possession and discount till now when we are requested for possession and discount they told your time started from approval of project and thats is grace period and your discount will be released by saamag he is another organization even project name is still sare saamag ,i have stop the payment same as my discounted price ,now sare have claimed interest on that and given notes to cancel by flat on behalf of sare saamag realty pvt ltd pl help what to do now ANIL RANA s k 12 shastri nagar ghaziabad ph 9990577505

satish garg

Posted On: 2015-05-15 11:09:15
Dear Friend, i am being cheated by Supertech & Investors Clinic, despite sending a letter, nothing happening, pls help; Brief on the matter is as under: 1.I hv applied for Supertech Hill Town for a 1440 unit on 2nd February 2015 under the subvention scheme, through Investors Clinic 2.I hv paid Rs. 5 Lacs vide cheque no. 819476 drawn on Yes Bank dated 31st January 2015, cleared from my Bank on 19th February 2015 3.I am in touch with Mr Alok Agarwal & Mr Fahad of Investors Clinic, with repetitive requests of status updates, but only got assurances 4.After being scared of losing my money, i requested them for a refund,they assured allotment by 20th March, than by 12th April 2015 and finally I requested for refund of my money on 16th April 2015 5.To the surprise, I got a mail from Supertech offering me Unit at 16th Floor, which was against the initial understanding of Lower Unit on Hillside; 6.I am in constant touch of Officials of the companies without any results, pls Reg Satish


Posted On: 2015-05-14 20:49:00
I gave advance amount to purchase plot from Maxworth Realty. Rs 50,000/- on 25-08-2013 and Rs 1,84,000 on 14-09-2013 for Project "Max Keerthana 1st Phase". Since layout was disolved due to litigation, they were pestering me to take plot from other projects. I placed cancellation on 28/06/2014. Till now they have not refunded money. I paid money to an Manager Mr. Kumar H(M:9900056119). Later he said that he moved to Sales and asked me to contact Genaral Manager Mr Roopesh( M:9902009922). Whenever I call him, he is not answering call or he says "call you in five minutes". The bill number are "BLR/13-14/3523" and BLR/13-14/4013". Please help me to get back my money and also interest on that amount

Anurag Jain

Posted On: 2015-05-14 10:33:45
Landlord has not payed back the security amount completely upon vacating the flat. He says that he has spent on maintenance/painting of the flat which is not in our scope.

Mr.Jerome H Rodrigues

Posted On: 2015-05-13 22:52:56
Tata Housing Development Company Ltd has charged Rs.50000 for Open Car Parking Space in their project New Haven at Boisar District Palghar. We have got the possession of the 2BHK Large Flat in Feb 2015. When made an application for refunding the amount because it amounts to UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICE, they are avoiding to answer my letter. Tata Housing keeps on beating round the bush when followed up regularly with them.

Chava KiranKumar

Posted On: 2015-05-13 22:09:35
at the time of purchase he mentioned in the agreement that the car parking is included now he alloted one car parking to 2 owners and he is not properly responding and when we call him he is telling he will give that much only.


Posted On: 2015-05-13 17:04:48
Dear Sir, I would like to request you to please help me in getting out of this issue.Builder is asking for late payment as i got loan amount sanctioned and disbursed in 45 days.

M.Suresh Reddy

Posted On: 2015-05-13 16:41:56
Living in our own flat 3 bhk since 2011,builder not fulfilled promises as per brochure and as per sanctioned plans,many deviations and violations were not addressed despite of legal notices.Handing over of property still pending.Many promises were ignored by builder though we all took physical possession of flats. Major fire accident happened last year in a flat and no fire provisions are in place at all.Conveyance deed not done.Auto sprinkling system not provided.Common amenities not handed over yet.All efforts to resolve amicably are in vain.Total no. of flats in this gated community of aprts 235.Contemplating to approach consumer court. Pls advise the best way forward.


Posted On: 2015-05-13 11:13:23


Posted On: 2015-05-12 19:59:10

vikas jha

Posted On: 2015-05-12 17:01:17
I had booked 2.5 BHK flat on Jan Adani Shantigram on SG road Ahmedabad in a subvention scheme 20:80. The flat was to be handed over in Jan 2015, but now developer is saying that the possesssion will be in the month of Oct.2015. The PEMI interest till Jan 2015 was paid by the developers , and then after they have stopped paying the PEMi. Bank has send me the reminder notice twice for the PEMI payment. I am ready to pay the EMI but not the PEMI as it will be the extra burden on me in totallity. Please advise me for the correct action to be taken on it.

Ashok Kumar

Posted On: 2015-05-12 16:40:24


Posted On: 2015-05-12 14:38:45

manoj Talwar

Posted On: 2015-05-12 05:19:18
Non - delivery of apartment on promised scheduled time after possession.

Sudhir Triapthi

Posted On: 2015-05-11 15:43:27
I have book falt with under 20-80 schema JM builder at greatr noida west. I have give 10% of down payment at time of booking as precondition. And give my all required document to bank for process my loan with hdfc but due to my personal loan eligibility not found. So we attach my father a gov. employee with me in flat and send document to bank loan process.but father retirement in next 5 year its not processed.And the builder old me try with Reliance but same result happens. During booking they promises me if loan not passed we will return complete amount without and charges.But when i ask for return they deny me and told it cancellation charges

Rohit Malhotra

Posted On: 2015-05-11 13:24:30
Hi Team, We booked a flat in Sept 2012 and we were promised that we will get the Possession of our flat by Oct 2014, however the work on the project has not even been started yet. Let me know if you can help me in this matter. Thanks Rohit Malhotra

rajesh kumar

Posted On: 2015-05-10 17:54:18
Dear Sir, I bought a flat from Shivashish builders & developers pvt Ltd (228, shahibad, shalimar garder, ghaziabad, uttar Pradesh 201005, ph 09910403774, 08800259453, ) in Shalimar city at delhi-wazirabad Road , Ghaziabad (UP) near Shalimar Garden on 13 Jun 2012. The builder told me that flats are about to complete and possession will be made latest by Dec 2012, hence i have to pay 85% of total cost of the flat. I took a loan of 32 lakhs and paid approx 44 lakhs to the builder, however in Dec 2012, when i approached the builder, he started giving me all the excuses and assured that possession will be done by Mar 2013, these excuses are continued till date even after 27 months of full payment in advance and monthly i m paying approx Rs 20,000/- as interest of loan amount. As per agreement after 18 months from the date of agreement builder is supposed to pay Rs 5/- per square ft which makes only 7500/- per month. suffering huge financial loss. pl advise.

Saurabh Srivastava

Posted On: 2015-05-09 18:08:48
From ; 1- Saurabh Kumar Srivastava 2- Piyush kumar Srivastava 3- Prashant Kumar Srivastava Date ; 09/01/2015 To, Suyash Builders & Developers Pvt ltd. First floor,Devpuri Plaza, Faizabad Road, Lucknow Subject : Your Demand letter dated 1/11/2014 & 15/04/15 for call to pay the Development charges Ref 1 : Saurabh Srivastava Plots No- G-31, 32 , Sai valley, Maurawa Road, Mohan Lal Ganj, Lucknow Ref 2 : Saurabh Srivastava-Plots No- G-129, Sai valley Maurawa Road, Mohan Lal Ganj, Lucknow Ref 3 : Piyush Srivastava Plots No- G-33, 34 , Sai valley Maurawa Road, Mohan Lal Ganj, Lucknow Ref 4 : Prashant Srivastava Plots No- G-27,28,29,30, Sai valley Maurawa Road, Mohan Lal Ganj, Lucknow Dear Sir/madam, We undersigned are the owners and having exclusive legal possessions of our respective plots bearing Nos. as mentioned more particularly in our registered Sale Deed with you (you as a Suyash Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd. ) and had paid full consideration and

Sanjay Sabharwal

Posted On: 2015-05-08 23:35:26
Hi, Around 2 months back I had seen 1 flat and there after we paid the TOKEN amount of Rs.10000 to the Seller by cash through a dealer who was executing the deal. It was refundable as said by the dealer. Seller stated that the deal shall be completed soon and all the required documents from his side shall be prepared. Later we found that this was the disputed property. Actually, this was the individual house and the ground floor was already mortgage with the govt bank. Now he was tired with loan premium and he made two another floor on the building with the approval from the bank. Now he has the NOC from the bank that he can sale the first and second floor. But when we talked to the bank manager and loan manager, they said registry can not be done until the full loan amount of the ground floor with land is not paid to the bank. Now he is not giving me the token back which i had given him in the presense of one witness but not taken any reciept.


Posted On: 2015-05-08 13:08:54
I bought flat-shop at nala -sopara thane(palghar district) in1989 throughagreement ,paid 90% amount throughcheque (i haverecords)not given possesion of flat demanding intrest ,maitainenance chages though not given possesion,presnt scenerio is given to other builder for development.


Posted On: 2015-05-07 15:19:38
tenant told me to leave house before the date of maturity of agreement . please help me

Sonia Grewal

Posted On: 2015-05-06 15:05:27
Me and my uncle have booked an apartment last year in sector 68 Gurgaon with Pareena Infrastructure. Co claimed that project would be launched in 2-3 months time last year but the project hasnt taken up yet. Now, when we ask for refund of booking amount which was Rs 5 lac ( paid by cheque), comapny has become dormant. They are neither responding to emails nor to calls. Please advise

Sunil Kumar Mishra

Posted On: 2015-05-05 11:44:05
I have paid 72% of total cost of flat (G-149/F, Sarayu, Rudrapur Lake City) booked in Aug 12 with M/s Samiah International Builder Ltd. However, the possession of flat is not given by the firm till date.

Pankaj Gupta

Posted On: 2015-05-04 15:04:14

Melwin Leiws

Posted On: 2015-05-04 14:29:06
Copy of the Judgement dated 16/04/2015 not received t9ill date.


Posted On: 2015-05-04 14:02:37
I have purchased a Flat with one open car parking space from Developer @ 24,90,000/- in 2012 through SBI HB Loan.The owner of this flat & car space is Developer & Land Owner 50% each. Developer said he has paid 50% share of money to Land owner as per agreement between Developer & Land Owner. Now Land owner has illegally occupied my car space and threatening to re-sail my flat to other person. Kindly advise what I should do now being Central Govt. gazetted officer.

Ravi Ghosh

Posted On: 2015-05-01 16:44:52
I purchase 1 2bhk flat in hari navi kolkata by name radhakunja apartment builder & developer name Mrs.swati kundu she dosenot give me the copy of complitition certificate (CC)


Posted On: 2015-05-01 09:49:39
I have booked a shop of 300 sq ft on in Brys group project Noida. I have also paid the Booking amount of 239700 in favour of Brys international P Ltd. Now I came to know that project has been cancelled and since one year i am following up with builder they told me that they do not have funds to return my boking amount. I would request to Buyers do not believe on this group. They are cheaters.

Praveen Kumar

Posted On: 2015-04-30 19:47:16
Dear Sir, I booked my house from Manju and Hema India Ltd. at dated 27-02-2012. They ensured me that they would give me house after 3 yrs, but till date at the site work has not been started. So, I want to withdrawn my full amount. Please help me out.


Posted On: 2015-04-30 13:10:00


Posted On: 2015-04-30 11:11:45


Posted On: 2015-04-28 20:45:15
I have bought flat in PRM Infrastructures, but the builder is not giving me documents for transferring my loan. Its been many days, I have asked for documents. His staff does not speaks properly and it is kind of mental harrasment and also some of the mentioned things in the agreement are not there .Can I file complaint against this in consumer court? Will it be beneficial?

Major S A Risaldar

Posted On: 2015-04-28 15:36:47
M/s Colors Infra Pvt Ltd Owned by Mr Amin Alachiya has cheated me by supplying substandard equipment for doing up my flat and he is also producing false and inflated xerox bills. He refuses to produce the original bill of the equipment and is demanding additional money without showing the original bills. Police complaiunt to the same effect has been filed at Viman Nagar Police Stn Pune

Action.Mantri Premero

Posted On: 2015-04-28 11:08:37
Sunil Mantri is Cheating with Customer took more then 90 per and 3 years delay, Stil there is no dead line or poject. Every 6 month he change the delivery date.

Action.Mantri Premero

Posted On: 2015-04-28 11:05:19
Sunil mantri Builder cheating with customer, 500 cutomers r suffering a promle with Sunil mantri Builder in Blore , He took the payment n 90% and 2 years delay still no delivery date

Sumit Gaur

Posted On: 2015-04-27 16:12:47
Hi, I have booked a flat on subvention scheme in feb 2012 with Jaypee AMAN Noida. As per the agreement the flat should have been handed over by June 2014. However, there is no communication and 95% of the amount is with the builder. Please guide.

Anoop Singh Dadwal

Posted On: 2015-04-27 14:55:24
I bought 220 sq ft executive suite office at Landmark corporate park, Sec 68, Gurgaon on 19/04/2012. This agreement was based on 12% assured return. I receive this assured return for first year. But since then I have not received any rent checks. Also there is no offer of possession by the builder Property details: Anoop Singh Dadwal Executive Suite No 9 4th Floor Landmark Corporate Park Sec 68, Gurgaon. Can you suggest where I can complain about this builder?


Posted On: 2015-04-27 10:51:54
A new flat was purchased in Dec'2013 from a builder in a 3-story building on a 250 sq. yard plot. It is situated on first floor. The builder gave rights to park a 4-wheeler and two wheeler in the night in drive trough area within the plot on registry. The dweller of ground floor always object for parking and he has put grills within common area in such a way that if I park even a small car there is no passage/space to walk.Builder did not mark any space as drive through area and I did not get possession of the same for the use of vehicle parking. This flat is in Faridabad

r k bhan

Posted On: 2015-04-26 22:35:08


Posted On: 2015-04-26 10:04:21
builder construct 2 room on 4th floor harrsing everybody who lives in the building threatning us for sell the house otherwise he will do physical or mentally assualt us by call anty social elliments


Posted On: 2015-04-25 17:38:45
I have got possesion of my flat. I want to transfer my home loan from HDFC to SBI for which i need documents from builder like provisionalNOC and blue print and he is not giving it, i m kind of frustrutated and it is like mental harassment.And also builder has not provided some of the things that are mentioned in the agreement. So can I file complaint about this?

Shewal BHatnagar

Posted On: 2015-04-25 12:55:13
I have booked a flat with Unibera Developers in 2012 at Noida Extension, But later on builder changed the layout of entire project and flat also. I have submitted a cancellation request with them but now even after 6 months they are not ready to refund the money as mentioned in agreement(10% deduction of Ernest money) And there representative now saying that we can't refund money at the moment as they don't have funds , and told me to do what ever I can do to get the money. Please advise what should I do to get my money back.

Pradeep Krishnakumar

Posted On: 2015-04-23 21:05:33
I purchased a house from Ruchi Developers at Parshva Heights, sector 17, Ulwe two years back. I was made to pay over 95% of the money saying I will get possession by Diwali 2013. I still haven't received possession and I am still paying interest on my home loan from IDBI bank. I am not even able to reduce my principal part since OC for the flat. Please advice if there is any way I can get some compensation from builder in this regard.


Posted On: 2015-04-23 20:54:37
I, Manish Khatri S/O Shri Tej Narayan Khatri serving the country in Indian Air Force. I have been cheated in kolkta by Mr. Asit Kumar Dutta and his son Ayan kumar Dutta. They have taken Rs. 2,75,000 from me as a advance for flat. neither they gave me the flat nor returning my money since Jun-Jul 14. An FIR is raised in but nothing happen beneficial except Rs. 85000 refund after quarreling daily.Please help me.

Rajneesh Bankura

Posted On: 2015-04-23 12:46:23
i purchased a flat in Margosa Heights by Kolte Patil in January 2014 at Pune. it has been more than a year and i am not being allotted a car parking as mentioned in the agreement.


Posted On: 2015-04-22 16:14:29
I have purchased property form Seven Hills Sands, Puri. Although the builder promised to pay rent but since last 2years no rents have been paid. The office of the company has been closed I Delhi and no one responding from the customer care opened-up in Puri. I am paying my EMI and going through a mental stress. Please suggest how to recover the money from the builder.

uttam kumar singh

Posted On: 2015-04-21 08:02:05
I booked my flat at KSB Greens Zirakpur in Sep 2013 and paid him Rs 3.40 lakh. Due to domestic problems and his construction progress I wanted to quit from booking. I meet to mr Kuldeep Soni who is bldrs and told him the problems. He agreed and told wait for some time if you again want refund I will give you the refund. I give a written letter for making payment. Atleast In Dec 2014 he give me post dated cheques I.e. 20 feb and 20th mar 2015. But both cheques become bounced. Now he is not picking up my phone and not replying msg. I am a serving soldier please do neadfull help.

Sachin Raya Naik

Posted On: 2015-04-20 16:22:54
I booked flat in dreamz infra in Noember-2013 and given a initial booking amount of Rs.200000/-. They did not start the construction so i cancelled the flat and applied for cancellation, after which i was given cheque of Rs.221060/- which bounced. i want to file cheating case against this builder

Agam Malhotra

Posted On: 2015-04-20 15:32:16
Hi, I had booked a flat in January 2012 in Tower A in project Cosmo Court in Sector 86 Gurgaon by the builder Era Landmarks Limited (Now ADEL Landmarks Limited). The allotment was done in February 2013 and BBA was issued in September 2013. The BBA stated that it will take 54 months for completion of project + 6 months which is unreasonably long. I have already paid 32.5% (Rs. 20 lacs ) of the basic cost of the flat which was a precondition for allotment. However, the construction at the site has been halted for almost a year now. I have sent numerous mails to the company to know the status of the construction of the project, but there is no response from them. I feel cheated by the builder. I just want to know when is the construction is likely to start. Also, if there is some issue with the project/builder then I wish to claim a refund of my money with 24% interest per annum compounded annually. Please advice.


Posted On: 2015-04-19 17:46:21

Prakash Bhoyar

Posted On: 2015-04-19 17:40:57
Subject: Plight of a Retd. Sr. Citizen- Misappropriation of my money by the Builder Respected Sir, I am a Retd. Sr. Citizen and presently leading a very miserable and pathetic life. I am a duped person because one builder (Mr. Harshal Chaudhari -Prime Developers, Sadashiv Peth, Pune) has cheated me to the tune of Rs. two lacs, details of which can be expressed personally. Since two years, he has been using my hard earned money. Neither, he has done any legal agreement with Jt. Registrar Office nor willing to return my deposited money with him. Kindly allow me to meet you personally so that I can explain this entire case to you. Kindly mercy on me and help a senior citizen to come out of this critical financial problem/situation. May God Bless You!!!


Posted On: 2015-04-19 14:22:59
I purchased flat at manikonda 2010 got registration till now DAT builder not transferring electricity Meyer on my name what to do can I get transfer of name with out builder consent with my sale deed 2010 I occupied

shiva agrawal

Posted On: 2015-04-18 23:36:46
I had book a flat 2 years back in Meadows vista project of Value Infra Com Pvt. Ltd. In mortal Ghaziabad. The project construction is stopped since 2 years and delivery is delayed by 1.5 years as per agreement. Builder is not starting the construction nor giving any delay penalty charges payable to him.


Posted On: 2015-04-18 17:36:18
Sir i am Rohit kumar booking a flat in Value infracon india pvt ltd project name-Meadows vista ph-2,flat no-143,14th floor, tower-f,area-890 sq.ft under the No Emi scheme On 30-06-2014. Builder sell this flat to me @27,50,000/- HDFC give me the loan of Rs 20,50,000/- with 18,218 Emi per month and builder also give me the MOU doc .As this docs all the 19 months EMI paid by builder. 8 months EMI are already paid but on FEB 15 ,MAR 15 EMIs are not paid by builder due to insufficient fund, i spoke to Mr Vipin Saroha he is company representative please pay the feb15 and mar 15 emi he ensure me dont worry i have paid these EMI. Till date these EMI are not paid by builder and April EMI is also present on 25th,My CIBIL score is also effective, I regularly follow up with this person but he is not responding me. I also speak to Mr vipin saroha (Company representative) for cancellation the flat but he said that wait for this month your EMIs will be paid by end of thi month,but sir he telling a l


Posted On: 2015-04-18 13:44:00
sir, i have booked a plot for 100 sqd. from Surya City Phase II, it owner is Mr. Rajesh Gurjar (ph. 9828199980) on Installment. i have paid my all installment on time , after complete my installment i have sold my plot to Mr. Rakesh Gurjar & he give me cheque for Rs. 1,66,000/-. but till date cheque not cleared & didn't pick up my call every time he speak lie. cheque date is going to over. if i deposite my cheque into bank it will be bounse. so plz help me & ask to rejesh to clear my amount ASAP.

Manoj Kumar Das

Posted On: 2015-04-16 17:12:38
I am living in a flat for rent basis from 21st February, 2015 to still now. The flat address is A95/204, SP-Sukhobristi, Action Area - 3, P.S. - New Town, Kolkata - 700156, West Bengal. At the time of taking flat in rent I told to broker that I need monthly rental slip for TDS purpose in my office. That time they told that I will get it. I have paid my one month advance (Rs 5500/-) also security deposit (Rs 11000/-) at first time when agreement is done. After that I asked for my first month rental slip then the owner told me that he will not give rental slip and told me that it is not the procedure for that complex. After that I told again that I need slip to submit it in my office. Then he told me that if broker will inform him for monthly receipt then he will give it. Again and again I have informed the broker for that matter but he didn't take any action.

Tushar Shetty

Posted On: 2015-04-16 16:42:49
The builder hasn't provided any facilities, even basic municipal electricity is not there from MSEB. Lift, lights and electricity these promised things haven't yet being provided. It's been more than 6 years now. Builder is Enkay Homes, Project is Enkay Gardens and location is Taloja, Navi Mumbai.

Simran Ramchandran

Posted On: 2015-04-16 12:45:43
Mishap due to severe leakage from corroded pipes in society and above Flat Honorable Sir, Severe mishap occurred in our house yesterday night when the cieling fell down and my father in law narrowly escaped this. We have filed 8-9 complaints to society regarding leakage from above flat, corroded pipes outside the building and have been asking them to fix this. This not getting actioned has led to this grave situation where our very lives are in danger. My father in law and mother in law are senior citizens and this is harassment of senior citizens and a big threat to our very lives because society is not doing anything and the above flat owner is extremely un-cooperative and physically abuses everyone. This matter has led to us being harassed everyday and living under danger since years and we just escaped this big mishap. Pl help us resolve this urgently. Mrs S Ramchandran Resident of Kashmira Ameeta Society Gen JB Marg, Sachivalaya, Mumbai 9820133058


Posted On: 2015-04-16 11:40:05
I have booked a flat with New Chennai Township Pvt. Ltd a subsidiary of MARG PROPERTIES in Chennai in their project MARG SWARNABOOMI.The agreement is they have to hand over the flat by March 2014. Columns have raised by Sept 2012 and the project is still at the same level. They have claimed payment from me through Bank loan beyond the actual stage of construction. No response from them for the calls (in fact all their phones are disconnected) and emails. Is there any scope of recovering the money or make them to expediate the process of construction.

Parthasarathi Biswas

Posted On: 2015-04-16 10:36:59
In spite of the fact we are paying Maintenance Charge on regular basis (monthly), the promoter is not providing basic services to the residents including myself. Name of the Promoter: Alcove Construction Pvt Ltd Contacts of the promoter: Address: 68/ 2, Harish Mukherjee Road, Bhowanipur, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700025 Phone: 033 - 24548671

yatish chandra sharma

Posted On: 2015-04-15 12:00:39
This is the complaint against NA construction Pvt ltd. We booked 2 flats on the name of Yatish Chandra Sharma, and Yash . Y. Sharma on date. 15/12/2015, with the down payment of INR 5,22,000 through cheque. The guided gave the date of December 2014, as the date of possession. Till today, they have not started the construction, and now when we want to cancel the booking on account of non possession, the guided is changing office and is not available for reimbursement of our hard earned money. Kindly help in getting our money back, as guided is not available anywhere.

Jaiganesh K

Posted On: 2015-04-15 08:59:53
I have booked 3 plots (each 1200sq ft ) with price Rs.50,000 each 3 yrs back by paying advance Rs.51000. But later i came to know that plots were not in their names and they are indirect owners. so i asked to refund my money but they are refusing til now. So please provide a solution to get back my money.

Sanjay Tyagi

Posted On: 2015-04-13 14:53:38
I booked a 2 BHK flat in Adel (formerly ERA) Skyville, Sector 68, Sohna Road, Gurgaon in Jan 13. I have paid approx 45% amount. The builder has stooped the construction since Jun 14. Now I am not interested in this project and want refund of the total amount paid alongwith interest. Please help.


Posted On: 2015-04-13 14:48:29
i have booked a flat in ADEL Landmarks, 2 BHK, area 1446 sq. ft. i have paid more than 40% of the total cost , but the work has been stopped at the site , my request is whatever amount i have paid i should get the refund along with interest since i am no more interested in the project. request you to kindly help me in getting my money refunded along with interest at the earliest

vivek vasvani

Posted On: 2015-04-11 16:27:53
Cancelled my booking

Praveen Kumar Atmakuri

Posted On: 2015-04-09 20:12:05
Hi, I have booked plot in Maxworth Realty. Paid Rs. 2,88,000/-, as per agreement remaining amount I should pay at the time of registration. They are not doing registration and 3 times agreement got extended now, but registration not done yet. They are not responding to phone calls and not sure even they stick to the commitment now. Pls. let me know process to take legal action. With best regards Praveen Atmakuri


Posted On: 2015-04-09 14:02:13
I have booked a flat A2/506 in 2013 at VVA-Town One-Aspen Heights, Bhiwadi through and 25% payment paid to the Developers (VVA Developers Pvt.Ltd.). After poor response from the developers and non construction of the flat, I have submitted the documents on 16/12/2014 for cancellation of booking. After giving the sufficient time to the developers, they have not refund my money. Please look into the urgently and give me justice.


Posted On: 2015-04-09 00:58:30
I have invested in Eros Corporate Park, Manesar, Gurgaon, Builder's name is Ajay ENterprises. My office space is neither selling or renting. Builder refuses to take calls and there is never an email in response to any of my questions. Instead every quarter there is an invoice send for the maintainence fee. I feel cheated by the builder. He is not making any effort towards the owners who have invested their hard earned money. He has no respect towards other people's time and effort. It is a shame to invest with this builder.

simon mukhia

Posted On: 2015-04-08 13:24:49
Desire Agro Resorts Development Pvt. Ltd. They are yet to pay us for the land booking we made and it did not materialize. On surrender we were given 45,000/- in 2 installments. Balance of Rs. 1.55 lacs not paid for the past three years after the last payment. Only dates and names of different people are being given. Many like me are suffering this same dillema with this company. The owner of this company name is Ashoke Bose

Munish Singla

Posted On: 2015-04-07 15:37:17
I purchase a flat in Gurgaon sector 82, Universal Aura. The project was launched in 2009 and I purchase flat in Dec-2013 from other buyer. I am asking builder about tentative possession date for my flat from last months. But he respond diplomatically, that is not the answer. Can you please help me that what I can do in this?

Mohd Gufran

Posted On: 2015-04-06 17:56:41
Hello, Greetings From Way2Wealth Realty !! Builder : RC Group Project : Bhakti Villa Agreement Value : 7450000 Brokerage : 149000 (2) Service tax : As applicable The above deal was closed in September 2014 in coordination with Mr Shekhar. We as a channel partner had closed our client and have make sure that your amount is paid by the client and had helped in loan procedures also. After the loan was allotted we have raised our Invoice of 2% & Service Tax. We have not received the brokerage amount yet. I Personally have met Mr Ashok & Mr chakravarty following times to settle down our payments, but they both have failed in finalizing the dues. I request you to look down in this case and disburse our payment. It matters our Account book and My Individual Employee. Contact persons Mr Shekhar : 9970332333 Mr Ashok : 8898449439 Mr Chakraborty : 9224332063 Website : Email Ids

Shiv Kumar

Posted On: 2015-04-06 14:44:16
I have booked a flat with Insun Infrastructure and developers (Project name is Oyster Park- Bhiwadi) , till date no development has done . They have committed that project will be completed by dec 2015 , but still project is not even started . So i have raised cancellation request but since last 6 moths they are not refunding my booking amount INR 250,000 . Please help me to get my money back.

vinod singh

Posted On: 2015-04-06 11:03:23
Dear Sir, This is in reference to my complain against the real estate broker apical india realty pvt. ltd, Gurgaon, Haryana. I have dealt with this broker in reference to the Supertech Hill Town Property at Sohna Road under the subvention scheme. I have paid the amount of 3 Lacs in December 2014 as a token money against the Expression of Interest for Hill Town. They were also involved with getting my loan pre-approval from the respective banks but i got to know that my loan eligibility is not there as per the required property. apical India reality pvt. ltd had told me that they will get the loans approval and get the property processed, i have waited for the same till end of March 2015 but when there was no approval and updates from them, I have asked them to cancel my booking and provide with the NOC. Post this, things went ugly, they started harassing me saying that we will not provide you with the NOC do what ever you can, said if you want to go to legal authorities, you are

Deepjyot Kaur

Posted On: 2015-04-05 22:10:08
Landlord has not returned our money of security deposit. We paid him 19250 and got back only 4780, we suffered undue loss of at least 8000-9000

Asis Kumar Mukhopadhyay

Posted On: 2015-04-05 18:22:06


Posted On: 2015-04-03 20:58:00
D.omkumar Customers are treated so badly. Once you book the flat and start the payments, you become weaker & weaker and the Builder becomes stronger & stronger. You would hardly get any resp Posted On: 2015-04-03 00:07:39 Customers are treated so badly. Once you book the flat and start the payments, you become weaker & weaker and the Builder becomes stronger & stronger. You would hardly get any response to your queries including the handing over date. You have to patiently wait for an indefinite period or you could become a patient - Choice is yours. Writing this review as I am one of the affected customer of JBM Shelters pvt. Ltd, Chennai. There is an inordinate delay of 12+ months. Please let me know the procedure for filing either manual or online suit againt the Builder to compensate me for the loss I have suffered - Rental Income, IT benefits for 2 years, mental agony and ignorance by the Builder. Similar Flat owners of same project could contact me

sarabjit singh

Posted On: 2015-04-03 14:26:32
I have booked 1 BHK flat in Sarv Awas Arawali garden in Bhiwadi in May-2013. Two year complete no progress at site. They have failed to even get approval of plants from the competent authorities. Now i want my money back from M/s Sarv Awas. When i asked for refund my money M/s sarv Awas told me that they will refun my momey after 180 days with duduction of 10%. Sir, why they deduct my money. No progress at site is not my fault. Now I want only my money back with interest of 10%. Please do the needful.

pravin pandey

Posted On: 2015-04-01 23:38:39


Posted On: 2015-04-01 14:17:19
On 9th March'15, booked a house no. 1321 for rent and has given 9000/- as advance to landlord. After 21 days landlord refuse to give the possession. current house(1315) is also booked by some other person and deposited advance. now I am homeless.I have rent agreement.

Gopal Rawat

Posted On: 2015-03-31 22:14:08
Dear Sir, I Have booked a flat in red apple homes project of M/s MANJU J HOMES LTD raj Nagar extn Ghaziaba on 30/06/2013. I have paid them Rs.333962/- I have cancelled the same on Oct 2015 but inspite of several commitment they have not refund my deposit. I would request you please help me to getting me my refund My Flat detils are below Flat No. K-806 Redapple Homes A project of Manju J Homes Ltd Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201001 Registered office C-294,, Vivek Vihar, Delhi, .


Posted On: 2015-03-31 16:35:44
Is a huf of 3 members who purchased 4 flats from a builder (sale being illegal+legal notice of same being served) apply as a consumer in consumer court.

Thenmozhi. Customers are treated so badly. Once you book the flat and start the payments, you become weaker & weaker and the Builder becomes stronger & stronger. You would hardly get any resp

Posted On: 2015-03-30 00:07:39
Customers are treated so badly. Once you book the flat and start the payments, you become weaker & weaker and the Builder becomes stronger & stronger. You would hardly get any response to your queries including the handing over date. You have to patiently wait for an indefinite period or you could become a patient - Choice is yours. Writing this review as I am one of the affected customer of Ramani Realtors Green Park Project, Coimbatore. There is an inordinate delay of 16+ months. Please let me know the procedure for filing either manual or online suit againt the Builder to compensate me for the loss I have suffered - Rental Income, IT benefits for 2 years, mental agony and ignorance by the Builder. Similar Flat owners of same project could contact me

K Srinivasan

Posted On: 2015-03-29 22:25:47
Dear Sir, we have been cheated by purchasing Govt. Land, when we asked for survey the surveyor says the land shown to us is govt property. the survey mentioned in the documents & physical shown land by seller are different. how we can recover our land properly with legal. awaiting sugessionns. thanking you,

Dheeraj Narang

Posted On: 2015-03-29 22:22:33
Dear Sir I booked a flat with Ambition Builders Pvt Ltd also known as Avalon Group, in its Avalon Homes Project, which is located in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. As per Builder-Buyer agreement, dated Feb, 2010, they should offer possession after 3 years i.e. in Feb 2014 while till today they have not given possession. On calling their office, Suman Sharma the Acount Manager for the project, does not respond to the calls. I and few other members of the project together went to Avalon office at Sector 38, Gurgaon on 18 Oct, 2014 where Suman Sharma and Manoj Singhal apologized for the delay and promised to offer the possession by Dec 2014, but till today they have not offered the possession. I request you to either get me the possession of my flat or order a Refund of full amount paid (95% of total), plus interest @18 per annum (Which the builder charge us for late payments), plus suitable compensation for mental agony I and my family who are going through from last one year.


Posted On: 2015-03-28 22:11:18
I have applied for Home loan in Guwahati for a Flat in Kolkata. My home loan not getting approved in absence of registration of sale. My developer Primarc Sunniva Projects LLP not willing to give letter of registration. They are telling they don't have system agreement for sale. In the absence of registration of sale what kind of action I can take against them. Developer address: SUNNIVA PROJECTS LLP SUNNIVA,19 POLLOCK STREET, 2ND FLOOR, KOLKATA 700001 PHONE: +91 8420158755 EMAIL:

Anirban Sarkar

Posted On: 2015-03-28 16:36:53

Nitesh Kumar Agarwal

Posted On: 2015-03-27 16:59:49
Hi I have submitted the check for pre launch scheme of real state company Sohna Gurgaon. They said the scheme will be launch within 6 month. But its about more than one year and scheme was not launched. I have requested for the cancellation about 6 month before and they promised to refund after one month but after 6 month they are not giving the refund. Each time they are making fool with the next date. Please help me regarding that. I have the photo copy of the check submitted. I have the signed receiving copy of the cancellation request.

Harinder Pal Singh

Posted On: 2015-03-26 14:45:21

jaydeep mukherjee

Posted On: 2015-03-24 17:58:45
I had booked a flat in 2011 after giving 20% of the total amount as per agreement?The project was stuck up in certain legal disputes.But that has been cleared and loan approved.But the promoter is refusing to give me the NOC,draft deed copy even though he has given it to other consumers applying from the same loan sanctioning authority(LICHFL)and trying to arm twist me for agreeing on higher property rates.What legal and other remedies i have aginst the promoter?


Posted On: 2015-03-24 17:01:47
Sir, 1.Builder charging for fixed electricity charges for the period before possession. 2.Private telephone providers were forced on the occupants.No provisions for BSNL or Airtel landline phone. 3.For TV,only the private service providers are allowed.Persons already having aTATA Sky or other connections are forced to instal the private connection. 4.Poor quality construction.Seepage and cracks over the wall before completion of even 6 month 5.Non cordial attitude of the maintenance staff.

Bholanath Bhattacharya

Posted On: 2015-03-24 11:07:22
work stopped for several months. keeping no promises. installation of electric transformer delayed after approval.

manish kumar mishra

Posted On: 2015-03-23 19:20:20


Posted On: 2015-03-23 13:30:48
Dear Sir/Madam, I have book a flat about 570 sq.ft at 10, Kamar Para Lane, P.O-Baranagar, Kolkata-70036 from the builder D.A.Enterprise during beginning of 2014. I have given Ujjwal Nath (propiter of D A Enterprise) Rs.3, 32300.00(Rupees three lacks thirty two thousand and three hundred only) as advance. During technical verification of the property by HDFC, AXIS Bank & DHFL it is found that there are deficiencies on documents required for loan disbursement. Accordingly I requested the builder to refund my advance money at the earliest. Further I would like to inform you that he has miss guided me to apply for the loan from AXIS Bank & DHFL after HDFC regretted for disbursement. In spite of my several request and his commitment he has not refund me a single paisa till date. I beg you help in this regard. Regards, P K Jana 09836656974 Contact no. of Ujjwal Nath -09674627539


Posted On: 2015-03-23 00:08:42
I booked a flat in December 2010, in guwahati Shangrila towers i paid 10% payment and till date the project has not even started and when i ask for interest and my actual investment they refuse, please advice how to get the interest and actual investment. It has been more than 4 years no work done , project hasnt started.


Posted On: 2015-03-22 17:24:17
i m israr. as per the ad i went to anchor realty to book house. But they said we dont give flats to muslims. what a bull shit in india whre we r brothers and sisters. Anchor realty. My mom and myself came so far to book flat they denied it.... bacuse we were muslims. is this the law here. we were ready to pay every thing then aslo

Sayanti Gangopadhyay & Raja Khan

Posted On: 2015-03-22 12:07:15
Builder not securing the compound with boundary wall as promised during selling the property & the lift is dangerously threatening in spite of repeated meetings the builders are still avoiding & sometime abusing,please give us support to have a peaceful life on a purchased property.

balaji A N

Posted On: 2015-03-22 00:03:16
Sir I engaged contractor "greater chennai construction" to build my house. Half way into completion they got excess money and delayed construction. I personally sat and completed. He did not refund my excess money as agreed for rs. 8 lacs.

Naresh Shende

Posted On: 2015-03-20 13:38:00
delay to give the possession after the possession deadline date december 2013. yet they are not give the possession and give other excuses. I have pay the rental as well as interest of the home loan. so please help what to do? against the builder


Posted On: 2015-03-20 10:39:33
Antiksh Builder is charging excess interst rate at 18 percent compunding quaterly. Builder is not paying delay panelty as the project is delayed by two year.

Thenmozhi S

Posted On: 2015-03-18 19:35:47


Posted On: 2015-03-18 19:35:26

Shekhar Bakhale

Posted On: 2015-03-18 11:55:53
Sir I had booked 2 nos.1.5 BHK flats in a project by Eiffel-XRBIA near Hinjewadi. Pd.Rs.1 lakh against 2 flats booking amounts each Rs.50K on the condition that the 2 flats would be internally combined and the plan would be shared with us.No acknowledgement of payment recd. against 2 acknowledgement by email about confirmation of the flat/building nos. from the builder sales office. After 2 months rigorous follow up the plan was sent in AUTOCAD which was not readable.requested for pdf but no response.after another 1 month we recd. a threatening email that if we dont pay balance amount out of 20pc booking amt the flat(only 1 flat mentioned)booking would be treated as cancelled.we changed our mind and decided not to go for the same. On sending cancellation email asking for full refund there was no response.again on making a call we were told that only Rs.50 K would be refunded as per their policy. We did not agree to any policy.nothing was told to us.Pl help.


Posted On: 2015-03-17 16:54:52


Posted On: 2015-03-17 16:24:55
my self and other 17 members have booked flat at vasavi anicham but th is not giving the possession and making delay last 4 years and not ready to give money back pls suggest what can be done

G Hanumantharaya

Posted On: 2015-03-16 18:55:31
It's really frustrating and a kind of mental harassment faced as I write this letter to you. This pertains to a real estate company in Bangalore wherein I had booked plots two years ago, pls find the details of the case below. I had booked 2 plots (plot #361 & 362) of size 30x40 in "Max Meadows III" Project in 2013 with an initial booking amount of "Rupees Two Lakh" paid via Cheque No. 496252 dated 08/04/2013, which is being developed by the company "Maxworth Realty India Ltd" along Doddaballapur road locality in Bangalore. After the booking was done there has been no communication whatsoever from neither the sales agent nor from the management directly about the status of the project. and with w.r.t this I have requested for the refund of the booking amount through a letter dated 7th Jan 2015. Again, since then there has been no adequate and professional response from the management on the refund request as well.

Kavita Kurup

Posted On: 2015-03-14 19:25:40
Less carpet area as promised by the builder. There is considerable variance . I want to know what action can be taken against the builder.

pravin b kadam

Posted On: 2015-03-13 22:14:40
riel developer take booking at titwala project but not start construction and not return payment (booking amount)


Posted On: 2015-03-13 11:46:51
Q.Whether such service provider is a customer under C.P.Act? Service Provider[SP] is a professional & self-employed person having knowledge & experience in civil construction matter offered his service ,as a private entity to a Service Acceptor[SA] which is (P) Ltd Co.,a Builder for laying various roof slabs at different floors of civil construction as per drawing with the help of various inputs I.e scaffolding, jigs fixtures, human resources (skilled &unskilled) ,plant and equipment,various construction materials etc.A contract document was signed but taken back by SA while execution was carrying on. SP was not given back the contract document. Some running account payment was made but an amount of about Rs 27.0 Lakh remain unpaid. As a result SP could not pay to his workers,statutory creditors and his sustenance become questionable. Let me know whether SP can be considered as Customer under C.P.Act

Debojyoti Mallick

Posted On: 2015-03-13 09:34:32
Dear sir, I take participating in a real estate MIG flat Distribution by lottery system with a token money of 50000.The lottery organized by Hiland Group for their Hilland greens Phase II project.In that lottery I get the opportunity to get a flat after further payment.But due to some financial crisis ,I fail to do so and send them an application for cancelation of my allotment. They accepted and send me a cancelation letter, also denies to return the token money showing different clauses.I want to back my token money

Rajesh Singh

Posted On: 2015-03-12 21:34:16
Procedure for filing complaints in consumers court

Sidhartha Naidu

Posted On: 2015-03-12 02:32:27
Hi, My name is Sidhartha Naidu and I have purchased a 2 BHK ( 1050 sq feet ) flat F- 1502 in AVJ Heights Greater Noida on 24 January 2015. I was informed by the sales team that I would get possession of the flat in 20 days. It has been more than 1 and half months that I have been running from one department to another t have the work on my flat finished. I have made all timely payments as per the schedule but work on my flat is not progressing. I am highly disappointed. I was referred to AVJ Heights by a contact but it has been a frustrating experience buying a flat in your complex. I do have a lot of references who are looking to purchase flats in Greater Noida. I am specifically informing them not to invest in your project as per the experience I am having. Also any inquiries and feedback I get for your project since I have a lot of contacts in the media field, I ensure that none get a positive response. Please address the issue I am facing and please stop portraying the image of

Debopriyo Banerjee

Posted On: 2015-03-11 19:00:58
I had booked two flats with Dreamz GK, Bangalore about 4 years back and till last August they had not even started construction. I finally cancelled my booking about 7 months back but they are just returning my money. I have now moved to Mumbai from Bangalore and it is very difficult to co-ordinate with them as they don't answer my call. I am in real bad need of the money and I would really appreciate if you could help.


Posted On: 2015-03-10 22:22:35
We own a flat at Nalanda Vihar Apartments, Dattawadi, Mapusa. The same was purchased by my mother in law from Mr. Hari Falari, Falari Constructions, Mapusa. We just have agreement of sale. There is no sale deed for the said porperty nor a society has been formed. The said building is more than 20 years old. I want to file a complaint against Mr. Hari Falari in Consumer forum. How should I go about it.

HDIL Galaxy

Posted On: 2015-03-10 13:34:42
We have booked a 3 one BHK flat in HDIL-Galaxy, Kurla in 2009, (for me , my brother and my friend). At the time of booking the they have confirmed that they will give possession of said building in March 2012. and since the launch offer is budgetary , we as a middle class people invested our hard earned money in this project, taken load, seen dream about my own home. I and my family was very happy that we would have our own home in Mumbai. But the dream is still dream till today. The work at site is stopped since last so many months, there is no any communication rom HDIL, that why this work stopped ???, when this will start ????, when we will get our possession ????? There are no CC in place. From last four years I am paying EMI of Rs. 18,000 to bank towards my housing loan and even staying in Rented home where I am paying rent of Rs. 18,000 pm. Its a complete lose for me. affordable home ????? No way. Two months before I come to know that they have given possession to few wings wi


Posted On: 2015-03-09 23:11:10
I am buy a flat in above address from Mr.Mahesh Kumar Sureka(Prometer(M)9831025829) and paid Rs.500000/-(Rupees Five Lac only)to him but he resale the flat to other party without any intimation, now i claim the flat from him he ignore and threatening me please help me ...i have two dependent children (Son & Daughter)...Please help.

Binod chandra patra

Posted On: 2015-03-09 10:30:42
The builder did not mention area of the covered parking in the agreement. How do I get the exact area of covered parking. What I feel is that builder has sold an adjacent area to another customer and it is impossible to park two vehicles in the same area.

V.K. Srivastava

Posted On: 2015-03-07 21:26:54
This complaint is against our builder regarding Himalaya Tower project: Complaint # 1 - RWA has not received IFMS from flat nos : 001, 002, 101, 102, 201 and 802. Flat owners had done all inclusive deal with builder but builder refuses to hand over IFMS to RWA despite reminders. 2. Builder is giving maintenance of flats not sold since last 5 years. RWA is paying the maintenance of these flats. Builder should pay monthly charges to RWA for unsold properties. Despite many discussions, no concrete step has been taken by builder on these 2 requests. Address of builder: Himalaya Tanishq- Raj Nagar Extension-Group Housing Project Contact Nos. 91-7840005915 Email:, Manoj Sharma and DINESH SHARMA . Please help. Regards Tushar Jain, Manager RWA

Birendra Kumar

Posted On: 2015-03-07 21:05:16
WE had booked a flat with GCJ Group in Vivaanta kolkata by paying a booking amount of 5 Lakhs. After not signing the allotment letter in due time and with the help of CREDAI Bengal we could able to get the booking amount but as per the agreement in the provisional allotment letter they had not paid us the interest amount @18% which was agreed upon. They had got signed a no dues paper before paying us the Booking amount. If I had not signed it i would not have got the booking amount also. So, now i want to get the interest amount as per the agreement.


Posted On: 2015-03-07 19:18:50
Complaint Against HUDA for non-possession of Plot even after 12years of allotment and full payment of installment and enhancements.


Posted On: 2015-03-06 23:05:25
This is with reference to my flat no.602, vatika seven lamps, Vatika India Next, Sec 82A, Gurgaon. I bought this flat with construction linked plan which states milestones & accordingly builder can raise demand letter for each milestone. Vatika has raise demand letter for "completion of flooring" without completing it for apartment. On raising a concern from my end, vatika replied bedroom (2 Nos.) & kitchen will be installed at the end, but you have to pay full amount of this demand other wise interest will be charged. Vatika office address & contact details as follows: 5th floor, Vatika Triangle, MG Road, Gurgaon, Ph: 0124 435 5555 Please suggest how to raise complaint against vatika in consumer court. Regards Sachin Sehgal PH: 9013434434


Posted On: 2015-03-06 18:20:38
Developer is delaying hand over of the flat indefinitely, it is already 16 months delay and there is no end or specified delivery date / hand over of the flat / building. Construction is delayed inordinately without any proper reason. There is no formal / official communication from the developer - Ramani Realtors, Chennai, and the property is "Green park", Ganapathy, coimbatore, What are the legal options available for penalising the developer


Posted On: 2015-03-04 13:59:07
I had booked a flat with sobha developers Bangalore and have paid around 35% of the total project value. This is a underconstruction flat and they send me ambiguous ledger statements. They have applied 24% interest on unpaid amount and this is recurring interest where-in an interest of 4,000 INR has accrued to 16,000 INR in just 5 months time. As I know that its my fault on not paying on time, now that I am asking them for a proper computation of the interest and let me know the final amount I should pay off but have not received any mail from them since then but only daily payment follow-ups and rude remarks from the sales agent of Sobha Developers, Bangalore.


Posted On: 2015-03-04 12:12:17
I have booked a flat in Shri Bhumi Realty Pvt. Ltd., but they have not started the work till now. I have given Application money of Rs. 1,25,000 and on Agreement of Rs. 1,47,500 total of Rs. 2,47,500. Mr. Sagar Ganguly, director and Owner of Shri Bhumi Realty Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. H.K.Debnath of Paramount consultancy who are agent of Shri Bhumi Realty Pvt. Ltd. are repeatedly commit to start the work, but not started. i have given SMS towards refund of money with Interest to both person, but till now not replied by them to me. Every person said that he will not complete the work. Office, Website, Office Phone No. of Shri Bhumi Realty Pvt. Ltd. are closed, only mobile no. are available and he has not received my call.

M Venkata Raju

Posted On: 2015-03-04 11:24:32
Deat Team, I would like to rise compliant against my builder Mr. MVV Satyanarayana (MVV Builders)on the following aspects. 1. Not giving receipts for the payment made 2. Not completing the work as per the promise made during the pruchase 3. compromising on the quality of construction. Thanks, Venkat

Dr Ranjan Bhattacharyya

Posted On: 2015-03-04 07:21:07
We have booked a flat at Rishi Ecoview from Svarna Infrastructure & Builders Pvt Ltd with HBL from LICHFL. Within 45 days of booking (lateral entry) we have claered all the dues as our HBL get sanctioned but they have demanded Rs 85000 as interest for late payment which is highly unlawful, breech of trust and misconduct to both of us. Pl do the needful so that they step back from their claim of interest of delayed payment. It has been learnt that they trap the customers by this way and all the officials are highly inaccessible to us as we can't personally meet with them and can't talk over phone because of several restrictions. Dr Ranjan & Dr Sumita Bhattacharyya.


Posted On: 2015-03-03 20:13:30
Dear Sir, Appreciate your advice on the below matter. In January 2014 I booked a 2 BHK flat in Kurla West which is still not constructed paying 50% of the value including VAT and service tax. The balance amount was to be paid on possession. (possession in July 2016) When I booked in January 2014 I was told that the rate was Rs. 15,500 per sq. ft. I was also told by the builder when I did the booking that after one month the rate would go up to Rs. 16,500. So to book it quickly, which I did. Now I heard that the rate is Rs. 13,500 for those who pay 50% as down payment. I also did the registration of the flat and paid stamp duty in January 2014 itself. I spoke to the builder, at first he said that I will have to cancel my registration and book again a different flat. I agreed. Now he is telling me that the Building is mortgaged to some bank, so I cannot cancel the agreement and I cannot get the new rate of Rs. 13,500. The difference is approximately 38 lakh. Please advise.

P. Chaudhuri

Posted On: 2015-03-01 23:16:02
I have booked a flat which is now being offered for possession and the builder has raised wrong demands.

sunil singhania

Posted On: 2015-03-01 17:50:46


Posted On: 2015-03-01 16:04:56
I've purchased a resale property in Thane-Mumbai and even after 45 Days from Stamp Duty & Registration, i've not received a peaceful possession of the flat. I've paid 95% of the agreed value to the seller and now he is not co-operating to give possession. At the moment I'm staying on rent and my rental agreement will be over in next 2 weeks. Please advise how can I get the possession as I'm in urgency. The seller also threatened that he won't give possession and not even the paid money.

Dhiraj Mehta

Posted On: 2015-02-28 21:29:51
Developer is not doing registration and forcing to sign hotel lease agreement for 30 years.


Posted On: 2015-02-27 15:04:05
My housing plot in Chennai--Knacheepuram (Dist)-Kundrathur-Kumaran Nagar layout (unapproved)(D.C.No.: 2115 dt. 03-05-1999, Survey No.: 609&611) was registered now with a different survey No.(615/1A1A)but all other details same as in my document (boundary, plot No.) by an unknown person. Please suggest me a legal solution to my problem. with best regards,

Abhishek verma

Posted On: 2015-02-27 09:58:26

saurabh kumar rai

Posted On: 2015-02-26 01:39:28
Hi, I had paid 4 Lakh 30000 To Srk Devlopers. they have office in Noida.I paid them in may 2013, and then I got the document check regarding the land and found that, the Land is not good as the the land owner said taht we are 7 brother and two brother do not want to sale it so we informed to builder and they said taht we will return the money and they gave the cheque of 430000, but money were never in account , so i started calling them and going to office and then they return the 280000 which they transfred in account, I had send the lot of message and I have replied from then but from last one year they are not returning the remaning , money, even they are not responding on the phone. Please suggest what should I do on this case, I have the payemnt recipt, cheque which we recived from them, message details and agreement details as well. your help would be higly apprecited. Thanks, Saurabh Kumar Rai

Sandhya Menon

Posted On: 2015-02-24 20:43:22
This is in regard to 2 lakhs which was paid to Ms. Rajashree More, Sarthak Associates, Naupada, Thane in the year 2012 as advance for a bank auction flat at Tulsidham. We waited for nearly one year and she went on giving some reason or the other until one day she stopped picking up our calls and even shifted her residence. We did put a police complaint, but she does not come to the police station citing some reason or the other. It is our hard earned money with which she is enjoying and wonder how many people she has cheated. What could be done? please help


Posted On: 2015-02-24 01:31:11
We found dampness on walls through out the flat, dripping of water from roof in bathrooms and the same has been brought to the notice of Customer care, thrice work has been done on that but still the situation is same. Twice chipping, applying lappam and painting has been done but as days pass through again dampness is found on the walls through out the flat. In spite of complaining repeatedly it is not addressed properly and now all the damp walls accumulated Fungus. If a permanent solution is not provided soon the whole flat will be in a situation where Humans cannot live.


Posted On: 2015-02-23 22:54:32


Posted On: 2015-02-23 22:52:53


Posted On: 2015-02-23 22:50:46

Tanmoy Dutta

Posted On: 2015-02-23 22:37:26

Tanmoy Dutta

Posted On: 2015-02-23 22:25:20
fake lottery and non transparent project. want to refund the application money


Posted On: 2015-02-23 21:41:09
Booked a flat of Mantri Builders and Developers in their Project-Mantri Alpine with a committment of Handing over of apartment by dec 2014. We have paid full amount and wwre been paid Pre emi upto Aug 2014. But there is delay in handing our and it may take one year more. Needs to be compensated at the rate of 15 % per/annum for the amount paid or suitable as per law as we are incurring losses due to inordinate delay.


Posted On: 2015-02-23 21:29:56
Wehave booked a flat with Mantri Builders in their upcoming project -Mantri Alpyne in Bangalore, by paying full amount at the time of booking, with a committment of occupancy by Dec 2014. But the project seems to be delayed and we may get the flat in Jan 2016. They were paying Pre Emi upto Aug 2014. We want compensation for the delay as we have paid the full amount . Builder is not assuring any thing. Kindly take this case. Flat No G-602, Mantri Alpine, Utharahalli , Bangalore


Posted On: 2015-02-22 22:21:59
We had booked a flat in a redevelopment project in Goregaon in the year2009 for which registered agreement was made in 2010 We have made 80 percent to builder. As per agreement they have to handover the flat 36 after date of commencement of construction which is 2009. So,by2012 we should had got our flat but even in the year 2015 we are yet to get possession of our flat.Now, the builder do not respond to our query also. We have given legal notice also for which they have not given any reply. Rather, they are asking more money through unofficial channel. Please advice what we should do for this act of deficiency in service by the builder.


Posted On: 2015-02-22 20:30:15
Dear Sir, I would highly appreciate your kind advice on the below matter. In January 2014 I booked a 2 BHK flat in Kurla West which is still not constructed paying 50% of the value including VAT and service tax. The balance amount was to be paid on possession. (possession in July 2016) When I booked in January 2014 I was told that the rate was Rs. 15,500 per sq. ft. I was also told by the builder when I did the booking that after one month the rate would go up to Rs. 16,500. So to book it quickly, which I did. Now I heard that the rate is Rs. 13,500 for those who pay 50% as down payment. I also did the registration of the flat and paid stamp duty in January 2014 itself. I spoke to the builder, at first he said that I will have to cancel my registration and book again a different flat. I agreed. Now he is telling me that the Building is mortgaged to some bank, so I cannot cancel the agreement and I cannot get the new rate of Rs. 13,500. The difference is approximately 38 lakhs

Dr. Vibha Mahajan

Posted On: 2015-02-22 15:42:39
Being an NRi applied for Unitech Anthea Flat in Dec 2011 with the promise of possession in Dec 2014. No construction has started and no refund.

Samrat gupta

Posted On: 2015-02-21 14:00:09
Dear Sir, I had booked a flat in one of the project named "patther panchali " Flat nos D-307 from the builder group team taurus in the month of Dec 2012 by paying Rs 1,01,000/- . Post that the builder did not contact me for any further payment since the project did not take off due to legal issues in the land.After 2 yrs when the litigation was resolved on the project then Suddenly on 3rd Nov 2014 I got a mail from the builder stating that my flat has been cancelled and I donot have any claim on the said flat. They also confirmed in the mail that I will get the full refund of my paid amount of 1.01 lacs. Since last 3 months I have been following up with them for the money but no one is respoding with the status of refund. First of all my dream to get a budget house is shatterred . The property prices have escalalted 30% since last 3 years. The builder has not only broken my family's dream to live in a complex but also have put me in deed trouble in getting a good house for my family since the property prices has increased in 2 years In the last 3 months i have lived in deep agony in thinking whether I will get back my hard earned money . I have huge credit card debt which needs to pay off immediately. Sir please help to get back my money Dear Sir, I sincerly request the department to take immediate step against the builder and get my payback of 1 lacs along with interest for 2 years and additional 5 lacs for breach of trust by wasting my 2 years in waiting period. In this 2 years any similar property prices have escalated by atleast 5 lacs and shattering my dream of my family for a good flat in a gated complex Details of Builder -Mount Hill Reality Pvt ltd, Between gate nos 1 & 2, 1st floor, Salt lake Stadium, Salt lake city

Gopal Samdani

Posted On: 2015-02-20 13:12:38
Wadhwani construction and suyash developer sai ambience are not paying property tax which was due on there part. Since last 6 mths i am personally speaking and calling on phone and reminding by sms and e mail. Not paid property tax of flat no 10001 A sai ambience up to april 2014 as i took possession after april 2014.

Mallika Prasad

Posted On: 2015-02-19 16:25:17
We have invested in DLF Express Greens Manesar. After delay of 24 months from the scheduled completion date, we finally got our last call letter from DLF. However they have refused to pay compensation as promised in Clause 14 to their agreement on the ground that since we delayed demand payments in one or two events, we are not entitled to compensation. This is despite the fact that we paid penal interest for the delay. Kindly take action against these builders.

Vishal Pratap Singh

Posted On: 2015-02-19 16:08:36
Dear Sir, I booked a flat in Jan 2013 with Real Sales Infra, project named "Aawas Viva, New Panvel". I paid agreement amount of Rs. 2,51,000/- and had agreement copy with me. But then due to some issue with NAINA area of Navi Mumbai airport coming up. The construction not started till date. Now due to some financial crisis, i want to cancel my booking and asking builder for refund, but they are refusing saying we dont have any such clause. Request you to please help me out in getting my money back, as i am in severe financial crisis. Thanks & Regards, Vishal Pratap Singh 9970621412


Posted On: 2015-02-17 14:48:29


Posted On: 2015-02-16 12:40:36
Dear Sir,This is Pallab Dasgupta.I hd signed a contract with firm"Sweet Home Reality"(joint Owners: Anup Muhuri & Rahul Dev)on 14-jul-2014 for renovation work of my old house at 85 Deshbandhu road,PS-Jadavpur, Kol-32 at negociated price of 16lacs 30thousands for the entire work & i had been paying the installments as per schedule. Now the builder has stooped the work from past 1 months & have already made a payment of 13 lacts 31 thousands & still 2 lacs worth of work is panding.Now the builder is demanding for an increase of the total price & not engaging workers into my site neither vacating the nos of the contractor:Anup Muhuri -- 8444967339/9804613998 (son of amelendu muhuri,residing at 2/1/c APC park, baghajatin, ps patuli, kol-86) Rahul Deb -- 7890999787 (son of lt. bijoy prasad deb,residing at 2/10 apc park,baghajatin, ps patuli, kol-86).Office address: Sweet Home Realy,shop no 8, kmc market complex, unit-1, baghajatin, kol-92.Kindly help as i am trapped now.


Posted On: 2015-02-16 09:47:56
Sub: Require guidance and help for taking possession of Property no- NRIP/589 in Omaxe NRI City Plots. Dear sir, We have booked a plot at Omaxe Nri city, Pari chawak Greater Noida,(UP) on 25-11-10. As per agreement dated-25-11-10, we have paid full amount of Rs 48,35,753/- by 21st October/13. But so far M/s omaxe have neither issued us any possession letter nor informed the date of Registry as per the agreement. Your help and guidance on the above subject will be appreciated as M/s Omaxe is not replying to my registered letters/mail. I am staying in a rented flat with a hope that I shall get my possession soon. Regards.

Sunil Kumar

Posted On: 2015-02-15 09:45:17
I purchased plot 2012 from om krishna devlopers so he this company not given plot to me as well as not refunding money.

Chandrashekar S

Posted On: 2015-02-14 23:24:21
We purchased the flat in 2010 and yet to be completed but on Jan. 31,2015 we were told by the builder that the project is completed but there are a lot of things to be completed. Also, few owners who live there are trying to harass other owners who are not living there by asking us to pay the maintenance amount and don't want the project to be completed. I feel both harassed and discriminated both by the builder Mr. Anjan Reddy & his partners and few owners (Flat #s: 309, 511). We are asked to pay 3 months maintenance amount with no association as the builder has decided to move out and we are forced to pay without the project getting completed.

Chandrashekar S

Posted On: 2015-02-14 22:31:41
We purchased the flat in 2010 and yet to be completed but on Jan. 31,2015 we were told by the builder that the project is completed but there are a lot of things to be completed. Also, few owners who live there are trying to harass other owners who are not living there by asking us to pay the maintenance amount and don't want the project to be completed. I feel both harassed and discriminated both by the builder Mr. Anjan Reddy & his partners and few owners (Flat #s: 309, 511). We are asked to pay 3 months maintenance amount with no association as the builder has decided to move out and we are forced to pay without the project getting completed.

N. V. Venugopala

Posted On: 2015-02-14 19:25:07
On 14-02-15 I booked for 1 bhk apartment from TGS Constructions in Begur Capetown project. And I given them Rs.50,000/- & Rs.50,000/- cheque. After this I told about this to my brother & he told they not good & also frauds. Are tgs frauds ? Please help me what I do next?


Posted On: 2015-02-14 13:25:41
Developer terminated agreement with deduction RS 72500/ instead of completion of flat till now.

Rajendra S Palande

Posted On: 2015-02-13 16:07:52
MVAT refund from the Builders M/s VEENA DEVELOPERS,ANDHERI (EAST).

Ravi Kumar

Posted On: 2015-02-13 14:46:14


Posted On: 2015-02-12 15:48:26
SUB : ARYAN HOMETEC PVT. LTD. & KARSTEN HOMES PVT. LTD. - PALM GROVES - BANGALORE. To All Concerned, This is to caution & bring to the urgent notice of all the prospective house buyers in Bangalore, NOT to deal or BUY any property from Aryan Hometec & Karsten Homes as their dealings are totally Non-Transparent and more so the Managing Directors Mr.S.Govindareddy Bharath & Mr.Kartheek Surendra of Aryan Hometec & Karsten Homes respectively are highly untrustworthy & unreliable persons. Hence, think more than 100 times before venturing into their project. Regards, R.RAVIKUMAR (M) +91-9892658688

lalit Singh

Posted On: 2015-02-08 17:13:52
Sir Myself lalit Singh I working pvt co . buy a flat but as per promoter agreement he handover to me flat by Oct 2014 till date he no provide as per promoter some work is pending till date .I m suffering lot of problems because I m leaving a rental flat every month I m paying rental as well as Emi home loan .I m the only person who service in house. It's not possible to me to continue presser .request to you Pls help me to resolve this problem. Please Sir/ madam regards Lalit Singh

jitendra kumar agrawal

Posted On: 2015-02-08 14:40:06
I am constructing my house through a local buider ashiyan construction at gwalior but i find he is not maintaining the quality and not completing the work,i have given him the full amount,please help me.


Posted On: 2015-02-08 14:30:45
Hello Krishna Kishore. Reading your posting want to discuss with you. Pls share your number. Purchased apartment at krishna homes ( Shelton project ) bangalore in month of Aug 2012. According to sale agreement builder supposed to hand over the property by 1 Nov 2014 with a grace period of three months. ( 1 Feb 2015 ). However when we approached builder to handover they are informing forced measure due to heavy rainfall and land strick they can complete it and got delayed. Now they are trying to handover in month of July 2015 + grace upto Sep 2015. Owners are paying pre-emi amount of nearly avg of one lakh since Sep 2014. we have all the evidence ( tri party agreement + sale agreement ) that indicate builder supposed to handover by 1 Nov 2014. We are a group of Owners at present 10 members who are facing same problem. Pls guide us how to take this forward to put pressure at builder and get the apartment delivered on time. regards Krishna Shelton Owners


Posted On: 2015-02-08 14:28:39
Hello Krishna Kishore. Reading your posting want to discuss with you. Pls share your number. Purchased apartment at krishna homes ( Shelton project ) bangalore in month of Aug 2012. According to sale agreement builder supposed to hand over the property by 1 Nov 2014 with a grace period of three months. ( 1 Feb 2015 ). However when we approached builder to handover they are informing forced measure due to heavy rainfall and land strick they can complete it and got delayed. Now they are trying to handover in month of July 2015 + grace upto Sep 2015. Owners are paying pre-emi amount of nearly avg of one lakh since Sep 2014. we have all the evidence ( tri party agreement + sale agreement ) that indicate builder supposed to handover by 1 Nov 2014. We are a group of Ten Owners are identified who are facing same problem. Pls guide us how to take this forward to put pressure at builder and get the apartment delivered on time. regards Krishna Shelton Owners

Prasad Kumar

Posted On: 2015-02-06 14:14:28
The Builder SIM Properties is not forming society nor he is looking after maintenance activity. This is causing issues in Collecting Maintenance from Residents are that society is not yet formed and Builder has to collect the Maintenance, this is fifth year and still society is not formed. I want file case against builder for not providing proper facility and service which gets discontinued due to Non Payment of Bills for Common Amenities as he has left that to the resident to collect which is illegal and creates friction between residents and can be violent some times. So Kindly help me out in getting this thing sorted out legally thru legal process. Company SIM Properties Address 102, Kumar Vastu Range Hills Bhosale Nagar Pune 20 +(91)-20-25512111, +(91)-9370021222

Chaitali Chowdhury

Posted On: 2015-02-05 11:41:50
I have purchased a flat at 132 Behari Mondol Road (Changed to 14/1 Hospital Road East) Kolkata 700078 under the locality Purbachal developed by M/s. Mukerjee and Associates having registed office at 70 (20/2), Purbachal Main Road Haltu, Kasba Kolkata - 700078, located on Prince Anwar Shah Connector in the December 2012. The construction also was completed in the same year but despite repeated reminders to the developers the flat owners are yet to receive the Completion Certificate from the Developers.Please help in procuring the CC from Developers.


Posted On: 2015-02-03 15:49:16
I had booked a flat with GM Infinite Builders in Electronic City, Bangalore on 1st December 2014. I had paid a booking amount of Rs. 1 lakh towards the same. On booking, builder did not provide me the land title deed, Encumberance certificate, property tax paid receipt for last 10 years and other documents regarding the property. I was going to pay 20% amount through my Company PF loan, and due to the builder not providing these mandatory documents my PF loan got rejected. At this point I had requested for a complete refund of the booking amount. Builder then said they will provide the required documents and home loan sanction letter. After more than a month they kept on dilly dallying on both providing the documents and the home loan sanction letter (they had some legal issues). I cancelled the booking at this point and asked for the booking amount refund, which every builder is bound to give back after deducting some percentage, but GM completely denied to give back any refund.Help.

Amit Kumar Roy

Posted On: 2015-02-02 16:41:06
I booked for a Flat in pre-launch of Era projects in Gurgaon. After waiting for 3 years for the allotment, I finally opted for refund in last year May. I am still waiting for the refund. Everytime I am getting an excuse of the payment and a promise of future date which never happens. I want to lodge a case against Era Landmark for non-allotment and for not refunding my money.

Amitabha Debroy

Posted On: 2015-02-01 15:58:21
I bought a flat at the said address in the year 2010 from the developer. At the time of booking developer shows a brochure with Gym and Community hall in the project which were having different KMC assesse code. During the last 7 months some of the residents of those plots are objecting us to use these services by force. Also these facilities were not handed by the developer to the first owner of the flats. We the victimized residents are not getting any way other than to put our plea to you. Please guide us how we can get our right to enter into these services in our project based amenities.

Varun Singh

Posted On: 2015-01-31 19:37:16
I have purchased a flat in Jaypee Aman in N21-401. It has been transferred to my name from previous owner 'RUCHIKA MEHTA' as per Ref :20632/389235/AMN0210401 with all terms and conditions. My Customer ID is JGAAMN210401. As I bought this flat in resale, so have paid more than 80% cost of the flat. I have communicated with JAYPEE authority. They told that allotted flat will be offered in Nov 2016. When I asked about delay penalty, JAYPEE Authority didn't share any information regarding delay penalty clause. As per my provisional allotment letter which was issued on 22 Jan 2010. It's mentioned in allotment letter that the possession date is 30 month from the date of issue. Expected possession date comes out as July 2012. Now, It's Jan 2015. It's already delayed by 2 years and 6 month. Please help in getting the details about following information. 1. Exact Possession date of my tower. 2 Details about the delay penalty applicable for me. 3. Detail about next

Harish Kumar

Posted On: 2015-01-31 00:27:45
not giving possession despite full payment has been made on April 25,2014


Posted On: 2015-01-30 13:42:53
Dear Sir, 1. I had booked a flat in BPTP Park Elite Floors, Parklands, Faridabad by submitting a booking amt of Rs. 2,50,000/- on 22.05.2009 & at nowhere in the form it was mentioned / cleared that there will be allotment system for booking a flat. 2. Allotment letter issued on 24 Dec, 2009 (after 7 months), before that 2 more installment had been taken of Rs. 2,40,870/- on dt 20/8/2009 & Rs. 224,147/- on dt 22/10/2009. Total amt taken Rs. 7,15,017/- before allotment? (Home loan cannot process because of allotment of flat was not done). 3. Club membership charges are added on at a later stage why? I am not interested in club membership, then why should I pay Rs. 50,000/- for that. Why it was not mentioned in the form ? 4. Again service tax of Rs. 38,931/ - was again added on to the customer back. 5. 6 years had been passed away. I want to file a legal case against the builder BPTP. Regards, Nitin Gupta

kamal aggarwal

Posted On: 2015-01-29 18:00:44
Dear Sir/ Madam, I have bought a property in BPTP Parkland ,Sec-86, Faridabad in Aug-2012 and submitted all amount incl. stamp duty & registry charges in Aug-12. But till date BPTP is neither doing registry of my plot nor refunding my amount paid on account of stamp duty & registry despite my regular follow ups with them since last 2.5 yrs. I am in deep shock with this helpness !! Kindly help me. Thanks & Regards, Kamal Aggarwal +91-9910086217

Amar Kumar Nayak

Posted On: 2015-01-29 15:50:47
Hi, I am Amar kumar nayak, residence At/Po- Kalai, Via, Arnapal, Dist- Bhadrak, Pin-756116, I purchased a plot in 2010 from SMR Infra Venture Pvt Ltd, Bhubaneswar near IIT Argul However the Builder is not giving me Possession, I have cleared whole money Rs 1 Lakh 35 Thousand even I have deposited money for boundary and mutation. I am out of Odisha and trying to contact the Owner of SMR Madhav Chandra Devta many more time but they said me wait but 4 years gone my problem not solve. Please solve. SMR Infra Venture Pvt Ltd office is Gautam nagar. Please help me I am hope less


Posted On: 2015-01-27 13:47:43
I had paid application money for purchasing a flat to SHRI BHUMI REALTY PVT LTD but the company is untraceable.

Amit Jain

Posted On: 2015-01-27 10:45:30
Sir, I've received a demand from my Builder M/S Piyush Group against the increased size of the floor(Piyush Rosette Bhiwadi). I had received this intimation for increased size last year and their Customer services confirmed that the payment for increased size will be due only upon possession. Now, there is no development (construction) at the site and possession is also not been given but they are demanding 2.25 lacs for increased amount. I have signed for a payment plan that I pay in time. I have not signed for increased amount till possession. Builder has demanded 2.25 lacs along with penalty if I don't pay in time. Help me to avoid this payment till the possession along with any associated penalty charges. Thanks & Regards, Amit Jain

Amit Kumar Singh

Posted On: 2015-01-26 22:39:09
Problem with builder agreement in WAVE CITY / Aranyam Velley project in Ghaziabad

sudeep kumar

Posted On: 2015-01-26 10:52:23
I have paid Rs 375,000 on Behalf of a property near Chandapura to TGS property for BC City Plot no 159. They are marketing the property. From last 6 month I am roaming behind them for sale agreement. Still they are not giving. I am completely tortured by these peoples.

Jai Ganesh

Posted On: 2015-01-24 18:57:38
I booked a flat last year with Maxworth Realty builders,I was told the construction would start by Feb-5-2014 and its been jan24-2015 Till not there is no improvement or clue of project starting, Hence I would file a case against the builder to refund back my booking amount as he he is denying to cancel my booking.

Rajendra Prasad

Posted On: 2015-01-23 09:52:56
I purchased a flat from builder in Bangalore in May 2013. Builder charged Rs 150000 for car parking from me. I can prove this with my bank statement & builder price breakup. But there is a verdict announced by Mumbai high court in May 2010, "Builder cannot charge for car parking at any cost". I have news paper cutting with me and I can send you. Builder charged Rs 103000 for domestic Electricity connection for my flat. I got information from RTI and actual charge is with in Rs 2000 for domestic connection. Builder charged Rs 15000 for Khata transfer in my name. Actul is only Rs 150 (RTI information). Please help me in recovering my hardened money from the builder. Refused me totally to return my money and now not picking my calls. Builder details(Steven F. Lobo, Baptist D'Souza) Emmanuel Constructions Pvt Ltd, 5th Cross, Behind SBI Austin Town Branch, Victoria Layout, Palmgrove Road,Bangalore, 9686400557, 9880304069, 080 25555015,,

sumit yadav

Posted On: 2015-01-22 18:38:18
AdiProp(WTC Manesar) not refunding money after cancellation of unit in WTC Manesar. No dealer-buyer agreement was signed in 4 months so the unit was cancelled.

Surendra Bahadur Singh

Posted On: 2015-01-22 17:49:42
phoenix infra estate international ltd raipur ne 24 kisto me plot ka agreement kar mujhse 5,18,000 Rs liye .agreement ke anusar devloped plot dena tha .lekin office band kar gayab ho gaye Dhansuli.please suggest me what can Ido

Jenita M

Posted On: 2015-01-21 16:54:15
Hi i need to pay if the consumer has to pay 5% VAT TAX? i have purchased a flat and entered into an agreement in 2009, now the builder is demanding me to pay VAT please advise, if i have to or if i can fight for it?


Posted On: 2015-01-21 14:49:01
We five friends booked 2 plots eachwith Maxworth Reality India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore in their Max Residency Project near IVC road, in Oct 2010 by paying 1.0 lac. Mr. Roopesh was coordinating with from Maxworth. We paid 30% of the plot cost in Jan 2011 and the agreement was finalized in Mar 2011 promising us registration in next 180 days. They promised to arrange remaining amount as bank loan for us. We were severely harassed hereafter. He did not inform us about any progress. When we approached him thru e-mail he did not respond. He was reluctant to meet us and our phone calls were seldomly answered. He kept giving us falls promises for next 3 years that registration will be done in two months time. In Feb 2014 they informed us that now they are doing registration as per BIAAPA norms and recovered 70% plot cost and promised us registration after election results, after which they informed that registration is stopped again. They promised refund but not willing to refund money now.

bhawna guta

Posted On: 2015-01-21 11:04:38
flat purchased in 2007. build. did not get o.c. from tmc because he has not paid balcony compound charges and ulc certificate.I have obtained o.c. sanction under amnesty scheme from tmc but i need to pay 1.00 lakh as charges. builder first agreed to pay but later refused. what to donow

vijay chandiramani

Posted On: 2015-01-20 18:26:18
builder has taken money from me for a flat in 2006 but still not made any building structure

nitin raje

Posted On: 2015-01-20 17:19:04
construction builder in Chakan chakan took the booking amount on feb 2013, as the project not approved by the Government body, the project is cancaled and now the builder is not returning the amount back.

Vishal Sharma

Posted On: 2015-01-19 16:06:40
I had buy flat 3 years back.i had paid 31% amount. But due to some unavoidable circustance i am unable to pay rest of amount. Company in which previously i was working not paid my salary for 12 they are asking to pay rest of the amount or cancel the flat. if i cancel the flat they are asking me to pay 20% amount of flat base value which is coming something 18 lacs.I am not in a condition to continue with this deal or even not in condition to lose 18 Lacs hard earn money. can we have some way out for this.


Posted On: 2015-01-19 01:14:00
booke flat in sidharthabuild home pvt ltd gurgaon. possession date jan2012. delayed by 3 years. increased edc in between at own without justification. 12% intrest on delayed possession in buyers agreement.increased super area without approval of buyer. occuption certificate recd by dtcp haryana in nov 2014 but not initiating any process of handing over of flat. lot of correspondence done but no reply is given by the builder. please advise how to proceed further to claim interest on delay, possession of flat and increased super area causing increase in cost by more than 30%.

Vipin shah

Posted On: 2015-01-17 15:07:31
ntact Us Careers Show more.. menuakosha logosearch #1629446 My vaishali builder Complaint Filed on: 13/01/2015 | Loss amount: Rs. 0.0 Hi, Through broker I had booked 1 flat in one under construction project of vaishali builder by paying 20% amount of flat and get allotment letter from him in July 2011. That time he told me you will get possession in March 2014. I had visited on site 2-3 time but construction work was not started and when I asked to broker for same he told me it will start. I always asking him for same. And he always saying there is some paper work issue and it will resolve soon then work will may 2014 he told me there is some issue and it will take time to start so better take ur money with 2% interest and leave it. That time I was frosted so I said him ok after that he fixed my meeting with builders partner (kamlesh) in his office (hiral associate) near by Mira Road station there kamlesh has told me I will give your check within a week .I waited 1week but he

Amit Goel

Posted On: 2015-01-17 11:50:48
I booked a 3 BHK flat in ADEL Landmarks limited project cosmocity sector-103, gurgaon in August'2011. I have paid 32% of the total amount till date however no formal allotment of the flat has been done to me. The tentative allotment was given to me Feb'2014 in Tower-H. But various broker says that Tower-H will not be made as the builder does not have approval of construction. As on date, company just say to wait and no further communication is received from the company side.


Posted On: 2015-01-16 21:26:06


Posted On: 2015-01-16 21:22:41

Manoj Kumar Chauhan

Posted On: 2015-01-16 01:07:22
I have booked 1 BHK flat builder Shourya Towers Pvt. Ltd. / Nitishree Infrastructures Ltd on NH 24 near lal kuan ghaziabad and initially i was told project is approved from nationalized bank but that's fake. I decided to cancel that in 1 Dec, 2014 and they accepted the cancellation. But no any progress in cancellation process by till date and no response of the phone by related person.


Posted On: 2015-01-15 19:40:33
I had booked One Commercial Shop in Anant Raj 63-A Gurgaon in the prelaunch. The project is yet to be launched and my booking amount is stuck up for the last 0ne and a half year. I want to cancel the booking and money back.

Sunil Salvi

Posted On: 2015-01-15 15:45:24
Delay of possession by builder of 2years. still not given possession. Please help me out.

Sanjeev Tomar

Posted On: 2015-01-15 09:34:04

Muzaffar Patel

Posted On: 2015-01-14 16:52:20
My uncle received a flat i.e. alternate accomodation under 33(7) of DCR in the year 2010 from their developer. but said developer did not registered their agreement but merely notarize it. now all old tenant wanted to registered their agreement agreement from their developer. their society registered in the year 2007 old members did not aware and building land ownership vested with mumbai municipal corporation lease to one individual before said development took place. please tell us way to registered their agreement and convey the lease in favour of society.

Ashutosh Shrivastava

Posted On: 2015-01-14 15:28:06
I had purchased a Flat on 26-01-2010 in Karol Bag Grande Township located at Indore. builder had committed for possession of property within 22 months of booking, but the possession is still not received, i have financed my flat & paying EMI regularely. Now builder is demanding additional charges & charging Panelty of Rs. 75000 un-necessary.

seba ganguly

Posted On: 2015-01-14 11:35:11
I am seba ganguly living in Kolkata. My age is 80 years. I live in incomplete flat which is given to a promoter who gave us flat which was not properly completed. We don't have any information of the promoter & the flat members are also not so much supportive. So, I would like to grant for help to complete the flat.


Posted On: 2015-01-14 10:21:07

Milan Pal

Posted On: 2015-01-14 00:56:00
This is with reference to my allotted flat Form No. 608561 and Sl no. 285 I would like to your notice that due to some unavoidable circumstance, I had withdrawn my application for 2BHK flat under Sanhita project at Rajarhat, Newtown, Kolkata by SIMOCO. (Simoco Systems & Infrastructure Solution Limited). It is clearly mentioned in General Terms and Condition (GTC) that if the applicant wants to withdraw his application, his application money will be refund to him after deducting 30% of application money within 45 days from date of receiving cancellation application. I submitted my cancellation application on 1st August, 2014. I contacted so many times to their toll free no. 18002000104. But they did not response or refund my application money as of now.

sunil s khatri

Posted On: 2015-01-13 07:33:54
sir i have paid advance RS 600000 on 07/10/2010 Flat No 302, Building No F1 Third floor in a group housing project "Dewy Terraces", Crescent Parc, situated at Crescent Parc, Thiruporur, Chengalpattu Taluk, Kancheepuram District, Chennai, Tamil Nadu to purchase flat from Sare Jubilee Shelters Private Limited?? Sales Office ?: ?1?-?9?,? 2nd Floor?,? Sintron Square?, ? Dr?. ?VSI Estate?, Thirvanmiyur?,? OMR Chennai ?- ?600041? ?Tamilnadu?. contact Ms. Banu Priya at 9952999810 contact us at: 1800-419-7273 or i asked them to cancel my flat because of poor quality material and finishing was not their cont so many times they are asking to sing all documents after they will pay only 300000 why when we have not sign any agreement with them pls help us to recover over money with int thanking you sunil


Posted On: 2015-01-12 18:26:50
COMPLAINT COPY AGAINST MAHINDRA LIFESPACES BUILDER NEW DELHI This has reference to the mail and letter Dated 30/10/2014 and sent on 6/11/2014 pertaining to final demand raised before Possession. In this connection I would like to bring your attention on the 'unfair practice of Mahindra lifespace towards the customer' . I am not convinced behind the logic of the various charges demanded and responses received from CRM. I am going to bring and highlight my concern for 'unfair practice of Mahindra Lifespace towards customers' , in the media and all the leading newspapers. As I am fed up of talking to your CRM team. Also, sending you a legal notice by speed post and filing complaints in CCI and consumer court. Whenever he call any of representatives on my behalf, they refused to talk by saying they can speak to allottee. He is my better half and have all the rights. Please find below the list of my queries for your immediate reply. 1. Increase in super area


Posted On: 2015-01-11 19:10:42
Solacia , Belvalkar housing is totally fake

Kamal Malhotra

Posted On: 2015-01-10 16:43:01
I booked one flat in high rise of Ramprastha builder gurgaon in aug 2010 and I was assured to give possession in Aug 2012.. Now after 2012 , I started chasing them regularly but I m still struggling hard to get any resolution from them. I only get false commitments from the team there . I am into private job and can't afford to pay rent where I m staying for the last 3 years due to the delays by the builder. Moreover I hv been paying monthly installments for.the last 5 years and now I am broken down with my life's other financial obligations . I am diabetic and going through stress ful life. Looking forward to get some relief now with hope. Kindly let me know how can I get the justice. Kamal Malhotra

Rakhi Jain

Posted On: 2015-01-10 15:20:10
Premia Group ke against complaint karni hai 5 months se lagatar muje pareshan kiya ja raha hai meine bahut bar unse request ki hai but muje har bar office ke chakkar lagwa dete hai. but abhi tak waha se koi bhi jawab nahi deta salary kab denege. meine Premia Group ke CMD Mr. Tarun Shienh ko bhi mail & Maseg kar diye but muje koi response nahi muje salary ki need hai 5 minths se pareshan hu


Posted On: 2015-01-10 11:13:45
Dear sir, I posted one complaint against a real estate company named APOLUX HOUSING INDIA LTD. in wb consumer website. My complaint number is 1879/2014. But till now it is not resolve. My huge amount blocked. The real estate company is not refund my amount. This real estate company is 100% fraud. Please help me to return my money. Thanking you

Arfaan Khan

Posted On: 2015-01-10 02:14:29
i have booked a flat on allotment letter in fountain square project oshiwara by sonata realty (Azam Khan) and shubh builder (Govindbhai & Arpit Samani) mumbai in 2009 with completed promised in 2012. The construction did started but then it was on hold due to many statutory issues and also caught up with environment issues.before one year environment clearance received but only for 23 floors while the builder has booked till 39 floors. inspite of this clearance til date they have not received plinth cc. also it seems they have already booked around 27 floors @ 40% payment & 4500 psf rate in 2009. Rates in the vicinity are very high like 15000 psf. We have formed a group of many victims. how we should pursue this case. our aim is to push builder legally to complete project in specified time. Getting interest or compensation seems very less. Builders are well known to be fraudulents and their other projects also have some issues. also they are not giving any details/proofs of what they are doing to solve the issue

Amit Paul

Posted On: 2015-01-09 18:10:52

Amit Paul

Posted On: 2015-01-09 18:10:17


Posted On: 2015-01-08 19:06:05
A have a plot in Anshal sushant city B-1954. Near this plot passing a high-voltage wire line. I requested many times to Anshal but did not take any action. It is very harmful to our health.


Posted On: 2015-01-08 12:53:00
I booked a flat under Marg Properties for the project Ayush in February 2012 and have paid Rs 2,15,010. Since the project is still not approved, I had filed for a refund on 23rd Jan 2014, till date they have not refunded the money. I am personally paying interest for this money and would kindly request for a resolution.

Abdul ansari

Posted On: 2015-01-07 21:00:11
I had invest money in WELLFARE group of company.I want to know my agent name. Agent code is 1290166. Kindly inform the name of 1290166 code holder.


Posted On: 2015-01-07 12:24:23
I booked a plot in KRANTHI PROPOERTIES, Vizag on last year october. But still they didn't Register it. BEWARE of them. I paid 3 Lakhs and not able to recover.

Subhankar Joardar

Posted On: 2015-01-06 22:51:12
Against-Rahul Residency Pvt Ltd (Space Group). Purchase Flat - @ 2011 at their Clubtown Courtyard Project Scheduled Date of delivery was - December'2013 But till date there is no sign of delivery. Payment Made-90% Every month they make us around by saying that Flat will be delivered by next month. Discussed several time, all time they just ask for rest of the payment only, but do not confirm the date of delivery. PLEASE HELP TO GET THE DELIVERY OF THE FLAT, OR COMPENSATION FROM THE COMPANY. It has become hard for me to run my day to day life because I have to pay both my EMI as well as my rent. Need your help.

Jagadish Jadhav

Posted On: 2015-01-06 21:23:08
Dear forum, Greeting for the day, I had booked flat in multistory apartment constructed by Sowparnika projects (Sai Srishti) builder in the BMRDA approved plan. At the time of booking the flat I got the necessary precaution like obtain the true copy of following. 1. Land docs. 2. Commencing Certificate. 3. Confirmation from builder on their letter head regarding OC will be provided upon project completion. However, I booked the under construction flat in Nov 2013 and as per agreement builder has to give possession with legal document like OC etc. in Dec 2014 with 3 month grace period. But now builder has denied on their OC promise and threatening us for flat cancellation. Note: I complaint about this to CREDAI Bengaluru but no updated from them. My question is when I have all the legal proof and audio recording of communication with me still builder dominated us. I need your suggestion on this for filing legal complain about builder through forum. Thanks in advance... Waiting

Alok Kumar shukla

Posted On: 2015-01-06 19:12:24
Hi All, Please don't beleive on fancy photos and look for ground reality. Aliens has been building Space station 1 in Tellapur since 2007 and still not even 10% project is completed after 7 years. So think 1000 times and talk to the people who are suffering. You may visit to the site but don't beleive on what these fraudsters say otherwise you yourself will be to blamed for falling into this trap. Its not about 100 or 1000 rupees but lacks of ruppes you are going to invest so do proper investigation and talk to all the Banks and ask why they are not issuing loan or disbursing amont for the sanctioned loan previously and try to get the numbers of other owners from Aliens(I"m sure they won't give) and talk to them. The fact is they have diverted the money collected for this project to gain some benefit and now stopped the project and seeking extra money on top of "Agreement of sale", from the existing owners. This extra money amonts to around 30% of the flat cost. Without paying this

Abhishek Mali

Posted On: 2015-01-06 13:30:49
I had applied for housing project of simoco systems named as 'sanhita' on april 2014 and was allotted a 2 bhk flat in the project but due to my financial problem i cancelled my allotment and sent a mail to to cancel my allotment on 12 august. When i called the office regarding my refund the company has no response. Please help

Manish Heda

Posted On: 2015-01-06 08:49:28

Prashant Singh

Posted On: 2015-01-05 18:43:06
I had given a booking amount of 2.4L in 2013 to a builder - INSUN Developers for a Bhiwadi project. The project was delayed for more than 6 months of the launch from the commited date. Later I submitted my request for cancellation of my booking and refund of my money. The builder is refusing to refund my money, please help

vishnu joshi

Posted On: 2015-01-05 09:47:56
dear sir, I have purchase 2 flat from Vibgyor Alloied Infrastructure Ltd in their Project Keshabdham Apartment, 80 Lala Babu Shire Road, Flat No. 501 & 502 Block III, 5th Floor Near Belurmath, Howrah 711202 on confirmation that the building will be completed within 6 months and lift will be installed. but since 3 years has already been passed but no work done by the above company and they not responding our queries and not meet with us in their office. when we phone them they dont pickup the phone and after repeated reminder towards registry of the flat. they denied for registry of our both the flat. Hence I request you to please advice me what to do on the above matter. thanks & regards, Vishnu Joshi 9836350041


Posted On: 2015-01-03 11:28:58
Illegally collecting the parking amount from the customers.

Shiv Kumar

Posted On: 2014-12-30 16:54:56
The builder has initially put 2 PLCs, one for corner and one for park facing while allotting the unit to me. Since I didnt want to pay any more PLC, I asked him to allot a unit on the floor where there is no floor PLC. I was allotted a flat on 15th floor. Couple of days later, builder called me saying that 15th floor is not available so if 16th floor is fine and I agreed to it. After 1.5 years, when builder executed the BBA, he said that now I will apply floor PLC also. Though I singed the BBA but told him that I will not pay this PLC as it was not to be there for me. Can I file a case against this ill demand of builder?

Nilay Banerjee

Posted On: 2014-12-30 16:26:32

Madhu Sarda

Posted On: 2014-12-29 15:31:03
I had applied for 2BHK flat in Sanhita Rajarhat project promoted by SIMOCO group but after almost 6 months passed away still not get refund my application money not getting proper response from them. Application No. 600792 Sanhita toll Free No. 18002000104

Rajib Sinha

Posted On: 2014-12-28 15:04:36
Fraudulent procedure against Orris Infrastructure gurgaon

Sanjeev kumar goyal

Posted On: 2014-12-27 10:14:02
Sir i have booked a flat in noida extension 4 year back after getting 60% payment he told me that your flat has cancelled however i am/was ready to give all due but he is not reviving my flat please help me in this regard

sankar roy

Posted On: 2014-12-26 22:53:18
construction of my first floor of my house, mr probir sengopta, the director of bengal interior and const co made an agreement to construct the same as per his design as given to me with the contact of rs 1500000 started the job worked till 15 th feb 2014 but till then showing different reasons to restart the job even not picking up the phone beeing m/no 9734480774.

Mayur kilbil

Posted On: 2014-12-26 08:13:54

Sankar Paul

Posted On: 2014-12-24 14:28:37
2 years delayed already in possession , still no OC received builder stated like TMC is asking for money to get OC . We need our flat , please raise this concern to builder

Anilkumar Ganta

Posted On: 2014-12-24 00:41:18
Hi,I have booked property in Vihang's Valley at Ghodbunder Road.The possession was supposed to be given in 2012 but still it has not been given.The reason said is that,there was a shortage of sand. Everytime a date is promised but nothing happens

vikram sangram singh

Posted On: 2014-12-23 21:25:37
Booked apartment in S S group project. Project is cancelled and now builder is not returning money. Amount is Rs 10 Lakhs paid in june'13


Posted On: 2014-12-23 13:02:09
Me and many like us are having problems with AMR. We have formed a group to act against. send me ur mobile no, name, unit no so that I will add you also in this group to 09871450808. Also if you know any reference please do share. Thanks Anirudha 09871450808

Rajshree Khanikar

Posted On: 2014-12-23 11:14:37
We have booked a flat by paying Rs. 1 Lakh in 1st week of Nov 2014.The builder gave us time to pay 20% adavance amount till 15 Jan 2015. When we contacted him to ask his appointment to pay advance on 22nd Dec 2014, he informed us that he has sold the flat to someone else at higher rate, without any intimation or approval from us. He says this is business. We have arranged money by selling other property and all bank formalities for loan have been done. We need this house. What are your suggestions? Can we ask for full refund on money + bank processing fee for loan + interest? Kindly advise if builder can sell this house to someone else (for higher rate) when we have already booked it? Kindly treat this as urgent.

Jyoti Purshotam Punjwani

Posted On: 2014-12-21 21:02:05
I have purchased this apt in 2011,for which I have still not got the Khatta work transferred to my name.The builder says there is no need for it.Pls guide me into how to get the OC and Khatta work for my flat.


Posted On: 2014-12-20 12:58:40
I booked a residential1 bedroom flat with Sairung developers in Pune in 2007, and made full payment of Rs 29 lakhs then. The builder refused to give posession to me, and infact started as service apartment project there in the Name of Spree Longer ( Now changed to Spine longer) in Jan 2012 and started renting out my flat without my knowledge and permission. When I asked for possession again, he refused saying I have to sign an agreement with him to rent out my flat. I put in a police complaint in jan 2014 and based on that the Builder agreed to buyback my falt for Rs 35 laks, to which also I agreed though a huge loss to avoid a case. We signed a MOU and he gave me cheques for Rs 35 laks, all of which were dishonoured. I again approached the police in oct 2014, who forced the police to hand over possession to me after vacating the guests in the apartment. The builder again approached me to buyback the flat for Rs 42.5 and I have done that. I would now like to file a case against him


Posted On: 2014-12-18 20:16:42
I had purchased flat in mumbai in year july 2012,agreement got registered stampduty paid but when i presented the papers to society for mebership transfer they refused saying that there is a MOU signed by the seller with another person but this MOU date of 2 months was over in month of Jan 2012. When the society came to know abt this they infromed the MOU holder who is also the chairman of society that the flat is sold so he did not transfer the flat and instead he filed a suit in Mumbai high court and got the status quo. Now since i am working abroad,i travel only once e ayear the flat is in my possesion but the case is ging on. Please let me know any solution since its not my fault and i cannot even put on rent.


Posted On: 2014-12-18 16:45:24
I have 150 Sq Yard, land with proper permission from Panchayat, since its within 100 mts from Army fence I took NOC. Army gave me permission for only ground floor where as I reqested G+2. What should I do, how can you help me please?

Prem Pal Singh

Posted On: 2014-12-18 11:54:09
I have booked unit no t.9-504 at parshvnath pratibha moradabad on30march2007 and 95% payment were make till dec 2010, possession was promise with in 36 month from date of booking..the possession not giventill now and parshvnath devloper have been making excuse and extending further sir month every time since 2010. Niether paying any panelty amount.

Gaurav Prakash Chaudhari

Posted On: 2014-12-17 23:38:43
I have purchased flat in Dwarka Chakan from Naiknavare Housing Development Pvt Ltd, Pune. I booked this flat in Jan 2012. Possession date mentioned in sale deed is Dec 2013. However builder has offered this flat for possession in Oct 2014 that too without occupancy certificate/completion certificate. After repetative request I have not received any response.

Rohit Upadhyay

Posted On: 2014-12-16 20:17:38
हमेशा लिफ्ट बंद रहेती है घटिया निर्माण मेंटेनेंस नहीं है पूरा पैसा लिया है पर जीरो सबकुछ

Megha Malik

Posted On: 2014-12-16 10:44:27

Mrs Shubhangi Nandkumar Salla

Posted On: 2014-12-15 08:01:24


Posted On: 2014-12-13 20:54:48
UNIT 219 Ground floor @ MAPSKO city Homes Sonipat. It has been two years since I booked this UNIT. I have attached all the related Receipts after scanning the originals. After many visits to your office personally and calling atleast 100 times over the last two years I haven't received any response from you for my enquiries. This ignorance from your reputed company has frustrated and devastated me and my family to its core. All life long earnings we have trusted with you and we don't even get a single response from you. You have made our life miserable to a level you can't even imagine. This cheating and fraud has brought me to the lowest level in my life. This time I tried to contact you via email and will expect that you answer my queries below by replying back to this email. 1) Full account statement as of today. 2) How much balance is left from my side so we can fully close this deal for this unit? 3) If I don't want to keep this unit how much m

Sandeep Gupta

Posted On: 2014-12-12 23:49:46


Posted On: 2014-12-12 21:51:26
Dear sir, I bought a flat from Shivashish builders & developers pvt Ltd in Shalimar city at delhi-wazirabad Road , Ghaziabad (UP) near Shalimar Garden on 13 Jun 2012. The builder told me that flats are about to complete and possession will be made shortly by Dec 2012, hence i have to pay 85% of total cost of the flat. i took a loan of 32 lakhs and paid approx 44 lakhs to the builder, approx 85% of the total cost of the flat. however in dec 2012, when i approached the builders, he started giving me all the excuses and assured that possession will be done by Mar 2013, these excuses are continued till date and monthly i m paying approx Rs 20,000/- as interest of loan amount. now even as per agreement after 18 months from the date of agreement. Now what should i do. please advise. my telephone number 08551874007. Rajesh kumar. thx n regards

Sandeep Gupta

Posted On: 2014-12-12 21:19:52


Posted On: 2014-12-12 11:37:16
Highly deficient service and absolutely anti-customer attitute of the Ansal's Housing Group. The quality of construction and the doors is pathetic --all Chinese made and Termite filled ! Also the compound wlall has collapsed with 2 years of construction becuse of poor workmanship and no provision of drainage pipes which led to wall collapse on account of water accumulation during the monsoon.No no response to various mails sent to all people across the organisation including to the Directors Mr Ansal. The cost of recosntruction is being highly inflated and we are being asked to pay 50% of the same.

Siddhartha Sengupta

Posted On: 2014-12-09 16:53:17
I booked a 3 BHK flat in Kolkata (Madurdaha, EM Bypass) and the builder promised me to handover the flat in 2013. Now the construction got delayed and till date the builder did not hand over the flat. As per the plan, the building is G+3 and I booked the 2nd floor. The purchase price is Rs. 56.7 lakhs and I already paid 90% (construction linked payment as per agreement) to the builder. I took a housing loan from LICHFL and every month I am paying around 45000 EMI. After repeated follow-up, the builder has stopped picking my call. I live in Gurgaon and as the property is in Kolkata, it is also difficult for me to chase him personally. Now I want to come out from this mess and would like to get back my money, which I already paid to him. I need your professional guidance to sort out this issue.


Posted On: 2014-12-09 14:02:09

Subhajit Roy

Posted On: 2014-12-08 17:46:18
Dear Sir/Madam, I have done a cancellation against my booking with Dreamz Infra Pvt Ltd three months back. They issued the payments in cheques and all 5 the cheques bounced when presented to bank.After that the builder issued a different cheques which again bounced because of insufficient funds. Being a common man I am struggling a lot to recover my own funds. Now i am in a situation that my other flat booking is also getting cancelled because of Dreamz Infra pvt ltd.Request your assistance on the same as it is long pending. thanking you, Subhajit Roy

Ajay SIngh Thakur

Posted On: 2014-12-07 19:01:45

Santosh Kale

Posted On: 2014-12-07 06:00:05
Dear Sir, I have booked a flat on July 2012 at Shahapur, in Thane District, Maharashtra & as per agreement, builder will give the possession on May 2013. But I have not got the possession of flat yet. I had sent a notice to him on dt.30/03/2014 for compensation for rent paid & Interest paid on Home Loan. But he didn't reply to my notice as well as to my emails for reminder. At present, he told me to rescind the notice & then you will get the flat possession immediately. He has mentioned a line on the possession letter that no other dues/interest/rent are pending by him to sign. But I want to get compensation for 20 months with flat possession. In this regard, I kindly seek advice from you. I will be thankful to you for your favourable guidance. Thanks & Regards, Santosh Kale


Posted On: 2014-12-06 20:18:08
I have booked a Flat 04-3 BHK +servant- 1890 Sq. Ft. Basic Cost @ 2750/= per sq. Ft. In Gurgaon Sec-86/122 from Era Landmarks ltd.head office B-24, Sec-3 noida-201301 It cost me about ₹5197500/= till today I paid ₹ 981666/= Approx. 20% of the cost vide receipt Nos. 29766 and 31378dt. 18-07-2011 and 02-09-2011of ₹ 45000/= and ₹ 531666/= respectively. Suddenly I received an unsigned letter from Team customer care-ADEL Landmars Ltd.regarding my registration No. "GGN/86/122 dated 16-09-2014 that we will not be holding this investment forward and would be returning the amount from you along with due interest. After contacting the office they are not giving any satisfactory reply.

Lakshman nannaware

Posted On: 2014-12-03 17:57:33
I have booked flat in sahara city homes in Aurangabad in year 2011.They give me promise project will complete in next three years.Till project work not started.Till date they are not giving response for same. What can I do legally.


Posted On: 2014-12-02 10:05:09
I had booked 2BHK flat at Kamothe under 12.5% scheme as advertised by Real estate company M/s Morya tech Infra located at Dadar(shivaji Park Office)in Feb, 2013. I had paid three lacs as demanded by company during the period of Feb, 2013 to June, 2013.In June, 2013 company had assured that they would start work by November, 2013; but work did'nt commence. In November, 2013 company demanded more money but we refuse since no work was started. In November, 2013 company informed that you would commence work by Jan, 2014. In Jan, 2014 company official Mr. Gokhale informed that since they required permission form various authorities such as cidco, MMRDA, Metro, Airport, Enviromental, Forest Authorities. The project would be commenced by May, 2014. It was assured by organisation at various occassions during this period regarding commencement of project.Every time they extended commencement date by week/month. We had meeting with propietor of firm in first week of June, 2014 at that time Mr. Avinash Raskar(propietor of firm) had assured that project would commence within three months or i would refund the amount. Till date you have not commenced the project and still your officials are extending the deadline or not giving any assurance on refund date.


Posted On: 2014-12-01 15:23:58
I booked a plot in ALience Group,Tellapur,Hyderabad in 2011. They haven't given the possession as per the agreement. And now they don't agree to pay me the amount that I paid to them. Let me know how to proceed to get my money back. I am relady paying the EMI's to the bank also. Thanks Sreekanth


Posted On: 2014-11-28 15:48:24
Hi, We have issue where owner is not giving our advance money back we have already given one month notice still he is troubling us and disconnect the call when we ask for money please help us as the amount is 20000

paresh kumar mallick

Posted On: 2014-11-27 18:41:20
i have book a flat at nakhara ,cuttak since2010but after 5 years work not start that place,than i have put refund application but that builder send pdc chaque .at chaque date now that account has insufficiant balance.i have call the builder now everyday but he has extend time but payment not recived at tilldate.i donot think what can i do about builder-vasundhara land and developers pvt ltd .cuttack

Amit mehta

Posted On: 2014-11-27 16:41:17
I booked a plot from parsvnath developers in Indore in 2007. They haven't given the possesion as per the agreement. And now they don't agree to pay me the amount that I paid to them.

Ashima Mittal

Posted On: 2014-11-27 14:00:41
I booked a flat with Piyush Heights and the possession was expected after 42 months (Feb 2011) including grace period. There was a penalty clause in the builder-buyer agreement to which the company's customer service resorted every time we discussed about the delay. However now the company has offered the possession with more than 45 months delay without any consideration to penalty for the delay. What action should I take?


Posted On: 2014-11-27 02:45:03
I bought a Flat from Incor Ifrastructure Ltd, In Bonsai Homes in March 2011. Registration was done in Mar2013. But Builder did not completed works. Also cheated me with floor plan change and club house changes. Also installed Transformer near to flat.


Posted On: 2014-11-27 00:38:27
I have bought an apartment in TAUS project by TVH India Pvt. Ltd, in Seriseri, Chennai. Per the agreement they are supposed to handover the apartment by Jan'14 including 6 month grace period. But still it's under construction. Per the agreement they are supposed to pay Rs 7 per sq. feet as compensation every month until final handover. Now they are saying if there is a delay in the payment/installments I become ineligible for the compensation. Also they are charging me a lot of interest for the delayed payment. The reason for the delayed payment is delay in the construction. Please advise me how can I proceed legally on this.

Phalguni Dasgupta

Posted On: 2014-11-26 10:55:37
I have filled up the application form for shukhobrishti, the largest mass housing project in the country is developed by Bengal Shapoorji Housing Development Pvt. Ltd. Its only after paying Rs.750/- for the application kit you come to know that you cannot apply if your gross monthly family income is below Rs.40,000. They are confirmed receiving the money and gave a helpline number which does not work {In case you have questions or need further assistance, you can contact us on +91 33 4030000 (Mon to Sat: 10:00am - 7:00pm). We would be glad to help you.}. They are hiding facts and pumping in money from consumers. Now they say that they will not refund the money! Disgusting

Golsenara Khatun Sarkar

Posted On: 2014-11-25 15:42:33
Respected sir, I would like to inform you that i had brought a flat from Promoter Gopal Hazra in the land of Mr Swapan Chatterjee. I am living here from last one year and nine month. But, Sir According to the agreement the promoter is not fulfilling facilities those were mentioned in the agreement paper like drinking water line, lift , garage and park,community hall etc.After repeated asking they are ignoring me , not only that they are threating me in every moment and creating religious issue.In that scenario it is not being possible to live normally with my family in that specified flat. Sir,Pl solve the issue immediately.your early action in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanking You, Golsenara Khatun Sarkar Singur, Hooghly Mob:9749908643 Pl note the mob No of Promoter Mr Gopal Hazra:9748498758 Mr Swapan Chatterjee:8961082370

Naresh Garg

Posted On: 2014-11-25 15:37:22
We have purchased a plot from Vatika India Ltd in Gurgaon in development linked plan. They were supposed to give us possession of the plot after 3 years but after 5 years now they are offering us possession of the plot and asking us to pay the final installment which was due on possession. But Vatika is saying that they can not facilitate the sale Deed of the plot and hence we can not construct any building on the same plot as they do not have the required approvals to facilitate conveyance deed for that particular sector. We are asking them that we would like them to do the sale deed of the plot along-with the offer of possession. They are saying that registry ( sales deed) could be possible only after 4-5 months and you have to compulsory take the possession of the plot and pay us the amount due at the time of possession. But the irony is that we can't do any construction as they do not have required permission for the Sale Deed to take place.

D.D. Mangalan Davies

Posted On: 2014-11-24 22:00:47
I booked a flat in Cochin in the month of October 2008 by paying an amount of Rs.1,00,000/- when the piling was going on at the project site. The first installment (Rs.6,27,584/-) paid by me in the month of January 2009. As per the registration contract the due date for handing over of the flat was October 2011 (after 29 months + 6 months grace period) as per the agreement. Whereas the flat actually handed over in July 2013. Thus, there was 1 year and 9 months delay. Hence I want the builder to compensate the amount on the basis of the figures mentioned in the 'Agreement of Sale'. During my private talk with two of the owners they told me that they have already got the said compensation. Also due to fault plastering work all the painting got damaged. For doing the rectifying that damage I need another 30,000/- rs. I need compensation for this also.


Posted On: 2014-11-24 14:15:57
I booked the flat form Amrapali Group, Noida. On booking I was informed that all the banks are funding the said project and I will have to pay 20% and rest bank will fund. I purchased the said flat in 40 30 30 plan wherein I was to pay 40% within 45 days. I paid 10% on booking and 10% on signing of agreement. Now the balance 20% was supposed to come form bank. I applied for bank loan form various banks like HDFC, Bank of India, State Bank of Hyderabad but no body was disbursing the said project as approval for 19th Floor was pending. From last six months I was constantly following up the matter with your office and I was informed that approval will come in months time, but that approval came after 6 months. During this period I used to call twice in a month just to confirm the approval and I was assured that no interest will be charged as approval is pending from your side with no fault of mine. But now the bank has finally disbursed and they have charged me interest.

shabeena bano syed

Posted On: 2014-11-23 23:42:50
Dear sir, We booked the flat on 19 December 2009 with Armstrong builder. They issue the letter of intent on 10 April 2011. They promise to give us possesion with in three years .They also told us that as soon as the plinth level complete we should pay 5% of the payment. But from that day they only complete the plinth level. And whenever we asked about the work every time they give us false commitment.I have my all my payment recipt with me. We already paid 36000+148635 on 12 may 2010 and 25 April 2011 respectively. Last time when I talked in the office they told us that the work will start in the month of august 2014.On 20 June 2014 I dial the phone number 02230218899. On this number we had a conversation several time with them.But since last two three days we cannot able to connect with them . Sir please help me regarding above matter as soon as possible.I will highly obliged if you take the need full action. From, Shabeena bano syed 9594222275 orchid apartment 802 shuklaji street mum

Nikhil Kiroula

Posted On: 2014-11-22 16:27:22

Shekhar Bakhale

Posted On: 2014-11-21 15:36:44
Sir I had booked 2 nos.1.5 BHK flats in a project by Eiffel-XRBIA near Hinjewadi. Pd.Rs.1lakh against 2 flats booking amounts each Rs.50K on the condition that the 2 flats would be internally combined and the plan would be shared with us.No acknowledgement of payment recd. against 2 acknowledgement by email about confirmation of the flat/building nos. from the builder sales office. After 2 months rigorous follow up the plan was sent in AUTOCAD which was not readable.requested for pdf but no response.after another 1 month we recd. a threatening email that if we dont pay balance amount out of 20pc booking amt the flat(only 1 flat mentioned)booking would be treated as cancelled.we changed our mind and decided not to go for the same. On sending cancellation email asking for full refund there was no response.again on making a call we were told that only Rs.50 K would be refunded as per their policy. We did not agree to any policy.nothing was told to us.Pl help.


Posted On: 2014-11-16 15:20:12
we bought a flat in the above complex in 2011.we have not yet registered our assocciation, but have one gen.secretary ,treasurer, president etc. now after 2 years the builder wants to build another 3 parkings in the basement. this will block the way for the remaining vehicles free movement.what can we do. how can we protest. he is harassing us continuously. please advise. thanking u, mridula.

Manmohan Singh Chane

Posted On: 2014-11-16 12:22:43
I had booked a flat in Jan 2012 at ALIENS SPACE STATION#1,TELLAPUR,HYDERABAD and the handover was suppose to be given in dec 2013 as per the agreement of sale. forget about getting the flat, now the builder is asking for more money and not asking to shift to a different flat with lesser sq ft and much higher price and the EMI is being paid by me + rent which is killing me and am paying through my nose. need suggestion how i can make the builder pay any help would be great. The ALIENS SPACE STATION#1,project is a big FRAUD please do not invest and waste your hard earned money.

Vikram Mishra

Posted On: 2014-11-14 16:29:45
I am a flat owner in Bhoomi Enclave, BAIF road awahalwadi Pune. Our builder took 22,000 maintenance charge from all the flat owner for 1 year and said that he will form the co operative society in this one year. But now after 1 year he has not formed the society and is demanding maintenance again for 1 year. He is harassing flat owners by cutting the water supply. Also he is constructing a new building without permission of the flat owners. Please guide us how can we take action against him

Sharon Dsouza

Posted On: 2014-11-14 11:04:25


Posted On: 2014-11-14 00:58:10
I had booked a house in Thanisandara road, Bangalore almost a month back. When i booked the house the plan was for 4 srorey building with private garden in the ground floor for which they had charged 5 acs extra but not just after agreement in 10 days they have changed the entire plan of the project making it to 18 storey building. What should i do now.


Posted On: 2014-11-13 12:18:29


Posted On: 2014-11-12 19:42:56

Kamlesh Jain

Posted On: 2014-11-12 17:54:55
This is regarding an apartment I had booked with Arihant Unitech PVP Ventures in Sep 2012. I have made a payment of 80 lakhs on a total cost of Rs.1.4 crores and after two years, the construction has not started. The builder is refusing to give the refund or paying any interest on the amount paid.

Chandan dey

Posted On: 2014-11-11 21:29:46
Promoter make the agreement for car parking, but not doing registration also give lesser space parking, also not responding since several years after so many reminders.

Pushpendra Dwivedi

Posted On: 2014-11-11 19:07:27
intense rain and now winter is also approaching so we need urgent construction. Please Help us..


Posted On: 2014-11-11 17:35:18
I purchased a new house In an newly constructed apartment for which I have taken the possession in may 2014 and stared to live in October 2014. I have observed dampness on several walls due to faulty workmanship from the builder's side, as well as the tiles in the toilets are cracked and being fixed in very untidy manner. As the dampness in walls started to come now and my colouring of the walls has already been done around one and half month back. As even though maintenance department has taken over the repairing of the wall they have refused to taken over the colouring of the walls. Further as regards tiles they just are putting white cement/putty in the bathroom tiles to cover the cracks. I request you to help me as I am being penalised for the faulty workmanship from the builder side. So please let me know what to be done in this regard.

ramesh kumar jain

Posted On: 2014-11-11 13:31:55
booked a flat in 2010 with 36 months delivery schedule with 6 months grace period ...with due on sept 2013 graced period upto march 2014. flat still not handover asking for another 2 years to handover. payments fully compeleted only registration pending with amount.In huge problems with paying emi and rent and managing household expenses.


Posted On: 2014-11-11 12:38:47


Posted On: 2014-11-11 10:09:56

Santosh Ray

Posted On: 2014-11-10 18:14:44

vijay kumar yadav

Posted On: 2014-11-10 06:33:43
I have invested in wave city in last year august.It is been good 15 months i did not get builer buyer agreement.where as my friends got buyer agreement in maximum three months. it is a pathatic experience.since feburary they are saying next months.Why this long delay...i got apology email from wave infratech CUSTOMER CARE NO IS SWITCHED OFF try get in touch with through email five times.No response it seems biggest mistake of my life investing in wave infratech.

Neeraj Sharma

Posted On: 2014-11-03 13:14:11
I bought a plot from Omaxe at their Shubhangan project on Ajmer road, Jaipur. The last call money was suppoused to be done almost a year ago. But, till date I have not received the final call nor the possession of Plot.Every month when I call the helpdesk, they give a new possession date. Please help.

Bishal Sharma

Posted On: 2014-11-02 11:20:04
I bought a flat in the month of March 2014 and the builder by the name Prime Construction promised me that the flat will handed over to me in the month of June 2014. Now it's been over 5 months from the deadline he has promised. I have already paid 5 EMIs of ₹24500. I m being completely harressed by this. Please help.

Rina Pattani

Posted On: 2014-11-01 22:51:35
Our building was under construction hence since 5yrs we were staying on rent basis. It was paghdi system and when we signed our agreements it was mentioned that it will be ownership. now building is ready but they are saying that it will be again paghdi system. since 4mnths they are not giving us rent as well. that's not fair. please help us. nobody is considering our problem. Builder name is Mr. Khurana Ranjana Construction

Mahua Gorai

Posted On: 2014-10-31 13:02:17
Purchased Flat No.410 in K-III/1 at VIP Enclave Ph-3(Belveder Complex)Baguiati( Opposite to)Big Bazar, Kolkata; is to be measured in presence of my people and the rate is to fixed accordingly. Promoter is not agreed to measure the Flat and Common Space in presence of my people, even after so many request. There are 55 Nos of Flat in K-III complex developed and constructed by the Promoter cum Developers M/s. Latest Finvest Pvt. Ltd. and M/s.Pacific Propperties Pvt. Ltd. There are 28 flats in K-I & K-II which are promoted, developed and sold separately by M/s. Panchsil Properties Pvt. Ltd.with different Terms and Conditions. Flats in K-i and K-I and K-II Blocks are also located in same Belvedere complex. As the Blocks K-i, K-II and K-III are in same complex, Shortage of Common Space is expected. Hence, actual Measurement of K-III flats and its related common space is considered essential

Dr Ramesh K V

Posted On: 2014-10-31 11:20:30
Dear Atul and Surya This is reminder for completing balance work of our house at Singapura paradise lM S Palaya , Vidyaranyapura post , Bangalore 560097. This reminder is despite my repeated call to you over phone for the past 6 months requesting you to complete the pending work. We request you to complete the work within 1 weeks time without any further delay, No excuses will be tolerated Folowing work are pending 1) completion of compound wall and painting of gate 2) repairing of window leakage (master bed room and guest bed room) 3) completing the flooring work for car parking area and utility area 4) replacement of faulty fan regulators 5) second coat painting or the out sde wall


Posted On: 2014-10-31 07:10:32
maine home lane k liya apply kiya tha dhlf k side se contect no lekar rajeev name hai (9873382530) loan karane k liye 20.000 rupaye bhi le liye na unho ne loan karye na paise de rahe hai

Chandraprabha Raja

Posted On: 2014-10-30 11:23:28
Flat booked in 2010 jan hand over in Jan 2012 lean period 6 months to hand over by max july 2014 - possession not ready - builder not confirming the possession date still. No customer service. Mr Kishore is not responding to the calls. Neither to mails. not even willing to give the contact details of GM Suresh. Kishore no 9500091362. directing customers to gurgaon office gurgaon office directing to chennai. making customer to run from pillar to post.

Sumit Kumar

Posted On: 2014-10-29 18:36:33
I have booked a flat with PSR developer and Builders by giving a booking amount of 1 Lakh Rupees. I have cancelled the flat but they have deducted 50,000 Rupees and not ready to refund another 50,000. Below is reason for cancellation. Reason for Cancellation: At the time of booking they promised possession by June-2015. But when I was going for sale and deed agreement with them they extended date of booking to Dec-2015 which i was not agreed. Also after booking they made a multiple changes in plan which affected ventilation of my flat. Hence I asked them to cancel the flat , but they are not refunding full money. They had just refunded only 50,000 and still my 50,000 is with them. Can you please help me on this. Address of Builder: PSR Builders and Developers No.1135, Avani Arcade, 2nd Floor, (Above Canara Bank) 17th Cross, 5th Main, 7th Sector, H.S.R.Layout, Bangalore - 560 102.


Posted On: 2014-10-29 16:18:09
Varashiddhi builders have constructed a 23 storied building in bhandup west. It is a SRA project & the builder has given occupation to them in a separate building. We have been given permission for furniture work but OC is not yet provided by the builder. He keeps giving xyz reasons and its been delayed since more than 6 months now. The building construction is complete on the whole except the common amenities and entrance area where work is still left incomplete. Another issue is, although he has started electricity meter for all flats, the bill doesn't come in our name. It is coming in the old society name called Pancharatna. Kindly suggest what can be done. Thanks Builder details- Vipin


Posted On: 2014-10-28 20:13:48


Posted On: 2014-10-27 19:23:35
I and my son have booked two apartment flat no.601 in station#1 Vide A9/SS/959 dated 23/06/2009 and flat no.420 in station#3 Vide A9/SS/918 dated 23/05/2009 in 2009 by paying Rs.1851713/- and Rs.1587500/- respectively (which is 50%of total cost for two apartment) through SBI Loan A/C No. 30878114755 & 31038291213 respectively with a commitment by aliens executives to hand over in 2012. But till now M/S Aliens has not started work in our tower. We are asking to refund our money with bank panel interest of 18%, which works out to be Rs.75, 09,343/. But Aliens is insisting to take apartment in other tower which is nearby completion by paying about 50% more of agreement of sale amount. We are not interested to pay this huge unwanted money. We want our money back with bank panel interest which works out to be Rs.75, 09,343/ or apartment in the same cost as per AOS at the earliest in his own interest and overall interest of society.


Posted On: 2014-10-26 12:26:33
Subject –Request of return of advance paid money in Aliens Space Station#1, Hyderabad by M/S Aliens Group. – Reg Kind Attention – Mr. Hari Challa, MD Mr.Venket Challa, MD Dear Sir, I and my son have booked two apartment flat no.601 in station#1 Vide A9/SS/959 dated 23/06/2009 and flat no.420 in station#3 Vide A9/SS/918 dated 23/05/2009 in 2009 by paying Rs.1851713/- and Rs.1587500/- respectively (which is 50%of total cost for two apartment) through SBI Loan A/C No. 30878114755 & 31038291213 respectively with a commitment by aliens executives to hand over in 2012. But till now M/S Aliens has not started work in our tower. We are asking to refund our money with bank panel interest of 18%, which works out to be Rs.75, 09,343/. But Aliens is insisting to take apartment in other tower which is nearby completion by paying about 50% more of agreement of sale amount. We are not interested to pay this huge unwanted money. We want our money


Posted On: 2014-10-26 08:26:40
Subject –Request of return of advance paid money for flat no. 601 & 420 in Aliens Space Station#1, Hyderabad by M/S Aliens Group. – Reg Kind Attention – Mr. Hari Challa, MD Mr.Venket Challa, MD Dear Sir, I and my son have booked two apartment flat no.601 in station#1 Vide A9/SS/959 dated 23/06/2009 and flat no.420 in station#3 Vide A9/SS/918 dated 23/05/2009 in Aliens space station#1,Tellapur,Hyderabad in 2009 by paying Rs.1851713/- in 2009 and Rs.1587500/- in 2009-10 respectively (which is 50%of total cost for two apartment) through SBI Loan A/C No.30878114755 & 31038291213 respectively with a commitment by aliens executives to hand over in 2012 by showing good presentation in their office. But till now M/S Aliens has not started work in our tower. We are asking to return our money with bank panel interest of 18%, which works out to be Rs.75, 09,343/. But Aliens is insisting to take apartment in other tower which is nearby com

Yogesh Kumar

Posted On: 2014-10-25 12:44:41
We hired services of contractor Mr. Devi singh R/o district-alwar,rajasthan currently living in our village for construction of our house.But the contractor work done by the contractor is of very poor quality and increased cost unlawfully and the contractor has even refuse to complete the work.

Pradeep Bulchandani

Posted On: 2014-10-22 11:04:14
Dear Sir, I had booked a Flat in Sunder Heritage Building in 2011. Building is in Mira Road, Thane and the builder is Harshil Builders. The construction of the project is not yet started and it has been 4 years already. The builder is not ready to committ the commencement of the project work and timelines. Kindly suggest what is the way forward.


Posted On: 2014-10-16 17:11:51
I have booked 918 Sq. Ft 2 BHK optima flat in Plava City in Project 18th Avenue in on 13th Sep 2014. During discussion on floor plan it was being told to me that Pooja Room and Store Room was available in Flat and Foyer was not available. Based on this I have booked the flat and submit the Booking Amount of Rs. 45000. After that, I again visited to Lodha Sales Office in Plava City to discussion on Loan and few other things. During discussion i came to know that the Information provided to me regarding floor plan was conflicting from the earlier discussion. Now i came to know Pooja Room and Store Room is not available and Foyer is available. The sales representative is not accepting my point and denying to accept the truth. Later i discussed with Customer Relation Ship Manager and explained him about the situation. But still it does not help. Finally i decided to Cancel the flat. I have sent them the mail for cancellation and refund for booking amount but in spite of reminder mails and hard letter sent to them for refund of Booking amount, they are not accepting the request and denying to refund the booking amount. Request you to please help in getting my hard earned money refunded.

Manish Kumar

Posted On: 2014-10-16 16:10:14
Hi, I paid a refundable booking amount of Rs 1 lakh to a real estate developer by name VRP developers in Bangalore in order to get the land documents for legal verification. But based on the lawyer feedback, I decided not to go further. The developer promised to refund the booking amount and even gave a cheque. But the cheque bounced and now after repeated follow up, he is not refunding the amount. It's one year now and still waiting for my money. Need help in getting back the same.

Sangiitaa shetty

Posted On: 2014-10-16 12:10:05
Have not got possesion of my flat, since 2010. Please guide me with the future process. I would like to fight it out against builder, And i expect compensation for the grievances he has put on my family because of this delay.


Posted On: 2014-10-15 21:10:35
Subject –Request of advance paid money for flat no. 601 & 420 in Aliens Space Station#1, Hyderabad by M/S Aliens Group. – Reg Kind Attention – Mr. Hari Challa, MD Mr.Venket Challa, MD Dear Sir, I and my son have booked two apartment flat no.601 in station#1 Vide A9/SS/959 dated 23/06/2009 and flat no.420 in station#3 Vide A9/SS/918 dated 23/05/2009 in Aliens space station#1,Tellapur,Hyderabad in 2009 by paying Rs.1851713/- in 2009 and Rs.1587500/- in 2009-10 respectively (which is 50%of total cost for two apartment) through SBI Loan A/C No.30878114755 & 31038291213 respectively with a commitment by aliens executives to hand over in 2012 by showing good presentation in their office. But till now M/S Aliens has not started work in our tower. We are asking to return our money with bank panel interest of 18%, which works out to be Rs.75, 09,343/.

Nirmala Bangera

Posted On: 2014-10-14 23:48:06
I have booked flat in Chandresh Narmada, which is big project build by Lodha Group & his name is Deepak Lodha. The flat possession we have received around 3 years back. Builder has taken amount for water connection from our all owner but, still now we haven't received the water connection from MIDC. Whenever we ask them he only point out MIDC. But, it is his duty make provision for water. Before booking the flat he was promised us that he will provide the 24 hours water facility to our building. There are almost 200 flats in our society who is not getting water facility & he is least bother to look at this matter. He only tells us that it is not my job. You can apply the same. Lodha builder is very famous developer but, we never thought that he will do such things. I lost faith in him. In fact our society chairman goes every week to his office & request to do something for us. We order water through tanker for that we pay money. Pls help us


Posted On: 2014-10-14 16:52:12
SiR, This is to bring to your kind notice that, I Rajasekhar, purchased a plot No.24, and registerd the plot on my mother's name from M/s VVR HOUSING INDIA PVT.LTD's venture located at Bachupally paradise, Nalthur Village , Medak District. I have booked my plot in 2011 and the same had been registered after full payment in the year 2011. But, till date, the plotting is not done in that layout and they are not showing my plot. I have been asking the VVR people since last one and half year, they agree that there is a dispute with the land owner and it will be resolved soon. I found same compliants on VVR in this web site. (Rameshnaidu Kotyada Posted On: 2014-07-28 19:20:41) & (BALLA SURYA KUMARI Posted On: 2013-09-21 11:43:15). I could not find their mail id's or mobile numbers to contact. At the registration time , VVR person show some lay out and said that , plotting will be done soon. I asked VVR people to refund the money back, but they refused to pay money back and said that wait

Dilip Pandey

Posted On: 2014-10-14 15:03:24
I have been cheated by Rousha capital investers pvt. ltd. lucknow. As now there office and phone no. are closed and i booked one flat in 2013 in dream residancy project by giving 30 % advance money. pl. help

Debabrata Das

Posted On: 2014-10-14 11:45:04
Dear Sir, I Debabrata Das, taken a flat for rent on April 2014 for a period of 11 months after paying one and half months rent to broker. Now, the owner is asking me to vacate the house giving one month notice as he wants to stay here. While, broker is also not taking the responsibility of finding the suitable house without charging additional brokerage amount. I am a married man, now where shall I go within a very short period of time after taking this place on rent. I am at a financial loss of more than Rs 40000 including all the packers, electricity fitting, brokerage and other expenses. I want to raise this issue to the consumer forum to make the broker and the flat owner so that they compensate my financial losses. Kindly advise me Thanking you, Debabrata Das

satish gupta

Posted On: 2014-10-14 11:10:36
Dear Sir, I had booked one LIG unit at Red Apple Residency of Manju J Homes group on 17.01.2013 . This was in the name of my wife : Shikha Gupta Total initial payment of Rs 1,05,912 was paid by two cheques of HDFC bank of Rs 11000/ & Rs 94,912/-( copies enclosed ). since this was a pre launched project so no further payment was made therafter. we were told that within few months approval will be taken from Ghaziabad Development Authority ( GDA ) . but months passed and nothing happened. Constantly i was in touch with Mr. Manoj, sales ditector of Red apple residency on his mobile 8826899406 and he promised that approval is in process. Finally in the month of August 2014 i cancelled my booking but they have not issued the refund on same day. After 15 days (with rigorous follow up ) i have been issued a cheque of Rs 1,16,275 dated 15.09.2014 of bank of patiala ( cheque no. 723093 )( copies enclosed ) When i submitted this cheque in bank of India , east of kailash branch then within co

Nitesh Patel

Posted On: 2014-10-13 09:21:38
i payment 50 percent but now builder say increased the property price. plz help me


Posted On: 2014-10-13 08:54:34
Paid 16 lacs towards advance for booking a flat in Gharonda Bhoopal , as part of GHARONDA BUILDERS and DEVELPERS, padmarao nagar/Hanuman tekkidi. No progress and he is buying our time and giving vague answers/response when questioned abut the money. Also, came to know the fact that he is selling the same flat to different customers. I am one among this, he gave me the flat number which has already been sold to some one. Kindly help in reaching out.

Nitesh Patel

Posted On: 2014-10-12 15:59:17
maine ek flat book karvaya tha but ab builder jyada payments mang raha h pahale 18252sq.ft se rate fix kiya tha ab builders 24500sq.ft mang raha h plz help me

Amal Bhattacharya

Posted On: 2014-10-12 09:46:18
Builder Unitech is extending time more than 150% of original time.notice served


Posted On: 2014-10-11 15:30:12
Booked a 2bhk flat in 2010 IN hex world kharghar(armstrong group) has been 4 years and still only plinth is completed.. Work is stopped from more than 1 year...and every time we go they give us some different reason.We have paid 10% and there is no clear picture from builder that whats next and when are we going to get possession. Request you to look into this matter on priority basis. Jayesh Kurseja 9769380410

Sujoy Sarkar

Posted On: 2014-10-09 02:04:18
Promoter ( Builders & Developers) is abaidinging by the rules & legeslation of the contract & also respected K.M.C.(declaration)

shabeena bano syed

Posted On: 2014-10-07 20:41:06
We booked the flat on 19 december 2009 with armstrong builder. They issue the letter of intent on 10 april 2011. They promise to give us possesion with in three years .they also told us that as soon as the plith level complete we should pay 5% of the payment. But from that day they only complete the plinth level. And whenever we askedabouth the worrk every time they give us false commitment.I have my all my payment recipt with me. We already paid 36000+148635 on 12 may 2010 and 25 april 2011 respectively. Last time when i talked in the office they told us that the work will start in the month of august 2014.On 20 june 2014 i dial the phone number 02230218899. On this number we had a conversation several time with them.But since last two three days we cannot able to connect with them . Sir please help me regarding above matter as soon as possible.I will highly obliged if you take the need full action.

Jayant Kumar Jha

Posted On: 2014-10-07 10:57:53
Booked Plot in Arjun Vihar Dream City (Ajit Garh, Rajasthan)Dec. 2013 on assurance of bank loan being provided. After paying 40% of the given amount Rs. 1,80,000 and providing proper documents for the loan, they now say that the loan cannot be provided. When showing my inability to pay rest of the amount without a loan, the representative from collection dept. of Banas say that he would cancel the registration and will not return any single penny. Please suggest.

R Reddy

Posted On: 2014-10-06 07:23:41
Paid 50% of flat cost to Sunil Sachdev (owner of Gharonda builders & developers) in 2012. No progress till date

s suresh

Posted On: 2014-10-02 15:35:07
I have bought a flat based on sale agreement dated 17/09/2012 and sale deed dated 26/11/2012 at Alliance Orchid Springss,Korattur 706 ,Hibiscus ,7 th floor Sales person Saravanabhava committed me that flat would be ready in 1 year time ,that is by August'13 while taking the booking. It never happened and whenever i enquired about delay they always given me wrong commitments.also threatened me stating the sale agreement clauses. Now i have recieved a email from builder with abnormal fine for delay from my end for the demand letters which i have not recieved by legal means. I have also followed somany times for the demand letters ,but till now no results. Customer Care executive Keerthini were rude in replying to my concern . They have charged 4.1 lacks as fine by calculating 2% interest. Also the quality of the construction is also very bad .No safety measures followed .Poor and damaged fittings .

Ashish Pandey

Posted On: 2014-09-30 21:53:40
I had booked a flat through Shubham Projects (Office at Ist floor, Pacific business park, Sahibabad Industrial Area) They had given credit cote at the time of booking stating that they will return 7% after builder buyer agreement is done but now they are refusing to do so. Please take strict action against them so that they learn a good lesson.

Victor D

Posted On: 2014-09-30 20:55:11
Regd delay in delivering possession of a purchased flat in residential apartment. 20% of the total cost is already paid.


Posted On: 2014-09-29 12:35:41
I have book 2BHK in unihome phase 1, sectoe 117, Builder Unitech is delaying work. Tell me what to do?

Rishabh Varshney

Posted On: 2014-09-28 13:09:59
I would like to draw your kind attention towards an issue wherein I booked a plot of 160 square yards area in the Neemrana Project developed by PAL Infrastructure & Developers Pvt. Ltd. The plot was booked by paying 25% advance i.e. ₹ 1,25,450 of the total value of ₹ 5,20,000 (@ ₹ 3250/square yard). I had made the payment on 1st August 2006 via cheque number 580803, Dt: 2nd August 2006 for the value of ₹ 1,25,450 drawn on Punjab and Sind Bank, Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019. I received an Acknowledgement cum Receipt for my investment on 10th August 2006. Later, a Project Progress Update letter was also issued to me but thereafter there was no intimation about the project status. To enquire about it, I even visited their corporate office in Gurgaon a number of times but all in vain. Regards Hemlata Varshney (9971792334, 9868150023) Acknowledgement cum Receipt No.: B198 REF NO.: NMP/FRIENDS/0706/331714171493

Gaurav Prakash Chaudhari

Posted On: 2014-09-26 02:01:39
Hi Team, I have booked a flat in Jan 2012. Sale Deed executed in Feb 2012. Possession Date mentioned in sale deed is 31.12.2013. Quotation from Builder included Rs. 50,000/- towards MSEDCL charges for electricity meter. Also Sale Deed provided that builder will get electricity meter installed. In first week of March 2014, I have received offer for possession of the flat wef 1.4.2014. Also he has mentioned in possession letter that common maintenance will be applicable from 1.4.2014. Letter included electricity charges for three months Rs. 2100 @ 700 per month for temporary supply of electricity from his commercial meter. I queried builder in second week of March 2014 if electricity meter is installed, if he has applied for electricity meter. I have not received any response to these questions. In my opinion builder should offer me this flat once electricity meter is installed and should charge common maintenance charge once he offer flat in complete stage including installation of electricity meter. Also he should compensate me for delayed possession (from 1.1.2014 till date). I have raised my these concerns to him three times in writing. I have not received any specific/to the point response. Builder consider his offer for possession in first week of March 2014 as valid one and ask me to take possession and pay maintenance charges wef 1.4.2014. Name of Builder – Naiknavare Housing Development Pvt Ltd Pune. Please suggest.


Posted On: 2014-09-24 15:48:04
Hello sir, We paid an advance amount of Rs.50000 to buy a villa from Manju Groups - Havisha homes project in Poonamallee.We were assured that in caseo f nay issues in loan sanction we would be refunded the amount in full.Due to some constraints in loan processing,we decided to withdraw from buying the villa.Now they are not refundnig the amount and not providing proper responses as well.Please provide a solution.

Mukesh Singh

Posted On: 2014-09-24 13:36:14
I booked a flat in Acme Ozone Thane in Sep.2010. Its work was started in 2013 and builder started sending letter, despite its pending CC. CC for same was received by builder in Dec.2013 and post that my Bank started disbursing loan. Now builder wants the Interest for this delayed period, which comes up to Rs.1 Lakh. What should I do.


Posted On: 2014-09-23 20:38:36
I had applied for two plots in MAXWORTH RESIDENCY-III project by paying Rs 100000/- through NEFT.A receipt was also issued on 02Feb13. Company was to finish off formalities shortly with local authorities & then the balance payment was to be made.After waiting for quite long, request to the company fell on deaf ears. After one year,I requested on 09 FEB 14 for the refund from the company. The company even after agreeing immediately has not refunded the money till date The concerned people involved, aware of the issue are Mr. Rupesh Kumar, DGM (09902009922) and Mr. V R Ravi Kumar(09591985281). I request you to kindly take up the matter in the strongest possible manner with the company and help me get my hard earned money along with the interest and if possible damage charges. Regards SANDEEP VERMA

prashant kadam

Posted On: 2014-09-23 14:22:13
I have booked a flat in 'Sirocco Grande, Punawale' at Pune in March 2014. I have paid 8 lacs to the builder. As there is some problem and miscommunication, I have cancelled my booking on 21st Aug 2014. Agreement is not done till cancellation. Now builder saying 1. he will refund amount only when he sell flat in open market. where my opinion is he should refund it immediately. 2. He is saying he would cut 15 % amount as administrative charges i.e. Rs.1,20,000. I am not agree to this, as there is no such agreement happened between us at the time of booking. 3. Also I have paid service tax of Rs.8,180 which he is saying, he already paid to government so he cannot refund. My point is service tax can be adjusted in his future payments. so he can refund it to me. 4. Also I have given 8 lacs to him in the month of march 2014, 6 months ago, so I should also get the interest of that amount which he is not agree upon.

Archana Mathur

Posted On: 2014-09-22 10:21:49
Max worth reality does not reply and give back the booking amount as we dont want to purchase the plot in devnahalli.


Posted On: 2014-09-20 08:08:08
I hag given complain against "Aliens Space Station#1,Tellapur,Hyderabad" in "Consumer Redressal Forum" through "mail@" but no response as well as no response on telephoning helpline no. 9910532073.NIRBHAYA - 09441280236.


Posted On: 2014-09-20 07:35:47
#5 : On 14/09/14 Pramod Kumar Reddy Rachamallu of Station 11 163,Owner wrote: Bargaining in Aliens terminology means buying more time or getting more money out of the customer. You cannot bargain for something which does not exist.Once you switch to some other station your original contract becomes void, you end up paying more money & Aliens gets few more years to enjoy your hard earned money while keeping you quite with the fond hope that when that new station you shifted will be handed over to you in "near future". Please pay attention to plight of station 13 (14) customers, they have registered flats in their name & paid majority of amount due yet when it came time for handover their flat got sold to somebody else because they couldnt afford the "value enhancements" unilaterally imposed by aliens. When your time comes you will also pay thru your nose or have to go to court. None of us individually can handle Aliens on our own & the same will be the fate of owners who in the name of

amitav swain

Posted On: 2014-09-19 23:37:13
I booked a flat at psr builder in sarjapur road bangalore .At the time of booking they said 1 year possesion now after booking they are saying 2 year possesion so when i am requesting to refund my money they are saying we will give only 50000 from 100000 booking amount . please suggest


Posted On: 2014-09-19 20:28:05
Before Hon’ble Dist Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum at Gurgaon, I Niraj Tiwari hereby submit that M/s A.N.Buildwell developing World Trade Centre/ Spire Edge at Sector 8, IMT Manesar, is coercing me to register the lease deed for a period of 29 years now, while they had originally given in writing for perpetual lease deed. It is breach of original terms and conditions and curtails my right over property. I had applied for 500 sq ft of commercial property at SPIRE EDGE @Rs.27.6 lakhs in March 2010 and company allotted space on 6th floor of WTC. Now in order to force me to register lease deed, company has stopped payment monthly rent wef Feb 14. The company had earlier also not paid monthly rental for 3 months from Oct to Dec 2011. It is my humble request before Redressal Forum to direct M/s A N Buildwell developing IT park at Sector 8, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon, to execute perpetual lease deed and release rentals due to me from Oct to Dec 2011 and from Feb 014 onwards. Urgent succor rqstd


Posted On: 2014-09-19 20:18:16
Aliens M.D. Contact details – Mr. Hari Challa – 09391030561 Mr. Venket Challa – 09347151515. Aliens Sales Executives Contact details – Mr.Mahesh – 09966234555. Mr.Jabbar – 09966234439.Mr. Miskeen – 09966234132. Mr.Sandeep – 09966234134. Miss Suma – 09966234078. Mr. Vinay – 09966234088. Aliens Customer care – 040-40336666,09966234444. Miss Sonia – 09966234137. Mr. Dilip – 09966235235.;;;;;;;;;;;;sales@aliensgroup


Posted On: 2014-09-19 20:06:51
Subject –Non refund of advance paid money for flats in Aliens Space Station#1, Hyderabad by M/S Aliens Group. – Reg We have booked two apartment in Aliens space station#1,Tellapur, Hyderabad in 2009 by paying Rs.3439213/- in 2009 (which is 50%of total cost for two apartment) through SBI Loan with a commitment by aliens executives to hand over in 2011 by showing good presentation in their office. But till now M/S Aliens has done very little work in our tower. We asked to return our money with interest of 18% (same as builder imposes on customer for late payment as per AOS) which works out to be Rs.75,09,343/-. But Aliens is insisting to take apartment in other tower which is nearby completion by paying about one and half times of agreement of sale amount. We are not interested to pay this huge money. We want our money back with interest or apartment in the same cost as per AOS. Aliens M.D.Contact details – Mr. Hari Challa – 09391030561 Mr Venket Challa–09347151515 Self 09441280236.


Posted On: 2014-09-19 20:04:42
Subject –Non refund of advance paid money for flats in Aliens Space Station#1, Hyderabad by M/S Aliens Group. – Reg We have booked two apartment in Aliens space station#1,Tellapur, Hyderabad in 2009 by paying Rs.3439213/- in 2009 (which is 50%of total cost for two apartment) through SBI Loan with a commitment by aliens executives to hand over in 2011 by showing good presentation in their office. But till now M/S Aliens has done very little work in our tower. We asked to return our money with interest of 18% (same as builder imposes on customer for late payment as per AOS) which works out to be Rs.75, 09,343/-. But Aliens is insisting to take apartment in other tower which is nearby completion by paying about one and half times of agreement of sale amount. We are not interested to pay this huge money. We want our money back with interest or apartment in the same cost as per AOS. Aliens M.D.Contact details – Mr. Hari Challa – 09391030561 Mr Venket Challa–09347151515 Self 09441280236.


Posted On: 2014-09-17 08:20:44
We booked two flats in Aliens Space Station#1, Tellapur, Hyderabad,Telangana by paying 50% amount means Rs.3439213/- in 2009 with a commitment to hand over in 2012. but till now they did very little work.Now they are asking 1.5 times more money to give another flat which may complete in near future.I requested to return money with 18% interest(Which they impose on customer in case of late payment).But they are not ready to pay.We are in tension as we have paid all our hard eaned money.N.K.SHAH 09441280236

sumangla kapoor

Posted On: 2014-09-16 09:00:29
Bought a flat from Unitech and I was promised possession by 2010. The possession has yet not been given! I need the flat immediately along with compensation.

Rabindra Kumar Mishra

Posted On: 2014-09-15 20:39:14
I have purchased a 2 bhk flat in Nirala Green Shire (G11-1507) through one Nirala's authorized dealer M/s Apple Managecon Pvt. Ltd. in the year Oct'2013 .We were given a one year postdated Cheque by M/s Apple Managecon as a discount of 2% on total value of the project. The Cheque is bounced now saying the only one signatory signed that cheque. I've been following them up for credit note but those people (Mr. Nadeem Husaini (Director) - 9717097008, Mr. Sanjay 9999183683) are not showing any willingness to pay the amount. I was answered by the signatory who signed that cheque that I filed FIR for lost cheque book. Plz help.


Posted On: 2014-09-15 18:48:03
Balram Awasthy‘s Profile Send Message Balram Awasthy Member since Jul 7, 2014 Location India Posting History Aliens Developers - Alien Space Station Delay in Flat Construction, handover and registration [New Complaint] We have booked three flats in Alien Space station and unfortunately we have paid full amount for them.Now they are asking huge some of money for all the flats. The status of my flats are as below: One of my flat is ready in station 13 and they are not going for registry of that flat. Every time i call up them, they come up with new excuse and every time a new person is there to give you new story.... Aliens Space Station, Real Estate, Hyderabad - Builder stopped paying pre-EMI [Comment in Complaint] We have booked three flats in Alien Space station and unfortunately we have paid full amount for them.Now they are asking huge some of money for all the flats. The status of my flats are as below: One of my flat is ready in station 13 and they are not going for registry


Posted On: 2014-09-15 18:44:54;;;;;;;;;;;;; Mr.Mahesh – 09966234555. Mr.Jabbar – 09966234439.Mr. Miskeen – 09966234132. Mr.Sandeep – 09966234134. Miss Suma – 09966234078. Mr. Vinay – 09966234088. Aliens Customer care – 040-40336666,09966234444. Miss Sonia – 09966234137. Mr. Dilip – 09966235235.


Posted On: 2014-09-15 07:29:18
To, M/S Aliens Space Station#1, Hyderabad. Dear Sir, Subject –Refund of advance with bank interest for flat no. 601 in Aliens Space Station#1, Hyderabad by M/S Aliens Group. – Reg Abhishek Kumar(my son) have booked a flat no.420 in station#3 Vide A9/SS/918 dated 23/05/2009 in Aliens space station#1, Hyderabad in 2009 and paid Rs.1587500/- in the year of 2009, on the assurance given by the Aliens executives in the agreement to hand over flat in the year 2012.But in fact Aliens has not complied to the agreement and as on now Aliens has done very little work in our tower in last five years and it is expected to be completed by the year 2022 only as per Aliens executive. Therefore, it is requested to refund our money with bank interest of 18% compound (same as Aliens imposed to customer in AOS) of five years which works out to be Rs. Rs.16, 86,133/- and hence total amount Rs. 32, 73,633 /- immediately, as Aliens could not deliver flat in time and as per agreement.


Posted On: 2014-09-15 07:26:06
To, M/S Aliens Space Station#1, Hyderabad. Dear Sir, Subject –Refund of advance with bank interest for flat no. 601 in Aliens Space Station#1, Hyderabad by M/S Aliens Group. – Reg. I have booked a flat no.601 in station#1 Vide A9/SS/959 dated 23/06/2009 in Aliens space station#1, Hyderabad in 2009 and paid Rs.1851713/-(Through SBI bank loan) in the year of 2009, which is a 50% cost of flat, on the assurance given by the aliens executives in the agreement to hand over flat in the year 2012.But in fact Aliens has not complied to the agreement and as on now Aliens has done very little work in our tower in last five years and it is expected to be completed by the year 2022 as per Aliens executive. Therefore, it is requested to refund my money with bank interest of 18% compound (same as Aliens imposed to customer as per AOS) of five years which works out to be Rs.2383997/- and hence total amount Rs. 4235710/-immediately, as Aliens could not deliver flat in time and as per agree


Posted On: 2014-09-14 10:01:26
Subject –Non refund of advance paid money for flat no. 601 & 420 in Aliens Space Station#1, Hyderabad by M/S Aliens Group. – Reg I and my son have booked two apartment flat no.601 in station#1 Vide A9/SS/959 dated 23/06/2009 and flat no.420 in station#3 Vide A9/SS/918 dated 23/05/2009 in Aliens space station#1,Tellapur,Hyderabad(Telangana) in 2009 by paying Rs.1851713/- in 2009 and Rs.1587500/- in 2009-10 respectively (which is 50%of total cost for two apartment) through SBI Loan with a commitment by aliens executives to hand over in 2012 by showing good presentation in their office. But till now M/S Aliens has not started work in our tower. We are asking to return our money with bank interest of 18% (same as builder imposed for customer in AOS) which works out to be Rs.75, 09,343/. But Aliens is insisting to take apartment in other tower which is nearby completion by paying about one and half times of agreement of sale amount and Aliens will not consider any interest for our mone

Bhaskar Makhija

Posted On: 2014-09-12 14:20:26
Amrante Realtech Pvt. Ltd. launched a residential project 'Amrante Heights' at Sector 41 Bhiwadi near to Saint Gobain Glass Factory and started taking the booking amount and the following payments last year in fourth quarter. I paid them around 2.4 lac rupees via cheque and made a booking for an apartment in their project 'Amrante Heights' last year. When I visited the location later [to see the progress] in April this year; to my surprise, all the boards by Amrante Realtech were removed and the land was left as it is with no construction what-so-ever. Having doubt about the company, I cancelled the booking and was given a PDC cheque for 27th July 2014 which has bounced. Now, even after completion of 15 days of legal notice sent no payment received. I am sure I am not the only one who has been trapped by the Amrante Realtech Pvt Ltd. Over and above now the projet has been renamed under Vedanta Homes by Investment Guru Infra again another fraudster. Please help

dr dhurjati prasad dutta

Posted On: 2014-09-11 08:17:22
sir i for my complain asked for redressal. but no comunication till date.

dr dhurjati prasad dutta

Posted On: 2014-09-10 05:48:24
fraud by srijoni builder.promised as per deed 150000 for open garage but took 250000 rs at registration.even after 2 years did not get mutation and noc from competent authority. still 30% work to cmplete as per deed or agreement.d.p dutta

rahul sharma

Posted On: 2014-09-09 11:22:13
Sir , i purchased a 1 bhk flat at mira rosd , thane measuring 770 sqft. The builder gave me date of possession 15/05/14, but till date he hasn't given possession . now the thing is that i have to spent money 15000 as rent where i am cureently living plus i am in deep mental agony.Builder says that noone can harm him as he has mentioned in a clause that possession is subject to occupation certificate.I fail to understand that why a consumer should suffer due to such clauses which a builder puts for his own safety. this dosent means that if the builder fails to obtain occupation certificate then poor consumer should suffer. Builder pressurise to sign that document or else take back amount after deducting 20% of the amount.Hence poor consumer is left with noway other than to sign that document. Moreover i was promised to get 770sqft of glat but the builder gave me only 720 sqft less 50 sqft.Please advice me . Thanks

t.e.chandra mohan

Posted On: 2014-09-08 21:32:22
Sir. I gave my land for development in 2008 to a builder. He would get 12 flats and me 8. Without completing flats he sold 12 of his flats and also took one of my flat for mortgage. Now the builder says he is bankrupt and can't complete the flats. The 12 flat buyers and me are high and dry. Now how to make him complete the project

Kamlesh Tiwary

Posted On: 2014-09-08 16:06:11
Dear Sir , I bought a flat in Unitech Cascade Tower 5 in 2012 . That time they said that it will be ready in 6 to 9 Months . Today I called them and they said that it will delay by minimum 2 + Years More . I have taken bank loan and paying 50000 Rs per month as EMI . Neither they are listing nor doing any thing for this . Kindly look into it and let me know what to do . Details of the property is as below . Flat No 05 – 11 - 1102, on 11th Floor in building Cascade Tower 5, Area 1475 sq.ft . Regards Kamlesh

Alok Ram Tripathi

Posted On: 2014-09-06 18:59:33
I Alok Ram Tripathi Mobile no-09794935019 have booked a Plot in the company Rohtas Projects Limited, 27/18 Raja Ram Mohan Rai marg Lucknow-226001 Uttar Pradesh. I have cancelled the booking on dated 25.04.14. But the builder is not refunding my hard money in spite of Lot of persuasion and request on time to time. I belong to a middle class family and my whole life saving is blocked, Please help.

Ramit Mehta

Posted On: 2014-09-05 11:49:25
Hi, My name is Ramit Mehta S/o sh Rajan Mehta as I have purchased a plot in Emerald Homes Located in Sector-107, Bhiwadi, UIT on 18th june 2013 from a dealer company named as :-Shree Shubh Realty associates located in Ashiana Aangan Bhiwadi and for which they mentioned that this company has launched a plot and I purchased the plot for 160 sq yards.for which I paid 5,80,000(Five lakh eighty thousand ) to the builder. for which I have paid 25% of my plots payment as required by the builder. And , it was told to me by Builder and dealer that we will be getting an LOI within few days and will start our construction, But it was more than 11 months I waited for that and I had a word with one of their executive on 5th April 2014 named as Anshul Sharma (SAS Manager)who told me that if u want to surrender you can do that and no amount would be deducted and then i opted for surrender as he forward me the checklist for documents and all that and he mentioned that it will be done with 7 business days. But I received a deducted amount of rs 1,65,000 aprx.(one lakh sixty five thousand) less from the builder as a dealer commision and i got my money in June 2014 after walking back to back to builders office and till now that company has not receieved an LOI on that property and then The GM of the company Jagjeet Singh had a word with my dealer and he said not to worry they will issue my rest amount but I am still running for my money and kindly suggest what to do with these kind of builders as they are making fool of a common man and instead of giving me any kind of interest on that they have deducted amount from my paid money. kindly suggest what steps to be taken against the builder or dealer to recover my rest paid amount as its more than 15 months I am still getting harassed by this situation Companys registered address:-Corporate Office 60, Sector-18, HUDA, Gurgaon - 122015, Haryana, India kindly suggest on this. Kind Regards, Ramit Mehta


Posted On: 2014-09-04 10:13:28
Sir This is a compliant against the builder'RUDRA SEVEN BUILDCON PVT LTD'- Mr. Rajesh Dubey and Rasham Kumar, the directors. they took full payment of Rs.5,40,000/- for a plot at Haridwar named after Vedanta City. Now they are neither giving Plot at Haridwar nor refunding the money. I would like to highlight that i have made all payment to builder through Cheques. This builder has a registered office at Mayur Vihar Phase III B-234 g.d colony and a office at Sector 63 noida from where they have fled/left without information to clients. Ren no. of Company-U70200DL2011PTC219780

Sowdhamini G N

Posted On: 2014-09-03 20:53:02
Orange Properties and Granity Properties JV cheated about 400 gullible customers to the tune of crores of rupees. We lost 10 lakhs which was raised through loans. police are not acting even after many contempt of court case on the owners vijay Ravipati Tata and Ashfaq Ahamed. We have been fighting the case in many courts and now the case is in consumer court Bangalore. We have got justice and no one infact has . Kindly help us before we all lose trust in our judiciary and judges. The criminals are not turning upto the court also. We are desperate. Many politicians were approached to help solve this problem, but we felt they are in loop with him. We have cursed all the people and their families who have helped the criminals escape with our hard earned money.


Posted On: 2014-09-02 20:32:56
Gharonda Builder and developers owner Sunil Sachdev has taken money for flat booking 50% and no construction is going on as on date if we ask for refund there is no refund given till now

Yogendra Singh Tanwar

Posted On: 2014-09-02 09:09:37
I am the resident of Ardee City, Sector - 52, Gurgaon. I bought a property from the builder in the 2006 and now we approached them for the NOC to get our property registered with the Registrar of Gurgaon. I have been informed by the builder that due to some reason they will charge 1.5 Lacs from all the resident who want NOC because they have paid damages to DTP Chandigarh of about 8 Cr. We are ready to pay 1.5 Lacs through bank, however the builder doesn't agree to it and insists us to pay in Cash only. They also say that "they are not affraid of going to jail for this fraud and in fact are ready to so". They want us to approach court so that they get a stay order from the court on this matter and consequently we suffer. Therefore I would humbly request you take this matter up with the respective agency as we don't know who to approach in this regard.

Arup Chakraborty

Posted On: 2014-09-01 13:53:34
Purchased a Flat from Reputed Builder. As per quotation carpet Area is Given 514.5 Sqft based on saleable area 735 Sqft.After making all payments and after signing all papers, Biulder has given the possession but lot of quality problem is in the Flat.Even leakages are also noticed. How to fight back with the Builder.

harsheet khaitan

Posted On: 2014-09-01 10:35:21
we are the tenant of 171/a MG road kolkata. our landlord my using unfair means broke a fire at the residential, now he have a tie up with some promoter and its more than 12 years he is not giving us our position wer are homeless since 2001 kindly help

anil kumar

Posted On: 2014-08-31 09:24:39

Lalit Gosain

Posted On: 2014-08-30 15:43:17
Sir, I have registered my expression of interest for allotment of IT Office size 300 sq.feet in the proposed/forthcoming/intended project AVJ Info City-1, Greater Noida (west)through broker Future First Homes located in Sector 57, NOida, against which I have already remitted an amount to the tune of Rs.1,09,000/- (approx.). Now, due to some reasons, I want to cancel my registration form and for this purpose, I contacted my broker, namely, Mr Narang and he told me that he would return my aforesaid money within 90 days. I doubt that within 90 days, the said project would be launched and the builder and broker would have excuse to deduct my money or deny to refund my entire amount to me. Please advise what to get my amount back even when the project is in soft launch.

Pankaj Deb

Posted On: 2014-08-30 15:04:51
Sub : Prayer for seeking justice. Respected Sir, I had executed an agreement having deed no. 1774/12 dated 29.02.12 D.C office, Guwagati, Assam for prurchase of a residential space for building construction on 29.02.2012 between landowner- cum- builder Md. Inamul Majid and myself, Mr. Pankaj Deb. I had paid Rs. Six lakhs fifty thousand (Rs. 6,50,000/- )as a advance towards the same . But due to some personal reasons, I had cancelled my agreement by way of lawyer notice on 11.04.2012 which was as per agreement clause number 19 “That in case this agreement becomes void or is cancelled by either party, the claim of the Second party shall be limited only to the amounts paid minus the 15% cancellation charges per annum and is cancelled by first party then first party wiil pay15% cancellation charges per annum to second party.” But Md. Inamul Majid refused to make any payment and I was forced to proceed for arbitration as per clause number 20 “ any dispute arising out of this deed shall


Posted On: 2014-08-30 13:02:43
we had purchased flats and shops from builder n sold other flats and shops builder was having relation with us he planned to build in kharghar sector 35E we had given him money when he didnot even planned and submitted any document we are investors too we had helped him to become a builder buyed as well as we had sold for the same for him so amtter is not these but it is he is now harassing us in many ways sometime back he had sold our flat to someelse but we had registerd whn we came to know about these from someone and he had not given what he has submitted and agreed on agreement registrd wid CIDCO Approal Otla we had seen in RTI it is different but we had not objected he had given possesion to us n all building has No Occupation certificate and now he has demanding Maintenance from us it is not legal right before occupation certificate he cannot demand we objected so he is harassing us through our licensee to whom we had rented our shops and flats that he wil throw dem out if maint


Posted On: 2014-08-29 22:10:40
Aman-II project of Jaypee group at Noida expressway delayed badly but no action from the developer

ICB Flora Members

Posted On: 2014-08-29 17:39:08
ICB Flora builder has made one tower illegal without permission. Also taken 50000 parking which is illegal and not created amenities as per brochure.

vaibhav jain

Posted On: 2014-08-29 01:37:37
1)BPTP not providing the Physical possession. 2) Not Providing the Penalty for delay or rent (as registry is done) 3) Maintenance charges are charged without getting possession.

animesh mukherjee

Posted On: 2014-08-29 00:26:26
I have paid full amount to purchase a plot from Deb Rupayan Housing Society, 102/A, Central Road, H.B Town, Sodepur, Kolkata - 700 110. But, the registration of the plot is not being done by the company. More than two hundred purchasers have been cheated by the company. This is another scam in West Bengal just like Sarada Cheat Fund. Tel No. of Deb Rupayan Housing Society 033- 2565 5260/32971159


Posted On: 2014-08-26 14:26:35
Dear Sir/ Ma'm, I am from a company called Aishwarya Towers Pvt Ltd and we booked a flat (10F Tower 2) in Anandadhara project by CCAP Ltd in Kolkata through KolkataRealty Advisors Pvt Ltd a markting agent in Kolkata. We submitted a cancellation request in 2013 and they gave acknowledgment of the same in Sep 2013. But after that inspite of our repeated follow ups no feedback yet and its been almost one year but we havenot received the refund. Kindly guide us on how to proceed to get the amount back. It is the booking amount Rs 939358. Looking forward to your reply


Posted On: 2014-08-26 13:55:34
Dear Sir/ Ma'am, We purchased a flat in Kolkata from builder Bengal Shrachi in their project Greenwood Nest Project in te year 2010. Since then we made payment of total over Rs 15 lakhs but the project got stopped due to some reasons not disclosed properly to us by the builder. We filed a request for cancellation in early 2014 and requested for a refund as per their policy mentioned in contract. They were supposed to refund in 60 days but it has been 8 months but no refund till now neither they have the courtesy to reply to mails or phone calls. We have all written evidence of mail communications and reminders sent by us and fund transferred to them in several installments. Kindly take up our case urgently and guide us how we can recover our money along with interest (they promised on interest payment too) as soon as possible.

Mihir Shah

Posted On: 2014-08-23 23:25:58
We owned a flat in 'Tushar Park' building located in Juhu lane (Andheri-West) Mumbai - 400058 locality. Our building previously was owned by Tushar Shah, and who sold it later to Arsh developers. They made us 48 tenants sign an agreement where they were supposed to pay us 20,400 on monthly basis. After paying it for a year from the day of signed agreement, he stopped paying us. Also, he has not even started an inch of construction as he is now . Arsh developer is a very new association between 3-4 different people who have no knowledge about making a building Since none of our tenants have dared to fight against him, I being the sole tenant to fight the builder-cum-developer is in a fix. Also, lone fighting against this guy would make me pay hefty amount to advocate ( which i personally can not) I on behalf of all grieved tenants of our building would like to receive advise from you. Please advise.


Posted On: 2014-08-22 16:19:44


Posted On: 2014-08-22 10:23:12
We bought a house in Kukatpally, Hyderabad. We are facing so much problem with builder. Actually, we paid advance and made an agreement in July 2012, then the construction was complted about 70%. Builder promised us to handover the building by Aug. or November 2012. After this agreement, he is not responding to calls regularly. Again he started work in Feb. Still we did not have Manjeera Water connection, no power connection at parking. We are facing so much problems, we are vexed with him. So writing to you. Please take action on him. We are paying Loan EMIs from March 2013. He is not attending our calls now. Now we are facing water problem also Please solve our problem. We will be very thankfull to you. Our builder name is G. Srikanth Reddy and his firm name is Vaibhav Constructions and building name is Chaitanya Prabha Residency.


Posted On: 2014-08-21 14:59:05
Dear Sir/Madam, This is to inform you that my father (Late Deepak Kumar Sen) and mother (Mrs.Chandrika Sen) has bought one flat from joint members (Late Baidyanath Ghosh, Prodip Kumar Ghosh, Jharna Ghosh, Somit GHosh,Mahasweta Majumder) in the year 2010. The flat address is 9B, Sarat Ghosh Garden Road, P.S-Kasba, Kolkata-700031. We handed over the amount to Prodip Kumar Ghosh for joint mutation application in KMC. The mutation was filled dated 25-01-2011 (Assesse number: 21-091-16-0325-1(Mother)). Unfortunately till date the mutation is not done and the promoter has not shared any formal reason on this. Although the full flat payment is done we have not received the mutation and the Completion certificate from the promoter. We request to enquire this case and guide us how to receive the Mutation for this flat. We request your worthy cooperation to enquire this case and guide us how to receive the Mutation for this flat. Thank you.


Posted On: 2014-08-21 12:33:50
Booked a flat in year 2012 in Gharonda bhoopal padma rao nagar secunderabad telangana by paying 22 lks.builder is not giving agreement and has not started construction.Please hepl me.

Monoranjan Gorai

Posted On: 2014-08-20 15:14:44
I came to know about a fraud company "Maxworth Reality". They have few layouts across Bengaluru/Karnataka. They first take little advance from the customer & signs an agreement saying they will arrange for Bank Loan & then register. After sometime they take total 30% advance saying loan will be approved shortly. After that they neither arrange for Bank loan, nor register the property. When we cancel the booking they do not return the money. I would like to highlight about this fraud to public. Your help will really save many people's hard earned money and punish the culprits. Please do the needful.


Posted On: 2014-08-19 17:38:22
Dear Sirs, At the outset, I convey my respects and regards to the admin and managers of this Consumer Rederessal Forum in web based platform. I in the company of around 50 people booked a flat at the outskirts of Kalpakkam, a well known nuclear installations township way back in 2011. More than 3 years have elapsed and the builder has completed only about 50-60% part of all the houses, that with much delay and hold ups. It seems he has finanacial problems and he has been prologing the resumption of construction. Nevertheless we have all records and minutes of meeting which contains our deliberations and his committments.Now almost we have lost confidence in him and no more delay is useful to our cause. Most of the members are suffering from heavy interest burden from Bankers and some of them are rendered homeless after retirement. Pl.suggest how we can proceed with the matter . Is police action or legal remedy possible to achieve our goals now that we have exhausted all our efforts?


Posted On: 2014-08-19 16:17:36
Hi, I am a victim of Dreamz infra like many others in Bangalore. I had booked a flat in Dreamz Swadesh last dec and after seeing issues with their commitments and fake promised, I cancelled my booking in Feb 2014. I received a PDC cheque amounting 3Lakhs after 15 days of cancellation and the check date is 5th Jun. When I produced the cheque in my bank, it got bounced on 7th Jun. After contacting Finance person (Amarnath) he asked me to reproduce the checque again, so I reproduced it on 14th -which again got bounced on 17th Jun. This time I visited their office personally and Atiya/Athiya (I don't know how to spell) told that they will have fund by 19th Jun so requested me to reproduce the same cheque again. So I did reproduced it again and it got bounced for 3rd time -with insufficient balance! Now I am not able to catch hold of them and not even picking my calls! This is a clear case of cheating. I am in big trouble as I had to pay this money to someone


Posted On: 2014-08-18 18:27:22
HI, i have booked veracious rosedale flat from owner both owner and builder are asking me more money even after registration.I alreday send them legal notice but there is no reply by them so far.They also not giving me electricity and water.Please let me know which competent authority i need to approach now.


Posted On: 2014-08-18 10:50:22
Sir,my neighbourers are disposing off their used water in the vacant plot beside my house which has made a major damage to my house.Despite of several requests they are adamant that they will not stop doing so.kindly help me.


Posted On: 2014-08-18 10:35:09
Dear Sir/Madam, i bought land in wagholi, land lord said to me i have land for sale but we have not devided property in brother, he said me we wil devide it but before that i need money for that. he said give me token amount, i given that 1 lac amount, after 1 year he said me we are not devideing property, make registration i make registration but he is not giveing me land last 2 years, please give me legal advice thanks

Santosh Kumar

Posted On: 2014-08-16 16:58:57
we have booked a flat Yr 2003) & 1 shop (Yr 2005) in Triveni group after giving booking amount. We have the money receipt & Allotment Papers. Due to some internal issues with buider, the project got delayed & lately only Flat got registered & handed over to us in the yr 2010-2011. Whenever we asked for shop registration, they replied that it will take some time as its still under process, now after regular follow up their stff denied to handover the shop and said that it is allotted to someone else (without informing us), they asked to take the same booking amount returned. Suggest as how come they do like this, they have not informed us and now they are not ready to give us the shop. Suggest.

Sushant Dawar

Posted On: 2014-08-16 11:55:20
I have purchased one 3 BHK flat in Maya Garden Phase-3. Its J-501; fifth floor. They made an agreement to provide the flat mentioning area 1797 sq ft. Now while paying property tax we got to know that the area is 1734 sq ft. When we asked to refund the extra money which we have paid they straight way said NO for this. and ask us to do what we can do. We registered the property in Tehsil Derabassi as of Rs.5000000/-. At that time builder did not informed that the area of flat is not correct. According to registered value of flat the refundable money will be approx Rs.175000/-. Please help us to get our money back.

P. Tripathi

Posted On: 2014-08-16 09:44:20
Many small builders are offering low rise builders floor at cheap rates in sector 73 and 110 in Noida on land purchased from Gram Panchayat. Is this investment hassle free, safe and without legal complications? Else how I can get it veryfied ? Please advice. Thanks.

Neeraj Jaiswal

Posted On: 2014-08-14 18:50:52
Hi, I booked an appartement at sector 75 Noida with Aiims promoter in golf avenue 1 in tower b. Nuilder started the construction is all the tower but not in tower B till Now and on asking he ask to shift as be wouldn't be starting work on this frndt tower for next 2 year. when i ask would that be possible that you can give possasion with out completeing Tower B, in verbal he say yes but never give in written. Date of possasion is dec 2014 with 6 month grace period. Can we do some thing in written to update on the status and also to give plan and oblige to work on that plan to deliver our flat as per plan. Thanks, Neeraj


Posted On: 2014-08-12 00:14:04
12 cr rupees Corruption /fraud/cheating/redevelopment/co operative housing society/managing committee/developer/violation of human rights/we pray for/third party audit/anti corruption bureau/co operation department/urban development department/housing department/not another campacola building/help help help. Follow up letters/ law department/good governance/home department/vigilance department/mismanagement/revenue department/v pray to administrative department of central government and state government to give justice

jyotish shekhar

Posted On: 2014-08-11 09:08:05
I had purchase the flat(112/B. second floor) in dehu road, INDRAPURAM which is joint venture of Sonigara and Pansare. Last year in month of April-May I took the possession and after 1 month of that water seepage problem started. I am continuously approaching to builder regarding this. Logged complan in their complain register but still for last 8 month they had not done anything permanent fix. They just we don’t have “Tiles wala”. Just putting white cement and thinking it will work. In rainy season water drops starts coming from hall ceiling. Last year I faced the same issue but they did not do anything told me that they had done, but Today itself I saw water seepage from ceiling and drops are coming to surface. I asked many times why are you not breaking the tiles and doing some fix, they are ignoring. They are not able to judge what is the problem and why it is happening. I am facing this for last 8 month. And each day I am going in depression.

bharat purbey

Posted On: 2014-08-08 09:22:37
buider is not giving me posession of tne flat.he delayed in completion of flat.he wants more amount without written demand.

Kiran Kumar

Posted On: 2014-08-08 00:26:10
I purchased a flat in 2009 and it is still being built. The builder has been pushing dates dates it will be done in few months. They had helped me in getting a Loan from a Bank but they have blocked it stating there is no progress for 3years. I have all the documents but the builder has mentioned in it stating he will pay a compensation if delayed but its in mere thousands. I am being mentally harassed due to this. I want to get flat at the earliest and a compensation for what I am going through so please suggest what can be done.


Posted On: 2014-08-06 13:00:28
I Have booked a flat in Sai Samarth Builder and Infrastructure (Sai Samarth Complex) 550 Sq/ft and paid 30% in Pre Launch 4,30,000 Rs). The Booking was done in Nov 2013. I have Builder Receipt only Rs.3,30,300/- and Hari OmEnterprises Marketing Agent Receipt of Rs.1,00,000 project is not yet started. Now I tried to cancel but builder is giving excused cancellation copy. Please help me get my money back.

Rohit Bhargava

Posted On: 2014-08-06 12:51:23
Dear Sir, I’m Rohit Bhargava S/o Sh. K.P Bhargava allotted a flat under project name “Shivkala Glamour City” sector 49 Faridabad and paid a booking amount of Rs. 1,50,000 through cheque no 897233 (India Overseas Bank, Faridabad) on 23rd January 2007. Due to unfortunate reasons project did not start in a year 2007 and in a mean time during follow-up company sent some letters that i have attached for your reference. In May 2012 when I had visited company office in Noida Sector 10 they told us they did not start the project due to Mr. Mittal medical conditions and assure us that they will start the project in couple of months and we made an agreement in May 2012. Agreement copy attached for your reference. Total we have made a payment of Rs. 3, 65,000 (Rs 1,50,000 in January 2007 and Rs 2,15,000 in May 2012) and as on date project did not start due to some unforeseen reasons. Regards Rohit Bhargava Mob: 9999340472


Posted On: 2014-08-04 17:20:58
I have booked plot in AKH developer private limited project in 2012. Now the builder has sold my plot & insist me to have another plot.Due to pressure, he obtained my sign on form for change of plot.I asked to refund the money but builder is denying to refund. what legal remedy I have also guide me the process for filing court case in consumer court. The office of AKH developers is in Nitikand, Indirpuram, Ghaziabad


Posted On: 2014-08-03 21:47:39
I humbly request you to give me your help. I purchase my flat at Sahakar Villa, Kolegaon, Dombivli by paying full amount of cost & other payment demanding by Builder of Sahkar Construction, Mr. Uday Pandurang Mundhe (Mobile No.9223362555)& Mr. Sushant Tandel (mobile No.9223371888). Registration & duties already completed and after all payment through direct cheque and Bank loan (Banker :-Gruh Finace Ltd, Thane )they given me possession one and half year back. As per agreement they assure me to give us various facility but they fail. Now there is not authorized water connection available. After several visit at kolegaon grampanchyat they deny to give us connection. All concern documents given by builder to me at the time purchase (various documents and various permission of construction) available with me. Construction also not good, after 2 year building slap going to collapse. Terse PCC also very bad condition and no any road buildup for building. Now builder not pickup the phone.

Omkar Thakur

Posted On: 2014-08-03 13:28:05
We Purchased a Flat from Morya Contruction (Mr. Wadnerkar) in Aditya Smruti in year 1998 and got possession of flat in 2000. The builder has sold building premises to individuals and courtyard, sold parking lots. The CC, OC has not yet been provided by builder and now wants us to sign for building 1 extra flat after 15 years in lieu of OC. The builder is extorting and blackmailing us in spite of all required payments completed on time. If parking area and other open area is sold to individuals, it should be considered under FSI? If yes, then how can we file FSI violation against the Builder. Also, society members who have pocketed society open spaces are helping builder so that they become safe in eyes of law. We are very much aggrieved as we do not have any open space for us to even keep a cycle in spite of paying for the super built up area. Please Help us. -- A barely middle class honest Family whi cannot afford to take on rich builders and politically connected land grabbers

Yusuf Ahmed Solanki

Posted On: 2014-08-02 11:01:33
Sir this In regards to purchase of flat with a developer namely M/s.Keystone constructructions & their partners (borrower) and STATE BANK OF INDIA br: 15859 as i am a bonafide purchaser of a flat having 41 units in the building constructed by the builder as the lender bank has served POSSESSION NOTICE under section u/s.13(4) and has sealed the consisting building in sector 30 bearing plot no 38A, village owe , kharghar node Taluka panvel Dist Raighad we all 41 individual purchasers or owners are shocked due to lapse on the part of the bank and developers please help we need legal help

Yogesh Dabas

Posted On: 2014-07-30 16:27:08
I Have booked a flat in RMS Group Tronica City, Unit Size 1020 Sq/ft and paid 20% in Pre Launch (6,14,330 Rs). The Booking was done in 2012 Oct and Unit No is C-1008. Till not I have not received any document and booking details and project is not yet started. Now I tried to cancel but builder is giving excused and I have the cancellation copy which is around 3 months old. Please help me get my money back. Details of the Persons. Narender - 9811987501 (Broker who took the cheque) S.K Thakur - 9999211236 (Owner/Director of RMS Lifestyle-Project) Gaurav -9312804005 (Owner of Solid Foundation) From where the Broker Came. Regards, Yogesh Dabas 9810296282


Posted On: 2014-07-29 15:32:32
Bhubaneswar Development Authority silent on illegal buildings BHUBANESWAR: BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation's strong posturing against illegal flats at Campa Cola Compound in Mumbai hogged national limelight, but back here more than 4,000 unauthorized buildings continue to stand tall despite being slapped with demolition orders. The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) in its latest report, tabled in the assembly on Monday, on general and social sector for 2012 pointed out that orders for razing 5,687 structures in the city were issued between 1988 and 2012. However, Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) has not touched 4,025 of them even five years after the orders were issued. The BDA didn't bulldoze 84 buildings between 2001 and 2011 because of inaction of its enforcement wing, CAG pointed out. Similarly, 73 buildings in Cuttack were not pulled down despite demolition orders, the audit watchdog added. CAG said cases have been filed against 19,846 unauthorized cons

Rameshnaidu Kotyada

Posted On: 2014-07-28 19:20:41
This is to bring to your kind notice that, I koka Jahnavi, purchased a plot No.403, from M/s VVR HOUSING INDIA PVT.LTD's venture located at Bachupally paradise, Nalthur Village , Medak District. I have booked my plot and the same had been registered after full payment in the year 5/10/2012. But, till date, the plotting is not done in that layout and they are not showing my plot. We have been asking for the last one year and they said there is a dispute with the land owner and the same will be sorted out soon. But, I need money urgently and wanted to sell my plot immediately and accordingly a have identified the buyer also. Due to non availability of plot, Iam unable to sell my plot to the party. Kindly look in to the matter and insist them to arrange our plot immediately to enable us to sell the same. Mr.V.V.Rao entered into politics and contesting from Y.S.R.C.P. from PEDANA,since he could not do justice for customer, how he can do service to the public. plese help me.

Pankaj Azad

Posted On: 2014-07-28 12:51:20
Dear Sir, Please suggest and help as if there is any regulatory in India for these real estate builders menace? I have heard so many cases where builders delayed possession and started new projects without completing previous projects. In my case the builder named “Singla Builders and Promoters” with project name “SBP Homes” at SAS nagar Mohali, Sector 126, Chajjumajra. I have paid 90% of the payment of 1510 Sq ft flat. With no delay in single installment. The builder agreed to give us possession on March 2013 but till date still far away from possession. At the same time builder started new projects in other areas and start selling flats. How can a builder start or sell new project flats when one is already pending and delayed. Is there any way to stop these builders or make them accountable for the projects which they promised to deliver? Can any agency help us to get compensation from these irresponsible builders?


Posted On: 2014-07-28 11:17:05
Dear Sir, I have booked a flat from Manju J Homes for their project Red Apple. Due to some personal problems, I want to quit and want my money back. Thay have given me the cheque of Rs, 1,93, 628 for dated 15.07.2014. But it got bounced. Since then, I am calling them continuously but neither they are picking the phone nor giving the money. Please help as my lots of work is depending on this amount

Gaurav Gupta

Posted On: 2014-07-25 19:02:58
I have bought plot from pushpanjali builders in Agra in the project PP town on NH-2 in 2006 neither they are giving plot nor they are refunding the money ......They are fraud...

a k agarwal

Posted On: 2014-07-22 16:59:07
i purchased a flat patel neo town noida extention in 2010 deposited 10 lac uptonow but project progress is very slow inspite 4 years passed what can i do to save my interest


Posted On: 2014-07-22 15:14:24
I purchased 3 plots from Sree Nakshatra Builders & Developers India pvt. ltd., They received the amount and registered the plots. After one year the stones in the plots were removed by one Challa Subbamma who claimed that this land belongs to her and he has not sold the same to the company. Not only myself but more than 200 persons purchased the plots and got registration by the company. It is learnt that the company has cheated all the people. The company purchased only Ac.13.00 but laid plots in Ac.30.00 and sold the plots in Ac.30.00. They showed the registered document of Ac.13.00 only and misguided the people. This is a white collar crime committed by the company and we seek redressal. with regards, Shaik Khader Vali Lecturer in Economics


Posted On: 2014-07-21 17:53:46
Noida based Samiah International Builder is not refunding my money after i withdraw from the much delayed project. They are very pathetic and rude. They are cheating many people


Posted On: 2014-07-20 11:58:29
I have purchased a flat costing Rs 948000/- in the month of July 2010. As per the agreement it was mentioned and agreed by the builder to give the possession by December 2011. But still the builder has not given the possession.

Snehansu Samui

Posted On: 2014-07-18 16:29:49
I applied for booking a flat on 29.05.2012 with application money of Rs: 125000/- at Shri Bhumi Realty Pvt. Ltd. which was committed to be built near Joka, Kolkata. But till now construction has not started. So I cancelled the application on 15.03.2014. They handed over a post dated cheque of Rs. 132500/- of dated 26.06.2014. Submitted the cheque at the same bank(United Bank of India) on 26.06.2014. But bank personal said the balance is 0 and asked about bouncing the cheque but they handed over the cheque to me as requested by me. From that day I am calling Mr. Sagar Ganguly, director Shri Bhumi Realty Pvt. Ltd. to fill the balance as I can submit the cheque and refund. He is repeatedly giving me dates but not filling the balance. Now he is also not taking the calls.


Posted On: 2014-07-17 19:38:47
Dear Sir I have booked a 3 BHK 2700 Sq. Ft flat at Emaar mgf upcoming project EKANTAM at dwarka express way SECTOR 112 under for soft lunch/pre launch and paid an amount of Rs -15 Lakh(Fifteen lac only) by way of Cheque no. 399578 dated 07.02.2013. In this connection, I wish to inform you that the above said flat was booked by me through your agent i.e All Check Deal India Pvt. Ltd by its sales Representative Mr. Ravi based on his categoric and firm assurance and promise on behalf of EMAAR that the project will be launched in Oct – Nov 2013 (around Diwali). Accordingly and more so since the project was scheduled to be launched around Diwali, 20103, I decided to book a flat and deposited the money as noted above as condition for Pre -launch by way of Cheque No. 399578 dated 7.2.2013. However, it is regretted that in spite of lapse of more than 9 months, the project has not seen light of the day and has not been launched and the Company has totally defaulted in fulfilling the assur

Rakaish Koul

Posted On: 2014-07-14 10:00:16
Dear Sir/Madam, please give us legal advise. we have booked 2BHK Flat in Umang Realtech Project of above mentioned adress. Unit was booked in July 2008 and physical possession of the unit we got in May 2014. Nearly 5 years. Builder promised to give possession in 30 months time from the start of construction. delay was nearly 2years and 6 months. we were on rent and paying the same Rs. 12500/month. Please help us in getting the compensation from the builder for not giving us the timely possession. Regards Rakaish Koul Flat No. 606, Tower C1, Sector - 86, Naharpar, Faridabad haryana

vibekananda Sahu

Posted On: 2014-07-11 13:39:19
My complain is against Shibani real estate whose MD is MR Ratiakant Kanungo .We have purchased some land from this builder who is still playing with us to give the possession of our land.Requst your favour in this regard

Sathwic Sardana

Posted On: 2014-07-10 12:50:36
Complaint against the builder for delay in handing over the flat and refusing to pay compensation


Posted On: 2014-07-09 08:10:19


Posted On: 2014-07-08 19:48:46
I had booked a flat with omaxe limited for omaxe swarnaprastha floor sonepat, Haryana and paid RS 6 lakhs in Jul 2011. I was informed that buyer builder agreement shall be prepared within 1 month, home loan shall be available within 2 months and possession shall be given in 1 year. Till now, no home loan is available. Approx 80% of the cost as Rs. 22 lakhs are already paid. Date of offer of possession is not clear and seems to be indefinite. Now omaxe ltd is forcing to sign an unfair and one sided buyer builder agreement in which the date of offer of possession is 2 year from the date of signing the agreement, extendable by 6 months and with rider of force majeure reasons as excuses to pay compensation. All binding terms and conditions are for buyers and all evasive terms and conditions are for builder. It is one sided agreement and omaxe limited in not ready to amend the T&C of agreement. I have read on internet that all the cases lost by customers are due to this unfair buyer builder

Amit Rautela

Posted On: 2014-07-07 16:24:40
Samiah International Builders is the worst builder which I have seen ever. They people do only promise but not fulfill their commitment. As myself "Amit Rautela" by mistake booked a flat in "SAMIAH NRI LAKE CITY, Kashipur Road Rudrapur" at OCT. 2011 (Saryu G64) but till now I did not get possession for my flat Not even they people give proper response. In fact one of the employee has taken money (during the booking) for concession. Lots of time I complaint/visit but still no result. And I do not think so that if they are serious for me. They people also do not know how to talk with their consumers. One of the example is MR. Asim. So at finally I decided to go to Court and filed a case against them. I request you to each and every person who are cheated with Samiah and facing the same situation as like me please contact me. I sure a bunch of wooden may affect them. -- Amit Rautela Saryu G-64 +91-8099056186

mashkoor ahmed

Posted On: 2014-07-05 16:20:17
We booked a shop in imall which change its named to adventure mall later at greater noida, we booked a shop there in J block and have paid 11,00,000 for booking it. The AMR group promised us to handover this shop till 2010 but the J block is not even fully constructed yet and shop are not furnished now they are saying it will take 2year to be constructed and even denying to payback the payment we have made of 11,00,000..please help us out and advice us what should we do now


Posted On: 2014-07-04 15:31:07
Dear Sir We have given our building to a Kavya Construction Company for redelopment. Builder agreed to give us 484 sq ft carpet area but after two year he stopped paying rent saying as he have to give some stock to Mhada therefore he will give 380 sq ft carpet area. Pls give us advice what we should do in this matter. Regards Harendra

Sarthak Dutta

Posted On: 2014-07-03 22:02:48
Hi, I am a victim of Dreamz infra like many others in Bangalore. I had booked a flat in Dreamz Swadesh last dec and after seeing issues with their commitments and fake promised, I cancelled my booking in Feb 2014. I received a PDC cheque amounting 3Lakhs after 15 days of cancellation and the check date is 5th Jun. When I produced the cheque in my bank, it got bounced on 7th Jun. After contacting Finance person (Amarnath) he asked me to reproduce the checque again, so I reproduced it on 14th -which again got bounced on 17th Jun. This time I visited their office personally and Atiya/Athiya (I don't know how to spell) told that they will have fund by 19th Jun so requested me to reproduce the same cheque again. So I did reproduced it again and it got bounced for 3rd time -with insufficient balance! Now I am not able to catch hold of them and not even picking my calls! This is a clear case of cheating. I am in big trouble as I had to pay this money to someone and I am having sleepless nig

Kartar Singh

Posted On: 2014-07-02 17:31:05
I booked a flat in M3M Woodshire sector 107, Gurgaon and paid 30% amount. It was claimed that location is dwarka expressway but it is 3 Km away from Dwarka expressway. I have not signed any agreement/ allotment letter till date. Now developer has raised more demand. I want to cancel the booking and take refund but developer customer care is asking for deduction of 15% of total consideration and fee paid to broker. So there is going to be loss of Rs. 25 Lakhs. Generally builders deduct 10% on amount paid and that should be Rs. 3-5 lakhs. They also kept my money for 1.5 years. Their customer care department is pathetic and contacting them is just wastage of time. Their agreement is one sided i.e, no penalty for any of their fault but customer has to pay huge penalty for the same. What remedies I have against the builder.

Anjali Gupta

Posted On: 2014-06-29 13:26:55
I had booked a flat (unit B-703) in Skyline Exaltus but due to delay in start of construction, builder Skyline cancelled my booking and sent me a letter saying the booking amount will be refunded in a months time but haven't received either the money or any communication in this regard. All the calls made to their office are unanswered.

komal gupta

Posted On: 2014-06-28 21:20:26
Booked a flat with Builder spaze, privvy the address in sector 93. Builder neither giving acutal carpet area as alsi always charging the amount by giving false commitments. Recently I got a demand letter where builder is saying electric and plumbing work comoleted, when I visit the site nothing started so far. I contacted about same with builder several times, but no reply. Would like to request us in this matter


Posted On: 2014-06-28 16:57:11
Not refunding initial booking amount of cancelled flat booking for last 2 years.Total amount was 4.19 lacs whereas only 2L has been refunded after 1 year of rigorous follow-ups whereas the balance 2.19 Lakhs are not refunding since last 1 year. Builder-Enkay gardens, Taloja, Navi Mumbai.Please forward what legal steps can be taken against the builder. Contact No. of Builder 022-27892525, Contact representative Ms. Surabhi.

Om Prakash Upadhyay

Posted On: 2014-06-27 17:28:46
Sir, I booked a flat in guwahati, agreement signed with builder -Aug 2011 & scheduled to be completed and handed over in 24 months. But till now construction not completed and handed over by the builder. Payment almost 95% made. what action can be taken against builder to delay, though there is no clause for penalty on delay in agreement. Please suggest me.

sunita gupta

Posted On: 2014-06-26 21:38:04
ansal API(01123353550) is not making the payment of my fdr no.B1/90789 dated 17/5/2013 for rs.45000 due on 16/5/2014. The manager of the company is saying on telephone that RBI has banned to get fresh fdr so we are facing liquidity problem so it is not sure as and when payment will be made. Kindly take up the matter and ask the company to make the payment immediately

jeetendar kumar

Posted On: 2014-06-26 12:53:39
I booked a flat on dated 28/02/2011 in Faridabad under 12 month time bound payment plan i made payment upto 10 month of stage as builder raised the demand giving me letter of due instalment but there is a clause.“ It is not obligatory on the part of seller to send demand notice regarding payment of instalment” Builder not complete the flat in 12 month he applied for occupation certificate in the month of July 2013 accordingly he raised the demand 11 month instalment in 23rd July 2013 but as per plan this instalment was due in 27-10-2012.this provision in other down payment plan every time he demand me according to this plan. I made payment in August 2013 Builder got occupation certificate in June 2014 accordingly he demanded me in June 2014 .Now the builder demanded to me penal interest as per my due time bound payment plan but i made all the payment as he demanded. Whether builder demanded 100% payment without offer of possession of flat

Shaila Gonsalves

Posted On: 2014-06-25 14:24:01
I had bought flat at Samruddhi Hill View in Bhivpuri, i had taken a loan from the bank and banker had paid extra amount of Rs.61,350 to the builder. Now when i ask the builder he is not ready pay back the excess amount paid by bank. After speaking over the phone and sending many emails, i have not received any positive response from their end.

Surya Jyoti Roy

Posted On: 2014-06-24 12:06:50
I have bought a flat at Eden Tolly Greenwood from Eden Group, Elgin Road, Kolkata ( along with covered car parking. In all advertised and provided ground floor plan I have been shown a covered car parking (no Sqft mentioned). In all documents it was shown only 4 W parking in ground floor. Recently I found the builder has sold the same parking to a 2 wheeler owner dividing the parking area and they are not listenting to us for this misdoing. I want the support from consumer forum for fooling customer this way and stealing our hard earned money.

G Naveen Kumar

Posted On: 2014-06-24 04:27:02
Hi, I purchased a plot from sri venkateswara developers in kondapur village ghatkesar mandal in January 2014, at the time of registration we missed to notice that the plot dimensions were not mentioned in the diagram. I have been following up with the owner since then to get this corrected through rectification deed. He says that its a simple mistake and is postponing it since then. Whenever i call him he gives me some or other reason and postpones it to next week. Please help me in getting this rectification deed done. Thanks, Naveen.

krishna sharma

Posted On: 2014-06-23 19:40:59
smt.krishna Sharma housewife invested RS.230000/- to purchase a plot from the builder m/sMayura township Project developers pvt ltd jaipur in the year 2008 vide an agreement with the co. to refund the amount so paid Alongwith intt @15%p.a if the said co.fails to provide a developed plot in the proposed project at MAYURA CITY PADAMPUA JAIPUR within a period of one year.The company neither provided any plot nor refunded the amount As per their agreement. The address of dealer/ as under:-Mr.R.K.Tripuri Director of M/s Mayura Township Project Developers private Ltd ,305 306 307 Anukampa towers Church Road M .I. Road Jaipur . The details of my Address is AS UNDER smt. Krishna Sharma w/0 baldev Sharma r/o 1522 sector 7 e Faridabad Haryana mobile- No. 9810499847. Even after 6 years the co has not paid the amount. On 20.07 2013 the company issued two cheques Rs317000/- And Rs.76865/- to resolve the issue but to your surprise the both cheques were retuned unpaid on the reason Insuf

Vishwaraj Anchan

Posted On: 2014-06-19 09:24:37
I have purchased the flat in Dec2010, in Nyati Iris, a Nyati Group Construction, the Builder had sold me the Stilt parking which is against the new amendment in the law for not selling the parking area as it is a common amenity to be provided by the builder and is a mandate to provide a parking as per the confirmed in the agreement he had already delayed my possession of the flat and had many punch points to be rectified in the flat. when I denied him to pay the parking amount. he adjusted my other payments and during the handover to society he had informed the society that I have not paid him the maintainance amount against which the society is also harassing me. I have sent notice and many oral follow ups are been done, but as usual he is not responding and I have received an information from his office that he is charging me a fine of 24% on the remaining amount. He had charged me 2.25 lacs for the stilt parking space and it is not at all covered too. request your help


Posted On: 2014-06-18 20:57:33
Given money to builder Gharonda Builders project not yet started all most 3 years completed please help to suggest what can we do

Santosh Kumar Panda

Posted On: 2014-06-18 20:53:43
Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that Mr. Noor Alam Khan,M.D(NIMRA SERVICES & DEVELOPERS PVT. LTD.),PLOT NO-154,LANE-5,JAGANNATH VIHAR,BARAMUNDA,BHUBANESWAR is a cheater real estate company. BEfore 2 months my family came in contact with this company in matter of land buying.He has been showing some other's land, convince people to make boundary after 3 months and taking money. samething happened with me . We had given him 2lakhs in advance and latter we got to know that the land are illegal.He gave us cheque amount of 2lakhs back and now it bounced now. Even after that he is cheating with us saying to return money soon but not in practical.My father is a high B.P patient. He is suffering a lot from it. Please take necessary action on him.

Ankur Gupta

Posted On: 2014-06-18 11:34:46
I want to file complaint against builder name Sunil Nagar Company Name "MAX Balaji Group". He promissed to give House in his project name as Pratham Villa,Defence City near Dadri Airforce Station 1 year back and booked my unit by taking approx. 8 lakhs from me. There is no construction at the site even after 1 year and lots of other disputes as well. I requested to refund from him and he gave me 1 lakh cheque after long struggle. That cheque is bounced and he is now not picking up phone. I want to file complaint against him and want my refund with interest. Regards, Ankur Gupta


Posted On: 2014-06-17 15:20:24
Dear Sir, In 2006, We hv booked a plot- 500sq yards in PP Town Phase-1 located at Mathura- Agra Highway. Till date builder neither did any thing at site to develop/ complete it nor giving any assurance. Some Front Land has sold to any other builder. We are chited by builder and I wand to get refund with interest from builder. Pl. help & advise. Regards K.L.Verma 9313481667

Johnson R

Posted On: 2014-06-17 14:02:08


Posted On: 2014-06-14 07:36:35
Sub. - Refund of advance paid money for Flat No. 601 & 420. – Reg. Kind Attention – Mr. Hari Challa, Managing Director, Aliens Dear Sir, I(Nirbhaya Kumar shah) and my son(Abhishek Kumar) booked flat no. 601 & 420 in your Aliens Space Station#1 in 2009 with a commitment to hand over after two years in 2011 by your executives during booking. But in agreement, it was written flat will be handed over in three years. But still physically there is no adequate progress and seems that it is not going to complete in near future. Therefore I request you to please return our money back immediately as follows – (A). NAME - NIRBHAYA KUMAR SHAH FLAT NO. – 601, A9/SS/959 DATED 23/06/2009 IN STATION # 01. AMOUNT PAID - Rs.1851713/- IN

karmel nair

Posted On: 2014-06-13 16:12:30
i have a property with sathyanafar developers in boisar. i was to get the possession of it in early 2012 but until now i ve been only asking for it. as per d agreement the builder is bound to pay me for any delays. i ve put this across to them but they havent taken necessary action.

Biswanath Bhattacharjee

Posted On: 2014-06-12 17:51:21
I booked a property from India Green Reality.Contributed my 15 % .But later on found to work started on the project .So decided to cancel my booking before any sales aggrement .Informed the same to the buider in writing .But do not find any willing ness to refund my money.


Posted On: 2014-06-11 18:33:33
can we sell inam patta land with out occpency right certificate let me know guidline

Raj Kumar Sharma

Posted On: 2014-06-11 17:42:07
NEEMRANA GATEWAY- KALZINA CONSULTANTS GURGAON I have applied for a residential plot registration No. 0912-165, measuring 120 sq.yds. @ 3600/- per sq.ft. and paid an initial amount of Rs 2,26,800/- at the time of booking 15% on 12th Sept. 2012 and 35%+100 per sq. yard PLC after 45 days on 20th Nov. 2012 for the said plot. This was received by Builder “Kalzina Consultants Ltd” for the “Neemrana Gateway” project and acknowledged by receipt. Builder has issued a 15% P.A. assured return letter to me. But, I was surprised after getting builder’s one letter dated 22nd May 2014 along with cheque of Rs. 64,800/- saying that due to non-payment he is cancelling the Allotment of the Plot. Even though he has issued us receipts of Rs. 64,800/- Receipt no. 335 dated 12th Sept 2014 and Rs. 1,62,000/- Receipt no. 929 dated 20th Nov. 2012. Which is the total amount you have asked against this registration no. Then, how its non-payment case? Now Builder is not replying my e-mails.

sadhan sarkar

Posted On: 2014-06-10 12:19:55
booked a flat no. 802 , e tower in indihome project of mvl ltd. After giving two chque i came to know that my loan will not sanctioned becasue in cibil site showing another banks pending loan .after providing of noc of other bank , my loan not i stoped my third chque. i told builder all about it and request him to refund my booking amount a. But excutive of builder assure me to sanction loan and ask me for new chque but it was private agency whose intrest rste was near about 12%. So i refused him and request to refund my 234000 .so they call me to submit all documents for refund.amount deduct only service charge and brokage if it is released. But unfortunatly my builder buyer agreement lost by bank.i requst him for courier receipt if he send it mvl office but bank said it send by delivry boy .so u get it from mvl office by submitting fir of it and i do so and got duplicate copy. Right now builder not responding my call. Even i went his office and asked to refund my money after deducting service charge because broker has given noc of that unit. But they not refunding my hard earning money. And saying that as per agreement your amount is forfit. So please help me getting refund

Rajiv Ranja

Posted On: 2014-06-09 13:08:10
I have booked a flat (ORL1356/T1) in your project, Omaxe residency-II Lucknow. I cleared all initial payments well within time. When I received demand for 4th installment, I approached SBI for loan. SBI Bank sanctioned in principle loan for same. But they said that they are waiting for approvals of this project(Omaxe residency-II Lucknow ) from LDA and they will release money after those approvals. I submitted loan sanction letter of SBI to Omaxe Ltd and same had been acknowledged by Omaxe Ltd [Refer printout of attached mail]. Also I received commitment from Omaxe Ltd that they will not impose any interest till release of money from Bank. When I approached Omaxe Ltd to clear dues by my own sources, I came to know that interest has been imposed on dues. This reflects lack of communication and transparency regarding interest from Omaxe Ltd. Also they should neither start construction without all approval from regulatory bodies(LDA) nor demand money from customers. If customers were aware regarding interest, They could have arranged money from some other sources and cleared dues on time. I, therefore request you to kindly ask Omaxe pvt Ltd to wave off interest imposed against this property (ORL1356/T1). Also ask them to get all approvals of project before construction of flats to mitigate risk of abolition(lack of approvals) after construction. In case of any problem after construction, consumers will suffer. If you takeup this issue with Omaxe, many consumers like me will be benefitted and you will serve society like a responsible media.

sadhan sarkar

Posted On: 2014-06-07 21:34:47
are from honda company and 60 flat booked from mvl ltd in indihome project .but nobody is happy with their servic. delay in position in c tower , construction quality , parking , extra charge its are issue. even we visit their i park office to solve our issue but every time promise .it has been one year they not solved the issue of over charge which illegal.then we honda group went their office and protest. then prem rishi come out from the office and solve the over charge . my unit no.802 etower .my loan is not sanctioned and bank lost my agreement and i got its duplicate copy after fir.and builder is not refundig my 234000.while their excutive assure me to refund but right now their new staff refusing me and saying its our rule and we dont know what happen in future while many client get refund booking amount.i decided to go consumer plesae not buy unit no.802 e tower . it is disputed i also call to gurgaon aaj tak .they assure me to help if we complain in commisnor office gurgaon. commisnor office gurgaon started new service by direct taking complain by commisnor. call me regarding this 9717568054


Posted On: 2014-06-02 11:03:39
I had paid an advance of Rs. 50,000/- to M/s Agarwal Associates (Promoters)Ltd,'Bharat Bhavan',10,Rajadhani Enclave,Vikas Marg,Delhi-110092 towards Storage Space in the Basement/Allotment of additional parking for Car. The Builder however has not constructed any storage space in Aditya Mega City project and has no parking space left. I have written several letters and latest being dt.28.4.2014 with many more oral requests. The GM (Mr. Ahuja)promised me to refund the amount but so far not refunded Rs. 50,000/- paid in the year 2010. I request your goodselves to register my complaint and do the needful in the matter.

irfan shakh

Posted On: 2014-05-30 18:28:14
Hi sir, I have booked flat in panvel city vichumbe gaon, last 18 month ago, builder is told that they will start construction in 1 month when i have booked, but since they are not constructing there plan, that's why i have told the builder please give me my amount refund they given me cheque and they told me that i will give you amount but cheque you have to deposit after 45 days, i tell him it's ok. But after that cheque not pass because that builder provide me fake amount of cheque, since then also i have meet that builder but now there are telling me i don't have amount to pay you, but I will provide you 8 month PDC dated cheque you have to be deposit cheuqe after the 8 month (21/12/2014). Sir I know that this cheque also fake amount, because many of people just facing same problem, Sir please Suggest me what should I do know, I will wait for your reply. Builder : SAI SHRADHA CONSTRUCTION panvel east Sector 17. Contact number (Sultan Builder):-8451880440 / 8425933171.

Vijander Kumar Sharma

Posted On: 2014-05-29 21:15:50
I booked a three BHK independent floor with Builder BPTP in September 2009 at Faridabad in sector Park 81 & I paid Rs. 6 lakh to BPTP in two installments vide customer code no 122698.Builder remained sleeping for about 3yrs & then he allotted me 2BHK unit A-107, 1st Floor on september28,2012 in their other project Discovery Park in sector 80 vide customer code no 143569 and builder charged me 25% of cost & executed an contract agreement for the same on dated 12-11-2013 but on 21-11-2013 BPTP sent me a re-allotment letter by changing my unit from A 107 1st floor to A 1404 14th Floor without my consent. I contacted their office personally on 31-12-2013 and put my grievances stating that I’m a heart patient and requested not to change my unit but no heed was paid to my request. Kindly help me in retaining my earlier allotted unit.


Posted On: 2014-05-28 13:00:24
Dear Sir , I am from Chennai and recently shifted to Bangalore. I came across a builder called Dreamz GK , who showed us the land which was in dispute and collected money of 1 lack for the documents with the assurance that the money will be refunded immediately when the flat booking is cancelled. Later I found that this builder is a fraud and has collected several lacks from the customer with false promises . I cancelled the flat but they did not refund the money . After several visits and follow up , I got post dated cheque after 4 months , which got bounced 2 weeks back , Again they gave fresh cheques which got bounced several times . Finally the agreed for DD which they haven’t done as of now. Now they told they will do online transfer but not happened. Latter I found that this builder has cheated everyone and lives happily in the society due to his influence. May I humbly request you to take this issue and help me and several other middle class families to get their money bac

Avinash Kommireddi

Posted On: 2014-05-28 10:01:03
The builder has agreed to provide a parking spot in both the cellars in the apartment complex for every resident. However that has not happened and everyone but me is getting a side by side parking in the same cellar. I want to get the same side by side parking which isn't happening.

Neelesh Rangwani

Posted On: 2014-05-26 12:09:33
My Landlord is not agreeing to pay me back Rs. 68000. He wants to deduct Rs. 20000 for painting the walls, and Rs. 10000 for getting the house cleaned. Can anyone help me please?

jasmeet singh

Posted On: 2014-05-25 12:45:32
Dear sir, I stayed at 926b/8 govind puri kalkaji new delhi 110019... we reconstructed our home through a builder harmesh dhiman and manoj... They cheated us by providing cheap quality material and now they are refusing to make our balcony also. Please do the needful. Regards J. Singh


Posted On: 2014-05-23 23:25:28
with out orc inamslands can be sell please guide me if any judgement are present

vibekananda sahu

Posted On: 2014-05-23 21:44:36
We have purchased some plots from Shibani builder & P ltd since 2002 but yet to recv the proper possesion along with respective document .They are still playing with us & no body is in hand to arraest the culprit.So just need help & to get our land exactly in place

Upendra dhonde

Posted On: 2014-05-22 09:28:23
Sir, I had purchased flat in 2010 , flat is at first floor in 5 floor building, 1 BHK with attached terrace ,in sale deed carpet area shown is 43 sq.m and saleable 71 sq.m ,builderverbally told 30% loading. I installed safety grills +shed at terrace ,but builder complained in pradhikaran that this structure is illegal, Pradhikaran told me that terrace is defined as open to sky and hence can not be covered. I was shocked , the terrace has slab at double height and till date builder told me it is covered and charged 70% amount ,now i read that the open to sky terrace can not be sold ,hence i felt cheated and demanded explanation from builder , please guide

Shivchand Mishra

Posted On: 2014-05-21 21:19:51
I have purchased a under construction flat in Badlapur in July 2010. I shifted there in June 2011. Since 1st monsson i.e, June 2011 the flat is full of defects like leakage in pillars, leakage in cealing, Plasters are peeling off, walls are wet all the 12mnths without any source of water, poor quality construction materials been used, poor quality marbles and cracked tiles had been used. The defects are so severe that it is not going even though applied wall putty to entire flat. Builder has even utilised our parking space for constructing new building and till date he neither formed society nor transfered the conveyance deed. In Feb 2012 when we sent him notice he started demanding rs35,000 for society formation which we already paid and received Pocession letter. We filed a case in September 2013 in Consumer forum Thane but after 1yr our lawyer grabbed rs20,000 and withdrawn her vakalatnama. Now i need a good consumer lawyer. I have all documentary evidence as proof. please suggest


Posted On: 2014-05-20 12:55:08
I had booked a flat with requisite amount and accordingly received valid booking documents from Riddhii International Property Management Group of 48B/1A,Dr.S.P.Mukherjee Road;Kol-28. After completing the searching etc. when I was about to make Agreement for buying the flat, the concerned marketing agency told me that, the said flat was not available and was booked in some other's name and offered me for another flat on different floor. I am reluctant to purchase any other flat than I had booked for the one. Now I want to purchase the said flat which I had booked for or otherwise, I claim compensation regarding the expenses incurred by me along with the harassment of myself including my family on the basis of the valid booking form. A copy of the mail sent to the concerned agency has been forwarded to your id: describing all the details therein. I sincerely hope your valued intervention would pave the way for justice and appropriate solution of this problem.


Posted On: 2014-05-20 12:16:16
I had booked a flat with requisite amount and received booking documents. After completing the searching etc. when I was about to make Agreement for buying the flat, the concerned marketting agency told me that, the said flat was not available and was booked in some other's name and offered me for another flat on different floor. I am reluctant to purchase any other flat than I had booked for the one. Now I want to purchase the said flat which I had booked for or otherwise, I claim compensation regarding the expenses incurred by me along with the harassment of myself including my family on the basis of the valid booking form. A copy of the mail sent to the concerned agency is being forwarded to your id: describing all the details therein. I sincerely hope your valued intervention would pave the way of justice and appropriate solution of this problem.

Vikram J

Posted On: 2014-05-19 13:40:01


Posted On: 2014-05-17 20:20:19
The case was registered in High court under the judgment of Hon’ble Mr. Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw. The judgment has been passed in favor of Mr. Rajesh Lamba and convicted Cosmic group for the offence and a penalty of Rs 20,10000/- has been levied as a damage for illegal and unauthorized use of the name of Mr. Rajesh Lamba. Yet Cosmic group is using the name of Rajesh Lamba nad his projects . Public notice link :

Divya Dutta

Posted On: 2014-05-15 00:04:23
Harassment from MVL on seeking Possession of Flat (Coral, CUST ID – BK/0313, Wing -3A, 8Floor, 805/ Wing B - 806) due for possession on 30th June 2010. I feel this is complete harassment of common man, MVL is charging exorbitant interest rates as per whims and fancies of specific people without following law. 1 Why is interest rate compounded and the amount made 2.5 time in 30 days 2 Why was only 15 days given post final demand letter? Usually, at least 30 days are given considering the mail system in India before the customer gets the mail 3 Why was final notice issued to me since I have been following up proactively & constantly with MVL Executives? This makes me feel that MVL is deliberately trying to manoeuvre against the customers so that they default and property can be confiscated and resold at a higher rate considering the property prices have risen. 4 Why is MVL not following contract & adjusting the penalty that MVL needs to pay for delayed possession.


Posted On: 2014-05-12 14:21:32
I have booked a flat bearing no 402 & 403 (part) at Chitra Gulabo Apartment, Nasriganj, Danapur, Distt- Patna through CHITRA HOMES (P) LTD whose office is situated at Adharshila Complex, Patna, under the directorship of Mr. Vikas Kumar. The full payment was made by the State Bank of India (from where loan has been taken) to the builder prior to get registered of the said unfinished flat alongwith free Private/covered parking, lift and other maintainance charges on 31.03.2013 under verbal confirmation of the builder that all the pending works has been completed within 3 months of the registry but till date no lift facility and parking area is provided in the above apartment. Completion of work is still pending i.e. painting of the apartment, proper covered wiring etc. Apart from this the walls of the flat provided to me is getting crack and getting swelled alongwith the rain water is being dropped by the roof above to the rooms directly. Please lookinto the matter and solve the same.

Ashish Jain

Posted On: 2014-05-12 13:17:21
Dear Sir, I have booked a flat in Bestech Grand Spa Park View Sector 81. Bestech is asking for interest on a demand letter they did not send. On 20 Nov 2013, I received a letter dated 1 Oct 2013 (with 25 Oct as last date to pay). I immediately notified Bestech CRM about delayed delivery but they claim they sent me email on 3 Oct and demand letter on same day, which is NOT TRUE. I asked them multiple times to provide Airways Bill number of the courier or if they made a reminder phone call. They do not provide any evidence for either. They only show me an email in their out box which never reached me. So, out of 3 means of asking me for funds - physical letter, email and phone call, they say only 1 was done (email) which never reached me. Now they are asking for compound interest and despite multiple requests they are not willing to settle. This is causing great agony and mental pain. Please advise how do I lodge a formal complaint. Regards, Ashish Jain


Posted On: 2014-05-12 11:46:12


Posted On: 2014-05-12 02:06:19
i have booked flat in TDI Kindli. my tower has been scrap. i file for refund with interst as per agreement but the builder not refunding my money for last 5 month what i do kindly suggest.

Abhisek Ghosal

Posted On: 2014-05-11 20:00:06
Delay in possession of flat from Srachi/Rosedale. Not even compensating based on the T&C with a minimum interest rate. Violating on the specifications promised in the agreement. PS - I can provide the details. There is already a case filed by 50+ owners.

Ajay Bhat

Posted On: 2014-05-07 12:04:55
Dear Sir I purchased a Flat from Umang Realtch(P)Ltd having address corporate office at First Floor,The Great Eastern Centre 70 Nehru Place New Delhi in their project Umang Jade Sector 86 Faridabad.I have paid all pending payments to builder along wiuth the receipot of regestration fee deposited in State Bank Of India as per final call letter issued by builder in the month of Feb 2014,payment was done in the month of March as per final call letter . i have been sending repeated reminders to builder for handing over phgysical possesion of flat but am not getting any response from builder. builder is also asking for maintainance charges from month of March 2014 without handing over flat to me request your intervention to help in resolving my griviance

Charu Jain

Posted On: 2014-05-06 22:53:20
i've paid a security deposit of 18000/- for the construction of the house in 2007 and 10000/- in2010 for the renovation of my house after lot of efforts they confirmed the refund of 17400/- and 9275/- on 28 nov 2012 still it did not come into my account whereas they are sending me the maintainance bills alongwith interest and late payment charges . i gave them in writing in November 2012 and again in May 2014 but all fell on deaf ears rather they are threatening me to take an action against me . i request you to please look into the unreasonable demand of theirs and also advice them to pay the interest on our amount due to them and adjust it against my maintenance bill.

Himanshu Gupta

Posted On: 2014-05-06 16:21:04
I have booked a 3BHK(1160 sqft) unit in Gaur city 2 ,14th Avenue.Now they increases the size to 1300sqft and dont even share the approved layout. I put the cancellation request and even after 42 days they said the file was stolen and when i reached their office they found the file and told me that amount will be refund if any other buyer will buy till then wait for unlimited time. There is no such clause in the agreement . I request you to please guide me what to do.

Suhail. Nasir

Posted On: 2014-05-06 12:00:01
Dear Sir We have bought a commercial shop in Landmark Corporate Centre, Sector -67, Gurgaon measuring 329 sq.ft in Jan. 2012 and paid the entire basic amount. A Memorandum Of Understanding was also signed with the developer stating Payment of 12% Assured Returns to us on quarterly basis. We received payment till one year. After that their cheques were not cleared. The bank told us there is stop payment of Cheques from developers end. I wrote numerous emails, send letter by registered post to their office, called in their office and Finally, I met the developers. They give excuse that their is financial crunch and by march-april, they will clear all the payment due to us. In March-April, they are telling us payments would be done in June-July. Also the speed of Construction is very slow and I am not expecting the possession to come very soon. I don't have resources to hire lawyers and paid the hefty fees for years to come. Kindly help me in any way you can to get my assured ret

Priya Keshav Agnihotri

Posted On: 2014-04-29 18:26:31
Our said building is going under redevelopment. The landlords have procured permissions from MHADA after giving false data on tenency. They have posed their legal heirs as tenants/occupants. They do not have the actual 70% irrevokable consents. They are playing all manipulative tricks alongwith the developers to vacate us. We are not being given our hardship money/corpus fund, and basic amenities in the new house. The developers are pressurising us to vacate the existing premises after entering into an agrement with the developers and the agreements (4 sets of different agreements) are not legal and proper. Under, the circumstances kindly advice us and help us in getting our rights as tenents. So far, the developer has not taken our irrevokable consent. They are trying to vacate us through MHADA so as to avoid giving corpus fund and other amenities. Our house plan is very defective to the extent that on our kitchen on 7th floor, the 8th floor open terrace is given.

Permander Malik

Posted On: 2014-04-29 12:52:53
Dear Sir, This is with regard to the 2 BHK flat purchased from Logix group in Sec 137 Noida in their project LOGIX BLOSSOMS COUNTY. I purchased this flat in May 2011 under flexi payment for which i took a loan. The progress was good at that time and my Tower -P structure was 50 % completed. The possession date promised at the time of purchase was Dec 2012 with a grace period of 6 months. I have been following up with the builder but they keep on delaying with some lame excuse or the other. Builder shows their false commitments and breach of trust each time. I am now short of patience and funds both. I am forced to live in a rented accommodation along with my loan EMI and this has made my life extremely difficult. I approached the builder for a monthly penalty payment so that rent can be paid, but the builder is not agreeing to monthly payment and says this will be only adjusted at the final payment, which i seriously doubt they will pay. I would like to know what legal options do I have to take the builder to the court. Also I would like to raise a alarm for the other innocent buyers who dream to live in their own flat someday and are badly cheated by these goons. Please help me on this.


Posted On: 2014-04-28 17:10:12
I have booked a plot in the name of my wife from M/S SKS Developers & Marketing Co. Faridabad. Now after paying around 90% payment, they are now refusing to give the plot to me & saying that my alloted plot has been sold to some other client. They have also refused to refund my paid money though I have paid the money thru cash & cheques.Pl. help?

pawan gupta

Posted On: 2014-04-27 11:54:11
I have purchased a house in 2012 in Kumhari in Sai Ashish Builders, house delivery was to be given within one year, but still my house is not done.

Deepak Balain

Posted On: 2014-04-26 15:17:44
Dear Sir, I have booked one apartment in MVL Project in Jan 2007 and paid Rs.419175/- as booking amount. After two year we have been told that the project got scrapped and they have offered us to shift to their another Project called MVL Coral where we have been allotted a 2BHK apartment admeasuring 1242 Sq Ft and also an agreement was signed in January 2009. Since then we have been making all our payment in time and as per the demand raised by the builder. Now after making almost 75% payments in april 2013 we received a letter from MVL that the area of our apartment have been revised from 1242 to 1350 sq ft as they have sold these apartments with this size only and after one month we are again told that the area has been further revised to 1445 Sq ft. Since then we are asking them to justify this increase in the size of the apartment but they have not either called us nor gave any reply in writing. Now they have issued a final notice to cancel our allotment.Pls help

Suresh Chander

Posted On: 2014-04-26 15:12:39
Dear Sir, We (me & my wife) have booked one apartment in MVL Project in Dec 2006 and paid Rs.________ as booking amount. After two year we have been told that the project got scrapped and they have offered us to shift to their another Project called MVL Coral where we have been allotted a 3BHK apartment admeasuring 1565 Sq Ft and also an agreement was signed in January 2009. Since then we have been making all our payment in time and as per the demand raised by the builder. Now after making almost 75% payments in april 2013 we received a letter from MVL that the area of our apartment have been revised from 1565 to 1800 sq ft as they have sold these apartments with this size only and after one month we are again told that the area has been further revised to 1925 Sq ft. Since then we are asking them to justify this increase in the size of the apartment but they have not either called us nor gave any reply in writing. Now they have issued a final notice to cancel our allotment.Pls help

Vimal Goel

Posted On: 2014-04-25 15:17:36
Dear Sir, I wish to file a complaint against M/s Universal Group India, Universal Trade Tower, 8th Floor, Sohna Rd, Sispal Vihar, Sector 49, Gurgaon, Haryana 122018 and seek your help on the matter as listed below. I had purchased office space from M/s Universal Business Group, Gurgaon in May 2010 (Scheme - Unit no. : 129, Universal Business Park, Sector-66). They are supposed to provide assured monthly return of Rs 30,000/- every month. I received it regularly till mid-2012 only after which it is interrupted and some payments were intermittently released on persistent follow-ups, but with huge delays. At present the payments are pending for last 9 months despite repeated requests which amounts to Rs. 2.25 Lacs. They don’t even bother to reply to letters, emails or pick-up phones to clarify the matter. This is a big harassment to me. I have limited cash flow from my salary and this assured monthly returns are very important for me to make 2 ends meet. Please help me in this matter.

Gagan Deep Jain

Posted On: 2014-04-25 12:15:56
I have booked Flat No. 322, 3rd Floor, Jacaranda-B Situated at "Omaxe Parkwoods" Baddi H.P. on 08.12.2006. But, till now Omax not offered the possession and even not sent any single communication for the dealy. Request you to please help me to take the possession or to take my money back with interest and penalty.

Medha Naik

Posted On: 2014-04-25 12:10:18
I would like to claim charges of Rs. 50,000 along with interest thereon towards car parking, even though they have charged Rs. 100/- per floor as floor rise which cost Rs. 2.40 lacs for 820 adms. sq. ft. from Tata Housing Development Corporation Ltd. for purchase of Flat at New Hevan, Boisar in February 2010. Kindly guide me how to claim our rights from Builder

Challa Madan

Posted On: 2014-04-23 19:39:30
I have booked a flat in Greater Hyderabad in May2009. I had signed an agreement with the developers and paid more than half the amount. I was promised to handover the flat in three years from the date of agreement. however, till date they have not given me any possession and, now they want me to shift to a different flat in the same complex at an exaggerated price. I have blocked my money for such a long period by paying them five years back. i have no option but to take the offer of shifting to another flat, but at the same cost at which i have booked five years ago. Please help me in resolving the issue.


Posted On: 2014-04-22 12:43:29
Dear Respective Heads M2K, Lotus, Mayfield & Today's group, Its really unfortunate that reputed representatives of such establishments like yours are not owning up a mere responsibility of providing transformer to a society where already more than hundred residents are living with their kids and families. On one hand, M2K and Lotus are our builders who've constructed these flats and are duly paid by us for the same, on the other hand, Today Homes, a group which, from the email of Mr.Vikash Singhal is very clear, is responsible to install the electrical transformer to end many of our woes. We as residents can't live in summers without our fans and ACs working, hence need correct load of transformer installed in this society.

shirish patil

Posted On: 2014-04-21 21:38:47
Dear Sir, Good Evening! I have booked a 1BHK flat at TULSI Group builders located at PALASPA, Panvel. with Token Amt. of Rs.50,000/- chq. While booking it was asked that when you will give possession, as I want flat available till Jan-2014, If you can make available then only I can place booking. Builder was told that we are planning to make rooms available till Jan, but may be delayed. But we will surely make room available till Feb-2014 at any cost. Now he is saying that we got permission till 2nd floor from CIDCO, but for 3rd floor we are not having permission from CIDCO & will be obtained shortly. Builder disclosed it to us on our several follow on end of March-2014. We offered him that there is delay from your side after your promise, then please make our arrangement for temporary residence at your another flat till you will obtain a permission. there are also few more things which can be shared to you. You are requested to please advice & provide contact number so that w

Suvankar Saha

Posted On: 2014-04-21 19:06:05
I've booked one flat since 2012 and builder promised to deliver the flat on December 2013 by the agreement paper. Still I am not getting the flat and don't know when they can complete the project. Please assist me.


Posted On: 2014-04-21 16:27:35
We booked one flat in 2010 in Kolkata, Builder has started the work & the work stopped in 2011. After that there was no progress in work. Now we want our monyey back. They promosed us to give in 60 days. But now they are playing with us, not returning our money. We want to file a consumer case. What is the process for this ?

Sayantan Mondal

Posted On: 2014-04-19 11:29:15
I had purchased a Flat and a car parking slot from Messers Mrignayani Cosmetics Private Limited. At the time of booking of the Flat, builder had promised me that he will give me a front side car parking slot. But when registration was done, I was given back side car parking slot. Whereas one member of our flat has been given 2 front side car parking slots. And also other members except myself and Mr D. Bannerjee, were given front side car parking slot. This is a very biased allocation related to car parking. Now I am facing lot of problems in taking out/in my car as no member of the flat is willing to co-operate. I request you earnestly that the existing car parking allocation at the said premise (Verdant Satya, 17H East Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata-700032) need to turn void and each of the 6 members of the Flat should be given a single front side car parking. And if anyone needs a 2nd one, he should be given at backside.


Posted On: 2014-04-18 23:50:03
Godrej Garden city is biggest ever cheater in era of real estate. They have not delivered compare to what they committed. Total fraud and black spot on the name of godrej. Dont ever invest in it and if you have invested than withdraw it without paying second installment. Poor most quality and pathetic Senior memebrs staff like Mr Samit Chaudhury and Mr Anajani Upadhyay who tamper customers document etc.

Mayur Bongirwar

Posted On: 2014-04-15 16:15:28
I have purchased a flat in Shivnandan Residency in March 2010 and got possession of flat in June 2011. But there is lots of work pending by builder specially wall compound behind Wing C1,C2 And C3 and flooring. So the building is not secure and we are not able park our vehicles 50% of parking as flooring is not done yet. We have contacted builders several times but he is not making his commitments. He has not handed over society to us also. Please help me to register complaint against our builder to make him to complete the construction. Yours Faithfully, Mayur Bongirwar


Posted On: 2014-04-15 15:15:46
I have purchased a flat at Uniworld city Rajarhat the promoter being Unitech India Ltd. Ther has been a delay in possession of the flat by more than 5 years. What shall I do.


Posted On: 2014-04-14 10:59:04
Hi, One year back we have given our land to local promoter.Unfortunately the agreement does n't have timeline for completion of construction.As per agreement they supposed to provide 4(Four) 1000 sq feed flat and 1(One)850 sq foot flat.The land having a huge stone. They started to cut the stone without getting permission for flat construction.Now as per new law they can't construct more than two storey buliding. Now the promoter is telling that they will revoke the agreement but asking for Rs 9 lacs they expended on stone cutting.They are telling that if we don't pay the same they will not revoke the agreement and power of attorney will still with them and the land will not be handedover to them. Now we are in a position that we are not able to do anything with the land. Not even sale the land. Please suggest what course of action we can take


Posted On: 2014-04-13 14:11:46
Dear Sir We have bought a commercial shop in Landmark Corporate Centre, Sector -67, Gurgaon measuring 150 sq.ft in Jan. 2012 and paid the entire basic amount. A Memorandum Of Understanding was also signed with the developer stating Payment of 12% Assured Returns to us on quarterly basis. We received payment till one year. After that their cheques were not cleared. The bank told us there is stop payment of Cheques from developers end. I wrote numerous emails, send letter by registered post to their office, called in their office and Finally, I met the developers. They give excuse that their is financial crunch and by march-april, they will clear all the payment due to us. In March-April, they are telling us payments would be done in June-July. Also the speed of Construction is very slow and I am not expecting the possession to come very soon. I don't have resources to hire lawyers and paid the hefty fees for years to come. Kindly help me in any way you can to get my assured ret

RameshChandra Bhatt

Posted On: 2014-04-13 13:16:23
i have booked a flat at kohinoor maxciti,which is in chikloli village,ambernath, thane developed by kohinoor infra the time of booking i gave rs.5,00,000 .his salesman harassed us for five to six months saying registration will be next week and delaying it day by day and after six months he cancelled the flat and refused to provide the reason for cancellation.and when i asked him for refund he told us to write a cancellation letter saying that i am cancelling the booking of the flat due to financial problem and without cancellation latter he will not give us the money.and later i gave a cancellation letter saying due to financial problem i am cancelling the flat and builder also gave us a cancellation form and took signature on it.they both took rs.5,00,000 at the time of booking and kept it for seven months.builder returned the money without paying any interest & expenses.

Venkatraman Natarajan

Posted On: 2014-04-10 13:32:55
Hi, I live in Hyderabad and purchased an independent house 2 years back and live in the same house.The builder never mentioned that there is a quary beside the venture where there will be a blasting every evening.Now our house is getting damaged due to the blasting. Please suggest what we need to do Thanks, Venkat


Posted On: 2014-04-09 14:40:10
Booked a house with super tech . Now it is asking 5 lakhs more than the agreed amount inspite of delay by 2 years

User Complain

Posted On: 2014-04-09 11:42:33
I have booked 2 BHK in Wave Dream Homes around 1 year back, I have given 20% money to them but from last 8 month they are doing nothing on that even i did not get buyer seller agreement of the Flat. I had discussion with Wave Infratech executives many times but they can give anything in written, Yes they are saying that if you want then they can cancel your booking. It looks like Wave is fraud developer and they are cheating with their Customers. If anyone can suggest solution for that then please suggest, Or if any government body can help in that ?????????????/

Rajesh Jindal

Posted On: 2014-04-08 11:22:08
C1 585 palam vihar Real Gold builder runaway Rajesh Jindal is to inform you about the cheating/fraud happened with me on the pretext of construction of a Builder First Floor (1250 sqft) on plot no C1 585, Ansal Palam Vihar , Gurgaon 215 sq. yds I entered an agreement Builder floor 1250 sq. Feet on 1st floor of the plot from Mr. Suresh Kumar Ahuja D-157, Narmada apartments, Alaknanda New-Delhi (one of the owner of the plot and the Director of Real Gold In Oct, Director of Real Gold with Marketing Manager informed us that Real Gold facing financial crisis.a meeting was conducted Jan 14 in which Ahuja confirmed that he has arranged money and he will start the construction in the a week. But when I tried to contact him in the 2nd Week of Jan-14, he was untraceable. All his mobile Nos. 9311114404,9311224404 and land numbers are either disconnected/switched off moreover his residence is also locked. Vijendra Singh 90 % owner of the plot is in no mood to solve the problem.

swapnil tiwari

Posted On: 2014-04-07 16:45:56
Hi i have purchased in noida 117 unitech phase1 2 bhk 0UU0770(swapnil tiwari) on jun 2009 and possesstion was jun 2011 but till date possetion has not given although 95% payment is made already this is a fraud and chaeting case from unitech i want the forum to take strict action again unitech and should return the money with interest 15%min

Sudhir Undar

Posted On: 2014-04-07 13:18:21
I have invested Rs.9 lacs in "Sign-In" studio apartment project of Shubmanka Advert. I was given monthly post dated cheques as 12% assured returns after deduction of TDS. To my surprise March 14 cheque bounced and upon contacting I was asked to re-present. I had also asked for confirmation on presenting the April cheque on 31st March for which no reply was given. Now again april cheque got bounced..upon contacting,one mr. Neeraj asked me to call on 10th for an answer..Now I am deeply concerned on my investment..can you help. Mr.Diwakar Sharma and Mr. Piyush Tiwari are the two promoters of the builder. Pl help..

Arijit Das

Posted On: 2014-04-03 18:30:02
I have handed over my residential house to M/s Kolkata Developers & Builders for developing a G+4 building from which I will get 3 flat for 475Sq. ft (Built up area )each on 1/10/2013 by an Agreement, Now 5 month over no construction work started yet and rent from the month of April is also stopped. Under this circumstances I beg your kind attention on that matter and do the needful.

Dipankar Misra

Posted On: 2014-04-02 17:09:29
Want to get Registry of my FLAT immediately after long delay by Promoter. As per commitment made in my Agreement (dated-22nd AUG 2012), Promoter were bound to give the possession within September 2012, but he desperately fail to give it within proper time, not only that, he didn't complete my Registry within the stipulated time also, even though I was prepared for my registry on and from SEPTEMBER 2012, as my Home Loan was sanctioned by LIC Housing Finance Ltd within time. I really feel very helpless to think about my Registry Cost which may be increasing time by time, and don't know when registry should possible actually. I know there is a problem between the Partners (M/S Maa Bataichandi Construction) from their side,It is very pathetic as a purchaser I am in a deadlock situation completely. The extra cost (From SEPT till now) of the Registry is totally unmanageable by me as I am a simple salaried person, even if the fault is from his side,& he must bound to take the responsibility.

Pravin Suvarna

Posted On: 2014-04-01 14:23:20
I had booked a flat in LILAC a project by Nahar Builders, They have delayed the Project by 16- 18 months, resulting in Financial loss in terms of Interest due to Blocked funds due to delay in completing and handing over possesion of flat that too with leakages in the wall, I want legal help

hemant pandey

Posted On: 2014-03-29 17:44:38
I had booked a property in dharuhera gurgaon from airairmada construction pvt ltd one year ago. project could not start now builder is not returning money. a refund cheque was given by him which got bounce. kindly advise what to do. i have already served a legal notice within 30 days time of cheque bounce.

vishal teli

Posted On: 2014-03-29 01:46:46
We have purchased the flat in Pune . We have made the following payments- On 02/09/2013, Rs. 1,03,090/- as earnest money. After this as per your letter we paid the stamp duty and registration charges and MVAT total amounting to Rs. 1,87,162/- on 22/10/2013. We had applied for ICICI Home Loan and the bank could not disburse the amount of loan without registration of property / agreement to sale. Accordingly we produced the agreement to sale to ICICI Bank and the Bill dated 20/11/2013 has been paid by through ICICI Bank on 7/12/2013. As per our knowledge there is no more delay in payments as the loan could not be sanctioned without the sale agreement, which was executed on 16/11/2013. Thus there is no question of penal interest. If we had money in our hand we would no go for bank loan. We already are facing interest of bank loan burden and again Builder is imposing extra interest (Rs 94000) which was due to procedural fault/ system fault.


Posted On: 2014-03-28 11:23:56
I have purchased a flat with Gharonda Builders & Developers at their Pocharam Project Gharonda Brahma in Nove 2011 I paid 10 lacs at that time till now builder has not started the construction can you please advices what can i do now to get my flat or money?


Posted On: 2014-03-27 14:25:33
Dear Sir, I have booked a flat in Tiknar Homes with the project name Tiknar Voyaage in Kakanad, Kochi. As per the contract the flat will be handed over by March 2014. As of now I have paid Rs.33,00000 i.e 70% of the total cost. Last one year no construction development has taken place at the construction site and the building is already 4 years old as the construction of this project started in 2009. I have informed the builder to cancel the contract and return my money as I am not interested in this project any more. The builder is making up stories and not returning my hard earned money. Please advise how can I proceed in this matter and get my money back.

Pradeep Saini

Posted On: 2014-03-27 12:31:24
Dear Sir,I would like to register my plaint against SKM One Enclave Project at Rajnagar Extn. Ghaziabad. I have booked the flat in May 2013. After some time i found he has not any approval even not have any land acquisition and found fraud . After some time i have apply (Sept-2013)for return the my booking amount but Now he has not ready to return my amount and making every week false commitment so kindly help me.

Lambodar Sahu

Posted On: 2014-03-26 03:08:35
Respected sir, this is to inform you that I Lambodar Sahu have BOOKED a flat from SHIBANI ESTATES & PROMOTERS PVT, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar. The builder is openly saying that he cannot complete the project and also I have no faith on him that he will finish the project. The Builder name is Mr. Ratikanta Kanungo. i have asked the builder to cancel my booking and return me the principal plus interest, but the builder harassed me and saying will not pay any thing do whatever you can. In that way pls suggest me sir what to do.

Mazhar Shariff

Posted On: 2014-03-24 17:05:32
Mr P Dakesh Gowda, Resident of No 200, Alphonso Enclave, Opp Vincent Palliot School, Prakruit Township, Hormavu, Bangalore 560043, has not handed over the flat(#100, 1st Plot, No 14-15 Sector Ward, K R purum, Hormavu, Bangalore 560043) bought by me on 5th Oct 2012, There is no Electicity meter installed, Lift is not installed, Compound wall and gate are not finished. I’m suffering huge losses as lost rent from the flat. Mr. Gowda has to complete the flat and pay me the damages.


Posted On: 2014-03-24 16:45:47
Dear Sir I purchased on flat in Hyderabad , lb ngr area, after 4 months in the flat walls are showing cracks, used cheap qty of electricals. And the door frames showing cracks. TAPS ARE LEAKING . OVERALL HE IS NOT GIVEN QUALITY FLAT . SO SIR PLEASE SUGGEST US FURTHER KINDLY . HOW CAN WE GET THE JUSTICE

Daulat Bishun

Posted On: 2014-03-14 15:56:40
I complaint against Montage Infrastructure PVT Ltd two days ago but received no reply as mentioned I am expecting favorable reply from you

Daulat Bishun

Posted On: 2014-03-13 03:08:38


Posted On: 2014-03-09 00:29:54
Respected sir, this is to inform you that I Sri Lokanath Dalai, s/o Late Indramani dalai, Vill- Janardanpur, po-Lendura, Via-Kendupatna, Ps-Nemalo, Dist-Cuttack, Odisha have BOOKED a flat from SHIBANI ESTATES & PROMOTERS PVT, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar. Now the builder has gone behind the bar several times and he has lost faith from all. Now the builder is openly saying that he cannot complete the project and also I have no faith on him that he will finish the project. I have booked a F.I.R NO 122 dated 04 Mar 2014 at Saheed nagar PS against the said Builder( Mr Ratikanta Kanungo) on 04 Mar 2014 (copy enclosed). i have asked the builder to cancel my booking and return me the principal plus interest, but the builder harassed and threatens me many times saying will not pay any thing do whatever you can. In that way pls suggest me sir what to do Lokanath Dalai 9337467547

Pratik Bhadra

Posted On: 2014-03-06 16:26:32
I am not getting my flat from the developer AJNARA group. They are neither paying compensation nor giving a new date. The flat is in AJNARA DAFFODILS, SECTOR -137, NOIDA.

Neeraj Saxena

Posted On: 2014-03-05 14:02:52
Property GUru in NOida has asked me to invest in pre-launch property and promised handsome returns on investment. I have invested Rs 5 lakh with them and paid the money through cheque in Apr 2013. after few months I asked for refund of my money. On which they keep saying we’ll refund shortly.this company is a fraud and same director has many companies registered in his name to cheta consumers.


Posted On: 2014-03-03 17:33:14
I have booked the Flats in Haridwar, which is in Uttrakhand, I have booked the Flats because I came to Heard Good think about Mr. Kuldeep who is the owner of the Octagon Builder, I heard a positive words about this Groups as they were awarded Best Builder and according to me they are the finest Builder whom I know and also can recommended other. I also heard that some people are making them down, but God is seeing that who is right or wrong. Have you heard about the few line that “Every Successful Business Man there are many unsuccessful people who are making them down?” Regards Nitish Senior Manager Pepsi Co

Octagon Builders

Posted On: 2014-03-03 16:51:59
If I talk about Mr. Kuldeep (Director) according to my past 4-5 Year experience with him as I to booked a flat and made a Good Relationship with him, I found him Honest & helpful Man When I Heard about Bad words about the successful Business Man then I think people don’t have work to do their life, just speaking lie & lies Ayush Sinha Punjab , 45 Year of Age


Posted On: 2014-03-03 16:44:31
Hi, My gurgaon based builder is asking for more payment than the agreed amount saying that the area has increased. The builder-buyer agreement also mentions the area as tentative. Can I approach the consumer court for resolution of this issue? Thanks, Rahul.

Chandrakant Tambe

Posted On: 2014-03-03 15:12:21
I had purchased a Property in Nallasopara west in the year 2008. The builder name is Rakesh Shukla and the company name is Royal Construction. The builder has cheated on us till date we have still not received the property nor the money we had made to him. He had got us a loan from DHFL. Till date we are asking the Bank's help to get the property or either our money. But the bank is also not taking any action against the builder.


Posted On: 2014-02-28 15:06:41
Siddhivinayak Enterprises, sector 15 Panvel - Mr Satybhan Warng, Mobile no. 9867521922/ 09029077884/ 02227469539 Builder office address E-10 building, Office no 103, sector 18, Near Abhyuday corporate bank, new Panvel Builder No. 9867521922 Office no. 9029077884 He has been involved with land/ flats sale and purchase in Panvel. He is taking booking amount from the buyers and not providing the the updates on the progress or even do not pick up the phones when buyers call to know status of their bookings. He has taken money from several people as a booking amount and never gave feedback on progress of construction. Its been learnt from the his assistant that the land Panvel, Vichumbe Gaon, Near Vichumbe College Panvel- land is under dispute. I booked the flat in Panvel - Vichumbe Gaon in 2010 and still struggling to get money back.

Gajanan L Hunagund

Posted On: 2014-02-28 15:05:47
I have booked flat in pre-launch offer paying 30% down payment two month back, till now no BBMP approval,no progress. I want re cover money with interst.

Mr Pritamkumar Chavan

Posted On: 2014-02-28 13:04:56
I have purchased flat in resale, and registration of the same is done on 1st January, 2014. Now seller to avoiding us for further action, he was out of town returned on 26th Feb, 2014. Still he doesn't attend our calls, and he has message that he is staying at some other place. I have to get open flat for Bank loan purpose, which is withheld, because of non availability of the key. I need guidance in this regard, as to how I can proceed ahead and get my bank loan work done and subsequently shifting to the place. Thanks & regards, Pritamkumar Chavan


Posted On: 2014-02-26 16:47:58
Hi I had booked flat from Skyline constructions Bangalore in 2006-07, agreement was signed for 33 lakhs and promised completion of 3 years from that date. They have not registered till date. When i ask them to register the flat on to my flat, they are asking for PDC (post date cheque) and they would return the cheque against DD on the date of registration. I have already paid 30 lakhs to them. Now they have increased the cost and moved the price to 42 lakhs, they are charing interest and they have unattended work in my flat. They have harrassed mentally not sure what to do. They are taking advantage of my position. Please suggest how to approach on this. Thanks & Regards Sridhar

Zuzer Presswala

Posted On: 2014-02-24 13:57:57
Tata Housing has launch a 3 day offer for houses at discount. When i paid Rs 20,000 deposit i was given lot of misinformation and misrepresentation by staff of Tata Housing. However, when i got the payment receipt the conditions which were never discussed or informed were on the printout. I am about to lose Rs 20,000 if i do not wish to buy the house and Rs 2,000 if the house is not alloted to me. Tata Housing is duping people of its money as 250 units are on sale and they have collected Rs 20,000 from each of them. They are going to gain Rs 2,000 each from atleast 1,97,750 people. Its a clear cheating and something needs to be done about it.

Marcus Victor Quraishi

Posted On: 2014-02-18 10:32:46
I bought a flat from Sahakar Contructions, Kolegaon in 2011. I got the possession in April 2012 after the payment of complete flat amount (by loan). The flat is unused since the date of possession and within few months of possession the flat started leaking and the wall plaster coming out. So contacted Builder Mr. Munde & Mr. Tandel, but NO RESPONSE. Sent SMS but no reply. I was left with no option due to extreme leakage and wearing condition of flat I had to start repair work at my own cost. I spen total Rs. 15,000 only for repair work from my pocket. The Builders are not responding and solving flat owners issues. Also the flat is not having all the amenities and other features those were committed at the time of flat purchase. 2 months sidewall of basement collapsed. We tried to meet all levels to convince the builder but no gain. Please assist on this. The flat comes under Kolegaon Grampanchayat. Proposed acquisition by MMRDA shortly. Please HELP!

Somaditya Kar

Posted On: 2014-02-16 00:19:25
We bought a flat and a garage from Amber Group. I got possession of the flat 6 months ago but yet to get garage allocation. Now I have been told to give a garage which I feel is not at all a garage. It does not have any way to drive the car in and out. I don't want to accept this as i have paid 4 lakhs rupees for this garage only. I want to know what is the rule and which section is applicable to file a legal case against Ambey Enclave.

sitankshu banerjee

Posted On: 2014-02-15 21:32:08
Mr sajal karmakar.. a fraud builder has taken 2 lakhs 5 thousand rupees as advance for a new flat which he was suppose give 2 years back however he has not completed the flat and not returned the money...he is taking un fair means to overshadow the same and harassing us day in day out...he resides at jadavpore..a strict legal action should have been taken by the police long time bavk as we have already loddged a complaint on the same in jadavpore thana..

binod gogoi

Posted On: 2014-02-15 14:16:11
Respected Sir, This is for your kind information and necessary action that I owe the above Bungalow, on the 27th December 2013 my loan got sanctioned from HDFC Housing Finance Limited and till now I didn’t get the possession of my Bungalow. Personally I went to the site Bongara to check the final progress of my Bungalow but very unsatisfied to see the incomplete work of the Bungalow. Your esteem company ‘’ LARICA ESTATES LTD’’ has promise & offered so many things in the booklet kit of ‘’Green Hamlet’’ but practically your company is lacking behind with the QUALITY issue. After paying Rs 36’48’762/- (Thirty Six Lakhs Forty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Two Rupees ) for the B 84 type Bungalow to Larica Estates Ltd, if the specifications details of the Bungalow are not matching practically with the booklet kit then it’s a matter of shame for Larica Estated Ltd. Please find the following points as COMPLAINS and requesting you to kindly look into my matter seriously.

Mahesh Chaudhari

Posted On: 2014-02-14 23:21:44
i booked a flat in year 2010 with Neptune Developers@Ambivli Near Kalyan but till date i have not got the posession & the builder keep on postponing the dates. Please advise what legal option do i have in this regards.

Kumar Prabhat Ranjan

Posted On: 2014-02-13 14:39:34
I had booked a flat in Matrix Meadows, Wagholi in March, 2012. I paid 4,42,626 in March and April same year. They gave me allotment letter which said that flats will be allotted in April, 2014. When they did not started construction till July 2013, I went to their office (Sky Max Mall, Viman Nagar), they told me that they did not get approval so this project will be cancelled. They have not yet returned my money.


Posted On: 2014-02-13 12:27:26
Dear sir/madam, I had purchased a property ( 3 BHK) apartment in kharghar navi Mumbai in Feb 2010. It was mentioned in the agreement that I will be given possession of the flat in dec 2011. I have paid my full money and about to get possession letter from builder in couple of days . And now builder has verbally said that I cannot sell my property for next 1 year since builder has still lots of flat remaining to sell. And I can only sell the property once builder sells all his remaining flats. This is no where mentioned in the original agreement . And builder has verbally informed me that they will put this clause in final possession letter. The possession of the flat is already delayed my more than 2 years and with this new clause of builder iam stuck up . I have been paying EMI for this flat around 90,000/- per month , now I donot have good job left to pay this EMI, please help me.


Posted On: 2014-02-12 17:06:09
Dear Sir, I am working at overseas. I bought a Flat addressed E-206, Brindavan Apartment, 67 Cross Raod, New Washermenpet, chennai-600081 with Advaita Homes / Ms. Pratishta Associates located at Mylapore, Chennai. The builder committed us will provide the flat for possession on end of 2012/ Beginning of 2013. After our continuous communication by phone and mails follow-up the builder said will handover May/2013. Accordingly I come to Chennai to see the flat condition. During the time the flat was completed and still pending for flooring, painting, doors, windows, and other external fittings not done. Then the builder confirmed that in a 2weeks they will finish and handover. Therefore, I extend my leave with loss of pay and followed up. But they did not complete as promised. Then I return to overseas for my work. Then I received the Handing over possession notice from the builder on end of June dated 21-June,2014. With respected to possession notice, I requested to my relation to see the condition, But they said still some works incomplete and found improper works. Accordingly I highlighted to them about the incompletion and requested photo report by mail if completed. But, they did not send me any feedback about the improvement or completion. Only the builder sent to me the draft handing over possession agreement and requesting final payment 5%. Based on their phone communication I again fly to Chennai on 01-February, 2014 to arrange the House warming function. I visit the condition and I found the quality of finishing very bad. The laid down flooring tiles found up and down, the wall finishing very poor, the doors and very poor quality, the electrical and sanitary fittings and other amenities are not as per development agreement condition. Then I was very frustrated and asked them they said they will provide this condition only and similarly they gave to other flat customers also. Since I am the Quality Control Engineer I am not able to acknowledge this quality condition and pointed out one by one about the damages, defects and poor quality. But builder delayed me to rush for the house warming plan. Then I cancelled my house warming. And requested them to provide as per development agreement and as per standard quality. But they ignoring my request. Please advice.

sushil kumar dwivedi

Posted On: 2014-02-12 11:11:24
I had booked a flat with Ghardwar construction ,Panvel(Bipin Balkrishna vaidya/usman shaikh)and i was promised that the flat will be given in one and half years but even after nearly two wears, even the construction has not started.After that i had applied for refund but i had not received any kind of reply from them. There are many other customers who have been cheated in he same way. Regards sushil kumar dwivedi


Posted On: 2014-02-12 10:24:07
Terrace floor cracking issues for my flat. Seeking solution to fix this issue


Posted On: 2014-02-10 14:46:19
My father paid Rs.350000 out of Rs.400000 for new flat from a promoter in 2002. We got the possetion in 2003. But just before the registration the landlord of that project passes away in 2003. Now her son and daughter are doing delay with the promoter and results still now we could not do the registration of the flat. The present landlords are demanding such a things which is not possible to be fulfilled. What should we do in this present situation.

Dharampal Bakshi

Posted On: 2014-02-09 11:17:07
We bought flats in NCN paramount in 2012. Builder took all the money as per agreement and registered our flats. He left many works pending uncompleted. Now he is not listening to us. He has not taken the license for the lift from electrical department. He has not taken any cauvery water connection for NCN paramount. He connected a tap in an old water connection which on the name of landowner. He made a sump which is not connected to overhead water tank, no pump installed to list the water to overhead tank. He has not provided gym equipment. He did not constructed security room and toilet, which was built by the occupants by paying themselves. There are several other issues which are not completed. Request you to take up our grivenences with builder to resolve them.


Posted On: 2014-02-06 10:09:37
My complaint is against BPTP Ltd. They have a project in Faridabad called as BPTP Elite Floor Greater Faridabad. Said project was scheduled to be get completed in 2010 but havnt. They have extended the contract for 3 years now the 3 years also got completed but they are not giving possession. We are not getting any proper response from them. They are always extending the time by months. The construction work on site is also not going on. I have paid 90% of amount & also they have increased the prices by 15% once. Please do the needful. Thanks Vikas

Alimuddin Khan Sarguroh

Posted On: 2014-02-03 17:02:38
I had purchased flat from HDIL developer in project Premier Residency at Kurla West for which a bipartite agreement was made with HDIL in Year 2009 -10. The possession date as per the registered agreement was December 2010, But as on date I have not got possession, in spite of having made full payments as per the agreement .This payment was made including VAT and Service Tax, though this is supposed to be paid by HDIL builder. In month of October'2013 the builder had given possession to around 100 flats. Subsequently, they stopped giving possession to the buyers for rest of the flats without any prior information and discussions. After making full and final payments four months back as per the registered agreement, I have receiving threatening calls from HDIL head office that there is an increase in respective buyers flat area which was earlier not part of their agreement . The buyers were informed that as per the new law framed by Maharashtra Government in June 2012 , there is an increase in Floor space index( FSI) and that they will have to pay extra amount based on their room area. These areas are balcony, flower bed and duct area. These areas were already included in the earlier signed agreement for which We had paid in full payment. The commencement date for this project is April 2009. HDIL has not giving this demand in writing. HDIL conveyed to us that this extra amount should be paid in cash. I have taken a loan to buy this apartments and the Bank would not release money if we do not have the demand advise letter from HDIL. Now the builder had changed their strategy and are telling buyers that they would make a fresh agreement and that we would have to pay accordingly including the taxes applicable at current prevailing rates so as to make people pay in cash. We had paid in cash to builder for parking .He will not give parking without paying and he will not accept Cheque payment as it is not allowed as per Law. Now he has resorted to this illegal means. The fungible FSI act cannot be made applicable since this project got commencement Certificate in Year 2009 . This act is applicable for projects commencing only after 6th Jan 2012. There are 1100 flat owners in this project and have unanimously taken a stand that we shall not pay this money, which according to us is extortion money. Please suggest a re course. We all want our flats which has been already delayed by more than three years. Now top of it ,this brazen extortion calls by HDIL and calling individual flat owners to their Headquarters asking us to pay this money in cash is not acceptable . For these 1100 flat owners, on an average HDIL is demanding Rs 5 lakh per flat. We have no documentary evidence to prove as HDIL has not giving anything in writing and further HDIL is not ready to discuss anything about this amount to be paid over phone.

Manash Banerjee

Posted On: 2014-02-02 11:24:39
This is to inform your goodself that I, Manash Banerjee S/o Late Jiban Kumar Banerjee, by faith Hindu, aged 51 years,by occupation Private service, do possess (hereditary) a flat on the 1st floor of premises No- 138, Bakrahat Road, P.S- Thakurpukur, Kolkata-700063. Since 1982 after re-purchase of the said property resided at that place alongwith my family. In between I shifted my place of residence In 2006 to Dum Dum due to convenience of my service, but my daughter & my mother-in-law continued to reside at that place due to continuance of her education at Bidya Bharati School, New Alipore. Now after passing Class XII Exams in 2011, my daughter also shifted to Dum Dum to persue her higher Studies. Thereafter my flat was locked & we used to visit that place occationally . But after my mother’s demise on 31.12.2013, I find that my sister namely Smt Sparna Roy & her husband Sri Gora Chand Roy (co-occupant of the property) on 26.01.2014 refused my entry into my flat at that


Posted On: 2014-01-29 22:24:11
I had given contract to the builder for construction by he has handed over me without completing fully and also poor quality of construction. Despite several request for more than one year he has not completed or responded properly. I had paid the entire amount to him

Dinesh Kumar

Posted On: 2014-01-29 20:50:51
Hi I am a victim of the fraud by M-Tech developers Ltd. I have paid total Rs 763,150 (Principle amount) to M-Tech as of Mar 2008. I just found out on internet the Time of India news (23 Dec, 2013) that district consumer forum (central district) ordered M tech developer for full refund of the amounts paid along with interest as well as a compensation amount of Rs 50,000 in each case. I request you to please take my complaint and advise the process for me to get the refund from M-Tech developer. I am working at Singapore and I booked this flat on my mother name (Smt. Raj Kumari). Please find short details of my investment. 24/01/2007, I booked a 3BR flat in M-Tech Glare Dharuhera Project on my mother name Smt. Raj Kumari. Paid Advance booking Rs 250,000 On Sept 2007, I paid 1st instalment Rs 256,575 Mar 2008, I paid 2nd instalment Rs 256,575 Till date I have been waiting for the project completion but there is no update from M-Tech on project as well as refund.


Posted On: 2014-01-28 20:46:45
my brother-in-law Mr.N.Somanth, while in Mumabi booked a flat called PARANJAPE PROJECT-VIRAR.He remitted around 85000/ but the project came to stand still. On 22.8.1999the Mumbai suburban dist cons. court ordered to deposit Mr.Jayant Paranjape5.45 cr. since my b-i-l is not well, he authorised me to communicate with you. could u pl send the case details,number etc. it will be very grateful to my b-i-l & family.regards

neeraj jaiswal

Posted On: 2014-01-26 13:37:22
Hello Sir, we purchased a Flat in Golf Avenue 1 Noida Sector 75. in 2010. company had taken 40% of money 2 years back but till now there is no sign of any construction after that. i tries getting details get to know they want toe build more floor as what was allowed when they sold the apartment to us. for that they are not building any floor and trying to get extended there floor, with this un professional attitude i don't understand what will be quality and when i will get possession. Kindly you guys ask what the plan is on moral ground? Thnaks, Neeraj

Shaubhari Das

Posted On: 2014-01-26 04:16:07
Booked a flat at Ganga Cypress under Goel Ganga Developers in 2011 February! As per the commitments of the sales guys at the time of purchasing and as per the agreement the flats were suppose to give the possession on the month of December 2012! But till date they are unable to commit us any fix date for the same! and the owner of the project is not in reach each time we flat owners wish to fix up an appointment with him! Their well trained staffs know very well how to confuse and need to give wrong commitment to their clients each time! The owner of the organization is busy (in world tour, family’s marriage ceremony or something else as per their trained staff) every time and unable to meet their clients after fixing appointment also with like these several reasons! The project works stopped from October 2012 and still date no specific changes saw in my flat at D Block! Don't have any confirmation of PCMC clearance also! They are not ready to compensate any amount as per the agreement

S Rajesh

Posted On: 2014-01-24 13:00:59
Dear Madam I am a regular viewer of this program. It handles various complex problems where a Individual cannot resolve on their own. I wish you all the very best for your continued success Builder : JD Constructions & Promoters (P) Limited Name : Mr Devanand Mob : 09841458641 Project : Park View Apartment Address : Rajamannar Salai, K K Nagar, Chennai 78 Flat area : 1473 sq feet Rate per Sq Feet : Rs 6900 Advance paid till date : 24.5 Lakhs This is a Reconstruction Project and owners of old flat have taken half of the flats in the current Project. New owners like us paid advances during end of 2010 and project now held up due Financial issue of Builders. The project is on hold for many months. Builder is neither started the construction nor paying the advance and Interest back to me. Regards S Rajesh Pune Mob : + 91 9011080601

K V Prasad

Posted On: 2014-01-24 10:08:51
We have booked a 3-bhk flat in Cosmocity-3 project of the builder M/s ERA Landmarks Ltd. in Sector-103,gurgaon.The builder on already taking 32.5% of the BSP of the Unit(62.5 lakhs)made us sign a BBA on 06/07/13.Thereafter raised the demand for 12.9lakhs as the BBA which could not be paid before the due date (24/08/13 later revised to24/09/13)as the bank loan could not materialize in time.When we approached the builder on approval of our bank loan on 05/12/13,he says the unit is cancelled and allotted to someone.He insists a letter from us for refund so that he shall refund after deducting 15% of the BSP of the unit(not the booking amount) and other commission charges etc. as per the BBA which finally will fetch me only peanuts.Please help me come out of this by getting back my full amount.

harinder singh

Posted On: 2014-01-23 17:43:10
i booked a flat 3bhk with saharcityhomes at jaipur inmarch 2006 . asper term the buider promise to hand over possesion in june 2012.i have deposited entire cost but my inquiry reveals the no constractionwork started at point

Anand Madhav Salve

Posted On: 2014-01-23 10:45:50
The Builder RIEL is delaying to refund the money.

Deepak Mishra

Posted On: 2014-01-21 19:17:50
Hi, I booked a flat in CASA RIO GOLD at Domvibli in Navi Mumbai on 22 Dec, 2011. I started getting demands for disbursement from Lodha starting October, 2012. At that moment Lodha had not provided me the Commencement Certificate [CC], which required by the Bank to make the disbursement to the Builder. I raised my concern with my Relationsship Manager at Lodha and updated him that as Lodha has not provided me the Commencement Certificate[CC] , as a result I am not able to get the disbursement done to Lodha. I even requested my relationship manager stating that as long as I do not get CC from Lodha till then please do not slap any interest on the delayed payments. Relationship manager assured me that they know that they have not provided me the CC and as a result I do not need to worry about the Interest. They will waive off the inerest if there will be any. I received the CC from Lodha on around 15th Jan, 2013, and cleared all the payments till then to Lodha. But they deducted more than

Vishnu Joshi

Posted On: 2014-01-21 17:52:30
This is to inform you that, I have purchase Two flat at Keshabdham Apartment, 80, Lala Babu Shire Road, Block – III, Flat No. 501 & 502, 5th Floor, Near Belurmath, Howrah 711202. For Flat No. 501 I have paid full payment and for Flat No. 502, I have already paid 90 % payment almost. At the time of booking (in the year 2012 ) the building is under construction and the company confirms that the building will be completed within 3-4 months. But till date there is no work in progress. I tried contacting the Vibgyor Allied Infrastructure Co. many times but did not get a satisfactory response from their end. The company has disappointed me to a great extent and such type of behaviour is not expected from a reputed company like Vibgyor. Their acts have tormented me to a great extent. ( Copy of letter send to company’s higher authority is enclosed for your reference ). In this regards, I want from the company that they return my money return back as paid against flat no. 501 and completion


Posted On: 2014-01-20 07:51:48

Ranjan Kumar Neogi

Posted On: 2014-01-18 17:54:16
I have an agreement with two builders for purchasing a ready to move apartment in a complex along with an open car parking space available inside the complex for Rs. 29,74,191.At the time of agreement I have paid them Rs. 5,94,191 dated 24/08/2013.The 2nd installment I paid Rs. 8,18,815 dated 11/01/2014 as one of the developer has left for USA.The rest of the money will be paid by State Bank of India as they have sanctioned a home loan for me of Rs. 15,61,185 dated 19/10/2013.In the agreement it was written clearly that registration cost will be borne by purchaser. Now at the time of registration the developers of the apartment is telling that they will appoint a lawyer who will do the registration procedures and asking me to pay additional Rs.56000 cash (without any money receipt) as that lawyer fees which is not mentioned in the agreement.They are not allowing me to take my lawyer who will do the registration procedure at nominal fees. Is their remedy I will get from consumer forum?

Amit Goel

Posted On: 2014-01-17 19:08:51
I had booked one plot (Chinar World) and one property with BCL HOmes Limited, Peermuchalla . total amount given by me was around 4lakhs (2.6 Lakhs+1 Lakh premium+30000 transfer fees) and 1,11,111/- , i.e. a total of around 5.11 Lakhs in TWO different "UP-COMING" projects. But the projects were never even LAUNCHED in more than two years time. Now after 10 months of applying REFUND and SEVERAL VISTS/ Phone-Calls/ requests/reassurances later, I am still being harassed and not given my Refund. Please help me get my refund on urgent basis. - Amit Goel 17-1-2014


Posted On: 2014-01-16 20:12:22
I am a Senior Citizen on the verge of retirement, and I paid Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh only) to Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty and Ms. Ipshita Bhattacharya, partners of D.S.Enterprise (an engineering and real estate consultancy) as they promised me to book an MIG flat at Bengal Ambuja UPOHAR. Abhishek said he is residing at : B-5 Chittaranjan Colony, Baghajatin, 3rd Floor, Kolkata-92, which later turned out to be a fake address. His Mobile nos. are 9007433406, 8583953483, 9051014600. The Mobile nos. of Ipshita Bhattacharya are 8820729507, 7439006379, 9051281200. The above amount of Rs. 2,00,000/- was given to them in cash; Suchita Roy. Mobile no. :9433342497 Address: B-1/9 SALT LAKE KOLKATA 7000106


Posted On: 2014-01-16 15:54:08

Suchita Roy

Posted On: 2014-01-16 12:13:34
I am a Senior Citizen, and on July 01, 2013, I paid Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lakh only) to Abhishek Chakraborty and Ipshita Bhattacharya, partners of D.S.Enterprise, who promised to book an MIG flat at Bengal Ambuja UPOHAR. Later, it turned out that Abhishek’s address is fake. His Mobile nos. are 9007433406, 8583953483, 9051014600. The Mobile nos. of Ipshita Bhattacharya are 8820729507, 7439006379, 9051281200. More than 6 months have passed since, yet I have neither got any allotment letter from Bengal Ambuja, nor did Abhishek Chakraborty and Ipshita Bhattacharya return my money inspite of repeated requests. Now, they do not even take my phone calls. They seem to frequently change their sim cards, and most of the time, their mobile phones either remain switched off, or say they are not reachable. So, I decided to bring the matter into your notice, and request you to treat this as a written complaint, so that if needed, I may use this as a reference in future.

Kavindra Singh

Posted On: 2014-01-11 23:49:42
BUilder is not providing the facility as commited, also not forming the association.

Santosh Sangameswaran

Posted On: 2014-01-11 09:13:03
Dear Sir/Madam, I purchased a 3 bedroom flat no. K-402 in Vaishnavi Rathnam project in Jalahalli West, Bangalore from Vaishnavi Group, #2/2 Walton Road, Off Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore - 560 001. I was charged Rs 175000 for covered car park but at the time of possession the builder is stating there is shortage of covered car park and is alloting me open car park. The sale deed mentions covered car park too but at the time of registration, they had not started the process of car park allotment. I have called and sent several emails to Vaishnavi group but they state they cannot do anything about this. They are not ready to refund the amount I paid for covered park also. Pls help

Saugata Das

Posted On: 2014-01-10 10:55:19
This is inform you that I had purchased a residential flat on 16.04.2013 having the address, Flat no.A 3/11 on the Second floor(back side) of a four storied walk up building without any lift and with Mosaic floor measuring about 60.5 square meters plint area equivalent to 781 square feet of super built up area in “A” Type consisting Two bed rooms, one Kitchen one verandah one living cum dining space, one toilet under Marshelin Co-operative Housing Society Ltd. EKTP Phase II, being premises No. A 231/1/138 Rajdanga Main Road, Kolkata-700107, Police Station Kasba within ward No. 107, Kolkata Municipal Corporation District South 24-Parganas located at MARSHELIN CO-OPERATIVE HOUSING SOCIETY LIMITED LIMITED a co-operative Housing Society registered under the West Bengal Co-operative Societies Act,1983 being Registration No. 18/CMAH of 1992 having its registered office East Kolkata Township Project (EM Bye Pass) Phase II, Kolkata-7000107, Police Station- Kasba District 24-Parganas (South). The residential flat had 1 bedroom and one portion of the veranda to be completed by me (attached is the floor plan, extended portion is marked in orange).So I had approached one of contractor for raising the supper structure and the casting of the same. The chosen contractor was also executing similar jobs in the same premises named “ Mondal Construction & Interior”, under the proprietor of Mr. Tapan Mondal. Mr. Mondal had submitted a Xerox(A single quotation given to other flat onwer’s) of the quotation dt. 03.07.2013[Scanned copy attached] and received on 05.07.2013. Upon verbal discussion the Contractor it was agreed that presently the contractor will execute in raising the supper structure and the casting of the shown portion of the floor plan. As per the quotation the said valve for executing the job was Rs.70,000.00[ Copy of quotation attached].The contractor had verbally told that he will complete the shown portion in the floor map by 2 months and the rest money to be paid after the execution of the job . On verbal commitment and faith I had given an advance of Rs. 30,000 vide chq. 979495 dt. 14.08.13[Scanned copy attached]. For starting the job he has demolished the existing veranda of Flat No. A3/16 and also broke the existing veranda of mine Flat No. A3/11. Till date he has constructed on 3 columns in the month of September and only done the shuttering in the month of October which is the base work for doing the casting. Upon deliberation and request the contractor for completing the job the contractor is asking for money. I had also told him that I can issue a post dated cheque and the date will be the day the casting will be done. Still the contractor is persisting asking money and threatened by phone that he will not do any job further and will remove all the shuttering. As per the present scenario I am not able to open any of the doors for the veranda and the same has become a safety issue. I hereby request to kindly examine my case and help us so that I can shift to my new flat as soon as possible. With Regards, Saugata Das & Tania Das.

Rupesh Nangalia

Posted On: 2014-01-10 10:00:10
Recently I moved to a house, builder has delivered a very poor quality construction. The walls are not plastered using cement. Builder has used POP for same. This has a problem of water seepage, and wall strength is very bad. We have a fear wall would fall. With one normal hammer stroke bricks come out easily.

Bhavik Kothari

Posted On: 2014-01-09 14:48:18
To brief you on the history of this matter, I had apprised Landlord about increased leakage from the roof, on the phone call on 01st Jan 2014 and the Landlord had promised to look into it at the earliest. Even after 4 days passed by Sunday, 05 Jan 2014 and no action is taken resulting into the problem deteriorating to worst. Now, there is leakage started from several points in the kitchen which is causing huge inconvenience to us in using the property. Owing to this, it has become very difficult to cook in the kitchen as the dirty contaminated water is dropping on the food and gas stove and we have to place containers below to hold water. Also, there are cracks developed on the roof and wall which may qualify as structural damage In addition to this, after noticing that the leakage has increased dramatically on Sunday 05 Jan 2014, we were trying to reach Landlord constantly, but did not bother to attend our call. Landlord did it once and instead of hearing us.


Posted On: 2014-01-09 13:54:08
Sir, I Have purchased a house one year before from Samriddhi Dev Con Ltd, the builder is delaying possession, and adding on charges, further, the builder is collecting VAT @5% of value of the house and not proving any proof in respect of depositing of the same. the construction quality is also below standard. there are twenty people who has purchased house through same builder, in some cases. after completion of three years the builder has not given possession. kindly suggest me the ways to take action against the builder

Madhu A V

Posted On: 2014-01-08 17:44:49
I had booked a flat in Thane constructed by Rustomjee builders and expected possession was on 2011 June again it got shifted to Dec. 2012 and again shifted for Dec. 2013. Till date not got the possession. There is a huge financial loss in this by paying full EMI without getting the flat. How to handle this matter I need an advice from your side

Asif Anwar Abbasi

Posted On: 2014-01-07 11:25:54
I had booked a studio apartment with Ferrous Infrastructure in sector 89 Faridabad in Feb’06. I had paid Rs.402000.00 (around 33%) after the booking, but due to some legal issue no banks are providing loan to the property/builder. We do not have cash in hand to support hence my outstanding to the builder is getting high day by day. Other hand builder is threatening to cancel my booking. I would request your intervention to settle my dispute as I am no more interested in this project due to lack of fund without bank loan. Builder is not ready to refund my amount which I had paid. Please help me to get my money back with FD rate of interest from the day I had done the payment. Property Details – Builder- M/S Ferrous Infrastructure Gurgaon Booking ID – FI-1097 Flat No – D-504 Location- Sector 89 Faridabad

Vijay Thirumalai

Posted On: 2014-01-04 13:50:34
I have booked a flat with Vasavi Housing And Infrastructure Ltd. in Feb 2013. Not much progress has been made so far by the builder to construct the flat. Total project is currently at a stand still. We have met with the builder and his representatives multiple times (atleast once a month) in the last one year to get some progress done at the site. However there are many multiple internal issues with the builder that is resulting in delayed progress at the site. like vendor payment issues, contractor issues (including Elite Contractors) and mismanagement issues - were the primary and only causes for delays in the Vasavi Majestica Construction since Jan 2013. Multiple emails and communications with Vasavi have clearly established this fact. We had requested a meeting date with Mr. Krishna Prasad. It has been pending for months now. If the MD is not even willing to meet the buyers, then it just shows the lack of ownership and commitment to us. We had made our intent clear long time that we want to work constructively with Vasavi to get this project completed successfully. Blatantly ignoring valid and genuine buyer interests only indicates the lack of empathy that Vasavi has for its buyers. Can you please imagine some of us stuck here since 2008 when we could have moved into our flats by now if we had bought it from another builder? 4. Mr. Krishna Prasad's (MD) continued silence to our We had requested a meeting date with Mr. Krishna Prasad. It has been pending for months now. If the MD is not even willing to meet the buyers, then it just shows the lack of ownership and commitment to us. 3. We had made our intent clear long time that we want to work constructively with Vasavi to get this project completed successfully. Blatantly ignoring valid and genuine buyer interests only indicates the lack of empathy that Vasavi has for its buyers. 4. Mr. Krishna Prasad's (MD) continued silence to our requests to meet us has a created deafening vacuum of mistrust and only indicates that there are more teething problems in this project. Hence he doesn't want to meet us in addressing these concerns.

neena gupta

Posted On: 2014-01-04 13:22:52
complaint against builder ansal api fernhill sec 91 gurgaon


Posted On: 2014-01-01 13:28:59
Builder not provided below amenities. Essential services deficiency as mentioned below- 1. You have not provided the GEB electrical meter connection supply in flats. 2. Staircase, parking sheds, Open area Lights not provided. Along with above there are incomplete/pending jobs still not attended as mentioned here- 1. Gas release pipe not fitted to septic tank 2. Water pipeline with float valve from Government meter connection to water sump( on ground) not provided. 3. Manhole cover is not fitted to Water sump on Ground 4. Overhead Tank is not provided with ladder 5. Plastering and painting of parking area.


Posted On: 2013-12-31 21:21:11
Inspite of repeated follow-ups and request for the evidence of demand, your behavior is very intrusive and dissimulating. I have full legal rights to enquire and make myself concomitant with the raised demand; after all it’s about our hard earned money, wherein you failed miserably in furnishing the evidence of completion.


Posted On: 2013-12-30 12:41:29
Its been more than 2 years i have booked a flat with Lodah casa rio in Dombivli and the possession dates as usual is being postponed please suggest if i can cliam an interest on my payments done and whts the procedure


Posted On: 2013-12-30 12:02:08
1.5 years ago I entered into a MoU with a builder stating I pay 7L Rs and they give me 24% pa interest (Rs 14000 pm) for 14 months and then return the principal after 14 months. Builder only paid 2 months interest. 4 cheques bounced after that. And they have not paid a single penny of interest or principal after that. They kept delaying and asking to come after few weeks always. Finally on saturday they said they will not return my money. I have proof of cheque bounce. I also have all the unutilized post dated cheques which they asked me not to deposit. These have expired now. I also have email conversations and phone call recordings of their conversations. I want to get my hard earned money back. Suggest me what should I do.

Shivani Goyal

Posted On: 2013-12-27 21:09:56
Due to logistics and infrastructure problem at builder office, there was always a delay in receipt of bills for electricity and maintenance. Inspite of numerous reminders I never ever received the same on time. On decided date their manager agreed and ensure waiver of interest and arrear on account of late payment. Inspite of 50 reminders there is no action taken by the builder. Pls help me with resolution.

Shivani Goyal

Posted On: 2013-12-27 21:05:18
Since 2010, builder has sold of all the open parking to the residents for INR 250,000/- and upon my request and negotiation the manager told me that this is the cost they are recovering from the residents and will not sell below INR 250,000/-. After my purchase of a parking lot, builder started selling the parking at INR 200,000/-, i follow up with no concrete reply. I feel cheated by them.

nilanjan mukherjee

Posted On: 2013-12-25 07:44:16

Vijay B

Posted On: 2013-12-24 18:33:30
This is a complaint against SRILOGILLU DEVELOPERS.I paid an initial advance amount of Rs.40,800 for registration of Plot No.59 having 270 square yards of land under Receipt number 001175 dated 16th June 2013. At the time of payment of the amount, the General Manager of Sri Logillu, Mr. Ram Babu, was present and explained us about the venture and the plots. He said that we have to pay the next installment of Rs.2 lakh for the registration of the plot in the Name of my father ''Sridhar Rao Bichal'' by November 2013. Mr.Ram Babu even promised that if we are not willing to pay the registration amount and cancel our plans of buying a plot, the initial advance payment of Rs.40,800 would be refunded in the month of November 2013. Now they are not willing to refund even after several reminders. Kindly help me with my amount refund.

Sanam Siddiqui

Posted On: 2013-12-22 12:46:30
Sir, My complaint is against Unitech who have yet not given possession of my flat in Fresco , Nirvana Country, Gurgaon.We purchased this flat in 2008 and have been under severe financial burdens which is worsening day by day.Being middle class people we are really tortured by this delay in possession .The builders donot give any true update about the exact date of possession of our flat. Please let us know what is to be done so that justice can be done to us .

S M Hashmi

Posted On: 2013-12-19 22:42:50
AVP of India bulls real estate has done false commitment at the time to booking the flat. I got all the evidence to prove it like email , voice and video recording.I have escalated this issue to entire senior management and its been almost a year but there is no resolution yet. Kindly help me.

Manoj Kumar Gaur

Posted On: 2013-12-19 22:03:48
Sir/Madam, I have booked unit E-306 flat i.e., 1425 sq ft area as per the signed agreement in Blossam County, Sector 137, Noida (UP)in Logix group project in March 2010 with 18 months possassion clause. Till date I paid around Rs. 42 lakhs and now last installment need to be paid during the possassion as per the signed agreement. In May'2013 I have received a letter from Blossam county that 1425 Sq ft (Type 4A - 3BHK) flat doesn't exist and hence would like to offer (Type 3A - 2 BHK) flat. To discuss this matter I personally visited Logix Group, Sec 16, Noida head office and got acknowledgement to offer me bigger size flat with booking rate price as per my written request. Since than I have been sending regular mail to Logix but got surprised mail today to offer me 1350 sq ft flat and asking for my all original documents/receipts. Therefore, today evening I have sent mail to offer me bigger size flat with original booking rate but Logix is not accepting for the same. FYI please I have requested Logix in May 2010 to give me 14 days relaxation to pay the first installment and got response from Mr. Verma from Loix group to pay 18% interest in case of not paying the installment as per the due date. Appreciate if you can look into the matter and send a complaint letter on my behalf to Logix group. Their address is given below: Logix Group, Logix Park A 4 & 5, Sector 16 Noida 201301, UP Tel: +91-120-4366000 Fax: +91-120-4366098 Email: Thanks & regards Manoj Kumar Gaur

Yatin Jain

Posted On: 2013-12-19 19:58:53
Fraud against Ganpati Builders for their establishment in agra

K.Prakash Kumar

Posted On: 2013-12-19 13:59:13
Un lawful increase in price by the builder real value promoters

manoj jain

Posted On: 2013-12-18 20:45:26
I had booked a plot with Omaxe ltd at Indore in project shubhangan in may 2011 with property id Sib/2257. I completed my payment of rs 421814 I.e. 95% by 1dec still after two years of this payment I still do not have registery of my said plot .earlier it was promised to give us the possession of plot within 24 months of booking I.e. may 2013, but still there is not any commitment from omaxe.every time I call them they verbally promise a 3month time earlier it was June and subsequently it was shifted to step and DEC respectively. now they say march. I request you to kindly enquire in this issue and tell omaxe to give us the possession as early as possible.


Posted On: 2013-12-18 17:03:30
i have book a flat in Anasal Aqua Polis project with a sub builder Amanddeep infrahome trough India Homes Pvt Ldt but it passing one year they did not start construction. and when i asked them they are saying some approval are pending towards gov authority . i asked them to refund my money as since i gave them 20 percent and after 1 year construction not started . they communicate me that they will refund but will detect the service tax. please help me to get my full amount.

Kuldeep Kumar

Posted On: 2013-12-17 19:47:44
Hi, I booked a flat in Emaar MGF Imperial Gardens sector 102 in Dec-2012, but due to some financial issues, I could not continue with that. So I requested builder that I want to withdraw my booking, but builder said they are not cancelling any flat and asked me to wait and try for resale. Builder send me builder/byuer agreement but I refused to sign as I wanted to withdraw my booking. Now they are sending me further demands for payment, but I have been telling them that I want ti withdraw my booking. Builder is not cancelling this, and not refunding my booking amount (10 Lac Rupees). Please help. Thanks Kuldeep


Posted On: 2013-12-11 00:33:08
I am writing this letter in regard to cheating & fraudulent cancellation being carried out by Supertech developer in one of their project named “eco bazzar” “eco village I” in greater noida west of a shop booked by me in the same project. Sir in detail My Name is Hari S Bisht ,Sir I did book a shop in above mentioned project as advised & processed by one of the prominent broker house in noida “unicon”(Agent name Mr. Sarang Mobile no.9711074588) on October 2011”purely for self use purpose…my agent asked me to give two cheques of amount 100000/ & 50000/ each for booking purpose & rest later as required. After booking he gave me the details of booking (CRN 1051706 ) Unit no 20b upper ground floor (I have mail sent by the broker house.) Sir After that in the same month I visited supertech’s noida corporate office with my agent for further payment then I was told that some dispute over land in the same area has erupted so they will be accepting further

Mrityunjoy Halder

Posted On: 2013-12-09 16:55:42
sir, I purchase a 2khatha land.(in Rs.194000)but i cannot position my daily life not safe. so,please safe me. thanking you


Posted On: 2013-12-06 23:14:17
Panchamrit Developers & Constructions Pvt Ltd - The real cheaters/frausdsters of this era in hyderabad's grooming real estate world. Beware of these cheap guys who looks like gentleman and speak humbly its none other than Gangster RANGII N. Nagaraz (MD) who is leading this group. There are many victims out there who want us to beaware of these guys. these people speak very humbly and looks like a gentleman. Its all about the venture NORTH EAST enaclace at nagaram (peddha Golconda) near shamshabad, hyderabad. The fraudster Nagraj drags you into the conversation in very humble way and start saying that he is the owner of this venture and has all the evidences that he owns it. infact there is another group who claims that they own it i.e Vishnutejs Realtors When you ask Nagraj, that he is the owner of venture or he just the developer? he claims confidently that he is the real owner of this land and its his own construction/project. The loan Process, he told us that its HMDA approved layout and has loans already processed by LIC, AXIS, PNB bank etc, people like us belive as he speak gently and professionally to convince and collect as less as you ready to pay him rs5000 to 3 lakhs rupees. After paying some amount to him, we were asking to start the loan process and he use to ignore or give us false information that it will be processed today or tomorrow and forced to pay more money. When we enquired with LIC executives personally, got to know that the venture NORTH EAST enaclace at nagaram is not apprvoed by HMDA and no loans were dispatched to anyone yet. the days, weeks and months were passed and things became worst and asked to return the money that we paid, then Nagraj started fumbling and asking for execuses and after fiddling with him for about 3 months to return the money we realised that we have been betrayed by this Panchamrit Developers & Constructions Pvt Ltd (Nagraj). We have been to his office in Nasir apts near Ravindra Bharathi, met couple of innocent employees/customers who were already betrayed by them and this is accepted by their own employees. This is the real pain that we went through and they still trying stab people around, so beacrefull. Please raise your voice and complaint/bring it to the notice of credail and other govt bodies to put them behind the bars.

naveen singhania

Posted On: 2013-12-06 21:50:33
Dear sir, I had blocked a flat by paying a token money of rs.100000 of the total booking amount of rs. 737000, of a flat in Subham Elite in guwahati assam. The flat i had booked was of a total value of rs. 4900000 approx. The flats no is I1 in first floor block e. After booking the flat i felt due to my running problems i dont think i will want to go ahead with it. So within 12 days i informed them about it and they said i have to forfiet this amount or i have to pay 10% of the total value of the flat that is 10% of 49 lakhs. I had not even signed any agreement with them. I havent even given them the filled up form for the booking of the flat. So please kindly see as to what can be done. Booking date 25/11/2013.

Virag Agar

Posted On: 2013-12-05 17:50:34
I have invested in ERA Landmarks Group 2 years back but project got scrapped due to some license issues , now i have applied for the refund but its almost 3 months over now , and they always keeps on saying call us after 1-2 weeks .


Posted On: 2013-12-04 14:55:21
Unicon Real Estate is not giving my discount payback. I have the credit note but they are not giving my money since 3 years now.


Posted On: 2013-12-04 14:06:33
I booked a flat in parkwood meadow greens in sector - 67, gurgaon in June 2010 @ Rs 3150 per sq. feet. The total area of the flat is 1488 sq.feet. I paid approx 15 lakhs to the builder. They have not started the work till now. The approx price of property there is 7500-8000 rs per sq.feet. They are not giving money back , just saying they will build. Now its almost 4 years. Nothing happened onsite. I am still living on rent. My total opportunity cost is lost. I am not in a position to buy any flat at current prices. Please help me to get my money back at proper rates so that i can buy another property. Regards Deepak Menghani

Sani Misra

Posted On: 2013-12-03 13:45:33
Hello, I took possesion in aug 13. According to the Parking plan attached with my agreement (signed by Builder), there should be 2 parkings in front of lobby. But in construction he has not built required slab and hence he has accomodated those parkings in lesser space. Due to this there is no space left to pass by. If all the parkings are filled then from lift / stairs one has to make way in between two cars. Even accaording to original plan there was space to move around in front of Electric Meters, but due to this wrong construction, Car has to be parked touching fencing of meter. When asked to Builder , he is asking our authority to ask question. Can we raise this complaint against Builder as resident of that building?


Posted On: 2013-12-02 21:32:52
I have purchased flat & residing there since 6 years. flat registered on 7th Aug, 2012. our vendor illegally maximize the west side of the whole building which was not in our plan and he transferred that portion dividing 4( 2shops & 2flat) apartment to 4 owners. Obviously there is some financial benefit & other benefits also. BY WHICH WHO ARE RESIDING IN OUR RESIDENTIAL AREA, THEY ARE SO CHEAP QUALITY THAT THEY ARE MISUSING OUR LIVING AREA, CREATING A BASTI LIKE PLACE HERE. VENDOR IS PROVIDING FUEL IN THE FIRE. WE PURCHASED AFTER SEEING GOOD LOCALITY BUT ENVIRONMENT IS CHANGING DAY BY DAY VERY RAPIDLY TO THE DOWN-WORTH POSITION! PLEASE TAKE NECESSARY STRONG ACTIONS TO GET RID OF THIS PROBLEM ELSE WE WILL NOT GETTING CC OF THIS BUILDING. VENDOR NAME: DILIP KR. GHOSH J.L. NO. 7, R.S NO. 139, TOUZI NO. 172/173, KHAITAN NO. 808 AND 810

Prakash Rao Shinde

Posted On: 2013-12-01 14:47:17
Hi- I've bought a flat on Feb 2012. The possession was due on June 2013 but still builder is not sure when he'll give the possession. Please help.

Rishabh shukla

Posted On: 2013-11-30 10:37:32
Complaint against Real Estate Developer (Builder) – SARE Homes(group)- Gurgaon in India, SARE group is Real Estate Division of of DUET Group SARE Homes- FRAUD BUILDER- in India 1) Residential project is 4.5 year old but not yet delivering the possession nor any tentative date from Developer to handover the possession. 2) Builder is not paying late possession penalty (even if it is mentioned in Builder buyer agreement), neither accepting liability to pay it. 3) Builder charged higher EDC(external development charge) on very higher side around Rs. 150/ per sq ft but not refunding that money. 4) Construction Quality is very poor, before possession walls are cracked from both the sides. Neither reply nor action after complain.

Sashindra Bhaskar Menon

Posted On: 2013-11-26 13:39:55
I along with my brother and sister had collectively invested Rs. 2,50,000 in the scheme 'Green Acres' floated by Suman Motels Pvt. Ltd. and was alotted 2 plots of half acre each at village Pansai(Mangaon). We were also assured of periodic returns on the invested amount.But till date we have not recieved any amount of periodic returns or the principle, so i request you to kindly help me recover the same as i am presently retired and jobless.

Sashindra Bhaskar Menon

Posted On: 2013-11-26 13:12:25
I along with my brother and sister had collectively invested Rs. 2,50,000 in the scheme 'Green Acres' floated by Suman Motels Pvt. Ltd. and was alotted 2 plots of half acre each at village Pansai(Mangaon). We were also assured of periodic returns on the invested amount.But till date we have not recieved any amount of periodic returns or the principle, so i request you to kindly help me recover the same as i am presently retired and jobless.

Ashish B Sanghavi

Posted On: 2013-11-24 12:10:06
Hi,I am approaching consumer redressal forum to gain support on filing complaint against the developer (Sai Prem Construction) who has not been in compliance with agreed pointers from SALE deed,seeking asssitance from team who can help me fight againts these powerful builders.


Posted On: 2013-11-23 15:32:05
Hello, I had booked an apt with GM infinite builders and developers by paying 1 lakh booking amount but was unable to go through as i was unable to raise and the property also was a B khata property which my lawyer pointed out while verifying documents which was not acceptable to me. The builder has been coming up with excuses for refunding the booking amt . I have already submitted application for cancellation and refund twice to them since the builder told me he didnt receive it first time . Its been over a week since he told me he will give the money back and over 5 weeks since i have asked me for redund. What are my legal options here as i dont trust the builder at all and have doubts that he will refund 100 % as was verbally promised by him

Vinay S

Posted On: 2013-11-21 14:56:11
Lodha Casa Rio. Delayed possession of property The date committed at the time of booking in March 2012 was July 2013. This delay is disappointing and unexpected to say the least, considering the fact that 95% of the payable amount has already been demanded and collected by Lodha between March 2012 and Feb 2013. The revised date is now Oct 2014, and no reason whatsoever has been provided. The loss is notional by way of interest payments on loan taken.


Posted On: 2013-11-20 12:37:43
Dear Sir. I Was Book Flat in the year of 2010 "Neptune Swaraj @ Ambivali Dist Thane". he was telling possession giving the year of 2012. i was giving amount 1.6 lakh. but now Builder continuously telling me, plan & approval not got it. my problem is i cant wait for that so what can i do. please help me..


Posted On: 2013-11-19 20:52:02
Interest required on total deposit money against flat while flat not given in time and payment taken full before 3 years by Samiah I. builders Pvt Ltd, A-35 Sec. 62 Noida , U.P.

sunil kumar sharma

Posted On: 2013-11-19 16:42:52
I have bought 1500 sqft of land from a developer called Vingyor allied Infrastructure limited. But after getting all payment developer is not getting registered,

Soumitra Bhowmik

Posted On: 2013-11-16 17:23:33
I have purchased a 3 bhk flat in Gaur city2 GC 16 K 8080 through one Gaur authorized dealer M/s Empower Realtech ,sec 18,NOIDA in the year Oct'2010 .We were given a credit note by M/s empower realtech as a discount of 2.5% on total value of the project . The credit note states that after Gaur receives 40% of the total project cost from customer, the credit note amount will be released. Till now i have paid 75% of the project cost to Gaur and for the last one year i 've been following them up for credit note but those people ( Mr . Sunil 9810022441, Mr Alok 9911594948 from M/s Empower realtech ) are not showing any willingness to pay the credit note amount. Plz help.

Sadanand Patil

Posted On: 2013-11-16 13:42:33
I have purchased an aprtment from a builder called Value Designbuild Pvt.Ltd. Domlur, Bangalore. Apartment is located in Yelahanka, Bangalore. After the registration, I got the sale deed done in my name. After this the Builder that is VDB collected Rs.20,000 for getting Khata done. It is more than 2 months but they have not applied for Khata transfer because majority of the aprtment owners decided not go with VDB for khata transfer. VDB did send a mial that they will refund the money if owners are not interested in going through them but now they are refusing to refund and respond to our requests. I need help to get back Rs.20,000/- paid towards this khata charges


Posted On: 2013-11-11 20:52:07


Posted On: 2013-11-09 21:08:36
a) Puri Constructions is charging around Rs 3/- per sqft per month as maintenance charge which in our sense is among the highest in Delhi NCR region with half of club facilities & charging Rs 15/- per unit as back up charge for electricity which is also very high.Residents are paying around 8000-10000 per month as maintainance charge which clearly is an exploitation and adding burden to the residents which largely are middle class salaried. b) Puri constructions is not trying to form Residents Welfare association in The Pranayam despite of giving possession of its flats more than a year.e) In addition to maintainance charge, Puri Constructions is also asking its residents to pay for electricity charges incurred in common area electricity like lifts,balcony & garden lights etc. As per our sense its should be included in Rs3/- per sqft maintainance which the residents of The Pranayam are already paying.This is illegal and should be stopped.b) Puri constructions is not trying to form RWA

Krishna Shukla

Posted On: 2013-11-08 22:57:30
Its been 1yr. i made booking payment of rs.2.5 lacs to builder. I made cash payment to builder as he was having some urgent need of money so requested me to pay cash. I know i made a big mistake here. I should not believe person blindly. However we have notary agreement on a stamp paper that i made him payment of rs.2.5 lacs against flat purchase which contains photos of builder duly signed and accepted by both of us. He was supposed to deliver me the possession after 1 yr but still he not started the work. I am fed now i want to get back my money. Just i want to know whether notary is inforceable by law. If not then why gvt. allow to issue notarty to public. Please help me I am so worried.

Rakesh Sah

Posted On: 2013-11-07 03:08:14
I am being miscummunicated and misguided by the Broker.

Ranjit Baburao Gharat

Posted On: 2013-10-31 21:30:20
I have booked my flat in TATA Housing Development Co. Ltd. at (Flat No.108 in Building No.SL-5) SHUBH GRIHA,Boisar on July'2009. They have mentioned possession date as June'2011. On 04th May'2013 they have stated possession date as 30th October'2013. But they have not given possession yet. Therefore I request you to receive me Compensation for Delay as I have given my all Installments in time.

Ankur Senjalia

Posted On: 2013-10-31 13:55:51
As per Agreement, Possession Date is Aug'13 but now Builder is saying in Jan,14. Till now work Completed is only Flooring leval. In this case Should I Entitle to get Compensation for 6 Months Or Not??

Ramesh Kumar

Posted On: 2013-10-28 13:24:46
Hi, Booked Apartment in Raheja Atharva, Sector 109 in 2008. After paying 92% of the total amount as per Construction Link Plan do not see the final possession date for my property. Request to Raheja will be this inordinate delay is putting huge stress on me. If the possession date can't be confirmed then please return my amount paid with market determined rate of interest.

Kamalpreet Kour

Posted On: 2013-10-24 20:24:39
In the month of Feb 2008, I invested 168,070.00 Rs in real estate in and around Ghaziabad under "Aura Abode" project of Nitishree Infrastructures LTD. Project was put on hold and as construction not started till July 2009, I requested my money back. However its been told that due to some financial crisis, company won't be able to refund the money however would be able to do that in 6 months. Even after regular reminders through phone/email and visit at there Noida Office, haven't got the money back. Its been more than 5 years since I invested money. Now I want my money back with 8% interest plus the harassment compensation.

Dinesh shetty

Posted On: 2013-10-24 16:01:30
This is to bring to your notice about the Structural defects in Tara society which has been registered in Jan 2004 . Prior to the structural audit done this year we have repaired the building twice and incurred an expense of RS 50000 per members But based on the complaints received by the members on ceiling falling and open cracks external and internal we decided to have structural audit done for the society. Now based on the structural audit done by structural contracter there are major structural damage in the building including beams and rcc works. Now the cost is coming around 1lac per members. This needs to be incurred since the life is at stake of the family member and kids of the society There was most case of the ceiling that falls and uneven floors and cracks Last week there was a ceiling fallen But no causality .As a member we would like you check the same and get involved and support us technically and financially on the same .


Posted On: 2013-10-24 15:57:39
Sir, I have booked a flat in JR Village,Society Raj Nagar Extension in Oct. 2011 and paid 10% booking amount to the builder. After a period of 2 year the society has not been started yet due to non approval from GDA. Now we are asking the payment of booking amount with interest from builder . But builder is giving us Post Dated Cheques. One such cheque get bounce . Kindly advice what to do


Posted On: 2013-10-24 10:36:35

Manoj Gupta

Posted On: 2013-10-23 16:45:02
Dear Sir/Madam I had applied in 4 projects of Omaxe group , Connaught Place (Greater Noida), Omaxe Plaza (Ludhiana), Omaxe Novelty Mall (Amritsar) & Omaxe Sarv (Agra) in the year 2006 dtd 10-05-2006 along with a initial payment of Rs.787229/= paid vide cheque of BOI No. 400355,400353,400355 &406534. 2nd Installment of amount Rs. 1529074/- I have paid according to the demand on dtd. 05.03.2007 vide BOI Cheque No’s 275843,275842,275862 & 275863. Total amount paid Rs. 2316303/-. Since from that date to till 2009 I have been visiting to Omaxe office and for pursuing progress of mine booked projects. I regret to say that in spite of my several visits, I have never been able to understand/ know the actual state of construction. In fact in between once or twice I have received the demand letters against the same . But construction update was not traceable, whenever I tried to approach to Omaxe office for the progress of construction and delivery of projects. Everytime I was given fake and co

chayanika paul

Posted On: 2013-10-23 11:25:25
Dear Sir, I regret to inform you that we have given our land to the developer in joint venture last 2 yrs but unfortunately he has not concentrated on the project due to which all work is lacking behind.He want power of registration and sale to complete the final agreement. We refuse the same as he is not trustworthy.He is not allowing us to handover the same to another developer.He demands Interest and broker i charge to be given to him.Please advice regarding this.

M Vijayalakshmi

Posted On: 2013-10-21 21:14:22
I have applied for a site in the society named "Syndicate Bank Retired Employees welfare society" with the following address, #98/5. 1st Floor, 1st Cross, 1st main, Tank Bund Road, Marenahalli, Jayaganar 560041. Ph No: 080-22440574. It is a 60x40 site and I have made full payment of Rs. 7,80,000 between March 2006 and July 2006. I have all the original documents of transactions. The society neither allotted the site nor refunded the money till date. Kindly guide me to proceed further in this case.

Sandeep SR

Posted On: 2013-10-19 08:52:04
Cheating by PJ Homes and builders

Jiwan taneja

Posted On: 2013-10-16 22:26:43
I bought an apartment in Vatika City in April 2010 in re-sale. I bought the flat for approx 65 lacs. At the time of transfer, I submitted all the documents to Vatika City and paid 61 lac to seller and retained 4 lacs for Vatika for final payment at the time of possession. The calculation of 4 lac pending to Vatika was done by vatika and given to me at the time of submitting the documents for transfer. After couple of months, Vatika gave me new builder buyer agreement with wrong calculation as 9 lacs for final payment at possession instead of 4 lacs mentioned by Vatika at the time of transfer. But after I raised the concern, Vatika recalculated the amount to 4 lacs and I paid the same at the time of final payment of possession. Now after 3 years when we want NOC from Vatika for registration of our flat, they are again asking us to pay rest of the amount (9 lacs - 4 lacs) to give NOC. They are saying that they did mistake at the time of transfer and possession but now i have to pay

Rajesh Mittal

Posted On: 2013-10-16 18:27:29
This is a complaint regarding the unacceptable behaviour of the developer regarding the significant delay in allotment of the unit and failure to provide me the correct information regarding the development of the project. I am sick of such ruthless attitude of towards the investor. I am highly disappointed with the way of handling the investors and that too related to providing the exact information and entering into the allotment agreement; which I believe is the first duty and my inherent right. As a matter of fact, I have been chasing the developer from a long period of more than 30 months in respect of my booking of flat in project at Sector-68. I had made the application alongwith the application money on 14.10.2010 and further deposited the additional demand raised vide letter dated 06.06.2011. It was initially promised to me that the project shall be delivered in three years time from the date of application but despite my patience beyond the limits, no comfort on project.


Posted On: 2013-10-16 10:26:13
I have booked one 2BHK flat in dec12 at Landmark The Residency Sec103. The builder is landmark appartments Pvt Ltd.I had deposited 35% money of BSP of 1350 sqft.Thevgroup housing society was to be developed over 10.88 acre. Now there is alitigation over land between builder and farmers the owner of land. The builder filed a case for appointment of arbitrator in Punjab n Haryana High Court but lost the case. Now builder has filed SLP in Supreme court. I am requesting builder to refund my money but he is denying saying there is no dispute of land. I had put complaint to EOW cell Gurgaon on 23/8/2013to help me in getting my money back but no fruitful result as on today. Pls help/guide me how to get my money back. There are other sufferers also nearly 45 who had filed an FIR in EOW Mandir marg New Delhi on 25/7/2013 but no action being taken by DELHI police there after. Pls advice

Manoj Yadav

Posted On: 2013-10-12 12:26:46
Mai manoj yadav 1 BHK flat Vasai east me ek builder (Rajesh lakhani cell no. 9619226222) ke sath deal hua tha. Maine iske liye pure paise (14.65 lacs) de chuka hu even stamduty bhi bhar diya tha. Per vo na to flat mujhe de raha hai or nahi paise. Please help me.

vikas sarda

Posted On: 2013-10-10 18:24:15
I have booked flat in Noida. I have taken some confirmation on mail when construction was going on regarding features in the flat. However, when i visited the flat and found differences as communicated by the builder. Also, i have raised concern over service agreement which is not addressed by the builder. Also, builder has not given provision of window AC and we have been forced to install split ACs and throw away our window ACs. Also, builder has denied to provide club and other facilities at the time of offer of possession and builder has charged club charges from us. Therefore, i need your advise on how should i proceed and get compensation.

Mohammed Farooqui

Posted On: 2013-10-07 04:07:20
We procured commercial properties at Mira Bhayander Road about 7 years ago, all as per proper agreement and have been regularly paying all texes with due diligence. However, about 4 years ago, municipality demolished one of our properties due to dispute with the builder. The builder gave us temporary occupation of one of his other properties and till date, the dispute remain unresolved. Therefore, I am looking for bulder to give away the property on permanent basis. This has impacted business sentiments as well and therefore, all seek compensation of INR 15 20 Lacs toward demolition of legally acquired commercial property.

Mohammed Farooqui

Posted On: 2013-10-07 04:00:48
The builder has failed to issue occupancy certificate for the commercial properties procured by us 7 years ago. We made many attempts but without success. We would like to seek compensation of 1.5 to 2 Crores as punitive damages, breach of trust, loss of good income from these properties. Please advise way forward.

Jiji Arikadan

Posted On: 2013-10-05 17:28:14
I am seeking refund from a builder of 180000 who misleaded that he would give us a house in nallaspora area which beleonged to some other builder and then we realised that the place where he promised house belongs to someonelse so agreed to returned money after disputing it for 3 years and he gave us cheque for 1Lakh and it was returned and he closed his office and went away now hes back but not ready to return our money

dr amitabh mohan

Posted On: 2013-10-04 19:03:01
i have booked a plot in Akal City dappar in oct 2012 and I was told that i will be given possession in Oct 2013 but till now i could not got any possession and the office at site is wacated by company and the dealer Sunihar properties through whom I have booked the plot is also not contactable and not taking my calls and not coming to his office.


Posted On: 2013-10-03 19:37:26
v have a issue with the mng committee who r not supporting us at all .they r supporting the builder(redevelopment).most of them r is nearly 6yrs since our bldg is gone fr redevelopment ,vill atleast take more that a year to complete the construction but the socity mng committee does nt bother they do what they only meet once a year pls v need some help.


Posted On: 2013-10-03 19:25:04
v have a issue with the mng committee who r not supporting us at all .they r supporting the builder(redevelopment).most of them r is nearly 6yrs since our bldg is gone fr redevelopment ,vill atleast take more that a year to complete the construction but the socity mng committee does nt bother they do what they only meet once a year pls v need some help.

maruti m. salunkhe

Posted On: 2013-09-29 21:07:55
complaint against society,chairman secretary,union and builder, that they are not paying rent as well as demolish flat 24/05/2011 till they not come to us for asking for i am staying on rent in mumbai.i am ex police men and retire person please help 2 year rent please.....


Posted On: 2013-09-27 12:42:26
Sir, I have booked a plot with Balaji Dream city-JD Infra at Ahmedabad in monthly installment scheme in 2011. There are hundreds of these kind of schemes running at present in Ahmedabad. I have paid 22 months instalments so far (rs.5000 per month). Now I am not capable to pay instalment onwards (up to 72 months) so I have decided to withdraw from the scheme and I have asked the developer for refund. Now the developer ready to give refund with the deduction of 22,ooo from paid instalments which is unfair according to me. Because I did not given any kind of information regarding to this at the time booking in any form. Please let me know what should I do ? I paid all the instalments by cheque and I don't have been given anykind of papers from the developer yet. Thanking you.

Santosh Kumar Mathur

Posted On: 2013-09-27 11:07:40
i have booked the plot with M/s Octagon Builders and Promotors (P) Ltd. in June 2007 for their Santour Project in Haridwar with customer code is SCH/A/1920 , ihad given them the registraion money along with 1st Installment is INR 145670.00 after that i was not able to give another money for further till that time no plot is alloted in my name , i had asked them to refund my money because i am not able to give furter so please refund my amount but they denied to refund, i had sent a letter to them also with my all details on 11th August 2010 but they have not responded on the same i had contact them so many times and requested for refund till now i have not received any response form them so i need your help to get my money refund.


Posted On: 2013-09-26 23:45:03
Hello, incase you too are being cheated or forced by AMR Kessel I project group, do contact ..... we need to find better ways to address the common concerns of all.. Thanks Nishit

manish kumar

Posted On: 2013-09-26 17:53:22
Hi I have booked a flat with Dreamz Infra. It was booked on May 2012 and as per MOU the possionn will be after 18 months plus 2 months exception. so it comes total 20 months. As per their new Sales Agreement, the possession will be by 2015. The sales agreement was done in Feb possession is changed, they said we have applied for BBMP approval and it will take another 18-20 months to compelete. We were informed by their legal department that other approvals are already taken. But till date they dont have any BBMP and DC approval and whenever we call them, they say it will be done in next 2 months but we dont see any progress. If we cancle the FLAT now, there is no benefit for us after wasting this much time. They are asking to cancle if you want. I am looking for compensation as they have just cheated us for this long time. they just collected money from us and now asking us to cancle if we want. Please suggest what I can do from here.

Vijayendra Tripathi

Posted On: 2013-09-26 12:51:57
I have a Flat at Puranik City which is being developed by Puranik Builders Pvt Ltd. To sell the flat we will need the NOC from Builder. The builder is demanding a unofficial sum of Rs 500/- per sq ft. Also the charges to be paid at the time of possession have increased 222%


Posted On: 2013-09-25 19:52:57
v had booked a flat in blore. we had paid 95% payment thru bank. now builder coming with increased cost. In agreement there is no additional cost


Posted On: 2013-09-24 22:09:59
We had paid Rs.170000/- as an advance to M/S Scott Elevator for installation of lift at our G+4 co operative residential flats of 8 no’s NTPC employees at plot no. CE/1/C/53 (Behind Axis Mall)about two years ago. The Co. had put some minor materials at our building after receiving the advance and told that the job required Electric Supply.(Though during contract it was clearly said that electric supply is not available). After getting construction power on march,13,We have requested several times by Email and Cell but the vendor Sri Bidyut Halder (90882487630) usually not receiving our phone neither started the job. The office address is also changed. Without lift CC will not be given by HIDCO and the construction is at last phase. What is the next course of action? Regards, Kausik Kumar Pubarun Housing Co Operative


Posted On: 2013-09-23 18:52:39
I have booked apartments in DLF OMR GARDEN CITY CHENNAI and DLF Bangalore. In both locations DLF is claiming additional areas, Infrastructure development charges. In Chennai maintanance charges soon after taking possession, lot other charges not in theagreement. Most owners are making payment under pressure. Agreement is one sided. It looked ok in 2009.Now it spells very bad. The total additional claim about 10 to 15 percentage. Each time a demand is raised with a lot of conditions and recoveries. Above all there is no one to speak inDLF office. They do not take calls or if attended will call back is a std response. Most owners have paid full. No registration date set. The place is not livable. Most time lifts do not work. Power trips. Basement car parks filled in water. Water seepage inside flat. Dlf do not attend to anything. I am sure DLF has to do free maintanance for one year. Then the charges should be applies later.I am given open car park in 2009. I paid additional payment unde

Rose Wood city RWA

Posted On: 2013-09-23 17:04:29
We don't want another school in our complex because • RWA put RTI and report shows only one school at that area. •There are several hanging Wires carrying High Tension Loads at the colony RWA wrote to the builders and they are yet to be removed. • Residents question how the Town and Country Planning department pass the map for school while there are so many faults. • There are two hundred villas in Rosewood city. • Residents complain of no maintenance in the colony -no dedicated Plumber/Electrician within the Society. • No adequate power backup for the colony as promised by the builders at the times of possession. Present capacity of the Genset is only 570 KVA catering to 200 Villas which is too small where as requirement is 1100KVA

Himadri Singh

Posted On: 2013-09-22 23:40:17
Even after making the full payment within 2 days of receiving the demand letter, need to pay interest on delayed payment of 2L. The extortion and harassment racket run by Ajnara & Gulshan Homz who claim to be builder of repute in NCR.


Posted On: 2013-09-21 11:43:15
This is to bring to your kind notice that, I Balla Surya Kumari, purchased a plot No.403, from M/s VVR HOUSING INDIA PVT.LTD's venture located at Bachupally paradise, Nalthur Village , Medak District. I have booked my plot in Nov 2011 and the same had been registered after full payment in the year 2012. But, till date, the plotting is not done in that layout and they are not showing my plot. We have been asking for the last one year and they said there is a dispute with the land owner and the same will be sorted out soon. But, I need money urgently and wanted to sell my plot immediately and accordingly a have identified the buyer also. Due to non availability of plot, Iam unable to sell my plot to the party. Kindly look in to the matter and insist them to arrange our plot immediately to enable us to sell the same. Mr.V.V.Rao is entered into politics and contesting from Y.S.R.C.P. from PEDANA,since he could not do justice for customer, how he can do service to the public. plese.


Posted On: 2013-09-19 17:39:34
The developer received Rs 6 Lakhs citing approval received by showing some nos. and also in brochure. Later come to that the approval is taken for only 4 floors but I have booked in 6th floor, hence asked them to refund my money and cancelled the booking. No agreement is signed. He is delayng the refund for last two mont. I am under tremendous pressure of intereste paying.

rajeev gupta

Posted On: 2013-09-18 20:13:14
Hello, I saw one advertisement on website ( by Mr Shashi Kumar. I contacted him through a friend and booked the flat by giving him Rs. 5000. He told me that the flat would be vacant and would be given to my by 7th September. I went to see the flat on 6th september and the flat was having some water seepage problem. The broker Mr Shashi kumar (9980588255) told me that this would be resolved by Sunday maximum and I can get the possession. I told him that the seepage issue wont be resolved. He offered to show me more house as well, which i denied. Now, when I called him on Sunday evening, he said that the flat is not ready yet, and that flat is being given to someone else. Also, he simply refused to give back the 5000 Deposit which I gave him. I tried to talk to him properly, but he showed non -professional behavior and said that by No means I can get my money back from him. again when I called him again and he refused completely about the money and said I can go to police station for the same. (Some local language abuse being used.) and now this person is not picking up my call as well. Please get this refunded in someway. Thanks, Rajeev

Rinku Mehta

Posted On: 2013-09-16 19:05:01
The extortion and harassment racket run by Ajnara & Gulshan Homz who claim to be builder of repute in NCR.

yogendra trivedi

Posted On: 2013-09-14 12:26:53
I booked flat in CMRS mulberry mist in first week of jan 2013 in bangalore. Project is suppose to start in march but still there is no progress. They promised it start on april, then they said june, then August and last september 1st week. This project is delaying more then expected and This way completion also get delayed. This is very unprofessional attitude of CMRS group and builders. Failing to fulfill our hopes or expectations. What IS the Plan for the Mulberry Mist.

Bikram Sengupta

Posted On: 2013-09-13 10:40:45
I have been chasing the builder/developer, Mr. Santanu Bhaduri, who stays at 'Swagatam Aptt.', 220, M. G. Road, P.S. Haridevpur, Kolkata 700082, ( Ph. No. 8017398115 / 8334844481) for the last 10 months for refund of my advance amount of Rs. 7.0 lacs paid to him towards booking of one flat under construction at 4/A, Harisabha Road, Barrackpore, P.S. Titagarh, Kolkata 700122. The developer could not deliver the flat within its agreed delivery time of December'12 nor he is in a position to complete the construction of the building as the construction of the building has been stopped by the order of court for a litigation on land issue for more than six months. After a lot of persuasion with the builder, I could manage to get 4 cheques totalling of Rs. 7.0 lacs, out of which only one cheque of Rs. 1.0 lac got cleared from his bank SBI, Kabardanga branch, Kolkata, leaving the balance cheques dishonoured due to 'Insufficient fund' in the bank account. I have already lodged a complaint at Haridevpur Police Station, Kolkata and Dy. Commissioner of Police (South West Divn.), Kolkata in the month of June'13 and also filed a suit against him at Alipore Police Court, Kolkata for the bounced cheques. Request, please suggest me a suitable action to be taken for early recovery of my hard earned money as I am facing a tremendous financial loss and mental harassment due to this delay in recovering the money from this cheater. Hope you will extend your all out help and raise your voice against this cheater so that no other person is cheated and suffered like me by this type of criminals. All the supporting documents, in original, can be produced as and when required.

Shahdab Ahmed

Posted On: 2013-09-11 22:27:39
No Allotment letter / Buyer Seller agreement has been issued to us, which shall make binding on both the parties some terms and conditions which need to be followed. Everybody is quite familiar that in any such agreement, the buyer agrees to pay a fixed amount in lieu of the promise from the seller for handing over the property in a timely manner at a certain fixed price with certain amenities and a Certain date of possession. While, we are abiding by our promise of making the payments, M/s Supertech are not willing to make clear the date of possession and other binding conditions. This act can only be seen as if M/s Supertech is trying to take advantage of its position by engaging in unfair trade practice. In view of above, it is submitted that: 1. Interest of Rs, 2,79,944/- and an additional amount of Rs 2,00,000/- for Car Parking are not justified and shall be revoked from the demand and a revised demand letter be issued.


Posted On: 2013-09-11 21:51:10


Posted On: 2013-09-09 20:53:55
Dear Sir/Madam, After booking a 3 bed room flat on 16/8/2012 with a Builder Hoysala Projects- Kochi , have till now paid nearly Rs 36 lakhs (90% of the cost), and as per agreement I should have got possession after 6 months from the date of signing the agreement. ( i.e 15/2/2013). However it is over one year and the Builder is now informing that probably my flat will be handed over in January 2014 and as per the agreement the Builder after one year will pay me just Rs 2600 per month ( just Rs 2 per sq ft). I want to get back my money of Rs 36 lakhs along with interest, since it is big ‘opportunity cost’ which has resulted in a big loss for me. I am a Retired Senior Citizen and my savings has been invested in this flat and I am without a shelter. I cannot afford stay in a rented flat paying nearly Rs 15,000 per month. PLEASE HELP ME AND GUIDE HOW TO RECOVER MY HARD EARNED MONEY. EAGERLY AWAITING FOR YOUR REPLY M.RAMAKRISHNAN- MOBILE 08129497160

vijay kumar

Posted On: 2013-09-08 16:36:26
The Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon Sub: Registration of cheating case against M/S Ardee Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., for selling unapproved apartment in Palm groove Height, Ardee City, Sec 52, Gurgaon Sir, With reference to my previous complaints dated Jan 11, 2013 and April 26, 2013, the investigation has been conducted by the EOW and they have suggested that this is not a cheating case, their report is biased and has favoured Ardee Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., I am not satisfied with the enquiry as they have ignored and not considered main and important points which clearly indicate that Ardee Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. deliberately cheated me. I would request you to get the following points investigated thoroughly. Selling a flat on 14th floor where as sanction/approval was given up to 12th floor only to Ardee Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. 1. As per the sanction plans from HUDA/DTCP dated 25/01/2006 and BR-III form dated 27-04-2006 Ardee Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. only had permissions to build u

Urmila B Gaud

Posted On: 2013-09-07 12:54:29
Sir/Madam, I had booked flat in Everest World in 2009 on 6th floor of 2BHK carpet area 569 total value of rupees 38,33,574 including floor rise rs.122100 for which i had paid Rupees 766715 approximately 20% OF THE VALUE IN 2009 ITSELF. But From few monts builder is giving letter to our residence that the project is been cancelled and you can take back your money. For which i had always replied that it isa not possible for us to buy new flat in that area as the rate is double. On this sunday 1st sep he sent a letter and 2 cheque 1. of rs.766715 which we paid and 2. of rs.378886 as interest @ 15% p.a. i HEARD THAT THE SAME PROJECT IS BEEN SOLD TO ANOTHER BUILDER NAME WADHAVA AND HE IS GOING TO CONSTRUCT ON THE SAME PLOT. PLEASE HELP ME OUT . i NEED FLAT ONLY IN THAT SAME RATE. IN SAME AREA AS I BOOKED IN 2009.

santosh singh

Posted On: 2013-09-05 00:02:49
Hi my building has gone in redevelopment we were suppose to get possession in 2012 but the work has still not started because of a legal battle. We dnt know when the work will start. Builder who was suppose to pay rent after has stopped paying the rent also. Please suggest what to do ?

Somnath Chatterjee

Posted On: 2013-09-04 18:27:27
I am an owner of 2 BHK in Sovereign Unnathi ( Hormayu Rd ) project. The project went live in the month of Aug 2009 with a boom. A lot of people I know who couldn’t pay much at that point. arranged money and invested in the once in a life time thing " Home ". The initial progress of the project was good and they periodically and systematically asked for demand notes upon completion of slabs, basement, 1st, 2nd floor etc.... The issue started to creep up around OCT 2012 when the project all most came to a halt. Suddenly we received a unbelievable request. People were asked to pay 40K for a water hose outlet ( Supposed to be mandatory ). However, customer was asked to pay for it. There was a long list of items for which builders tried to take 40k for changing the color of the wall , changing the color of the electrical fixtures etc... Last week I received a demand note of 8.51 lacs as an additional cost. The buying price I agreed to in the sale deed was 22 lacs ( Including high-rise etc ). now with 9.5 lacs ( with Tax ). its no more a economical zone. Moreover, my bank will not extend my load considering my current salary etc. THIS TYPE OF SCAMS MUST BE STOPPED AS I HAVE REASONS TO BELIEVE THAT THEY HAVE POLITICAL SUPPORT AND RULING PARTY IS LETTING THEM DO WHAT THEY WANT. THIS NEEDS TO STOP AND INNOCENT PEOPLE SHOULD NOT SUFFER FOR BAD PROJECT MANAGEMENT OF THE DEVELOPERS. People please support this cause and help us from any possible means.


Posted On: 2013-09-01 23:57:17
i have purchesed one 2BHK flat from sovereign unnathi bangalore in 2010,but now he is demanding 9 Lakh extra money.

Vaibhav singhai

Posted On: 2013-08-31 12:18:29
i have purchased flat 001 in " SAnjana sapphire apartment" in jan 2011 and possesion date was commited for july 2011. Builder handed over incomplete flat, by promissing of completion in few days time and its now over 2 years and still we have to live in compromised state, without Parking and permanent electricity connections. please help .

Rajat Thakur

Posted On: 2013-08-29 15:04:55
I had bought a land in sector 86 of Mohali, Punjab. The builder & promoters name is Preet Land Promoters. It is a Mega Project Approved by GAMADA, the same is even mentioned on the site of Punjab Urban development's official website. I bought the plot in 2007. In the draw i got a plot bearing no. 534. It has been almost 6 years now that i have been chasing the Land Promoters to give the possession, however the same has not happened till now. There are many rumors regarding their project mentioning they are facing a court case, however every time we have visited them or have spoken to them on phone, they have always given some lame excuse of approvals and asked us to wait for few more months. How can i find a solution to this problem. Kindly Help. I have all documents with me including the plot allotment certificate.

bibhash chandra mondal

Posted On: 2013-08-28 00:22:33
my promoters harasing me by not doing any outer boundary not done so all outsiders coming in our flat .... kmc pipeline for water seperate electric meter CC not received for that i cannot get any certificate from councellor

Jai Raj

Posted On: 2013-08-27 22:55:27
We have invested in the Unitech South City II, I Block project in Jan 2012 and payed 30percent of the cost of the project. Now a few days back Unitech says that there is some legal issue with the land of I Block and they have asked us to go for a swap of the project. The New property which they are offering is with diffent specs and has a price difference of 40LAc rupees, which they are epxtecting us to pay.Please suggest our legal options .

Abhishek Dutta

Posted On: 2013-08-26 10:46:50
Dear Sir, I, Mr. Abhishek Dutta, had bought Flat-6 on 3rd floor of V-48/12/1, Vivek Apartment from Mr. Jogendra Chandra Pal and Mr. Manas Pal on August-2011, where I’m presently residing at with my family. But soon after I bought the flat, I found several faults in the whole apartment including my flat. We have informed the responsible builder Mr. Manas Pal several times about all those faults and all the time he is giving false commitments to rectify them. It has already been nearly two (2) years after I bought this flat and we are still struggling to make the builder understand about our problems. Whenever we make a call to Mr. Manas Pal, most of the times his father (Mr. Jogendra Ch. Pal) picks up the phone and gives false assurance regarding the problems. Below are the problems which we are currently facing- 1. During monsoon/heavy rain, the walls and roof are absorbing water and hence affecting the apartment and creating several cracks in the outside wall. 2. The roof is not built properly and several cracks on the roof. 3. Several cracks in the water tank body which leads leakage of water. Hence increasing unnecessary power consumption. 4. Electric Meter box section of the apartment is entirely open, which is very unsafe and dangerous for children and other residents residing in the apartment. 5. Common Room and the attached toilet are not properly built and furnished. 6. The build material of this apartment is very bad and internal walls are very weak. After I bought the flat, when we tried to make some holes in some of the walls, we found that the walls are lacking of adequate amount of cement, hence making dangerous cracks on the inside walls. 7. Several cracks have been noticed in the staircase also which is very much dangerous. So, this is a humble request to you, kindly look into this issue at the earliest and take a strict action against the above mentioned builders.

Prathmesh Mishra

Posted On: 2013-08-20 10:22:34
I had booked a plot with vipul group under per launch offer in 2006. The project failed and they converted the offer and advance monies to commercial complex coming in faridabad, while they seem to completed the shops on ground floor, office space is still to be constructed. There is a huge delay and wait.

Abraham Easow & Anney Easow

Posted On: 2013-08-18 10:52:47
We had booked a flat with 5-star realtors.Since the terms and conditions were altered we had to cancel the booking .But after some time they only paid us the booking amount without the interest which they refused. when we contacted them they were threatening


Posted On: 2013-08-18 00:14:52
I have purchased a Flat in Gurgaon from Orchid Island infrastructure PVT ltd in Jan'10 and received a demand for start of construction to be paid by 31st Mar'10- and the same was supposed to be released by SBI bank but there was a issue from the builder side aligning the tripartite agreement with SBI and subsequently that matter was solved between Builder & SBI 0n 30th June'10 and the cheque was issued by bank on 1st July'10 and now the Builder has start charging Penal interest@18% during that period and the same was intimated to us during Aug'11 after 18 months with compounding so I have requested builder to charge the normal home loan interest only as the delay was because of non signing of Tripartite agreement but the builder has refused my request and not ready to reduce the penal interest that is causing a undue hardship to me. Deepak Kumar Flat No. M 408 GF Orchid Island 9212086452

Ajay Kumar Srivastava

Posted On: 2013-08-17 12:10:13
I have booked a ready to move flat in October 2012 Jaipuria Build con Pvt Ltd Crossing Republic Ghaziabad. have already paid the 100% amount to the builder and registry of the flat is already done. Some finishing work is pending in my flat. Builder promised me that this pending finishing work would be completed within 2-3 days after registry. But now more than 2 months has already passed but no progress is being made in the flat. Builder has not fulfilled even a single commitment. Every time he gives me another date. My home loan EMI is already started and it gives me extra burden of rented house. I want to shift to my flat asap. Even the external development work is also pending. The Sewage line connection problem and electricity connection is pending from last 4-5 months. Even if they handover the flat then also no one can shift there because of sewage and electricity problem.


Posted On: 2013-08-14 11:40:41
i have provided advance of 25000 Rs to Best properties cheque -063926 ICICI dated 23.01.2013 towards booking the plot no 93 in anakaputhur site. Now they are not returning my money and even not providing the land they are promoting. they have provided a cheque but they don't have any amount in their account. they are not returning my money for the last 6 months and eeven not responding to my phone calls. How can I get my money back. thanks Ravindiran

Anand s

Posted On: 2013-08-12 04:31:07
Hi, I am Anand, I have booked a farm land @ hosur with Firdous Spring Valley - Farm Plots) (firdous farms PLtd. It happened on 2nd may 2013 with3 lack advance (by NEFT) with an sale agreement. In the mean time I processes my PF loan. During this time I came to know there are lot of problem within firdous due to that they are not able to get the power connection. Whenever I check the status of power issue they KEEP TELL IT WILL COME IN MONTH. They are keep giving false promises since Jan2013 and till date .So I have decided to cancel the farm plat @ June 2013. But till date they are not pay back my money. So before invest anything with (firdous farms P LTD think 1000 times……..

Anand s

Posted On: 2013-08-12 03:47:32
I am looking for an assistance in order to get my money back from real estate company


Posted On: 2013-08-11 22:07:21
I had booked a flat in Mantri Royale project in bangalore in august 2010. The delivery time committed was 18 months. The agreement had provison for payment of monthly rent in case of delay. So far the progress is not satisfactory and the builder is not replying on the issue of payment of monthly rents. Also the builder ( Sunil Mantri Realty Ltd. )is not communicating any completion schedule. I have already paid 95% of the flat cost. I want my money to be returned to me with interest. I want to know the legal recourse.

Amit Kumar Pachauri

Posted On: 2013-08-10 15:57:24
Property: -------- 1.Name of builder; Logix City Developers 2.Office Address of Builder: A-4&5, Sector-16, Noida,U.P. 3.Owner Name: Amit Kumar Pachauri and Garima Pachauri 4.Address of owner''s property: Unit-405, Tower-F, Logix blossom Zest, Sector-143, Noida Expressway, Noida,U.P. 5.Present Address: Z-83, SECTOR-12, NOIDA, U.P. 6.Total Amount Paid by owner; approx 12-Lakhs 7.Issue Details: Builder has increased super area of the apartment from 875 sq.ft to 990 sq.ft which is against the flat buyer agreement. As mentioned in the Flat Buyers Agreement on page 9, heading 6.10 -------------- 6.10 : The parties agree and acknowledge that the super area of the apartment is subject to variation and change to maximum extent 5%,at the time of the delivery of possession of the apartment to the buyer, and the charges in relation to the same will be payable/adjusted as specified herein above. No claim, demand, suit and/ or litigation, shall be raised by the buyer in relation to such variation in the super area, and the buyer hereby waives all rights in relation to the same. ----------------- They have increased area from 5% to 13.2 % which is against the flat buyer agreement so the total price they have increased for this property is approx 4.5 lakhs which is totally against the agreement. I had personally meet with the GM Marketting head to Mr. Sachin Sharma and they said you can cancel your flat. Please suggest and guide me now what i can do


Posted On: 2013-08-09 15:44:38
The maintenance services rendered by Purvanchal group in Silver City-2, greater Noida have been utterly poor and disgraceful. Thus it can easily be said that the builder has defaulted on his written commitment and breached the contracts signed with me. The maintenance money charged by him in no way justifies the services rendered to me and to others in this society. I present the following facts to support my case. 1. Poor security and it’s bad management causing several incidents of thefts and burglary in silver city-2.Guard often found sleeping in my tower due to overwork giving my family some very anxious moments at times. 2. Overcharging me for electricity that is being provided to commercial entities in the Complex and recovering their costs from the commercial facility owners but not sharing with me my share of revenue. Also wastage of electricity in common areas and locked basement stores being charged to me and others. 3. No timely redressel of complaints relating to plumbing

Nakshatra owners association

Posted On: 2013-08-08 18:03:41
The builder of Nakshatra(Nemishree Infrastructures Pvt LTd ) Mr Jain assured before we entered in to purchase agreement that he will provide Generator with uniterrupted water supply,safe electrical poles and swimming pool- he collected common fund for facilities as 1.5 lac from each resident but after handing over the buildings we found that he is not meeting the promises he made bfore the start of the deal-due to this electricity poles in the colony are falling and day to day stay in the colony became miserable and request for compensation from the builder to each resident in the colony due to not meeting this promises by amount 5% of the building cost so that bu residents can solve the problems by themselves

Anand s

Posted On: 2013-08-07 07:12:42
Hi, I am Anand, I have booked a farm land @ hosur with Firdous Spring Valley - Farm Plots). It happened on 2nd may 2013 with3 lack advance (by NEFT) with an sale agreement. In the mean time I processes my PF loan. During this time I came to know there are lot of problem within firdous due to that they are not able to get the power connection. Whenever I check the status of power issue they KEEP TELL IT WILL COME IN MONTH. They are keep giving false promises since Jan2013 and till date .So even though I buy the land I cannot do any farming activities only because of no power connection So I have decided to cancel this booking and inform the sales person, requesting him to cancel my booking on 12th june 2013. He told me that I need to sit with our boss regarding refund but he is not in india so wait. But there was no action so I write a e-mail on 17July2013 for that he was keep telling the same. I was looking for the money for my daughter’s school admission but this guy’s not even respon

Seetha Iyer

Posted On: 2013-08-06 17:25:39
I purchased the flat in the year 2012 and the Agreement was registered on 12 April, 2012 at the completion of 90% of construction. I have till date not got the possession. The builder suddenly made car parking compulsory and is demaning Rs. Lakh for the same. Kindly help.

Ranjit Kumar Jha

Posted On: 2013-08-05 10:56:05
I am Ranjit Kumar Jha. I have booked my house in Unihomes-1 Noida Sec.117 in June 2009 with promise of possession in June-2011. Even after delay of of 26 months, there is no chance to get possession in next 18 months too. I booked the flat in June 2009 believing that buider will keep its promise of giving possession in 24 months. Recently NCDRC has given a decision on same case in Gurgaon. Please advice me how can I go ahead and file a case against Unitech to get the house early and compensation which I am paying as Rent and EMI amount. Please help in this regard. Thanks, Ranjit Jha

Sanjeev Panigrahi

Posted On: 2013-08-02 23:16:38
I had booked Apartment in 3C greenopolis project in Sec 89 Gurgaon. Buniyaad committed to pay 3% discount to me on the base selling price. I have given 30 % amount of the flat yet I have not received discount amount. I checked with Buniyaad in April 2013 and they say they didn't get anything from builder 3c. In July 2013 I receive letter of Income Tax saying that Buniyaad paid me 110050 (which is 50%) of the discount promised by them. I checked with Buniyaad and they said they had only raised bill of that amount and builder paid them the discount amount in May-June and they will pay me in August end. I checked with builder and they said they had received bill from broker from Nov 2013 and my discount amount was paid in Jain 2013. When I ask this question to Buniyaad they don't respond to my queries.

Ashok Mehta

Posted On: 2013-07-31 23:09:46
Flat A2/102 was booked with Akriti Green in the year 2008. The complete amount has been deposited with the builder. During booking, it was promised that the flat will be handed over in 2 Yrs. However, the flat is not yet handed over. After writing many e mails to various levels including CMD, the company is now ready to handover the said fat. During the final inspection following observations were found:- (a)Floor tiles have not been placed symmetrically. (b)Bathroom door is banging with the toilet seat. (c)Whitewash has not been done properly and neatly.Apropos, one more coat of the same is required. (d)There is problem of seepage in the rooms. Pts from a-c can be rectified but pt d pertaining to seepage is not at all acceptable. It only shows poor workmanship in the constr quality. Demands : (a)I would like the company to rectify the defects and handover the flat by 15Aug 13 (b)Compensation-Rs5 Lakhs company:

Mohit Middha

Posted On: 2013-07-31 13:00:32
I paid an amount of Rs. 148615.00 (IBMS @ 50/- per sq. ft) towards Interest Bearing Maintenance Security on November 2, 2011 to Vatika Ltd. in Gurgaon. I just went to collect my interest amount on this deposit and the concerned person in facilities office said that we can only give interest amount from the date you took possession i.e. September 10, 2012. This is such a weird thing, first you delay possession by such a huge time and then you do not pay interest on the IBMS also. Its always win win for Vatika and lose lose for customers.


Posted On: 2013-07-31 07:16:50
I had an agreement with a builder on May 27, 2012 to build a house with the promise of completion within 4 to 6 months time...85% amount made by November the same year the builder could not complete. demanded orally the total amount to complete the work. I made the remaining payment installment by installment. even after the complete payment the builder did not complete the building. the last payment date was march 17, as he could not keep his promise I sought his explanation on writing he did not reply. but send a legal notice as I evade extra payment but he did not give any detail about the details of extrawork. I refuted all his charges through a legal notice demanding 9 lakhs rupees as he could not complete the work. with this circumstances, already I am paying rs 20000/- as EMI and still could not occupy my house. I need atleast another 6 lakhs to complete the work. can I go for continuing my construction? I donot like to pput the building in the middle due to sentiments. can I aproach court for compensation after I completing my house. pls give me a feedback

dr.ashwini pokharkar

Posted On: 2013-07-29 17:38:29
we live in a society for 6 yrs builder has not done saledeed and completion yet now he is forcefully trying to occupy our plan parking and basement is shown difeerently but the pcntda authorities are not able to decide that whom does the basement belong to.and even they say that builder can have any time to take compleltion certificate no one can compel him for this there is no rule regarding this what can be done


Posted On: 2013-07-29 12:34:43
Builder (M2K) - Dharuhera County Height project is going on for 7 years. Since builder was not making the building hence paid 40% payment to them. Builder is now asking remaining amount with 24% Quarterly compound interest though work is still not over. Builder is not even ready to return the money.

Pavan Kotecha

Posted On: 2013-07-29 09:56:35
I have purchased a flat in August 2011.With a down payment of almonst 50% of property value.On that day it was communicated to the builder that balance amount will be paid by bank loan.It was mutually agreed that after Oct.2012 if the don't give us possession he will pay us the rent.I applied for bank loan I got sanction but at the time of disbursement we came to know till there is no CC so we didn't registered the flat.As if the registration is more then a year old we can't apply for Home loan.Now the builder tell us that there was income tax raid and we have to pay 30% of tax of difference amount which is approximately 10 lac rupees ....Which is a big amount and why should we pay.....can any one help us what to do in this matter.


Posted On: 2013-07-28 10:36:08

Niraj kumar

Posted On: 2013-07-26 17:37:50
I have purchased a property and since the time I brought it. It was claimed by forest depart and one individual person. All these I have informed my vendor, instead of solving the issue they have distance them self and not responding. In the latest BBMP has filled a application in court about this property. It is quite clear that property is claimed by BBMP.This is cheating and now vendor is resfusing to refund my money. Please let me know what to do.

Sanjay Choudhary

Posted On: 2013-07-25 20:01:22
Dear Sir, I am Sanjay Choudhary, age: 37 yrs, Gender: Male and hail from a very small town Giridih in Jharkhand. I am made to approach you because of the present situation, which I am facing for last one year. I had joined Mind space Realty Pvt Ltd(MSR) in October 2008 as a Sales Manager. At that time MSR had started a project named MSR Queenstown in Chinchwad (Pune). I was appointed in the sales office since then. I have given best of my services and even my employers agree that it is because of me, they were able to sale so many flats in such a short time. In all these years I was staying in Dapodi in a small flat which was owned by me. My wife is a homemaker and I have a small child aged 7 years. He attends a school in Aundh, which was very close from my house in Dapodi. Mr. Ashish Bhandari, who was my immediate boss and director in MSR convinced me to buy a flat in Queenstown only, being a sales manager they gave me a discount also at that time. It should be highlighted t


Posted On: 2013-07-25 06:42:55
Dear Sir/Madam, My Builder in Kochi (KERALA) is giving local issues as an excuse for not handing over possession of my flat, after taking 90% of the cost ( Rs 36 Lakhs) and has offered Rs 2600 per month as compensation till Handing over the flat. Of course immediately I have replied refusing that I am not interested in compensation and that he should hand over the flat by January 2014.Can the Builder indefinitely give “local issues” as reason for not handing over the flat to me who has already paid to the Builder his Retired savings for this flat for a shelter to stay after retirement. I AM NOW IN A FINANCIAL CRISIS AND MENTALLY DISTYRBED. Also the Builder in his mail Dtd 22/7/2013 informs that the tentative date of Handing over my Flat is January 2014 and not September 2013 as envisaged earlier. Kindly help me Sir to get possession of my flat. Thank you sir, M.Ramakrishnan


Posted On: 2013-07-24 22:01:35
Dear sir/madam Even after 1 year Builder in Kochi is delaying possession and on 22/7/13 informed by mail that a compensation of Rs 2600 per month (Rs 2 per sq ft) will be given as per Sale Agreement. I have replied by refusing the compensation and have insisted that Builder as mentioned in his mail should hand over my flat by the tentative date of January 2014 as I have no other shelter. My retirement savings of Rs 36 lakhs( 90% of cost of flat) has been invested in this flat and it is a big financial loss and am mentally depressed. Can the Builder take shelter under the compensation clause of Sale Agreement deny possession to me indefinitely. Actually the Builder is not meeting the mandatory requirements of KSEB, viz paying money as calculated by board, lay power cables, fit transformer, get certified electrical inspector. Instead he is harassing the purchasers. Please guide to get my flat Thanks and regards M.Ramakrishna


Posted On: 2013-07-24 07:25:39
Dear sir/madam The builder in kochi even after one year delaying possession and vide mail Dtd 22/7/13 informed that a compensation of rs 2600 per month (rs 2 per sq ft) will be given as per Sale Agreement and I have refused insisting that as mentioned in the mail the tentative date of handing over of January must be adhered as I have no other shelter. My retirement savings has been invested in this flat and it is a big financial loss and am mentally depressed. Can the builder take shelter under the compensation clause of sale agreement deny possession to me indefinitely. Actually the builder is not meeting the mandatory requirements of KSEB, viz paying money as calculated by board, lay power cables, fit transformer, get certified electrical inspector. Instead he is harassing the purchasers. Please guide to get my flat Thanks and regards m.ramakrishnan

Arun Pandey

Posted On: 2013-07-22 07:49:05
Builder is refusing to give delayed penalty by unacceptable statements. However, in Flat Buyer agreement possession should be happened in Dec'11 which is late by 1 year and 6 months.


Posted On: 2013-07-21 07:44:02
Sir, i am an apartment owner at prabhavati meridian electronic city Bangalore . I was promised possession of my apartment in January 2012. I am still waiting. Let alone possession .. My apartment is not even half complete. And they have stopped the work. And there is no response from the builder. This has put me in great difficulty. Please help. I need advice.

Rishabh Arora

Posted On: 2013-07-20 09:22:46
I had bought a ground floor E-56 in ABW Aditya Niketan, Manesar, 2 years ago. Till date the construction for the same has not been started. There is a case with Civil Writ Petition bearing No. 23769 of 2011 titled “ Om Prakash & others Vs State of Haryana and others” pending before the Hon’ble High Court of Punjab and Haryana at Chandigarh and the dates keep extending again and again. In 1993, the Supreme Court ruled in favour of MK Gupta in his case against the Lucknow Development Authority for not delivering his flat on time. This landmark judgement brought housing construction under the purview of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. The court observed: "When a statutory authority develops land or allots a site, or constructs a house for the benefit of a common man, it is 'service' by a builder or contractor... When possession of the property is not delivered within the stipulated period, the delay so caused is denial of 'service'. Such disputes or claims are not with respect to t

Chandrashekhar Gawade

Posted On: 2013-07-15 23:08:03
Hi, I am one of HDIL customer who Booked a flat at HDIL Premier Residences, Kurla(W) Project in Apr 2009. During selling of Flats, we were given the Brochure which displays amenities like Clubhouse, Indoor Game room, childrens Play area, 20,000 sq. ft Ground etc.. based on that we Book a flat which has all the amenities. We made a agreement for which we were given the Agreement copy at the Registrar Office only for which we were not given enough time to validate the copy. Recently I visited Premire Residences site and when enquired about the amenities, I was surprised to found that most of the amentities which were promised in Brochure ( which is also uploaded in your HDIL Portal website) is NOT A PART OF PROJECT. Its very disappointing NEWS for me and most of the HDIL customers and feel like cheated. I argued with the HDIL offical ( Mr. Prakashan, Asst. GM) regarding the same but was helpless just to found that "It was not mentioned in the agreement and we have the right to modify the Plan as and when required". But what about the Posession date which was mentioned in the Agreement as 2010 and delayed for more than 2 years. We want the compensation for delaying the Project for more than 2 years and no providing the amenities as mentioned druing the Sale of Flat. Also Car parking area which was comitted as 2 Lacs during sale of flat in 2009 are now charging 4 to 4.5 Lacs that too in Cash. But now when the Posession date is close, we feel like cheated customers for False commitment. Thank You, Chandrashekhar Gawde

Anshuk Talwar

Posted On: 2013-07-14 13:08:51
Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you to put a complaint against the Unitech Group. I had purchased a plot of land from them in Uniworld Resorts in Gurgaon. It has been 7 years and they are yet to give me possession of the land. In addition they keep putting interest on the outstanding principal. I have reached out to them a number of times but there is no respite.

Diwakar Sharma

Posted On: 2013-07-10 11:02:57
Hi, I rented a 2BHK house in 3rd block for 6500 as rent and 65000 as advance. we stayed for almose 9yrs in that house. Has per our plan we decided to move to different house and acknowledge the owner 1 month in advance in the month of April 2013. we moved from that place on may 3rd 2013. on 8th may we settled the owners demand and he returned 22500/- by cheque after all the deduction. we used to give 3 Post dated cheque towards the rent. the owner did not return the may month Post dated cheque and cashed it on 22 of may. he is not picking our call. We met him in person he is saying while shifting accidentially one of the shoe rack has come to us and we didnt return it and that cost 12500/- the shoe rack was shifted by the movers and packers who blindly shifted it. when we came to know about it we agreed to return back now he says he doesnt want the shoe rack which wont cost 2000/- and not ready to give our 15ooo/- We need help. He is a proffessor in NMKRV, Phycology HOD,Bangalore

raghav dangwal

Posted On: 2013-07-08 15:48:45
Dear Sir/Mam Through your medium I just want to know from Supertech Limited Pvt Ltd the actual possession date of the Flat in Czar Suites Tower Nicolas 1 I am also one of the Unfortunate holder of flat in Czar Suites in Nicolas 1. The builder has broken his promises so many times regarding the possession date since I bought the Flat. I bought the Flat to save my rental cost but irony is that due to delay in the project (builder's Fault) my cost has gone double. Even the builder feels that the buyers are fools and they have enough money that they will invest in these type of projects and forget/wait upon the builder wish to complete the project. I am really frustrated after purchasing the flat. I bought it as an end user on Mar 2012 & made 90 % Down payment to the Builder under impression that it will handover the possession with in June 2012....than...Diwali or Nov 2012 as committed by their sales persons..the total false people. Since than I always call them to give me the final

new property junction

Posted On: 2013-07-08 10:12:49
Dear sir / Mam We purchase a flat in gurgaon through a broker jagah realty Pvt Ltd . At that time broker provide discount of 2% . 1.5% discount adjusted at papers same time and for .5% he provide me credit note . But now he refuse to give me that amount . Please let me know to file complain .


Posted On: 2013-07-06 12:30:30
From Anil Kumar Acharya RSB TRANSMISSION (I) LTD,PLANT 3 ADITYAPUR INDUSTRIAL AREA,PHASE 7, JAMSHEDPUR-831013 Sub- cheating & fraud by builder Dear sir I had booked a 3 BHK flat in JAMSHEDPUR (Jharkhand) in October 2008 ,planning for my retirement due in the year 2017.The builder could not deliver the flat as promised. After lot of chasing ,Finally in June 2012 Builder informed me that he is unable to deliver the flat and ready to pay me back the amount paid to him with 12 % simple interest. I finally agreed to the payment as I was fed up chasing him. Builder gave me 3 cheques of equal installment and the cheque encashment is also distributed over 3 months. I deposited the first cheque on 25-06-12 and it bounced and the bank report was “exceeds the arrangement”. Again I deposited the 2 ND cheque on 26-07-12 and it also bounced and the bank report was “exceeds the arrangement” Again I deposited the 3 rd cheque on 16-09-12 and it also bounced. I have tried to contact the build


Posted On: 2013-07-03 10:36:38
We were on rent in a house in Blore for 10 yrs. We vacated on June 15th 2013. We had paid advance of Rs 50k. We had adjusted 2.5 months rent with the advance amount, so the owner had to return Rs 27,500. The owner said they would cut Rs 20k for painting (the rule doesnt exist, but all owners in Blore follow this. However, they cut one month's rent, in which case, it should have been 9k for us).After we returned the keys, the owner did not finally return any amount. We are at a loss of Rs 27,500. Pls note that the house was returned in good condition. Minor issues with one fan, one lock, one flush, to repair this, it would cost not more than Rs 2k. The owner had rented the house on a lower rent than what he would get in that area bcoz he wanted a good tenant and had changes of a transfer. But this is no reason to hold on to the entire advance amount. House owners cannot treat tenants like helpless beggars.

Prasoon Shukla

Posted On: 2013-06-27 21:57:48
I have booked a 2BHK flat inNUnitech Unihomes in May 2009. I was promied possession in 2 years but have n't got possession though I have paid the 90% amount already and waiting for completition and final possession. I have been payong EMI for th e LOan I have taken for the flat @11.5 % Annual and despite several notices the builder does not provide a delivery date.There is no effort from builder to expediate the construction work. Please help me in getting my flat . regards Prasoon

Nitin Sharma

Posted On: 2013-06-27 18:41:50
Sir, I am looking for a group housing flat in Noida extension.I querried to some builders like Pachsheel , supertech and ajnara. They all told me that they are just taking 20% loading on the super area but after calculating the layout plans published on thier website, they are doing a loading of 35-40% on each flat.I taked to thier representative on mobile for this issue but they have no anwser or not responding what should i do ? Is there no govt control on this(on loading). Ajnara le garden Super area is 995 sq-ft After 20 % loading the carpet area is appx 790 sq-ft but it comes 556 sq-ft as per the floor plan vailable on thier website.

Krishna Nand Jha

Posted On: 2013-06-27 15:17:39
I have booked a plot in one of the project of arun dev builders pvt. ltd. and paid approx 3,50,000/- till now but still they have not alloted any plot or given me possession of the plot. They are doing bogus transactions, i.e they don't have land but selling projects to customers without having any land. Kindly take action against them.

K A Shyam

Posted On: 2013-06-27 15:13:45
I purchased a double bedroom flat from SEKARAN REAL ESTATE Prop: Mr. JAYABALAN. There is water seepage in my flat ever since i bought the flat from him. I have made several complaints to him and his assistant NAGENDREN. His Assistant promised me he would look in to it and fix the problem It is more than 18 months since i bought it still they have not done any thing. I need help. I also appeal to my fellow buyers to to careful with such builders. I need help.

Sandeep Kumar

Posted On: 2013-06-24 16:16:28
Dear Sir, I booked the flat in crossing republic: The GOLD COST " In Mindas Inf. PVT LTD. at B Block at 17 floor Flat No-1017. Booked date -14/11/2011. Booked Rate is 1900/sqft Area-1100 SQFT. Total Cost-2048941 Service Tax-52000 Total -210941 Booking amount- 210074/ We coordinate with builder staff so may time between Dec-11 to March 13 but building work is not stated. Now i visited on the site at 22 May 13, I saw construction work stated. After that we visited in Account Deptt They sad your flat cancelled due to your second installment is pending. Still they not send any demand letter on my hose and not any call and still they not provide agreement. They said this is you issue. now your flat is cancelled and they Return only my booking Amount, current Booking cost 3500/ SqFT. Now what i can do.

Manoj Kumar gaur

Posted On: 2013-06-23 13:05:00
Sir/Madam, FYI please I have booked 1425 Sq. Ft (3BHK)flat (E-306) in Blossam County, Sector 137, Noida in April'2010 from Logix Group, Sector 16A, Noida. Last week I have received a mail from the builder that said size flat is not exist and going to alot lower size (1350 Sq Ft 2BHK + Study). How a builder can reduce size as well as number of rooms at the advance stage of possession. I have submitted my represenation personally on 14th June'13 and request to alot me bigger size 3 BHK flat. Appreciate if you can take up my case and do the needful to get me bigger flat. Thanks and regards Manoj Kumar Gaur

Saida Khan

Posted On: 2013-06-21 14:06:29
I booked a flat in 2006 in a multistory apartment society in Jagatpura area of Jaipur. Builder delivered it in 2012. Inspite of all the payments done builder is not getting the registry done as he is demanding Rs. 1.50 Lakh @ 24% as interest on delayed payments. In agreement he had not mentioned the delivery date but had put in a clause of 24% interest on delayed payments. Instead of compensating me for delayed delivery, as I payed banks more than 5 lakhs as interest during this period, builder is charging me. Please help me resolve the issue

Sachin Satija

Posted On: 2013-06-14 17:09:53
Hello, I have a flat in SRS Pearl floor, sec-87, gr. Faridabad. Builder : SRS Real Estate ltd. They offered partial possession of flats. And they charged electricity charges as 8.85rs to 10.00rs per unit from us. They don't have govt electricity in our society, they have only temporality connection for the same. If they don't have complete basic amenities in the society then how they offered possession. This high rate of electricity charges is extra burden of buyers. Please do the needful

Sunil Kumar

Posted On: 2013-06-13 18:57:16
I booked a flat in Parker Group's White Lily Project in Sonipat (Haryana). After taking 25% amount they allotted flat no. to me and rest of amount is payable as construction linked plan. Now they started construction of a block in the project and asking installment from all customers included me whereas construction work of our block not started yet. What should I do?

harish lodaya

Posted On: 2013-06-13 17:20:40
i have booked flat 3 years back and pd 20%. due to amendments in dcb rules in mumbai. builder has raised the areafrom 1040sq ft. to 1185 sq ftand accordingly asking for the price difference. agreement is not made. only payment receipt are issued by builder. is it legal to ask for additional amount . pl have your view. r

Anant Misra

Posted On: 2013-06-13 12:09:18
I had applied for 3 flats in gurgaon, sector 95 in april 2011 with SKM builder. 10% of installment was paid as was asked. Subsequently i got a demand note in december saying that i should pay another 10% installment which was also promptly done. In Jan i came to know his license has been cancelled bu HUDA. I have been repeatedly mailing the builder for clarity on the project but have got no response. I would like to file for damages and your opinion regarding the same.

Santosh Sidram Rodage

Posted On: 2013-06-06 16:16:53
I have purchased a flat at Sketch Book, Sancheti Landmarks, At Post: Ambadvet, Tal. Mulshi, Dist. Pune before 4 years. The builders name is Mr. Vijay Poonam Sancheti. The building is 10 floors. The builder is not giving the possession since he is not getting the NA Order. He says that he has applied for completion certificate also. I have come to know that he is having NA order for 7 floors only. We are in trouble. I have already paid 7.5 lacs to him by selling the gold. Taken loan for 4 lacs from bank and also paying installments. I am staying on rental basis. I need the possession urgently.

Devendra Vaja

Posted On: 2013-06-02 14:25:54
a) Baseless demand for the fungible FSI payment of INR4,40,00 (Four lakhs fourty thousand) : As per the given plan, there is no balcony / flower bed, and fungible FSI is applicable only to the internals of the flat. You did not have latest, if any, showing increase in carpet area. Such demand is completely illegal. b) Arrogant and shameful behavior by Shashank, the builder and his uncle :After inviting to the builder's office, me and my mom were insulted by Shashank, the builder and his uncle. Only because we asked for the fungible FSI explanation. It is a mere display of lose character and D-grade behavior. c) No clear payment plan : I found the builder very professional, having no clear idea on the payment and fear that you people can increase the prices of anything in your premises at any point of time without giving any justification. d) Black Payment: I am a salaried person and can not fulfill demand of INR 30 lakhs cash. I paid INR 65lakhs (50% payment) to the builder.

Ravindra Padiyar

Posted On: 2013-05-29 16:55:43
My property was redeveloped and the developer - M/s. Rohan Lifescapes had given me the possesion of the above flat in 2009. However, he has not till today i.e. even after 5 years signed the legal agreement for possession of the flats with me. I urge your good office to take this matter with the developer and tell him to sign the agreement immediately so that I have valid documents for owning the property


Posted On: 2013-05-25 03:46:45
Greetings. I would like to share informations about Building contractor Mr. Sreejith K.P to whom I have given full contract for constructing my first floor at Rs 1350/sqft on Dec 2011 . I have faced lot of difficulties by giving Contract to the said contractor 1. Materials not to the Normal standard 2. deploying unskilled workers to complete the work as a result work not to the standards 3. Plumbing work below average. 3. in the case of doors you can see light passing through the doors after work completion and materials like locks are not to the standards 4. Build pillars supporting the landing slab of the staircase with only partial length of the pillar with rods . image enclosed for your kind perusal (The pillar supporting the staircase , Rods were not found to strengthen the pillar for length approx 1 mt. From the bottom the pillar had 4 -12mm rods but that didn't connect the lading slab which is supposed to strengthen the landing slab instead 2 = 8mm rods for a meter filled with cement and gravel.) 5. Due to deploying of unskilled workers , they have fixed doors with doors opening outside (reverse) and they have fixed tower bolt in such a way that an outsider can lock the inmates. Image enclosed for your perusal 6. plastering not to the standards sand - cement mix below average as a result surface is rough. 7. Submitted false calculation cheating the customer 7. The worst thing is after collecting almost 75% of the amount in advance when 50% of the work pending , Sreejith sends a lawyer notice to the customer frightening the customer so that the customer does not complaint of inefficiency of the work The above said information's are true regarding the contractor (Sreeejith K.P , VADUVAZHAPILLY HOUSE , PANDATHIL ROAD, EROOR NORTH, TRIPUNITHURA- 682306) claims himself that he has been in this field for 16 years and talks much about his work that has been completed and later on when I enquired almost all his work ends up inefficiency and lawyer notice. Beware of subcontracting with Sreejith K.P as a result you should not loose the confidence of your customers as the company growth mainly depends on customers and references. I would very much appreciate hearing from you and having opportunity to serve you on your needs. Looking forward to a fruitful interaction with you and your organization Regards, Nithya “AS YOU GROW HELP OTHERS TO GROW” Hope that we make some difference to the world. Hope that we help someone to move ahead in life. Hope that we make someone realize their aspirations. Hope that we help someone reach their dreams. HAVE A GREAT DAY AHEAD!!!!!!

Nagender Singh

Posted On: 2013-05-15 20:53:36
I had booked a flat in 2008 and its not allotted to me even after paying whole some amount.

Karthick Balakrishnan

Posted On: 2013-05-13 17:34:23
just cont to previous note,They have given many problem at the time of 2nd trimester (Oct 2012) of wife. They have closed the valve of my water tank without my knowledge , where one night my wife (pregnant lady ) and myself struggled lot due to no water comes from all the pipe) . The next day morning they have fought like anything to me as rude. During that time there was raining season ( November 2012). I kindly request you to help me in this issue. Because I am sure if re floor the same, the issue won’t be solved and they will come with another issue like because of your recent relaying work , has not fixed and issues could enlarged as I see they have some motivation or intention to sell my home to them.

Karthick Balakrishnan

Posted On: 2013-05-13 17:04:59
I have purchased my home C block F1 from Anandham Builders, Chennai in October 2009. At time of May 2010, ground floor house owner came to my home with the builder and told “ there was a leakage and needs to repair in my bathroom” and they did the same, but my bath room tiles got damaged heavily. Now yesterday May 12th Sunday 2013 my ground floor owner started to complain about the leakage issue , and I don’t know how to handle now. As my engineer says the leakage from the inter pipe common to both, its really high cost matter. But they are not ready to contribute and keep blaming me and take care of full cost. Also they have maintained their Electric meter where my bath room pies joining and leakage is happening there. Can I approach the builder to repair with free of cost? If as per the law if builder is not responsible then please advise how can I claim the part of amount with my ground floor mate with a mutual agreement 50 to 50% and both responsible for future cause?

A Saha

Posted On: 2013-05-09 12:32:28
Hi, I have booked a flat in Baguihati area kolkata, the agreement was done for a flat and common garrage. Now final registry has been done, but builder is not able to deliver common garrage. Could you please suggest me legal approach to get the common garrage?


Posted On: 2013-05-06 17:19:34
I had booked a flat with Amrapali Noida exten and deposited 8.30 lac but bank has refuse the loan and i had cancel the flat after 7 month, and has refund my booking amount only not interest, when i demand the interest amount they have refuse , how can i get my interest amount of my 8.30 lac for seven month. when i was fail to one month late of next dune amount builder has notice me he will cancel the flat of charge the interest , but builder has refund my booking amount after cancellation of two month. so kindly help me , can it get my interest amount from the builder ?? hope an early response from your end. regards Fartiyal

Amar Kasurde

Posted On: 2013-05-01 12:50:11
I have purchased a flat from Nirman Realtors and Developers Ltd. Recently I have received letter from them demanding interest for delayed payment. I checked all records and found that I have made all payments well in time. Except one payment which was paid within 15 days from date of demand letter. But I did not receive any letter for receiving this interest due letter. I have written letter to the builder seeking information for delay payment but they failed to give the details. Also they assured verbally that it may be wrongly sent letter but did not give any written reply. Also again the sent letter for interest. The again I sent letter seeking information and removal of wrongly charged interest. But they have not replied to any of my letter's for which I have acknowledgement. But again they have letter threatening to cancel the agreement. Also the builder has taken Rs.127480/- as excess amount from me. Kindly let us know what action to be taken now ?

Nitin Jayan Varkey

Posted On: 2013-04-29 14:39:30
My Brother gifted me his share of the flat he co owned with my father. I got the Gift deed registered by paying Stamp duty, I used a registration agent for this purpose at the Chembur registrars office... I have realised after seeing the papers that I have been overcharged the stamp duty by almost 10,000INR... It is mentioned on the document also there off... Neither was I intimated of this.. How do I get this amount back from the Registrars office.... Please help.


Posted On: 2013-04-27 12:57:48
I have booked a flat with a builder by paying 1 lakh advance who is now refusing to give possession of Flat. Unfortunately there was no paper work done except that the payment was made through a cheque. The builder is now refusing to give the flat but is offering What are my rights ? Should I send him a legal notice ?

Bhavna Verma

Posted On: 2013-04-26 19:42:22
My complaint is against Sahara Group Jaipur. I booked a flat in 2004 in Jaipur. till date it is not ready. and the company was demanding 45k per month installment for self financed. I filed a case against them 2 years back in Rohtak consumer court. from the last 1 year there is no judge on chair for case hearing. I want atleast my money back with interest. please suggest what should i do

Alpana Dongre

Posted On: 2013-04-23 18:52:50
I own an apartment on 1st floor of a 3-storey building in Chennai. Immediately after 6-months of possession, I noticed leakage in the roof of my bathroom, which I brought to the notice of the builder. He did some repairs in the 2nd floor bathroom. But again after 6-8mths, the leakage was seen. When I approached the builder, he first refused to help, later agreed. But the tenants in the 2nd floor apartment refused to cooperate and did not allow any work being carried at their place. I spoke to the owner who stays in a different city. He plainly refused to cooperate. He argued that he could not allow discomfort to his tenants by allowing work in the apartment. I approached the building association formally and informally, but there was no support from that end too. I am told that it is my personal problem. It is 7-yrs since we are suffering with dampness and molds with paint peeling out from a large part of my flat. There are ants inside the wall. Pls suggest how can I solve.

Samar Das

Posted On: 2013-04-22 07:45:53
Dear Sir, I booked a 3 BHK flat from ADOBE construction in Krishnapur Kolkata for 32.7L. I paid the total amount to builder as per agreement. During registration Builder gave me a bill of 1.2 lakh to pay for some charges which was not as per agreement and asked to pay another 65k to one of his employee as 2% commission. The registration got done but builder did not give me the key. Builder is still holding the key after 6 months of the registration of the flat. Need your help and guidence how to get possession of the flat. Thanks to all in advance for your kind advice and way to come out of this hurdle. Regards, Samar


Posted On: 2013-04-19 14:42:55
This is to bring in your kind notice that i have invested in SANTOUR CITY PROJECT,HARIDWAR withOCTAGON BUILDERS & PROMOTERS (P) LTD in May 2007. Further to this, my Customer Code is SCH/A/1352. But till date i have no communication regarding proceedings of the project and for this i went to company office several time address..Octagon Builders, D – 3 & 4, Sector-10, Noida -201301 but did not get any fruitful information regarding the same and now recently i came to know from a newspaper that the office has also been shifted to another place which is H – 218, Sector 63, Noida – 201301.. I invested with the group as i found it one of the leading builders and location was also suitable for me but now i want to discontinue the same and want my money(1,50,000) back as the group has not given any information of anything. These are all my efforts that this letter has reached to company.

Deepak shrivastava

Posted On: 2013-04-18 18:47:38
i bought flat two yrs back in Nasik. I have done all the payment as the realtion with builder was good at that time. We only have receipt of payment no agreement.i am keep asking for agreement but builder always giv excuses that completion certificate is not there.... Now builder is not giving possion, and he is making lot of issues for making regisrtration of property, please advice waht legal process i can opt.

Deepak shrivastava

Posted On: 2013-04-18 17:54:25
i bought flat two yrs back in Nasik. I have done all the payment as the realtion with builder was good at that time. We only have receipt of payment no agreement.i am keep asking for agreement but builder always giv excuses .Now builder is not giving possion, and he is making lot of issues for making regisrtration of property, please advice waht legal process i can opt.


Posted On: 2013-04-17 15:50:39

Kishore Suresh Tendulkar

Posted On: 2013-04-15 14:13:24
I purchase 2bhk in chawl from Riddhi-Siddhi Homes Builders & Developers in 4.50 lacs in 30 months EMI scheme. For that I gave him 2.25 lacks down payment. At the time of EMI, I found that Riddhi-Siddhi Homes Builders & Developers is totally fraud. He close all his offices & switch off all his mobiles & landlines. Also most of the people filed a case against him in Manpada Police Station, Dombivali - East. So please look into this matter


Posted On: 2013-04-14 20:40:54
Builder cheated by selling a flat which is not CIDCO approved

Kishore Reddy

Posted On: 2013-04-09 16:51:36
I have purchased a flat in Vasai from Rashmi Builders.From the last two years we,the flat owners,are asking for OC and Water connection.Till now the builder has not provided the same.He is providing the water through tankers.That water is very diry and with mud.Every month we are paying Rs.1500 to buy the drinking water.Please take the nessecery action against the builder and help us to get OC and Water connection.Total flats in the building is 240.


Posted On: 2013-04-08 18:53:59

Vipin Ahuja

Posted On: 2013-04-08 15:16:19
I have been charged Rs 100 per sq fit towards the trasfer charges before the posession time by Unitech Ltd. I was not getting the posession and was paying huge loan and interest on the property. This transfer charges were not mentioned in the Contract.

Prafulla Walhe

Posted On: 2013-04-08 10:44:58
I booked flat 2BHK at Rutu River Side Building No.1 at kalyan. Builder is ready to give me the possesson without allocating parking. Builder has already sold the parking spaces to other flat owners for Rs. 3 Lacs allocating them the letter and giving them the receipt of Rs. 10,000. I sincerely seek your help to tackle this issue.

Ratish Shetty

Posted On: 2013-04-08 10:37:16
I had booked a flat in Casa Bella Gold, Lodha Builders, Spectra F wing, Flat 405, 3 years ago. I am yet to receive my club casa reward points. I had selected microwawe owen as the gift, however there has been no intimation for their end regarding the same. I had made severa calls to Lodha contact centre, but they just made me run around. I have sent them many mails but have not received any response.

Ashish K singhal

Posted On: 2013-04-07 09:42:24
Dear Sir/Madam, Summary: Builder's salesman provided information to me that I can dispose my flat during period of construction as well. Based on this I have paid advance of Rs. 54000/=. After 21 days, talking to another official in Builder's office, I came to know that my belief is not correct. Knowing this I asked builder to cancel my booking and return advance. But unfortunately builder is keeping a wishy washy position on the matter and not providing proper response to me on the matter. This could be because they do not want to return my advance booking amount. Important dates: Date of booking: 18/10/2012 Date of unit cancellation: 7/11/2012 Last written communication from builder: 14/12/2012 Some facts: After a day I booked my flat, I have received mails and phone calls on various offers on referral for selling further flats. But I had never received copy of documents that builder made me sign. I went with Lodha brand and signed papers within 2 hrs of visiting their premise.

Shailesh Kumar Singh

Posted On: 2013-04-04 22:33:39
Dear sir/Madam, I have Booked 2 BHK flat in Bhopal from Unihomes, Baraigarh Chichli, Kolar road. My flat no is B4/104. This project under subvention scheme of PNBHFL and Unihomes. In this scheme builder will pay 18 months intrest to bank. So I have also taken loan of Rs 13 lakh under this scheme. My loan disbursed on 28th september 2011 and subvention period end on 28th March of 2013. But Builder paid intrest amount up to 28th feb 2013. So here 28 days intrest due on builder side. Builder not paid 28 days intrest of March'13 month in my loan account yet. I have wriitten 5 to 6 mail to builder but no response got from builder side. My loan account in PNBHFL-Bhopal and no is 6660002362. So I am requesting you sir, kindlu look the matter and ask to builder deposit the money in my loan account. Thanks, Shailesh Kumar Singh

Sumant Chakraborty

Posted On: 2013-04-04 13:10:24
I have bought a flat in 2010.Till now builder has not provided Corporation water connection or any amenities which was promised to me at the time of buying the flat. Now the builder is asking us (Flat owners) to pay for electricity and maintenance charges.Kindly guide us as to how to deal with such instance

A Sayed

Posted On: 2013-04-02 19:26:18
Dear Team, 2 years back I bought a residential flat in MM residency. The property is developed by MM Developers. As per our contractual terms and condition the developer was supposed to handover the peaceful possession of property by 31st December 2013, but till now the construction is not yet completed and developer stop constructing the building after 10th slab from past 8 months. As per the plan the developer is supposed to construct total 16th slab. This contract is violated by the developer and when I trying to call developer at their office no one is responding and sometime people over there is using abuse and offensive language. I took a personal and home loan just to buy this property and put all my savings to buy this property. Now as per the contract developer has to pay an interest from 1st January 2013 but they are not responding. Please help me I am fed-up and mentally harassed


Posted On: 2013-04-02 16:50:02
sir, humne real estate ka buzns start kiya 5 logu ne. ab 3 year k baad mai apne parnership se bahar aana chahate hu, in august 2012 mai ne unse yeh baath ki 3 months tak unhune kaha account dekhe ge hisaab karege. phr december 2012 mai mujey postdated chqs de march 2013 mai pehe chq de 15th date ko par chq nikle nahe usse pehle k b de who b nahe. ab na tu money dete hai na koye aur kadam uthate hai. ab mai kya karo? plze aap koye rasta bata dejyee> kya mere madat ho sakte hai?

Abdul Rahim

Posted On: 2013-04-02 16:23:17
Respected Sir / Madam, 2 years back I bought a residential flat in MM residency. The property is developed by MM Developers. As per our contractual terms and condition the developer was supposed to handover the peaceful possession of property by 31st December 2013, but till now the construction is not yet completed and developer stop constructing the building after 10th slab from past 8 months. As per the plan the developer is supposed to construct total 16th slab. This contract is violated by the developer and when I trying to call developer at their office no one is responding and sometime people over there is using abuse and offensive language. I took a personal and home loan just to buy this property and put all my savings to buy this property. Now as per the contract developer has to pay an interest from 1st January 2013 but they are not responding. Please help me


Posted On: 2013-04-01 16:50:20

Rakesh Rajput

Posted On: 2013-03-28 14:26:07
Hi Team, I had purchased a flat at Kopar Road, Dombivli west in March 2010 on resale basis.Now I am in requirement of OC/CC Certification from the Society for my brother foreign education loan purpose.When i asked for the OC/CC certifcates copy from the society chairman and secretary. They refused to provide a copy of the same saying that they dont have it with them. As per my understanding without CC certification the society cannot form. Society chairman and secretary are also giving excuses that the conveyance deed is not yet done so we cannot even give in writing that we do not hold the required certification with the society. Please advice what action can be taken from our end. Can we take a legal action against the Society. Society Name: Shree Sushant CHS Ltd, Near Kidland School, Kopar Road, Dombivli west. Pin - 421202 Society Regn No: TNA / KLN / (TNA / KLN / (T.C.) / 3591 / 89-90.Please reply to 9920275523


Posted On: 2013-03-22 16:54:20

Sanjay D Deshpande

Posted On: 2013-03-21 22:28:49
Complaint against Pankaj Builder & Developers not ready to refund my Booking amount Rs 10000/- Since October 2011....i need it with Interest.....


Posted On: 2013-03-18 22:15:08


Posted On: 2013-03-15 09:41:32
I am Indrasen Dhumal from Mumbai and I saw an article @, I am stuck in a similar situation where in I had booked a flat in Delhi with M/s. Landmark builders and have not been allotted flat nor being given Refund for Rs. 4,95,000/- deposited as booking amount. Please guide me a suitable advocate in Mumbai or do tell me how do I get my money back.


Posted On: 2013-03-14 12:44:01

Nandesh Zutshi

Posted On: 2013-03-12 12:45:44
My name is Nandesh Zutshi and I bought a flat in Gurgaon and we bought it through UNICON real estate.They gave me a 1 % credit note as discount and mentioned that this 1% amount ( Rs 35ooo) will be paid within few months.Its more than a year now and I have been trying to get my money and they keep on ignoring my mails and calls. Its more than a year that I have been calling them and they keep on saying “ they working on it” I wanted to take this legally now, can you please let me know the process and how I should proceed. Here is the address for UNICON: Sec-63,Noida New Okhla Industrial Development Area, Uttar Pradesh And here are the emails that I have been communicating with,, and Kindly do the needful

Damodar Nayak

Posted On: 2013-03-11 18:00:04
I want to lodge a legal complaint against Riddhi Siddhi Homes builders and developers in Kalyan. I had visited their office in September 2012 and after doing about 3 to 4 visits to their office and site booked a 1 room Kitchen flat after paying a downpayment of Rs 1 lakh through Cheque. I had been visiting their office on a monthly basis to personally submit my monthly installment. Their address was in Mohini Plaza, 1st floor, Malang road, Kalyan East. Since the past few days their office has been shut and i have been trying to call the cell numbers of the contacts in office but all the cell numbers seem to be switched off. This seems to be a fraudulent company and now i want to ensure that i get my money back for which i have the receipts and sale deed with with me. Numbers are 0251-6512370. Cell Numbers are 8693888859,9022235904, 9594811686.All these numbers belong to Riddhi Siddhi Homes and i want to initiate legal action for the trauma and unprofessional behaviour and case of cheating.

Rakesh Kumar Chaudhary

Posted On: 2013-03-11 11:58:32
Non receipt of Refund regarding Plot Cancellation (Registration# 142B) at Bhaskar Valley, Karjat Hello, the company Orior Developors through its GM Sales and Marketing Mr Gaurav Dhody has fraudulently not refunded Rs 5Lac against cancellation of plot booked at their Karjat Valley project 6 years ago. In Sept'12 after repeated followup with the Company and Mr Gaurav it was intimated that the company has run into governmental approval issues with the project due to which consumers/investors have not been allotted plots/houses even after 6 years of having booked them. Mr Gaurav advised that I should cancel the booking (registration 142B) and invest in their Jaipur project at a discount or cancel the booking and apply for refund with delayed penalty. Despite assurances and repeated attempts to contact the individual and company promoters, my refund remains to be sent even after 5 months having elapsed leaving me with no recourse but to pursue legal action in the consumer court and economic offences wing. The company is a complete fraud and has unlawfully collected money from the public at large and is now not willing to refund the same. Regards Rakesh Kumar Chaudhary 9811443322

Haresh Patel

Posted On: 2013-03-11 10:52:35
I have purchased a Flat at Akshara Pearl, 200 N S Road, Narendrapur, kolkata from the company ' Siddhartha Real Estate Private Limited (Kolkata) in 2010 and got the possession in 2011 in november. I registered the flat in another 2-3 months. The Roof of my floor has got a crack, which i addressed to promoter and he admitted that there is a crack but ceiling will not fall down in any events/occurence and he fille d the crack with cement on the roof. But still i can see the cracks apperaing on the roof. There are cracks on walls as well. i have asked them to repair the roof and give me long lasting solution which i am not getting. i would like them to compensate and take necessary action for the safety of the family members staying in the flat or made me available any other flats. This is a new complex and in any case there should not be any defificeny of construction should come. Please help me how can i bring the company to court and get my money back.

ismail sawaab

Posted On: 2013-03-09 18:22:36
My dad had bought a plot in 1995 frm happy farms and resort pvt ltd. We tried contacting them, but their no is invalid. Cheked online, they were at default and they had cheated consumers. I got to know abt our plot when dad informed about it. We have paid 3,80,000 to Mr. N manohar Reddy, M.D of farms n resorts pvt lts . We have an agreement paper, made in 1996 and the payment receipt. Could you help us locate them?


Posted On: 2013-03-09 13:18:25

sonal s pawaskar

Posted On: 2013-03-06 11:57:36
i work with rbi i purchased an underconstruction flat availing housing loan frm my employer i recently got physical possession of my flat but instead of possession letter the builder gave me a letter of permission to carry out furniture work inspite of many phone calls personal meetings he is reluctant to give me a possession letter which i need to submit to my employer. nowadays he is avoiding me what should be done please guide

shikha goyal

Posted On: 2013-02-28 16:15:46

Pankaj Kalra

Posted On: 2013-02-26 13:39:07
I booked one 3-bhk flat of M/s Unitech Limited at Noida under title Unihomes Phase II through broker M/s Brick & Mortar M-9/24, Level II DLF City Phase II, Gurgaon - 122002. They made a credit note of 2.75% of the total BSP cost to us one we made 30% payment to Unitech for our apartment. We have paid 90% payment to the Unitech but the credit note has not been matured as yet. We have made notice to the company but they have not fulfilled their promise as yet inspite of repeated request.

Poonam Pal

Posted On: 2013-02-24 12:56:17
I had purchased shop in April 2010 at Kamothe from M/s Royale enterprises. Builder gave key and temporary possession letter. Later we find that the authority took the electricity meter away as builder did not fill the electricity bill. Even though shutter was unable to open. Builder shut down his office. We tried to contact him at his office address as well on phone. In phone he promised us every time after oc all prob. will be solved and oc will come in next month. Last month Jan-2013 oc was received by the blder. He is asking Rs.20000 for giving oc copy and possession letter and residents of the building are asking Rs.26000 as maintenance charge. They were staying there without OC. I did not use shop at all. I spent Rs.10000 on shutter repair. I did not get electricity meter just because of oc and possession letter. Kindly guide me what shall I do further.

Balbir singh siwach

Posted On: 2013-02-18 13:30:08
the platinum towers in peer muchalla built by reality developers has given the delayed possession of flats by 10 months excluding the grace period as mentioned in the agreement. In the sale agreement it was clearly mentioned that rs 5 per sq ft per month penalty will be paid in case of delayed possession. however despite written complaint and emails the builder has not responded and willing to give the penality for delayed possession

Raj Kumar Jain

Posted On: 2013-02-18 10:28:02
Kashish Developers have cheated us in their Project Manor I at Sector 111 Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon, Haryana. We have exhausted all our efforts to get justice. Following are the Grounds: A. Developers had booked the Flat before getting License in their name. It is against Norms. B. The Developers have used our Rs. 8 lac for more than 5 months before the allotment. Have formulated terms and conditions, in October 12, after accepting money in May ’12. C. Developers backtracked on Allotting Flat on 7th Floor, allotted it on 14th Floor under threat. D. Carpet Area not 80% of Sale Area, being only 1164 sft out of 1,715 sft. For 1164 sft Carpet Area, Saleable should be only 1455sft. E. Payment terms being forced, after receipt of Rs. 8 Lac. Now 35% of cost is demanded, before starting Foundation. Facts are, as follows: 1. Developers launched the Project in May 2012, saying they had received the Project License in December 2011, in their name. But, License was issued to them only on 02.08.2012. 2. We booked a Flat on seventh Floor with Developers endorsement on 5th May 2012. They en-cashed it on 10thMay 12. 3. Developers called us to their office on 08.08.12 and on 20.08.12 and on getting the 20% payment, they confirmed our booking only on 08.10.12, by allotting Flat on 14th Floor, under threat to cancel booking & forfeiting Rs 8 Lac 4. National Building Industry parameter for Carpet Area is 80% of the salable area of the Flat. However, as per, now, supplied Plan of the Flat, by the Developer, the Carpet Area of Flat is only 68%, considering 50% of the Balcony area, as the Carpet area. So Saleable Area should be 1455 sft. RELIEF: We seek following relief: i. They be asked to: a. pay penalty for selling property before Development License, being in their name”. b. pay the interest on the money used by them, before Flat Allotment. c. allot the Flat of on 7th Floor. d. to provide Carpet Area as 20% less of the Saleable Area of the Flat. e. moderate the extra charges levied by them. f. Demand money commensurate with Progress of Work.

Mrs. Anupam Rastogi

Posted On: 2013-02-14 15:19:21
A Builder & Devloper in Aligarh (UP) has imposed Unnecessary interest penelity, while they are themselves defaulter foe not given the possession in time as per allotment letter i.e. August, 2010. I have been made all due payment in time. Please help Regards & Thanks Mrs. Anupam Rastogi

mani sharma

Posted On: 2013-02-12 22:18:27
one of my cousin who is not a resident of jaipur purchased a flat in jaipur, of which full payment was made by a home loan but it was not given fully furnished at the time of payment. some days later, i along with my mother went to see the progress of the flat, but it was not in a proper condition, the tiles of the drawing room were coming out due to the internal leakage of water or so. we locked the flat with our lock and handed over the keys to the property dealer to fix the several problems and for its finishing. recently my mother visited the flat and found the lock left open and all the taps etc were missing from everywhere. on being asked it was replied that theft was committed in 4 flats, but the point is that the lock was not broken but instead it was left well open. moreover after so many months, it was not completely furnished and we were not able to make a use of our own property. kindly help out to redress the same.

Amit Goley

Posted On: 2013-02-03 22:50:18
Ragarding possession of my Flat in moradabad. I have bought my flat in new moradabad from Supertech builder in dec-2009. Possesion of my flat was Dec-2010 .But till now builder is not giving me the possession of my flat even after i have paid all my dues . and also the builder is not giving us the delayed possession interest penalty. They Supertech is forcing us to sign possession letter which is backdated though they have not given me the possession till date. Nobody is listening to us,so finally sending mail to you to help us . Thanks, Amit Goley 07798880553

Alok Mishra

Posted On: 2013-01-29 14:39:25
I had purchased the above flat in 2010 from EVEREST DEVELOPERS ( Vimal Builders) and they had said that they will allott me car parking later. On demand from their officer Mr Arving Sharma, I had also sent a cheque of Rs 82250, towards car parking. I was then informed by them that car parking lot number 12 has been allotted for me but stickers will be given after sometime. They said they can not give me receipt or any other letter as it is not allowed by their management. I had but sent them mail on their official mail id mentioning that they have confirmed that they have received my cheque and has allotted parking number 12 to me. But now these people are not giving me parking space and it has become difficult for me to park my car when I go there and also in putting the flat on rent without parking space. Sir, how can a builder after taking hefty amount for the flat not provide parking space. Please help.

Saurabh Vadhera

Posted On: 2013-01-26 12:39:22
Hi I have booked a flat in Today's Group , Project Named - TOdays Ridge Residency , Sec 135 , Noida Expressway last year 28-11-2011 . Its been close to an year and i have faced multiple issues from the builder : Issue 1 - I was given allocated a already booked unit in I Tower by Mistake from the builder , they even charged me and took the booking amount cheque in favor of the same tower I , I have the photocopies of that with me , Later on when they realized of this Issue they offered me to book my flat in another tower J , which was not approved that time and was newly launched - I had to do a compromise and i agreed with builder mutually regarding the same on the promise that construction of the Tower will be as per the agreed time . Builder took about an year for just getting the Tower construction started due to approval from Noida authorities - But in the meantime builder took two demands already from me (booking amount of 2 lakhs and second demand of 3.5 lakhs and third demand of 9 lakhs) on which my loan with LICHFL was started and i was paying the EMI for the same . I would like to know why that has happened and what is it that can be done to ensure that my property construction is completed in time ? Issue 2 - Due to the delay in the approval process of the Tower J - LICHFL did not approved my Loan , their were lot of followup's . After about 10 days from the due dat of the 3rd demand (50 days from date of booking of 9 lakhs) LIC approved the loan amount . Due to this their was a delay of about 10 days from the due date which builder provided in the demand note , As a Consumer their were no issues from my end then i should not be held responsible for paying any delay payment charged at the time of possesion from the builder Issue 3 - Builder is not providing ample time from the day the demand note is sent to me till due date - 4th demand which i recieved for the Basement Slab i recieved the demand note via courier on 31st october and the due dat was on 9/11/2012 which is approximately 7 working days for bank to process and i do manage my share . Due to such stringent timelines and some technical issues from LIC the demand got delayed till 19/11/2012 - As a Consumer again my share of money was always ready on time but due to such a short notice LIC Couldnot process the cheque on time I have Recieved another such demand on 24th Jan 2013 , and due date expected is 4th Feb 2013 (5 Working days) Because 25th Jan 2013 and 26th Jan 2013 were bank holidays - How can someone arrange lakhs of money and how can a bank process Loan amount in such a short notice Please Suggest and Guide what are the Steps i should take so that builder should not charge me Interest or Late Payment Charges on the above issues - I have all the Emails that i have sent on the above issues with me Regards Saurabh

Anil Mishra

Posted On: 2013-01-25 15:30:54
I have booked a flat by paying Rs. 200000, but due to my personal problem i had to cancel the flat booking. I had asked the builder to give my money back but he say that he would return my money only after the flat that i had booked previously would be sold. More over the builder says that he would cut service tax from the booking amount and would return money to me. Do i have to bear the service tax as i have cancel the flat before any agreement was done.

Ajay kumar Das

Posted On: 2013-01-24 22:55:16
I purchased a flat with mr hari narayan agarwal m/s Anand developers. There were several construction issues regardiing the construction and the assured solution before hand over. The flat is already registered and they have also received payment from my bank after which they trned up and now the flat is left without handover. I am also paying the emi and rent. Also the flat area is less thanthe registered value. Now I am sending regulars and calls but they are not responding as they have already received the payment. Pls help and suggest.

Chandra Kishor Ravi

Posted On: 2013-01-23 17:37:09
Regarding Tata Housing Project "Shubh Grihs" Boisar, Thane. Possession Date was Jun-11. Not Given Yet. Behaving Like Criminal/Road Chhap Builder. Collected 95% of Installement. I have paid 18% interest of late payment installment to Tata housing.Now,Possession being late. Not any updates given by tatahousing. No progress in development site. What I Do ?

Raj Kumar Jain

Posted On: 2013-01-22 21:17:50
The complaint is against M/s Kashish Developers, for Project, Manor One, at Sector 111, Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon. Grounds are, as follows: A. Taking Money from us much before the Building License was in Developer’s name. B. Rs. 8 Lac used by Developers, for more than 5 months, before Flat allotment. C. Not giving Flat on 7th Floor, allotted on 14th Floor, after 5 months. D. Not giving the Carpet area as 80% of the BUA E. Payment terms being forced, after getting payment of Rs. 8 lac. F. Further payments demanded before even completion of Foundation Work. Facts are, as follows: 1. Kashish Developers launched Manor One in May 2012 much before 2.8.12, date of issue of License. 2. On getting the 20% payment, they confirmed booking only on 08.10.12, by allotting a different Flat on 14th Floor. 3. Carpet Area cannot be less than 80% of the salable area of the Flat. However, the Carpet Area of the Flat is only 68%. Now, demand is for 35% cost of Property without foundation

Praveen Sharma

Posted On: 2013-01-18 00:29:50
Octagon Builders and Promoters taken all money under Buyer & seller time period from me ( Amount is 13 Lacs ) Now they are not ready to give allotment even they are threatening me and they are not returning my money. Note :- They did the same to thousand of innocent persons and used their money for their enjoyment and after logging a case with Consumer court they are not returning the money with Interest. So Beware of this 420 Company ( Octagon Builder & Promoters private Limited from Noida office ) Claiming the lands in Haridwar PLEASE PUT THEM BEHIND THE JAILS ( Owner of Octagon is Kuldeep Nandrajog )

Virendra Mathur

Posted On: 2013-01-17 15:12:49
I purchased a flat from builder (6-Flats in a individual land) & he give me in written on plain paper that he will provide water through Boring. But even after shifting of me he is not providing water to us.Can we complain to him & where we can complain against him.

Hardeep Singh

Posted On: 2013-01-16 12:30:00
I had deposited Rs 125,000 with Cosmos Infra Engineering(India) Ltd in May 2010, which was to be deposited with the Town Planner, to get the occupancy certificate for my flat no D-2/7 GF Ardee City. Despite of sending so many reminders, the builder has not deposited the money, nor provided the receipt of any deposit made with the town planner, neither refunded the money. I have been sending regular reminders but the builder has not even replied once or has bothered to contact me.


Posted On: 2013-01-04 15:07:39
Dear Sir, I have taken room on leave and licence from Mr. Bhupesh A. Patil. Since there were problem in the room regarding water and toilet, I informed him that I was vacating the said room on 1st December 2012. I also vacated the foom on 1st December 2012. But Mr. Bhupesh didn't returned my deposit immediately and talked with me arrogantly. When I approached him through my friend, he returned me Rs. 5168/- instead of Rs. 7700/-. I called Mr. Bhupesh several times, but he does not answer my call as he does not want to pay the saie amount. He deducted money for 9 days for which I was not staying in his room at also. He also deducted Rs. 800/- for electricity bill as bill was just Rs. 290/-. Dear Sir, I request you to give me justice and tell Mr. Bhupesh A. Patil to return my money. His contact number is 9619182553. His address is C-503, Vazira Riddhi Siddhi Co-op. Hsg. Society, Vazira, Borivali (W). He had not mentioned this address on agreement. I had to find it out from Agent.


Posted On: 2013-01-01 14:52:29
I hv booked flat in kamothe with Quality Developers/Build tech Blder(Shaikh Shaukat Hussein)in May-2011 & paid my 20% contribution fully..& aply for home loan construction of bldg. is stopped without giving me any reason.. Also they are not returning my money back. advise me for remedy in such case.


Posted On: 2012-12-31 22:02:41
Sir, I am allottee of the plot bearing No.1555, in Sector 57, HUDA, Gurgaon, Haryana vide allotment letter issued by Estate Officer-II Gurgaon dated 01/02/2005. All the payments were made by me timely, but the possession of the said plot is still awaited. Now I have received a letter issued from HUDA Estate Officer-II office Gurgaon dated 21/12/2012 demanding therein the amount of Rs.1919892/- as enhanced payments for the said plot which is to be paid by me upto 12/01/2013 failing which I have to pay the same with interest @ 15%. However, an option to pay the amount with interest @ 15% in 07 six monthly installments has also been given. But HUDA has mentioned in all of its schemes that the allottee has to pay the interest on the remaining amount after offering the possession of the plot. So, the HUDA has no right to ask for the interest on this amount as I have been offered possession of the said plot till date. So,HUDA should recover the said amount in interest free installments.


Posted On: 2012-12-24 11:46:29
Sir/Madam, I have purchased a 2BHK flat in Pune, Kasarwadi...from a builder "Agrawal-Gupta Associates" This builder constructed 3 buildings. All the flat purchasers have got possessions. Now the problem is, he hasnt constructed the compound wall back side. Also construction wastes have not been cleaned. He hasnt formed the society yet nor he got the completion certificate. We have even paid VAT as per Maharashtra Govt & Bombay HC orders to the builder. He has turned deaf to our complaints. Instead he is indulging in using vulgar language against the flat owners. For example...few days back when we went with the problems that we faced he said to one of his workers " they r like dogs let them bark" Please advice as to what we should do. 1 Bldg accomodates 48 flats.

hema mudaliar

Posted On: 2012-12-21 21:59:39
i had given 7lakhs to a builder but now it is learned that he has sold a flat to many customers.he is niether giving possession of flat nor returning the money.

Ashveen Yadav

Posted On: 2012-12-20 16:39:17
Respected Sir, I and my family members have purchased shopping area in Retail Mall of Vatika Limited at MG Road approx 7 years back ( Currently the project is named as Vatika City Point ). As per the area plan provided by the company we have chosen to opt for the ground floor units also which is front facing, with assured return option. But the problem was that without any intimation Vatika Limited has changed it's project plan from Retail Mall to Office Space. Damages they have done to us are 1. Providing Office Space instead of Retail Space. 2. Not providing the property on the same location as promised on papers as per Layout Plan. 3. They have not provided us possession till date. We have purchased the property around 7 Years earlier. As per papers they should have provided us the possession in 3 Years. Means Delay of 4 Years in possession. 4. Vatika is making profits from our space by earning rentals from corporates like Volkswagen, and leaving us in losses.

Hasmukh Meghabhai ginoya

Posted On: 2012-12-18 14:14:53
i have booked flat A-201 in shivam residency developed by zaver enterprise in Near tulsidham char rasta,vadodara on date 28 august 2011. builder told me to give possession on december 2012, but i have no written proof about the possession date. now builder told me he give me the possession on end of February 2012 and increasing the possession date every time when we meet him. He has prepared other three member flat although they have purchase in last 6 month. So now what should i do to get me possession very early. May i write the the letter about the possession date or ask him to pay me the rent of passed month from December 2012, because currently i am leaving on rent base ? May i ask him to pay my SBI home loan interest rate ? please give me suggestion

Naresh Sharma

Posted On: 2012-12-11 13:03:00
My Builder(Tanay Builder - Gautam Burad & Snajay Shetiya) is not handing over the society, always gives some excuses like first pay VAT then society wil be formed. For VAT he need to provide proper receipt, whcih he is not doing. Also VAT is individual issue, so becoz of such things society hand over shouldn't be impacted

Pradeep Karetha

Posted On: 2012-12-08 14:36:23
Builder had collected a VAT amount in Cash from all the flat owners, without informing at the time of booking a flat & collected at the time of Register Sale Deed & not giving receipt for the same. When all Flat Owners member had make a group & discussed then he saying we all partner discuss it & give feedback to you. After a month he said, we had make a case against Vat Department. So, we had collected it. He also not giving a receipt & also not giving the details of Case which he had filed.

pankaj kumar nandrajog

Posted On: 2012-12-07 19:05:38
dear sir, I had booked a 150 sq yds cottage with arun dev builders ltd, F-1211,chitranjan park,New delhi-110019 in their project arun dev city haridwar. At the time of booking the builder promised to hand over the possession of the cottage in not more than a years time from the date of booking. The builder failed not only in giving the cottage in time but did not refund the amount of 4.39 lakh paid by me to him in 2007.I kept on trying for the ferund and at last in jan 2011, he agreed to refund the amount and demanded an affidavit from me which was sent to him on 19 jan 2011.But unfortunately,there is no refund made to me by him till date and every month he tells me a new date in the coming month.My registration no for the project is 34916.You are requested to guide on the subject


Posted On: 2012-12-06 02:38:50
the builder has given the car parking below the bathroom/toilet which has a leakage of bathroom water.i want to know that is it leagal for builder to give car parking below the friend told me that builder cannot give parking space below the bathroom according to rules, so i want to know it is right or not


Posted On: 2012-12-05 11:51:07
I booked a flat in 13 floor and paid 20 percent builder had Cc upto 4 th floor can he demand further payments without Cc for plinth

Hema R

Posted On: 2012-12-04 14:16:03
We have been staying in 360 flats society.The boundary wall has collapsed within span of 7 years however after 5 years maintanance period by builder.The insurance agency reports that its due to poor quality of material used.The wall construction is going to incurr us about 8-10 lac.Builder has denied to pay for it .Whose responsibility it is to pay the amount ? The members or the builder?

Namrata Chavan

Posted On: 2012-12-04 13:28:23
Sir, we have purchased a under construction flat in Mumbai in 2009. The builder agreed to give possession by Dec 2011. We have taken home Loa from SBI and the installment are deducted from my salary account. What remedy is available to us to expedite work completion or at least no payment of loan. Can we ask builder to pay compensation?

Rakesh Mahajan

Posted On: 2012-11-28 23:15:06
Dear Sir We had booked a 1BHK flat admeasuring 465 sq ft in Tata Housing's Shubh Griha Project at boisar, in 2009. As per the agreement for sale the builder was supposed to give possession in June 2011. But the project is delayed by 17 months. Due to which we incurred heavy lossesby way of paying rent during this 17 months.Apart from delayed possession, builder is charging heavy extra ammount towards final possession ammount which is explained in the below self explanatory email from builder in response to our objection for delay is possession & extra charges Kindly go through the same & guide us how we should preceed for the possession.Whether we should pay all the money as demanded by the builder & then go for claim. Or shall we file a complaint in the consumer court & pay the builder the genuine revised ammount after the court judgement only Below is the builder's email response to our letter to builder,for your ready reference Dear Sirs/Madams, We refer to your email dated November 10, 2012. Please find here below a point wise response to the queries raised by you in the letter attached A)ref. Outstanding ammount----Interest for delayed payment = 8406 What about the delay of 18 months on part of Tata Housing Development Company Limited in handing over the said flat to us. We request you to kindly pay us the interest on the ammount paid by us for the delayed period. The rate of interest may be decided mutually. à You will agree that payment plan was a time linked schedule and it was mutually agreed that time is the essence of all payments. Delay in receiving various installments on time has resulted in accrual of interest. The project construction progress and delivery of the same was affected by various inadvertent interludes outside the direct control of Tata Housing. We have appraised you of the various challenges in the project from time to time. Under the circumstances we are unable to consider any compensation for the delay as the situation is due to factors outside the direct influence of TATA HOUSING. B)Ref. Society Deposits and Other Charges (Part)and Taxes - Share Money as per the agreement should be Rs. 350/-, but you have mentioned Rs. 600/- in the attatched annexure à Share Money is collected as per guidelines of the Maharashtra Co-operative Society. As per the new bye laws of Maharashtra Co-operative Society the share money charges has been revised and hence the change in the values. C) Ref: Society Deposits and Other Charges (Part)and Taxes Water and Electricity –Supply and Connection Charges as per the agreement should be Rs.25000/-. But you have mentioned Rs. 41850/- which is too high. à We had brought to your notice that we have had challenges in bringing water supply and electricity to the project. The charges indicated to you in the agreement for sale was estimated charges at the time of executing the Agreement for Sale. We have now drawn a dedicated 18 km pipe line for supply of water to the project. This has resulted in higher costs towards the same and hence there is increase in these charges. You may refer to clause 19(b) where we have informed you of your liability to bear any increase in actual charges of the headers. D) Ref: Society Deposits and Other Charges (Balance) As per the agreement we have to pay Rs. 465 per month as towards Maintenance @ 1/- psf for 6 months i.e, total Rs. 2700/-. But, as per the attatched annexture you have mentioned Rs. 7837/- @Rs.2.5 per sft. Which is too high for a so called, low cost housing. àMaintenance was estimated at the time of registration based on the then prevalent minimum charges for various maintenance functions like housekeeping, security and other relevant charges. The minimum rates for engaging services of professional agencies to carry out the various maintenance functions have increased over the period of time. We have incorporated the revised applicable charges as per current market values and hence the maintenance charges have gone up from Rs.1/- per sq.ft. to Rs.2.50/- per sq.ft.. You may refer to clause 19(b) where we have informed you of your liability to bear any increase in actual charges of the headers. E) Ref: Society Deposits and Other Charges (Balance). As per the annexture you have asked for 1 year deposit of Maintenance @Rs. 2.5 per sft. Which was neither explained to us at the time of booking nor is mentioned in the agreement. à The advance is collected to allow smooth functioning of the societies, once formed, after exit of Tata Housing. This deposit will be transferred to the Society under the name of the particular flat owner when Tata Housing’s Facility Management will hand over the reins of the project to the respective societies. This deposit will be used to adjust against any pending dues from members at the point of transfer to the societies. F) Ref: Society Deposits and Other Charges (Balance). As per the annexture you have demanded Rs.5000/- Interest Free Refundable Deposit for Interior/Shifting which was also never agreed upon as per the agreement for sale. à This refundable deposit is collected to cover any damages caused to the common area during shifting in by members into the building. This will be refunded to the respective flat owners 15 days from date of physical move in by the customer after necessary deductions in case of any damages caused to the common areas of the building else it will be refunded in full without any interest. Hope we have clarified all queries to your satisfaction. Feel free to contact us for any further queries on the above. Kindly make the payments as per the demand letter offering possession to you at the earliest to start the hand over process. We once again regret the inconvenience caused to you due to delay in project delivery and look forward to welcoming you into your HOME in Shubh Griha. Thanks and Regards, B Satish Project Sales Head "Shubh Griha", "New Haven", "New Haven Crest", Boisar "Shubh Griha", "New Haven", Vasind "GoodLife" - Retail Mall, Boisar Mobile : +91 98199 19744 Phone : +91 22 6661 4539 Fax : +91 22 6661 4550 Web : | | |

vinod sakpal

Posted On: 2012-11-27 21:26:54
Dear Sir I have booked in Thane in Dosti Group project in Aug 2009, agreement value 48lacs. We got a demand for payment 96000/- toward VAT in october and we made the payment before due date. However, the builder is now asking to make escrow Deposit of another 1.5lacs towards VAT which takes the VAT to 5% of agreement value. They have refused to clear the possession until this is made. I have made all the payments and nothing is pending as per the agreement or demand. However, the builder is not giving us possesion until we make the deposit as required by them. The builder is armtwisting all other owners to do the same. Request you to kindly help us deal with the situation. Sincerely hope somebody help us in this, the builder has already delayed the project by amost 1.5years and now he is dictating his own terms. On questioning the reason for making deposit the official was not able to provide any answers and on the top of that was rude. regards Vinod Sakpal

jayesh sood

Posted On: 2012-11-27 10:01:02
booked one flat at sec 78 urban casa noida. BSP negotiated by investor clinic was different. Firm promised to repay difference by way of credit note. We paid full amount submitted receipts but firm says they have not received brokerage from builder. jayesh sood unit d-207

Pravakar Bain

Posted On: 2012-11-25 21:13:39
Hi I have purchased an apartrment from SGR Buildtech, GR Lavender during January 2012. My registration was done on the same year and I paid 1 year of Maintenance fee. Now the builder has come back demanding for Maintenence Fee from July 2011, when I have not even bought the partment. They are citing the cause that they had to maintain the oinfrastructure irrespective of the status of purchase and threatening to stop service. Please advise what action I should take.

leena Dsouza

Posted On: 2012-11-20 11:31:37
We have booked our flat in mira road , mumbai with ackruit builder in 2009 in mi, as promised by them they were suppose to handover the flat by 2011 ,but when on extended the dates ,it being four years still the flat is not ready, we have send them mails butthe reply comes we will inform you, we are already paying interest for the loan what we have taken from the flat,please advise as what to do

d k sharma

Posted On: 2012-11-10 10:09:25
i booked a flat in 2009 with a builder for a project in gurgaon. The project plan was changed twice and finally scrapped. After lots of effort,builder agreed to pay back my amount of Rs 12,50,000/- in 4 equal installments without any interest. The installments were to be paid in jan/feb/mar/apr 2012. He has paid me the 2 installments(late),but since then he has refused to pay the balance amount of 2 installments. The letter of mutual understanding is existing in writing from the builder.I have visited their office and written to them,but he has refused to pay the money.what to do now.what options that i have.

Hari Kumar

Posted On: 2012-11-07 10:20:27
I have been cheated by an unscrupulous builder in New Delhi M/s GTM Builders & Promoters Pvt Ltd. GTM HOUSE G-5, Pushkar Enclave, Outer Ring Road, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 110063, India. Phone: 91.11.42331133 , 91.11.45314531 I, Hari Kumar residing in Kerala now, would like to lodge a complaint against a builder company ( GTM Builders & Promoters Pvt Ltd. represented by Mr Gautham Kumar (Chairman) and Mr Thushar Kumar (Managing Director) Their proposed project ' a commercial plot' which was scheduled to come up in Jaipur. In the year 2008 I paid them 5.65 lakhs in two installments to book 100 sq ft of plot . I am having the copies of the receipts. For the next two years I was given a rosy picture of the project and the presumptive profits I would make in the event of a sale and by means of rentals which could be shared with GTM. In the year 2010 I got transferred to Kerala where I am living presently with my wife and two children. In the year 2011 September when I inquired abou


Posted On: 2012-11-06 16:53:26
FOR NON-ISSUE OF ALLOTMENT LETTER IN RESPECT OF EWS FLAT AT PANCHKULA HEIGHTS,PEERMUSHALLA,ZIRAKPUR. A.Builder (M/s G.S.Promoters & Developers (now partner with A.P.Shresth Colonisers)SCO 409,Ist Floor,sector 20,Panchkula,Haryana state Ph.01725064441/ of Proprietor Mr.Manoj Mittal e-mail has esclated cost from 5.10 lacs @ Rs 1200/-per sq.ft rate to Rs 8.0 lacs within 6 months of release of advt.,though flats has already been built alongwith 2& 3 BHK flats more than 1 year ago. B.Builder isn't agreeing for Balance payment to be made in Installments within 2 years of allotment as specified in the advt.and also as per Application Form terms & conditions. C.Dispute w.r.t.covered area as mentioned in advt.was 525 sq.ft.whereas on site actually it is not more than 400sq.ft.and flat superficial area is 425 sq.ft. D.As per govt.of Punjab,deptt.of housing & urban dev.guidelines/notification dated 7/11/2008 and amendment dt.13/12/2011,Builder has to provide all basic facilities/amenities viz.flooring,water/elect connection,sanitary fittings,fixation of doors & windows etc.But these facilities hasn't yet been completed fully at the floor at which flat allotted to me.

ravi kant verma

Posted On: 2012-11-05 11:52:20
1. In july -2011, i purchased a flat in MVL-Coral Bhiwadi. 2. I made first three payment of total 8.5 lakh on time. But after some time they took my original aggeremt letter for changing floor name.I approached for loan and it was pricipally approved by bank, but since i was not having original documents it could not be started. 3. I regularly followed for the same but no letter given to me. 4. In July -2012, they returned me original paper but with photograph & some paper missing. 5. I met their head ofiice but no solution provided 6. On 4th Oct i recieved a cancellation notice of my flat due to non-payment. I explained them in personal that delay happened only b'coz of non-availibilty of proper documents from them but no body giving proper response. 7. I am regualry following with them for giving solution for this but till date no body responding properly. pls advise what to do further

Pankaj Shingre

Posted On: 2012-11-04 20:14:43
Dear sir We are being force to leave in the transit camp for more than seven years; our land is being taken by a builder for Development under the SRA scheme. The structure of building is ready but we haven’t yet received position of our flats. Reason, the construction work has been stopped by MCZMA, because builder without taken their permission has created 20th Floor building when only approval of 15 floor was being sanction to him. The transit camp in which we are force to stay is in very paratactic condition, there in zero level of Hygien, you can see all rats roaming in whole building during day time, and no limit for Bed bugs, you will find them in each and every corner of the building. The iron bars have starred eroding and all the scrap is being falling, can’t say when will this camp collapsed. When it is builder’s mistake then why are we a common man has to suffer and leave in this bad condition lifestyle. So it’s a request if you can help

rajnish sharma

Posted On: 2012-11-01 23:11:05
dear sir, i had purchased aflat from local builder of jaipur in 13.46 lacs and after one month due to rain my celing is leaking ihad told to him .he had assured me to rennovate or repair this but now he is just passing the time and not to take care of this . kindly do some help in this matter.

Mr. Daya Shanker Pandey

Posted On: 2012-10-30 11:12:16
Sir, I have booked a flat No.12028 in gaur city-2,Gc-16 at Noida extension in the month of Feb-2011 and paid 20% about 5.90 Lakh. To pay further 20% which was dues to pay by 15th april 2011 i have applied for home loan from LIC housing finance at Noida branch. Due to land dispute at Noida extension LIC has stopped all the disbursement including my by 20th May 2011. Although it was sanctioned on 7th May 2011.Now problem is over and they send a demand to me and Charged 1.40 Lakhs interest @of 18%. In the mean time Mr. Maoj Gaure MD of my project wrote a letter to me on 7th July that Please be with us and no interest will be charged if bankers has not disbursed the loan. Please Help me in this regard. Yours, D S Pandey Supt. Enginner BCCL, Dhanabd

Dr. Rudra Pratap Singh

Posted On: 2012-10-29 17:07:20
Sir, I have booked a flat No.12027 in gaur city-2,Gc-16 at Noida extension in the month of Feb-2011 and paid 20% about 5.90 Lakh. To pay further 20% which was dues to pay by 15th april 2011 i have applied for home loan from LIC housing finance at Noida branch. Due to land dispute at Noida extension LIC has all the disbursement including my by 20th May 2011. Although it was sanctioned on 5th May 2011.Now problem is over and they send a demand to me and Charged 1.40 Lakhs interest @of 18%. In the mean time Mr. Maoj Gaure MD of my project wrote a letter to me on 7th July that Please be with us and no interest will be charged if bankers has not disbursed the loan. Please Help me in this regard. Thanks, Dr. R P Singh principal Scientist CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad, Jharkhand Mob: 09471191486

Posted On: 2012-10-12 15:31:11
I am living in a flat in Noida sector-37 taken on rent started from 1-august-2012, now i want to vacate the flat and for that I tried to give notice on 7th of October-2012 as it is mentioned to give a months notice before vacating he is not accepting it and landlord through his property agent/dealer is saying that you have to give notice on starting of month i.e 1st Nov and vacate it by 30th November. When i told them its just written 1 month notice how could it matter to give it on 1st of month and due to some reasons he again delays this i.e once 1st of November passes he can continue this again. He told me do whatever you can do but you have to stay till 30th of november. How should I deal with this issue as monthly rent is of 20,000 and its gonna take m 50 more days to vacate, its a harassment for a tenant. Please guide me in this problem.

Adarsh Sethi

Posted On: 2012-10-07 23:12:39
I have purchased a flat in the newly constructed Tirupati Jwels at Dabri peetha, The builder has not formed a society , given a temporary electric common connection,one lift is not provided and pressurising the flat oeners to form the society other wise he will disconnect the PHE water connection.Please advise should we form the society and fight the case or register the complaint in the individually in consumer forum.


Posted On: 2012-09-24 15:51:04
I have booked a flat in gaur city 2, unit no:- 14061, I had paid Rs200000 at the time of booking but due to the dispute in Noida extension, it got held up for an year. But after the dispute when I went give my second installment I had been told that my flat has been cancelled. I inquired about the reason then they told that the amount paid was less than 10% of building cost. I feel i have been cheated because my flat was cancelled without any intimation. I want to ask if they have to cancel the flat due to xyz reasins then why did not they do one year back. They held my money for an year whose interest no one is accountable for that and when the flat rates have been appreciated then they have cancelled the old bookings to get more money from fresh bookings. This I believe a complete violation of Indian Govt. Legal act.


Posted On: 2012-09-23 16:45:34
In 2009 my family had submitted 3 applications for NBCC - Kehkra (UP) project. We have not got the refunds so far despite making email submissions 3 times to NBCC. Each application was followed by a draft of INR 10000 i.e totalling up to 30,000. Information submitted to them had every detail - Project name , Applicant name, application Num. , Draft Num. & bank name, Current & Old address. Rachel Pravesh & Bindu Singh 23092009/056/17 Bindu Singh 23092009/056/18 Ram Pravesh Singh 23092009/056/19 E-Mail submissions for refund was made to the following email id's as listed on NBCC site - / / / . Also, per NBCC applicants who were not alloted houses under Phase1 were elligible for Phase2 & untill the decleration of Phase2 results, NBCC would pay an interest of 6% on the funds . Draft details & address would be furnished on request.

Prasanth K

Posted On: 2012-09-21 22:49:40
Hello Sir, This is regarding a concern with a real estate builder called India bulls,greens in chennai. I have purchased one flat from india bulls in phase 1 during the year 2010.The flat is of 1243 sq ft including the common area. They have informed us to handover the flat by maximum september 2012, but still the flat is yet to be handed over and they informed that it will take till Jan 2013. We accept there will be contruction delays. Now the problem they are causing is asking us to pay for extra 110 Sq ft informing that they are transferring the club house ownership to us.The club house was part of the ameneties promised during booking . We are asked to pay an amount of 1 Lakhs towards the membership fees which was agreed during the signing of agreement. Now they wanted to transfer the ownership of club house to us mandatorily and asking us to pay extra 3 Lakhs by october 20th. Please let me know apart from the apartment area we have, should a customer pay for the club house construction where it was promised as one of the amenities by this builder along with joggin track, Super market, Sports area etc. Should they also charge us for other amenities by transferring the ownership. Is this legal where we are not interested for club house ownership which is also not part of the living area. Please guide us as this is causing mental agony for me.. I have already been paying complete EMI for last two years, where i have taken a loan of 36 Lakhs from India bulls finance. They have not yet registered the flat even though the flat is 90% completed. I assume they are using this to make us pay for whatever they want us to pay. Please help us. Regards, Prasanth.

isha ghoshal

Posted On: 2012-09-19 13:20:33
i have paid more than 75% to builder now its year still he has not given the flat nor he paying the emi as per contract.

Arindam Sinha

Posted On: 2012-09-18 15:32:12
I have booked a Flat on 20:80 schemes in January'12 with Indiabulls Greens Panvel. This was sold to me by the broking firm of the Indiabulls Real Estate. I was not keen on the property as the payout looked bit difficult for me. The sales persons convinced me that if I was ready to pay the 20% on deferred mode in two consecutive months. My further payment should start only after the payment of the 2nd 10%. It was confirmed again and again to me that, the approvals were taken from requisite authorities and hence, this was agreed. But unfortunately after the payment of 1st instalment of the 20% (i.e) payment, the Real Estate division sent me a demand letter asking for balance 80% and with interest of 18% on late payment charges for the balance money. As per the agreed terms the balance payment should have started after payment of the second instalment. When I confronted with the selling agency, Indiabulls broking they said I should stay calm as this was not a problem, and this was being taken care off by Indiabulls broking. From then I have been following up with the Indiabulls broking agency but haven’t got any respite on the interests charged to me. This has compiled to a value of Rs. 35 k. I am writing to their COO, VP, AVP and Salesperson asking explanations, which they are not proving to me. Your intervention is required in this case.

Hatim Motiwala

Posted On: 2012-09-11 17:18:51
Dear Sir / Madam, I would like to communicate the hardship faced during dealing with the builder and different government authorities for getting the parking and terrace space as per the approved plan. I have filed three complains in different departments with numbers: DOCAF/E/2011/01135; GOVGJ/E/2011/00283 and DOLDR/E/2012/00051 regarding non-availability of parking and terrace space. As per the representation by the builder (Munaf Associates, Vadodara) during the time of booking, there is provision for parking and terrace space which is also mentioned in the Municipal Approved Plan. After taking possession on 1st April 2011, we have noticed that the parking space and terrace space are not available as per the representation and the approved plan. These spaces are occupied illegally by the builder and used for commercial purpose. We have communicated to Builder both orally and in written form on number of occasions. We are following and fighting for this since Aug' 2011 but no resolution has yet arrived. I have been continuously following up with Vadodara Muncipal Office and they are taking too long to resolve this by giving different reasons every time. Now the latest they are saying that the complain applicant is supposed to pay charges for the procedure and action to be taken to open up the occupied space. My argument is that builder has done illegal activity and gain monetary benefits for which the buyer need not to pay for procedure, we as a customer are at receiving end and on top of this we only have to pay the procedure charges, which is not fair. I heartily request you to look into the matter so that we get the parking and terrace space as per the approved plan. The construction quality is also so poor that there is lot of water dripping on every spell of rain. I kindly request you to look into the matter so that we get the parking and terrace space, and improvement and rectification in the construction work. Also, there was so much mental disturbance because I have paid the entire amount of property through bank loan hence would like to have compensation on that as well. Thank you. Yours truly, Hatim Motiwala PhPhone No.: 9375972556

Kshama M. Chaulkar

Posted On: 2012-09-10 13:45:39
Harrasment by the Builder Mr. Prashant Ainapure, Shree Swami Samarth Builders and Developers of Virar (W), bolinj. He quoted the rate of 2500/ per sq.ft for 475sq.ft area in the bldg in Virar (W), bolinj. WE handed him the amount of 3.5 lacs and plus registration amount of 90,000 in NOv 2011 but till date he gives us excuses that he is not well or out of town. In June we came to know that a common friend who also had booked a room in the same bldg have got his registration done in May itself. They never called us instead my husband use to call him every other day. On Sat 8 Sept 2012 he refused to do the registration and asked us to do whatever we wants. He has top contacts in Virar and so no one can beat him. We have the receipts of the money we have handed over to him. Can u help us in this matter.


Posted On: 2012-08-29 10:39:11
In Dec. 2009 we booked a 2 BHK flat in Lodha Heaven and as per the lodha sales executive Bhairav Singh Rathod the flat possession will be in December 2010 but in agreement they cheated and mentioned December 2012. Also there are many hidden charges in the name of penalty was charged by Deepak Lodha . He charged 1 Lakh 25 thousand as penalty from me on delay in payments & after paying this penalty he gave the possesion letter to me. Where as the delay in submitting the cheques to GIC Bank was done by his executive Bhairav Singh Rathore.

sudarshen agarkar

Posted On: 2012-08-23 18:19:16
dear sir , i had purchased a 2bhk apartment in 12 apartment building from builder vasant rajaram belambe , latur . at the time of purchase he has not informed me that he is going to retain one flat in which his son subodh vasant belambe is living since then. but problem is that he and his three son are behaving like they still own the building and started arrogancy. association was also not formed then i made a complaint which forced them to form association . due to that they became very angry with me and now vasant rajaram belambe and his son subodh,sushil,shrikant are giving me life threats . even i have registered complaint at shivajinagar police station one and half year back , police is doing nothing as they are bribing police and trying to harass me by police and local gundas. sir please guide me what can i do ? weather i have right to live peacefully in a home which i brought by hard earned money. i desperately seeking your help as i have a very serious threat to me and my family from builder vasant rajaram belambe and his son subodh , sushil, shrikant, judiciary can take lie detector test or even narcoanalysis of mine and vasant, subodh, shrikant, sushil belambe in regards of my allegations


Posted On: 2012-08-08 16:51:50
From Anil Kumar Acharya RSB TRANSMISSION (I) LTD,PLANT 3 ADITYAPUR INDUSTRIAL AREA,PHASE 7, JAMSHEDPUR-831013 Sub- cheating & fraud by builder Dear sir I had booked a 3 BHK flat in JAMSHEDPUR (Jharkhand) in October 2008.The builder could not deliver the flat as promised. After lot of chasing ,Finally in June 2012 Builder informed me that he is unable to deliver the flat and ready to pay me back the amount paid to him with 12 % simple interest. I finally agreed to the payment as I was fed up chasing him. Builder gave me 3 cheques of equal installment and the cheque encashment is also distributed over 3 months. I deposited the first cheque on 25-06-12 and it bounced and the bank report was “exceeds the arrangement”. Again I deposited the 2 ND cheque on 26-07-12 and it also bounced and the bank report was “exceeds the arrangement” I have tried to contact the builder and he is not responding positively and only replying “I am arranging your money”. I am frustrated over the build


Posted On: 2012-07-28 16:23:03
This so called Lodha group started marketing their new venture in Hyderabad, without even getting approvals. I booked the flat in Nov 2010. Paid the 20% downpayment by June 2011. APplied for Home loan in June 2011, but since they haven't got approvals, bank holded on my application and there was improper documentation from Lodha to the bank as well. Bank demanded proper documentation and asked me to hold on to it. 1. They got approvals on Jan 30 2012 2. I've reinstructed the bank to reprocess my home loan aplication on Jan 31 2012. 3. There was a documentation issue from Lodha's side which let my bank hold on my application; and finally they have provided the necessary document to bank on July 19th 2012. 4. On 20th July 2012, bank told me to reinitiate my application. Having said this story, there was no single mistake/ delay fro my end. But the builder has got problems of approvals and documentation because of which bank holded off the HL applications. During this period, Jan 30 2012 till today, Lodha is keeping on adding interest charges for the late payment (come on, what late payment, whose problem was that?) which is coming around INR 2 lacs now. I reminded them the whoe situation and asked them to resend the revised demand letter waiving off all the unnecessary interest charges. There were several emails from me, several calls from me on this, but there is no single response to my emails nor to my calls. It is being delayed even more to add on interest charges for this period as well. I would really want to take it legally against this builder 'Lodha' which is since day 1 giving us the mental torture and harassment for money, illegally. Please let me know whether I should be really filing an FIR/ case against this builder. I would like to take a serious actions against such type of imbecile behavior from this builder.

Deep Basu

Posted On: 2012-07-10 14:37:03
I have booked a property (7-DU” in the Sanjeeva Town Duplex Estate at Mouza-Thakdari, P.S. New Town, Kolkata-700 059)with NK Realtors (Registered office: 1/1B, UPPER WOOD STREET,Kolkata – 700 017) in July, 2008. The property was due for possession on July 2010. Inspite of payment of all due installments on time, the property is still to be handed over for possession. I received a possession request letter from the builder on 22nd June, 2012, but the property is still not in a habitable state. The following are yet to be installed/completed: -The lift -The electric wiring and switch boards -WC and all bathroom and kitchen fixtures -The open terrace landscaping was not done. -Water connection I requested the builders to offer discount of Rs. 2,75,666/- as a compensation. I was denied. The delay cost me rental loss Rs. 4,80,000 (24 months @ Rs 20000/month) from my current house. Builder should pay for loss and legal fees. Pls lodge a complaint


Posted On: 2012-07-09 16:34:17
Dear sir I had booked a 3 BHK flat in JAMSHEDPUR (Jharkhand) in October 2008.The builder could not deliver the flat as promised.After lot of chasing ,Finally in June 2012 Builder informed me that he is unable to deliver the flat and ready to pay me back the amount paid to him with 12 % simple interest. I finally agreed to the payment as I was fed up chasing him. Builder gave me 3 cheque of equal installment and encashment is also distributed over 3 months. I deposited the first cheque on 25-06-12 and it bounced and the bank report was “exceeds the arrangement”. I have tried to contact the builder and he is not responding positively and only replying “I am arranging your money”. I am frustrated over the builder’s attitude and I request your kind intervention to solve my problem at the earliest. Regards Anil Acharya M-9386834632 Jamshedpur(Jharkhand)


Posted On: 2012-07-02 06:45:29

nitin sharma

Posted On: 2012-06-25 16:47:31
Dear Sir, I had booked a flat in Panchsheel Wellington in year 2008 area crossing republic Ghaziabad (UP). Builder has committed us to handover the possession within 3 years from date of flat booking. Now they have been delayed more than a year and as per terms agreed in writing if they failed to deliver the flat within agreed time frame, then they will pay us penalty of 5 sq feet/month. But now builder is not ready to pay the same & saying that this delay was due to force measured, which is not correct. However they are asking late payment charges with 24% compound interest from us after four years. It is for 7 days delay in payment made to them during flat booking which was actually delayed due to loan disbursement from bank. Please advice on this matter, how should we take us this matter? Regards Nitin Sharma


Posted On: 2012-06-12 16:49:37
HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE BUILDER MANTRI DEVELOPERS. he has not provided the basic infrastucture facilities

Deepak Kumar

Posted On: 2012-05-27 17:19:50
a. No respond/replied received on my any of the complaint letter/email sent to the builder b. False practice following by builder c. Late penalty fees not adjusted d. Forcefully our flat sold by the builder without taking our consensus e. We paid 6 extra EMIs to the Bank due to biased/un-professional practiced followed by the builder f. Unfair allotment g. Unfair Penalty charges adjustment h. Unfair Transfer charges i. Unfair Parking charges j. Unfair buy/sale practices followed by the builder

Trans Apartment CHS Ltd

Posted On: 2012-05-08 18:38:23
Respected Sir, Sub - Building water Tanke Leakage. We are the Managing Committee of Trans Apartment CHS Ltd, we have bought the flats 8-years back, due to the inferior quality materials used by the builder for building our water tank has started leaking from all the sides, we had even afraid that it would burst one day, we had informed our builder ATUL BUILDERS to repair the water tank but there was no response from the builder hence wehave repaired the tank and send the bill to the builder for making the payment but he is not ready to accept the bill or not giving any response. we have contacted him many occassions but there was no response. We humbly request your good ofice to send a notice to the concerned party for paying the bill of our repair activities. we need a compansation of Rs.50000/- as we have spend the money for the same. their website - Thanking you Yours truly For Trans Apartments CHS Ltd, Mahakali. Managing Committee.
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