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gautham manda

Posted On: 2017-03-25 16:14:35
I've bought my bike on Jan 27th, registration is not yet completed. Got my bike tax receipt number but registration is still pending.

arunesh tiwari

Posted On: 2017-03-25 14:03:57
please help my driving liecence not replacement please call back 9888054392

Dhanaji Prajapati

Posted On: 2017-03-22 11:00:18
Booked a ticket on rsrtc website but didnt allow to seat.

Sanjay Dave

Posted On: 2017-03-21 16:23:10
When you travel by Ola Taxi in Mumbai from Santa Cruz to Worli, Ola charges for sea-link toll even if you do not travel by that route. Sea-link route is longer than the normal route but might take lesser time. Questions are: 1. Why should consumer be forced for the service that has not been availed or for the route that has not been travelled? 2. Why should consumers be forced to pay for the longer route plus also pay for the sea-link toll? 3. Why should Ola calculate the route based on time even if it involves a longer distance plus toll charges? A consumer might prefer to take a shorter route in terms of distance to avoid paying the toll. 4. Why can't consumers have the option to travel by a route of choice? The moot point is why should consumers be forced to pay extra. When you call their office, they say that if you travel by the shorter route and not by the Ola route, you will still be charged for sea-link toll. When you argue your point, they rudely reply take it or leave it.

rajesh kumar

Posted On: 2017-03-20 15:14:36
Dear sir I've Subscribed for Shuttl service for my office commutation with a guaranteed seat offer(AD also project on Buses) but after giving money for subscription and using it I shock to learn that its services is very unreliable, Twice it left me without any ride and absence from my job. Now I want to cancel my subscription but these people are deducting 25 % of my subscription despite the fact the deficiency is on their part. Instead of paying me for absence from my job because of them these people shuttl is penalising me for their fault. I request that please rein in this app based service provider for their mistake.


Posted On: 2017-02-20 13:23:30
Sir I was booked a Mercedes gla car on 05 feb 2017 from 1000am to 0200 pm on 06 Feb 2017 from Zoomcar no JPS6V650T.i booked it on 20 Jan 2017.afterthat I lost my registered mobile no but I call from my new mobile no 9416573332 to Zoomcar and inform them for my new contact no.i call them on 04 Feb 2017 in evnging.than I reach on site mahipalpur Delhi to recive my booked car.but they denied due to breakdown of car.afterthat due to delay of infroming me,I lost my assignment.than they retrun only my paid amount.than I tried via phone and email also to refund me 30 lac as a lost they are not responding me on mail.they can inform me well in time on my new contact no or my registrated please help me

Abhijeet S Naik

Posted On: 2017-02-16 18:01:39
Ubder India is charging cancellation fees illegally, what is Ubder loosing if user cancels a trip & immediately book another trip. Under which government law Uber is able to charge 60rupees cancellation fees

jishnu anand

Posted On: 2017-02-09 22:31:53
Today i booked 3 tickets to kayamkulam from payyannur through Redbus the journey date i selected was 10/02/2017 but after i selected the seats and made the payment the message i got was for journey on 09/02/2017 , i realised the change in date and made an immediate call to your customer care for assistance and i was stunned by their arrogant reply , they told me that if once payment is done as per their policy only cancellation is the option to get back the money and that i was entitled only for Rs.744/- the amount i paid was Rs.2580/- , what kind of policy is this ? Most sites have cancellation policy framed based on the time of departure from the starting point of the bus. Moreover your cancellation policy or the date of journey confirmation was not displayed even once not until the payment was credited to you. I booked the ticket at 2.52 PM i made the call at 2.56 PM . Within 4 minutes i lost Rs.1836/- , that too by the mistake of your site.

Sumon Ghosh

Posted On: 2017-02-05 21:56:23
Road quality is very bad from Garia station to Gangajoara. Government is not looking at this and day by day its getting worst.

Pradipta Chanda

Posted On: 2017-01-29 21:36:09
I have traveled via Ola a distance of approx. 14 km, but ola charged for 22.2 Km, i have been denied the refund of money by Ola on the basis that i have exceeded my quota for refund request. I have observed during several of my last ride that Ola is generating wrong invoice by increasing the distance. This is really not acceptable. Hence I am taking this opportunity to bring this in your kind notice and seek your guidance for next steps. Ola should be punished for this and this should be publicize so that common people who are taking ola ride be more vigilant. I have all the documnets like invoice and their response after submission of my refund request. Thanking you, With Warm Request Pradipta Chanda

Hari Prasad

Posted On: 2017-01-22 21:01:08
I took cab on 21 jan 2017 around 2 am your cab driver in between of journey denied to take my desired route and he forced me take his desired route and threatened me so I had to end the trip in between in an un secure location and he called three of his cab drivers so I was so scared . My registered Email ID and contact no 9036989880

vijay dohar

Posted On: 2017-01-11 18:34:21
I booked my luggege from Mumbai to khajuraho through agarwal india packers and movers,as I got transfer from mumbai to khajuraho but I recieved all household items in damaged conditions as truck got accident which was carrying my luggege, I filled F.I.R at khajuraho also sent many mail to concern agency but they not responding anything.requested to please help.

adnan bagasrawala

Posted On: 2016-12-22 23:09:12
I went to venetian honda near Nagpada, Mumbai for servicing honda activa after preliminary examination of bike by Mr.moin I handed him the keys. And was told to pick up bike in evening after reaching there I was told bike is not ready, so had to come next day to collect the bike, after checking on next day their serviceman told bike is alright now and total bill was rs.4000 & he said if you want 100% perfect then some parts will have to be changed which will cost a more than 2000-3000 it did not occur to me that son of bitch had not fix the liner of the break (which is an essential and also comes cheap) and it needed to be replaced urgently because of which the bike was skidding. After few days I met with accident and fractured my knee, after which I went to surgery which cost me around 1 lakh, and I have still not recovered after 6 month of surgery, all this was because I went to venetian honda for servicing and was not told to replace the liner of the break. Please never go there to


Posted On: 2016-12-22 12:22:11
I booked a OLA cab through my mobile on 14th Dec 2016 from Lajpat Nagar to I.G.Intl airport CRN: 491627940. Upon completion of the ride, since there was no money in my Ola money wallet, we paid Rs.326.00 cash to the driver Mr.Jai, mob no.9873685254. After 2 days, when I had transferred money into my wallet, and when I was booking my next ride, my wallet was again debited by Rs.326.00 for the same ride. Upon pointing this out through Ola support, I was told that the money cannot be refunded. Please help.

Daniel Maben

Posted On: 2016-12-21 19:05:57
Wrongly double charged for 2 Uber trips taken on 14th December 2016. This was due to an app issue on Ubers end. Payment was made in cash. Attempts were made to file a complaint on Uber support however a tech issue once again from Ubers end prevents them from recognizing my email address although it is the same as registered with them. Complaint was then made on twitter and response received that matter will be looked into. A week has passed since the wrong billing and now receiving no responses from Uber India or Uber Support

Rakhi sharma

Posted On: 2016-12-21 13:21:13
This complaint is regarding syndicate drivers who has taken Rs 10000 as deposit and not ready to refund.

raman raghuvir raut

Posted On: 2016-12-20 20:04:05
Delay to delivery and not satisfied answer


Posted On: 2016-12-07 11:07:31
IRCTC charges Rs 2 per minute for the default information regarding Time of arrival and departure of train that should be printed on ticket itself. WHy charge for the information that the commuter has to be provided with default.


Posted On: 2016-12-04 17:33:19


Posted On: 2016-11-22 16:18:32
We had transported our household stuff from Chennai to Hyderabad on 1st June,2016. The transport company was D S express packers and movers. The person who did the estimation was Deepanshu Singh. He told that for any damages, we would claim the insurance. During the unpacking, their employee damaged the AC grill by puncturing the gas pipes while opening. We immediately informed about the damage and also send the photos by watsapp. The agent told that he will forward to the head office and will get the insurance amount . I was calling every week and he told that it will take 1 month and dragged for 3 months. Now, he started to cut the calls and finally saying that the company has closed and he cannot do anything. We have spent 15,000 Rs for the AC repair and around 5,000 Rs. worth items have been damaged. I am unable to trace the office. Could you please help me in this regard. I have all the bills and receipts of repairs. Thanks

Praveen B V

Posted On: 2016-11-15 15:28:14
This is with regards to the duplicate payment and Long routing concerns that I have on my trip on 12th November with UBER INDIA. I had taken 2 trips on Uber on 12th November. 1st one at 11:13 AM from my residence at Uttarahalli kengeri road to Choodasandra. 2nd one is at 03:09 pm return from Choodasandra to Uttarahalli kengeri road. While booking the 1st trip, I had paytm wallet balance of ₹200 and I opted payment option as paytm. The trip coated me ₹564 (including the toll charges of ₹60 which I payed in cash at toll gate to driver, later got reversed, revised bill is ₹504). When the trip ended, since I had only ₹200 in my paytm wallet, I assumed that I need to pay the remaining ₹364 in cash, I paid it to driver (total cash paid is ₹424- (₹60+₹364)). Later in afternoon, while booking the return drop, I noticed that payment had not been gone and I had to recharge my paytm wallet for ₹364 to make the full payment via paytm only. I recharged my wallet and payment been done.


Posted On: 2016-11-14 17:28:08
I shifted my car from Delhi to Pune by availing the shifting service of "" they delivered my car safely and in given time. car was delivered completely intact and on time as well. I am fully satisfied with their performance. thaniking you jainpackers.

Swapnil singh

Posted On: 2016-10-28 03:26:21
Sir i have a bus ticket which i purchased from the bus company, but when i reached bus stop they refused to give me a seat by saying we dont know you have any seat, after showing again and again they do not give me a single seat( i have ticket ) i suffer alot at 1 am midnight please help me out, what should i do

sandeep meshram

Posted On: 2016-10-26 18:16:35
mentally harassment and financial harassment. i am paying money against billty and demanding more money, please help me out this situation.

dr sujay

Posted On: 2016-10-20 20:55:29
sir ,i am from kerala,thrissur district .here there is a high court judgment prohibiting the usage of air horn,but no private busses follow the rule on top of that the court have asked the buses and trucks to use speed governors .none of the buses or trucks follow the rules, the enforcement agencies are blind on this.commen mann like us are left with no help.please be kind enough to look into the matter and take a corrective step at the earliest.

Elena Thamos

Posted On: 2016-10-19 16:53:03 is the best moving company in bangalore. I did house shifting from electronic city to hebbal. Lotrucks team made this easy. Thank you. I will refer my relative and friends as well.

Tapan Sen

Posted On: 2016-10-09 13:07:05
Some days ago i booked a UBER cab, by that i received a referral code. I forwarded to my niece. she used but i hadn't receives any referral benefits. Now the UBER cab is saying "after reviewing your account, it appears the usage of this promo is in violation of Uber's Terms of Service. Unfortunately we won't be able to honor the value of the promotion". How can it be possible, first of all UBER are providing the referral code and next moment they are saying "Unfortunately we won't be able to honor the value of the promotion". Please look into this matter at earliest.

Dheeraj pahwa

Posted On: 2016-10-08 20:37:44
Today I was going to Delhi from faridabad.... my time on toll tax slip was 12.15.18 p.m. and I was there at 12.15.53 seconds.... I was late by 35 seconds.... then I noticed the interesting thing their time was 3 minutes more than the real time.... the person prempal Singh who was there at the toll gate at lane no. 8 said that do whatever you want nothing will b happened.... this mean the customer is nothing he can do nothing..... his behaviour was so bad.... n he make me stand for half an hour there .... and he was enjoying the moment because due to this he was not doing his work n was sitting free...this is really very insulting for a my opinion is some action must b take against him and also for company who is making other customers mad by showing time more than the real one. Thanku

kiran kumar

Posted On: 2016-10-05 21:52:27
Dear Sir, I work in banglore. Whenever i want to travel to my home town during festival season and all the private travels are charging the cost of ticket like anything. distance from banglore to mynative is around 400km. They are charging minimum of 1000/- and maximum of 3800/- for the same and also they will increase the cost of tickets like anything during every weekend. Private travels are looting people like anything. Request you to help on the same.The no.of government services are also less

vikas kumar rai

Posted On: 2016-09-16 11:56:48
sir maine renukoot sonbhadra se courier kiya tha gautam buddha nagar k liye or 5 sep ko or o abhi tak nhi pahucha hai pahele to mujhe btaya gya product miss place ho gya hai yahi sab chal rha hai or usme documnt hai o bht jaruri hai mere liye plz help me


Posted On: 2016-09-10 17:19:17
jm car transport

Dr. Prashant Borade

Posted On: 2016-09-07 20:55:47
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Hrishikesh Dubey

Posted On: 2016-09-04 14:22:01
The tyre punctured and the bus travelled barelg 40 kilometres. Total of 6 hours wasted and had to take other bus paying over the desired fare. Did mail the authorities for refund once within 24 hours but no reply till now. Would encourage the authorities to be fast. The complaint number isRB-1982016-785787. I have been complaining for over two weeks now for the refund,the mails are not replied to. The reference number is RB-1982016-785787. This is getting very frustrating now. Kindly look into the matter and refund the amount as soon as possible. The journey date was 18th August which never happened.

Krishan Kumar

Posted On: 2016-09-02 10:27:24
Dear Sir/Madam Subject- NCR TAXI SCHEME-2016 Me Licence (Permit) banwane ke liye Sir/Madam meri aapse request hai ki Transport Department Government of Haryana ne Dated -09/08/2016 ko NCR MOTOR CAB (TAXI) SCHEME-2016 License (Permit) ke liye website https// per Notification diya hua hai per RTA Office Gurgaon me NCR MOTOR CAB (TAXI) SCHEME-2016 License (Permit) ke liye mana kar rhe hai. mai bar bar chakkar kaat raha hu per koi jawab nhi mil raha ki ye License (Permit) kab tak banaye jayenge. Meri Gadi number HR55Y 3549 hai or maine fees bhi deposit karwa di hai. per mera license (Permit) nhi ban paa rha. RTA office Gurgaon me mana kr dete hai. Sir/Madam meri aapse request hai ki meri request ka samadhan kiya jaye Aapki ati kripa hogi Thanks & Regards Krishan Kumar House No.- N177,Second Floor, South City-I Gurgaon (HR) Mob- 9654601594


Posted On: 2016-08-29 09:53:43
Dear Sir/Madam This is Jagdish Gaikwad and my number is 8333077543, I have booked a cab on 28/08/2016 in the morning 6:02Am and I have checked the estimated price is and it shown 107 Rupees after travelling some distance I got a mail that Rupees 60.00 will be charged for cancellation of cab on 22/08/2016 at 5.38PM, the driver was cancelled the trip and how come Uber charged the 60 rupees, 1) WHY UBER HAS NOT GIVEN INFORMATION ABOUT CANCELLATION CHARGES TO THE CUSTOMERS. 2) IF I CANCELLED THE CAB ON 22/08/2016 THEN WHY UBER NOT GIVEN INFORMATION THAT RUPESS 60.00 WILL BE CHARGED ON NEXT TRIP. UBER drivers are cancelling the trips and UBER is charging the amount from customers..... what a logic of fraud...


Posted On: 2016-08-21 12:07:51
I booked a self drive car from Zoomcar on 16th and 17th aug paid them in 1 week advance. For 17th bookinh which was in banglore near my hotel they informing at 12pm me that the Vehicle is not available when my booking was from 1 asking me to pick d vehicle from another venue which was 1hr far from my pickup location I had to take a cab n go I reached at 3 missed my lunch with a friend, a work meeting and almost missed my flight to mumbai. And on 17th I had a booking in the evening 6pm and was denied vehicle because they charged me 1500 false penalty at the time of pick up and was asked to pay immediately , I would paid the amount if all was fair but I was harassed a day before and they were doing the same again. The customer support was taking everything lightly it was a family function and everybody was waiting for me to come with car. After wasting an hour and lot of energy I took the cab and return without any car. The car was merc GLA for very special occasion both the times.

Vicky Thakwani

Posted On: 2016-08-19 16:38:15
FAST INDIA MOVERS AND PACKERS - I have asked them to transport my bike from Pune to Ahmedabad, They had picked up the bike from my home since 10-15 days, and have not delivered it yet despite being told that it will be delivered in 3 days. After following up every day they dont respond and always makes excuses for delivering it today but they dont. I am fed up of their lies and want to teach them a lesson. Kindly Help.

kaushik sarkar

Posted On: 2016-08-10 16:28:46
Cheating, breach of contract, loss if Item by of M/s. M/s. New Home to Home packer and Movers


Posted On: 2016-07-29 22:17:52
My complaint is regarding Uber Pool. They claim to charge exactly as the upfront fare they show but they have twice charged me more than what I had agreed upon. Both times Uber customer support refused to admit their mistake. I even mailed grievance head of Uber but awaiting a reply for few days now. First time I didn't have screenshot so I didn't pursue the matter but this time I have screenshots to prove that Uber charged me more than the upfront fare.

Ravi Prakash Verma

Posted On: 2016-07-13 19:26:03


Posted On: 2016-07-13 02:06:05
my son order the saree on 28-06-2016, Order No : R144547208 Payment method : COD please send the parcel again

Ankur Sharma

Posted On: 2016-07-10 18:42:54

Rajneesh Verma

Posted On: 2016-07-08 10:14:16
Hi, I have an user account with Uber Cab Service. Suddenly on 24-Jun-2016, its ap started giving error in cab booking i.e. "There was an error processing your request. If this continues, please reach out to". I wrote a mail on said email id, and their response was "It appears that your account has been suspended for activity that violates our Terms & Conditions and will be unavailable for you to use until further notice". Since then I am continuously following up with them but there is no response so far. This is really an unethical way to disable / suspend any user account without giving proper justification / clarification. Please support.. Regards


Posted On: 2016-07-07 18:09:36
I bought airline round journey ticket from Chennai to Kolkata and back on 3rd April for my daughter Anwesha Barua for travelling on 26th May 2016 and return on 8th July through Cleartrip. PNR are FED5TK & G9VJ9G and sue to unavaoidable circumstance I had to cancel both the tickets on 6th May 2016. INDIGO rufunded me 5389 INR and intimated that Cleartrip will refund me into my account. On 24th I contacted Cleartrip and they sent an acknowledge ment that I am due to get Refund INR 0. Trip ID 1503245726. Ticket price was 9770 INR and they are refunding INR 0. I need my hard earned money back. It does not have any office at West Bengal. Customer Care Number Non Toll Free: 91-9595 333333, 91-22-41300300 Customer Care Number Email: Corporate Headquarters Office Address: Cleartrip Pvt. Ltd., Unit No. 001, Ground Floor, DTC Building, Delisle Road, N.M. Joshi Marg, Lower Parel East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011, India

lokesh khandelwal

Posted On: 2016-07-05 20:52:39
I used services of agarwal packers and movers (dilip road lines)for shifting household material from jalandhar to Shirpur. The company assured me that the material will be given in 8 days but the material arrived to me on 14th day and 29th day after more than 100 follow ups. Still my almirah is not delievered to me which was broken by company staff at the time of loading, now they are not giving me delievery after 36 days. I dealed with them that out of total 46k amt , i will give them 38 k in advance and 8 k upon receiving of material. Also , i paid for insurance of goods . Now they are asking for 8k before dispatching the almirah from jalandhar. I very well know that they have completely damaged the almirah and they will not give the almirah to me ,once i pay 8k to them

Rajneesh Verma

Posted On: 2016-07-01 15:13:00
Hi, I have an user account with Uber Cab Service. Suddenly on 24-Jun-2016, its ap started giving error in cab booking i.e. "There was an error processing your request. If this continues, please reach out to". I wrote a mail on said email id, and their response was "It appears that your account has been suspended for activity that violates our Terms & Conditions and will be unavailable for you to use until further notice". Since then I am continuously following up with them but there is no response so far. This is really an unethical way to disable / suspend any user account without giving proper justification / clarification. Please support.. Regards

Chinmay Rajhans

Posted On: 2016-06-15 19:45:43
I booked Uber cab under free ride scheme on 16-03-2016. Total fare was 298/- I had a free ride worth 300/- in my a/c. But they refused to give me free ride. I had to pay the discounted amount 258/-. I contacted Uber 12 times till now, but no reply has come. I wrote to their grievance email ID as well, but they also did not reply. If they don't want to give free rides, then why do they offer them? I request all to stop using Cheater company like Uber. Thank you.

Chetan Kanoria

Posted On: 2016-06-07 18:33:09
I booked a cab from Utaxi for travel from bangalore airport to electronic city on 4th june 12.15 AM. The driver asked for 100 rs extra saying that the road in E-city is not good. When i denied he became violent and threatened me to pay up the amount or it wont be good. He didnt allow me to take my luggage and said that until and unless i pay up 100 rs extra he wouldnt let me go. The fare was 715 and i paid 820. The mobile no of the driver is 7411520785. When i complained to the manager named Somu he said contact the driver directly and ask him for your amount. Please dont use their services as they have hired goons as drivers who will forcefully take money from you.

Alinda Merrie Jan

Posted On: 2016-06-05 19:14:25
I have got two complaints against Uber cab services. 1. They have been sending me promotional messages which on trying shows invalid, thereby being faulty promotions or advertisements. 2. On the evening of 4th June 2016 at around 6:30, I requested for a cab service and was assigned a driver named Suhail. He kept me waiting for a very long time only to later tell me that he didn't know the route to reach me. Even though I provided him with the landmark as clear as I could, he took to be very furious and demanded that I pay him the diesel charges though he hadn't reached me. On cancelling the trip, I was charged with Rs50 by Uber as cancellation charges. How am I supposed to guide the driver of a taxi providing network when I myself am from a different place? The driver was rude and misbehaved with me when all I could do was cancel the service and wait for a regular taxi, having lost much of my time and now having to pay the so called cancellation charges.


Posted On: 2016-06-03 11:44:40
I have used coupon PRIME 75 on my OLA ride car no WB04G0520 ON 2ND JUNE AT 6.28PM but I did not get Rs.75 discount.Ola call center said that this is valid between 9 am to 5 pm But this time limit was not mentioned in the sms which I had received.I want this discount Rs.75 to be credited in my OLA money.I have got the SMS copy. I would request you to help to resolve this. Regards, Salil Chowdhury. 9433358459

Vikas Singh Rajpurohit

Posted On: 2016-06-01 15:46:34
DRS Agarwal Packers and movers - Broken and missing items. GC number -4491424

Rohit Kumar

Posted On: 2016-05-30 12:55:17
SMS Movers and Packers BSK Bangalore have ditched me at the last moment by not coming for the transport and made me wait for more than a day for the same. Finally nobody turned up, i had to make an alternate arrangement for shifting my households to new place. They had given the quotation which i accepted and fixed an appointment from them. They are not professional movers and packers.

Gaurav Jain

Posted On: 2016-05-27 11:24:21
Hi, I want to raise complaint against Bharat Packers and movers chichwad Pune. I booked them to move my luggage from Pune to Bangalore.They picked my stuff on 13th May and delivered the same on 23rd May 2016 though they promised to deliver it in 3 days.They delivered stuffs completely damaged. Below is the list of damage. 1. Refrigerator complete damage .There is a big hole in it. 2.Bed Ply damage,bolts missing. 3.Almirah base and mirror damage. 4.Bike disc brake damage 5.Utensils and shoe rack damage. 6.Misplaced one box 7.Torn one box.Lost all of my clothes except 3. 8.Other minor damages. They charged me Rs.12000 and made a damage of about Rs.70000.Now they deny to take responsibility of the same.Pune guy blames Bangalore people and vice versa. Please help. Regards, Gaurav Jain

Biswajit Ghosh

Posted On: 2016-05-21 16:57:35
Dear Sir/Madam, Agarwal Packers & Movers, M-8450014001 (http:// has cheated me at the time of transport my house hold goods from Kolkata (Kamarpukur) to Gujarat (Vadodara). They were taken Rs.8700/- as octrai charges to transport my house hold material from Kolkata to Gujarat. They have taken the money without any document/receipt. After several followup also they have not provided any receipt against my payment. Due to that reason my office also not reimbursed the expenses to me. Requesting your organization, kindly help in this regards, so that I can able to take return the money from transporter.

Joshy Varghese Kurakaran

Posted On: 2016-05-17 21:12:06

Dhananjaya R

Posted On: 2016-05-10 16:21:21
Hi, I have orderned namma metro smart card through the website on 1st May 2016 (booking reference number: 4924). As per the commitment, I was supposed to get the smart card within 7 working days. Upon calling upon the customer care on 7th May the executive told that there was some technical problem and i will get my card in next 3 to 4 days. I have rasied a complaint also regarding the same (Complaint number: 20947) but till now they don't even bothered to address my complaint. When I called the BMRCL corporate office number 22969300 the reception lady instead of hearing to my grieveance started shouting that why I have called the corporate office and I should be calling the Toll Free number. She didn't had the patience to hear what I am trying to tell. I sincerly request your good office to instruct the BMRCL to refund my amount back as I have to travel in Metro by taking daily tickets which is not only costly but also time consuming.


Posted On: 2016-05-02 23:44:16
I have booked Associaed movers an packers @ maduai for shifting household items from Madurai to Bangalore in separate vehicle. They delivered very bad conditions and they dealed with one more Transport company called as SK Transport who their behavior is loudly and terrorism. they loaded one more lots and spoken to me very rashly.


Posted On: 2016-04-30 10:35:00
I have sent goods (2 carpets) from kolkata to varanasi through "ATC TRADE CO-ORDINATOR PVT. LTD." on 16.04.2016 the docket no is 35895 and till date (30.04.2016) it hasn't reached the destination. This company's office is located at 124 B, Lenin Sarani, Block B, 2nd Floor, Kolkata- 700013, Tel 03332406291,22264435, fax : 0332264435, 24 Hr Helpline : 9339207625 , Email : website : When enquired about non delivery they are giving different answers every-time. Some of their explanation are (1) the vehicle got accident (2) the driver was hospitalized midway (3) due to election its stuck at border etc... etc... after many frantic calls now they are saying when it will get delivered they don't know. Now they are ignoring the phone calls and not responding. I am at my wits end . Please help me to solve the matter Thank You Theresa Liu 9831122386


Posted On: 2016-04-28 12:19:11


Posted On: 2016-04-19 20:11:59
I drafted a mail to convey my displeasure about the m-wallet app launched by Hyderabad traffic police recently. The issue was I am unable to downloadn teh RC copy of my 4 wheeler. I wrote this to on 7th April 2016. SO far, not even an acknowledgement mail has been sent to me, forget about my attempt to achieve a smooth experience with the traffic police dept. I am really amazed at the audacity of the dept's non-cooperation to address my issue. Please note, if I am cought driving my 4 wheeler without an RC copy, I shall not be held responsible for this offence, no matter what. Thanks

Mubeen Shaikh

Posted On: 2016-04-15 17:29:54
Harrashment by ST Crew on ground of not having printed Ticked & Refusal to travel permission on Mere SMS message basis

Sunny Bommithi

Posted On: 2016-04-15 00:23:18
uber overcharged me saying there is a distance surcharge and manipulated distances in their backend to match the price they charged. how can they simply change the distance as they like. I can provide the very same route in google maps which says 21.2 kilometres. In the beginning i was charged for 2.7 kms of distance which is surcharged, now they changed the numbers to 6.16 in the backend as they like and playing with the customers. I know uber guys also use google maps for the distance measurement how can it be two different distances. As uber said the distance is 28.3kms and reality is 21.2+ or - 1km. I have complete set of proofs to say uber is cheating.

Arun Verma

Posted On: 2016-04-12 13:07:51
I have shifted my household stuff along with CAR Alto K10 from Jodhpur to Noida and paid them hefty amount for the same which included the insurance amount for the household stuff valued 1,50,000 alongwith CAR transportation with Cargo. Please find all my bad experiences and miss happenings done by your representative with me in bullet points: 1.They had committed to send my 4-wheeler in Cargo but send on road with run of 750 KM approx. Reading noted at Jodhpur and also confirm to your supervisor. 2.Newly serviced car but when reached the condition is very critical with dent at front bumper, heavy smell of dead animal, non-cleanliness, bubbling in wheel etc. (car photos available with me) 3.Front bumper driver side is in accidental condition. 4.When handover the car to your representative at Jodhpur around 15 LTR petrol was available but when reached at my home Noida indicator of low petrol is blinking. 5.The car sent on 05-April but delivered on 11.April in morning.


Posted On: 2016-04-12 13:01:03
I transported my household goods plus hyundai i10 car on 21-march-2016 from noida to pune using a packers and mover company named cargo india packers & movers(Office is in pune). I specifically asked for insurance and declared the value at rs 120, 000 for the goods. The packer loaded all the goods from noida and give me a bill of loading. I asked for the insurance receipt but he said that he needs to put in the vehicle number in the insurance, so it would take 1 or 2 days to receive the policy. I paid the 70 % amount in advance. They took double time than committed time and send household items in 14 days (But they committed in 5-7 days). 1) i received the household goods in 12 days but many items in damaged condition and i am left without insurance receipt in hand. I think this is a fraud where they took additional money for insurance and actually never got a transit policy .The packer kept delaying the insurance receipt and never sent it neither soft copy or hard copy.

Praveen Dodamani

Posted On: 2016-03-24 21:49:21
The UBER driver charged double the actual fare by taking the longest route to reach the destination from my home.


Posted On: 2016-03-18 18:39:43


Posted On: 2016-03-05 14:18:51
I have asked VRL safers and packers to shift my households from Delhi to Mumbai. During my selection process of packers and movers, VRL promised to provide best of their professional service and said they would do the shifting with in 2-3 days. They also said they would arrange for the dismantling and installation of my electrical applicances such AC, KENT, geyser etc. At the onset of their service itself, I felt their service lacking professionalism and experience. For each and every issue, I had to make many calls to the person who provided quotation to get the work done. It has been 6 days and still they have not delivered my households. I have been calling them for past three days and been listening their excuse with a false promise of getting the households next day. I have already wasted 3 of my full working days and am not in a position to know when will my household arrive. I have been just been given random mobile numbers when I ask about the status.

Sugata Chakraborty

Posted On: 2016-02-29 17:29:26
Kindly note that on 25.09.2015 I booked for a Helicopter journey from Katra to Sanjhichhat and back on 24.11.2015.For that I paid Rs.5900/- to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board,Katra(J&K);My PNR No.MVDH1402122,PAN/Passport No.BESPS2170A.But on 23.11.2015 there was an accident at their end and they stopped all their services on 24.11.2015.I reported to their Gate and handed over the copy of the E-Ticket to the gateman who told us that the refund will be sent to me after 15 days.I did not get any refund after 15 days.I started communication with them.They sent one ICICI Card to me.After few weeks they asked me to return the ICICI Bank Card to them.I returned that on 08.01.2016 by Speed Post.After that I sent so many E-Mails to them,they are not answering.Till date I did not get any refund. I am prepared to give you all the documents and communications I made with them.Kindly look into the matter and oblige. Regards. Sugata Chakraborty Debjani Chakraborty


Posted On: 2016-02-21 15:25:31
Hi, This Is Deepak from Hyderabad. I have parceled my bike through New City packers and movers from Chennai to Hyderabad on 06/02/2016. They charged me total 3000/-. .As per their demand i have paid the total amount before only. They have mentioned that they will deliver the bike within 3 to 4 days. Now its been 2 weeks. still no delivery, when i am trying to call them they are not picking my calls. I have sent lot of messages in whatsapp but he use to reply like today will deliver. It is running 16th day still no response. I said that i will go to their local parcel office and collect. For this message also he is not responding. please let me know that where i have to complain on this issue.

Manish T

Posted On: 2016-02-20 08:47:00
Hi, I wanted to complain in a Toll collection scam that Uber is doing. Their apps have started collecting tolls near airports etc automatically, irrespective of whether there was toll collected by government or not. I complained to Uber on a recent toll collection while going to airport. There is no toll for going to Bangalore airport. But Uber collects money in name of toll. Isn't it true that collection of money in name of toll illegal by private parties ??? Toll should be collected only when government is charging, not otherwise. I've written multiple mails to Uber but they have only responded with standardized response, without understanding the gravity and Brushing aside the illegality in their collection of tolls.

Madan Pramanik

Posted On: 2016-02-16 13:00:49
Myself Defence Officer transferred from Kanpur to Kolkata wants to reregistered his Two Wheeler at RTO,Barrackpore.However ARTO Mr. Ghosh is not agreed for registration with violation of rules right now.


Posted On: 2016-02-10 11:44:59
i am an uber service user since its inception. my account was recently blocked without any information, on contacting uber support they asked me for a photo id which i duly submitted, again they asked me for a screen shot of my uber app on my mobile where my mobile no. and mail id is mentioned. i obliged the same and send them their requirement. after one day of unblocking it was again blocked, on contacting they said it was a mistake and they unblocked my account. again after one day it was blocked, on contacting they said thhis blocking if correct and final but they fail to give any reason.

Christopher Raj

Posted On: 2016-02-07 16:36:38
Hi I have experienced a uncomfortable service with Ola Cab Chennai. Today, Morning I booked a cab towards a drop point near Ennore and got a confirmation that my ride is booked and details of driver wil be shared before 15 min to the start of journey. Prior to my journey, I called Ola customer service number and requested them to intimate the driver details and promptly they replied that I will receive before 15 min of travel. Driver arrived calling me, then to my surprise few minutes later, he calls me before 5 minutes of the start of my travel that the destined drop point is no longer under service and can not take me to the drop point. This is for sure disgusting experience with a customer service provider OLA, which has purely migrated to APP based service. Do they dont have a rule in the app that cancels the ride if they dont have any service point immediatley after booking it. I want to file this and looking out for a solution from the forum. Is this the way Ola should beallowed

Soumya Chatterjee

Posted On: 2016-02-01 18:44:13


Posted On: 2016-01-07 13:20:07
Hi, I have filed the TDR on 20th July 15 due to the train running delayed for 07 Hrs 39 Mins for Which refund is still pending. Request you to kindly do the needful on this on priority being this TDR request is already aging 6 months. The details are mention below & For any other clarifications please mail me or call at +91 8336909575. PNR No. : 2407748241 Transaction ID : 100000275408989 Train No. : 13132 From: PNBE To: NH Date of journey: 20-Jul-2015 S.No.: 1 PASSENGER NAME: RAMASHIS PRASAD AGE: 61 SEX: M Reasons for Filing TDR: Train delayed for 07 Hrs 39 Mins.


Posted On: 2016-01-04 17:21:01
i have my staff code og gati ltd but i want to know my pf account number and my pf also


Posted On: 2015-12-28 00:25:46
Ola/TFS charging base fare of Rs.35 without any distance. Meaning of Base fare is mimimum amount to be paid for some distance. Here nothing is there, only base fare plus separate charging for per km. distance travel and per minute too. They are bluffing and making consumer/user fool by promoting Rs. 8/km. Please look into this matter asap.


Posted On: 2015-12-08 15:00:02

manoj Kumar jain

Posted On: 2015-11-30 21:56:20
since issue of llr ,I not received DL from RTO of Chikamaglur ( 2 years) .i also gave test. what to do............

Shashank Maheshwari

Posted On: 2015-11-23 16:52:40
I have book a Ola on 19th Nov'15 & after done my ride i have paid Rs 301 to chauffeur. - I have charged Rs 37 extra by your chauffeur as per mail invoice. ​- I have charged Rs 39 extra by your chauffeur as per SMS invoice.​ - I have charged Rs 60 for toll which was not paid by chauffeur. - I have applied NCR49 for taking discount of Rs 49 as per call center executive; according to him i will get Rs 49 discount on total ride amount but there is no discount. You people have cheated me i need my money back & Rs 3000 as compensation... for charging more, wrong information & financial loss with mental tease..

Sumit Kumar

Posted On: 2015-11-21 16:17:46

Naik Sameer Suresh

Posted On: 2015-11-13 23:41:39
Complaint against bookmycab ( 022 61234567) Very disgusting experience.. Booked a cab for guest on 13 Nov 2015 at 8 30 pm a confirmation SMS at 9 30pm with details of cab driver.. But at pickup time of 10 15 pm the drivers phone was switched off .. On calling the call centre the executuves said they will make arrangements and call back 10 30 pm I was sent a SMS about cancellation of booking well after the pickup time .. That too conveyed via SMS not even a call .. On calling back the responsibility was pushed over to the driver .. I am still waiting for the call from the senior executive.. Very bad service of book mycab in Mumbai don't use this disgusting service provider creating lots of mental agony and stress


Posted On: 2015-11-09 11:47:01

U Sachin

Posted On: 2015-11-02 15:24:50
On 21st October my flight with flight no.SG 2454 was scheduled to fly from jabalpur to new delhi at 1945hrs. However,the flight took off at 1920hrs and i missed the flight.I have the following complaints:- (a) The flight took off 25mins before time and the airlines did not inform me over the phone nor did they send any sms. (b) On inquiring at the spicejet desk,they said that i should have reported 45mins before time and they can fly at any time they want. (c) The spice jet did not accommodate me in their next flight and therefore i had to take a fresh ticket. (d) They did not reimburse my flight ticket. (e) Because of this i missed a family function which amounts to mental harassment. (f) Amount claimed Rs 50000.

mayurakshi dey

Posted On: 2015-10-31 14:51:11
Booked a Meru cab on 29th Oct to drop my 60yr old mother to howrah station on 30.10.15 at 7:10 a.m. The driver called in the morning & wanted to cancel the booking faking he was too far away yet after much argument he reached in 5 mins time. He harassed my mother and took wrong routes though she directed him and did not stop at the station inspite of repeated request. He took 3 detours before stopping somwhere far from the gate. All the while he was very rude & misbehaving. When i wrote to meru cab on this the driver called my number and abused me, in the filthiest language. When i hung up, he kept calling me. later my mother who was on train called and said he had called her too & abused her badly in horrible language& she hung up, he kept calling her. I wrote 3 mails to meru cabs on this but received no response.Cab no. WB19G3737, driver name madhubabu mallic.Such drivers are criminal and dangerous to women travelers & appalling how Meru cab is silent to customer complaints

Ashutosh Nath Shukla

Posted On: 2015-10-23 11:48:03
I have a complaint against my packers & movers who had doen too much damage to my household articles while transporting & had lost major chunk of articles. He is not providing me guidance towards the insurance claim & is neither paying any damage to me


Posted On: 2015-10-18 21:53:51
I have tried a train ticket booking through online ticket booking. The ticket was for 21st October from Howrah to New Delhi. To my shocking surprise, they have deducted the money from my account but they have not booked my ticket, nor they have sent any PNR number. Now none of them are showing up with this refund thing!! What kind of a service of their?

Santanu Saha

Posted On: 2015-10-14 11:34:32
Pathetic Service of Agarwal Safe Home Trans(27 , Subhas Pally, B.T Road, Kolkata-700108) .My Household goods and Four wheleer was loaded on 19/09/2015 from my House (Kolkata) , this was to be delivered at Pune.The full amount has been paid at the time of loading of the goods.Still I have not recieved my goods , and the behaviour is pathetic and horrible. Even they are not receiving my call.They comitted a false statement that they are part of Agarwal Packers and Movers Ltd.I am spending money for daily goods in pune as I have not recieved my goods.The contact person for the packers is Sunil(8820016001).I am in a dilema whether I would at all get my households or not.Hope a solution from your side.The registration for such companies should be cancelled immediately....

sanjeev Kumar

Posted On: 2015-10-12 13:45:34
I have booked my household item to be shifted from Indirapuram to Ranchi through some Mr Sharma of Gati . I am sorry to say that AN ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company had delivered drastically POOR service and everything committed to me was not fulfilled. 1. Container truck 17feet was booked and to my surprise whole item was loaded in 14 feet open truck. 2. Shocking thing happened when some third party Driver called me and asked for balance amt To Pay amount of 5000/- before delivery . 3. He also told me that all items were moved in his truck at Badarpur Border on sharing basis. 4. I have been charged for full truck Rs 35000/- and insurance premium of 12000/- ( insured value 4 lakh) and 6850/-. 5. Insurance soft copy was not given to the shared truck driver and not to be surprised same was not even issued. I have been charged for full truck and my luggage was shifted in shared truck without my knowledge. No insurance copy was shared . sanjeev 9899011217


Posted On: 2015-10-08 12:29:29

Ankan Saha

Posted On: 2015-10-04 19:27:52
Bus Route - Karunamyee to Rajchandrapur(White Bus) The fare of this bus route is not correct as per rules set by transport department.Moreover the conductor do not carry original fare chart with them to show to public.They show only xerox copy of the fare chart which do not have any stamp of Government.Conductor charge different fares from different public at the same time which is unscrupulous.Please take necessary action against this bus route to help public transportation easy.

Champa Roy

Posted On: 2015-09-26 19:38:27
Sir, I have a car no wB04G3466 which I put at OLA CAB by depositing Rs5000/_which is refundable at the time of take out of vehicle. Now I don't wants to continue with this company &also I take out my car but they are not refunding my deposit & at the same time this company is not providing the T.D.S.certificate which they deduct from me since 3 months.I personally went several times to their office but failed to get the money &the certificate. Here I would request You tokindly take necessary step in this matter.

Chandan Banerjee

Posted On: 2015-09-22 13:56:42
We had our goods shifted from Gurgaon to Bombay by Agarwal movers and packers,most of the things came damaged.Fridge ,washing machine,tv stand was damaged.We have written a complaint 3 weeks back but nobody responded.All were goods were pretty new 1 yr old and now they are in bad condition .This was not expected at all as you people are taking hefty money but providing poor service.

Vikas Kumar

Posted On: 2015-09-01 18:58:02
Sir/Madam, I have traveled by Uber Cabs on 11th July 2015 and payment has been done through my credit card on the same date, but Uber is showing the amount pending on me from long time. I have requested them to clear this due but they are not paying any heed to it. it is hampering me as I am not able to book cabs further also it is showing me in bad light in my relatives and family members. You are requested to help me.

Tarun Bhatia

Posted On: 2015-08-27 15:34:13
CASE against TAXI FOR SURE, booked a cab for 9 pm and they refused to provide cab

S Ahmad

Posted On: 2015-08-20 16:40:06
I have 2011 Ford Figo. On Monday (18-aug-2015), suddenly engine of the car stopped responding and didn't start at all. Dealer has informed that it will require replacement of PCM and Odometer costing approx. INR 50 thousand without assigning the reason for engine failure. If it is due to manufacturing defect, company should pay up and bear the cost and not me.


Posted On: 2015-08-04 11:58:00

yusuf motorwala

Posted On: 2015-08-04 09:05:24
Had an early morning flight and booked an Uber cab which showed an eta of 11 mins. When he driver did not turn up, I called him and he refused to come saying he will not ply to the airport. Wasted almost 15-20 minutes trying to get him to do the trip but was a wasted effort. I cancelled the booking and made a fresh booking on Uber as the eta was 8 minutes. Again when I called the driver, he refused to ply to the airport. Had lost half hour by then. Finally booked an ola who came with him 3 minutes. I was charged by Uber for both the cancelled cabs , though on protectionst they refunded both the amounts, but I .This whole.odessey, I lost half hour due to which I missed my flight. I would want to complaint against Rubber for 1. Fraud (taking a booking and refusing to ply at the last minute) 2. Having false aches - I had a free rode assigned to me due to a referral but on .Looking I was told that that free/ promo would not be applied 3. Mental harassment it caused me 4. Damages

Rahul Mandal

Posted On: 2015-08-03 16:42:52
sir, I had sent a parcel through Speed post from Bongaon, North 24 parganas , Westbengal to Tauru , Haryana on 14th July 2015. Speed Post tracking shows that the parcel is received and Bag Despatched to Tauru S.O on 17th july 2015, but it is still there and not delivered to the recipient. Speed Post Tracking Number is EW601297697IN. I tried too many times to spoke to the concerned person/department of Destination Post Office through their phone no.01267282244 but they are not responding my call for last 7 days. I have registered complaint on 25/07/15. Complaint Number: 10006397794 but they not respond.

Meghana Sharma

Posted On: 2015-07-27 06:35:40
Excess fare charged & Wrong ticket issued. Complaint is lodged with, CC & but no response. Railway staff in general and at Fairly Palace are adamant and rude and refuses to help. Seniors are mute spectators and are no much of help to commuters. Please register my case for relief & compensation for me. Thanks Meghana Sharma 8276874025


Posted On: 2015-07-25 07:37:55
R/sir, I want compkaint against Railway. Railway charged 60/- Rupees between KURUKSHETRA TO CHANDIGARH and distance shown in there ticket 147 Km. But if u Buy ticket from chandigarh railway counter to KURUKSHETRA he was charged 50 rupees and distance show on ticket 109 km. this is a big problum for regular passangers so i request you to kindly take action Railway hassasing passangers and changed extra.

A chandrashekar

Posted On: 2015-07-23 12:36:19
When I was coming from Hosur to Cheenai the bus driver was slept while driving around 01:00hrs near Vellore toll plaza the bus was suddenly zigzag runs on the road the passengers was cried loudly Please brief night driving drivers to drive the bus vary carefully. Thanks, Chandrashekar A

S Minhajul Haque

Posted On: 2015-07-15 10:46:36
I made booking using OLA cabs website on 11.07.2013 at 2:08PM for pickup at 3:30PM (CRN 99189661). The driver details was not given to me till 3:18PM. After calling customer support only they have send driver details. They further told that driver will be late by 5-10 mins. I called driver at 3:41PM, but he told that the tyres of his vehicle has got punctured and he will come late. To avoid further delay, I called customer service again. This time they send the details of another driver. I called the driver and he told that he was coming. After another 10 mins he told that he was en route and nearby. I told him one landmark and waited for him there. After 15 mins I again called him. But he told that he has already picked one customer from another location. Meanwhile I get one SMS telling me that I have been billed Rs. 69 for a trip. This is the height of incompetence and cheating by OLA cabs. They have neither refunded rs. 69 to my OLA wallet nor refunded Rs. 500, which I recharged.


Posted On: 2015-07-06 19:39:23

Rajendar Yadav

Posted On: 2015-06-30 18:25:49
i am a business man my work like chat and fruits for party and marriage my complaint is that i have haired one loader van to the transporter but he is not come to right time and so case of the my work is too much delay and my client is not happy for this so i want to put up the case to the transporter

Sunita Miya

Posted On: 2015-06-29 17:40:17


Posted On: 2015-06-28 18:53:15
Dear Sir, i have purchased a mahindra scorpio from darbhanga bihar . the car has finaced by my employer bank as staff rate. due to mistake by either from showroom or dto my vehicle no issued in taxy no. instaed of private no.and my vehicle cover note in shows my car as private. Now i would like to convert my no but no one take it responsibiliy. kindly guide us is there any option to convert my no fronm commercial to private. what should i do?


Posted On: 2015-06-25 20:41:41
Respected Sir, I have a complain against ola cabs ambala.I booked a cab on 22nd june at7 pm from my registered no9466852747 for my relative to travel to the railway station for the visitors train to delhi which was to be boarded at 7:40 to delhi.The driver came at my residence at 6:50 and started the cab in a minute in which only my relative outside of the city was to travel and was told to the driver to drop at the railway station.But later on we came to know that the driver has taken a totally wrong route,he had deliberately travelled totaaly incorrect route made a round trip and then returned to the starting point to take the right route thereby taking up about extra minutes for a journey supposed to be completed in 10 minutes and charging us about 100 ruppess extra and causing my relative to miss her train causing her damages of approx rs600 for the missed train and another 400 odd for buying new ticket and also in the process of buying a ticket due to the tension her mobile(apple

Ramansh Gupta

Posted On: 2015-06-24 14:37:50
I had booked a cab from 'TaxiforSure' services on 30th may 2015 for which the bill was wrongly charged as 540 Rs instead of actual bill of 220.Since i was going for exam I paid 540 to driver and raised a complaint regarding same.I had got email for the bill of 220.I had been taking followup since last one month.Everytime they are saying that it is in process,our concerned team will call in half hour but never got any response from them.They use to assure me everytime that next day the refund will be made.But till now i had not recieved any refund .It is very irritating and the company is not taking any step to resolve the issue.I had all the proofs and call recordings of their executives who guaranteed to solve the issue very next day and thus mentally harassing me.


Posted On: 2015-06-20 22:30:47
The complaint is against Indian Railway (Central Railway),Mumbai. I booked a return ticket in waiting list through IRCTC web site for travelling from Patna to Mumbai in Nov.-14 but due to partial confirmation in RAC, the tickets were cancelled before the departure of train through IRCTC. Railway has not refunded the amount till date from Nov.-14. Details of communications are being sent today on your mail id despite several reminders since last 8 months.


Posted On: 2015-06-10 13:18:33


Posted On: 2015-06-05 22:20:30
Hi Sir, Could you please help to refund my amount which was debited due to failed transactions. As per KSRTC direction, I sent a mail to as well but no response/acknowledgement from KSRTC. 1) On Ward Journey Trip details :- Trip Details : BENGALURU to HUBLI KSRTC OB No.: OB15945686 Journey Date : 28/05/2015 Booked On : 26/05/2015 The Amount debited is : 809.00 Please help me in getting the refund as early as possible. My user name : Note :- KSRTC Customer care numbers are busy entire day, couldn't able to reach any one. Please live up to customer expectations. Otherwise in future no one will try to book bus tickets online from KSRTC. Still there is no response from them i frustrated calling them always its busy i dont know thy customer care number is there . with regards

Amit Bhowmick

Posted On: 2015-06-05 12:21:26
Myself Amit Bhowmick, had given a material in hand of Rahul-9804846670 form overnite courier on monday-1st June'2015 from KOLKATA TO RANCHI. On that day he doesn't have POD book and told by next day he will give the bill and material will be delivered within 48hrs. but still the POD not received and still the material has been not reached as per given location. As you are very much aware, it was an important medicine for my father still not recieved after paying for the priority services as suggested from your side. One of your guy sitting at kolkata overnite office-Debashish, the worst guy i ever met. He simply told that you have given the material to rahul, so discuss with him with full attitude. Is this the overnite courier service respond?? Plz respond on urgent basis.

Manguesh Salkar

Posted On: 2015-06-01 17:24:00
I sent my bike from Agarwal Cargo Packers and Movers from Gurgaon to Pune. My bike was picked up by them on 17-May-2015. I have not received my bike yet in Pune. I have been following up with Deepak(9311118001). He does not pick calls and talks rudely to customers. For last one week he is giving me wrong status of my bike. Every other day he tells bike will reach tomorrow which never comes. I threatened him to take to police. He has said he will not give my bike before 45 days and police cant touch him. He had given a contact of Rahul(9325600001) who is from Pune who said its his responsibility to bring bike. But now he is also not picking my calls. I want to take legal action on them.Please advice on same. Regards, Manguesh


Posted On: 2015-06-01 15:29:43


Posted On: 2015-05-27 16:54:15
i am a very regular customer of Uber taxi but they have suspended my services without any prior intimation as well as notification. And also without mentioning any detail they are blaming me as a guilty.

Shweta Gurav

Posted On: 2015-05-19 16:03:35
To whom so it may concern, We are facing serious problem with transport service of MNCs like InfoSys, Eclerx Services, Capita.. I have cleared all rounds and selected to join these companies in Finance domain, But everyone denied me the job because my residential address is not covered in their transport (cab) service. They asked me to relocate some other area in Pune, then only can allow me to join. I don't know, How many others are also affected. Because, area of 'Jambhulwadi road' has number of luxurious apartments with hundreds of flats/residents. I could understand if this is a remote place as compare to other rural part of Pune, But my address is only 20 Kms. from Magarpatta City and 30 Kms. Hinjewadi IT park. Please help me to raise a voice against this issue. Thank you. Regards, Shweta Gurav. Ambegaon, Pune.

Dinesh Babu T

Posted On: 2015-05-12 12:10:11
I have a booked bus ticket from Erode to Pudhucherry in on April 29. Journey date May 1 due to personal problem i cant proceed my journey.So i decided to Cancel the ticket. I have called there customer Care Twice,but it is has been waiting for long time.So i decided mail them to cancel my ticket on Apr 30 and Refund 80% Money. but still now No reply from them. This is how they are behaving to the customer.Please kindly take necessary action on them

Preetam Ghosh

Posted On: 2015-05-11 13:24:34
OLA cab service has been one of the pathetic service provider. 3 poor experience with them, where they have taken a request for cab but cancelled it at the last moment for operational challenges & every time have given a same formatted apology mail but no action on ground. Such last momentum cancellation creates serious inconvenience for customers which they fail to realise & improve. Request for serious course of action either not to taquest or if taken to be fulfilled or alternate solution to be provided.

Prashanth B S

Posted On: 2015-05-09 10:59:57

Ashok Kumar Mukherjee

Posted On: 2015-04-22 18:45:35
M/s. Panki Indane Gas Service has refused to supply gas cylinder to the address.My consumer No.cx22243336.My gas connection may kindly be transferred to M/s Sengar Indane Gas Service,Near IIT gate and which is near to Indira Nagar.

Vaibhav Kulkarni

Posted On: 2015-04-10 22:29:41
MSRTC ST Bus Pune to Kolhapur was failed at Katraj & Khambataki Valley on 6.45 & 10.30 PM respectively, 03.04.2015. Even after lots of calls to Swargate as well as Kolhapur Depot, Controllers are not responding. Bus was at Karad at the time of 2.15 AM on next day. This incident was resulting us to waster of money, time & more headache.

Ankit Taragi

Posted On: 2015-04-10 20:12:47
I want to file a complaint and case against Triumph Hyundai Service Station which is at Faridabad, Haryana for not servicing the car properly which lead to a huge damage to the car engine and for that i had to pay Rs.50,000 now i want to claim the amount and file a case for this inconvenience caused to me because of their negligence

Dr Lokesh Kumar Gupta

Posted On: 2015-04-05 11:39:40

Susovan Paul

Posted On: 2015-04-03 21:37:39
I have opted for transport of goods from Thane (Mumbai) to Kolkata by Safe and Sure Logistics Packers and Movers. They have taken the goods on March 24, 2015 (documents are present for the same) and provided verbal assurance to deliver the goods to the required place within a maximum of 7 days from thence. Today is April 03, 2015 still the goods have not been delivered. I want reimbursement for the goods being kept for the extra number of days. Please assist for further proceedings.


Posted On: 2015-04-03 16:47:00

Puneet Mishra

Posted On: 2015-03-26 14:51:12
Placed two couriers via DTDC around one and half month back from Panchkula to Lucknow (Both parcels at different addresses in Lucknow). After one and half months, i am still trying to find out where my parcel is. Called up Panchkula office no proper response, called up Lucknow offices, no one picks up. Placed a mail to all eMail addresses of DTDC offices, no response till now.


Posted On: 2015-03-21 00:54:25
Hello, I had hired a car driver from one of the Car hiring agency ( Innovative Car Drivers) for which i had paid Rs. 14000/- as deposit amount which was refundable if i wish to discontinue the service of the driver nominated by the agency. After 1 month as i found the service of the driver incompetent to the job, i decided to discontinue the services of the driver provided by this agency & have intimated via email dtd 15-Jan-2015 regarding the discontinuation. As per the agreement, they have to refund the deposit amount after 30 days of intimation. I am continously following up with the executive who is not responding to my phone calls & is not obliging to refund the amount. Request your immense support in resolving this issue & get my refund amount back. Such fraudsters should be put behind the bars.

Yogesh Kumar

Posted On: 2015-03-18 00:59:16
I booked UBER taxi from Wipro (sector 5), Kolkata to my house in Narendrapur, Kolkata. The booking was confirmed and I boarded the cab WB 04F 8693. The driver dropped midway at Kamalgachi (approx 2 kms) from my house. I was left stranded at 12am with no transportation. The driver claimed that the website is wrong. This led to lot of harassment and need apology and compensation for the same. My contact detail is 9831585533 and can be emailed at


Posted On: 2015-03-15 11:00:26
OLA cab service , the worst cab service provider. CRN65418425 CRN67655677 etc etc. Repeated details of different drivers and then cancellation of the same at the final moment is a regular feature of ola cab service. It happened to me on many occasions. While making booking , they dont say anything about paucity of resources. But in the final moment, when you are about to start your journey, they dont show up and ruin all the plans and make you suffer losses. Very fraud and unethical people with an attitude to harass the customers and earn money and name. Ola needs to be taught a lesson, else customers will continue to suffer.

Raghunath Yeturi

Posted On: 2015-03-14 19:28:26
I have booked Sunlite Packers & Movers to shift my household goods from Hyderabad to Bengalooru. The goods cost will be around Rs.1.40lacs. An Estimation was given for all household goods for including insurance cost and paid all money in advance. Insurance receipts were said to be mailed on next day, But,those papers were not sent till today.Our Luggage has not been delivered till date and there is no proper response from the staff. We have called a no. of times to Mr.Nehra,Mr.Vinod but, their is no proper response. After calling a number of times, Mr.Vinod said that the luggage is still in transport.Their behaviour is quite rude & they spoke very harshly to us & We are calling them continuously but they are not giving any status of our luggage. All this matter is causing a lot of disturbance and trouble to us and we are facing a lot of problem because all our household goods.This issue is causing serious mental tension, stress and it is also disturbing my work.

prabhakar naidu

Posted On: 2015-03-07 14:30:04

rahul dayma

Posted On: 2015-03-06 10:35:40


Posted On: 2015-03-03 14:24:59
Complaint of breach of trust and demanding monetary compensation from Meru Cab Company Pvt. Ltd


Posted On: 2015-02-25 22:31:12
Taxi for sure is never sure, Recently I had booked a taxi from them for dropping at New Delhi Railway station at 8:15 pm on 18 Feb with Trip ID - TFS-PP-C10808744 but at the last moment they send sms that wait for few moments as our driver will be late or call us for cancellation, I waited but none came as I had to catch a train therefore I contacted a local taxi waala for dropping at station as my train was at 10 pm and I will miss that. The local taxi waala charged me thrice the normal charge as he knew that its urgent and I paid bcoz I was with my family and confirmed AC tickets .The irresponsible behaviour of Taxi for sure cost me dearly as I reached station late and was unable to take Dinner Packed and caused mental agony and pain, me and my family slept without food and water as Train was Duranto which has no stoppage and no pantry. Thus,I request that Taxi for sure should compensate me for causing me loss of extra money and pain and due to them me and

Samrat Saha

Posted On: 2015-02-25 19:57:07
We have booked a Shipment with Gatikwe on 30th January 2015 with assured delivery Date of 7th Feb 2015. They have not delivered our Material till date and we have given several complaints. Till date we have not got our Material which is for Sale and for the Last few days they have stopped all communications with us. We want to file a case against them both for the Material Cost and the Loss of Business and Bad reputation infront of the Client. Please Suggest.

Rakesh Misra

Posted On: 2015-02-25 16:37:15
Dear Sir, I travelled on 20.02.2015 in an H.R.T.C. bus (Himsutta/Volvo Manali-Delhi) bound for Delhi bearing Registration No. HP-63 5477 on ticket no. 20150220002136 dated 20.02.2015 issued from Sundernagar, Distt. Mandi, H.P. The bus was scheduled to reach Delhi at 7:00 in the morning, but, broke down at Karnal due to wearing out of the Fan belt of the cooler fan. The passengers were advised by the Driver and the Conductor of the bus to board any H.R.T.C. bus which may happen to pass through the route or make their own arrangements. As I had to reach Delhi on urgent basis, I had no other choice but to hire a taxi for Delhi to attend my ailing daughter. I have suffered financially and mentally because of the apathy of the H.R.T.C. Department. I, therefore, demand a compensation for the discomfort, mental agony and financial loss suffered by me. Regards, Rakesh Misra

Harshit Modi

Posted On: 2015-02-24 16:27:07
UBER company has taken my 7838 credits from my account without any reason on 16.02.2015 and are not replying with the evidence or proof. they have also deducted Rs.234 from my online paytm wallet.i have all the e-mails stating the credits earned and the rides i have taken. please help me out in this case i am being only harashed by them and they are not even contacting over phone. please help me out.


Posted On: 2015-02-22 20:47:56

Aditya Kiran

Posted On: 2015-02-14 15:56:45
Bookes two tickets from Bhavya Travels site for 18-Jan-2015 to travel from Rajahmundry to Hyderabad.After that I received a message stating that bus is cancelled due to break down and till now no refund is received.


Posted On: 2015-02-12 11:11:02
on 17.12.2014 I have booked three(3)bus tickets on KSRTC online site. The transaction was a failed transaction with the amount of Rs 3466/ debited from my bank account but without providing any tickets. My repeated requested for refund has not been considered till date i.e. 12.2.2015.

Harshit Sheth

Posted On: 2015-02-08 23:43:10
I booked a cab from OLA. The driver did not understand the pick up destination and parked at a place he was not asked to. According to him, he paid Rs.30 as parking which he charged from me and when i asked him for a receipt of the parking, he was not able to produce it. Furthermore, he started abusing and tried to be aggressive. My CRN number is 38061656. Kindly look into the matter.

anto mariya kumar

Posted On: 2015-02-04 17:44:25
We shifted from chennai to madurai on 31-01-15 with Agarwal packers and movers.They stole my blazer and also they promised that free installation would be done but it was not done. They also damaged our wardrobe, D2H antenna and RO plant. very cleverly they got the signature from us once they delivered the goods and when we enquired them about the damages they said that that nothing could be done as the document is signed. They dont even respond properly. people who work there dont respect the customers and they hung up the call while we talk. apart from paying 21000 labours they sent asked 200 each both while packing and delivering. there is guy named rakesh who works in chennai office. he is a big fraud. He would give all false promises but when we ask him abt it he would say that he didnt say so. Another thing is that we have to make full payment once our goods are packed. thus even if there are damages or loss of goods nothing can be done.

Parag Bohare

Posted On: 2015-02-02 13:08:04
I've booked a consignment with Sonali Fedex International, Vile Parle on 16/01/15 from Mumbai to London. We were promised the delivery in 3 days. The weight of the shipment was 72 Kg and I paid them accordingly. After several request and follow ups, We were provided with the AWB No. 394890 (Pacific Express corporation) on 21/01/15. The shipment was delivered 22/01/15 at 11 PM (Indian time) but the weight of the consignment was found 30.5 Kg only. Rest of the 41.5Kg is still not delivered. After literally more than hundred follow ups, the consignment has not been delivered. Forget the deliver, They've not even provided the tracking No. of the consignment. I called them on the phone and didn't get even proper response... only false commitments were provided. Most of the time, they didn't even pick up my phone calls.

Ishank Maheshwari

Posted On: 2015-01-27 16:44:21
I booked a taxi from the above mentioned service provider "Taxi for Sure" for journey on 24th January 2015 for travelling from my home to alipur, G. T. karnal Road, Delhi at 5.30 P.M and the pick up time was 8.15 P.M through call bookings. I got booking confirmation message within minutes stating that my booking is confirmed and that I will receive the driver and fare details 15 minutes prior to the journey. But till 8.10 P.M there was no confirmation from them. I called them to get the details of the car and driver but all the y did was to reply me bluntly that cab could not be made available to me. I was left helpless at the very last minute. I mean what the hell, don't they have the responsibility to inform the customer. Then I had to book a cab from some other service provider, I waited for another 1 hour or so for the cab plus the mental stress that I had to bear because of this. They should not operate when they do not have the resources to do so. Booking number TFS-PP-C9029689

Bhavadharani Kannan

Posted On: 2015-01-19 20:05:56
Hi! I booked a ticket on 4.12.2014 on the KSRTC website and the transaction was a failure. KSRTC Online Transaction Reference No.:OB13939556 I have mailed and haven't received any response from the team. An amount of Rs2992 has been deducted from my account! I've tried reaching the following phone numbers for more than 10 days now at all given office hours. Nobody picks up the phone! I am not sure as to how I can get the issue escalated and get the refund at the earliest. Please let me know as to what needs to be done. Also, when I call customer care, they put me on hold for more than 20 minutes; I understand as to how this is acceptable by any standard! Regards Bhavadharani Kannan


Posted On: 2015-01-17 18:33:46
I have booked a Lorry (Regn. No. UP 16 BP-9296, CN No. SR 79934)full for transportation of Household goods loaded and departed from Kumarghat, Tripura on 23rd December 2014 to Sundargarh, Odisha by paying an amount of Rs.82000 appox. on transfer. Even after 26 days neither any assurance for confirmed delivery nor any time frame for that given. The officials convey false information provided him by the driver and assuring delivery within 1-2 days for the last 16 days. Five days before contact made with the driver after about 2 weeks and the driver informed that he was at Ranchi (300Km away). After that he was found switched off as usual and he is got through again today over mobile and informed that he is at Balashore (500 Km away and off route). Likewise he is playing hide and seek from the very beginning and never be tracked. You are requested to advice me how can I lodge complaint for compensation as I have been suffering a lot with family(hav a child)without any Households,beds etc

alan singh

Posted On: 2015-01-16 19:04:00
I, my old aged parents and my two little babies was allotted seat No 29, 31, 32, 33, 34 in A1 of AC 2 Tier of Train No 12920 (malwa exp) from Kosi Kalan (UP) to Bhopal Jn (MP) on 10 Jan 2015. Timing of Train was 21:02 at the station and accordingly we reached at the station. After reaching on station it was found that train was 03 hrs delayed and accordingly i wait for the train. When the train arrived at station i went to my coach (i.e AC 2 Tier) but the coach was found locked and i further requested to many peoples for opening of doors but non of the passenger or TTE or anybody opened the doors of train. Hence the train departed and when the train departed i also requested to TTE to stop for some time and also to the guard of the Train but no the guard and nor anybody opened the doors. I also reported the matter to GRP, Control Room and Station Master office at same time but non of the officer above except control room incharge was available to lodge my complaint. station master wa

milind ghosalkar

Posted On: 2015-01-12 17:55:46
Non refund of ticket amount by indian railways till date, of the train diverted to other route by them. 1)Ticket booked for agra cant - mathura on 3/11/2014 for travel on 1/12/2014 (13007/U abhatoofan express) 2)On reaching Agra cant, it is informed by the station staff that the train is diverted to other route from current agra-mathura-delhi, hence train cancelled on agra station. 3)No prior information whatsoever given by the railways, causing a near trauma managing kids, luggage etc. 4)I had also booked a 2nd ticket on 3/11/2014 for journey on 3/12/2014 on same train from mathura to newdelhi. The same treatment meted out to me. 5) Now the IRCTC is refusing to refund me the ticket amount for the deficiency in their service. I demand (1750+1750)3500 plus trauma relief amount of 50000 in each case.

Ganesh Kshirsagar

Posted On: 2015-01-08 15:27:04
I am from Nagpur, there was a problem with the LED TV. Therefore as per talk with the seller I have air-couriered the LED TV to Delhi at the sellers shop. After due declaration of non working LED TV, it was then properly packing in the courier company office very nicely. But as the LED TV was received at the shop it was found to be broken. Then shop owner sent me the LED TV photos showing the broken glass panel of the TV.

Sumit Kumar

Posted On: 2014-12-24 14:33:24
i bought a new holland tractor from The Yamuna Syndicate Limited , Yamuna Nagar but after sometime it started malfunctioning in its start stop function secondly the GPS too does not works and despite several complaints they denied to provide any solution.we have complaint no. 2014008928


Posted On: 2014-12-23 09:49:34
At 7-30p.m. on 10/5/2014 the driver(Mr. Bhikari Rai)of taxi(WB04C8847 owned by Mr. Piyush Kr. Chaudhury)hit my private car (WB06D2407)near GC Island, Salt Lake and was running away. Somehow I had stopped the taxi and lodged one FIR no. 82/14 (General Diary Entry no. 816)dt. 10/5/2014 at OC (Mr. Subrata Modak, ASI),South Bidhannagar Police Station, North 24 Parganas(Salt Lake). Consequently, police released the same taxi within a few days and one case (GR 460/14) was filled by the same Police Dept. at Bidhannagar Court(SCJM), Salt Lake,Kolkata.The same taxi has broken the front bumper and scratched the left side of my car.The estimated (by M/S Bhandari Motors,EM Bypass)damage of my car is more than Rs.4000.However,till date I neither received any compensation from the taxi owner nor any information from the Court/Police Dept. about ruling/order on the above case.Hence,I would request the consumer court to take-up my case for doing the Justice I deserve under the rule of this Country.

vaibhav goyal

Posted On: 2014-12-09 16:11:41
Why people living in haryana still able to book UBER Cab. Is this government sleeping. When are we planning to ban it in Gurgaon That is part of NCR.

niraj jain

Posted On: 2014-12-07 08:28:19
drivers musbehaviour against men and women, driver name pradeep, drive a bus of anand travels from hazaribagh to kolkata

G P Gupta

Posted On: 2014-12-03 09:45:49
I had booked Meru cab for 25.10.2014 at 19.30 from hulimavu to Yeswantpur Rly station my booking No. was 31284251. It was also confirmed at 7.00 pm that cab will come, but it had not came and when I asked at 7.10 I was told that they are searching but finally it didn't come and I have to rush with very uncertain position and I have pay Rs. 1000 to another local taxi from road during rain as I had to catch the train, really it was very bad experience. Similarly we had waited more than 3 hours on 18.10.2014 when my son Deep booked your cab from his mobile no.9591040345 but it had not came.

sourav maity

Posted On: 2014-11-28 11:10:31
Asian Movers and packers are real cheaters and one of the worst packers. They have taken all hosehold goods and later denied to deliver until I pay them75000 . Though all payments made including insurance worth 4lakhs still I have not received the Insurance papers. I have made payment for 24ft Container but a 20Ft was provided and material with two other households. Container number HR-55-U7739 is a 20ft container . Now list of broken and missing items as below. 1. Home theatre speaker broken entirely damaged- Snap attached 2. Showcase big. One glass column entirely broken. Packing was entirely removed when unloaded and not the same when packed in delhi. Wooden parts broken- snap attached 3. one Sofaset partly broken - snap attached 4. Wooden showcase both glass covers broken- snap attached List of items missing 1. inverter battery with cover 2. Boxes 3. Dressing table mirror glass stand missing 4. Computer CPU Shop no 1, near aggrawar enterprise, ashok vihar phase -3, gali no 1,

Raghunath Karfa

Posted On: 2014-11-08 11:16:15
Current books weighing 130 kg were given for transportation to Harsh Rd. Lines,New Transport Nagar,Jhalwar Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan on 16.10.14.Tariff charged almost four times & delay caused profuse loss to my daughter's studies.


Posted On: 2014-10-30 19:04:27
Hi, I travel to office from Hoskote to Whitefield Bangalore. I hardly use 2 to 3 Km of toll but the Toll plaza location is such that every time I need to give than 15 Rs or need to take monthly pass which cost me 150/-. They are just harassing the public in the name of rule. Kindly rectify it soon.

Amit Kaushal

Posted On: 2014-10-25 21:09:34
Dear Sir, I am resident of Bangalore and while moving from whitefield, hope Farm, just touched the Hoskote toll plaza, they took 24/- rupees as toll for using hardly 2 kms of total more than 16 Kms of toll road. it is open loot and unfair trade practice from Lanco & NHAI. It is big corruption going on in broad day light. They have established toll plaza at the end of the road, so anyone touching is road is being harassed and looted. Requesting you to take strict action against the looters.

Manali Ashish Raut

Posted On: 2014-10-16 09:20:21
Dear Sir/Madam, I am using ola cabs since sept. 2014 and regularly booking cabs through mobile app. In 2nd week of october 2014 I saw Diwali offer advertised on the site of ola cabs stating that on recharge minimum of Rs. 300/- and maxim of Rs. 5000/- double amount will be credited to the account. In response to this, enquiry was been made with Costumer care executives of the Ola cabs on 09th October 2014 approx.9.00p.m and enquired what is minimum and maximum amount to be recharged and whether amount credited has any validity period; on this customer care executive confirmed that minimum amount of Rs. 300/- and maximum amount of Rs. 5000/- is eligible for offer of double credit and does not have any validity and offer is valid from recharge between 30.09.2014 up to 31.10.2014 and valid for 1st recharge during this period. Further on 11th October 2014 I got mail from ola cabs advertising for Diwali offer stating that on minimum recharge of Rs. 300/- customer will be getting credit double the amount actually recharged. Again on 12th October 2014 I called to customer care for confirming the offer and any special conditions applicable to this offer, and got same information as provided by earlier customer executive on 09th October 2014. However on actual recharge of Rs. 3000/- on 15.October 2014 at approx 10.45 p.m from registered id enrolled with ola money, credit should have been Rs. 6000/- against recharge of Rs. 3000/- as advertised through mail and confirmed by customer care executive on 09.10.2015 and 12.10.2014.however actual credit received is Rs. 3000/- only. On taking up the matter with ola customer care executive on 15.10.2014 at approx 11.00 p.m got reply that scheme is changed on 14th October 2014 to minimum of Rs. 300/- and maximum of Rs. 1000/- and for recharge of Rs. 3000/- scheme does not apply and modified scheme is available on internet site. However no such information for modification of advertisement was provided or circulated through mobile app, email or message resulting into unnotified withdrawal/modification of scheme. If such modification would have known through message, email or mobile app, I would not have recharged Rs. 3000/- In view of the above complaint I request the authorities to take action against ola cabs and help me to get the eligible credit as advertised before.

Shankar Banerjee

Posted On: 2014-10-10 12:21:40
I would like to complain againsh DRS moters Gurgaon Sector-17/18, Deviding Road, Behind Pasco Bodyshop,Village- Sarhaul, Gurgaon, Haryana 122015 India I have given then my car for body work and they told me they have cash less fecility with my insurence compny royal sunderam, now after 3 days they called me and told me that they do not have and I have to pay for repairs.

Sirsendu Mahanta

Posted On: 2014-10-10 10:55:25
on dated 17th july i have failed to catch a train from secunderabad (SC) to howrah (HWH) and i have cancelled the ticket within 30 minuts from departure the train. but till now i have not got the money back. please give me my money back. i have already registered a complain on railway website but from their no reply. kindly suggest me what should i do.

shashwat priya

Posted On: 2014-09-26 05:15:24
Auto Driver was drunk; charged me 60 rupees extra (apart from auto meter fare). Traveled from Shivajinagar to Katraj (Pune). Auto number is "MH 12CT 9906".

Sachin Jain

Posted On: 2014-09-25 12:36:16
goods misplaced by the transport company

Rajiv Soni

Posted On: 2014-09-15 20:52:25
I reserved a Meru Cab,Kolkata on the 12th of September for a pickup in the morning of the 13th. I got a confirmatory sms from Meru confirming the booking . When there was no call next morning, I called up the Booking Line and who put me on the hold for quite some time and then gave me the incorrect telephone number of the cab driver. At 0721 the cab driver( Ali) calls me to ask me where I stayed and when I told him where he said he could not make it as he had been informed regarding the pickup minutes before by Meru! . I managed a yellow cab and reached the airport to catch my flight. A message to their Facebook Page prompted a customer care person to call me after 36 hours apologising and informing that in future they have told their drivers to inform clients if they cant make it.

Suvarchala Ganti

Posted On: 2014-09-03 13:02:51
This is with reference to an incident we faced with Ola Cabs which resulted in our missing a train on Saturday,23-Aug.We had booked an Ola cab for a 12.30 pm pick up at 9.15am. We got a confirmation message that the booking has been done. We did not receive any driver details because of which we called the Ola customer care. It took us 20 mins to get through the line post which we were asked to be on hold as they would sort out the problem. I was put on hold for good 5-6 mins and then the call was cut. By then we had to book another cab and go to the station and in this whole process we missed the train. On our way back is when I spoke to their customer care executives. The floor supervisor asked me to send across all the etickets and inovoices of cabs for them to come up with a solution. From that day I have been calling them everyday and they haven't been responding well. They say it will be done in 24hrs and this is being told for more than 10 days and nobody is responding.

P V Krishna

Posted On: 2014-08-26 17:23:12
The complaint is against "BookMyCab" - online booking of cab/ taxi services. Twice they did not provide the cab for point-to-point pick up after registering the service request two days in advance. This was on 2nd July 2014 and on 24th August 2014. They send cancellation sms just 45 mins before the pick up time . This will not give us the chance to book an other cab service. Had to face lot of problem in the last minute. Would request the Forum to take up this case seriously and help commuters like us.I have all the sms saved , as proof , with respect to this case. Will share on your suggestion.

Avilash Jain

Posted On: 2014-08-06 21:07:47
Sir, I had booked a e-ticket via IRCTC on 10th october 2013, but due to sudden change of weather I had to cancel the ticket, so I filed TDR for the ticket before Scheduled departure time of the train on the same day for refund. I got confirming email that TDR has been filed successfully. Now It has been about 10 months but I haven't been refunded the money. I tried to contact them via email and calls but they dont care to reply. The detail of the booked ticket is given: "Booking details: PNR No 6223980999 Train No 12857 Train Name TAMRALIPTA EXP From HWH To DGHA Date 13-10-2013". And TDR email response is also given here: "Dear Customer, With reference to your request for refund for PNR Number 6223980999 for reason 'Passenger Not Travelled.', we wish to inform you that your request for refund has been filed succesfully against Reference No: ekt2013101309667963 and this case is being forwarded to the concerned Railway through TDR refund process" So I am requesting you to help me

laiju varghese

Posted On: 2014-07-09 01:15:58
I Laiju Varghese working in Indian Armed Forces (Indian Navy) hereby submitting a complaint regarding the delayed the parcel and misbehaviour of a courier service named Professional Couriers (Gurgaon, DRS No: DGGN185323). My father had used to send parcel to Gurgaon from Kerala dated on 30/June/14.the courier service had told that the parcel will be delivered to the consignee within in 4-5 days. But after waiting of a long 9 days I didn’t get any information from the courier service andI personally visit their office when I reached their office on 07-Jul-14 but they didn’t inform me .When I enquired about this delay and being irresponsible to inform me about the delivery the item they misbehave with me and said “This is not our job to inform everyone, We have lot of other works also, We are not working under you and we are not ready to inform you anything. Do whatever you can do. If you are not satisfied with our service don’t send anything through our courier service, they use abuse

Ranjana Lahiri (bakshi)

Posted On: 2014-07-08 16:50:33
I am a working woman and my office is at Sector-V, Salt Lake, Kolkata.My mode of transport is by train upto Ultadanga Station and then by bus / auto from thereon. Nowadays, it has become very difficult to travel by bus / auto from Bidhannagar as all the buses plying to Sector-V, Salt Lake is fully packed with passengers, leaving thereby no space for Bidhannagar train passengers. Even the ladies also have to hang downstairs in the bus as there is no other option because auto fares are also so high that everyone’s salary does not allow him / her to spend so much amount on travel.The bus fare was last increased in 2012.the price of diesel have rose steeply in these two years. But the fares of buses have not increased.In protest against this decision by the State Govt., most of the buses are off due to which we are facing huge problems in attending our office in time.Will be grateful if this issue is looked after keeping in mind the common people.

Mannika Agarwal

Posted On: 2014-06-29 04:15:54
Meru Cabs agent recorded my booking as a drop to airport whereas i booked the cab for railway station. because of this i had to pay extra (almost double the amount) because of extra kilometers. When i complained to the call center, i was told i will get a call from concerned department. Its been more than 8 days now and i have called more than 5 times and i get to hear the same thing. This is heights of unprofessional behavior and shamelessness.


Posted On: 2014-06-23 16:01:13
sir i have made complain on web site against nikunj automobiles limited but they have paid my dues so iwant to remove complain or hide the complain lodge on ekikrat.inwhich is seen on the nikunj automobiles limited kolkata website on google search. pl help me thanks srikumar

giriraj singh rajawat

Posted On: 2014-06-08 16:59:43
Dear All, I have taken services from allied logistics packers and movers name of owner/contact person is manish shekhawat (9312120406). My material packed and dispatched on 18th may 2014 from Jaipur to Bangalore. Commitment done by movers and packers : 1. Material will be received on or before 25th May 2014. 2. Should be in proper form , Not be damaged any how. 3. Sum of total 2 lac insured by taking insurance amount of Rs.6000/-. 4. Company commit to pay hotels & food bills for total days shipment get late. What i received : 1. Material received on 5-june-2014. 2.Received material in almost broken form and few things got theft. 3. Manish is not picking phone for insurance claim. Document i have: Bills and receipts. (total 45 thousand paid including 6 K for insurance) Please contact ASAP. I can go beyond any limits (lawful) to make this fake guys punished. Thanks & regards Giriraj singh rajawat 9784742215

Siddhartha Patil

Posted On: 2014-05-31 09:56:58
One should do complete research before engaging packers. We had a nightmare of an experience after engaging Agarwal Logistics & packers. They quoted a lower rate and charged us higher rate after goods got loaded in truck. They refused to accept cheque payment. We had to pay Rs. 35000.00 in cash and Rs. 10000.00 was to be given on delivery. They moved our car and household goods in different trucks after making promise of delvery in 7-8 days. The car reached after 10 days but they refused to give delivery of car and insisted on balance payment without giving us any details of second truck which was carrying household goods. They could not give any confirmation to us as to when goods would reach even after 10-12 days. When we visited their Gurgaon office, we were shocked to learn that they have vacated the premises two months back. They refused to share their new office address with us. When we visited their website, we were shocked to note that both Bhopal and Kolkata office have same


Posted On: 2014-05-27 16:48:40
Hemant Kondekar – service in providing courier service by Admin on May 27, 2014 Dear Sir, a) HEMANT KONDEKAR


Posted On: 2014-05-06 16:02:40
i am a handicap person, i am having a valid bus pass(handicap), 5/5/2014 this day i am travelled from chamarajanagara to mysore at evening 5.35pm, the bus number is KA-09 F4795 i show my handicap pass to Conductor mr. hanumantha shetty he didn't acept the pass and he gave the ticket to me by force and he used volgar words. he looks handicap persons are like a street dogs. so its hurted lot. details of ticket:No:015546 05/05/2014 17:42:16 551631 A090747 A048114 501330591

pooja vadiraja

Posted On: 2014-04-24 18:48:02
Hi, I booked a ticket through ksrtc on april 10,2014. I cancelled the ticket on same day. It has been more than seven days since I cancelled the ticket, but still they haven't refund the amount. They haven't responded to my emails or phone calls.The amount to be refund is Rs.2104. As a student, this amount matters a lot to me.

Sushila Kamath

Posted On: 2014-04-23 17:06:37
Central Railway Bridge at Parel is pathetic. It may lead to more and more accidents. Please take immediate actions

Sushila Kamath

Posted On: 2014-04-23 17:04:45
Nahur station no street light no canteen and share rick facility

vinay singh

Posted On: 2014-03-23 13:10:21
Respected sir/madam I Vinay Singh have a 3dx JCB which we have given our JCB to nigaba enterprise i.e P.N Verma owner on hire for at least one year. He is not giving our payment of 6 lacs lump some and he is trying to duped that money. Being repedtly calling him and visiting his office he had released only half of the payment. I have done online complain to police but it is of no use. Please sir I request you to please solve over this issue as soon as possible we are in great tense due to this. Or suggest me we to go or complain related this problem. Thanks for anticipation.

Jyoti Mishra

Posted On: 2014-03-02 12:18:29
RTO agent took 10000rs 20 days back from my husband to change bike number from UP to banglore.But till date he has not done anything.Everyday we call he says tomorrow he will do and so on. His name: Rajshekhara His Number:9916633591

santosh Kumar singh

Posted On: 2014-03-01 13:48:48
TO The Indian Railway “North Central Railway” SUB: Complaint for lost of my luggage during traveling in the train. Respected Sir, I myself Mr SANTOSH KUMAR SINGH was traveling in train no11072 ( KamayaniExpress) from ALLAHABAD to KALYAN , on 23rd February 2014, my birth no. was RAC 23 in coach S9 , My PNR No. was “2255663604”. I was returning after attending of my brother marriage . Train was departed from Veena Station suddenly I seen my bag was not under our seat .in-between my bag ‘VIP 28 inches’ was stolen which was kept below my seat For that I had complained to on duty Police in coach complaint form no. 0/14 Chalit FIR @ Vidisha Station at 10:10am. I found no TTE was in train /Cach. The Contents of the theft bag as below –  Bag VIP 4000.00  Cash 42000.00 (1000x42)  2 New Suits each 8000.00 =16000  Camera Sony -12000.00  Chasma (with Important Frame ) - 5000.00  TITAN watch, 3200.00  2 New Paints & Shirts (Peter England) 7000.00  lots of old & new Cloths & win

Rohan Singhal

Posted On: 2014-02-15 14:25:32
I want to complain R.T.O. Officer, Firozabad

Shyam Khairnar

Posted On: 2014-02-03 09:49:26
We have submitted application for vehicle transfer from AP to Maharashtra for 10 months now however we haven't received any update on it. When we ask local Nashik office they ask to contact person who collected forms at RTO desk. We can't get hold of individual person.I have receipt of actual submission of money and documents.We have already invested great deal of money and time on it. Can you please help to trace it till completion? Vehicle Number - AP28/DE-9032 Please email me at if you need more details.

Aradhana Vipra

Posted On: 2014-01-24 23:11:46
My name is Aradhana. I am working as Scientist in a top biotechnology company in Bangalore. I normally take BMTC bus from Yashwantpur to Cantonment Station. On 24th January 2014, I took BMTC bus 252A/7 (KA 50 F 161, D 22) at around 4:45 PM from Yashwantpur. The conductor was issuing tickets to others in back. I took seat in front and kept ticket money ready, waiting for conductor to finish issuing tickets to passengers in back. Within 2 minutes of my boarding , before the RMC yard, ticket checker (Mr. S. V. ) boarded the bus and started checking the tickets. I was on first seat, he asked me for tickets. I politely told him I am waiting for conductor to issue me a ticket. The ticket checker started arguing with me arrogantly & forced me to pay Rs. 200 for no fault of mine. I would like DMR BMTC to take strict action against the officer. The checker also held his hand to block my way when I insisted on both of us going to police station. I am eagerly waiting your reply and action.

Anurag Sharma

Posted On: 2014-01-21 16:16:38
I have hired PR Packers and Movers, Gurgaon to move my goods to Pune. Now, its been more than 2 months and my one of the goods(Dressing table) is missing. I notify this many times to them but haven't received any positive response. I have also paid the complete insurance for all my goods. Please file a complaint for below movers and packers. PR PACKERS AND MOVERS Plot no.3, Near Atul Kataria Chowk, Sukhrali Enclave, Gurgaon. +91- 8512085777 There are 2 movers and packers with the same name. So, please check with above one only.

Ashutosh Verma

Posted On: 2014-01-08 11:54:25
I had book a cab from on OLA cabs for 31st december 2013 and had paida an advance amount of Rs 104. They cancelled the cab in the last moment and I could not visit the place I had to. This cost me a loss of Rs 7000. OLA cabs is not looking forward to address the situation and they are not even refunding the advance amount I had paid. I have been calling their representatives but all in vain. This is causing me immense trouble. They are not only accepting their fault but also not returning my money back. This is troubling me mentally.

shaik mujeebuddin

Posted On: 2013-12-27 11:53:49


Posted On: 2013-12-24 10:28:29

Ramdas Banerjee

Posted On: 2013-12-23 10:18:07
Hi, I have been taking driver service from a centre named as Joy Sree Ram Driver Service Centre(Address: 112, Raja S.C Mullick Road, Garia, Kolkata: 47) owned by partners Mohan and Dharmendar. Yesterday I got a driver from the centre. I traveled from Garia to Kestopur and released the driver at 9.30 PM and paid him 250 Rs(charge:200 Rs + traveling charge:50 Rs). I was carrying a brand new Ray Ban Sunglass worth 4990 Rs in my car dashboard. The driver was in the car with the car key in the garage of the apartment where I stayed for 2 hrs before releasing him. The driver stole the Sunglass and went away without my notice. After releasing him I came to know that the sunglass was missing. I am sure that the driver have stolen it as he was the only person in the car for 2 hrs. I lodged a complain to the driver center but they totally denied of helping me. I want to lodge a case against the centre in the consumers forum. I want to make sure that their business registration is cancelled.


Posted On: 2013-12-19 14:59:24
M/S Agrawal Packers and movers ltd.Not yet my claim is settled, Till today no has attendedFw: Fully damaged 2 items of my GC : bng003753 Dear Sir, I feel you are not taking seriousely of customer concern.Is this kind of service of M/S APML.Very bad.Pl look into the matter and inform me.Other wise the matter will be escalated further. the person who has inspected 8286031530 is making false committments.Pl look into.Very urgent


Posted On: 2013-12-17 17:16:02
Beware Beware of Chaudhary packers and Movers of Dana Bdr..these people are thieves. i had to transfer my household goods and so much of my goods got pilfered. their boys broke open the cartons as they themselves knew what was contained inside and costly clothing was stolen. there was so much of breakage that none of crockery and glass stuff survived. he even cheated me on the insurance . after taking 3500 Rs for insurance i later came to know insurance was for a lot less amount and only rs 350 had been paid to the insurance company. the owner is a goon. and refused to let go my vehicle till my house though it was door to door delivery. ..avoid all all no insurance a loss of 45,000/- and no recourse. iam contemplating legal action. and he has refused to accept my letter for insurance damage certificate. a scoundrel company.

Sam Christopher Joshua

Posted On: 2013-12-07 17:28:33
Today at 5:17 PM Dear Sir, I purchased used car (MH01-VA 1693) in Jan2013, and duly applied for name transfer with Vasai RTO, vide receipt no.F31869 in 22nd Jan13. Because upto Aug13 I did not receive RC, again I reapplied on 27th Aug 13 vide receipt no F 45973. Still I did not receive RC. Kindly help. Thanking you, Yours faithfully, S.C.Joshua

Aditya Taneja

Posted On: 2013-11-12 11:01:34
Dear Sir this is to bring in your kind notice that I boarded a haryana roadways, Ambala depot on 27th oct 2013 from Panipat bus stand at around 8 PM. Tickets details are as under 3 tickets of Rs.8 F-9 426598 426599 426600 Val. No 10064348 10080732 10097116 I asked the conductor for a ticket for delhi & requested him if the bus will stop at Gannaur bus for dinner, then please give me ticket till Gannaur as I had 2 catch a Bus for Jaipur as tickets were booked for the next bus & I wanted to reach on time. He gave me ticket for Gannaur, and when bus reached Gananur, he asked me to get down 500 meters before the actual bus stop ( GT road), I requested to atleast stop at bus stand but he said we don't take passengers from Gannaur so get down here & we will take right turn & enter the bus stand. As soon as I got down, he shut the door & just drived away the bus towards delhi at such a speed that I was not even to write the number, without even taking the other passengers who were coming

M.Senthil Kumar

Posted On: 2013-11-08 10:10:17
Ordeal in travelling in electric train.The EMU (Electric train) services plying between Chengalpet and Beach stations came to an abrupt halt on Oct 25th 2013 at 8:20 PM between Nungambakkam and Chetpet stations. I boarded the EMU at Urappakkam at 7:10 PM on 25/10/13. My EMU ticket bears the serial number 35649 and I was about to board the Blue mountain Express train (Train number: 12671) on 25/10/13 at 9:15 PM at Central station as I had my reserved ticket bearing PNR number: 4808405571. However, as the EMU services came to an abrupt halt at 8:20 PM between Nungambakkam and Chetpet stations, the EMU train in which I was travelling was not able to reach the Park station in due time at 8:20 PM. Hence, I couldn’t able to catch the Blue mountain Express train (Train number: 12671). 8. Please provide the ways by which I can get compensation from Southern railways for the loss incurred , physical & mental harassment owing to the missing of my journey in the Blue mountain Express (Train number: 12671) from Chennai to Coimbatore on 25th October 2013 at 9.15 P.M. I have got my original tickets of EMU train and print out of ticket bearing PNR number: 4808405571.

Lovish Kumar

Posted On: 2013-10-17 13:42:48
Dear sir, With Due respect i m gonna file a complaint against MERU cabs there customer care no.-01144224422. i booked a cab on 08/10/2013 from anand vihar railway station to NIT faridabad VIA khanpur. My complaint is regarding the non working of A.C in the cab providing the facts of MERU Cabs that they provide best service in delhi/ncr having Approx 1 million customers all over india and providing the theoretical as well as practical training to the chauffeurs in there newsletter. i booked a cab because of my comforts as i am coming from a long train journey. when i reached home i negotiate with the driver as well as company itself. that your cab A.C. is not working and i am not gonna pay you full amount.compensate me some amount on basis of Non-A.C.per km.As they Charge Rs.23perkm. the rude behavior of driver towards my society and my family.i am really dissatisfied with services. please give me a chance to prove that no other cust. will suffer the same. Thanking you

Sudheendra M.G

Posted On: 2013-10-17 10:16:59
I was travelling on a Train from mantralaya to bangalore on a reserved ticket along with my wife and kids on a reserved ticket.On boarding the entire seats were occupied by ticketless travellers and to my horror for this long distance night train there was no TTE or any authorized personnel in the Train and these ticket less travelers did not vacate their seats and myself,mywife and my kids had to literally sit and travel for entire night facing a lot of inconvenience.The journey was on the train no 16593 –Nanded express on 12th October 2013.It was literally endangering the lives of my wife and young children who were made to suffer because of this apathy of the railways and their failure to provide security to the passengers. If they cannot provide security they should not run these trains.Any compensation for the suffering caused especially to my children is insufficient but to ensure that this apathy of railway authorities does not go unpunished, I demand a compensation of 2 lakhs.

Ramesh Parvataneni

Posted On: 2013-10-15 11:16:30
I have booked a ticked from Bangalore to Vijayawada on 11th October 2013 in Red bus for JRS tech transport but JRS doesn’t operate any bus from Bangalore to Vijayawada but they have kept the bus in red bus and they are allowed to book the tickets, On Friday I did not get any message or call from the transport company when I called they are not responded to me when I made several calls they simply told that the bus is left and they wanted me to cancel the ticket in red bus and all there days private bus operators are charging very high fare Rs.2500 for a single ticket in normal 2+2 seats I would like to take this forward and complaint against red bus and JRS tech transport as well as on all private bus operators where they are collecting high amount of bus fares. The general bus fares is like Rs. 800 to 1600 but they are collecting Rs.2500.

Sam Christopher Joshua

Posted On: 2013-10-05 16:30:05
Dear sir, I purchased a car in Jan 2013 (Reg No: MH01 VA 1693), and duly applied for name transfer with Vasai RTO, Thane dist of Maharashtra,vide receipt no.F31869 in 22nd Jan13. Because upto Aug13 I did not receive RC, again I reapplied on 27th Aug 13 vide receipt no F 45973. Still I did not receive RC. Kindly help. Thanking you.

Pankaj Sonawane

Posted On: 2013-08-07 12:20:54
On 7th Auguest 2013 at 11 am; I was passing through Hinjewadi Phase 2 area driving between Wipro circle towards Infosys circle. I was overtaking PMPML Bus # MH 12 FC 9343 at a speed of 50 kmph. A bus dashed my bike MH 12 JD 1104 while overtaking. I did not noted down driver name and number as he was too arrogant and did not accept his foolish and stupid act. This has caused serious damage to my bike on the left hand side. This could have led to fatal accident for both me and my co-passenger. I wish to lodge a complaint of rash driving in an improper state of mind which could lead to any type of accidents in future. Please take a strict action.

Anand Varadarajan

Posted On: 2013-07-26 14:39:48
Cheating by Meru cab company and its drivers

marshal james

Posted On: 2013-07-23 04:43:29
Hi On 07/06/2013 I travelled in Uneversal travels, non a/c seater/sleeper(2+1) from chennai to nagercoil. I boarder from Perungulathur. the actual time for the bus to depart from perungulatuur is 10:45 PM but the bus started by 11.30 PM. bus was driven by the driver at a very high speed. At around 5.30 AM (08/06/2013) near Madurai (approximately 40 kms prior to madurai) bus met with an accident. I ahd injuries in nose and upper lips as well. Few of hte passengers has fractures, injuries in heads etc.. Driver was missing at the spot. We had the cleaner with us. he was not heplful. He never even attempted to arange an alternate bus from their travels which is the worst case. Although I paid Rs 650 to travel from chennai to madurai, again i was in a position to pay for my ticket from madurai to nagercoil. No responsibility from the travels side. Apart from this also I lost my incentive in my company for taking leaves. Please help me with this. PNR: UNITQGHV88764266 TRIP #24406408

Amritendu Ghosh

Posted On: 2013-06-26 11:15:30
My bike was transported from chandannagar Hoogly, via Aggarwal packers and relocation dated 17/5/13 consignment note number 1156. Till date bike is not received and the number is unavailable. Please help. Aggarwal Packers & Relocation Address: Behind Himalaya Plaza Panchanangar, Marigna, Dankuni, Hooghly, (Opp. FCI Godown)

vijay singh bhadoriya

Posted On: 2013-06-18 00:04:16
I filed a TDR as I was not travelled by train on perticular date but get a reply from irctc that I travelled on that date. With Reference to your PNR No:6712032649, we regret to inform you that refund is not admissible as informed by Railways through their letter no : CCR040313V88939 and the reason being : 'As per chart, passenger has travelled'

Biman Mukherjee

Posted On: 2013-05-21 17:34:53
21.05.2013, 17:35 PM To West Bengal State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, Bhabani Bhavan, (Ground Floor), 31, Belvedere Road, Alipore, Kolkata – 700 027 Dear Sir, I was staying in east patel nagar in Delhi and shifted to Kolkata on 5th. May, 2013. I have transported my household materials on 5th. May, 2013 through Agarwal Pack N Move Pvt. Ltd, Khasra No 601, rangpuri, Near Tata telco service station, Mahipalpur Extension, New Delhi-1100037. I have paid full amount through cheque of HDFC bank amounting to rs 36,000/- as per their bill no 1333 dated 05.05.2013. As per the agreement they have taken money from me for transportation, packing, loading, unloading and un packing and re arranging charges. Instead of unpacking and re arranging they simply dumped the packets[ assets] against which they have taken money. While I verified many of the valuable items are damaged and one suitcase containing valuable dress materials costing about Rs 40,000 was missing [ not delivered ser

Navendu Bhushan

Posted On: 2013-05-15 21:55:44
I have booked my household material shifting with M/s Sahara Pick Pack & Move on single consignment basis from Faridabad to Navi Mumbai. Sahara has shifted my material on part load against full load as assured to me, They have shifted my material on open truck against closed container as assured to me, they have taken three days more to deliver my material aginst which I have paid hotel charges at Navi Mumbai, lot of my material was damaged, some of my material is missing, sahara has sent a fabricated person stating that the person is insurance person, they are neither giving any compensation not picking up any phones presently.

Madhura Rai

Posted On: 2013-05-07 10:50:30
I had booked ticket in tatkal today in irctc site i.e. Indian Railways, after reaching till the end, amount got debited and i got sms also, when in the site, the confirmation was about to come, the irctc's session expired. When i called them up and asked to give confirmation they said it is not confirmed and amount will be given back. First of all the site is extremely slow and secondly after completing all stages, the irctc doesn't confirm. Now they ask to rebook and tickets are already in waiting list which means no point in booking. My complaint is the site is a fraud and never confirms any tatkal booking


Posted On: 2013-04-11 22:10:50
I had booked a consignment containing Wooden Sofa, Wooden Cloth stand, Centered table glass top through GATI vide docket no. 488830717 dated 01/01/2013. We received the consignment and noticed that 1 item (glass centered table top)was damaged and 1 item (Wooden cloth stand) was received short. They were negligent in delivering the consignment; and therefore caused financial loss to me for the sum of Rs. 6500 (Rs 4500 for the missing Wooden cloth stand and Rs 2000 for the broken centered table glass) . I had, therefore lodged a Claim on them for the Shortage and Damage sustained to our consignment for an amount of Rs.6500, since the item was lost and damaged in their custody. However, they have replied to me saying that for the lost item (which was brand new, pls refer attached invoice copy for details), they will only provide 25% as the claim value, which is unacceptable. I have got all the relevant documents in support of my claims. I need a 100% claim from them. Please help.


Posted On: 2013-03-07 16:42:36
Dear Sir, I have booked my ticket through IRCTC website from Gwalior to Indore vide PNR no 2715400579, and Fare is 750/- Rs where i have chosen boarding at Shivpuri which is next station of Gwalior (2hrs run). But there are riots in gwalior so i have to change my program and required to board from gwalior itself since i have paid the complete fare from gwalior to indore i have not bought any additional ticket . the TC has charged 850/- Rs fine stating that you are without ticket from gwalior to shivpuri but my question is i have paid the full ticket from gwalior to indore how come i without ticket it may be possible if you have allocated that sieat to some one else you will not give it to me but i can board into the train, pls advice

Vinod Kapoor

Posted On: 2013-02-25 09:25:00
CONSUMER DISPUTE REDRESSAL FORUM GOVT. OF N.C.T. OF DELHI DISTRICT FORUM SOUTH-WEST Local Shopping Centre, Sheikh Sarai, Phase II,Delhi. Shri VINOD KAPOOR R/o. WZ-229 FIRST FLOOR, STREET NO. 13, SHIV NAGAR, JAIL ROAD, NEW DELHI-110058 . .. Complainant V/s. Mr. Vikrant Khare - Managing Director, Meru Cabs Co. Pvt. Ltd. VIMAL PLAZA, 1ST FLOOR, PLOT NO. 9, POCKET – 4, SECTOR 11, DWARKA, NEW DELHI-110075…...Opponent CORUM : HON'BLE PRESIDENT : MR. S. L. KHANNA HON'BLE MEMBER : SH. VINOD KAPOOR O R D E R This complaint has been filed by the Complainant against the Managing Director of MERU CABS and Meru Cabs Company Pvt. Ltd. situate at the above cause title address (hereinafter for the sake of brevity of convenience referred to as Opponents) Complainant made a booking for a two MERU CABS on 5 Feb’13 from Shiv Nagar, New Delhi to Airport Terminal 1 for boarding the flight to Aurangabad for Shirdi and thereby to hold the Opponents guilty of negligent and deficient services for failing to provide the cab on 6th Feb – 5:10 a.m. after accepting the booking on 5th Feb‘2013 and sending the confirmation message on e-mail and sms. MERU have not fulfilled the committed services nor even bother to Inform regarding the non-availability or delay to send the cab. Neither they have sent any sms to inform the non-arrival of the cab. The complainant has continuously called MERU CABS on 06/02/13 since morning at 4:40 am to check regarding the non-arrival of CABS but it’s surprising that there is no response from the customer service at MERU CABS and nobody has responded on the status of the cabs due to this complainant faced a big problem as they planned the travel with their family and aged elder with two small children’s of 1 ½ Years & 8 yrs. It was really a big problem to arrange a cab in the early hours of morning at 5:00 a.m for a schedule flight. Due to this big blunder and unethical practice by MERU CABS Complainant suffered huge Money losses as well as trauma of Missing the Flight Schedule and face no show for the scheduled Itinerary. MERU CABS is totally responsible for irresponsive services towards the customer. It must be stated here that Meru Cab’s taxi’ tariff is atleast three times the charges of normal taxis, and the additional amount is only for 100% ASSURED SERVICE TO THEIR CLIENTS. The Complainant, therefore, states that in view of the above facts and circumstances he and his family was subjected to lot of stress, tension, mental agony etc. and, therefore, the Opponents should be held guilty for being deficient in their service thereby for failing to provide non satisfactory services to the Complainant and his family. Further for directions to Opponents to reimburse the expenses to the Complainant to the tune of Rs. 500/- paid to local Taxi Service from Shiv Nagar to Airport Terminal 1. Amount of Rs. 13502/- towards the NO SHOW of scheduled tickets Purchased for Delhi-Aurangabad. In addition to this Meru’s act, complainant paid additional amount of Rs : 43700 / - to compensate reschedule journey via Mumbai for air tickets due to No show. (as all the Hotel Bookings at Shirdi & Return Ticket from Mumbai-Delhi has already booked and the no show causes all the booking cancelled which will total cause the loss of Rs.70,000/-) which will also cost Extra Rs. 3060/- for a Volvo from Mumbai-Shirdi (Rs.510 / Per Person – 510 x 6 = Rs. 3060/-) and Rs. 50,000/- towards compensation for No show happened and faced mental agony, stress etc., sum totalling to Rs. 1.10,762……./- .

Satpal Choudhary

Posted On: 2013-02-14 13:44:15
Vinit Movers and Packers, Packers and Movers Bangalore , Vinit Packers and Movers, Movers and Packers, packers movers Bangalore,loading unloading services Bangalore,office shifting relocation service Bangalore.

Shilpa Jha

Posted On: 2013-01-02 12:55:03
I booked a cab from Tab Cab on 11 december for 3 pm. Firstly they did not send me the cab driver details until 3 pm. I called them up repeatedly from 2 30 pm onwards and they finally sent me the details at 3. driver called me up ate that and told me where he was- it would have taken him 5-7 mins from there. After 25 mins I called him and he asked if I needed to leave right away. He finally came after another 15 mins. I was traveling with my 4 month old baby, and had his pram with me. After leaving from the society, I asked the driver to take a particular route to our destination , but he refused. He spoke very rudely and turned the car in the opposite direction. When I protested, he stopped the car and threw out the pram and asked me to get out. i called up the agency but the took no action. I was forced to get down in the middle of the road with my baby and no means to travel. I also filed a complaint with the agency but I hat not heard from them since.

Jannat Singh

Posted On: 2012-11-05 13:36:21
On the 31st Oct I had booked a cab with Meru for a drop at the airport. The cab not only came late by 13 minutes but the cab driver on being told the same was rude. I not only ended up missing my flight but was also stranded at the airport for 8 hours. In the process I also missed a very crucial business meeting. My repeated attempts to bring this to Meru Cabs authoritys notice had gone unanswered. Until recently when I started posting on consumer forums that they got in touch with me. They accepted that the cab was late and that the chauffeur was rude but said I still arrived st the airport on time(I wonder how they came to that conclusion!!)

sureshkumar v

Posted On: 2012-10-03 17:59:59
sir, i booked tatkal railway ticket from thanjore to chennai in mannai express on 01/10/2012 in perambur booking counter for date of journey 2/10/2012.the ticket got waiting list 2 and 3 after preparing chart.hence i got bus.on 3/10/2012 i went booking counter in icf chennai for cancelling ticket at 0511 pm.but they refused to refund the amount due to after starting the train it cannt be cancelled.i request you please get the refund amount rs 500. pnr no 43405625254. yours truly v sureshkumar

roopak jose

Posted On: 2012-09-21 20:12:01
at angamaly we have bus stop in front of our college,De paul.Every private bus supposed to stop there.but we people are giving no buses are stopping in evening time.kindly take action againt that.


Posted On: 2012-07-24 13:17:49
i had booked Ticket:TE8K53462655,PNR:N1APJYW9332882,NO 1 Travels to travel from Kalamasery to Coimbatore on 23/7/12 0015 hrs. Bus came and stopped at 1230,but disallowed to board into the bus.It is because they had taken some other passenger in our seat. We showed both mobile and paper tickets. All this happened to us at sharp midnight with no other options.The crew also behaved with us very rudely. How i can book a ticket ,BELIEVING such operations. such operators plan all these to swindle money. I am taking up this issue with Kalamasery Police also. . I know ,I am not going to get back my money but this attempt is to expose them ugly face before public. ks girirajan(father) deputy general manager(vigilance) HMT Machine tools limited,kalamasery-KOCHI-683503 TRANSPORTERS CONTACT NO: 09790009233 & 09790009232


Posted On: 2012-07-10 14:53:46
Hi, subject:Professional Movers and Packers I have booked the professional movers and packers for shifting from Mumbai to Pune.The service is so bad..we had to call them a number of times to get our things delivered.After the delivery we found that one of the cartons containing our important things was missing.The workers of the company were very reluctant and were not answering our calls.They are totally irresponsible and they extort money like anything.The Head of the company whose number is mentioned in the site is a very arrogant person who doesnot even care to speak to their customers about their problems.

r k dwivedi

Posted On: 2012-06-09 19:51:11
lost the car stolen at rly stn parked near rly stn and under misguidence of police lodged fir showing that car was left after showing to the driver kept on the same day whereas the owner has never kept any driver and the same stated by surveyor of insurance co in there report and asked the dl of the driver. as there was no driver kept so briefed the insurance surveyor .claiments complain decided by district forum in favour to pay the dues but the insurance co filed appeal in state commision. help needed for guidance


Posted On: 2012-05-05 22:02:10
I had travelled along with my family members on ksrtc, kerala 30th April 2012 around 7.00 pm (Trichur- Ernakulam) . Unfortunately the bus had met with an accident nearing Angamaly Bus stand. My mother suffered with complete loss of teeth ,succumb to stiching below lips and mother -in law also lost on front teeth . We did our First aid from Little Flower Hospital, Angamaly. Please guide us for the financial loss we had met.
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