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Posted On: 2014-04-24 09:42:23


Posted On: 2014-04-24 09:34:05
Respected sir/madam Please help to solve my PF issue as I have rcvd 43169 RS (30234+12935) but deduction amount is different from rcvd . please check below deduction details & help to understand PF details. Hope you help to sort out this on urgent basis . Amount deduct in salary slip is 1599, but in PF passbook it’s showing 749.rcvd amount different from deducted amount. My query is just for the rcvd amount less then deducted amount . I have ask for all salary slips since last 6 month but nobody response from MAQUIRE. NAME-KAUSHIK BHATT PF NO- GJ/55987/0058 PAY ROLL -MAQUIRE HR SOLUTION Contact – 8511547592 Period – 02nd Feb 2011 to 08th May 2013 PERIOD DEDUCTION Mar-11 749 Apr-11 1444 MAY -2011TO DEC-2012 1599 JAN-2013 TO MAY-2013 749

Rajan Anant Malbari

Posted On: 2014-04-22 17:37:40
I am unable to send messages from my Vodafone Card bearing MSISDN No. 9172333786 of Mumbai Circle. I have complained on customer care but of no use. I want to port the said number to any other service provider but vodafone India is not allowing me to do so by putting restriction on me for sending messages. Kindly take appropriate action on the same.

Arvindkumar Nishad

Posted On: 2014-04-21 16:12:32
This is regarding receiving vulgar messages from 1st April2014 from ( AZ-NDAROT)Airtel Network. So far i have received more than 40 messages . i had inform airtel about the same . but they have not resolved the said problem in given period . and still am receiving this vulgar messages. Without my information they have activated this service on my cell network even after i have DNDC register on my network. i have made many calls to them to stop this messages but they have not done anything as yet.As i am married person its very difficult to even leave my phone at home as anyone can see those messages appearing on my mobile screen. requesting you to help me with the same. My complaint no to airtel -RDRGE 50404047330

manish pandey

Posted On: 2014-04-21 13:04:00
I chang port from idea to vodafone and pay all dues to previous operator but they disconnect my phone for balance bill. I produced slip of payment but they still not started my service.


Posted On: 2014-04-20 08:52:14

Ritwik Mitra

Posted On: 2014-04-19 22:06:49
I want to complaint against vodafone india. I do not get service for which i pay. But they continue to charge me for the same. I registered a complaint for them but no action was taken. I have been told to cooperate as they cannot provide for indoor network coverage at my location. But when i ask for discount i am being asked to cooperate. No action or service is being provided by them and they continue to charge me the same amount.

Tarun Ahlawat

Posted On: 2014-04-18 15:02:15
I have a Vodafone Postpaid number having fixed rental 199 + 250 (1GB 3G internet). On 23rd March 2014, I requested for an additional 1GB 3G internet worth Rs. 250 by sending SMS. But I got the following reply "Your request for ADON pack cannot be processed since you are active on Unlimited Internet pack". So, I had a talk with Customer care executive and got the same reply from him also. So, I got another ADON plan 300MB 3G internet worth Rs. 100 activated as suggested by customer care executive. But, in my current bill summary, I am charged for both ADON packs 1GB and 300MB. Now, the company is not willing to revise the wrong bill. I got the reply that the 1GB ADON pack was also activated on your number and you are billed correctly. If 1GB Adon pack was activated, then Why was I misinformed via SMS and by customer care executive and another ADON was activated. I do have the "Service cannot be activated" SMS with me as a proof. Please help me revise my billing amount.

Nihar Koner

Posted On: 2014-04-17 17:12:09
I am sene a mail to airtel for landline plan change. Airtel sent me about which plan we want then I reply mail with plan confirmation.But after changed my plan we showed that this is not the exact plan which we want. I am mail again but airtel not change my plan.Please take this case.


Posted On: 2014-04-17 11:50:25
I purchased 2 plans from Matrix Cellular from their Bangalore Airport point of sale. They obtained credit card copy and payment authorization signature from me. The tariff they told me at point of sale was very different than what they sent later in email. They are not confirming whether this is the best tariff they could have given for my country of travel. I traveled to Philippines and they gave me call rates of UK. Later they sent 2 different emails one with plan details of UK and other for 'confirmation'. Basically they gave different information on different sources and I dont think they applied the appropriate rate. Consequently I got bill of 10k which was 4-5 times of the call rates they told verbally me at the point of purchase. This is deliberate tactic to foll the customer and once they have 'confirmed' apply arbitrary call rates on international roaming.


Posted On: 2014-04-16 18:26:18
On 11 th April without my knowledge how can Vodaphone provide a new SIM to an unknown person of my running SIM n number? Mobile activity • received call in my mobile 9830729700 which the registered mobile with 525321402 at 1:06pm • received SMS regarding some service request number (which is NOT done by me or my family)–SR1504382982 would be processed by SATERTURDAY 12 April 9am at 7:11:24 pm • received SMS regarding SIM replacement request at 7:42:16 pm and it got inactive immediately • Called 198 at 7:50:00 pm to stop the request and the Vodafone customer care also, but it has been replaced by that time already and provided to someone else without my identification / presence I am in Singapore and all the ID proof is with me only. My account has been hacked after this SIM change and within few minutes I Lost 7 lakh INR throgh mobile banking. ICICI BANK I want case against Vodafone for my loss. To compensate my loss of 7 Lakh with Fixed Deposite interest and compensation

Iswar Dayal Sagar

Posted On: 2014-04-16 14:27:35
Yesterday forty rupees has been deducted by AIRCEL from my phone balance. I called many times yesterday but each time they told that call after 24 hours. Today my call is not reaching upto customer care.

Udayan Ganguly

Posted On: 2014-04-16 13:47:22
Dear Sir/Madam, I regret my decision to get a cellphone SIM card and forex card from Matrix Cellular International for a US trip in 16-Jun to 9-Jul. As a summary, 1. On the forex card, my forex card with loaded with 50000 INR 2 weeks late (for my 3 weeks trip). This added a cost of 4392 INR extra as a direct consequence of Matrix negligence. The money was finally not returned in full even after 2 months (details emailed separately). 2. On the cellphone SIM card, I have an outstanding balance of 1696.51 INR after paying a total amount of 12000 INR. If I need to pay Matrix (1696.51+ fine=3091), I believe that Matrix too must produce the outstanding payments (4392 INR + fines) for non-service of contract to me. I hope you can help me. Please advise. Thank you! Udayan Ganguly Matrix Cellular (International) Services Pvt. Ltd. Kalpesh Tankaria ( Neeladri Dey www. Tel: 022 39520000, Mob: 9820081705

Bijay Kumar Biswal

Posted On: 2014-04-16 11:52:57
Dear MD.Imran, Received you mail regarding payment of Rs 767/-, but still I am not using that number since activation, So I request you , please de-activate my Idea Number -7694010611 with Immediate effect. The balance payment might be ignore.. Thanking you. Bijay Kumar Biswal

Rahul Mhaske

Posted On: 2014-04-11 14:41:45
Hello, I have purchase one mobile from shop called Kailshdeep communication, pune....The price they gave me at 8500. When i go there next day they told 6500 price for the same phone. they have almost cheat me for 2000 rupees. How we can go about this.

Rambabu bairagi

Posted On: 2014-04-11 14:08:03
My PF no and Name is missmatching in the record of EPF portal. To do correction it is not taking any responce from personal staffing solutions. plot no-160,c sector office ayushman hospital sahpura,Bhopal. Kind do help for the same.

vijay agrawal

Posted On: 2014-04-10 11:36:07
Sir/Mam, i am a regular user of tata docomo company &i was using a no. 8109311201 since last 5 years.. day before yesterday i.e. on 7/4/2014.. company has terminated my number and told that i was not using that number, in fact it was used get recharged of minimum 1500 in a month... and they are not accepting to swith it on again......even my sim is also of tata company from last 5 years,.... yesterday i was there to get a work of 500000 which i lost due companies fault... as my number was not in use....kindly file a complaint against tata docomo company for injustice done to me.....and save me.... thank you

Rohit kasture

Posted On: 2014-04-09 14:48:59
Hello Vodafone, Please let me know why am I being charged for this downloads?? I have not downloaded anything of this sort. Please address this on priority. download of shotformat_dwnlp_9, d2c_ndtv_valuepk_1 and animation_download which was downloaded through WAP on your Vodafone number has been levied correctly in your invoice dated 05/04/2014.

Suresh Gurule

Posted On: 2014-04-09 13:55:11
past two months I am unable to get the sim replaced and after paying my monthly bill for my mobile no.9819180707 . I had been to Vodaf Mini store at Mulund East during my first instance when I gave my ID proof the Agent told me that the printer is not working hence I could not get the sim replaced. Next week when I had been to the same store I checked whether his printer with scanner is working, the agent told me yes it was working so when I gave my id proof he asked me to fetch the photocopy of the same for which he wanted me to travel another km and thus I was refused sim replacement by the agent.Couple of days when I logged my complaint on 198 I was told that the SIM card would reach my home so I waited for 2 days but the courier never came. Again I called at 198 and inquired about the courier for which the agent said it could not be processes. This info was know only when I had called.Then it was suggested to go to other Vodafone store in Mulund East but could not get it.

Avijit Chatterjee

Posted On: 2014-04-09 13:17:31
Sir i was frauded by a leading tower company whose named is Sintex Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. Sir pls help me out what are steps for getting my money which i have give for the mobile tower installation in my land.

Linto VJ

Posted On: 2014-04-08 22:44:31
vodafone charging me Rs.99 for a content shotformat_dwnlp_9 which they claim I downloaded on 21.3.14. But I didn't downloaded any such item. Customer care is no help, and trying to justify unnecessary charges.


Posted On: 2014-04-08 17:01:58
Bsnl no 7588189592 Transaction Ref No IGS9050342 for Rs.109.0 on 08/04/2014 10:30:35 not balance


Posted On: 2014-04-07 15:06:18
8449717905 we close my number in dec-13 but not give my refundable amount till now this is IDEA number


Posted On: 2014-04-07 11:25:44
Dear Sir/Madam This is a complaint regarding Reliance Communication I had purchased Reliance Connection in the month of March 2014 in Ballabgarh (Faridabad).I am Coming From Airtel to Reliance for Better Service. After few days’ connection got disconnected, when I enquired with the customer care, they reported me that my address proof verification is pending. I have given My ID Proof 6 times. But our Retailers, Distributor and Reliance Regional Manager all Persons have not help me. I am Very disappointed about this. Plz lock my complaint and Do something against Reliance. My No is 9971807180 and its my Business Number. Subhash Yadav H.N-1259,Subhash Colony Ballabagrh,Faridabad Haryana-121004 Cont No-9971137144

Pragnya B

Posted On: 2014-04-03 02:21:31
I am using Tata Docomo telecom services on my phone, and I recharged my phone on 17/3/14 for Tata Docomo 3g Internet package of Rs128. My recharge was shown to be successful, but I did not get any 3G network on my phone. There is not even consistent 2G network. I called and asked their assisstance several times, even went to their service centre, but all in vain. They keep stalling my complaint, and whatever technical assisstance they have provided have been of no use. Its 3/4/14 today and my plan expires on 16th April, and till now I have not been able to avail any services. I am really frustrated and convinced that there will be no assisstance from the Tata Docomo, hence I am lodging this complaint. I request you to kindly look into the matter. Thankyou

Kishan Singh

Posted On: 2014-04-02 13:58:36
Dear Sir, I was using Vodafone Postpaid no. 8586076617 but now this no. is not in use. I requested several times to vodafone customer care to deactivate the no. permanently but they are not doing so. I am receiving monthly rental bill continuously. Without any use I paid today That Rs. 580/- on 02.04.2014. and again requested for deactivation. After requesting, I received a call from Vodafone. They informed me that they can't deactivate the no. permanently. They asked to go to vodafone store. That I also did earlier but no use. We request you to kindly look into the matter and get it disconnected. Thanking you Kishan Singh

Ram Avtar Gupta

Posted On: 2014-03-31 13:00:50
Dear Sir Earlier I was customer of Airtel since 1997 till Dec'13 then i port this no to Vodafone due to non availability of 3G facility with Airtel. I had visited Bangalesh on 28th Mar'14 on an official visit& activated International Roaming for which I deposited Rs. 3000/- as Security. on 29th Mar in the morning Rs. 5000/- also deposited. Then on 29th Mar evening in Bangladesh all my services were stopped by Vodafone bcoz till than my billing amount became abt Rs. 14,488/- by giving a simple sms. If they would have initimated me over phone call then i can make arrangements to deposit the money. Sir, I am working in a MNC as a Vice President & Rs. 10,000 - 20,000/- is not meaningfull for me when I am touring for such a big company. With such a long period with Airtel, I never faced this type of problem even when i travelled to many countries. Due to this i have incurred loss of Rs. 3 cr due to this bullshit service by Vodafone We request you kindly look into the matter & oblige.


Posted On: 2014-03-30 09:26:43
My self Akhilesh, I am user of reliance GSM postpaid Mobile No-9022342805, before 3 years. As per your information I have apllied on reliance gallery for migrate my this number post paid to prepaid, I have also paid total outstanding bill aginst this number. Still this is ten days over but they are not migrating my number in prepaid. They have told that it will take 5 days.Now they are also telling to pay 400/- Rs . I am disappointing from reliance service.Customer care service is also not replying properly. So kindly take strict action against this company.


Posted On: 2014-03-28 16:28:08

soneram dhakad

Posted On: 2014-03-27 20:33:58
mera tata docomo mob no. 8109910780 se 26.03.14 ko 12.o'clock per 237 rs deduct company dwara kat liye gay hai. jab ki mere dwara kisi bhi prakar ki service activate nahi ki gayi hai. plz refund my bal. Thanks

Kishor Bhomte

Posted On: 2014-03-27 15:20:38
Dear Sir Since last two months i have done recharege of Rs. 101 of Air Tel 3G twice in the same month that is on 25th February & 16th march i have even received the sms which i have saved in my mobile for refernce purpose & when the net was not working after recharge also i visited airtel customer care dept Borivli west to resolve the issue but Air Tel executive blame it on me only saying that the air tel recharge of Rs. 101 is not in use now and she told me that you should know before recharging your mobile that plan is working or not. I mean how would i suppose to know which plan is working or not. for both time i recharge it online through net banking and it got deducted also from my account. how is that possible if plan is not working then it shouldnt be on your website and if its there then while recharging it ther should be some error or the procedure should have stopped there only but inspite of that the money got deducted from my account. please lookin for your feedbck


Posted On: 2014-03-27 15:14:19
I am using vodafone 3g internet pack. In everymonth billing they charge Rs 99 and Rs 15 for shotformat_dwnlp_9 and animation_download respectively. When i called customer care they dont accept it as wrong billing, they force me to accept i downloaded. but i never downloaded any such items. please help me getting that money waived. Regards, Naveen

mamidi srinivas charan

Posted On: 2014-03-26 12:20:17
Dear CRF, as a tata Docomo customer i faced so many problems because of their bad customer care support. issue1:: they cheated and told lies about 3G internet in Mysore issue2:: requested for my plan change in the month of dec 2013.but they did't changed till i asked in feb 2014,they charged the same ammount for the month feb though it is their problem. issue3:: barred my out going because i used internet beyond the limit, with in minuts i paid the amount, but they took one and half day to activate my out going fecility. i contacted them more then 6 time with in these time. most of the times basic leval reprasentatives provide 99% false information and if i asked again and again they forward the call to next leval person, they simply start argument and finalizes that every thing is our problem. earlier i used BSNL, through the carrier idid't faced this kind of problems. because of this docomo my time and mony was wasted. please look into this and iam always ready to provide any kind of information at any point.

shubham sinha

Posted On: 2014-03-26 00:23:07
unusual charges by vodafone for downloading, well i have net pack activated. detail are as shotformat_dwnlp_99 rs99 d2d_mgossip_pack49 rs49 shotformat_dwnlp_99 rs99

Akhilesh Maloo

Posted On: 2014-03-25 16:47:10
Jian Collection,Shop near by Khar station. Shop keeper had sold duplicate charger(Iphone) which does not work and when i went to return it shop keeper refuse to take it back.He says our job is to sell things you should be aware if it works or not.He is a cheat and extorting customer.If he had told while selling that it will not work what he was aware while selling the product i would not have bought the produtct but he says you should be aware on this.

Gurucharan Aggithaya B

Posted On: 2014-03-25 15:49:08
Issue with Airtel Voice Service @ our apartments, No Airtel signal is most part of our apartments which is a deficiency of Service. I have been an Airtel subscriber for the past 9.6 years and my Airtel account details are as mentioned below: Account Name: Gurucharan AB Mobile No: +91 98804 11044 Relationship No: 105-100601821 Every time I need to make a voice call I need to come out of my flat and wait for the signal to catch up for making the call. Our apartment being in the center of Bangalore city, this kind of service from Airtel is unacceptable and need to be addressed. Regards Guru


Posted On: 2014-03-25 13:30:14
Please see the following SMS I continuously received by your side i.e from TA- DOCOMO.... SMS dated 12.03.14: "Your approx. unbilled usage till today is Rs. 1803.68 & unbilled data usage is Rs. 1800.68 excluding rent & discounts" (Pl see the following Email communication mentioning in { }) SMS dated 13.03.14: "Your approx. unbilled usage till today is Rs. 2375.7 & unbilled data usage is Rs. 2372.7 excluding rent & discounts" It means after giving alert email by my side dated 12.03.14 still I have been received SMS on 13.03.14 of usage of Rs. 572.03 (2375.7-1803.68= Rs.572.02) although the services of outgoing is stopped by you and moreover I also disallowing the Internet application from my phone. Now, this is sufficient proof for me that you and your technology really cheat with public.

Pradip Aich

Posted On: 2014-03-25 10:11:55
I had an Airtel number (9903978099) which I have ported out to Vodafone for special offers. The final bill for Airtel was pending and after receiving a call from them I have paid the amount. The Vodafone service was running fine and after sorting out few Credit limit related issues with Vodafone my number was disconnected without any reason. Vodafone is telling that it is not there fault as the number has gone back to Airtel and Airtel is telling that the number has been deactivated due to port out. None of them are now ready to reactivate the number as it has been left for recycling and I will have to visit a store to get the number if available which I am not willing to do as I have already wasted my time on this. Would request you to take an action as this was not expected at all from such big service providers.

Shibendra Deb

Posted On: 2014-03-24 22:02:40
I currently use tata sky as my television service provider,and my complaint is they keep adding extra features to my existing monthly plan and increase the bill generated at the end of the month.They have added a gaming application to my existing plan which I had not requested,they had repeated similar things in the past as well.Now when I try to cancel the application from the plan I am told that it is in a 180 days locked-up state.I have even talked to the customer care for solutions but they do not seem to be interested in solving the issue. TATA SKY Subscriber ID : 1111116354

Ashok Kumar

Posted On: 2014-03-24 12:50:44
I bought Karbonn A1 Star (IMEI No. 911241600809865) Mobile from KUMAR MOBILES. The invoice details are as follows: Invoice Date: 29-09-2013, I am facing one major problem in this Hand set: 1. From Last 4 month Its Front Camera not work. 2. Loudspeaker not works. 3. Earphone Jack not work. When I approached to your service Centre Shankla Telecom, Gurgaon, They (Costumer Care) told me that your phone will be reach next 15th Days. When My Mobile Already reached 1st times at service center but my phone not working properly. I told to karbonn Costumer Care on this matter many time but I am no satisfied from karbonn service center.


Posted On: 2014-03-23 23:23:10
I had ordered my datawind tablet 9ci on 07-01-14. The booking ID is PM3F38D7DC5C. I recieved the same on Jan 22 but it faulty piece. As per the discussion I had with customer service, I couriered the device on Jan 24th to their service centre which is in Amritsar. The comlaint number is 0122KT2171. I waited for 15 days, then I satrted calling them to know the satus of complaint. They don't recieve the call, neither they called me. Please help me to get me device or to get my money back

Deepak Potsangbam

Posted On: 2014-03-21 02:08:38
Today i called a vodafone executive to clarify some billing issue of a suspended vodafone number of my friend who has been transferred out of bangalore for work and could not take care of the issue. The executive named Praveen, not only refusing to send a duplicate itemised bill to solve the problem, , made a racist comment on my accent and said" please stop the american english and speak in normal or proper english".I am and indian and from the north east but i will not take any racial comment on my look or speech .This has mentally harmed me and i want all possible action taken against such company whose executive doesnt know how to talk to customer and fuel racist comments.This shows how poor the company reflects. I have been a customer of vodafone for last 6 7 years and this is intolerable action. Please assist in addressing this very common issue of being racially discriminated and abused that each northeastener face daily. Awaiting a prompt response. My contact no is9886332715

Shyam Narayan Rai

Posted On: 2014-03-20 12:49:34
Hello Sir/Ma'am, I have a mobile no. 9038025800. Earlier my service provider was TATA Docomo. I have opted for Mobile Number Portability and had ported out the service provider from TATA Docomo to Air-tel in January 2014. I had cleared all the dues of Rs 1111 , Payment mode Via credit card. I have the card bill copy to prove that. Now since 19th March 2014 my out going call facility has been barred by air-tel saying that I have a due amount of Rs. 1107 to settle down with my previous service provider, i.e. TATA Docomo. I had contacted to TATA Docomo via mail and got the confirmation from TATA Docomo that I do not have any outstanding amount which I need to pay. I have forwarded that mail to air-tel but air-tel is not activating my services. Pls look into this matter at the earliest as my work and my personal life is getting affected severely due to service disconnection of my mobile no 9038025800.

subodh kumar goel

Posted On: 2014-03-19 16:56:39
I have purchased a tata walky under life time rental paid scheme in 2007 but now company started a monthly rental of 25/-pm plus taxes. TATA walky number is 64561101


Posted On: 2014-03-19 16:27:01
I am holding two airtel numbers, in which for no-9989790035 I have used net connection for 5 days which costs more than 2500/-. If we use internet cafe daily for 2 hours also it costs not more than 1000/-


Posted On: 2014-03-19 03:00:55
As i am using touch screen mobile, thinking to cross the advertisement which appeared on my screen by mistake I clicked on it. I didn't get any prior notice that it is about some paid service, a message was sent to me saying: "Thanks for downloading Value Pack. You have been charged Rs 99.0 from your airtel mobile account. http://Thanks for downloading Value Pack. You have been charged Rs 99.0 from your airtel mobile account. From:AT-AIRINF" I want an urgent action to be taken on such website owners who are responsible for such actions where uselessly money is dedicated without any information. This is clear cheating by hiding the policies and terms from customers. Airtel customer, Amount deducted from mob: 9729535474

Pupai Bhattacharjee

Posted On: 2014-03-17 23:16:07
Balance from my BSNL prepaid number 9432110833 is being constantly deducted for the last 3 months without even making calls/sms. Presently a balance of Rs.49/- was deducted from my a/c though I am using special power pack of Rs.344/- for making unlimited calls to loacal BSNL Nos. on 17.03.2014.Please refund my balance immediately.

Chirag Bhatt

Posted On: 2014-03-15 16:25:27
I have been charged with Rs.99 for "shotformat_dwnlp_99" as a download charge in my Vodafone Mobile Bill. I also called customer care for more details but they could not help too.

Rohan Prasher

Posted On: 2014-03-14 11:16:17
I got a vodafone bill of Rs. 12600. Its shows data usage of 10000. Upon checking detailed itemized bill, it shows data worth 8500rs used in 1 day i.e. 8th feb'14. I never exceed my free consumption limits. Vodafone offered me 3000 discount as a goodwill gesture for something that I have not used. Please help


Posted On: 2014-03-12 14:36:13
I am having reliance wired landline from more than two years. Of last 8-9 months I donot receive the bill and receive a fraudlent mail claiming i have registered for Ebill. Every time i give a complain after which a duplicate hard copy is recd. I have told them in complaints that if i donot receive the copy then i will not make the payment which they accept. Recently they disconneted my line for the same. the fault being theirs. I have also complained to their appleate authority which also gives false assurances of non repeat of the problem. this time even their appl autho has given me a false email add to complaint : pls help

Abhishek Kumar

Posted On: 2014-03-11 23:42:56
Dear Admin, I am using a reliance cdma number - 9310434321 (Delhi), service provider deducted RS- 30.00 rupee since last six month without providing any information, when i called customer care they did not provide any reason for this. please take proper action for this issue. My alternate contact number is 9313480530. Thanks, Abhishek Kumar 09313480530

avinash mourya

Posted On: 2014-03-11 22:44:17
Mobile no 9028983375 I recharge my mobile with 499 on 24 jan 14 for 2gb 3G data. At the time my balance was 1596.but when I check my balance on 1/3/14 it goes to 0.08. After that I complaint to there customer care ( docket no PBR 12235704) They told me that I use more than 2 gb that''s why I charged from main account. But I still have 2.24 mb in my account (proof as sms and email from docomo) When I ask them if I have 2.24 mb in my account then why I charged from main account. Then they give me another reason -- when data is low then browsing is charged from main account But my simple question is if docomo show balance in gprs account then why there is need to charged from main account. First they have to make data balance zero then they have right to charged from main account. Hope I will get justice from you. Regards Avinash Mourya


Posted On: 2014-03-11 18:22:55
one of Reliance representative named Ravi Ranjan came to my home and offered me 999Rs/Month for 12 Mbps. I called him on 26th Feb for giving initial amount for new connection. at the time he declined to give 12Mbps connection and then i have compromised with 4Mbps.Now i am pissed off by calling him again and again and he will switch off the phone,etc. Now he again promised me that he will be there So i have taken Off from my office and I called him and 2 time and he told me that he will be at my place with in 1 hour. and from 01:00 PM he is not even picking the phone anymore. he has taken 1500 Rs from me on 27Feb.Now Can you take strict action against him. I am really unhappy with Reliance, Please Cancel my Request for Broadband connection and refund my money as soon as possible. Its a kind of Mental harassment and torture to stuck with this guy.

Akshay Agrawal

Posted On: 2014-03-11 17:36:29
I had requested for a change in address in the same locality for an existing internet connection in my name on the 14th of February 2014. This was first first done for an incorrect address despite my repeated mails specifying the exact address. Uptil now, this has still not been done and consequently I have not been able to use any of theor internet services for close to a month. On top of this , they have sent me repeated reminders for paying this month's bill which I have decided that I will not pay as I have not been able to utilise their services becasue of their pathetic service. Internet Connection Details: Name: Akshay Agrawal Request Reference Number: 401636603 Tata Docomo Number: 0200509380

sanjeev bhardwaj

Posted On: 2014-03-11 14:00:20
Sir, I have vodafone posstpaid number. And from last 5 months there is shotformat_dwnlp_99 charges are added in my account which is of 99 rs. and i am not downloading anything. And in one month it is added twice also. Besides it there some other downloads which cost 35 and 15 rs. Amd when i called in customer care they are saying that they can't help from last 5 months. And i have to pay the amount. Kindly help.


Posted On: 2014-03-11 12:34:56
Forceful balance deduction in the name of Video Talkies download by AIRCEL KOLKATA


Posted On: 2014-03-08 19:19:08


Posted On: 2014-03-07 23:52:22
Dear sir, i have vodafone postpaid no-9088186857 this particulars phone bill come unexeptly 1450 rs apparox when i see bill detail found wrong charged by vodafone in one particular no almost 600 to 700 aprox seceral times when i complained to vodafone they rejected(by mail) when visit vodafone store they assured me in solve this issue almost 24 hours but no action taken yet & my due date of payment come 08-03-2014 please help me about this matter regards, ASHWANI KANT JHA

santha kumar reddy.B

Posted On: 2014-03-05 18:23:00
Dear sir, We are a customer of vodafone and my mobile no is 9035033336, and it is the portability number from Tata docomo,and i have 8 serial nos Due to some problem my mobile no has been blocked and that no is our marketing no, there is no credit on the no and it is our important no both the telecom companies are playing with me for my no and iam following it up from one and half year but there is no improvement due to the mobile portability they are playing with me blaming each other now i want my number as it is one of the serial no, I have mailed to all the back end officers but no improvement they are just passing the message Please try to help me out i have lost so much business depending on that phone number as it is our familiar number Please do some thing to get my phone number

Rohit Mathur

Posted On: 2014-03-03 16:21:50
Reliance is harassing me and I am not able to close my numbers 8956025690 and 8055296711.

Octagon builders & Company

Posted On: 2014-03-02 21:17:30
2- Dear Sir/ Ma'am, You guys are taking Rubbish about OCTAGON Builder. do you really have booked a plot with them, I do, there 2/3 phases are Successful completed & delivered and I am one of them and if you people are delivering bad reviews are you getting paid for this Bullshit. Regards Ashish Chitranshi Sr. Engineer


Posted On: 2014-03-01 22:50:30
I have taken idea prepaid new sim card from idea show room (Marathahalli) on 25-feb-2014 by paying Rs.50/- and they given a new sim card pouch on it sim & mobile number mentioned but it not activated again on 27-feb-2014 visited show room then they are telling that which same number allotted to me activated to some other person by them and they are without intimating me anything another number activated to me. wantedly they sold my number and cheated me and they are not responding to me. i called to idea customer care 2 times they are also telling that "do whatever you want" i applied to below mobile & sim number 7026028858 & 8991441428007038245 Regards, v.srinivasa 9742443489

risham jaiswal

Posted On: 2014-03-01 17:32:16
I had purchased an xperia z mobile , model no. C6602, on 16th april 2013. A month back its gorilla screen what they say got damaged internally without my fault , when I went to the service centre at vasai road they just said it wont be covered under warranty and said it would cost rs.13995 after confirming from their system. I posted the problem on Facebook pages of sony india and a person from sony itself said it will be done in warranty free of cost and to go and deposit the product at the service centre but still these people did not agree . I had no other option and so somehow I gathered the said amount of rs.13995 after a month and after reconfiming from the centre I prepared a demand draft of the said amount on the name of sony india pvt. Ltd. And deposited my phone with all accessories and now when everything is said and done they call me up again saying the amount to be paid is rs.16995 . I have been in trauma since I heard the amount of rs.13995

Ajit Haridas Kadam

Posted On: 2014-02-26 16:14:20
I have taken a Airtel postpaid number 3 months back. First month the bill was correct. BUt last month they charged for some GPRS amount which I never asked for, when I launched a compliant they reduced the bill and correct bill was levied. But this month again they charged for some Value added services and GPRS charges, Which I have never used. They have overcharged me and I will not pay for what I have not used.


Posted On: 2014-02-26 13:10:44
I had bought a Mobile Samsung Galaxy S-Duos S-7562 along with an Airtel offer which is 1 GB 3G data for three month and 250 minutes talk time with 250 Airtel to Airtel Sms. I had bought the handset dated on 26th November 2013. But now till date onward i have not get the offer from Airtel. My Airtel Mobile Number is 85839 92179.Quite of time I had call at customer care executive but they had misguided me from the day first. when I had query in first time at Customer care agent they told me this offer activated within 72 hours but offer not been activated, when I made a call in 2nd time then they told me handset purchased 26th November so offer will be activated after One month that means 26th December. But the result is same offer not Activated.

harinder gupta

Posted On: 2014-02-25 16:43:38
i had worked in aircel pvt ltd 4 yrs through third party named evolve . they are not giving me p.f no . they said ur company hasbeen closed.

Priyank Kumar Shama

Posted On: 2014-02-25 09:11:48
The complaint against Spice Service. There is no updated afte 1 month on my phone. Eveytime they are making me fool.

Aditi & Parveen Kumar

Posted On: 2014-02-22 20:43:43
The mobile phone purchased from Karbonn Mobile is faulty and not working and lying in their service centre from more than four months during guarantee period.

jaipal kukreja

Posted On: 2014-02-20 07:49:35
My new MotoG switches off on itself-Moto care not available since last 18 Hrs

Amol A. Gadhave

Posted On: 2014-02-19 22:23:28
2-3 yrs ago i was using tata docomo prepaid sim happily. (9029788336) 1 yr ago company introduce me new plan and converted in postpaid. but didn't bill me as per committed tariff.(on tariff confirmation call i was not agree for said tariff but their executive confirm it and tell me that " you will get waiver for excess bill" for that i raised complaint to costumer care,they gave me waiver in 1st month and again charge me excess bill, i raise again complaint to customer care, online complaint also at (listen@tatadocomo, & alpalate@tatadocomo)but they didn't reply favorably or sumtime no reply was given. & force to convince me for bill payment. after that they disconnect my no also. and now irritating me by asking for bill payment. they call me and once their recovery executive uses abusive words to me. they were calling to my family members also for recovery. now recently i have received 2 times advocate notices. plz help.

himanshu agarwal

Posted On: 2014-02-19 16:04:33
mobile outgoing barred basis unusual inflated usage ,reliance didnt even generated the bill & barred the services


Posted On: 2014-02-19 13:34:10
my mobile no 9448956746 dissconected with out any information/ notice


Posted On: 2014-02-18 14:04:35
I got bill amount for downloads shotformat_dwnlp_9 for Rs 99. Which is wrong.

Amit Agarwal

Posted On: 2014-02-18 13:05:45
Dear Sir, On 6th feb 2104 i have recharged my number 9883388211 for Rs 156 for data pack at around 8.30 am via net banking. Same day at around 10 i called the customer care to confirm the same. The lady executive confirm the same and said i can use the data pack and she even gave me the number to check the balance for the same. Now on 7th feb i find that my main balance has been reduced to 36 paisa only from over 500 rupee balance as on 6th. i called the customer care but they straight forward denied that any recharge had taken place. I have lodged the complain with Reliance but they have taken no steps, even i had given them the transaction id (MSCB3247542935)provided by my bank Standard Chartered Bank. request you to take necessary steps so that i can have my balance restored. Regards Amit Agarwal 9830073400

M C Bhagyaraj

Posted On: 2014-02-18 10:53:35
My MTS No:9141900822 I took a MTS data card on Nov 2012, After this i disconnected the connection (Request no:R13-50218374) on After disconnecting the devise, from 01/02/2013 to 01/04/2013. Again MTS activated my device without my notice. No SMS has sent to my mobile no regarding the activation.They sent large bill of 864 Rs. They blackmailed me last year, now today 2/17/2014 they sent court notice saying i need to pay: 898 Rs Legal charges: 500 Rs Total : 1398/Rs I called customer care, i said, i will pay you following amounts, even though i have not used single time after 31/01/2013. 01/01/2013 -> 13.45 01/02/2013 -> 38.45(Feb due they are saying-- why?) 01/03/2013 -> 52.86(March due) I am not paying following bill. 01/05/2013 -> 712.36 --> do not know why i need to pay this bill i disconnected the devise on "1/29/2013 2:45:24 PM". They harassing me now. I called customer care, i said i will pay till 01/01/2013 to 01/03/2013. They are not responding.

Mohd Naushad

Posted On: 2014-02-17 14:31:43
Respected Sir, I am having postpaid no. of vodafone & my no. is 9990228236 A person reissued a SIM of my number from vodafone store and Vodafone didn't asked any ID proof of that person due to which a fraud of Rs.210000/- (two lakhs ten thousand) happened with me. Sir, how a SIM can be issued without being asked any ID proof of the person? Either some vodafone employee is also involved in this . I register complain on customer care & complain no. is 24585031079 Kindly look into the matter. Thanking you Sincerely, Mohammad Naushad

Sourav Roychaudhury

Posted On: 2014-02-17 14:29:10
I am postpaid customer of TATA DOCOMO(8884829650). I have taken the connection from the corporate stall in my office at Prestige Shantiniketan Building,ITPL,Bangalore. From the very day I am not getting network connectivity in 12th floor of my building. I have made repeated complaints and follow ups but everytime I didnt get any satifactory response.I am still facing the issue and my complaint is not being addressed. The Complaint No is 401021597.Kindly look into this.

Swati Shewale

Posted On: 2014-02-16 00:10:09
I wanted to file a complaint against Loop Mobile

Dipankar Dey

Posted On: 2014-02-14 20:56:35
Respected Sir/Madam, Myself Dipankar Dey, having vodafone postpaid number(9836865826). I got this bill of Jan, 14 of Rs. 1179.72 but when i got details there is some downloading charges 0n 01-17-2014 02:08:18 & 02-01-2014 01:28:27 - shotformat_dwnlp_9 total of Rs. 1980, on 01-30-2014 12:27:15 handygo_javagame_1 of Rs. 10, on 01-05-2014 23:42:25 pko_h1tvw_w_35 of Rs. 35 and few other items and even I don't know what are these applications. I have android phone so why i will download java games. I am totaly unaware about there downloads, company is cheating me. Response: When i called cc of vodafone, they told they c’nt do anything, they blamed me that i am responsible for these downloads. these downloads are fake sir. Just to inform you that I've used different different service provider but never ever experienced this kind of bitter experience. So, expecting a good response from your side. want waveo ff of 391 rs, which is wrongly charged by company to me Complainant Information Name: Dipankar Dey

Rupal Pachisia

Posted On: 2014-02-14 15:22:08
My Bill payment of Tata Docomo Broadband internet was made on 17.1.14 , which till date has not been updated in their system and our internet connection has been deactivated.I have the bank e-statement as proof.I need refund for the period i have not used internet and also immeidate action on system updation as they have been repeatedly calling for follow ups


Posted On: 2014-02-10 10:06:34
I used 2G internet service on my mobile on 29-Jan-2014 at 22.00 hrs and close my internet then my main balance was Rs. 45 appx. , next day on 30-Jan-2014 in morning at 09.00 hrs I saw that my main balance was Rs. 8.00 appx. and I use Internet for 2-3 minutes and I saw that my main balance only Rs. 5.00 appx. I call to customer care number and IDEA customer care executive told me that I used internet service in morning on 30-Jan-2014 that's why they have deducted my balance Rs. 35.00. But its a wrong deduction, I haven't used any internet service other than that only 2-3 minutes for which IDEA already deducted my 3.00 Rs. I haven't used any internet service for which my Rs. 35.00 app. deducted.


Posted On: 2014-02-09 18:13:35
This is kamal kumar I am micromax phone user. Recently Ivisited to your service center located at munfali chowk, nit 5,faridabad to repair my mobile phone canvas 2 A110 instead of doing repair they guys changed my handset and gave Some others phone which is like similer to my phone. That phone also filled with some porn contents.I don’t know what kind of services they are going to provide. I had a very bad experience from your service center from one month.With in one month I visited micromax service center more than five times and I do not get any solution about that. There are three guys to whomI talked about my problem they are from micromax care. Their name and contact names are below:- Shiv Prakash - 8287776777 Vivek Tiwari - 7503332244 Shiv pratap - 9711727576 Even these three persons are unable to provide me any kind of solution. Please help me out otherwise I will go to consumer court.


Posted On: 2014-02-08 01:52:28
I have internet plan for 2gb along with a addon plan for 2gb more.. still there are charges for internet usages on my phone for the usage of 3.71 gigs of data when total exempted data amount should be 4gb. Please help me in resolving this.. I have been complaining in vodafone since 2 weeks now but they havent resolved my issue but in turn they have closed my outgoing services

Koushik Chanda

Posted On: 2014-02-07 15:06:16
Dear Sir, Dated:07.02.14 I have received a message from Airtel Services on 6th Feb'14 that if you recharge Rs.20/- today I will get Rs.30/-.I have done the recharge.But surprisingly I have not received the benefit.When I mail it to the customer care they replied that no such offer was there.But I have the SMS. Details From TD-612830 RC20=Talktime Rs.30/-Ajj pan 30 Taka Talktime matro 20 taka recharge Kore.Recharge karar sathe sathe 15.80 Taka,bonus 14.20 taka 2 dine. After receiving this message I have recharge Rs.20/- The Details are: Trans Id: 1465964173 Recharge Amount:Rs.20/- Mode: Easy Also I have mailed them all the details of the SMS as well as the Recharge details I have done on 6th Feb'14. But still they are denying. Please look into the matter as I have not only harassed but also how they are cheating their customers. Please took necessary action so that I can get the benefit as well as I am not harassed by them in future. With Rgds, Koushik Chanda 9831973649

Sanjeeb Datta

Posted On: 2014-02-05 02:42:18
Sir, I am a subscriber of Vodafone Connection.I have 4(Four) CUG(Kolkata Police)connection,Plan Rs.99/-.Vodafone has charged Rs.49/- for Itemized Bill for January'14 for all my four numbers.I have never requested Vodafone to send me itemized bill.So I lodged a complain on 17/01/14 to waive the itemized billing charge(Ref.No.1462073592)by dialing 198.They informed that a SMS was sent on 08/01/14 to all my 4 numbers to inform me.But it is fact that I have never received any SMS regarding the same.Any way they didn't respond to the referred complaint.Again I lodged a complain on 20/01/14(Ref.No.1463538792).Again no response.On 21/01/14 I dialed 198 to lodge another complain,but they gave me a mobile no. of some Sayanti Roy(9830074251) to talk with her.Same day I talked with her and she assured to waive the charge.But after 7-8days charge was not waived.Again I talked & Once again she assured to waive the charge by 03/02/14 But till date the Itemized Bill charge not waived. Pl. take N/A.

Alok Kumar

Posted On: 2014-02-04 23:33:21
Sir am using BSNL landline phone from 6 year in same plan that was mainly for broadband zero rental ,but due to BSNL problem they are unable to provide broadband on same poor signal line and my phone was running on zero rental, only call charges aplied .But now BSNL disconnect my landline no. 0129 25601444 with out any notice and send bill along with Rs.200 disconnection charges also . I want to retain my no. and lodge a complain for harashment .

Alpa H Patel

Posted On: 2014-02-04 14:33:44
i am user of Idea prepaid since very long time. I have approached idea service center thrice but they refused to take my application to get the incoming and outgoing sms details for the period Jan-2013 to Oct-2013 and details regarding any service like diverting, call conferencing, gprs or other activated on my mobile no 9904081140 during the period Jan-2013 to Dec-2013. I need it to support the FIR filed with the police deptt.

Lavanya Srinivasan

Posted On: 2014-02-04 02:53:57
For Number 9600450748, tried net recharge (transaction id 122920778 ) on 22nd Jan 5.42am. Amt debited but recharge not done. Hence on 23rd jan raised complaint with airtel customer service. They said that amt would be credited in 5 days however that did not happen hence called and spoke with Diwakar in airtel customer service on 29th Jan at 2.51am and raised Complaint# 2012932214400 for crediting 126 to my account. He mentioned it would take 72hrs. Ideally amount should have been credited by 3th Feb. It is still not credited. It is only adding to our mental agony. Need this to be addressed immediatelyand penalty paid for all these.

Narsing Goud

Posted On: 2014-02-03 16:33:52
I recharged my mobile for rupees 124 for 2G data of one GB after consulting with customer care service of Vodafone on 27th January 2014. But i got only 525 MB data. When i raised a complaint with them relating to the same (complaint no. 1625927098) they are saying that the offer do not exist anymore. Since i checked with customer care service before recharging my mobile, it is not my fault, and i would request you to do the needful.

G Chandrashekar

Posted On: 2014-02-03 12:28:21
I had given a request for shifting of telephone from Yediyur exchange to IIM exchange on 27th Jan 2014. My old number if 26769206 and the new number provided is 26482562. However, even after 18 days the connection is yet to be done at the destination. I have called at least a dozen numbers provided by BSNL office with no resolution in sight. Every time I call the number provided I simply get another number to call. There seems to be no one responsible to address the issue in BSNL. I have called Mr. Shivashankar on 9449855590 who simply kept it on hold forever. I have called Mr.26466363 (IIM exchange) where no one seems to be attending to calls. I have called 9449081833 (Mr.Byataraya, the only person who has said something at all so far) who says they dont have cables and so nothing can be done. Is it my fault that they dont have stock of cable? A completely negative and I dont care attitude from a dying telephone company!!

Debojyoti Banerjee

Posted On: 2014-02-03 11:55:11
I am using a TATA photon Device for Net connection. Usually I got some bill of rupees 500 to 590. But from the month of Nov 2013 the price is coming 650 to 730. So many times I have called to customer care. But they didn't bother about that. I went to their retail shop and came to know that they change the plan. They didn't inform me about that and they denied to take complain. I am stuck in this situation. Monthly basis bill is coming with this gradually increased amount. I didn't paid a single penny. I have clearly told them that please send me the bill with my plan which I have signed with you otherwise I will not pay. From that time period I am not using that device. Please let me know what shall I do.


Posted On: 2014-02-01 21:59:52
Res sir/madam iwas deposited Rs3390/- for post paid conection vide cash receipt no 9112735 of 16/09/2013 for six months advance rental plan from 18 sep 13 to 17 march 14 at reliance web world opp axis bank g t road panipat haryana 132103 against net conection no 9354306539 but reliance cashier deposit said money in reliance a/c on 1st nov 2013 and net conection terminated nos of times oct and nov 13 so on 25 nov 13 on my request of 10 nov 13 conection was closed / terminated now reliance is not refunding balance money. regards DEEPIKA BHATIA B-351 N F L TOWNSHIP G T ROAD PANIPAT HARYANA 132106 9812067670

Hitesh Sharma

Posted On: 2014-01-30 19:41:05
I had made a payment against my dad's Airtel mobile bill on the 18th of January using Qiwi's services however it is still not updated and Qiwi's customer service team is indifferently handling this issues. I and my family members have called them more than 20 times in last 12 days. They behave as if they do not care about the issue. Right from the head to executives all behave the same way. Only fake call back promises and nothing else. Name of these officials are: 1. Abhishek Sharma 2. Aman Bhandari 3. Rinku Dahiya 4. Ritesh I need resolution and compensation for the same.

Prashant Kodre

Posted On: 2014-01-30 09:49:10
I have applied to MNP form Idea to Airtel on the month of December for mobile number 9766095002 and 9860628738 Among these ,my one number 9766095002 has port out from Idea on 29th Dec 2013 and still it is not port in on Airtel ! and Another number is still on Idea even after I have generated MNP code for more than three times and forwarded it concern person Regarding this I have many mail communication / phone communication with Aitrtel Authorities and Executives on following mail address but nothing worked out So please help me in this regards

Krishnendu Barman

Posted On: 2014-01-28 19:40:51
ami vodafone mini store theke amar bsnl no(9474564546) ta port kore vodafone postpaid service pawar jonno jai. (vodafone mini stor address-Diya Telecom Mechada;Vill+P.O Mecheda P.S Kolaghat Purba Mednipur-721137). okhane amake simer jonno aaj noy kal bole 4 din ghoranor pore amake sim deye. amake bolechelo j 399 takaye 2000min any network free plan activate kore debe. amar sim activation kara por amake 149 plan activate kore deye. tarpor ami jakhon oder k jani takhon ora bole akhon toh kechu kara jabe na. 3 month pore apni plan ta change kore naben. amake evabe diner por din harassment korche. amar request eai j mini storer licence batel kara hok r amake khotipuron dewa hok. plese sir bapar ta aktu care nea dakhben.

ashwin nair/Prakash nair

Posted On: 2014-01-27 21:58:11
Idea cellular no; 8652836341 no of mumbai lost in abroad along set.stopped the sim within specified period>. on confirmation from idea customer care mumbai I went to mumbai spending Rs6000. but they told it is inactive .they cheated me. and lost 3 days ,money spent,mental agony,data stored,customer insult made me to complain and restore my number8652836341


Posted On: 2014-01-27 18:00:22
Dear sir I Amit yadav s/o sh. jaikishan yadav at- roshan vihar najafgarh new delhi 110043, Telephone Number 25010733, I many times complaint to MTNL for my phone line do not work properly previous four months but no action has been taken till 1/09/13. After many times complain my problem doesn't solve, I complain telephone exchange officer , complain to S.D.O but the problem has not been solve.Now I am too frustraited about it service. every month some thing is happening with that land line. Pls do something. Regards Amit yadav

Sudip Sarkar

Posted On: 2014-01-27 08:20:40
Respected Sir/Madam, I am a BSNL user and I have recharged Rs 115 for blackberry BIS-C which was confirmd by customer care 18001801505, and ref no is 1327284415 recharged date 25/01/14. But the service is not active after 48 hrs over. I called 10 times within 48 hrs. But still same answer. Could you please help me out from this situation.

Navin B Jain

Posted On: 2014-01-23 20:11:48
Sub: Charged Extra for Internet Usage. I have a complaint on Tata DoCoMo Telecommunication company. I am a cdma postpaid billing user in this company from six month. In my jan 14 bill they charged me extra amount of rupees 1333/- for my internet usage. But i used just 2606 mb of internet in that month and for this i have activated one plan of rs 199/- 3GB internet for 30 days Pack on 14/12/13. and suddenly i realized that my use will be more than 3 GB so i requested company to deactivate the same on 21/12/13 and instantly activate RS 299/-internet pack of 6 GB for 30 days in my ac.on 21/12/13. they activated this pack but not benefited me.I got bil that showing no usage of any internet sevice from 22/12/13 to 14/01/14 and charged me for using of 2606 mb @ 0.50 MB. when i complain there they said in our system there is no any information of internet is displayed. and charged me exta amount of RS. 1333/-. they r ready to deduct Rs. 300 BUT i want full deduction in my bill. THANK YOU

Rajeev Sao

Posted On: 2014-01-23 14:23:41
amount of RS 120 deducted by Reliance Communication. i made more than 20 complaints for continuous deduction of amount in my account from 26th December 2013 to 21st January 2014 and all customer representative and executive never took the complaints seriously. some them said they filed complaints, some said Ur complaints has been passed to technical department, some say its processing. but till now my problems where not solved. n now i m not able to customer care for complaints. on 18th jan 2013 Rs22 was deducted and on 19th Rs95 was deducted. I made complaints regarding all deductions even their executive on 19th JAN 2014 said that Ur complaint had been passed to technical team and will be resolved soon.. n till date no refunds,neither my problem is solved regarding deduction. they keep making excuse that system is updating or their is some issue with our system so couldn't check Ur details so contact later. and even after 20 days i haven't got any details of account neither refunds.


Posted On: 2014-01-23 11:09:31
mentally harassmentdue to reliance company


Posted On: 2014-01-22 20:33:54
DEAR SIR, I am 78 year old senior citizen. my mobile phone no.9833773324 was stolen in feb'13 last year. i have complaint to borivli police station & requested vodafone stores at borivali to block the card but company demanded rs 1800/- as charges which were paid on 19/9/13 chq no. 690676 through icici bank.which is full & final payment for with the request to cancelled the sim card permanantly ,but now they are again started demanded money for the rental charges of rs. 1800.stating that your sim card is still active. please help me to resolve the issue at your earliest. nalin kapadia

Ganesh H Darekar

Posted On: 2014-01-21 16:33:29
Complaint against - Vodafone Wrong charges have been applied for Vodafone no. 9930584741 when checked the customized bill, it has been observed that on 30.11.13 at 05:46:12 call to no. 56789 charged Rs. 162 Let me clarify, 1. This number is being used by Mother (Age 53 yrs) and just using to receive & make a call. 2. She does not now this number & combiation 3. How she can make a call early morning by 05:46:12 when she use to get up by 06:45 hrs.

Mayank Sabharwal

Posted On: 2014-01-18 15:58:31
Tata docomo has cheated me. I got a connection on 16 Dec and was promised to give me an 8mbps plan. They later on discovered that i wont get an 8mbps connection because of some feasibility issues. They converted my plan to 2mbps but on the backend they were billing me for 8mbps connection and billed me 1966 instead of 999 which is the price of a 2mbps connection. Moreover the plan given to me was 2mbps@999 with 15GB FUP where as the plan on the website is 2mbps@999 with 40GB FUP limit. Why are you cheating your customers. This is really disgusting. I have called several people and no body cares for it. I am really frustrated and angry with this telecom company.

Mahesh H P

Posted On: 2014-01-17 20:39:53
i have been using reliance perpaid connection form last 1 and half months ..form the starting of my connection ....the reliance prepaid connection is deducting my amount .in few dummi reasons and the customer care exceutives or responding carelessly..hence i request to correct this .the currency of mine is deducted without reasons and this has been continued for 7 times and this week it has been detetced for 3 times in same weeks for no reasons

Jaffar Ali Khan

Posted On: 2014-01-17 18:10:47
I have requested for MNP from my BSNL prepaid to Reliance prepaid on 30-12-2013 with SSS telecom house K.R puram and on 06.01.2014 with Reliance Web World Indiranagar Bangalore. The UPC is BX477843 having mobile number 9738238486 the code is valid till 13-Jan-2014; there is no response from Reliance yet. I have submitted required fees and necessary Document with my PP size Photo. I have tried Rcom Customer care there is no proper response from them. They said that request has updated in system on 07.01.2014 and not yet process and they can’t tell the reason why its not processed. Please help me to switch my number to Reliance

Sushanta Barman

Posted On: 2014-01-17 15:31:36
hi team tata docomo has barred my outgoing calls for more than 4 days. in spite of repeated request everyone is turning deaf ear to me. i have very good payment history and i am using it only for calls to family and frnds, but they are saying i am making commercial usage. i told them 1000 times, but they are still the same. fade up with their services. is there someone to help me????????????

Manish Kumar Dwivedi

Posted On: 2014-01-17 13:09:01
Sir/ Madam, Have paid online to Airtel on their website for a Broadband connection as per application no. ONGURGA00625601 on 9th January. The same connection is not yet provided even after more than a week. I tried reaching their customer care number and after repeated efforts raised a complain as per complain no. 42568262. The same was closed by airtel and they informed that they are not aware of online bookings. Also, on their online scheme they mentioned that a wifi router shall be provided free of cost and Rs. 500 shall be given as cash back for online booking. There is some one from airtel called from mobile no. 9992172737 and said that cash back scheme shall not be provided. Some other mumbai office of airtel called up from landline no. 022 41297575 and said that scheme is applicable and the connection shall be provided. But after 11th/12th Jan, no body contacted me to provide connection or refund money. Kindly look into for redressal.

Mohit Kumar Gangawal

Posted On: 2014-01-16 13:18:28
I have recharged my phone with 200 rs and i get the full balance, suddenly 124 rs amount is deducted from my account within 2 minutes when i called the customer care of reliance they told me that you have used internet for 2 min so 124 rs is deducted from your account. I have not used the internet but in case if some application is on which required the internet then also for 2 minutes 124 rs is too much charges and also they are not register my complaint against this. Please resolve this issue and help me to get my money back from reliance. My mobile number is +919019895799. Thanks Mohit


Posted On: 2014-01-15 19:08:46
Awailed SunDirect DTH Service though complained several times for not working the same, no technician turned up for repair. Complain 1-9649519228 of 09/01/2014 1-9663994605 of 12/01/2014 not yet resolved by company and its harassing on complaining again and again. The executives cut the call and not listen to the complain. Due to which i get mentally stressed though paid for 1 year service which will end on may-2014. I am incurring loss on not getting DTH service on Television. Its almost seven days though according to company policy the complain should be resolved in 48 hours. I havn't got any call nor technician turned up since 7 days and hence it embraces me and get stressed as am sr. citizen. Requested to do needful and get reimbursement of service charges paid along with validity and compensate for such stress.

ashish patil

Posted On: 2014-01-15 17:35:19
Samsung Galaxy Grand GT I 9082 mobile handset purchased on 28th November 2013. it had a problem from the day 1 itself for auto recharging and it cause sudden power off. it was informed to Samsung customer care office on same day. they advised to get updated for latest software version. on 5th jan 2014 they given the mobile back for update the same because the same was not avilable at the authorised service centre at boisar. even though the same problem exsist. so on 10th jan 2014 i handed over the mobile to the service centre. they told to come on 12th. on 12th they informed that the mother board has damagedand it needs replacemnet. i requested them to change the entire handset instead of replacing the mother board. but they refused. the whole incident causes lot of mental agoy. my mobile is still with them only.

upasana dua

Posted On: 2014-01-15 15:37:00
I have been harassed by Vodafone and despite many attempts to have my issues addressed they have done nothing!


Posted On: 2014-01-13 10:26:39
I have purchased HTC phone in March 2013, handset was working fine for 4 months then i had a problem with lock button. I called HTC customer care but didnt get any reply. just left it as it is, after some day phone was very slow it was hanging, auto restart again and again. Called HTC service some how got through, they asked me to submit the hand set for repair and got bank after couple of day still the same problem, again called customer care with the same issue and also network problem they asked me to again submit the handset for repair and before i gave. I mentioned that if this is not happening I cannot afford to give the handset to repair again. got repaired in couple of day immediately next day same problem and new problem which is automatically it will dial the number open mobile application send a messaged. I called customer care which is not helpfull just know to raise the voice. spoke to supervisor all were raising voice on me. I am very much dissatisfied customer.


Posted On: 2014-01-13 10:02:44

kaushal mehta

Posted On: 2014-01-12 19:24:24
balance deduction from my number and not getting any ans from reliance from last 3 days as they are saying our system is not showing data currently please call back again after some time


Posted On: 2014-01-10 16:48:43
I have recharged 198 unlimited 2G internet package 10 days back, on 9/01/2014 i have recharged RS.100 talk time, but on 10/01/2014 all my balance was deducted. When I call IDEA customer care to register a complaint in the morning, customer care executive accepted the problem and registered a compliant, but in the afternoon i have got a call from IDEA saying that i will not get back my balance because he said i have used Internet on Roaming. How i will understand that i should not use internet when i am in roaming? how it is possible that in IDEA sim I will get another network? If any charges is applicable in roaming, IDEA should give the information in terms and conditions, but i did not get any terms and condition. Through this letter I will urge, concerned department, this problem can be happen with any one and it is not at all tolerate, it is cheating.

Prabhakar Shelke

Posted On: 2014-01-10 14:40:06
I have ported my mobile phone number to one of the postpaid plan provided by Airtel.At the time of subscription they had promised me that with this plan i will be getting a bag worth Rs.999.They promised me that the bag will be delivered on my office address within three days of the subscription of the service.Its already been 15 days after the subscription & there is no response from them.Their Executive are not picking phone calls by me & in case tried from other number they try to avoid me by cutting calls or putting phone call on hold.

Garvit Garg

Posted On: 2014-01-08 12:13:30
I have been deducted amount from my account without any Benefits.

Sudarshana Gupta

Posted On: 2014-01-06 11:44:52
I had submitted my Micromax handset with authorized service centre the Authorized Service Centre:M/S ANANNAYA INFOTEL-44 (GF), SHYAMAPALLY, JADAVPUR, KOLKATA,POST CODE-700032 on 21st September, 2013 (Saturday).I had reported the problem I was facing with my then 8-9 months old handset:Micromax Smart Phone CANVAS1,Model #A100. Inspite of repeated complaints, I have not still received the handset from the service centre. It is 3.5 months now & still counting. Kindly take up this matter on priority as I had invested INR 10,000/- for this mobile handset & could not use due to Operating System problem. Expecting your help & co-operation at the earliest.

sunil vats

Posted On: 2014-01-05 10:27:02
I purchased HT newspaper on coupon basis. However coupon not delivred to me. They say company policy changed and not delivering coupon to customer. The vendor not supplying paper without coupon. After a lot comm with CC paper deliver for some month. after that i got paper for 2-3 months. Due to this prob my paper laps 2 months in 9 months. Now when i am talking to vendor, he says he will not deliver paper till he will receive coupon from my end or company end. I fadup with talking with CC of HT media with emails. i requested them to send coupon to me but they denied and told about company policy. Due to these all i am suffering not receiving of newpaper. Now i dont want to talk them in this regard.


Posted On: 2014-01-05 09:47:39
I have a BSNL prepaid mobile connection in my wife's name. They are charging 16 inr monthly for vas without our subscription. They donot discontinue service inspite of sveral requests to customer care. Plz help


Posted On: 2014-01-03 21:28:46

Iffat Ahmad

Posted On: 2014-01-03 18:06:41
I am using Reliance GSM network. I made recharge of Rs. 55/- on 30.12.13. I made 5-6 minutes call which cost Rs. 3/-. But they deducted all my money. Again I made a recharge of Rs. 55/- on 01.01.14. I made 3-4 minutes call which hardly cost Rs. 2/-. But they deducted all my money. I am following customer care for 60 hours. But they are not taking care of my problem. Kindly help me.

Simon Ronald Rodrigues

Posted On: 2014-01-03 06:44:50
Complaint against Mobile service provider: LOOP, regarding deficiency in service. Refund of excess payment taken by LOOP. Amount: Rs. 3056.00

Dinesh Jat

Posted On: 2014-01-02 16:03:37
Hi, I had an uninor sim card with number 7778012391 which has been barred by the company and re-activated to some other person. When I called the customer care to file the complaint and asked why this number is not working they replied me that your number is expired and given a very stupid reason like they do not have this number's entry in their software called AAWAM. I lodged the complaint then roam from store to store to get this resolved, finally went to nodal officer and I have been told that nothing can be done now as your number has already been allotted to someone else. After so many requests they are not even providing me the docket or reference number of my complaint. I was having balance of approx. 80 rupees and activated 89 rupees GPRS pack which I had not even enjoyed more than 2 days and sim was blocked. I did not even informed about anything is wrong with ID or Address. Need your help as I have already got lot of mental harassment, petrol and telephone expanses. Regard

Radhika Arora

Posted On: 2014-01-02 12:34:59
I got a Tata Indicom Wi-Max connection on 3rd June 2010 by paying an annual fee of Rs 14560/- via HDFC check #000000686525 The connection was installed on May 2010 but frequent drops in connectivity and connection problems (5 complains in one week) led me to request for disconnection. They disconnected the plan on 3rd July and took away the equipment. Despite repeated complaints and letters, they have refused to return my full year amount till date. I raised a complaint on but never got a response. I have written a letter to Mr. Rahul Khullar (Head, TRAI) in April 2013 and have not received any feedback or response. I am writing to you as a last resort. Please resolve the issue at the earliest.

Iffat Ahmad

Posted On: 2014-01-02 10:11:47
I have recharged my phone with Rs. 55 on 30.12.13 & again of Rs. 55 on 01.01.14. I have made around 7-8 minutes call which cost hardly Rs. 4. But they have deducted all my money. I am following them from 31.12.13 night. But they are not answering me. Please help

Amit Kesari

Posted On: 2013-12-31 13:57:48
Dear Sir, I am using Vodafone Number 9619950678 only for Mobile Communication Purpose and NOT for Internet, as I am already using other Vodafone Number 9167747668 ONLY FOR 3G Internet which I am using since more than last 10 Months. since last one and a half year, my Vodafone bill was between 200 to 300 rupees, and suddenly Vodafone has given me the bill for 1931=41 for the month of October and they are not ready to give details also, and threatening by calling and asking for Making the Payment. They are not ready to listen anything and only insisting for payment. I have also informed their executives and send the email to Nodal Officer also, but came to know that this executives and nodal officers’ reply will be the same from them only. I have also informed them that I am ready to make the payment for Mobile Service or any SMS service which is used, but not for Internet Service which I have not used, and they are not ready to give me any details, that where this internet was used


Posted On: 2013-12-30 17:30:20

Debashis Jana

Posted On: 2013-12-30 14:53:48
I bought a zte hand set model d 286 / sstl MODEL NO. A000003872A0ADfrom mts store at 620 diamond harbour road, commercial complex, stall - 40, behala, kolkata - 700034 on 20.12.2013. from the next day the speaker of phone was dead. i deposited the set on 23.12.2013 at the service center Redington india limited, 75/406 diamond harbour road, hindustan park, bldg name sagnik apartment behind behala blind school, kolkata 34, work order no. BEH/ZM/13/00108. TILL NOW I DID NOT RECEIVE THE PHONE. I COULD NOT ATTAIN MY IMPORTENT CALL OR I COULD NOT CALL ANYBODY. I ALSO COMPLAIN TO MTS APPELATE AUTHORITY COMPLAIN NO. 18388 ON 21.12.2013

krishna kumar

Posted On: 2013-12-28 17:19:32
I own postpaid airtel mobile connection number 9901400855 and my monthly bill plan was 199 and there was no ad-on on this number. Suddenly i receive bill for Oct and nov 2013 to pay 3600/- rs. I called airtel customer care and according to them, they observe few internet usages and they himself activated internet connection on this mobile number and didn't inform me also. When i call them nov 2013, they accepted and taken request to reimburse the amount. when i find amount didn't reimburse, i call customer care again on nov 2013 and now they are asking me to pay whole amount 3600/- rs. As per my mobile bill plan they are allowed to add any feature as and when they want. Could you please help me on this. It looks like there is no law an order and whetever airtel think they can do. I am keep paying my monthly rental and usages call amount.

krishna kumar

Posted On: 2013-12-28 17:09:57
I had airtel broadband and landline connection no (080-42136018) and I was paying 1100 rs. 23 Aug 2013, I requested to deactivate the broadband only, but they didn't deactivated even after registering complain 6 times Lastly Oct 2013, broadband got deactivated and changed my landline plan to 299. As per rule I was not supposed to be charged for the broadband from the day I sept and oct 2013 month, but they are asking charge and also landline plan they suddenly changed to 599 for sept and oct 2013 month and now changed to 299 plan. It looks like indirectly they are adjusting all the money including broadband. I am ready to pay whatever I have used for rest it should be reimburse in my account. Could you please look into this matter and everyday I getting tortured and harassed. I would like to resolve this problem, please help me.

Shomik Bhattacharyya

Posted On: 2013-12-27 22:33:28
I am an Airtel 4G LTE consumer in Kolkata West Bengal. My Device number is 8585814336 and account number is 1041626816. I am raising this concern with respect to irregularities that I have noticed in my account which suggests pilferage of internet data that is entitled to me on a monthly cycle. I have a monthly usage limit of 10GB of data and the billing cycle is on 11th of every month. Generally my average usage per day is around GB. On 23rd and 24of December my usage abnormally went up to 4.23 and 2.72 GB respectively. I raised two complaints thru Airtel customer service on Dec 25th and Dec 27th, complaint nos 54361731 and 54394868 respectively. They were closed without fixing my issue and notifying me. As a result of these two bulk usages my account balance shows used up beyond 10GB and my connection speed has reduced so much so that I cannot use the connection at all. When I reach out to Airtel customer Service they are telling me that they cannot help me before my next billing cycle as the usage details will be only visible then. Yet they closed my service requests and stopped my speed of internet service from now. Request your good self to take up this matter immediately as I feel that this is just not a problem with me as a consumer but problem with lot others who use this kind of service.

DK Singh

Posted On: 2013-12-27 18:18:21
I have take 3G connection from Tata DoCoMo vide connection No. 9039002168, Account No. 947670917, started on 23/Oct/13. The plan was 5GB unlimited plan and I paid Rs. 1000 as 2 months advance rental. The connection was used for 6-7 days within the zone only. I got a furious bill from the agency for Rs. 1760 even though I have not used the connection in roaming. I have written complaint to and asked for details of data usage in roaming. I have recd many calls with assurance that the details are being send but it is not provided till date. Also my connection is barred since 16/Nov/13. With assurance by the agency that they will restore the connection, I have also not taken any connection. I have lost heavily as I am unable to access the internet for which I took this connection. I request you to kindly intervene in this and arrange for immediate restoration of connection and suitable compensation for the losses incurred by me in the disconnected period.

Vineet Gusain

Posted On: 2013-12-27 16:58:25
I was the customer of TATA DOCOMO mobile no.9212674477 and inspite of my several request for disconnection of this number I am being billed regularly and asked to honour the bills by the recovery agents . The outstanding now is Rs 1245/- which I have paid the detailed reson may be explained later

Arif Mahmood

Posted On: 2013-12-27 14:07:48
sir,I have use tata Docomo number my numbre is 8981638881 in pre paid conection and in this month i convert to post paid conection company will stop my out going & incoming call for address veryfication i m submitted my address prof 4 time then again & again same problem piz help me

Girish Gowda B S

Posted On: 2013-12-26 22:19:59
Hi I had subscribed for Reliance broadband internet connecton from past one year.Recently one month back I changed to MTS Internet service. So I had called Reliance Customer care to cancel my Internet connection and plan for the device which I had. Now they have sent the bill for the previous month & when we called and asked the customer care they are telling its not there problem and we have to pay the bill. Also they have changed the plan of my Internet connection and they have billed for the same. So what can be further procedure for us to carry out ???

Srivathsa S

Posted On: 2013-12-25 11:29:50
Hi, I had my number 9886508785 in vodafone network. Recently i got my number ported to Airtel. I asked for a CUG plan, they told initially we cant directly move you to CUG, so first we will activate to myplan and then in another 2 days, you can change to CUG. After a week when i contacted them, they told once you are moved to MyPlan, your number cannot be moved to any other plan!!! I got a whopping Rs.575 as first month bill..! I paid it and asked them to convert my number back to Prepaid. They said it cant be done for 3 months. I threatened them saying I will raise a complaint in consumer court if they dont do it. For which they agreed to do it, and now my number is in prepaid. But problem continues... I am unable to recharge my prepaid number. When i try doing online recharge, it says "Please enter a valid prepaid number". when i contact airtel store, they say everything is right from their end and ask me to recharge for Rs.19. but I am unable to recharge..!


Posted On: 2013-12-25 07:28:00
Dear sir, I have taken a Mobile Number Portability service from BSNL.They had accepted the request on 21st December at 2300 PM.And the network of my before service provider (AIRCEL)ceased.Now already 3 days have been passed but I am not getting any signal of BSNL. I am facing so many problem.missing so many important call.I have inform this problem in BSNL office in Sambalpur.But they are taking the case casually. Can I get justice in this case. Your faithfully Ashutosh Panda

swaroop patil

Posted On: 2013-12-24 13:02:14
i recharged my cell using airtels website. my money got deducted from bank, and i gt th online receipt og th recharge. but didnt receive the balance. the recharge failed. and the airtel authorities are not acknowledging the problem that recharge has failed. their base level representative told me verbaly that ill get my balance within 24 hours and kept th phone down telling me tht my issue has been resolved. and later on every body; i.e. nodal officer and appalet are refering to tht conversation and telling me that my issue has been resolved and asking me to check my balance. i still have 0 rs balance on my card. and i ve spent almost 30 rs in calling their customer care. this is really insulting, and humiliating. and i have faced a heavy stress bcoz of this behaviour from airtels side.


Posted On: 2013-12-24 11:15:36

Shiv Kumar

Posted On: 2013-12-23 13:12:39
Rs. 200 from my mobile balance deducted on 20-Dec-13 without any intimation from my aircel mobile. When I called customer care I got response that their system is not updated and it will take 6 hours to update. I called after 6 hrs. and got same response and updation tym increased to 24hrs. On calling third tym I was told that my balance deducted due to use of Internet while I have already Internet recharge of unlimited 1GB 3G recharge and beyond 1GB normal 2G speed. My complaint number is 1-14321728303. No one providing me accurate information and not ready to credit my balance. Why the telecom operator Aircel didn't intimate me when my Internet usage finished and dedcuted my main balance. Everyday I get 10 msgs telling abt various schemes of aircel but why in this case I was not intimated? Is it monopoly of telecom operators to deduct any amount without intimating users. Kindly help me to get my balance back.

Soumik Ghosh Dastidar

Posted On: 2013-12-23 13:04:37
Sir, I have taken a new connection of Tata Docomo Cdma Postpay. While taking the connection i have told them to activate Rs 299 Data Pack for 6 GB of Data. I have clearly put a tick Mark against my request and sign the form. But 3 days are over. Till now Tata Docomo has not activated the pack. I am using a smartphone for my official purpose and as a result i need constant data service. Since they have not activated any pack my unbilled usage is getting higher. I have send them written email to and to their appellate officer. But unfortunately i have not get a call back or email from their side. Moreover i have contacted them several times to 198 and 121 and to their chat support but also my all effort goes in vain. This is my last hope and so i am lodging a complaint here at your website hoping that my problem will be resolved very soon. Thanks Soumik Ghosh Dastidar

veeran goud

Posted On: 2013-12-22 22:00:28
Ref; Airtel Account No;1019336760 Airtel Mobile No:9686454731 Dear Sir, I am Veerana Goud using Airtel mobile no. is. 9686454731 with Airtel Account Number: 1019336760 usually my average bill per month was Rs 550 to 665. I have received bill for the period 17/10 /2013 to 16/11/2013. The total due‘s as per the bill is Rs.13825.0 and showing internet usage of Rs.11768.I have noticed following flaws and discrepancies 1.I was not using GPRS on this airtel number 9686454731 since beginning, as I have other airtel number 9901917689 for GPRS usage. Incidentally I have brought Samsung s4 mobile with single SIM which might be the reason that GPRS got activated and I have not given specific request to activate GPRS. 2.I have not received any call from customer care when my credit limit i.e. Rs1200 exceeded. Further you have charged for internet usage from 19/10 wherein I have brought this mobile on 23.10.13 and by default I have might started using GPRS unknowingly.noproperresponse


Posted On: 2013-12-22 18:39:38
Dear Sir/madam, My Name: Chandrashekhar, Vodafone prepaid No,-8586873552, My Vodafone prepaid sim no. 8586873552 is deactivated. I had purchased this sim recently (around one 20 days) from JMD vodafone center near DLF phase-2 gurugoan. The sim was disconnected when i tried to use on 21/12/2013 morning. last message which i saw is dear subscriber your no. is successfully converted to post paid. Please note i didn`t requested for converting to post paid. After this the sim is showing registration failed. I talk to the vodafone customer care they said the no. is now in some other name. Since am using this number regularly from (20days) when i purchase and it was disconnected without prior notice and they assign the same to somebody else, i don`t no what is happening. Kindly take this case at the earliest so that the same should not be happend to thers. Thanks, Chandrashekhar 07760742668


Posted On: 2013-12-22 04:26:46
At the outset let me introduce myself Sivakumar, a corporate professional residing in Greater Noida holding idea post paid for business communication. Having said, as I own this postpaid since Dec-2008, I was being contracted using this post paid over my entire business circle. While I was rushing to my home town from greater Noida, during the last week of October 2013, I lost my handset with idea post paid SIM. Soon I took help of customer care and got it disconnected to prevent misusing by the culprit. As soon as I returned from Depavali vacation, during second week of November I came to know from customer care that my 5 years old hearing this shocked a lot, with an urge of getting back my connection again and I sought resolution from customer care. They advised to visit idea outlet for filing new applications with necessary documents, photograph and a fee of Rs 300/-. Accordingly all formalities were completed on 1

rishu bhagat

Posted On: 2013-12-21 23:34:14
i puchased a postpaid sim from a vodafone agent.i lost his contact no. .i am facing problem that my sim not getting activated.i have also paid a sum of 300rs.details of my sim:- ICCID: 89913013303002634612 IMSI:404300300263461 plz help in recovering me the amount paid.. vodafone store denies tht no sum is recieved.

Vinay Bansal

Posted On: 2013-12-21 11:32:52
I am the retailer of Airtel and airtel gave a facility to return our balance if we wrongly doing any recharge. I was doing a wrong recharge on 1st of december 2013 on 8295804931 and send the message to return my amount of 80 ruppees. they deduct the amount from wrong number but cannot send it to write number. I complained many times but it not processed till now. please try to make it solve. THANKS

mayank gupta

Posted On: 2013-12-20 17:24:52
I have activated a night tarrif on my airtel prepaid number(8756638282)but i was wrongly charged for my calls with 105rs. i called customer care for 8-9 times and they agreed with my problem but refunded only 27rs and denied reast amount. customer care was very rude and harrasing and hung up on me everytime i called them.

Moidin Padiyath

Posted On: 2013-12-19 23:10:47
Hi, I recharged my above said Tata DoCoMo no. with Rs. 49 after which I got recharge confirmation message with "Hi STV recharge Successful. MRP Rs.49, Validity:30 days, Locals/STD @ 1p/2sec." in this msg its not mentioned that for landline numbers this offer is not applicable. When contacted DoCoMo customer care regarding this issue they're not responding in a proper way and disconnecting the calls mid way. The company is misleading the customer by providing incorrect information in the offer msgs that they send. Please take action against such blood sucking telecom companies. I've incurred certain amount loss due to this wrong information provided in the confirmation msg. Hence I need justice for this. Regards, Moidin Padiyath.

Balvinder Singh

Posted On: 2013-12-16 15:37:56
I bought Karbonn Titanium S2 (IMEI No. 911311400505342) Mobile from The invoice details are as follows: Invoice Date: 07-10-2013, Tax Invoice: DEL20131000065692 I am facing Two major problems in this Hand set: 1. From Last week Its Audio Jack not working 2. From 3-4 days it starts hanging continuously. After switching it ON, it starts hanging and not reached to its desktop display. After hanging it is not switching On or Off. When I approached to your service Centre i.e. Triple Solution, Faridabad, They told me that it costs around Rs.150/- for reinstalling the software for rectifying the hanging problem. And for Audio jack problem it costs around half of the Mobile cost as its whole board need to be replaced. I sent Many E-mails on this matter to Karbonn Mobile many times but no communication done from their End.

vivek shedge

Posted On: 2013-12-16 12:17:06
I'm using Relaince number..and from last week they are just deducting my balance for no reason and when i call customer care they say that internet was used from this they crossed the limit of making people cell was switch off till morning 10 am and when i asked them why my balance was deducted today they are saying internet was used from your cell at 8.55am....They are just fooling people around like they treated me..Please i kindly request you that take some action against Relaince telecom..and help me get my balance and services back..

vasudev kamat

Posted On: 2013-12-16 09:39:22
I had cancelled bsnl phone in September 2013, however instead of cancelling phone they are sending negative bill to me. Phone is surrendered back in September only.

Vaibhav Shinde

Posted On: 2013-12-15 19:05:37
My reliance prepaid bal. was Rs.58. Suddenly it was reduced to 0. After several calls to customer care problem was no resolved. When I put complaint through gallery I received SMS that no bal. will be restored as only 3 days call records can be tracked. I wasted 3 days on calling customer care after which they stopped that facility also. Please help as amount is not big but it was frustrating to get such treatment. When I called customer care about more than 13 times the only answer I received was pl. Call after 30 minutes as system not showing your records

shivani rawat

Posted On: 2013-12-15 18:17:59
My complaint is against Vodafone undue charges levied on me for the month of Nov for my postpaid plan for the no above...I have complained them on phone,store and written several times but no relief..I have proofs for all..My bill for Nov month is 6444/- and 4730/- alone has been charged for using internet for 22nov on which vodafone claims that i had used 2GB in half an hour..My regular plan is of 500MB which i have hardly ever consumed in the entire history with vodafone..I only surfed a site on 22nd nov and no download happened..My phone has ORNAVO count application which shows that I only have used 401MB in the month of nov..Even after submitting the proof Vodafone isnt understanding my point..its a clear system error which they are not agreeing to...they have my previous records where nevr i have crossed the limit of 500Mb as i have the alarm system in my phone dictating me to stop..I CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY UNDUE CHARGES FOR VODAFONE TECHNICAL FAULT AND FOR MERE USAGE OF HALF HR.

Shibin Mon Hamza

Posted On: 2013-12-12 20:23:57
Airtel dth's Ala Carte channel packs rates are confusing and it shows different prices in different windows(pages of website) some places in the site the ala carte channel price is low but in the main menu ala carte channel rates are high,,I contacted the customer care but the don;t even know a single thing about my problem..if you want to review plzz go


Posted On: 2013-12-11 18:24:55
I got vodafone prepaid number on 17th June 2013.On 14th November, I converted prepaid to postpaid on constant push by the Vodafone salesperson. It has not even been a month since this service that I am being overcharged on my bill amount. I have prescribed to a plan of Rs 399 rental, which includes 399 local minutes + 200 STD minutes and 1GB 3G data in it. Now they have charged me for 21 international messages, which I never sent. There are no such messages sent out of my phone. I request you look into this matter as this is a very serious issue of false promise and now when I'm trying to get the details of my bill, they are denying to provide me with it. I am fed up with Vodafone service and would like to discontinue it. But now their policy says that I can discontinue only after 3 months of use. Why should I pay for another 2 months?? The customer care person was not ready to help saying that "You are inaudible". When we pay, is this the kind of treatment we deserve?

Mahavir Z Khabia

Posted On: 2013-12-11 14:35:14
Was given wrong, false and half information of data plan activated on my Vodafone number. Spoke to Vodafone not ready accept there mistake. Please help.

ajay bhatnagar

Posted On: 2013-12-11 14:26:44
Sir, I installed an internet tower on 24-07-2010 from Tulip Telecom at 34, vidhya nagar, sec-3, shastri nagar, Meerut. Long time period company gives rent on time. now from 9 months i am not getting any single amount . now total amount is 78000 Rs. i want this rent as soon as possible . i talked to the higher authority also , but they didnt provide any solution till now. Plz arrange all my rent till now, Can you help me out in that ??? Regards Ajay Bhatnagar Ph- 9837073462


Posted On: 2013-12-11 14:19:53
I the undersign have one internet connection under the MTS no: 9153976644 I had received 2nos Bill for the same Month OCT?2013 with different invoice no/different account no:. . The intimation has not been sent from MTS ,for the changing of A/ C no ifThey have the technical problem. According to the First Bill for OCTOBER ?2013 Payment Rs.300.00 had been made against bill no : Bill No : 051300051578. A/c No:222000000634 Bill period 01/10 To 31-10-13 To Mr Srabhan. Vide Receipt no 47329 dtd 21-11-13 Even after paying my Monthly bill, the connection has been disconnected from 02-12-13 morning, On sudden received the bill OCTOBER ?2013 for the same month I.E. Oct 2013 Period form 01-Oct-2013 to 31-Oct-2013 (Invoice No: OTHIND1113013010104251) A/c No :51616018 has come again which is of Rs. 612.00.(with adjusting the Late Fine) though I had paid my monthly bill within due date.) They harassing the customer like this w

sarita kumari

Posted On: 2013-12-10 11:56:14
I recharged my mobile with 3G internet plan from airtel online.I took 3G plan of 102 Rs. with 30 days validity mentioned online.After recharging my mobile with this plan i got success in transaction of 102Rs. but a message came from airtel customer saying 103 Rs. recharge done with validity of 30 days. When I activated this plan in my mobile and deactivated after some time(when i am not using the mobile internet i will deactivate it) then a pop-up came saying validity till 26th Dec.Which means they have given me only 20 days validity. I did call the customer care of airtel and told them the same,they told they have changed the plans. So my point is if they have changed the plans,why they have not changed the online rate plan details.They have added few new stuffs in the page but not updated the old rate palns. I have the proofs in the form of messages and as well as i have taken the print of the online airtel recharge page which still says that for 102Rs,300MB,30days validitity.


Posted On: 2013-12-08 18:01:50
I want to put a complain against Tata Docomo for fraud billing and miss behavior due to non payment. Now a days I am receiving many threat calls from many numbers who mention them as advocate or court person. This matter was started from 23.06.2013 and I have tried my level best to resolve the issue by mailing to Tata Docomo and verbally through call to customer care but no action were taken. Rentals were added and bill was increased gradually and finally an amount of Rs.3769 is being claimed by them where 3008 is the wrong amount. Few days ago one lady( 08981016605) called me and asked me to call some Mr.Arun Kumar(09038660592) for some case matter implied on me. I called him and he promised me to short out the matter if I pay Rs.1000 to Tata Docomo. I paid immediately to close the matter and called Mr.Arun for confirmation but he and her assistant,that lady stopped lifting my phone and it was not solved and again I receive some call from Delhi regarding the same matter.Please help me

arka samanta

Posted On: 2013-12-05 20:28:18
I purchased Spice Stellar Virtuoso Pro Mi-491 mobile phone through But there is no LED flash available in the set as shown in the spec earlier.So I contacted customer care.They also told that this set has LED flash in rear camera which they denied later and not willing to replace the phone.


Posted On: 2013-12-03 15:21:08
Vodafone Issue- I recently purchased a new post paid connection , number bearing 9986848487. The initial deposit of 300/- was made as per the request by the vodafone executive, Bannerghatta Road. After the usage of the number for about a week , my outgoing calls were suspended the reason being the verification was incomplete though the TeleVerification and the face to face verification at the residence was done. Today i.e 2-Dec-2013 I dropped in to the vodafone store to enquire regarding the issue , and i was told to pay 200/- more as the deposit and then they would be activating my mobile number. Hence i made the payment and the number was activated after an hour or so. So for now i have made a payment of 500 rupees as a security deposit. Even after the complete payment as told by your executive , my outgoing and incoming are totally barred. Seriously this is an annoying issue I ve been facing. Very upset with your service. After all this I called up the customer care to find out what was the issue. Again i was told the verification is not complete and hence it is barred. The Customer Executive who spoke to me over the call was arrogant and pretty rude , which any customer would not tolerate this from a customer service agency. Despite of having severe network issue at home , upon having 5 POST PAID connections , we have been facing additional issue this way as i have mentioned above. All and all we are unhappy with your service and the calls with your executives. Alternate Contact Number : 9986203487


Posted On: 2013-12-03 12:48:07
Dear Sir, The no 9810302446 has been with my husband Arun Sharma for more than 7 years. I & my husband gave an application to airtel sector-3 , rohini, delhi office for transferring this no to my name i.e. Mrs Seema Sharma with all the documents.After that they disconnected existing sim card of that no. for around 5-6 days. Then they did a physical address verification and the person came to our house said that in form we have written address as sector-3. But we had written as sector-16 only with the address proofs. They didn't check their on records. On form I had written correctly while they have entered wrong address in their system. They started my no on conditional basis & asked me to go there again in sector-3 airtel office. I have gone there for so many times. That is far away from my place & I am working women. Now they have disconnected my outgoing though this there mistake. Please help.

Sumit Taneja

Posted On: 2013-12-02 21:21:30
Airtel has falsely activated 3G on my other number 9910397422 and is claming usage charge. This service wasnt requested by me through email, phone, or text. Am not willing to pay a penny for service which has been wrongly activated


Posted On: 2013-12-02 16:20:18
Dear Sirs, This is to bring to your notice the wrong billing practice and exploitation of the consumers from established service provider (and rated by economics times as most ethical companies in India) My number is 9845312802 and moved to Tata Docomo from Airtel and i initiated the number portability process and settled the known outstanding balance and thereby got a no objection so that my connection was enabled by TataDocomo. Now after 1 month airtel has given a bill for next billing cycle considering the whole month for all the charges like data and roaming etc instead of prorating for the period used. I have repeatedly disputed the billing and they are still sticking to fixed charges on data and roaming saying it cannot be prorated. Further they have asked Tata to disconnect my line and was forced to pay the unfair dues to get the line restored. My humble plea is to bring these highhanded attitude of the established providers like airtel to justice.

Krishna Kumar Sah

Posted On: 2013-12-02 12:24:39
Got a Airtel postpaid connection with rental of 999/- pm and hardly able to connect with 2G or 3G internet. After repetative complaints for 2 weeks they r saying your complaining is registered and we are looking into it. Then they are doing nothing.


Posted On: 2013-12-02 11:14:49
Dear Sir, I am Writing this complaint behalf of all my colony members located in 228/15 comittee quarter Shahabad markanda Ditt-Kurukshetra Haryana that Reliance Company is constructing & laying cellular tower near by our Residences,Basically it is a temple roof which is hardly 10 meters from my house, We all know about the cellular tower radiation and its effect. The tower is very close to our residence, it is not even 10 meters. But it is not as per the rules . Due to this reason, we are all opposing to keep the cellular tower near by our Residence. There is also a school near around 30 meter so it will cause a harmful effect to us and our children so Please take necessary action and remove the tower before construction & laying completes. Please help us to live in good and pleasant environment. Thanks Maninder


Posted On: 2013-12-02 01:38:44
Airtel sells 4G Dongle saying wherever 4G network is not available, you will be getting 3G or 2G services, if it is available. I tried to connect my device to 3G network at Chennai, since 4G was not availabe. Then i got to know from customer care that you can either use 4G or 2G network and you can not connect to 3G network at all. No honesty at all.


Posted On: 2013-12-01 10:51:46
sir, i am using this no since a year with tata doco mo, but in last week my out going calls have been blocked as i have a balance in it also, i met mr mitesh on karelibaug vadodara off on 23/11/13, then next day i met mr dipak, then mr ronak but they all say our sysytem is slow so wait for some time, pl help me

Arihant jain

Posted On: 2013-11-30 00:42:33

Raju Sutradhar

Posted On: 2013-11-29 19:27:08
Sir Myself,Raju Sutradhar a customer of Bharti Airtel. Recently I am so and so disturbed from Airtel about MNP (Mobile Number Portability). Airtel rejetected my MNP request due to unnecessery reason. When I am contacting with Airtel then it tells me that my number is not old 90days. Unfortunately My number is activated since 10th July 2013 with Bharti Airtel. I have reported about this issue but Airtel does not helping me, the company giving me wrong information again and again. Sir, I want to take legal steps against Bharti Airtel strictly. I have sufficient doccuments to proove the complaint. So sir please help me to do so.

Himanshu Jain

Posted On: 2013-11-29 12:07:36
Subject: Inefficient Customer Service Complaint Against: Aircel I needed some clarification about a 3G data pack from Aircel. But, No they don't want to clarify the doubt or lodge the complaint. Even if lodged they (problem) not addressed properly. Extremely unhappy with the service what aircel is providing its customer.

Atanu Maity

Posted On: 2013-11-29 09:35:30
Respected Sir/Mam, I am using reliance GSM. It has been found that they used to deduct balance for no reason. I am faced this problem several time, the used to return me the money when i talked to their customer care. Bus sir the last incident happened 23-24 November 2013. Suddenly my Rs30 balance was deducted. When i talked tho their customer care on 27th Nov 2013 they said that its is 3 days old case we cant help you. I have mailed them too but same response. Plz help me on this matter and plz stop suck harassment.


Posted On: 2013-11-28 11:30:46
I am Lodging the complaint against M/S.Aircel Ltd., My alternate mobile no 09444834749 - The credit limit for my outgoing calls,Vas,Internet.... charges fixed for Rs.200/- and given the instruction not to exceed more than Rs.200/- but they demanding to pay the bill amount of Rs.2300 approx and not giving proper answer to my question and poor response too, I have all the communication details but they are not bathering and simply demanding to settle amount and disconnected my line 5 months back, I am not satisfied with their approach and they are not giving the proper details to the customers, somebody as to investigate and findout exactly what they are doing

Sanjay Nambiar

Posted On: 2013-11-26 22:41:52
I had shifted my Vodafone Mobile from the Corporate Account of my earlier employer to my individual account. At the time of shifting I had opted for the Double Value 399 Plan with an additional service of 350 local SMS pack at Rs.35 per month. I never opted for their data plan. However, I found the internet service active on my mobile. On my enquiring with them about the said service being active despite me not opting for the same, I was informed that the same is free for a one month period. However, after my first bill of Rs.443/-, I am shocked to receive a bill of almost Rs.1,415/-, which shows a data usage of more than Rs.700/-. Despite my calling the service provider and asking them to reverse the charges as I had not opted for the data service, I am being informed that I have to bear the said charges. Would request your goodselves, the forum to kindly consider this case as a case of cheating numerous customers who are forced to pay for a service which one doesn't opt for.

Arnab Kundu

Posted On: 2013-11-26 19:38:19
Hi today evening went off to Reliance Lake town store to pay the Bill of my No 9883961339 of last Month, & to close the connection, but the store was ready to take the bill but not ready to close the connection, i said to give me in writing they have not given, after forcing a lot they say i can pay the bill now but to close the connection i need to come agin next day morning, this is not right, i want you to please take action against this for harassing the customer, & i have mailed them i will not pay any bill which is generating from today onwards, & i will pay the previous bill when the will send a apology letter to me. please take action against this.


Posted On: 2013-11-26 13:23:10
I an using Tata Docomo Data Card. I am not able to browse the internet using this data card but I am ending up getting hefty bills at the end of the month. It is ridiculous and makes no sense to pay money for getting nothing. I am getting reminders very often to clear the outstanding , and the customer care officials are very rude and adamant in their response. Please provide justice. I want the bill to be waived off or surrender the data card with the refund of data card amount that I have paid.

Prashant Kumar

Posted On: 2013-11-26 12:18:34
Hello, I brought Airtel 3G Data card from univercell outlet in kumarswami layout near dayanand sagar college almost a month back. but it has not been activated. They are nither returning my money back in case they can't get it activated. I am confused as what to do now. I have purchase proof for the same. Please help me in this. I would really appriciate it.

Maitri doshi

Posted On: 2013-11-25 22:13:58
Rs.34 had been unnecessarily deducted from my balance....I have complained twice and I m been assured that rs.34 will be again credited to my account which is not fulfilled...I want proper justice and my full rs.34 back...I also have the required proof for the same


Posted On: 2013-11-25 13:42:51
RELATIONSHIP NO : 1.25486268 VODAFONE; 3G sim card no for dongle 7506189346 Dear Sir I have been billed for Rs 7275 /- in last billing cycle which much more than highest unlimited plan of 3 GB Rs 650 /- I am unable pay such huge amt. The restriction of 1GB has not work and usage beyong free limit was charged. I would like to request to revert the bill and charged max Rs 650 for unlimited which i am ready to pay. Its my humble request Please deactivate the card with immediate effect revert bill as per max if u wish me to continue to be your customer. Credit limit for billing was unilaterly incresed to 12800/-

Vipin Verma

Posted On: 2013-11-24 03:03:05
Vodafone charged me over 200 rupees in Oct month bill for Vodafone Live, which I have never requested. When I asked them the reason, they said it was a default service from vodafone. I have email communication records with Vodafone.


Posted On: 2013-11-24 00:16:18
I had

raman pal singh

Posted On: 2013-11-23 14:51:13
hi my complain is against airtel india. i have taken roaming plan from airtel and still i am not getting benifits from it. i have registerd complain a lot of time in customer care of airtel through voice call and emails. but there is no solution from thier side.

Urmil Hasmukh Karani

Posted On: 2013-11-23 12:04:17
I've recently ported my mobile number 9821804311 from Loop Mobile to Vodafone on 15th May 2013. My bill for the period 11-10-2013 to 10-11-2013 amounts to Rs.9832 which is way too higher with respect to my previous 5 bills. The bill amount is completely charged to internet usage and no call charges. I'm completely confident that the charges incurred on me are faulty and I've receiving frequent calls and messages from them threatening to pay the bill or else the service will be barred. Already they have barred my internet service since past 20 days for which I've already had several discussions but all in vain. I'm extremely dissatisfied because i can't bear the loss of my mobile number as its linked to almost all organizations I'm a part of. I finally decided to write to you about the problem. Please help me out.

Sundeep Nachnanee

Posted On: 2013-11-22 14:59:34
I had lodged a net work problem issue complaint on the 16th of October ( Ref # 1191453962 ) and till date this matter has not been resolved. I have also said I shall not pay for this kind of service for which I have to beg to get a proper net work ( Ref 499902666 dated 18th November ) Problem is, I don't get a proper network in the area of my residence i.e Juhu Scheme. Initially I had to sit close by the window to get a network, but for the past 1 month the matter has worsen that, I have to go out of my house to get a net work. My guests who visit my house, if a Vodafone subscriber has the same network problem. But non Vodafone subscribers all have good and proper net work. I have always been following it up from customer care- your people don't care to call - and always have been informed that a survey will be conducted to sort of the net work issue. May times I have also been told that a person was sent who tried to call me on my cell, but was not reachable.

Rajesh Singh

Posted On: 2013-11-22 00:38:32
Respected Sir, I Rajesh Singh ported my no 9664991118 from idea to Vodafone a month back, the reason of porting was, i was not satisfied with the idea services. I got a call from Vodafone and they gave a false commitment of giving me blackberry 3G services for RS399. when i got my Sim card activated from Vodafone. I found that i was getting 2G services for RS399. I was misguided by the Vodafone executives to get business out of me and they made me port my no from idea to Vodafone by giving me false information and promises. I really want some action to be taken against this culprits, i called up the Vodafone customer care several times and filed a complain with them, but haven't got a positive response yet. Its been over a month now. I was promised by one of there executives that this issue will be resolved soon, but still waiting for a response. I am very upset about this whole thing. Regards Rajesh Singh

Jayaraj Nair

Posted On: 2013-11-21 12:44:27
I have purchased MBlaze Ultra wifi from MTS on 8th Nov 2013 paying Rs 2400 after seeing splashy advertisements in leading newspapers promising speeds upto 9.8mbps. I had checked with the technician whether it will be capable of giving average speeds above 3mbps since I already had DSL and 2G connections from other providers at home consistently giving above 2mbps speeds. On confirmation by him only I purchased the device. Unfortunately from day one when I check the devise at different times of day, more than 80% of the time it gives speed below 1.5mbps and has never even crossed 3mbps once. I have raised several complaints with no effect. Please arrange to refund the amount and take back device.


Posted On: 2013-11-20 12:29:42
Dear sir, i m using the Reliance CDMA NO.It is postpaid no.9311909061 my call rate was 50 paise per 01 minute, but the relaince has increased the the call rate now it is 75 paise per one mintue without my information. I continue calling to customer care, but they are ignoring me to ask about the incresing the call rate charges.I m mentaly haresh. kindly help and suggest me sir. Awaiting your positive reply. Thanks padam Singh

G P Sharma

Posted On: 2013-11-20 11:30:07
Vodafone failure to provide basic services. Unable to receive SMS from Financial institutions like bank OTP and transaction alerts. No bill provide since porting of Number. Number disconnected inspite of payment witin 2 months.

Rohit Kapoor

Posted On: 2013-11-19 12:26:13
Drwery Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. have PRI A/C No.-15580248 with Airtel. In Aug 2013 bill we are charged with two wrong international calls worth Rs.10845 each of 12 hrs duration each starting in afternoon and ending at 2 AM at night as per call details. We have registered complaint with Airtel for wrong billing and asking for waiver. We have been paying the balance amount for the last 3 months as requested by our Account manager till any resolution comes.In between our services got deactivated thrice due to overdue amount. Last week people from Airtel visited us and told us that we have to pay the charges as the calls are made by us. This is totally wrong and we will not pay the charges. Request you to kindly intervene as this kind of wrong billing and forcing the customer to pay is not correct.

Nilanjana Chowdhury

Posted On: 2013-11-19 01:15:40
Payment for month of Sept 2013 for mobile phone 8373901911was paid from vodafone website ( my account) on 12th Oct 2013 VIDE NET BANKING from my ICICI account (Rs550). Vodafone website did not accept the payment and returned it on 15th Oct 2013 . ICICI Bank informs credit of amounts above Rs 5,000.00 by SMS . If I have to verify the payment then I will have to cross check on my as vodafone will not inform me, neither ICICI . Vodafone has returned the payment and discontinued the outgoing calls on the mobile . Why should I be penalized for the non acceptance of payment by Vodafone ?


Posted On: 2013-11-18 22:03:34
Respected Sir/Madam, Sub: Complaint against Airtel Prepaid section- for invalid deduction of Rs.100 for internet usage. Ref: My mobile#9972543500 recharged on 15-Nov-2013 for Rs.200 This is to bring to your kind notice that I had recharged my prepaid mobile#9972543500 on 15-Nov-2013 for Rs.200. And today (18-Nov02013) the balance has come down to Rs.16. When I contacted the Airtel 121 Customer care, they said that I had used internet on my mobile twice for Rs.100. But I would like to bring to your kind notice that I don’t use my mobile for internet usage. Request you to kindly look into this matter, as this is repeated innumerable times. Thank you, V.Venkatalakshmi

Atul Kumar

Posted On: 2013-11-18 16:15:37
Dear Sir/mam, I had purchase Sony Erricson phone from The Mobile Store Ltd, Shop No. 73, Sec - 15A (FBD) on 3rd Nov 2011 & also apply for extended warranty. I had starting facing problem in my phone in sep.2013 and had submitted the same on 23rd Sep 2013 and now they are saying that your phone is out of warranty, so we cant do anything now. Pay us 1500 Rs for rectification of problem.This is causing unnecessary mental tension for me, You are requested to look into the matter and take necessary step. Thanks & Regards, Atul Kumar 9971723724

Monshi Dedhia

Posted On: 2013-11-18 15:58:33
IDEA Mobile postpaid connection was disconnected due to heavy usage without giving proper prior information by SMS or giving call or by mail. Due to this mess cost me a loss of around Rs.500000/- and alot of mental stress. Want to claim the money I lost and compensation for all the mental stress given by the mobile operator.


Posted On: 2013-11-18 12:21:08
Sir/Madam My friend has got a Reliance GSM connection.I have recharged a special tariff voucher of Rs.44 which will give sms benefits.I have recharged this amount on 13.11.2013 through a local retailer(after seeing leaflets and handouts issued by Reliance).Though the recharge was successful and amount was deducted ,I didnt got the sms service. I waited for 3 days, but the service didnt got activated. When I called the Customer Care executives of Reliance GSM, they informed me that I am not eligible for that service as I am not a new customer. Even few weeks before this pack was for all but now it was only for new customers. In the leaflets, nowhere it is mentioned that it is for the new customers.I requested several times to credit that amount to my talktime balance or if it is simply restricted to sms packs,I am ready to pay the extra amount in any of the Reliance outlets so that it can to converted to the next valid sms pack but in vain.APPELLATE AUTHORITY didnt help either.Pls help

Aniruddh Singh

Posted On: 2013-11-16 15:21:00
Sir tata docomo custmer care is not delibrately filing my complaint and appelete authority do nor respond to my complaint.


Posted On: 2013-11-15 16:09:41
dear sir,this complaint againest samsung mobile.3 months back i busy samsung mobile cost is 13000 last month mobile i occured problem that is mother board problem after the reparing wthin 10 days same problem comes so i want mobile repalse ment please do needfull in this proces i have lost lot of my time please do favour thanking you pratap 8008994567

Divya Mohan

Posted On: 2013-11-15 12:46:19
This is regarding the outstanding bill payment on the number 9920432047. The number had incurred roaming charges pending payment till July, which Mr. Mohan Gopinath - my father had settled. On settlement of the amount, Rs. 2610 which was assured to be the full and final settlement for this connection we were assured by the representative, Mr Mahesh that the number would be terminated. Till today, we are being harassed by High Court orders and calls from Vodafone asking for payments to be made (the current outstanding amount being Rs. 2489) because the number has not been terminated. This is in sheer opposition to Clause 5.5 and Clause 10 of the terms and conditions mentioned on Vodafone website stating that if there has been no payment from our side for 60 days, the number will be canceled post the payment of the due amount + a credit charge. We've been facing endless calls from Customer care executives despite a full and final settlement. Request you to expedite the matter.

Dr Anand Bhalerao

Posted On: 2013-11-14 14:44:54
I am using services from Idea cellular for my cel phone. Billing cycle was 21-10-13. Till 21.10.13 bill was Rs.1950, whci was paid. Out going calls from My phone were stopped from 11.11.13 without information to me. I have been informed by customer care of the service provider that my bill from 21.10 to 11.11 13 has crossed limit and it is Rs 58,000/- Pay 70% of it and then only outgoing calls will be started. Company is not providing details of bill till next cycle of bill i.e. 21.11.13 Presently my outgoing phones are blocked and facing lot of inconvenience.

Prasidh Kumar

Posted On: 2013-11-14 08:34:48
मैंने 12/11/13 को UNINOR NO 8862811191 पर 34 का Message Pack Recharge किया,परन्तु message send नही हो रहा है। Message send करने पर message sending failed लिख देता है,और Message failed हो जा रहा है।कल morning में 198 पर complain desk पर बात किये तो Message center no delete कर के Retype कर के save करने कहा गया।जबकी मैंने बार-बार बोला कि message center no retype कर के and sim को दुसरे मोबाइल में लगा कर देख लिये है message नहीं जा रहा है,so Complain lodge किजीए,Complain no दीजीए और Problem को Solve किजीए।परन्तु complain नहीं लिया गया।Problem solve नहीं हुआ और ये लोग हमेशा के तरह 198 Complain desk में मेरा no पुरा दिन Block कर दिया।Uninor के Outlet में गये तो Customer care से बात करने को बोला।रात में 121 पर customer care से complain lodge करने को कहे,परन्तु नहीं किया गया।फिर message center no retype करने कह रहा था,तब मैंने थोडा Rudely बात किया तो मेरा Outgoing call block कर दिया।आज दुसरे no से complain lodge करने के लिये 198 पर Call किये,but आज भी Complain नही लिया गया। Plz solve my problem


Posted On: 2013-11-14 01:50:45
I am currently using Aircel. Now I want to migrate to Vodafone under CUG.I started giving porting code request since sep 2013. 1.DT799928 dt 21.09.2013 2.DT734495 dt 25.09.2013 3.DT746683 dt 29.10.2013. I always receive the message, Your porting request has been rejected by my current operator due to The Porting code does not match the Donor allocated porting code for this number. Every month I am paying my bill on time without fail. On 29 Oct 2013,i received a message hello your porting request DT7446683 dt 29.10.2013 has been rejected by your current operator due to this post paid subscriber has outstanding payment dues.On the same day I paid all my dues for Rs 1156 and I was told to pay another Rs 100 on the next towards unbilled charges.Even after paying all my dues iam not allowed to port out.

amith kumar singh

Posted On: 2013-11-13 20:45:37
Dear sir , i am using tata docomo prepaid number they deducted the balance and not responding to the calls and mails ... fed up of complaining them they are giving unrealistic answers.... help me out


Posted On: 2013-11-13 19:33:30
Deposit amount not refunded.


Posted On: 2013-11-13 12:12:40
RESPECTED SIR/MAM, I am from Jammu & kashmir, my phone no. is 9697478467 & email id is Aircel telecom deducted my balance of Rs. 120 on 5th of this month. when contacted senoir customer care they apologise & messaged me the reference no. 1-14004220201 & assured me that your balance will be credited to ur account upto 7th november 2013. Till date nor any balance has credited & again when i am talking to customer care from other aircel numbers also they are disconnecting my call after listening my phone no. please help me.


Posted On: 2013-11-12 16:43:37
Appeal of Distt. Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum Narnaul To State Consumer Disputes redressal, commission bays 3 to 6 Sec. 4 panchkula


Posted On: 2013-11-12 12:58:08
Fraudulently charged me for data @ Rs. 11000. Now, have disconnected my services.

Sudarshana gupta

Posted On: 2013-11-12 12:55:35
Hi Team, This is to notify that I had submitted my Micromax mobile handset (MICROMAX A100 CANVAS 1) with the authorized service centre of Micromax: M/S ANANNAYA INFOTEL-44 (GF), SHYAMAPALLY, JADAVPUR, KOLKATA,POST CODE-700032, with the Operating System problem on 21st September, 2013. However, I still HAVE NOT received the handset inspite of regular follow-ups & visists at the above centre. It is more than 1.5 months now, & only harassment & misguidance from the Customer Care part is received. Several mails have been written at the mail id of micromax( &, but no action has been taken as of now. Kindly take up this matter with utmost urgency. Sudarshana Gupta

Manish Narang

Posted On: 2013-11-12 10:27:33
I am a samsung user & purchased Samsung Grand phone on its launch in feb 2013 for 21500/-. I have visited Aditya Telecom centre which is an Authroized centre for samsung at Ashok Vihar phase 3 for problem in my display. There were some lines coming in display & the home key buttons & touch under that. the light on touch buttons sometime flash sometimes doesnt. My phone condition is brand new & has never been mishandled. I took the phone to service centre & after a thorough check by engineer (Rashid) he said display will be changed. I checked & confirmed abouts its warranty as there is no breakage at all. he said yes its covered. I submitted it friday 1st Nov & after check he returned me the phone saying there is no part availability. I rechecked on tue 5th Nov & he said you have to submit phone then only part will come. So i already wasted 4 days. I asked them why didn’t they take the phone on 1st then but with a stupid reply that part wouldn’t have come during diwali holidays. Atleast they would have taken phone & placed an order. anyway I resubmitted my phone on 6th nov. Now another engineer (Karan) checked my phone & he said display will be replaced. It was told it will be done on fri or max sat. But I kept waiting till next Monday. I checked yday morning 11th Nov about status & they said it will be done today eve or tue eve. But Monday eve I got a call form an engineer (Ashwani) who said you have to pay 8000/- Rs to get it replaced as we have found liquid formation in it. after 5 days they found water & usually engineers tell this while checking product. I asked them why didn’t they inform me on the first day itself. Why did they keep trying to to fix it. Now when they couldn’t find any error on my part so its water which is a common issue to mislead customers & warranty. I have taken extended warranty for the same but what’s the use of such warranty if service center guys after checking say such things. Now products come with liquid & damage warranty. if they would have told me about liquid thing on the first go I would have believed & they said we opened display now. Then what did they check when i submitted the phone.

Bishnu Saraff

Posted On: 2013-11-11 20:52:28
I have a reliance gsm postpaid connection. The number is 9883132649. According to my plan i am given 50 mb free internet. I have just used around 16 mb. I have been charged for it. When i visited the reliance office, i was told that the company promises to give free internet usage usage but charge for it later on. I have even been charged more previously but it came to my notice this time around. Please look into the matter and get a refund to my name at the earliest as my due date for the bill payment is nearing.


Posted On: 2013-11-11 12:59:16
KARBONN A1+ Mobile,troubling from last 6 months no proper responce of service center & company


Posted On: 2013-11-08 17:26:35
I have worked with paramount Wires and Communications Ltd. as a Company Secretary for the period 1.04.2011 - 31.03.2012 but till date i have not received any PF money. The process is very irritation, the person who was supposed to cordinate in this matter i.e. Mr. Yogesh yadav, as earlier Mr. K. G. Rao ( HR Head) was handling but now Mr. yadav is not picking up my phone as He told me many time that i will provide your money within 6 - 7 days, Mr. yogesh has taken personal gurantee in this mattter many time, now i am very fed up with this Company, as lot of my time has already wasted and now it has turned into mental torture, kindly advise

parminder singh

Posted On: 2013-11-08 12:38:59
i have recharged my no.(9555425022) with rs123 for 1 gb data. i got only 512mb . i caalled customer care so many times (appx 3 times per day) from 28/10/2013 to till date 08/11/2013.but customercare is ignoring my call .sometimes when they pick they say there is some technical problem in our system. PLEASE RESOLVE MY PROBLEM AS I AM BEING MENTALLY HARASSED BY RELIANCE GSM.

Sankalp Nambiar

Posted On: 2013-11-07 17:56:57
I had requested Airtel to convert my prepaid connection to postpaid. Their executive visited me on 29th October, 2013 and collected the documents and security deposit. But he didn't have a micro SIM (which I requested) at that time, so I didn't get a the SIM card. 2 days later on 31st the address verification was done. Still I have not received the SIM card till date. I don't wish to pursue this prepaid to postpaid conversion any more. The Airtel executive Ms/Mrs. Shruti (mob no. 9591199644) who was communicating with me till I 29th October doesn't pick up my phone calls. When she did after lots of attempts she refuses to refund the security deposit (which is refundable). The receipt details are Receipt Reference : BGN, MIG Number A 50360. I want the Rs 300/- security deposit refunded and get done with this hassel. Request any help.

Rahul Bajaj

Posted On: 2013-11-07 14:37:39
Complaint against the Aircel company for fraudl issuing the same number of 9716087271 to another person without any authority under the Porting Scheme by the TRAI after port the number to other company.

robin dey

Posted On: 2013-11-06 16:42:57
I have had a terrible time after switching my Vodafone prepaid number 9748934452 to postpaid 9748934452. I have been made to pay for 3G which I never could use. I made several complaints regarding the connectivity but the customer care people just kept transferring my calls between 1 operator to the next until I had to give up. I have managed to retrieve some of the Service ID numbers and names of the Customer care people I spoke to over the last 3 months. Most of the times they kept transferring my call from one operator to another until I got fed up of trying to register a complaint. But I still managed to find out some info regarding my complaints. I spoke to a guy called Rahul Koley. I'm sure now the cheats at Vodafone will be saying Vodafone never had an employee by that name. And these are the Complaint numbers I was able to find out. I have made many more complaints which I guess they did not even register on their database. Service Registration numbers: 1398960282 141005334

robin dey

Posted On: 2013-11-05 19:22:00
I changed form Vodafone prepaid number 9748934452 to Vodafone postpaid number 9748934452, 3 months back and have regretted my decision from day1. My 3G internet connection which used to work fine in prepaid stopped working when it became postpaid although Vodafone charged me Rs 299 every month for 3 months for 3G internet. I made around 20 to 30 complaints regarding the 3G connection but nothing was done by Vodafone to help me. Every time I called up customer care I was transferred from one operator to another without anything being done. So I asked them to stop charging me Rs 299 for 3G because they were not providing me with 3G. In the next 14 days they charged me around Rs 1400 for 2G data of volume only 0.29GB. Even that 0.29 GB I'm sure is not what I have actually used. I have already made excess payments to these cheats and I guess there is no way to teach these cheats at Vodafone postpaid Kolkata a lesson. Please think twice before switching to Vodafone postpaid


Posted On: 2013-11-04 12:28:29
I have Paid Rs.300 to convert my prepaid number to post paid to Airtel on 3rd October 2013 for which i haven't got that service provided till today that is 04th November 2013 even after repeated phone calls, email interactions. I possess the bills and new inactive simcard with me since last one month. I am levying up extra charge on my phone call at prepaid rates which was supposed to reduce my call cost in case i would have got postpaid by now. I want to raise penalty on Airtel for paying my all incoming and outgoing calls since last one month because most of the time i have been asking my contacts to call me back as i haven't been able to recharge in those periods.Also, because of this i have lost some key business deals where i wasn't having enough balance in my cell to call my business prospects. I need airtel to pay me back my prepaid to postpaid initial deposit of Rs.300 + all incoming and outgoing calls cost since 3rd october 2011 and additional Rs.10,000 for harassment.

Santosh Kumar

Posted On: 2013-11-03 06:47:12
MR RK sharma who has retired last year still sits in the same office and cabin and asks for kick backs from customers to get the complaints adressed and harasses the customers if they do not pay the money he asks for and the deptt and the officals let him sit in the chair although he ha retired


Posted On: 2013-11-01 18:08:57

Gaurav Dhall

Posted On: 2013-11-01 11:40:47
Dear Sir, I want to complaint regarding Reliance digital TV for unnecessary amount deduction without any informing me. My smart card no is 200598857900, i have lodge complaint for installation of Big TV after relocation on gurgaon, Complain no 2108064 Dt 21/Oct-13. I have confirm from customer care regarding charges for installation and she told me Rs 350. I had also confirm that it will include cable and connector and they told that yes. But when the represtative visit on 24-Oct-13 and install the Reliance DTH , i have recieved the SMS amount Rs 580 has been deducted from your Big TV account. Then i have confirmed from Customer care regarding this they told that 230 have been charge for cable and connector. I have already informed to them that i have provided cable to your technician during installation , they havent used thier cable for the same. Also technician has not given any job complete sheet where there is mention that 10 mt cable used. Technician simply inform cust care or thier higher authority that this much cable used and they are deducting the amount on thier own without any document proof taken from customer. Again i have call to customer care for giving me waiver of Rs 230 24-Oct-13 complain no 211003791. But till date i will not get any response. Please look into this matter and take some strict action for the same i will be very thankfull to you. My contact no is +91 9899429414. Regards, Gaurav

Sneha Kharwar

Posted On: 2013-10-31 17:58:40
IDEA Telecom customer care people are using very cheap tricks and harassing us very very badly.


Posted On: 2013-10-31 15:16:03
my micromax phone Canvas HD-A116 was submitted to kalyan sevice centre run by M/S.TECHNOCRAFT TECHNOLOGIES have not returned my phone despite a confirmation message received on 23.10.13 at 01.10 hrs.on asking them says phone parts not received yet for rectification.My jobsheet no.W03041910135900291.Kindly help me to recover my phone.thank u.


Posted On: 2013-10-29 22:23:38
Hi , I recharged my mob: 9738911440 with Rs 993 thru its website But I am still not getting speed. And also my 3g data balance is showing 0 gb . I talked to the customer care executives of Aircel , but they say when a plan of 997 is active , they could not give me the benefit of 993 plan. I told them to deactive the 997 plan and give me the 993 plan for which I have recharged for Rs 993 /- I also logged a complaint no : 1-13952480553 . But still there is no reponse from there end. Also they are not refunding my amount of Rs 993 / - Below is the snipet of the Rs 993 recharge details. Name/Number:DT-Etopup Time:2013-10-27 00:34:25 Content: Txn No. KAR13102700181200008 to Recharge MRP 993 is successful . TT= 0 INR, New Balance 0.80 INR, P.F 883.77 INR, S.Tax 109.23 INR. Request your urgent attention on this......please Thanks, Sharad Tripathi, 9686622680

Anwesha Roy

Posted On: 2013-10-26 00:46:25
Respected sir/madam, This is to inform you that i Anwesha Roy having a Reliance postpaid connection since January 2013. From the first monthly bill i have been facing a lot of harrassments from reliance. Customer care and agents are rude. In my recent bill they have activated and charged me for a rental pack without my consent. I have been charged an extra amount of rs1000 in my recent bill of october 2013. This pack is already activated on my phone on the month of february 2013 and the rental has been paid for 12 months which is suppose to expire on february 2014. Instead of that the same pack is activated again in october 2013 in my recent bill. I have called up the customer care numerous times but there was no help.They had asked me to visit the Reliance RMS house . I visited it too but there was no results. They did not pay proper heed to it. As a consumer i claim my right to get the money back which has been charged wrongly. Yours Sincerely, Anwesha Roy

Adhir Varma

Posted On: 2013-10-25 17:57:39
PFA the my Appeal Form and 2 PDF's of email communication with Vodafone Care and Nodal Officer. After having been with Loop Mobile for more than 8 Years, I am stunned at this experience with Vodafone in the first few months of moving to your service. As you can see from the Case History (Service Request Numbers: [#3157389], 709735337 , 1401696164 , 1401699680 and 1401701126 ) Why was there NO intimation via a call, sms or at least an email that my Free 2G service was getting over on a particular date and I should either choose a Data Plan or I will be charged separately. Due this my bill that has always been within Rs500/- came for a Rs2700/-++ Vodafone sends an SMS to us after each call to customer care for feedback. SMS for Bill Generation SMS for Bill Delivery etc SMS for every damn thing. But NOT for the stoppage for any Free Service, knowing very clearly that this has direct implications of cost to the customer. Is this fair? This is a ridiculous and irrational system and process

Yogesh Gaykar

Posted On: 2013-10-25 10:20:19
I have ported my mobile no. 9768741985 from Aircel to reliance 2 months ago. I have submitted proper documents to reliance gallery at Kharghar. From 18th Oct 2013 my incoming & outgoing calls are barred, i called cust. care & they told me to submitted the documents again. i Submitted the documents on 21 oct. 2013 but still my number is barred. reliance customer care did not cooperate properly with me. kindly help

Partha Bhattacharjee

Posted On: 2013-10-24 23:39:42
My telephone no 25472719 a landline of BSNL with Broadband connection is lying dead for the last six months.I lodged several complaints and even deposit the last three months bill which I have paid with an application as per the advise of the department for urging the rebate but no use of it.Still they claimed bills and request me to pay the same.I am helpless please advise.


Posted On: 2013-10-24 22:15:19
Excess bill issue: i have been fooled by airtel executive, activated wrong plan and i have been charged excess amount.I have the message and call details. After this issue again the airtel have charged excess amount for which i am not responsible. As a citizen of india i am requesting you to give me justice. Thank you!

Sujit Kumar Das

Posted On: 2013-10-24 12:35:48
Sir, i am really sick of paying extra money to my service provider "Aircel". They charged unnecessary amount. Even if i call there customer care number they are so rude and talk in a loud voice. They charged me since the past 3 months and i complaint but never get the solution there for in the end i had to pay the amount but this time again the scenario is same so decide to take your help. Please help me out from this tense situation. Operator Name: Aircel Mobile No: 8285008222

Siddarth Surana

Posted On: 2013-10-22 18:21:45
Reference: Invoice Period 10-9 to 9-10, 2013 Before going on international roaming, I had called up the IDEA customer care about the roaming charges. The representative described clearly that the Call Charges are XYZ amount for incoming and outgoing. For data she said that as per my 1GB data plan, there are no charges. I was initially shocked to know this and reconfirmed. I literally confirmed it 4 times; and every-time she insisted the same and at last convinced that there are no data charges , specially for my number plan. Same can be cross-checked on their recorded tape (if available). For the above mentioned obvious reason, I used it over there. On the 2/3rd day of the visit I received a message that I had been charges around 1800 for data roaming. I immediately stopped data transfer. On returning, I have received this bill. I have already made payment so that my services are not stopped, but expect this money to be returned to me. This is a pure case of fraud

Krishnakant Mandlia

Posted On: 2013-10-21 18:10:20
Dear Sir, Charged for roaming GPRS use on 3rd party network by vodafone for 3 days in M.P. though M.P is vodafone operated circle. As per customer care I used internet on Idea network so it was charged. I got connected to Idea network without any warning about extra charges. Neither I am getting information on network outage from Vodafone. Can you suggest how to file a complaint to consumer court for waiver of unjustified charges or getting satisfactory responses from customer care. Thanks & Regards Krishnakant Mandlia


Posted On: 2013-10-21 15:32:31
A problem occurred against No.9062399660 my offer are 1)unlimited free call under CUG circle 2) 500 free call others networks 3) 200 msg free any network But when i call any network either CUG circle or other network i cannot get any free rates charged as normal charge and which shows in unbill from the beginning of bill month. Now this month due amount (Rental Rs.112/- + Unbill Rs. 285)=Rs.398/- I was complain about this topic many times but i cannot get any kind of help and air-tel customer center unable to provide proper details of fee CUG circle call list,500 min other network call list and 200 message list specifically. Please take action as soon as possible.


Posted On: 2013-10-21 15:29:00
A problem occurred against No.9062399660 my offer are 1)unlimited free call under CUG circle 2) 500 free call others networks 3) 200 msg free any network But when i call any network either CUG circle or other network i cannot get any free rates charged as normal charge and which shows in unbill from the beginning of bill month. Now this month due amount (Rental Rs.112/- + Unbill Rs. 285)=Rs.398/- I was complain about this topic many times but i cannot get any kind of help and air-tel customer center unable to provide proper details of fee CUG circle call list,500 min other network call list and 200 message list specifically. Please take action as soon as possible.


Posted On: 2013-10-21 15:27:46
A problem occurred against No.9062399660 my offer are 1)unlimited free call under CUG circle 2) 500 free call others networks 3) 200 msg free any network But when i call any network either CUG circle or other network i cannot get any free rates charged as normal charge and which shows in unbill from the beginning of bill month. Now this month due amount (Rental Rs.112/- + Unbill Rs. 285)=Rs.398/- I was complain about this topic many times but i cannot get any kind of help and air-tel customer center unable to provide proper details of fee CUG circle call list,500 min other network call list and 200 message list specifically. Please take action as soon as possible.


Posted On: 2013-10-21 13:15:13
Sir/Madam, We have 75 connections of GSM/CDMA with Reliance. one of the number is 7305344440 and it has been suspended and permanently deactivated without informing us because of non usage of 2 months. We given this number to our US marketing head who used come our india 2 months once. He firing me like anything as we paying rental properly how come they deactivated!!! please help me in this issue as am in a big trouble. Reliance web world not at all caring about this issue.


Posted On: 2013-10-18 16:44:47
As i am using tata docomo prepaid connection and they have deducted my 500rs in one month. when i called customer care they don't respond me proper and they place my call on hold and disconnect it. please help me on tis. 919986126847 is my number.

Ibrhaim k

Posted On: 2013-10-18 16:39:09
As i want to complaint about tata docomo service. they have deducted my 500rs in one month. When i call them they just give me one reason saying internet usage. As per me i always activate net pack every month and apart from that if i have used it, then its only for some emergency emails. That might cost me 20 to 50rs. They dont have a good customer service as well. They always place my call on hold and disconnect it. Please help me on this.

mihir kumar

Posted On: 2013-10-17 22:34:55
BSNL is deducting Rs.15.00 for love sms,for witch i've never make a request.I want refund of all deduction till date.All deduction has been made from No.55888.Kindly redress my complaint as earl y as possible.Thanks.

gopal meher

Posted On: 2013-10-17 10:18:54
I had recharged rs 95 on 15 oct 2013 on my no.9337062067(reliance) The recharge was successful but i dint get the balance.I also got the message of getting full talktime on rs 95 on my cellphone. As i talk to the customer care they said that rs 95 is a FRC and you will not get the balance.And also telling me that the recharge was not successful then how could i will get the message.

gopal meher

Posted On: 2013-10-17 10:17:27
I had recharged rs 95 on 15 oct 2013. The recharge was successful but i dint get the balance.I also got the message of getting full talktime on rs 95 on my cellphone. As i talk to the customer care they said that rs 95 is a FRC and you will not get the balance.And also telling me that the recharge was not successful then how could i will get the message.

Amitkumar Gupta

Posted On: 2013-10-16 17:30:43
1) I recently brought tata photon plus having no. 9223798289 which is working. my complain is something else actually i had received an offer through call from one of tata sales person, the offer was that if i buy photon connection before 14th oct then i would get jabong vouchers of Rs. 650/-. also the price of Rs 1800 is refundable after 6 months, also my monthly plan will of Rs. 350/- instead of Rs 450/- for 2Gb data. i also have the email stating this offers with me send to me by the sales person email address and the mobile number of the sales person from which i had received the call is 8976126458. But still, After the activation till date i have not received any jabong vouchers so i tried the phone number of their sales person but it seems he had disconnected the number, I am unable to contact him since 11th Oct 2013. i receive a wrong number notification while trying to contact him. So i called the tata customer service center. tata support but no help

Mukesh Kumar

Posted On: 2013-10-16 12:36:42
HI, I had applied for postpaid conversion from prepaid on 28th of sept. till now I haven't got it done and when I call they say, Please be patient, it will be done and also they don't respond properly. Thanks, Mukesh

Jignesh Par,ar

Posted On: 2013-10-15 21:20:25
This is against Vodafone. My wife's number 9821019964 is converted from Post paid to Prepaid. To do so, they ask us to clear all the dues, which was done. Now, after 3 months of conversion they are saying that my June2013 bill is unpaid, which is not correct. They are harassing me and my wife through their recovery agents and Advocate Mr. Harish Gore.i asked for account statement, which they aren't furnishing to me as well.

Sanoj Mahapatra

Posted On: 2013-10-15 17:45:12
Our tata walky No: 022 65617166 's outgoing calls service is blocked.Please do the needful as we have cleared the payment.

Dream Weavers Realty Consultants Pvt Ltd

Posted On: 2013-10-15 14:10:47
We have take 3 4G connection from Airtel. They have arranged a demo before taking connection and the demo was satisfactory. When we started using those connection, we found the signal strength is not good enough. 2 of them working moderately but on is not working at all. We have lodged a complain and repeatedly following up but the declared nothing can be done. As we have taken the demo and given consent for the connection we need to keep on paying rental also. Pls advice.

Soumya Sen

Posted On: 2013-10-15 10:47:00
I had purchased a 32GB Transcend SD memory card for my mobile from the online store for Rs 1200 but after 2 months it was not working anymore. These memory cards are said to come with a lifetime warranty but when I went to their Service Centre at 12, LOWER ROWDON STREET, 1ST FLOOR,KOLKATA - 700020, I was told that Transcend service has been stopped indefinitely and they did not know when it will start again. This was the only Transcend Service Centre in Kolkata and I tried calling them again multiple times but to no avail. Please help.

sachin Pethani

Posted On: 2013-10-14 22:57:51
I have recharged with INR 251 on 09-Oct-2013 which should recharge my account with 200 INR talktime balance and 1GB of data free for 1 month. However i got only substaintial amount (not 200 INR) as a talk time. I was trying to get connected with custmor care since 09-Oct-2013. I have called then many times, however they at first instant they never admit that balance was not done completely and simply disconnect the call. Next time whenever i tried to call them they sipmly did not received the call though i was trying to contact them many a times. Now this is my routine sine 09-Oct-2013 to call them many times in a day and they never picking my call or agree to pay/recharge the amount they claimed for recharge of 251 INR (Plane Name:- 3G Smart Life). Please help me to get out f this and informed about the claiming process.

Sanjeev Kumar Singh

Posted On: 2013-10-12 12:30:16
Sir/Madam, I am using BSNL Land line with Broadband AND my complain is against excess BSNL land line number is 08026664108 and using since 1-06-13 but in October 2013 bill i got 1000 bug extra for call but i didn't call.. Plz help me out..Thanks

Sambit Mohanty

Posted On: 2013-10-12 00:59:06
Sir I am a employee of Capgemini India pvt limited in bangalore.I had applied for a corporate sim through the airtel representative at our office in cresent 3 Prestige shantiniketan,near Itpl big bazaar on september 23rd.I had applied for number portability for my vodafone prepaid number 9739354832 .On 9th october i got sms from airtel that that my application is being processed .And people from your company had come for verification to my office on thursday.But due to some official work ihave been transferred to 6b ecospace Belandur offfice of capgemini.Even on informing that no one from airtel has come up to do the verification.Due to the sim not being activated i am facing problems in my day to day communications .I had applied for cug375 postpaid plan.So kindly can you help me out on this matter. I have been calling the customer care of airtel and talking with the airtel representative in our office but not getting any helpful reply.So i am in situation of not knowing what to do.ZW

Amit Kumar Sahoo

Posted On: 2013-10-11 14:24:00
Complaint to attended

Shakil Ahmed

Posted On: 2013-10-09 17:14:47
For 1 GB I am charged for Rs. 98.00 and for another 1.28 GB I need to pay almost Rs. 5000.00.Does it make sense for billing exorbitantly high? It is commercially not justified either. Pls. expalin ... I get message for every 200 MB used but I did not get any message after 1200 MB usage...Pls. explain why? On 27th of August 2013, I got a message that I have crossed billing of Rs. 9000 which is my existing credit limit so I need to pay interim amount to be accessible for data services and by late evening Data Services were disconnected without giving me any time.Moreover, next day I got a message that my billing amount for the month is Rs. 5206.37.If that is my billing amount then why you have deactivated the service which is below my credit limit. Pls. explain why you have not deactivated the Data Service when it crossed the limit or you were waiting to get money from the subscriber in another way. I was expecting many important mails to receive and send these days being month closing w

Shakil Ahmed

Posted On: 2013-10-09 17:12:13
Inflated Internet usage bill without my knowledge or intimation of usage.


Posted On: 2013-10-05 18:45:37

Sushant Rai

Posted On: 2013-10-05 15:48:44
Idea Representatives intentionally avoiding to disconnect my connection after multiple requests and sending me false bill month after month. 1) I had requested to Idea customer care to disconnect my Idea no 9990027325 and send a final settlement bill on April 07 2013. 2) I received a reply that my request has been initiated and will take some time to process. but instead of getting my final outstanding till April 7th, I got complete April and May month bill. 3) I asked them to stop my service and send me bill till 7th April, day of disconnection request, but they said that there is no disconnection request registered on 7th April. 4) In August, I got call from one of the Idea representative who projecting as an advocate threatened to file a case against me due to non payment of telecom bill. which was under dispute. 5) I cleared the outstanding till 14 August 2013. and re-requested for disconnection. reference no C1-4676499254. Now they say that no such reference no exists.

Mehjabeen Arsiwala

Posted On: 2013-10-04 23:52:38
i have even billed for isd calls by vodafone which i haven't even called to. the supervisor mr. manpreet sadhu and the staff praveen are so rude.. un courteous and unwillingly to help. they treat customer like they don't want be with them. i'm not willingly to pay for he charges for which i haven't even called. vodafone really degraded their services. unexpected. pleas help !!!


Posted On: 2013-10-04 18:34:44
I have reliance home phone (32025016). for last six months its not working properly.after so many complain the did not change the set, their engineer come and check and after two days its become same. They are not taking my surrender request after so many call i made to customer care. They tell me to give the payment in time else penalty will be charged but i set is not working and I am giving payment for no use. Tamal Dhali


Posted On: 2013-10-03 18:16:33

Manoj Kumar

Posted On: 2013-10-03 14:51:54
I have been extra charged by Vodafone in my August Bill. They said pay this month bill and extra amount will adjust in next month bill. They did not adjust in my September bill. When I called customer care they denied any refund. This is a fraudulent activity not expected from such a reputed company like Vodafone. Please Resolve my complaint.

yogesh yadav

Posted On: 2013-10-01 18:39:42
my micromax canvas phone was submitted to service center for minor has been more then 20 days but i dont see any hope of getting it back in working condition.The customer care people says that parts of my phone are not available. and they are not providing other phone as replacement.i have mailed them, called them many times , but in vain. kindly look in to the matter .i hope i will get my phone in working condition as soon as possible.

Abhinav Jain

Posted On: 2013-09-30 22:32:42
I have got a inflated bill and the aircel executive has sold a data plan to me giving wrong information. Wrongdoing by aircel.

Sandeep Rajan

Posted On: 2013-09-30 10:14:29
Dear Sir, My self Sandeep Rajan is having a vodafone number 9213330234 (Ported from Tata to Vodafone). I have been associated with vodafone from last 1 year they started giving me trouble from last month. They automatically changed my default plan to some other plan and have charged my account with Rs. 2500 Extra. My usual usages was somewhere around 6000 (Averag). Kindly do the needful from your side to sort out this issue.

amir rahim

Posted On: 2013-09-28 11:28:39
I bought a Karbonn a9+ handset on July 6 2013 and as a handset bundle offer (HBO) offered by airtel, I was to get "500MB 3G DATA, FOLLOWED BY UNLIMITED DATA USAGE PER MONTH FOR 6 MONTHS" (Info available on HBO was credited but only 500mb 3g and as soon as they ended I was unable to access Internet on my number. I short "UNLIMITED DATA USAGE PART OF THE OFFER IS MISSING" I registered a complaint in this regard on 12th July 2013 and on 18 July an UNLIMITED DATA USAGE PACK (2g) was credited with 1 month validity. Next pack I received on August 23 2013. 500 mob 3g data ended and again I couldn't avail "UNLIMITED DATA USAGE" again I complained on 28 August 2013. This time they said that I'm not eligible for the offer and asked for the purchase proof. I did that and again HBO was credited after 15 days delay on 12th September. 3g data lasted till 22nd September and again " UNLIMITED DATA USAGE PART GOES MISSING" Since then I've complained many times but it goes unsolved. The desks I complained are: * airtel customer care 121 by call. * Nodal office: mail & call. *Airtel Appellate by mail & call. All these issues were about mobile number: 9797116971 I dunno where else to complain. Please tell me what should I do next.

Yojana M Rawle

Posted On: 2013-09-27 19:25:21
Sir/Madam, I Ms Yojana Rawle am using vodafone postpaid service from OCT 2009.Till last month I was using a 2GB plan with 2G speed for Rs.199.But on 17th Sept 2013,I received call from voda about an offer for my data plan.The voda rep offered me a 2GB plan with 3G speed for Rs.225.On asking what is the offer he informed that the 2GB plan with 3G speed is for Rs.450 and I am getting a 50% discount on it. And once i chose to change my plan it will be effective from the start of my billing cycle which is 18th of the month.This is all the info he gave.So I agreed to change my data plan as the new plan was just Rs.25 extra. Today on 27th Sept 2013 when I called cust service as my internet service was giving problems, but voda rep told me that this offer is only for 2 months and I will be charged Rs.450 after 2 months.I am a working and had to spend almost an hr of my office time calling voda for solution but 2 reps hung up on me. Kindly look into this. Thanks & Regards, Yojana Rawle


Posted On: 2013-09-27 13:48:32
This is regarding the in genuine Bill DATEC 26-09-2013 fmy number 7204042434, which is in the name of SHALINI SAHAY. I have an unlimited plan of 899 which has unlimited calls and messages all over India. My bill has come for Rs. 12420/-, which according to me is impossible to come. I have asked to activate 3G Data pack for 1 GB which I have used accordingly and used nothing extra.Still the company has sent me a magical figure of 12420 which is a clear fake bill. They have even barred me number stating that I have crossed the credit Limit for 3400, if this was the case why 1. Why was I not informed about the credit limit crossed. 2.Where is my Bill and how can you barred the number without proper and prior intimation 3. I have called the useless Customer Care Number and asked for the Breakup, they told the bill is generated yesterday we dont have this data call tommorow. Please look into the case and take serious action against it so that it never happens again. regards Sidharth R

keshav dev

Posted On: 2013-09-26 19:37:35
I requested for convesion the connection from POST-PAID to PRE-PAIDo Airtel company on 09-09-13. I paid all dues in advance and got new SIM on 09-09-13. but after struggling 17 days yet i could get any information or solution in this regard.

C K Nair

Posted On: 2013-09-25 21:31:57
Bharati air tel is deducting every day Re.1 from my balance of prepaid air tel mob simply sending sms , have been reneweednfor easy search subscription re 1 charged ..for the past 6 months. I am fed up. Pls stop this immediately. I did not opt for any paid service

kilambi Srinivasan

Posted On: 2013-09-23 21:50:44
I disontinued Reliance broad band and they are vharassing me to pay for modem which i am trying to return to them, They also charged rs 804/- for few days use insist that i pay further 2500 for modem which i wasnt to reurn please held me


Posted On: 2013-09-21 22:56:27
Dear Sir I have made Online recharge through SBI website for my BSNL mobile but not received the amount.On complaining the payment settlement company they havent solved my problem.Also the customer care number at BSNL cannot be contacted it is always busy.On mailing the company there is no reply from the company.these companies are cheating the customers in such way please guide.

dinesh varidani

Posted On: 2013-09-20 20:56:56
This is to inform you that i hold an contact number 9920798082 in my name when i purchased this post- paid connection i had been told by their retention department that every month i would be given 2gb internet FREE every month till i am holding this connection. One day i received a bill of rs.99 charged to my Vodafone number illegally without informing me. then i approached the call center and asked the explanation for the same. They informed me that in my contact no. there are two plans running one is free 2 gb plan provided by vodofone as I am there corporate customer and the other is chargeable plan for rs 99. i requested the executive his name is mr santosh yadav to disconnect the chargeable plan of rs.99 charged to me illegally.req number for the same is 1386342042. But company employee discontinued my free plan and started charging me the sum of rs 99 for internet and company has given "n" number of reason for the same. Why is should pay? them for their employee mistake i need justice to the above and request you to please help me in this case i had requested the vodafone executives to make the arrangement for me to listen the call made by me to their call center they simply denied for the same I expect the possible help for the same and request you to please look into this matter at your earliest


Posted On: 2013-09-20 16:46:16
I have tried to send mail to nodal officer on this id: mail could not be delivered by saying wrong email id. My concern is below I have applied for postpaid to prepaid connection on 7-Sep-2013 and submitted all my id proofs to tatadocomo outlet Kormangala bangalore. But my connection still not migrated and I have left Karnataka.Again it is not possible to resubmit my document to outlet. I have raised complaints against this but nothing has happened. Customer care is asking me to again resubmit my id proofs. I am very much unsatisfied with tata docomo postpaid services.Unnecessary I need to pay bill in roaming. Please kindly cancel my number ASAP. my no. is 8123757481. Regards, Shilpi Chourasiya

Sidhant Mahipal

Posted On: 2013-09-19 20:30:58
I applied for an airtel broadband connection and gave Rs.600 to their executive for it. they ran away with my money, it has been a month, customer care has been delaying my problem saying my complaint is under process since last two weeks.. i have a carbon copy of the application form for the applied connection.

shaik ayesha nilofer

Posted On: 2013-09-18 13:58:23
want to file a complaint against tatasky broadband services.....

Diwakar Dhurandhar

Posted On: 2013-09-17 18:09:20
Respected sir/madam, This is to put your attention towards something really terrible going on in various channels by various Telecom service providers. In various reality and game shows, the audience is required to vote for their favourite contestants or answer some questions. They charge up to 6 Rs. per SMS which is too high and against the rule of law. They earn enormously by wooing the consumers through money rewards. charging such a high amount per sms is against the principle of equality which is so much cherished when we talk about telecom service so equally served to various socio economic groups. I hope a firm steps will be taken against such service providers. thankypu, jai hind.

Diwakar Dhurandhar

Posted On: 2013-09-17 18:00:51
respected sir/ madam, I am a reliance prepaid consumer. customer care number comes busy all the time. This cause great embarrassment for the consumer as his/her complaint is left unattended.He feels frustrated and cheated. if a consumer is fortunate enough to get his call attended by the customer care, he is often asked to call at some other number to get the required information. If a consumer is a service man he wont ever be able to call a customer care, and he is left annoyed. Some of the service providers are also charging for their customer care numbers. S0, it is sincerely advised 1.To direct all the service providers to have at least 10 different customer care numbers for the same category of consumers, say prepaid. 2. Take strong steps against those service providers who are charging for customer care numbers. Thanking you, Jai hind.

Diwakar Dhurandhar

Posted On: 2013-09-17 17:47:50
Respected sir/madam, I am a reliance prepaid consumer. I often take a 3G pack of internet with validity 30 days. After the validity of my net pack is over, still the internet in my mobile is on and now the money in my core balance gets deducted very quickly as data download charges are very expensive without subscription of any net pack. Service providers donot give any message regarding the expiry of the validity period of data packs, and a humble consumer tends to know only when his/her core balance becomes zero. This causes the feeling of being cheated and consumer cannot do anything regarding that. I sincerely request you to take strong steps against those who are consistently serving their vested interests by not giving the informed services.They may send an SMS saying that your validity period is going to be expired and they may recharge their net packs , otherwise money will be deducted from their core balance. thanking you, jai hind

Diwakar Dhurandhar

Posted On: 2013-09-17 17:35:31
Respected sir/madam, I am a reliance prepaid consumer. I have subscribed to DO NOT DISTURB service. Still I get calls from various service providers if i want a post paid connection almost on a daily basis. The call comes from almost all the service providers and when asked about how they get my numbers, they simply say that they have a list of numbers to be called denying any responsibilty for the inconvenience so caused.This same problem is also being faced by large number of my friends as well. I sincerely request you to take action against those who are brazenly violating the rules in such a large proportions. thanking you, jai hind.

Bratindra Bhattacharya

Posted On: 2013-09-17 13:16:36
I took the number 9819426967 in Mumbai and used the same between January and March this year. I am back in Kolkata now. I wanted to retain that number. I was told by Vodafone Customer Care to pay Rs 300 for safe custody. I have paid Rs 300 in two instalments on 8th May and 15th May . I called up Vodafone Customer Service on 15th May and I was told that the temporary suspension would be activated within 72 hrs which did not happen. Again I wrote an email to them on 31st July 2013 which they responded to on 2nd August 2013, stating that they have not received payment of Rs 300/-. Copy of the mail given in the attachment. I connected with a Vodafone agent over chat. He also promised that the safe custody will be activated within 8th August 2013 (gave me the request number 1385244910, copy of the chat transcript attached). Nothing has happened since then. I am ready to pay the bill upto the period of usage after deduction of Rs 300.

Neeraj Chaturvedi

Posted On: 2013-09-16 21:28:42
Hello, I have taken a CDMA connection for my BB on 10.09.2013 and till date is not activated, not getting a proper response from Reliance and Blackberry team. Reliance BB customer care team is asking me to ask the relationship manager of my previous company to pay the pending payment, let me tell you this is not at all possible from my end, I left the organization 8 months back after which the number was not in use, and I was working for Future group's company Pantaloon Retail India Ltd., which is a company of more than 25000 employees and I believe having thousands of reliance connections for official usage, i don’t even know whom to contact now there and if incase reliance need the payment than they should ask the Pantaloon team, connection was in there name, why blocking my personal handset, what do I have to do with your payment issue with them. I hope atleast you will help close this issue as I m tired of the following with the reliance people who are not at all bothered

Rajesh Pachisia

Posted On: 2013-09-16 20:28:23
Dear Sir, My Mobile no is 9830387432. I have been a Vodafone customer since the year 2000. I have just received a SMS from your company stating that my August ,2013 bill is of INR 6890.48. I am shocked to learn that the bill for this month is so high. My bill amount on an average never crossed INR 2500. How come and on what basis this month the bill is so high??? I have done very limited STD calls and even those are with the free limits. I did not had any International Roaming facility. I do not use Internet facility on my phone. Then how come the bill is so high??? All my SMSes for the month are well within limits as well. I have registered a complaint in your Call center as well . The service no for the same is 139223508. Please resolve the problem asap . Or I have to recourse to take legal action . Regards Rajesh Pachisia

Mahendra Singh

Posted On: 2013-09-14 19:27:07
I have better connectivity of BSNL Mobile in my village.My family member are out of state for job,so now there is no use of BSNL landline (No 05734 223148).I request to SDO,BSNL Debai to cancel my landline phone and refund the deposit security as soon as possible.BSNL SDO said to me that they will not cancel the landline phone,he misguide me tell BSNL Hydrabad server not working last three month,so your landline phone conection will not disconnect officially.I approach to Sh Anil Kumar G.M.T.D. Bulandshahr they simply told BSNL Debai is only responsible for that matter.Sir,Please cancel my landline phone immediately otherweise I go to consumer court for my solutuion.Sir,cut the salary of BSNL SDO,Debai and their supportive officer BSNL Bulandshahr.BSNL Bulandshahr is not listening the problems of customer.I request your to order to cancel my landline phone and refund the security amount immediately.

Baishakhi Maity

Posted On: 2013-09-13 14:42:31
Dear Sir/Madam, I am Baishakhi Maity using Airtel Mobile No. 9903144636. on 11.09.13 I had recharged of Rs. 125/- internet data plan which was 1.25 GB 30 days through online. Now the customer care executive Mr. Shyaml is telling me that, 125/- is not internet plan its a promo offer. K I am sending you the link where i have checked the internet plan offer. Kindly look into this matter as early as possible. Regards, baishakhi Maity. (9051046873)

Dipesh Sen

Posted On: 2013-09-12 16:48:15
My family is being harassed repeatedly by AirTel in my absence. I had informed AirTel to disconnect the service on 7th May and repeatedly send the email on 8th May. But they have added the rent for May, June, and July. I have decided not to Pay them this amount. Please suggest how to take this forward. At least how can I stop this harassment being done my AirTel in my absence. My connection number was :+919163317779

Abhijit Ghosh

Posted On: 2013-09-12 15:44:02
Purchased Micromax Cellphone X234+ in Aug 2012 but never worked satisfactorily. Most of the time, remained in service centre for necessary repair works. First time sent to service centre is in Nov 2012 and then successively in Feb 2013, May 2013 and July 2013. Last time ,deposited to service centre on 13/07/2013, they gave me a computer print Jobsheet E030438-0513-3844288 bearing wrong date of May 2013 and wrong Customer address and contact number. They altered the date by hand and wrote R/F but did nothing about customer address and contact number. Several weeks have been passed since then. Whenever I used to call them to know the status , initially they used say “part not available” but now they used say “we will call you by 6pm to update the status” which they never did. Service Center : SAGUN INFOTECH, 34/A Kali Das Bhattacharya Lane, Srirampore, Hooghy. Ph 65634643

Aviraj Mendon

Posted On: 2013-09-12 13:19:54
Experience with Vodafone Prepaid. Aviraj mendon I just spoke to rupali yadav who took the call from manjusha said she is Supervisor from Vodafone tech department after 30 mins of call they realized my recharge is done which they initially said I hadn't done then she says my 3G service is deactivated as I have done a 17 rupee recharge which I haven't done and I have enough balance and use only 3G service . She kept on saying please do a recharge again and again for 850 rupees. Which is ridiculous please ensure my 3G pack is enabled or I will lodge a case with customer forum. Please listen to the call as well for today from 9 to 9.45 for mobile no 8879080239 . Hopefully you will resolve this . I have a corporate no as well in billing for 8 years this is pathetic service. I might as well switch to another provider. I have attached the sceen shot of previous and last recharge for your reference

Dheeraj Kumar Chhipa

Posted On: 2013-09-12 11:51:10
ear Team, I have submitted all required document for prepaid to postpaid conversion for my mobile number +91-9971162229 on date 3rd Sept 2013 at sector-14 gurgaon AIRTEL customer care centre. Verification team came at my home on 5th Sept 2013, but till date (12 sept) the postpaid conversion has not happened. I have visited 3 times to CC-care and called 121 (Airtel Customer care) several times but have not received any concrete solution. The worst part is that - 10th sept evening i found that i am not able make calls from my Prepaid number getting error "Not registered on network" When i tried to switch-on using Postpaid sim then i got error - "Sim card registration failed" Hence right now neither prepaid is working nor the postpaid. This is giving me huge inconvenience in my day-to-day work. I am loosing many importent calls. Kindly help in fixing the same ASAP.

Shahnawaz Ahmad

Posted On: 2013-09-12 08:28:15
Sir Our Cable operator not giving us All channels only few channels movies channels few channels r action movies, no utv movies,also some english moive channels r working,and also not giving proper cable in 24 hours only 15 to 16 hours cable working other wise maximum channels not working ..i have two set top boxes and both r low quality Remote not working good, we pay 2500 Rs/= for 2 boxes & i pay 300 per month fees ...I would request to U please take action our cable operator..


Posted On: 2013-09-11 21:54:40
i want to change my post paid connection of idea of above mentioned number in to prepaid. For which i had gone for ideas authorised center behind meerut university. There was one fellow called naman refuse to change my post paid number into prepaid number because he is demanding for permission from taxsila public school my previous institution. Now how it could be possible for me to provide and why. This number is on my name and I am paying the bill and I want to change it in to prepaid and I am providing the required document i.e. voter id and my photo graph. Than why the company is harassing me by doing so. Please help me either to change my connection in to prepaid or to disconnect it.

Deepak Srinath

Posted On: 2013-09-11 16:54:48
Reliance PRI line phone numbers are 30107600 to 623 We are running an collection agency, where making calls is important and the only job also. We got Reliance PRI line installed in our company on 02nd of Sep'13 and on 5th of Sep'13 there was PRI link down at around 11.00am and same was complained to Reliance customer care and got Complaint number bearing 208541976, but it was rectified on 09th Sep' 13. Again on 10th of Sep'13 at around 12.30 pm PRI link was down and complaint was raised with customer care of Relaince and got complaint number bearing 208713141 and the same was rectified on 11th of Sep'13 at around 10.00AM and it was working till 12.15pm, after which same issue of PRI link down and it was intimated to reliance customer care for which they gave complaint number bearing 208754829 and problem is not solved yet. At present we are claiming for 3 days "LOSS" a compensation of Rs. 199500.00. Please help us getting funds for the LOSS caused by Reliance communications.

N Dinesh Kumar

Posted On: 2013-09-11 16:03:08
My name is N Dinesh Kumar. I am from Mumbai. My Mobile Number is - 91-9930951524 I have purchased the XOLO 800 handset on 6th July,2013. The IMEI number for the set is 9113067503101186 and the serial number is Q800413E0031019. The phone got dead in one month of the purchase for which I have lodged the complaint in the customer care on 16th August,2013 (complaint number – 310000093610) and as per customer care executive instruction submitted the XOLO 800 handset to the nearest collection point on 17th August,2013. The collection point address is : - SS4/232 , Sector-2, opposite Meghdute cinema, Vashi, Navi Mumbai- 400705. As per the customer care the phone will be repaired in 5 working days and I will get the SMS or Call from the service center and I can collect the phone within 48 hr from the collection point. Now it’s been more than 15 days. Neither the Phone got repaired nor I got any call from anywhere. I have called several times to customer care to know the status of the

Monoj Biswas

Posted On: 2013-09-09 22:10:49
I am a customer of cable service provider from Kolkata-700124. As per the new TRAI regulations we are authorized to choose our the channels as our own preference, but the service providers are making their own packages as their own preference.As a result we are forced to pay for the channels which we are not interested to watch. So it is our kind request that you take the necessary steps regarding this and advise us the next course of actions and whether we can approach the nearest Consumer Forum Office.

Dolly Bhasin

Posted On: 2013-09-09 15:44:18
I have a MTS connection for data (through a dongle)which has not been working since May 1, 2013. On repeated complaints the same has not been corrected and the service is not restored at all. Bills are being raised by MTS for subsequent months while I have categorically said that if the service is not being restored, please disconnect my service. I have paid the last bill on 18th May, 2013 on the assurance that the service is disconnected, but the bills are still being sent, while the service is not delivered at all. Additionally, I have been threatened with legal action for non payment of bills. I have been constantly harnessed on my mobile phone with obscene messages from some people from MTS. I had purchased a data dongle (cost- Rs.3000) which is useless because MTS is not delivering the service. The amount of bills raised after the above is Rs.1820. I would like to file a complaint against MTS to withdraw the bills for the period service was not rendered and buyback my dongle.


Posted On: 2013-09-09 09:06:13
Dear Sir, I am using Idea services. From last 3-4 times this Idea company has been deducted from my main balance like Rs. 30/- some time Rs. 50/-. After complaining to customer care no one is there to listen the complain every time they are telling the same that you have used this services. Now I really became very frustrated with Idea act. They cheat their customer like this and never refund.... you are requested to pls help..

Avishek Nath

Posted On: 2013-09-08 09:52:16
Wrong information provided by vodafone regarding 3g plan for which i got a bill of 1337.77 . When i asked for a 3g plan they activated a 3g plan of 250 saying i will have a usage of 1gb 3g after which it will be converted to 2g unlimited, but when i got my bill for the last month and my usage was 1.5gb i was charged around 1337.77. I have repeatedly complained to vodafone,but its not getting resolved. They are now saying that its not a unlimited plan. I can't afford to pay such an amount for wrong information provided. My vodafone no. is 9804465664. Please look into it as i am tired of complaining to vodafone.

Anindya Biswas

Posted On: 2013-09-07 11:44:33
Dear Sir , I am postpaid user of vodafone mobile for the last three years and I have always paid the bill on time . I am a heavy data user and was using 3G services for the last 2- 2.5 years and recently I have requested vodafone to change the scheme from 3G to 2G data plan and for that i have sent the required sms to the service provider on 22.08.2013 . However the service provider says that they have deactivate the 3G plan according to my request but have failed to activate the 2G plan in the captioned mobile no ( 9674465678) and have charged me for per KB of data usage which is very high . I know i am a heavy user of data services and have accordingly tried to activate the data plan so suit my requirement but vodafone has failed to activate the same and is now asking to pay almost Rs 2400/- for a service for which i have to pay only Rs 199 if the plan is activated on time . I am attaching the screen shot of my mobile where the details of the sms sent is recorded . You are requested to take the matter with the service providor . I want vodafone to activate the VMC 199 plan in my mobile no 9674465678 with effect from 22.08.2013 only .

Pratim Kr Biswas

Posted On: 2013-09-07 08:00:46
I had taken a post paid plan by the name of 'Talk More 299' in Oct'12 on my mobile no 8100226199, in which Vodafone was providing deduction of Rs 100 as discount making the actual rent as Rs 199. This was part of the plan and the customer was entitled to this as a special offer. Anyone taking this plan during that period would be entitled to actual rent of Rs 199. Suddenly in the bill for July'13, I found out that they have deducted Rs 50 only and not Rs 100 as in the previous bills. I have written to customer care, Nodal Officer and Appellate authority but nothing has happened. They have written me back stating they can continue to provide rs 100 discount as part of the plan for another 3 months but not more. They have even called up and told me that they can change plans having offered earlier to customers as per the change in system and if the Management thinks so. They are also not providing soft copy of itemized bills from May'13 onwards in spite of several requests.


Posted On: 2013-09-07 03:24:42
My Airtel Blackberry phone loses 0.10 paise frequently due to unknown services enabled. This happens quite frequently that all my balance recharged get sucked everyday due to unwanted services which are not enabled in cautious to me.


Posted On: 2013-09-03 15:04:46
SUNDIRECT HD CONNECTION When I purchased Samsung LED TV I was given Sundirect HD connection as Gift on 23.03.2010. I was using the same till 10.03.2012. As I have shifted to another residence locally, I contacted the local Sundirect Dealer "SRI SAI AKSHAR AGENCIES" ATTAPUR X ROAD, HYDERABAD 500005 CELL: 9298105979. He has send his technician Mr Naresh and taken my entire set vide their acknowledgement Receipt No.9685 dated 10.03.2012. From that date onwards I have been requesting them on phone to shift the same to my new residence at Gachibowli, Hyderabad. But, they give some excuses and inform me that they will be doing shortly. On 28.08.2013 I lodged a complaint with Sundirect HD customer care with Compaint NO. 1-8888862660. They have informed me that the complaint has been assigned to their engineer and will be attended shortly and will be resolved within 48 hours. From that day onwards I have been contacting them daily but without any result. Pl. arrange for connection.

vijay bhatt

Posted On: 2013-09-02 22:23:14
I paid Bills of Mobile and 3G - I got the acknowledggemnt from Reliance for the payments - Still Reliance Recovery Agents kept on calling me and harassing me for making the payment - they never bothered to listen that the payment was already made- tremendous mental agony caused

Shazia Asra

Posted On: 2013-09-02 12:29:24
Dear Sir, My Reliance data card no 9379427405 with RSN no RZTCDC110980679 has always given me a problem.The internet gets disconnected every 5 minutes.Other data cards work fine on my laptop. I have escalated this several times since the last 6 months to various reliance outlets in person. However there is still no resolution to the problem Every month I end up paying INR 900/ as a fixed monthly plan charges. I have visited Reliance communication outlet near Ramaiah college busstop( close to Mathikere ) Bangalore.However this is not yet resolved. Please help me to get this resolved and I need justice to this. Contact person at Reliance communication is Hussain +919379913930. I require full refund as I had never been using this card fully due to the problem. Regards, Shazia


Posted On: 2013-09-01 10:14:47
My airtel no 9717157867 and airtel company extra charge 2500 & extra bil charge it my first bill pls do something


Posted On: 2013-08-29 11:47:31
This is with reference to the barring of my TATA DOCOMO mobile No. ( 9259079733). I am using this No. for last 7-8 year. In the beginning it was TATA INDICOM No. but for last around 3 yr. I am using this no. as TATA DOCOMO by getting it port into DOCOMO. At the time of porting I submitted the complete document again with the respective outlet in Modinagar ( DIST: GHAZIABAD) and it is quite understandable that without complete document ported no. can not be activated. but day before yesterday I got a SMS from TATA DOCOMO that your document is not submitted and your no. will be barred within 24 Hr. At that time I was out of town and not having ID with me. Today My is Barred due to Non submitting of documents. Sir some question are unanswered by TATA DOCOMO. Question-1 There is one question is questionable that if My ID/ Documents were not with the DOCOMO company than how my No. was in working for last 3 yr. although is submitted the same at the time of porting the no. Question-


Posted On: 2013-08-29 11:44:37
FAcing problem of barring phone no-92590733. without valid reason. the reason given was document non submission by me. but I have submitted the same arroung 3 yr back. if it was not with TATA DOCOMO than how it is possible to run the no. for 3 yr without documents. is it legal

nikhil kadam

Posted On: 2013-08-27 15:12:20
i have a vodafone postpaid CUG simcard no. 9167268886, for which i had been issued a bill amount of rs. 18000 for the month of apr/may. further when i am discussing the issue with them about the bill, they state that i have used above 2 gb of data pack in just 10 reply to this i had kept my point were i stated that in 8 working hours in my office i use the private wi fi network for internet usage where the mobile internet is switched off! but still they relent to accept this and now they have sent me a fake legal notice dated on 12/8/2013 which i recieved it on 26/08/2013. now they stated in the notice that i should pay this amount in 7 days. but how can i pay the bill without proper addresing. i know here that my money is being indirectly stealed and threateningly demanded! please suggest on this!

Sanjay Kulkarni

Posted On: 2013-08-27 11:28:50
Respected Sir/Madam, Purchased SonyXperiaZ mobile phone on 10.07.2013.Three weeks ago phone developed a fine crack on the touch pad&was tried to unlock the phone but the touchpad wasn't responding, in the process the crack developed a bit more near keypad Registered a complaint with Sony Service & visited authorised service center at Indiranagar, Bangalore. Service Engineer refused to accept the mobile phone stating "Physical Damage". Persued the matter with Sony Service over their toll free No. & interacted with various executives at many times, initially it was time buying tactic & later they came out with the solution of replacing the handset at the cost of about Rs.20,000.00, where as the cost of an entire handset is Rs.38,000.00. Sony India Pvt Ltd. seems not have facility in India to repair / replace the defective part under warranty. Feel cheated by the deficiency of service & request yourselves intervene to get justice. Thanking you


Posted On: 2013-08-26 16:03:24
Regarding misrepresentation of postpaid plan

Rajat kumar sahoo

Posted On: 2013-08-26 10:48:00
I bearing cell no-8857864783, bring it to your notice that on 13.08.2013 my main account balance is deducted approximately Rs40 and when I contact customer care regarding this matter they told me that there was a call from my cell no on 543218 (480sec) and that’s why it is deducted but in fact there is no call on such no. this is totally fake. And also the customer care executive told me to wait on line for transferring the call to their superior concern person to resolve the issue but these all are in vein, as waiting for atleast15 min. there is no respond on the other side (only uninor slogan) but I’ll be charged for this 15 min @ 50p/3sec. So who will responsible for that 1) 1st unwanted call deduction 2) Unnecessary call charge( waiting for at least 15min. 3) And lastly there is no response from your senior perhaps there is no senior person as it’s Saturday These all shows how responsible and dedicated your system is. This is a horrible issue so please l


Posted On: 2013-08-24 10:39:10
Sir, I have paid total due amount of my airtel mobile 9676992636(Receipt No.245895, dt.22.8.13) the agent assured that services will be restored by 9 PM of 22.8.13, but till today (24.8.13) services were not restored, out going facility is not provided to me, due to which i am facing lot of inconvenience to me. Please take neessary action against the concerned.


Posted On: 2013-08-24 05:12:38
Sir, maine apna no.9887813994 Reliance GSM se IDEA GSM mai PORT IN karwaya tha.Jo ki 22 AUGUST 2013 ko IDEA mai PORT bhi ho gaya tha.But 23 AUGUST tak meri SIM CARD mai IDEA ke NETWORK nahi aaye.Maine 198 par call karke pucha to IDEA CUSTOMER CARE ne keha ki aapki VERIFICATION WRONG hai.Jab mere mobile mai IDEA ke NETWORK hi nahi aaye to VERIFICATION kisne ki???Plz help me. SANDEEP KUMAR 9887813994 Alternate contact no. 7740975642

gauri rajendra kamble

Posted On: 2013-08-23 19:37:39
i have purchesed a mobile of nokia companey nokia lumia 720.but within in a week it has got switched off. and now also its not working vibrates suddenly,hangs.its been sent to companey's head office for 2 times.but the problem is still there,i have requested them for replacement bur they dint show any concern.please help me in this case

sanjana Sinha

Posted On: 2013-08-23 13:45:29
I have purchased a pre-paid mobile phone no. 9313607466 from Reliance World at Sec-22, Gurgaon a week ago.At the time of purchase the documents were deposited and a form was signed.The sales person at R World sid the formalities are over . The connection was activated and I could use is for two days without any isuue. But suddenly one day my incoming were disabled. I visited R-world who said that a person visied your home and you were not available for verification . We answered that we were not told in advance regarding the visit and hence we can not be available all the time waiting a person to visit.We requested the visit to be made after intimation.Afterwards we visited the said R World three times but no body visied our home, neither connection to my mobile has been re-sored. We have made several calls to customer-care numbers also, but they ask us to visit R-wrld again and again. Till now mobile is not working. I seek restoration of mobile and a penaly of Rs. 50000.00 for harassment.

k h suresh

Posted On: 2013-08-23 11:56:52
I was subsribed to Airtel for the last about 10 yrs with mob no. 98807 04500. Of late due to their bad service, I opted to port the number to Vodafone.From 20th june'13 Till the date of porting(1st week of july), Airtel has charged me an amount of Rs.174.30(deducted from my security deposit and balance refunded). However on my repeated requests through mails and phone calls to the customer care no. 98450 12345, Airtel is not providing me the bill. I can provide all mail copies sent and reply received from them so far. Since I had received an SMS mentioning that the bill amt was Rs. 125 and that they have deducted more and not supporting their claim with relevant bill, I seek redressal from this forum. Suresh

Navneet Singh Rawat

Posted On: 2013-08-22 19:03:35
Dear Sir/Madam, I am postpaid customer of vodafone and felt cheated after my recent two months vodafone bill of July and August 2013. Actually i have register two no. under vodafone Friend and Family (FnF) scheme so that i can call at those no's with some discounted tariff but inspite of discounted call rate on FnF no's, Vodafone Delhi charged me three times the actual rate ( i.e. 1.50 Rs Per Minute normally it is 50 paise per minute). I have been felt cheated and please do the needful. With Best Regards, Navneet Singh Rawat Phone No. 8377017123


Posted On: 2013-08-22 19:00:09
i have been constantly harassed by AIRCEL since few days. it is hapenning that every second or third day my balance got deducted without any reason. at first i was deducted RS.15 which i never got refunded and now RS.5 has been deducted. i am fully disturbed. Pls help.

Rabisankar Mishra

Posted On: 2013-08-22 10:28:14
Dear Sir/madam, This is in reference to the mail received from airtel regarding the payment due of Moble No 9717273567. The said mobile no (9717273567) I was using when I was in Delhi. In April2013 I was transferred to Mumbai. I hold my no for one month and after that I have taken on new Airtel Connection in Mumbai circle (from you Chembur Relationship center). Before taking New connection on 20th may I have made a written application for termination of my old(9717273567) connection as my billing cycle was 24th to 23rd in every month. Along with the written application I have also wrote in on 21st may for termination of my Delhi Connection(9717273567). Payment due for the month of May13 I I made payment in 7/6/13 and after that also they did not terminate my no and raising the bills. Now they are written me that they will take legal action on me and send a legal notice asking for Rs. 1858.64. Please advise what to do? Rgds, Rabisankar Mishra 7738103883

Alok Kesarwani

Posted On: 2013-08-21 18:47:41
I procured a Reliance postpaid connection on 26th June,2013 and was provided a brochure containing the details of the tariff plans. After a month when the bill was issued, it had different tariff for roaming compared to what was promised in the brochure. Inspite of following up since the last one month there has been no resolution on this and on top of it the outgoing services on the no have been discontinued.

Harsh Jain

Posted On: 2013-08-20 11:33:17
This complaint is against Tata Docomo. I am facing Network problem at my office. I don't get even single tower in office which is causing lots problem in business as this is business. This problem is since March 2013. Recently their engineer came to office and proposed repeater for good connectivity. They committed to install repeater but now they are like it is not possible giving silly reasons. Due this problem I am facing lots of problem as this business number and this number given to everyone. This people commit and then cheat by telling silly reasons.


Posted On: 2013-08-19 19:58:38
I need to complaint against vodafone as my international roaming was paid and deactivated still they were charging 149 every month since last year. I paid 2300 Rs extra.

Sanjeev Kumar

Posted On: 2013-08-18 14:13:39
I have taken an internet plan for Rs 94 for 5 GB on my mobile no 9250786140 from Tata Indicom.Now i have used appx 4 GB but still the company has charged me Rs 2300 appx for this usage and barred my outgoing calls before raising my bill.Now they are saying to deposit the amount.I had called them 10 times and every time they are raising a complaint and doing nothing.Please make my bill rectified and start my outgoing.My all bills are paid on time.


Posted On: 2013-08-17 15:02:42
Dear Sir, Me deactivate my account my MTS number november, not its activated without informing me.please tel me what can i do.

Ravi Ranjan Kishor

Posted On: 2013-08-17 14:58:06
I am Tata docomo consumer.I have recharged 3G netpack offered by the subscriber. I was browsing YouTube and I found an amount of RS 135 was deducted from my account though the 3G data usage was available in my account. On complaining they refused to write complaint and they were stating that I was using chargeable link i.e, They are terming YouTube as chargeable link however, even a child knows YouTube is not chargeable. This incident happened and reported on 17/08/2013 at 13:42hrs. I want my amount to be refunded with compensation.

Fredy Francis

Posted On: 2013-08-14 18:48:46
We are 3 friends form Kerala. We ha applied for SIM cards from DOCOMO and Aircel(for datacard) for our stay at Bangalore. It had been almost 2 weeks that we have taken the SIM card, but the SIM is not activates as of yet. We took the additional effort to book the SIM through Autherised Service Centres of the Provider and made sure our ID cards are clear enough. There had been NO news from the service providers and we are waisting our valuble money in getting in chat with the misinformed customer care officials. They are even refusing to connect to proper authorities.. All this time we are roaming and each day we remain SIMless is actually additional financial burden on us. This is serious irresponsibility from the Service providers after easily getting the SIM+FRC form the customers. Need readdresal on this..

ravi kumar

Posted On: 2013-08-13 12:45:23
i had made a request to change my vodafone prepaid no. 9953492332 to postpaid dated 24-8-2013. but from the date 27-7-2013 registration of my existing prepaid no. had been cancelled by the company. i had made lot of complaint in company customer care, vodafone store and also to the executive who took my document for this change named bhupinder contact no. ,but till date my no. is not restarted by company. i m facing a lot of difficulty from this. kindly take neccesary action agianst componay and provide me justice and componsation

santosh gupta

Posted On: 2013-08-12 11:06:53
MICROMAX INFORMATICS LTD, MODEL NO. A116 santosh kumar gupta (8806086207) To the, Customer Care Officer , Micromax Informatics Ltd., 21/14A,Phase-II,Naraina Industrial Area, New Delhi-110 028 SUB:- Malfunction of MICROMAXcanvas HD phone Model : A116- Follow up action Ref:- My E-mail dated 05/08/2013. Respected Sir/Madam, I had mentioned about the subject problem faced by me under referred E-mail but till date I have not got my handset back from micromax service center,ambernath. I have been regularly visiting the micromax service center ambernath for past 05 days but they are unable to deliver the same on pretex that the company has not shipped the spares of hand set. With this regard I had contacted to your micromax gourgoan office and lodged a complaint . Executive from micromax gourgoan office had lodged my grievance under complaint No. 06081311562 & had assured me that the problem will be resolved in 07 working days . 08 days have passed

navneet nagda

Posted On: 2013-08-10 15:47:06
Subject : problem in new connection. I wish to take 10 new mobile connection for my family members, visited vodafone stores annapurna rd Indore for few good Nos they offers me 80 Nos via email on 29 July, I selected 10 Nos from list and submitted documents and Rs 2500/- ( asked deposit for each as advance) on 31 July. 11.00 AM. Store issued me 10 Sims with commitment to be active with in 24 hrs. Till time these sims are not active. Vodafone store Bhaskar Agencies Roop Tower Annapurna Road Indore and submitted all documents along with cash Rs 2500/- ( Rs 250 as advance deposit for every connection) on 31st July 2013 11 AM but till date store in charge Mr Uday is not even giving any reason since last 7 days and every time saying that connections will be active with in few hours. 4 days back I have cancelled 4 Nos and requested to start 6 Nos. but not stared till now after 10 days. I am requesting to refund my documents and amount Rs 2500 back but they are not respondin if you require U

sandeep dahiya

Posted On: 2013-08-09 16:26:39
My new SONY Xperia Z phone screen is broken, while the phone was in my pocket. There is no external damage to the phone. Sony expects me now pay Rs.22000 and exchange my handset with a new handset. Because they do not have capability yet to fix these phones. I have tried at all levels for the past 3.5 months for someone in Sony to help me out and charge me an amount which commensurate to the cost of screen. Comparable phones with other brands get repaired at Rs. 6000 to 7000. There is no response from sony. I request you to please take up my case and help me out of this. I have paid Rs39000 for this phone and I am not able to use it. Thanks Sandeep

D P Purandare

Posted On: 2013-08-05 08:35:28
I wish to File coplaint against Matrix for bill during USA ,Canada Visit. I have filled up your form with supporting documents. I wish to submit it today with personal visit by paying registration charges.Regards.

kadam kumar

Posted On: 2013-08-04 20:22:50
I applied for post paid to pre paid of my no 9867315876 on 27th July at Chakala, Airtel Gallery,Mumbai. But even after 1 week my problem remains unsolved. I even mailed so many times to 121 and airtel nodal officer but all in vain. I even tried so many times on 121,9892098920,9890098900 but the reply is same either ur no is activated in 1 hour or contact gallery which I have already visited four times at Chakla,Andheri. Its very very frustating for me that inspite of giving my complaints in writing they are not taking it seriously and the problem remains unsolved. Please tell me is there any way to lodge a strong complaint against Airtel Company for mental agony.... I would like to spread this message by complaining against airtel towards your platform because normal people have no other choices to here and there .

Nikhil Babu

Posted On: 2013-08-04 13:03:19
I have purchase a New Samsung tab 3 T211 from reliance digital at gold souke mall,kochi,kerala on 03-08-2013.The set was demonstrated by one of the executive in the showroom.When i reached home and tried to add an email account it is seen that a gmail account has been already logged inn and an application(moneycontrol) is also downloaded.So how this all happens in a sealed box.I have contacted the store and they are not giving a proper answer .This is definetly a matter of fraud from the store.So kindly help me to resolve the matter.

Mahipal Singh

Posted On: 2013-08-03 15:36:11
Sir, We are getting Wrong bill from Tata Indiccom from last 5 months for the number 9212257833 taken in my wife name. We have requested at All levels still Tata Indicom is not correcting the wrong bill.Repeated request I have made to Tata Indicom for correction of wrong Bill but still No solutions from last Three months. My Number has been in TSP mode ( Suspension mode ) from last three months although the mistake is done by tata indicom for sending wrong bills repeatedly charging for the services which we have not requested & applied for. DL-Call Waiting - C-Mo 25.00 DL -C-Mo-CLI Presentation 25.00 T2T Talk More Local Pack Rental 50.00 CMO Pay Per Sec@ 249 Plan Monthly Rental 249.00 CMO HSIA 1GB@300 Pack Monthly Rental 300.00 Total Monthly Rentals : Rs. 649.00 We have Not requested this CMO HSIA plan from tata indicom still we are getting bills for the same. Regards Mahipal Singh

Gavin Mathos

Posted On: 2013-08-03 10:36:21
I was getting full Network of Reliance Netconnect+ in My Residence Area. But i am getting very Slow Speed of Reliance Netconnect+ in My Area i.e 100KBPS. I am facing the problem in My Area from the Time of Activation of My Reliance Netconnect + Connection i.e from 28/04/2013 past 2 Months. Atleast i should get Internet Speed between 1 MBPS to 3.1 MBPS. The Speed i am getting in My Area is very Slow. I have Launched many times Complain to Reliance regarding Slow Internet Speed at My Residence, buy My problem regarding Slow Internet Speed at My Residence is not getting resolved. I have launched mant times Complain to Relaince regarding Slow Internet Speed at My Residence, but My problem is not getting resoled. My request to you is see to problem about why is Reliance not solving the My problem regarding Slow Internet Speed in My Area & take action against the Company.

Ritu Jain

Posted On: 2013-08-02 12:28:56
Vodafone is changing their tariffs every other day which is not bad, but they have no rollback policy for customers who are not aware of those tariff changes they just simply deactivate their current pack and activate any useless plan and deduct money from their balance I ma facing monetary loss like this from past 2 months when try to contact customer care, they just simply reply that they cant help

Parveez Shariff

Posted On: 2013-08-01 12:17:17
Vodafone changed me for service without notifying about the plan change


Posted On: 2013-07-29 16:09:04
I used a tata docomo prepaid no. 9038204304.Some one call me & offer to change it postpaid. When my 1st month postpaid bill sent my house i saw there is another noumber which i not use..but the account name was mine. I immidaite deactivate the no from TATA STORE. But the due amount of the second no till pending.I give my bill amount agains the mobile no 9038204304.& which is most important that in the submitted document there is someone duplicate my signature..cause my name speeling is "PRITAM SAU" but who signed on the document wrongly written "Pritam Sou" & that time i confirmed someone cheated with me.

Saurav Jain

Posted On: 2013-07-27 08:56:04
Airtel has over charged me for internet , they gave me half information and deactivated my internet plan.

jayant chhabra

Posted On: 2013-07-26 09:14:18
i have taken a new number of vodafone in kolkota. they promised me 50 mins of talk time if i pay the bill online.a representative of them came to take my email id from my place. being a prepaid number they haven"t mailed or send me a hard copy of the bill. and moreover when i called up they didn't gave me the benefit what they have promised. in between they stoped my services and i was left alone in an unknown place. till date i havent received either a soft or a hard copy of the bill and forced me to pay the bill if i have to get the services back. moreover i have called them up thrice for this problem but evertime they fix up a call back which i havent received inspite of reminders.

Jitesh Jindal

Posted On: 2013-07-25 23:18:16
I have purchased a micromax A57 model mobile invoice no 6374 dated 15-04-2013 but since then my phone is not working properly i have complaint many times to shopkeeper n service centre but it does not help please help

Ram Prasad

Posted On: 2013-07-24 22:57:10
I have been charged monthly rent Rs.450 for Gprs for 2 GB 3G data. My gprs services are barred 4 times in a month although my free data was not used even 20 %. My outgoing services are also barred more than 5 times in a month and it was not restored . I have e maild regarding regarding the services which was barred to corporate care,vodaforne care,even nodal office also but no use. My outgoing services are got activated today e.i 24/07/2013. I have been charged Rs.3500 for GPTS in the month of May .I was forced to pay the inflated bill because I wanted to retain the no. For the last of 5 month I have been cheated by the company. I want to get compansated for this harreshment.


Posted On: 2013-07-23 17:22:10

sikander khan

Posted On: 2013-07-23 12:38:51
sir mera idea ka no jisme 350rs wala plan chal raha hai jiska bill 400rs ke around har mahine aata hai magar is baar inhone 1100rs ka bill bhej diya bolte hai april ka bill due hai mere samjh mein yeh nahi ata ki inhone froad ka kaam kab se suru kar diya jab ke april ka bill mein pay kar chuka hun aur mera no bhi band kar diya hai yeh no mein 6 years se use kar raha hun aur idea wale misbihave karke baat karte hai pls something do for me


Posted On: 2013-07-23 12:36:26
I akshay pathak has been misrepresnted by the mts representative while purchasing the mts m blaze ,a year ago. I had been told by the representative that to pay 1000 for the dongal (m blaze) and you will get the unlimited data free for 1 month. but unfortunitely it doesnot stand still and after one month bill came of Rs 1644,and i try to contact that representative but he failed to answer the call and after many hard work i found that his mobile was switched off.Now the mts customer care had send me the letter and they are taking the criminal proceeding action against me !! so i request you to solve my problem as earniest ??

jayant chhabra

Posted On: 2013-07-22 19:22:28
I have taken a new no of vodafone in calcutta. There was a person fron their side who came to my place after 2 to 3 days and offered free 50mins of talktime if I pay my bills online. He took my email id and left. Being a postpaid no. I have till date not received a hard or soft copy of the bill. On 17/07/2013 I was told about my due balance by sms. The company didn't give me the benefit of those 50 mins which they promised I came to know after calling the Vodafone care. On asking them to do so. The person arranged a call back which till date I couldn't receive and they said there was a problem in contacting me.this exercise has been done thrice by me. In between they stopped my services and was left helpless in an unknown place, asking me to pay the bill even when I dont have a copy of it.

Ashish Mishra

Posted On: 2013-07-22 15:21:55
I had ported out my no. 9773593913 from Loop to Tata Docomo. I had activated GPRS plan of Rs. 50 for 0.5GB for 30 days. They have charged me unnecessarily for extra usage of GPRS data. I have not used any extra GPRS data exceeding my limit. Also they have charged me additionally for sending International SMS which is again unnecessarily charged as no International SMS has been sent by my number. I spoke to the Customer Service Executive but he has not provided me a proper solution denying me a waiver of the extra expenses & refused to transfer my call to the higher authority.

Manga Ram

Posted On: 2013-07-20 17:43:34
I have recharged online from airtel.infor the amount of Rs.250/-. But i have got talktime of 265/- instead of 275/-. These denominations are clearly visible on airtel.inthat if you recharge with 250/-, you get 275/-. I have spoken to customer care officer Sheetal,she told me that that scheme is modified w.e.f 18july 13 and it takes72hrs for the website to update. My reference to her call is 1072030788200. I want 10 rupees talktime more in my mobile as it was displayed on the website.Please do the needfull and soon. My airtel mobile number is is 20july13 and time was between 2pm-3pm.

Md Afjal Reza

Posted On: 2013-07-20 17:22:29
Dear sir/madam,i md afjal reza from bokaro(jharkhand)came here with a problem which is not major but also can't no is 8092793494 which is a no of TataDocomo co. it is not first time to face such type of problem for me,that's why i came here to resolve a day the co will deducted my balance for the services which i don't make any request even my balance of Rs15 plus 1GB data have been deducted without any subscription.and i request him to give back my balance then can't do like this.even they are unable to give informatio for such deduction. so please take some emidiate action agains such activities.

Shalini Kapoor

Posted On: 2013-07-19 16:27:56
Dear Sir/ Madam My wife was the DSA for Airtel in Bangalore under SHA Teleservices. She has resigned from the DSA and the documents were given with full and final statement received from Airtel in the month February'13 and given to the Manager (Mr. Anshuman) as per the documenst required by the company. After the documents were given she was assured that the refund amount (25000/-), will take 40 days from the time of submission of the documents. Now, she has been chasing Airtel for the refund and everytime we have called the answer is will be done soon. We even spoke to the Manager of Mr. Anshuman, Mr. Nagaraj Gokhle and intitially he did mention that will let us know about the refund and now he came back that I am not aware the case so cannot help. After, all this we called the finance Mr. Manjunath and he mentioned that the refund will take 4 months. It has become extremy difficult and impossible as no body is answering properly and more over there is no clarity on the refund. Even, if the company says 4 months, we submitted the documents to Mr. Anshuman in the month of February'13 and accoridng to that also it is almost 5 months. I would thus request you to please look into the same help in resolving the same as the earliest. Thanking you Regards Ajay Kapoor H/o Shalini Kapoor (Prop. SHA Teleservices) +9`18197339977

Avik Das

Posted On: 2013-07-18 12:29:59
The broadband facility of my telephone number (033-24186782), is not working for almost a month. I have raised several complaints, but all the complaints get closed without taking proper action. I had to even visit to the Jadavpur Telephone office, to check if the modem is working properly. Every time the authorized personal assures me that the connection will work fine and they close the complaint. But still it is not working. They have never visited to my place to check what is wrong and why it is not working for last one month. In this case, I have a basic question on the apathy to your employee towards resolving the issues we face. Do they even care about the issues we face? If this continues like this, I am not sure why I should continue with your broadband connection. And to be more specific, why should I pay my landline bill for the month of June’2013.

The Bombay Commodity Exchange Ltd.,

Posted On: 2013-07-16 15:56:54
Our two MTNL Phones 23449072 and 23421510 have been completely dead since 17th June, 2013. Our complaint docket no. is 184. We also followed this by a letter dated 27th June, 2013 to Mandvi Telephone Exchange, Mumbai. Even after 1 month, these two telephones remain dead.There is no response from MTNL.

Satender Sharma

Posted On: 2013-07-15 10:25:35
I have already requested to MNP my No. 3 time from BSNL to idea But due to fault of BSNL I am still struggling to port my No. 9254923792

Parth Badheka

Posted On: 2013-07-11 22:41:57
I have been a vodafone customer since 6 years now and have been regularly paying my bills, For the month of June I was travelling out of the country and came back on 24-6-13.I started receiving collection calls,i was surprised.I checked with my office,they showed me the slip saying cheque deposited on 17-6-13.I kept on receiving many calls and I managed to get my office pass book and mailed them the copy,which clearly showed a credit to Vodafone on 22nd June 13(last date 25-6-13).I also received a call from Jayesh,who said he will ensure no collection calls are received on the morning of 11th July 2013.By night around 8 30,they suddenly disconnected my net and out going calls.I called up their customer care ,Anirudh spoke to me rudely and alleging I am lying If the passbook entry is also showing credit to vodafone,they didnt investigate at their end after showing proof of credit to Vodafone vide passbook.It clearly shows vodafone is embezzling funds off paying customers...Parth,Adv


Posted On: 2013-07-09 15:41:35
Sir,maine apna no.9887813994 IDEA se RELIANCE mai 6 Oct.2012mai PORT karwaya tha.Jo ki RELIANCE GSM mai PORT bhi ho gaya tha.But RCOM GSM ne mere documents abhi tak UPDATE nahi kiye.Jabki main apne DOCUMENTS 3baar SUBMIT karwa chuka hu.Last time maine apne document 21JUNE2013 ko SUBMIT karwaye the.Rcom (MUMBAI) wale mujhse pichle 20 dino se TIME PASS kar rahe hai.Rcom walo ne mujhe MENTALLY DISTURB kar rakha hai.Main RCOM se bahut pareshaan hu but ye ab mujhe PORTING CODE bhi nahi bhej rahe hai.

manish jha

Posted On: 2013-07-07 11:01:05
I am stop my no.8053337158 on dt.19/3/2013.& pay balance amount on dated 7/4/13.But they are activate again my no. on 21/5/13 without my permission today recieved the bill of this amount.Today 6/7/13 I give him complaint application regarding this no.8053337158 how start this no.But they are stop my another no.9671530158.(which is register on my name).they are give me complaint no.742255726 I want take action how they are start this no.If somebody missuses this no. one whose responsible for that.

Prasannakumar Badam

Posted On: 2013-07-07 00:10:32
Idea Cellular has barred my incoming and outgoing calls even after submitting all the required documents without any prior information.Even if they require some documents they should have asked me to submit before barring the calls. I have missed many important and official calls which costed me my reputation at work due to which i may even lost my promotion at work. I have been a loyal customer to Idea since last three years. Please take necessary action on the Idea Cellular for the inconvinience it caused me.

manish jha

Posted On: 2013-07-06 21:03:54
I am stop my no.8053337158 on dt.19/3/2013.& pay balance amount on dated 7/4/13.But they are activate again my no. on 21/5/13 without my permission today recieved the bill of this amount.Today 6/7/13 I give him complaint application regarding this no.8053337158 how start this no.But they are stop my another no.9671530158.(which is register on my name).they are give me complaint no.742255726 I want take action how they are start this no.If somebody missuses this no. one whose responsible for that.

Sushant Duggal

Posted On: 2013-07-06 18:59:52
Good evening Sir/ Ma'am, I am having a airtel broadband connection at my home & wanted to install a new Airtel broadband connection in my office. So, I had purchased a new D-link modem for my home & shifted my original modem of BEETAL 450TC1 ADSL2 + Router to my office. But the Airtel executive told me that the old modem is not working properly & since it's under warranty you can get it replaced by Airtel by making complaint of the same . So, I made complaint of the same on 4th july via reference no. 35136436 at approx 9.58 pm (since, my modem's warranty is till 9th July 2013) then I agian called you in the morning and your executive from Airtel told me that modem will be replaced by evening but to my shock, my complaint had been closed with no reason then I again made a complaint no. via ref no.:- 35194076 but they had closed this one also. I had contacted their Customer Care, Nodal Officer, Appeallate Authority, & to their corporate head via mail but no response yet.

Pravas Kumar Mohapatra

Posted On: 2013-07-06 14:53:19
This is complain against Reliance Telecom. I have given a request on 28.06.2013, it has still pending and I am not able to receive any Call and SMS. Reliance Web World of T. Nagar Branch, Chennai and Reliance Customer Care is not resolving anything. In Details : I have given request to change from GMS to CDMA Service with same number on 28.06.2013 but till now not solving the matter. I am not receive any call or sms. I have financially loss many opportunities and mentally depressed. Request you, Kindly resolve the matter immediately. Thanks

Harsha Daga

Posted On: 2013-07-05 22:11:05
This complaint is against Vodafone India where I have been billed unreasonably for internet charges wherein I had confirmed with their customer care executives that I had free usage. I have lodged multiple complaints with the service provider however I have not received any revert on the same. Kindly assist me in this Matter as I am wasting a lot of time and cost in getting my query redressed from the Co.

Jehan Sarkari

Posted On: 2013-07-05 15:55:20
Vodafone New Connection delayed & pathetic services rendered. Complaint number in Vodafone Mumbai Nodal Office : 56199628

Vinod P B

Posted On: 2013-07-05 15:43:22
I purchased this new number yesterday and paid INR 100. I was informed that the plan will be according to INR.77. And I will get 250MB 3g data. I have send msg to 121 as START 3G but it gave error saying ur no does not have the 3g network. I called customer care. They said we have sent u the conf msg & now u will be get 3g data. I have resent the START 3G and browsed. But I lost 20Rs & 24Rs. Its really not helpful. we have been cheated. Please help us.

Vinay Paleja

Posted On: 2013-07-05 13:59:09
I own Reliance landline and broadband internet. Both my connections are not working since May 23, 2013.All connections in the Opera House area of South Mumbai, have been disconnected since May 23, 2013. Customer care executives make false promises that connections will resume within 24 hours. Even complaints to Appellate Authority did not yield positive results.Subscribers in Opera house area have their servers in Birla Mansion society. Society had served notice to Reliance Broadband two years back to move the servers at some different location. But Reliance officials did not take any action due to which customers have been inconvenienced. Customer care executives claim that problem is in the solving status, but on investigating security guards at Birla mansion, we were informed that none of the Reliance representative has visited the site for solving the issue.I have opted for annual plans and have already paid in advance annual subscription last year. I am unable to get refund.

Abhishekh Gupta

Posted On: 2013-07-04 21:42:41
This is to bring to your notice regarding my Vodafone Number - 9899998576. I had activated the internet plan by dialing *444*5# and was told that the internet would be valid for 24 hours. Later, after using the internet for about 2-3 hours I received a notification that the balance is ZERO. I then called the help line number at 198 and was told by Mr. Lalit Kumar and Sunil Kumar that our server had a problem because of which you might have not received a message. Please look into the case very seriously as it is clearly your servers fault and miss communication by your colleagues. Look forward to a speedy refund for Rs 145.435 which was the balance that I last saw. Regards, Abhishekh Gupta 9899998576

vamshi Krishna

Posted On: 2013-07-04 19:38:06
sir/Madam, This is to inform you that i have moved to banglore all the way from hyd on 26th june 2013. I purchased a TATA Docomo Sim on the same day by submitting the ID proofs.I have paid an amount of 100rs for the sim.They promised that it will be activated in 3 days biut they havn't done it in cours time.they asked me to produce an reference no of any one who lives in banglore. i did the same and produced my friends no. they called my friend on 3rd july he answered all the questions asked by the Docomo representatives even though they have not activated the services to my sim. Please take an action againist Tata Docomo so that no face the same problem in future. SIM No;89910341110287536246 Mob.No:8904385955 Thanks & Regards, A.Vamshi

Amit Kumar

Posted On: 2013-07-03 23:57:01
Dear Sir I have recharged by Rs249 to my Airtel number: 9901718949;Then Airtel credited that amount into my account but on the same day they deducted 199Rs from my account and said you have clicked on certain link.But I am also using 3G services. I called to Airtel Customer care then somebody told me that your 99Rs refunded immediately and rest 100Rs will be credited into my account within 24 Hrs. I again called him for paying the rest amount. But now I talk with Mr. Prashant and he denying for refund the amount. I have audio of all conversation as I have recorded for evidence. Sir kindly request you to assist me for the same as above. Thanks and Regards Amit Kumar 9901718949

Shikher Singh

Posted On: 2013-07-01 18:42:12
Hello Sir, I requested my number 9540576565 to be ported into vodafone as I was frustrated from idea delay in bills, faulty bills & net connection. On 06/25/2013, I have submitted my documents and I was told that my number would be ported in vodafone in a week. On 07/01/2013, I was told that this request can not be done because I have chosen not to go in vodafone. I have never said this and never want to be in idea. when I called idea customer executive Jaypal, he asked me not to go in vodafone. I called his supervisor, but no-one picked the phone. It took me 5 hrs in vodafone store to submit my documents. Kindly help me in this regard as idea is forcing me to stay in network.

archit jain

Posted On: 2013-07-01 14:57:15
i m a relaince user.....on satuday 29th june i have reacharged my account with..150 rupees and suddenly they deducted my 55 rupees from my account....i cantacted cust care they told e that balance has been deducted services....and i told them i havent use any of their service...but they refuse to give me my money back...and today also when i came home...they deducted money for the same...telling me that i have used network services....i m really pissed of by realiance....i want to no after getting my money back plz help with this they refuse to return my money...and told me that you can do whatever u no is listed above..plz help me...

Florine Rodrigues

Posted On: 2013-07-01 10:26:59
I got a call from vodafone on 28-03-2013, cross selling me an upgrade plan. The girl calling explained that I can upgrade to a plan where after I exhaust my 2GB data usage of the 3G 450 plan that was already active then, I can avail of free data usage but the speed will reduce to 2G instead of 3G, after I exhaust the limit, without any extra cost. She told me this service is free. For which I said okay. And accordingly thinking that I have free data usage I extended my limit of usage. Next month when I get my bill there is a charge of Rs. 1050 over and above of Rs. 450 my monthly rental for data usage. I raised the matter and the customer service guy (always pathetic) says this is a paid service and I have been charged correctly. But when I tell him that I was not informed about the charges they turn a deaf ear on me. I have even written email to nodal desk, customer care and also lodged complaints at vodafone gallery. The last call I received from vodafone nodal desk they confirm they will enquire as to who gave me incorrect information and get back to me. Its a month now I have not received any revert from them. Plus the company is harrassing me for making the additional Rs. 2100 payment. Please help me in punishing vodafone.

Chandra Prakash

Posted On: 2013-07-01 09:28:07
sir/madam, my name is chandra prakash,i am customer of vd2h. From last 2 days company has disconnected my service unnecessary and deducting the amount from remaining balance continuously .I am mentally disturb from 2 days and has lost my important times.I have talked in company call centre many times,every time they tells me that our system is updating or tells that your service will be started within 1 hours.please take the action against the company. Thanks Chandra Prakash Vd2h ID-:7046428 Contact No-9928730287


Posted On: 2013-06-30 09:57:00
I have given request 2 time for message pack deactivation but nobody listen me when i have contacted on 30 june 2013 to vodafone customer care, they told there is no message deactivation request, i have told them if you guys cannot deactivate the message pack than kindly deactivate my no. they did-not listen that also


Posted On: 2013-06-29 15:45:20
hello sir i am himanshu jain . i purchesed a karbonn mobie A-27. which have many software & hardware problems i give to ayushi electronics indore . they are bluffing me ... & tell me come tomorrow & so..& not repaire the phone..plz help me...


Posted On: 2013-06-27 20:22:57


Posted On: 2013-06-27 09:27:38
I Have received Wrong billing on my BSNL land line 08023523408 and I have approached CRO West Bangalore to review and reset the issue. But I have not got any feed bak so far. Further whe I enquired the CRO & CAO of BSN west Bangalore and so far I have not received any feed back on this. Further request your intervention to resolve this issue.

Rajani Singh

Posted On: 2013-06-25 17:20:39
Dear All, Please find the attached payment receipt, signed docs given to Systematic Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd. at the time of converting my prepaid connection to Post-paid & Welcome letter from Vodafone along-with the bills for the month of April’13 & May’13. Above mobile no. 9819616634 was converted from prepaid to Post-paid dated vide receipt no. 7624 dated: 19/12/12 amounting to INR 150/- as security deposit raised by Systematic Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd. At that time executive from Systematic Knowledge services had informed that with this double value plan for 399 we would getting 1 GB data free for internet usage every month. But when we have received the bill for the month of April’13 we have seen these additional charges of INR 1087 billed to us for the data usage charges and further when we inquired with the customer care department of Vodafone it’s was only then we were informed that data usage charges was free for only 3 months and the same was not informed to us at the time of conversion of my account from prepaid to post-paid. We were not even given the plan details at the time conversion from prepaid to post-paid by the Systematic executive plan was updated to us telephonically. All the more when we have contacted Vodafone store at Kharghar several times about this issue and after several request we had asked for the signed documents which were given by us to Mr. Sandeep from Systematic Knowledge who have collected the from us at the time of conversion of my prepaid connection to post-paid. We had found that there were forged sign’s done on my behalf by Systematic Knowledge Executive i.e. on the PANCARD copy and plan details only two documents provided by Vodafone store. We can clearly see that there are two different signs on the Pancard copy and other signature on plan details is copied from the Pancard signature. We have been communicating about this issue with Vodafone since 25th April after the receipt of April bill but we have not received any appropriate response from Vodafone till date for the free 1 GB data usage every month. We have also not received any intimation from the Vodafone either in the form of SMS or Call about the expiry of the data plan after 3 months. We held Systematic Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd (Associate of Vodafone) / Vodafone responsible for the above forging of documents and providing wrongful information to secure new connection and providing incorrect information and neither keeping customer abreast about their timely updation/expiry of plan details. We would be able to settle the outstanding payment to Vodafone after the reversal of this additional amount billed to us for data usage in the month of April and May respectively. No late payment or any other ancillary charges will be entertained from Vodafone. If the additional amount is not revised then we have left with no option to complaint the same to consumer court for justice and harassment to customer for the same. Seeking your reply at the earliest with appropriate solution to settle the account with immediate effect. Thanks & Regards, Rajani Singh

Sharadchandra Ishwar Kedare

Posted On: 2013-06-24 11:56:47
I would like to launch complaint against Vodafone for unnecessarily torturing me for the payment eventhough I have cleared all their dues in time. Actually in March 2013, Vodafone has raised the bill of amount Rs. 3155.67. The due date of said bill was on 05/04/2013. I have enquired about sudden rise in my billing amount. But I haven't received any response from their end till my due date. I had then arrange visit to Vodafone stores on 5th April 2013, wherein my wife personally went there to enquire. We then came to know that the said charges was for opting particular service. Vodafone executive there help us in exploring the same and suggested to withdraw our request and then he would waived off the charges. My wife did the same and make the total payment of Rs. 600 and settle the bill amount.But till then we used to receive sms and call from Vodafone end to pay the outstanding. After a month or so they even deactivate my connection.Several time I even discussed this issue with their CCE whenever they used to call me and they used to assured me that they would clear the case in their system and I would not be getting such call anymore but to vein I keep on reveiving such call. In great disappointment I asked them to discontinue the service and they did the same. Even after discontinuation of service I used to receive their call for payment. Last week now they have send me lawyer notice which is very disturbing on my part and I would like to sue Vodafone for this. Please help. Regards, Sharadchandra Kedare Yesterday, there was a call from your customer care executive regarding bill payment. I explained her with all details. She also understood and told me that she would resolve the matter and update the same into the system. But sorry to inform you thate even after explaining everything to your CCE still I am receving the sms for bill payment and have to listen your nonsense comments while trying to call from my cell.


Posted On: 2013-06-22 09:24:13
Hi, I am reliance GSM pre-paid customer (no. 8817754694). I have never asked for any VAS services but still every month they keep deducting charges for services like caller tune, song download, OneMissu etc. I have already raised this issue through complaint no.s 3320214092, 3321614516, 3322896301, 3323788880. I was clearly told by their telehelpline on my first complaint 5 days ago that Rs. 48/- (33+15) which have been wrongly deducted would be reimbursed immediately as I didn't ask for any of these VAS services - Song download, Caller tune. They have taken 5 days to reply and now say that since they cannot check deductions done more than 3 days ago, they can't refund my amount. I have marked mails to appellate as well president email ids but surprisingly they have taken no initiative to refund my money and stop the VAS services I have never asked for. I would like to get my grievance redresssed through this forum. Thanks, Monika

Surya Chandra Ramesh

Posted On: 2013-06-20 23:40:00
Sir/Madam My 9542081099, Alternate contact no. 8106418471 Date of complaint June 12, 2013 10:10 PM Sorry to say that they are not providing any complaint no. but I had sent mail as My proof and they replied also for that. they activated two times unwanted services ,and I was charged for that And their coplaining mechanism is NOT user frindly they ask for one code , and asks another information which they wont provide, pl: check

Amit kumar

Posted On: 2013-06-20 17:43:03
wrong charge in last bill.

George Varkey

Posted On: 2013-06-20 11:54:52
I am a post paid customer to LOOP MOBILE over the last Decade. Never had a problem except for the One I mention here. As a customer, I am assigned a credit of 6500/-. Recently in Dec 2012 I had to travel overseas and got international roaming activated. During the visit, the network suspended its service for 1 days use of billing of over 26,000/-. The network insists & is forceful asking me to pay the billed amount. On my return I called the network, lodged complaint including the Nodal Officer for this unwarranted billing & asked them to look into the same. I made frequent visits & calls to the gallery, customer care to discuss get the issue resolved. Relationship manager confirmed meeting at my place to understand my grievance but never came inspite of confirming. I re-lodged my complaint again but to no effect. After months of harassment from collections cum recovery department I have been sent an advocates notice to pay their decided amount. Please advice & help.

Dhiraj Dave

Posted On: 2013-06-19 21:57:48
I bought the Tata Docomo postpaid connection more than 15 days back and they promised me that it will get activated within 48 hours. As of today i am just following up with them for activation through their customer care Chat service and E-mail but they are telling continuously that my number is pending because of local reference details. I gave them the local reference's detail via mail on 11th June inspite of that, till today that is 19th June my number haven't got activated. I am really in urgent need of new connection as I am from Mumbai and it is been almost more than a month since shifted to Bangalore for my internship. Please help as i am really frustrated by following up with them i did everything from my side but did not succeed that's why decided to take the help of consumer redressal now. I request you to look after the matter and help in earliest resolution.

Varun Shetty

Posted On: 2013-06-19 18:10:26
Vodafone has not been able to provide the service that it promises to provide

Shrikant Shriniwas Biyani

Posted On: 2013-06-18 19:17:34
The TATA DOCOMO TELECOM Co. Deducted Rs.30 two times from my perpaid account, while I don't know when I was slept and I am not aware about it. When I got up I call at next minute to Customer Care to know why they deduct my prepaid balance, and they told me I downloaded around 2pm some actress Anushka Sharma's wallpaper & some I Hate Luv Story movies songs in fact I didn't downloaded them. When I told them refund my deducted amount they refused to do. So kindly take this considered because many perpaid users are having this problem with their servise provider

Uttam Kumar Sahoo

Posted On: 2013-06-18 09:52:31
Hi, myself Uttam,i am using Tata Docomo and my no is-8867765725.On the day before yesterday i did a recharge of 55 rupees in that i will got 55 balance.As end of the i have checked my balance and it was 45 rupees. And for the whole day i have not make any call.And i have sent some massages,and it is 6 paise per massage.When i check my balance in the morning it was 0.I called many a time to customer care and the executives are saying that the money being deducted due to expiry of massage pack.What i am trying to say is if my massage pack is expired so they need to inform me regarding this,how come i know that my massage pack is finished.I don't get any massage regarding expiry of massage pack.So when i ask them they told that its from your side we will not resolve this,i also had conversesation with senior executives.As i am a student i don't have much money to spend on mobile. So i am requesting u to get back all the money that has deducted from my account. Thanks & Regards, Uttam

krishan kumar

Posted On: 2013-06-14 16:09:19
kisan call canter jo kirshi mantralye ki tarap s aaya ta maine unko 21000 rupe diye


Posted On: 2013-06-14 15:17:25
Vodafone customer service has failed to answer my queries. They have increased my call charges without any intimation and are unable to resolve my issues. Every time they say that they will call back; but, they never call back. They even send SMS that the issue will be addressed the next day; but, no one cares to address the issue. I have been facing this harrasment from May 28 and today is June 14. Vodafone is not ready to budge and do not even care about consumer issues.

Minal Sachin Gaikar

Posted On: 2013-06-13 11:03:13
Hey, I have purchased new mobile on 2nd June on my wedding anniversary....then after 2 days I.e. on 4th June I started net and used for 3 to 4 I used to assume that my credit limit is 1300 and I will get the call from C.C when my credit limit comes...but no I received SMS wen the bill was more than 1300 than I stopped using net and even calling but same evening I got SMS of 2200 and then next day 5899 my out going incoming was stopped as I was suppose to pay current bill so I went to gallery on 10th of juune I paid 300 rs my current bill, and asked about outstanding the per he told 6900 I was shocked my outgoing incoming net everything was stopped but my bill was still generating....pathetic... I told them to give information but he said come after 17th June....C.C. are also very arrogant... I was ready to wait till 17th June but again the very next day on 11th June I got a call that my bill reached 7100.... meanwhile I even called up C.C for complaint abt my no. But

Saurabh Kukreja

Posted On: 2013-06-12 17:45:39
I have purchased a Samsung Galaxy Grand and got a offer of 2gb 3G data for 2 months. When i inserted my vodafone sim i got a message that my data will be activated within 24 hour. but i did not get that and contacted to voda cust. care and they told me that data will be activated on june 10, 2013 because i already had some data in my account. on 10th june i didnot get data so i called to cust care once again. Sr No. (2362). and now they are saying that this scheme was valid till april 30 only. but i have a proof that from vodafone i received a message that i will get data.. so please help me to get my offer..


Posted On: 2013-06-12 16:24:36
Hi,I am a Delhi Vodafone postpaid user with number 8860137270.I talked to the vodafone customer care on 11th or 12th may regarding what will becharge for using the postpaid sim of delhi in Mumbai and also the the free call snd sms gives to me for the minimum charge I pay. He said that till I use my free calls and sms I would only be charged my minimum bill of 99+service tax,but now my bill has come and it is very high,every call and sms has been charged.Why? why wrong information was given by the customer care,I asked them to check the recorded call they would have kept with my number made to customer care.I want this to be corrected and why I should pay for the wrong information given by the customer care. I asked him like many times whether I will be charged or not for free calls and sms and he said 'NO'.I asked them to correct it but they are only regretting for the wrong misrepresented information and asking me to pay.I was given the wrong info to just earn few bucks more


Posted On: 2013-06-12 16:15:33
Hi,I am a Vodafone postpaid user in delhi and my number is 8860137270.I talked to your customer care on 11th or 12th may regarding what will becharge for using the postpaid sim of delhi in Mumbai and also the the free call snd sms gives to me for the minimum charge I pay. He said that till I use my free calls and sms I would only be charged my minimum bill of 99+service tax,but now my bill has come and it is very high,every call and sms has been charged.Why? why wrong information was given by your customer care,you can check the recorded call you keep with my number made to your customer care.I want this to be corrected and why I should pay for the wrong information given by the customer care. I asked him like many times whether I will be charged or not for free calls and sms and he said no,please look in to it seriously,otherwise I’ll go to the consumer forum because I was given trhe wrong info to just earn few bucks more

arun kumar garg

Posted On: 2013-06-12 13:12:16


Posted On: 2013-06-11 15:52:52
Issue number - 08554866317 Issue - not able to recieve incoming calls I have moved to bangalore from pune but my incoming calls is not working, I have made atleast 5 complains with reliance but w/o solving the issue they close my complain. I visited koramangla store bt ter also they ccouldnt solve my issue. Please helo

Bhavik Meghani

Posted On: 2013-06-06 10:34:51
Vodafone has sent a legal notice for non payment of dues. But i have requested them for justification of my usage and they havent replied with proper justification. Have visited their store few dozen times and no reply. Kindly check with my vodafone no 9819082981 and address back.


Posted On: 2013-06-05 15:29:08
Hello Sir/Madam, Please not follow up for payment. I cleared amount in previous year. i checked two times of due. I got calls for due payment, if you same thing then i go through legally. Regards, Basavaraj Siked From: "" <> To: Sent: Wednesday, 9 May 2012 9:21 PM Subject: Fw: Re: Pre Service Restriction Alert~~M7563116 Dear Customer, Greetings from Tata Indicom! This is with reference to your email dated 09/05/2012 regarding your Tata Indicom number 10015206. We would like to inform you that your complaint is under process vide reference number 308760605. For any further clarification please feel free to call on our helpdesk 1-800-266-3030 (Toll-Free from TATA Indicom Number) or email us on Our Photon Plus customers can get in touch with us on 1800-266-121 (Toll free). We shall be glad to be of assistance. You can now pay your bills online, just log on to > Go to the 'Pay Bi

Rajeev Kumar

Posted On: 2013-06-04 15:51:20
Reliable infosys at agarwal complex Moradabad Authorised service center Huawei, The center manager and technicians changed the Mother Board of my handset C2856(MTS) While examining the same for display problem. Did sent in EMails to Huawei @ who replied that they will take action against service center, however did not respond to the problems I'am facing with my handset which is not working. As MEID # on the Handset and the actual number is different.Please tell me what can I do in this case.

vishal kanabar

Posted On: 2013-06-04 11:58:43
Dear sir/mam Myself Vishal Kanabar holding a connection with Airtel and my number is 9974141410 which is migrated to postpaid on somonelse name without my concern hence request you to please do the needful for the same.

forum shah

Posted On: 2013-06-02 18:06:15
Agent of Vodafone sold an internet package and then Vodafone refuses to accept the same. Bill for a huge amount is charged to us. Please look into the same at the earliest.

Karan Puri

Posted On: 2013-06-02 14:33:37
I have a case of being charged twice for the same period along with no service offered against money paid.

shruti rambhia

Posted On: 2013-05-31 12:12:46
i bought new sim card of loop mobile as per my plan i should get RS. 50/- as first talkup but i got only RS. 20/- i spoke to loop customer care but they are not doing any thing and i also went to loop gallery but they are also not giving me any answer i called them 20 times, i went there but nothing is happening plz help me


Posted On: 2013-05-30 19:22:04
because of your wrong information on your website i had recharged for 599 which has the service of r2r unlimted and relaince to others 30 min everyday but after recharging my amount was still getting deducted from my account and after talking to the customer care senior executive mr atandu biswas i can to know that you have change the services with the sam eamount and not updated the site and no information provided for the same. after talking to the exectuive i also learnt that he not at all serious about the mistake and according to him not i should again recharge 799 to avail the service and also being mistake on your part you cant refund the amount this is a clear case of harrasing and looting a person. moreover you have no correct information. should i make a complain in consumer court regarding such attitiude of service of your company. i am really pissed f with your service. i have also taken the snapshot of your website for providing wrong information

Jaswani Ashutosh Umesh

Posted On: 2013-05-30 13:34:12
I use a uninor sim(9175844488) These uninor subscribers activate unnecessary schemes which i havent asked for. Yesterday i recharged amount of 50/- and today its 0.19/- because the activated some sort of schemes which i have never asked for And its not the first time,even after warning uninor they still continue activating my schemes. Its just as exploiting the consumer. I have never asked or messaged them or activated any scheme by my own. They are the one who keep on activating and charge me for their guilty I kindly request to Take certain action and if possible ask them to refund my balance.. Thanks


Posted On: 2013-05-28 22:59:28
unnecessarily charged for telephone & internet I am Padmanabhan from Vasai,Mumbai. From march 1st, i had have been very highly charged for telephone & internet usage. I haven't use the phone or the internet to such an extend. After checking the bills through internet, i found that they added the previous months bill and the sum has been added to the bill of this month. I had payed the bills but still they added it to the other month's bill. Now, the sum of it has crossed rs5000. I payed the bills of March and April. When inquired, they asked us to pay the bill, whereas i never used it to such an extend. I kindly seek your help for this injustice. Your sincere,

Manoj kumar Gupta

Posted On: 2013-05-27 12:51:39
Hello sir ji Pls Cancel Connection my Phone & Refund Amount Miss Selling Product Information Bhiwandi Tatadocomo Office 02522655696


Posted On: 2013-05-26 23:09:03
I am a Vodafone postpaid customer.I usually get my bill around 300 to 400. According to vodafone they have unbilled credit limit . They had set my credit limit to 1200 and on 26th of May they sent me a sms that my usage is around 1983 Rs[ This usage does not deduct the free services i get in plan which if deducted my usuage wud be around 400Rs ].They say now I have to pay 80% of usage i.e 1983 Rs or my outgoings and internet will be blocked which they did within few hrs of sending sms.My argument is that why should I pay more than my actual bill if they are keeping credit limit they should count credit limit after deducting the free services they offered me. When my actual bill even according to them won't be even 500Rs why should I pay 80% of 1983 Rs.They have blocked my outgoing calls and stopped my internet service.I have lost so many important calls and it has caused me mental pressure. I request you to help as this so unfair why should I pay more money than what the actual bill is

Manoj kumar Gupta

Posted On: 2013-05-25 09:50:08
Hello Sir Fist Date 14-MAY-2013 for the given reason to be resolved by 17-MAY-2013 16:22 hrs. Second Date 22 - MAY-2013 ( 7pm Mr Farhan In Active Your Phone) Third Date 22-MAY-2013 and it would be resolved by 23-MAY-2013 17:49hrs. Pls Phone Activation Date conform & Cancel Tatadocomo Refund Amount Regads Manoj Gupta Bhiwandi

Manoj kumar Gupta

Posted On: 2013-05-24 20:42:27
Tatadocomo walk No02522-655696 Pls Sir Cancel Tatawalky & Refund Amount Very Bad Service In Bhiwandi (PlazaDhamankar)Mr Sunil In Miss ProductSelling in Client Pls Cancel my walky & refund amount


Posted On: 2013-05-22 20:13:11
Company:-Tata DOCOMO (CDMA) I was recharged with New lets rock plan on 25 July 2010.(5 Year validity ending in 2015) Suddenly from April 2013 My plan Changed and started charging me with higher rate. After several followups my plan was restored but again my plan has changed. Now they are saying we are unable to restore your plan and playing same tape again and again that u are being charged with changed base tariff. I dont understand how 5 year plan ended in just 3 years. I have faced same overcharging issue with my tatadocomo GSM number. Has TATA loosed its ethics?

Virendra Kiran Gajula

Posted On: 2013-05-22 17:57:58
Hi Sir , This is Virendra Kiran Gajula , Working for ABB-GISL , Banglore . I had take corporate CUG SIM card ( sim # 89914 50003 02024 62857 H3 SYS1211 ) on March 26 bearing Mobile Number : 9731355744 , from Airtel executive Mr.Raghavendra ( Cell # 9945527776)., .Support from 121 is not at all encouraging , infact it was horrible and executives used to slash the phone on face with out giving proper explanation .In my entire life Airtel 121 call center is the First customer care hanging up the phone several times on the face of the customer while speaking. I had sent many emails to Nodal officers and appelete , but there was no support or any positive response from them I want my number to get activated as soon as possible. Personally I felt lot of Agony and pain during past 45 days and during this entire Process because of Airtel & its HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE Regards, Virendra Kiran G +91-9731355644


Posted On: 2013-05-22 15:44:02
Honourable Sir, With due respect beg to inform you that TATA SKY is taking Rs. 100/- p.m. for HD pack only provided to view all HD Channels they have. But on October 8, 2012 suddenly they break the HD pack and included the HD Channels in different packs i.e. Star World HD, Star Movie HD in English Movie pack, Star Sports HD, Star Cricket HD in Sports Pack etc. etc. As a result till after giving the HD assessing charges we did not view all HD channels and bound us to take related package by extra charges. When HD pack is not available why they are till taking Rs 100/- pm for assessing the HD channels. Sir can I ask a question to your honour, why they take price of a “TATA SKY with HD” set top box is much more then the price of a set top box without HD? Sir only for assessing HD channels then what for further Rs 100/- pm for assessing the HD Channels. And also to inform that the price of a TV set with HD is much more than the price of a general TV set. As an example, we purchase Ra

Jayaprakash Nair

Posted On: 2013-05-22 12:54:53
Dear Sir, I refer to your Telephone No. 28109729 intalled at the above address where I have also availed Broad Band on the same number. Please note that my Telephone is dead for more than a month now apart from earlier problems like dead phone, no internet since more than year now. I am repeatedly complaining on IVR, on phone, by email even to The Executive Director of MTNL Mumbai but no action has taken as yet. Also they are closing my complaints (IVR Complaint Dockets) without attending to it. and my phone is still dead as on 22 MAY 2013, 12.55 pm. I request you to kindly take an action from your side and help me to get my phone as well as my broadband get started. Thanking you, I remain Yours Sincerely Jayaprakash Nair Cell No. 9820010104

rachana jani

Posted On: 2013-05-22 10:41:41
dear sir i have mobile no 9920222600 service provided by loop mobile mumbai. in december month i had made access payment of inr 777 after sometime i notice i made access amount to company and visit my nearest loop mobile galary for credit this amount to my next bill cycle the representive of loop mobile galary everytime ensure me this amount credited in ur next bill but last 3 month and nearly 7 to 8 visted no result from yesterday loop mobile company discontinue my outgoing call because i am going to no portabilty please sir help me as soon as possible

Priyanka Dabholkar

Posted On: 2013-05-21 19:26:13
I have purchased a mobile for 18500/- from ghatkopar, and the shopkpr promised me that if any problem occurs in 7 days ur piece wd b replaced, and unfortunately the problem took place, and whn requested to exchng the piece he said we have nt said a single wrd abt garantee or warranty, and nw when i went to resale to him he is offering only 10000/- for it, i have got a big loss, as i am a middle class girl i have been cheated for 18500/- and nw they r turning back... pls help


Posted On: 2013-05-18 16:59:23
below is complain filed with Airtel nodal officer

Amit Saxena

Posted On: 2013-05-18 15:59:10
This complaint is regarding the Vodafone cellular number 9811111852. This number has been deactivated by the company , and reissued to another user , without proper communication to the original user. Vodafone has been giving slimy reasons for reissuing of the number , the bill on the above mentioned number has been paid . The user has been abroad , for 4 months and in those 4 months bill has been generated , including for this month . The number has been deactivated on 14th may , and since 15 th may continuos request has been sent for reactivation. The main bone of contention is NO COMMUNICATION , NO REASON , for deactivation of a 10 year old number .


Posted On: 2013-05-16 12:52:30
Sir, it is infome u that am trubbling a big problem from wrong balance deductiom that is 375 rs.which is noteasy to ignoring amount.i made many calls to refund my balance,but the non-coprative agents like,shashank,sakshki,geeta TL,richa were not solutioning the my big prolem.they were tranfering many time my call to offer line unnessary ,i made near about 35 to 40 calls but problem is stay same as.and no any complain did created. My mobile Am the regular a much using custmerwell known about data packs and all deductions without data pack.i was sleeping at night.after rising in the morning i saw my ph.balance that has been totaly gone and the balance was lefted by company 0.3 paisa only.i was shoked very much.i want to just refund my money right now.its my request.if you not take the proper action then i will go to cosumer forum to get my money back,which was totaly wrong deduction.the nodel officers also very cheap answering guies.they were supporting agents to dis-convey. if ur requirment i have recording convrsions ur agent and me that which types deals costmers . if u needy this recrdings i send u. Thanking you Rahul yadav 9670503420 Add.telibagh,lucknow


Posted On: 2013-05-15 17:04:43

Rahul Sihag

Posted On: 2013-05-15 14:07:53
s/sir/mam my old mobile no. 9354000006 of reliance has not been working from 2-3 months. i have requested the head office several times but there's no reply. please guide what to do. thank you rahul sihag 7206055575

Manoj Kumar Jha

Posted On: 2013-05-15 01:39:01
I, Manoj Kumar Jha, Airtel phone # 9810914822 had been billed wrongly for internet usage which I never used. From 1st February to 3rd Feb, the bill is showing a session of Rs. 102.5 almost every 15 minutes continuously which I fail to understand and thus contacted customer care and nodal officer regarding same and was assured they would arrange a callback within 48 to 72 hours but never contacted. I also tried to send mail at which always bounced back saying subject not in proper format which I sent as per their requirement that is only ten digit phone number. Every time during my interaction with them, I informed them that I was ready to pay for the services that I have availed that is the call charges but was not ready to pay for the internet charges till the resolution of this complaint, but never got a resolution and now they have disconnected my phone. Please help. Thanks and regards, Manoj Kumar Jha Alternate contact: 011-28016925/9716058907

Joydeep Das

Posted On: 2013-05-14 18:30:25
Hello I have bought a Tata Photon data card way back in 2012 with Rs 1200/-. After usage of that I have disconnected that with full settlement of Rs 1500/- vide MR - 260304, DEL no.- 9230156804, Recipient no. - WB/A/Mobility/HNI on dated 12/08/2012 collected by Mr Aniruddha Dutta. To my utter surprise I started receiving calls from different people stating that I have outstanding payment. Today it was a forceful call from some fake person stating that he is from Delhi court and if I dont make the payment within half an hour, a arrest warrant will be issued in my name. This was ridiculous and on pressure and repeated calls i have to make online payment of Rs 1243/- vide ref no. - IGI4177106. Request you to kindly look into this matter and refund my excess payment made towards Tata Photon. This is something which was not accepted from a branded company like TATA. Looking forward for your support on the above said topic. Regards Joydeep

Joydeep Das

Posted On: 2013-05-14 17:43:00
I have paid the bill of Tata Photon of Rs 1500/- vide recipient no. - WB/A/Mobility/HNI for my Photon no.- 9230156804 and Money receipt no.- 260304 on dated - 12/08/2012 by Mr Aniruddha Dutta. I thought that the payment was done and the line was closed as i was not using it further. To my utter surprise I started receiving calls from different people namely from Delhi court and threatening to make a further payment. Today it was height of all the scenes and somebody called me and forced me that if the payment not made within half an hour then the case will be lodged and an arrest warrant will be issued in my name. After continuous forceful calls I have to make the payment online for Rs 1243/- vide online payment ref. no.- IGI4177106. Request you to kindly look into the fraudulent and forceful chasing of money. And also to refund my money which I have paid excess.


Posted On: 2013-05-10 11:24:38
Hi There, I have recently done a Mobile number portability from Reliance to Airtel for my number 8880177766. Airtel has sent in their person to do address verification to my residence and same was completed immediately after i requested for MNP. My number has been converted to Airtel from march onwards and 2 bills has been generated since then. Now surprisingly without any information they barred my service, when i approached their outlet in Kormangala to get clarity i was told that number has been barred due to pending address verification. On my first visit(30th April) they were not ready to register any complain about my issue wherein outlet manager (Ganapathy) has committed to get the issue resolved by next day but there was no action from their end. He even gave his mobile for any assistance but he never responded to my call on that day where I made more than 50 calls to reach him Again on next day (1st May) i visited their office and demanded for service request registration number which they gave and committed to clear the issue within 24hrs and this time also they failed. On my third visit (2nd May) I demanded for solution and this time they convinced me saying that due to some internal miscommunication on my address verification information didn’t get captured in their system properly so they requested for another Verification for which i agreed. Without any pre intimation verification guy had come to my house on Saturday (3rd May) when i was not in station. He called up on my alternative number and i told him to come on Monday or anytime in this week but he never turned up neither responded to my calls on weekdays. On Tuesday when i called Airtel customer service i understood that my number has been totally discontinued. Again on 9th May i went to kormanagala outlet to get clarity why number has been Discontinued wherein they said since i was not available at home address verification has been failed. All i wonder is when there was a verification done by them and i have signed on papers produced to me why they are claiming for another verification. Also if there is internal issue why should they penalize me by deactivating my number for more than 10 days now. If they claim address verification is not done then how can they allow me to use for 2 months and they billed me for 2 months. If TRAI says without address verification number cannot be activated how they activated and let me to use for 2 months. It is very clear evident due their internal miscommunication they disconnected my number and caused me so much trouble and monetary loss to my business. I looking forward for a proper justification and compensation for the loss they caused to me. Please suggest me way forward and appropriate action against Airtel for causing me trouble. I am available on my alternative number 9742155509 for any clarification.


Posted On: 2013-05-10 00:49:59
SUB:UNABLE TO MAKE INCOMING AND OUTGOING CALLS Dear Sir, I have honour to state that I have two TATA CDMA Service and numbers are 9230353354 and 9231671943. Both the numbers are belongs to Kolkata , West Bengal. I came in Gwalior, MP on 18.04.2013 alongwith both the numbers and are not working since entering Gwalior. I am not able to do outgoing calls and also not receiving incoming calls. When making outgoing call, call failed. When trying to call from other mobile, information giving be service as mobile switch off. I have alternate Tata Docomo prepaid GSM number at Gwalior and the number is 8109656614. All possible efforts/ steps I have aloready taken but all my efforts are came in vain.In this circumstance, I want your interference and kind attention on this matter as non availability of both numbers adversely affect my day to day activities and it is also the matter of dignity and right of consumer. My contactNo:8109656614, 8269226263, email :


Posted On: 2013-05-10 00:43:13
SUBJECT : UNABLE TO MAKE INCOMING AND OUTGOING CALLS Dear Sir/Madam, I have honour to state that I am an existing customer of Tata Docomo. I have two TATA CDMA Service and numbers are 9230353354 and 9231671943. Both the numbers are belongs to Kolkata , West Bengal. I came in Gwalior, MP on 18.04.2013 alongwith both the numbers and are not working since entering Gwalior. I am not able to do outgoing calls and also not receiving incoming calls. When making outgoing call, call failed. When trying to call from other mobile, information giving be service as mobile switch off. I have alternate Tata Docomo prepaid GSM number at Gwalior and the number is 8109656614. All possible efforts/ steps I have aloready taken but all my efforts are came in vain.In this circumstance, I want your interference and kind attention on this matter as non availability of both numbers adversely affect my day to day activities and it is also the matter of dignity and right of consumer.


Posted On: 2013-05-09 14:58:59
My name is Ravi and my telephone number is 9008511441 and 9008511442, I am using Airtel mobile from past 4 years. In the month of December 2012 Airtel has activated 3G GPRS on both the sim card without my consent. I did not send any email or SMS or called their customer care to activate the service. I came to know about this in the month of April 2013 when I received bill for Rs.466.97. When I raised this issue on 7th April they reduce my bill to Rs.16.19. I wrote several emails and called airtel customer care to reverse the charges along with service tax that I paid from past 4 months. Today, 9th May I received an email stating that airtel tried reaching me on 7th & 8th of May and I did not receive the call hence the case is closed. I checked the call list on my mobile and I do not have any calls from Airtel. Without checking the details or doing any background check they have closed this case. I have paid Rs.250 + tax per month on both the mobile from past 3 months. I would request

vikash kumar

Posted On: 2013-05-08 13:31:22
Dear Sir, i am using Reliance prepaid connection. There is net pack activated on my phone but they have deducted approx 100 Rs from my account on Sunday when i filled a complain than they told me that the amount will be refunded in my account with in 48 hr, for that i have complain no. but till the time i did not get my money back and from Sunday onwards i am not able to use net .i tried to call to customer care but initially they attained my call but after 3 to 4 conversation they activated some service so that i am unable to call to customer care. this is not first time happen to me , i am totally fed up for the service and want to change the service that is why i am filling complain against Reliance Services. Regards Vikash Mob-8010297699

amol khadke

Posted On: 2013-05-07 09:05:55
Dear Sir, This is to complain against Vodafone for illegal balance deduction for the services I did not ask for activation. This is clearly Fishing activity against which Vodafone must be penalized and refund my 70 RS balance along with penalty charges for my mental harassment. The services activation date: 28th May 2013. I have complained 4 times in customer care, they said "we can not refund it back". They are not giving this non-refund statement in writing too. Please help. Regards, Amol Khadke

Aman Garg

Posted On: 2013-05-06 12:41:46
I Had bought a vodafone broadband post paid connection(9582279856) in january 13 on which i activate the plan of Rs 450 for 3gb/month. In the first month itself vodafone has charged in the bill Rs.3710(appx), but i asked for breakup of excess usage they said they can't provide ..... i said its ok if u don't provide the break up so i can't make the payment.After 2 or 3 three weeks vodafone barred my other three (3) vodafone nuber services whenever i call on customer care111 they said if you want to do settlement then u have to visit vodafone store and i visited then vodafone store staff said they can't do anything in this i have to contact with collection department... i again called to customer care the exeutive said vodafone don't have any collection department but they can provide a number of vodafone employee who can suggest u in better way, they provide a number i.e., 9811918326 vijay. I called him he said he is busy right now will call by himself i wait for his call for 4,5 hours but not receive any call again i call him but call was not picked... same process continues for three days, after three days i again called him so he is busy on another call again i repeat the process the he start disconnecting the call from last two days he is continuosly disconnecting the call or not picking the call...... Vodafone telesales employees as well as vodafone store employeee of sector - 18, noida, not suggesting me in this matter infact they are misguiding me.... Now i want to make payment but not as per the bill but actual usage a i have done or ready for settlement but before that i want my other vodafone numbers activate right now.... please suggest or help --

Sweta Bhatt

Posted On: 2013-05-03 17:31:21
Vodafone has charged me a bill of Rs. 4561 for the period 26/03/2013 to 25/04/2013 which includes Rs. 3783 for data usage which I have not done. I have made several calls to their customer call centres and also written emails to their Nodal Authority vide docket numbers 607256305 and 1322592860 but they are not ready to accept the fact that I have not used any internet. Infact, the online account on their website also shows zero duration. When asked for details about the pages accessed, they are also not providing any details which supprts their claim of Rs. 3783. Please help.

Gokul Kurup

Posted On: 2013-05-03 08:37:07
Complaint regarding no feedback on dispute on Vodafone bill for no. 8879008225


Posted On: 2013-04-29 10:47:59
I am having corporate plate of IDEA cellular of Rs.99/-. I have received SMS from Idea that my plan has been revised to Rs.125/- and it will be applicable from nex billing cycle.IDEA has revised plan without my knoledge

niranjan somani

Posted On: 2013-04-26 17:45:05
Respected sir, I have been a prolonged valued customer of vodafone since 7 years but i am facing great difficulties since last month. I m unsatisfied with their customer care support,redressal and bill issues. I was using internet plan of Rs 199 and the usage is 2 GB then i had a change in plan on 10 march for the same RS 199 but unlimited internet. As this unlimited plan was activated the older plan should be deactivated by default but that was not done by vodafone. So at the same time there were 2 internet plans activated on my number then too they issued a bill of extra RS 2060 for internet. I had a talk with many of their customer care executives and seniors but the issue is still not resolved. My current bill summary still shows outstanding amount of Rs 2060.All your customer executives said that it would be resolved as soon as possible but it is not yet done. I have all recordings of all talks with their customer executives. i have been complaining since

geetesh a dubal

Posted On: 2013-04-25 19:26:17


Posted On: 2013-04-25 17:59:43
Tata Docomo website lists a post-paid plan called "My Family Plan." Here is the url for that page: With this plan, you can get 3 to 5 numbers in one account for Rs.999 a month. All numbers can share voice minutes, sms, and data. And there is only one bill for all numbers. This plan is good for me because my children use only data and I use only voice. (We all use SMS.) I had requested for this plan *online* (in October 2012). I had never approached any other Docomo store - I only applied for it on Docomo website. Then several people, apparently Docomo AGENTS contacted me and one of them came to my house after I explained to him what plan I wanted (My Family Plan with 3 new numbers and 2 MNPs). He gave me 5 SIM cards and asked me to sign 5 applications and took advance and left. But then those 5 numbers got activated as 4 DIFFERENT MyFamily Plans with only the 2 ported numbers in 1 MyFamilyPlan, and the other 3 are independent numbers. Immediately I called customer support but all they did was to convert each of the 3 numbers into 3 separate MyFamily Plans each having only one number. They started charging me Rs 999 x 4 + tax = about 5000 per month. They are also charging over usage for data because we don't have a combined account to pool our data usage. I called and asked them to correct this numerous times to no avail. I sent them multiple emails but nothing was done. I sent them in writing in Courier but no use. Finally on January 31st I sent email to cancel 3 of the 5 numbers and got confirmation numbers also. I paid them more than 5000 rupees so far for 3 months which is more than I would have owed for 1 account that I had requested. However, Docomo call center calls me even today after I told them patiently for so many months what the problem was and that I do not owe them any money. They still want me to pay the rest of the incorrectly billed amount coming to about Rs. 2500. They call me separately for each of the 3 numbers. I even wrote to you ( on Feb 11, 2013. No response from them. Please resolve this as I am getting harrassing calls from Docomo demanding payment for all accounts. Thanks and Regards, Sivaram.

sandeep nandamuri

Posted On: 2013-04-23 21:10:34
hi this is sandeep. i was using a vodafone mobile with number 8886886814 since two years with a gprs plan of 300 per month. i thought of activating 3g account and called the customer care they took my request and deactivated my existing gprs plan without activating my 3g plan as requested. after 15 days i was asked to pay 3000 rupees for using data.i called the costumer care about this they say that there is no request for activation of 3g plan and they have deactivated my existing 2g plan. i never had any kind of message or call or email regarding deactivation of my 2g plan.when on repeated calling regarding why my 3g account was not activated after 15 days they say that they stopped providing new 3g connections.even this information was given to me on myself making many calls to the costumer care. the irony was first few calls where answered and i was told that my connection will be activated in 24hrs. vodafone guys have robbed 3000rs from me for using a deactivated account

debi prasad jain

Posted On: 2013-04-18 17:16:54
Dear Sir, I am DEBI PRASAD JAIN S/o SURESH KUMAR JAIN, Mobile No-9893282285, while going on my bike my sim was lost on dt. 15-apr-2013. When I go to airtel office they said that this number is registered in the name of M. R. Soman, Housing board, Bhilai from dt. 05/12/2009. I have using this number before dt. 09/09/2004 which is mention while aaplied airtel landline phone 0771-4068836. I have using the same number as postpaid from Jan 2006 to Dec 2009. I applied for transferring the same number from postpaid to prepaid On dt. 04/12/2009. Next day dt. 05/12/2009 , it is converted into prepaid but in the name of M. R. Soman,Bhilai Housing board, Bhilai instead of my name. This information I came to know on dt. 16/04/2013 when I lost the sim and go to airtel office. But the same number I am using till dt. 15-april 2013 (before lost) This number is attached with my ………….. 1. State Bank of India Bank Account, 2. Icici Bank Account ( A/c Number

dr adarsh b yadwad

Posted On: 2013-04-17 13:20:58

Elden Dcosta

Posted On: 2013-04-14 20:14:06
I have a 2G pack active on the above number which entitles me to 4Gb free usage for a month. Still airtel is deducting charges for data usage from the main balance. even though I have given various complaints at various levels from customer service to the appellate team over the last 2 months nearly Iam still to receive a resolution. PLEASE HELP

Tanmoy Ghosh

Posted On: 2013-04-14 20:06:49
Sir, I choosed a RIM No.8798115378 on 31 Dec 2012. Since 03 April 2013 I'm facing problem to make any outgoing call which is rejected with a dialouge "you have insufficient fund, please recharge your account." It's happening any time for any number. Whereas I'm having Rs.20.48 available in my account. Repeatedly I've contacted Reliance Customer Care on 03rd, 05th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10,th, 11th, 12th and 14th April. Everytime they assured me to rectify my problem. But all in vein. Now, I'm forcefully making this complain against Reliance Mobile Company for harrasing me without a valid reason and also not resolving my problem. Kindly help me out by taking necessary steps against the said company and make me free from mental harrasment. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours faithfully, Tanmoy Ghosh

punit doshi

Posted On: 2013-04-13 22:55:13
I, Punit A. Doshi, am holding a postpaid account with Vodafone Ltd. In Nov 2011, i had taken blackberry yearly unlimited data usage plan for 4999/- that was to expire in Oct 2012. Normally company informs the user through either sms, e-mail or phone call. I was never informed about the same.And in the next bill they send me data usage charges of Rs. 600/- which i find to be illegitimate. I had several calls and exchanged emails with them and was promised reversal of Rs. 600/-. It has been more than 5 months now i have not yet received the reversal. They have activated announcements on my phone and I feel being harassed and cheated. Can I find permanent solution for the problem please?


Posted On: 2013-04-13 12:02:06
1.I was given a free compliment Reliance SIM card which i didnt activate at all. But im getting bills for the same. Have complained the same in the Customer care no also. What should i do on this ?? 2.I had a Reliance landline. Suddenly even after paying the billsthe landline was not working.I registered complained with the customer care and there was no proper response from them. Finally i called them up and i asked them to disconnect the same.But they didnt turnup. But even after one year im receiving bills for the same and no response from the customer care on this issue. What should i do??


Posted On: 2013-04-12 12:12:14
Sir/Madam, My name is Dipankar Roy & my address is B/213, Patuli, Garia, and Kolkata-700094. On 7th November 2012 I have purchase 02 no’s Videocon DTH Set from Great Eastern Trading Co. at Garia branch for Rs.1400,Vat No-19451500017,Tax Cash Memo No-12/1213/15014,Workorder No is 13967273 & 13967927 & Model No. is 1111-U.My D2H customer ID is 80989397 On 12.04.2013 morning at 10:30AM I have found that no signal was came from any channel. So I have take a call to D2H customer care for create a complain (09250092500).Customer care representative are receive my call & booked the complaint. My complain ID is 163002953. After this I have call my local technician mobile no. (9804529959-SUJOY) who was installed D2H at my home. I don’t know where there is local office. I have told him that type no signal problem but he was said that he was not able to do anything, only customer care can solve my problem, he can’t come & disconnect the phone. After this I have call him again but always call fou

Aniket Fasate

Posted On: 2013-04-11 14:35:24
Dear Team, This is w.r.t. my Reliance 3G mobile number 9022934169. I had given a termination notice on March 16, 2013. The number should have got disconnected on March 23, 2013 i,e. within 7 calendar days according to Reliance Communicaation's policy. However, the company has billed me till April 10, 2013.


Posted On: 2013-04-09 19:50:40
I was a Tata Docomo customer. As I have to go to BITS Hyderabad campus regularly and other than Idea all other network operators signals are low in BITS campus, I moved over to IDEA using MNP on 16th FEB 2013. I got a note from Idea for clearing the Rs 163/- to DOCOMO to maintain my connection with IDEA. I went to DOCOMO centre and wanted to clear my bill , but they didn't have the number to take the payment as number was closed on DOCOMO side. As I was getting reminders from IDEA, used my old ICICI net payment scheme to pay for the Rs. 163. ( as it was also appearing against the BILL PAY amount) on 31st March . I had a successful transaction. I hoped the credit to TATA DOCOMO will relieve me of the hassles. But, IDEA went on sending reminders as mail, SMS and calls. I told the person who called me about the amount regarding the net payment and wanted him to verify with DOCOMO. He said, he will make the conference call with DOCOMO person and himself to verify the transaction. But, n


Posted On: 2013-04-08 17:00:34
Tata indicom is charging extra money in my plan under the name of service charges, when contact them they said they are charging the same in all the plans btu it is only on my plan i have checkthe same with my frnds. now thy are not replying or saying anything. need justification 2 omnth mental harrasment. charging extra

Prateek Dhawan

Posted On: 2013-04-07 23:56:41
I am using a corporate connection of Vodaphone whose number is 9721213451. Last month when I received my bill I found I was charged in excess for my internet and message service. I made a complaint regarding the same to customer care and even dropped an email message for the same, but haven't got any replied from there side. I haven't paid my bill because of this issue and the company din't bother to look after the matter and they barred there services because of which I suffered a financial loss which cost more than 50000 INR. Kindly look into the matter and get the same resolved and help me in clamming my compensation for the same.

rohit gaur

Posted On: 2013-04-07 22:04:03
I recharged up my mobile (no.9015306794) using erechrge. Site url is i got a message taht my phone is recharged up with a one month promotional balance of 101 Rs. and 1 gb free dtaa usage fr one month.... But I dint got the balance nor the internet usage.WhenI called custmercare of reliance they said that no. talktime and free data wd be given to you because the reachrge is only fr the new reliance users... I even aserted that there's no such information or condition is given on such recharge on the site mentioned above.they responded like dumb and said they cant help me refund out my money...... so wt should i do now??? should i file a case against treliance communications or should file RTI...or if any other thing can work then do let me know....

Wayne Dsouza

Posted On: 2013-04-07 12:46:01
Duped of Rs 4663 by Idea Cellular Ltd

Gulam Kibriya Siddiqui

Posted On: 2013-04-06 18:56:28
Dear sir/madam I m using reliance communication cdma sim which mobile 9323700157. I want to convert my operator to idea telecom.I have submitted my documents to idea gallery two times in 15days but till nowmy operator not changed. I am talking to reliance call center but they are not giving proper answer and holding my call 45 minutes.and not picking first (rejected) porting code request no.rm476813.and current porting request rm495195 valid till 13april. So do your best.

sunny kumar ramnath jha

Posted On: 2013-04-06 18:20:42

Shekhar Kejriwal

Posted On: 2013-04-06 13:23:32
Am using Airtel services and have not been delivered the promise made by a customer execuive. Am also not receiving any response from airtel's end.


Posted On: 2013-04-04 11:40:26
Its regarding Sudden lapse of balance,and then negative feedback by the company executives.I have A Reliance connection no. (9017375545)which i have recharged on 29/03/2013 and my balance(main acc+ gprs data)suddenly lapse on night of 30/03/2013.then I registered the problem to the customer care executive(Prblm No.-76979442). But now they are giving zero response.

Samay Raj Jain

Posted On: 2013-04-04 11:19:49
This is with reference to the bill generated of mobile no:-8007654047 for the month ending on 11/3/13 of rs. 877.In the above mentioned bill the amount charged for gprs usage is in excess by rs. 310.for excess usage.I have opted for a plan wherein i have been allowed to use 600 3g mb data freely whereas the usage for the above mentioned period was only 568 mb as per the system generated messages sent to me by idea.I have mailed about same issue to idea communications but no action was taken by them. My usage of gprs data was based on these messages only and all the messages have been shown by me to the representative at idea store but still no action so far is taken.

Harsh Sarda

Posted On: 2013-04-03 17:35:15
Respected Sir, My name is Harsh Sarda. I reside in Mumbai. I had taken digital television from Airtel in year 2010. My customer number at Airtel is 3002682016. Due to problem in receiving signals, I have not recharged my digital television account since last few months. In February 2013, Airtel had told me that they would give me Rs. 1000 towards return of set top box and remote to them. Then, I have returned my set top box and remote to Airtel. But now Airtel is not giving Rs. 1000 to me towards return of set top box and remote. Also Airtel is not giving back to me, my set top box and remote so that I can use it in future. Kindly order Airtel to give me Rs. 1000 or give me my set top box back for my future use. Also, kindly order Airtel to pay compensation for the inconvenience caused to me. Thanks. Yours faithfully, CA Harsh Sarda Mobile – 9867214788 Address - 203/A, Arunoday Towers, 16 SPS Marg, Kokan Nagar, Bhandup (west), Mumbai - 400078, Maharashtra, India

Nitin anand

Posted On: 2013-04-02 22:29:29
Sir, I had visited Reliance Communication outlet in Navi Mumbai and requested to recharge Pre-Paid Broadban connection by Rs.255 , they charged me for the same amount and after 2-3 days I had not received any balance in my net connection , I re-visited their outlet, they confirmed that balance is not updated ,they checked and requested to refund my amount later as that time they were not having cash of Rs.255 , I again went to their outlet after 2-3 days , their boss said he has not received any excess amount from his salesgirl who do recharges ,so he can't refund my amount of Rs.255 and informed that Reliance does not have policy to refund if the number given is not active. Kindly advise I want to take it strongly with them , they can play with consumer money .


Posted On: 2013-04-02 18:55:22
Sir i have brought a micromax phone before six month , with in one month there have a problem to start coming in my phone it restart itself and hang regular.Then i go to micromax mobile costumer care and handover my phone two times for resolve this issue but they have not rectify this issue and told me that we can not resolve this issue because this type problem in all same model phone. In my regular follow up they always repeate this answer again and again. sir kindly guide to me how i submit my complaint in consumer forum.

Subhash Patil

Posted On: 2013-04-02 11:09:59
I had purchased 3 data cards from MTS in Maharashtra. Now MTS has stopped their service in Maharashtra, what should we do ? Also I had purchased a new connection just a month before the decision.

Parth Nagori

Posted On: 2013-03-30 03:00:10
I had done a recharge of Rs. 215 on my vodafone network phone on 27 th march. I chose to recharge with 215 Rs. as it was my best deal offer where i woul;d be eligible for full recharge balance of 215 Rs.. But on recharging the same amount I received a balance of Rs. 188 only. Vodafone did not provide the remaining balance of 27 Rs. which i was eligible of. Please address my issue & resolve the same asap.


Posted On: 2013-03-26 12:04:12
Vodafone fraudently activated Internet service on my Mob 9811546464 at their own and imposed 399/-+Service Tax as monthly rent. I have paid my genuine bill 0f 350/-. Now they are threarening to disconnect. I am senior citizen, Kindly get it resolve and oblige.


Posted On: 2013-03-23 23:52:20
DEAR ALL, THIS is Shaikh FAIYAZUDDIN.MY MOB: NO IS 9321519671. my complaint no. is (200355128, 197063246, 196406896) MY ISSUE IS THAT I HAVE COMLAINT MANY TIMES TO RELIANCE CUSTOMER CARE ABOUT HIS WEAK NETWORK AT MY CITY since DECEMBER 2012 month.Iunable to make a call in one try i have to call many times and then call will go .AFTER 4 TO 5 TRY CALL WILL GO..AND SOUND ALSO GETING CUT. I HAVE COMPLAINT TO RELIANCE CUSTomer CARE BUT THEY ARE JUST COMMITED TO ME AND NOT GIVING ME RESOLUTIN SINCE 3 MONTH.ITS NOT ONLY MY PROBLEM MY WHOLE CITY GETTING SUFFER.and NO one ready to listen mein customer care .Reliance customer care is very worst and talking with me arrrogantly .and always give me a reason that we have forward complaint to technical team. but there is no satisfactory answer i got from them . as iam post paid customer last 2 and half year why should i suffer sir.I believe in U that u will solve this issue .SO Plese LOOK INTO MATTER AND DO THE NEEDFUL.PLZ SOLVE MY PROBLEM.

R giri

Posted On: 2013-03-23 13:30:05
broadband connection is not working since last couple of months


Posted On: 2013-03-19 23:16:26
Airtel prepaid cheating in tarrif related, wrong information given since 9 months from customer care 198

Nilesh Jadhav

Posted On: 2013-03-19 15:05:53
I am using a postpaid GSM connection of BSNL in Maharashtra.I HAVE ACTIVATED A PLAN OF 200 THAT gives 4GB in night and 4GB in day for a month.but what happen is there is no facility to check differently the DAY or night usage,What show is the total usage.i had given complain about 2-3 times that i am not getting the msg for how much usage i hav done,but they are not responding.what can i do now . this month i have got 2400/- bill which i cannot pay.

Harish Gupta

Posted On: 2013-03-19 12:29:15
I observed some time back that my balance was being eaten up. I called customer care and asked if any service was active for my number for which they replied there wasn't any. I was not getting any message or pop up regarding the deduction. I logged on to my airtel and checked my last 5 transaction and I found a service named "Easy Search" eating up 1.5 Rs of mine almost everyday. I again called the customer care. The person told my to hold on and never responded. I tried to call customer care again but the call did not get connected. From then on I am not able to contact customer care. I raised an SR online regarding this customer care call problem which has been closed by Airtel but I am still not able to contact CC. This deduction is happening everyday and there is no way for me to stop this. So I can easily assume that "Airtel" is "looting" me. Please clear things up.

Kapil Mahajan

Posted On: 2013-03-12 00:32:30
I am Kapil Mahajan, yesterday night this was the fourth time in past two months that a caller tune has been activated on my mobile number +91-9030497814. I tried a lot to reach out to customer care and wasted two hours in the process, it also got connected to two of the executives but they also seems to be least bothered about my issue. It got charged me Rs. 45 for the service which I have never opted for. Request you to refund the amount ASAP. Thanks & Regards Kapil Mahajan


Posted On: 2013-03-11 17:30:36
I was not purchased a Reliance 3G Datacard at all. and i got the bill by the name of mine TARUN MEHRA at my mentioned address. I complained about the same to Reliance and they said a compliant cannot be lodged as there was some network i send to on mail but they are not given any response. On the 23rd feb 2013 they finally lodged my complaint via 198754201. they committed over there the TAT of this complaint is 5 days. And they said they'll inform the local network team to work on it. Till 11th march nothing was resolved and I escalated my complaint to Appellate Authority, Delhi/NCR . In their response mail it was informed that the issue will be resolved with 5 days. Nothing happened again. Since then I have been calling up the Appellate Authority and all I get to hear is the network team has not responded. I have called up more than 7 times since 23rd feb 2013 .

ganesh gaikwad

Posted On: 2013-03-07 12:43:08
dish tv complain vcno 01512623890 connection band keya gaya hai


Posted On: 2013-03-05 12:43:22
R/Sir I am Neeraj fron hisar (haryana) my BSNL no. is 9466009668 and bsnl is deducting a lot of money by starting unwanted services by their own, even after calling their toll free no they don't stop it.they only say that u have asked for this service. pl do some thing to stop this type of illegal theft of customer's money.

Achint Aggarwal

Posted On: 2013-03-03 19:46:17
I got the international roaming service activated on my postpaid airtel mobile in mid June 2012 and got it deactivated subsequently in mid Sep-2012. I was slated to receive my refundable deposit of Rs 3000/- by 10th Oct 2012from Airtel. But after doing numerous followups, sending repeated customer service requests and making innumerable phone calls to customer care service I have not received my refund. I intend to claim my refund besides pressing for charges in delaying the payment, violating their commitment and causing undue inconvenience to their long time customer.

Amity Arora

Posted On: 2013-03-01 19:07:09
I bought a Samsung mobile phone -Galaxy S-plus i9001(imei- 357160047047163) on 10-03-12.But the phone is not working properly from the day I purchase the mobile.Many times I go to Samsung Customer care Centre but the phone is as it is till date. Every time Customer care executive told me that the Mobile is OK but after 2-3 days the mobile is in same condition as it is earlier. Plz look into the matter as my mobile's warranty is going to expire.

Mir Siyam

Posted On: 2013-02-27 20:14:57
I have recharged Rs. 98 on 21st Feb 2013.... but i haven't got a benefit of 1GB GPRS data in my account yet...... i wanna put this complaint against Vodafone J&K circle.... i called up customer executive for this issue... but they said it will be solved in 2-3 days.... m waiting since 21st Feb 2013..... but no outcome is available.... plz plz pay some attention to my complaint....


Posted On: 2013-02-27 12:27:25
I purchased a Reliance 3G Datacard on the 12th October 2012. I was not getting the 3G network at the above mentioned address. The speed I was getting was about 10 - 60 kbps at any time of the day which is even below 2G speeds. I complained about the same to Reliance and they said a compliant cannot be lodged as there was some network error. On the 19th Oct they finally lodged my complaint via SR no 189979726. On 23rd Oct, I received a call from their network team. And they said they'll inform the local network team to work on it. Till 31th Oct nothing was resolved and I escalated my complaint to Appellate Authority, Delhi/NCR via SR No 190675650. In their response mail it was informed that the issue will be resolved with 5 days. Nothing happened again. Since then I have been calling up the Appellate Authority and all I get to hear is the network team has not responded. I have called up more than 7 times since 31st Oct. On 22nd Nov when I called the appellate again, the executive said t

Achint Aggarwal

Posted On: 2013-02-26 14:28:48
Hi, I had activated international roaming on my airtel mobile in June 2012 against a fully refundable deposit of Rs 3000/- and got it cancelled in Sept 2012 subsequently. Till date I have not received any refund from Airtel despite numerous followups. I would like to take up this matter legally in order to settle the ensuing harassment and refund claims against the company.


Posted On: 2013-02-21 23:57:33
mobile no :9844142509 is subcribed of idea network in karnataka circle . I had made an online recharge of 1000 rs on 14-02-2013 and got the balance of 1100 rs and on 21-02-2013 balance in my mobile was 140 rs . when i contacted regarding deductions there was weak response .

Anshuman Dike

Posted On: 2013-02-21 10:43:27
I have given a request for port on 11 feb 2013 . I have submitted all document to Vodafone but nothing has happened till now. I am surprised that I had told 7 days is the time . but till now 10 days are over . I would like to discontinue airtel and start Vodafone.

Meher Dehnugara

Posted On: 2013-02-20 13:29:55
To, Gujarat State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, AHEMDABAD – 380009 & Navsari District Forum Navsari I would like to inform you that a complaint against Bharti AIrtel Ltd for harassment and mental touture for the following matter. I was book online three complaint from my airtel number 09725335548 & 09725366884 last year on 15 Jan 2012 but till date not single feedback from airtel. Complains List:- 1) Change Billing Address:- I was personally go in your customer office in Navsari, Gujarat on 15 Jan-12 and fill up the form & provide all document proof , As per customer exclusive verbal statement in 72 hours your addres will be changer in airtel system but till date they are not be update. After 1.5 month i was again go to in your office and ask for my address change but that time they said us “Our navsari branch system not working so we are send your form in our surat office they will be change in 3 days but till date not change in airtel system. I am counties call b

Ravi Ghalaut

Posted On: 2013-02-18 06:47:32
Hi Below is a summary for my complaint 1. Validity of my number 9729221058 got ended and i was advised by customer first to recharge with Rs.5 but not successfull. 2. Then Senior team advised me to have a recharge of 350 which happened successfuly but server shows it happened for 348 while dealer and myself did for 350 and got message for 350 only. 3. Lodging a complaint(no. 3021548402200) at dealers helpline though confirmed verbally that it was done for 350, but query did not resolved till 12:00PM on 17th Feb. which was the scheduled resolved date for my query. 4. Now Still I am unable to reach my family over phone and I am compelled to move to another mobile operator as things are not getting done at airtel end. 5. I tried using mail utility for lodging an online complaint from airtel’s online portal but it’s not working. Kindly reply ASAP.

Viren P. Shah

Posted On: 2013-02-16 19:20:09
Dear Sir/madam I brought two reliance postpaid sim cards( no. 9699994399/9699995399) from riddhi siddhi largest reliance dsa. on 19/9/2012. Receipt no is 1399 and i paid 300 each for both cards. After some days my 9699995399 no. was not activated by reliance co. and i loard complain in customer care at 7-8 times and reliance co. senior executive told me that u can make police complain. normally you think that no one want to go to police for this amt. and i don't know how many customer face this problem my complain no is 194221743, 195364562 on 3/01/2013, 196026357 on 13/01/13 reciver aditi,195190919 on 31/12/12, 196769044 on 23/1/13 rec. saurabh gupta. they finally told that they will not refund amt. which given to company. i request you to look in to this matter and give fastest decision seller detail: Riddhi Siddhi, Shop No 7, 2nd Floor, Saikunj Building, Near Kohinoor Electronics, Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar Road, Dadar East, Mumbai-400014. +912231900002 +919321232323 thank you vire

naveen kodan

Posted On: 2013-02-16 08:31:53
tata docomo company deduct my 99 rs... on 15 feb 2013 and refused to refund my balance and they had it many times earlier also.........

Ignatius Albuquerque

Posted On: 2013-02-15 14:10:54
Am unable to access both 2G and 3G services of Idea 3even though I had paid Rs 98 and Rs 249 for prepaid plans some time back.

Bhaskar Kumar Kar

Posted On: 2013-02-13 17:08:54
Dear Concern, I Bhaskar Kumar Kar had taken two post paid sim vide Ph No: 8687790001 and Ph:8687790002. But since I got transfered to another location I was bound to surrender the same. One of your executive Mr Shahnawaz collection officer at Kareli Allahabad -UP Branch (Contact No:9305590582) contacted me and assisted me in getting the full and final payment done. I made Rs1300/- as full and final payment where the executive had given a receipt of Rs 543/- vide Bill No:UP/ALHB/12-13/1039257 Dated:21-09-2012 And the rest was told that the same would be adjusted in your bill statement and final bill will be generated. I did closed my Sim with immediate effect, but still when I did received the bills on the Phone Nos I met the Reliance Office, the executive at Allahabad Office told that only Rs 900/- was deposited and rest they are not knowing anything. When I complained there manager he said that executive was from third Party vendor and they are not responsible for the same. Please suggest 1- I was cheated and forgery has done with me by Reliance Communication executive what action are you taking? 2-Why do you hire people of whom responsibly is not take (Such a coveted company and saying such silly reply)? 3-Immediately reverse my bills and close my account with the settlement date (ie-21-09-2012) .? 4- Action should be taken against erring staff. I am providing you one week time after which FIR will be lodged against the executive with reference to your Company and Branch. Also if my case is not taken care of I will move to Consumer Court and PG Cell. As I have closed my SIm card, please contact me on my Phone:9839098323 (In evidence I have the executive signed receiving of my application and payment done to him, also the payment receipt of Rs543/-)


Posted On: 2013-02-12 17:43:51
With due regards I would like to submit that I bought a Tata photon netsetter card in May 2010 from the aforementioned address and was promised services at Katghora, Chattisgarh and I got the services till October 10 , 2012 after which the network in the above mentioned area was shutdown abruptly , without any prior notice.The plaint is regarding the failure of services for which I took due measures to talk to the customer care in the same month to register a complaint for the issue and was provided with the information that it was a temporary failure occurring due to network optimization work undergoing then and that there was no need of registering any complaint. But on non-performance on their part I again raised a complaint on 15th November 2012 and was allotted a service request number-SR198 type trouble ticket "335898087" for photon number 9203605807 stating that the resolution would be done by 17th November 2012.Forthwith, I received a sms on my alternate number 9826421549 stat

Hemant sharma

Posted On: 2013-02-11 19:17:25
Sir mera mera mobile kho gaya tha fir maine wahi no nikalvane ke liye application isea care main die or all document submitt kar diye hai maine 02-02-2013 ko submitte kiye the unhone mujhe new sim di per vo abhi tak activate nahi kiya or koi response bhi nahi de rahe hai so please aap meri help karen. Thanks & regards Hemant sharma

Prateek Sinha

Posted On: 2013-02-11 01:11:42
I went for online recharge on reliance site for Rs34 which promised 100sms/day for 30 days but after recharge it showed a total 400 sms for whole 30 days. I contacted the customer care and asked them to refund it but they refused

supritha kotian

Posted On: 2013-02-07 20:37:30
Hi, I had purchased a vodafone number - 9820166729 in the month of Oct. When i had purchased this new number I had been advised by your executives that i have been given the same plan (as requested) which i was using in my old number i.e - 1. Monthly rental of Rs.199. 2. Internet plan 3G of Rs. 100 3. Sms pack of Rs.35 But when i checked my bill for this number unfortunately i wasnt given the Internet & SMS pack instead was given the zero rental internet plan due to which my bill was high. Also i had visited the vodafone gallery of Thane, an executive i met with (Mr Pritam) dafted an email to his senior for reversal of the Internet charges but nothuing was done. Finally on 24th of Jan i received a call from vodafone saying that we are giving you a discount of Rs. 900 (approx), please make payment of o/s amount of Rs.1200/- & we will disconnect the number. (Email available) I had made the payment but today i again got call from vodafone saying that i have to make payment of another Rs.900/-. I have stopped using this number since 17th Dec but still the number is not disconnected & this service providers are calling me almost every day asking me to make payment. I feel cheated. Unncessarily i had made payment of Rs.1400/- in all even though i have not used this number more than 1 and a half month. Please help me with this. Regards, Supritha Kotian


Posted On: 2013-02-06 17:48:03
I want to file complaint and seek compensation with consumer forum/court against IdeaCellular for charging for undesired services, and another complaint and compensation against Bharati Airtel for overcharging for Internet services. But Supreme Court, in its judgement in GM Telecom vs M Krishnan case, has barred consumer courts from giving relief in telecom matters. Please advise way out or do something. Reply awaited.

Ashish Kumar

Posted On: 2013-02-05 19:08:23
unauthorised balance deduction by aircel. on sunday i had balance of about 46 rs and i was using internet. i had activated internet pack. company deducted my all balance and didnt send any msg about this. on calling to customer they do not tell clearly about balance deduction. my aircel no-8804090578


Posted On: 2013-02-02 20:00:02
Dear Sir, I would like to inform you that I had purchase one Olive Touch screen mobile Model - VG300 vide your delivery Note No. 59000415331/14-06 dated 14.6.2012, Order No. 2870826 Invoice No. 2492 dated 14.6.2012 of ( H.S. DISTRIBUTORS, JAIPUR). Now, I just used for around two months only, it stopped getting charged. Unfortunately I could not locate the bill and copy of delivery, and without which i knew tht your service centre people will not entertain. Luckily now I got the copy of bill and other documents and approached your service centre at Uttam Nagar. That person took the handset into the workshop and after 15 minutes he cam out saying it cannot be repaired because some the part where we insert the charge is broken. One thing is not clear, since it is under warranty period I have not opened the set or tried to do something but how could it get break, that too inside the set. Otherwise he should have opened the set in front of me. Finally he had given the set back to me

kumar gaurav

Posted On: 2013-02-02 02:51:14
Sir/Madam With great sorrow i have to inform that the Reliance has adopted a very adapt method of cheating its customers. In last 2 days i have been cheated around Rs 250 by Reliance communication. My two specific complaints are as follows: 1) Today (01/02/2013) I Recharged sms pack of Rs 18 from Reliance website . The website informs that sms pack of Rs 18 gives benefit of 50 sms/day for 30 days.However, after clearing it from customer care executive I got to know that I will only get 180 sms for entire month. That is nothing but pure cheating and fraud where u are conveying something and offering nothing. The customer executive then says that they can not do anything regarding this. 2) My another complaint is regarding GPRS Data pack recharge of Rs 97. Again I got it recharged online through Reliance website. The benefit offered was 300 MB of data with a validity of 30 days. However, once 300 MB Data is finished, there is no alert/msg from Reliance that your data is finished. Also f


Posted On: 2013-01-31 19:45:53
I want to port my Idea number 9873668607 In Vodafone and I call to Vodafone helpline for send executive to collect my documents and I submit all related documents to Vodafone executive on 19-01-2013 with port ID235723 but I received a sms on 28-01-2012 Your Porting request ID235723 dated 28-01-2013 has been rejected by your current operator due to there are subsisting contractual obligation from the subscriber agreement. from Vodafone. I already clear my all Unbilled amount and I have not done any agreement with Idea. This is not first time I already submit port request to Vodafone on 08-12-2012 that time also reject. This is my personal number and It is register on my Name before port I use this number In JBM Vodafone Corporate . I Port this number in Idea in July 2011 Now I want to move again in Vodafone but This time I am not able to understand the reason behind the rejection of my porting request. So Please help to port out I don't want to continue my number with Idea .

Ritesh Jhamnani

Posted On: 2013-01-31 13:54:04
Hi, I submitted the application for number portability from Reliance to Idea on 16th Jan'13 and they told me that it would happen in next 7 working days. Its been 15 days and still my no is not ported to the Idea network. And on top of it, my no has been inactive for past 2-3 days. Everytime I call Idea staff (dont know if they are permanent or DST) they tell me it is in process and will be activated soon. Today again I called Ms Harsha (whom I was in touch with as the executive who filled my form, Mr Brijesh has switched off his mobile phone from past 7-8 days) and she said that I will check and let you know. When I asked her which DST she works for, she immediately disconnected the phone and didn't pick it again). Then I called Mr Kartik Sharma (I spoke to him once few days back when Harsha was not able to give me any timeline), some other lady Swati picked the call and said that he is busy. I think they all work in a DST called CS Creative in Pitampura, Delhi. Pls act


Posted On: 2013-01-23 17:27:28
Hi, Data Card no: 8595174900 Service Provider: Reliance Communication I have bought a new connection of Reliance Data Card 2 months ago, And also received the bill of 417/- amount... and i had made the payment on time(16/01/2013). But today a man came to my home in my absence and he said to my sister in law that "Pradeep has not made the payment for my reliance data card data card no:(8595174900)... say to him if he will not pay then we can do something wrong with him... samja dena usko main phir aaunga type words he had used". After that i have made a call to reliance customer care and tell them about...But they are saying that they don't have any registered reliance no.: 8595174900 and they can not write a complaint for the same. I am attaching all the document i have received from reliance. Please find proof/Documents on following URLs: 1. Bill - I have Received for the Same Data Card No on 8 Jan 2013.

Bhaskar Joshi

Posted On: 2013-01-22 19:54:48
Dear Sir/Mam, I recharged my mobile(Mob. no. 9425961119) with 250Rs. voucher in which i have to get 250 Rs. balance and 1 GB 3G internet and unlimited 2G internet for one month but i only got balance without internet. I called customer care for solution but they don't response to me and misbehave with me and said to go to tata docomo outlet, i went to all tata docomo outlets (orbit mall, Y.N. road & appolo square at indore) but their worker said we can't solve the problem and say we can't help you and give such irresponsible answer to to me.


Posted On: 2013-01-22 17:15:54
I sent my servant to pay my bill on 15/01/2013 in a vodafone mini store. After 15/01/2013 they started the tape before every call I made informing me about my bill and that I am yet to pay it. I called the customer care executive and the tape stopped however on 22/01/2013 they disconnected my services on a working day. I went straight to the vodafone main store in prabhadevi where I was told that the money has not yet been updated and that the bill doesnt have a vodafone logo on it hence it is not a Vodafone Mini Store. I then visited the mini store where my servant had paid the money. I find the store to have a Vodafone Mini store board with a Vodafone executive sitting there in Vodafone "happy to help" uniform who informs me that the bill has been updated on 15 th January 2013 itself from their side. So where is my money? Its not with the mini store and it has not reached Vodafone? They are simply harrassing me.

Amitesh Mishra

Posted On: 2013-01-10 15:25:20
Dear Sir, We have paid the bill amount(1650rs)on 29/10/2012 to the associate "AANANYA ASSOCIATES" but "AANANYA ASSOCIATES KHANDSA ROAD NEAR HEMA ENGG., OPP. SECT-10A HUDDA MARKET GURGAON MOB. 9971599700" is not paying the bill amount to AIRTEL. Please help us.

sunil ranjan chakrabarty

Posted On: 2013-01-03 10:57:05
Tata Teleservices Limited November 22, 2012 C/O, Videsh Sanchar Bhawan, Camp Office- 1/18 CIT Scheme, VII M, Ultadanga, Kolkata – 700054 Dear Sirs, This is to inform you that the undersigned had a TATA INDICOM CDMA Prepaid Mobile No. 9231513522 operational till November 08, 2012. After disconnection on 9th Nov. 2012 I informed your Mr. Sakya Singha Rath at Saltlake City Center E Block-003, Sector 1, Kolkata-700064 on 14th Nov. when he advised me to contact your sales centre RAJANIGANDHA at Sodepur. While talking to RAJANIGANDHA owner on 17th Nov. 2012 we were informed that all formalities concerning restoration of dead lines are being handled by Saltlake City Center office. Accordingly the undersigned along with his father Sri Sunil Ranjan Chakrabarty met Mr. Sakya Singha Rath at Saltlake City Center office on 20th Nov. 2012 and we were surprised to hear from Rath that my mobile number 9231513522 has been deleted as the deadline has expired. It is very much shocking that Mr. Rath or RAJANIGANDHA people did not inform us the deadline for restoration of disconnected line on 14th November 2012 and 17th Nov. 2012 respectively when we met them. The No. is very important to me as it was given to various institutions etc. It needs to be said here that the validity of the phone is till 2021 and Rs. 500.00 was paid as power and had a balance of Rs. 70.00 or so to my credit. Mr. Rath advised me to take a post paid line, and then only he can reactivate the specified No. Ultimately we were forced to accept this proposal against our will. Since I am using this line since 2004 I shall earnestly request your good self to look into the matter for restoring the line with all facilities that were prevailing till 8th of November 2012. Thanks and regards, Yours faithfully, SOUMYA CHAKRABORTY MOBILE NO. 9874309163 CHANDITALA BYE-LANE P.O. SODEPUR, KOLKATA – 700110

Shoban Badgujar

Posted On: 2013-01-02 15:43:44
I purchased an Airtel GPRS internet pack of Rs.98/- on 2/1/2013 at Pune from a local retailer.He took Rs.100/-.He charged Rs.2/- extra for no reason whatsoever.I demanded a cash memo for Rs.100/-.Instead he only gave me a receipt for Rs98/-.His behaviour too was very rude.His address is as follows: Nilanjan Enterprises, 504 Sadashiv Peth, Near Hatti Ganapati, Pune 411030. Ph.09822279979,09850499381


Posted On: 2012-12-23 15:19:12
I have been charged about Rs 1500 by Airtel for 3 services I had not activated. I have spoken to their Customer Care supervisor and they refuse to refund my money.

Deepak Bhatia

Posted On: 2012-12-17 23:02:25


Posted On: 2012-12-17 21:38:48
Hi, I requested for UNLIMITED 3G plan. but still my data consumption was charged. and they are justifying that i no where mentioned for Unlimited plan in my mail. But i have clearly specified that i need a Unlimied plan. Also i am frequently getting calls and msg's from VODAFONE to pay the bill. which am not liable for. Mental harrasment from VODAFONE Rgds Selva

Samuli Salminen

Posted On: 2012-12-16 22:48:22
I bought a prepaid mobile and internet connection from Reliance about four weeks ago (mobile number: 9555625497). I provided all the necessary documents, and visited the store even once more, but my connections are not still working. Is this some kind of policy of Reliance to collect cash from foreigners but not to provide any service!? Concerned reliance store: Reliance World , Vasant Vihar , Delhi Phone: (011)30629991 Address: 40, Community Centre, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar, Delhi- 110057


Posted On: 2012-12-14 11:32:39
complaint against reliance GSM MP circle


Posted On: 2012-12-14 11:31:44
My complaints against reliance GSM services in MP. Not availement of services inspite of amount deducted.


Posted On: 2012-12-07 01:02:22
Document submit Airtel zordial hous 3 times and 4 times in viramgam airtel office but still not confom my document and they delet my card 3 times without any information me ane when i call they tell me that you submit a new document what i can do for this pleas i have all document set no. Who i attech my document pleas Not my no. 9428804825

Nilesh Dasadiya

Posted On: 2012-12-06 17:15:57
Document submit Airtel zordial hous 3 times and 4 times in viramgam airtel office but still not confom my document and they delet my card 3 times without any information me ane when i call they tell me that you submit a new document what i can do for this pleas i have all document set no. Who i attech my document pleas do something for my document Not my no. 9428804825


Posted On: 2012-12-05 23:04:39
I have Tatadocomo connection, for which the bill is coming on by wife name. This number was originally on my name in CDMA connection. It's been ore then 3 months since I have requested Tatadocomo to change this to my name but still the issue is not resolved. I have send more then 20 emails. They are taking time to resolve the issue but meanwhile they have barred the outgoing calls. First, they did not resolve the problem on time, Now they are taking ttime o resolve the issue but why I should suffer? Please docomo all have take common man for granted. Please do the needful. I have also send multiple emails to

Ravi Shankar

Posted On: 2012-12-05 01:10:21
Dear Sir/Madam I am Ravi Shankar, from New Thippasandra, Bangalore. I have raised a billing issue with your Tata Docomo customer service team long time back and the same has not been resolved satisfactorily. This, despite my continuous calls to the customer care every now & then. I need to mention few people responsible for this, which I have done in my mail dt.04.Jul.2012. Pls be aware that I have notified my billing issue (complaint reference as above) immediately upon receipt of bill and is still not resolved amicably. The bill which is in dispute pertains to the month of Jun12, which had a due date on 04.Jul.2012. I have received a goofed-up bill of Rs.3784 which is simply super exorhibitantly cooked up. These usage & the charges did not seem to be of mine at all. Hence, I have raised a complaint over phone with customer care. I sincerely want to bring to your notice that I am a loyal customer of Tata Docomo, and if you may check in the past, I would have never defaulted or delayed on my payments in my three years of service utilization. Basis my past experience, I have never had such a pathetic service from any other Service Provider. Also, this is not the first time that I get such kind of response. I have had already few bitter experiences with Tata Docomo. Certainly, not an expected service from Tata family. This only spoils the reputation of the brand. Tata Docomo team has given me enough pressures and tension to me in the last five months. I have literally lost my mental peace & agony with such disturbances. There is a lot of loss on my side in terms-- of time, mental health, effort, money on calls (as every call takes about 20-25mins to reach your exec). What not! Since this complaint was not provided with appropriate resolution, I would like to seriously escalate this billing issue with your good self and take it forward for further scrutiny. Looking forward to your immediate action and a fair decision to safeguard the interests of the customer. Thanks. Regards Ravi Shankar.

D J Dutta Ray

Posted On: 2012-12-04 08:57:37
I have a BSNL post paid mobile connection(No. 9443149875) since 2005. The last six months I am receiving bills with hefty deduction against premium calls. I have lodged complaint with BSNL regarding this asking them to furnish with details of the calls such made but without any response. BSNL seems to ignore consumer interest. I have no other means but to seek your help. Please help me from paying extra against ghost calls.

Dr. Bushra Naz

Posted On: 2012-12-01 16:30:23
I have a complaint on harassment against Airtel mobile company. I had applied for a post-paid connection. The representative of company visited my home and took 300 Rs. as activation charge and gave a Sim Card with allotted number 8800543666.Number activated on 22nd November 2012 and finally I came to know they activate this no.8800099219 instead of allotted Number 8800543666.just after activation i have got a bill of 351.54 Rs on the very same day. I tried to call customer care many time. Every time they gave me different excuses like they are upgrading their system so they can’t check my detail etc. Till that day I received 5-6 massage from airtel that your bill is 1500 or 1200, pls pay it otherwise we will discontinue your services. Now today on 01-12-2012 my outgoing calls are barred and I still have got same massage that my bill is 1200.So kindly resolve this issue on my fervor. thanks


Posted On: 2012-11-27 20:25:26
My salary Pending from last 6 month against PVT company telecom related.they give check but after that they mail please do not submmit check ...


Posted On: 2012-11-26 23:16:31
This is regarding the broadband connection account no - 7005756646 , Concerns 1. My connection was suspended since last three months, so how can company charge their customers when they are using the service... 2. How can company ask for late payment charges because their was delay from their own end... They had not send me the Airtel broadband bill neither hard copy nor soft copy, Even after writing 10 times email to the company 3. As an customer I took monthly internet connection and I was supposed to get monthly bill and as a customer I was supposed to pay monthly bill.. 4. But failure was on the part of company, for not sending me bill even after making request several times... Kindly look in to the matter and do the needful.. Hope for positive feedback Thanks and regards ANKIT KEDIA


Posted On: 2012-11-20 15:22:37
I had requested for 3 new phone connections for my office with 1 broad band connetion from Airtel during the last week of October and Airtel is still not able to install the broadband connection inspite of me repetedly approching the appelete officers and Nodal officers. They have not even bothered to inform me on what is the status and when i can get the broadband connection for my new office. They were prompt in taking a Chq upfront from me for INR 1500 for the 3 new connection with 1 broadband.


Posted On: 2012-11-17 17:34:18
I was regullary using Airtel from last 6-7 years. They are not billing as per thier plan when a regular correspondence with them about this no positive response except of their payment. Hope you will help in this matter to resolve the problem. The compalint is regarding above mentioned no. kindly revert by mail.

Deepa Durve

Posted On: 2012-11-16 23:49:46
Dear Sir, I have been running pillar to post including the MDs escalation desk about a sim that I ported from Vodafone to DOCOMO. I regret it thoroughly. 1. The customer service guys speak like ROBOTS 2. They cant speak in English 3. They start off in Marathi directly because I have a Maharashtrian surname. 4. My package offered to me by a lady called Sonam was 899 for unlimited calls in India and a 2GB internet pack total billing of Rs. 1060 5. I was sent an sms on Diwali day saying I have crossed my credit limit and I pay 3200. 6. suddenly on 16/11/2012 a day before I complete a month with DOCOMO my phone is disconnected I run from customer service, make calls, request for a start up by explaining what is my bill and I shall pay up I am told that 899plan is active but the 2GB pan is not active and I have used more that 2 GB and the cost is now 3200 I request them to give me a break up they say no bill has been generated and they are in their legal right to cut my phone as

Mohan Kumar Rajan

Posted On: 2012-11-14 05:45:52
I suddenly received SMS that a service has been activated on my number. When I contacted customer care I was informed that 2 services were active. I asked them why these services were activated without my permission and they informed that I had activated these services which actually is a lie. I I

Anish Chandra

Posted On: 2012-11-13 13:44:52
Dear Sir/Mam I am prepaid user of Idea cellular.On 09/11/12 i had activated GPRS20/day service.the i deactivated on 10/11/12.but my balance deduction is continued.I conveyed the message to customer care representative of idea on 10/11/12 also on 11/11/12.they responded that service has been deactivated.still my balance deduction remain continued.Again i contacted the representative on 13/11/12.this time representative replied that service has not been deactivated and deduction will be continued till the time service not will be deactivated by them. I am worried when they will deactivate the service. I need your help in this matter. Regards Anish Chandra

Nandala Satish Kumar

Posted On: 2012-11-08 11:32:04
I was using services of M/s Tata Teliservices till May 2012. In the month of May 2012 I visited their office at KLK building and requested them to close my account. They informed me that i have to pay the billed and unbilled amount. On my request they told me the amount as Rs.1615. I paid the amount same day and showed them the reciept and requested to initiate the process. When i recieved the bill for next month i enquired with the call center person and came to know that the request was not taken. I visited the KLK building office and enquired. They checked their system and told me that the complaint has not been registered and aplogized to me and told me that they will takeup this issue and close it as quickly as possible. I got some calls from their executives for confirming the cancellation. Even after that the bill has been generated. When they called me for the payment i told the issue. I recieved a Demand Notice from one of their Lawers i explained the issue to him. Now i am getting threatening SMS saying that they will file the case in Lok Adalat.

Jyosna Ramesh Uchil

Posted On: 2012-11-06 19:26:42
demanding payment on already closed postpaid card, that too with sending any bill at all


Posted On: 2012-11-06 17:13:13
I recharged my tata photon data card bearing Tel.No.9211058739 by paying Rs.350/- at Tata indicom retail outlet at Erragadda on 25-10-12. It was not recharged as yet. I was driven from pillar to post in this regard. I am fed up with the attitude of Telecom operator without proper redressal system. Kindly resolve the issue.

Anil Kumar Singh

Posted On: 2012-10-27 11:37:36
Airtel Sim Blocked Without Intimation and No Refund of the Recharged Amount Dear Sir/Madam, A couple of week before on 13/10/2012 i bought an Airtel Sim Card (7600247357). It got activated only on 16th or 17th of Oct 2012. I had recharged it with Rs 200. Today airtel has stoped the services and blocked the card saying that verification process was done. We had not received any calls from airtel for the verification nor did they intimate before blocking the card. When i called the costumer services they told us to go to airtel shop for verfication. When we went they said that they don't do any verification there. Also they told us that according to TRAI rules if no outgoing calls are made form a number within 20 days of purchase of the card it is blocked. But for us, 20 days are not over as we bought the card on 13 oct 2012. Also we had made a few outgoing calls from the our new sim. I want you to advise me what i should in this situlation and also request you to register my complain and take necessary action. Thanking You With Regards

vignesh M

Posted On: 2012-10-22 14:26:18
I have activated 3G in my mobile in my airtel number. I've 8 rupee 3G pack. I started to browse only after I received the message from them. But still they deducted 10 rupee as browsing charge and they're saying I had browsed before 3G activation. Then from the next time I activated 3G and call to them and after confirmation from them I started to browse. Then again they deducted extra 10 rupee saying the same thing. I called to customer care who they dont even respond to us and got that money after 5 hrs of waiting. Everything's fine, but they didn't activated 3G for me on that day. I've paid money for the service which I never used. If I try to check whether 3G is activated after confirming from them again they deduct amount and I cant able to connect to customer care. They're saying only 2 times we can call to them. I've wasted whole day for that 20 rupees and I couldn't get back neither service nor money. I spokes to their nodal officer who never listened to me& saying its my mista

Nakul Gupta

Posted On: 2012-10-19 22:46:41
Subject: Airtel is not providing Internet connections after so many assurance and submission of security deposit. Since Last 6 Years, i have requested Airtel officials to provide internet connection to my place. On their assurance i submitted the security amount for the same buut they failed to provide me the connection irrespective of several mail and phone communication. Please note that i have provided them to use my property to install an hub so that other people in my society will have internet connection, now even then have ports available in the HUB but airtel is reluctant in providing me the connection, because of this i have to go for someother telecomoperator which costs me too high and i suffered a lot because of this.Now finally i need a solution from airtel thath either 1.Pay me the Total Amount from the profit they people earned from my Owned property. 2.Pay me the Amount that i paid to other telecom operators during these years. Please provide me the solution.


Posted On: 2012-10-16 23:36:52
Subject: - Non response for prolonged Complaint of TELE No Wai 02167-221042 for adjustment of the bill paid for non working of the telephone Ref: - My Letters to A.O TRA Unit 1) Dated 16/05/2012 2)25/06/2012 3)19/07/2012 with copy to PRO BSNL R/ Sir, Madam With above subject And references , It is given to your notice that My Telephone was not shift due to departmental reasons from 23/03/2012 to 15/05/2012.And 11/06/2012 to 10/07/2012.I am having B/b connection with Rs.499/- unlimited plan .I had not used this facility due to departmental cause. The above letters are submitted to the concern. Unfortunately no body has taken any efforts to do the same AMBEKAR.S.G

gurdas banger

Posted On: 2012-10-10 12:40:40
My outgoing calls have been barred.i am facing problem pls help

Vincent John

Posted On: 2012-10-10 00:27:01
Hi I had an outstanding vodafone number in Mumbai:9769444949. After three years some claiming to be from vodafone called to close the account. After negotiations My brother paid the sum of Rs. 3500 but did not receive the NOC as committed by the executive. Instead they stopped picking up calls and all efforts to reach out to them goes futile. I am just wanting to ensure that the number I once used is closed so that they don't come up after few days stating i have an outstanding amount with interest. I have sent e-mail to customer care but got no response. I also posted on the site and jst got the reply that they wpuld look into the matter and get back to me. But no update so far as well. I request you to kindly look into the matter and help me in getting the NOC to avoid any unwanted billing and harassment in the future from vodafone.

R D Mathur

Posted On: 2012-10-02 16:32:23
I am registered with DNC under Ref W1115943414 (earlier I was registered under No I1063137579, but later Airtel Customer Care Executive re-registered me with the new number to help solve my problem ). Yet daily, on an average I get 2-3 calls and 20-25 SMS on my mobile. Bulks of them are related sale of property. Every day each and every SMS I report to Airtel on their site - with complete details, however unfortunately without any success at stopping them. Recently Airtel decided to added more pain to my misery by calling me for each entry on their DND site. Let me explain how? After each of my complaints is registered I get a call from AD-AIRCCM and the conversation goes like this – Airtel: Hello, may I know your name? Me: My name is…. Aitel: Are you using this number ……….? Me: yes Airtel: This call is in response to your complaint. I wanted to tell you that your complaint has been resolved (although it has been over 1 year since I recorded my number on

avtar singh

Posted On: 2012-10-01 20:34:48
ABOUT MONTH HAD PASSED BUT NO SATISFACTORY RESPONSE WAS PROVIDED AND MOBILE SIM WAS TILL DATE NOT REACTIVATED EVEN AFTER DEPOSITING HARD AND SOFT RESIDENCE PROFF AND ID PROFF AND SNAP ETC as this number was used as corporate number because i had send it to many oriental bank customers and i had recharged it wth rs320/-- complaint made by avtar singh manager obc bank jalandhar ---

Anuj Singhal

Posted On: 2012-09-25 20:50:12
I recharged my Airtel Prepaid number 8627966875 on 20 Sep with the following recharges. Rs 649/- FTT X2 Rs 51/- SMS pack Rs 23/- STD pack I thereafter activated the Rs 950/- (6GB data)3G data plan. I got a confirmation SMS of activation (around 8:20PM on 20 Sep). The balance in my account at that time with the 3G pack deduction of Rs 950/- stood at Rs 348/- I thereafter started using my phone for data services. I did not make any calls. I noticed after some time that my balance is much less and found that the data usage was being charged to my main balance. I made a phone call to the customer care number around 10:30 PM and was not helped claiming system downtime. By 21 Sep the account balance had further decreased. I made a phone call to the customer care center and lodged a complaint. I was told that the data pack was active and that the problem will be sorted out by 22 Sep 2012 12:30 PM. I waited. The problem has not been solved and i have stopped getting response from Airtel.

sunil balwada

Posted On: 2012-09-25 12:30:32
This is the mail I had sent to appellate atuhority of Tata Docomo but haven't received any revert on the same Team My prepaid no.9226172742 being unlimited T2T plan, to my surprise has been disconnected in june 2012 without any notice or for any reason. I was out of maharashtra for the last few months so couldn't use the connection and this is the reason being told by ur representative tht the no. Was disconnected due to non usage. This is not a reason for disconnection of my no. Question is 1. Did I gave you an application for disconnection? 2. There was no communication for disconnection given. 3. As mentioned earlier the no. was in unlimited scheme plan and activated on 29.03.2006. Being such a long association with Tata I don't think the no. Should have been disconnected. 4. Being a Tata customer for last 6 years many confirmation and verifications had been done and being a genuine and legal customer I want my no. Back. Will have to take legal action if the no. Is not restored or recreated in your language as this no. Is important for me. Regards Sunil 9028678345

Pooja mittal

Posted On: 2012-09-17 11:34:55
Dear sir I had been customer of Tata indicom Walky (Number- 0121-6533720) for more than 5 years. I had disconnected my walky on dated 21-Feb-2012with Cancellation SR No: 40460440, also executive told me that i will receive my security within 90 days. I have not received the security till now and when i went for inquiry to Tata Indicom office, the executive, talked me very badly and did not provide me any assistance. I was appalled with this experience. This is thy way, your executive deals with their customer. If you are not aware about this type of people, please take care of this scenario as the customer will loose their trust on company because of this kind of people in your company. Please provide resolution of the issue at the earliest also the assistance as I trust that since you were the brand which I selected, you would be providing the support as per your brand promises. Thanks Name: Pooja Mittal Place: Meerut

Tushar Pandey

Posted On: 2012-09-12 10:56:10
I had taken an airtel mobile number 9560808545 last year and had closed the number within a month..after that they charged me with 400 rs and said number is not closed. after that i went to airtel centre in Greater noida and made the payment again and closed the number. still after 1 year i keep on getting calls saying your number is not closed. and again they are saying the payment due is 999 rs... airtel is just frustrating us by these malpractices..kindly help...

Manu Kamin

Posted On: 2012-09-05 13:52:12
I had recharged my TATA DOCOMO sim (No: 8147563385) for Rs. 74 expecting a mobile internet plan of 2.5 GB on 25th of august (saturday). I was also confirmed by one of the customer care officials and by a message sent to *141# which also confirmed that Rs. 74 fetches me 2.5 GB mobile internet data. However, when I once again called the customer care again in this regard, I was informed that as per the updated mobile internet plan Rs 74 was for 1 GB and he apologised for not having updated it on *141#. I have incurred a loss for no mistake of mine.

Vrinda Sharma

Posted On: 2012-09-05 11:58:05
Airtel connection no. 9915594206 is in my husband's name and was being used by me. There was an excess billing on the same in the month of February 2012. I have been following up the matter in the form of e-mails and phone calls but no solution has come up. Now I received a threat from the company that if I do not pay the said amount they will intiate a legal action against me. Please help me in this matter.

shivam kumar

Posted On: 2012-09-01 17:39:00
sir,i have an airtel prepaid connection nos.9897058130 services on this number gets discontinued after some period of time in regular intervals it is being going on since last 6mths. service provider discontinue its services without any warning for 24to48hrs on account re verification .and i have submitted my complete documents to them thrice .due to this inconveniance i suffered a lot .so i want compensation to this.please help me in this matter

Neil Thakkar

Posted On: 2012-09-01 12:16:13
I am an Idea prepaid customer. I was using one of Idea's bulk sms packs known as SMS84 which comes at a price of 84 rupees. The scheme is such that once you pay 84 rupees to activate it, every month, it automatically renews by deducting 84 rupees from your balance. My scheme used to get renewed on 24th each month. After my scheme got renewed on 24th July 2012, I did not want to use it again. So I sent an SMS as prescribed by the customer care and received a confirmation of deactivation of the scheme. I got the confirmation on 1st of August. Accordingly, my scheme was valid until 24th August 2012 and it did not get renewed automatically. Today morning (1st of September 2012), I get an SMS from the company that my SMS84 pack has been renewed. I did not ask for a renewal and they debited my balance by the said amount. I went to the Idea care near my house. The personnel at the place said that my complaint is valid. But the company said that my money can't be refunded.


Posted On: 2012-08-09 13:11:50
RESPECTED SIRS, DT. 9/8/12 I am recharging my prepaid mobile sim & evertime RELIANCE is deducting some amount on different grounds. I Contacted their Customer Care Centre & their office here & got all services deactivated,Today morning I again got a SMS that some money will be deducted.Kindly intervene into the matter urgently & solve my problem & help me. REGARDS for your urgent cooperation. SAPNA BHATTACHARYA.


Posted On: 2012-08-08 00:15:30
Sir, I am Dinesh P (Contact No – 9619509469), working as Manager (C&I) in STATE BANK OF TRAVANCORE, which is an associate of STATE BANK OF INDIA. My employee no is 276933 and at present , I am attached to Mumbai Main branch which is situated at N M Wadia Bldg, Behind Mumbai Uty, Fort. It is too sad to know that a company which is a part of the great TATA is looting the common man. Some of the people in this organization is not having proper business ethics, I purchased one TATA PHOTON PLUS (9221135324) on 05-07-2012. The person whom I contacted was Mr. Piyush (Cell No – 9967733666). The cost was Rs.1200 plus Rs.1000 for 10 GB storage. I got connectivity for the next 7-8 days continuously and i understood now that this is without records verification. However, all on a sudden I was getting the prompt that the remote server not respond. So I tried to contact Mr. Piyush over phone on several days. Every time he used to terminate the call without even picking up. So I messaged him and got the reply that would call after checking. Every day I had to remind him and he used to send the same message as given above. As this was become a routine type of thing, I felt insulted and tried to contact the customer care on the toll free number to find out the truth. On enquiry, I found out that till that time my application was not reached at the company. Furious over the same, I requested the executive to register a complaint against Mr. Piyush. But he was reluctant and terminated the conversation (This incident happened on 19.07.2012). On the very next day (20.07.2012) I received a call from the following number 022-28019898 (1.11 pm) saying that my application had been rejected as the photo in the Xerox copy of the license is not clear. In this regard, I wish to inform you that I submitted the following ID proofs: 1. Copy of my PAN Card (AKKPD8677L) 2. Copy of the driving license 3. Copy of the ID issued by the Employer 4. Two latest PP size photographs (Mr Piyush had confirmed that the above is more than enough. ) Then I formally lodge a complaint. However, till date nothing happened.As such I request you to consider this as a complaint and take the necessary steps to get my money back as the customer service of TATA people is not good Awaiting a positive response from you, DINESH P MANAGER (C&I) STATE BANK OF TRAVANCORE MUMBAI MAIN BRANCH N M WADIA BLDG FORT, MUMBAI MOB = 9619509469

sarath chandra lal r

Posted On: 2012-07-30 07:04:43
my tata photon connection 09243021273/a/c no 901627560 was not working from my home and even after so many complaints they didnt rectified it where as they were charging excess on my bill every time i called customer care.Hence i didnt payed the bill and now they are asking me to paywith complaint no are given below which they didnt actedComplaint no 235856327 dated 13th September Complaint no 284263741 dated 25th October Complaint no 284696727 dated 29th October Complaint no 284696727 dated 2nd November Complaint no 286345941 dated 14th November with regards, sarath

Aravind Shanbhag

Posted On: 2012-07-29 19:30:23
I have purchasedidea sim14 july 2012. without my knowledge 26 july 2012 company activated VAS pack. And deductwd amount rupees thirty for monthly subscription. after many times I complaint the costomer care executive. Registered DND also. complaints to its customer service executive nor they refunding my balance which reduce on arbitraly activated service and niether deactivating such services. Later I send message to UNSUB. After news pack deactivated. my balance is not refunded. kindly respond to my complaint as soon as possible.

varsha sen

Posted On: 2012-07-29 07:47:33
i have aircel sim, who usually subscribed me itself to value Added services which offered by this company. after many complaints to its customer service executive nor they refunding my balance which reduce on arbitraly activated service and niether deactivating such services. please help me out to resolve this situation. i really become frustrated and feeling irritated because i fill my balance to make important calls not for such services. my husband not earning so much that i can afford such arbitraly activated services. my numer of aircel is 8963031252


Posted On: 2012-07-19 13:49:46
I have booked Akash Tablet from M/s Datawind Solutions and had sent the DD for Rs2999/-on17/02/2012.Now it is the6thmonth and so far from the company no message.Whenever iam calling via telephone ,no body is attending the callls from June onwards.the company promised the delivery of the product with in one month. So kindly issue order to redress my case and may admit my claim for damages

Ankit Goel

Posted On: 2012-07-17 22:59:28
It is to your kind notice that unknowingly my mobile balance has been deducted as i am a customer of vodafone , & I have called Customer Care several times but they didnt respond me in a manner so that i will be able to know that why it has been deducted.kindly respond to my complaint as soon as possible.
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